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BBC News:俄罗斯天降陨石雨造成1000多人受伤






BBC News with Marion Marshall

About 1,000 people have been injured in Russia after a large meteor burned up in the skies above the southern Ural’s region causing a shockwave that damaged buildings across a wide area. Most of those hurt suffered minor cuts and bruises from flying glass, but several dozen had to be kept in hospital. The meteor released several kilotonnes of energy equivalent to that of a nuclear bomb. An official in Chelyabinsk, Polina Zolotarevskaya, described what she had seen.


一块大陨石在俄罗斯乌拉尔地区南部上空燃烧后引发冲击波,大约1000人受伤,一大片地区的建筑物受损。大多数受伤者因轻度割伤和飞溅的玻璃而划 伤,但还有几十人仍在医院。这颗陨石释放了几千吨的能量,相当于一枚核弹的能量。车里雅宾斯克一名官员Polina Zolotarevskaya描述了自己的所见所闻。

“It was quite extraordinary. We saw a very bright light and then there was a kind of a track, white and yellow in the sky. It was a very broad track. And then in several seconds, there was a strong explosion.”

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, said he thanked God that no big fragments from the meteor had fallen in populated areas.



An asteroid about half the size of a football field has safely passed Earth in what scientists say as the closest known approach for an object of its size. At its nearest point, the rock, with a diameter of about 45 metres came within about 28,000 kilometres of Earth, closer than some TV and weather satellites. Scientists say the asteroid has nothing to do with the Russian meteor. It’s just a cosmic coincidence.


The South African Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius has denied murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. In a statement issued after Mr Pistorius was charged in Pretoria, his family said that he disputed the charge. This report from Peter Biles.


Oscar Pistorius remains in police custody after his dramatic court appearance at which he broke down and sobbed. He’ll spend the next three days at a police station in Pretoria before returning to court on Tuesday. State prosecutors will oppose a bail application. They say this is a case of premeditated murder. But Oscar Pistorius’s family issued a statement saying the alleged murder was disputed in the strongest terms. They refer to the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp as a terrible, terrible tragedy.

在法庭上,奥斯卡·皮斯托利斯戏剧性地情绪失控并哭了起来,随后就一直在监禁中。未来三天他将在比勒陀利亚的警察局度过,然后周二回到法庭。国家公 诉人反对保释申请,他们称这是一起有预谋的杀害。但奥斯卡·皮斯托利斯的家人严词发表声明,称所谓的谋杀极富争议,他们称杀害瑞瓦·史蒂恩卡姆帕一事是场 很可怕的悲剧。

The Venezuelan government has released the first photo of President Hugo Chavez since his fourth round of cancer surgery which he underwent in Cuba last December. There’s been widespread speculation about when or whether the president will resume his leadership. Sarah Grainger reports from Caracas.

自去年12月乌戈·查韦斯在古巴做第四次癌症手术以来,委内瑞拉政府首次公开他的照片。人们普遍揣测总统是否会继续执掌大权,Sarah Grainger在加拉加斯报道。

The photos show Mr Chavez wearing his customary tracksuit, reclining on a bed next to his two daughters. He’s smiling in one of the pictures reading a copy of a recent edition of the Cuban newspaper Granma. Addressing the public on state television, Venezuela’s Information Minister Ernesto Villegas said President Chavez was breathing through a tracheal tube and could not speak at present. But he also stressed the measure was reversible. Ministers have been under pressure to produce some good news about President Chavez. Just a week ago the government announced that it was devaluing Venezuela’s currency.

照片上查韦斯穿着惯常的运动装斜靠在床上,床边是他的两个女儿。照片上他面带微笑,阅读着最近一期的古巴报纸《格拉玛报》。委内瑞拉信息部长维勒加 斯在国家电视台上向公众发表讲话,他说总统查韦斯通过气管导管呼吸,目前还无法讲话。但他还强调这些措施是可逆的。各位部长头顶压力来炮制有关总统查韦斯 的好消息。就在一周前,政府宣称将对委内瑞拉货币实施贬值。

World News from the BBC

The International Committee of the Red Cross says the humanitarian situation in Syria is catastrophic. The organisation’s director of operations said he’d seen unbearable suffering for civilians on a recent trip to the country. Imogen Foulkes reports from Geneva.


The International Committee of the Red Cross has been working in Syria since the start of the conflict. It describes the situation now as nothing short of catastrophic. The number of different armed groups is increasing. Villages change hands on a daily basis. Attacks on hospitals and the killing of nurses and doctors are now so common. The Red Cross says that the health service in some parts of the country has become a wasteland.


The authorities in the Netherlands have raided a meat processing plant they suspect of mixing horsemeat with beef and selling it as pure beef. It’s the latest in a series of similar actions across Europe. As Matthew Price reports from Brussels:

荷兰当局突袭了一家肉食加工厂,怀疑其将马肉同牛肉混合然后当做纯牛肉出售。这是最近整个欧洲类似行动的一部分,Matthew Price在布鲁塞尔报道。

This scandal has spread fast. Across Europe, some 13 countries so far have been affected. The Brussels bureaucracy has moved uncharacteristically rapidly. EU food safety officials decided to start new tests immediately to find out how much of the food chain has been affected. It’s clear this is not the result of one or two rogue suppliers. It’s beginning to look like an industry and continental-wide problem.


A British academic has stumbled upon a 500-year-old proclamation calling for the arrest of the Renaissance political writer Niccolo Machiavelli in the Italian city of Florence. The Medici family, who ruled Florence at the time, accused Machiavelli of plotting to overthrow them. He was detained, tortured and placed under house arrest, where he started writing his famous book The Prince, describing the art of political manipulation. The term Machiavellian is still synonymous with the cunning pursuit of power.

BBC News

在意大利城市佛罗伦萨,一位英国学者偶然发现一张500年历史的公告,内容是呼吁逮捕文艺复兴政治作家尼古拉·马基雅维利。当时统治佛罗伦萨的美第 奇家族指控马基雅维利阴谋推翻他们,他被捕了,然后遭到毒打,并被软禁起来,他就在软禁期间创作了著名的《君主论》,论述政治操纵的艺术。 Machiavellian一词至今仍是不择手段追逐权力的同义词。

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