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[00:22.02]Hey,upper east siders,gossip girl here, 各位富贵闲人 流言蜚女驾到

[00:24.96]and I have the biggest news ever. 我有史上最劲爆新闻跟你们共享

[00:27.76]One of my ma sources... 我的一个线人...

[00:29.23]Melanie91... Sends us this... Melanie91... 发来了这个...

[00:31.87]Spotted at grand central,bags in hand... 在中央车站 拎着包的...

[00:34.81]Serena van der Woodsen Serena van der woodsen.

[00:37.02]Was it only a year ago our "it" girl 不就是一年前 这位风云人物

[00:39.21]mysteriously disappeared for "boarding school"? 神秘消失 转到"寄宿学校"就读?

[00:42.47]And just as suddenly,she's back. 而突然之间 她又回来了

[00:44.55]Don't believe me? 不相信吗?

[00:45.77]See for yourselves. 眼见为实

[00:47.44]Lucky for us,lanie91 sent proof. 幸运的是 Melanie91发来了证据

[00:50.42]Thanks for the photo,mel. 多谢了 Mel

[00:54.79]Dan,jenny,over here! Dan Jenny 这边!

[00:56.95]Hey,dad! 爸爸!

[00:57.60]Hey,hey,you made it! 你来了!

[01:00.30]Welcome back. 欢迎回家

[01:01.39]How was your weekend? 周末如何?

[01:02.27]How's your mom? 你妈妈怎么样?

[01:03.29]- Fine. - She's good. - 蛮好 - 不错

[01:04.80]Uh,fine and good. 很好跟不错

[01:05.62]She's... She's good and... And fine. 她....蛮好而且不错....

[01:07.97]Like,"maybe I never should've left manhattan" fine, 是"也许我不该离开曼哈顿"那种好

[01:09.75]or "taking a time-out from my marriage 还是"脱离我的婚姻透口气"

[01:11.71]was the best idea I ever had" fine? "是我这辈子最明智的决定"那种好?

[01:14.80]Dad,you know what? 爸 你知道吗?

[01:16.07]I- I am,uh,I'm starving. 我- 我 呃 我饿死了

[01:21.12]let's go home. I'm cooking. 走吧 我来做饭

[01:23.83]Caprese salad,a little mozzarella di bufala. 意大利番茄沙拉 加点水牛芝士

[01:26.73]Yeah,I'm gonna make you guys... 我会让你们...

[01:31.40]Spotted... Lonely boy. 这位...寂寞的男孩...

[01:33.77]Can't believe the love of his life has returned... 不敢相信他一生的挚爱回来了...

[01:38.41]If only she knew who he was. 要是她知道他是谁就好了

[01:41.11]Buteveryoneknows serena,and everyone is talking. 但人人都认识Serena 而且每个人都在谈论

[01:47.70]Wonder what blair waldorf thinks. 不知道Blair Waldorf怎么想

[01:50.11]Sure,they're b.F.S,but we always thought 当然 她俩是铁杆老友 但大家都认为

[01:52.51]blair's boyfriend nate had a thing for serena. Blair的男友Nate对Serena有意思

[02:03.12]Design a dress for this woman.Blair, 为这位女士设计了一套服装 Blair

[02:06.21]if you're gonna wear one of my designs, 如果你要穿我设计的衣服

[02:07.85]tell me so we can at least get it properly fitted. 就跟我说一声 至少让我把它改合身

[02:13.51]Thanks,mom. 谢谢你妈妈

[02:14.62]Keep that in mind. 我记得了

[02:16.40]Great party. 聚会很棒

[02:18.06]She is mybestadvertisement. 她是我最好的广告

[02:20.56]So,nate,you started thinking about college? Nate 开始考虑上哪所大学了?

[02:22.69]Well,actually,I'm a dartmouth man. 事实上 我意属Dartmouth学院

[02:25.50]Yes,dad's always spoken very highly of dartmouth, 爸爸对Dartmouth评价很高

[02:27.95]but I'd like to check out west. 但我想看看西海岸的学校

[02:29.03]You know,maybe u.S.C.,u.C.L.A.... 你知道 像南加大 加大洛杉矶分校...

[02:30.83]His mother wouldn't hear of it. 他妈妈根本不会同意

[02:31.94]Dartmouth is far enough away for her. Dartmouth对她来说就够远了

[02:35.40]Yes,well,dartmouth is my first choice. 是啊 Dartmouth是我的第一志愿

[02:38.02]Excuse me,captain. 打搅下 世伯

[02:39.65]Nate,can I borrow you? Nate 能跟我来一下吗?

[02:41.22]Uh,sure. Will you excuse me for a second? 当然 我能失陪会吗?

[02:44.91]Nathaniel... Nathaniel... 想出去吸点"新鲜空气"吗?

[02:46.24]Any interest in some fresh air?

[02:48.99]When I get back? 等我回来吧?

[02:50.14]Ifhe gets back. 如果他回来的话

[02:54.08]what's going on? 怎么了?

[02:56.15]I wanna do this... 我想做...

[02:57.25]It... Now. 爱... 现在

[02:59.08]- Nownow? - yeah. - 现在? - 对

[03:00.41]I thought you wanted to wait. 我还以为你想等等

[03:01.43]Not anymore. 不想了

[03:02.68]Better lock it down with nate,b. Clock's ticking. 尽快跟Nate定下来比较好啊 小B 时间不多了

[03:05.40]Oh,my god! You'll never believe what's on "gossip girl." 天 你不会相信"流言蜚女"上的内容

[03:07.62]someone saw serena getting off the train at grand central. 有人在中央车站看到Serena下车了

[03:10.20]Good. Things were getting a little dull around here. 好呀 正好最近这有点无聊

[03:20.28]Thank you. 谢谢

[03:27.18]I love you... 我爱你...

[03:29.37]Nate Archibald Nate archibald.

[03:32.38]Always have,always will. 以前爱 以后也爱

[03:36.01]I love you,too. 我也爱你

[03:51.97]Serena van der Woodsen? serena van der woodsen?

[03:53.86]Is that you?! 是你啊?!

[03:57.38]Blair,it's serena! Blair Serena来了!

[04:00.65]Serena? Serena?

[04:02.42]Serena's at school.Kiss me. Serena在学校 亲我

[04:04.62]No,I just heard your mom say she's here. 不 你妈说她在这

[04:06.62]Don't you wanna go say hey? 你不去跟她打声招呼?

[04:09.23]Yeah... 去...

[04:11.64]Totally. 当然要去

[04:12.37]...But I heard she was pregnant. 听说她怀孕了

[04:14.49]No,but it's rehab. 不 是进了戒毒所

[04:15.71]- Sign me up for that. - She looks go. - 那个算我一份 - 她看起来不错啊

[04:17.22]So I told him,"forget it. 所以我跟他说 "不行

[04:18.36]I don't care if it's murakami. 我不管这是不是村上隆的设计

[04:19.96]It clashes with my sofa." 它跟我的沙发不配"

[04:22.20]妈妈 妈妈?

[04:26.92]Hey,good to see you. 见到你真好

[04:27.81]Serena,darling. Oh! Serena 亲爱的 啊!

[04:31.87]Um,so where is he? 他在哪?

[04:34.65]What,they haven't let him out yet? 什么 他们还不让他出院?

[04:35.82]Oh,let's not discuss that right now,okay? 现在别说这个 好吗?

[04:38.39]I thought you might wanna see some of your friends. 你不想见见你的朋友们吗

[04:40.93]Thanks. 谢谢

[04:56.16]Serena! Serena! - 见到你太好了! - 你怎么样? 见到你真高兴!

[04:57.55]- It's so good to see you! - How are you? Good to see you! 快来 我们正要进餐

[04:58.98]Come,we're about to have dinner. 我给你在Blair隔壁那桌加个坐位

[04:59.82]I'll set a place for you at the table next to blair.

[05:02.11]Yeah,actually,um,there's somewhere I have to go. 其实 我还要去别的地方

[05:04.55]You're leaving? 你要走了?

[05:05.19]Yeah,I-I just...I don't feel well. 对 呃 我不太舒服

[05:06.77]I just wanted to come by and say hi. 只是想过来打个招呼

[05:09.03]I'll see you at school tomorrow. 明天学校见

[05:14.85]school? So I guess she's back for good. 学校?那她会留下来啦

[05:19.23]Didn't you know she was coming? 你知道她要回来吗?

[05:21.61]Of course I did. 当然知道

[05:23.41]I just... Wanted it to ba surprise. 我只是想...给大家个惊喜

[05:25.63]Word is that s. Bailed on b.'S party in under 90 seconds 据传 S在B的派对上待了不够90秒

[05:29.36]and didn't even have one limoncello. 连杯柠檬酒都没喝

[05:33.50]Has our bad girl reallygone good? 坏女孩真的转性了?

[05:36.37]Or is it all just part of the act? 还是她只是在做戏?

[05:38.55]Young lady,yocan't be here. 小姑娘 你不能来这

[05:40.06]Visiting hours are over. 已经过了探视时间了

[05:41.09]I'm family. 我是家属

[05:45.07]He's my brother. 他是我弟弟

[05:48.27]Why'd she leave? 她为什么离开?

[05:49.89]Why'd she return? 有为什么回来?

[05:51.58]Send me all the deets. 向我暴料吧

[05:53.06]Anwho am I? 我是谁?

[05:54.77]That's one secret I'll never tell... 这是我不会说出的秘密...

[05:56.94]Theonlyone. 唯一一个秘密

[05:58.38]X.O.X.O.,gossip girl. 亲亲抱抱 流言蜚女

[06:09.14]Gossip Girl Season 01 Episode 01 流言蜚女 第一季 第01集

[06:15.66]Serena? serena?

[06:22.22]Serena? Serena?

[06:26.77]Hey,how are you? 你怎么样?

[06:28.61]You know... 你知道的

[06:29.63]I've been better. 好多了

[06:31.47]Eric,I know I've been a terrible sister... Eric 我一直是个差劲的姐姐...

[06:35.26]Oh,I'm just so happy to see you. 见到你我就很开心了

[06:40.60]Must be a lot of rumors why you're back. 关于你回来的原因 肯定是谣言满天飞

[06:42.16]Yeah,but none of them mention you. 是啊 但都没扯上你

[06:45.31]Just like mom wants,huh? 正合妈妈的意 是吧?

[06:46.40]What do I want,baby? 我还能指望什么?

[06:47.51]For serena to sleep in her own bed,possibly wearing pajamas. 也就指望Serena睡她自己的床 最好还穿着睡衣

[06:50.90]Morning,mom. 早上好 妈妈

[06:51.99]Hey,I was just about to ask the doctor 我正要去问医生

[06:53.58]if I could take eric to breakfast. Wanna come? 能不能带Eric去吃早餐 你跟我一起去吗?

[06:57.03]Um... No. 嗯 不

[06:59.48]I think what I'll do is go get him a croissant down the street. 我想去街上给他买个牛角包

[07:06.31]Serena,don't. Serena 别

[07:09.21]Let me guess... 我猜猜...

[07:09.97]You told everyone eric's just visiting grandpa in rhode island. 你跟大家说Eric去 罗德岛看爷爷了是吧

[07:13.27]Your aunt carol in miami. 是去迈阿密看你姑姑Carol

[07:14.58]So you're actually hiding him? 你当真就这么藏着他?

[07:16.16]He tries to take his own life, 他企图自杀

[07:17.46]and you're worried it's gonna cost you "mom the year"? 而你担心的就是这会让 别人觉得你不是个好母亲?

[07:19.51]Serena,you've been gone,doing who knows what with god knows who... Serena 你离开了 鬼知道你干了什么好事...

[07:22.75]I told you,boarding school was not like that. 我说过 寄宿学校不是那种地方

[07:24.59]Then you know what? As happy as I am to have you home, 你知道吗?尽管你回来我很开心

[07:26.78]you have no idea what it's been like. 但你根本不知道发生了什么

[07:40.11]guess whose dad is cool? 猜猜谁的老爸很酷?

[07:41.68]It's a trick question. 真难答

[07:42.53]Yeah,'cause it can't be ours. 对啊 因为答案肯定不是我爸

[07:44.32]Ha ha,ha ha. Look at this. 好好笑 看看这个

[07:47.77]"Top ten forgotten bands of the '90s. " "90年代10大被遗忘乐队"

[07:50.86]yeah,check out who's number nine. 看看第九名

[07:51.60]He's very proud. mm-hmm. 他很以此为傲呢

[07:52.65]Hey! Hey,way to be forgotten. 哇 被遗忘了 了不起呢

[07:55.66]But that's how you get remembered. 这样人们才能记住你

[07:57.20]Maybe you'd care if dad's band was on "gossip girl." 也许你在意的是老爸的乐队 上没上"流言蜚女"

[07:59.54]what? 什么?

[08:00.53]I don't read "gossip girl." that's... That's for chicks. 我不看流言斐女 那是女孩看的玩意

[08:02.91]So that wasn't your laptop open to it last night 那昨晚你没用笔记本上那个网页吗?

[08:04.37]reading all about serena van der woodsen? 看Serena van der Woodsen的事?

[08:06.23]"Rolling stone"? Wow. "滚石"? 哇

[08:07.71]让我再看看 老爸 真厉害 Let me take a look at this again,dad.Tr镳cool.

[08:10.00]Lincoln hawk...Number nine. Lincoln Hawk乐队...排第九

[08:12.22]Hey,at are you working on? 你忙什么呢?

[08:13.28]It's called the kiss on the lips party. 唇吻派对

[08:14.66]Everyone's going. 大家都要去参加

[08:15.66]You were invited to that? 你收到邀请了?

[08:17.66]Well,no offense if I sound surprised 不是要冒犯你 我有点吃惊

[08:19.78]sincel'venever been invited. 因为我从来没被邀请过

[08:21.13]One of the girls in my art class saw my calligraphy, 美术科上的一个女生 看到了我的书法

[08:23.00]and she said that if I addressed all the invitations 她说如果我写好所有的请贴

[08:24.90]that I could have one. 就邀请我出席

[08:25.86]Sounds very fair. The sweatshops could learn a thing or two. 听起来很公平 黑工厂真该学学

[08:28.54]Dad,this is not a platform for one of your anticapitalist rants. 爸 你不能借此抨击资本主义

[08:31.01]Yes,it is. 我可以

[08:31.58]Besides,you make us go to private school. 而且 是你要我们上私立学校的

[08:32.95]That's for your education. 那是为了你们的教育

[08:34.03]So we should just be anonymous losers who eat lunch alone 所以我们就该成为独自吃午餐 默默无名的小人物?

[08:35.94]and never get invited to parties? 永远不获邀参加派对?

[08:37.47]Works for me. 我没问题

[08:38.48]Mom thinks it's a good idea. 妈妈觉得这是个好主意

[08:39.55]And her judgment is always sound,right? 她的判断总有道理 是不是?

[08:46.89]jenny,you wanna go to that party,you should go. Jenny 想参加就去吧

[08:51.10]You kids could use some fun. 你俩该好好玩玩

[09:03.74]Nate? Nate?

[09:05.71]Uh,your mom told me you guys were staying here at the palace. 你妈妈告诉我你们暂住在皇宫酒店

[09:08.63]Yeah,uh,we're renovating again. 对 家里又在装修

[09:10.79]You know my mom... 你知道我妈...

[09:11.48]If it's not broke,break it. 如果没烂 就砸烂吧

[09:16.94]So what are you doing here? 你来这干吗?

[09:18.22]Oh,I just wanted to see how you were. 只是来看看你怎样

[09:19.70]You seemed kind of upset last night. 昨晚你好像不太开心

[09:21.41]I- I gotta get going and ange for school. I'm gonna be late. 我要去换衣服上学了 我会迟到的

[09:24.33]- Serena... - serena... - No. No. - 别

[09:26.94]But you're back now... 但你回来了...

[09:27.76]I didn't come back for you. 不是为你回来的

[09:30.86]Look,blair's my best friend,and you're her boyfriend, Blair是我最好的朋友 你是她的男朋友

[09:33.27]and she loves you. 她爱你

[09:35.66]That's the way things are supposed to be. 事情就该这样

[09:44.59]Hey,watch where you're going! 小心看路!

[09:56.44]Serena looked effing hot last night. Serena昨晚看起来超正点

[09:59.59]There's something wrong with that level of perfection. 那种完美特别别扭

[10:01.87]It needs to be violated. 就该被人破坏掉

[10:04.78]You are deeply disturbed. 你真是有病

[10:06.09]And yet,you know I'm right. 尽管如此 你知道我说的对

[10:07.58]You're telling me if you had the chance... 你是说 如果你有机会...

[10:09.26]I have a girlfriend. 我有女朋友

[10:09.96]You guys have been dating since kindergarten 从幼儿园时代就开始交往

[10:11.78]and you haven't sealed the deal. 到现在你都没"搞定她"?

[10:13.89]Who says,"seal the deal"? 谁说"搞定她"这种话啊?

[10:17.05]Come on. 来吧

[10:22.70]Are you following us or something? 你是在跟踪我们吗?

[10:25.34]No,I-I go to your school. 不 我跟你同一个学校

[10:28.37]Identical uniforms? 一样的校服?

[10:29.66]Is that kind of a tip-off? 这算提示了吧?

[10:32.05]That's funny. 搞笑

[10:35.09]So you guys wanna sit together at lunch? 午餐要一起吗?

[10:38.64]So cute! 真可爱!

[10:39.62]These should be framed or something. 真该裱起来

[10:41.65]Not bad work. 干得不错

[10:42.93]And here's yours,as promised. 说好的 这是你的 正如我们说好的

[10:45.56]Thanks. 谢谢

[10:50.10]Here you guys are. 你们在这呢

[10:51.08]I looked all over the dining hall for you. 我在餐厅里到处找你们

[10:52.95]Oh,hi,I'm serena. 你好 我是Serena

[10:54.85]I know.I mean,hi,I'm jenny. 我知道 我是说 你好 我是Jenny

[11:03.91]When's the party? 派对什么时候举行?

[11:11.52]Saturday. 周六

[11:12.92]And... 还有...

[11:14.03]You're kinda not invited... 你不在受邀之列...

[11:16.79]Since until 12 hours ago, 因为直到12小时前

[11:18.70]everyone thought you were at boarding school. 人人都以为你在念寄宿学校

[11:20.59]Now we're full,and,uh,jenny used up all the invites. 现在人满了 请贴给Jenny用光了

[11:24.16]Um,actually... 其实...

[11:25.82]You can go now. 你可以走了

[11:33.10]Sorry. 对不起

[11:33.91]No,that's okay. 不 没事

[11:35.11]I got a lot of stuff to do anyway. 反正我事情也很多

[11:38.38]Well,we should get going then. 那好 我们该走了

[11:41.22]Unless you want us to wait for you. 除非你要我们等你

[11:43.14]Looks like you got a lot of yogurt left. 看起来你还有不少酸奶没吃呢

[11:44.72]No,go ahead. 不 你们现走吧

[11:51.76]Blair,think we could meet tonight? Blair 今晚能见面吗?

[11:56.35]I'd love to,but I'm doing something with nate tonight. 我也想 但今晚我约好Nate了

[11:59.83]The palace. 8:00? 皇宫酒店 8点?

[12:02.95]Nate will wait. Nate可以等

[12:04.20]Spotted on the steps of the met... 在大都会美术馆的阶梯上...

[12:05.95]An s. And b. Power struggle. S跟B的较劲

[12:08.57]I could probably do a half-hour. 我大概有半小时时间吧

[12:10.05]Did s. Think she could waltz home, S认为她可以这么施施然的回来

[12:11.77]and things would be just like they were? 一切都会和以前一样吗?

[12:13.42]Thanks for making the time. 谢谢你抽时间见我

[12:16.04]You're my best friend. 你是我最好的朋友

[12:17.04]Did b. Think s.Would go down without a fight? B认为S会这么束手就擒?

[12:20.61]Or can these two hotties work it t? 还是这两个辣妹 能设法和平共处?

[12:25.01]There's nothing gossip girl likes more than a good catfight, 流言蜚女最爱的就是 女生间的勾心斗角

[12:28.52]and this cou be a classic. 而这有可能成为经典的一战

[12:35.37]Uh,you know... You know,dad, 你知道 爸爸你知道

[12:36.46]there's this thing called my space where you can post all this information online. 有个网站叫Myspace 可以把这些信息都放那上面发布

[12:40.25]Save some trees. Have a blog. 保护树木 注册个博客吧

[12:41.98]Maybe if musicians got off their blogs 如果音乐家少上他们的博客

[12:45.28]and picked up their guitars, 多花时间玩玩吉他

[12:46.54]the music business would be in better shape. 音乐界的现状可能会更好点

[12:48.23]Spoken like a true relic. 这话真像个老古董说的

[12:50.46]Thanks,son. 谢谢你 儿子

[12:54.48]救命! 紧急状况! 第五大道 712号

[12:57.41]Hey,dad,listen,um,I gotta run. Are you gonna be okay? 爸爸 我要走了 你能应付得来吗?

[13:00.19]Yeah. Yeah,your mom will be back. 没事 你妈妈会回来的

[13:02.62]She's always been a free spirit. 她总是那么无拘无束

[13:03.98]That's one of the reasons I fell for her in the first place. 当初我就是爱上她这一点

[13:07.52]I meant with the fliers. 我说的是传单

[13:12.51]luckily,staple guns are old school. 还好 钉书机是旧式古董啊

[13:17.57]go. I'm gonna be fine. 去吧 我没事

[13:22.20]I talked to the nurse,and I'm kidnapping you. 我跟护士说过了 你准备给我劫走吧

[13:23.89]We're going shopping,aren't we? 要去购物 是不是?

[13:25.06]We're going to bendel's, just for an hour,though,I swear. 去Bendel's 就逛1小时 我保证 (位于第五大道上针对年轻女孩的高级商店)

[13:27.05]I had a really bad day. 我今天很不爽

[13:27.89]really? 'Cause I had a great day... 真的吗?我今天过得很好

[13:29.32]A couple of pills,bunch of rorschach tests. 几片药 做了罗尔沙赫氏测验 (视对墨渍图案反应而分析其性格的实验)

[13:31.26]They had this green jell-o for lunch. 午餐有绿果冻呢

[13:32.45]Mmm! Why didn't you save me any? 你怎么不给我留点?

[13:34.14]Come on,let's go. 快 走吧

[13:34.83]We gotta get you out of here before mom shows up. 得在妈妈来之前出去

[13:45.15]jenny,what is it? Jenny 怎么了?

[13:48.06]What's wrong? 出什么事了?

[13:49.49]Do you like this on me? 我穿这个好看吗?

[13:51.56]Wait... Wait a second. 等...等一下

[13:52.91]Isthatwhy you need me? 你找我就为这个?

[13:54.41]I thought this was an emergency. 我以为有什么紧急状况呢

[13:55.59]Afashionemergency. 时尚告急嘛!

[13:56.91]I mean come on,I've never been to a big dance before. 我从来没出席过大型舞会啊

[13:58.89]Neither have I. 我也没有

[13:59.60]Yeah,but mom's gone,and dad's allergic to department stores. 对 但老妈不在 老爸对百货公司又不感冒

[14:05.59]well,you look good,jen. 你看起来很漂亮 Jen

[14:08.43]You do,really. 真的

[14:10.12]Thanks. 谢谢

[14:11.21]I mean,too bad it's more than our rent, 我的意思是 比我们的租金还贵

[14:12.78]but I think I can sew something like it. 不过我可以自己做一件这样的

[14:16.89]Oh,my gosh,it's serena. 哦 天 那是Serena

[14:19.49]Hi,serena! 嗨 Serena

[14:26.75]- hey. Jenny, - right? 嘿 Jenny 对吗

[14:28.26]- yeah,hi - This is my... - 恩 嗨 - 这是我...

[14:29.56]Stylist and personal shopper eric. Hi. 造型师兼私人选购 Eric 你好

[14:33.59]Um,this is my brother. 呒 这是我哥哥

[14:37.99]Or... 可能...

[14:39.02]Um,so is... Is that your dress for the kiss on the lips party? 我...这是你参加派对的礼服吗

[14:41.55]Sort of. 差不多吧

[14:42.79]Speaking of that,um,here. 说到这个 给

[14:45.40]I made you one during free period, 我课余时间给你做了张

[14:46.93]but if anyone asks where you got it,I know nothing. 但如果有人问起 我什么也不知道

[14:51.01]Thanks. 谢谢

[14:55.31]Dan? Dan? dan? Dan?

[14:57.21]Jenny? Jenny?

[14:58.95]That dress would look even better in black. 那件礼服黑色的更漂亮

[15:02.34]Ack. Cool. Thanks. 黑色 酷 谢谢你

[15:10.62]this is some good stuff. 这可是个好东西

[15:12.73]Yeah,I'm gonna need it. 恩 我也会需要的

[15:14.42]Blair's mom's at the country house. Blair的妈妈去了乡下度假屋

[15:15.77]Yeah? Well,then maybe I should swipe some of my dad's viagra... 是吗 或许我该 偷拿点我爸的"伟哥"

[15:20.37]Or my mom's paxil? 或是我老妈的"帕罗西汀" (注: "帕罗西汀"一种能延长射精时间的药物)

[15:22.05]Nathaniel,you're finally about to have sex with your girlfriend. Nathaniel 你终于要跟你女友做了

[15:24.62]It's like you're headed to your execution. 这感觉就像是临近刑前

[15:27.48]No,man,I'm good. 不 伙计 我这样挺好

[15:29.04]Talk to chuck,buddy. 跟Chuck说吧 伙计

[15:30.37]You and blair have been dating forever. 你跟Blair一直在一起

[15:31.94]All of a sudden there's a problem? 突然间就出问题了吗

[15:33.37]There's no problem. 没什么问题

[15:35.69]It's just... 只是

[15:38.32]Do you ever feel like our whole lives have been planned out for us, 你有没觉得我们的一生 都是注定了的

[15:42.53]that we're just gonna end up like our parents? 我们人生最后就像我们的父母一样

[15:44.88]Man,that's a dark thought. 兄弟 这么想就消沉了

[15:47.88]And aren't we entitled to choose,just to be happy? 难道我们没不能选择开心的过活吗

[15:50.27]Look,easy,socrates. 听着 放松点 苏格拉底这么说过

[15:51.18]What we're entitled to is a trust fund, 我们有权得到的只有信托资金

[15:53.33]maybe a house in the hamptons,a prescription drug problem. 一间幢在汉普顿的房子 或者滥用药品的滥习

[15:56.21]But happiness does not seem to be on the menu, 但幸福似乎并不在选项里

[15:58.92]so smoke up and seal the deal with blair, 所以 抽一根 再跟Blair干那事

[16:02.17]'cause you're also entitled to tap that ass. 因为你也有权享受温柔乡

[16:13.73]so how's your mom doing with the divorce and everything? 你妈妈面对离婚和其他事情 还挺得住吗?

[16:17.03]Great. 挺好的

[16:19.15]So my dad left her for another man. 虽然我爸为了一个男人抛弃的她

[16:20.86]She lost 15 pounds,got an eye lift. 她瘦了15磅 还做了眼皮拉皮

[16:22.73]It's been good for her. 这样对她挺好的

[16:25.02]I'm really sorry. 我很抱歉

[16:27.07]Yeah,I could tell, 恩 我能看出来

[16:28.35]since you didn't call or write the entire time it was happening. 因为自从事情发生后 你从未打过电话或写过信

[16:30.69]No,I-I know,I was just... 是的 我知道 我只是

[16:32.34]Boarding school is like... 寄宿学校是那种...

[16:33.90]I don't even know why you went to boarding school to being with. 我真不知道 你为什么要去寄宿学校

[16:36.84]Do you know how it felt calling your house when 你知道这是什么感觉吗 你没来学校

[16:38.80]you didn't show up at school and having your mom say, 我打去你家问 你妈妈却说

[16:41.66]"serena didn't tell you that she moved to connecticut?" "Serena没告诉你她去康涅狄格了吗"

[16:45.18]I just... 我只是...

[16:46.24]I- I had to go. I just... 我...我必须离开这儿 我...

[16:48.20]I need to get away from everything. 我得远离这儿的一切

[16:52.75]Please,just trust me. 请相信我

[16:55.11]How can I trust you when I feel like I don't even know you? 我觉得我根本不了解你 我怎么相信你

[16:57.32]Let's fix that. 我们可以重修旧好

[16:59.00]I saw you at school with... With katy and is, 在学校我看见你.... 和Katy Isabel她们一起

[17:01.61]and I-I get it. 我明白

[17:02.72]I- I don't want to take any of that awayrom you... 我...我不会从你那抢走什么的

[17:04.45]Because it's justyours to take if you want it. 因为那本来就是你的 你想要就能拿走

[17:06.71]No,that... That's not what I mean. I... 不...呃 我不是这个意思

[17:10.92]I miss you. 我想你

[17:13.29]I just want things to go back to the way they used to be... 我只是想让一切恢复如初

[17:15.66]You know,walking to school together, 比如 一起上学

[17:17.49]dancing on tables at bungalow, 在夜总会的桌子上跳舞

[17:19.62]night swimming at your mom's country house. 在你妈妈的乡下度假屋里 游夜泳

[17:23.61]You were like my sister. 你就像我妹妹

[17:25.67]You know,and with our families... 你知道的 像家人一样

[17:29.05]We need each other. 我们需要彼此

[17:40.10]You missed some classic eleanor waldorf meltdowns. 你错过了几场Eleanor Waldorf 精神崩溃的大戏

[17:42.83]If it wasn't such a tragedy,it would've been funny. 如果没有那么惨 就真是好笑了

[17:45.90]Actually,it kind of was. 其实 挺好笑的

[17:50.37]Hmm,well,I wish I could've been there. 呒 真希望那时我在场

[17:53.04]You are now. 你现在不是在了吗

[17:57.58]I have to meet nate. 我得去见Nate

[17:59.26]Kinda have something special planned. 我们有些特别的安排

[18:00.88]Well,I don't want to keep you,but,um... 呃 我不是要拖住你 可是

[18:06.79]I love you,b. 我爱你 B

[18:11.46]I love you,too,s. 我也爱你 S

[18:16.62]Spotted at the palace hotel... 地点转移到皇宫酒店

[18:18.49]S. And b. S和B

[18:19.37]Having a heart-to-heart. 交心而谈

[18:27.57]Hmm,why so thirsty,s.? S 为何这么急着来上一杯?

[18:30.37]You may have won over b. For now, 到目前为止 或许你赢回了B

[18:32.79]but we still think you're hiding something. 但我们还是觉得你隐藏了些什么

[18:41.66]Hey. 嘿

[18:42.77]Ah,the invisible man returns. 啊 隐型男变身回来了

[18:44.68]You know,I really had no idea you could move that fast. 知道吗 我真不知道 你溜的那么快

[18:48.00]Yeah,well,uh,your fashion emergency was solved, 恩 不过你的时尚告急解决了

[18:50.58]so I figured my wk was done. 我觉得我也交差了

[18:52.18]Come on,dan. 得了 Dan

[18:53.08]Serena said hi to you at a ninth grade birthday party, Serena在你九年级生日派对 上跟你打了个招呼

[18:54.91]and you've never forgotten it. 你就怎么也忘不了了

[18:56.91]How could I? She was the only person who spoke to me. 我怎么忘得了 她是唯一跟我说话的人

[18:59.49]And I'm pretty sure she thought I was someone else. 她肯定以为我是别人

[19:01.47]You know,she's actually nice. 知道吗 她人很好

[19:03.35]And if shedidknow you,I think she'd really like you. 如果她有机会了解你 肯定会喜欢你的

[19:06.11]I don't know. I think she might be a tad overwhelmed 不知道 我觉得她可能是个

[19:07.93]by the glitz and the glamour of the humphrey lifestyle. 被浮华艳世 和奢侈的生活 冲昏头脑的小女孩

[19:11.10]Well,I heard she's living at the palace hotel... 我听说她住在皇宫酒店

[19:13.03]Well,my... My point exactly. 呃...我就是这个意思

[19:14.80]Probably sitting at the bar by herself, 可能正独自一人在酒吧

[19:16.76]sipping martinis,all alone. 孤寂的酌着马提尼

[19:20.47]You know,it's actually kind of sad. 其实挺凄凉的

[19:23.41]Oh,and,um,dad's at the gallery working late. 呃...爸爸今晚要在画廊工作到很晚

[19:26.60]He,uh,left money for dinner, 他...呃...留了点钱我们吃晚饭

[19:28.06]so I was thinking indian. 我想吃印度菜

[19:31.96]You know... You know what? 你知道吗

[19:33.02]I think I'm... 我觉得我...

[19:35.18]I'm gonna go out. 我要出去一趟

[19:39.67]okay. 好吧

[19:43.11]Good,'cause I already ordered and only got enough for one. 太好了 反正我都叫了外卖 还就一个人份的

[19:51.75]move,please. 请让让

[19:58.99]I love this town. 我真喜欢这里

[20:01.60]I'm going to have to tell my parents 我得告诉我爸妈

[20:03.27]the hotel ey just bought is serving minors. 他们刚买的那间酒店 卖酒给未成年

[20:07.07]And if you get a drink,they're also serving pigs. 你要是也喝酒 他们就有色狼了

[20:10.56]I love it when you talk dirty. 我就喜欢你说些下流的话

[20:11.83]You just love when a girl talks to you. 只有跟你说下流话的时候 你才喜欢

[20:13.37]Actually,I prefer them when they're not talking. 其实 我更喜欢她们安静的时候

[20:17.00]Mm,I've missed your witty banter. 真怀念你耍嘴皮子

[20:18.98]Let's catch up,take our clothes off,stare at each other. 不如我们叙叙旧 脱下衣服 直视彼此

[20:22.80]How about I just get a bite to eat? 不如让我随便吃点东西吧

[20:24.72]I've been drinking on an empty stomach. 我一直空着肚子在喝

[20:27.28]I heard you didn't do that anymore. 我听说你不再那么做了

[20:29.52]Special occasion. 今天特殊

[20:32.92]Well,how about a grilled cheese with truffleil? 来块松露配烤奶酪

[20:36.39]You do love truffles. 你喜欢吃松露

[20:39.33]Enough to know it's not on the menu. 就因为喜欢 才发现菜单上没有

[20:40.90]Good thing I'm connected. 好在我有门路

[20:51.81]Only 'cause I'm hungry. 只因为我饿了

[21:22.18]Is it too much? 是不是有点过头了

[21:25.29]I want it to be special. 我想让这一夜特别点

[21:39.50]What's wrong? 怎么了

[21:42.41]Look,I don't know how to say this... 听着 我不知道怎么开口

[21:45.28]Or if it's even the right thing to do, 也不知道该不该说

[21:47.32]but,um... 但是 呃...

[21:50.47]There's something I need to tell you. 有些事我必须告诉你

[21:52.01]Alfonso,you're a stud. Alfonso 你真厉害

[21:55.16]Now,uh,have a good night. 祝你今晚愉快

[21:57.52]We're closing the kitchen early. 我们提前关厨房

[22:01.87]Oh,my god. 哦 我的天

[22:02.77]This is so good. 太香了

[22:05.15]Well,if you're looking for a way to thank me, 如果你正在想该怎么谢我好

[22:07.02]I've got a couple ideas. 我有点建议

[22:09.48]It's a sandwich,chuck. 不过是块三明治 Chuck

[22:15.21]this is... 这...

[22:17.85]This is not happening right now. 这不可能

[22:19.49]You worried nate'll find out? 你担心Nate会知道?

[22:24.89]What? 什么

[22:25.52]Last year... 去年...

[22:27.46]The shepherd wedding. 在Shepherd的婚礼上

[22:30.92]You think I don't know why you left town? 你以为我不知道 你为什么离开吗

[22:36.38]Come on,hurry up. 快走

[22:37.84]You know we're not supposed to be in here. 你知道我们不该在这的

[22:39.12]Oh,if the happy couple didn't want to put up the cash for the premium bar, 如果那对新人不肯花钱 单独设个酒水吧

[22:42.70]they should have made their wedding b.Y.O.B. 那就该在自己的婚礼让人们 "自备酒水"

[22:44.76]- No! - Let me see it. 不 让我看看

[22:45.93]No,make me. 别 我要自己来

[22:46.64]I can do it. I can do it. 我能打开 我能打开

[22:47.40]- No,you can't. - Let me just show you. -不 你打不开 - 让我教你

[22:48.63]Here,come here. Let me see it. 来 到这来 让我看看

[22:50.36]I can do it. Stop. 我能打开 住手

[22:54.92]That never happens to me. 那可从没发生在我身上

[22:56.41]It's okay.You're still a man in my eyes. 没事的 在我眼里你依然是个男人

[22:59.27]Come here. 过来

[23:01.74]Look at you. You're a mess. 看看你自己 弄的一团糟

[23:03.14]So are you. 你也一样

[23:09.41]but... That was it. 但...仅此而已?

[23:13.17]You guys kissed. 你们只接吻?

[23:44.47]Best friend and the boyfriend. 最好的朋友和 自己的男朋友搞上了

[23:46.89]That's pretty classy,s. 太经典了

[23:48.92]I think you're more like me than you'd admit. 你我的相似程度 要高出你所承认的程度

[23:54.20]No. 不

[23:55.21]No,that... That was then. 不 那...那只是当时

[23:57.46]I... I'm trying to change. 我...我试着改变自己

[24:01.08]I liked you better before. 我更喜欢以前的你

[24:06.04]Chuck,stop it. Stop. Chuck 别这样

[24:07.86]No! Chuck,stop it! 不 Chuck 住手

[24:12.85]I knew it! I always knew there was something! Get out! 我就知道 你们之间肯定有事 滚

[24:18.75]Chuck! No! Chuck 不

[24:27.19]get off of me! 别碰我!

[24:43.74]I'm so sorry. 对不起

[24:45.74]Are... Are you okay? 呃...你还好吗

[24:57.96]And just when b. And s. Had built a bridge, B和S刚刚建立起的感情

[25:00.33]it all had to come crashing down. 就这么坍塌了

[25:02.50]But dry your eyes. 睁大眼睛瞧好了

[25:03.92]The kiss on the lips party is around the corner. 唇吻派对时间就要到了

[25:06.50]And you know who les parties? 知道谁喜欢派对吗

[25:08.69]Gossip girl. 流言蜚女

[25:16.96]nice try,son. 还不错 儿子

[25:18.55]Maybe next time. 也许下次能赢你

[25:20.45]You seem upbeat this morning. 你今天早上看起来挺高兴的

[25:22.11]Did you have fun with blair last night? 昨晚跟Blair过的还愉快吗

[25:24.22]Actually,we got into a pretty big fight. 其实 我们大吵了一架

[25:26.21]Oh,you want my advice? Apologize 想听听我的建议吗 道歉

[25:27.86]even if it was her fault. 即使是她错了

[25:28.80]Flowers,maybe some jewelry if she's really upset. 买束花 要是她真的生气买首饰也行

[25:30.65]Always works for your mom. 这招对你妈挺管用

[25:31.79]I don't know. I think it might be for the best. 我不知道 也许这样对我们都好

[25:35.60]Wait a minute.You guys broke up? 等等 你们分手了?

[25:37.45]Yeah,I guess we did. 呃...是的

[25:41.08]Blair is a great girl. Blair是个好女孩

[25:42.67]I know. I'm just not sure if she's the girl for me. 我知道 我只是不确定她是不是我的真爱

[25:46.15]And you guys have been dating since kindergarten. 可你们从幼儿园起就在一起

[25:48.51]So I keep hearing. 所以我才听你的建议

[25:50.01]Well,you love her,don't you? 你爱她 对吗

[25:51.08]Yes,I do. 是的

[25:52.85]I just think it might be good for us to take a break,you know? 我觉得暂时分开对我们都好

[25:55.42]Maybe not right now. 也许现在还不是时候

[25:59.60]Eleanor waldorf is gearing up to take her company public, Eleanor Waldorf正积极的 筹备她新公司上市

[26:02.55]and I've been courting her for months to let me handle the deal. 为了让她交给我处理 我已经慇勤了她好几个月

[26:05.00]Then you should get it. 那你肯定没问题

[26:05.73]Iwillget it. If you could just help me out a little bit... 我会的得到这笔买卖 只要你在旁边使点小力

[26:11.26]What? 怎么了

[26:12.69]You love her. She loves you. 你爱她 她爱你

[26:13.79]It's just a rough patch,that's all. 弥补一下 道个歉 就这么简单

[26:15.64]You don't give up just because things are hard, 不能因为出现问题 就放手不理

[26:18.18]not in business,or if your family is depending on you. 做生意不能这样 你家人指望你的时候 更不能这样

[26:26.03]How do you know it was miss van der woodsen's if you didn't read it? 如果你没翻看过电话 你怎么知道 这是Van Der Woodsen小姐的

[26:28.23]And if you're not a guest at the hotel, 如果你不是我们酒店的客人

[26:29.51]what were you doing here? 那你来这干什么

[26:32.35]what? 什么

[26:33.34]Uh,look,when prince charming found cinderella's slipper, 听着 当白马王子 拣到灰姑娘的水晶鞋

[26:37.33]they didn't accuse him of having a foot fetish. 没人指责他是恋足癖

[26:39.25]Uh,and you're prince charming? 呃 照你这么说 你是白马王子?

[26:42.21]Well,there's miss van der woodsen now. no,no! Van Der Woodsen小姐来了

[26:43.62]Uh,serena? 哦 Serena

[26:44.36]No,no,no,no,no.What are you dng? Don't. 不 不 你在干什么 别

[26:45.51]Hey,um,do you know this young man? 呃 你认识这个人吗

[26:47.76]She doesn't know me. 她不认识我

[26:49.05]Nobodyknows me. 没人认识我

[26:50.12]It's cool. It's fine. 行了吧

[26:52.37]Uh... From last night. 呃 你是昨晚那个人吗

[26:54.31]Are you... 你是...

[26:55.31]Um,I'm sorry about that. 我很抱歉

[26:57.88]You remember me? 你记得我?

[27:00.75]She remembers me. 她记得我

[27:01.74]Well,he claims he found your cell phone. 他说他拾到了你的手机

[27:03.33]Oh! You found it. 噢 你捡到了

[27:05.72]Hey,mom. 嘿 妈

[27:06.55]Guess what I got for you... 猜猜我为你准备了什么

[27:07.88]A dress for kiss on the lips. 唇吻派对上穿的晚装裙

[27:09.36]I saw the invitation on the nightstand. 我看你床头柜上放着邀请信

[27:11.76]Oh,uh,I'm not going to that. 哦 我不打算去了

[27:14.17]What do you mean? Blair's throwing it. 什么意思? 那可是Blair开的

[27:15.42]Yeah,um,se the problem is,um, 是的 但问题是...呃

[27:18.54]by... By the time I got the invitation, 我收到邀请函的时候...

[27:20.19]I,um,actually already had plans. 我...我其实已经另有安排了

[27:24.49]Plans with whom? 和谁一起?

[27:29.05]My friend. 我的朋友

[27:34.41]Uh... Yeah,hi. 呃...对啊 嗨

[27:36.22]Uh,nice to meet you,mrs. Van der woodsen. 很高兴见到你 Van Der Woodsen夫人

[27:38.99]I'm dan humphrey. 我叫Dan Humphrey

[27:41.02]What are you and dan humphrey doing? 那你和Dan Humphrey一起准备做什么

[27:42.66]We... 我们...

[27:46.49]Uh,uh,we're... We're gog to a concert tonight. 呃...我们今晚要去参加一场演唱会

[27:50.05]Lincoln Hawk? Lincoln hawk? 以86年史泰龙主演的电影"飞越巅峰" 中的男主角名字命名

[27:50.77]yeah,"rolling stone" named them one of the top ten forgotten bands the '90s. 对 "滚石"将其列为90年代 十大被遗忘的乐队之一

[27:55.31]Whoo! I'm a huge fan. 喔! 我是他们的铁粉

[27:57.99]Well,this party would've been the perfect opportunity for you to announce your return, 好吧 本来这派对是你 宣布回归的大好机会

[28:01.82]but I guess I'll just,uh, keep the dress for myself. 我看这条裙子还是留给我自己吧

[28:07.42]Thank you. 谢谢

[28:08.37]Yeah,no,uh... 没事的...

[28:09.84]It's not a problem,really. 举手之劳...真的

[28:17.34]So you'll pick me up at 8:00? 那你8点来接我?

[28:22.26]You'd really go out with some guy you don't know? 你真愿和一个陌生人一起出去?

[28:25.20]Well,you can't be worse than the guys idoknow. 至少 你比我认识的那些男生强

[28:43.16]Thanks for meeting me. 谢谢你还肯见我

[28:46.49]Look,blair,I- I really hurt you, 听着 Blair 我... 我真的伤了你的心

[28:48.80]and I know that,and I wanna fix it. 我深知 而且我想弥补

[28:50.70]Really? And how are you gonna do that? 真的? 那你准备怎么个补法?

[28:52.82]I'm gonna put everything in the past. 我会把一切都当成过去

[28:55.40]I'm not gonna see serena again or even talk to her. 我不会再去见Serena 或和她说话

[28:58.43]It'll be like she doesn't exist. 就好像她不存在

[29:07.23]I think that's a good idea. 我觉得这个主意不错

[29:08.79]Let's not mention it again. 往事不可再提了

[29:10.94]You gonna eat that? 你要吃这个么?

[29:12.07]That's it? 就这样?

[29:14.81]'Cause you were pretty upset last night. 你昨晚好像表现得非常沮丧

[29:16.94]I mean,should we talk about this? 我觉得 我们是不是该谈谈这个?

[29:18.51]There's nothing to talk about. 没什么好谈的

[29:19.88]I overreacted. 是我反应过度了

[29:21.17]If you say it's in the past,it's in the past. 你都说一切皆成往事了 那就都过去了

[29:25.53]I'm sure you have no feelings for her anymore. 我相信你不会对她 存有任何感情了

[29:30.62]I just feel bad for serena. 我只是为Serena感到难过

[29:32.16]She'll really miss you. 她一定很想你

[29:34.33]What time does the limo come? 车什么时候来接我们?

[29:36.29]8:00. 8点

[29:38.27]Perfect. 太好了

[29:49.36]Lily lily. 来买搭配家具的艺术品了?

[29:50.48]Are you shopping for some art to match your furniture?

[29:54.22]Why is my daughter going to one of your concerts? 为什么我的女儿会想去你的演唱会?

[29:57.43]'Cause we're awesome. 因为我们很棒

[29:59.24]With your son. 还和你儿子一起

[30:01.63]Dan scored a date with serena? Dan要和Serena约会?

[30:03.56]Well,our kids were bound to meet. It's a small island. 我们的孩子注定相遇 因为曼哈顿小啊

[30:05.87]Are you sure it's not some ploy, 你确定不是处心积虑...

[30:07.29]your using my daughter to get to me now that your wife left you? 利用我的女儿接近我 因为你的老婆离开了你?

[30:10.54]How do you know about alison? 你怎么知道Alison的事?

[30:11.61]Like you said...Small island. 不是你说的...因为曼哈顿小啊

[30:14.90]Oh,I get it. 哦 我懂了

[30:16.13]You hear about alison,use your daughter as an excuse to start something. 你听说Alison离开了我 于是便蠢蠢欲动 以你的女儿为借口

[30:19.50]Yeah. 是啊

[30:21.01]In your dreams. 白日做梦

[30:22.00]Well,youarein my dreams,lily,and one in particular recurs... 你是在我梦里啊 Lily 还反覆出现...

[30:24.05]It involves finding you in the back of a nine inch nails bus 我在九寸钉*的乐队车后到处找你 {\a6}*Nine Inch Nails/九寸钉: 美著名工业金属乐队

[30:26.62]with your shoes in your earrings and trent reznor... 看见你的鞋子 耳坠 还有Trent Reznor*... {\a6}*Trent Reznor: 九寸钉的灵魂人物 创 演 制作皆由其一人完成

[30:30.09]That happened. 哦 那还真发生过

[30:34.41]No need to rehash details of decades past. 几十年前的细枝末节 没必要再老调重弹了

[30:38.71]So I moved on... 我继续我的生活...

[30:39.72]Yeah,from trent to layne to perry, 是啊 从Trent到Layne再到Perry* {\a6}*Layne Staley:Alice in Chains主唱 Perry Farrel:Jane's Addiction主唱

[30:41.66]till you switched up rock stars for billionaires. 直到你从追逐摇滚明星 到转寄富豪篱下

[30:44.69]You think you're so cute... 你以为自己很不错...

[30:46.35]Washed-up band,crappy so-called art gallery. 失败的乐队 蹩脚的所谓艺术画廊

[30:51.07]Well,not all of us have settlements from multiple divorces to sustain us. 当然 不是每个人都靠多次离婚 分得的财产生活

[31:01.20]Just stay out of my life,rufus. 离我的生活远点 Rufus

[31:10.61]you're going out with serena, 你要和Serena一起出去

[31:11.86]and I'm going to kiss on the lips. 而我要去参加唇吻派对

[31:14.13]Who said this family wasn't cool? 谁说这家子人很逊?

[31:16.15]Well,listen,I don't want to be late,but good luck,all right? 听着 我不想迟到 祝你好运 好么?

[31:18.89]Same. 也祝你好运

[31:22.05]See you at the concert,right,dad? 演唱会上见 好么 爸

[31:24.53]Uh... Okay. 呃...好吧

[31:27.70]Oh,my god. 哦 天呐

[31:29.05]My daughter's a woman. 我的女儿成女人了

[31:31.90]Dad,you could just tell me I look nice 老爸 说我看上不错就行了

[31:33.40]instead of turning this into a sermon on the passage of time. 而不必继续你的冗长说教

[31:37.40]You look like... 你看上去真像...

[31:39.80]Your mother. 你妈妈

[31:42.72]Thanks. 谢谢

[31:45.12]Blair,let me see how it looks. Blair 让我瞧瞧这衣服怎样

[31:48.59]Why are you wearing that one? 为什么挑这件?

[31:49.78]Didn't you see the dress I left on the bed? 没看到我放在床上的那件么?

[31:52.54]I like this one. 我喜欢这件

[31:54.54]Thisone is not as elegant a choice asthatone. 这件没有那一件显得高雅

[31:59.25]Why do you care so much? 你为什么那么介意?

[32:01.31]Because I love you. 因为我爱你

[32:04.78]Blair,you will never be more beautiful or thin or happy Blair 此时此刻 你拥有一生中

[32:08.71]than you are right now. 最美丽的身段和最快乐的心情

[32:11.53]I just want you to make the most of it. 我只是希望你把握住这段时光

[32:17.10]I guess I have time to change. 我想我还有时间换衣服

[32:18.97]And put some product in your hair. The ends are dry. 用些护发用品 发稍很干燥

[33:53.61]who's the newbie? 那个新妞是谁?

[33:54.84]Jenny Humphrey Jenny humphrey. 新生

[33:56.09]She's a freshman. 我喜欢新生

[33:57.23]I love freshmen. 她们总是那么...

[33:58.51]They're so... 嫩?


[34:01.96]Anything about her on "gossip girl"? 流言蜚女里有没有她的新闻?

[34:03.80]No. 没有

[34:04.93]Hmm,until you're done with her. 等你搞定她就会有了

[34:12.79]hi. I'm chuck. 嗨 我是Chuck

[34:15.39]I know. Um,I mean... 我知道 我的意思是...

[34:17.39]Hi,I'm... I'm jenny. 嗨 我...我叫Jenny

[34:18.78]It's,uh,it's nice to meet you. 非常...非常高兴见到你

[34:22.24]You,too. 我也是

[34:23.49]Thank you. 谢谢

[34:25.13]Looks like little j. Might end up with a new boy 看上去小J可能会和 新认识的男孩好上

[34:27.14]and a ticket to the inner circle. 他是能带她进入 核心圈子的门票

[34:29.50]Or will c.End up with another victim? 而C会不会多了一个猎物?

[34:32.02]I told you I love parties. 正如我之前所言 我爱派对

[34:39.79]So i'm little overdressed,aren't I? 我穿太过头 是不是?

[34:41.95]Honestly,I don't really have a problem with your appearance. 说实话 我对你的穿着没啥意见

[34:50.78]Hey,come on. I want you to meet one of the guys in the band. 嘿...来 我给你介绍一下乐队里的朋友

[34:53.76]Oh,so you're a groupie? 啊 你是他们的乐迷?

[34:55.70]Well,not quite. 不算是吧

[34:56.99]Rufus Humphrey Serena,I'd like you to meet rufus humphrey. Serena 我想让你见见

[34:59.98]Dad,this is serena. 爸 这是Serena

[35:01.65]Serena van der Woodsen Serena van der woodsen.

[35:04.73]Oh,uh,I don't know how I know that. 哦 我也不晓得是怎么知道的

[35:06.85]Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你

[35:07.85]Nice to meet you,too. 我也很高兴

[35:10.07]You guys are a little early. 你们来得有些早了

[35:11.11]It's gonna be a while before we take the stage. 离我们上台还有段时间

[35:12.74]Yeah,I-I may have slightly overbudgeted for travel time. 我还以为路上能花更多时间

[35:20.26]I should go tune that. 我得去试音了

[35:21.32]Excuse me. Enjoy the show. 失陪了 尽兴享受吧

[35:23.26]Son,talk to you later. 儿子 晚点再找你

[35:24.62]Dad,see you. 等会见 老爸

[35:32.02]you took me to meet your dad on a first date? 第一次约会就带我来见你老爸?

[35:35.25]So this... This is a date? 那...这算是次约会?

[35:40.34]Maybe I should've worn my loafers then... 或许我该把乐夫鞋穿出来

[35:42.80]Dressed down a little bit. 穿得再休闲一点

[35:44.64]Let's go and talk somewhere quieter. 让我们去一个安静点的地方聊吧

[35:48.54]Okay. 好的

[35:58.55]Well,this is definitely quieter, 这里的确够安静

[35:59.94]but,um,do you actually know where we're going or... 但是 你真的要带我去哪里 还是...

[36:03.13]Here looks pretty good. 这儿看上去很不错

[36:08.73]so... Uh,you said you wanted to talk. 那么...呃 你说你想聊聊

[36:12.08]Um,what'd you want to talk about? 想聊些什么呢

[36:16.11]How into you I am. 谈谈我有多喜欢你

[36:27.03]okay,I'm... I'm sorry. uh... 抱歉 很...很对不起 呃...

[36:30.47]If you don't want to do anything,that's... That's cool. 如果你什么也不想做 没关系

[36:33.80]Let... Let's start over. 让我们重新开始

[36:36.28]Um,do you want to start over back at the party? 你想重新回派对去?

[36:37.83]Uh,have a glass of champagne. 喝杯香槟吧

[36:39.65]Please? 好么

[36:42.29]Maybe one. 就一杯吧

[36:54.10]thanks. 谢谢

[37:01.01]- What? - Sorry. No,nothing,nothing. - 怎么了? - 抱歉 没有 没什么

[37:02.57]I just,um... 只是 呃...

[37:04.08]My sister was right. 我妹说的对

[37:05.75]You're nice. 你人很好

[37:07.12]But you asked me out on a date, and you didn't think I was nice? 难道你觉得我不怎么样 就把我约出来了?

[37:09.79]No,uh,I just thought you were hot. 不 以前只觉得你身材够辣

[37:12.78]And technically,youaskedmeout. 而且严格来说 是你约我出来的

[37:15.56]Oh,okay. Okay,I see. 哦 好的 好的 我知道了

[37:17.56]So,um,sensitive,tortured soul boy 呃...这个敏感的 心灵扭曲的男孩

[37:20.27]is actually kinda superficial,huh? 实际上如此肤浅 哈

[37:22.15]Yeah,just... Just a little bit. 是啊 只...只有那么一点

[37:23.60]Good to know. 幸好知道了

[37:25.05]Help emergrncy need you Sorry. 紧急求助 需要你 抱歉

[37:31.37]for real please u know chuck? 不是闹着玩的 你认识Chuck么?

[37:32.90]What,better offer? 怎么 比我条件更好的人找你?

[37:33.86]No,it's my sister. 不 是我妹妹

[37:34.92]She's at that kiss on the lips party,you know? 她在唇吻派对上 你知道么

[37:36.56]She's having some problems with this guy chuck. 好像跟这个叫Chuck的人 有些麻烦

[37:40.05]I'm sorry. I have to go. 真对不起 我得走了

[37:41.60]I'll go with you. 我跟你一起去

[37:42.25]No,really,that's okay. 不必了 真的 没关系

[37:43.33]No,no,listen. 不 听着

[37:44.04]If it's chuck,it's not okay. 如果是Chuck 就真出事了

[37:56.56]look,I'm... I'm gonna do a lap,okay? Look for her. 听着 我...我先兜一圈 好么 先找找她

[37:59.04]Okay,yeah. 好的

[38:00.26]Serena? It's serena! Serena? 是Serena!

[38:01.37]Oh,my god! What?! 哦 天呐! 什么?!

[38:02.69]She'sreallyhere? 她真在这里?

[38:04.00]Is that really her? Everyone said she wasn't invited. 真的是她么? 所有人都说没请她

[38:07.09]I think she's wasted. 我想她咳药了

[38:08.22]Do you think blair knows? 你觉得Blair知道么?

[38:09.54]What's she wearing? What's with that dress? 她穿的是什么? 那条裙子是怎么回事?

[38:10.18]She'ssobrave. 她真是勇敢

[38:11.99]You know serena... 你知道Serena...

[38:12.91]She'd never miss a party. 她从不会错过任何派对

[38:17.71]Serena's here?! Serena在这里?!

[38:20.72]What is she doing here? 她来干嘛?

[38:21.72]She wasn't invited. 我又没请她

[38:29.90]Blair,come on,are you really gonna kick her out? Blair 别 你真准备赶她走?

[38:31.99]Didyouinvite her? 你邀请她了?

[38:33.06]What? No! 什么? 当然没

[38:33.90]God,I told you... 天呐 我告诉过你...

[38:36.26]Donottalk to her. 别跟她说话

[38:38.46]I was going for a walk. 我只想出去走走

[39:06.67]- no! - Quiet. - 不要! - 安静点

[39:10.52]Stop! 住手!

[39:13.22]Hey,no luck? 嘿 有什么发现?

[39:14.01]No,I haven't seen her anywhere. 没有 哪里都找不到她

[39:16.43]Come on.Let's try upstairs. 来 我们去楼上找找

[39:24.78]there isn't gonna be anybody up here. This is pointless. 这儿上面不会有人 这样找没有意义

[39:27.01]- Dan Dan. what? - 什么

[39:28.11]That's chuck's scarf. 这是Chuck的围巾

[39:30.29]Oh,god. 哦 天呐

[39:32.82]Get off! Stop! 放手! 停下!

[39:34.50]Hey! Jenny! 嘿! Jenny!

[39:35.93]Chuck,get off of her! Chuck 放开她!

[39:37.86]Are you okay? 你还好么?

[39:41.43]You son of a... 你狗娘...

[39:42.76]What the hell is your problem?! 你脑子有病啊?!

[39:44.28]It's a party. Things happen. 这是派对 这很正常

[39:46.26]Who are you,anyway? 你又是谁?

[39:47.37]How many times do I have to tell you? 到底要我跟你说几遍?

[39:49.60]I'm in your class. 我和你一个班

[39:51.55]My name is dan humphrey, 我的名字叫Dan Humphrey

[39:53.45]and that is my little sister! 而她是我妹妹!

[39:58.55]Come on,dan. 走吧 Dan

[39:59.71]Let's go. Come on. 我们走 快

[40:02.47]Chuck,don't youever touch her again! Chuck 别敢再碰她一下!

[40:05.03]Hey,your life is over,slut! 嘿 你的日子玩完了 荡妇!

[40:07.62]Don't forget,I know everything! 别忘了 我什么都知道!

[40:20.72]You sure you're okay? 你确定你没事?

[40:21.68]Yeah,I will be. 是的 会没事的

[40:22.61]Just take me home,okay? 把我送回家 好么?

[40:39.90]so... Think I got a shot at a second date? 那么... 我们还有第二次约会的机会么?

[40:44.50]Well,I don't think you could top this one. 我不觉得你能超越这次的表现

[40:46.55]Ididpunch someone. 我可是打了人

[40:48.13]True. 是的

[40:49.57]We'll talk about it in the cab. 我们上车再谈吧

[41:09.74]she better not show her face again. 她最好不要再出现了

[41:12.31]I'm actually hoping she will. 我倒希望她还会

[41:41.87]spotted... 此刻的情景是...

[41:42.76]Serena making heroic exit from b.'S party. Serena在B的派对上 英雄式的离场

[41:47.12]Too bad for her there's school on monday. 可糟糕的是 周一又要上学了

[41:49.77]So until next time... 但在下次之前

[41:51.24]You know you love me... 你知道你是喜欢我的...

[41:53.23]Gossip girl. 流言蜚女

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