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[00:00.80]***Gossip girl here-- 早安 各位富贵闲人 流言蜚女驾到
[00:04.10]your one and only source into the scandalous lives of manhattan's elite. 这是你们窥视曼哈顿上流的唯一渠道
[00:09.90]Top story on my home page-- 我主页上的头条新闻:
[00:11.70]Serena Van Der Woodsen, serena van der woodsen, everybody's favorite "it" girl, 人见人爱的风云人物
[00:15.00]has just returned from a mysterious absence. 神秘消失后意外归来
[00:17.70]You'll never believe what's on "gossip girl. 你不会相信"流言蜚女"上的内容
[00:19.40]" Someone saw serena getting offa train at grand cen al. 有人在中央车站看到Serena下车了
[00:21.60]Everyone knows serena...and everyone is talking. Serena 无人不知 而且成了所有人的谈资
[00:26.40]blair, it's serena. Blair Serena来了
[00:29.10]Serena? Serena? 而B的男友Nate 谣言如是说: 他一直对Serena有点意思
[00:29.90]And B.'S boyfriend nate-- rumor has it-- he's always had a thing for serena.
[00:34.80]- But you're back now. - I didn't come back for you. - 但你回来了 - 我不是为了你才回来的
[00:37.00]Look, blair's my best friend,and you're her boyfriend, and she loves you. 听着 Blair是我最好的朋友 你是她的男朋友 而且她爱你
[00:40.80]Why did she leave?Why did she return? 她为何离去? 她又为何而归?
[00:44.00]Must be a lot of rumorswhy you're back. 关于你这次回来 肯定又是谣言四起
[00:45.50]Yeah, but none of themmention you. 是啊 但是和你没有关系
[00:48.30]He tries to take his own life,and you're worried it's gonna cost you, mom? 他企图自杀 而你担心的却是 会让别人觉得你不是个好母亲?
[00:51.50]You have no idea what it's been like. 你根本不知发生了什么
[00:53.70]The best friendand the boyfriend-- that's pretty classy, S. 最好的朋友和自己的男友搞上了 太经典了 S
[00:57.60]And nate's friend chuck won't let serena forget about her past. Nate的朋友Chuck 却不愿让Serena忘记过去
[01:01.70]I'm trying to change. 我试图去改变
[01:03.20]I liked you better before. 我更喜欢以前的你
[01:04.50]And then there's dan, the outsider.Looks like his childhood crush has returned. 然后出现了Dan 一个圈外人 看来他年幼时的暗恋对象回来了
[01:09.10]She doesn't know me.Nobody knows me.It's cool. 她不知道我 没人认识我 行了吧
[01:11.80]- Uh, serena, - No.No, no, no, no, no. - 呃 Serena - 不不不不不
[01:13.10]um,do you know this young man? 呃 你认识这个年轻人吗?
[01:15.70]Oh, from last night. 呃 是昨晚那个?
[01:16.80]You remember me? 你记得我?
[01:18.30]You'd really go outwith some guy you don't know? 你真愿和一个陌生人一起出去?
[01:19.90]Well, he can't be worsethan the guys i do know. 至少 你比我认识的那些男生强
[01:21.90]- Guess whose dad is cool. - It's a trick question. - 猜猜谁的老爹最酷 - 这个问题真难回答
[01:24.00]yeah,'cause it can't be ours. 是啊 因为肯定不会是咱家的
[01:25.50]"Top ten forgotten bands of the '90s. 90年代十大被遗忘乐队
[01:28.30]" Yeah, check outwho's number nine. 看看谁是第九名
[01:29.30]He's very proud. 他很以此为傲呢
[01:30.30]Hey!Hey,way to be forgotten. 哇 被遗忘了 了不起呢
[01:32.20]why is my daughtergoing to one of your concerts? 为什么我的女儿会想去你的演唱会?
[01:34.30]Well, our kids were bound to meet.It's a small island. 我们的孩子注定相遇 因为曼哈顿小啊
[01:36.90]Are you sure it's not some ploy,your using my daughter 你确定不是处心积虑 利用我的女儿接近我
[01:39.10]to get to menow that your wife left you? 因为你的老婆离开了你?
[01:41.20]Serena and her mystery man made a surprise appearance at blair's kiss on the lips party. Serena和她的神秘男友 在唇吻派对上来了个惊人亮相
[01:45.70]serena's here? Serena来了?
[01:48.40]What is she doing here?She wasn't invited. 她来干嘛? 我又没请她
[01:50.30]But serena wasn't the only one who made an impression... 但让人们记住的不只Serena一个...
[01:52.80]who's the newbie? 那个新妞是谁?
[01:54.00]Jenny made an impression on chuck. Jenny让Chuck对她念念不忘
[01:56.40]Let's go and talksomewhere quieter. 让我们去个静点的地方聊聊吧
[01:58.40]- Get off!Stop! - Hey! - 住手 停下! - 嘿!
[02:00.70]That is my little sister! 她是我妹妹!
[02:02.80]Don't you ever touch her again! 别敢再碰她一下!
[02:04.60]Hey, your life is over, slut! 嘿 你的日子玩完了 婊子!
[02:07.90]She betternot show her face again. 她最好以后别再出现
[02:10.40]I'm actually hopingshe will. 我倒希望她还会
[02:12.50]You think I got a shot at a second date? 我们还有第二次约会的机会么?
[02:14.20]We'll talk about itin the cab. 我们上车再谈吧
[02:16.10]And now that S.Is back, will the upper east side ever be the same? 既然如今S已经归来 东城豪门还会一如往常么?
[02:20.50]We're all just dying to see what happens next. 我们都迫不及待想知道后续呢
[02:34.70]<font color="#ffff00">gossip.girl Season1 Episode02 <font color="#ffff00">流言蜚女 第一季 第02集
[02:45.10]I bet you're wondering what gossip girl is doing up so early. 我打赌你一定在诧异 流言蜚女为啥这么早起床
[02:48.10]Truth is, I never went to bed. 事实是 我从不睡觉
[02:50.20]Why waste precious time dreaming when waking life is so much better? 醒时的生活既然如此美好 为何要把宝贵时间浪费在做梦上呢?
[03:01.00]I ain't looking is there really anything better than a lazy sunday? 还有什么比慵懒的周日 更令人眷恋么?
[03:03.40]Re ading the paper in bed, sipping coff , scrambling an egg or two. 躺在床上读读报纸 呷口咖啡 来一两个炒蛋
[03:07.50]Yeah, right.We upper east siders don't do lazy. 不过 像我们这样的东城富豪 可不会这么闲度
[03:10.90]Breakfast is brunch, and it comes with champagne, 早餐就是我们的早午餐 有香槟作伴
[03:13.40]a dress code and a hundred of our closest friends...and enemies. 正装出席 还有许多密友 ...和死对头
[03:22.20]chuck's dad, bart bass, is hosting the annual brunch for his foundation. Chuck的爸爸 Bart Bass 为他的基金会举办每年一度的早午餐会
[03:26.40]Everyone is invited. 盛邀了所有人
[03:28.50]Well, not everyone. 哦不 不是所有人
[03:34.60]Hey, you're up. 嘿 你起来了?
[03:35.60]And you're checking up on me. 而你来打探我
[03:40.30]I'm okay.Really, I'm okay. 我没事 真的 我很好
[03:42.20]You know, I was okay when you asked me at the party and in the cab, 至少你在派对和车上问我时 我没事
[03:45.10]when we got home, before and after I brushed my teeth. 但当我们到家 在我刷牙的前后
[03:49.10]Look, I just feel really stupid. 我真的觉得自己蠢极了
[03:53.00]I mean, how could I have actually thought that chuck bass just wanted to talk to me? 我竟真以为Chuck Bass 只想和我聊聊
[03:58.60]Because you trust people, which is normally a good thing. 因为你相信别人 这通常是个优点
[04:01.30]Yeah, except when it involves chuck. 是啊 但牵涉到Chuck就不是了
[04:03.70]Yeah, pretty much. 嗯 差不多
[04:05.00]So the real question is, uh, how are you? 现在真正的问题是 你还好么?
[04:08.00]Me? 我?
[04:11.00]Why wouldn't I be okay? 我为什么会不好?
[04:12.00]You know, at the end of the night, with serena and the--the--the... 昨晚 你和Serena 那个...那个
[04:17.40]was it really that bad? 真的那么逊吗?
[04:22.80]This is me. 我到了
[04:27.80]- So...good night. - Yeah.yeah. - 那么...晚安 - 是 好的
[04:31.40]Um, yeah, good night. 呃 好的 晚安
[04:39.00]go!Walk her to the door.Something.Go! 走啊!把她送到门口! 快啊!
[04:41.50]ok 好的
[04:43.40]Whoa, whoa, stop, stop.Sir, stop, stop, stop. 哇 停 停...先生...停下停下
[04:46.30]Oh, I think I have brain damage. 哦 我想我撞出脑损伤了
[04:47.60]You know what, dan?If you had brain damage, 你知道么 Dan 如果你真被撞成脑损伤
[04:49.00]you wouldn't even know if you had brain damage. 你根本不会知道你有脑损伤
[04:50.30]No, let's go, please.Uh, wi--williamsburg. 不 我们走吧 请开吧 呃 到威...威廉斯堡
[04:52.50]no! 别这样!
[04:54.30]H-hi. 啊...嗨
[05:04.10]so he waved? 他就挥了挥手?
[05:06.50]I wouldn't have taken him for a waver. 我不觉得他这是表示犹豫了
[05:07.80]No, he was just trying to be funny. 不 他只是想表示幽默
[05:09.10]Maybe he's shy. 可能他害羞了
[05:10.60]Or he hates me. 或者他不喜欢我
[05:11.60]No guy in the history of the world has ever hated you. 到目前为止 从没男人讨厌过你
[05:14.60]She probably thinks I hate her now. 她可能以为我讨厌她了
[05:16.30]I've waited my entire adolescent life for a date with this girl, 我已经等了整个青春时光 就为了和这个女生约会
[05:18.80]Serena Van Der Woodsen... you know, serena van der woodsen... 知道么 她可是
[05:21.30]and I decide to close the evening with a wave. 我竟然使出了一招挥手 葬送了我的美好夜晚
[05:22.80]- It was a nice wave. - At the end of a date? - 但挥得很不错 - 在约会之后?
[05:24.70]Come on, there's no such thing. ...得了吧 没这种说法
[05:26.10]And you only get one shot with a girl like serena. 对于像Serena这样的女孩 你的机会只有一次
[05:28.40]I got mine, and I blew it. 机会来了 却被我搞砸了
[05:30.20]Which means you have nothing to lose. 那你也没什么好失去的了
[05:31.60]no, nothing except my last shred of dignity. 没 还有我那点可怜的自尊
[05:33.50]Oh, no.I think that's gone. 哦 不 我觉得它们也没了
[05:38.50]You're right. 你说的对
[05:41.00]You know what?I'm just-- I'm gonna go talk to H. 知道么 我... 我要找她谈谈
[05:43.10]I'm gonna apologize for the wave. 我要对我的挥手向她道歉
[05:45.80]I'm gonna tell her how much I like her, and I'm gonna ask for a second shot. 我要告诉她自己是多么喜欢她 然后求到第二次约会的机会
[05:49.50]No, I'm gonna get a second shot. 不对 我会得到第二次机会
[05:50.70]- Yeah, you are. - Yeah. - 棒极了 你会 - 是啊
[05:52.90]Wait, wait, wait. 等等 等等
[05:54.20]I love the plan, but, uh, you need a better outfit. 我喜欢你的计划 但是...呃 你需要打扮一下
[05:58.80]And maybe a shower. 最好再洗把澡
[06:04.30]whatever.It's probably for the best. 管他呢 可能这样更好
[06:06.20]The last thing I need in my life is a new guy. 我现在最不该想的就是找个新男友
[06:09.70]He was just so smart, though, and--and funny... 他真的很聪明... 而且...很幽默
[06:13.70]it sounds like you like him. 感觉好像你喜欢上他了
[06:16.00]And really nice. 而且人也很好
[06:19.60]God, blair was so mean to me last night. 天呐 Blair昨晚对我实在是太刻薄了
[06:22.20]I don't even know why.Whatever.I'm sure if we talk about it, we can work it out. 我根本不知为何...管它呢 我相信如果和她谈谈 应该就没事了
[06:27.90]Hey, maybe I should go over there. 嘿 或许我该去找她
[06:29.20]serena had better just stay away. {\a6}went*** Serena最好离我们远点 {\a6}皇宫酒点 2点 戴上珍珠项链!
[06:32.40]- Thank you, dorota. - yeah, thanks. - 谢谢 Dorota - 谢谢
[06:34.00]We love sleeping at blair'S. 我们喜欢睡在Blair家里
[06:35.20]I don't want to see serena at school, and she better not show at brunch today. 我不想在学校见到Serena 她最好在今天的早午餐上不要露面
[06:38.60]You're really mad at serena. 你真的对Serena抓狂了
[06:39.90]Yeah, I hope you never get that mad at us. 是啊 希望你以后千万别 对我们也这样
[06:41.30]Well, you would never do what serena did. 你们永远干不出Serena做过的好事
[06:43.10]- No, never. - Of course not. - 不 永远不会 - 当然不会
[06:45.10]I wonder if nate remembered brunch. 我担心Nate会忘记午餐会
[06:47.30]It would be so wrong for me to show up without my boyfriend 若无男友相伴 光我一人出席可就太逊了
[06:49.20]whom I love, and who loves me. 我那个亲爱的... 并且也爱我的他
[07:05.10]- Hello? - Hi, sweetie. - 喂? - 嗨 亲爱的
[07:07.40]- Did I wake you? - No, I'm up. - 我把你吵醒了么? - 没 我已经起了
[07:10.20]Well, get some strong coffee and jump in the shower, sleepyhead. 好 那喝些浓咖啡再冲把澡吧 小懒鬼
[07:13.50]Chuck's dad's brunch for his foundation is today at the palace. Chuck爸爸今天为基金会办的早午餐会 就在皇宫酒店
[07:16.20]Oh, right.Of course. 哦 对 当然
[07:24.50]nathaniel, keep it down. Nathaniel 小点声
[07:27.00]Some of us are tryingto regain our strength. 这里还有人没恢复元气呢
[07:29.50]- Your dad's brunch is today. - Alarm's set for 9:00. - 你跟你爸约好今天早午餐 - 我定好了9点的闹钟
[07:32.90]It's 10:00. 现在10点
[07:40.20]ladies, double-time. 小妞们 快闪
[07:45.80]Oh, unless...nathaniel... 噢 除非 Nathaniel你还想...?
[07:49.00]I'm good. 没关系
[07:51.40]Actually, could you twobring some coffee when you get a chance? 麻烦你们带点咖啡过来好吗
[07:54.20]And some water...lots of water. 还有水...多拿点
[07:57.00]You want ice with that? 要加冰吗
[07:59.50]Looks like you could use some. 你可能会用得着哦
[08:01.80]That's enough, ladies. 行了 女士们
[08:04.00]And I'll be sureto tell my father just how committed you areto the hospitality industry. 我一定转告我爸 你们两个 是多么热情待客
[08:14.40]That kid poppedyou pretty good, huh? 那小子一拳挺够呛 哈
[08:16.00]Never mess with a guy's sister. 别欺负有老哥的女生
[08:17.80]And if I knew his name,I'd hunt him down and kill him. 要让我知道他的名字 一定揪他出来 灭了他
[08:20.10]Why, 'cause youkill people now? 怎么 你现在转性喜好杀人?
[08:21.40]You gonna strangle himwith your scarf? 想用围巾勒死他?
[08:24.30]Don't mock the scarf, nathaniel.It's my signature. 别拿围巾开玩笑 这是我的标志
[08:26.70]I'm just saying, death by scarf--not that intimidating. 我的意思是 用围巾勒人 听起来不怎么吓人
[08:30.00]He sucker punched me.I told you. 那个混蛋揍我 我告诉过你
[08:32.40]Besides,better a broken nose than a broken heart. 另外 断鼻子总比伤心强多了
[08:38.10]What?I didn't even talkto serena last night. 什么啊 我昨晚都没跟Serena说过话
[08:40.60]Who said anythingabout serena? 谁说是Serena了
[08:56.40]do I look okay? 我看上去还行吧
[08:57.30]Definitelysecond-shot material. 绝对是能赢得第二次机会的料
[08:59.40]All right,then I'm gonna go. 行了 我走了
[09:02.30]Oh, um, and about what happened,you know, with, uh, chuck? 哦 呃 发生的那些 你知道 你跟Chuck
[09:06.50]If you wanna,like, talk to someone... 如果你愿意 和谁谈谈...
[09:08.70]n-not your brother--just let me know. 不是你老哥 反正告诉我一声就行
[09:12.70]- Okay. - Yeah, I'll...all right. - 好 - 好吧
[09:19.00]Hey, uh, wait. 嘿 等等
[09:19.90]Actually, there is someoneI wanna talk to. 其实 我是想跟人谈谈
[09:24.80]Hey, hey,where you guys going? 嘿 嘿 你们要上哪儿
[09:26.50]I was gonna make waffles. 我正要做威化饼呢
[09:28.00]- Sorry, dad. - Yeah, can'T. - 不好意思 老爸 - 对 我们得走
[09:29.10]But I wanna hearabout your date. 可我还没听你说说你的约会呢
[09:30.50]later. 迟些再聊
[09:31.20]- And your party. - When we get back. - 还有你的派对 - 回来再说
[09:32.80]You guys misseda really great show, and I makereally good waffles. 你们俩错失了一场精湛的表演 还错过无与伦比的威化饼
[09:39.90]palace hotel lobby. 皇宫酒店大堂
[09:41.00]Nate Archibald Hi.This is,uh, nate archibald calling from the bass suite. 你好 我是Bass先生套房的
[09:44.60]I know you don't normally give out this information, 我知道你们通常不会 告诉客人这些信息
[09:46.60]but can you tell me what room the van der woodsensare in, please? 你能告诉我Van Der Woodsens 小姐住哪间房吗
[09:49.20]Hey, blair.It's me. 嘿 Blair 是我
[09:50.30]Uh, I guessyou're still sleeping, but I'm gonna come over. 呃 我想你大概还在睡 不过我现在要过来
[09:53.40]I think we need to talk. 我觉得我们得好好谈谈
[09:55.90]Okay.Uh, see you soon.Bye. 好了 呃 待会见 拜
[10:04.70]it likookse the table's all set. 餐桌都已准备好
[10:06.50]As soon as the guests arrive, we can start dishing. 客人一到 我们便可以上菜 (Dish同样有 八卦吹水的意思)
[10:09.80]Here's what's on the menu... 菜单上有...
[10:22.00]Mom, did you borrowmy michel perrys? 妈 你是不是借了我的Michel Perrys (注:Michel Perrys 鞋子的品牌 )
[10:24.90]I can't find anything in here! 我怎么都找不到
[10:26.40]Well, it might helpif you unpacked. 你早点整理不就没事了
[10:28.50]Look, you're home now.It's your life.You should start living it. 既然你已经回家了 就要开始好好生活
[10:30.90]This is not life,this is a hotel-- 这不是家 这只是饭店
[10:32.00]which we're living in becauseyou decided you didn't like the color of the wallsin our real home. 而我们住这儿 就因为你不喜欢家里墙壁的颜色
[10:39.50]Mom, I saidI'd go to this brunch.What more do you want from me? 妈妈 我说了我会参加这个早午餐 你还要我怎样
[10:42.00]Sweetie, why are youbeing like this? 亲爱的 你干吗这样?
[10:43.40]You love parties.This is just not like you. 你最爱派对了 这可不像你
[10:47.50]Maybe it is like me.Maybe youdon't know what I'm really like. 可能这才像我 也许你还不了解我是什么样?
[10:50.60]ok*** 哦 那好 我洗耳恭听
[10:55.70]so did you and dan have funat the concert last night? 你和Dan 昨晚演唱还开心吗
[11:00.00]We, um, never made it. 我们 呃...没去成
[11:01.90]We actually ended upat the kiss on the lips party. 我们后来去了唇吻派对
[11:05.10]Well,that must have pleased blair. 那Blair肯定高兴了
[11:06.70]Blair?Actually,no, not that pleased, which is why I'm goingto talk to her. Blair 噢 不 她可不高兴 所以我得跟她谈谈
[11:11.20]Well just be back in time for brunch, okay? 早点回来参加早午餐 好吗
[11:13.30]Mom. 妈妈
[11:14.00]Look, honey, I know how hardit is for you to be back, 听着 宝贝 我知道你回来之后 一定有很多困扰
[11:16.20]but the moreyou hide yourself away, 但是你越不露面 人们就越会觉得你有事在隐藏
[11:17.80]the more people are gonna think you have something to hide. 别人就会觉得你在藏着什么不好的事情
[11:19.90]Coming from someone who's keeping my brotherin an institution. 把我弟弟关起来疗养的女人 居然会这样说
[11:22.70]That's different. 这是两码事
[11:24.40]I mean it.Don't be late. 说真的 别晚了
[11:29.00]wait!Thanks. 等等 谢谢
[11:42.90]hey. 嘿
[11:44.20]How you doing? 你好吗
[11:45.10]Uh, I-I was in yesterday with serena. 我是昨天跟Serenna一起的朋友
[11:47.10]How could I forget? 我怎能忘记
[11:49.00]Yeah, well, um,is she in? 哦 好的 呃...她在吗
[11:52.80]Just missed her, actually,but you're welcome to wait. 她刚走 不过你可以在这等她
[11:55.00]Okay, maybe I will.She--she probablywon't be that long, right? 好吧 我可能会等 她一会就回来 对吗
[11:59.10]Once she went out and didn'tcome back for six months, but feel free to sit. 有一次她一就是六个月 慢慢坐下等吧
[12:07.00]Over there. 那边
[12:09.00]Over thereis where I'll be. 那我就去那边等
[12:19.30]hi, nate.It's great to see you. 嗨 Nate 真高兴见到你
[12:21.20]Hi, mrs.Van der woodsen.Good to see you. 你好 Van Der Woodsen夫人 见到你真高兴
[12:22.80]Oh, I'm just heading out. 我正要出去
[12:24.20]Oh, is serena in? Serena在吗
[12:25.10]Oh, you just missed her,but I'll tell her you came by. 她刚走 我会告诉她你来过
[12:27.50]I'm sure she'll be happy to hear it. 她肯定很高兴知道
[12:29.00]Uh, I don't know about that. 哦 是吗
[12:30.50]Oh, what?Come on, serena loves you. 怎么啦 行啦 Serena是爱你的
[12:32.50]I mean, I think she's alwayshad a little crush on you. 我的意思是 她总是那么为你着迷
[12:35.20]Of course, you and blair are the perfect couple. 当然 你跟Blair很登对
[12:37.80]Is serena gonna be long?I could just wait. Serena什么时候回来 我可以等她
[12:40.60]Oh, well, dexter herecan take care of you.I'm just gonna step outfor a while. 噢 Dexter Herecan会照应你的 我出去一会
[12:43.80]- Nate's gonna waitfor serena. - Great. - Nate要等Serena回来 - 好的
[12:45.40]He can get in linebehind that guy. 他可以和那位先生一起等
[12:54.00]I had a feelingyou'd be back. 我就知道你还会回来
[12:56.80]- Dan, is it? - Humphrey.Yes. - 你是Dan吧 - Dan Humphrey 是的
[12:59.60]It's nice to see you again,mrs.Van der woodsen. 很高兴再次见到你 Van Der Woodsen夫人
[13:01.80]I hope you've hada pleasant, uh... 希望你见过我的21小时之后
[13:04.60]uh, 21 hourssince I last saw you. 过的愉快
[13:07.30]Yes, it hasbeen very pleasant... 是的 是挺好
[13:09.00]until now. 直到现在
[13:10.80]Gentlemen. 失陪了
[13:18.40]- Hey. - Hey. - 嘿 - 嘿
[13:37.30]Blair blair?
[13:39.60]Hey. 嘿
[13:41.80]Serena Serena. 我买了两杯无泡沫无奶卡布其诺咖啡 还有奥戴利-赫尔本的电影
[13:42.70]Hey, I got two bone-dry capsand audrey.
[13:47.80]I musthave totally blanked on the partwhere I invited you over. 我有请你过来吗? 我怎么自己都不记得
[13:53.60]I-I called you. 我给你打过电话
[13:56.70]Blair, it's sunday morning. Blair 这可是周日的早晨
[13:58.10]Coffee, croissants,"breakfast at tiffany'S." It's our tradition. 喝咖啡 吃牛角面包 看"第凡内早餐" 我们的习惯
[14:03.00]I have new traditions now. 我另有新的习惯
[14:08.40]Well, they're not traditionsif they're new. 如果是新的 那就不算习惯
[14:25.70]Look, blair, I'm really tryingto make an effort here. 听着 Blair 我在努力挽救你我的关系
[14:27.70]I thought everythingwas good between us. 我很怀念我们过去美好的一切
[14:29.10]It was... 过去是
[14:30.50]before I found outyou had sex with my boyfriend. 但那是在我发现 你跟我男友上床之前
[14:43.30]How'd you find out? 你怎么知道的
[14:45.30]Nate told me. Nate告诉我的
[14:48.80]At least he felt he owed it to me to tell the truth. 至少他还觉得对我有愧 告诉我事实
[14:52.00]- I don't know what to say. - Don't bother saying anything. - 我不知道说什么 - 别费神了
[14:54.70]I wouldn't believe you anyway. 我不会再相信你了
[14:57.60]Blair, it was... Blair 那只是...
[14:58.70]you know... 知道吗
[15:00.80]I always knewyou were a whore. 我早就知道你是贱人一个
[15:04.00]I never took youfor a liar, too. 却没想过你是个骗子
[15:08.70]Blair, how can I fix this? Blair 我怎么才能弥补这一切
[15:10.40]You don't, serena. 不必了 Serena
[15:13.10]You just stay awayfrom me, my boyfriendand my friends. 你只要离我 我男友和我所有的朋友远点就行
[15:19.00]You're done here. 我们玩完了
[15:20.80]Serena's visit was short and apparently not very sweet. Serena的拜访短暂 还碰了一鼻子灰
[15:24.60]But you know what is? 你知道这叫什么吗
[15:26.40]Revenge. 报复
[15:27.90]We hear it's best served cold. 听说最好趁"冷酷"上桌才好味
[15:30.60]Who's hungry? 谁想来点?
[15:45.30]dorota, I told youI didn't want to see anyone. Dorota 我跟你说过我不见任何人
[15:50.50]- Hi, jenny. - Hi. - 嗨 Jenny - 嗨
[15:53.20]What do you want 有什么事吗
[15:58.50]I realized that I still haveyour calligraphy pensfrom the party invitations, 我还没把写派对邀请函的 书法笔还给你
[16:03.50]and thought you mightneed them for something. 我想你可能会用到它
[16:05.20]That is the lamest excuseI've ever heard. 这是我听过最烂的借口
[16:09.40]You wanna know what chuck bassis saying about you. 你想知道Chuck Bass是怎么说你的
[16:12.00]No. 不
[16:14.30]Is he... saying things?Is anyone? 他说了些什么... 有人说过什么吗
[16:18.50]no.Not yet, anyway. 不 至少现在还没有
[16:20.80]Chuck likes to brag abouthis conquests, not his victims. Chuck喜欢跟人吹嘘他的战果 可不是窘态
[16:31.00]Come on. You can help meget ready for brunch. 来吧 你可以帮我准备早午餐
[16:33.30]Okay. Sure. 哦 好的
[16:44.40]- Nice flowers. - They're hydrangeas. - 真漂亮 - 这是绣球花 (谐音: 极度危险)
[16:55.60]just coffee.I'm not staying long. 咖啡就好 我一会就走
[16:57.40]I'd like to get out of herebefore someone throws me down and tattoos me. 我得在某人把我按住给我刺青 之前安全撤离
[17:00.80]This is brooklyn, lil,not the warped tour. 这是布鲁克林 Lil 不是摇滚音乐节
[17:02.90]And don't tell me you hadall your tattoos removed. 别告诉我你已经把那些纹身都消掉了
[17:05.70]I mean, even that one, that little heart-shaped one between your, uh... 至少还有那个... 心形的纹身在...
[17:08.10]uh, don't try to be cute, okay? 好了 别装嫩了行吗
[17:09.10]Those days are well behind you. 那些都是陈年旧事了
[17:10.50]And here I thought I was gettingbetter-looking every day. 我还曾经想过 自己会一天比一天帅
[17:13.10]So what's the big emergency? 有什么急事
[17:14.70]Dan went outwith serena last night. Dan昨晚和Serena约会
[17:16.70]And us humphreys sure are proud of him. 我们Humphreys家族以他为荣
[17:18.50]Well, currently,he's sitting in the lobby of the hotel where we're living. 我们说话这工夫 他正坐在我们住的酒店大厅
[17:21.80]hi.Can I help you? 你好 您要什么
[17:22.50]Two americanos... 两杯美式咖啡
[17:23.50]one with an extra shot? 其中一杯要双份
[17:27.40]You don't actually thinkI'm gonna tell my kid who he can and can't date. 你不会的想让我告诉我儿子 哪些人可以约会哪些不能
[17:30.10]I mean, is that reallythe reason you came down here? 我的意思是 这不是你特意来的原因吧
[17:33.30]Oh, well, I know what you're implying. 噢 我知道你在暗示什么
[17:34.70]Admit it.You're falling for me again. 承认吧 你又爱上我了
[17:35.90]You're right, you're right. 是啊 是啊
[17:37.00]It's the low-income tax bracket, the bad v-neck t-shirts,the awful jokes. 低收入纳税人 差劲的V领体恤 还有那些没趣的笑话?
[17:40.30]I don't knowwhy your wife you. 真"不"理解为什么 你妻子离开了你
[17:41.70]Well, she's got better taste than you. 她比你品味好
[17:43.30]Here you are.Thanks. 给您 谢谢
[17:45.10]I mean, come on. 得了吧
[17:46.20]Why else have I seen you more in the last 2 days than in the last 15 years? 不然为什么这两天我见你的次数 比过去十五年还多
[17:49.40]An unfortunate twist of fate. 命运开了个玩笑
[17:50.50]But fate nonetheless.Unless you, uh... 尽管如此 除非你...
[17:53.70]are you seeing someone? 你是不是在和谁约会
[17:55.40]No, not really. 不 还不算
[17:57.90]not serious... 不是段真正的恋情
[17:59.60]or he's married.That is your type. 他结婚了吗 这可是你的型
[18:01.60]That's enough, rufus. 够了 Rufus
[18:03.50]What's his name?I've read about himin "forbes" or "rolling stone"? 他叫什么 上过"福布斯" 还是上过"滚石"杂志
[18:10.10]Well, whoever he is, I'm surehe can't keep up with you. 嗯 不管是谁 肯定跟不上你的节奏
[18:12.10]Well, I'm gonna take thatas a compliment, but I'm serious.I'm worried about serena. 我就当是褒奖了 我是认真的 我很担心Serena
[18:16.20]I don't need some new boyinfluencing her, distracting her from her needs. 我不想陌生人影响她 分散她的精力
[18:19.60]Well, no offense, lil, 我没其他的意思 Lil
[18:20.70]but I'm guessing a kid like danis exactly what serena needs. 但我觉得Serena正需要像 Dan这样的朋友
[18:39.40]so, uh... 那...
[18:42.40]what do you needto talk to serena about? 你要跟Serena谈什么
[18:44.90]Nothing,just in the neighborhood. 没什么 只是我碰巧在这附近 顺道过来看看
[18:49.30]- You? - I... - 你呢 - 我...
[18:52.50]am nowhere nearthe neighborhood, but I'm workingon a better excuse. 我肯定不是碰巧在这一区啦 所以努力在编个借口
[18:56.80]You guys, like... 你们好像...
[19:00.00]I...I don't know. 呃...我也不清楚
[19:03.00]Yeah, well,that's serena. 对 那就是Serena的风格
[19:04.70]With her,you'll never know. 跟她在一起你总是摸不透
[19:08.00]Nathaniel Nathaniel.
[19:10.10]There you are.What are you doing? 你在这儿 干什么呢
[19:11.70]Nothing, waiting for you. 没什么 等你
[19:17.10]Him? 他?
[19:19.70]Hey, what are you doing here? 你来这儿找碴吗
[19:20.60]Why, what is this--uh, your hotel? 怎么了 这酒店是你家不成
[19:22.40]Actually, it is. 确实是
[19:23.40]Yeah, so unless you havea reason to be here, 除非你来这有事
[19:25.10]I'll have to ask youto wait on the curb with the rest of the trash. 否则我请你跟垃圾 一起到路边等着去
[19:27.80]Trash? 垃圾?
[19:29.00]Look, man,I live in brooklyn, all right? 听着 老兄 我住在布鲁克林
[19:30.60]Not the ozarks...no offense to the ozarks. 不是密苏里 无意冒犯密苏里
[19:33.70]But don't you think we'retaking this class warfare thing a little too far? 可你不觉得 我们把这场阶级 冲突弄得有点过火了吗
[19:36.30]I haven't even started, man. 我还没发作呢 小子
[19:37.20]Okay, man, let's just go. 行了 老兄 我们走吧
[19:38.40]Don't tell me you're sticking upfor serena's new bitch. 别跟我说你是在护着Serena的新姘头
[19:40.30]If anyone's got a reasonto kick his ass, it's you. 如果说谁最该抽他 那就非你莫属了
[19:42.70]He's not worth it.Not here. 他不值得你这样 也别在这现眼
[19:52.50]This isn't over. 我跟你没完
[19:53.70]Hey, anytime, man.That one black eyelooks a little lonely. 随时奉陪 那一个黑眼圈看起来挺孤寂的
[20:00.50]come on, chill out. 行了 冷静点
[20:10.00]Blair, it'S...it's beautiful. Blair 这...真漂亮
[20:12.30]I mean, you look... 你看起来...
[20:15.20]beautiful. 美极了
[20:17.80]it's average. 马马虎虎
[20:19.20]The color is last season, and besides, 这颜色是上一季的流行色 还有
[20:21.00]stella mccartney has a much better versionat bergdorf'S. Stella Mccartney为Bergdorf公司 设计了更好的系列
[20:24.00]Right.I... 是的 我...
[20:26.00]I've been meaningto go by bergdorf'S. 我曾经想去一次Berdorf的店
[20:31.70]Wow,these dolls are great. 那些人偶真漂亮
[20:33.40]Oh, my god.You have a cabbage patch. 哦 天啊 你还有卷心菜娃娃 (注:百年最受欢迎10件玩具之一)
[20:35.10]My brother used to have oneof these.His name was cedric. 我老哥以前也有一个 它叫Cedric
[20:37.40]Your brother's name is cedric? 你老哥叫Cedric?
[20:38.80]Uh, no that washis cabbage patch kid. 哦 不是 那是娃娃的名字
[20:40.90]My brother's name is dan.Actually, you might know him. 我老哥叫Dan 实际上 你见过他
[20:44.40]He, um, he went outwith serena last night. 噢 嗯...他昨晚跟Serena约会
[20:47.50]That's your brother? 那是你老哥?
[20:52.20]so does that meanyou're friends with serena now? 那你现在是Serena的朋友咯
[20:54.90]I mean, I don't havea problem with her, 嗯 我跟她没什么过节
[20:57.80]but if someone did havea problem with her, I wouldn't have a problemwith that either. 但如果有人跟她有过节的话 我也不介意
[21:06.30]You know... 知道吗
[21:08.70]if you like that dress,you can have it. 如果你喜欢那件礼服 就拿去吧
[21:13.60]What?No, no. 什么 不 不
[21:15.50]I'm sure you'llfind some way to repay me. 我知道你肯定会用 其他方法回报我的
[21:20.50]Oh, blair, thank you.I mean,for the dress and... 噢 Blair 谢谢你 谢谢你的礼服和...
[21:25.30]for the other thingabout, uh, about chuck. Chuck那事
[21:30.10]If you want to bepart of this world, jenny, people will talk... Jenny 如果你想进入这个圈子 就会听人闲言碎语
[21:34.60]eventually, and you need to decideif all this is worth it. 早晚的事 但是不是值得 你自己看着办
[22:01.80]dan.hey. Dan 嘿
[22:04.10]I-I-I wasin the neighborhood... 我 我刚好在附近...
[22:06.50]uh, give or take 70 blocks. 呃 70个街区外的"附近"
[22:13.20]I just wantedto tell you in person that, 我只是想当面告诉你
[22:16.30]uh,the end of last night may have not beenmy finest hour. 昨晚道别的时候我表现很糟糕
[22:20.10]There was a, uh, a wave. 挥手告别
[22:23.50]I-I-I saw that, 我看到了
[22:25.20]Yeah, yeah, and since then, I've justbeen wondering, uh... 自那以后我一直在想...
[22:33.80]are you hungry? 你饿吗?
[22:36.70]Yes.Actually, I've hadthe worst morning. 饿 今早我衰透了
[22:40.10]Well, you--you wanna--you wanna talk?And eat? 你想 想谈谈吗? 然后一起吃饭?
[22:42.50]Not necessarily in that order. 不是非要先谈再吃
[22:43.70]Yes, I would love to do both, but food first, because I'm starving. 好 两样都要 但先吃吧 我饿死了
[22:46.60]Great.Just in time for brunch. 太好了 正赶上早午餐会
[22:48.80]Mom. 妈
[22:50.60]Ms.Van der woodsen. Van Der Woodsen夫人
[22:51.70]Dan...still here. Dan 你还在这
[22:53.90]Look, mom,I really don't think it's a good idea for me to go to that brunch. 我觉得去参加那个早 午餐会不是个好主意
[22:56.90]You promised. 你答应我去的
[22:57.80]Yeah, but that was bef-- before I knew danwas hungry, too. 但那是在我知道Dan也饿了之前
[23:02.50]I can't let the boy starve. 我不能让他饿死啊
[23:06.60]It would be inhumane. 那样太不人道了
[23:07.90]He's not invited. 没邀请他出席
[23:08.80]Yeah, that's whyI'm going with him. 所以他就跟我一起去好了
[23:11.20]Because I can't gowith her. 因为我不能自己去
[23:13.40]And we have plansto go to brunch together today. 我们本来就约好 今天一起吃早午餐
[23:17.90]We had those plans. 我们说好了的
[23:19.50]Serena, you're home, living under my roof,my rules. Serena 你回家住在我的屋檐下 就要守我的规矩
[23:24.00]What is it gonna taketo get you dressed and through that door? 你要怎样才肯穿好衣服出门?
[23:52.70]uh, you know what?May--maybe this was a-a bad idea. 也许这是个坏主意
[23:56.70]you've got to be kidding. 开玩笑吧
[23:57.60]Yeah, this was--this was definitely a bad idea. 绝对是个坏主意
[24:00.50]This should be fun. 这下好玩了
[24:01.30]Looks like chuck and blair showed up with quite an appetite... 看起来Chuck跟Blair胃口都不错
[24:04.90]for destruction, that is. 不过是想搞破坏的胃口
[24:22.60]hey, dad,how's the new song going? 爸爸 新歌弄得怎样了?
[24:24.70]Oh, I thinkI need more coffee. 我想我要多喝点咖啡
[24:26.40]Whatever works. 管用你就喝啦
[24:29.20]Where'd you get the dress? 你哪弄来的裙子?
[24:30.20]Oh, it was a thank you-giftfrom blair for doing the party invitations. Blair给的 帮她做请帖的谢礼
[24:33.40]Oh, and it looks like a veryexpensive thank you-gift. 这份谢礼看起来价值不菲
[24:35.60]Dad, she has a closetthe size of this apartment just full of them. 她的衣橱跟我们家一样大 里面塞满了这种衣服
[24:38.50]See, her mom designed it. 都是她妈妈设计的嘛
[24:39.90]And her momis very talented, but the dress you made for yourself is much nicer. 她妈妈很有天赋 但你自己给做的衣服更好
[24:43.70]Which is whyyou don't wear dresses. 你不穿裙子才这么说
[24:45.50]Uh, one of a coupleof reasons. 那是理由之一
[24:46.70]Hey, y**** 花市还开着吗?
[24:49.50]- yeah.Why, you wanna go? - Yeah. - 开着 干嘛你想去? - 是啊
[24:52.10]I thought you were getting too old to go places with your dad. 你不是长大了不想 跟爸爸一起出去了吗?
[24:53.90]Well, you used to be cool, and the '90sare having a comeback. 你以前是挺酷的 再说 90年代的流行复苏了嘛
[24:57.70]You have no ideahow much that hurts. 你不知道这么说伤我多深
[25:03.20]well, I can't say muchfor his child-rearing skills, but bart bassknows brunch. 不太会教育小孩 但Bart Bass举行餐会的水准一流
[25:20.50]I, uh, I-I need to usethe ladies room. 我要去洗手间
[25:23.40]Uh, you think you'll be okayby yourself for a while? 你自己待会没问题吧?
[25:25.90]Yeah.Come on.Me and, uh, some beluga caviar?Can't get enoughof the stuff. 当然啦 我跟贝尔加鲟鱼鱼子酱? 我吃这玩意没个够啊
[25:30.60]- Okay. - Great. - 好 - 好
[25:33.80]Hey, how's it going? 你好 你怎么样?
[25:37.50]no, you're--you're okay.Yeah, just, uh, go aheadand do your thing. 呃 你很好 你 你继续做事吧
[25:50.70]charles.Would you excuse me? Charles 失陪下行吗?
[25:53.90]Father. 父亲
[25:56.50]The, uh,the invitation said "black tie,"not "black eye. 请帖上写的是"黑领带" 而不是"黑眼圈"
[26:00.70]" Are you okay? 你没事吗?
[26:02.50]I mean, if you'rein some kind of trouble... 如果你有麻烦...
[26:06.60]only of my own making. 都是我自造的
[26:10.90]why do you thinkI do all this, huh? 你觉得我做这一切是为什么?
[26:13.90]This party is for you,okay? 这个餐会是为你举行的 知道吗?
[26:16.10]So you can meet people, you know,become a part of something, 这样你才能跟这些人交际 成为这个圈子的一部分
[26:19.70]make some kind of change. 做出一些改变
[26:21.40]Really?I thought it wasanother excuse for an open bar and, 真的? 还以为你是为了自助酒吧
[26:25.60]uh, reh ingof the nearly nude statues. 跟那些裸女活雕像呢
[26:31.00]do me a favor, will you? 帮我个忙行吗?
[26:32.90]Lose the scotch. 别喝威士忌了
[26:34.60]It's barely noon. 还不到中午
[26:42.90]serena, I really needto talk to you. Serena 我真要跟你谈谈
[26:44.30]Actually, I need to talk to you,which means you can listen. 我要跟你谈谈 也就是说 你得听我说
[26:46.70]Nate, you told blair.What were you thinking? Nate 你跟Blair坦白了 你脑子里在想什么啊?
[26:48.90]Look, I want to explain. 我想解释
[26:49.80]- Excuse me. - Sorry. - 打搅 - 对不起
[26:54.10]We can't talk here. 没法在这谈
[26:54.80]What,where blair might see us? 干嘛 Blair可能看到我们?
[26:56.90]Meet me in chuck's suite. Chuck的套房见面
[26:58.00]I'm not sneaking aroundwith you. 我才不跟你偷偷摸摸的见面
[26:59.50]Please.Just to talk. 拜托了 就谈谈
[27:06.80]- Ten minutes. - I'll meet you up there. - 就10分钟 - 一会见
[27:11.10]you look beautiful,as always. 你总是这么漂亮
[27:12.70]Where's your lovely mothertoday? 你美丽的母亲呢?
[27:14.70]Paris.Must be some dramaat the atelier. 在巴黎 工作室可能有大事吧
[27:18.40]Oh, nothing too dramatic,I hope.Her line is doing very well. 肯定不是什么大事 她的服装品牌销量很好
[27:21.30]I was just telling my firm whata great investment she'd make. 我才跟公司的人说过 她的投资真是明智
[27:24.10]She's really going places. 她一定会成功
[27:26.00]Hopefully placesfar, far away. 希望是大获成功 (也有"希望她滚得远远得"之意)
[27:29.80]just kidding. 开玩笑的
[27:31.20]Hey.Let me get you a refill.I'll be right back. 来 我帮你再倒一杯 我马上回来
[27:34.30]I'll go with you.Excuse us. 我跟你一起去 失陪了
[27:38.10]blair seems happy. Blair看起来很高兴
[27:39.60]It looks like, uh, you're taking careof business, as discussed. 看来 你如我们之前商量的 那样处理好"生意"啦
[27:43.50]Dad, not everything in life'sa business deal. 爸爸 生活里不是事事都是生意的
[27:46.20]Come talk to mein thirty years. 30年后再跟我说这话吧
[27:47.40]I want to introduce you to timothy good. 我给你介绍Timothy Good
[27:48.90]- His firm has got some really interesting summer internships. - Nice to meet you. - 他的公司有几个暑期实习职位 - 见到您很高兴
[27:59.90]I can't believe serenacame to this brunch. 我不敢相信Serena居然来了
[28:02.90]I told her to stay away. 我跟她说过别来的
[28:07.10]You worried about nate? 你担心Nate?
[28:10.60]just a shot in the dark. 我胡乱猜测而已
[28:12.90]I think you know what you needto do to get his attention. 你知道要怎么获得他的注意
[28:16.50]And what's that? 什么?
[28:18.10]The key to my suite, nate's heartand your future happiness. 这是通向我的套房 Nate的真心 还有你将来的幸福的钥匙
[28:26.00]And bow out gracefully I'm honored to be playingeven a small role in your deflowering. 很荣幸在你失贞的过程中 能帮上小忙
[28:28.80]- You're disgusting. - Yes, I am, so why be shy? - 你真恶习 - 我是 你还假纯什么?
[28:32.40]Just grab nateand finish this. 去搞定Nate吧
[28:34.60]Report back with details. 回来跟我详述细节
[28:39.70]nice to meet you. 见到您很高兴
[28:41.60]Dad. 爸爸
[28:42.50]hey, can I get you a drink? 我能为你拿杯喝的吗?
[28:44.00]What are you doing right now? 你在干什么?
[28:45.10]- Uh, well, I was just gonna-- - how about me? - 呃 我要去.. - 干我怎么样?
[28:49.20]what, you havea better offer or... 怎么 你还有更好的事去做还是...
[28:50.90]- no, of course not. - Yeah? - 没 当然没有 - 是吗?
[28:54.00]- Uh, now? - Now.Now. - 现在? - 现在
[29:03.30]Where are we going? 我们去哪?
[29:04.20]I got us the best roomin the whole place. 我弄到了全饭店最好的套房
[29:10.90]wait, this is chuck's suite. 等等 这是Chuck的套房
[29:12.40]- Nate - Serena? - Nate. - Serena?
[29:16.40]Blair Blair. N和B在酒店走廊里打得火热
[29:17.60]Spotted--N.And B.Hot and heavy in the halls of the palace hotel,
[29:22.10]only to find S.Already waiting. 很快就会发现Serena 已经在房间里等着
[29:24.80]Sparks were flying for sure, but will it be a 3-way or d-day? 现场肯定火花四溅 但这会变成三人行还是爆发之日?
[29:32.00]what is she doing here? 她在这干吗?
[29:34.80]I was meeting nate. 我来见Nate
[29:35.70]Just to talk, I swear. 只是为了谈谈 我发誓
[29:36.90]You said you'd neverspeak to her again. 你说过不会再跟她说话的
[29:38.80]You said that?Why would you say that? 你说过这个?为什么?
[29:40.60]Because you can't be trusted. 因为我不能相信你
[29:41.90]It's not serena's fault. 那不是Serena的错
[29:42.80]- Do not defend her. - I asked her to come. - 不准维护她! - 我叫她来的
[29:45.20]Oh, so you do want to talk to her. 那你就是还想跟她说话
[29:46.30]Yes, to explainwhy I'm not talking to her. 对 跟她解释不跟她说话的原因
[29:51.30]Maybe I'll leave you two to finish that fascinatingconversation. 那我离开让你们说好了
[29:54.00]Oh, no, no.I'll go.Let youguys get back to your quickie. 不 我走 让你们俩速战速决
[29:56.80]It wasn't a quickie. 才不是什么速战速决
[29:58.40]Sex is actually kind ofa big deal to some of us. 对我们中一些人来说 性不是件随便的事
[30:00.70]Oh, yeah, I can see that.Chuck's bed?Very romantic.Classy, too. 我知道 在Chuck的床上做? 真是浪漫又经典
[30:07.60]Oh, like you? 跟你一样?
[30:09.80]I'll bet your new friend dan would love to hear all about how classy you are. 我想你的新朋友Dan 肯定很想知道你有多经典
[30:13.40]Dan? Dan?
[30:15.80]What...what, you really think she would tell him? 你真觉得她会告诉他?
[30:17.10]It's blair. 这可是Blair
[30:18.50]I can't believe you told her. 不敢相信你居然跟她坦白了
[30:20.40]- You just expected - yes, nate. - 你就指望让我保密? - 没错 Nate
[30:23.40]There's nothing wrongwith keeping a secret if the truth is gonna hurt someone. 如果真相伤人 保密也没什么不对的
[30:26.70]That's a hell of a wayto look at things. 你的见解真是了不起
[30:28.00]Oh, I'm sorry. 抱歉
[30:28.61]I didn'trealize all of a sudden you're the most honest guyon the planet. 我也没想到突然之间你变成 全球最诚实的男人了
[30:35.50]well well, it just seems to methat you're the one 我记得好像是你
[30:36.70]that doesn't want to be seen together in public. 不想被人看到跟我在一起
[30:38.40]No, i do want to be seen together. 我不想被人看到跟你在一起
[30:39.90]I just don't want to see youwith anyone else. 我只是不想看到你跟别人在一起
[30:42.40]Tell your haremof shopgirls and models that you're seeing someone. 告诉那些店员跟模特你有主了
[30:46.10]I am, but those conversationstake a little time. 我会的 但要花点时间
[30:48.60]Well, they've got nothingbut time, bart.They're 25. Bart 她们年方25 有的是时间
[30:54.10]Excuse me. 失陪
[30:59.50]Dan, wait. Dan 等等
[31:00.60]Look, I really don't appreciateyour lurking in the shadows, 我不喜欢你躲在暗处
[31:03.70]eavesdroppingon my private conversation. 偷听我的私人对话
[31:05.90]What?No.No, no, I wasn'T.I was looking for serena. 什么?不 我只是在找Serena
[31:08.30]Well, I don't see her.Do you? 我没看到她 你呢?
[31:09.80]No, which is whyI was looking. 所以我才在找她啊
[31:12.60]I don't knowwhat you're doing here or what you think you heard... 我不知道你在这干吗 或是你觉得自己听到了什么...
[31:16.40]nothing.I heard nothing. 什么也没有 我什么都没听见
[31:17.40]But serena doesn't know. 但Serena不知道
[31:22.30]And neither do I, okay? 我也不知道 好吗?
[31:23.60]So now if you'll excuse me,I'm gonna go back inside, 如果你恕我失陪 我要进去了
[31:25.90]not tell anyone a thingand mind my own business. 什么都不会说 干我该干的事
[31:44.30]dan.Hi. Dan 你好
[31:46.60]I'm blair waldorf,serena's friend. 我是Blair Waldorf Serena的朋友
[31:47.90]Oh, hey. 你好
[31:49.10]Yeah, uh, do youhappen to know where she is? 你知道她在哪么?
[31:51.30]As a matter of fact, I do. 事实上 我知道
[31:52.50]Blair blair. Serena 你来了
[31:53.80]Serena, there you are. 你去了哪?
[31:54.70]Uh, where were you? 她在酒店房间里等我男朋友
[31:55.40]She was waiting in a hotel roomfor my boyfriend.
[31:58.40]- To talk. - About whywe weren't talking. - 等他谈谈 - 谈为什么我们以后不会跟彼此说话
[32:00.00]That doesn't sound any smarter the second time. 第二次听这种说法还是觉得很蠢
[32:01.80]Why weren't you talking? 你们为什么不说话?
[32:04.80]Does this haveanything to do with why you were waiting for serena this morning? 所以你今天早上才在等Serena?
[32:06.80]you were what? 你今早去干吗了?
[32:07.80]and here I thought you were waiting for me. 我还以为你在等我呢
[32:10.20]Oh, exactly whatthe situation needs--chuck. 来的正好 Chuck
[32:13.20]Now what is going on here? 这出什么事了?
[32:14.90]We were just getting into that. 我们正要说呢
[32:15.80]Blair, please, don't do this. Blair 请不要这样
[32:17.70]Sorry.Oh,do you wanna tell him? 对不起 你要自己跟他说吗?
[32:21.60]I'll tell him. 我告诉他吧
[32:22.80]- you know? - I know everything. - 你知道? - 我无所不至
[32:24.40]And apparently,I know nothing. 明显 我一无所知
[32:27.40]Look, dan, it--it was a long time ago, and I regret it. Dan 那是很久以前的事 我很后悔
[32:30.20]look, serena, stop trying to pretendyou're a good girl. Serena 别装好女孩了
[32:33.50]So you slept withyour best friend's boyfriend. 你就是跟好朋友的男朋友上床了吗
[32:35.20]I kind of admire youfor it. 我还挺佩服你这么做的
[32:41.60]Is that true? 那是真的?
[32:45.60]Well, then she ran awayedand li about it. 之后她落跑了 还说谎掩饰
[32:53.50]I just thought you should know 我觉得你应该知道
[32:55.20]before you fall head over heels for your perfect girland her perfect world, 在你被这个完美的女孩 神魂颠倒之前
[32:59.00]and then get left all alone with no one but your cabbage patch kid. 不然最后除了卷心菜 娃娃你就什么都不剩了
[33:02.30]Cabbage patch? 卷心菜娃娃?
[33:03.30]Did you talk to my sister? 你跟我妹妹聊过?
[33:04.50]Ah, yes, little jenny. 对 小Jenny
[33:06.40]I do believe she and ihave some unfinished business. 我想她跟我还有事未了
[33:13.70]- You stay away from her. - Poor daniel. - 你离她远点 - 可怜的Daniel
[33:16.10]So little time,so many sluts to defend. 这么点时间要捍卫这么多婊子
[33:32.10]it's fine.It's fine.Everyone can stop looking. 没事 你们别看了
[33:35.00]He's a jerk... 他是个混帐...
[33:38.00]but it's my fault,and--and I'm leaving. 但这是我的错 我要走了
[33:40.20]I--I'll go with you. 我跟你一起
[33:41.30]Actually,I'd prefer if you didn'T. 我宁愿自己一个人走
[33:46.50]Hope you're happy. 你开心啦
[33:48.50]Not even close. 离开心还差得远呢
[34:00.70]Looks likeit's just you and me. 看来就剩我俩了
[34:04.00]Apparently, my room is available. 我房间空着呢
[34:07.70]some might call this a "fustercluck," 有人管这个叫"不欢而散"
[34:10.00]but on the upper east side, we call it sunday afternoon. 但在我们的圈子里 这就是个周日下午
[34:15.50]Dan!Dan, wait.I'm so sorry. Dan!Dan 等等 我很抱歉
[34:18.30]There's no--there's no need to be.Really, I shouldn't have comehere today. 没 没必要 我今天不该来的
[34:20.70]- I made a mistake. - No, you didn'T. - 我自己找麻烦 - 不 你没有
[34:22.10]Look, I'm sorryabout blair and chuck-- 关于Blair跟Chuck 我很抱歉--
[34:24.10]it's not aboutblair or chuck. 跟Blair和Chuck无关
[34:26.00]I mean, it is,but it's--it's not just them. 是他们挑起的 但问题不单在他们身上
[34:27.50]No, I know.Trust me, I know.This world--it--it's crazy. 我知道 相信我 我知道 这个圈子的人都是疯的
[34:31.40]Yeah, it--it is... 的确是
[34:34.40]and you're a part of it. 你也是这个圈子的一部分
[34:36.20]What, and you didn'tknow that? 怎么 你以前不知道?
[34:40.40]I don't know.I-I thought you were different. 我不知道 我以为你不一样
[34:44.10]Well, I'm sorryI'm not who you thought I was, 抱歉我跟你想象的不一样
[34:48.60]but what's happenedis in the past, 但那些都是过去的事
[34:52.20]you know, and all I can dois try to change. 我在尽最大的努力改变
[34:57.50]But if youcan't accept that, then, you know, you'renot who I thought you were. 如果你无法接受这些 那 那么你也不是我想的那种人呢
[35:08.10]Well, I guesswe both made mistakes. 我想我们都搞错了
[35:34.30]- hi. - Hey, - 你好 - 你好
[35:35.70]jen saidyou went looking for serena.Did you find her? Jen说你去找Serena了 找到了吗?
[35:38.00]Yeah, yeah, I found her,and, uh, and then I lost her. 找到了 但又弄丢了
[35:44.20]Oh, uh, that's, uh... 呃 那...
[35:45.60]it's fine.It's fine.Really, it's all for the best. 没事 真的 这样最好不过
[35:48.80]Serena and her friendsand her family... Serena 她的朋友跟她的家人...
[35:52.80]her whole world... 她的那个圈子...
[35:54.90]turns out it wasn't for me. 原来根本不适合我
[36:01.80]Wait, dan.What happened? 等等Dan 出了什么事?
[36:04.30]Did you tell blair waldorfabout cedric? 你跟Blair Waldorf说了Cedric?
[36:07.70]I... 我...
[36:11.50]it may have come up. 可能提到过
[36:13.90]You can't trustthese people, jen. 你不能相信这种人 Jen
[36:15.90]Don't tell 'em anything. 别告诉他们任何事
[36:19.50]They're nice flowers. 花很漂亮
[36:21.90]They're hydrangeas. 这是绣球花
[36:29.50]Look, blair, either you tryto forgive me and move on... Blair或者你原谅我...
[36:34.90]or we end it. 或者结束这一切
[37:04.70]well, serena's mystery man is a mystery no longer. Serena的神秘男友不在是个秘密
[37:08.40]His name is... 他的名字是...
[37:09.80]oh, who cares? 谁在乎呢?
[37:11.20]Now that he and S.Are over, so are his 15 minutes. 他跟Serena既然结束了 那他短暂的一段也过去了
[37:16.10]But his sister jenny was spotted with a new dress... 但我们发现他的妹妹 Jenny穿着新裙子...
[37:18.80]gifted from blair herself. Blair本人赠送的裙子
[37:20.90]Everyone knows an eleanor original is the uniform of B.'S private army. 人人都知道Eleanor原版 裙是B个人军团的制服
[37:26.10]But will J.Be a loyal soldier or will she side with S.'S rebel forces? J会是B的忠实部下 还是S起义军的羽翼?
[37:31.50]And as for S.Herself, we hear that she left today's brunch with nofriends, 至于S 听说她一个人离开了早午餐会
[37:37.10]no boy and nowhere left to run. 没有朋友 没有男人 也无处可逃
[38:15.00]it looks like the ultimate insider has become a total outsider. 看来曾经的圈内核心人物 彻底变成了圈外人
[38:19.30]It's your move, serena, and you know who will be watching-- 你的一举一动 Serena 注视你的人就是
[38:23.20]gossip girl. 流言蜚女
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