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[00:01.40]good morning, upper east siders. 早安 各位富贵闲人
[00:03.40]Gossip girl here-- 流言蜚女驾到
[00:04.80]your one and only source into the scandalous lives of manhattan's elite. 这是你们窥视曼哈顿上流 的唯一渠道
[00:09.60]Top story on my home page-- re sena van der woodsen, 我主页上的头条新闻: Serena Van Der Woodsen
[00:13.00]everybody's favorite "it" girl has just returned from a mysterious absence 人见人爱的的风云人物 神秘消失后意外归来
[00:17.70]and was learning the hard way that you can never go home again. 其中艰辛让她体会到 家 不是那么好回的
[00:21.90]serena is back Serena回来了
[00:23.60]you'll never believe what's on "gossip girl. 你不会相信"流言蜚女"上的内容
[00:25.10]" Someone saw serena getting offa train at grand central. 有人在中央车站看到 Serena下车了
[00:27.40]Serena? Serena?
[00:29.20]Serena's at school. Srena在寄宿学校
[00:30.50]Why'd she return? 她为何回来
[00:31.80]Let me guess--you told everyone eric's just visiting grandpain rhode island. 你跟大家说Eric去罗德岛 看爷爷了吧
[00:35.30]Your aunt carol in miami. 是去迈阿密看你姑姑Carol
[00:36.70]He tries to take his own life, 他企图自杀
[00:38.40]and you're worried it's gonnacost you mom of the year? 而你担心的就是这会让 别人觉得你不是个好母亲
[00:40.80]Must be a lot of rumors why you're back. 关于你回来的原因 肯定是谣言满天飞
[00:42.40]None of them mention you. 是啊 但都没扯上你
[00:43.60]Nate's gonna wait for serena. Nate要等Serena回来
[00:45.00]He can get in linebehind that guy. 他可以跟那边那位先生一起等
[00:48.20]I don't need some new boyinfluencing her, distracting her from her needs. 我不想陌生人影响它 分散她的精力
[00:51.40]A kid like dan isexactly what serena needs. Serena正需要像Dan这样的朋友
[00:53.50]Guess who's dad is cool? 猜猜谁的老爸很酷
[00:54.90]It's a trick question. 真难答
[00:55.70]Yeah,'cause it can't be ours. 对啊 因为答案肯定不是我老爸
[00:57.00]You're going out with serena,and I'm going to kiss on the lips. 你要跟Serena约会 而我 要去参加唇吻派对
[01:00.50]Who saidthis family wasn't cool? 谁说这家人很逊
[01:02.70]I thought everythingwas good between us. 我以为你我之间有很多美好回忆
[01:04.00]It was...before I found outyou had sex with my boyfriend. 过去是... 那是在我发现你跟我男朋友上床之前
[01:07.70]Great,just in time for brunch. 太好了 正好赶上早午餐会
[01:10.40]I told her to stay away. 我告诉过她叫她离我远点
[01:12.30]I'm not sneaking around with you. 我才不跟你偷偷摸摸的见面
[01:13.80]Just to talk. 就谈谈
[01:16.10]You said you'd neverspeak to her again. 你说过你不会再跟她说话的
[01:18.40]So you slept with your best friend's boyfriend. 你跟好朋友的男朋友上床
[01:20.20]Is that true? 是真的吗
[01:21.10]Then she ran awayand lied about it. 之后她落跑了 还说谎掩饰
[01:24.10]Poor daniel--so little time,so many sluts to defend. 可怜的Daniel 这么点时间要捍卫这么多婊子
[01:30.40]this world,it's--it's crazy. 这个圈子的人都是疯的
[01:32.60]And you're a part of it. 你也是这个圈子的一部分
[01:34.90]Blair, how can I fix this? Blair 我这么才能弥补这一切
[01:36.80]You don't, serena. 不必了 Serena
[01:39.40]You just stay away. 你离我远点
[01:40.60]But now that serena is back, 但现在Serena回来了
[01:42.20]will the upper east side ever be the same? 各位富贵闲人的生活 还会一样吗
[01:44.80]It takes two tangle, and girls like these don't go down without a fight. 乱战需要双方敌对 而这样的女孩怎能未战即言败呢?
[01:57.30]gossip girl Season1 Episode03 流言蜚女 第一季 第03集
[02:05.60]there's plenty of upside to being the spawn of the fabulously wealthy. 含着金汤匙出生的人 好处多多
[02:10.10]But the downside? 但坏处呢?
[02:11.90]Super successful parents except nothing less from their offspring. 显贵的父母 当然希望子女不居人后
[02:16.50]And when it comes to college, that means the ivies. 说到上大学 当然是 常春藤联合会的一流大学
[02:20.50]It's more than just getting into college. 对他们来说这不仅仅是念大学
[02:22.60]It's setting a course for the rest of your life. 而是为将来的人生而安排课程
[02:25.80]And for those few who aren't legac s, the pressures are no less. 对于那些非显非贵的人来说 压力也不见得就少
[02:30.00]When parents have sacrificed for their children's futures, 当父母为了子女的将来牺牲自己
[02:33.80]what kid would wanna let them down? 谁又会让父母失望呢
[03:11.60]thank you, ladies. 谢谢 女士们
[03:15.10]Good morning, students. 同学们 早上好
[03:17.20]I ask all of you to show a little sympathy for our junior class. 请大家稍微用心上课三年级的课
[03:20.80]They are almost through with ivy week. 随着常青藤周的到来 课程也接近尾声
[03:24.30]As is our long-standing tradition, 作为我们学校悠久的传统
[03:26.30]the constance billard girls will be in charge of friday night's mixer, 康斯坦-比拉德的女同学 负责周五晚的联谊会
[03:30.80]and the st.Jude's boys will provide the ushers for the visiting representatives. 圣犹大的男同学负责 接待来访的代表
[03:35.50]for those of you who dream of attending an ivy league school, 对于一心梦想考上 所属常青藤联校的同学来说
[03:38.90]this mixer is the most important event of your life. 这次的联谊会是 你们人生中最重要的一次活动
[03:42.70]But no pressure. 别太有压力
[03:46.10]ah, it's not that bad. 没那么糟啦
[03:47.30]It looks like I shaved with a wood chipper. 好像我用削木器刮脸
[03:48.90]I was going with more of a chain saw. 我觉得你用得更像是电锯
[03:51.00]- Not helping. - Not trying to. - 没起什么安慰作用 - 我也没有安慰的意思
[03:53.00]Hey, look on the bright side-- you're not a hemophiliac. 想想好的一面 你没患白血病
[03:56.00]Otherwise, you'd-- you'd be in the emergency room. 不然你们就在急救室了 (暗指失血过多)
[03:58.20]And that's helping? 这是安慰吗
[03:59.60]Mm, not really. 应该不是
[04:00.30]dartmouth's gonna love you. 达特茅斯学院会喜欢你的
[04:01.50]Yeah, I gotta believe being able to shave is a prerequisite for attending. 对 我想学会刮脸 是入学的先决条件吧
[04:05.20]No one is better qualified, no one is smarter, more well-rounded... 没人更优秀 更聪明 或者更成熟
[04:09.10]or wounded? 又或更受伤
[04:10.40]It's not like I have a trust fund to fall back on, dad. 老爸 我可没有信托资金垫底
[04:12.40]You know, all I have is what's up here. 我只能靠这儿
[04:15.30]well, that is the most important thing. 这就是最重要的
[04:17.10]College is about academic excellence, not your stock portfolio. 大学要求的是学术精专 不是论家底
[04:21.10]Besides, you're gonna do great in your interview. 你会在面试中表现出色的
[04:22.80]You take after your dad that way. 继承了老爸的优秀传统嘛
[04:23.90]Spotlight doesn't phase us. 貌不惊人 却是匹黑马
[04:25.30]you better hope there's not a spotlight involved. 最好真的没什么"惊人"的事
[04:29.50]I'm your sister.It's what I do. 我是你老妹 我就这德行
[04:32.50]Not when it's about dartmouth. 谈到达特茅斯的时候 最好别这样
[04:36.70]remember, students... 同学们 请谨记
[04:37.80]nathaniel, a little wake an ke? Nathaniel 要不要来点大麻?
[04:40.60]We have our interviews today. 今天就是面试的日子
[04:42.10]My point exactly.I have my 1-hitter. 说的就是啊 我有灵丹妙药
[04:44.70]but underclassmen should consider this week a dress rehearsal. 低年级同学应视这次为彩排
[04:48.40]You are not only representing yourselves this week, 这个星期 你们代表的不仅是自己
[04:51.60]but generations from our school and your families. 同时代表着这个学校 你们的家庭
[05:00.70]try not to cut me off next time. 下次别再挤我
[05:02.70]You almost knocked me over the side of the bench. 差点把我撞翻过长椅
[05:04.80]I didn't cut you off. 我才没挤你
[05:07.80]I didn't mean to. 不是故意
[05:08.90]You win fair and square, and nothing could make me prouder... 你赢的正大光明 老爸很骄傲
[05:12.00]till you get in the old alma mater, that is. 不过除非能进我的母校
[05:14.20]Dad, we talked about this, about me keeping my options open, looking out west. 爸爸 我们谈过的 让我自己选择 去西海岸
[05:17.70]Yeah, of course, but let's get serious here. 当然 但说真的
[05:19.30]Someone with your grades wants to get into dartmouth, 跟你同样分数的学生 在准备考达特茅斯
[05:20.90]you need to appear to be working for it. 至少你也得做个考达特茅斯样子
[05:22.40]- D, - i ushering the rep is a good step. - 爸爸... - 接待那些代表 就是正确的一步
[05:25.10]How come every time I bring up going to U.S.C, you act like it's a joke? 为什么每次我提起南加州大学 你都不屑一顾
[05:27.80]Nate, there's a plan here. Nate 我都计划好了
[05:28.90]Maybe I want to make my own plan. 你有没想过我想自己做决定
[05:30.00]Listen, your mother and i didn't work this hard 我跟你妈这么辛苦
[05:31.40]so you can just make things up as you go along. 不是让你为所欲为的
[05:35.40]Dartmouth, law school, blair. 达特茅斯 法律学院 还有Blair
[05:39.10]Soon you're gonna have everything. 很快你就能拥有一切
[05:41.20]Listen, I'm late for work. 我上班要迟到了
[05:42.90]Nail that interview today. 搞定今天的面试
[05:44.90]Go, green! 燃烧吧 小宇宙(青春)^^
[05:48.60]as part of ivy week's festivities, at tomorrow night's mixer, 作为常青藤节日周的一部分 明晚的联谊会上
[05:53.10]blair waldorf will announce the charity her community outreach committee Blair Waldorf将宣布 她的社区推广委员会
[05:58.10]will honor this year. 慈善机构将赞助今年的活动
[05:59.50]Have you seen serena? 你见到Serena了吗
[06:01.20]I wonder where she is. 我也想知道她在哪
[06:02.30]And you know what i wonder? 你猜我想知道什么
[06:03.60]How I'm supposed to hear anything about yale with all this talk about serena. 本该听人谈论耶鲁 却听你们在这扯什么Serena
[06:11.60]Do you remember when dad gave me my first yale sweatshirt? 还记得爸爸第一次给我耶鲁的校衫
[06:14.80]I don't think any piece of clothing has ever fit me more perfectly, 我觉得这就是世界上 最合我身的衣服
[06:18.00]not to mention how adorable I found that bulldog. 更别提那上面可爱的喇叭狗了
[06:20.80]Remember when I asked you if I could get a bulldog? 还记得我问你能不能养喇叭狗吗
[06:23.20]Good call, by the way, saying no. 还好你当时没同意
[06:25.80]And now the big day is finally here. 重要的日子终于到了
[06:28.40]Soon nate and i will be away at college. 不久之后Nate和我要去念大学
[06:30.60]Him coming down to yale, me going up to dartmouth. 他南下耶鲁 我北上达特茅斯
[06:33.10]Dad flying in for the princeton game. 爸爸飞来看普林斯顿比赛
[06:35.90]I hope it doesn't make you feel old watchinrow me gup. 希望看着我的长大 没让你有变老的感觉
[06:39.00]Eat up, miss blair. Blair小姐 吃完吧
[06:40.90]Your mom would want you to have a good breakfast. 你妈妈希望你早餐吃的好
[06:51.00]and now headmaster prescott... 现在 Prescott校长...
[06:53.30]so serena's really not here? Serena真的不在这?
[06:55.30]That's what I said. 我刚刚就是在说这
[06:56.40]When you weren't supposed to be talking. 可你不许谈论她
[06:58.00]thank you, miss tedrow. 谢谢 Tedrow小姐
[07:05.00]Serena, come on.Hurry up.You're gonna be late. Serena 快点 要迟到了
[07:07.40]I am!And I know. 我已经迟到了 知道了
[07:09.90]You know, you shouldn't have stayed at your brother's again. 你不该再待在弟弟那了
[07:12.00]I mean, why sleep there? 我的意思是 干嘛睡那
[07:13.20]It's not like he can even see you. 他又不是时刻都看着你
[07:14.40]His eyes are closed. 睡觉时他也得闭眼啊
[07:15.70]Do you have one maternal bone in your entire body? 敢问你身体里还有母性吗
[07:18.20]Serena, you need your rest, okay? Serena 这段时间你得好好休息
[07:20.50]It's ivy week. 已经是常青藤周了
[07:21.80]I know, and if I can get out of this hotel room, 我知道 只要我走出酒店
[07:24.00]it's my sole mission in life to impress that brown rep. 我唯一的目标就是去 给布朗大学的代表留下深刻印象
[07:26.60]Well, I am so thrilled to hear you say that's still your plan, 听你这么说我真是受宠若惊
[07:29.50]because, I mean, I know it's something we've always talked about, 我知道我们曾经谈过这些
[07:31.80]but honestly, since you've been back, 但老实说 你回来之后
[07:33.80]I've, uh, wondered if your mind was even on college. 我不知道你的心思 是不是还在大学上
[07:36.60]Look, mom, I've had my mind on a lot of things. 妈妈 我知道 我的心思放在很多东西上
[07:39.30]But since recent events, going away to college sounds pretty good. 但最近发生的这些事让我觉得 念大学是个不错的选择
[07:43.30]How, um, how did you leave things with dan? 你跟Dan进展怎么样了
[07:45.90]I don't want to talk about it. 我现在不想谈这个
[07:48.00]What's going on with you and blair? 那你跟Blair呢
[07:49.20]- Mom, please! - It's o-- - 妈妈 拜托 - 你们...
[07:51.20]look, all I wanna do is just finish high school in peace 我现在只想安安静静读完高中
[07:55.10]and go away to a state with lots of people who don't know who I am 然后去一个没几个人 认识我的州
[07:58.40]and just start over, okay? 重头开始 好吗
[08:04.30]Take a cab.Don't walk. 别走路 叫计程车
[08:12.90]oh, god. 噢 天啊
[08:14.10]god,please don't tell me it's over. 别告诉我都结束了
[08:16.00]What?You were there.I-I would say it's pretty over. 什么 当时你也在场 我看没什么好谈了
[08:20.40]I meant the assembly. 我是说集会
[08:23.10]Oh, rightNo, yeah,no, it just ended now. 噢 是 噢 不 刚刚结束
[08:26.60]Damn it. 该死
[08:27.80]Anyway, good luck. 祝你好运
[08:32.40]Yeah, you, too. 你也一样
[08:34.80]Oh, too bad you missedthe assembly. 真糟糕你错过了集会
[08:36.50]Not that it matters. 不过无所谓
[08:37.80]Brown doesn't offerdegrees in slut. 布朗大学不会给荡妇发文凭
[08:41.30]Spotted-- S. 场景如下
[08:42.90]Not so fashionably late and dressed down by B. S仓皇迟来 被B恶语中伤
[08:46.80]Game on, ladies. 燃点战火吧 女士们
[09:02.90]look, I made a mistakewith nate, okay? 听着 跟Nata在一起是我不对
[09:04.40]But then you sabotaged mewith dan. 但你也拆散我跟Dan
[09:06.10]We don't have to be friends, but-- 我们不需要做朋友 但--
[09:10.20]What's up, waldorf? 怎么了 Waldorf
[09:10.81]Sorry.It slipped. 对不起 球杆有点滑
[09:13.30]I'm fine. 我没事
[09:17.00]I really want to believe that was an accident. 我真想相信这是意外
[09:19.00]Then you must be delusional. 那你是产生错觉了
[09:26.70]thank you. 多谢
[09:33.10]running out of colors here,blair. Blair 各种颜色都用光了 (意指Blair违规太多)
[09:35.60]And I'm running outof patience. 我忍无可忍了
[09:37.00]Enough, okay? 玩够了 好吗
[09:38.00]It's enoughwhen I say it's enough. 我说够才够
[09:49.60]god! 上帝
[09:51.50]girls, break it up! 快分开 女孩们
[09:52.40]Get off of me! 放开我
[09:53.40]Is that enough yet? 这样够不够
[09:58.60]so we've actuallycome to physical blows, huh? 到底还是动手了 哈?
[10:01.90]Truce? 休战?
[10:06.00]My leg! 我的腿
[10:07.10]serena, you're out of here. Serena 你出局了
[10:08.70]oh, my gosh. 噢 天啊
[10:10.50]I hope it's broken. 我希望它断了
[10:12.00]Hey, upper east siders. 嘿 各位富贵闲人
[10:13.60]We hear that world war iii just broke out, and it's wearing kneesocks. 我们听说世界第三次大战刚刚爆发 战斗双方穿着及膝袜
[10:17.80]Choose your side or run and hide. 选择你的立场 要么闪到一边
[10:19.60]We have a feeling this one's to the death. 貌似是场至死方休的战争
[10:22.90]and why should you be the dartmouth usher? 为什么我们该委任你为 交际会的接待员?
[10:24.90]Well, I've given thisa lot of thought, 仔细考虑之后
[10:26.90]and I think I can answeryour question in three parts. 我想分三点来回答您的提问
[10:29.40]And I'd like to startwith the third part first, 如果您没有意见的话
[10:31.50]if it's cool, unless, 我想从第一点说起 除非...
[10:34.10]that would be confusing. 可能有点太绕圈子
[10:35.40]In which case, I can startat the beginning. 所以我可以从头开始
[10:39.20]the dartmouth"principles of community" highlight integrity, 达特茅斯的理念重在
[10:43.70]responsibilityand consideration. 诚实守信 责任感和三思而后行
[10:47.00]well, from st.Jude's,I've learned integrity. 在圣犹大我学到了诚实
[10:50.90]From being an older brother,I have learned responsibility, 作为家中的长子 我了解了什么是责任感
[10:54.00]and from my parents, who have sacrificed everythingto send me to this school, 从为我牺牲一切 而让我进这所学校的父母身上
[10:59.80]I've learned consideration. 我知道了凡事要三思而后行
[11:02.10]It really comes downto one thing-- 总结起来
[11:04.80]dartmouth is my dream, and I've never asked dartmouth,but... 达特茅斯是我梦寐以求的名校 虽然我从未问过达特茅斯
[11:10.90]I thinkit's been dreaming of me. 不过我想 它应该也很期待我的加入
[11:15.10]That--that was a joke, or an attempt at one. 这是个玩笑 或者说 我想把它说成一个笑话
[11:20.50]Next question. 下一个问题
[11:21.60]you are the idealdartmouth candidate. 你是我们理想的候选学生
[11:24.70]Thank you, sir. 谢谢你 先生
[11:25.90]And it would be an honorto attend dartmouth. 能进入达特茅斯是我的荣幸
[11:28.20]I've grown up hearingall about it from my father. 我从小就受到父亲的熏陶
[11:32.50]I'm just not sureit's my first choice, 我不太确定它是否是我的首选
[11:35.80]and if there's onlyone usher position available, 如果接待员的职位只有一个
[11:39.30]I'm sure there's someonewho wants it more than me. 我想应该有人比我更想得到
[11:43.30]Why should I be chosento be an usher? 我有什么资格做接待员?
[11:53.80]I'm chuck bass. 因为我是Chuck Bass
[12:07.60]excuse me. 借过
[12:09.70]yale chuck bass*** 耶鲁 Chuck Bass
[12:12.30]- Hey. - Hey. - 嘿 - 嘿
[12:14.90]You get the oneyou wanted? 你被选中你喜欢的学校了吗?
[12:19.10]no.No, actually,you did... 不 没有 实际上 是你被选中了
[12:24.50]which makes total sensebecause I'm second in our class, 这太符合常理了 我在班上是第二名
[12:29.00]and you're somewhere around-- what, I don't know,uh, last? 你大概是-- 我不知道 最后一名?
[12:33.60]No hard feelings, huh? 没受伤吧
[12:34.30]Why should there be? 我需要吗
[12:35.30]I mean, how many libraries has your dad had to endowto get you this spot? 不知你老爸得捐赠多少座图书馆 才能让你被选中?
[12:39.10]You've earned it. 你应得的
[12:39.90]Look, man, you don't knowanything about my family. 听着 老兄 你一点也不了解我的家庭
[12:42.40]I'm sorry.You're right.You're right. 对不起 你是对的 你是对的
[12:44.20]I'm sure J.L.Hallwill be very impressed with your passionfor the dartmouth experience. 我想J.L.Hallwill一定会被你对达特茅斯 的激情所征服
[12:49.70]Who the hell is J.L.Hall? 谁是J.L.Hall
[12:51.00]He's the ivy rep. 他是常青藤联校的代表
[12:52.20]You might wantto pick up his book if you want anythingto talk about. 如果你想跟他见面时有话可说的话 最好看看他的书
[12:58.60]"The petting zoo"-- that's the nameof his book. "爱抚动物园" 这是他一本书的书名
[13:07.90]Angry guy, huh? 愤怒的小伙?
[13:10.20]Short fuse.I'm trying to work on that. 火爆性格 正在努力克服中
[13:13.20]Well, let me knowhow that goes for you. 克服的效果如何 记得告诉我
[13:15.70]Yeah, I'll--I'll keep you posted. 我会告诉你的
[13:17.90]It's a tough week. 这个星期事情不断
[13:19.60]Not for me, apparently. 显然对我来说并非如此
[13:21.00]Oh, you got an usher position? 你得到接待员的位子了?
[13:22.50]No, I didn'T. 没有
[13:23.70]Uh, in an ironic thoughnot totally unexpected twist, nate got the one I wanted. 出现了很讽刺却又预料之中的转折 Nate得到了我所选那所学校的接待职位
[13:30.20]I'm sorry. 很抱歉
[13:31.60]Yeah, well, I guess that's lifewhen you're not a legacy. 没有出身名门 我想生活就是这样
[13:34.70]Well, hey, just 'causere not an usher doesn't mean you're notgonna get into an ivy. 没有得到接待员的职位 不代表你上不了常青藤联校
[13:38.00]Yeah?Wh--uh, where'dyour parents go to school? 是吗? 你父母以前在哪个大学读书?
[13:40.70]Harvard and brown. 哈佛和布朗大学
[13:44.20]That's--that's allI'm saying. 这就是我要说的
[13:55.00]I can't believe serena did this. 我真不敢相信Serena会做这种事
[13:56.30]Yeah, such a cheap shot. 是啊 真是没档次
[14:00.60]finally. 终于来电话了
[14:01.50]Hello to you, too. 你好啊
[14:02.60]I heard aboutthe field hockey throw down. 我听说你在曲棍球场的恶战
[14:04.70]All those mouth guardsand short skirts-- I hope somebody filmed it. 在场那么多戴护齿穿短裙的女孩 真希望有人能拍下来
[14:08.60]you're heinous. 你太可恶了
[14:09.60]Which is probablywhy you called. 这应该是你给我打电话的原因
[14:12.40]You know me well. 你很了解我
[14:13.70]Women like to pretend they'recomplicated.I know better. 女人都想装出一副让人很难懂的样 我还不知道吗?
[14:17.20]My leg's numb now. 我的腿已经失去知觉了
[14:18.80]How about a heating pad? 换个热敷吧?
[14:20.50]- Sure. - Okay. - 当然 - 好的
[14:27.70]Serena came homefor a reason. Serena回来肯定有原因
[14:29.40]One can only guess. 一个只能猜测的原因
[14:30.60]I'm done guessing.I want answers, 我猜够了 我要答案
[14:32.60]and no one likes to be on the ground floor of a scandal like chuck bass. 没有人比Chunk Bass更喜欢 在第一时间获取丑闻信息
[14:35.80]I am a bitch when I wanna be. 当我想成为恶棍的时候 没人能拦住
[14:37.80]Opportunity to causesome trouble, uncover a secret? 找机会制造些麻烦 揭发些秘密如何?
[14:41.40]Take "yes" for an answer. 我赞同
[14:49.90]let's turn back to school. 我们返回学校
[14:51.20]I left something importantbehind. 我忘带了一些重要的东西
[15:02.30]oh, danny boy,how was your day? 小伙Danny 今天过得怎么样?
[15:04.10]He's about to hype dinner. 他正在宣传他做的晚餐
[15:05.20]'Cause no matterhow good it was, it's about to geta lot better. 不管以前多么好吃 这次更加好吃啊
[15:09.10]I've outdone myselfwith the bolognese. 在做肉酱方面我完全超越了自己
[15:29.50]sorry aboutthe melodramatic entrance. 我为如此夸张的进门方式道歉
[15:31.60]You didn't get it? 你没得到那个名额?
[15:36.40]No, I didn't get it. 没有 我没得到
[15:41.00]and that I do not get. 那我就不明白了
[15:43.20]They...they gave it to nate... 他们...他们把名额给了Nate
[15:47.10]archibald! Archibald
[15:54.80]last year, uh, I believehe had an original thought. 我相信他在去年有过 一个颇具创意的想法
[15:58.60]It died of loneliness. 结果不了了之
[16:02.60]I'm sorry. 我很抱歉
[16:04.30]You're sorry? 你抱歉什么?
[16:05.40]Yeah, I know how muchyou and mom sacrificed. 我知道你和妈妈所做的牺牲
[16:07.60]The whole reason you send usto a school like this is 你们把我们送进这种学校的原因
[16:09.80]so we can goto a college of our choice. 就是希望 我们能进我们想去的大学
[16:12.60]What if that's allfor nothing? 如果最后什么都没得到怎么办?
[16:14.40]It's not, okay? 不是这样的 好吗?
[16:17.20]It's not. 不是这样的
[16:19.50]So you don't getto be the usher of some whatever party. 那你当不成什么鬼聚会 的接待员了呗?
[16:22.50]Dad, can I just, um,stew alone for awhile? 爸爸 能让我一个人呆一会吗?
[16:42.60]we're humphreys, dad. 我们是Humphreys家 爸爸
[16:44.70]Not exactly royalty uptown. 在这不是什么名门贵族
[16:47.50]Are you okay with that? 你能接受吗?
[16:50.90]No, but I'm used to it. 不 但我已经习惯了
[17:21.20]ostroff treatment cexter Ostroff治疗中心
[17:27.70]This is way too good. 这个发现太好了
[17:38.60]mom, how's paris? 妈妈 在巴黎怎么样?
[17:40.80]You're not going to believe where I foundour little princess. 你肯定无法相信 我在哪儿看到我们这位小公主
[17:44.30]Really? 是吗?
[17:54.00]admit it.Even for me, this was good. 承认吧 虽然出自我手 但也是好资料
[17:56.40]If you weren't such a perv, I'm sure the C.I.A.Would hire you in a second. 你要不是这么玩世不恭 我肯定中央情报局都会立马雇佣你
[18:00.20]Defending my country--there'sa future I never imagined. 捍卫我的国家? 看来我的未来变幻无限啊
[18:03.10]With good reason. 而且捍卫的理由充分
[18:05.50]What is she doing there? 她去那干嘛?
[18:06.40]Well, what's anyonedoing there? 还能去干嘛?
[18:07.50]It's a facilityfor the disturbed or addicted. 那是治疗精神病和瘾君子 的康复中心
[18:10.70]You must haveyour own wing. 那里肯定一个分楼都是为你准备的
[18:12.50]You don't get nearlyenough credit for yoenough credit for your wit. 你的聪慧也未到受到好评的程度
[18:16.20]So the question is,what do you do now? 所以问题是 你现在准备怎么做?
[18:19.30]Well, I was thinking... 我一直在想...
[18:21.70]total social destruction. 彻底破坏她的社交形象
[18:24.00]And here I thoughtyou were getting soft. 我还以为你越来越没手段了呢
[18:27.20]So this is your bed,huh? 这是你的床吗?
[18:29.90]Leaving now. 马上离开
[18:32.10]You can repay meanot.Time 你下次再报答我吧
[18:42.00]I've been in these sessionsevery day for the last week, 上周的每次疗程我都在场
[18:45.00]but nothing is going to changeunless 如果她继续把他藏在这里
[18:47.00]she stops hiding him here and lets himhave his life back. 不让他有自己的生活 疗程就会毫无进展
[18:50.00]This is not called hiding,serena. 这不能说是藏 Serena
[18:51.90]It's called recovery. 应该叫恢复
[18:53.60]Telling everyone he's stayingwith aunt carol in miami? 告诉所有人他在迈阿密 跟Carol姨妈在一起?
[18:56.60]He's not ready. 他还没准备好
[18:57.90]He's not, or you're not? 是他没准备好 还是你?
[18:59.50]Okay, let's takea deep breath. 好了 让我们深吸一口气
[19:02.10]It's good to seehonest conversation. 很高兴看到你们坦诚的对话
[19:04.60]What does she know about honesty? 她知道什么叫诚实吗?
[19:05.90]Serena. Serena
[19:06.80]But I really think a decisionlike this includes eric as well. 但我真的希望 在做这个决定时也让Eric参与进来
[19:10.50]Oh, you mean i have a say in this? 你是说我对此事可以有发言权吗?
[19:12.70]Thanks. 谢谢
[19:13.40]Eric, of course.We're here for you. 当然了 Eric 我们坐在这里就是为了你
[19:15.60]Look, if you're readyto leave, you tell us, okay? 听着 如果你已经做好准备离开这里 告诉我们 好吗?
[19:19.00]No matter what mom says. 不管妈妈怎么说
[19:22.90]I would really liketo get out of here... 我真心希望能离开这里
[19:29.10]oh, no. 不
[19:31.50]But maybe I'm not ready yet. 或许我还没有准备好
[19:37.30]Hey, what aboutfor a few hours? 那离开几个小时怎么样?
[19:39.00]You can be my dateto the ivy week party tonight. 你可以做我的伴儿参加 今晚的常青藤周派对
[19:41.20]Serena, that party isan important event for you. Serena 这个派对对你来说 是次很重要的活动
[19:44.60]Well, he'll be aroundpeople he knows. 这样在场的都是他认识的人
[19:46.10]It'll be fun, comfortable. 会很有意思 很自在的
[19:48.30]Uh, actually, that sounds great. 事实上 这听起来很不错
[19:49.70]well, there we go. 就是这样
[19:51.00]Compromise. 都做点妥协
[19:52.60]That wasn't so hard, was it? 并没那么困难 不是吗?
[19:56.00]You know what?I have to go, 知道吗? 我必须要走了
[19:57.90]help them set upfor tonight at the school. 帮助他们准备今晚学校的派对
[20:01.20]It's my job as bothparent committee chair and responsible mother. 我既是家长委员会主席 又要做个有责任心的母亲
[20:12.20]it'll be great, okay? 会玩的开心的 好吗?
[20:20.20]- hi.How are you? - Good. - 你好吗? - 很好
[20:22.20]Rufus humphrey. - 我是Rufus Humphrey - 是啊
[20:23.40]Uh, my kid, dan,goes to st.Jude's, 我的孩子Dan 在圣犹大学校读书
[20:26.00]and he really should have beenselected as dartmouth's usher. 他应该被选为接待达特茅斯大学 代表的接待员
[20:28.60]Maybe there was a mix-up, some kind of a glitchin the system? 是不是什么地方出了问题 例如你们系统里的小小差漏?
[20:31.20]I'd like to believe that because I like to believe the best in people. 希望如此 我相信人们做事还是有原则的
[20:33.70]I'm sorry, mr.Humphrey.The usher positionshave been filled. 很抱歉 Humphrey先生 接待员名额已经满了
[20:36.80]There's nothing we can do. 我们无能为力
[20:38.40]Uh, is there anything else? 还有其他的吗?
[20:40.90]Any other positions? 其他职位吗?
[20:42.10]Uh, you'll have to discuss thiswith our committee chairwoman. 这你得跟我们委员会主席讨论了
[20:45.20]Sure, perfect.I'd love to.Where can I find her? 很好 太好了 我会的 我到哪能找到她呢?
[20:47.20]I'm not sure.She must be running late.I... 我不确定 她可能会晚点过来 我...
[20:49.90]oh, there she is now. 她在那呢
[20:55.40]Why am I not surprised? 我为什么一点都不感觉吃惊呢?
[20:57.10]Lucky for you,she seems to be in a good mood. 你很幸运 她看起来心情不错
[21:00.40]Until she sees me. 直到她看到我
[21:03.50]- Rufus. - Told ya. - Rufus - 告诉你了
[21:05.40]Excuse me. 不好意思
[21:07.20]You got a minute, lil? 有时间吗?
[21:08.60]Not for you. 跟你没时间
[21:20.20]- You're in. - What? - 你们受邀了 - 什么?
[21:22.90]The ivy week party tonight. 常青藤周派对
[21:24.40]Your name will beon the program and everything. 你们的名字会出现在 所有的活动安排里
[21:27.20]You got me the dartmouth spot? 你帮我弄到了达特茅斯的名额?
[21:28.80]I knew you could do it, dad. 我就知道你能行的 爸爸
[21:30.00]no, you didn't,and no, I didn'T. 你不是嘛... 不 我没争取到那个名额
[21:32.30]How do you feel about the refreshment committee? 餐饮委员会怎么样?
[21:34.30]Well, there is--there isno refreshment committee. 没有餐饮委员会
[21:36.30]Not until now. 现在有了
[21:37.60]Oh, god. 天哪
[21:38.90]What?Everybody gets thirsty.It's really a position of power. 怎么了? 每个人都会口渴 一个非常有权利的职位
[21:41.80]How did you secure methis prominent and simultaneously embarrassing position? 你怎么帮我找到这个如此突出 但同时令我觉得尴尬的职位?
[21:45.30]By offeringmy own services. 通过提供我自己的服务
[21:47.10]Serving snacks? 提供小点心吗?
[21:49.70]I'm the headof the entertainment committ. 我是表演委员会的头儿
[21:54.30]a-another committeethat didn't exist until you leftthe house today. 另一个你今天离开这个房子前 还不存在的委员会
[21:56.90]Way to go, dad. 干得好 爸爸
[21:58.10]Wait.So who's the entertainment? 等等 都有谁参加表演?
[21:59.70]Uh, since it wassuch short notice, the only personI could get was myself. 由于决定的如此仓促 所以唯一能参加的只有我自己
[22:04.30]Kind of a staid affair forearly '90s postpunk math rock, don't you think? 就像90年代早期的前朋克 杂乱摇滚的沉寂场面?
[22:08.60]I'm bringinga couple of the guys. 我带上几个伙计
[22:10.70]It'll be rufus unplugged. 将会是Rufus非电子音乐会
[22:12.20]Need a roadie? 需要经理人吗?
[22:13.30]Thanks, sweetie. 谢谢 甜心
[22:14.20]Should I call mom, and we can just make thisa full-fledged humphrey affair? 我该给妈妈打电话吗? 我们可以把它弄成一个Humphrey家族活动
[22:17.60]Look, I did the best I could. 听着 对此我已经尽力了
[22:20.50]At least you get to officiallybe a part of this thing. 至少你们能正式参加这个活动
[22:23.10]You can talkto that author you love, ask him anything you want. 你可以跟你喜欢的那个作家聊聊 问他任何你想问的问题
[22:26.80]Like his, uh, preferencefor soft drinks? 比如说他最喜欢的软饮料是什么?
[22:33.40]If you get at all anxious,sweetie, if you feel light-headedor panicky-- 如果你觉得紧张 甜心 觉得头疼或心悸
[22:36.70]I'll be fine, mom.All I have to dois be normal. 我不会有事的 妈妈 我只要表现正常就好
[22:40.90]Or at least act normal. 或者是装得正常一点
[22:42.80]Works for mom. 那样妈妈就满足了
[23:05.40]do you see the yale rep? 你看到耶鲁大学的代表了吗?
[23:07.00]I thought you wantedto go to brown, and blair wantedto go to yale. 我以为你想去布朗大学 是Blair想去耶鲁
[23:11.50]Yeah, I know. 是啊 我知道
[23:21.30]My father would never forgive meif I didn't introduce myself. 如果我不向你介绍自己的话 我父亲肯定不会原谅我的
[23:23.90]He says that you twoused to do crew together. 他说你们两个过去一起出海
[23:25.90]Crew? 出海?
[23:27.20]Oh, hi.I'm serena van der woodsen. 嗨 我是Serena Van Der Woodsen
[23:30.00]Blair, I didn't know you wereinterested in doing crew. Blair 我不知道你对出海有兴趣
[23:32.10]I'm not. 我没兴趣
[23:33.10]I was just sayingthat there's a family connection because of my father-- 我只是要说 我们两家交好 因为我父亲...
[23:35.30]in fact, I didn't know you were interestedin athletics at all. 事实上 我从来不知道你对运动有兴趣
[23:38.00]Well, especially ones whereyou might get your hair wet. 特别是可能会把你头发打湿的运动
[23:40.20]She's really moreof the indoors type of girl. 她是个喜欢室内活动的女孩
[23:44.10]Oh, my goodness.Your glass is almost empty. 天哪 你的酒杯快空了
[23:46.50]Let's get you a drink. 去拿点喝的吧
[23:47.80]Uh, no, I'll take him. 不 我带他去吧
[23:49.10]Oh, don't worry about it. 别担心
[23:50.80]So tell me about yale. 跟我讲讲耶鲁的事吧
[23:59.90]can you please explain how serena'scommandeering the yale rep 你能解释一下为什么 Serena霸占耶鲁大学的代表吗?
[24:02.60]while you're supposedto be his usher? 你不应该是他的接待员吗?
[24:04.80]I switched. 我跟别人换了
[24:08.10]I'm trying to getinto princeton. 我在试图进普林斯顿
[24:11.20]Oh, don't your la perlasin a bunch. 别一脸被La Perla内裤卡到阴的样子
[24:13.40]Look who's arrived--dr.Ostroff. 看谁来了 Ostroff博士
[24:16.40]Blair, dr.Donald ostroff. Blair 这是Donald ostroff博士
[24:17.80]Interesting choice of guest, B. 真会选宾客啊 B
[24:20.00]Such a pleasure.I've heards-such wonderful things... 太高兴了 我听说了您很多...
[24:22.60]coincidence?I think not. 巧合吗? 我不这么认为
[24:28.30]I liked your book. 我很喜欢你的书
[24:29.60]Oh, thanks. 谢谢
[24:31.40]What did you thinkof the epilogue? 你觉得结尾部分怎么样?
[24:33.80]Some people really love it. 一些人很喜欢
[24:35.70]"The new york times"called it a "cheap cop-out. 纽约时报称 这个结局是"卑鄙的推卸责任"
[24:38.40]" Warner bros.Is making a movie. 华纳兄弟正准备把它拍成电影
[24:40.10]I think they're gonnachange the end. 我想他们可能会把结局做改动
[24:41.50]Well, I can seehow the ending might not seem all that... 我能想象到为什么结局 看起来没那么...
[24:44.70]commercial. 商业化
[24:49.80]would you likesomething to drink? 要喝点什么吗?
[24:51.60]Lily, how are you? Lily 你好吗?
[24:53.80]Oh, bart, hello.How are you? Bart 你好吗?
[24:57.10]Hey, eric. 嗨 Eric
[24:59.20]How's, uh, miami? 迈阿密怎么样?
[25:01.70]It was good, thanks. 很好 谢谢
[25:03.70]You know, go, marlins. 你知道 加油 马林队!
[25:06.80]would you excuse me, please? 失陪一下
[25:09.00]So the neuroscience projectI'm working on involves 我所进行的神经科学的项目包括
[25:11.20]the cellularsignaling pathway of neuronalnitric oxide synthase. 神经组织氧化合酶时 细胞信号的路径
[25:14.40]It's initiated whenglutamate binds to N.M.D.A.R... 这是由谷氨酸盐与天门冬氨酸受体 相连最后产生的反应
[25:21.00]hi.You're eric, right? 你是Eric 对吗?
[25:23.40]Yeah, you're jenny,dan's sister, right? 你是Jenny Dan的妹妹 对吗?
[25:25.50]- Yeah, we, um, met at... - bendel'S. - 我们以前见过 在... - 在Bendel百货
[25:27.80]Yeah, I remember. 是的 我记得
[25:28.90]Oh, cool. 真好
[25:30.10]Eric, good to see you. Eric 很高兴见到你
[25:32.00]You enjoy miami? 在迈阿密还好吗?
[25:33.10]Uh, yeah. 是啊
[25:34.80]S-save the manatees. 拯救海牛
[25:39.60]Manatees? 海牛?
[25:40.50]It's a long story. 说来话长啊
[25:42.00]I've got time. 我有时间
[25:43.80]It's a little dark and... 有点抑郁而且...
[25:45.80]I can handle it. 我能承受
[25:48.30]you wannago to yale then? 你想进耶鲁了?
[25:50.10]No, brown.It's justthis thing with blair. 不 想进布朗 这么做只是因为Blair
[25:53.60]Oh, yeah.Yeah, I get it. 我知道了
[25:55.10]I mean, since you don't have to actually worryabout getting into college, 我是说 既然你不担心进大学的事情
[25:58.00]why not make the entire eveningabout screwing over blair? 干吗不把整个下午的时间 用来对付Blair?
[26:04.00]No, thanks. 不 谢了
[26:07.00]Hey. 嗨
[26:10.70]Wait, you're seriouslynot gonna talk to me? 等等 你真的准备不跟我说话了?
[26:14.50]Like, literally not speak? 真的就是一句不说了?
[26:17.90]Hey. 嗨
[26:20.40]Oh, much better. 好多了
[26:23.60]Thanks, guys. 谢了 伙计们
[26:28.90]So, um, what's he like? 那么 他怎么样?
[26:32.60]Like a dartmouthenglish lit professor I have nothing in common with. 像个达特茅斯大学的文学教授 我跟他实在没什么可说的
[26:37.50]Guess I could tell him how everything I haveI got because I'm an archibald. 我觉得我应该告诉他一下我的情况 因为我是Archibald家族的成员
[26:46.00]You should mention dr.Seuss. 你应该提到Seuss博士
[26:48.30]Theodor geisel is his real name.He went to dartmouth. 他的真名叫Theodor Geisel (美国著名儿童文学家) 他在达特茅斯念的大学
[26:51.80]hall said he got the ideafor "the petting zoo" from "the lorax. Hall 说他的"爱抚动物园" 就是从"The Lorax"中得到的灵感
[26:54.30]"The what? 什么?
[26:56.90]you know what?Never mind. 你知道的?算了
[26:57.60]Just--just mentionhow his prose style is influencedby early faulkner. 只要-只要记得提到他的散文风格 是受早期的福克纳影响
[27:01.20]You'll be all right. 你就没什么问题了
[27:04.10]or not. 或许还有点悬
[27:08.80]I was actually gonnaget some fresh air. 我得出去透透气
[27:11.00]How about youtake these over to him? 你把酒端给他怎么样?
[27:16.60]All right. 好吧
[27:18.20]Yeah, I guess I couldleave my post unmanned for a minute or two. 我想我可以把这个岗位 空置个一两分钟?
[27:44.30]where do you think you're going? 你要去哪儿?
[27:45.40]Home. 回家
[27:46.50]I don't think so. 我觉得不行
[27:47.50]Now you get back out thereand you finish what you started. 你得回去 把你开始的事情做完
[27:49.60]You mean what you started? 开始这件事的是你
[27:51.10]I don't wanna go to dartmouth. 我不想去达特茅斯
[27:53.70]There, I said it. 我说过了
[27:55.30]Now back off. 离我远点儿
[28:00.60]So we moved into the hotel,and, uh... 我们搬进饭店 然后 呃...
[28:04.00]it was just the two of us, and I was really lonely. 只有我们两个人 我真的感觉很孤单
[28:08.80]So... 所以...
[28:10.50]that's when you... 就是那个时候你...
[28:16.20]so I ended upat the ostroff center. 结果落得进Orstoff康复中心的下场
[28:18.20]And my mom says that they havethe best counselors, 因为我妈妈说那儿 有最好的心理顾问
[28:20.70]but what they reallyget paid for is to to keeptheir mouths shut. 而且不会泄漏风声
[28:23.80]Look,I-I won't say anything. 看 我-我不会泄漏任何事的
[28:28.20]I promise. 我保证
[28:32.70]So do you wannago back in? 想不想进去?
[28:35.50]Yeah, and answermore questions about florida? 好的 继续回去回答有关 佛罗里达的问题?
[28:37.50]Well, I have a grandmawho lives in fort myers. 我有个祖母住在麦尔斯堡
[28:40.40]I can helpthink of some material. 我可以帮你编些话题
[28:50.10]May I pleasehave everyone's attention? 大家能注意一下吗?
[28:54.20]Welcome again to the constance billard/st.Jude's ivy week mixer. 再次欢迎各位参加康斯坦斯-比拉德 和圣犹大的常青藤周交谊会
[28:58.00]I'm blair waldorf, chair of the community outreachcommittee. 我是Blair Waldorf 社区扩展协会委员会的主席
[29:07.50]Every year,our schools choose to support one local institution 每年 我们学校都会资助一所
[29:10.70]thatwe feel benefits our community. 为我们社区造福的机构
[29:13.60]This year, our schools have chosen to honorthe ostroff center. 而今年 我们学校决定将这一殊荣 颁发给Ostoff康复中心
[29:25.10]this semester, our choiceis a very personal one 这个学期 我们的选择是有私人原因的
[29:29.00]because the centerhas helped one of our own. 因为 这个中心帮助了我们当中的一员
[29:31.50]What is going on here? 怎么回事?
[29:33.10]It's becauseof their excellent program which aids so manyyoung addicts and alcoholics 在他们出色医疗项目的帮助下 让很多有毒瘾及酗酒的年轻人
[29:38.60]that a student here with ustoday is clean and sober. 摆脱掉这些陋习 我们的一位同学就是其中的受益者
[29:43.40]At least, for now. 至少 现在是这样
[29:44.70]Can I please haveserena van der woodsen join me onstage? 有请Serena Van Der Woodsen 上台说两句?
[29:48.70]Spotted at ivy week mixer-- 场景: 常春藤周联谊会
[29:51.10]S.And B.'S last stand, and only one gets out alive. Serena和Blair的最后一战 但最后幸存的只有一个人
[29:56.00]Better take cover. 诸位小心啦
[30:00.80]Please tell me this isn't happening. 告诉我这不是真的
[30:02.20]It's not. 没事的
[30:03.30]No.No, you'renot going up there. 不 不 你别上去
[30:05.80]You're gonna stayright here, okay? 就呆在这儿 好吗?
[30:08.40]Whatever you're doing, think about who's standingin this room right now. 不管你要做什么 都想想在场的这些人
[30:18.40]Don't try to deny it.Chuck saw you. 别想否认 Chuck看见你了
[30:27.00]hi. 嗨
[30:28.10]I'm serena van der woodsen. 我是Serena Van Der Woodsen
[30:31.50]I just wanna thank my friend,blair waldorf, 首先要感谢我的朋友 Blair Waldorf
[30:35.90]for recognizingthe ostroff center and all of the good thingsthat they do. 对Ostroff康复中心以及他们的 功绩做出认可
[30:41.00]Thanks, blair. 谢谢 Blair
[30:46.40]At the center, one of the main thingsthat we learn is forgiveness. 在康复中心 我学到的最重要的一件事就是原谅
[30:51.30]She's in rehab? 她也在康复?
[30:52.20]No, it's not her. 不是她
[30:53.20]It's her brother who's there. 是她弟弟
[30:54.60]What? 什么?
[30:55.40]You can't tell anyone, okay? 你不能告诉别人
[30:57.30]I won't, but whyis she doing this? 我不会的 但是她为什么要这样做?
[30:59.40]I've learned about how, in order to move forwardwith our future, 我学会了 为了继续自己的生活
[31:04.30]we must forgive thosewho have wronged us in the past, 为此 我们必须要原谅那些 曾经对我们造成伤害的人
[31:08.50]and we must, ourselves,ask for forgiveness from thosewhom we've wronged. 而我们 也必须要向被我们伤害的人 恳请原谅
[31:15.30]Without this forgiveness,innocent people get hurt-- 如果没有谅解 无辜的人就会受到牵连
[31:17.90]all right, thank you, serena. 好了 谢谢你 Serena
[31:19.60]Thank you.Thank you. 谢谢 谢谢
[31:21.10]Honesty may be the best policy in some zip codes, 在其他地区 坦白也许是最好的方法
[31:24.20]but not in this one, and not this week, 但坦诚不该用在曼哈顿 不该用在这个星期
[31:27.60]'cause "I was a teenage drug addict" is not exactly a winning college essay. 因为"我曾是个瘾君子" 绝不是篇能让你录取的入学论文
[31:36.90]And now can I please havedr.Ostroff join me onstage? 现在 有请Orstroff医生上台演讲
[31:40.40]Why is blair outing you for a drug problemthat you don't have? 为什么Blair要爆出你有毒瘾? 你没有啊
[31:44.20]You don't, do you? 你没有 对吧?
[31:45.20]Mom! 妈!
[31:46.30]Well, it's not like we have some free, open relationship. 你什么都不跟我说!
[31:48.60]And that's my fault? 难道这是我的错?
[31:50.70]Look, what's happened to eric has put a huge strainon our family, Eric的事给了我们全家很大的压力
[31:55.50]but we are still a family. 但是我们仍然是一家人
[31:57.80]Why do you thinkI did what I just did? 那你觉得我刚才在做什么?
[32:03.10]Will you excuse me? 能失陪一下吗?
[32:05.00]I'm gonna go end thiswith blair now. 我现在要找Blair了结这件事
[32:13.90]Blair,what the hell was that? Blair 刚才那到底算什么?
[32:17.10]- Will you excuse us,please? - Sure. - 失陪 - 当然
[32:21.80]So we good now? 我们现在好了?
[32:23.30]Are we square? 彻平了吗?
[32:24.40]No, because nothing I do will ever be as badas what you did to me. 当然没有 因为我所做的一切都没有 你对我所做的那些那么恶劣
[32:29.10]Look, I'm asking you,please. 我求你了
[32:31.40]I'll stop if you will. 如果你停 我也停
[32:32.90]You're just saying thatbecause today you lost, 你这么说是因为今天你输了
[32:36.00]and you're gonna keep losing. 而且你还会一直输下去
[32:38.50]Now if you'll excuse me,unlike you, I have a futureto get back to. 好了 现在我要失陪了 因为我不像你 我还有美好的未来要继续
[32:54.30]Serena. Serena
[32:55.70]Serena! Serena!
[32:56.40]What? 干吗?
[32:57.70]What, do you wantto congratulate me on destroying my future? 你要庆祝我的前途尽毁么?
[33:00.20]No, no, no, no, no, no. 不 不 不 不
[33:01.30]To askif you're okay, 'cause what you did in therefor your brother, that was... 想问问你怎么样 因为你所做的一切 都是为了你弟弟 那是很...
[33:05.70]that was very cool. 很酷的事
[33:07.60]Wait, how did you know about my brother? 等等 你怎么知道那是我弟弟?
[33:09.00]It--it's okay. 没关系的
[33:10.20]Really, no onewill ever hear it from me, 真的 我不会告诉任何人
[33:14.30]but if you ever needanybody to talk to, or not talk to, 但是如果你想找个人谈谈 或是不谈
[33:20.70]I'd be happy to do either. 我都可以奉陪
[33:23.50]I'll keep that in mind. 我记住了
[33:25.80]And, um, I know I saidsome things about you and your world, 然后 嗯 我知道我曾经批评过 你本人和你的圈子
[33:33.70]and I' sorry. 我很抱歉
[33:36.20]Obviously, I don't knowanything about your life. 因为很显然 我其实对你的生活一无所知
[33:41.80]Thank you, but I've reallygot to get out of here. 谢谢 但是我真的得离开这儿了
[33:45.50]Yeah, sure, sure. 对 当然 当然
[33:47.70]But... 但是...
[33:49.00]maybe, you know,I can take you up on that 也许 你知道 咱们可以哪天
[33:51.80]getting togetherand not talking thing sometime? 出去来一次 "只玩不谈"的约会?
[33:57.20]Will you call me? 你给我打电话?
[33:59.90]Yeah. 好的
[34:07.60]okay, let's go.Let's get out of here. 好了 走吧 走吧 离开这儿
[34:10.40]No, there's someoneI need to talk to first. 不行 我还得跟某人谈谈
[34:13.40]Please, mom,I can do this. 拜托 妈妈 我可以的
[34:16.30]Okay. 好吧
[34:18.60]Blair, can I talk to you? Blair 我能跟你谈谈么?
[34:20.10]It'll just take a moment. 一会儿就好
[34:21.40]Sure.Sure. 当然可以
[34:30.50]Serena's not a patientat the ostroff center. Serena不是Ostroff 康复中心的病人
[34:32.50]Eric, you've always been a sweetkid, Eric你一直都是个好孩子
[34:34.70]and I can understand you trying to protect your sister-- 我也理解你想保护你姐姐--
[34:36.50]I am. 我才是
[34:39.10]I've never even seen youtake a drink. 我从没见过你喝酒
[34:40.30]I'm not an alcoholic. 我不是酒鬼
[34:43.00]I did this. 我做了这个
[34:47.90]And today,serena protected me. 而今天Serena保护了我
[34:54.10]Eric, I...I didn'T... Eric 我...我不...
[34:57.20]see that coming?Yeah. 没有想到会这样? 对吧
[34:59.50]Oh, it must be a shock for someone who thinksshe knows everything. 噢! 对于某些自以为无所不知的人 来说真是一个晴天霹雳
[35:10.00]And what was that all about? 那又是怎么回事?
[35:11.70]Another bomb lands in blair's lap. 又一枚炸弹落入了Blair的阵营
[35:14.50]Will she use it as ammunition, 她会将其反利用为报复武器?
[35:16.40]or will she finally surrender and put down her arms? 或是缴械投降?
[35:20.10]Nothing. 没事
[35:23.90]to dan:hope to see you in two years*** 致Dan:两年后见 J.D.Hall
[35:28.00]So you really impressedthe guy, huh? 看来你真的给那个人 留下了不俗的印象 哈?
[35:31.10]Must be the wayyou poured those sodas. 肯定是你倒汽水的方法非同寻常
[35:36.20]Yeah, about that, uh... 对 那件事 呃...
[35:39.40]I know I may have been a littlelight on the gratitude... 我知道我并未表现出足够的感激...
[35:42.20]yeah, a touch. 对 说对了
[35:44.10]But I appreciate even if I sometimesdon't show it. 但是感激你所做的一切 即使我有时并不表现出来
[35:50.60]We're real men, son.We don't liketo share our feelings. 我们是男子汉 孩子 我们不需要 跟别人交心
[35:55.80]But... 但是...
[35:58.00]I knowwhat you're capable of, and nothing-- 我知道你的能力 没有任何事情...
[36:01.50]my last name, my bank account-- 我的姓氏 我的财产数额
[36:04.40]is gonna keep youfrom getting what you deserve, 都不会成为你成功路上的阻碍
[36:08.00]not if I can help it. 这我也帮不了你
[36:11.70]And I see that dartmouth has an electroacousticmusic program. 我刚看到达特茅斯 有一个电子音乐的专业
[36:14.50]What do you think of me applying? 你觉得我申请怎么样?
[36:15.90]What? 什么?
[36:17.30]Yeah, and jenny's smart.We'll get her early admission. 没错 Jenny很聪明 我们可以 让她申请提前入学
[36:19.60]Maybe we'll all go. 没准我们能一块儿去呢
[36:22.10]So not remotely funny. 一丁点都不搞笑
[36:36.20]nate. Nate
[36:39.10]huh? 哈?
[36:44.20]hello? 喂?
[36:48.00]Oh, yeah,I'll be right there. 噢 好吧 我马上过去
[36:50.90]Where the hell could youpossibly have to be right now? 你到底现在非要去哪儿?
[36:53.30]I'm late for a runwith my dad. 我跟我爸约的跑步迟到了
[36:57.60]Who's jessica? Jessica是谁?
[37:00.50]jersey girls. 一个新泽西女孩
[37:02.50]Let's just say they're the princeton tigersfor a reason. 这样说好了 称她们为普林斯顿 强人队 决不是空穴来风
[37:08.40]All right, I'll see ya. 好吧 再见
[37:13.30]- you feel this?Feeling good? - Good. - 感觉好了么?还好? - 很好
[37:15.00]All right,'cause I'm gonna... 因为我要...
[37:16.90]hey, good to see you, son. 嘿 你来了 儿子
[37:18.30]Turns out jed's a runner, too. 原来Jed也是个喜欢晨跑的人
[37:20.10]I wouldhave never mentioned it if I knew he was gonna get me out here this early. 我要是知道他这么大早拉我跑步 我绝对不提这事
[37:23.30]I'm glad to see you're feeling better, nate. 很高兴看见你好多了 Nate
[37:24.70]I was, uh, just telling jed about your little boutof food poisoning last night. 我刚告诉Jed 你昨晚食品中毒的事儿
[37:28.60]What do you say, kiddontyou wa to show him how it's done? 孩子 你不想让他看看 你恢复得怎么样了?
[37:31.80]Let's go. 走吧
[37:33.00]Nate is the captainof his lacrosse team, Nate是曲棍球队的队长
[37:35.30]as well as being an all-starcross-country runner. 也是全国全明星田径赛的选手
[37:49.40]- hi. - Hey! - 嗨 - 嘿!
[37:51.20]Um, is it okaythat I'm here? 嗯 我来这儿合适么?
[37:53.80]Yeah.Hi. 当然 嗨
[37:55.60]Uh, will your mom be mad? 呃 你妈妈不会生气么?
[37:57.40]That you're here? 因为你来了?
[37:58.60]That wouldrequire her stopping by. 除非你想让她过来
[38:00.70]Saturday mornings are spentat bliss, and after last night, 周六一早上她都在做礼拜 经过昨晚的事情
[38:03.50]I think she could use someextra time on the massage table. 我觉得她应该多花点时间 去做按摩
[38:06.80]Well, here. 给
[38:10.90]Somebody has an admirer. 看来有人不少仰慕者啊
[38:12.30]They're for my sister... 是送给我姐姐的...
[38:14.10]from the brown rep. 布朗大学的代表送的
[38:15.90]apparently his cousindid some time here in his youth. 很显然他的表兄 小时候在这儿呆过
[38:18.60]Well, that's good, right? 那很好啊 对吧?
[38:19.80]I mean, at least her entire future isn't blown. 我的意思是 至少她的前途还不算完全黯淡
[38:22.40]I don't think that's making her feela whole lot better right now. 我觉得现在对她来说 也是无济于事
[38:41.70]wheneversomething's bothering you, I can always find you here. 不管你为什么事烦心 我都能在这儿找到你
[38:47.80]you herefor another catfight? 你来吵架的?
[38:54.90]What's that? 那是什么?
[38:56.60]A letter. 一封信
[38:58.40]I wrote it to you when youwere away at boarding school. 你在寄宿学校的时候我写的
[39:01.50]I never sent it. 从没寄出过
[39:07.30]"Dear serena, "my world is falling apart, " "亲爱的Serena 我的世界崩溃了"
[39:12.10]and you're the only onewho would understand. "而唯一能理解的人只有你"
[39:15.50]"My father left my motherfor a 31-year-old model... "我爸爸为了一个31岁的模特 抛弃了我妈妈..."
[39:20.80]"a male model. "一个男模特"
[39:24.50]"I feel like screaming "because I don't haveanyone to talk to. "我好想尖叫出来 因为无人倾诉"
[39:30.40]"You're gone... "你走了..."
[39:32.70]"my dad's gone. "我爸爸走了"
[39:34.70]Nate's acting weird. "Nate举止反常"
[39:38.20]"where are you? "你在哪儿?"
[39:40.60]Why don't you call? "你为什么不打电话?"
[39:45.70]"Why did you leavewithout saying good-bye? "你为什么不辞而别?"
[39:48.20]"You're supposedto be my best friend. "你应该是我最好的朋友"
[39:51.00]I miss you so much. "我很想你"
[39:55.90]"love, blair. "爱你的 Blair"
[40:02.00]why didn't you send it? 你为什么没寄?
[40:04.30]- I would've-- - you would've what? - 那样我就可以... - 你可以什么?
[40:08.90]You knew, serena, and you didn't even call. 你什么都知道 Serena 你甚至都没打过电话
[40:14.40]I didn't knowwhat to say to you or even how to be your friendafter what I did. 我不知道跟你说什么 甚至不知道 在我做了那事之后还怎么当你的朋友
[40:25.10]I'm so sorry. 我真的很抱歉
[40:31.40]Eric told me what happened. Eric把一切都告诉我了
[40:35.00]I guess your family's beengoing through a hard time, too. 我知道你的家庭也 有一段艰难的时期
[40:39.30]Spotted in central park-- two white flags waving. 中央公园 两面白旗高举投降
[40:43.50]Could an upper east side peace accord be far off? 如此旁观看来 东上城将重回平静?
[40:47.20]So what will it be-- truce or consequences? 到底会怎样? 就此休战 还是不分胜负不罢休?
[40:50.90]We all know one nation can't have two queens. 我们都知道 一山不容二虎
[40:54.70]What happens next? 欲知后事?
[40:56.60]Only time will tell. 请静待下回分解
[40:58.60]X.O.X.O., Gossip girl. 亲亲抱抱 流言蜚女
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8660-249583-1.html

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