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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:32:34
[00:01.50]是你们窥探曼哈顿上流生活 的唯一渠道
[00:05.60]天哪 你不会相信"流言蜚女"上的新闻 有人看到Serena在纽约中央车站下车
[00:10.60]我整个青春期都是为了 等着和这个女孩约会
[00:16.70]你要和Serena约会而 我要去唇吻派对
[00:25.30]if you want to be partof this world, jenny, 如果你想融进这个圈子 Jenny
[00:28.30]you need to decideif all this... 你需要考虑所有这一切...
[00:31.40]is worth it. 是否值得
[00:32.80]Look, if you're ready to leave,you tell us, okay? 听着 如果你准备好出院 就告诉我们 好吗?
[00:36.20]No matter what mom says. 别管妈妈怎么说
[00:38.20]I would really liketo get out of here. 我真的想离开这儿
[00:40.80]I did this. 我自己弄的
[00:42.40]My mom kinda left usa couple months ago. 我妈妈几个月前离开了我们
[00:45.50]my dad and my sisterdon't really see that. 我爸爸和妹妹都没预料到
[00:48.50]I dated a girl like serena once. 我和一个像Serena的女孩约会过
[00:50.50]Your wife would not want thishanging in my house. 你老婆不会希望这幅画挂在我家里
[00:53.00]She doesn't do background checkson prospective buyers, and neither do I. 她不对有潜质的买家不会做背景调查 我也不做
[00:56.00]Besides, it's been almost 20 years. 而且 都已经过了快20年了
[00:58.20]And you stilldon't know women. 而你还是不了解女人
[01:00.40]Hey, how aboutyou ask me out again? 喂 再约我出去一次怎么样?
[01:03.10]How aboutyou actually show up? 那你务必得出现 怎么样?
[01:04.70]Okay. 好吧
[01:05.70]No drama,no disruptions, I promise. 没有闹剧 没有事情分神 我保证
[01:08.00]Promise?Oh, no!That meansit's never gonna happen now. 你保证?噢 不! 那表示肯定没戏啦!
[01:10.80]Okay, quick.I take it back.I unpromise. 好吧 快点 我收回 我不保证了
[01:13.70]friday.8:00. 星期五 8:00
[01:25.30]<font color="#ffff00">Gossip Girl Season1 Episode05 <font color="#ffff00">流言蜚女 第一季 第05集
[01:30.20]With blair's boyfriend nate helping to close up the family yacht for the season, Blair的男友Nate正在帮手筹备 本季家庭帆船竞赛的尾声活动
[01:34.20]blair is free to focus on the most important event of the fall-- Blair可以集中精力于秋天里 最重要的活动--
[01:37.60]her annual sleepover, 每年一度的借宿派对
[01:40.30]a tradition since the year 2000, 自2000年以来的传统节目
[01:42.70]each one more decadent than the last. 一次比一次堕落
[01:45.90]No expense or reputation is spared. 不惜成本 大造声势
[01:53.50]With everything from trundle beds to truffles in place, 从手推床到松茸 一切都准备就绪时
[01:56.60]all that's missing is sleepover star and waldorf B.F.F. 所缺的就是借宿派对之星及死党
[02:01.00]Serena Van Der Woodsen Serena van der woodsen.
[02:09.10]hey, dad.I'm headed to the bank. 爸爸 我要去银行一趟
[02:10.50]You want me to deposit the check from mom's sale while I'm there? 要我把妈妈的售画支票 存进去吗?
[02:13.90]Did you knock over a parking meter? 你是不是掏空了停车买时机?
[02:15.80]No, this is the entire contents from my teenage mutant ninja turtle piggy bank. 没有 这是我青少年期储在 忍者神龟钱罐里的所有积蓄
[02:19.90]How long can a man have a piggy bank and still call himself a man? 一个留着钱罐的人还怎么 称自己为男人?
[02:23.10]I th--I thought it was time to break donatello open. 我想--我想是时候打破多纳泰罗了 (多纳泰罗:忍者神龟成员)
[02:25.60]So tonight's the big night, huh? 那么今晚也是非常之夜 是吧?
[02:27.10]It is, and I have it all planned. 是的 而且我已经计划好了
[02:29.00]6 pounds of plan, actually. 事实上 6磅重的计划
[02:31.50]I know it's been a while since I took someone on a date, 我知道我很久没带人出去约会
[02:33.50]but, uh, movie ticket prices haven't risen that much, have they? 但是 呃 电影票的价格 还没涨那么高吧?
[02:37.10]Dad, this is serena van der woodsen. 爸爸 她是Serena Van Der Woodsen
[02:38.90]I can't just take her to a movie. 我不能只带她看场电影就算了
[02:40.30]I want this to be perfect. 我想要完美的约会
[02:45.30]check? 支票?
[02:46.20]Want me to deposit it? 要我存吗?
[02:49.10]you still haven't told her yet, have you? 你还没告诉她 是吗?
[02:52.80]Dad, that's mom first sale. 爸爸 这是妈妈的第一次卖画
[02:54.80]That painting sold days ago. 那幅画已经卖出去好几天了
[02:56.20]It's kind of a huge deal. 这可算是件大事
[02:57.30]I know, which is why I was thinking of surprising her myself, 我知道 所以我想给她个惊喜
[03:00.20]heading upstate to hudson, bringing her the check in person. 直接奔上城去哈德森 亲自给她支票
[03:03.70]What? 怎么?
[03:04.90]Aren't I supposed to deliver good news in person? 我不该亲自给她这个好消息吗?
[03:07.20]I think that's bad news. 我认为坏消息才那样传达
[03:08.70]Good news might just be fine with a phone call. 好消息打个电话就行
[03:11.00]So you're saying I shouldn't go see her? 那么你是说我不该去见她?
[03:14.60]I'm saying, I don't think mom is a huge fan of surprises. 我是说 我觉得妈妈不爱惊喜
[03:17.60]Your remember her, uh, 30th birthday with the clown and his llama? 你记得吗 她30岁生日时的 马戏团小丑和他的大羊驼?
[03:22.00]Yeah, that didn'T... 是的 那个没有...
[03:23.50]didn't go over well. 那次没计划周全
[03:24.70]- It tanked. - Yeah. - 简直是糟糕透了 - 是的
[03:26.30]I'll call her first, just to be safe. 我要先给她打个电话 保险点
[03:28.70]Need some change for that? 需要零钱吗?
[03:34.10]hey! 嗨!
[03:35.30]Just the little sister I was looking for. 我正在找你呢 小妹妹
[03:37.60]I need answers, and I need them now. 我需要答案 我现在就要
[03:39.50]Your brother is being very mysterious about our date tonight. 你哥哥对我们今晚的约会 保密得很紧
[03:42.20]Well, he's a very mysterious guy, apparently. 显然他是个很神秘的家伙
[03:45.60]look, he won't even tell me where we're going. 听着 他甚至都不告诉我地点
[03:47.50]Can you just give me a hint? 你能给我个提示吗?
[03:48.90]Are we going to some secret club to see the best unsigned band in brooklyn? 是不是去布鲁克林某个神秘俱乐部 看未签约的最火乐队?
[03:53.80]Or--or a guerilla art exhibit in dumbo? 还是去Dumbo看游击艺术?
[03:57.00]Or, hey, isn't the new york film festival still going on? 或者 啊 纽约电影节没结束吧?
[03:59.40]You don't leave much room for surprise, do you? 你不太想要惊喜 是吧?
[04:01.10]Well, I don't know how to dress for surprise. 我不知道穿什么来应付惊喜
[04:03.30]Not everything goes with it, you know. 不是所有装扮都适合的
[04:05.10]Well, I'd say jeans and a t-shirt is a safe bet. 我得说牛仔裤和T恤是保险的
[04:07.40]The humphrey men do casual friday every day. 对Humphrey家的男人来说 每天都是休闲星期
[04:10.60]oh, it's my brother. 喔 是我弟弟
[04:11.50]Oh, I say hi. 哦 代我问好
[04:12.40]Eric, hey, jenny says hi. Eric 嘿 Jenny向你问好
[04:14.30]Well, hi back. 也向她问好
[04:15.60]Did she spill about tonight? 她吐露今晚的约会详情了吗?
[04:16.70]No, not a drop. 没有 一点也没有
[04:18.30]You all packed? 你都打包好了?
[04:19.00]Yeah, baggage is ready to go. 是的 行李准备好了
[04:20.50]Hey, speaking of which, is mom still there? 说到这个 妈妈还在那儿?
[04:22.90]Yeah, she's talking to the doctor now. 是的 她在和医生聊着
[04:25.70]I can't believe she's actually letting me come home for a weekend. 我不敢相信她真的 让我回家过周末
[04:28.40]I don't think I even remember what a weekend is. 我觉得我都不记得什么是周末了
[04:30.70]What time's your date?Maybe we'll cross paths at the palace. 你什么时候约会? 也许我们还能在皇宫酒店碰到
[04:33.23]7:00. 7点
[04:33.80]Can't wait to see you. 真等不及想见你了
[04:34.90]Me, too.Bye. 我也是 再见
[04:36.00]'Kay, love you, eric.Bye. 好的 爱你 Eric 再见
[04:37.70]What was that I heard? 我刚才听到什么了?
[04:39.00]Eric's coming home? Eric要回家了?
[04:40.10]Perfect timing. 时间刚刚好
[04:41.20]How so? 为什么?
[04:42.20]Well, it gives your mother and brother time to bond alone tonight 今晚给你妈妈和弟弟 一个单独联络感情的机会
[04:44.20]while you get drunk on schnapps and moon the N.Y.U.Dorms from the limo. 你可以喝Schnapps喝到醉 在房车里对住纽约大学的宿舍 把屁股贴在车窗上
[04:48.20]Blair, what are you talking about? Blair 你在说什么?
[04:49.40]S., It's only the most important night of the fall. S. 这是今年秋天唯一最重要的一晚
[04:52.80]Oh, the sleepover. 哦 借宿派对
[04:54.40]I prefer "soiree. 我更喜欢称之为社交晚会
[04:55.70]"Sleepover" is so sophomore year. "借宿派对"太二年级了
[04:57.80]Look, you know I can't goto that. 听着 你知道我不能去
[04:59.40]I have that plan. 我有别的计划了
[05:00.40]Serena, when there'sa waldorf soiree, there's nothing elseon the social calendar. Serena 如果有Waldorf晚会 社交计划里就不该有其他事情
[05:04.70]Blair, the plan is dan. Blair 是和Dan的约会
[05:06.60]Remember, the guy you realizedis actually a human being 记得吧 你终于意识到他也是个人
[05:09.20]and worthy of your timeand attention? 并且值得你花时间和注意力 了解的人
[05:11.40]No offense. 没有冒犯的意思
[05:12.60]None taken. 没事
[05:14.20]Look, I'm really sorry,but this date is unbreakable. 听着 我真的很抱歉 但是这个约会不能取消
[05:17.20]Maybe we can swing by later or something-- 也许我们可以迟些 去你那里...
[05:18.90]I'm not a stop along the way. 我不是中间停靠的小站
[05:20.30]I'm a destination,and if you refuse to attend, 我是目的地 如果你不来
[05:22.70]I'm gonna have to finda replacement. 我就不得不找人代替了
[05:24.20]Girls, the waiting list. 姑娘们 拿候补名单来
[05:26.60]Okay. 好吧
[05:27.30]Well, uh,I should get going. 呃 我该走了
[05:30.20]- Bye. - Good luck tonight. - 再见 - 祝今晚好运
[05:31.60]Thank you. 谢谢
[05:36.00]Little jenny humphrey. 小Jenny Humphrey
[05:37.80]Whydidn't I think of you before? 为什么我以前没想到你?
[05:39.50]You have no plans. 你没有安排
[05:40.40]You're coming to the soiree. 你来晚会吧
[05:41.70]Me?Really? 我? 真的?
[05:43.20]her?Really? 她? 真的?
[05:44.80]The thing is, if you come, 事实是 如果你来的话
[05:46.90]you'll have to be up to a little morethan just sleeping. 你将不仅仅是来借宿
[05:49.50]I'm up for anything. 我什么都可以
[05:51.10]My place. 我家里
[05:52.30]- 7:00 sharp. - Okay.Bye. - 7:00整 - 好的 再见
[05:58.60]Oh, a girl's first sleepover--something she'll never forget. 噢 一个女孩的第一个借宿派对 她会永远忘不了
[06:03.30]Let's make sure of it. 让我们来保证这一点
[06:04.60]Taking betson how long she lasts? 来赌赌她能坚持多久?
[06:06.50]50 bucks say an hourand not 1 minute more. 50块赌一个小时 多一分钟都算输
[06:10.30]I don't understand. 我不明白
[06:11.70]He said I was ready. 他说我已经准备好了
[06:13.00]We talked about it in our session this morning. 我们今天早上在问诊里 已经谈论过这事
[06:14.80]What he said is that you could come home, not that you should. 他说的是你可以回家 而不是应该
[06:18.20]But, mom, I thought-- 但是妈妈 我觉得--
[06:19.10]I don't wanna argue about this. 我不想在这上面争论
[06:20.60]I need time to think. 我需要时间考虑
[06:22.20]Please. 求求你
[06:23.20]Look, I told the doctor I wouldtake it under advisement. 听着 我告诉医生我会考虑
[06:25.40]You can't justwalk out of here anyway. 而你不能就这么出院
[06:27.00]There's papersthat have to be signed, release forms, insurance-- 有些文件需要签字 出院表格 保险--
[06:29.50]I can't believe you. 我没法相信你
[06:31.00]You wantto keep me here forever. 你要永远把我关在这里
[06:32.70]If you still thinkI'm "keeping you here," 如果你还认为我要"把你关在这里"
[06:35.60]that just proves how not readyyou are to come home. 那就证明你还不能回家
[06:40.90]look, we'll talkabout this tomorrow. 听着 我们明天再谈这个
[06:43.00]Yeah.Yeah, you bet we will. 是啊 是啊 你当然想
[07:09.30]- hey. - Hey. - 嗨 - 嗨
[07:10.90]Hey, uh,am I early or... 呃 我是不是来早了还是...
[07:14.70]no.No, I, uh,I'm just running late. 没有 没有 我 呃 是我晚了
[07:18.70]Come in. 进来吧
[07:23.20]excuse me while I go slip into somethingless comfortable 失陪一下 我要换件不太舒服的衣服
[07:26.70]sure, sure. 当然 当然
[07:28.70]talk to me while I change? 我换衣服的时候跟我说说话
[07:29.80]- I will. - Okay. - 我会的 - 好
[07:33.10]Say, it's a nice placethat you and... 这里真不错 你和...
[07:35.30]800 other peoplehave got here. 800多个人都住过这里
[07:37.40]Yeah, the, uh,identical surroundings do make you crazyafter a little while. 是啊 住过一阵后 这里的一成不变会让你抓狂
[07:41.50]Sometimes I feel like I'm in a secretgovernment experiment. 有时候我觉得我处于 秘密政府试验中
[07:44.60]Most government experiments don't have plasma tvsor maid services. 大多数政府试验不会提供等离子电视 也没有客房服务
[07:50.10]Just something I've noticed. 就我发现的情况来看
[07:53.94]Dan dan.
[07:55.70]Does serena know you're here? Serena知道你在这里?
[07:57.80]Yeah, of course.Yeah, she let me in. 是的 当然 是的 她让我进来的
[07:59.10]At least,I hope that was her. 至少 我希望那个是她
[08:00.20]She's about, uh,yea tall and very blonde? 她有 呃 这么高 非常金发美女
[08:03.30]It makes jokes. 算是个笑话
[08:04.80]Cute. 可爱
[08:05.90]Big shopping day? 大购物了一天?
[08:06.80]I had a lot on my mind. 我想买很多
[08:08.90]So where are youtaking my daughter tonight? 你今晚准备带我女儿去哪里?
[08:12.90]I... 我...
[08:14.20]I don't know. 我不知道
[08:15.40]I thought maybe we'd do a walking tourof new york underground, 我想也许我们环游一下纽约地下世界
[08:17.90]visit my friendsthe mole people. 拜访一下我的鼹鼠朋友
[08:19.80]They're great, except theyonly ever eat leftovers. 他们很棒 除了它们只吃残羹之外
[08:23.00]I'm sorry.I don't know whyI just said any of that. 对不起 我不知道我为什么要说那些
[08:24.70]I have--I have this thing,this nervous tic where I never stop speaking,like, ever. 我有这么个毛病 我一紧张 就说个不停
[08:28.00]In fact, when I wasa little boy, 其实 当我还是小孩子时
[08:28.61]my mom used to say there was never a word I metthat I didn't like. 我妈常说 没有我不喜欢的词儿
[08:32.00]You know what else I like? 知道我还喜欢什么不
[08:34.00]Your daughter. 你女儿
[08:35.20]I-I really like your daughter.I... 我真的很喜欢你女儿 我...
[08:41.70]You're not wearing thatwith that, are you? 你不会真的要带那个包吧?
[08:44.30]Uh, mom... 噢 妈...
[08:45.80]here.Wait. 等等
[08:50.80]take this. 带这个
[08:51.90]Oh, thank you. 谢了
[08:54.20]Hey, um, where's eric? 嘿 Eric在哪儿?
[08:55.80]I thoughthe was gonna be home by now. 我想他现在该到家了
[08:57.40]Oh, he was too tired to come home tonight. 他太累了 今晚不回家
[08:59.60]Mom. 妈
[09:02.50]Later. 过一会再说吧
[09:04.10]Come on.Let's go. 我们走吧
[09:06.50]Home by 1:00. 1点回家
[09:07.90]Bonus points for 12:45. 12: 45到家有奖励
[09:15.20]Oh, my god, a vespa! 天那 黄蜂小摩托!
[09:17.60]I can't believe it!I love vespas! 难以置信啊 我爱死黄蜂小摩托!
[09:20.00]oh, my gosh.You don't understand. 天哪 你都理解不到
[09:21.80]I spent one of my favoritesummers riding all around italy on one of these. 我最喜欢的那个夏天 就是骑着这个在意大利四处转
[09:25.70]How did you know? 你怎么知道的?
[09:27.10]My mom won't let melearn to drive 'cause she saysthat's what drivers are for, 我老妈不让我学开车 因为她说那是司机干的
[09:29.90]but really, dan,this is amazing. 不过是实话 Dan 太酷了
[09:32.90]Really. 真的
[09:34.70]Come on.Where are the helmets? 来来 头盔呢?
[09:36.00]mr.Humphrey. Humphrey先生
[09:43.00]- Is he--is he ours? - Yeah. - 他是不是... 我们的司机? - 是啊
[09:47.60]Okay, great. 好的
[09:50.80]Spotted on the steps of the palace-- 在皇宫酒店阶前
[09:52.80]cinderella stepping onto a pumpkin instead of her carriage. 灰姑娘坐进了南瓜车 而不是她自己的马车
[09:57.90]Lucky for lonely boy, there's more than one fable filling our in-box. 不过算寂寞芳心小伙儿走运 我们的邮件箱内不只这一个童话
[10:20.80]it's not bad. 还不差
[10:22.70]I will take thatfor you, yes? 我帮你拿好吗
[10:30.70]Jenny! jenny! 真高兴你来了
[10:31.80]Oh, I'm so gladyou could make it.
[10:34.00]Here's an inside tip, little J. 给你一点小提示 小 J
[10:35.70]- - The faster you rise, the harder you fall. 升的越快 跌的越惨
[10:38.30]Hope that hello kitty sleeping bag doubles as a parachute. 但愿Hello Kitty睡袋 还有降落伞功能
[10:41.50]Let the games begin. 好戏上演
[10:51.70]how's the braised quail? 炖鹌鹑怎么样?
[10:52.80]Very good, sir. 非常美味 先生
[10:54.60]Okay.And the, uh, the lay-pin? 好的 还有Lay-pin呢?
[10:57.90]Lah-pan. Lah-pan(Lapin法文 兔子)
[10:59.40]It's delightful. 很受欢迎的菜
[11:00.60]Okay, what is that again? 那到底是什么?
[11:02.30]Rabbit, sir. 兔子 先生
[11:03.50]Oh, well,I won't be having that. 噢 我不吃那
[11:05.50]Um, how about chicken? 鸡肉呢?
[11:07.50]You can't go wrong with chicken. 鸡肉一定不错
[11:08.60]- Yes, sir. - Thank you. - 是的 先生 - 谢谢
[11:10.10]Miss? 女士?
[11:11.10]Uh, I'll havethe lobster bisque and muscovy duck, please. 我要龙虾贝肉汤和 美洲家鸭
[11:14.00]Thank you. 谢谢
[11:14.70]Merci, mademoiselle. 谢谢 小姐
[11:19.10]I can't believethe waiter forgot me.I was--I was just here... 真不敢相信这位侍者竟忘了我
[11:22.40]the other day. 我前天还来过
[11:29.80]Yeah,I come here for the crowd. 我就是冲着这里人多来的
[11:31.20]You wanna play"mistress or second wife"? 你想玩"情妇或是二奶"?
[11:33.10]Because it's harderthan it looks.Believe me. 相信我 比看起来要有难度
[11:35.10]So is her face. 扮那种表情 都不容易
[11:37.90]Uh, will you excuse me? 能失陪一下吗?
[11:39.60]I, uh... 我 啊...
[11:40.60]I'm gonna go to the restroomto freshen up a little. 我要去下洗手间补装
[11:42.60]Yeah, of course, of course. 当然可以
[11:43.80]I think the bathrooms are-- 我想洗手间就在 --
[11:44.80]uh, don't worry.I'll find them. 别担心 我自己找的到
[11:49.90]Oh, excuse me, sir. 打扰一下 先生
[11:51.10]Uh, how much is that duckshe just ordered? 她刚刚点的鸭多少钱?
[11:53.50]$78, sir. $78 先生
[11:55.30]Okay, right.Thank you. 好的 谢谢
[11:56.20]Um, you know what? 知道不?
[11:56.90]Can you just cancelmy main dish, and I'll just have the appetizer as the main? 能把我的主菜取消了吗 我拿开胃菜作主菜好了
[12:00.00]- Of course, sir. - Thank you.Thank you.Merci. - 当然可以 先生 - 谢谢了
[12:09.60]too beyonc? 太象碧昂丝了?
[12:14.70]too mary-kate. 太象玛丽·凯特了
[12:19.70]uh-huh too hannah montana. 太象汉娜·蒙塔娜(当红摇滚小天后)
[12:27.80]Even I'm impressed. 连我都觉得惊讶
[12:30.90]Um, I don't know.I mean, don't really... 不知道 我感觉...
[12:34.10]feel right. 不怎么对劲啊
[12:35.60]Well, as my mother always says,"fashion knows not of comfort. 就象我妈常说的 时装不是以舒适而闻名
[12:39.00]" All that mattersis the face you show the world, 重要的是你向世人所展现的面孔
[12:41.60]and your face looks likeit's going to a bat mitzvah. 你看起来象去参加犹太成人礼似的
[12:45.40]But before we continuethe renovation... 不过在给你改头换面之前...
[12:51.50]martini. 马提尼
[12:52.20]Oh, no, thanks.I don't like vodka. 不用了 我不喜欢喝伏特加
[12:54.10]Oh, that's nice,because this is gin, as it should be. 没事的 因为这是杜松子酒 从来都是杜松子酒
[12:59.10]it's a party, jenny. 这是派对 Jenny
[13:00.80]Either swallow that or swipeyour metrocard back home.It's up to you. 要么喝酒 要么坐地铁滚回去 随你便
[13:13.10]all right, people.Who's readyfor a game of "truth or dare"? 好了 各位 谁要玩"真心话大冒险"的?
[13:15.70]Oh, I love "truth or dare. 我喜欢玩
[13:16.90]" Once I had to eatan entire bag of marshmallows. 有次我吃了整整一包软糖
[13:19.30]That's nice, little humphrey,but, um, that's not how we play. 好的 小Humphrey 不过我们可不是这么玩的
[13:22.40]Well, how do you play? 你们怎么个玩法?
[13:28.80]I think I'll go truth. 还是真心话好了
[13:53.90]hello?Hello? 喂? 喂?
[14:00.10]what am I, a teenager? 我怎么这么幼稚啊?
[14:09.70]9 2... 9, 2.
[14:14.90]hello? 喂?
[14:16.90]Yeah, hey,I must have the wrong number. 嘿 我肯定打错号码了
[14:19.20]Did you just calla second ago? 你刚刚打来过吧?
[14:21.60]Sorry about that, but I--I'm pretty surethis is the right number. 很抱歉 不过我很肯定就是这个号码
[14:25.70]Who are youtrying to reach? 你找谁?
[14:28.70]Is alison humphrey there? Alison Humphrey在不?
[14:30.90]Hold on a second.She just got out of the shower. 等会 她刚冲完凉
[14:37.20]Who's calling? 你是哪位?
[14:39.10]Rufus Humphrey Rufus humphrey.
[14:41.30]Who is this? 你是哪位?
[14:42.90]Alexander bancroft, uh, just her--just... Alexander Bancroft 只是她的...
[14:46.00]I'm--I'm a friend. 是她的一个朋友
[14:49.70]So am I, it seems. 看起来 我也是...
[14:51.40]I'm here.I'm here.Hello? 我来了 我来了 喂?
[14:57.90]thank you. 谢谢
[15:00.50]are you sure you didn't wantany of my dinner? 你真不想吃点我的菜?
[15:02.30]You entr was so small. 你的头道也太少了
[15:03.80]No, no, no, no.It was amazing. 一点也不 好吃极了
[15:05.00]I didn't realize,uh, fish could be creamed. 我都不知道鱼可以做成奶油状
[15:08.90]Would you like to seethe dessert menu? 您要看看甜点菜单不?
[15:11.20]Oh, no, thank you. 不用了 谢谢
[15:12.30]I think we're fine. 我也不用了
[15:13.20]- Sure you don't want dessert? - Yeah. - 你们确定不要甜点吗? - 是的
[15:15.20]Okay, well, then we'lljust get the check, please. 是的 付帐好了
[15:18.80]Uh, actually I alreadytook care of that earlier. 其实之前我已经付了
[15:22.70]What? 什么?
[15:24.80]Yeah, I-I just charged iton my mom's card. 是啊 用我妈的卡付的
[15:27.20]It's--it's not a big deal.Don't worry about it. 这没什么大不了的 别担心
[15:29.00]You know, I can pay. 你知道的 我可以付帐的
[15:30.70]It's notlike I don't have the money. 我又不是没钱
[15:32.30]Yeah, I'm--I'm sure you do. 是啊 你肯定有钱
[15:33.80]You just shouldn't haveto spend it here. 你没必要把钱花在这里
[15:35.60]I don't understand. 我不懂
[15:37.50]Did I do something wrong? 我做错了什么吗?
[15:38.90]No. 没有啊
[15:39.70]Look,I wanted a date with you, just not the dateyou thought I wanted. 我很想和你约会 但不是你以为我想要的那种约会
[15:44.60]It's--it's fine. 没事
[15:50.90]All right, all right. 好吧
[15:52.60]Well, then... 好的 然后呢...
[15:54.70]if it's a real dan humphrey datethat you want, 如果你想要真正的 Dan Humphrey式的约会
[15:57.20]then it'sa real dan humphrey date that you're gonna get. 那就让你见识一下真正的 Dan Humphrey式约会
[16:00.90]- Let's go. - Really? - 走吧 - 真的?
[16:01.80]Yes. 是的
[16:03.30]Mademoiselle. 小姐
[16:05.00]Spotted fleeing dessert-- S.And lonely boy lighter than air and heading downtown. S和寂寞芳心小伙儿 跳过甜品 脚步轻快 奔往市中心
[16:11.80]it wasn't easy gettingthe entire uniform, but... 要拿到整套制服可不容易 不过...
[16:15.90]done and done. 还是搞掂
[16:18.40]What's the doorman wearing? 那看门人穿什么啊? (因为她们把他的衣服骗了过来)
[16:19.90]Don't you worry about that,little J. 这不用你担心 小Jenny
[16:22.00]Just drink up. 喝完了他
[16:23.20]You're lagging behind. 你好多都没喝
[16:30.30]oh, my phone. 我的电话
[16:33.30]"S.O.S.Still in prison. 救命啊 继续坐牢中
[16:36.20]" is thateric van der woodsen? 这不是Eric Van Der Woodsen嘛?
[16:37.80]I thought he went home for the weekend. 我还以为他周末回家呢
[16:39.10]Guess it didn't happen. 看来没回成
[16:42.10]Is, why don't you take the girls to visconti? Is 带姑娘们去Visconti
[16:44.60]meet you there in an hour? 我一小时后在那跟你们会合
[16:52.60]Let's ramp this up,shall we? 我们速战速决吧
[16:55.00]Truth or dare? 真心话大冒险?
[16:57.00]Oh, and you already usedyour truth. 你已经说了真心话
[16:59.90]So...dare? 来大冒险?
[17:01.20]I dare youto jailbreak eric. 你不敢把Eric弄出监狱 (这里指Eric住的医院)
[17:03.00]- Blair - Blair. - It's perfect. - 太好了
[17:04.60]You want in,and he wants out. 你要进去 他要出来
[17:07.70]What's it gonna be? 怎么样?
[17:09.50]Do or die, little J.? 不干就滚蛋 小J
[17:11.30]Spotlight on little j, now put to the test by one queen B. 小J 正面对B王后的考验
[17:16.10]Will J.Take the bait and turn from brady to britney, Jenny是乖乖上钩 从丑小鸭变成天鹅之类
[17:19.40]or will her goody two-shoes mind-set turn into the night's biggest buzz kill? 还是她逞强不成 反成为当晚最煞风景的人?
[17:24.49]Let's do it. 说做就做 那好吧
[17:31.00]Surprise. 惊喜~
[17:32.60]Jenny, hey. Jenny 嘿
[17:34.50]Wh--what are you doing jenny, hey. 嘿 你来干嘛 Jenny
[17:35.60]Your S.O.S.Was heard and answered. 回复你的求救信号啊
[17:37.20]Come on,we're breaking you out. 过来 我们把你弄出去
[17:38.50] Wait, how... 等等 怎么...
[17:40.20]wait, what do you mean "we"? 等等 "我们"什么意思?
[17:41.40]Okay, I have a problem. 我有问题
[17:44.20]I have a big problem. 问题可大呢
[17:47.10]It starts with a capital rx. 先从处方药说起
[17:49.70]what drugshave you been taking? 你磕了什么药?
[17:51.30]Mm, caffeine, nicotine, ketamine, 咖啡因 尼古丁 克他命
[17:56.00]G.H.B., P.C.P., L.S.D., Di--dri--diazepam, lorazepam. 羟基丁酸钠(麻醉辅助药) "天使粉"(一种麻醉药和致幻剂) 麦角酸酰二乙氨 安定 劳拉西泮
[18:01.00]All the pams, really. 总之所有药名以Pam结尾的 都有吃
[18:02.70]You know,I don't discriminate. 我不冷落任何药物
[18:04.10]Apparently not. 的确是啊
[18:06.90]Code yellow, floor six. 6楼 紧急状况
[18:10.50]Why don't you waitright here? 在这等等
[18:12.60]I'll get a doctor. 我去叫医生
[18:14.80]And I'd love a cappuccino. 我要杯卡布奇诺
[18:21.40]Come on, let's go. 快走
[18:23.60]I heard you were bored, and figured I owed you one. 我听说你在这儿闷到死 况且我又欠你个人情
[18:26.50]Yeah, try 50. 是的 你欠我的可多了
[18:27.50]Okay, come on.Get a move on.Come on. 好的 快 快走
[18:38.10]hello? 喂?
[18:41.50]What? 什么?
[18:44.20]How did this happen? 怎么会这样?
[18:45.70]Wh-- he was with who? 他和谁一起?
[18:50.50]Young, blonde and beautiful. 那人很年轻 金发 很漂亮
[18:52.60]Yep, that's his sister. 那是她姐姐
[18:55.60]I'll find them. 我会找到他们的
[18:57.20]Thank you. 谢谢
[19:15.20]ah, of course. 啊 当然
[19:25.70]And another one. 又进了
[19:26.90]Sorry, joe. 抱歉 Joe
[19:28.90]That's game. 游戏而已
[19:32.40]Uh, that's 75 bucks. 75块
[19:34.00]I think that pays for your duck. 可以给你的鸭子买单了
[19:35.10]That it does.Thank you. 确实 谢谢
[19:36.70]So what now? 现在做什么?
[19:38.30]You play me. 你和我玩
[19:39.70]You? 你?
[19:40.70]Yeah, unless you're afraid to lose. 对 除非你怕输
[19:42.20]I think the only thing being lost in this game would be your dignity. 我想这场游戏里唯一会输的 就是你的面子
[19:44.30]- Oh, really? - Yes. - 哦 真的? - 对
[19:45.30]- You think so? - I think so. - 你这么觉得? - 我这么觉得
[19:46.70]Well, then rack 'em up.I'll buy us a soundtrack. 那开球吧 我点首歌
[19:59.50]this better not be my wife. 你最好别是我老婆
[20:00.90]Rufus, do you alwaysanswer the phone like that? Rufus 你拿起电话 都是这么应答的?
[20:03.20]Lily? Lily? 听着 我需要你儿子的手机号码
[20:03.90]Listen, I need your son's cellphone number.
[20:05.50]It's an emergency. 紧急状况
[20:06.90]A real emergencyor a lily emergency? 真的紧急状况 还是Lily式紧急状况
[20:09.30]- Eric is missing. - Missing? - Eric失踪了 - 失踪?
[20:12.30]- From where? - From... - 从哪里? - 从...
[20:15.10]his--his room here... 他的房间
[20:17.50]at the hotel. 在酒店的房间
[20:19.00]I--I'm tryingto get in touch with him, but he's not answering hisphone. 我在想办法和他联系 但是他不接电话
[20:21.70]I think he's with serena. 我觉得他和Serena在一起
[20:23.20]Did you try her? 你打她电话了吗?
[20:24.40]She left her phone here. 她没带手机
[20:27.20]Your son's cell number--that's all I need. 你儿子的手机号码-- 我别无他求
[20:29.50]They're on a date, lil. 他们在约会 Lil
[20:30.90]If theypicked ec up along the way, I bet they're having fun. 如果他们带Eric一起出去 我想他们应该正玩得开心
[20:34.00]I have a situation here. 情况特殊啊
[20:35.50]A situation? 什么情况特殊啊?
[20:36.30]Your son iswith your daughter and my kid. 你儿子跟你女儿我儿子在一起
[20:39.10]I trust them.Why don't you? 我相信他们 你为何不呢
[20:41.20]Rufus Rufus. 再见 Lily 聊得很愉快
[20:42.40]Good-bye, lily.Always a pleasure.
[20:57.10]hey, baby, you want to, uh,maybe show me to the bathroom, 嘿 宝贝 你想带我去卫生间
[21:00.60]get lost somewherearound the coat check? 或者在衣帽寄存处玩玩?
[21:02.50]Well, my answer is usually"never say never," but for you,I'll make an exception. 我通常会回答"永不说永不" 但对你 我要例外一次了
[21:10.80]who let the hedge fund mafiain here? 谁让那个碍手碍脚的白痴进来的?
[21:12.10]I thought matchy-matchywas over. 我还以为这套已经过时了
[21:13.80]So eric's here. Eric来了
[21:15.20]Now it'syour turn. 轮到你了
[21:16.30]Truth or dare? 真心话还是大冒险?
[21:17.30]Do you have to ask? 你得来问
[21:18.50]I dare youto make out with that guy. 我说你不敢和那个男的亲热
[21:20.40]Easy. 简单
[21:21.90]And mean it. 证明一下
[21:26.10]Watch and learn,little humphrey. 好好看着学吧 小Humphrey
[21:39.20]I hope amandanever finds out. 希望Amanda不会发现
[21:41.10]Who's amanda? 谁是Amanda?
[21:42.20]Just my girlfriend. 我女朋友
[21:44.20]Amanda never has to know,does she? Amanda永远不必知道 对吧?
[21:48.20]Well, I'not telling her. 我不会告诉她的
[21:51.40]look what I got. 看我拿到什么了
[21:54.10]I dare you to call hisgirlfriend. 我说你不敢打电话给他女朋友
[21:55.80]Her name's amanda. 她叫Amanda
[21:57.40]Done and done. 说做就做
[22:02.20]Hello?Amanda? 喂? Amanda?
[22:04.80]Hi.This is bl-- claire. 我是Bl--Claire
[22:09.20]Yeah, I just had my tonguedown your boyfriend's throat, 是啊 我刚刚和你男友激情舌吻
[22:12.10]and he neglected to tell me youexisted until after it was over. 他竟然激情过后 才告诉我你的存在
[22:15.30]Just thought you should know. 我就觉得该告诉你一声
[22:16.70]He's a real catch.Bye. 他真的很抢手 再见
[22:19.70]all right,sleepover of the year. 好了 本年夜宿成功
[22:23.80]hey, everybody's gotta start somewhere. 嘿 每个人都会长大
[22:25.70]Maybe little J.Isn't so little anymore. 或许小J也不再幼齿
[22:31.70]Oh, no! 噢 不
[22:33.60]Game over. 游戏结束
[22:34.80]You lost fair and square, and that's squared. 你输得堂堂正正 一分没得
[22:39.80]Am I really that bad? 我真的那么烂?
[22:41.40]There aren't enough words to describethe kind of bad you are. 你的烂难以用言语描述
[22:44.40]Well, you promised if youlost again, you'd teach me. 你许诺说我再输的话 就教我
[22:47.40]All right.All right.That's a promise I intendto keep, not just for you, 好的 好的 我本就打算遵守诺言 不只是对你
[22:50.70]but for dive bars everywhere all across america. 对全美各地的桌球酒吧
[22:56.20]All right, come here. 好的 过来吧
[22:59.40]Now you have to remember,in pool, it's all about-- 现在你得记住 打桌球的时候 一切都取决于--
[23:01.50]take this stick--remember,it's all about the angles, 拿着杆 一切都取决于角度
[23:04.60]the right angle, of course. 正确的角度 当然
[23:07.00]- Take the shot. - Okay. - 试试 - 好的
[23:09.90]Um,bring your hand back . 手放后面
[23:11.80]- here - Right. - 这里 - 好的
[23:13.60]And, uh, wait.Oh, okay.Hold on. 然后 等等 好 保持
[23:16.20]You gotta be slow and justfollow through, all right? 你得慢慢来 然后击球
[23:25.00]This is my song.Finally. 这是我的歌 终于放了
[23:26.30]I didn't know you likedthis kind of music. 我不知道你喜欢这种音乐
[23:28.00]I thinkwe've already established the things you don't know about me. 我想我们已经非常明确 你对我得不了解
[23:30.90]Oh, oth--otherthan your, uh, total lack of pools skills,what else? 哦 除了你完全没有桌球技术 还有什么?
[23:36.00]Um, that I'm havingthe best time right now? 还有我现在十分快乐
[23:38.20]That I knew. 这我知道
[23:45.50]There's somethingvibrating in your pocket, 你口袋里有东西在震
[23:47.70]and I really hope it's your phone. 我真的希望是你的手机
[23:50.30]hold on. 等下
[23:53.60]oh, it's my dad. 哦 是我爸爸
[23:55.10]He knows I'm with you.He wouldn't callif it wasn't important. 他知道我和你在一起 没有重要的事 他也不会打来
[23:57.30]Oh, yeah, of course.Take it. 哦 当然 接吧
[23:59.60]hello? 喂?
[24:01.60]What? 什么?
[24:02.30]No, no, no, he's not. 没有 没有 他不在
[24:04.60]Serena left her phoneat the hotel? Serena把手机忘在酒店了?
[24:06.90]What?What's up? 什么? 怎么了?
[24:08.20]Oh, uh... 哦...
[24:09.70]yeah, yeah, yeah.Dad, she's standingright here next to me. 她正站在我面前
[24:12.20]We'll take care of it. 我们会搞定的
[24:14.50]wait, take care of what? 搞定什么?
[24:16.40]Slight change of plans. 计划小变动
[24:17.50]No!No, no.No change of plans. 不! 不要不要 计划不要变
[24:20.60]I like this plan of youteaching me the angles. 我喜欢你教我角度的这个计划
[24:23.30]I know. 我知道
[24:24.20]Remember, cute girlwith total lack of pool skills? 记得吗 完全没有桌球技术的 可爱女孩?
[24:26.30]I remember. 记得
[24:27.20]So does the table. 这桌子也记得
[24:28.80]Come on,what could it possibly be that's more importantthan this right here? 好了 什么能比这更重要?
[24:32.30]Can't it wait till tomorrow? 不能等到明天吗?
[24:33.60]Actually, it can'T. 事实上 不能
[24:34.50]You need to callyour brother right now. 你得打个电话给你弟弟 现在
[24:49.80]hey. 嘿
[24:50.50]I was just about-- 我刚刚--
[24:51.20]so I made some calls,but as it turns out, 我打了些电话 结果发现
[24:52.90]none of my people knowyour people. 没一个我的人认识你的人
[24:54.30]Shocking, but true. 震惊 但是事实
[24:55.50]Either "dan humphrey"is an alias or your sonis not very popular. 要么"Dan Humphrey"是个假名 要么你儿子不怎么受欢迎
[24:59.70]Regardless,I need that number. 无论如何 我需要那个号码
[25:01.70]I realized when igot off the phone with you 跟你讲过电话之后 我意识到
[25:03.80]that I could've beena little bit more understanding. 我本可以更通情达理一些
[25:07.40]- You think-- - I called dan. - 你觉得-- - 我打电话给Dan了
[25:09.40]Thank you. 谢谢
[25:10.60]And your son's not with them. 你儿子没和他们在一起
[25:12.20]He's not? 没有?
[25:13.10]But serena got ericon the phone, and he's okay, 但是Serena联络到Eric了 他没事
[25:16.00]and dan said they would phonewhen they were all together. Dan说等他们找到他 会给我打电话
[25:18.40]Yeah, and you didn't thinkto call and tell me all of this? 你竟然没想到打电话通知我一声
[25:22.00]I was just about to. 我刚要打的
[25:24.00]Now I hate to say this, but whydon't you sit and wait here? 我也不想说 但是你干吗不坐下等会?
[25:27.40]We shouldhear from them soon. 应该很快会有消息的
[25:31.00]fine. 好吧
[25:35.80]And I'll pass on a glass of that nonpremium liquorthat you're drinking. 我要婉拒你手上的那杯低质酒水
[25:40.40]But I will takesomething to eat. 但我可以吃点什么
[25:42.70]Thank you for offering. 谢谢你的热情款待
[25:45.60]What?You still knowhow to cook, don't you? 怎么了? 还记得怎么烧饭吧?
[25:59.50]you see jennyor your brother? 看到Jenny或者你弟弟了吗?
[26:01.20]No. 没有
[26:02.60]Are you her?Are you claire? 你是她吗? 你是Claire吗?
[26:04.30]What?No. 什么? 不是
[26:08.00]Uh, are you surewe're in the right place? 你确定我们来对地方了?
[26:10.40]Yeah. 对
[26:11.70]Come on. 过来
[26:13.70]Where is she? 她在哪里?
[26:14.70]hey!Baby.What?Who?I'm hereat the club with the guys. 嘿 宝贝 怎么了? 我和一群男人在这
[26:21.80]Hey! 嘿!
[26:23.70]Excuse me.Hello. 打扰一下 喂
[26:25.20]Where's my phone? 我的手机呢?
[26:26.00]Hey, hey, let go of her. 嘿 嘿 放开她
[26:26.70]Who the hell are you? 你算哪根葱?
[26:27.50]Your phone is at our table. 你手机在我们桌子上
[26:28.80]If you weren't so drunk and drooling overevery girl in this place, 要不是你醉得只知道乱勾搭女人
[26:31.50]you would've seen that. 你应该注意到的
[26:32.20]I'm gonna kill you. 我要杀了你
[26:33.20]Oh, you must be amanda, right? 噢 你一定就是Amanda了 对吗?
[26:35.60]Well, I would think twice before marrying him 'cause he's a pig. 嫁给他之前 我一定会三思 因为他是头猪
[26:38.80]Wait.Hey, hey.Back off of her, okay? 嘿 嘿 离她远点 好吗?
[26:40.50]I don't need you to defend me. 我不需要你来替我挡
[26:42.50]It wasn't even herwho called you. 打电话给你的人根本不是她
[26:44.30]It was me. 是我
[26:45.90]Jenny? Jenny? 所以她是和你舌吻的人?
[26:46.80]So she's the onewith the tongue? 舌吻?
[26:48.20]Tongue? 舌吻-- 你在这干嘛? 你应该去朋友家夜宿
[26:49.40]Tongue--what are you even doing here?You're supposed to be at a sleepover.
[26:51.40]You made outwith a girl from a sleepover? 你和一个夜宿的女孩亲热了?
[26:53.00]you made out with him? 你和他亲热了?
[26:53.90]I made out with her. 我和她亲热了
[26:57.60]- It was a dare. - A dare? - 那是在大冒险 - 大冒险?
[26:59.10]What are you, children? 你们几岁了 三岁?
[27:00.40]Yeah, pretty much.She's 14. 差不多 她14岁
[27:01.80]- 14?! - 14?! - 14?! - 14?! 天
[27:02.90]Jesus. 我发誓我不知道 看看她 让人误以为是成年人
[27:03.70]No, I swearI had no idea, baby.I mean, look at her.I mean, she's jailbait.
[27:06.40]What--what's that? 什么 你说什么?
[27:07.50]Dan, stay out of it, okay? Dan 别管 好吗?
[27:08.80]You're just causing more problems than you're solving. 你解决的麻烦还不如你惹的麻烦
[27:10.50]The only thingcausing a problem is the cocktail napkin you're wearing. 现在唯一在惹麻烦的是你穿着的 那块鸡尾酒纸巾
[27:12.70]that's whatI'm talking about. 这就是我说的
[27:14.10]you're not talking about anything. 你什么都别说
[27:15.30]- Dan! - dan! - Hey! - 嘿!
[27:17.20]All right, all you out before I call the cops. 在我报警前 你们两个都给我出去
[27:19.60]All right, all right. 好的 好的
[27:20.50]Hey, serena.See?I told you everything was okay. 嘿 Senera 看到没? 说了一切顺利
[27:23.20]let's go, come on. 走吧
[27:24.00]Eric, come on. Eric 走吧
[27:24.70]spotted-- big brother to the not-quite rescue. 大哥不怎样的救场
[27:27.90]Too bad no one told him you can't save a damsel if she loves her distress. 真可惜没人告诉他 自作孽不可活
[27:37.10]What's wrong with the sauce? 酱汁怎么了?
[27:38.20]Oh, nothing, I'm just so happyto have a home-cooked meal. 没什么 只是能吃到家常菜太开心了
[27:41.10]It just needs a little salt. 就只要再加点盐
[27:42.50]What?It's perfect. 什么? 很完美了
[27:43.90]No, just a--just a pinch. 就加一点点
[27:46.10]You haven't changed a bit. 你一点也没变
[27:47.00]You alwayshave to be in control. 你总要控制一切
[27:50.00]Well, I don't remember you complaining. 在我印象里你可没抱怨过
[27:53.50]Well, I wasn't allowed to. 你不准我抱怨
[27:54.60]It was one of your rules. 这是你的规则之一
[27:56.00]Yeah, well, I may holdthe reins a little tight, 我可能管得有点多
[27:58.40]but life is complicated,especially once you have kids. 但生活不易 尤其是有了孩子之后
[28:02.30]You know, when they're little,you're their whole world. 你知道 当她们年幼时 你就是他们的全部
[28:04.90]And then one day,the wall goes up, 然后突然之间 你跟他们中冒出堵墙
[28:08.20]and you're on one side,and they're on the other. 你在一边 他们在另一边
[28:11.00]Well, they don't liketo admit it, but they want us to break through. 虽然他们不想承认 但他们希望我们能穿墙而过
[28:14.00]Yeah, well, maybe serena, but eric-- Serena可能是这样 但Eric
[28:16.10]I don't know what he wants. 我都不知道他想要什么
[28:17.30]You'reawfully concerned about *** 他不过是个没守门禁的14岁男孩 你太过担心了
[28:21.00]well, it's not my curfew he's breaking. 他没遵守的不是我的门禁
[28:23.80]He's been stayingat the ostroff center. 他一直住在Ostroff中心
[28:25.90]Ostroff center? Ostroff中心?
[28:27.60]Yeah. 对
[28:28.80]Is it drugs?Drinking? 他吸毒?还是酗酒?
[28:30.50]Um, no,he's not a bad kid. 不 他不是个坏孩子
[28:32.50]He's just--just, um,a lonely one. 他只是-很孤单
[28:35.70]It's depression? 抑郁症?
[28:37.70]Is it bad? 情况很糟吗?
[28:38.80]Bad enoughto try to kill himself. 糟糕到他企图自杀
[28:48.20]I'm sorry. 抱歉
[28:49.20]No, I don't know why. 不 我不知道为什么
[28:50.30]I don't know what I didor I didn't do, but... 我不知道是我做过什么 还是疏忽了没做什么
[28:55.00]I just don't knowwhat to do to--to make sureit doesn't happen again. 我现在不知道要如何 防止这再次发生
[28:59.20]All you can do is be there for them. 你要做的就是陪在他们身边
[29:02.20]oh, I hope that's danor serena. 希望是Dan或者Serena打来的
[29:05.30]Hello? 喂?
[29:06.70]Hey, great. 你好 很好
[29:10.00]Uh, yeah. 呃 对
[29:11.70]Actually, I can tell her. 实际上 我能告诉她
[29:12.70]His mother's here with me. 她妈妈在我身边呢
[29:15.20]it's a long story. 说来话长了
[29:17.40]Sounds good.Take care. 听起来不错 小心点
[29:19.30]So he's with dan and serena,and everyone's fine. 他跟Dan还有Serena在一起 万事大吉啦
[29:23.90]All right,I should go meet them. 那好 我去跟他们碰头
[29:25.40]I'll wrap this up. 我把这些打包
[29:26.40]No.You know what?This isn't gonna travel well. 你知道吗?这些打包就不好吃了
[29:28.20]Why don't I just stay hereand I can eat it quickly? 不如我在这尽快吃完吧?
[29:32.00]It would be a shameto let it go to waste. 就这么浪费太可惜了
[29:37.50]What were you thinking? 你在想什么啊?
[29:38.60]He was bored. 他很无聊呀
[29:39.60]He wantedto get out and have some fun. 他也想出来玩玩的
[29:41.20]So you took him to a bar? 那你就带他去酒吧?
[29:42.50]He didn't do anything wrong. 他又没闯什么祸
[29:44.20]I thought you'd be happy. 我以为你会高兴的
[29:45.20]Well, I'm not, okay? 我不高兴 好吗?
[29:46.80]I-I can'tbelieve that you did this. 我不敢相信你居然会这么做
[29:48.40]Hey, I wasn't kidnapped, serena. 我不是给他们绑来的 Serena
[29:50.50]I left of my own free will. 我自愿离开那的
[29:52.00]Blair was trying to do me a favor. Blair只是想帮帮我
[29:53.90]Told you. 我都说啦
[29:54.80]Well, it's no favor, eric.You're in a lot of trouble. 这不是帮忙 Eric 你麻烦缠身了
[29:56.90]Yeah, I know, and you know what?It was worth it... 我知道 但你知道吗?这么做是值得的
[30:01.00]to be out after darkand to talk to someone 可以在天黑后出门
[30:03.00]who isn't just you or mom,even if it is blair. 跟你和妈妈以外的人交谈 即使那个人是Blair
[30:05.50]- No offense. - None taken. - 无意冒犯 - 我不介意
[30:08.00]Well, I'm sorrythis was the only way. 逼到你只能这样做 我很抱歉
[30:12.30]We'll work on mom, okay? 我们想办法说服妈妈 好吗?
[30:14.90]Thanks. 谢谢你
[30:15.90]And since she knowsyou're okay, I guess there'sno real reason to rush. 既然她知道你没事 我想现在不用着急
[30:20.10]How about we walk? 我们走走吧?
[30:21.50]Oh, call me. 打电话给我
[30:23.60]Yeah, I will. 我会的
[30:24.80]I was talking to eric. 我是跟Eric说的
[30:27.30]What is wrong with you? 你有什么毛病啊?
[30:28.40]This is not who you are. 这不是你
[30:29.80]And who are you right now?Dad? 你现在是谁啊?老爸吗?
[30:31.60]Uh, we are notdoing this right now. 现在我不跟你吵
[30:32.90]We can do this at home.Let's go. 回家再说 走
[30:34.20]Except I'm not going home. 我现在不回家
[30:35.40]I'm going with my friends. 我要跟朋友走
[30:37.00]coming, jenny? 走吗 Jenny?
[30:39.80]Yeah.One second. 马上
[30:42.40]Look, all right, I'm sorry that thingsgot out of hand tonight. 好吧 我很抱歉今晚的事态有点失控
[30:44.70]To say the least. 真是大事化小的说法
[30:45.90]I know who blairand those girls are, 我知道Blair她们是什么人
[30:48.80]but I know who i am, 但我也知道我是什么人
[30:50.70]and I'm not gonna forget that just 'cause I hang out with them. 我不会因为跟她们一起 就忘记这一点
[30:53.20]Come on!We're leaving! 快点!要走了!
[30:55.10]I'm coming! 来了!
[30:59.30]Just let me go.Please? 让我去吧 求你啦?
[31:01.40]I mean, look, I'll be tuckedin bed in a half-hour. 我再过半个小时就上床睡觉
[31:03.50]I promise. 保证
[31:08.80]Uh, all right, all right,all right.Yeah, go ahead. 好吧好吧 你去吧
[31:10.10]Thank you. 谢谢
[31:13.40]- Hey. - Hey. - 嗨 - 嗨
[31:15.30]I, uh, I gotta take himback to the center. 我得送他会中心
[31:17.50]So we should probably just call it a night. 所以我们可能要现在道别了
[31:19.80]What?No, no, no, no, no.I'll go with you. 什么?不 我跟你一起去
[31:21.30]No, it's okay.You don't have to. 不 没关系 你不用非得这样做
[31:23.20]I want to. 我想这么做
[31:25.10]Come on.Let's go. 来吧 我们走
[31:30.80]This just in--"truth or dare" has gone into overtime. 这是"真心话大冒险"的加时阶段
[31:34.40]Looks like no one told little J. 看来没人跟小J说过
[31:36.00]That you don't beat a waldorf at her own game. Waldorf玩这个游戏总是战无不胜
[31:38.60]you want me to stealthe jacket from the mannequin? 你要我从把衣服从模特身上 偷下来?
[31:40.90]That's right. 没错
[31:42.00]Blair,it's your mom's store. Blair 这是你妈的店
[31:43.40]I mean, you could have anything you want. 你要什么都可以拿
[31:45.70]So can you... 你也可以
[31:47.40]unless you don't want to,which is totally understandable, 除非你不想 如果是这样我完全理解
[31:50.50]and I wouldn't judge youfor that. 而我也不会以此来评价你
[31:52.20]I don't get it. 我不明白
[31:53.30]Then you don't have to do it. 那你就别干了
[31:54.80]It's just a shame,'cause you've come so far. 真可惜 你都走到这一步了
[32:01.00]The jacket? 外套?
[32:02.60]Just the jacket. 就那件外套
[32:09.20]oh, god. 天
[32:21.80]5,4,3,2,1 five, four, three, two, one.
[32:28.40]okay, come on, run. 好了 快 跑!
[32:36.50]guys!Come back!Let me out! 你们回来啊! 让我出去啊!
[32:50.30]are you still the same guyyou were when I took this photo? 你还跟我照这相片上的 那个人一样吗?
[32:53.80]What?You took that photo? 什么?这照片是你照的?
[32:55.10]You weren't even at that s*** 你都没去看那场演出
[32:57.10]excuse me. 抱歉
[32:58.50]If I remember,the first song was about me, 如果我没记错 第一首个是关于我的
[33:01.40]the second onewas about your motorcycle 第二首是关于你的摩托车
[33:05.20]and then there was the one aboutthat surf town.What was it? 还有一首关于那个冲浪小镇 它在哪里?
[33:08.40]- Sayulita - Sayulita - Sayulita. - Sayulita.
[33:11.10]Fishermen's town. 渔夫的小镇
[33:12.20]Was that the onewith the villa where we... 是在那个小镇的别墅里我们...
[33:16.50]yes, indeed, it was. 对 没错 就那
[33:19.00]God, I must have takeneight rolls of film that night. 我那晚至少照了8卷相片
[33:21.40]Wh--why did yougive up photography anyway? 你为什么放弃了摄影?
[33:24.10]You loved it so much. 你那么喜欢它
[33:26.70]Well,I guess I figured, um, social climbingwould be more fulfilling. 我想清楚了 设法向上爬更让我满足
[33:32.00]I even remember the black dressI wore that night. 我还记得我那晚穿的黑裙子
[33:34.70]- Really? - Yeah. - 真的? - 对
[33:36.90] You know, I thinkit may have actually been blue. 我想裙子可能是蓝色的
[33:39.20]I thought you said you didn'tremember me being there. 你又说不记得我在场
[33:44.70]uh, can you grab that, lil?And if it's my son, be nice to him. 你能帮我接下吗 Lil? 如果是我儿子 你客气点
[33:50.50]hello, humphrey residence. 你好 Humphrey家宅
[33:54.40]Hi, alison. 你好 Alison
[33:56.50]Yeah, it's, um, lily. 对 我是 呃 Lily
[34:00.40]Yeah.H-hold on.Just... 对 等等...
[34:03.50]Alison? alison?
[34:10.40]looks like you're gonna havesome explaining to do. 看来你要解释一下
[34:12.80]Trust me, I don't owe alisonany explanation right now. 相信我 我现在不欠Alison 任何解释
[34:15.80]You know what?I've overstayed my welcome. 我待得太久了
[34:17.70]Okay. 好的
[34:20.10]I hope everythingturns out all right. 我希望一切顺利
[34:22.40]Yeah, me, too. 我也是
[34:23.70]Thanks for babysitting me, 谢谢你照顾我
[34:25.90]and thank you for beingsuch a good friend. 你真是个好朋友
[34:29.40]Yeah. 当然
[34:31.10]It was almost fun. 我觉得刚才很开心了
[34:40.10]Good night, rufus. 晚安 Rufus
[34:45.00]I'm gonna need youto show me some form of identification,miss. 我必须请你出示证件 小姐
[34:47.70]I'm only 14. 我只有14岁
[34:49.70]I don't have any. 没有任何身份证件
[34:50.80]What are you doing outat this hour? 你这个时候还在外面晃?
[34:53.80]I, um... 我 呃...
[34:54.60]what's your name? 你叫什么名字?
[34:59.60]My name is blair waldorf. 我叫Blair Waldorf
[35:01.40]This is my mother's shop. 这是我妈妈的商店
[35:02.60]Her name is eleanor. 她叫Eleanor
[35:04.10]I left my jacket here earlier, I mean-- 我之前把外套忘这了
[35:06.40]which irritatesmy mother to no end. 这种事总让我妈很生气
[35:08.50]And I completely forgotabout the alarm. 我完全忘记了警报的事了
[35:10.70]All right, what's your homephone number so we can call her? 你家电话多少 我们要给她致电
[35:13.30]Oh, she's not home. 她不在家
[35:14.80]I mean,she's in paris until thursday. 她要在巴黎待到周四
[35:16.80]It's six hours aheadif you want to call. 巴黎时间比这快6小时 如果你要打电话
[35:19.30]She's gonna be so angry. 她肯定会很生气
[35:21.60]Well, look,we can't just let you go without confirmingyour story. 我们不能不确认你的故事 就放你走
[35:24.70]I have my own set of keys. 我有一套钥匙啊
[35:27.90]You can watch me lock up. 你可以看着我锁门
[35:35.90]Well, I can see why your brotherwould want to leave. 我了解你弟弟要离开的原因了
[35:38.40]That place is, uh,is very depressing. 这地方 呃 很压抑
[35:41.00]And yet, it's designedto treat depression. 而这里还是治疗抑郁症的地方
[35:43.80]He's a good kid--eric.He is. 他是个好孩子 Eric
[35:46.20]Yeah. 对
[35:47.30]Jenny's not so bad either. Jenny也不坏
[35:49.00]- Yeah? - Yeah. - 是吗? - 对
[35:50.60]Yeah, I-I-I know.I know. 我知道 我知道
[35:52.60]I just worryabout her sometimes. 我有时候为她担心
[35:55.10]Well,worry looks cute on you. 担心的时候你看起来很可爱
[35:57.90]Look, I've seenjenny in action, 我见过Jenny行事
[35:59.50]and my hunch isshe doesn't let herself get pushed in anythingshe doesn't want to do. 我觉得如果她不愿意 没人能逼她做什么事
[36:03.20]No, I-I know.I know.It's just... 我知道 只是...
[36:06.30]she's never mentioned that heridea of a great friday night 她重来没说过 她理想中精彩的周五晚上
[36:08.60]consists of painting her facefull of makeup, 包含了用化妆品画满整脸
[36:10.40]and stumbling out to a hip barin high heels 并穿上高跟鞋
[36:12.80]and hanging out with a bunchof drunk wall streeters 跟一堆在华尔街工作的醉鬼厮混
[36:16.10]who don't even care if she has a name. 那些人都不在乎她叫什么名字
[36:17.80]Well, maybe that wasn't her ideaof a great friday night. 也许那并不是她理想中的周五之夜
[36:20.80]What do you mean? 你什么意思呢?
[36:21.70]It's okay for herto want to be friends with the people she goes to school with. 想跟学校里的人做朋友并无不妥
[36:24.70]Why? 为什么?
[36:25.80]I'm not. 我就不想
[36:27.10]Uh-huh, and if you madehalf the effort she did, maybe we would've meta long time ago. 如果你有她一半那么努力 我们可能早就认识了
[36:33.20]That's true. 没错
[36:35.30]Then so maybe you would'vekissed me already. 也许你早就吻过我了
[36:40.60]No five-star restaurants. 没有五星餐厅
[36:42.90]No town car. 没有大房车
[36:44.30]No smoky pool hallor bad '80s music. 没有烟雾弥漫的桌球房 和糟糕的80年代音乐
[36:47.30]Looks like we finally foundcomm ground. 看来我们终于找到共同点了
[37:27.70]hey, mom. 你好 妈妈
[37:29.30]Sorry about tonight. 今晚的事我很抱歉
[37:30.70]No, we'll talk about itin the morning, 不 我们明早再说这个
[37:32.80]after you've had a good night'ssleep in your own bed. 你先在自己的床上睡个好觉
[37:38.50]I'm going home? 我可以回家了?
[37:41.00]I'm not sure exactly howthis is gonna work, you know. 我不知道要怎么应付这一切 你知道
[37:43.30]Hey, I'm not worried. 我不担心
[37:46.40]It's a good thingI didn't unpack. 还好我从没打开过行李
[38:11.60]catch. 接好
[38:14.70]Jenny? jenny?
[38:17.50]Well, well. 不错
[38:19.00]Looks likeyou came to play after all. 看来你最终还是重返游戏
[38:21.80]You know which trundle bedis yours. 你知道那张床是你的
[38:24.00]Sleep tight.You've earned it. 好梦 你努力挣来的
[38:25.70]Actually, I'm going home, 实际上 我要回家了
[38:28.10]but, uh, thanks for inviting me. 但是 谢谢你的邀请
[38:30.00]It was a blast. 今晚的聚会很棒
[38:31.10]What do you meanyou're going home? 你说什么回家?
[38:32.80]Nobody everleaves a sleepover. 在我家过夜时没人离开
[38:34.40]Well, I guess there's firstsfor everything. 我想凡事都有第一次
[38:37.20]Oh, and I'm keepingthe jacket, if that's okay with you. 还有 外套我留下了 希望你不介意
[38:43.40]Monday? 星期一见?
[38:44.80]Lunch on the steps? 楼梯上一起吃午餐?
[38:49.40]done and done. 好
[38:55.20]word is jenny humphrey killed at blair waldorf's sleepover. 据说Jenny在Blair 的借宿派对上一鸣惊人
[38:59.50]It was a debut the likes of which haven't been seen since blair herself. 自Blair自己之后很久都没人 这样成功的登上社交舞台了
[39:06.40]If blair's gotta watch her back, serena's needs to keep an eye on her heart. 如果Blair要地方后继者 那么Serena就要看好自己的心了
[39:10.70]We hear it may have been stolen by lonely boy. 听说它被寂寞芳心男孩偷走了
[39:14.00]Putting out an A.P.B, gossip girl. 号外 号外 大通告 流言蜚女
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8660-249585-1.html

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