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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:32:54
[00:00.50]Gossip girl here 绯闻女孩
[00:01.70]your one and only source into the scandalous lives of manhattan's elite. 为你带来曼哈顿上流社会 第一手的八卦内幕
[00:05.60]How's your mom doing with the divorce and everything? 你妈妈还好吗?离婚的事怎么样了
[00:08.00]So my dad left her for another man. 我父亲因为一个男的离开她了
[00:09.70]She lost 15 pounds, got an eye lift. 她瘦了15磅 做了一次眼部拉皮
[00:11.60]It's been good for her. 对她来说是好事
[00:12.30]My mom kind of left us a couple months ago. 我妈妈几个月前离开了我们
[00:14.30]My dad and my sister don't really see that. 爸爸和妹妹好像并没有真正意识到
[00:16.80]I don't know what's happened with my wife or my marriage, 我不知道我的生活和婚姻出了什么问题
[00:19.10]and you showing up here randomly doesn't make figuring that out any easier. 而你时不时出现只能让一切更混乱
[00:22.40]Am i the only one who thinks this is extremely weird? 难道只有我一个人觉得很别扭吗?
[00:24.20]Forget about it. 够了
[00:25.00]If dad can let it go, so can you. 爸爸都不计较了 你更可以
[00:26.10]I can't believe you didn't tell me your mom came home. 你居然没告诉我你妈妈回家了
[00:27.90]Your wife despises me. 你妻子鄙视我
[00:29.30]- I wouldn't say that. - Well, she did. - 我不这么想 - 她可是这么想的
[00:31.10]You should deal with your father. 你该去找你父亲
[00:32.30]He needs you. 他需要你
[00:32.90]I don't. 我不需要
[00:33.70]We broke up, okay? 我们分手了 满意了?
[00:35.00]He was gonna get back together with me, 他想和我复合
[00:36.20]but only so my mom would help his dad. 可只是为了让我妈妈能帮他爸爸
[00:37.80]I need your support here, son, and your trust. 我需要你的支持 儿子 相信我
[00:39.70]Well, you better hope for your sake they don't call your son to the stand. 那你最好祈祷他们不会传召你儿子上庭指证你
[00:42.40]Do you like me? 你喜欢我吗?
[00:44.00]Define "like." 定义下“喜欢”
[00:58.80]<font color="#4096d1">Gossip Girl Season01 Episode09
[01:02.60]As per gossip girl's thanksgiving tradition, 和往年感恩节一样 绯闻女孩
[01:05.20]i'm trading my laptop for stove top, 要把电脑换成暖炉了
[01:07.70]and for the next 16 hours, the only thing i'm dishing is seconds. 接下来16个小时里 我能说的都是些过时的八卦了
[01:11.90]When the cat's away, the mice will play. 一旦猫离开 老鼠的狂欢就开始了
[01:14.30]Have fun, little rodents. 玩的开心点 小家伙们
[01:17.10]I mean, who gets wasted on thanksgiving? 怎么能在感恩节的时候挥霍无度呢
[01:20.30]The holidays are lonely for people. 节日的时候人更加寂寞
[01:22.10]I wanted to keep 'em company. 我想把寂寞的人都凑一起
[01:23.70]Whoo! 哇
[01:25.00]THANKSGIVING. 感恩节
[01:26.30]LAST YEAR. 去年
[01:28.00]your mom is freaking out, so my mom is freaking out. 你妈妈吓坏了 我妈妈也是
[01:30.80]What, which means you freak out? 什么 难不成你也吓坏了?
[01:32.20]Blair, just cut the cord. Go nuts. Blair 别理这些条条框框 疯一次吧
[01:33.90]Come on. Let's do shots. 来吧 我们去射击
[01:35.20]Come on! 快
[01:35.80]I told lily that you were buying a pie. 我跟Lily说你出来买派的
[01:39.10]Oh, pie. 哦 派
[01:40.00]Where is your purse? 你的包呢?
[01:42.30]- Uh, my purse... - Oh, great. All right. - 我的包 - 好极了 好吧
[01:45.70]You stay here, okay? 站着别动 好吗?
[01:47.50]I'm gonna go look. 我去找找
[01:48.40]Don't drink or hit on anything. 别再喝了 什么都别做
[01:51.20]Pie's been secured. 我搞定派了
[01:52.30]Thanksgiving no longer needs to be canceled, all right? 感恩节不用取消了 怎么样?
[01:59.90]Hey, mom, you know, i need to go. 嘿 妈妈 我先挂了
[02:00.70]I'm sorry. Bye. 对不起
[02:04.30]Oh, man. 天啊
[02:08.40]Hey! What are you doing? 嘿 你在干嘛?
[02:09.40]Hey, right of way, pal. 就走了
[02:12.40]Screw you, buddy! 神经病 说你呢
[02:13.20]Hey, uh, excu--excuse me. 嘿 嗯 抱歉
[02:14.00]D-do you need, like, a crossing guard or a cab maybe? 要帮忙吗? 找个人带你过马路或者一辆出租
[02:19.70]Oh, pie. 哦 派
[02:21.60]It's more like roadkill now, but, uh, better it than you, right? 现在更像一滩烂泥 不过还是比你清醒些
[02:27.40]Um... 嗯...
[02:29.40]I'm--i'm dan... 我 我是Dan...
[02:30.40]Humphrey. Humphrey
[02:31.40]- Hi. - Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨
[02:32.60]Uh, i don't know. 其实
[02:34.10]We met last year. 我们去年见过
[02:35.40]You m-- you might not remember. 你 你可能不记得了
[02:37.60]Yeah, i--you probably don't, but look, you should be more careful. 我--你可能忘了 可是 你得小心点
[02:40.30]You need to keep your hands off of her. 把手从她身上拿开
[02:42.00]Blair! Blair
[02:42.60]Trying to take advantage of her on the holidays. 居然想在过节的时候占她便宜
[02:44.30]Come on. Let's go, serena. 快 走吧 Serena
[02:49.70]Bye, dave. 再见 Dave
[02:51.30]Bye. 再见
[02:52.80]Bye. 再见
[02:55.70]Bye, serena. 再见 Serena
[03:00.10]Hey. 嘿
[03:01.20]And hello to you. 你好吗?
[03:02.20]Big national holiday. You excited? 大节日来了 兴奋吗
[03:04.10]Kind of am. 有一点
[03:05.50]Might be the first thanksgiving in a while that i actually remember. 可能会是第一个我会记得清 做了什么的感恩节
[03:08.70]Yeah, i bet. 希望
[03:10.40]Huh? 什么?
[03:11.40]Nothing. 没什么
[03:12.00]- Uh, you-- uh, you at blair's? - Almost. - 嗯 你在Blair家? - 快到了
[03:14.20]Her dad's gonna be home for the first time since he left, 他爸爸要回家过节 这是他走后第一次会来
[03:16.50]so she's really excited. Blair兴奋极了
[03:18.00]Oh, well, family reunions are all around then. 哦 全家人团聚
[03:20.20]Uh, we, too, have a full humphrey household. 我们也是 Humphrey家全员到齐
[03:22.90]Hopefully, it'll stick. 希望能长久
[03:23.90]Well, it seems like your mom is really trying. 看起来你妈妈真的很用心
[03:26.10]Better thanksgiving than never. 亡羊补牢
[03:28.10]Call me between every course? 每个细节都打电话告诉我
[03:29.70]Okay. 好吧
[03:30.60]Mwah.Bye. 再见
[03:33.90]Mom, is it really okay to cook with this much heavy cream? 妈妈 加这么多的重奶酪真的可以吗?
[03:36.50]Our arteries give us a free pass on turkey day. 今天是火鸡日 我们的血管会通融一下的
[03:38.80]It's a shame our family doesn't have a few hundred more members. 真可惜我们家没有上百个人
[03:41.30]Do you think i bought too much? 你觉得我买的太多了?
[03:42.40]Only by several tons. 只是多了几吨而已
[03:43.60]But it's our first holiday back. 可这是我们重聚后第一个节日
[03:44.80]I wanted to make sure it was special. 我希望能特别一点
[03:48.10]I think they call that guilt. 我想这就是所谓的内疚
[03:50.20]Yeah, i guess they do. 对 我想也是
[03:52.10]But if it means more midnight turkey sandwiches for all of us, then so be it. 如果这意味着更多的火鸡三明治做夜宵 我没意见
[03:55.10]Yeah, see, dan? 听到了吗 Dan?
[03:55.90]Uh, we on this side of the kitchen choose to be positive. 厨房这边的人都是乐观派的
[03:59.10]Yeah, dan. 没错 Dan
[04:00.40]What's it gonna be? 你想怎么样?
[04:01.20]You with us or against us? 朋友还是敌人?
[04:02.10]Uh... 恩...
[04:03.70]Fine. 好吧
[04:04.60]But only if i can take the cranberry sauce out of the can. 不过得让我来开酸果曼沙司的罐子
[04:06.30]That is my specialty. 这是我的专利
[04:09.30]I have to find this recipe before my dad gets here. 我得在爸爸到之前找到这个配方
[04:11.70]Harold waldorf's famous pumpkin pie. Harold waldorf最著名的南瓜派
[04:14.00]Well, it may have been bobby flay's, 其实是 Bobby Flay的
[04:15.30]but it didn't stop my dad from taking credit for it. 可这不会影响我爸爸受到的好评
[04:18.30]It's gonna be perfect! 真是太棒我
[04:19.40]Look at you. 看看你
[04:21.00]Quite the chipper sous-chef. 像个开心的大厨
[04:22.50]Well, i'm in a good mood. 我心情好极了
[04:24.00]It happens. 有很多原因
[04:25.00]Sometimes 'cause i increase my lexapro, 有时候是多吃了几片兴奋剂
[04:26.60]sometimes because my dad's in town. 或者因为我爸爸要来了
[04:28.00]And sometimes, mostly because things are good with a boy. 有些时候 完全是因为一个男孩
[04:32.20]You and nate get back together? 你和Nate复合了吗?
[04:33.30]You mean since gossip girl published pictures of him and some skank? 你是说在绯闻女孩把他和 一个婊子的照片发在网上后?
[04:36.20]So that's a no. 就是说没有
[04:39.20]What's chuck doing today? Chuck今天做什么?
[04:41.70]Why are you asking me? 干嘛问我?
[04:44.20]Well, you guys are friends. 他是你朋友啊
[04:46.40]And, blair, look, you know you can tell me anything. Blair 你知道你可以对我说任何事
[04:49.10]I'd be the last person to judge anyone. 我绝对不会批评你的
[04:50.70]With good reason. 这是有原因的
[04:54.40]Blair, i saw you with chuck. Blair我看到你和Chuck了
[04:59.40]I don't know what i was thinking. 我不知道我在想些什么
[05:01.40]I mean, sleeping with him once, maybe you could understand, but twice? 和他上一次床可以理解 居然上了两次?
[05:03.80]Wait. You slept with him? 等等 你和他上床了?
[05:04.80]- Shh! - Ugh. - 嘘 - 厄
[05:05.60]Blair! Blair
[05:06.40]What happened to no judging? 你说了不会批评我的
[05:07.50]I'm not, but i thought you wanted to wait. 我没有 只是我以为你想要特别一点
[05:09.30]I thought you wanted to make things special. 我知道你希望这件事特别一点
[05:10.80]Oh, so nate gets the free pass, and i'm the slut? Nate就可以乱来 而我随便一点就是荡妇
[05:14.00]Tell me you didn't sleep with chuck for revenge. 告诉我你和Chuck上床不是为了报复
[05:16.90]Well, it wasn't because i like his natural musk, 总不可能是因为他的天然麝香味吧
[05:19.80]and besides, nothing hurts more than sleeping with the best friend, right, s. 而且 和他最好的朋友上床 是伤害他的最好的方法了 对吗?S
[05:24.20]Way to prove a point. 是个好办法
[05:26.40]Well, i learned from the master. 我是学了某些人的
[05:27.70]If you're sleeping with chuck, i'd say the student's become the master. 如果你和Chuck上的床 我得说你是别人向你学习了
[05:30.70]Are you jealous you didn't get to sleep with him first? 你嫉妒了? 因为你不是第一个和他上床的?
[05:34.10]There had to be somebody left on the upper east side. 上东区肯定还有别人的
[05:37.10]Blair, darling, are you going to help me at all? Blair你要过来帮手吗?
[05:40.80]Serena, do you know when your mother's arriving? Serena 你知道你妈妈什么时候到吗?
[05:44.40]She's not. 她不会到了
[05:46.10]We're not doing thanksgiving here anymore. 我们不在这过感恩节了
[05:48.10]Oh. 哦
[05:49.10]Why? 为什么?
[05:49.70]Because i uninvited them. 因为我没邀请她
[05:58.10]Happy holidays, eleanor. 节日快乐 Eleanor
[06:06.70]Mom, i know it'sy fault that we're here, but let's not get crazy. 妈妈 我知道是我的错 可我们不能乱来吧
[06:09.40]Well, i don't know what you're complaining about. 我不知道你在抱怨什么
[06:11.10]I'm just trying to provide my family with a home-cooked meal. 我只是想做一顿家常饭给我的家人
[06:14.30]You don't know how to cook. 你根本不会做饭
[06:15.70]Well, don't blame me. 不要埋怨我
[06:17.30]Talk to your sister. 怪你姐姐吧
[06:18.00]She's the one that got us exiled from the waldorfs. 是她害得我们被Waldorfs驱逐的
[06:20.50]Oh, i'm sorry. 对不起
[06:21.20]And even if you did cook, we don't have an oven. 就算你会做饭 我们也没有烤箱啊
[06:23.30]Preaching to the converted, eric. Eric 还是那个原因
[06:25.30]Look, we'll just pick up a few things and try to make do. 我们找一找 尽量用别的替代吧
[06:28.10]Like peking duck on thanksgiving. 比如感恩节北京烤鸭
[06:29.90]Not a bad idea. 这主意不错
[06:31.10]No, mom. 不行 妈妈
[06:32.20]All the other shops are closed. 其它店子都关门了
[06:33.80]There's nothing wrong with having chinese food on thanksgiving. 在感恩节吃中国菜没什么不对的
[06:36.90]What? 什么?
[06:37.40]Jews having been doing it on christmas since forever. 犹太人在圣诞节都这么吃的
[06:40.10]Look, a pumpkin. 看 南瓜
[06:41.90]Isn't this... 这是不是...
[06:43.00]This is festive, yes? 很有节日感觉 对吗?
[06:44.90]We're gonna eat a pumpkin? 我们要吃一个南瓜?
[06:48.10]Mom. 妈妈
[06:49.90]Oh. 哦
[06:52.70]So you couldn't make it past the salad, huh? 等不到上沙拉就打来了?
[06:54.40]I opened the cranberries. 我打开了酸果曼酱了
[06:55.30]My work is done. 我的任务完成了
[06:57.40]How's blair's? Blair家怎么样?
[06:58.70]Uh, i wouldn't know. 我不知道
[06:59.90]She gave me the boot. 她让我走人了
[07:01.30]Wh--she kicked you out of her house? 哇 她把你踢出门了?
[07:03.20]What happened now? 现在怎么样呢?
[07:04.60]Uh, don't ask, 别问了
[07:06.00]but the good news is, my mom is gonna slice us up a pumpkin. 但是好消息是 我妈妈要给我们做片切南瓜吃
[07:09.70]Oh, and there's duck. 哦 还有烤鸭
[07:10.80]No, no, no. 不 不 不
[07:11.50]You can't eat duck and raw pumpkin on thanksgiving. 你不能在感恩节吃烤鸭和生南瓜
[07:16.80]Uh, you know what? 这样吧
[07:18.00]I'm the guardian of vanessa's sister's van for the weekend, 我要帮Vanessa的姐妹会 照顾她们的露营车整个周末
[07:20.40]and we here at the humphrey manor have an oddly large kitchen table. 而且Humphrey家有个超级大的餐桌
[07:24.20]What are you suggesting? 你想说什么?
[07:25.40]These smell great. 这个闻起来不错
[07:26.70]Yes, so we can starve in a fragrant hotel room. 我们能饿死在一个好闻的酒店房间里恩罗
[07:29.10]We're not starving. 我们不会挨饿的
[07:30.50]Look, i got us into this mess, so i'm gonna get us out of it. 一人做事一人当
[07:33.50]Elaborate, serena. 说清楚点 Serena
[07:35.20]Thanksgiving at the humphreys. Humphreys家过感恩节
[07:37.30]Dan invited me, Dan 邀请我了
[07:38.00]and eric's friends with his sister, and his dad's really cool. Eric和他妹妹是朋友 他爸爸人很好
[07:41.20]Awesome. I'm leaving the pumpkin. 太好了 终于不用吃南瓜了
[07:42.70]What do you say, mom? 你觉得怎么样 妈妈?
[07:51.70]THANKSGIVING. 感恩节
[07:53.20]THANKSGIVING. LAST YEAR. 感恩节 去年
[07:56.80]??? 大厨 需要你帮下忙
[07:58.30]Sous-chef, you're needed. 随时候命
[07:59.30]Ready and awaiting orders. 看来我们又多了个帮手
[08:00.80]I see we have extra help. 是的 Serena和我们一起过感恩节
[08:02.20]Yes, well, serena's spending thanksgiving with us this year.
[08:05.00]Ah, the more the merrier. 太好了
[08:07.00]Happy to have you, my dear. 亲爱的 你能来太好了
[08:08.00]Whoo! 哇
[08:08.70]Yes! 太好了
[08:09.30]The canap镾 were a huge success. 南瓜派太受欢迎了
[08:12.40]I saved one for you, blair. 我给你留了一个 Blair
[08:13.80]I'm not really hungry. 我不饿
[08:16.00]Well, what does that mean, you're not really hungry? 你说什么? 你不饿?
[08:17.70]Well, i had, like, 15 of them this morning when daddy first made them. 早上爸爸刚做出来的时候 我就吃了...15个了
[08:21.20]15? 15?
[08:23.30]Serena. Serena
[08:23.90]Serena! Serena
[08:25.10]Do you think that's wise? 你觉得这样好吗?
[08:26.60]Darling, she's fine. 亲爱的 没事的
[08:27.90]She has been for two months. 她都这样整整两个月了
[08:29.80]What did the doctor say? 医生怎么说?
[08:31.60]Don't drive us crazy, okay? 别逼得大家太紧了 好吗?
[08:34.10]- So, please. - Ah, fine. - 所有 - 好吧
[08:36.50]We are going to need to set another place at the table. 我们得再加一个位置
[08:39.50]Laurel brought one of the models i'm working with. Laurel 带了一个模特来
[08:42.10]Do i know her? What's her name? 我认识吗? 叫什么?
[08:43.50]His name is roman. 他 的名字是Roman
[08:46.40]Ah.Roman. 哦 Roman
[08:48.80]Not this one, harold. 这个不行 Harold
[08:51.40]We have to work together. 我们还要一起合作呢
[08:53.50]Hey, you! 嘿
[08:55.40]- Happy thanksgiving. - You, too. - 感恩节快乐 - 你也是
[08:57.20]- Good to see you. - Want one? - 很高兴见到你 - 来一个吗?
[08:57.90]Ah, sure. 当然
[08:58.80]- Good boy. - Nate the great. - 好孩子 - Nate 最棒
[09:00.80]- So what'd i miss? - Mm, nothing. - 我错过什么了吗? - 没有
[09:02.60]You're about to witness the return of sober serena. 你将亲眼见证清醒的Serena的回归
[09:04.40]- Oh, nate! - Oh, no. - Nate - 哦 不
[09:06.90]Or maybe not. 可能还没清醒
[09:07.80]Sweetie, would you take her upstairs? 亲爱的 你能带她上楼吗?
[09:08.90]Put her in the bath before your mother gets wind of this whole situation? 带她去浴室免得你妈妈又 听到这些东西不高兴
[09:11.50]What, and leave you all alone? 留下你一个人吗?
[09:13.40]Thanksgiving is our thing. 感恩节最大
[09:15.90]Nate, will you please take care of her? Nate 你能照顾好她吗?
[09:18.00]Please? 拜托?
[09:19.00]Oh, i will. 好吧
[09:19.90]Come on. 来吧
[09:23.10]Daddy, can i help with the pumpkin pie? 爸爸 我能帮忙做南瓜派吗?
[09:24.50]Of course. 当然
[09:27.40]Thank you. 谢谢
[09:28.10]- Crush them. - Thank you very much. - 压碎他们 - 非常感谢
[09:29.10]Crush them. 压碎
[09:33.20]Caterers? 宴会承包商?
[09:36.10]What's going on here? 这是怎么回事
[09:38.10]Everyone is getting ready for our lovely dinner, 每个人都做好了准备了
[09:40.60]and you should be, too. 你也该开始打扮了
[09:42.20]Everyone except daddy. 爸爸还没来
[09:43.50]Where is he? 他在哪?
[09:45.50]I thought you knew. 我想你清楚
[09:47.30]Knew what? 清楚什么?
[09:49.20]Your father isn't coming. 你父亲不回来了
[09:51.00]He didn't tell you? 他没告诉你吗?
[09:54.20]He decided to stay in paris. 他决定待在巴黎
[09:56.40]He's got either too much work, or roman is too much work. 不是他有太多工作 就是Romen有太多工作了
[09:59.80]Who knows? 谁知道呢
[10:00.90]I-i don't understand. 我 我没弄懂
[10:01.80]If he wasn't coming, why wouldn't he just call me and tell me himself? 如果他不来了 为什么不自己打电话告诉我呢?
[10:04.30]Darling, you should know by now 亲爱的 你早该知道了
[10:05.10]that your father is not a fan of the difficult conversation. 你父亲不喜欢这种不愉快的谈话
[10:08.60]Now why don't you run along and change into something a little more... 为什么不上楼去 换一件比较...
[10:12.30]Enchanting? 迷人的衣服?
[10:15.90]That's good. 太好了
[10:23.00]Are you sure you don't want us to stay with you? 你真的不要我们留下了陪你吗?
[10:24.80]Yeah, we don't want to leave you, mom, if you don't feel well. 妈妈如果你不舒服 我们不想留下你一个人
[10:27.10]Oh, no. 哦 不
[10:27.60]You kids have fun. 你们玩的开心点
[10:29.10]I don't have an appetite anyway. 反正我也没有胃口
[10:31.80]Oh, hold on a second. 等等
[10:32.70]That must be dan. 肯定是Dan
[10:35.80]Hey! 嘿
[10:37.00]- Room service. - Oh. - 客房服务 - 哦
[10:37.90]Oh, no, no, no, no, sir. 不 不 不 先生
[10:38.70]You have the wrong room. 你肯定弄错房间了
[10:39.70]Oh, no, you're early. 哦 不 你来早了
[10:42.20]I lied. 我撒谎了
[10:42.90]Mom. 妈妈
[10:46.10]All i care about is that you two are together. 我只希望你们两姐弟能在一起
[10:48.60]I don't want to be an imposition. 我不想做个不速之客
[10:50.30]No. 不
[10:51.70]Man with van, at your service. 尊敬的阁下 为你服务
[10:54.00]- Hey. - Hey. - 嘿 - 嘿
[10:57.40]Uh, bold choice of attire, mrs.Van der woodsen, 大胆的穿衣品味Van der woodsen太太
[11:00.00]unless it's what they're wearing on the runway these days. 除了最近河道上那些家伙也这么穿
[11:01.70]No, my mom sicked out because she didn't want to be imposing. 不是 妈妈假装生病了 因为不想打扰你们
[11:04.40]You know what? 其实
[11:05.00]I am fine just curling up and reading a good book. 我真的想一个人躺着看本小说
[11:07.60]But you're supposed to be with your family on thanksgiving. 可感恩节应该和家人在一起的
[11:09.30]Yeah, and nicholas sparks is hardly family. 可Nicholas Sparks实在算不上家人
[11:15.60]I'm not taking no for an answer. 我不接受你的拒绝
[11:16.70]In fact, i'm not even asking. 事实上 我没打算问你
[11:17.80]You are coming with us. 你必须得来
[11:19.30]I'm adult-napping you. 我是来绑架你的
[11:20.80]Fine, just stop talking, 好了 别说了
[11:23.40]and i'll get ready. 我去准备
[11:26.30]Make it snappy. I'm double-parked. 快点 我占了两个车位
[11:28.20]Thanks. 谢谢
[11:29.50]Hey, rufus humphrey. Rufus Humphrey
[11:30.30]Leave a message, and i'll get back to you. 留下你的口讯 我会及时回电话的
[11:32.60]Rufus, it's lily. Rufus 我是Lily
[11:34.30]Um, your very persistent son insisted that i join you for dinner. 你儿子很固执 一定要我去吃饭
[11:39.80]I want to remind you that my kids do not know that we are friendly, 我想提醒你 孩子们不知道我们的朋友关系
[11:43.60]and i would like to keep it that way. 而我也不想让他们知道
[11:46.10]That said... 那么...
[11:48.30]I look forward to seeing you. 很期待见到你
[11:53.60]How could he just blow me off? 他怎么能这么对我呢?
[11:55.70]??? 感恩节是我们最大的快乐
[11:57.40]?? 他居然连个电话都没打?
[11:58.80]??? 打个电话能有多难?
[12:01.30]?? Blair小姐 也许你该打个电话给你爸爸
[12:06.10]??? 也许他会告诉你真相
[12:09.30]?? 真相?
[12:11.80]??? 关于巴黎的
[12:25.20]?? 味道不错
[12:27.60]??? 还好这家店还开着门
[12:29.60]??E waldorfs at the last minute. 因为最后一分钟才被Waldorfs剔出名单 我不得不匆忙准备
[12:38.60]Just like i was asked to step down from the committee for the snowflake ball, 就像我被要求退出雪花球俱乐部
[12:42.00]and how i wasn't asked back to the lincoln center foundation. 没有受到林肯中心基金的二次会面一样
[12:45.10]I thought at least, your father's lawyer might join us for dessert. 我想最后你父亲的律师会和 我们一起吃甜点
[12:47.20]Mom, stop. 妈妈 够了
[12:48.70]You were all for acting like nothing was wrong until it landed on you. 当你们不得不完全面对这些事之前 你们假装什么都没有发生
[12:51.00]Nate. Nate
[12:51.50]I forgot to call the bail bondsman. 我忘了打给保释官了
[12:52.60]Maybe he has nowhere to go. 也许他也没地方可去
[12:53.80]Mom, no one is more mad than i am, 妈妈 没人比我更气恼了
[12:55.20]but this is not the right way. 可这样做有什么意义
[12:56.20]Nathaniel, i don't need you to fight this fight for me. Nathaniel 我不需要你维护我
[13:08.30]Where do you think you're going? 你要去哪?
[13:09.40]Anywhere but here. 除了这哪都行
[13:22.60]Thank you. 谢谢
[13:23.30]What's taking dan and serena so long? Dan and Serena怎么去了这么久?
[13:24.60]Hey, we're here. 嘿 我们到了
[13:25.60]There you are. 终于来了
[13:26.50]You're lucky you made it while the turkey's still hot. 你们该庆幸活鸡还是热的
[13:28.50]Mom, this is serena, and this is her brother eric. 妈妈 这是Serena 这是她弟弟Eric
[13:31.00]It is so nice to meet you both. 很高兴见到你们俩
[13:32.60]- It's nice to meet you, too. - Nice to meet you. - 很高兴见到你 - 您好
[13:33.90]Hi. 这是她母亲 Lily
[13:34.60]And this is their mother, lily.
[13:41.30]Happy thanksgiving. 感恩节快乐
[13:48.70]just in time, THANKSGIVING.LAST YEAR. 真及时
[13:49.40]but i thought you were gonna bring pie. THANKSGIVING.LAST YEAR. 你不是说买好派了吗?
[13:51.20]I did, but it kinda got run over by a taxi, 是买了 不过被出租车压碎了
[13:54.10]uh, as i was trying to help this girl stay out of traffic. 我把一个女孩拉出车流的时候弄丢了派
[13:56.30]Ah, well, who needs dessert when we have a real-life hero in our midst? 能用一个派换来现实生活中的英雄 真划得来
[13:59.50]Your brother just saved a girl. 你哥哥刚救了一个女孩
[14:00.80]I thought you needed to be near a girl for that to happen. 我以为你得先接近某个女孩
[14:03.60]Not just any girl. 不是某个女孩
[14:05.00]The girl. 那个女孩
[14:05.50]Oh, the blonde you stalk at school? 学校那个你喜欢的金发女孩?
[14:06.90]Just the one. 就是她
[14:07.70]A thing for blondes. 喜欢金发?
[14:08.80]You are your father's son. 真像你爸爸
[14:10.70]Not just any blonde. 不是所有的金发
[14:12.50]Apparently, i like the ones who get drunk on thanksgiving and almost die. 很明显 我喜欢的是在感恩节都醉 得像个死人一样的金发女孩
[14:15.80]Well, your dad liked 'em dangerous and troubled, too, so... 你爸爸也喜欢危险又麻烦的 所有...
[14:18.60]You were dangerous? 你很危险?
[14:19.80]Who said i was talking about me? 谁说我在说自己了?
[14:21.80]Well, i didn't realize there was anyone else. 我不知道原来还有别人
[14:25.70]Well, it is so nice to meet you. 见到你很高兴
[14:28.40]Alison. Alison
[14:29.90]Right, it's nice to meet you, too. 见到你也很高兴
[14:31.90]- Lily, was it? - Yes. - Lily 对吗? - 是的
[14:35.30]Well, i'm just gonna take these coats and put them in, um, dan's room. 我把这些外套放到... Dan的房间
[14:40.50]Uh, you know what? It's okay. 哦 没关系
[14:41.60]I've got them. 我来就好
[14:43.80]Oh. 哦
[14:46.20]Oh, thank you. 谢谢
[14:48.40]Okay, eric and jenny, napkin duty. Eric and Jenny 负责摆桌布
[14:50.80]Serena and dan, i want every water glass filled, Serena 和Dan 把每个杯子都倒满
[14:52.70]and every candle you can find lit. 每根蜡烛都点亮
[14:55.00]I am sorry. 很抱歉
[14:55.90]- I did not know that you were-- - back? - 我不知道你-- - 回来了?
[14:58.50]Well, i am. 我回来了
[15:01.20]And why would you know? 你怎么会知道?
[15:02.80]Well, dan never mentioned it when he invited me. Dan邀请我的时候没跟我提起这个
[15:07.00]I called. 我打过电话
[15:08.20]I didn't hear the phone. 我没听到
[15:11.70]You know what? 好吧
[15:12.70]It's fine. 没事
[15:14.20]It's fine. Let's just have a great time. 好吧 好好享受
[15:15.90]- This holiday's about sharing. - Right. - 这是个有关分享的节日 - 太对了
[15:17.30]And if you don't mind, um, could we not share too much? 如果你不介意的话 我们能不能不要了解太多?
[15:20.70]I haven't exactly told my kids about my past. 我还没跟我孩子说起过我的过去
[15:23.10]Well... 好吧...
[15:25.30]Our past. 我们的过去
[15:26.30]Hey, turkey's almost room temp, guys. 火鸡差不多好了
[15:28.40]Come on down. 快过来
[15:29.70]You grab the mashed. 你拿土豆泥
[15:35.90]I got that. 我拿那个
[15:39.10]Happy thanksgiving. 感恩节快乐
[15:53.30]Blair... Blair...
[15:54.60]You haven't touched your food. 饭菜还没动过
[15:56.90]Come on, darling. What has gotten into you? 亲爱的 被什么困扰了?
[16:00.10]Well, i was going to wait till after dinner, 我在等晚宴结束
[16:02.80]but i guess now is as good a time as any. 我猜现在差不多了
[16:06.90]Did you call daddy and say that i didn't want to see him this thanksgiving? 你有没有打电话和父亲说 我不想在感恩节看到他?
[16:09.20]Of course not. 当然没有
[16:11.00]What a ridiculous accusation. 多荒谬的指责
[16:13.10]So you didn't tell him that i was so angry at him for leaving, 你没和他说 我对于他的离开有多气愤
[16:15.60]that i didn't even want to talk to him today? 我今天都不想和他说话?
[16:20.10]You had no right to uninvite him. 你没有权力不邀请他
[16:22.40]When are you gonna get it through your head? 你什么时候有这种想法?
[16:24.80]- He left us. - He didn't leave us. - 他离开了我们 - 他不是离开我们
[16:27.10]- He left you. - That's enough. -而是你 -够了
[16:33.10]That's enough. 不要说了
[16:35.30]If you want to take this up with me, 如果你想和我谈这事
[16:37.00]we can discuss it later, after our guests have left. 等客人们都走了之后 我们再谈
[16:39.80]Right now you either eat or you leave the table. 现在你要么继续吃饭要么别呆在这儿
[16:42.20]I told you, i'm not hungry. 我说过了 我不饿
[16:45.40]Or maybe dessert will change your mind. 也许你可以试试甜点
[16:48.40]Where is daddy's pie? 老爸的派呢?
[16:51.20]I don't see his pumpkin pie. 我没看见他的南瓜饼
[16:52.40]Well, there were so many delicious choices coming from the caterer, 餐厅有这么多美味可供选择
[16:55.30]we just sent that one down to the doorman. 我们只是把它给了门卫
[16:58.20]What is thanksgiving after all, hmm? 这就是感恩节的意义啊?
[17:02.20]Now choose one of those amazing desserts. 现在随便选一款点心
[18:18.50]So, uh, mrs.Van der woodsen, Van der woodsen小姐
[18:20.40]um, what were thanksgivings like when you were growing up? 你小时的感恩节是什么样的?
[18:22.70]Serena said you were raised in california? Serena 说你是在加州长大的?
[18:24.20]Oh, i grew up on a little ranch in montecito. 我在montecito的一个小农场长大
[18:26.90]I didn't know there were little ranches. 我不知道那边还有小农场
[18:28.30]There aren't. 现在可没有了
[18:35.80]??? 有点失礼 但我得接个电话
[18:37.50]Yeah, sure. 当然
[18:39.30]Hey, we're right in the middle of di-- 嗨 我们正在--
[18:42.60]yeah. 好的
[18:43.20]O-of course. I'm on my way. 当然 我马上过来
[18:45.10]What's up? 怎么了?
[18:46.10]I'm sorry, but i have to go. 很抱歉 但必须要出去一趟
[18:47.60]Is everything all right? 没事吧?
[18:48.80]No, but, um, it will be, i hope. 没事 恩 我但愿没事
[18:50.80]I'm sorry. 很抱歉
[18:51.40]I can't really say more, but it's nothing about us. 我不能多说 但与我们之间无关
[18:53.70]Okay. 好吧
[18:54.30]I was having a lot of fun, though. 我已经很开心了
[18:55.20]All right. 好
[18:56.60]Bye. 再见
[18:59.40]I'm sorry, mom. I have to go. 老妈 很抱歉 我要走了
[19:00.40]Oh, of course. 好的
[19:01.10]You're such a good friend. 你朋友做的很够格
[19:02.60]Look, um, i hope you don't mind, but my daughter has to go. 我希望你们不介意 我女儿有事要走
[19:05.20]Do you need to go with her? 你需要陪她去吗?
[19:06.20]No, no, no, mom. Stay. 不用不用 待着
[19:07.10]Have fun, please. 玩的开心
[19:08.80]Thanks, guys. 谢啦
[19:09.70]It was nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你
[19:12.30]Is she gonna be okay? 她没事吧?
[19:14.00]Yeah, uh, yeah. 没事
[19:14.80]I don't think it has anything to do with her, 我想应该和她没关
[19:16.50]but, um, you were talking about your ranch. 你刚刚说到你的牧场
[19:19.10]Did you have any horses? 养马吗?
[19:20.20]Yes, i had a few. 我养过一些
[19:22.10]Um, i had my own, rosewood. 我自己有一匹叫rosewood
[19:24.40]My dad has a song called "rosewood." 我父亲写过首歌也叫"rosewood"
[19:25.80]oh, but no, not that rosewood. 噢 不是指同一个
[19:27.00]I completely forgot about that song. 我完全忘记了那首歌
[19:28.90]Yeah, it's about my mom. 那首歌是关于我妈妈的
[19:29.90]You know, 'cause she had this perfume that she always wore. 因为她总是用那个香水
[19:31.70]- And it was rose and... - Sandalwood. - 是 rose... - Sandalwood (rose Sandalwood香水牌子)
[19:33.00]Sandalwood. Sandalwood
[19:33.70]It was like her own personal scent. 就好像她自身散发的味道
[19:36.10]I'm a fool. 我真是个傻瓜
[19:37.80]You're not a fool. 不是
[19:48.10]Um, raise your hand if you're over 30 and acting really weird right now. 过30的人举手 现在你们事实上都表现怪异
[19:53.10]I'm sorry, alison. 很抱歉 Alison
[19:54.40]I never told rufus about that horse. 我从没和Rufus谈论过那匹马
[19:56.60]So i'm sure it's just a coincidence. 我想一定是巧合
[19:59.10]Wait a minute here. 等下
[20:01.00]Why are you talking like you know each other? 为什么你们谈论起来的样子好像早就认识?
[20:04.40]Do you two know each other? 你们认识吗?
[20:10.70]Uh, we kinda did know each other, a long, long time ago. 我们很久以前确实认识
[20:13.70]What? 什么?
[20:14.80]Know each other how? 怎么认识的?
[20:23.70]Oh, my god. 天呢
[20:27.40]This is unbelievable. 难以置信
[20:28.20]You know what? I need some air. 我要出去透透气
[20:29.40]Don't follow me. 别跟来
[20:37.20]You have a lot of explaining to do. 看来你要做许多解释
[20:39.30]Mom, wait. 妈 等等
[20:41.80]May we please be excused? 我们可以失陪下吗?
[20:43.20]Yeah, sure. 嗯 当然
[21:02.90]Watch it. Come on.Come on.Come on. 来看看 快点 快点
[21:04.80]I don't want a bath. THANKSGIVING.LAST YEAR. 我不想洗澡 去年感恩节
[21:05.60]Oh, too bad. THANKSGIVING.LAST YEAR. 噢 太糟了
[21:06.70]Blair's direct orders. THANKSGIVING.LAST YEAR. Blair下达的命令
[21:08.10]- Blair's not the boss of me. - Sit. - Blair又不是我的头 - 坐下
[21:09.80]Oh, are you new here? 你是新来的吗?
[21:10.70]'Cause blair's the boss of all of us. Blair是我们所有人的头
[21:13.30]Oh, seriously, serena, you smell like the floor of a brewery. 说真的Serena 你问起来就像酿酒厂的地板
[21:15.90]- I do not. - Yes, you do. - 我才不是呢 - 你就是
[21:18.90]Oh, my god. Yes, i do. 天呐 我真的是
[21:21.90]Yeah. 恩
[21:22.50]Brewery floor with a hint of secondhand smoke? 酿酒厂地板另带二手烟的味道?
[21:27.50]And a pint of old spice. 还有点辛辣
[21:28.80]- Whoa. - I totally need a bath. - 哇 - 看来我要好好洗下
[21:30.20]Yeah, deal with it. 恩 快点
[21:32.00]Please. 快
[21:32.70]Blair's a bossy genius. Blair是控制欲很强的天才
[21:34.60]Oh, yes, she is. 恩 她确实是
[21:38.10]So what about you? 你呢?
[21:39.30]What about me? 我?
[21:40.00]I don't smell like an ashtray. 我闻起来可不像烟灰缸 (ashtray烟灰缸)
[21:41.20]But you look like an ass tray. 但你看起来很糟糕的盘子 (S把ashtray变换成ass tray来开玩笑)
[21:44.30]Hey, serena. Serena
[21:44.90]Stop, stop, stop. 停下 停下
[21:46.00]Stop, serena. 停下 Serena.
[21:47.40]Serena, stop. Serena 别玩了
[21:48.10]What's wrong with you? 你干吗啊?
[21:50.00]Oh. Ow.
[21:53.40]Aah!Go away! 走开!
[21:54.60]Oh, what, what, what, what, what? 噢 怎么了?
[21:55.80]- You started it, dude. - You started it. - 你先开始的 - 是你先开始的
[21:57.60]Oh! - 怎么了? - 快停下!
[21:58.20]- What? - Stop it! 你们怎么回事啊?
[21:59.40]What are you guys doing?
[22:09.90]My hair! 我头发!
[22:15.80]I got you both! 我抓住你们俩了!
[22:17.40]I'm king of the world. 我是世界之王
[22:18.80]I'm king of the world! 我是世界之王!
[22:49.60]Hey, it's me. 嘿 是我
[23:00.70]I didn't mean for it to happen. 不是我想让这发生的
[23:13.80]I didn't see your dad downstairs. 我在楼下没看到你父亲
[23:19.90]My mother just decides everything, you know? 什么事都是我妈做决定 知道吗?
[23:23.80]Everything in the world is just totally up to her. 大大小小的事都由着她
[23:28.40]I know. 我知道
[23:36.30]Hey, why don't we get out of here? 我们出去透透气?
[23:39.10]I'm not going back to that party. 我不要回到派对那边
[23:41.30]No, i mean, outta here, outta here. 我们不去那儿 出去走走
[23:43.20]Out of this apartment, to a place a little more sane. 离开这里 去外面更正常点的地方
[23:49.60]Any place would qualify. 任何离开这里的地方都行
[23:57.80]So you actually threatened lily van der woodsen with physical violence? 你真的用暴力威胁Lily
[24:01.80]Mom, you are a badass. 老妈 你可真够糟的
[24:04.00]Yeah, well, what can i say? 是啊 我还能说什么呢?
[24:05.40]I was younger then and wearing steel-toed boots. 我当时太年轻 当时还穿着钢趾靴
[24:08.80]No, no. 没有拉
[24:09.90]No, we never actually came to blows. 我们没有动真格
[24:12.00]I focused on transforming my anger into art. 后来我化悲愤到我的艺术创作中
[24:16.50]I made some collages. 交了一些工作伙伴
[24:17.80]I wrote a trilogy of 1-act plays about her, 我为一部戏剧写了有关她的三部曲
[24:20.00]named the character milly, to try to be, you know, subtle. 主人公取名叫Milly 为了你知道更巧妙些
[24:24.10]It's clever. 聪明
[24:29.00]So what was so bad about her? 她到底有哪些劣迹呢?
[24:30.10]And i mean aside from the superior fluttering eyelids and punishing sarcasm. 我指除了她居高临下魅惑的眼神 和指责性的挖苦
[24:35.50]Well, uh, she was your dad's first great love, 她是你父亲第一次轰轰烈烈的对象
[24:40.10]as she liked to remind me every chance she got. 每次看到她好像都提醒着我她的过去
[24:44.50]It's kind of hard to compete with that. 所以很难和她竞争
[24:54.10]You've uh, been in here for a half-hour. 你已经在这儿待了半个小时了
[24:56.30]Yeah, well, not nearly enough time to fathom 恩 但时间还不够长让我想明白
[24:58.00]how you allowed me to walk into this situation. 看看你是怎么让我走进这种窘境的
[25:00.50]Allowed you? Th-- 我让你?
[25:03.10]you were the last person i expected to come through my front door today. 今天你是我最不想看到来这儿的
[25:06.00]Yeah, well, at the very least, 是啊 但你至少
[25:07.30]you knew that serena would come home 知道Serena会来
[25:08.60]and tell me all about the wonderful thanksgiving she had with dan, his father, oh, and his mother. 然后告诉我所有她和Dan 他父亲 还有他母亲在感恩节上的趣事
[25:14.50]Is this really how you think i deserve to find out? 这真的就是你认为我应该知道的吗?
[25:18.80]I don't know what i do or do not owe you. 我不知道我欠你的 不欠你的
[25:23.00]I mean, we haven't actually defined what we are to each other. 我指我们并没有真正定义过我们之间的关系
[25:30.70]Well, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to do it. 也许现在是定义的最好时刻
[25:33.40]But, lily... 但是Lily...
[25:35.80]These past few weeks have... 这过去的数周已经...
[25:40.30]Have been what? 已经怎么了?
[25:45.80]You can't even say it, can you? 你都说不出来 是吗?
[25:47.80]I can, but i shouldn't. 我可以 但我不应该这么说
[25:55.10]Look, for better, for worse, you're one of my oldest friends. 听着 无论如何 你都是我时间最长的朋友之一
[25:59.70]Oldest friends? 老朋友?
[26:01.70]That's certainly not how it felt when you kissed me at eleanor's party. 你现在已经不是 当初在Eleanor派队上吻我的你了
[26:05.90]What? 什么?
[26:10.20]Alison, honey... Alison 亲爱的...
[26:12.60]Dan, will you go and... Dan 你能不能先去...
[26:14.00]Uh, check on jenny and eric. 去看看Jenny和Eric
[26:16.70]Yeah. 好
[26:25.10]Mom, where's dad? 妈 老爸呢?
[26:25.90]How dare you do that. 你怎么敢那么做
[26:27.00]Leave in the middle of thanksgiving dinner? 在感恩节的晚宴中途离开?
[26:29.20]I need to talk to dad. 我要和父亲谈下
[26:30.70]Dad? 爸?
[26:32.50]Dad? 爸?
[26:33.80]Oh, my god. 天呐
[26:34.40]Dad. 老爸
[26:35.60]Mom, call 9-1-1. 妈 快拨9-1-1
[26:37.00]Hurry! 赶快!
[26:38.00]Dad, please, wake up. 爸 求你 快点醒过来
[26:38.90]Dad! 爸!
[26:40.30]Dorita. Dorita
[26:42.80]THANKSGIVING. 去年感恩节
[26:44.10]Easy. THANKSGIVING.LAST YEAR. 慢点
[26:45.60]- Take a seat, honey. - Oh, goodness. - 坐下 亲爱的 - 哦 我的天
[26:46.70]Oh, how do i smell now? 我现在闻起来怎么样?
[26:48.20]Uh, you smell fantastic, 你闻起来很好
[26:49.60]but you might not wanna keep asking people that. 但你最好别一直这么问别人
[26:51.60]Serena, you look wonderful. Serena 你看起来棒极了
[26:52.90]That shirt was made for you. 那件衬衫是给你的
[26:53.90]Actually, it was made for you. 事实上 是给你的
[26:55.10]Well, i knew there was a reason i liked it. 我知道我有理由喜欢它
[26:57.20]Yours, too, i see. 好吧 也是你的
[26:58.30]And mine. 和我的
[26:59.00]- No, no, no, no. - Oh, no, no, no. - 不 不 - 噢 不行
[27:00.80]Would you help me with the potatoes? 你帮我拿下土豆?
[27:02.30]Yes. 好
[27:05.80]Don't tell me it's a big deal. 别跟我说很重要
[27:07.20]I'm well aware of the stakes. 我很清楚意识到风险所在
[27:08.70]Hey.Who's dad talking to? 爸在和谁通话?
[27:09.70]What now? 什么 现在?
[27:10.30]The office. 办公室
[27:10.80]Something about that deal with the dutch company. 这笔买卖和荷兰公司有关
[27:12.90]So it looks like i'll have to slip out for a few minutes. 看来我必须要消失一会儿了
[27:15.30]Dad, it's a holiday. 爸 今天是节日
[27:16.10]Not in amsterdam. 阿姆斯特丹不是 (阿姆斯特丹在荷兰)
[27:17.40]Well, we are in america. 我们现在可是在美国
[27:18.80]Tell them it will wait till tomorrow. 告诉他们明天再去
[27:20.10]Sweetheart, i don't want to go. 亲爱的 我也不想
[27:21.30]I have to. 但我不得不去
[27:24.30]I brought this deal in, 我已经买下了这笔
[27:25.80]but if meltzer closes it without me, i don't get the commission. 如果Meltzer没把我算进去就卖出了 我就拿不到佣金了
[27:28.90]Forget the commission. 忘了佣金
[27:29.50]I'll write you a check myself. 我会开张支票给你
[27:31.30]Sit. We're just about to eat. 坐下来 我们马上要开饭了
[27:33.60]I think i just lost my appetite. 我想我没胃口了
[27:50.60]Your father and his headaches. 你父亲还有他的那些头痛事
[27:52.20]Give the man some gravy. 给他些意外之财吧
[27:53.10]Probably took the vicodin and forgot. 也许吃点vicodin就忘记了 (vicodin一种药)
[27:56.40]Had some whiskey, and the next thing you know-- 喝些威士忌 接下来你知道--
[27:58.20]mom, seriously, did you hear anything the doctor said? 妈 说真的 你听到医生说什么了吗?
[28:00.60]With what he took, he could have cured 30 headaches. 根据他所服下的 爸可能吃了30粒头痛片
[28:04.70]Mom, he's got a problem, and ignoring it almost killed him. 妈 爸出问题了 再忽视的话就有可能杀了他
[28:07.30]Oh, no. 不
[28:08.70]This is not my fault. 这可不是我的错
[28:10.70]I'm not blaming anybody. 我没怪任何人
[28:11.70]You can blame whoever you want, just not me. 你谁都可以责怪 除了我
[28:13.40]All i'm guilty of is trying to make his life easier. 我所愧疚的就是想要让他的生活更容易
[28:15.50]Easier? 更容易?
[28:17.00]You've made his life impossible. 你让他无法生活了
[28:18.40]What do you mean? 什么意思?
[28:19.60]He's had everything he ever wanted just handed to him. 我给了他所有他想要的东西
[28:22.70]My father set him up with his own firm. 你爷爷自立根生创建了自己的企业
[28:24.20]He gave us the house that we live in, the hamptons, the boat. 他给了我们现在住的房子 酒店和船
[28:27.00]He's never had to earn a dime, 他没有挣过一分钱
[28:28.00]and how do you think that's working out for him, mom, huh? 难道你认为这样做对父亲来说就是好的吗 妈 是吗?
[28:31.40]Wake up! 醒醒!
[28:33.80]All he had to do was sit behind a desk, 他能做的就是坐在桌后
[28:35.80]put on a suit and not get arrested, 穿上衣服以免被捕
[28:37.70]and he couldn't manage to do that. 而他还做不到
[28:39.50]You want me to give him more responsibility in the family? 你想让我在家里更照顾他?
[28:47.10]Look, i don't know what the answer is, 听着 我不知道答案是什么
[28:48.80]but we can't keep going on like this, or else we'll lose him. 我们不能再这么继续了 否则就会失去他
[28:54.10]Excuse me. 不好意思
[28:55.30]Sorry to interrupt, but mr.Archibald is awake. 打扰了 Archibald先生现在醒了
[28:58.30]He was asking for you. 他要你们过去
[28:59.30]- Thank you. - You're welcome. - 谢谢 - 不客气
[29:05.20]I'll go see how he's doing. 我去看看他怎么了
[29:06.70]No. 不
[29:07.80]I will. 我去
[29:17.00]I'm not saying you're overreacting per se, 我没再说你反应过激
[29:18.60]just having a reaction that is above and beyond what is appropriate. 只是稍微有点激动
[29:20.90]I have been killing myself trying to make upfor what happened in hudson. 我已经很努力地为在hudson发生的一切作补偿
[29:23.30]Which is not an overreaction, i might add. 我想要补充下这不是反应过激
[29:24.70]And then i find out that the two of you are making out at theme parties? 然后我发现你们俩在化妆舞会约会?
[29:27.70]Oh, it was hardly making out, and there is an explanation. 那不是约会 我要解释
[29:31.20]Hey, guys. I'm back, and i... 我回来了 我...
[29:32.20]Brought...Blair. 带来了...Blair
[29:35.80]Wow. 尴尬了
[29:36.90]Weird vibe.
[29:39.00]Okay. 好吧
[29:40.60]Where's dan? Dan在哪儿?
[29:43.10]There's no chance we're related, right? 我们不可能有血缘关系吧?
[29:44.30]Oh, look at eric's roots. 看Eric的后脑勺
[29:45.30]What do you mean? 怎么了?
[29:45.90]What's wrong with my roots? 我后脑勺怎么了?
[29:46.80]They're kind of rufus-like. 看上去像Rufus
[29:48.40]Hey. Serena和Blair
[29:49.10]Serena and blair.
[29:50.70]Blair? Blair?
[29:51.90]Yeah, it's me. 恩 是我
[29:53.10]Explanation to follow, 给我解释下
[29:53.80]but first, what's going on with our parents? 我们父母都怎么了?
[29:56.10]Oh, uh, our dad dated your mom. 我们的父亲曾经和你母亲约会过
[29:58.00]Yeah, we're not related, though. 尽管我们没有血缘关系
[29:59.10]What? 什么?
[29:59.60]Ignore my roots. 别在意我的后脑勺
[30:01.40]Wait. Wait.What? 等等 什么?
[30:03.20]You know what's really weird? 真是奇怪?
[30:05.00]There's a garage door in the middle of your room. 你房间中间有个车库门
[30:08.80]Oh. 那是Cedric?
[30:09.60]Is that cedric?
[30:11.40]Wow.This day just got a lot worse. 今天有点糟糕
[30:12.60]Hold on. 等一下
[30:13.10]How serious were they--our parents? 有多严重 爸妈们?
[30:14.80]Uh, i think it's safe to say that they have had sex. 应该上过床
[30:17.90]Oh. 不不
[30:18.80]No, no, no. 不 我晕了
[30:19.50]No, i'm gonna faint. 重复一遍 我们没血缘关系
[30:20.40]To repeat, we are not related.
[30:22.30]She was a groupie, and he was almost famous. 那时候他很出名 她是歌迷
[30:24.30]Suddenly, my family seems so sane. 突然感觉我家算正常的了
[30:26.60]This is too much to handle on an empty stomach. 空着肚子想这些真受不了
[30:28.60]Well, we're not going back out there, so... 不能回那去 那...
[30:30.40]Well, can we leave here then, please? 出门吧?
[30:32.50]Escape. 逃离
[30:33.20]I don't know. Maybe eat? 不知道 去吃点东西?
[30:36.10]Well, that's why they call it a fire escape. 逃离火灾现场
[30:37.50]I think we're splitting hairs here, rufus. Rufus 我们没说到重点
[30:39.10]An emotional affair is just as bad as a--as a physical one. 感情跟身体同样重要
[30:41.80]Oh, please, nobody's buying that. 没人相信
[30:43.30]Emotional affairs are necessary to keep a marriage alive. 是感情让婚姻保鲜的
[30:45.70]And how many times have you been divorced? 你离婚几次了?
[30:47.20]Alison, this is not about lily. Alison 这跟Lily没关系
[30:49.30]This is about you and me. 是你我之间的
[30:50.10]Exactly, 没错
[30:51.10]and if we're gonna have any chance, then she can't be here. 如果我们要继续 她就不能在这
[30:53.40]What, for thanksgiving? 什么 感恩节吗?
[30:55.30]Or ever? 还是永远?
[30:58.30]Oh, you can't be serious. 开玩笑吧
[30:59.70]I am. 说真的
[31:01.50]Look, i have made mistakes, and i know that, 我是犯过错 我知道
[31:04.70]but if she's in your life, you're never gonna get over her. 但如果她在你生活里 你不可能放的下
[31:07.50]Alison. Alison
[31:08.10]This is it, rufus, okay? 就是这样 Rufus 好吗
[31:09.50]If you wanna make this work, then you have to make a choice. 想继续 你得做出选择
[31:22.70]Mom, is such a hypocrite, and all these years, she's been riding me about my behavior. 妈妈一直是个伪君子 还来指点我的行为
[31:26.70]And here she's just mad at you for being her. 甚至因为你像她而生气
[31:28.30]And all this time, my dad has been giving me this advice based on this girl he dated. 一直以来 爸爸都给我建议
[31:32.10]This girl--"a lot like serena. 他说以前女朋友 很象Serena
[31:33.90]" it's her mom. 那是她妈妈
[31:34.60]When you think about it, it makes total sense that your mom was a groupie. 想起来 你妈妈是个歌迷
[31:36.90]I mean, only a woman that had completely satisfied her sexual appetite in her youth 我是说 一个女人在年轻时完全满足了性欲
[31:40.10]would ever marry your stepdads. 才有可能嫁给你继父
[31:42.10]- Blair, can we not talk about mom's appetite? - Yeah. - Blair能不谈妈妈的欲望吗? - 好的
[31:43.70]Or who-- or who satisfied it. 还有谁满足的她
[31:45.10]It's just... 只是...
[31:45.70]So... 太...
[31:46.40]Gross. 恶心了
[31:47.10]Yeah. 是
[31:49.90]Hi. 嗨
[31:51.00]Hey, mom. 妈妈
[31:52.40]Is everything okay? 一切好吗?
[31:54.80]Yeah. 是的
[31:57.10]Do you--do you wanna go home? 想回家吗?
[31:58.10]We could call a car. 我们帮你叫车
[31:59.10]Oh, no, not yet. 还不想
[32:00.50]Um, i need fries. 我要吃薯条
[32:02.30]Excuse me. 不好意思
[32:03.10]Could i get some french fries? 给我来份薯条?
[32:04.40]And just keep 'em coming. 拿过来
[32:06.10]Sure. Coming right up. 好的 马上到
[32:09.30]Uh, we should-- jenny and i should probably head back to the loft. 我们应该 Jenny 和我该回去了
[32:13.70]I'm gonna go, too. 我也该走了
[32:15.00]Leave you guys alone. 让你们单独呆呆
[32:20.30]S. S.
[32:22.30]Thank you for today. 今天谢谢了
[32:25.90]The sandwich was delicious. 三明治很好吃
[32:27.30]I'm calling dr.Sherman tomorrow. 我明天给Sherman打电话
[32:31.90]- Bye. - Bye. - 再见 - 再见
[32:40.10]Is that really necessary, mom? 有必要吗 妈妈?
[32:41.90]From what i hear, you have been in places far dirtier than this. 据我所知 你呆过比这脏得多的地方
[32:47.00]Well... 好了...
[32:48.80]Please. 求你了
[32:51.80]Try spending nine hours with jane's addiction on the ohio turnpike. 在高速上跟Jane Addiction呆9个钟头 (摇滚歌手)
[32:57.60]Then we'll talk about dirty. 谈谈脏的部分
[33:01.20]Okay. 好
[33:05.20]See you later, waldorf. 再见 Waldorf
[33:10.90]So, uh, so today was not boring. 今天还挺有趣
[33:13.30]No. 是的
[33:15.00]I never should have asked mom to come home, 我不该叫妈妈回来
[33:18.30]but i didn't see this coming. 我没预见到
[33:20.30]Who could've? 谁能?
[33:21.20]Don't worry about it. 别担心了
[33:23.10]It's so weird to think that our parents had lives before us, you know? 想着他们在我们之前 有自己的生活很奇怪
[33:25.70]I know, or that they had lives before each other, huh? 或者是他们在彼此之前也都有段故事?
[33:30.30]Lily seemed pretty upset. Lily看起来很不安
[33:32.90]I wonder what happened while we were gone. 我想知道事情怎么样了
[33:35.30]Uh, i-i don't know, but it looks like we're about to find out. 不知道 不过看来我们很快就知道了
[33:38.90]Hey! 嘿!
[33:39.50]Who's in the mood for a little humphrey family scrimmage? 来场Humphrey家庭球赛?
[33:41.90]What'll it be? 怎么分?
[33:42.40]Kids against the parents? 孩子对大人?
[33:43.70]Boys against the girls? 男生对女生?
[33:44.50]Oh, definitely girls against the boys because last year, 当然男对女 因为去年
[33:46.60]i got burned by dan's weak forward pass. 我被Dan软弱的传球拖累了
[33:48.50]Hey, hey, i was nursing a rotator cuff injury from aught-5. 我练了肩头肌肉
[33:52.70]Come on, mom. 走 妈妈
[33:53.30]Let's go work out our plays. 我们研究一下战术
[33:54.50]Yep. 好
[33:58.20]So, uh, dad, not that i'm-- not that i'm mad, exactly, 爸爸 我不是生气 真的
[34:01.30]but not telling me about serena's mom was extremely uncool. 但隐瞒我Serena妈妈的事情真不够意思
[34:05.60]I should've said something, i know. 我应该告诉你的
[34:08.00]And i'm sorry. 对不起
[34:08.90]Given the ick factor alone, 因为你的缘故
[34:09.90]i would say that you set my progress back by at least several months. 延误了我的计划
[34:13.40]Oh, come on. 别这样
[34:14.70]You're a humphrey man. 你是Humphrey家的男人
[34:16.40]No daughter of lily's could ever resist. Lily的女儿不可能抗拒的了
[34:19.50]How'd you leave it back there with her? 后来怎么处理的?
[34:22.30]Well, i wouldn't be expecting lil over for dinner anytime soon. Lily最近不会过来吃饭了
[34:25.80]Your mom and i need to focus on the future, not the past. 你妈妈和我应该多考虑未来 而不是过去
[34:29.30]That's a lot easier for all of us without her around. 没有她在 我们就容易的多
[34:36.50]Well... 好吧...
[34:38.10]Well, let's play with the old pigskin then. 我们打球吧
[34:50.70]Mom. 妈妈
[34:53.40]Here you are. 你在这里
[34:54.50]And here you are. 你也在这
[34:56.10]You had me worried sick. 我担心死了
[34:58.70]Blair, uh... Blair...
[35:00.80]I know i-i shouldn't have lied to you about your father. 你爸爸的事情 我不该向你撒谎
[35:05.20]That never stopped you before. 一直都是这样
[35:07.30]True. 的确
[35:08.90]But... 但是...
[35:10.50]The real truth... 真相是...
[35:13.80]Divorce papers from your father, and i'm supposed to sign them. 你爸爸寄来的离婚协议 我要签字的
[35:19.00]I haven't yet. 但还没签
[35:20.20]Mom... 妈妈...
[35:23.60]He's living in europe... 他住在欧洲...
[35:26.30]With a man. 和一个男人
[35:29.80]You can't be all that surprised that he wants a divorce. 他要离婚一点不奇怪
[35:32.70]I'm not, but what i-- what i am surprised about is how it makes me feel. 是不奇怪 但是这感觉让我
[35:41.50]He was my husband, after all. 毕竟 他是我老公
[35:46.20]My harold... 我的Harold...
[35:48.80]For almost 20 years. 快20年了
[35:53.50]I couldn't face him... 我不能面对他...
[35:57.00]During the holidays. 过节的时候
[35:57.70]It was always our happiest time. 是我们最快乐的时候
[36:00.60]Why didn't you just tell me that? 为什么不直接告诉我?
[36:02.80]And let you choose between the two of us? 让你在我们之间做选择?
[36:05.00]I wonder who would've won that battle. 我想知道谁会赢
[36:07.10]Yeah, i would have been entirely alone. 我怕会孤独一人
[36:10.70]Well, uh, i was anyway. 好了 反正一直都是
[36:33.60]It's still thanksgiving. 今天仍然是感恩节
[36:35.60]Yeah. 是
[36:38.10]What do you want to do? 想干什么?
[36:50.50]Hey. 嘿
[36:51.50]Oh, you're still here. 你还在这
[36:53.30]I guess i must have fallen back asleep. 我肯定睡着了
[36:55.40]Yeah, you were, uh, you were pretty out of it when i first came in. 我进来的时候 你睡的很沉
[36:59.90]Where's your mom? 你妈妈呢?
[37:01.80]She's getting coffee. 她去买咖啡了
[37:05.80]How's your mom? 她怎么样?
[37:08.60]She's gonna be all right. 她会好的
[37:11.30]We all are. 我们都会好的
[37:16.50]So... 那么...
[37:18.70]Vicodin and whiskey, huh? 凡可汀和威士忌?
[37:21.80]I guess i forgot i took that medicine when i took that drink. 喝酒的时候 我忘了吃过药了
[37:24.00]Dad, we're not doing this anymore. 爸爸 不能再这样了
[37:26.60]Okay? We're just not. 好吗 不要这样
[37:31.90]I know it wasn't an accident. 我知道 这不是意外
[37:33.70]Of course it was. 当然是
[37:34.50]And when i found you, i thought you were dead. 我发现你的时候 以为你要死了
[37:40.80]I'm sorry. 对不起
[37:43.80]I just didn't... 我只是...
[37:45.80]I couldn't-- yes, you can. - 我不能 - 不 你可以
[37:47.80]Dad, you have to, please. 爸爸 你必须 求你了
[37:50.90]I know it might not always feel that way, but... 我可能不经常说 但...
[37:56.70]We need you. 我们需要你
[38:00.40]Dad, we need you. 爸爸 我们需要你
[38:12.20]Here you go, nate. 给 Nate
[38:13.90]Ah, thank you, mr.Waldorf. 谢谢 Waldorf先生
[38:15.20]My dad will appreciate this. 我爸爸会喜欢的
[38:16.50]- It's a pleasure. - Keep out the gravy. - 太好了 - 别给他肉汁
[38:17.40]He's got high cholesterol. 他胆固醇高
[38:18.50]- Anne, it's thanksgiving. - Mom, seriously. - Anne 这是感恩节 - 妈妈 说真的
[38:21.10]- Give the man some gravy. - It's okay. - 给他点肉汤吧 - 没事的
[38:23.20]- Happy thanksgiving. - Happy thanksgiving. - 感恩节快乐 - 感恩节快乐
[38:24.10]Yeah, you, too, man. All right. See you soon. 你们也快乐 再见
[38:29.20]Good night, sweetheart. 晚安 亲爱的
[38:30.30]Good night. 晚安
[38:34.60]- Hello.Happy thanksgiving. - Hey. - 你好 感恩节快乐 - 嘿
[38:37.40]Hi. 嗨
[38:40.70]- Happy thanksgiving, blair. - Hi. - 感恩节快乐 Blair - 嗨
[38:42.90]I am looking for my daughter. 我在找我女儿
[38:43.90]Where is my little girl? 她在哪里?
[38:48.20]Hi. 嗨
[38:51.60]??? 火鸡吃多了
[39:21.40]bye, blair. Blair再见
[39:24.20]Happy thanksgiving. 感恩节快乐
[39:25.60]This time, i went for the ginger tea. 我去拿点姜茶
[39:27.80]Good. 好的
[39:31.80]hello. 你好
[39:33.40]Where were you? 去哪了?
[39:36.10]Exquisite. 太好了
[39:36.90]Just say it. 说吧
[39:38.20]Give me my shoe. 把鞋给我
[40:00.20]hey, dan, will you pass the mashed? Dan土豆泥能递一下吗?
[40:02.50]It's over... 在...
[40:03.50]What? Oh, yeah, here. I'm sorry. 什么 在这 对不起
[40:04.80]Come on, son. 别这样 儿子
[40:05.50]You're asleep at the wheel. 打起精神来
[40:06.60]The humphrey family thanksgiving dinner's a well-oiled machine. Humphrey家的感恩节可是好日子
[40:08.70]Were you still thinking about your dream girl? 还在想梦中情人?
[40:10.80]What? 什么?
[40:11.50]No. 没
[40:12.70]No, no. 没没
[40:13.40]I'm thinking about, um, 我在想
[40:15.80]your stuffing, mom, 你的陷料 妈妈
[40:17.20]- which looks delicious. - Yeah. - 看起来很好吃 - 是的
[40:18.60]- Your stuffing. - Uh-huh.Yeah. 你的陷料
[40:19.90]Well, keep dreaming. 继续做梦吧
[40:20.60]You know, maybe one day she'll actually know your name. 有一天可能她会知道你名字
[40:22.20]Yeah, maybe, 是的 可能
[40:23.20]and then i'll have something to be thankful for. 那我就有可感激的了
[40:25.30]Oh, shut up. 闭嘴
[40:26.10]Really. 是吗
[40:27.20]What's that all about? 怎么回事?
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