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[00:00.33]gossip girl here-- 绯闻少女在此 我是向你们提供
[00:01.52]your one and only source into the scandalous lives of manhattan's elite. 曼哈顿名流们丑闻生活的唯一资料来源
[00:05.43]isn't that carter baizen? 当初是你带我们抽大麻 带我们去夜店的
[00:06.45]you're the guy who gave us our first joint, snuck us into our first club.
[00:09.84]i'm in this weekly game-- high stakes, big mey. - 我每周都在玩这个 赌注大 收益多 - 你算计我
[00:12.25]you set me up. 没人强迫他 是他心甘情愿的
[00:13.02]no one forced his hand.
[00:13.96]your boy lost fair and square. 我很清楚Blair和那些女孩子是怎样的 但我也知道自己是谁
[00:15.21]i know who blair and those girls are, but i know who i am,
[00:18.57] and i'm not gonna forget that just 'cause i hang out with them. 我不会因为和她们一起玩 就忘了自己是谁的
[00:20.46]you're dismissed, jenny, for good. 你被驱逐了 Jenny 永远地
[00:22.68]i'm sorry i kissed you. 很抱歉我吻了你
[00:23.81]your mother must have been kinda surprised to see you. 你妈妈看到你肯定很惊讶
[00:25.79]yeah, she was. 是啊 的确 嗨 Rufus
[00:27.01]hi, rufus. 如果她总是出现在你的生活里 你是不可能会忘掉她的
[00:28.25]if she's in your life, you're never gonna get over her.
[00:30.50]you should deal with your father. 你该去帮你爸爸 他需要你 而我不是
[00:31.86]he needs you. i don't. 我们分手了 好吗
[00:33.16]we broke up, okay? 我喜欢你 只有你
[00:34.66]i like you--only you.
[00:36.60]that's good, because i feel the same about you. 这很好 因为我的感觉和你一样
[00:39.97]do you like me? - 你是喜欢我吗? - 喜欢的定义是?
[00:41.27]define "like. 告诉我你和Chuck上床不是为了报复
[00:42.40]" tell me you didn sleep with chuck for revenge.
[00:44.86]well, it wasn't because i like his natural musk. 当然不是因为我被他的魅力所吸引了
[00:52.30] 这个秘密我永远不会讲
[00:55.60] 你知道你是爱我的
[00:58.66]<font color="#4096d1">Gossip Girl S01E10 <font color="#4096d1">流言蜚女 第一季 第10集
[01:04.49]*** hey, upper east siders, it's that time of year again, 嘿 上东区的各位好 又到了每年的这个时候
[01:07.68]when the mere act of descending a staircase means you're a woman. 当你下楼时越是脚步轻盈
[01:11.15]that's right--debutante season. 就越说明你是个淑女
[01:11.00]没错 年轻女孩子初入社交界的时候到了
[01:13.39]and from what we hear, there's been some changes in the lineup. 据我们所看到的 这里发生了一些变化
[01:18.04]i'm actually glad i'm going with prince theodore instead of nate. 其实我很高兴可以和Theodore一起 而不是Nate
[01:21.90]the further we get from the breakup, the more self-involved i see he was. 我们分手时间越久
[01:25.52]always so brooding, so tortured. 总是犹豫不决 一脸苦大愁深的
[01:28.87]a girl wants romeo, not hamlet. 女孩子要的是罗密欧 不是哈姆雷特
[01:31.18]romeo died. 罗密欧死了
[01:32.23]yeah, but he died for something exciting, 没错 可他是为了有激情的事而死
[01:34.29] and i want my debutante ball to be something to die for. 我希望我的社交舞会 也有令人生死相许的事发生
[01:38.12]hey, so, uh, has blair mentioned who's escorting her? 嘿 Blair有提过是谁陪她参加吗
[01:41.04]why? 干吗问这个 难道你还对前女友 抱有悔恨的性幻想吗
[01:41.58]are you having remorse sex fantasies about your ex?
[01:44.68]what? no. 什么? 才不是
[01:47.22]don't eff with an effer. i know that look. 别此地无银三百两了 我明白你这表情
[01:50.47]no, man, it's just every time i see her lately, something's different. 不是的 只是最近我每次看到她
[01:52.80]you know, she's lighter. she's happier. 都有点不同 她光彩照人 很开心
[01:55.67]she's just-- less--less blair. 她只是越来越...不像Blair了
[01:57.75]she does have a certain glow about her, doesn't she? 她的确对自己的生活感到很满足 不是吗
[02:00.58]i don't understand why you don't get this, okay? 真搞不懂你怎么就不明白呢
[02:02.82]a debutante ball is all a girl could ask for. 社交舞会是每个女孩子都想要的
[02:04.94]it's gorgeous and formal and totally legendary. 是非常华丽 正式 而且具有传奇色彩的
[02:08.24]don't forget out of touch and totally classist. 别忘了现实问题 还有阶级差别
[02:11.52]and if that's how you feel, then why are you even going? 你要是这么想的话 干吗还要去呢
[02:13.29]i'm not going and neither is serena, actually. 事实上我和Serena都不去
[02:15.27]i'm just going to meet her grandmother to make a good impression, 我只是去见她外婆 留个好印象
[02:17.80]and, uh, take off before i put my foot in my mouth, like i usually do. 然后在我把脚丫子塞到嘴里之前赶快闪人 就跟我平时一样
[02:21.15]all i get with nate is some ros?in the back of a town car, 跟Nate在一起就是坐在轿车里到处闲逛
[02:24.83]but with the prince, i get a security detail 可是跟王子一起 会有专人护送
[02:26.54]and a high-speed chase to the pierre after it's over. 之后再飞快地赶去Pierre酒店
[02:29.58]i can see you on the cover of "hello! " already. 喔! 我都已经想象到你登上"Hello!"杂志封面了
[02:31.57]yeah, well, try "the new york times. 是啊 不如说是"纽约时报"吧 (hello是八卦杂志 nytimes比较上档次)
[02:34.25]" they've chosen me for "a night out with," 他们选我为"最想约会对象"
[02:36.94]and i'm gonna give them the most perfect night out of the year. 我会给他们一个本年度最难忘的夜晚
[02:39.85]with my dad in rehab, it's like the pressure's finally off me. 我爸现在进了勒戒所 我的压力也小了很多
[02:43.05]you know, i can see blair clearly, and it's... 我现在可以仔细思考Blair的事 那是...
[02:46.78]i don't know, man. i think i might miss her. 我不知道 伙计 我觉得我有些想念她
[02:50.96]you don't miss her, man. 你并不想她 伙计
[02:52.74]is your mom mad that you're not being presented? 你不参加你妈妈不生气吗
[02:54.23]well, she doesn't really have a leg to stand on 她没什么立场生气
[02:56.00]since i found out she used to be my boyfriend's father's biggest fan. 自从我发现她曾经是我男朋友父亲的狂热粉丝
[03:00.79]- it sounds so gross when you say it out loud. - 是啊 - 呕 说这么大声 听起来真是恶心啊
[03:02.34]- silly me.here i actually thought you wanted to go. 我真傻 我还以为你真的想去呢
[03:04.18]uh, i'm here with you, aren't i? 好啦 我会陪你一晚上的
[03:06.02]yeah, only 'cause your grandmother's meeting you here. 是啊 只是因为你外婆要来
[03:48.15]you're here! i'm so glad. - 噢 你来了 我真开心 - 嘿
[03:51.29]i can't wait for you to meet my grandma cece. you're just gonna love her. 我等不及让你见我外婆Cece了
[03:54.05]i'm sure i will. - 你肯定会喜欢她的 - 这我相信
[03:56.20]well, if you don't listen to me, you're gonna hear it from her, 如果你不听我说 那你就会从她口中听到
[03:58.31]and i promise, you don't want that to happen. 我保证 你不会希望那种事发生的
[04:00.21]the brands i listed are the key to her happiness, and that includes tanqueray. 我列的那些单子 都是哄她开心的关键
[04:08.38]dan, jenny, it's so good to see you. Dan Jenny 真高兴见到你们
[04:11.86]oh, hey, jenny, what are you even doing here? - 嗨 - 嗨
[04:11.80]嘿 Jenny 你怎么来了?
[04:13.33]oh, she loves these things, apparently. 显然她喜欢这些东西
[04:15.12]well, i wish serena did. 我希望Serena也是
[04:16.45]it would make my life a whole lot easier. 那会让我的生活容易很多
[04:19.28]my grandma was the chairwoman for this event for 15 years, 我外婆已经主持这项活动15年了
[04:22.36]and now the committee's asked my mom to join. 现在委员会邀请我妈妈加入
[04:24.39]and my daughter could not wait to go for ten years, 我女儿原本连10年都等不及了
[04:27.31]and then suddenly, she's not even coming. 可突然 她都不来了
[04:30.89]jenny? Jenny? Jenny?
[04:32.17]jenny? 你何不做个志愿者呢
[04:33.32]why don't you volunteer?
[04:35.52]uh, well, blair's lead deb, and we're sort of on the outs. Blair是领头的 而我们现在关系不太好
[04:39.54]you know, i'm sure if she wanted my help, she would've asked. 因为我知道如果她要我帮忙 她会开口的
[04:42.07]well, i'm asking. 那我开口
[04:44.84]i mean, of course, we'd have to get your parents' permission first, 我是说 当然了
[04:48.54]but, um, we could use more help. 但是..我们还是需要人手的
[04:50.96]i'm sure it'll be fine. 我相信没问题的 周六见
[04:52.19]um, see you saturday.
[04:54.15]oh, actually, it's sunday. 噢 事实上 是周日
[04:57.15]can i call you? 好的
[05:03.97]- there is my magnificent granddaughter. - grandma. 我最美丽动人的孙女
[05:12.52]oh, hello, mother. 你好 妈妈
[05:15.28]is there a bar in this place? 这地方有吧台吗
[05:17.83]no! 没
[05:18.50]i should've known i had to bring the party myself. 我应该想到我得自带派对必备品的
[05:22.83]so this must be daniel. 这位一定是Daniel了
[05:25.34]dan, actually.dan humphrey. yeah.hi. 事实上是Dan Dan Humphrey 嗨
[05:27.44]my granddaughter told me that you were delighted when she decededuh, 我外孙女跟我说 你很讨人喜欢
[05:30.99]not to make her debut this weekend?
[05:33.28]yeah, go ahead. tell her what you think. 是啊 告诉她你的想法吧
[05:34.32]grandma loves honesty. it's okay. 外婆喜欢实话实说 没关系的
[05:37.50]well, cotillions just seem antiquated to me. 交谊舞会对我来说有点太老套了
[05:39.63]you know, remnant of a different age. 是另一个时代的遗风
[05:41.06]well, do go on. 喔 还真是实话
[05:43.35]people spend all this money to have their daughters basically dance in front of others for attention. 人们花一大堆钱 就为了让自己的女儿
[05:44.80]在众人面前跳舞 出风头
[05:46.72]uh, when, if you ask serena, i bet she'd do that for you right now, free of charge. 如果你问Serena的话
[05:48.40]我肯定她马上就会答应你的 免费的
[05:50.99]the cotillion teaches the good graces that women should always have in their arsenal. 交谊舞会是教授优美的礼节
[05:55.09]i think serena's graces are pretty spectacular as they are. 我认为Serena的优美已经达到极致了
[05:59.65]- oh, besides, grandma, you haven't used your graces in a while, - rith oh, you. 再说了 外婆
[06:05.59]- oh, isn't she great? - she's... 噢 她是不是很棒
[06:08.76]she's great. she's something. 她是很棒 她很不一样
[06:12.78]dan humphrey, was it? Dan Humphrey 是吗
[06:17.62]yes, mother. 是的 妈妈
[06:24.07]* old gypsy woman spoke to me *
[06:27.61]* said, "you're a wolf, boy, get out of this town" *
[06:31.88]* old gypsy woman spoke to me *
[06:34.54]you looked pretty hot on princess theodore's arm today. 你今天在Theodore王子怀里 看起来很性感
[06:36.58]oh, is that what i am to you? just an accessory? 噢 你眼中我就是这样的吗? 就是个装饰品?
[06:40.50]next to him, yes. 在他旁边 是的
[06:44.67]- on me, you'd be so much more. - yes, well, i can't be on you, remember? 在我上面 可就不只如此了
[06:45.90]是啊 不过我不能在你上面 记得吗
[06:48.17]because you don't want nate to find out, and i don't want anyone to, 因为你不想Nate知道
[06:53.12]but you'd have to learn how to behave yourself first. 但你要先学会该如何管好自己
[06:58.21]miss blair, mr.nate for you. Blair小姐 Nate先生来找你了
[07:15.31]what are you doing here, nate? 你怎么来了 Nate?
[07:17.47]well, i, um... 恩..我...
[07:19.89]look, you know, after rehearsal, i just, uh, i couldn't stop thinking about you. 你知道 在彩排之后
[07:26.07]i mean, the ball's something we've talked about doing together since we were, like, 10 years old, 我是说 我们原本一起聊过这个舞会的
[07:27.40]我们要一起参加 从我们大概10岁的时候
[07:30.49]- and i've given you every reason to hate me. - true. 可是我却给了你所有的理由去恨我
[07:32.60]的确 继续说
[07:34.19]keep going. 那个王子 他...你知道的
[07:35.65]and the prince-- he's, uh, you know, he's a great dancer and all,
[07:40.90]but is there any chance you'd go with me instead, for old times' sake? 但是否有机会 你能和我一起参加?
[07:45.84]nate, after what you pulled on my birthday, Nate 在你毁了我的生日派对之后
[07:48.92] the only thing we should be doing together is moving on. 我们唯一该一起做的一件事 就是向前看
[07:53.14]yeah, i know. 是的 我明白
[07:55.91]look, i haven't worn this sweater in, like, forever, 瞧 这件毛衣我好象有....很久没穿过了
[07:57.55]and i, uh, i just pulled it out today, and i found this. 可我...今天就翻出来 发现了这个
[08:03.24]it's my pin. 是我的别针
[08:04.15]i sewed it there so you'd always have my heart on your sleeve. 我缝上去是为了让我的心时刻都能 藏在你的袖子里
[08:08.70]i know. 我知道
[08:11.76]yeah, i figured you might need it back or something, if... 我想或许你会想要回去 如果....
[08:14.70]no, it was a gift. 不用了 那是个礼物
[08:19.56]the prince will understand. 王子会理解的
[08:24.03]maybe we should go to the ball together... 或许我们可以一起参加舞会
[08:27.52]as friends. 以朋友身份
[08:29.05]absolutely. 当然
[08:29.89]but only as friends. 但只是朋友
[08:31.51]just friends. 只是朋友
[08:38.33]hey, dad. 嘿 爸爸
[08:39.61]hey, sweetheart. 嘿 亲爱的
[08:41.67]i sense a favor about to be asked. 我感觉到你有求于我
[08:44.05]it's just... 就是...
[08:46.50]well, it turns out i got a volunteer position at a charity.
[08:49.21]that's great. 这很好啊
[08:50.35]when is it? 什么时候?
[08:52.13]sunday night, and i know it's mom's opening, and i know it's really important, but i can do both. 周日晚 我知道那是妈妈的开幕式
[08:53.90]我也知道这真的很重要 但我两个都不会耽误的
[08:55.97]as a family, we support each other. 作为家人 我们就是要互相支持
[08:58.35]and when one of us has something important, we all show up for it. 当其中一个成员有很重要的事情时
[09:00.95]maybe you can volunteer next year. 我们要一起现身表示支持 或许你可以明年再去作志愿者
[09:02.42]- dad. - volunteer for what? - 爸爸 - 志愿什么啊
[09:06.09]nothing, it doesn't matter 'cause dad said i can't go. 没什么 不重要了 因为爸爸不让我去
[09:11.18]hey, i, uh, went thrift store shopping, and i found great stuff. 嘿 我去了旧货店买东西
[09:15.12]i got you some black vintage pumps. 给你买了一双黑色高贵的舞鞋
[09:19.93]they're gonna go perfectly with the dress you're gonna wear for the opening. 非常适合你在开幕式要穿的礼物
[09:23.30]mom, the kids i go to school with shop at saks and bendel's. 妈妈 学校里的学生穿的 都是在Saks和Bendel买的
[09:26.42]i can't be walking around in someone's old shoes. 我不能穿着别人的旧鞋子出来进去
[09:36.65]i know. it's gross. 我知道 这很恶心
[09:38.83]oh, that reminds me. 噢 这让我想起来了
[09:40.85]i still haven't shown you pictures from my summer abroad. 我还没给你看过暑假出国的照片呢
[09:43.03]oh, yes. be right back. 噢 对啊
[09:47.26]well, i know you must not be happy, mother. 我知道你一定很不开心 妈妈
[09:49.59]i remember how unhappy you were when i didn't go, 我也记得当初我不去的时候 你有多不开心
[09:53.07]and i imagine you came all this way to change serena's mind, 我知道你大老远跑来就是为了 让Serena回心转意
[09:55.73] but she is intractable on this. 但是她很固执
[09:59.54]that's not the reason i came. 我不是为这个而来的
[10:02.94]everything okay? 没出什么事吧
[10:04.30]lily, my darling, the, uh... Lily 亲爱的...
[10:07.40]the doctors think they found something. 医生认为他们检查出了一些问题
[10:09.64]something? 问题?
[10:11.10]what something? 什么问题?
[10:12.46]something in my lungs. 我的肺里有些问题
[10:14.71]oh, no. mom. 噢 不是吧 妈妈
[10:17.13]well, they're-- they're running tests, but they said that, uh, it might not be good. 他们...他们在做化验了
[10:21.93]look, i-i didn't want to worry you. 听我说 我不想让你担心
[10:24.27]i-i don't want to be a burden to you. i... 我不想给你增加负担 我...
[10:26.41]oh, no, it's no burden at all. 噢 不是的 这根本不是什么负担
[10:29.36]all i want to do is to see my granddaughter make her debut the way i did, 我只想看到我的外孙女 能和我当初一样
[10:36.55]the way my mother did before me. 当初我妈妈那样
[10:38.15]oh, mother, anything for you. 噢 妈妈 你说什么都行
[10:48.06]what's going on? 怎么了
[10:49.90]um, serena, you're going to the debutante ball. Serena
[10:55.74]serena van der woodsen, looks like your invitation just arrived... Serena Van Der Woodsen
[10:59.57]with strings attached. 还伴随着附加条件
[11:01.22]come out, come out, wherever you are. 不管你在哪里 走出来吧
[11:04.85]everything all right, mr.archibald? 一切都还满意吧 Archibald先生?
[11:06.02]oh, yes, everything's fine. 噢 是的 很好 只是我的舞伴
[11:07.00]it's just my...
[11:08.69]my date-- she's never late, and, uh, she likes to have finaapprpral. 她从来不会迟到的 她想要最后确认一下
[11:11.48]sorry! sorry, sorry, sorry. 对不起 抱歉抱歉抱歉
[11:13.50]my cappuccino was decaf, and i couldn't find my phone. 我的卡布奇诺没有咖啡因 我还找不到电话了
[11:16.30]it took forever to get a cab. 要打辆车就跟要等一辈子似的
[11:18.69]but you live up the street. 可你就住在这条街上啊
[11:19.85]i wasn't home. 我没在家
[11:24.13]R U With Him Rt Now?(phone note) well, everything's taken care of. - 你现在和他在一起吗? - 一切都准备好了
[11:26.88]i'll pick you up at 5:00 in the car. 我5点开车去接你
[11:28.80]i got that laurent-perrier you like. 我还买了你喜欢的Laurent Perrier香槟
[11:32.14]i also thought we'd stop by the modern afterwards for dessert 我想之后我们还可以去Modern那里吃甜点
[11:35.54], 'cause that's your favorite. 你最喜欢的
[11:38.15] blair. Blair
[11:41.13]oh, um, we don't have to go anywhere afterwards. it's fine. 噢 之后我们哪儿都不用去 没必要的
[11:44.84]sorry. 抱歉 谁给你发这么短信啊
[11:47.15]who's texting you so much?
[11:49.53]serena. Serena
[11:50.75]uh, i gotta go back to my house. 我得回家去了
[11:52.52]my mom was supposed to throw this tea for serena's grandmother, 我妈本来想为Serena的外婆
[11:54.85]and she had to jet to paris at the last minute, so it's all on me. 办个茶会的 可她突然要赶去巴黎
[11:57.86]okay, hey, uh, w--i'll stop by and help you out. 所以现在就都交给我了
[11:57.90]好的 嘿 我顺便过去帮忙吧
[12:00.24]it's all right.i got it. thanks. 不用了 我可以的 谢谢了
[12:02.15]who are you, and what did you do with blair waldorf? 你是谁啊 你把Blair Waldorf怎么了?
[12:06.82]not bad, archibald. 不错 Archibald
[12:08.94]i almost forgot how handsome you are. 我都快忘了你有多帅了
[12:10.99]spotted-- nate archibald learning you don't know a good thing 注意了Nate Archibald意识到
[12:14.35]till it's gone and found someone else. 只有失去 才会发现对方的可贵
[12:27.30]so your mom really didn't mind your coming to, um, our ball with...me? 你妈妈真的不介意你参加舞会吗
[12:32.32]no, not at all. 不会 完全不介意
[12:33.33]and your father is okay with you volunteering as well? 你爸爸也没问题
[12:37.04]um, excuse me. 不好意思 Jenny
[12:40.48]alison. Alison
[12:43.15]didn't expect to see you... here. 没想到会在这里见到...你
[12:46.74]that's me, unexpected. 我就是这样啊 不速之客
[12:48.25]um, mom, can i talk to you for a minute? 妈妈 我能跟你聊几句吗
[12:50.00]uh, no, sweetie, we'll have plenty of time to talk later. 不行 亲爱的 我们可以稍后再谈
[12:52.80]you know what? 知道吗 你真是大方
[12:53.38]it is so nice of you to let jenny come to our little event. 让Jenny来参加我们的活动
[12:56.96]you know, cotillions really are instructive. 交谊舞会是非常有意义的
[12:59.38]they teach young girls good social graces... 会教授你女儿非常优美的社交礼节
[13:01.94]well, then i'm sure she'll learn a lot. 我相信她会学到很多的
[13:05.37]i'm gonna go. - 我该走了 - 我跟你一起
[13:06.15]- um, i'll come with you. - no need.x 不用了 回头见
[13:08.66]i'll see you later.
[13:23.29]- thank you so much for being so understanding. - oh, come on. 非常感谢你的理解
[13:25.82]i would do anything for an ill grandparent, 噢 别这么说 我愿意为了生病的外婆做任何事的
[13:27.67]and besides, my mom has her art opening, so we're both doing things for our families. 而且我妈妈也要召开画展
[13:31.72]well, my thing isn't without conditions, believe me. 我答应参加可不是毫无条件的
[13:33.98]i had a long talk with my mom, and i said if i'm gonna do this, 我跟妈妈谈了很久 我说如果我答应的话
[13:36.50]then i'm gonna be myself in every possible way. 以后我就可以随心所欲地做我自己
[13:38.52]well, then can you promise me that when you're up there being yourself 那你能答应我 按照他们拍卖的价钱做你自己吗
[13:41.28] as they auction you off, that you won't go for anything less than a million dollars? 低于100万一概不接受?
[13:45.18]okay.did you get that out of your system? - 好吧 那你能接受了吗 - 我想我没问题
[13:47.08]yeah, i think i'm good.
[13:53.86]grandma. - 外婆. - Serena 亲爱的 这位是Carter Baizen
[13:54.46]serena, darling, this is carter baizen, your escort for tomorrow night.
[13:58.03]do you two already know each other? - 你们两个认识吗 - 事实上我们以前是同学
[13:59.55]actually, we used to go to school together, just a couple years apart.
[14:03.54]- i'm carter. - this is daniel humphrey. 嗨 我是Carter
[14:04.10]- 这位是Daniel Humphrey - 是Dan
[14:05.88]- dan, actually. - serena's friend. - Serena的朋友 - 不对 是我男朋友
[14:07.57]no, my--my boyfriend.
[14:09.54]oh, nice to meet you, man. - 噢 很高兴见到你 - 很高兴
[14:11.55]nice to meet you. 不好意思 你不会...你不会当晚陪她吗
[14:12.84]i'm sorry. you're not-- you're not escorting her or...
[14:15.01]- no, well, actually, i'm- - unavailable. 不会 事实上 我...
[14:17.18]familial obligation. 没有时间 家庭事务
[14:19.92]there you are. - 是的 - 你来了啊 来喝茶吗
[14:20.74]are you ready for tea? 我不喜欢我的冰块这么孤独
[14:21.99]i don't like my ice to get lonely, dear.
[14:24.21]of course, ma'am. 没问题 夫人
[14:25.25]carter, it is such a pleasure to have you back with us. Carter 你来和我们一起 真是太好了
[14:28.13]true gentlemen are a rare breed. 真正的绅士就快绝种了
[14:30.38]so it is true that you're back. 那么你是真的回来了
[14:32.42]back? um, where--where were you? 回来? 你之前去哪儿了?
[14:34.16]oh, where wasn't he? 噢 他没去过哪儿啊
[14:35.53]he disowned his parents and took off around the world. 他和父母断绝关系 自己去环游世界了
[14:37.38]everyone was talking about it. 大家都在谈论
[14:38.45]gossip girl even had a dedicated carter baizen map on "spotted. 绯闻少女还特意做了一个Carter Baizen地图
[14:43.00]a map, huh? 喔 地图啊
[14:43.73]in all honesty, i did go a little out of bounds. 坦白讲 我是有那么点越界
[14:48.83]i'm just grateful my parents are giving me a second chance. 我很感激父母给了我第二次机会
[14:50.99]carter saw the error of his wayward ways, Carter意识到了自己过去任性是错误的
[14:53.33]and he rose ke a phoenix from the ashes, serena. 他就像是凤凰重生一样 Serena
[14:56.65]yes, i see that, grandma. 是啊 看得出 外婆
[14:58.00]i mean, they weren't all errors, but... 虽然不都是错误 但是...
[15:00.57]well, your mother did tell me that you got into a bit of a-- 你妈妈的确跟我说过 你在杜拜
[15:04.27]ahem--a scrape in dubai. 惹过点麻烦
[15:06.23]oh, i love dubai. 噢 我喜欢杜拜 你是住在Burj Al Arab酒店吗? (全世界唯一的7星酒店)
[15:07.37]did you stay at the burj al arab?
[15:09.25]no, i stayed on palm island. 不是 我住在棕榈岛
[15:11.30]i think dubai is overrated. 我觉得杜拜给高估了
[15:12.63]you know what isn't, though? 你知道什么没有吗
[15:13.75]the, uh, prince's crown bombardier. 王子的皇家炮兵
[15:15.55]and i also went pheasant hunting with the sheikh while i was there. 我在那里的时候 很荣幸和酋长
[15:31.99]i kept the tags. 我留着标签呢
[15:33.68]i'll return everything tomorrow. 明天就都还回去
[15:37.49]look... 听着
[15:39.58]i know that my coming back has been rocky... 我知道我回来这里困难重重
[15:44.56]but i can't keep being afraid that if i act more like your mother 但是我无法不担心
[15:47.33]and less like your friend, that i'm gonna lose you. 如果我多一分像妈妈
[15:47.20]少一分像朋友 那我就会失去你了
[15:52.64]if you were still in hudson, i'd be able to go. 你要是在哈德森 就肯定让我去了
[15:54.39]well, i am not there. 可我不在那里了 我在这里
[15:55.23]i am here, and i don't really care if that makeyou happy or unhappy. 我并不在乎这是否让你开心
[15:58.76]i'm still your mother. 我还是你妈妈 你明天可以来参加我的画展
[15:59.92]you can come to my show tomorrow, and then you are grounded for a week. 而且你会被禁足一个星期
[16:03.52]what? 什么?!
[16:05.12]come on, mom. that's so unfair!x 拜托 妈妈 这太不公平了
[16:08.80]i just don't get it. 我真是不明白 我按照她喜欢的方式 安排了一切
[16:09.57]i organized everything the way she likes it.
[16:11.49]i mean, i even made sure my bow tie matched her dress. 我甚至连领结都做到了 和她的礼服搭配
[16:15.22]like the book says, she just not that into you. 就像书上说的 她只是没那么喜欢你了
[16:17.42]man, i have to find out if she's seeing someone. 我一定要知道她是不是有新男朋友了 这太折磨人了
[16:19.23]it's killing me.
[16:21.10]you guys are still pretty close, aren't you? 你们关系还是很好的吧?
[16:25.48]could you find out who she's seeing? - 你能帮我查查她在和谁约会吗 - 我?
[16:26.54]- me? - yes. 是啊 拜托了 还有谁更适合呢
[16:28.51]come on, man. whbetter?
[16:31.04]who better, indeed. 还有谁更适合呢 的确
[16:41.65]do you like it here, mr.humphrey? 你喜欢这里吗 Humphrey先生?
[16:44.35]well, it's a little bit like a museum, a little cold, 有点像博物馆 有点冷
[16:46.73]although the water pressure is unparalleled. 虽然水压是如此的强大
[16:48.63]that's not what i meant, but of course, you would make a joke, that goes to my point. 我不是指这个 不过当然了
[16:50.50]你肯定会开个玩笑的 这和我想的一样
[16:53.03]excuse me? did i miss something here? 不好意思 我是错过了什么吗
[16:54.84]oh, yes. 噢 是的 你的那种感觉
[16:56.68]the way you feel?
[16:58.89]it never goes away. 永远不会消失的
[17:00.60]- it just gets worse. - i'm sorry. don't quite- 只会越来越严重
[17:03.02]you'll always use your dessert fork for your entr镋. 对不起 我不是很....
[17:06.13]you'll always feel underdressed, no matter what you wear, 你永远都会觉得自己穿得不够得体 不管你穿成什么样
[17:10.09]and at dinner parties, it will be as if there's a language that sounds like english, 在晚宴的时候 更是会觉得 这种语言
[17:12.60]听起来像是英语 而你也会讲
[17:14.13]and you think you speak it, but they don't hear you, and you don't understand them. 但他们就是不听你说 而你也听不懂他们说的
[17:19.42]as time passes, you'll feel that people never see you 慢慢地 你就会觉得那些人 根本就没有看到你
[17:23.66]when they look at you but wonder really whether you're serena's whim or her... 当他们看着你的时候 终有一天你和Serena在一起会觉得
[17:28.44]charity case, until the day comes when you realize
[17:30.00]到了那个时候 你就会发现Serena这样的女孩子
[17:31.77] that girls like serena don't end up with dan humphrey.
[17:33.60]最终是不会和Dan Humphrey在一起的
[17:37.51]they end up with the carters of the world, and, um, people like you-- 他们会和Carter那样的人在一起
[17:41.21]they turn into cocktail party anecdotes of their foolish youth. 就会变成在鸡尾酒会上缅怀过去
[17:47.43]so why don't you, uh, give it up and spare yourself the pain, hmm? 所以你何不 放弃呢
[17:51.30]免得让自己受伤 你说呢?
[17:55.08]i'm sure serena will understand. 我相信Serena会理解的
[17:57.79]this just in--we hear there's a cold war brewing between lonely boy and a certain blue blood. 最新消息 我们听说有一场冷战正在爆发
[18:03.46]we never thought we'd say this ourselves... 我们从没想到这种事会发生在我们中间
[18:05.38]there you are. 你在这儿啊 怎么啦
[18:06.72]what's going on? 我来告诉你怎么回事
[18:08.19]i'll tell you what's going on. 我现在是你舞会的护花使者了
[18:09.20]i just became your escort to the ball.
[18:14.84]but our money's on brooklyn for the win. 但我们的钱都押在布鲁克林少年的身上
[18:19.77]thanks so much for your time, miss waldorf. 非常感谢你的时间 Waldorf小姐
[18:21.48]i guess i'll see you and the prince later tonight. - 我想今晚我还会见到你和王子的 - 噢 其实我不会和王子一起了
[18:22.96]uh, actually, i'm not going with the prince anymore.
[18:24.62]i'm going with nate archibald. 我要和Nate Archibald一起
[18:26.47]given our history, it was only right. 鉴于我们的过去 这样才对
[18:27.97]he is the perfect gentleman, the perfect date. 他是位最好的绅士 最好的男伴
[18:30.86]chuck bass. - 我是Chuck Bass - 嗨 John Mayberry 纽约时报的
[18:31.79]hi.john mayberry. "new york times.
[18:34.01]" i'd just like to say how proud i am of miss waldorf and her commitment to mr.archibald, 我得说我对于Waldorf小姐 对Archibald先生的忠心
[18:38.79] even though he ruined her 17th birthday and slept with-- 即便是他毁了她的17岁生日 还睡了...
[18:42.50] thank you. - 谢谢 一切都很棒 不是吗 - 保重
[18:43.21]that was great, right?
[18:44.30]- take care. - all right. 好的 祝你愉快
[18:46.60]have a good one.
[18:50.10]what was that? - 你搞什么啊 - 我也想问你呢
[18:51.00]i should ask you the same question. 最好的绅士 最好的男伴?
[18:52.60]"perfect gentleman"?
[18:53.90]"perfect date"? 去年这记录就已经破了 好吗
[18:55.10]that broken record was a hit last year. - 你要跟上步伐 他厌倦你了 - 你差点害我在记者面前成了白痴
[18:56.40]get with the times.
[18:57.50]he bores y.
[18:58.30]you almost made a fool of me in front of "the new york times,"
[19:01.00]which proves my very point-- you can't be trusted. 这就再次证明了 你是不能信任的
[19:03.50]nate is a gentleman. Nate就是个绅士 他永远不会制造麻烦的
[19:05.20]he would never cause a scene. 也从没让你走出处女营地
[19:06.70]never get your blood going either. 说到走 这正是你现在该做的事
[19:08.00]speaking of going, that's what you should do.
[19:10.40]carter baizen is on his way here right now. Carter Baizen正在来这里的路上
[19:12.10]what? what the hell are you doing with carter baizen? - 什么 你跟Carter Baizen搞什么啊? - 他昨天把外套落在这里了
[19:14.10]he left his jacket here yesterday, 他在这儿的时候 我不想看到你
[19:15.70]and i'd rather you be gone when he got here.
[19:18.90]there's been enough scenes for today. 今天的麻烦已经够多了
[19:30.20]so i s it's true what they say about the apple and the tree. 看来他们说苹果和树的关系 是真的 (苹果从树上落下来 不会离树很远 指dan和他老爸很像)
[19:34.40]hello, celia. 你好 Celia 我得说 很高兴见到你
[19:36.10]i'd say it's nice to see you, but i know how you hate dishonesty. 但我又知道你有多讨厌不诚实
[19:39.90]it appears that your son is taking my granddaughter to the ball tonight. 似乎你儿子今晚要带我孙女
[19:45.30]he is? 是吗
[19:46.00]i'd rather see that not happen. 我不希望看到这种事发生
[19:49.10]there's no point in being presented if it's improperly, 如果是不合适的人就不该出现
[19:51.10]and your daniel is not a proper companion for a girl like serena. 而你的Daniel并不适合
[19:56.60]he's a, um, temporary distraction. 他只是暂时出现的小消遣罢了
[20:00.90]i need her to focus on her future. 我要她专注于自己的未来
[20:07.30]hers or yours? 她的还是你的?
[20:09.10]i am willing to purchase all the paintings in this gallery 我愿意买下这间画廊所有的画
[20:12.90]in exchange for you convincing your son not to accompany serena. 作为交换
[20:18.30]before you answer, remember, 在你回答之前 记住
[20:20.70]a grown man with children is in a very different position than a young man. 作了爸爸的男人可是今时不同往日啊
[20:25.20]the money could be useful now. 钱现在是很有用的
[20:27.50]not to mention, how much this sale would mean to your wife's career as an artist. 更不用说卖了这些画
[20:35.30]your money was no good for me then, 当初你的钱对我不起作用
[20:39.70]and it's still no good with me now. 现在也是一样
[20:42.70]and you can rest assured that like me, my son can't be bought. 你可以很肯定的是
[20:46.10]and i can assure you, just like her mother, my granddaughter can be. 那我可以向你保证
[20:48.10]和她妈妈一样 我的外孙女可以
[20:50.90]what do you mean? 你什么意思
[20:52.00]all those years ago, i told lily to choose between you and her inheritance. 当初是我让Lily
[20:58.20]i'd tell you the end of that story, but i think you know it by heart. 我很乐意告诉你故事的结局
[21:15.00]you're a little overdressed for an art show, don't you think? 穿这样参加画展有点太隆重了
[21:16.60]dad, listen. - 不觉得吗? - 爸爸 我本来想要告诉你的
[21:17.40]um, i've been meaning to tell you. - 很抱歉 - 别担心你妈妈 交给我好了
[21:18.70]- i'm sorry. - don't worry about your mom.
[21:19.70]i'll take care of it. 你不介意?
[21:20.50]you don't mind?
[21:22.40]i thought i'd be grounded when you found out, just like jenny was. 我还以为你知道后会把我禁足的
[21:25.20]i gotta admit, it would be worth it. 就像Jenny那样 不过我得说 那也值得了
[21:27.50]i don't mind at all. 我一点都不介意
[21:28.60]yeah. 礼服很好看 鞋子也很棒
[21:29.90]tux looks great.
[21:30.70]shoes look great.
[21:33.30]you look so great. you're gonna make me proud. 你看起来很帅 你会让我脸上有光的
[21:35.80]show that celia rhodes what us humphrey men are made of. 让那个Celia Rhodes瞧瞧 我们Humphrey家的男人都是怎样的
[21:39.40]what's going on here, dad? 发生什么事了 爸爸 一旦你突然表现得很奇怪
[21:40.60]you're--you're doing that thing again where you're acting really weird for no reason. 就会表现出这种表情
[21:43.10]it's kind of freaking me out. 让我有点不安
[21:46.10]oh, uh, Serena的外婆来找过我
[21:47.60]serena's grandmother just came to see me.
[21:55.10]um, we need to talk. 我们得谈谈
[21:59.20]have you seen serena's presentation statement? 你有看过Serena的出场介绍吗
[22:02.50]wants to take a year off of school, teach english in south asia? 想要休学一年
[22:04.10]去南亚教英语? 这么简单怎么够啊
[22:05.80]this simply won't suffice.
[22:07.40]well, what do you want me to do about it? - 你想让我这么做呢 - 如果Serena要为我这么做 那就不能做错
[22:08.90]well, if serena's doing this for me, it has to be right.
[22:11.80]besides, it took me years to restore our family name after your exploits. 再说了 在你的丰功伟绩之后 我花了好多年的时间
[22:15.90]trust me, you don't want to do the same. 才重新树立了家族形象
[22:15.80]相信我 你不会想做同样的事的
[22:34.60]hello? 喂?
[22:35.60]hey, volunteer. 嘿 志愿者 你在哪儿呢
[22:36.40]where are you? 一个半小时前你可就该到这儿了啊
[22:37.00]you were supposed to be here a half an hour ago. - 噢 你妈妈没跟你说我不去了吗 - 怎么回事 我不知道
[22:38.50]oh, um, didn't your mom tell you i'm not coming anymore?
[22:42.40]i don't understand. 我以为这...是你的梦想
[22:43.80]i thought that this was, like, your dream.
[22:46.00]besides, don't you want to see your brother in a tux? 再说你不想看你哥哥穿礼服的样子吗
[22:48.70]wait. what? - 等下 什么? - 你知道的
[22:49.50]you know, your brother dan-- 你哥哥Dan 那个认为跳舞
[22:50.80]the guy who thinks dancing is making fists and pumping 'em into the air? - 就是朝着空气挥拳头的家伙 - Dan要去参加舞会?
[22:54.40]dan's going to the ball? 是的 是刚刚才决定的
[22:55.40]yeah, it--it was just a last minute thing.
[22:58.20]i'm sure he just forgot to tell you. 我想他肯定是忘了告诉你了
[23:00.20]um, i'm on my way. 我这就来
[23:32.50]hey! 嘿
[23:36.00]w-wow.you look incredible. 喔 你看起来真是太美了
[23:37.70]thank you. 谢谢
[23:44.60]you're early. 你来早了
[23:45.60]well, uh, yeah, we need to talk. 是的 我们得谈谈
[23:47.30]what's up? - 你外婆在这儿吗 她在哪儿? - 噢 是的 她在另一间房和我妈妈一起
[23:48.60]is your grandmother here? where is she?
[23:49.70]oh, yeah, she's in the other room, getting ready with my mom.
[23:51.40]why? - 怎么了 - 有些事我必须得实话实说
[23:52.20]i gotta be honest about something here.
[23:55.80]um, i don't think your grandmother is who you think she is.
[23:58.80]what are you talking about? - 和你想的并不一样 - 你这话是什么意思?
[23:59.80]i know she's got the whole free spirit act perfected... - 我知道她非常擅长即兴表演 - 表演...
[24:03.60]but i don't think she has your best interests at heart. 但我认为她心里和你想的并不一样
[24:06.80]where are you going with this, dan? - 你这话是什么意思 Dan? - 她今天来过我爸爸的画廊
[24:09.70]she came by my dad's gallery today. - 她或许是想欣赏一下你妈妈的作品 - 不 她是想全部买下来
[24:11.00]well, she probably just wanted to see your mom's art.
[24:13.50]no, she was trying to buy him off so i wouldn't go with you tonight. - 那样我就要答应今晚不和你一起 - 她不会那么做的
[24:15.90]no, she wouldn't do something like that.
[24:18.30]serena, that's what i'm trying to tell you. Serena 这正是我要告诉你的
[24:19.40]that woman is the most manipulative person i've ever met. 她是我所见过 最有手腕的女人
[24:24.40]she makes your-- your mother look like gandhi.
[24:27.30]that's my grandmother you're talking about. 你说的是我外婆 我爱她
[24:30.30]- i love her. - i know. 我知道 我知道 我很抱歉
[24:32.50]i know, and i'm so sorry, 但或许是因为你太爱她
[24:33.60]but maybe you love her so much that you can't see what she's doing.
[24:41.10]i said it. 是我说的
[24:48.60]mae we s suldn't be doing this. 或许我们不该这么做
[24:53.80]maybe we shouldn't. 或许是的
[25:00.10]i'll just talk to you later.
[25:18.10]let's get carter on the phone. 我们打电话给Carte吧
[25:25.30]yeah. 好的
[25:30.20]carter baizen's dating blair? Carter Baizen在和Blair约会?
[25:31.90]he's got everyone fooled. 他骗了所有人 Blair觉得他脱胎换骨了
[25:33.10]blair thinks he's reformed.
[25:36.10]he's obviously just toying with her to get at you. 他明显是为了通过耍她来报复你
[25:38.70]yeah, well, it's working. 是啊 起作用了
[25:39.60]we just need to wait until we can get him in a public place, 我们只需要等着 在公众面前抓他个正着
[25:42.50]where everyone who thinks he's changed can see the truth, 那些认为他改变的人 就可以看到真相了
[25:47.70]and we can get him back for everything he's done to you 我们还可以让他为他对你所做的一切
[25:51.30]and everything he's doing to blair. 他对Blair所做的一切 付出代价
[25:52.60]yeah, when's that gonna happen, huh? 那要等到什么时候呢
[26:00.60]sir. 先生
[26:05.90]i have a feeling it may be sooner than you think. 我有种预感 要比你想象得更快
[26:16.40]if you don't pull it together, i'm gonna go naomi campbell on you. 你要是不给我收拾好了
[26:21.10]maybe jenny can help you. - 或许可以让Jenny帮你 - 不用了 没事 谢谢
[26:22.40]no, i'm fine. thank you. Serena Erlich小姐要知道
[26:23.80]serena, uh, miss erlich needs to know
[26:25.40]how to pronounce that word in your presentation statement. 你的出场介绍上有个词要怎么念
[26:27.50]i assume it's a family name. 我想是个姓氏吧
[26:31.00]hey. beautiful. - 嘿 美人 怎么了 - 这不是我写的 是我妈妈
[26:33.10]what's wrong?
[26:33.90]i didn't write this. my mother did.
[26:36.10]"serena hopes to continue to live on the upper east side, "Serena希望继续住在上东区
[26:38.40]devote her life to volunteering for the nature conservancy, "为自然资源管理局效力
[26:40.30]and junior league and have two wonderful children." - 以及少年联盟 还要生两个孩子" - 给我看看
[26:42.00]let me see that.
[26:43.10]make it stop. you sound like me. - 打住吧 听着这么像我 - Serena Dan在哪儿?
[26:44.80]serena, where'dadan? 他不来了
[26:46.40]he's not coming.
[26:49.60]here you go. - 给你 - 谢谢
[26:57.30]what is he doing here? 他在这儿干吗
[26:58.90]carter's clever. Carter很聪明
[27:00.30]he's using serena as a cover. 他用Serena作掩护 现在还不是时候
[27:03.00]it's not the time yet.
[27:08.70]nate, Nate 我一直希望能再见你 我想道歉
[27:10.20]look, i was hoping to see you.
[27:11.00]i wanted to apologize, put the past in the past. 过去就让它过去吧
[27:13.70]you don't get to say what goes on here. 你没有资格说这里的事情
[27:21.40]i'm on to you. 我知道你怎么回事
[27:25.60]what are you talking about? 你什么意思
[27:28.00]hello and welcome to the annual dispensary cotillion and debutante ball. 各位好 欢迎参加每年的医务界交谊舞会
[27:39.00]katia farkas, Katia Farkas Jonathan和Rose Farkas的女儿
[27:40.40]daughter of jonathan and rose farkas,
[27:42.80]escorted by richard north, 由Richard North陪同
[27:45.50]hopes to major in neuroscience 希望主修神经科学的她
[27:48.00]and will continue her family's legacy 会继承她们家的传统
[27:50.30]as supporters of the new york public library and lincoln center. 支持纽约公共图书馆
[27:55.90]Blair Cornelia Waldorf
[27:58.00]blair cornelia waldorf, Harold和Eleanor Waldorf的女儿
[27:58.50]daughter of harold and eleanor waldorf,
[28:01.10]escorted by nathaniel archibald, 由Nathaniel Archibald陪同
[28:04.40]plans to be a member of yale's class of 2013. 希望成为耶鲁大学2013届的学生
[28:09.50]she will continue to summer in southampton 她会继续去南安普顿过暑假
[28:12.40]and volunteer her time to children's charities. 志愿参与儿童慈善事业
[28:17.90]and now i'd like to present 现在我要介绍的是 Serena Celia Van Der Woodsen
[28:20.70]serena celia van der woodsen,
[28:23.30]daughter of committee member lilian van der woodsen, 大会成员 Lilian Van Der Woodsen的女儿
[28:26.50]granddaughter of chairwoman emeritus, celia catherine rhodes, 名誉主席
[28:29.70]Celia Catherine Rhodes的孙女
[28:32.40]escorted by carter baizen. 由Carter Baizen陪同
[28:35.10]miss van der woodsen hopes to bed as many billionaires as she can Van Der Woodsen希望在成家之前
[28:39.20]before settling down to...
[28:41.80]oh, my god. 噢 天啊
[28:44.20]sorry. 对不起
[28:47.10]miss isabel coates, Isabel Coates小姐
[28:49.60]presented by raymond north, 由Raymond North陪同
[28:52.20]uh,daughter of arthur and iris coates. Arthur和Iris Coates的女儿
[29:00.80]- here you go. - thanks. - 给你 - 谢谢
[29:04.10]you're back. what happened? 你回来了 出什么事了
[29:05.60]uh, cece won. Cece赢了
[29:08.70]she has a habit of doing that, 这是她的惯例
[29:10.40]but maybe it's for the best. 但或许这样更好 现在你和家人一起了.
[29:11.30]you're here with your family.
[29:14.60]hey. 嘿 Jenny呢? 见过她吗
[29:15.60]where's jenny?
[29:16.40]have you seen her? 没有
[29:17.50]actually, uh, no. 她可能还在为我禁足她的事不高兴
[29:19.20]she's probably still upset with me for grounding her
[29:21.50]and is trying to teach me a lesson. - 想要给我点颜色瞧瞧 - 我不知道
[29:23.30]i don't know. maybe let her be ten minutes late before you get mad? 或许在你生气前 让她迟到个10分钟?
[29:27.60]mom, this looks great. - 妈妈 这很棒 一切都很好 - 谢谢 来吧 带你转转
[29:28.80]- all of this is beautiful. - thank you.
[29:31.60]- come on.tour. - okay. 好的
[29:32.70]let's go. 我们走
[29:34.10]* Got A Secret Can You Keep It? *
[29:36.60]* Swear This One You'll Save *
[29:39.20]* Better Lock It In Your Pocket *
[29:41.90]* Taking This One To The Grave *
[29:44.10]* If I Show You, Then I Know You Won't Tell... *
[29:48.10]What's going on? 怎么了
[29:49.00]* 'Cause Two Can Keep A Secret *
[29:52.10]nothing. 恩? 没什么
[29:53.70]* Got A Secret, Can You Keep It? *
[29:56.10]* Swear This One You'll Save *
[29:59.50]We are friends now,right? 我们现在是朋友了 对吗 你可以告诉我
[30:01.40]you can tell me. * Taking This One To The Grave *
[30:04.00]* If I Show You, Then I Know You Won't Tell What I Said *
[30:09.20]* 'Cause Two Can Keep A Secret If One Of Them Is Dead *
[30:15.70]* Got A Secret, Can You Keep It? *
[30:18.00]* Swear This One You'll Save *
[30:20.50]and now for someone with only one left foot. 现在是一个只有左脚的人
[30:22.60]* Taking This One To The Grave *
[30:24.40]he just told her what he's going to do to her later. 他刚跟她说一会儿会把她怎样
[30:28.90]* You Won't Tell What I Said *
[30:31.20]they might not know who you are, but i sure as hell never forgot. 他们或许不知道你是谁
[30:34.90]nate, what are you doing? - Nate 你在干什么啊 - 她是我女朋友
[30:36.00]she's my girlfriend!
[30:37.90]oh, my god. 天啊
[30:40.00]get off me! - 放开我 - 他们扯了我的衣服
[30:40.70]ugh! they ripped my dress.
[30:42.60]take him outside. - 把他带到外面去 - 我们离开这里 快点 来
[30:43.60]let's get out of here. come on. - 你不知道 这是定做的 - Blair 没关系的
[30:44.20]you don't understand.
[30:45.50]- it was custom-made. - blair, it's okay. - 我妈妈会生气的 - Jenny! Jenny 嘿 嘿 我们需要你帮忙 好吗
[30:46.10]- my mom is gonna be angry. - jenny!
[30:47.00]jenny, hey, hey, we need you.
[30:48.00]please? 我得走了 还要去参加我妈妈的画展
[30:48.60]i have to go.
[30:49.20]i have my mom's thing. Jenny 补好我的裙子 我就不计前嫌
[30:50.70]jenny, fix my dress, and all is forgiven.
[30:59.00]oh, you make a fool of the presenter, then you start a brawl. 噢 你让司仪
[30:59.50]当众出丑 现在又惹人打架
[31:01.90]i mean, what's next, serena? 接下来要怎样啊 Serena? "狂野女孩"吗?
[31:03.10]"girls gone wild"? Serena Van Der Woodsen想要为少年联盟效劳
[31:04.00]serena van der woodsen wants to work for the junior league and have two children?
[31:07.30]it's a society ball, serena. - 生两个孩子? - 这是社交舞会 Serena 必须得有体面的介绍
[31:09.10]you have to represent yourself well.
[31:10.90]how is it representing myself well if it's all lies? 用一堆谎言来介绍我 这有什么好的?
[31:13.70]what happened to you between our talk and now? 我们之前说的那些话都不算了吗
[31:17.40]i did this because i knew how important it was for you and grandma, 我这么做是因为我知道
[31:20.60]and you said that if i did it, i could be myself. 而且你说过如果我参加 我就可以做我自己
[31:25.20]you don't really want that, do you? 你并不希望那样 是不是
[31:26.30]no, it's not entirely true. - 不 不是的 - 你只在乎人们对我的看法
[31:29.20]all you care about when people look at me is what they think of you.
[31:36.20]how am i supposed to accept myself if my own mother doesn't accept me? 如果我自己的妈妈都不接受我
[31:37.50]- 我又怎么能接受自己呢 - 噢 亲爱的 我当然接受你了
[31:40.50]oh, honey, of course i accept you.
[31:42.30]no. 不是的
[31:44.10]no, you don't, 不 你没有 不过让我告诉你
[31:45.60]but let me tell you something. 如果我真的会有两个孩子
[31:46.80]if i ever do have those two children, i would never do this to them.
[31:51.50]i would accept them for who they are, including who they date, no matter what, 我会接受真实的他们
[31:53.00]也包括他们的约会对象 不管是怎样的
[31:55.80]and i'd make sure they damn well knew it. 我也会保证让他们清楚地知道这一点
[32:10.40]Hello. 喂
[32:13.60]really? 真的吗
[32:18.20]okay. 好的
[32:25.50]i'm so sorry. 真是对不起
[32:26.90]i know this is not what you signed up for. 我知道你通常不会参加这种活动的
[32:29.60]it's okay. 没什么
[32:33.60]it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as waking up that morning in santorini and... 这并没有那天早上
[32:38.40]finding you'd jumped on a boat. 发现你跳上了一艘船
[32:40.60]yeah, well, um, 是啊 恩...
[32:43.00]that night wasn't exactly what i signed up for either. 那一晚也不是我所决定的
[32:47.50]the whole thing caught me a bit by surprise. 整件事发生得都有些突然
[32:50.00]no, i, um, i get it, 我...我明白的 所以上星期你外婆打给我时
[32:52.00]which is why i was surprised when your grandmother called me last week. 我觉得很惊讶
[32:55.80]wait. last week? 等等 上星期?
[32:57.80]i wasn't even going to cotillion last week. 上周我都还没答应要参加舞会
[33:00.20]yeah, but cece said she thought you'd change your mind. 是啊 可是Cece说你会改变主意的
[33:13.20]what are you doing here? 你来这儿干什么? 你不是应该...
[33:13.70]shouldn't you be... 在这里以外的任何地方 是的
[33:14.30]anywhere but here, yes.
[33:16.60]so please listen to me and don't interrupt, 请听我说 不要打断
[33:19.10]because what i have to say is hard for me. 因为我要说的话对我来说很难启齿
[33:22.10]okay. 好吧
[33:22.80]when i was your age, 当我在你这个年纪时
[33:24.50]i would have been lucky to find a guy like you, 我能认识你这样的男孩子 就算很走运了
[33:28.50]and i kind of did, 而我真的找到了 但是当面对现实的时候
[33:30.00]but when it came down to it,
[33:31.50]i thought my mother knew who i was much better than i knew myself. 我以为我妈妈知道我是谁
[33:37.50]i'm not sure exactly who my daughter was, 我并不很确定我女儿是怎样的
[33:41.20]but i know who she's become since she met you. 但我知道自从她遇到你之后 她变成了怎样一个人
[33:44.00]she returns home every night at a reasonable hour. 她每天都会按时回家
[33:46.20]she doesn't drink. she doesn't do drugs. 她不喝酒 不嗑药
[33:48.40]i don't know if you're responsible for that, 我不知道这是不是和你有关
[33:51.00]but i don't think it's a coincidence. 但我认为这并非巧合
[33:54.90]you belong with my daughter, 你和我女儿合得来
[33:56.80]and i think everyone should know that. 我想每个人都应该知道这一点
[34:00.60]will you come with me? 你愿意和我一起来吗
[34:02.50]yes, mrs.van der woodsen. i would love to. 是的 Van Der Woodsen夫人 我很愿意
[34:04.30]good. 很好 叫我Lily就行
[34:06.00]and it's lily.
[34:22.10]have you seen nate? 你看到Nate了吗?
[34:22.80]nate was asked to leave, but here i am. Nate被请走了 但我在
[34:27.50]i know that look. 我知道这种表情
[34:31.00]that's your look when your plan falls into place. 当你的计划成功时 你就是这个表情
[34:33.70]you're enjoying this. 你很喜欢这样
[34:37.00]you knew carter was going to my house. 你知道Carter会去我家
[34:39.60]you tipped off gossip girl. 是你发给绯闻少女的
[34:42.00]you ruined my cotillion on purpose. 你是故意破坏我的舞会的
[34:47.10]you did all this for your own enjoyment and didn't care what it would do to me, 你这样都是为了自己开心
[34:50.40]which is exactly why you and i could never work. 所以你和我永远都不可能在一起
[34:52.00]wait.slow down there, waldorf. - 等等 别说了 Waldorf - 你让我恶心
[34:54.00]you make me sick.
[34:56.80]this thing between us-- it's over for good. 你我之间 永远地结束了
[35:00.10]look, blair, wait. Blair 等下 我并不是故意
[35:00.80]- i didn't mean to-- - don't talk to me. 少理我
[35:05.10]blair! Blair!
[35:16.20]that was quite a mess you made, 你制造了一团麻烦
[35:19.50]but i was able to clean it up. 但我有能力收拾好烂摊子
[35:21.50]the chairs agreed to reissue your presentation statement in the committee's winter newsletter. 大会决定重新介绍你
[35:28.50]i stood up for you. 我为了维护你
[35:30.50]what are you talking about? - 你在说什么啊 - 和Dan--我为你辩护
[35:31.80]with dan--i defended you.
[35:33.80]mm, we'll talk about that later. 这个以后再说
[35:36.00]no, we don't need to talk at all, grana. 不用 我们根本不用谈了 外婆
[35:39.90]i just want to know one thing. 我只想知道一件事
[35:43.80]are you even ill? 你到底生病没有
[35:46.70]no. 没有
[35:48.90]but i could be. 但我很有可能会的
[35:49.80]all those cigarettes and cocktails. 抽这么多烟 喝这么多酒
[35:53.30]why did you do this? 你为什么要这么做
[35:54.70]oh, serena. 噢 Serena
[35:57.90]there is so much you don't understand. 有太多事你不明白
[36:02.30]a woman has to earn the right to create her own rules. 一个女人要为自己争得制定规矩的权利
[36:06.50]things aren't the way they were when you were young, grandma. 现在和你年轻的时候已经不同了 外婆
[36:14.00]you may be right about that. 也许你说得对吧
[36:42.80]hey. have you seen blair waldorf? 嘿 你看到Blair Waldorf吗?
[36:44.30]up there. 在上面
[37:02.30]it was so hot how you punched carter out. 你打Carter的样子真是太帅了
[37:04.60]i'd never seen you do anything like that before. 我以前从没见过你那样子
[37:15.80]spotted-- chuck bass losing something no one knew he had to begin with-- 注意了 Chuck Bass正在失去一些东西
[37:21.20]his heart. 他的心
[37:38.60]mom, i'm sorry. 妈妈 对不起
[37:41.30]i thought i could make it in time. 我以为我能准时赶回来的
[37:44.80]yeah, i know. 是啊 我知道
[37:50.80]i accept your apology, 接受你的道歉
[37:53.20]but it doesn't really make it okay. 但这并不会挽回什么
[37:55.40]sweetie. 亲爱的
[37:59.40]honey, as you get older, 亲爱的 随着你长大
[38:01.40]every choice that you make defines who you're gonna turn into, 你做的每个选择
[38:05.70]so rather than apologizi to me, 所以与其向我道歉
[38:10.30]you need to look at yourself and ask if you like the person you're becoming. 不如你仔细想想自己
[38:30.30]we're not supposed to talk, remember? 我们不该讲话的 记得吗
[38:32.90]oh, i had to.i-- 噢 我必须得这么做
[38:34.90]your mother came to see me, 你妈妈来找过我 她提到
[38:37.00]and she mentioned something about why you left me all those years ago. 当年你为了什么会离开我
[38:42.90]yes, well, she made me an offer i couldn't refuse, 是啊 她给了一个我不能拒绝的条件
[38:47.80]and i wasn't strong enough then. 当时我也没那么坚强
[38:49.70]why didn't you tell me? 你为什么不告诉我呢
[38:51.60]oh, come on. you never would have understood. 噢 拜托 你永远也不会理解的
[38:53.70]but if i had known you hadn't actually left me for 但如果我知道
[38:57.30]--for him, i-i... - 我是说 或许... - 听着 别说了 别说了
[38:58.90]- i mean, maybe-- - listen, don't. don't. 别说 也不要想
[39:00.30]don't say it.
[39:02.10]don't even think it. 我忍不住
[39:03.40]i can't help myself.
[39:07.80]i never should have let you... 我当初就不该让你
[39:11.00]let me go. 离开我
[39:43.50]it's often said that no matter the truth, 常言说 不管真相如何
[39:45.80]people see what they want to see. 人们只会看到他们想看的
[39:48.20]some people might take a step back and find out 有些人或许会退一步发现
[39:50.90]they were looking at the same big picture all along. 他们一直以来看到的画面都是一样的
[40:05.90]some people might see that their lies have almost caught up to them. 有的人则会发现
[40:09.10]* I Said It's Too Late To Apologize *
[40:13.60]* It's Too Late *
[40:17.80]* Yeah, Yeah, Yeah *
[40:25.40]* I'd Take Another Chance, Take A Fall *
[40:28.60]* Take A Shot For You *
[40:32.90]* Mm, I Need You Like A Heart Needs A Beat *
[40:37.30]* But It's Nothing New *
[40:40.50]* Yeah, Yeah *
[40:42.10]* I Loved You With A Fire Red *
[40:45.20]* Now It's Turning Blue And You Say Sorry *
[40:50.90]* Like The Angel Heaven Let Me Think Was You *
[40:55.80]some people may see what was there all along. 有人或许会看到原本一直都在身边的
[40:58.50]* It's Too Late To Apologize *
[41:02.20]and then there are those other people-- 而另外一些人
[41:04.40]the ones who run as far as they can so they don't have to look at themselves. 却仓皇地逃离现场
[41:09.90]where to, mr.bass? 去哪里 Bass先生?
[41:14.90]the airport. 机场
[41:22.90]and as for me? 而对我来说
[41:24.80]i can see clearly now. 我现在看得一清二楚
[41:27.20]x.o.x.o., gossip girl.
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8660-249590-1.html

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