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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:33:14
[00:01.10]gossip girl here- your one and only source 绯闻少女在此 我是向你们提供
[00:03.40]Into The Scandalous Lives Of Manhattan's Elite. 曼哈顿名流们丑闻生活的唯一资料来源
[00:06.00]How's Your Mom Doing? My Dad Left Her For Another Man. - 你妈妈怎样 - 我爸爸为了另一个男人离开了她
[00:08.40]Something About Uh-Uh, Mom And A Neighbor? Yeah. It's Complicated. - 关于妈妈和一个邻居的? - 恩..很复杂
[00:11.73]Mom's Having An Affair. It's Easy For Me To Say It. 妈妈有外遇 这没什么不好开口的
[00:13.43]It Happened One Time,And It's Over. 只发生过一次 现在已经结束了
[00:15.70]Then Why Did Our Daughter Have To Go To Hudson And Drag You Back Here? 那我们的女儿为什么要去哈德森 把你拉回这里呢?
[00:18.93]I'm Sorry I Kissed You, But I Did It Because 我很抱歉我吻了你 但我那么做是因为
[00:20.70]I Thought He Should Know How It Feels To Lose You. 我认为他该知道失去你是什么滋味
[00:23.23]So When Can We Go Public? 什么时候我们可以公开?
[00:24.90]My Kids Have To Know First. 必须先让我的孩子们知道
[00:26.50]My Friend Vanessa-She Moved Away To Vermont Last Year, 我的朋友Vanessa 去年她去了佛蒙特
[00:29.13]And Now She's Back. 现在她回来了
[00:30.10]You Guys Just Have Everything In Common, 你们有那么多的共同之处
[00:32.48]And, Um, I'm Just Getting To Know Him. 而我才开始慢慢了解他
[00:35.10]This Thing Between Us- It's Over Fogood. 我们之间的事结束了 永远地
[00:38.90]Nate Is A Gentleman. He Would Never Cause A Scene. Nate是个绅士 他永远不会制造麻烦的
[00:43.20]Where To, Mr. Bass? The Airport. - 去哪儿 Bass先生 - 机场
[00:49.00]And Who Am I? 我是谁?
[00:50.70]That's A Secret I'll Never Tell. 这个秘密我永远不会讲
[00:53.90]You Know You Love Me. 你知道你是爱我的
[00:55.80]流言蜚女 第一季第11集
[00:59.90]* Santa, Baby, A '54 Convertible, Too * * Santa, Baby, A '54 Convertible, Too *
[01:03.63]* Light Blue * * Light Blue * * Light Blue * * Light Blue *
[01:04.20]Hey, Upper East Siders. It's Christmas In New York, 嘿 上东区的各位 纽约的圣诞节到了
[01:07.53]And Along With The Season 随着节日的到来
[01:09.00]Comes The Constance Billard/ St. Jude's Bazaar, Constance Billard St. Jude慈善义卖也开始了
[01:12.20]Where The Only Thing Bizarre Are The Donated Items For Sale. 那里出售的捐赠品都是些希奇古怪的玩意儿
[01:15.93]How About An Antique Butter Churn? 买个古董奶油搅拌器如何?
[01:17.10]Oh, My Gosh. That Would Go So Well With My Loom. 噢 天啊 这个太适合我的织布机了
[01:20.60]I Know What I'm Getting You For Christmas Now. All Right. - 我知道买什么礼物送你了 - 好
[01:24.60]Oh, For When I Move To Siberia? No. - 等我搬到西伯利亚时戴? - 不是啦
[01:26.90]Come On. New York Hardly Even Gets Cold Anymore, 来吧 纽约现在都冷不起来了
[01:28.63]And It Never Snows. 从来不下雪
[01:30.70]Who Wants Chestnuts Roasted On An Open Fire When It Feels Like Florida? 像佛罗里达那样的地方 谁会用栗木来生活啊
[01:33.33]Okay, Global Warming Grinch. 好吧 全球变暖的格林奇 (Grinch是偷走圣诞的怪物)
[01:35.00]I'm Just Saying, Christmas Should Be White And Snowy. 我只是说圣诞节应该是白色的 下雪的
[01:39.03]I'd Even Settle For Manhattan Slush. Mm. 哪怕曼哈顿只有点雪泥也好
[01:42.80]There You Are. 你在这儿啊
[01:44.30]Hey, Vanessa. What Are You Doing Here? Hey. - 嘿 Vanessa 你怎么来了 - 嘿
[01:45.93]Merry Christmas. 圣诞快乐
[01:48.00]This Is A Copy Of "The New Yorker. " 一本"纽约客"
[01:49.30]Thank You, But You Know I Already Have A Subscription. 谢谢 不过你知道我有订阅的
[01:51.63]There's Something Else 里面有别的东西 一封信
[01:54.30]What Does It Say, Serena? 写的什么呢 Serena?
[01:57.70]"Dear Mr. Humphrey, We Are Pleased To Advise You "尊敬的Humphrey先生 我们很荣幸地通知你
[02:00.13]"That We Would Like To Publish Your Short Story "我们很愿意将你的短篇文章
[02:02.50]In Our Summer Fiction Issue Featuring '20 Under 20.'" 发表在我们夏季小说专栏"未满20岁"里"
[02:05.50]It's A Contest For Young Unknown Writers, And I Might Have... 这是一个年轻不知名作家的比赛 而我呢好象
[02:08.13]Oh, My God! Submitted You. - 噢 上帝啊 - 推荐了你
[02:09.50]I'm Gonna Be Published In "The New Yorker. " That-Oh. 我要在"纽约客"上发表文章了
[02:13.00]This Ca-This Can't Be Real. Is-Is This-Is This Real? 这不可能是真的 这是真的吗
[02:15.80]This Is So Great. 真是太棒了
[02:17.10]I Haven't Even Read One Of Your Stories. 我都没看过你写的小说
[02:18.73]Oh, Don't Worry.? 别担心 没人看过
[02:20.40]I Swiped This One Out Of His Drawer On The Pretense Of Borrowing A Stapler. 我是假装借钉书器 从他抽屉里偷拿的
[02:23.53]Slick. You Never Did Return That Stapler, By The Way. 真厉害 不过你一直都没还我那个钉书器
[02:26.60]Let's See. You Story Is Called "10-8-05." 我们来瞧瞧 这个故事叫作 "10-8-05"
[02:32.00]What's That Date? 这是什么日子?
[02:34.40]Vanessa, Thank You. I Don't Know How You Did This, Vanessa 谢谢 真不知道你是怎么做到的
[02:37.53]But This Is The Best Present Ever. 不过这是最棒的礼物了
[02:39.70]* So Hurry Down The Chimney Tonight * * So Hurry Down The Chimney Tonight *
[02:43.50]* Hurry Tonight * * Hurry Tonight *
[02:45.33]* Santa, Baby * * Santa, Baby *
[02:49.60]I Can't Believe We Just Took A Cab For $32. 真不敢相信我们打车花了32块
[02:52.20]Well, I Can't Believe You Were Gonna Wait An Hour For Another Subway. 我才不敢相信你竟然要为了坐地铁再等1个小时
[02:54.63]They Said Another Train Was On Its Way. 他们说火车已经开出来了
[02:57.30]Uh, Excuse Me. Pardon Me. Oh. 不好意思 借过
[02:59.63]Oh. Rufus, Alison, Hello. 噢 Rufus Alison 你们好
[03:02.63]Hi. 嗨
[03:03.20]Oh, Rufus. Rufus
[03:04.40]Uh, You Remember My Friend Bartholomew Bass? 你记得我朋友Bartholomew Bass吧?
[03:07.73]Hi. From, Uh, Eleanor's? Yeah. Hello. - 嗨 在Eleanor家是吧 - 是的 你好
[03:10.60]Eleanor's? Oh, This Is My Wife Alison. - Eleanor家? - 这位是我妻子Alison
[03:13.43]Hi. How Do You Do? - 嗨 - 你好吗
[03:18.50]Well, It's Lovely To See You Both. 很高兴见到你们二位
[03:20.80]Excuse Us, Please. 失陪了
[03:28.70]I Guess Lily's Targeted Her Next Billionaire. 我想Lily瞄准了她的下一位亿万富翁
[03:31.10]Actually, I Think She's Had Him In Her Sights For A While. 事实上 她以他做目标已经有段时间了
[03:35.60]Well, That Was Awkward. 真是尴尬
[03:37.00]It Wouldn't Be If You Let People Know What We Were Doing Together. 如果你让人们知道我们在一起 就不会了
[03:39.13]I'm Just Starting? 我正在试着开始重新信任你
[03:41.10]And The Only Reason You Didn't Trust Me Last Time 上一次你不信任我只是
[03:43.03]Was Because Of A Misunderstanding. 因为一场误会
[03:45.03]Yes, And To Avoid Another One, 是的 为了避免下一次
[03:46.30]That If It Doesn't Work Out Between Us Again, 我们要明白的是 如果我们俩还是不能成功
[03:48.43]I'm Gonna Feel Twice As Humiliated. 我会比以前要加倍丢脸
[03:50.70]Not Telling People About Us Ensures That We Don't Work Out. 不告诉人们我们的事 就肯定没办法成功
[03:55.00]Look, When I Committed Myself To You, I Meant It. 当我向你许下承诺时 我就是认真的
[03:58.00]You Know I Am In Love With You. 你知道我是爱你的
[04:00.60]What Are You Waiting For? 你还在等什么呢
[04:02.90]Blair. Blair
[04:04.50]Oh, Happy Holidays. 噢 节日快乐
[04:06.40]Happy Holidays-Mwah- Ms. Van Der Woodsen. 节日快乐 Van Der Woodsen夫人
[04:08.30]Mr. Bass, I Didn't Think That You Were Still In Town. Bass先生 我还以为你出城了呢
[04:10.83]I Figured That You Were With... With Charles? No. Sadly, - 我以为你... - 和Charles一起? 没有 很遗憾
[04:13.30]I Am Stuck Here On Business While He Suns Himself At My Hotel In Monaco. 我因为公事被困在这里 而他正在我摩纳哥的酒店享受阳光
[04:17.40]I Have My Staff Keeping An Eye On Him, 我让我的人多留意他
[04:19.13]And I'll Join Him For New Year's. 新年的时候我会过去见他
[04:20.90]Oh, Right. I- I, Uh, Was Wondering 噢 是啊 我...我一直在奇怪
[04:23.60]Why He'd Been So Quiet, And Monaco Answers My Question. 他怎么都没什么动静 原来答案是摩纳哥
[04:28.00]Lovely To See You Two. Bye. You, Too. - 很高兴见到你们 拜 - 我们也是
[04:39.27]摩纳哥 是吧? 都告诉我
[04:43.00]Blair, There You Are. Blair 你在这儿啊
[04:44.80]I- I Can't Talk Right Now, Serena. I'm Late, And I Have- 我现在没办法聊天 Serena 我迟到了 我...
[04:46.73]A Huge Sweet Tooth? 超级爱甜食?
[04:48.10]They're For My Dad And Me. We Get Them Every Year, 那是给我爸爸和我的 每年都是如此
[04:49.83]And He Landed Om Parar 27 Minutes Ago. 他从巴黎飞过来了 27分钟前降落了
[04:52.63]Oh, Then Vite, Vite!? 噢 那快点 动作快
[04:55.00]Come On. I Said Vite! 来啊 我说快点
[05:00.30]Hey! 嘿
[05:01.40]Nice Holiday Spirit, Scrooge! 真有节日气氛啊 吝啬鬼
[05:03.20]Oh, Gosh. So It's Gonna Be A Real Waldorf Christmas? 噢 天啊 今年真的会是Waldorf家的传统圣诞节吗
[05:05.83]Well, A Real Waldorf Christmas Eve. 真正的Waldorf圣诞前夜
[05:07.65]Eleanor Drew The Line At Christmas Day. Eleanor圣诞节定好了规矩
[05:09.41]That's Only For Me, Her And Dorota. 只能有我 她和Dorota
[05:11.13]Well, You Still Have? 你还是有几天时间的啊
[05:12.60]No, It'll Be More Than Just A Couple Days. 不 不只是几天的时间
[05:14.43]I'm Gonna Convince Him To Stay In New York. 我要说服他留在纽约
[05:16.23]What About Paris And Roman? 那巴黎和Roman怎么办?
[05:18.00]Roman Is A Phase. My Father Belongs Here With Me. Roman只是一个阶段 我爸爸是属于这里的
[05:20.63]He Only Left New York To Ride Out The Scandal. Oh! 他离开纽约是为了回避那些绯闻
[05:23.50]Time To Come Home, Don't You Think? 现在该回家了 不是吗
[05:24.88]Hey, Did You Want To Ask Me Something? 嘿 你是想问我什么吗
[05:26.23]Yes, A Gift Idea For Dan? 是的 送Dan什么礼物呢?
[05:28.40]The Most Thoughtful Dan-Like Present Ever. Venessa送了Dan最贴心的礼物
[05:30.40]Why Don't You Just Buy Him? And Call It A Day? 你直接买个礼物不就结了吗
[05:33.33]Thank You For Being Totally Not Helpful At All. 谢谢你一点忙都帮不上
[05:36.80]See You Tomorrow Night. 明晚见
[05:38.10]Bye. 拜
[05:46.50]Hi! Blair-Bear! - 嗨 - Blair宝贝!
[05:48.50]Oh! Oh, Look At You. 噢 瞧你啊
[05:50.80]Mm. More Beautiful Than Ever. 比以前更漂亮了
[05:54.20]Uh, Sweetheart, You Remember Roman? 亲爱的 你记得Roman吗?
[05:59.20]Blair. Blair
[06:01.10]Ah. Mm.
[06:02.60]You Are Still Perfection. 你还是这么迷人
[06:05.00]Delicate, Yet Full With Flavor, 优雅 香气四溢
[06:08.50]Like A Macaron. 就像杏仁小圆饼
[06:10.90]Imagine My Surprise When The Elevator Door Opened 想象一下 当电梯门打开 我看到他们两个
[06:13.80]And Out Popped Both Of 'Em. 一起出现 是有多么惊讶啊
[06:15.80]Well, I Didn't Think You'd Mind. 我想你不介意吧
[06:17.10]It's The Perfect Opportunity For You Two To Get To Know Each Another Better. 这是个很好的机会让你们彼此了解一下
[06:20.70]Absolutely. It's For You. 当然了 这是送你的
[06:23.50]Oh, Sweetheart, You Remembered. 噢 亲爱的 你还记得
[06:24.90]It, Uh, Our Tradition. 这是我们的传统
[06:30.40]That's For You. 这是给你的
[06:32.60]Merci, Blair. 谢谢 Blair
[06:34.30]My Pleasure. 别客气
[06:42.00]My Son, The Writer. 我的儿子 是个作家
[06:44.10](Alison) Published Writer. 出版作家
[06:45.30]Yeah, You Got Your Dream Girl And Your Story In "The New Yorker." 是啊 你现在有了自己的梦中情人 又在"纽约客"发表了文章
[06:47.40](Jenny) Maybe You Should Just Die Now. 或许你现在可以去死了
[06:48.50]That's True. I May Have Peaked. 的确 我的人生也到顶峰了
[06:51.80]This One Is From The Smiths. 这是Smith寄来的
[06:54.30]"Season's Greetings." That's Very Original. "节日贺卡" 很原始
[06:56.30]Their Name's Smith. They Don't Have To Be Original. 他们叫Smith 用不着有创意的
[06:59.00]This One Is From, Uh, Alex. 这个是.. Alex的
[07:01.70]What? 什么
[07:02.30]"Alison, Meet--Meet Me On The 24th For--" No, Dan. - "Alison 24号来见我.." - 别 Dan
[07:07.70]And That's Not A Christmas Card. 这不是圣诞卡
[07:23.90](Lowered Voice) Why Is He Writing To You? 他干吗写信给你
[07:25.90]Sending Cards To The House? Asking To See You? 把卡片寄到家里 约你见面?
[07:28.90]I Don't Kn.W 我不知道
[07:30.40]Guys, We're--We're Still Here. We Can Hear You. 二位 我们还在呢 我们可听得到哟
[07:34.50]Rufus, It's Over With Alex, Okay? Rufus Alex已经是过去时了 好吗
[07:36.60]I-I-I'm Home Now With My Family. 我现在回家了 和家人在一起
[07:41.90]Good. 好的
[07:45.30]Let's All Rewind And Just Pretend This Never Happened. (Clears Throat) 我们倒回去 就当这一切没发生过
[08:02.60]I Can't Believe You're Okay With This. Who Said I Am Okay With This? - 真不敢相信你竟然不介意 - 谁说我不介意了
[08:06.10]What Am I Supposed To Do, Make A Scene? 我能怎么办呢 大闹一场吗
[08:08.00]Behave Like Some Pathetic, Scorned Wife? No. 表现得像个可怜的秦香莲? 才不要
[08:12.10](Speaks French) Roman Does Not Even Know How To Ice-Skate. Roman都不会滑冰
[08:14.00]Can't You Escort Him Out Of The Park 难道你不能在去开会的路上
[08:15.70]On Your Way To The Meeting? Maybe Drop Him At A Nail Salon? 顺便把他带走吗 送他去做美甲
[08:18.20]I Cannot Bother Myself Trying To Wrestle Roman Away From You. 我不能为了帮你弄走Roman就给自己找不痛快
[08:22.70]I Have To Mentally Prepare. 我要做好心理准备
[08:25.40]I Am Meeting With The C.E.O. Of Victoria's Secret, After All. 毕竟我是要去见维多利亚秘密的老总
[08:28.40]Victoria's Secret? 维多利亚的秘密?
[08:29.60]Yes, I'm-- I'm Designing A Line 是的 我..我在设计一系列
[08:32.90]Of Retro-Chic Sleepwear And Lingerie And I-- 复古高雅的睡衣和内衣 我...
[08:35.20]I'm Looking Forward ??? 我很期待能看看样品
[08:36.80]We're All Very Proud. 我们都很为你骄傲
[08:38.00]In Fact, Mom, Why Don't You Tell Roman All About It? 其实呢 妈妈 你何不跟Roman具体说一下呢
[08:40.40]Oh, Yes. 噢 是啊
[08:41.20]I'm Sure He'd Be Fascinated. 我肯定他会很开心的
[08:43.80]It's So Good To Have You Here. Well, It's Good To Be Here. - 你能来真是太好了 - 很高兴能回来
[08:46.00]Now Where's The Handsome Nate? Am I Gonna See Him Tonight? 英俊潇洒的Nate呢 我今晚能见到他吗
[08:48.70]Well, He's In Connecticut ??? 他和他妈妈在康乃狄格州
[08:50.80]He Said He Would Try To Catch A Train 他说过会争取赶上火车
[08:52.10]And Make It To The Party Tonight. Yeah, Well, - 来参加今晚的派对的 - 好的
[08:53.80]???? Eleanor Wardorf要再次举办
[08:55.60]Another Ney Rkrknstitution That I Miss. 我想念的派对了
[08:58.40]You Know, You Don't Have To Miss Any Of It. 你知道原本你根本不会错过的
[09:02.00]I Wish That I Could Be In Two Places At Once, 我也希望自己可以同时在两个地方
[09:03.40]My Dear, But Impossible. Sorry. 亲爱的 可是分身乏术啊 对不起
[09:06.60]You Know That Chateau Near Lyon That I Told You About? 记得我跟你说过的里昂旁边的庄园吗
[09:09.40]Mm-Hmm. Roman And I Bought It. - 恩 - Roman和我买了下来
[09:12.00]You Bought That Place? Yes. - 你把那个地方买下来了? - 是的
[09:14.70]And With Roman? 和Roman一起?
[09:16.50]The House Is Flooded With Light. 那地方到处都是灯光
[09:18.70]The Fireplaces Are Big Enough. I Mean, You Can Walk Into Them. 壁炉非常大 你都可以走进去
[09:21.00]The Gardens Are Incroyable. 花园简直是不可思议
[09:25.00]Uh, Pardon Me. I'm Taking My Niece Skating, 不好意思 我要带我的外甥女去滑冰
[09:28.10]And I Can't Seem To Locate The Rink. 我不知道冰场在哪里
[09:31.90]But It's-- It's Right Over There. 可是就在那边啊
[09:34.90]Of Course. The Throng Of Children In Mittens 是啊 有那么多的小孩子
[09:36.90]Should Have Tipped Me Off. Thank You. 我应该想到的 谢谢了
[09:38.80]You're Welcome. 不客气
[09:45.70]The Handsome Man Was Just Flirting With You. 那个帅哥刚才对你放电呢
[09:49.20]That's Absurd. He Was Not Flirting With Me. 真是可笑 他才没有呢
[09:54.40]Roman, It Is Going To Be So Dull For You Roman 你要坐在旁边看着他们滑冰
[09:57.60]To Sit And Watch Them Skate. 真是太愚蠢了
[09:59.10]Yes. Why Don't You Go To The Petting Zoo 你何不到动物园看看
[10:01.00]And Feed The Sheep? 喂喂绵羊呢
[10:02.20]Or Why Don't I Join You On The Rink? It Looks Fun. 或者我何不跟你一起滑冰呢 看起来很有趣
[10:05.50]Wonderful. 太好了
[10:06.30]Yes. Super. 是啊 好极了
[10:08.00]I'll Get You Skates. See You There. 我去帮你买冰鞋 一会见
[10:10.30]Super. 好极了
[10:23.50]You're Not Autographing Those And Selling Them On Ebay,Are You? 你不会签个名 然后到Ebay上去卖吧?
[10:26.30]No. No, No. 不不 当然不会
[10:27.50]I'm Just Checking Out Some Of The Previous Publishees, 我只是看一些以前发表的人
[10:30.00]And I'm--I'm In Great Company Here. It'sthe New Yorker." 有很多名人陪我 这可是"纽约客"啊
[10:33.90]V., How Can I Top This? I Can't, Really, V. 我怎么可能超越呢 不可能的
[10:36.20]Unless I Rig The Oscars For One Of Your Documentaries. 除非我动手脚拿你的记录片去参加奥斯卡
[10:38.20]You Got In On Your Own Merit. 你是凭自己的实力说话
[10:39.40]The Only Gift I Gave You Was To Lick A Stamp, And As For Me, 我唯一给你的就是贴了张邮票 要送给我的话
[10:43.30]The Annual Dan Humphrey Christmas Cd Mix 每年圣诞节Dan Humphrey的合集CD
[10:45.10]Is More Than Enough. All Right, Yeah. - 就已经足够了 - 好的
[10:51.70]Hey. 嘿
[10:54.50]What's In The Bag? Perfection. - 袋子里是什么 - 完美的礼物
[10:57.10]Look, I Know It's Not Christmas Yet, But Open It, Please. 我知道现在还不是圣诞节 不过打开吧
[10:59.80]I Can't Wait. I'm Too Excited. 我等不及了 激动死了
[11:03.60]Oh, My. 噢 天啊
[11:07.90]I Noticed The Other Day That You Don't Wear A Watch, 我注意到那天你没戴手表
[11:09.60]And Then It Occurred To Me It's Because You Don't Have A Watch, 我就想到 是因为你没有手表
[11:12.00]And You're Gonna Need One To Be Punctual For All The Meetings 这样你就需要一块手表 来确保你见那些
[11:14.00]With Editors And Publishers Now That You're A Fancy 编辑出版商时就不会迟到 现在你是个
[11:16.40]And Apparently, Self-Important Writer. 出色的 自负的作家
[11:22.30]You Don't Like It. You Want The Brown Band. 你不喜欢 你想要棕色表带的
[11:23.90]No, No, No. I Love The Band. 不 不是的 我喜欢这表带
[11:25.80]I Love The Whole Thing. 我都很喜欢
[11:26.90]It's--It's The Most Amazing Watch I've Ever Seen, 这是我见过最名贵的手表了
[11:30.30]But I Can't Accept This. 但是我不能接受
[11:31.60]What? Oh, Yes, You Can. 什么? 你可以要的
[11:34.30]Look, It's More Of A Gift For Me 这对我来说不只是件礼物
[11:35.60]Because I Had So Much Fun Picking It Out For You. 因为在为你挑礼物的时候 我很开心
[11:37.80]You Have To. 你一定得要
[11:38.90]Serena, I Buy A Book For My Dad Every Christmas. Serena 每年圣诞我都买本书送我爸爸
[11:41.90]I Think The Most Elaborate Gift I've Ever Given 我想我送过最好的礼物
[11:43.20]Has Been A Pair Of Rubber Boots From L.L. Bean. 是L.L. Bean的一双胶靴
[11:47.60]So Then I Overdid It? 那是我过头了吗
[11:50.10]I Think Even Your Underdoing It 我觉得即便你随便做做
[11:52.30]Would Be Overdoing It. 最后也会过头的
[11:55.50]Look, Um, Let's--Let's-- Let's Set Some Rules, 听我说 我们来定几个规矩吧
[11:58.70]Maybe Some Helpful Guidelines. 或许能有所帮助
[12:01.00]Fine. 好吧
[12:04.60]Deadline? 期限是?
[12:05.90]Um, Tomorrow Morning. 明早
[12:07.40]Price Limit? 价格限制?
[12:10.90]50 Bucks. 50块
[12:12.30]All Right. May The Best Gift Win. 好的 希望最好的礼物能获胜
[12:20.10](Lowered Voice) Hey, Um... Hey. - 嘿 恩... - 嘿
[12:22.00]If It's Any Help, I Can Tell You Dan's Favorite Used Book Shop. 如果需要帮助 我可以告诉你Dan最喜欢的二手书店
[12:25.10]That's Okay. I Think I Got It. 不用了 我想我有办法的
[12:44.20]Are You Alex? Who Are You? - 你是Alex? - 你是谁
[12:46.40]Rufus Humphrey. Rufus Humphrey
[12:48.80]Unless You Want To Be Carried Out Of Here, 除非你想被人从这里抬出去
[12:50.10]You're Gonna Stay The Hell Away From My Wife. 否则你就离我妻子远点
[12:52.10]Calm Down Now. 冷静点
[12:53.00]You Sent A Letter To My Wife 你写了封信给我妻子
[12:55.10]At My House Where My Children Live? 寄到我家 我孩子都在那里
[12:58.90]Whatever You Had With Her Is Over. 不管你和她有过什么 都结束了
[13:01.00]Why Don't You Sit Down? She Told You To Leave Her Alone. - 你何不坐下呢 - 她让你别烦她的
[13:04.40]I'm Sorry. 很抱歉
[13:06.20]That's Not What She Told Me A Couple Days Ago. 几天前她不是这么跟我说的
[13:10.80]Excuse Me. You... 你说什么 你...
[13:13.80]You Spoke To Her? 你和她谈过?
[13:18.10](Mcguire Sisters) * "C" Is For The Candy Trim * * "C" Is For The Candy Trim *
[13:20.90]* Around The Christmas Tree * * Around The Christmas Tree *
[13:23.90]* "H" Is For The Happiness * * "H" Is For The Happiness *
[13:26.10]Damn It. You Can Do It. You Can Do It. - 该死的 - 你行的 你可以的
[13:27.80]Look At All These Children. 看看这些孩子们
[13:28.80]They're Skating Around Fearlessly. Come On. 他们毫无畏惧地滑来滑去
[13:31.00]They Got A Lot Shorter Way To Fall. 他们个子小 摔了也不会疼
[13:32.90]Blair, Will You Help Us Here? ???? Blair来帮我们一把好吗 我们需要你
[13:35.40]Just A Second. My Laces Came Undone. 等一下 我的鞋带松了
[13:40.20]Only 1 Question:How did you fake ur virginity for N? 就一个问题:你怎么在N(ate)面前装处女的?
[13:44.80](Harold) Now Here We Go. 好了
[13:45.80]Ready? Now Go To Blair. Okay. - 准备好了吗 现在去找Blair - 好的
[13:48.10]You Can Do It! Blair! - 你可以的 - Blair!
[13:51.10]Come Give Us A Lesson. 来教我们一下
[13:52.80]Spotted Spinning At Wollman Rink-- 注意了 旋转在Wollman滑冰场
[13:54.90]The Blair Capades. All The Grace Of Nancy Kerrigan, Blair展现了Kerrigan的优雅姿态 (著名滑冰选手)
[13:58.70]But Packing The Punch Of Tonya Harding. 但却使出了Tonya Harding的一记重拳
[14:03.60](Harold) Pauvre Roman. 可怜的Roman
[14:05.60]莂 Va? 没事吧
[14:09.70]Are You All Right? 你还好吧
[14:10.70]I'm So Clumsy. My Foot Got Caught Behind The Skate. Oh. 我真是被 自己被冰刀拌倒了
[14:14.10](Harold) Oh. Here. Let Me Help You. 让我来帮你吧
[14:25.20]I Cannot Believe That Daddy Decided To Stay With Roman 真不敢相信爸爸竟然宁愿陪Roman
[14:28.10]Instead Of Having Tea At The Carlyle With Me. 而不陪我去Carlyle喝茶
[14:32.20]The E.R. Doctor Said He Would Make A Full Recovery. 急诊室医生说了他会完全好起来的
[14:36.00]Everything Is Ruined. 都让他给毁了
[14:37.00]Why Wod You Say That? You And I Had A Marvelous Time. 怎么这么说呢 你和我可是很开心啊
[14:39.80]Well, I'm Sorry, Mother. It's Just Not The Same. 对不起 妈妈 只是这不一样
[14:41.90]I Don't Understand How That French Fox Stole My Father 我不明白那只法国狐狸精是怎么偷走我爸爸
[14:45.20]And Your Husband And Always Seems To Come Off Like A-An Innocent Lamb. 和你丈夫的 而且还总是一脸无辜的样子
[14:48.90]Roman Was Not Always So Innocent, You Know. Roman可不是总那么无辜的
[14:53.00]Really? What's His Story? 是吗 他有什么故事吗
[14:54.60]Mm, Well, When I First Met Him, 我第一次见到他的时候
[14:55.70]He Was Going Out With This Model Named Freddy, 他和一个叫Freddy的模特约会
[14:57.60]And Freddy Was A Horrible Scoundrel. Freddy是个可怕的无赖
[15:00.50]Roman Would Actually ??? Roman真的会爱上那样的人?
[15:02.20]Into Him? He Was--He Was Absolutely Infatuated With Him. 爱? 他是为他神魂颠倒了
[15:04.90]Freddy Had Him Under Some Kind Of Spell. Freddy迷住了他
[15:06.60]I Was The One Who Got Him To Break Out Of It 是我把他从中解救出来的
[15:08.40]And Turn His Life Around. Don't Mention Freddy To Your Father. 改变了他的人生 别跟你爸爸提Freddy的事
[15:11.10]It Is A Sore Subject. 这是个旧伤口
[15:12.40]Okay. What Was Freddy's Last Name? 好吧 那Freddy姓什么?
[15:21.50]Hey. Where Were You? 嘿 你去哪儿了
[15:23.50]I Tried To Call You, But Your Phone Was Off. 我打电话给你来着 可你没开机
[15:26.50]I Kept Your Date For You With Alex. 我帮你保留了你和 Alex的约会
[15:30.10]He's Actually A Pretty Cool Guy 他是个很不错的人
[15:31.70]Other Than The Fact That He's In Love With My Wife. 除了他正爱着我妻子
[15:36.40]He Told Me About Your Phone Call. 他跟我说了你打电话的事
[15:48.30]He... Felt That I Owed Him An Explanation, 他...觉得我欠他一个解释
[15:52.40]And He Was Right. 他说得对
[15:54.40]And You Didn't Tell Me That Because... 你没告诉我是因为.
[15:56.20]Because There Was Nothing To Tell. 因为没什么可说的
[15:59.70]I Told Alex That I Was Back With My Family 我告诉Alex我回到家人身边了
[16:04.00]And To Stop Calling. 让他不要再打电话了
[16:08.10]Would You Have Come Back... 如果Jenny不去找你的话
[16:11.80]If Jenny Hadn't Shown Up To Bring You? 你会回来吗
[16:16.10]If I Hadn't, Would Lily Be Here Right Now? 如果我不回来 Lily会取代我吗
[16:24.30]I Guess By Turning Our Backs On These Other People, 我想我们以为不去理会这些人
[16:26.50]We Thought We Could Fix Ourselves. 就可以弥补一切
[16:29.80]Maybe Other People Aren't The Problem. 或许问题不是出自其他人
[16:35.10]Maybe We Changed. 或许是我们都变了
[16:37.70]And At What Point Do We Admit 怎样我们才会承认
[16:40.70]That No Matter How Much We Want It Or How Hard We Try... 无论我们有多么渴望 或是我们有多努力
[16:44.20]It'sujt T Not Rking. 这样就是行不通
[16:51.00]I Know It's Been Maybe Ten Minutes Since I Last Asked, 我知道距离我刚才问不过才10分钟
[16:53.10]But Are You Still Sure You Don't Want To Talk About It? 但是你真的不想谈谈吗
[16:55.30]Dad Said He Didn't Want ??? 爸爸说不想毁了圣诞节
[16:56.60]That's What I'm Trying To Do. 所以我就在想办法
[16:59.30]Hey, Well, Just In Case ??? 嘿 以防万一你改变主意
[17:00.50]You're Here. I Know. 你在 我知道
[17:04.70]Okay. How About This? 好吧 这样如何
[17:05.90]At Least You Know It's Something Serena Doesn't Have. 至少你知道Serena没有什么
[17:07.80]A Year Of Cheese For $600? Are These People Kidding? 一年份的芝士 这些人在开玩笑吗
[17:12.10]I Could Buy A Cow For That Much Money And Make My Own Cheese. 我可以用那些钱买头牛 自己做芝士了
[17:14.30]You Just Said "Make My Own Cheese." That's Disgusting. 你刚说"自己做芝士" 真是恶心
[17:17.30]I'm Never Goaa Findndhis Gift For Serena. 我永远也不知道该送Serena什么了
[17:19.10]Yeah, And Your Gift Needs To Be ??? 是啊 你的礼物一定得要特别才行
[17:20.60]To Make Up For The Rest Of Her Christmas. 连她以后所有的圣诞节都够了
[17:22.30]What Do You Mean? Well, She's Living In A Hotel. - 你什么意思? - 她是住在酒店里的
[17:24.10]You Know, How Homey Can It Be? 那里怎么会有家的感觉呢
[17:25.50]It's Not Exactly Festive. 也没有节日气氛
[17:26.80]Eric Told Me They Don't Even Allow Trees. Eric跟我说 那里都不让放圣诞树
[17:33.20](Chuck) Leave A Message, And I Might Listen. (Beep) 请留言 我也许会听
[17:35.90](Scoffs) Chuck, You Are Not Answering My Calls, Chuck 你不接我的电话
[17:38.90]To Torture Me, I Am Sure, But Please, For The Love Of God, 是为了折磨我 当然 不过拜托看在上帝的份上
[17:42.70]Do Not Tell Anybody About Us, Okay? 别告诉别人我们的事 好吗
[17:45.40]Please? Please. 求你了 拜托
[17:47.80]Hey. You Told Me To Come Right Away. 嘿 你告诉我马上就来的
[17:49.00]Is Everything All Right? Yeah. - 没事吧 - 没事
[17:50.70]Why Aren't You With Your Dad? 你怎么没和你爸爸在一起
[17:52.10]Uh, I Need Your Log-In ??? 我需要你的登陆信息登陆中介网站
[17:55.10]From Your Modeling Days. 就是你当模特的那个时候
[17:56.30]My Modeling Days? 我当模特的时候?
[17:57.40]I Did One Print Ad For Gap When I Was 12. 我12岁时给GAP拍过一个广告而已
[18:02.33]What,Are You Holding An Open Call Or Something? 怎么 你是要公开征友吗
[18:04.23]I Have One Specific Look In Mind. 我脑子里有一个特定的人了
[18:07.45]Uh,Okay,Well I Don't Know 好吧 我不知道
[18:09.05]If It'll Still Even Be In Here,But... 如果还没过期的话 可是...
[18:14.32]Well,Look At That. 瞧啊
[18:16.25]Addresses And Phone Numbers. Perfect. 地址和电话号码 好极了
[18:18.95]You Know,I Called You An Hour Ago. B.T.W.,You're Late. 一小时前我打电话给你了 顺便说一句 你迟到了
[18:21.71]Um,You're Lucky I'm Even Here At All. 你真走运我现在在这儿
[18:23.37]It's Christmas Eve,And I Still Haven't Found A Gift For Dan. 现在是圣诞前夜 而我还是不知道送什么给Dan
[18:25.67]Now All The Stores Are Closing, And I'm Totally Screwed. 现在所有店都关门了 我完蛋了
[18:29.13]Do You Have Any Idea What You Can Buy 你知道现在有哪里能用50块钱
[18:30.17]For Under $50 These Days? I Don't Know. A Single Entr蒃 At A Mid-Priced Restaurant? - 买到礼物吗 - 我不知道 在一家中等餐厅买一道头菜?
[18:34.61]Three-Quarters Of A Dvd Box Set? 45块买一套DVD?
[18:36.49]Maybe A Pair Of Wolford Stockings. 或许买一双 Wolford的袜子?
[18:38.62]Oh,Stockings. Yes,Great Idea For Dan. 噢 长袜 真是太适合Dan了
[18:41.49]Blair,Please, This Is Serious. Blair 拜托 这不是闹着玩的
[18:43.67]I Don't Know. Why Don't You Buy Him A Gold Money Clip 我不知道 你何不买个卡迪亚的
[18:46.00]From Cartier,Say It's $49.99? He Won't Know The Difference. 钞票夹 就说是S49块9毛9 反正他也不知道
[18:50.85]What Are You Doing Anyway? 你到底要干吗呢
[18:55.36]I'm Booking Me A Model. 我要给自己定个模特
[19:13.14]Hey. 嘿
[19:15.31]I Come To You Hat In Hand, Tail Betwe M My Le 我屈尊下马 来向你俯首称臣
[19:18.32]And Off My High Horse. (Chuckles)
[19:20.80]I Spent The Entire Day Searching For The Perfect Gift For Dan. 我一整天都在帮Dan挑选礼物
[19:24.16]Now All The Stores Are Closing, Christmas Day Is Looming, 现在所有的店都关门了 圣诞节就要到了
[19:27.39]And,Um... I Need Your Help. 而我...需要你的帮助
[19:31.74]I Could Take This Opportunity To Gloat, 我该趁这个机会幸灾乐祸一下
[19:34.19]But I Actually Like You. 不过我真的喜欢你
[19:35.93]So Let's Get Down To Business. What Do You Have So Far? 那我们说正事吧 现在你有什么
[19:39.21]Um,I Found A First Edition J.L. Hall Book, 我有第一版的J.L. Hall的书
[19:41.95]Original Italian Poster Of The "400 Blows" 电影"400击"的原版意大利海报
[19:44.50]And A Montblanc Fountain Pen. All Very Thoughtful. - 还有一支万宝龙的钢笔 - 都很细心
[19:47.90]And All Exceed $50. 而且都超过50块
[19:50.51]Right. 是的
[19:51.72]Well,Dan's Not Really That Into Things. Dan对这些都没有兴趣
[19:55.42]Which Makes Shopping For Him Kind Of Hopeless. 这样为他买东西就没有希望了
[19:58.21]The Only Thing He Wants For Christmas Is Snow. 他唯一期盼的就是圣诞节下雪
[20:00.22]It's Not Like I Can Give Him That. 这倒不是我不能实现的
[20:02.71]You Sure? 你确定?
[20:07.22](Eleanor) Happy Holidays. 节日快乐
[20:09.18]Welcome. Welcome. 欢迎 欢迎
[20:11.93](Lily) Oh! Hi. Hi. Hi. I Don't Know If You've Noticed. 嗨 我不知道你是否注意到
[20:14.15]We're Doing Things A Little Untraditionally This Year. 今年我们有点打破传统
[20:17.24]I Don't Know If You've Heard. 不知道你是否听说
[20:18.80]I'm Desiining A Ne Of Lingerie For Victoria's Secret. 我正在为维多利亚秘密设计内衣
[20:21.95]I Walked Into The Store,And I Fell In Love With This Tree. 我走进这家店 一下子就爱上了这棵树
[20:25.56]Isn't That Lipstick Clever? Isn't It? 这只口红是不是很精巧?
[20:29.09]Good. Have Some Eggnog. 好的 来喝点蛋酒吧
[20:31.62]Hello? (Rufus) Hey. It's Me. - 喂? - 嘿 是我
[20:33.01]Hey. So,Uh,Running Into Each Other At The School Fair-- - 嘿 - 在学校集会上碰到
[20:37.22]Kind Of Awkward. 有点尴尬
[20:38.32]I Suppose So,Especially After Our Last Phone Call. 我想是的 特别是在我们最后一次通话之后
[20:41.74]Rufus,We Really Shouldn't Be Speaking. Rufus 我们真的不该说话
[20:43.99]No,I Know. 是的 我知道
[20:47.52]But If There's Something You Want To Say, 但如果你有话想说
[20:50.39]You Should Go Ahead And Say It 那你就说出来吧
[20:52.94]Is There Something You Want Me To Say? 你有什么要我说的吗
[20:57.62]Rufus... Rufus...
[20:59.47]Why Are You Calling? 你为什么要打给我
[21:01.26]Oh,I... 噢 我...
[21:05.50]Just Wanted To Say Merry Christmas. 只想说声圣诞快乐
[21:09.82]Hope You Have A Good Holiday. 希望你有个愉快的假期
[21:14.31]Yes,Well... 是的 恩...
[21:16.87]I'm,Um,Flying To Anguilla With Bart Tonight, 我今晚要和Bart飞去安奎拉岛
[21:20.95]So I'm Expecting It To Be A-A Great Holiday-- 所以我想...会是个很棒的假期
[21:24.79]One For The Ages,In Fact. 事实上 是很多年来的一次
[21:27.04]Good Night,Rufus. Good-Bye. - 晚安 Rufus - 拜拜
[21:31.11](Whispers) Anguilla. 安奎拉
[21:32.74]What Is The Matter With Me? 我是怎么了
[21:40.76](Laughs) I Don't Think So. Oh. 我不这么想
[21:44.72]Oh. Excuse Me. 噢 失陪
[21:47.25]What Are You Doing Here? Well,I Was Hoping To See You Again. - 你怎么来了 - 我只是想再见你一次
[21:50.42]I Thought It Great Good Fortune That Roman Tracked Me Down 我觉得Roman跟着我到了溜冰场
[21:53.00]At The Skating Rink And Extended An Invitation. 发出了邀请 我很走运
[21:56.61]Oh,Well... 噢 那个...
[21:58.97]En--Enjoy The Party. 好好享受派对吧
[22:03.57]How Dare You Invite A Strange Man Into My Home. 你怎么敢请陌生人来我家呢
[22:06.90]Jack Came? Jack来了?
[22:10.21]Go Talk To Him. 去和他谈谈
[22:11.60]Bring Vodka. Roman... - 拿上伏特加 - Roman
[22:14.13](Whispers) You Practically Picked Him Up Off The Street. 你等于是在大马路上选中了他
[22:16.52]And Then I Googled Him. His Name Is Jack Roth. 然后我google了一下 他叫 Jack Roth
[22:19.62]He Owns A Prominent Hedge Fund 他拥有出色的基金生意
[22:20.74]With Offices In London And Barcelona, 伦敦和巴塞罗那都有他的办公地点
[22:23.41]And He Finds You Very Attractive. 他觉得你很有魅力
[22:25.29]Well,That's No Excuse, 这是自然
[22:28.87]And--And--And I Am Doing Just Fine 没有你帮我牵线搭桥
[22:30.52]Without Your Romantic Help. 我也挺好
[22:32.27]Are You? 是吗
[22:34.66]Eleanor,We've Been Friends For A Long Time.... Eleanor 我们做了很多年的朋友了
[22:38.64]Since Before Marc Jacobs Went Into Rehab. 自从...在Marc Jacobs进勒戒所之前
[22:41.86]Friends Don't Steal Other Friends' Husbands. 朋友是不会偷朋友老公的
[22:48.46]Is Nate There? Nate在吗
[22:50.42]Oh. A Few Hours Ago? 几小时前?
[22:52.58]Chuck Bass Didn't Call For Him, Did He? Chuck Bass没打电话给他吧 是不是
[22:54.95]Uh,Never Mind. Did Nate Say Where He Was Going? 没什么 Nate有说他去哪里了吗
[22:58.51]No,No. Don't--Don Disturbrb Mrs. Archibald. 不 不用了 不用麻烦Archibald夫人了
[23:00.75]Um,I'm Sure He's On His Way Here Now. 我相信他已经往这边来了
[23:02.96]All Right. Thank You. 好的 谢谢
[23:11.46]Dorota's Gonna Kill You If You Get Glue On That Comforter. 你要是在被子上弄上了胶水 Dorota会杀了你的
[23:14.30]Sorry We've Turned Your Room Into An Art Studio,B., 对不起 我们把你的房间变成了画室 B
[23:16.45]But The Clock Is Ticking. (Computer Beeps) 但是没时间了
[23:19.14]I'm Done. 我好了
[23:24.08](Laughs) Oh,My Gosh. 噢 我的天啊
[23:26.54]Wow. That--That's Amazing. 哇 真是太美了
[23:30.58]Thank You So Much,Vanessa. This Is Gonna Be... Incredible. 太谢谢你了 Vanessa 这一定会很棒的
[23:34.93]Good. I'm Glad I Could Help. 好极了 我很乐意帮忙
[23:37.69]I Think He'll Really Love It. 我想他一定会喜欢的
[23:43.78]Vanessa? Vanessa?
[23:45.10]I Think I'd Like To Help With This Little Project. 我想这点小事我是很乐意帮忙的
[23:48.79]Would You Come And Help Me Find Another Pair Of Scissors? 你能来帮我再找一把剪刀吗
[24:05.92]It's So Nice What You're Doing For Your Friend Dan, 你为你的朋友Dan做这些真是太好了
[24:09.13]Helping His Girlfriend Make His Christmas Present. 帮他女朋友计划圣诞节礼物
[24:11.97]Serena Is So Grateful Serena很感激
[24:14.05]Because She Likes To See The Best In People. 因为她希望看到人们最好的一面
[24:18.29]I Like To See The Truth. 而我喜欢看到真相
[24:20.25]Yeah? And What's That? 是吗 那是什么
[24:23.33]I Think You Like Dan A Little Too Much. 我觉得你有点太喜欢Dan了
[24:27.10]Just Thought I Should Let You Know 只是我认为应该告诉你
[24:28.56]Someone's Watching. 有人可在盯着呢
[24:32.15]Merry Christmas. 圣诞快乐
[24:36.48]I'm Taking Off. Call Me When You're Done? 我走了 等你完工给我电话好吗
[24:38.63]Okay. Where You Going? 好吧 那你去哪儿呢
[24:43.35]I'm Gonna Go Check On My Daddy. I Thought 我去看看我爸爸
[24:44.82]???? 我以为你要帮忙呢
[24:46.12]I Think My Work's Done Here. Oh,Hello. - 我想我帮完忙了 - 噢 你好
[24:48.46]Hi. Good-Bye. When You Two Are Done Hiding Up Here, - 嗨 再见 - 等你们俩在这儿藏够了
[24:51.92]I'm Taking You Both Out For Dessert. Can't,Mom. I'm Busy. - 我就去带你们吃甜点 - 不行 妈妈 我太忙了
[24:54.79]But This Is Important For Our Family. 但是这对我们家很重要
[24:56.31]It'll Just Be The Three Of Us. Mom,Anytime You Say - 只有我们三个 - 妈妈 不管什么时候你这么说
[24:58.37]It Means You're Dating Someone New. Whoever It Is, 这就说明你又有新男朋友了 不管是谁
[25:01.28]I Don't Care. I'll Just Meet Him At The Wedding. Fine,Fine. - 我不在乎 我会在婚礼上见他的 - 好吧 好吧
[25:05.80]Then I Will Just Tell You Who It Is, 那我就告诉你们是谁吧
[25:07.59]Because You're Gonna Be Seeing Him Around From Now On. 因为从现在起你们会常常见到他
[25:10.18]It's Bart Bass. (Eric And Serena) Bart Bass? - 是Bart Bass - Bart Bass?
[25:13.82]Mom,You Cannot Date Bart Bass. 妈妈 你不能和Bart Bass约会
[25:16.56]You Just Said A Moment Ago You Didn't Care Who It Was. That Was Before - 你们刚才不是说不介意是谁的吗 - 那是在我知道是谁之前
[25:19.82]He Only Has One Facial Expression. He Scares Me. 他只有一个面部表情 我怕他
[25:22.28]And He Raised Chuck. That Scares Me. 他还养大了Chuck 这让我害怕
[25:24.88]Oh,Serena,As Usual, You're Being Overly Dramatic. Serena 和往常一样 你太夸张了
[25:29.01]I'm Not Marrying Bart. 我不是和Bart结婚
[25:31.20]This Is Very Casual, 这是很随性的
[25:33.43]And Regardless,I'm Not Asking Your Permission. 再说了 我又不在征求你们的允许
[25:42.74]You Know When I Suggested This Plan, 你知道 在我提这个建议的时候
[25:45.22]I Didn't Know That It Would Entail A Robbery. Hey,Hey,Hey. - 我并不知道还需要进行抢劫 - 嘿 嘿 嘿
[25:48.06]???? 我把这当作是种捐赠
[25:49.15]So It Was More Of A Rescue Than A Robbery. 这样就比抢劫更有救济性
[25:52.13]You Know,Those Abandoned Trees In That Lot 要知道那地方被废弃的松树
[25:53.70]Were Just Gonna Be Kindling The Day After Christmas, 过了圣诞节就会被弄死了
[25:55.08]And This Tree That We Have Here Is Gonna Be Loved And Admired. 而这棵树会受到爱戴的
[25:57.98]Oh,Yeah,You Have A Real Talent For Spin,My Brother. Okay. 噢 你真的很会胡扯 我的哥哥 好吧
[26:00.92]I Wish I Had More Talent For Heavy Lifting. Oh. 我希望我更擅长搬东西
[26:03.18]Oh. Yeah,Well,What You're Doing For Serena Is Really Romantic. 你为Serena所做的真的是很浪漫
[26:07.19]I Wonder What Mom And Dad 我想知道爸爸妈妈
[26:08.03]Are Gettineach Other For Christmas. 会送彼此什么圣诞礼物
[26:15.70]I Thought That If I Got Them Under The Same Roof 我以为如果能让他们共处一室
[26:19.52]That Things Would Go Back To The Way They Were. 事情就会变得和原来一样
[26:24.40]They Haven't,Have They? 可他们没有 不是吗
[26:27.30]I Think There's A Real Possibility 我想有很大的可能性
[26:29.06]That They Might Split Up. 他们会分手
[26:32.29]If I Hadn't Brought Her Back, Though, 如果我没把她找回来的话
[26:36.31]We Could've Just Kept Pretending 我们可以继续假装
[26:37.51]That She's Just In Hudson Doing Her Art. 她在哈德森是为了画画
[26:44.31]You Did The Right Thing, Jen. 你做的没错 Jen
[26:46.10]Really,You Did, 'Cause Whatever Happens Now, 真的 因为不管现在发生什么
[26:48.59]At Least,Uh,We're Not Living In A Fantasy,You Know? 至少我们不是活在幻想里 是吧
[27:03.21]Wonderful Party,Eleanor. 很棒的派对 Eleanor
[27:05.42]So You... Ice-Skate? 那么你...喜欢滑冰吗
[27:08.04]Occasionally, With My Niece, 偶尔和我外甥女一起
[27:10.14]But She's Much More Talented Than I Am. 不过她比我更有天赋
[27:13.54](Clears Throat) Well, I Haven't Skated Since Ages, 我很多年没滑过冰了
[27:17.22]But I Used To Love It When I Was A Girl. 但我年轻的时候很喜欢
[27:19.69]You Must Have Been Very Beautiful Out There On The Ice. (Elevator Bell Dings) 你在冰场上一定美极了
[27:25.84]Oh,Thank You. 谢谢
[27:27.43]Excuse Me. 抱歉
[27:28.68]Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. 圣诞快乐 圣诞快乐
[27:32.51](Chuckles) Excuse Me. 失陪一下
[27:33.47]Freddy,What On Earth Are You Doing Here? Oh,Roman Invited Me. - Freddy 你到这儿来干什么 - 噢 是Roman邀请的我
[27:37.11](Eleanor) What? 什么
[27:38.31]Freddy,What... What Are You Doing Here? Freddy 你怎么来了
[27:40.66]He Said That You Invited Him. What? 他说是你请的他
[27:45.45]Freddy. Freddy
[27:48.20]Roman,Explain This. Roman 解释一下
[27:50.30]I Can't. 我不能
[27:51.14]And So True. How Does One Explain The Indescribable Pull 的确 一个人该如何解释见到旧情人
[27:55.90]To See An Old Lover,To Feel That Jolt Of Electricity? 那种电光火石的感受呢
[27:59.24]So You Couldn't Last Two Days In Town Without Contacting Him? 你在城里两天都没办法忍住不联系他吗
[28:02.51]I Can't Believe You'd Trust Appearances And Not Me. 真不敢相信你只相信表面 而不信我
[28:11.87]Harold,Dear,I-- Roman Did Not Invite Freddy. Harold 亲爱的 我...不是Roman 请的Freddy
[28:16.22]I Think Blair Did. 我想是Blair做的
[28:18.12]Blair? Blair?
[28:24.70]Freddy... Freddy...
[28:26.25]If You Want To Be The Featured Model In My Spring Catalog, 如果你想做我春季服装的特约模特
[28:29.75]You'd Better Tell Us The Truth. 最好就跟我说实话
[28:32.95]She Might Have Offered To Buy Me A Cruise... 她请我来做男伴
[28:37.22]And Renew My Gym Membership. 为我的健身房续约
[28:40.57](Chuckles) Well,You Might As Well Take That Cruise, 好吧 你可以接受这个邀请
[28:43.35]Because You'll Be Featured In My Catalog 因为你或许可以拍摄我的服装
[28:44.95]When Hell Freezes Over. 等到该死的寒冷过去
[28:47.53]Now Please,Get Out. Thanks For The Champagne. - 现在请你出去 - 谢谢你的香槟
[28:51.84]Merry Christmas. 圣诞快乐
[28:56.93]Looks Like Daddy's Little Girl 看来爸爸的宝贝女儿
[28:58.72]Isn't Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice After All. 不再甜美如一 讨人喜欢了
[29:03.79]I Wish You Would Just Slow Down For A Second 我希望你能稍等一下
[29:05.82]And Let Her Be. Well,I Just Can't Believe - 让她冷静冷静 - 我不敢相信
[29:08.03]That Blair Would Do Something So Cruel, Blair会做这么残忍的事
[29:10.35]And Roman,Who's Only Ever Been Completely Kind To Her. 而Roman 对她一直都那么友好
[29:13.44]It Isn't Roman Blair's Lashing Out At--It's You. Blair想打击的人不是Roman 是你
[29:16.90]She Was So Looking Forward To Spending Time With You Alone, 她一直都那么期待能和你单独相处
[29:19.55]And Then You Show Up At Our Doorstep With Your Lover, 接着你却和你的爱人出现在门口
[29:23.51]Without A Word Of Warning. How Did You Expect Her To React? 都没有提前通知一声 你希望她做何反应啊
[29:26.19]Well,I Hoped That Once We Were Together, 我希望只要我们在一起
[29:28.66]It Would All Work Out. 一切就都可以顺利进行
[29:32.89]I Suppose That Was Pretty Naive. 我想我是太天真了
[29:36.35]Blair Learned Scheming From Her Mother Blair从她妈妈那里学会了阴谋诡计
[29:39.64]And Unrealistic Dreaming From Her Father. 从她爸爸那里学会了不切实际的幻想
[29:43.11]She Tries Really Hard To Act All Grown-Up, 她很努力地想要像个大人
[29:46.05]But Don't You Be Fooled. 但是不要被她骗了
[29:47.80]She's Still A Little Girl Who Needs Her Daddy. 她仍然是个需要爸爸的小女孩儿
[29:59.68](Grunts) Okay,Stop,Stop,Stop. Ow. 好了 停 停 停下来
[30:04.60]Okay. What Now? 好了 现在怎样
[30:07.40]Now You Go In There, 现在你到那里去
[30:08.10]You Distract Dexter, The Humorless Concierge... Okay. - 你去引开Dexter 那个毫无幽默感的管理员 - 好的
[30:10.44]While I Try And Sneak This Into An Elevator. All Right,Um,Who's Gonna - 我就想办法把这个弄进电梯里 - 好吧 那谁来把你变成大力士
[30:14.42]So You Can Carry This Thing By Yourself? (Groans) I Did--I Did Not Say - 你就能自己抱这棵树了 - 我并没有说这个计划完美无缺
[30:19.04](Jenny) Yeah. 是啊
[30:21.22]Hey,Ms. Van Der Woods-- Lily,Hi. 嘿 是Van Der Woods夫人 Lily 嗨
[30:23.84]Dan. Jenny. Tree. Hi. Dan Jenny 树
[30:26.73]Yeah,Um,They Don't Allow Christmas Trees Inside, 是啊 他们不允许里面放圣诞树
[30:31.43]Which Is Why We're Out Here. 所以我们才会在外面
[30:33.12]Which Is Why Dan's About To Ask You For A Favor. 所以Dan想要请你帮个忙
[30:35.52]Ah,Does It Involve Distracting Dexter 那是不是包括要引开Dexter
[30:37.64]And Sneaking Into The Elevator? Why? Would That Work? - 偷偷溜进电梯? - 为什么 那样有用吗
[30:41.07]No. Never. He Has The Eyes Of A Hawk, 不可能的 他有一双鹰眼
[30:44.07]And He Takes His Job Very Seriously. 而且他对待工作很认真的
[30:46.74]So I've Noticed. 我注意到了
[30:47.88]But Bobby At The Service Entrance-- 但是服务台的Bobby
[30:51.08]I Think He Could Be Bought. 我想他是可以收买的
[30:54.72]Come. 来吧
[30:57.97]I Just Sent Him A Text, And Dan's On His Way. (Squeals) 我刚给他发了信息 Dan就要来了
[31:01.14]Thank You So Much. It's Really No Problem, - 非常感谢 - 没什么的
[31:04.19]And Since There Are No Problems,I Should Go. 既然没有问题了 我也该走了
[31:05.91]Oh,No,No,No. Stay,Please. 噢 别别 请留下
[31:07.43]You Don't Need Me. We Talked About How To Turn Everything On. 你不需要我的 我们已经说好该怎么操作一切了
[31:09.52]No,I Know I Can Do It,But I Just Want You To See Dan's Face. 我知道我会做 但我只想让你看到Dan的表情
[31:12.33]I've Really Gotta Get Going. Okay. Well,I'll Tell Him How Much You Did. - 我真的该走了 - 好吧 我会告诉他你帮了很大的忙
[31:17.25]Please Don't. It's Your Present. 不要 这是你的礼物
[31:19.47]Just... Enjoy Your Night. 好好享受这一晚吧
[31:36.62](Nate) Hey,This Is Nate. I Can't Come To The Ph-- (Beep) 嘿 我是Nate 我不能接电话
[31:40.91]Can I Come In? 我能进来吗
[31:43.57]Our Flight Leaves In A Few Hours. 飞机几小时后就要起飞了
[31:44.95]I Wanted To Say Good-Bye. 我想来说声再见
[31:53.37]Please Forgive Me,Blair. 请原谅我 Blair
[31:54.89]I Should Have Told You That I Was Bringing Roman. 我该告诉你我会带Roman来
[31:58.18]I Knew That Having Him Here Would Be Hard For You, 我知道有他在这儿会让你难过的
[32:00.24]But I Love You So Much, And I Love Roman, 但是我很爱你 我爱Roman
[32:02.85]And I Was Hoping That If We Were All Thrown Together, 我希望我们能够和平相处
[32:05.99]That Something... Perfect Would Happen 能够有... 美好的事发生
[32:09.85]And That You Would Love Him,Too. 而你也会爱他
[32:12.19]I Was Gonna Convince You To Move Back To New York, 我本来想说服你搬回纽约的
[32:15.64]But You Bought A Vineyard 可是你却买了一栋庄园
[32:18.39]In France With Roman. 和Roman在法国
[32:22.01]What's Next, A Commitment Ceremony? 接下来怎样 承诺仪式吗
[32:26.54](Scoffs) Great. 好极了
[32:29.53]There's No Room In Your Life For Me Anymore. 你的生命里不再有我的位置了
[32:31.33]Sweetheart, There Is Always Room For You. 亲爱的 我心里一直有你的
[32:34.07]No Matter Where I Am, No Matter Who I'm With. 不管我在哪里 我和谁在一起
[32:42.67]I,Uh... 我...
[32:47.26]This Is Part Of Your Christmas Gift. 这是你圣诞礼物的一部分
[32:55.51](Blair) Yourouse In France. 你在法国的家
[32:58.98]It's Very Nice,Daddy. 这礼物真好 爸爸
[33:02.12]I'm Sure You And Roman Will Totally Enjoy It. 我相信你和Roman会很开心的
[33:04.82]And So Will You, 你也一样
[33:06.59]Because This... (Gasps) 因为这里...
[33:08.18]Is Your Room. 是你的房间
[33:10.83]* I Hardly Believed It At All * * I Hardly Believed It At All *
[33:14.08]It's Beautiful. 好漂亮
[33:16.34]We're Having It Decorated Just For You. 我们是专门为你装饰的
[33:21.24](Chuckles) A Cat. 一只猫
[33:22.42]A Cat Named "Cat," Like In Your Favorite Movie. 一只叫"猫"的小猫 就像你最喜欢的那部电影
[33:26.44]It Was Roman's Idea. 是Roman的主意
[33:29.18]* Plants And Animals * * Plants And Animals *
[33:30.53]So... Merry Christmas, Sweetheart. 圣诞快乐 亲爱的
[33:34.81]We're Hoping That You'll Spend The Whole Summer With Us. 我们希望你暑假能和我们一起过
[33:37.19]* Was Coming On * * Was Coming On *
[33:43.39]* Only For * * Only For *
[33:45.76]* You * * You *
[33:48.96]Merry Christmas. 圣诞快乐
[33:53.68]Do You Like It? Do You Think It's Cheesy? 你喜欢吗 会不会觉得很低俗?
[33:59.26]No. 才不会
[34:01.08]No,No, It's--It's Incredible. 不 不会的 这很棒
[34:04.77]How Did You Do This? 你是怎么做到的
[34:06.98]Well, I Had Help From My Elves. 是我的精灵帮我的
[34:10.65]* That I Know * * That I Know *
[34:12.01]* And Running A Blender In A Lightning Storm * * And Running A Blender In A Lightning Storm *
[34:15.99]* Disguised As A Blessing, I'm Sure * * Disguised As A Blessing, I'm Sure *
[34:21.87]Your Present Is Waiting For You At Home, 你的礼物在你家等你呢
[34:23.71]But,Um,I Did Bring A Little Pre-Present For You. 但是...我为你提前准备了礼物
[34:28.14]* Up Here * * Up Here *
[34:30.60]* There Comes A Fork In The Road * * There Comes A Fork In The Road *
[34:34.15]* The Pants Have Gotta Go * * The Pants Have Gotta Go *
[34:35.71]Wait. This Is Your Story. Yeah,It's The Original. 等下 这是你的小说 是原版
[34:38.61]It's Right Out Of The Spiral Notebook. 从笔记本上扯下来的
[34:40.68]I'm Kinda Scared To Read It. 我有点不敢看
[34:42.52]What Happened On October 8th,2005? 2005年10月8日发生了什么事
[34:47.47]Well, I Was Accidentally Invited 我被意外邀请
[34:49.92]To A Birthday Party Where I Met A Girl. 参加了一个生日派对 我遇到了一个女孩子
[34:53.61]She Only Spoke Two Sentences To Me, 她只跟我说了两句话
[34:57.93]But I've Never Forgotten Her. 但我从此便忘不了她
[35:01.09]Wait. Your Story's About Me? 等下 你的故事是写的我?
[35:02.42]* Gna Wash My Bones * * Gna Wash My Bones *
[35:04.94]* In The Atlantic Shore * * In The Atlantic Shore *
[35:12.20]* Only For * * Only For *
[35:14.97]* You And Me * * You And Me *
[35:36.73]Are We Really Gonna Do This? 我们真的要这么做吗
[35:39.59]Yeah. 是的
[36:06.13]The Arts And Crafts Were Impressive, 这工艺真的是惊为天人
[36:07.79]But How Did You Manage The Real Snow? 可是你怎么让雪真的下了呢
[36:12.15]I'm Well-Connected. (Laughs) 我很有人的
[36:14.96]This Is,Without Question, The Best Christmas Ever. 毫无疑问这是最棒的一次圣诞节
[36:19.30]Ever In The History Of Christmas. 是圣诞节有史以来最棒的
[36:23.40]I Hate To Break The Spell, 我不想扫兴
[36:24.46]But,Uh,We Better Get Home Before Our Families Wake Up. 不过我们最好趁着家人还没醒 赶快回去
[36:32.43](Whispers) Eleanor... Hmm? Eleanor..
[36:33.97]You Are A Marvel. 你真让人吃惊
[36:35.45]Oh,Stop It. Mmm. 噢 别说了
[36:41.46](Whispering) Who Knew There Were Men Like You 谁知道你这样的男人
[36:42.73]Wandering Around Central Park,Lost? (Laughs) 会在中央公园闲逛 还迷了路呢
[36:46.62](Normal Voice) Oh.
[36:47.97]Eleanor,Good Morning, Eleanor 早上好
[36:49.66]And,Jack,Nice To See You. Good Morning. - Jack 很高兴见到你 - 早上好
[36:51.97]Yes,Wonderful. 是啊 好极了
[36:54.63]The Flights Were All Canceled Because Of The Weather. 因为天气原因 航班都取消了
[36:56.99]I Wanted To Tell Blair In Person. 我想亲自告诉Blair
[36:58.24]Do Not Worry. We--We Have A Room At The Pierre. 别担心 我们在Pierre有房间
[37:01.66]No,It's Nonsense. You--You'll Stay With Us. 不 别瞎说了 你和我们待在一起
[37:06.41]Thank You. 谢谢
[37:09.76]You'll Call Me Later? 你会再打给我吧
[37:10.99]Oh,Yes. 当然
[37:12.48]I'll Be Spending Christmas With My... Family. 我会和家人一起过圣诞节
[37:16.32]Bye. 拜
[37:24.47]What's Going On? 怎么了
[37:26.10]We're Back For Christmas. 我们回来过圣诞了
[37:28.64]Well,Roman, You Are In For A Treat, Roman 这可是好事
[37:31.04]Because A Waldorf Christmas Is Like No Other. 因为Waldorf家的圣诞是绝无仅有的
[37:35.81]Come On,You. 来吧 你...
[37:54.68]Whew. Merry Christmas,Dad. You're Up Early. 圣诞快乐 爸爸 你起来早了
[37:57.30]And You're Getting In Awfully Late. Oh,Yeah,Well, - 而你晚了很久啊 - 噢 是啊
[37:59.15]???? 我给你留了言的
[38:00.27]Saying The Tree Shenanigans Were Taking All Night, 说偷树的计划要花整晚时间
[38:02.10]But I Didn't Think You Meant Literally All Night. 但我想并不是真正意义上的整晚吧
[38:04.68]Oh. Yeah,,Yeah,The Tree. It Was A Big Production. 噢 是啊 那棵树 大工程来的
[38:08.62]Uh,Luckily Serena's Mom Was There To Help With The Plan. 幸好Serena的妈妈帮了忙
[38:11.74]Lily Was There? Lily也在?
[38:12.79]I Thought You Mentioned She Was Out Of The Country. No. No,They're Here. - 我记得你说过她出国了 - 不 没有 她们在这儿
[38:17.35]They're Gonna Go See "The Nutcracker" Tomorrow. (Jenny) Do I Smell - 他们明天去看"胡桃夹子" - 我是不是闻到了
[38:18.66]???? 巧克力松饼的味道啊
[38:20.42](Rufus) With Hot Caramel Sauce. Your Father's - 还有热焦糖 - 你爸爸的圣诞特别大餐
[38:23.84]???? 麻烦给我巧克力酱
[38:25.10]Good Morning. (Giggles) After Breakfast And Presents, - 早上好 - 在早餐和拆礼物之后
[38:27.99]I Need To Go To The Gallery... (Alison) Mm. 我要去一下画廊
[38:30.29]To Take Care Of Some Stuff. On Christmas Morning? - 去料理一些事情 - 圣诞节一大早吗?
[38:34.85]Well,Yeah,You Know, Art Never Sleeps. 你知道 艺术是不会睡觉的
[38:36.93]Buy U U Ow What? The Three Of Us Could Hang Out Together. 但你知道吗 我们三个可以一起出去
[38:38.78]It'll Be Great. We'll Drink Hot Cocoa And Watch A Movie, 一定很棒的 我们可以一起喝热巧克力 看电影
[38:42.31]And Then When Your Dad Comes Back,We Can All Go For A Walk. 等你爸爸回来 我们就一起去散步
[38:51.39]Hear Those Silver Bells? It's Christmastime In The City. 听到铃声响叮当了吗 圣诞节到了
[38:55.31]Some Families Actually Do Make The Yuletide Gay, 有些人家的圣诞节的确很快乐
[38:58.30]Managing To Leave Their Troubles Far Away... 把他们的烦恼赶得远远地
[39:01.04]Mom. Oh,It's Beautiful. Thank You. Thank You. 妈妈 真漂亮 谢谢 谢谢你
[39:04.79]Oh,Look. You Look Like A Brunette Catherine Deneuve. 噢 瞧你啊 你就像是深色头发的Catherine Deneuve
[39:07.92]Quelle Magnifique. (Blair) It's So Gorgeous. - 非常华美 - 真是太美了
[39:10.79]Merry Christmas,Dorota. It's So We Can Text. 圣诞快乐 Dorota 这样我们可以发短信了
[39:14.61]Do You Like It? Thank You,Miss Blair. - 你喜欢吗 - 谢谢你 Blair小姐
[39:16.58]Other Families Have A Merry Little Christmas 其他人家的圣诞节也有些小小快乐
[39:19.14]Even When Their Troubles Aren't So Far Away... 即便他们的烦恼还在眼前...
[39:22.04]So What Did Dad Have To Do At The Gallery,Exactly? 爸爸去画廊到底是做什么
[39:25.43]Uh,Paperwork,I-I Think. 我想是处理文件吧
[39:28.45](The Weepies) * Carols 'Cross The Water * * Carols 'Cross The Water *
[39:31.96]You're Going Back To Hudson, Aren't You? 你要回哈德森 是不是
[39:34.97]* All That I Want * * All That I Want *
[39:37.99]Yeah. 是的
[39:39.25]* All That I Want * * All That I Want *
[39:41.59]But,Hey, We Are Gonna Be Okay. 不过我们不会有问题的
[39:44.98]Come Here. 过来
[39:46.42]* Above The Rooftops * * Above The Rooftops *
[39:49.48]We Know. 我们知道
[39:52.20]I'm Sorry. 对不起
[39:52.87]* Golden Spoon * * Golden Spoon *
[39:54.59]* I Wait On Clip-Clops * * I Wait On Clip-Clops *
[39:58.62]Some Presents Might End Up Getting Returned... 有些礼物很有可能会被退回去...
[40:04.02]I Know How You Like Florida. 我知道你有多喜欢佛罗里达
[40:05.76]Yeah. Wow. 是啊
[40:07.70]Uh,Number One Fan. 最喜欢了
[40:11.36]You Know,I'm--I'm Sorry I Didn't Get Anything For You, 我很抱歉什么都没给你准备
[40:13.81]Mr. Bass,But,Uh,I Didn't Know You'd Be Coming For Christmas. Bass先生 不过 我不知道你要来过圣诞
[40:16.45]Ah,No Worries,Eric. Please,Call Me Bart. 没关系 Eric 请叫我Bart
[40:20.94]But Some Gifts Are For Keeps. 而有些礼物可以一直保留
[40:24.16]For You. Thank You. - 送你的 - 谢谢
[40:26.11]Eric,Serena, Eric Serena
[40:28.72]I Just Want You To Know 我只想让你们知道
[40:29.87]That I Have Deep Feelings For Your Mother. 我很爱你们的妈妈
[40:34.44]Mom,Your Phone. 妈妈 你的电话
[40:36.18]Oh. Uh,Lily,You're Not Gonna Want To Interrupt This Moment. 噢 Lily 你不会想毁了这一刻吧
[40:42.60]Other Presents Come When You Least Expect Em. 还有些礼物出乎你的意料
[40:45.70]* The World Grows Older * * The World Grows Older *
[40:48.07]Hey,Lil. You Know Everything's Closed On Christmas? 嘿 Lil 你知道圣诞节到处都结束营业了吗
[40:52.44]Diners That Claim To Be Open 24/7-- 那些说会24营业的餐厅
[40:55.70]It's False Advertising. 都是虚假广告
[40:59.92]* All That I Want * * All That I Want *
[41:02.61]And Everyone Knows 所有人都知道
[41:03.81]The Biggest Present Comes In The Smallest Box. 大礼都是包装在小盒子里的
[41:07.68]So,Uh,Alison's Leaving. Alison要走了
[41:09.25]She's Spending Time Alone With The Kids. 她在和孩子们单独相处
[41:12.86]And I Seem To Have Walked All The Way From Brooklyn 我似乎得从布鲁克林一路走到
[41:15.25]To Your Doorstep 你家门前
[41:17.82]Without A Jacket, In The Snow. 没穿外衣 还下着大雪
[41:21.96]So What The Hell? 怎么回事
[41:25.62]I Miss You... 我想你
[41:28.86]And I Have Been Missing You For A While. 我很长一段时间 都在想你
[41:33.88]* All That I Want * * All That I Want *
[41:37.33]Lily... Lily...
[41:39.17]Would You Do Me The Honor Of Being My Wife? 你会赏脸做我妻子吗
[41:48.45](Eleanor,Roman,Dorota) Fromage! Cheese!
[41:50.88]Ah,Perfect. 太棒了
[41:52.99]Then There Are Those Boxes 有些礼物
[41:54.68]You Wish You Had Never Opened... 你会希望自己从不曾打开
[41:57.51](Eleanor) Oh,I Like The Pa-- 噢 我喜欢...
[41:59.21]don't worry, B.who would i tell? 别担心 B.我会告诉谁呢
[42:01.54]Have A Holly Jolly Christmas. (Beep) 过个愉快的圣诞吧
[42:03.89]X.O.X.O.,Gossip Girl. X.O.X.O 绯闻少女
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