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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:34:08
[00:00.10](gossip girl) gossip girl here--your one and only source 绯闻少女在此 我是向你们提供
[00:02.66]into the scandalous lives of manhattan's elite. the moment i met you, i've been falling for you. 曼哈顿名流们丑闻生活的唯一资料来源 - 从见到你那一刻 我就对你动心了
[00:07.05]why don't you just tell dan about her? 'cause she has that tape of me, and she'll use it. - 你干吗不跟Dan直说她的事呢 - 因为她手里有录相 她会来威胁我的
[00:11.28]you held a certain fascination when you were beautiful. 以前那个美丽的你 有种独特的魅力
[00:14.03]i don't want you anymore. (serena) eventually the two of you - 现在我对你没兴趣了 - 最终你们两个
[00:16.30]are gonna have to work out your issues. what if i told you i knew where georgina sparks was? - 还是要把问题解决的 - 要是我告诉你我知道Georgina Sparks在哪呢?
[00:20.25]i'd say let's get the bitch. thank god you called. - 我会说 我们去会会那婊子 - 感谢上帝你终于打来了
[00:22.19]i'm here looking for you right now. where are you? with me. - 我到处找你呢 你在哪儿? - 和我一起
[00:24.19]what are you gonna do? it's not what i'm gonna do. it's who i'm gonna do it with. - 你要做什么 - 不是我要做什么 是我要和谁一起做
[00:27.35](nate) the drugs were dad's. (lily) your father is facing some other charges. - 那些毒品是爸爸的 - 你爸爸将面临其他的指控
[00:30.35]would you do me the honor of being my wife? he proposed before we left, and i'm going to say "yes." - 你愿意做我妻子吗 - 他在我们走之前向我求婚了 我准备答应
[00:34.69](rufus) i'm sure you'll make a beautiful bride. you don't mind missing the after party? - 我相信你一定会成为美丽的新娘的 - 你不介意错过派对吗
[00:38.07]there's no place i'd rather be. 没什么地方是我更想去的了
[00:44.92]and who am i? 我是谁?
[00:46.67]that's a secret i'll never tell. 这个秘密我永远不会讲
[00:50.01]you know you love me. 你知道你爱我的
[00:51.63]流言蜚女 第一季 第18集
[00:58.50]hey,dan. i've been trying to reach you all night. 嘿 Dan 我整晚都在找你
[01:01.33]i know it's early,or late, 我知道现在还很早 或太晚了
[01:04.44]if you haven't slept, like me, 如果你还没睡 和我一样
[01:07.35]but,um,i'm pretty sure after this message, 但是...在这条留言之后 我肯定..
[01:11.42]i will have officially filled your voice mail, 我终于把你的语音信箱都塞满了
[01:13.73]so i,uh... 所以我...
[01:17.51](carolina liar) * and i'm,i'm walking alone * And I'm, I'm Walking Alone
[01:19.81]i-i'm coming over. 我...我来找你
[01:24.59]* sunlight creeps in between * Sunlight Creeps In Between
[01:27.33]* the curtains * The Curtains
[01:46.08]hello? 喂
[01:47.07]who is it? 是谁?
[01:48.40]hello. yeah,this is rufus. 你好 我是Rufus
[01:55.06]i'd have to check with the guys, 我得问问其他人
[01:56.30]but i'm pretty sure we're available. yeah,okay. 不过我肯定我们都有空的 是的 好
[01:59.56]oh,my god. 天啊
[02:01.96]oh,my god. 我的天啊
[02:03.33]what? i just got the call. - 怎么了? - 我刚接到电话
[02:06.67]lincoln hawk is hitting the road. Lincoln Hawk要去演出了
[02:08.16]we're opening for the breeders. 我们要为The Breeders唱开场
[02:09.05]i guess that luscious jackson reunion didn't work out. 看来与Luscious Jackson的重聚没能奏效
[02:11.32]wait. what was your "oh,my god"? 等下 你刚说"天啊"是什么意思?
[02:12.57]oh,nothing. nothing at all. 噢 没事 什么事都没有
[02:14.09]it's day,as in,uh, as in wedding day, 今天...是...婚礼的日子
[02:17.22]as in,uh... my wedding day. 是...我的婚礼
[02:22.34]right. 是啊
[02:23.80]but,uh,congratulations. 不过...祝贺你
[02:26.60]thanks. 谢谢
[02:27.26]no,thank you,uh, for last night. it was,uh--- 不 谢谢你 昨晚真的是...
[02:30.73]amazing. 很美好
[02:36.33]it's bart. 是Bart
[02:37.09]that's what i was afraid of. 我就是担心这个
[02:38.35]do you want me to answer it? do you want me to kill you? - 要我接电话吗? - 要我杀了你吗
[02:42.01]hello? 喂?
[02:44.02]no,i know. um... 不 我知道...
[02:49.03]well,that's because we're not supposed to see each other 这是因为在结婚当天(婚礼之前) 我们是不应该
[02:52.32]on the day of the wedding. 见到对方的
[02:56.86]okay. that's fine. i'll meet you in an hour. 好吧 好 一小时后见
[03:00.68]i don't know what bart wants, 我不知道Bart想怎样
[03:01.85]but i have to go, um,talk to him. 但我该走了 和他谈谈
[03:04.99]what about? any topics in particular? 谈什么? 有什么具体的话题吗?
[03:07.65]well,i'm sure i'll think of something. 我肯定会想到什么的
[03:25.49](gasps) who? what? when? where? why? 谁? 什么? 何时? 哪里? 为什么?
[03:27.49]we were up late plotting against georgina. 我们熬夜密谋对付Georgina的计划
[03:29.60]we must have dozed off. and you were on the floor. - 肯定是不小心睡着了 - 而你本来是在地上的
[03:31.83]i didn't want to hurt my back. why? it's not like you ever do anything athletic. - 我不想让背部受伤 - 为什么? 你又不需要做什么运动
[03:34.84]well,that's not entirely true,now is it? 并不完全是这样的 对不对?
[03:37.70]fine. nothing that requires you removing your scarf. 好 全都是不需要你摘下围巾的项目
[03:40.02]that was one time. it was chilly. enough about the past. before you landed in my bed, - 就那么一次 因为太冷了 - 别再回忆过去了 在你爬上我的床之前
[03:44.57]we actually landed on a good idea. 我们其实想到了一个绝佳的主意
[03:46.18]well,i trust you can take it from here. 我相信你一个人肯定能搞定的
[03:48.60]i have a best man speech to write and no time to write it. 我还要写伴郎的演讲词 而我没时间写了
[03:51.81]don't worry. i can be bitch enough for both of us. i still got the scars on my back to prove it. - 别担心 我会连你的恶毒一起使出来的 - 我背上的抓痕就是铁一般的事实
[03:56.08]you know,they say if you love something, 你知道 人们常说 如果你爱上什么时
[03:57.68]you should set it free. ugh. they say when you hate something, - 就要给其自由 - 他们还说 当你仇恨这样东西时
[04:01.10]you should slam the door in its face. 就要狠狠将其拒之门外
[04:02.45]i love it when you talk dir-- 我喜欢听你说脏....
[04:07.85]wow! a stint in rehab sure didn't slow you down a bit,huh? 喔 在勒戒所的日子完全没让你慢下来啊
[04:10.69]i haven't felt this good in years. 我很多年没有这种幸福感觉了
[04:13.00]clean and sober. lawyer's feeling great about the trial. 清醒 律师对官司很有信心
[04:15.77]nice. 很好
[04:17.33]well,sometimes things just work out,huh? 有时问题总会迎刃而解的 是吧?
[04:19.52]sometimes they do. 的确是
[04:21.35]we can celebrate tonight at the wedding. 我们可以在婚礼上好好庆祝一下
[04:23.79]when's,uh,when's mom getting back from the hamptons? 妈妈什么时候从汉普顿回来?
[04:26.20]she's not gonna make it. 她来不了了
[04:27.66]the landscapers royally screwed up the yard. 园艺师把院子糟蹋得惨不忍睹
[04:29.62]apparently,all our shrubs look like circus bears. 现在我们的灌木看起来都像马戏团熊
[04:32.79]she's gonna miss the wedding to deal with that? 她就为了忙这个不参加婚礼了?
[04:35.73]that,and,uh,the leak we had in the basement. 不只这个 还有地下室漏水
[04:38.39]place is a mess. 那地方真是乱七八糟
[04:40.08]i just,um, was kinda hoping 我只是希望...
[04:41.90]both you guys could meet vanessa. 你们两个都能见到Vanessa
[04:43.46]oh,right. right. i forgot you had a date. 噢 对啊 对 我忘了你要带女伴来
[04:47.22]well,you and i can just hang till then. 那我们之后再说
[04:48.95]the yankees are on today. 今天是扬基的比赛
[04:49.91]joba's pitching lights out right now. all right. sounds good. - Joba的投球现在发挥到了极致 - 好的 听起来不错
[04:56.65]i gotta take this. 我接下电话
[05:00.11]it's my sponsor. 是我的担保人
[05:01.19]oh,sorry. um,i'll just see you at home then. 噢 抱歉 那我回家等你
[05:07.32]hey,it's me. 嘿 是我
[05:09.47]yes,yes. everything is discussed. 是的 是的 都商量好了
[05:12.79]don't be late. don't be early. 别迟到 也别早到
[05:15.54]i'll slip out right after the ceremony. 仪式过后我就马上溜出来
[05:17.27]just be there,waiting. 耐心等着
[05:23.11]hey. mm. 嘿
[05:25.90]i'm sorry. i know it's early, but i couldn't sleep. 很抱歉 我知道现在还早 但我就是睡不着
[05:28.37]i had to see you, 我要见你
[05:29.59]and you're here, which means you slept here, 你在家 那就说明你在这儿睡的
[05:31.08]which is a relief, but not a surprise. serena. - 让我松了口气 但我并不惊讶 - Serena
[05:39.28]but that is surprising. 这个就很让人吃惊了
[05:45.52]they say love conquers all, 他们说爱情能战胜一切
[05:47.47]but maybe love never met georgina sparks. 但或许爱情没试过与Georgina Sparks交手
[05:50.42]poor humphrey. 可怜的Humphrey
[05:51.59]looks like our resident moral compass 看来我们这位伦理道德榜样
[05:53.42]isn't such a straight arrow after all. 到头来也并非个循规蹈矩之人
[05:59.47]the way dan was talking, i thought it was over. over? Serena 我很抱歉
[05:59.47]- 因为听Dan 那样子说 我以为已经结束了 - 结束了?
[06:02.29]maybe not exactly "over," but-- i should go. this is not what i had planned. - 或许没直说"结束"这个词 - 不过我该走了 我没想到会这样
[06:05.63]no,i think it's exactly what you had planned. serena, this is not sarah's fault. - 不 我看这正是你计划的吧 - Serena 那不是Sarah的错
[06:09.58]no,it's georgina's! whatever. - 不对 是Georgina! - 随便了
[06:11.29]i never meant to get in between you two,i swear. 我从没想过介入你们之间 我发誓
[06:15.03]hey,please. it's okay. 嘿 别这样 没事的
[06:16.64]no,it's not, because now she's upset. 不 才不是 现在让她难过了
[06:18.70]yeah,i am,you manipulative psycho bitch! 没错 你这个诡计多端的变态女人!
[06:20.85]whoa! whoa! what are you doing? serena! you have been planning this the whole time! - 你这是干什么啊 Serena! - 所有一切都是你一手搞出来的
[06:24.02]she's lying to you,dan! 她在骗你 Dan!
[06:28.07]good-bye,dan. 拜 Dan
[06:30.85]i am telling him everything. 我要告诉他所有一切
[06:35.40]tell me what? 告诉我什么?
[06:37.76]what is it that you need to tell me? 有什么是你要告诉我的?
[06:42.76]so my mom took me to see his parents, 所以我妈妈带我去见了他父母
[06:44.94]and after talking to them, all i wanted 在和他们谈过之后 我所想的只有
[06:46.37]was to come and find you and tell you everything. 去找你 告诉你一切
[06:51.89]do you hate me? 你恨我吗
[06:52.89]no. no,no, of course not. 不不不 当然不会
[06:54.39]it's--it's just... 只..只是...
[06:58.44]it's,uh,it's a lot. 原来有这么多事
[07:02.55]and i... 而我...
[07:05.03]i really,really wish that you told me this sooner. 我真的希望你能早点告诉我
[07:09.06]no,i-i know it's my fault. 不 我知道这是我的错
[07:10.69]i... i was just so scared. 我只是太害怕了
[07:13.33]i-i get it. i get it. 我明白 我懂
[07:14.97]i mean,"hey, i think i killed someone, 我说指"嘿 我想我杀了人"
[07:17.23]"and i'm being blackmailed "我还被一个假扮成
[07:18.52]by a crazy girl pretending to be someone else" 其他人的疯子勒索"
[07:20.22]doesn't quite roll off the tongue. 这话不是那么容易说出口的
[07:25.63]but it's all over,right? 但一切都过去了 对吗
[07:29.70]i mean,we can fix this. 我们可以解决的
[07:36.17]serena,i--last night-- Serena 我..昨晚...
[07:38.44]it's okay. 没什么
[07:39.69]you and georgina and vanessa were just hanging out, 你和Georgina还有Vanessa一起出去玩嘛
[07:42.33]and it got late, and you fell asleep. 玩得太晚了 然后你就睡了
[07:49.15]i'll see you at the wedding. 我们婚礼上见
[08:15.50]when i told my mom not to go away with rufus, 当我阻止妈妈和Rufus在一起时
[08:17.88]i said it was 'cause you and i were forever. 我说因为你和我要永远在一起
[08:23.15]i knew i was right. 我知道自己是对的
[08:44.35](blair) hello? 喂
[08:45.41]blair,it's dan. Blair 我是Dan
[08:48.35]bart,darling. Bart 亲爱的
[08:51.11]what is the big mystery? 什么是这么神秘?
[08:53.80]what are we doing here? 我们来这儿做什么?
[08:57.79]this is the first building i ever bought. 这是我买下的第一栋楼
[09:02.58]well,it's quite impressive. 噢 真令人震撼
[09:05.78]you had a good eye even--even back then. 你很有眼光...那时候就是
[09:11.40]sometimes i like to come here, just to... 有时我喜欢来到这里 为了..
[09:15.05]feel how it felt the first time i saw it. 重温第一次看到时的那种感觉
[09:23.46]well,there is a comfort 当我们重温
[09:24.56]in revisiting the things that we loved... 年轻时自己所钟爱的一切时
[09:27.64]when we were young. 心中便会有种慰藉
[09:32.13]but the truth is, i'm not that young man anymore. 但事实上 我不再是当年的年轻小伙子了
[09:36.71]i think maybe i've outgrown this place, 我觉得自己或许已经不再适合这里
[09:41.01]and holding on to it is keeping me from moving forward 而流连于此 在阻止我与身边最重要的一切
[09:43.14]with what's most important to me now. 继续生活
[09:48.25]what do you think i should do? 你觉得我该怎么做呢
[09:55.94]i think you should let it go. 我觉得你该放手
[09:58.88]i agree. 我同意
[10:06.00]now can you do the same for me? 你能为我做同样的决定吗?
[10:26.92](georgina) hey,it's sarah. you know what to do. 嘿 我是Sarah 你知道该怎么做
[10:28.86]voice mail. 语音信箱
[10:29.62]okay,like we talked about. 很好 按我们说的去做
[10:31.98]hey,hey,it's me. d 嘿 嘿 是我 Dan
[10:33.65]um,after you left,serena and i got in a huge fight, 你走之后 Serena和我大吵了一架
[10:37.59]and--and she said all this crazy stuff. 她说了很多莫名其妙的话
[10:39.96]i honestly don't know what to believe, 我真不知该相信些什么
[10:41.13]but--but what i do know is i want to see you. 但我知道 我想见你
[10:45.57]so,uh,call me. 打给我
[10:48.82]excellent wot work. she's totally calling back. 好演技 她肯定会打给你的
[10:51.28]this is so weird. 这感觉真奇怪
[10:51.96]i don't normally do plots against people. 我通常不会密谋害别人的
[10:54.72]don't worry,virgin. i'll talk you through it. 别担心 小处男 眼一闭牙一咬就过去了
[10:57.85]right on schedule. 不出所料
[11:00.78]hey. 嘿
[11:01.77]hey. i just got your message. 嘿 我收到了你的留言
[11:04.84]oh,good,good. 噢 好的 很好
[11:05.84]so... sorry about this morning with serena. 今早Serena的事 很抱歉
[11:08.40]that was very awkward, to say the least. yeah,a little bit. - 至少非常尴尬 - 是啊 有那么点
[11:12.32]last night really changed things for me. 昨晚对我来说 真的改变了许多
[11:15.31]serena and i left things kind of uncertain, Serena和我现在还没有完全讲清楚
[11:17.10]so i-i think i wanna end it. 所以我想做个了结
[11:20.93]i know i do. 我很确定
[11:22.55]will you meet me? 你来见我好吗
[11:33.21]our spot in the park by the pond? 公园水池旁我们相遇的地方?
[11:37.05]see you there. 到时候见
[11:40.72]we're turning around. 我们掉头
[11:43.19]one last battle, and the war is won. 最后一战 大获全胜
[11:45.75]humphrey, you are a born liar. Humphrey 你真是个天生大话王
[11:47.66]thanks,i think. 谢谢
[11:49.00]all that stuff about last night was genius. 想到说什么昨晚 你可真是个天才
[11:50.88]anything you wanna tell me? 有什么想告诉姐姐我的么?
[11:52.82]uh,no. like you said, just born to lie. 没有 正如你所说 天生大话王
[11:58.65]honestly,dan, 说实话 Dan
[11:59.91]last night was fun, 昨晚很开心
[12:00.90]but i didn't really know what it would all mean to you. 但我真的不知道 那对你来说会意味着什么
[12:04.14]well,i-i normally don't jump into things like that, 我不是那种轻易一头栽进去的人
[12:06.19]so when i do,it means a lot. me,too. that's why i think we should be together forever. - 所以一旦这么做了 就表示很重要 - 我也这么想 所以我觉得我们应该永远在一起
[12:11.47]georgina,look, serena told me everything. Georgina 听我说 Serena把一切都告诉我了
[12:15.12]all right? and i believe her. 好吗? 我相信她
[12:16.11]no,you don't understand. she was upset and--and jealous. 不 你不明白 她那是生气 她是嫉妒
[12:18.45]i'm sure she told you all kinds of things 我肯定她跟你说那些话
[12:20.41]to make you think the worst of me. no,just stop it. - 是为了让你彻底讨厌我 - 不 别说了
[12:22.49]i never meant for this to happen,but it did, 我从没想过会有这种事 可是已经发生了
[12:26.53]and i know you feel it,too. 我知道你也同样有感觉的
[12:29.22]i mean,how else do you explain last night? 不然你该怎么解释昨晚的事呢?
[12:33.05]i don't know. i don't know, and i wish i could. 我不知道 我不知道 我也希望自己能解释
[12:36.14]s-so you're just gonna go back to serena like nothing happened 所以你是打算就这么若无其事地回到Serena身边?
[12:40.12]and just leave me all alone? 丢下我一个人?
[12:44.08]oh,you're not alone,g. i'm here now, 你不是一个人 G 有我在
[12:47.68]and i brought some people who really,really want to see you. 我还请来几位非常非常想念你的人
[12:51.15]i think you remember your parents. 我想你肯定记得你父母吧
[12:54.66]the only thing feared by the spawn of satan? 撒旦之子唯一的恐惧来源?
[12:57.41]mom and dad. 便是老爸老妈
[12:59.01]leave it to blair waldorf 交给Blair Waldorf处理
[13:00.13]to know that bitches don't just happen. i... 她知道贱人并非石头缝蹦出来的
[13:02.52]they're made... 他们是由...
[13:03.87]by parents even more wicked than their offspring. 比后代恶毒百倍的父母亲手塑造
[13:08.18]okay,i'm... 好吧 我...
[13:10.05]mom,dad,this is not what you think. 妈妈 爸爸 并不是你们想的那样
[13:12.80]you have to believe me. there,there,georgie. it's gonna be okay. - 你们得相信我 - 稳住 稳住 Georgie 不会有事的
[13:16.17]no,this time,it won't. or it won't. - 不 这次可不是 - 或者会有事...
[13:19.48]your parents were so worried,g. they told me everything-- 你父母很担心你 G 他们跟我说了一切
[13:22.54]how you're supposed to be on the equestrian circuit 你本来应该是被关在马场里
[13:24.33]but sold your show pony for cocaine. 而不是把你表演的小马卖了换毒品
[13:26.05]that was a difficult time, but i-i've put that behind me. when? when you were in rehab? - 那时是很艰难 但已经过去了 - 什么时候? 在勒戒所吗
[13:30.61]it's hard to get clean when you hitchhike into town, 这应该很难戒掉吧 你搭车跑到城里
[13:32.84]steal a credit card and book a ticket to ibiza. you didn't see where they sent me. - 偷了信用卡 定票去伊微沙 - 你不知道他们把我送到了什么地方
[13:36.22]i mean,that place was awful. it was--it was in utah. 那地方很可怕 在..在犹他呢
[13:38.84]at least i lasted longer than lohan. we were trying to help. - 至少我坚持的时间比Lohan长吧 - 我们是想帮你
[13:41.55]i've had enough. i have to go. georgina,stop. - 我受够了 我走了 - Georgina 站住
[13:43.98]yes,stay,georgina. i'll go. 没错 别走 Georgina 我走
[13:46.66]oh,that reminds me. 这倒提醒我了
[13:47.98]i almost forgot to leave you the information 我差点忘了告诉你
[13:50.12]that i discussed with your parents. what's this? - 我和你父母聊过的事 - 这是什么
[13:52.86]where you're going. a boot camp for troubled girls. - 你要去的地方 - 为不良少女设立的训练营
[13:56.75](mr. sparks) blair was kind enough to do some research. (lowers voice) haven't you heard? - Blair很好心地帮忙做了调查 - 你没听说吗
[14:00.98]i'm the crazy bitch around here. 这里的疯婆娘是我
[14:04.20](normal voice) have fun at reform school. 好好改造吧
[14:13.00]so how long will you be on the road? 你们要演出多久呢
[14:14.69]well,i'll get the details. we'll figure it all out. 我会知道具体细节的 到时候我们再看
[14:16.89]but it's kinda cool,right? oh,it's very cool. - 不过这挺酷的 是不是 - 酷极了
[14:19.50]affirmation from my son. this is an historic moment. 得到儿子的认可 历史性的一刻啊
[14:22.80]well,last night must have been pretty historic as well, 昨晚肯定也是相当的有历史性
[14:25.32]considering when i came home, you hadn't. yeah,last night was pretty special. - 好象我回家时 你并没在哟 - 是的 昨晚很特别
[14:30.09]i'm sorry i skipped out early, by the way,dad. 不过我很抱歉提前溜了 爸爸
[14:31.94]i-i'd love to hear all about it, 我很愿意听一下所有的细节
[14:34.34]but i have a,uh,a wedding. 但我有个..婚礼
[14:40.39]the wedding. 那场婚礼
[14:41.54]right. the wedding. of course. 对啊 婚礼 当然
[14:45.76]so it's,uh,it's happening. 所以...是真的了
[14:47.63]y-yeah. yeah,dad,it is. 是的 爸爸 没错
[14:49.00]serena told me something about you and lily. Serena跟我说了你和Lily的事
[14:50.91]i-i don't understand it fully, 我不是很理解
[14:52.43]but the reason lily stayed away 但是Lily之所以却步
[14:54.26]is 'cause serena asked her to. 是因为Serena让她这么做的
[15:03.77]thanks,dan. 谢谢 Dan
[15:05.59]that's,uh... 这...
[15:10.29]well,just thanks. 谢谢
[15:19.36]check out my latest creation. 看看我的最新作品
[15:24.62]what do you think? 觉得如何?
[15:26.86]you clean up nice,abrams. 你打扮起来真好看 Abrams
[15:30.22]* i'm feeling rough, i'm feeling raw * * I'm Feeling Rough, I'm Feeling Raw *
[15:33.12]* i'm in the prime of my life * I'm In The Prime Of My Life
[15:39.66]* let's make some music, make some money * * Let's Make Some Music, Make Some Money *
[15:42.88]thank you. 谢谢
[15:43.87]* find some models for wives * Find Some Models For Wives
[15:49.25]* i'll move to paris * I'll Move To Paris
[15:50.06]* shoot some heroin and... with the stars *
[15:53.60]best man speech going that well? 伴郎的演讲准备得很顺利?
[15:55.16]there won't be a dry eye in the house. trust me. 一定煽得所有人眼泪刷刷 放心
[15:58.30]how did things go with whore-gina? not a dry eye there either. - 那小婊子处理得怎样? - 同样眼泪刷刷
[16:01.21]good to know i wasn't missed. dan humphrey actually lent a hand. - 看来我依然有一套 - 其实Dan Humphrey帮了不少忙
[16:04.18]it was nice to see him get his dirty for once. 看到他露出邪恶一面的感觉可真好
[16:06.64]not sure how much fun he had, though. 不过不知道他有多开心
[16:08.76]no one ever enjoys their first time. except you. save me a dance? - 第一次对所有人来说都不怎么美好 - 你可不是 留支舞跟我跳不?
[16:14.87]now that georgina is done, so are you and i. 现在把Georgina解决了 咱俩也就此了结
[16:16.93]she was the last thing we had in common. 她是我们俩最后一次合作
[16:20.10](chuckles) break a leg. 祝你成功噢 (折断腿)
[16:20.73]i think i just did. 已经折了
[16:24.85]* said yeah,yeah,yeah * Said Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
[16:28.75]there he is. best man ready to do his dad proud? 他在这儿 伴郎准备好让他老爸骄傲了吗
[16:31.99]captain,good to see you. Captain 很高兴见到你
[16:34.72]nate. Nate
[16:40.36]clearly,i missed something when i was away. 显然我不在的时候 错过了一些故事
[16:42.50]little advice,fellas? you've been friends a long time. 听我一句吧 伙计们 你们做了那么久朋友
[16:45.79]whoever she is, she's not worth it. couldn't agree more. - 不管她是谁 都不值得你们这样 - 很同意
[16:48.77]that's the problem. 这就是问题所在
[16:55.33]hey. 嘿
[16:56.23]hey. 嘿
[16:58.14]how go the prenuptials? 婚前准备得怎样
[17:00.51]well,my mom's done this enough times. 我妈已经轻车熟路了
[17:02.36]you'd think she'd be a pro by now,but i don't know. 你会觉得她已经是专业级的了 可是我不确定
[17:04.00]her heart doesn't really seem in it. 她看起来并不十分期待
[17:07.91]you think this will be us in 20 years, 你说我们20年后也会这样吗
[17:10.48]onto our fourth husbands? 嫁给第四任丈夫?
[17:11.69]a girl can dream. (laughs) 女人天生爱做梦
[17:14.57]speaking of true love, dan isn't here. 说到真爱 Dan怎么没在
[17:19.33]he's coming. 他这就来
[17:20.31]so all is forgiven? 所以一切都过去了?
[17:22.47]i'm working on it. 我正在努力
[17:24.84]what do you have to work on? 你要努力什么?
[17:26.89]he's the one that has to forgive you. 是你需要得到他的原谅
[17:29.92]yeah. 是啊
[17:32.45]yeah, that's what i'm working on. 没错 我就是在努力这个
[17:37.97]you were supposed to get here during the reception 你应该在接待会时就到这里的
[17:40.04]so no one would know i was gone. 那样就没人知道我不在了
[17:41.60]you don't exactly blend in, you know? 你很扎眼 你知道吗
[17:43.06]you gonna pay me or not? 到底给不给钱
[17:51.73]here. 拿着
[17:54.92]good-bye. 再见
[18:00.54]do me a favor and keep an eye on mr. archibald. 帮我个忙 盯着点儿Archibald先生
[18:16.90]need a hand with that? 要帮忙吗
[18:24.70]rufus, what are you doing here? Rufus 你怎么来了
[18:25.95]i thought we had security. 外面应该有保安吧
[18:29.15]you want them to throw me out? 你想让他们把我扔出去?
[18:30.44]well,i'd like the option, 我可以做这个选择
[18:31.37]considering how much i'm paying them. so you want me to leave? - 考虑到我付给他们的薪水 - 你想让我走吗?
[18:35.74]i didn't say that. do you want me to call off this wedding? - 我没这么说 - 你想要我取消婚礼吗
[18:39.61]and if you so much as nod yes, i will go out there, 只要你点下头 那我马上就去
[18:42.72]and i will tell your fianc?and your guests 告诉你的未婚夫 你的宾客
[18:44.28]they have go home. i didn't say that either. - 他们可以回家了 - 我也没这么说
[18:48.05]we can figure this out. 我们能想出办法的
[18:48.90]oh,can we? it's been 20 years, 是吗? 已经过了20年了
[18:53.66]and i don't think this 而且我不觉得现在
[18:54.93]is the moment to hash out the details. 是能够彻底解决一切的时刻
[18:58.37]look,we've already had the "morning after" today. 你瞧 今天我们感受了一夜之后的重负
[19:00.06]what's gonna happen tomorrow morning? 明天早上又会发生什么事呢
[19:02.61]lil,i just got a divorce. i don't wanna get married again, Lil 我才刚离婚 我不想再结婚了
[19:05.29]at least,not right away. 至少现在不会
[19:06.80]but i do. 但我想
[19:08.48]i've been alone for quite a while now,and you know what? 我一个人生活了太久你知道吗
[19:10.49]it's hard. and i love bart, not just because he has money. 这很难 我爱Bart 不只是因为他的财富
[19:14.04]i have enough money. not that you can ever have enough money, 我有足够钱 当然钱永远都不会足够的
[19:17.37]but... i'm rambling, 但是...我很混乱
[19:20.05]and i'm nervous, and you make me nervous. 我很紧张 你让我紧张
[19:22.52]that's a good thing,right? there are just too many questions,too many. - 这是好事 对吗? - 只是有太多问题了 太多了
[19:25.59]what about dan and serena? whatever their feelings are for each other, - 那Dan和Serena怎么办? - 不管他们之间有什么感情
[19:28.24]if we're standing here 20 years in the making... 如果我们20年来还是犹豫不决...
[19:31.60]yeah,those 20 years-- 是啊 那20年...
[19:34.09]they have to count for something,don't they? 说明些问题 是吧?
[19:36.94]i think they count for everything. 我觉得那说明一切
[19:42.81]where's my mom? 我妈妈在哪儿?
[19:44.49]shouldn't we be saying vows around now? 现在不是应该念誓词了吗
[19:46.34]your mother is a wonderful woman,eric, 你妈妈是个好女人 Eric
[19:48.09]but being on time-- not a strong suit. 但是准时...就有点难
[19:53.44]let's pray lily is as slow getting dressed as you are. you said you knew how to make a tie. - 祈祷Lily打扮的时间和你一样长吧 - 你说你会打领带的
[19:56.62]how would i know how to make a tie? i hope serena doesn't kill me. - 我怎么会懂打领带啊 - 希望Serena不会杀了我
[19:59.98]for being a few minutes late to her mom's wedding? well,that, amongst other things. - 因为参加她妈妈婚礼迟到了几分钟? - 还有其他别的事
[20:02.83]i-i really have to talk to her. let me guess. georgina? - 我真的有必要和她谈谈 - 让我猜猜 Georgina?
[20:05.20]i thought if i confronted her, it would make things better. but it didn't and now... - 我觉得如果和她当面对质一切都会好很多 - 结果并非如此 所以...
[20:08.94]i have to tell her. well,no time like the present. i-i'm gonna find my seat,okay? - 我必须得告诉她 - 择日不如撞日 我去找位子了 好吗
[20:13.53]hey. 嘿
[20:14.53]hey. hey. i have to talk to you. 嘿 嘿 我有话跟你说
[20:16.98]i can't. i have to go. no,it--it can't wait. it's about georgina. - 不行 我得走了 - 不 事情很紧急 和Georgina有关
[20:19.33]dan,it's okay. i don't wanna know. Dan 没关系的 我不想知道
[20:20.69]no,you need to. i didn't sleep with her. 不 你得知道 我没跟她上床
[20:23.85]w-well... 那个...
[20:25.74]but... i-i may as well have. 但...我或许和她一起睡了...
[20:30.02]serena,there you are. Serena 找到你了
[20:32.55]come. yeah? come,come,come. 来一下? 来吧 来
[20:34.51]i have to go. 我得走了
[20:39.28]and here we go. are you sure about this? 好了 你确定了吗
[20:41.17]ask me again, and i'll change my mind. 再问我一次 我就会改主意了
[20:43.16]i love you,lily. 我爱你 Lily
[20:44.72]i love you,too,rufus. 我也爱你 Rufus
[20:49.93]then have a great wedding and try not to trip or anything. 那就举办场盛大的婚礼 小心不要摔跤
[20:52.88]oh! i can't believe you put that in my mind. 你竟然敢这样吓唬我
[20:55.57]well,luckily, i have done this before. 好在我以前经历过这场面
[21:08.80]hey. hey. 嘿
[21:10.87]oh! how rude! can you believe how late she is? 真是无礼! 你能相信她迟到了多久吗
[21:59.81]dearly beloved, 亲爱的各位
[22:01.39]we are gathered here today in the face of this company 今天我们欢聚在此 在众人面前
[22:04.83]to watch this man... 见证这个男人...
[22:06.89]and this woman... 与这个女人...
[22:08.71]totally eff things up. 把一切彻底搞砸
[22:11.32]excuse me while i pull out a hankie 抱歉我要拿出手帕
[22:13.59]and pass it to s. and d. 递给S.和D.
[22:15.72]looks like i'm not the only one who cries at weddings. 似乎我并非唯一在婚礼上哭泣的人
[22:34.00]how's your food? 东西好吃吗
[22:35.55]good. thanks. 很好 谢谢
[22:37.34]i was being sarcastic. you haven't eaten a bite. 我是在挖苦你 你一口都没吃
[22:39.47](lowers voice) let's go somewhere quiet. we can talk. excuse me. i need some air. - 我们找个安静的地方谈谈吧 - 抱歉 我要呼吸下新鲜空气
[22:50.43]you sure? 确定?
[22:55.74]i'll be right back. 我马上就回来
[23:01.63](lowered voice) i need to talk to you. 我需要和你谈谈
[23:03.51]your father's leaving. 你爸爸要走了
[23:05.93]he just stepped out to call my mom. everything okay? - 他只是出去给我妈妈打电话 - 没事吧?
[23:07.98]yes. (normal voice) no. - 没事 - 有事
[23:11.37](lowered voice) he just asked to have his car brought around. 他刚叫人把车子开过来了
[23:12.88]he probably left his phone in it. before the ceremony,i saw him with a guy doing a deal. - 他可能把电话落在里面了 - 在婚礼之前 我看到他和一个人做交易
[23:17.40]it looked like drugs. 看起来像是毒品
[23:18.43]my father is clean,chuck. i don't need you spying on him. 我爸爸已经戒掉了 Chuck 我不需要你帮我盯着他
[23:21.64]look,i know you hate me. 你瞧 我知道你恨我
[23:23.86]i was in love with blair, and i'm sorry. 我是爱上过Blair 我很抱歉
[23:26.18]we do not have time to argue about this. 我们没时间为这事争吵
[23:43.22]whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa! stop! stop! stop! 停车 停 停车
[23:50.73]dad, what the hell are you doing? 爸爸 你在干什么啊
[23:56.13]i left you a note at home. 我在家里给你留了字条
[23:57.40]yeah? what's it say? it says i'm sorry. - 是吗? 写了什么? - 写着我很抱歉
[24:00.28]for what? 为什么?
[24:02.00]dad,if you've relapsed, it's okay. we'll get you help. 爸爸 你要是复吸的话 没关系 我们可以找人帮你
[24:05.35]chuck saw you earlier. Chuck刚才看到你了
[24:07.05]i wasn't buying drugs. 我不是在买毒品
[24:10.40]a passport? you're skipping town? 护照? 你要逃走?
[24:13.66]i'm gonna be a much better father to you from dominica 我人在多米尼克 会比在监狱里
[24:16.00]than i will be from jail. 更像个好爸爸
[24:18.92]no,dad. i know you're scared, but we'll get through the trial. 不 爸爸 我知道你害怕 但你不会被判刑的
[24:23.30]no,we won't. 不 不会的
[24:25.51]i'm guilty,nate. i'm facing 25 years. 我有罪 Nate 我要做25年牢的
[24:32.09](scoffs) so all this stuff about things looking good 所以这一切看起来都很顺利
[24:33.63]and working out,huh? yeah. 都会解决 是假的?
[24:37.68]what about mom? 那妈妈怎么办
[24:38.56]who do you think's paying for the private plane? 你以为是谁雇的私人飞机呢?
[24:42.37]why didn't you tell me any of this? 你们为什么不告诉我啊
[24:43.41]'cause i didn't want you to know anything,be an accessory. 因为我不想让你知道任何事 那样你就是从犯
[24:46.33]this is the best thing for everyone. 这样对大家都好
[24:48.42]i need you to step up right now. 我需要你现在赶快长大
[24:50.93]be the man of the family for your mother. 为你妈妈去做个男子汉
[24:55.04]it's been that for a while now. 已经这样很久了
[24:57.57]nate. Nate
[24:59.89]that's for mom. 这是为了妈妈
[25:22.99]looks like nate isn't a fan of the fish... 看来Nate对鱼没什么兴趣
[25:26.70]or his date. 对他的女伴也是
[25:27.77]blair,i'm with nate, and you're at the singles table. Blair 我和Nate在一起 而你做在单身那一桌
[25:30.81]deal with it. 习惯一下吧
[25:35.66]i just feel sorry for you is all. 我只是为你感到难过而已
[25:37.92]dating an archibald is a tortured process-- 和Archibald约会简直就是在受折磨
[25:40.27]the endless supply of family drama, 没完没了的家庭闹剧
[25:43.14]the fact that he never really got over serena. 他永远也无法忘掉Serena
[25:45.85]though,falling for someone who's in love with serena-- 不过 爱上一个爱着Serena的男人...
[25:48.21]you already know how that feels,don't you? 你已经知道那是什么感觉了 对吧
[25:51.53]hey,have you guys seen chuck? it's time for his speech. 嘿 你们见到Chuck了吗? 该他发言了
[25:53.76]i'll look for him. maybe he's with my date. 我去找他 他可能跟我的男伴在一起
[25:58.78]excuse me. 失陪
[26:03.82]so thank you. 谢谢
[26:05.18]it's your dad. 这是你爸爸
[26:06.57]it's bigger than... all the other stuff. 这比其他事...都重要
[26:12.89]look,i'm sorry... 我很抱歉
[26:15.65]for all of it. 所有的事
[26:18.04]so am i. 我也是
[26:21.04]so you said you loved her. 你说你爱过她
[26:27.31]well,i never heard you say that before... 我以前从没听你这么说过..
[26:30.67]about anyone. 对任何人
[26:36.43]ready to go back in? 准备好进去了吗?
[26:38.75]i don't think i'm going back in. 我想我就不进去了
[26:40.78]just,um,tell vanessa i-- 帮我告诉Vanessa 我...
[26:43.08]tell vanessa what? 告诉Vanessa什么?
[26:50.37]they're looking for you inside. 里面的人都在找你呢
[27:02.78]it's a long story. 说来话长
[27:05.63]i have time. 我有时间
[27:20.34]no. hey,hey. don't--don't run away from me. 别 嘿 嘿 别从我面前走开
[27:25.44]dan,it's okay. Dan 没关系
[27:27.14]so you hooked up with georgina. 你和Georgina亲热
[27:29.61]i kinda figured that 今早看到她
[27:30.62]when i saw her coming out of your bedroom this morning, 从你卧室走出来时 我就感觉到了
[27:32.84]but i-i'm willing to let it go. 但我很愿意让这事过去
[27:38.01]i don't wanna break up with you. 我不想和你分手
[27:44.44]maybe... 或许...
[27:48.84]maybe i want to break up with you. 或许我想和你分手
[27:52.56]maybe i can't just"let it go." 或许我无法让事情就这么过去
[27:54.28]you lied to me over and over, 你一次又一次地骗我
[27:57.38]and it was easy for you. 这对你来说轻而易举
[27:58.37]no,it wasn't easy. i got seduced by a girl pretending to be someone else, - 不 才不是 - 我被一个假扮成其他人的女孩子勾引
[28:01.51]and you knew. but i couldn't say anything. - 而你早就知道 - 可是我什么都不能说
[28:03.78]well,because you-- you were afraid i'd find out 是啊 因为你..你害怕我知道
[28:05.49]you thought you killed someone. 你以为自己杀了人
[28:07.00]i was hoping you'd understand. 我一直希望你能理解
[28:10.38]i am the most understanding person in the world. 我是这世界最通情达理的人
[28:15.56]but this? 可是这次?
[28:17.08]and--and--and this is not about who you used to be, 这与你曾经怎样无关
[28:19.19]your "past," or who you were when we met. 与你的过去 或是我们相遇时的你无关
[28:21.38]i mean,the only reason i was with georgina 我之所以和Georgina一起
[28:22.65]was because yesterday morning, 是因为昨天早上
[28:23.87]you slept with two random guys you met in a bar. 你和酒吧里的两个陌生男子上了床
[28:25.67]no,no,i-i didn't. i just said that. 不 我没有 我是故意那样说的
[28:33.26]how is that less crazy? 那样有什么好处呢
[28:34.79]because i thought it would be easier to forgive 因为我觉得这与我所做的事情相比
[28:36.97]than what i really did. 会容易得到原谅
[28:46.12]so what,dan? 怎么样呢 Dan?
[28:48.16]we're exactly where we were at the bass' brunch 我们现在和当初一起参加Bass家早午餐
[28:50.43]when we first started dating. 第一次约会时没有区别
[28:52.02]i'm not who you thought i was, and you can't forgive that. 我和你心目中的想象不同 你也无法原谅这一点
[28:56.32]i-i just think too much has happened. 我只是觉得发生了太多事
[28:59.22]i don't know how to make things go back to what they were. 我不知该如何让一切回到过去的样子
[29:03.34]so that's it then? 那就这样了?
[29:05.82](crying) it's just... 就这么...
[29:08.99]"have a good summer. i'll-- i'll see you back at school"? "过个愉快暑假 我们学校再见"?
[29:21.88]i guess. 我想是吧
[29:25.67]yeah. 是的
[29:42.33]i'd like to propose a toast. 我要敬杯酒
[29:51.76]my father is someone who goes after what he wants, 我父亲是个喜欢追求梦想的人
[29:55.03]and lily van der woodsen was no exception. Lily Van Der Woodsen自然也不例外
[29:58.37]in typical bass man fashion, his pursuit was direct, 依照Bass家男人的传统作风 他的追求很直接
[30:00.91]and at times, not exactly subtle. 然而有时 却又十分笨拙
[30:12.91]one thing i learned 在我父亲
[30:14.28]from my father's courtship of lily 对Lily追求中 我学到一件事
[30:15.86]is the importance of perseverance-- 就是不屈不挠的重要
[30:18.78]that in the face of true love, you don't just give up, 在遇到真爱时 你不能轻易放弃
[30:22.12]even if the object of your affection 即便你爱慕的对象
[30:24.61]is begging you to. 求你放弃
[30:27.91]and one thing i learned from lily 而我从Lily身上所学到的
[30:31.24]is the importance of forgiveness. 就是原谅的重要
[30:32.98]she gave my father the gift of a second chance, 她给了我父亲第二次机会
[30:35.27]and in kind, 而同样地
[30:37.23]i've watched him become someone actually worthy of that gift. 我看到他成为了一个值得这次机会的男人
[30:40.62]and one day, 有天
[30:45.25]i hope i'll be lucky enough 我希望自己也能够同样幸运
[30:47.67]to find someone who will do the same for me. 找到一个 愿为我做同样付出的人
[30:50.84](death cab for cutie) * even less that we could do * Even Less That We Could Do
[30:55.52]to the happy couple. 敬幸福的一对儿
[30:56.76]* the ice from getting thinner * The Ice From Getting Thinner
[30:59.64]* under me and you * Under Me And You
[31:06.89]* we bury our love * We Bury Our Love
[31:11.04]* in a wintry grave * In A Wintry Grave
[31:14.61]that was quite a speech. 这番话很感人
[31:16.90]all your hard work must have paid off. 你的努力肯定得到回报了
[31:19.05]that wasn't what i wrote. 那不是我原本的稿子
[31:20.84]i was inspired in the moment. 我是一时兴起 灵感大发
[31:23.61]look,i know i said some horrible things,even for me. 我知道我说了些很可怕的话 即便对我来说
[31:27.70]you mean blogging to gossip girl about our sex life 你是指跟绯闻少女爆料你的性生活
[31:30.43]and comparing me to your dad's sweaty old horse? 还是拿我跟你爸的老马相比?
[31:33.24]what's your point? 你想说什么
[31:35.37]what's yours? 你又想说什么呢
[31:37.61]you don't belong with nate. 你不属于Nate
[31:40.76]never have,never will. 从来不是 永远都不是
[31:43.61]you don't belong with anyone. 你不属于任何人
[31:45.44]* and when the spring arrived * And When The Spring Arrived
[31:49.08]* we were taken by surprise when the... * * We Were Taken By Surprise When The... *
[31:55.74]oh,sorry. i,uh, i'm looking for vanessa. 抱歉 我在找Vanessa
[31:58.57]have you seen her? i'm trying to get out of here. 你看到她了吗 我打算走了
[32:02.33]no,i haven't seen her. 不 没有
[32:04.08]* nothing was left * Nothing Was Left
[32:06.46]okay. 好的
[32:07.93]serena,dan,out on the floor. oh,no,thank you. - Serena Dan 来跳舞吧 - 不了 谢谢
[32:11.82]oh,no. no,no. the bride and groom are asking for photos. here we go. 新郎新娘要我们拍照呢 来吧
[32:14.60]oh,that's not necessary. yes,it is. - 没这个必要 - 当然有
[32:16.72]you're gonna want to remember this night forever,yeah? 你会希望一辈子记住今晚的 对吗
[32:23.73]i'm sorry. 对不起
[32:25.93]just smile. 笑笑就好
[32:33.05](lowers voice) let's take it slow this time. 我们这次慢慢来
[32:35.07]do it right. 不要犯错
[32:37.64]chuck bass is a romantic. Chuck Bass这么浪漫
[32:40.77]who knew? 谁知道呢
[32:42.92]now you do. 现在你知道了
[32:45.65]that's all that matters. 这才最重要
[32:47.11]* we're not the same,dear * We're Not The Same, Dear
[32:51.37]* and it seems to me * And It Seems To Me
[32:55.86]* there's nowhere we can go * There's Nowhere We Can Go
[32:59.40]he's gone. you can let go now. 他走了 你也可以走了
[33:01.51]i know. 我知道
[33:03.36]i don't want to. 我不想走
[33:04.96]* and it saddens me to say * And It Saddens Me To Say
[33:09.00]* what we both knew was true * What We Both Knew Was True
[33:13.88]* that the ice was getting thinner * * That The Ice Was Getting Thinner *
[33:18.06]* under me and you * Under Me And You
[33:23.14]* the ice was getting thinner * The Ice Was Getting Thinner
[33:27.30]* under me and you * Under Me And You
[33:40.78]hey,jen. ooh! oh,my god,dad. - 嘿 Jen - 天啊 爸爸
[33:42.73]well,hello to you,too. mom's out getting bagels, dan's at the gallery, - 你也好 - 妈妈去买贝果面包了 Dan在画廊
[33:45.67]and the mail just came. well,i appreciate the play-by-play. - 信刚刚收到 - 感谢你的详细描述
[33:47.91]it feel as if i'm there. yeah,well,uh, - 感觉我也在家似的 - 是啊
[33:52.20]what??? 怎么说?
[33:52.91]i don't know. i'm too scared to open it. 我不知道 我不敢打开
[33:55.11]what if i didn't get it? what if you did? - 要是我没被录取怎么办 - 要是录取了呢
[33:58.51](laughs) okay. i'm opening it. hold my hand over the phone. i got ya. - 好的 我要打开了 从电话那头抓住我的手 - 没问题
[34:06.06]aah! i got it! 我得到啦
[34:07.49]that's great,jen. 太棒了 Jen
[34:08.71]does it say who it's with? 有说是和谁一起吗
[34:09.73]yeah. um,it's with... 是...和...
[34:14.33](chuckles) eleanor waldorf designs. Eleanor Waldorf时装
[34:17.06]well, isn't that blair's mom? 那不是Blair妈妈吗
[34:18.75]yeah,it sure is. 是的 没错
[34:21.98]so... tuscany with chuck? 和Chuck去塔斯卡尼?
[34:24.28]sounds romantic... 听起来很浪漫
[34:25.99]minus the chuck part. 把Chuck这部分删掉好了
[34:28.25]he invited me-- in his father's private plane. 他邀请我 坐他老爸的私人飞机
[34:31.21]and i was headed to france, so... 反正我本来也要去法国的
[34:33.80]so it's worth a week with chuck to avoid airport security? 为了躲开机场安检 就和Chuck共度一周?
[34:38.12]oh,don't worry. i'm gonna frisk him. 别担心 我会给他搜身的
[34:39.68]oh! (laughs) b.,gross! B 真恶心
[34:42.58]what can i say? he brings out the worst in me. 我能说什么呢 他发掘出我身上最坏的一面
[34:45.45]and weirdly,i think i bring out the best in him. 奇怪的是 我觉得自己发掘出他身上最好的一面
[34:48.07]he's been a perfect gentleman this whole week. 这一周他都非常绅士
[34:50.11]is that why you're driving yourself to the airport? 所以你得自己去机场?
[34:52.29]he wanted to see his dad before he left. 他想在走之前跟他爸爸见一面
[34:54.83]besides,we're taking the helicopter to teterboro. 再说我们要把飞机开到Teterboro机场
[34:57.84]i have to sit in the jump seat so that i can tell the pilot 所以我得坐在折叠椅上 以便飞行途中
[34:59.96]if i have any thoughts on his flying. 我有任何想法都马上告诉飞行员
[35:01.88]oh,b.,what's it gonna take to get relax? chuck. - B 要怎样才可以放松啊 - 有Chuck
[35:06.13]oh! god! 妈啊
[35:07.42]my ears are bleeding! make it stop! (laughs) 我耳朵要流血了 闭嘴啦
[35:11.47]you gonna be okay? alone all summer 你不会有事吧? 整个暑假
[35:14.01]without your best friend who always gets you out of trouble? 都没有好朋友在你身边时时帮你解围?
[35:16.34]yeah. i'm-- i'm looking forward 是啊 我努力
[35:17.50]to staying out of trouble for a while. have you talked to dan? - 尽量远离麻烦 - 你有和Dan谈过吗?
[35:22.63]no. not since the wedding. 没有 婚礼之后就没有了
[35:24.92]it's for the best-- for him,for me. 这样最好 对他 对我
[35:30.00]i'm fine. (laughs) 我没事
[35:32.82](chuck) yeah,i'll be taking off soon. 是的 我很快就出发了
[35:33.89]i wanted to catch my dad before i left, 走之前我想和老爸聊几句
[35:35.58]see how the honeymoon went, 问问他们的蜜月如何
[35:36.84]catch a glimpse of a man in love. well,why don't you just take a look in the mirror,chuck? - 看一眼恋爱中男人的样子 - 那你照下镜子不就可以了吗 Chuck?
[35:41.05](laughs) taking blair to europe,huh? 带Blair去欧洲
[35:42.71]things are getting pretty serious. it's no big deal. - 越来越认真了噢 - 这没什么
[35:45.02]my dad's jet was going to italy on business. 我爸的飞机要去意大利办公事
[35:46.89]blair was going to france. so are you planning Blair要去法国 那么你有计划
[35:50.12]to spend the summer sweating it out in brooklyn? uh,i think my time across the bridge is over. - 这个暑假在布鲁克林汗流浃背吗 - 我想我没什么机会过桥了
[35:56.15](chuck) nathaniel,what happened with you and punky brewster? Nathaniel 你和那小辣妹怎么了啊
[35:59.59]so tell me. what--what exactly happened with you and man-bangs? 你告诉我 你和那个留刘海的男生是怎么了
[36:02.88](laughs) he is prettier than me, but that wasn't the problem. and so what was it then? - 他比我好看 不过这不是问题所在 - 那是因为什么?
[36:05.27]the,uh,the whole perpetually stoned,brooding guy thing? i actually enjoyed the quiet. - 是因为男生身上那些没完没了的恶习么 - 我其实很喜欢这种安静生活
[36:08.76]it was a nice change of pace from you. oh. was it his past with serena? - 是在你之后换了种新口味罢了 - 因为他和Serena的过去?
[36:12.21]no. that's just your issue. 不 那是你的问题
[36:15.07]it must've been,uh, 那肯定是...
[36:15.79]the--the different worlds thing,right? 因为来自不同世界的问题 对吗
[36:16.92]one of you always feeling like a fish out of water? 你们中的一个肯定常常觉得很不自在吧
[36:22.26]i know exactly what you're doing. 我很清楚你这样做的目的
[36:24.44]ask me enough questions about nate, 问我一堆关于Nate的问题
[36:25.75]and i won't ask you about serena. best offense is always a strong defense. - 而我不会问你Serena的 - 进攻往往就是强大的防范啊
[36:30.63]i,um... 我...
[36:32.90]i'm not ready to talk about it. 我还没准备好谈这些
[36:35.25]her. 谈她
[36:36.66]good. then maybe it'll be quiet for 30 seconds. 好 那或许可以安静个30秒了
[36:38.64]no,no,no,no,no. you better get used to it,abrams. 不不不不 你最好学会习惯这一点 Abrams
[36:40.21]welcome to the summer of dan humphrey, 欢迎来到Dan Humphrey的明媚暑假
[36:42.67]babblin' at your ass 24/7, from dusk till dawn. 每天24小时对着你不停唠叨 从黄昏到黎明
[36:45.36]come labor day, you're gonna be so sick of me. 到了劳动节时 你肯定会对我反胃了
[36:48.40]it's been 13 years, and i'm still not sick of you. oh,not for lack of trying. - 已经13年了 我仍然没有对你反胃 - 那是因为你没试过
[36:53.45](nate) vanessa's a great girl, but i have too much Vanessa是个好姑娘 我只是现在
[36:54.98]going on right now. all right. all right. bye. hey! 有太多事要处理 好的好的 拜
[36:59.57]hey! i was just seeing off blair. - 嘿 - 我刚见过Blair
[37:01.89]i was just on the phone with chuck. 我刚和Chuck打完电话
[37:04.07]blair and chuck--now there's a couple you can root for. Blair 和Chuck 现在可以为这一对儿欢呼了
[37:07.41]yeah,well,if they're happy, i guess i'm happy. 是啊 他们快乐我也就快乐了
[37:10.01]oh,come on,nate. when have you ever been happy? 噢 得了吧 Nate 你什么时候快乐过啊
[37:12.26]wow! the gloves are off today, aren't they? 喔 今天你来劲了啊 是不是
[37:15.10](laughs) i am feeling frisky. 我觉得很开心
[37:16.76]you know how i get in the summer. (laughs) yeah,i do. - 你知道去年夏天我过的是什么日子 - 是啊
[37:20.01]well,you won't have to witness any of it. 放心不会让你看到的
[37:21.66]i'm locking myself away in the hamptons house. 我会牢牢把自己锁在汉普顿家中的
[37:24.40]well,it is a summer to reflect... alone. 这是一个反省的暑假 独自一人
[37:27.99]i could not agree more. 非常同意
[37:30.09]i just need to take a break away from everything and everyone. 我需要从所有事 所有人中间抽身 让自己喘口气
[37:33.03]yeah. 是啊
[37:40.73]hey. 嘿
[37:41.78]um,if you wanna reflect alone together, 你要是想一起反省下自己
[37:45.52]i'll be around. 随叫随到
[37:47.10]what are you up to now? 你现在去干吗?
[37:53.65]excuse me. is that the bass helicopter? no,it's not here yet. - 请问那是Bass家的飞机吗 - 不是 还没到
[37:57.53]are you on the bass marketing team,too? no,i'm a guest of chuck bass. - 你也是Bass公司市场部的? - 不是 我是Chuck Bass的客人
[38:01.33]if he's anything like his father, 他要是有任何地方像他老爸
[38:03.04]he must be... terrifying. 那他就...太可怕了
[38:05.01]he's not all bad. he is taking me to tuscany. that's romantic. - 他也没那么坏 他要带我去塔斯卡尼 - 这很浪漫
[38:09.48]so where is he? on his way. - 他在哪儿? - 在路上
[38:11.56]i had to get here early. i like the jump seat. oh. 我得早到一会儿 我要坐折叠椅
[38:14.91]what? nothing. it's just... i like the jump seat. - 怎么了? - 没什么 只是我也喜欢折叠椅
[38:18.38]i have this thing about flying, and it makes me feel more... in control? - 我有这种特殊的飞行嗜好 让我感觉更... - 有控制
[38:22.66]yeah. yeah. 没错
[38:27.49]who's that? 是谁?
[38:28.79]blair. i should get going. Blair 我该走了
[38:31.54]i just wanted to see you before i disappeared for the summer. 只是想在这个夏天我消失之前 见你一面
[38:34.20]i'm glad you had a good trip. 很高兴你的旅行很愉快
[38:35.43]i hope you have a good trip, too. you deserve it. 希望你也如此 你应该好好享受
[38:39.13]and,i must say, i'm proud of you. 我必须得说 我很为你骄傲
[38:42.59]dad,my best man speech was a week ago,and it was nothing. 爸爸 伴郎演讲已经过去一星期了 没什么了
[38:45.05]polite? modest? you really are growing up. 有礼貌 谦逊 你真的长大了
[38:47.86]let's not get carried away. 咱就别煽情了 好吗
[38:50.13]i plan on holding on to my youth for as long as possible. 我要努力留驻我的青春
[38:52.14]sometimes that choice isn't up to you. 有时这并不是由你决定的
[38:53.64]that's the best thing about blair. Blair最好的一个地方
[38:56.05]she knows me, knows i'll never change. 就是她知道 我永远都不会变
[38:59.70]yeah... 是啊
[39:01.55]until you take her away to europe on a private jet. 直到你带着她坐私人飞机去欧洲
[39:04.98]that is gonna change everything. 这样一切都会改变
[39:07.14]but that's a good thing, son. 不过这是好事 儿子
[39:10.40]having a real girlfriend 交个真正的女朋友
[39:13.47]will force you to learn about responsibility, 会强迫你学会责任
[39:15.98]sacrifice, 牺牲
[39:17.87]being faithful, 以及忠诚
[39:19.90]taking into account somebody else's feelings, 懂得去考虑他人的感受
[39:22.42]not just your own. 而不是自己
[39:24.46]feelings? 感受?
[39:27.23]all the partying and the women... 这些派对啊 女人啊
[39:30.86]you will come back from this summer a new man. 这个暑假过后 你就是个全新的男子汉了
[39:35.59]take my word for it. 记住我的话
[39:39.42]oh,i will. 我会的
[39:42.63]oh! there you are. this is amelia. 你在这儿啊 这位是Amelia
[39:46.09]she's been helping me with the apartment renovations. 她在帮我做公寓翻新的事
[39:48.68]great. nice to meet you. 很好 很高兴见到你
[39:56.35]等不及见你 B
[40:20.35]amelia. Amelia
[40:22.32]a moment? 有时间吗
[40:32.38]what's this? 什么事
[40:33.24]i was hoping we could discuss 我想我们可以谈谈
[40:34.81]what you have planned for my room. and who are you? - 你对我的房间是怎么打算的 - 你是谁
[40:40.31]i'm chuck bass. 我是Chuck Bass
[40:54.01]everything all right? 没出什么问题吧
[40:55.81]yeah. it--it's chuck. i guess his dad is getting in late, 恩 是Chuck 看来他爸爸迟到了
[40:58.82]and he won't be able to make the flight. 他赶不上飞机了
[41:01.24]but he's booking something commercial. 不过他会定普通航班的
[41:03.33]well,i'd be willing to flip you for the jump seat. 我很愿意帮你把折叠椅打开
[41:10.03]bart did just get the jet reupholstered, Bart把飞机重新布置了
[41:12.47]and i do like when the ladies make you those cookies. 我也很喜欢看到那些女士给你做很多饼干
[41:16.37]what's ten hours? 10个小时又怎样
[41:17.84]absence makes the heart grow fonder,right? 久别胜新婚 不是吗
[41:19.87]they say a leopard can't change his spots, 他们说花豹的斑点是无法改变的
[41:22.58]but some things do change-- 但有些东西的确会改变
[41:25.03]the path not taken can become a road trip... 不曾选择的路 也许会送你来上一趟公路旅行...
[41:30.30]being grounded 被禁足
[41:31.74]can lead to something ground-breaking... 却能给你机会破茧而出...
[41:35.30]* the same old man * The Same Old Man
[41:38.26]* do you wanna? do you wanna? * * Do You Wanna? Do You Wanna? *
[41:41.65]* do you wanna make love to me? * * Do You Wanna Make Love To Me? *
[41:44.61]and whether they're sweating it out on the sultry streets 无论他们是否在闷热的大街上汗流浃背
[41:48.33]or cooling their heels in the hamptons, 或是在汉普顿坐冷板凳
[41:50.73]no one does summer like new yorkers. 纽约人的夏天绝对与众不同
[41:53.54]grab your shades and your sunblock. 带上你的墨镜和防晒霜
[41:55.89]this one looks like a scorcher. 今年夏天似乎非同小可
[41:57.95]until then, you know you love me. 你知道你是爱我的
[42:00.02]x.o.x.o.,gossip girl. X.O.X.O. 绯闻少女
[42:00.06]<font color="#4096d1">united we're strong!
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