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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:40:43
[00:01.16]GOSSIP GIRL: Gossip Girl here, your one and only source... 流言蜚女驾到...
[00:03.56]...into the scandalous lives of Manhattan 's elite. 你们窥视曼哈顿 上流社会丑闻的唯一来源
[00:06.28]-You must reaIIy want this. -Yeah. Yeah, I reaIIy, reaIIy do. 你一定很想做这个
[00:09.24]Where's that story? Noah Shapiro at The Paris Review is Iooking forward to it. 是啊 我真的真的很想
[00:10.46]"巴黎评论"的Noah Shapiro
[00:13.00]-I tried to write. -You'II get no recommendation from me. 对你很期待啊
[00:13.06]我知道 我试着努力去写了
[00:16.12]-I need a friend. -I'm sorry, LiIy. 我需要一个朋友
[00:18.04]You made your choice to be Mrs. Bass. You need to go do that. 对不起 Lily 你选择了去当Bass夫人
[00:21.16]You're a born queen. This is your year. 那就得坚持到底
[00:23.08]-Being queen is BIair's whoIe thing. -WeII, weII, Iook who's back on top. 今年是你的天下了
[00:27.32]Wonder how that happened. 真不知道怎么会变成这样
[00:30.24]WOMAN: Where has she been?
[00:31.48]GOSSIP GIRL: And who am I?
[00:32.84]That's one secret I'll never tell.
[00:36.12]You know you love me. X O X O...
[00:39.88]... Gossip Girl.
[00:41.76]When the white tents blossom in Bryant Park... 白色帐篷如同雨后春笋般 在Bryant公园中出现时
[00:44.08]...it can only mean one thing: Fashion Week. 只意味着一件事情 时装周来了
[00:47.12]The time when any Park Ave. princess would trade her last Prada pochette... 这是每个住在公园大道的公主
[00:50.84]...for front-row seats to the best shows. 来交换顶级秀前排位子的季节
[00:53.81]<font color="#ffff00">流言蜚女 第二季 第05集
[00:59.20]And we hear the seating chart for Eleanor Waldorf's show... 而听说安排Eleanor Waldorf秀座位的是
[01:02.12]...is being made by our very own B. 我们的B
[01:04.44]This art director just ran off with the husband of this photo editor. . . 这位艺术总监
[01:08.60]. . .so I sat aII of Vanity Fair between them. 所以我把"名利场"杂志的所有人 都安插在她们中间了
[01:11.24]I figured we'd want to avoid a catfight in front of the catwaIk. 我想我们该避免
[01:14.44]I toId LaureI my daughter couId make a better chart. . . "猫步"台下出现"猫狗大战"的局面
[01:14.76]我就和Laurel说过 我女儿可比那瘾君子公关
[01:17.16]. . .than that drug-addIed pubIicist. 更擅长排位子
[01:19.16]It was a bIessing she was hauIed off to rehab for steaIing her son's RitaIin. 幸亏她因为偷儿子的兴奋剂
[01:22.92]I'm more than happy to step in. 能帮上忙我非常开心了
[01:25.08]And you and Serena wiII be with me backstage, of course? 你和Serena一定会在后台帮我的吧
[01:28.04]Of course, that's our tradition. 当然啦 我们的传统嘛
[01:29.68]I hope you don't mind, but I sat the girIs from schooI in the second row. 希望你不要介意
[01:33.28]WeII, since they are your friends, why not? 既然她们是你的朋友 有什么不可以的呢
[01:36.48]-Besides, they'II worship you for it. -I know. - 而且她们会为此对你顶礼膜拜 - 我知道
[01:43.16]Ugh. SchooI. Another day of reading, writing, and aristocrats. 上学
[01:45.06]又一天的读书 写作 还有贵族
[01:47.00]-You back to InvisibIe Boy? -InvisibIe suits me. 你又变隐形了?
[01:49.36]I can go to schooI unshowered, forget to dress, nobody cares. 隐形比较适合我 我可以不洗澡就来上学
[01:50.61]我可以不穿衣服 没有人会在意的
[01:52.40]I have aII the time in the worId to focus on my YaIe appIication. 而现在我的所有时间
[01:55.24]-Don't you mean Dartmouth? -It seems that Dartmouth's. . . 都可以专注于申请耶鲁的事上 所以说...
[01:57.72]. . .whoIe EngIish Department was poached by YaIe. 是啊 但是好像
[01:57.76]达特茅斯整个英语系的人 都被耶鲁挖走了
[01:59.76]Wow. When's that appIication due? 申请什么时候截止?
[02:02.08]Monday. Noah Shapiro's heIping me choose stories to submit. 星期一 Noah Shapiro在帮我选
[02:04.92]-What happened to Jeremiah Harris? -Yeah-- 作为材料申请的文章
[02:04.96]等等 那个叫Jeremiah Harris的家伙呢
[02:07.24]After he fired me, I went ahead and sent my story to Shapiro anyway. 他啊 在他炒了我后
[02:10.56]-He Ioved it. -That's great. - 而他 他很喜欢我的文章 - 那太好了
[02:12.68]-Why haven't you toId me this? -I've bareIy seen you. 你怎么什么也没有告诉我过?
[02:15.24]You're aIways off at your internship. 我几乎见不到你 你总是忙着做实习呢
[02:17.16]You have French first period. Aren't you gonna be Iate? 你第一节是法语课
[02:19.48]Uh, we have a sub and he aIways starts Iate so. . . . 要迟到了吧?
[02:22.44]Okay, weII, I'm reaIIy Iate for ItaIian, so: 是代课老师上课 他自己都老是迟到 所以...
[02:22.91]好的 我意大利语课要迟到了
[02:24.76](SPEAKS IN ITALIAN) 那么 再见了 妹妹
[02:26.88](CELL PHONE RINGS)
[02:32.64]Hi, LaureI? Yeah, it's me. 嗨 Laurel? 是我 对不起 路上堵车
[02:34.96]I'm sorry, I got stuck in traffic. I'II see you at EIeanor's in five, okay? 五分钟后在Eleanor工作室见 好吗
[02:39.64]Kiki Smith greeting you in the foyer. 一进门厅看到的就是Kiki Smith的作品
[02:42.92]EIm and Drag puIIing you into the main room. Elm和Drag的作品引你走向主会客厅 (艺术家Michael Elmgree和Ingar Dragset 出名作品是在德州荒漠中的Prada Marfa店面)
[02:45.48]I Iove that. 我太喜欢了
[02:46.84]And making a statement on the stairweII: Richard PhiIIips. 而在楼梯边彰显主旨的是--
[02:49.56]Richard Phillips
[02:51.92]-Hi, Mom, I borrowed your neckIace. LILY: Oh, it's stunning. 妈妈 我借了你的项链
[02:55.28]-Serena, do you--? -It's a neckIace, Mom. - 太美啦 Serena 你不觉得 - 只不过是条链子 妈妈
[02:57.32]I'm taIking about the art coIIection. Isn't it just breathtaking? 我说的是这些艺术品
[03:01.00]Any museum wouId be thriIIed. 不觉得这些美得让人难以呼吸吗?
[03:02.52]Let's hope Bart is when he gets back from Luxembourg this week. 任何博物馆都会觉得惊艳的
[03:05.64]That's reaIIy great, Mom. Your art consuItant has exquisite taste. 是很不错 妈妈
[03:08.92]-You got in Iate Iast night. -I had the MoMA event with Poppy. 你昨晚晚归了 是吗
[03:11.21]我去了现代艺术博物馆参加活动 和 Poppy一起
[03:13.64]We were perfect Iadies. We sipped on sodas aII night. 我们表现得很淑女的 整晚只喝了苏打水
[03:16.32]Poppy Lifton? The sociaIite? Poppy Lifton 那个社交名媛?
[03:18.12]They met at a charity affair the other week. . . 前几周她们在一个慈善活动上认识的
[03:20.36]. . .and they've been attached at the hip ever since. 然后就一直形影不离的
[03:22.88]-Now, for over here. -Yes. The Ryan McGinIey. 从这里开始...
[03:26.16]LILY: Yes. Uh, something eIse. 是Ryan Mcginley的作品 (著名摄影师)
[03:28.24]There's a MappIethorpe that's coming up for auction. . . . 一幅Mapplethorpe的作品会要被拍卖 (著名摄影师)
[03:31.00]Wait. MappIethorpe. Isn't that the one who took aII the pictures of naked guys? 等等 Mapplethorpe--
[03:35.08]Yeah. Not just guys. 是的 但不只是裸男
[03:38.16]-Wait. Mom, did you--? -WeII. . . . 等等
[03:41.72]You modeIed for MappIethorpe? - 妈妈 你有没有... - 这个
[03:41.96]- 你给Mapplethorpe做过模特? - 我一直保密
[03:43.68]I kept it a secret, but I think you and Eric are oId enough. 但我觉得你和Eric已经长大了
[03:46.60]It's not one where you can't teII if it's a beIIybutton or a. . .? 不是那种很艺术的
[03:49.80]-It's very tastefuI, I assure you. -You just became the cooIest mom. . . 很有品味的 我保证
[03:53.20]-. . .on the Upper East Side. -Oh, thank you.
[03:57.48]CHUCK: Ah, the besieged queen. -What do you want, Chuck? 一个灰头土脸的皇后
[04:00.28]To heIp. Your throne's in danger. . . - 你要干嘛 Chuck? - 帮忙 你的宝座岌岌可危
[04:02.32]. . .and you can't wage war on Serena without an aIIy. 没有帮手 你可和Serena开不了战
[04:04.92]-You need me. -There is no war. - 你需要我 - 根本没什么战不战的
[04:07.72]Now that Marcus has been booted back to Brighton. . . 现在Marcus滚回了布莱顿
[04:10.24]. . .I'm free to focus on my oId Iife. 我可以专注于自己原本的生活了
[04:12.08]Serena has been keeping my seat warm. Serena只是在帮我暖暖位子
[04:13.92]And how do you pIan on making the girIs faII at your feet? You going to trip them? 那你打算怎样让你的女孩大臣们 再次给你请安呢
[04:18.00]A true monarch bestows favors. 和她们去郊游?
[04:18.01]真正的君主知道怎样施恩 时装周到了
[04:20.24]It's Fashion Week, and I'm the onIy Constance girI with cIout. 我是唯一搭得到关系的女生
[04:24.16]Ladies, I trust tomorrow night you won't embarrass me. 女士们...
[04:30.08]Oh, my God, second-row seats to your mother's show? 天啊 你妈妈时装秀的第二排?
[04:32.60]Oh, my God, those are totaI movie-star seats. 天啊 那都是电影明星的座位啊
[04:36.04]-Serena is in Women 's Wear Daily. -With Poppy Lifton. Serena上了"女性着装日报" ...
[04:38.41]和Poppy Lifton
[04:40.20]Serena couId, Iike, die now knowing that she's Iived a fuIfiIIed Iife. Serena要是知道了自己的生活这么多彩
[04:43.64]SERENA: Hey, guys. 朋友们
[04:44.88]GRACE: Oh, my gosh. Is Poppy nice? She Iooks so nice. 哦 Poppy人好吗 她看上去好美
[04:49.00]Oh, gosh, I haven't even seen that. 什么? 我都没有看到
[04:52.56]BIair, where are you going? Blair 你要去哪里?
[04:54.84]I'II just Ieave you to your fans. 让你和你的粉丝独处一会
[05:00.92]Watching you faiI spectacuIarIy gives me so much joy. 看到你惨败至此让我十分快乐
[05:04.52]And you know what you give to everyone Chuck? Misery. 那你知道你给别人带来了什么 Chuck? 痛苦
[05:07.28]There's a reason you're aIways here aIone. 你一直形单影只是有原因的
[05:09.36]Nate happens to be away at his grandparents' . Nate只不过正好去他爷爷家了
[05:11.60]Nate's friends with you out of habit. Nate和你做朋友不过是习惯罢了
[05:13.68]The onIy person with fewer friends than you is Dan Humphrey. . . 唯一比你朋友还少的人
[05:17.12]. . .and at Ieast his Iame '90s dad Iikes him. 就是Dan Humphrey了 但至少他那暴逊的90年代老爸还爱他
[05:19.72]And that's because he's something you'II never be: a human being. 那是因为他有你永远都不会有的一样东西
[05:26.04]Let me be bIunt, Humphrey. These stories are no good. 恕我直言 这些故事都不怎么样
[05:30.32]What? 什么?
[05:31.72]-You said my Iast one was-- -It wasn't bad. 你 你说过我上一篇还...
[05:35.24]These are just more of the same. 不算太坏
[05:39.40]-Okay. -You sent me five stories. . . 好吧
[05:42.44]. . .aII about a sheItered young man with girI troubIe. . . 都说的是一个和老爸住在布鲁克林的
[05:46.28]. . .who Iives with his daddy in BrookIyn. 穷小子的爱情烦恼
[05:48.52]You think that's gonna knock the YaIe EngIish Department. . . 你觉得这就能让耶鲁英语系的人
[05:51.36]. . .off their tenured asses? 为你敞开大门?
[05:53.52]I just-- I thought a writer was supposed to write what he knows. 我只是 觉得一个作家应该写一些
[05:56.68]-This is what I know. -Then Iearn something new. 自己熟知的故事
[05:58.11]那就要学点新的了 离开那些安稳的日子
[05:59.80]Get out of your comfort zone.
[06:01.84]A cardinaI ruIe of writing: If your work's too safe, do something dangerous. 写作的一条经典要领
[06:03.61]作品太保守 就要寻找冒险了
[06:07.40]-I wouIdn't know where to begin. -Then find someone who does know. 我 我不知道怎么做
[06:11.92]When I was young, Bukowski put a shot gIass on my head. . . 当我还年轻的时候
[06:16.08]. . .and bIew it off with a pistoI. 然后用手枪击碎了它
[06:18.32]Find your Bukowski, then get back to me. 找到你的Bukowski
[06:24.52]When I said '50s hemIine, I meant Iike fIirty MariIyn. . . 我说的"50年代底边"
[06:27.72]-. . .not Iong, dowdy poodIe skirt. ASSISTANT: So sorry, ma'am. 指的是轻佻的玛丽莲梦露
[06:31.24]Fix this thing before I faint. 对不起 Eleanor
[06:33.56]EIeanor, this seating chart is weak. Eleanor这次的座位表太糟糕了
[06:36.44]-Where are aII our " it" girIs? -They're there, Iook. 时尚风标女郎们都在哪啊?
[06:38.16]都在里面 自己看
[06:39.80]Kirsten Dunst? Kirsten Dunst? 2007年的旧人了吧
[06:41.40]So 2007.
[06:43.32]Her rehab stint bareIy made the radar. 她进疗养院的消息都不为人关注了
[06:46.16]BIair says we can't get A-Iist girIs. . . Blair说我们拉不到红人
[06:49.08]. . .because our show is the same time as Marc Jacobs. 因为我们的秀和Marc Jacobs是同时进行的
[06:51.68]But those girIs bring press. 但她们才能引起传媒的蜂拥
[06:54.52]Without them. . . . 没有她们的话...
[06:56.72]EIeanor, Serena has some new friends. I bet she couId heIp. Eleanor Serena有些新朋友
[07:00.44]New friends? 我打赌她帮得上忙
[07:09.92]CHUCK: It's Iike the pIague. 好比一场瘟疫
[07:11.76]OnIy instead of vermin on my doorstep, I get the human being. 只不过站在我门槛上的不是一只害虫
[07:15.28]Beat it, Humphrey. My sister doesn't dig staIkers. 而是"人" 干啥 Humphrey
[07:17.76]As strange as it sounds, I'm here to see you. - 我妹妹可不喜欢跟踪狂 - 事实上是
[07:20.04]I know we don't Iike each other. You think I'm a boring, sheItered nobody-- 虽然有些奇怪 但我是来找你的
[07:24.08]-I don't think of you. -Of course you don't. - 我根本看不见你 - 好吧 当然了
[07:26.28]But I've been thinking of me. 但我一直在反思
[07:27.88]I've come to the concIusion that I need to get out of my comfort zone. 接着我就得出了结论
[07:31.24]I need to experience new things. 我要走出我安逸的生活圈
[07:31.01]- 我要有些新体验 - 你是同志吗
[07:33.40]Are you gay?
[07:35.56]Now, that wouId be out of my comfort zone, but no. 这可以算作超过了我安逸的生活圈 但不是
[07:38.12]I just need to get out of BrookIyn for one night. 我只是想离开布鲁克林一晚上
[07:40.56]I'd Iike to experience the worId of Chuck Bass. 我想体验Chuck Bass的世界
[07:45.28]You're Iucky I'm bored. 你真幸运 我恰好无聊
[07:48.08]-Is that a yes? -Get in before I change my mind. 那么你答应了?
[07:49.96]在我改变主意前 快进来吧
[07:58.48]Don't ever go to high schooI, Dorota. 千万别去高中 Dorota
[08:00.64]The girIs are spoiIed, stupid and ungratefuI. 女孩们都被宠坏了 她们又蠢又不知感恩
[08:03.40]One snapshot with a sociaIite and it's aII, " Serena, Serena, Serena! " 一张和名媛的照片
[08:04.91]她们就只会喊"Serena! Serena! Serena!"
[08:07.20]Have some tea, wiII caIm your nerves. 喝点茶吧 冷静下
[08:09.36]Without me they'd never see the inside of a fashion tent. 难道她们不知道 没有我
[08:12.12]They'd be stuck behind the barricades with PETA. 她们会被保护动物组织拦在外面的!
[08:14.64]In fact, I wiII Ieave them outside with PETA. 那就让我让她们 跟保护动物组织待一块吧
[08:17.04]Maybe that'II teach them some manners. 也许这样能教会她们待人之道
[08:21.28]Something's different. 座位表不同了
[08:22.76]Who put Serena and that Poppy person in the front row? And these sociaIites? 谁把Serena和那个Poppy放到前排去了?
[08:26.76]Someone changed this. The chart my mother asked me to do. Who changed it? 有人动过了座位表
[08:30.84]EIeanor said Miss Jenny change. 谁动了我的座位表?!
[08:34.44]Jenny Humphrey? Jenny Humphrey?
[08:37.08]I guess she didn't Iearn her Iesson Iast year. 我想去年给她的教训还不够吧
[08:40.60]Looks Iike someone needs a refresher course. 看来有人要重修了
[08:43.44]GOSSIP GIRL: What would Fashion Week be without a fashion victim? 没有了时尚受害者 还能叫时装周吗
[08:46.32]Looks like Little J just started her own trend... 看来小J引领的时尚就要开始了--
[08:49.08]... wearing a bull's-eye on her back. 带着靶子的小马甲
[08:56.24]BLAIR: Mom? - 妈妈 - 好 你看过座位表的变化了?
[08:57.52]You saw the changes we made. Aren't they marveIous?
[09:00.16]That's not quite the word I was going to use. 是不是很棒啊?
[09:02.72]Jenny had the inspired idea of putting Serena. . . Jenny灵机一动 把Serena
[09:05.24]. . .and Poppy Lifton and their friends in the front row. 和Poppy Lifton以及 她们的朋友们放在第一排
[09:08.40]But I aIready toId you, Poppy and her crowd never miss Marc Jacobs' show. 但是我已经和你说了Poppy那拨人
[09:11.80]从来不会错过Marc Jacobs的秀
[09:13.40]Serena wouId never watch from anywhere but backstage, it's our rituaI. 而且Serena也不会去看秀
[09:17.24]-None of them wiII agree to this. -I spoke to LiIy. They aIready have. 这是我们的传统 没人会同意的
[09:18.10]至于这点 我和Lily说过了 她们都同意了
[09:21.84]-Even Serena? -AbsoIuteIy. Serena也同意了?
[09:24.08]Marc is going to eat his grunge corduroys. 当然 Marc只能自己死咽下他的烂灯芯绒了
[09:26.88]-AII this thanks to IittIe Jenny Humphrey. -The girI is quite a taIent. 多亏了Jenny Humphrey
[09:30.32]She shouIdered most of the workIoad at the ateIier this week. 那个姑娘很有天赋
[09:34.12]-How did she manage that after schooI? -Jenny doesn't go to schooI. 放学后她还有时间?
[09:38.04]-She's got a-- -Independent study? - 她是... - 自学?
[09:40.16]Independent-study thing this semester. 她这个学期自学
[09:42.32]A 1 0th grader with an independent study? 10年级有自学项目??
[09:47.00]I just reaIized I forgot a book at schooI. 我想起有书落在学校了
[09:49.40](ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) 玩得愉快 宝贝
[09:50.60]Have fun, honey.
[09:54.44]-You never Iearn, do you? -Excuse me? - 你从没得到教训 是吗 - 什么
[09:57.08]Great job ruining my seating chart. 搞砸了我的座位表 真有你的
[09:59.52]Your seating chart? BIair, I didn't know. 你的座位表? Blair 我不知道啊
[10:01.76]WeII, now you do. 现在你知道了
[10:15.60]WAITER: Here you go. 给
[10:20.32]Wow. Wow, that's cooI. You just signaI the bartender and she sends over shots? 真酷
[10:24.64]Do you have another signaI if you want a martini? Is there a system. . . 要是你要马提尼 有别的手势吗
[10:28.00]-. . .for the drunken eIite? -Shut up, Humphrey. - 是你们烂醉的菁英内部通用的? - 闭嘴 Humphrey
[10:39.16]I, uh. . . . I'm good with just one. 我 我一杯就够
[10:40.92]You're either in for the fuII ride. . . 要么全包 要么滚蛋
[10:43.28]. . .or you're out.
[10:45.48]What's it going to be? 怎么说
[10:50.64]AII right. Pass me the shots. 好的 给我吧
[10:52.60]The Iiquor's just a chaser. 酒只是开胃菜
[10:56.00]-What is that? -Does it matter? - 那是什么 - 有什么关系吗
[10:58.04]Go down the rabbit hoIe. . . 要么吞下去
[11:00.40]. . .or go out the door. 要么滚出去
[11:10.56](DAN SIGHS)
[11:24.20]-It is so nice to meet you, Mrs. Bass. -You too, Poppy. PIease caII me LiIy. 终于见到您本人了 Bass夫人
[11:26.25]我也是 Poppy
[11:28.52]Hey, Mom, Poppy toId me you caIIed her assistant. . . 请叫我Lily
[11:28.55]嘿 妈妈 Poppy说你给她助理电话了
[11:31.04]. . .to make arrangements for us to go to EIeanor's show. 安排我们两个
[11:33.88]Serena doesn't think it's a good idea. 一起去Eleanor的秀
[11:35.88]BIair wouId be furious. Things are aIready tense between us. Blair会被惹毛的 我们俩关系已经很紧张了
[11:38.80]We aIways watch the show backstage together. You know that. 我们一直是在后台看秀的 你知道的 妈妈
[11:41.68]I know you did that when you were 1 2. 我知道你们12岁时是那样
[11:43.84]But it is an honor to sit in the front row, and EIeanor specificaIIy requested you. 但是能坐在第一排是很荣耀的
[11:48.52]It is the onIy way to see a show, Serena. 这才是看是时装秀的正确方式 Serena
[11:50.60]Yeah, but you don't know BIair. She wouId never forgive me. Ever. 但是你们不了解Blair
[11:54.12]We'II do EIeanor's show. . . 好吧 我们去看Eleanor的秀
[11:55.48]. . .then when we go to the Marc Jacobs' afterparty, BIair can come aIong. 然后再去Marc Jacobs的庆功会
[11:58.96]-I have extra passes. -See, that is a wonderfuI idea. 我有张多余的通行证!
[11:59.60]瞧 多好的主意啊
[12:02.16]Uh. . . . She might be okay with that. I'II ask her. 也许那样子她会同意 我会问问她
[12:04.92](CELL PHONE RINGING ) 不好意思 我要接下电话 我的艺术品中介
[12:06.44]Sorry. Forgive me, girIs, I have to take this caII. It's my art deaIer.
[12:09.40]Did you find the photo? 找到照片了吗
[12:13.08]It can't have aIready soId. The auction's not untiI next week. 不可能已经卖掉了
[12:18.68]Okay, weII, find out who bought it. . . 好的 那快找到是谁买的
[12:21.08]. . .and make them a better offer. 出个更高的价钱
[12:23.92](KNOCKING ON DOOR)
[12:27.36]BIair. What couId we have done to deserve a visit from you? Blair 我们积了什么德 承蒙你登门拜访啊
[12:30.72]I heard Jenny wasn't feeIing weII, so I brought her some chicken soup. 我听说Jenny身体不舒服
[12:35.32]That's thoughtfuI of you. 你真有心
[12:37.32]But I think you have the wrong information. 但我想你搞错了
[12:40.40]You mean Jenny's not sick? 你是说Jenny没有生病?
[12:42.72]That's strange. 太奇怪了
[12:44.00]When I ran into Headmistress QueIIer, she toId me Jenny. . . 我碰到Queller校长
[12:46.84]. . .hadn't been to schooI in 1 0 days due to a bad case of mono. 她跟我说Jenny Humphrey没去学校
[12:47.30]已经因为生病 十天没去学校了
[12:49.88]ApparentIy her mother caIIed to make sure the schooI knew. 很显然 她妈妈打电话去学校通知的
[12:52.84]You know that Jenny's working with your mom tonight. 今天晚上Jenny是和你妈妈一起工作的
[12:55.40]I know that you don't have my daughter's best interests at heart. 而且我也知道你心里惦记的并非
[12:58.56]Whatever my motives may be, Mr. Humphrey, facts are facts. 不管我的动机是什么 Humphrey先生 事实归事实
[13:02.48]And the fact is Jenny hasn't been to schooI in two weeks. 而事实就是 Jenny已经两个星期没到学校上课
[13:05.64]I happen to have Headmistress QueIIer's home number in my phone. 我刚好手机里有
[13:09.80]Why don't you ask her yourseIf? 为什么你不亲自问问她呢
[13:14.68]DAN: That was so intense how you taIked to those hookers. 你跟那些妓女说话时知道我有多紧张吗
[13:17.24]Who knew there was a sex cIub behind the White CastIe? 谁会知道在快餐店后有间色情俱乐部
[13:21.20]Oh, and beer before Iiquor? 还有甜酒前喝过的啤酒
[13:23.52]-How do you know so many twins? -The twins find me. - 你怎么认识那么多双胞胎 - 是她们找上门来
[13:26.80]WeII, you know, I got to admit. This was-- This was awesome. 知道吗 我 我不得不承认
[13:30.84]We gotta do this again. 我们一定要再玩多一次
[13:33.08]-My feet are hot. Are your feet hot? -Why don't you take off your shoes? 天啊 我的脚底好热 你的脚没有发热吗
[13:36.40]DAN: Mm.
[13:42.60]That feeIs amazing. 现在感觉真爽
[13:45.52]Arthur, puII over. Arthur停到一边
[13:51.52]This isn't BrookIyn. 这里是布鲁克林 你不是要送我回家吗
[13:53.04]-Aren't you taking me home? -Get out. 下车
[13:57.24]-Wait, no, I don't-- -Tonight was nothing. 等等 不 我我……
[14:00.88]You're just a drunken idiot, my amusement for the night. 你不过是个喝醉酒的白痴
[14:05.64]Can I at Ieast have my shoes? 最起码可以把鞋还给我吗
[14:10.24]GOSSIP GIRL: Spotted: Dan Humphrey, shoeless and clueless. That's all. 现场目击 Dan Humphrey
[14:12.30]脚上无鞋 一头雾水
[14:15.88]WOMAN: Hey, baby, do you wanna go out? - 就这样 - 喂 甜心 愿意跟我出去玩吗
[14:23.88]-Dad, what are you doing here? -I suggest you get up and come with me. 爸爸 你在这里干什么
[14:24.95]我建议你不要解释那么多 起来跟我走
[14:30.00]I can't. EIeanor and LaureI wiII be back any minute. 不行啊 Eleanor和Laurel随时会回来的
[14:32.56]I don't care. As of this minute, your fashion duties are over. 我不管 从这分钟开始 你所有的时装任务都结束了
[14:36.12]I promised EIeanor I'd fix this hem. She's counting on me. 爸爸 我答应过Eleanor 我会帮她修改好这些衣服的
[14:38.96]And I counted on you to show up to schooI. - 她现在指望我修好它们的 好吗 - 而我就指望你会去上学
[14:41.64]To which I pay tens of thousands of doIIars every year, I might add. 去上那间没计错差不多每年
[14:45.24]You've had pIenty of practice Ietting peopIe down. 要交上几万元学费的学校
[14:45.35]所以我想你让人失望的本领 已经练得很好了
[14:47.96]Dad, pIease, I can expIain, okay? 爸爸 拜托 我可以解释的 好吗
[14:50.04]Why wouId I beIieve anything you say? 为什么我要相信你所说的呢
[14:55.12]Let's go. 马上跟我走
[14:58.44]Okay. 那好吧
[15:00.24]GOSSIP GIRL: They say in fashion, you can become a success overnight. 他们说在时装界中 你可以一夜成名
[15:04.52]But one minute you're in, and the next, you're out. 不过前一刻你还在风尖浪头
[15:05.85]转瞬间 你就已成昨日黄花
[15:26.64]It's not as bad as it Iooks. 事情不是你所看的那么坏
[15:29.72]A girI was e-maiIing me my assignments. 一个我同班同学会把我的功课电邮给我
[15:31.68]And I was keeping up with my reading. I needed to get through Fashion Week. 而且我在学业上都有跟上
[15:35.32]-It wouId have been fine. -Being a Iiar and a truant. . . 我只不过需要熬过时装周
[15:38.52]. . .is not what I wouId caII fine.
[15:40.52]Look, I'm sorry that I cut schooI and that I Iied. 对不起 我不去上学而且还撒谎
[15:46.44]I just-- I wanted to heIp EIeanor so badIy. . . 我只是很想帮到Eleanor
[15:49.60]. . .and I did. Dad, I'm reaIIy good at this. 而事实上我做到
[15:51.09]爸爸 我对时装很在行
[15:53.20]I hope you're as good at groveIing. I spent 30 minutes. . . 我希望你对俯首认错也同样在行
[15:56.04]. . .with QueIIer convincing her that you shouIdn't be expeIIed. 我在早上花了30分钟时间
[15:59.28]I did my part, now you're gonna do yours. 我已经做了我该做的 轮到你要做该做的
[16:02.28]You have an appointment at her office. 今天下午你要到她的办公室跟她
[16:04.60]To prove you're an honorabIe person worthy of a second chance. 证明你是个优秀可敬的学生
[16:06.14]值得学校再给你机会 去穿好衣服
[16:07.68]-Go get dressed. -Dad. It's a Saturday. 爸爸 今天是星期六啊
[16:10.76]So be gIad she's wiIIing to come in on her day off. 所以你要感激校长 愿意在假期来学校听你解释
[16:23.48]-What do you want? -I tried to reach you. - 你想要什么 - 我昨天一个晚上都在找你
[16:25.52]-Why haven't you returned my caIIs? -What is there to say? - 为什么你不回我电话 - 有什么好说的
[16:28.80]You've onIy taken over the girIs at schooI and abandoned our tradition. . . 你不过是接手学校那些女生
[16:32.32]. . .to go to my mother's show with a compIete stranger. 和一个陌生人出席我妈的时装发表会
[16:34.96]First of aII, I didn't take over the girIs at schooI. 首先第一点 我没有接手学校那些女生
[16:37.52]Are you gonna pretend you don't notice what's going on? 还有你是不是真的假装不知道
[16:40.20]These girIs are Iike hummingbirds. They move from fIower to fIower. 怎么啊?那些女的就像是蜂鸟一样
[16:43.44]They'II be on to someone eIse, and then back to you. It's not a big deaI. 总是在花丛中寻找下一个目标
[16:43.29]她们下礼拜就会飞去另一个人那 然后又会回到你的身边
[16:46.96]It's not a big deaI that you're in the front row at my mother's show? - 这没什么大不了 - 那是不是你在我妈的发表会上坐在前排
[16:50.40]She asked me to do it as a favor. 是她叫我去帮忙
[16:52.32]And how couId you possibIy disappoint my mother? 你怎么可以让我妈妈失望啊?!
[16:54.68]Though you have no quaIms about screwing over your best friend. 尽管你伤害了你的好朋友都不觉得内疚
[16:55.99]好 那好 我不去
[16:58.00]-Fine, I won't go. -Good. - 很好 - 然后Poppy不去 她的朋友也不会去
[16:59.40]Then Poppy won't go and her friends won't.
[17:01.48]You expIain to your mother why she has an empty front row. 然后到时候你可以跟你妈妈解释
[17:02.54]为什么她的发表会第一排都空着 是不是这样你就开心呢
[17:04.44]At Ieast I won't have to watch the next episode of the Serena show. 那最起码我不需要再看到
[17:08.24]You know, I was coming here to invite you to hang out with us. 知道吗 我原本打算是过来 邀请你和我们一起出去
[17:11.56]Oh, how generous, Serena. 多慷慨啊 Serena 我真是好福气
[17:14.44]I feeI so bIessed that you wouId incIude me in your IittIe group. 你愿意让我加入到你的小圈子
[17:17.68]You know what? I am gonna go to that show. . . Blair 你知道吗 现在我决定要去发表会了
[17:19.88]. . .and I'm gonna sit front row, and I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it. 而且我会坐在第一排
[17:28.04]-Boo. -But-- 烂透了
[17:29.72]BrookIyn kid sees a Iive hooker for the first time, Ioses his shoes. 布鲁克林小子第一看到活生生的妓女
[17:34.12]There's so much saccharine in this it's giving me cancer. 失去了他的鞋子
[17:37.08]AII right, but I did what you toId me. I went out with a guy I can't stand. 好吧 我已经听你说的照做了
[17:40.72]Yes, this CharIie Trout character. Now, that guy's interesting. 是的 这个Charlie Trout人物
[17:42.89]这个人物很有趣 复杂
[17:44.60]CompIex. A young MephistopheIes. 一个年轻的魔鬼化身
[17:47.08]Write from his point of view. Then you'd have a story. 从他的角度出发 这样你就能写出好故事
[17:49.96]There's no way that I'm writing from his point of view. I hate that guy. 不 没有理由要我从他的角度出发去写啊
[17:51.64]- 我讨厌他 - 你在批判故事人物Humphrey
[17:53.52]You're judging the character, Humphrey.
[17:56.20]You think Capote got nationaI accIaim for In Cold Blood... 你以为卡波特获得广泛赞颂
[17:59.88]. . .by judging the murderers? 我想应该不是
[18:01.52]I'm guessing no. 挖掘表面之下的真相
[18:03.08]Dig beneath the surface. Get into CharIie Trout's head.
[18:05.04]了解在Charlie Trout脑里想的是什么
[18:07.08]Find the character's humanity. 发掘故事人物的人性所在
[18:09.40]That might be difficuIt. 这个或许有点困难
[18:11.28]We aII have a secret. 我们都有各自的秘密
[18:13.04]A writer's best tooI is the abiIity. . . 一个作家最厉害的能力
[18:15.80]. . .to draw out a subject's secret and use it. 引出人物的秘密并且利用它写作
[18:19.96]Okay. So I go back out there. I make him trust me, and find out his secret? 好吧 所以我得回去
[18:21.44]让他信任我 然后发掘他的秘密?
[18:23.64]Be ruthIess. And bring me back a story with teeth. 别手下留情 给我带回 一篇让人无法放手的故事
[18:37.64](CELL PHONE RINGS)
[18:52.28]LILY: Did you find it? -I did. 你查到是谁了吗
[18:54.56]Did you offer the seIIer whatever they want for it? - 查到了 - 不计代价买下来了吗?
[18:57.16]I didn't have to. You know the man who bought it. 我不需要这么做 你认识买家
[18:59.64]Excuse me? 不好意思你说的是...
[19:01.04]Your husband. Bart bought it anonymousIy. 你先生 Bart匿名购买了
[19:03.32]I had to caII in a favor at Sotheby's to get his name. 我找了个索斯比拍卖行的朋友帮忙才查到
[19:05.96]But I never mentioned it to him. - 买家是谁 - 但是我没有向他透露过
[19:07.72]No one knows about that MappIethorpe. - 没有多少人知道那幅作品 - 我认为不太可能是巧合
[19:09.68]I highIy doubt it was a coincidence.
[19:11.52]He's Bart Bass. I'm sure he found out about it and bought it for you as a gift. 他是Bart Bass 我想他肯定发现了这幅作品
[19:15.72]I hate to say that I'm surprised that he knows me so weII, but. . . . 我不想说我很惊讶于他如此了解我
[19:19.24]WeII, that is the kind of husband I've aIways wanted. 不过这样的老公确实是我一直想要的
[19:29.00]Tina, so gIad you couId make it. Lena 感谢你过来出席发表会 我很喜欢你的帽子
[19:31.60]I Iove your hat.
[19:35.04]Excuse me.
[19:37.96]MAN: Right this way, Iadies.
[19:47.48]Oh. Is there a probIem, Serena? 是不是有什么问题啊 Serena?
[19:50.76]Yeah. There is. 我想是的
[19:53.04]Excuse me, I think there's been a mistake. 不好意思 我想是不是座位出错了
[19:55.24]My name is Serena van der Woodsen, and someone eIse's name is on my seat. 我叫Serena Van Der Woodsen
[19:56.83]- 其他人的名字放在我的座位上了 - 让我看看
[19:58.92]-Let me check. -There's no mistake. 没有搞错
[20:00.84]Ms. Van Der Woodsen is in the back row. - Van Der Woodsen小姐现在要坐在后排 - 她不是的
[20:02.96]No, she's in the front row with Poppy Lifton. 她是和Poppy Lifton一起坐在前排的
[20:05.24]-What are you doing here? -My job, no thanks to you. 你在这里做什么?
[20:06.58]这是我的工作 不过多谢你
[20:08.24]Don't you have socks to darn? 你没袜子要补吗?
[20:10.16]BIair, this is not about you or me. Blair 这不是你或我的私人恩怨
[20:12.84]Find Serena's card. Put it on the correct seat. 去找到Serena名字的卡片 放到正确的位置
[20:15.24]Don't touch Serena's name card. It remains where it is. 不要碰Serena名字的卡片 放在那里就行了
[20:19.24]Jenny, why aren't you backstage? Jenny 为什么你没在后台啊
[20:22.24]Oh, what's going on? 哦 发生什么事了
[20:24.00]It seems Iike someone's moved Serena's seat. 看来有人重新安排过Serena的位子
[20:26.16]Yeah, someone. 是啊 某人
[20:30.04]What is the matter with you? I am so sorry, Serena. 你到底在搞什么 不好意思 Serena
[20:34.04]WouId you take care of this right away? 你马上处理一下 行吗
[20:36.24]CouId you just spare me the dramatics for one day? 你今天别跟我捣乱行吗?
[20:39.76]Go backstage. Try not to get underfoot. 回去后台 尽量别给我添乱
[20:42.20]Jenny, I am so gIad that you are here. Jenny 我好高兴你赶来这里了
[20:54.24](LINE RINGING )
[20:56.76]BART: Yeah? -Good to hear your voice too, Dad. - 喂? - 听到你的声音也很开心 爸爸
[20:58.96]-What is it? -I remembered you were fIying in tonight. - 有什么事吗 Chuck - 我记得你好象今晚要搭飞机
[21:01.60]-I wondered if we couId have a drink. -Why, what kind of trouble are you in? 我想知道我们可不可以喝两杯
[21:03.48]为什么 你惹到什么麻烦了
[21:05.64]Is it unimaginabIe for a son to just want to sit and taIk with his father? 你儿子想跟自己爸爸坐下来谈谈
[21:10.44]Chuck, I'm tired, I'm jetlagged, and-- Chuck我很累了 我有时差
[21:12.36](LINE BEEPS) 而且我得接个电话先了
[21:13.52]-And I have to take this call. -Okay.
[21:16.72]WeII, maybe Iater. 好吧 或许晚点再聊
[21:19.12](LINE CLICKS)
[21:23.16]Good taIking to you too. 也很高兴和你说上话
[21:35.60]Was that reaIIy the best you had Iast night? 昨晚那些就是你最厉害的手段了啊?
[21:37.80]Don't teII me that was the great Chuck Bass. 不要告诉我那就是伟大的Chuck Bass
[21:45.04]Stick around. 别走开
[21:50.96]WouId you mind putting this in the back for me? 你好 可以请你帮我放这件裙子到后面吗
[21:53.36]-It's my dress for the afterparty. Thanks. -No probIem. - 这是庆功会上我要穿的衣服 - 没问题
[21:56.32]Hi. Somehow my job got mixed up with Jenny's.
[21:59.04]I want to make sure there's no confusion. - 谢谢你 - 不知怎么的我和Jenny的工作有点重叠
[22:01.08]-What is Jenny in charge of? -Making sure the modeIs. . . 我想确认一下有没有会搞混的地方
[22:01.23]Jenny 负责哪些事?
[22:03.76]-. . .get from here to the runway. -Great. Thanks. 确保模特从这里登上伸展台
[22:04.53]好的 谢谢你
[22:06.24]GOSSIP GIRL: Spotted: Blair Waldorf looking to do a good deed? 现场目击 Blair Waldorf看来要做件好事?
[22:10.12]There's a first time for everything. 凡事总有第一次的
[22:14.92]So, what's it reaIIy Iike to be Chuck Bass? 那么到底真正的Chuck Bass是什么样的
[22:17.84]Were you a happy kid? 你是开心成长的孩子吗
[22:20.56]-When did you start drinking aIone? -When I reaIized. . . 你从什么时候开始一个人到酒吧里喝酒
[22:23.24]. . .hot, desperate women drank in bars aIone. 当我发现有火辣绝望的女士在酒吧里独自坐着
[22:28.20]What was your father Iike? 那你父亲是怎样的
[22:32.28]Me. 像我一样
[22:35.44]OnIy oIder and meaner. 不过他年纪大点
[22:41.76]Look, 20 Questions is getting a bit boring. 听着 20条问题很无聊
[22:45.00]If you'II excuse me, I'm going to pursue. . . 如果不介意的话
[22:48.08]. . .a more fuIfiIIing pastime. 我要去找点更有让人满足的消遣
[22:54.16]-Hey. -Hey. 嘿
[22:56.40]I pay cash up front, now. 嘿 你好
[22:56.62]我马上付现金 走吧
[22:58.24]-Let's go. -Excuse me? 什么
[23:03.56]My mistake. 我搞错了
[23:07.68]-Babe, what's up? WOMAN: That guy thinks I'm a hooker.
[23:14.16]Did you just caII my girIfriend a prostitute? 你刚才是不是把我女朋友当作是妓女了?
[23:16.96]It was an honest mistake. 那是无心之过
[23:19.24]-There's nothing honest about it. -CaIm down. He said sorry. 完全不是无心的
[23:22.68]Did he? Maybe I shouId teach him some manners, then. 请冷静 他已经说了对不起了 不是吗
[23:25.24]It's not my fauIt your girIfriend dresses Iike a caII girI. 那不是我的错
[23:28.28]That's it, you're dead. 够了 你死定了
[23:39.24]Jenny? Jenny!
[23:47.56]VOICE: Message 1. 留言一
[23:48.72]QUELLER: Mr. Humphrey, this is Headmistress Queller. Humphrey先生 我是Queller校长
[23:51.28]I spoke with Jennifer this afternoon. The situation has gotten out of control. 我和Jennifer今天下午谈过了
[23:55.56]Please call me immediately. 请马上跟我联系
[23:58.24]VOICE: End of new messages. 留言完毕
[24:07.80]MAN 1 : MichaeI. Michael! Michael!
[24:09.04]MAN 2: You Iook gorgeous, TinsIey. MAN 3: Over here. 你看来很棒 Tinsley 谢谢你 Cristina 看过来这边
[24:12.20](SIGHS) 名人济济一堂
[24:13.52]-FuII house. -Jenny, get the modeIs ready to go. Jenny 安排模特准备上场吧
[24:16.84]Done. - 已经做好了 - 很好
[24:29.84]Where are the modeIs? - 模特去哪里了? - 哪些模特?
[24:31.44]-Which modeIs? -The modeIs about to waIk the runway. . . 那些将在伸展台上 展示你妈妈新款时装的模特
[24:34.08]-. . .wearing your mother's cIothes. -Those modeIs. 那些模特不知怎么认为她们是多余的 所以她们回家了
[24:36.76]Somehow they got the idea they'd been overbooked.
[24:39.16]-So they went home. -What? They went home? 什么?她们回家了?
[24:41.44]They're not the brightest buIbs, are they? 不太聪明 是吧?
[24:43.72]Jenny, we start in 1 0. Are the modeIs ready? Jenny 我们10点开始的
[24:47.16]No. The modeIs are gone. 模特们准备好了吗
[24:48.96]What? What do you mean the modeIs are gone? 那些模特全走了
[24:54.24]How can they be gone? What did you do with them? 她们怎么可以走光了
[24:56.92]Are you trying to kiII me? 你对她们做了什么?你想害死我吗?
[24:59.52]JENNY: LaureI, it's gonna be okay. Laurel放心 没事的
[25:01.92]I have an idea. - 什么 - 我想到个办法了
[25:04.64]JaiI. BrawIing in pubIic. I hear YaIe is Iooking to recruit. . . 监牢 公开斗殴
[25:07.68]. . .more bar fighters this year. Bar fighters and Pacific IsIanders. 我听说今年耶鲁打算
[25:08.77]酒吧斗殴者 大洋洲来客
[25:11.20]They're Iooking to round out the freshman cIass. 大一班里肯定都是这些人
[25:13.76]For what it's worth, Humphrey, you had my back. 不管如何 Humphrey 你帮了我
[25:16.80]Never thought I'd say this, but thanks. 从没有想过这个 不过还是得说谢谢你
[25:19.36]WeII, that changes everything. CoIIege versus Chuck Bass' gratitude. 这改变了所有的事
[25:20.72]用大学交换Chuck Bass的感激之意
[25:22.68]I think that's an even trade. 真是公平的交易
[25:25.28]-Ugh. Oh, no. My dad is gonna kiII me. -Count yourseIf Iucky. 不是 我爸爸一定会想杀了我
[25:29.76]Lucky? How is it Iucky that my own father is gonna murder me? 就当你是幸运吧
[25:33.32]My father doesn't care enough to get angry. - 我爸甚至懒得对我发脾气 - 我肯定如此
[25:35.84]-Yeah, I'm sure. -PIease. 拜托 他预料到会有这种事
[25:38.40]He expects this.
[25:40.60]Oh, he'II be annoyed that he has to caII his Iawyer. 必须要他律师时 他会觉得很烦
[25:44.92]But after that. . . . 然后之后
[25:49.88]Has he aIways been Iike that? 他是不是总这样啊?
[25:52.00]-Since the day I was born. -Ah, that's crazy. 自我出生那天开始
[25:55.20]Even Bart Bass doesn't hate babies. 不会吧 这太疯狂了
[25:55.22]就算是Bart Bass也不讨厌婴儿
[25:58.56]It's in our DNA. I think Disney did a study. - 我想迪士尼有作过调查的 - 他讨厌我
[26:01.52]He hated me.
[26:03.28]That doesn't make sense. 这没道理啊
[26:06.36]It does if his beIoved wife. . . 因为他挚爱的妻子...
[26:09.72]. . .died giving birth to me. 在生我的时候难产而死
[26:17.92]-That's not your fauIt. -TeII him that. 这不是你的错
[26:22.20]Sometimes I swear he thinks I kiIIed her. 我发誓有时候他认为是我害死了她
[26:27.52]Who knows? Maybe I did. 谁知道呢? 也许真的是我
[26:32.52]Chuck Bass? Your Iawyer caIIed. Chuck Bass 你的律师打来电话
[26:34.92]You've been reIeased. 你可以走了
[26:38.92]I'II see if my Iawyer. . . 我会...
[26:42.56]. . .can have you reIeased into his custody.
[26:44.88]If they haven't reached your father yet, maybe they won't have to. 如果他们还没联系上你父亲
[26:49.24]Thanks. 谢谢
[27:00.28]LiIy, I'm home. Lily 我回来了
[27:06.64]-I have missed you. -Good. 我很想你
[27:08.96]Because I'm going to steaI your passport and Iock you in our room. 很好 我正想把你的护照藏起来
[27:14.16](BOTH MOAN)
[27:16.68]That sounds Iike the perfect pIan. 听上去真是一个完美的计划
[27:21.52]But not before I give you something. 不过我先要给你一样东西
[27:29.80]I mean, if it's not your taste, we can exchange it. 如果你不喜欢 我们可以去换
[27:32.36]Oh, no, the neckIace is exquisite. 不 不是 这条项链太精致了
[27:36.04]It's just-- 只是...
[27:38.00]You didn't happen to buy a piece of art recentIy? Perhaps a MappIethorpe? 你最近不会碰巧买了一件艺术品吧
[27:43.48]-Yes, I did. -You did. 是的 我买了
[27:46.12]Oh, you did. You got it for me. 真的? 你真的买了 你替我买了!
[27:49.48]How did you know? And when can I see it? 你怎么知道的 我什么时候可以看到?
[27:51.88]WeII, you can't. No one can. 不行
[27:54.76]-I don't understand. -LiIy. 谁都不行
[27:56.92]I'm a powerfuI man, and that makes me and those around me a target. Lily 我是个有地位的人
[28:00.48]It is my job to protect this famiIy from anything that couId be used against us. 我有责任要保护我的家庭
[28:02.82]- 防止任何不利的因素威胁到我们 - 威胁到我们?
[28:05.08]Used against us?
[28:08.56]Wait a minute, wait a minute. 等一下 等一下
[28:10.88]How did you even know about it? 你怎么知道这幅作品的?
[28:14.72]Did you hire someone to Iook into my past? 你是不是雇人调查我的过去?
[28:17.76]Do you have a LiIy Bass dossier? 你是不是有一份Lily Bass的档案?
[28:24.08]-I want to see it. -LiIy. 给我看
[28:27.20]I want to see it. Lily...
[28:29.64]Everything. 所有的
[28:34.28]How on earth does one Iose modeIs? 怎么会有模特走人这种事?
[28:37.08]Never mind. 没关系 一定会很轰动的
[28:38.36]This is going to be sensationaI.
[28:40.28]"ModeIs Iost. SociaIites save the day. " "模特失踪 社交名媛挽救大局"
[28:42.84]Your show wiII get so much press it'II drive Marc Jacobs to drink. 你的时装秀会成为媒体焦点
[28:45.07]会让Marc Jacobs想喝酒
[28:46.84]God forbid. Every time he goes to rehab, his saIes soar. 但愿不会
[28:48.67]每次他进戒毒所 他的销售额就飙升
[28:51.56]What do you think? 你觉得怎样?
[28:53.44]-WeII, the dress fits. LAUREL: Mm-hm. 这裙子很合身
[28:56.48]How handy is it that society girIs are wafer thin? 现在社交名媛都那么苗条真方便
[28:59.40]-I hope you know what you're doing. -Yeah. - 你最好清楚你在做什么 - 我也这么希望
[29:01.80]Me too.
[29:30.96]Hey, why aren't you dressed? - 你怎么没换衣服? - 我不想这么做
[29:32.72]I don't think I'm gonna do this. BIair wouId be crushed.
[29:35.56]If anybody's gonna waIk the runway in EIeanor's designs, it's her. Blair会很受打击的
[29:35.97]最有资格穿着Eleanor's设计的衣服 站在T台上的人
[29:38.76]Serena, I've onIy known you for a few weeks. . . 是她
[29:39.52]Serena 我刚认识你不久
[29:41.20]. . .but it's cIear you've spent your whoIe Iife worrying about BIair. 但是很明显你一直以来都在为Blair操心
[29:45.24]-What she thinks and how she feeIs. -You don't understand. 在乎她的想法感受
[29:48.44]I was best friends for years with this girI just Iike BIair. 你不懂
[29:49.72]我以前有一个多年的好朋友 她和Blair一样
[29:51.84]And it was subtIe, but I was aIways having to make myseIf Iess sparkIy. . . 那种感觉很微妙
[29:56.00]. . .so that she wouIdn't feeI insecure. 这样她就不会没有安全感
[29:57.96]UntiI one day I finaIIy reaIized that that is crazy. 直到有一天我终于发现这太愚蠢了...
[30:01.04]Because a true friend wouId want you to be your most beautifuI, vibrant seIf. 因为一个真正的朋友会希望你
[30:06.12]I just-- I reaIIy don't want to hurt her. 不 我只是 我真的不想伤害她
[30:09.28]I know. I know. 我明白
[30:12.28]But is that a good reason to hide your Iight? 但是你就应该藏起自己的光芒吗?
[30:15.96]You're gorgeous, sweet, amazing. 你那么漂亮 可爱 光彩夺目
[30:20.64]If BIair's a true friend, she'II support you. 如果Blair是一个真正的朋友 她会支持你
[30:26.52]You're right. 你说得对
[30:28.07]那好 快来
[30:30.12]-EIeanor, where's my dress? BLAIR: Here, here. Eleanor 我的衣服在哪里?
[30:32.48]This wiII be beautifuI on you. It's for the finaIe. 在这里 这里
[30:33.22]你穿上它一定很美 这是给压轴准备的
[30:35.00]-Are you sure? -Yes, it's fine. Just hurry. - 真的可以吗 - 是的 没错 赶快
[30:37.12]Okay. 好的
[31:04.24](CROWD CHEERING )
[31:16.92]Where's Serena? Serena在哪儿?
[31:18.24]She's on-stage. 她在台上
[31:19.92]But I have her dress. 她的裙子还在这儿
[31:22.60]You mean Serena's on the runway of EIeanor WaIdorf's show. . . 你是说Serena
[31:26.00]. . .in a design not made by EIeanor WaIdorf? 在Eleanor Waldorf时装秀上
[31:28.72]Oh, dear. 天哪
[31:33.88]That's not my dress. 那不是我的裙子
[31:37.44]Yeah. It's my dress. 是的 那是我的
[31:47.40]Why did you do this? 你为什么要这么做?
[31:49.80]I waved the white fIag at schooI. Why don't you just cIaim your throne. . . 在学校里我已经向你投降了 你为什么...
[31:53.32]-. . .and Ieave me aIone? -Because I can't. 为什么不能登上你的宝座 别来管我
[32:06.84]This is about Serena. 是因为Serena
[32:08.40]-I didn't reaIize. -And why wouId you? 我不知道
[32:11.20]You might be priviIeged, BIair. . . 你怎么会知道?
[32:11.45]你也许是天赋特权 Blair
[32:13.24]. . .but you work for every singIe thing you've achieved. 但是你得到的每一样东西 都是你努力争取来的
[32:16.12]Like me. 就像我一样
[32:17.56]Serena just gIides through. Serena总是靠侥幸
[32:19.56]TeII me about it. 还用你说
[32:22.24]I wanted to be your friend Iast year for a reason. 去年我想做你的朋友有一个原因
[32:26.00]I wanted you to Iike me. 我希望你能喜欢我
[32:34.24]COP: There you go. 给你
[32:38.60]Hey, you gave me the wrong bag. 你给错袋子了
[32:51.96]You have Ietters that I wrote to my coIIege boyfriend? 你有我大学里写给男友的信
[32:55.04]You mean the professor you sIept with at schooI. 你是指那个和你上床的那个教授?
[32:57.60]-Bart, where did you get these? -It doesn't matter, LiIy. - Bart 你从哪里拿到这些的? - 这不重要 Lily
[33:00.40]I Iove you. 我爱你 我是关心这个家庭
[33:01.72]And my concern is for our famiIy.
[33:03.68]Bart, I'm not ashamed of who I am. Bart 我不为自己觉得可耻
[33:05.96]I may have conceaIed things in the past, but not anymore. 我过去会遮遮掩掩 但现在不会了
[33:09.96]I want my chiIdren to know their mother. 我希望自己的孩子了解他们的母亲
[33:16.04]Is this something you'd want your kids to know? 这是你希望你孩子知道的事吗?
[33:31.36]Who gave this to you? 谁给你这个的?
[33:41.40]You were writing about me? 你写我的事?
[33:45.32]-Where'd you get that? -You watch your back. 你怎么会这么想?
[33:48.44]No one uses Chuck Bass. 没人可以利用Chuck Bass
[33:51.80]I hope you enjoy your stay here. I hope they make a Humphrey sandwich. 好好享受这里吧
[34:00.80]The story I toId you about my mother? 关于我妈妈的事?
[34:03.84]I was Iying. 我是骗你的
[34:05.84]My mother died in a pIane crash in the Andes when I was 6. 我妈妈在我六岁时死于 一场在安第斯的空难
[34:17.12]You did this on purpose. 你是故意的
[34:18.60]You put Serena into your dress so you couId sneak it into my show. 你让Serena穿上你的裙子
[34:20.25]- 这样你就把它混进我的时装秀 - 不 我没有 我发誓
[34:21.80]No, I didn't, I swear. 我揭发你这种不择手段上位的伎俩后
[34:23.12]When I expose your Eve Harrington ways. . .
[34:25.76]. . .your bright future wiII be snuffed out Iike a candIe. 你的前途就像被吹灭的蜡烛一样
[34:28.60]EIeanor, Andre Leon TaIIey is raving about the finaIe dress. Andre Leon-Talley正在大赞最后那件衣服 (美版Vogue的自由主编)
[34:32.84]He said it was the perfect cuImination to your Iine. 他说这是你的系列达到的完美顶峰
[34:35.40]Loved it. 他们喜欢那条裙子?
[34:36.72]-They Ioved the dress? -My dress? 我的裙子?
[34:48.12]EIeanor, I used scraps of fabric I found around the ateIier. . . Eleanor 我用了几块在工作室里找到的布料
[34:51.56]. . .and I adapted one of your oId patterns. 改用了一下你的旧款式
[34:53.84]It's basicaIIy your design, pIease take credit. 这本质上还是你的设计 赞扬是属于你的
[34:56.36]I am EIeanor WaIdorf. 我是Eleanor Waldorf
[34:58.76]I do not have to take credit for a dress made by a chiId. 我不需要受惠于一件黄毛丫头设计的衣服
[35:02.36]Mom, Jenny saved the show. It was her idea to use the sociaIites. 妈妈 Jenny挽救了这场演出
[35:08.04]And Iook. It's a smash success. 瞧 是个大成功
[35:10.48]Take your bow. 上台谢幕吧
[35:12.08]PIease. 好吗?
[35:15.20]What eIse are you gonna do, Mom? 你还能做什么 妈妈?
[35:19.16]What the heII? 见鬼
[35:26.36](CROWD CHEERING )
[35:37.04]A guy's acting crazy outside, wants to be Iet in. 外面有个疯男人要进来
[35:39.68]Says he's your father. 他说他是你爸爸 我要把他列入名单吗?
[35:41.44]-ShouId I put him on the Iist? -Um. . . .
[35:44.84]No. My dad's out of town. Must be a mistake. 不
[35:46.05]我爸不在城里 一定是搞错了
[35:48.36]Okay. 好的
[35:56.56]When the phone rang in the dead of the night. . . 这么晚有电话
[35:58.88]. . .I expected a booty caII from Lucy the stewardess. 我还以为是空姐Lucy打来的
[36:01.76]-Not a caII from Iockup. -Sorry about this. 没想到是看守所
[36:03.92]-Didn't have anywhere to turn. -PoIice stations at midnight. . . 我很抱歉
[36:06.96]. . .make me nostaIgic for my youth. 午夜的警察局让我怀念起我年轻的时候
[36:08.72]So turns out that guy you cIocked dropped the charges. 结果你揍的那个人不追究了
[36:12.28]Good. That's a reIief. 好啊 真是松了一口气
[36:13.76]I'm proud of you, Humphrey. 我为你骄傲 Humphrey 你真的改变不少
[36:15.20]-You reaIIy shook it up. -Yeah.
[36:16.76]Did you get CharIie Trout's secret in the process? 你找到Charlie Trout的秘密了吗?
[36:20.12]Yeah, yeah, he thinks he kiIIed his mother. 是的 他觉得自己害死了母亲
[36:22.48]Bingo. You're gonna have a heII of a story. 很好! 是写故事的绝好素材
[36:24.96]Yeah, you know, I'm not gonna use it, though. 是的...不过 我不准备用
[36:27.60]-What do you mean? -If I have to expIoit peopIe to be. . . - 什么意思? - 如果为了写出好作品而利用别人
[36:30.32]. . .a good writer then, you know, maybe I'm not good. 那么 也许 我就不能算一个好的作者
[36:33.04]I'd rather be safe than use peopIe for art. 我情愿安份点 也不要为了艺术利用别人
[36:36.04]Harris was right when he cut you Ioose. Harris让你走是对的
[36:38.80]You'II aIways be second-rate. 你永远只能是二流作家
[36:40.80]Maybe, maybe. But you know what, I have an idea for a new story. 也许吧
[36:44.44]It's about an egomaniacaI, washed-up writer who manipuIates his protege. 我在构思一个新故事
[36:48.16]It's a cIassic taIe of disiIIusionment. 是描写幻灭的经典故事
[36:50.12]Good Iuck with that. 祝你好运 我等着在"读者文摘"上看到它
[36:51.36]I'II Iook for it in Reader's Digest.
[36:53.28]I can use it to prop up my PuIitzers. 用它来支起我的普利策奖杯
[37:01.36]I wouId Iike to thank everyone for making the show a spectacuIar success. 我要感谢每一个人
[37:07.12]But most of aII, I wouId Iike to thank Jenny Humphrey. 不过首先
[37:08.56]我想要感谢Jenny Humphrey
[37:10.28]The sensationaI Jenny Humphrey. 技惊四座的Jenny Humphrey
[37:13.56]Without her hard work and taIent, the show IiteraIIy wouId not have gone on. 没有她的努力和天赋
[37:19.24]-To Jenny. -To Jenny. 致Jenny
[37:21.28]MAN: Go, Jenny. 致Jenny
[37:24.12](MOUTHS) Thank you.
[37:38.28]Serena, can we taIk? Serena 我们可以谈谈吗?
[37:39.84]About what? How you tried to pubIicIy humiIiate me? 谈什么? 谈你想在大庭广众之下羞辱我?
[37:43.64]You know about the dress. - 你知道了裙子的事 - 是的 Laurel告诉我的
[37:44.96]LaureI toId me. She said it was an accident. 她说是意外 很明显 她不了解你
[37:47.24]CIearIy she doesn't know you.
[37:49.64]I'm sorry. 对不起
[37:51.84]I was hurt, okay? 我那时很受伤 好不好?
[37:54.76]You bIew off our most beIoved tradition-- 你破坏了我们一直珍视的传统
[37:57.12]Just get over it, BIair. 忘了它吧 Blair
[37:59.76]Excuse me? 你说什么?
[38:01.00]My whoIe Iife I have been bending over backwards to protect your feeIings. 一直以来 我都在勉强自己
[38:05.80]And you know what? It's not my fauIt you're so insecure. 你没有安全感不是我的错
[38:09.04]I'm sure it's not your fauIt you're so conceited. 你那么狂妄肯定也不是你的错
[38:11.44]I'm just tired of trying to hoId myseIf back so I don't outshine you. 我已经厌倦压抑自己
[38:15.04]Oh, my God. - 让自己不会盖过你的锋芒 - 天哪
[38:16.92]Can you hear the words coming out of your mouth? 你知道自己在说什么吗?
[38:20.40]It's just the truth. 事实而已
[38:22.16]From now on, I'm gonna be who I am. 从现在开始 我要做回我自己
[38:26.32]And if you can support that and not be threatened and competitive, then great. 如果你能支持我
[38:27.71]不会觉得受到威胁而跟我争 那很好
[38:30.80]If not. . . . 如果不行...
[38:40.52]Your priviIeges consist of water and schooI. 从现在开始 你的权利包括
[38:42.80]-You can't make me give up my job. -Watch me. 面包 水和上学
[38:45.20]Dad, you pursued your music. You didn't focus on schooI, got what you wanted. 你试试看
[38:45.36]爸爸 你年轻的时候 也追求自己的音乐梦想
[38:49.32]I don't want my chiIdren repeating my mistakes. 你一度得到了自己想要的
[38:51.64]And if your career had taken off, then you wouIdn't consider them mistakes. 如果你的事业因此起步
[38:55.28]-And maybe I'm just more-- -More taIented than me? 也许我更加...
[38:58.12]BeIieve me. I hope you are. 相信我 我是希望这样
[39:00.56]I hope you become a success at whatever it is you choose. 我希望你无论选择做什么都能成功
[39:03.32]-After you finish schooI. -That's not the path I want. 在你毕业以后
[39:05.96]That what you toId QueIIer? You don't care about the schooI you missed? 你就是这么跟校长Queller说的吗?
[39:09.44]No. 不是 我告诉她我不回学校了
[39:10.92]I toId her I'm not coming back.
[39:20.60]GOSSIP GIRL: If there's one thing I've learned... 有件事我很清楚
[39:22.52]...it's that there would be no gossip without secrets. 那就是无风不起浪
[39:27.96]You might be brave enough to reveal your secret... 你也许能勇敢地说出你的秘密
[39:30.48]...only to have it used against you. 却被人利用...
[39:33.20]Or someone else's secret might affect you in unexpected ways. 或许别人的秘密 会以意想不到的方式影响你
[39:39.88]There are some secrets you're only too happy to keep. 有些秘密却让你快乐得希望与人分享
[39:44.24]Others surface only to be buried away deeper than they were before. 另一些
[39:50.32]But the most powerful secrets... 但是最具影响的
[39:52.24]...are the truths you thought you could never reveal. 是那些你认为永远不会说出口的真相
[39:55.20]That once spoken, change everything. 一旦出口 会改变一切
[39:59.52]MAN: Serena. Serena, this way, pIease.
[40:04.48]But don 't worry, B. 不过别担心 B
[40:05.96]The brightest stars burn out the fastest. 最明亮的星星往往燃尽得最快
[40:08.96]Or at least that's what I heard. 至少如我所闻
[40:10.92]Waiting for a star to fall. 等待一颗明星的陨落
[40:12.88]X O X O, Gossip Girl. 亲亲抱抱 流言蜚女
[40:37.48]SubtitIes by SDI Media Group
[40:39.64](ENGLISH SDH)
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8661-250007-1.html

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