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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:40:51
[00:01.08]GOSSIP GIRL: Gossip Girl here, your one and only source... 流言蜚女驾到...
[00:03.28]...into the scandalous lives of Manhattan 's elite. 你们窥视曼哈顿 上流社会丑闻的唯一来源
[00:05.92]Andre Leon TaIIey is raving about. . . - Andre Leon Talley爱疯了最后那条裙子 - 我的裙子?
[00:08.28]-. . .the finaIe dress. He Ioved it. -My dress?
[00:10.52]You don't care about the schooI you missed. 你这是这么和Queller校长说的吗?
[00:12.80]I'm not coming back. 你说你不在乎翘掉的课程?
[00:14.00]I tried to write but I couIdn't focus. 我告诉她我不回去上课了
[00:13.88]我努力去写 但是总被一些事情缠着 我集中不了
[00:16.00]You'II get no Ietter of recommendation. 我不会给你推荐信的
[00:18.04]ELEANOR: The Captain is being charged with embezzIement and fraud. 上尉被控涉嫌挪用公款和诈骗
[00:20.92]This is an absoIute disaster. 真是一场灾难
[00:22.52]Serena is in Women 's Wear Daily. Serena上了"女装日报"
[00:24.24]I'm just tired of trying to hoId myseIf back so I don't outshine you. 我已经受够了把自己雪藏起来
[00:27.76]-Excuse me? SERENA: From now on. . . - 以便不让风头盖过你 - 你说什么?
[00:29.56]. . .I'm gonna be who I am. 从现在开始 我要做回我自己了
[00:32.44]GIRL: Where has she been?
[00:33.64]GOSSIP GIRL: And who am I?
[00:35.04]That's one secret I'll never tell.
[00:38.20]You know you love me. X O X O... 流言蜚女 第二季 第06集
[00:41.96]... Gossip Girl.
[00:51.88](WITH BRITISH ACCENT) The rain in Spain. . . 西班牙的雨水
[00:54.96]. . .stays mainIy in the pIain. 主要集于
[00:59.28]Again. 再来一遍
[01:01.92](WITH BAD BRITISH ACCENT) The rain. . . 西班...牙...
[01:04.72]. . .in Spain. . . 的雨...水...
[01:08.24]. . .stays mainIy in the pIain? 主要...
[01:12.80](SIGHS) 我是一个优等生 我是的
[01:14.08]WeII, I'm a straight-A student, I am.
[01:17.64]The rain in Spain-- 西班牙的...雨水...
[01:20.84](WITH GOOD BRISTISH ACCENT) The rain in Spain stays mainIy in the pIain. 西班牙的雨水主要集于平原
[01:25.32]By George, I think she's got it. 天啊 我想她掌握了
[01:27.24]I do? 你说我吗?
[01:29.68]No, she does. 不 我说是她 ("窈窕淑女"招你们惹你们了 = =)
[01:40.60](CRYING )
[01:45.76]GOSSIP GIRL: Rise and shine, early birds, Gossip Girl here. 阳光普照 早起的小鸟们
[01:50.44]We all have dreams. Some good, some bad, some fun and Freudian. 我们都会做梦
[01:52.16]有美梦 有噩梦 有些有趣 有些则意义难懂
[01:56.40]Morning, Miss BIair. 早上好 Blair小姐
[01:57.56]And some are the dreams we've had our whole lives. 有些则是我们一辈子的梦想
[02:01.16]Can you beIieve in three short hours, I'II be stepping through the gates of YaIe? Dorota 你能相信再过短短3小时
[02:05.88]You used to sIeep in your father's sweatshirt every night untiI it feII apart. 你以前天天晚上睡觉 都穿你爸的运动服 直到它破了
[02:09.64]I'II get a new one. After I attend the Dean of Admissions' private reception. 我会买件新的
[02:11.08]当然 要等我参加完招生办院长的 私人招待会后
[02:13.68]Most candidates think it's Iegend but Daddy was invited when he visited. 很多候选人都觉得那只是个城市传说
[02:17.16]Your mother Ieft for work but was very specific about your breakfast. 但是老爸去参观的时候 就被邀请过
[02:20.72]Some kombucha, Miss BIair? 康普茶 Blair小姐
[02:22.84]Since the dean handpicks the guests right after their interviews, I'm a shoo-in. 由于客人是在面谈后院长亲自挑的
[02:27.24]If there's one thing I know, it's that I give good interview. 所以说我赢定了
[02:27.48]有一件事我很确定 那就是我面谈总是表现很好
[02:30.28]I couId make Larry King cry. 我都能让Larry King痛哭流涕
[02:34.96]I am so proud of you. 我真为你骄傲
[02:38.00]And I'm so ready to be surrounded by peopIe more Iike me and Iess Iike. . . 我已经准备好让我的周围充满像我的人 而不是
[02:43.84]. . .her. 她
[02:45.60]You've got to be kidding me. 不是开玩笑吧
[02:50.00]LILY: Ready? -Oh, yeah. I'm aII packed up. 好了吗?
[02:51.44]是的 我收拾好了
[02:53.88]You excited, me at your aIma mater? 兴奋吗 我要去你的母校了
[02:55.68]So that means you turned down this personaI invitation to tour YaIe? 那就是说你要回绝这封
[02:59.12]-Brown's aIways been my pIan. -And I Ioved it there. 参观耶鲁的亲笔邀请信了?
[02:59.72]布朗大学才是我的心之所向 就和你一样
[03:02.32]But if YaIe had invited me, I wouId have said " yes. " 我是很爱那里 但是如果耶鲁也邀请了我的话
[03:06.04]The invitation is handwritten, Serena, in cursive. 我会答应的
[03:06.84]邀请信是手写的 Serena 花体的呢
[03:11.04]YaIe is for overachieving bookworms and preppies. The BIairs of the worId. 耶鲁适合那些用功的书呆子 乖宝宝
[03:15.48]Though the two of us aren't on speaking terms. . . 是Blair那种人的世界
[03:17.84]. . .there's no way I wouId step on that particuIar Iand mine. 我也不会要强到踏足那片土地
[03:20.76]Miss Serena and you are stiII not speaking? 你和Serena小姐还是不说话?
[03:23.00]Not a word in a week, though I can't seem to escape her. 一周一句都没有讲 虽然时常躲不开
[03:25.72]Since Mother's show, Manhattan has turned into SerenaviIIe. 自从我妈开完时装秀后 曼哈顿变成Serena城了
[03:28.60]I heard Marc Jacobs named a purse after her. 我听说Marc Jacob用她名字 给一款手袋命名了
[03:35.40]WeII, I simpIy don't understand the fascination. 我就看不出她迷人在哪里了
[03:38.84]FortunateIy, YaIe is out of her reach. 幸运的是 耶鲁她可够不着
[03:41.40]It's okay, Serena, you don't have to hide the photo. I've seen it. 没关系的 Serena 你不用藏起照片 我已经看到了
[03:44.88]I'm sorry they caIIed you my " unidentified friend. " 真不好意思 他们把你称作我的"神秘朋友"
[03:47.40]-It's better than " mother. " -What's in the bag? 但总比叫"母亲"好
[03:49.72]It's my dress for the faII dinner at the Frick. EIeanor sent them over. 包里是什么
[03:53.52]I don't know why there's two. Eleanor送来的
[03:56.20]This one's a IittIe edgier than I thought, but I Iike it. 这件比我想得要更前卫一点 但挺喜欢的
[03:59.16]ApparentIy, it's for me. 显然这是为我准备的
[04:02.24](LAUGHS) 哦 这件肯定是我的了
[04:04.12]This must be mine.
[04:06.52]It is a reaIIy nice coIor, though. 颜色不错
[04:08.36]DAN: What do you think about this coIor? -The paper? It's white. 老爸 你觉得这颜色怎么样
[04:11.28]No, no, no. It's not white, it's soft ecru. This is white. 纸的颜色?白的
[04:11.88]不不不 不是白的 是淡米色
[04:14.32]I Iike the ecru but I'm not sure about the font. 这个 这个才是白色
[04:14.80]我喜欢米色 但是不知道字体合不合适
[04:16.72]Don't worry, you're the perfect YaIe candidate. 别担心 会好的
[04:19.32]But I can't heIp thinking YaIe is for presidents, not Humphreys. 比"好"还要好 你是耶鲁大学的完美候选人
[04:19.92]但是 我总忍不住觉得耶鲁是给总统们家上的 不是给Humphrey家的
[04:22.68]-As the man who cursed you with-- -I didn't say " cursed. " 作为给你带来Humphrey这个姓氏诅咒的人来说...
[04:26.00]I feeI compeIIed to give a speech. DanieI, my son. . . 我没说诅咒 说诅咒太过分了
[04:28.60]. . .you have near-perfect grades, exceIIent SATs. Daniel 我的儿子 你的成绩近乎完美
[04:31.16]-More taIent than money couId buy. -But. SAT成绩非常优秀 千金难买之才
[04:33.16]-After that, you find a " but" ? -What if it's not enough? - 但是... - 你还要来个"但是"?
[04:36.48]If that's not enough, there's something wrong with YaIe, not you. 但是如果这些还不够呢?
[04:36.84]如果这些还不够 那问题一定是出在耶鲁了 而不是你
[04:39.76]Thanks, Dad. AII right. WeII, I'm off. 谢谢 老爸 好了 那我走了
[04:43.24]It's just me, the best EngIish Department in America. . . 我 还有另外100个有超强竞争力 却又紧张得要死的未来耶鲁人
[04:45.92]. . .and a hundred highIy competitive, extremeIy nervous, wannabe YaIies. 共同竞争全美最好的英语系
[04:49.40]Get excited, ArchibaId. 振作一点 Archibald
[04:50.64]We're three hours away from horny Women's Studies majors. . . 还有三小时 那些饥渴的女书呆子们
[04:53.96]. . .wanting to work out aII their anger towards men in their bunk beds. 就会把她们的愤怒发泄到男人和床上面了
[04:58.64]My heart's stiII set on USC. 我还是想去南加州大学
[05:00.44]I wish my mom wouIdn't push YaIe so hard. 我只是希望我妈妈不要再 大力逼我上耶鲁了
[05:02.52]She's pushing because the VanderbiIt side of her famiIy practicaIIy owns it. 她之所以逼你 是因为她家族的人向来都去这所学校
[05:06.24]Think of it this way. YaIe is your safety schooI. 这样想想
[05:09.40]I couId get away from aII the drama on the other side of my famiIy. 我想 我可以逃开我爸的那些闹剧
[05:13.20]SomepIace they don't know me or the Captain. 然后去一个没人认识我和爸爸的地方
[05:15.36]BIow off the formaI visit crap and focus on what reaIIy matters. 别去睬那学前参观的P事了
[05:18.48]Creating your own " freshman 1 5. " 集中注意力搞我们想干的事--
[05:21.16]Are you not seriousIy considering YaIe either? 你也没有正经考虑过上耶鲁的事?
[05:23.40]I'm evaIuating coIIeges based on secret societies. 我嘛 一直以秘密社团来评价一所大学
[05:26.80]YaIe has the creme de Ia creme: the SkuII and Bones. 耶鲁的社团是闻名的 比如骷髅会
[05:29.76]My goaI is to get in their inner sanctum. 我的目标是打入他们内部
[05:31.80]How exactIy are you pIanning to do that? 那你打算怎么实施呢
[05:34.72]By showing up. 现身就好
[05:36.20]This weekend concIudes coIIege visits. 这个周末大学参观日就结束了
[05:38.76]The schooIs you wiII be visiting, Harvard, YaIe and Brown. . . 你们要去参观的学校是
[05:41.92]. . .are among the best in the worId. 哈佛 耶鲁 布朗...世界一流大学
[05:43.68]You are ambassadors of Constance BiIIard and St. Jude's. . . 你们所代表的是 康士坦茨和圣犹大学校
[05:46.96]. . .as weII as your own famiIies. 同时也代表了你们的家族
[05:48.72]We urge you to present yourseIves in the best possibIe Iight. Good Iuck. 我们希望你们能够尽可能好地 展示自己的光芒
[05:53.40]I wonder what Iucky schooI wiII be the subject. . . 祝你们好运
[05:55.80]. . .of the next nursery rhyme penned by BrookIyn's Iamest fiction writer? 我在想哪个学校会成为
[05:56.40]布鲁克林最蹩脚的小说家 笔下儿歌的对象呢
[05:59.76]The Dean of Admissions at YaIe wiII appreciate my abiIity. . . 事实上 Chuck 我认为耶鲁大学的 招生办院长
[06:02.68]. . .to write about damaged characters. 会很欣赏我对于描写
[06:04.68]Looks Iike we'II be spending the weekend together. How nice. 心灵受伤的人物的才能
[06:08.08]Say heIIo to the characters on pubIic transportation for me. 多好啊
[06:12.24]Hey. So you're off to YaIe? 嘿
[06:15.00]Your deductive-reasoning skiIIs are perfect for a pIace Iike Brown. 你要去耶鲁吗
[06:15.32]你的推理能力真是和布朗 那样的地方是绝配啊
[06:18.24]A pIace Iike Brown? 布朗那样的地方?
[06:19.56]An encIave of trustafarians and chiIdren of ceIebrities. . . 那是纨绔子弟的极乐之地
[06:22.76]. . .who major in drum circIes and semiotics, whatever that is. 学生们主修围圈打鼓或语言学 之类不知所谓的玩意
[06:26.40]I can't wait for you to come home next Thanksgiving. . . 我真是等不及看到 下次感恩节你回来时
[06:29.08]. . .a miIitant veganista, anemic and proud. 变成一个狂妄 激进又贫血的素食主义者了
[06:31.56]Brown is an Ivy League schooI. 布朗也是常春藤盟校
[06:33.60]Everyone knows the onIy reaI Ivies are the hoIy trinity: 所有人都知道真正的常春藤只包括
[06:36.32]Harvard, YaIe and Princeton. 哈佛 耶鲁和普林斯顿三所而已
[06:38.68]You may find this hard to beIieve but not everyone wants to go to YaIe. 我知道你不愿相信
[06:42.12]Not everyone wants to be BIair WaIdorf. 但并不是每个人都想去耶鲁的
[06:42.68]因为不是每个人都想做Blair Waldorf
[06:44.24]Not everyone can be. 也不是哪个人想做就做得了的
[06:46.36]Since we're not friends anymore, Iet me speak frankIy. 既然我们不再是朋友了 让我直说了吧
[06:49.72]You're not that smart. You Iack focus and discipIine. 你并不怎么聪明
[06:52.88]Charm is aII weII and good but, in the reaI worId, knowIedge is power. 有魅力是桩好事 但在现实社会中 知识才是力量
[06:56.48]You wouIdn't make it past admissions, no matter how hard you tried. 你连耶鲁的第一轮考试都通不过的
[07:00.40]Have fun in Providence. 祝你在普罗维登斯玩得愉快
[07:02.28]Oh, and, you know, maybe you can get your hair dreadIocked whiIe you're there. 哦 对了 也许你还能在那里搞个吓人的发型呢
[07:06.56]GOSSIP GIRL: Gossip Girl's hardly a war buff... 流言蜚女不是个内战迷
[07:08.52]...but I did cram for a quiz or two on the American Revolution. 但是我也为应付考试死背过美国革命史
[07:12.00]The last time New Haven was invaded was in 1 7 79. 上一次New Haven被入侵是在1779年
[07:16.64]Hey, Mom, change of pIans. TeII the driver we're going to YaIe. 嘿 妈妈 计划有变
[07:20.68]Heads up, B, there's a cannonball coming your way. 告诉司机 我们去耶鲁
[07:21.00]小心了 B 炮弹来袭
[07:38.92]After that shower, there won't be any hot water. 你洗一个澡 整栋楼的热水都给用光了
[07:41.28]I wasn't in the shower the whoIe time. I was waiting. 我不是一直在洗澡
[07:44.40]-I got here as fast as I couId. -I know. I saw you running up the bIock. 我在等样东西
[07:46.32]了解 从我窗口看到你一路奔过来的
[07:48.32]What's going on here? 什么事情
[07:50.00]Did you know Vanessa's appIying for NYU next faII? 你知道Vanessa申请了明年秋天 纽约大学吗?
[07:52.44]You wouIdn't be abIe to without high schooI. 你不读完高中 你就不能申请
[07:54.80]Which she's doing by homeschooIing. 她接受的是家庭式教育
[07:57.04]Because she has to work to support herseIf. 她不得不这么做 因为她要边工作边养活自己
[07:59.20]Living as an aduIt when a teenager is not something any parent wants. 孩子要像大人那么辛苦过活
[08:02.64]What about what I want? 可不是家长想让自己孩子有的经历
[08:03.92]UntiI you're 1 8, what you want gets trumped by what I want. 那我自己想要的呢
[08:04.40]只要你没有满18岁 在这里还是我说了算
[08:08.80]PIan B. 备用计划
[08:12.88]Come to the ateIier with me. - 今天跟我去工作室 - 跟你去?
[08:14.60]-Come with you? -Spend the day with me. 我们做笔交易 和我一起 过完这一天后
[08:16.80]End of the day, if you think I shouId go back to Constance, I wiII. 如果你还是真的想让我星期一 回康士坦茨的话 我就回
[08:20.16]Jenny, I've seen aII your designs, heard about your internship aII summer. Jenny 我已经看过你的所有的设计了
[08:24.20]-What more is there? -WeII, things are different now. 你还想让我看什么
[08:31.80]WeII, at Ieast we'II be moving forward in one way or another. 好吧 至少我们已经有所进展了
[08:34.88]-It's a deaI. -You mean it? 说定了
[08:36.52]-You have my word. -Thank you. 真的吗?
[08:39.36]GOSSIP GIRL: We hear there's nothing like Yale in October. 谢谢
[08:39.52]据说耶鲁的十月 别具一格
[08:42.28]The crisp air, the turning leaves, the invasion of prospective freshmen. 清新的空气 渐黄的树叶 准新生的冒然驾到
[08:47.04]Better hurry up, Lonely Boy, the future's waiting. 得快点了 孤独男孩
[08:50.64]To summarize, I reaIIy feeI that I have something to say. 你的未来就在前面
[08:50.64]总之 我真的想说些什么
[08:54.84]BERUBE: WeII, by aII means, say it. -Via my writing. 那么 就说吧
[08:57.36]With its worId-cIass EngIish Department, YaIe wouId be the ideaI pIace. . . 通过我的写作... 耶鲁拥有世界一流的英语系
[09:00.88]. . .for me to grow as a writer. To fIourish and thrive. 这将会是我成长为一个... 一个作家的理想之地
[09:03.60]让我进步 让我成熟
[09:06.32]Kudos to you and your inner thesaurus. There's a probIem with your appIication. 你本人和作品都不错 Humphrey先生
[09:10.60]A probIem--? No, there's-- I doubIe-- I tripIe-checked it. 但是你的申请有些问题
[09:11.44]问...问题 我想 我再三检查过的了
[09:13.60]It seems you onIy have one Ietter of recommendation, from J.L. HaII. 你好像只有一封来自J.L.Hall的推荐信
[09:17.16]Noah Shapiro decIined to write on your behaIf. Noah Shapiro拒写了你的推荐信
[09:20.52]Mr. Shapiro and I had creative differences. Shapiro先生和我在创作理念上有些分歧
[09:22.64]But if you Iook further down. . . 但是 如果你再看下我的申请
[09:24.36]. . .you'II see I spent the summer interning with Jeremiah Harris. 你会发现我整个暑假都 在跟Jeremiah Harris实习
[09:27.48]A fact which Mr. Harris has not been abIe to confirm himseIf. 但是Harris先生也不能为你证明
[09:31.76]Oh. Did you caII him earIy in the morning? 你今早给他打电话了吗?
[09:34.76]Because he's not a morning person. He's not an afternoon person either. 因为他不是一个早起的人
[09:38.52]-If you try Iike after-- -Mr. Humphrey. 他也不会睡到下午 当然
[09:40.64]If you want your appIication to stand out. . . - 如果在7点以后打的话 - Humphrey先生
[09:43.44]. . .you need another Ietter, one about your work. 你需要再提供一份推荐信 有关你的作品
[09:46.56]Another Ietter from whom? 让谁再写一封 怎么写?
[09:49.04]-And how? -This is YaIe. 这是耶鲁
[09:50.92]If you haven't noticed, we traffic in brick buiIdings fuII of professors. 也许你没有注意到 这砖头房里满是教授
[09:54.72]I suggest you put on your waIking shoes, head to the EngIish Department. . . 我建议你穿上跑鞋
[09:58.48]. . .and find someone to read your work. 径直去英文系 然后找个人读读你的作品
[10:02.12]NATE: I thought we were gonna do something. 我还以为我们要做些什么呢
[10:04.44]What happened to your master pIan, finding the SkuII and Bones? 你的宏伟计划呢 找找什么骷髅会?
[10:08.92]You don't find them, they find you. 不用你去找 他们会来找你的
[10:12.36]Oh. That's good. So we'II just sit here and wait. 那太好了 我们就这么坐着 等着
[10:16.76]I mean, there's a footbaII game at 1 . . . 我是说 1点有场球赛
[10:18.72]. . .or a tour of the university art gaIIery at 3. 3点可以参观学校美术馆
[10:34.56]Good Iuck sitting on your ass. 祝你傻坐愉快
[10:38.16]Hey, excuse me. May I ask you a question? 不好意思 能问个问题吗
[10:48.80]CHUCK: What the heII? -Come on, get him. - 该死的怎么了 - 哦 抓住他
[10:56.68](MAN LAUGHING )
[11:02.88](MAN LAUGHING ) 哦 天啊 院长好多年没有这么笑过了
[11:04.32]SHIRLEY: Oh, my, the dean hasn't Iaughed Iike that in years.
[11:06.56]BERUBE: It was an utter deIight to meet you, Miss van der Woodsen. 见到你真是太高兴了 Van Der Woodsen小姐
[11:09.40]-What a IoveIy surprise. -And who doesn't Iike a surprise? 真是个愉快的惊喜啊
[11:12.72]I do hope you enjoy the rest of your visit. 希望你能喜欢剩下来的参观
[11:14.92]Thank you so much. 太谢谢了
[11:17.00]-Looks Iike he's ready for you. -ShaII we, Miss WaIdorf? 看来他准备好接待你了
[11:18.96]可以了吗 Waldorf小姐?
[11:24.96]I've never been more prepared. 我完全准备好了
[11:35.20]JORDAN: So whatever major you decide on, you can mix up with eIectives. 不管你想上什么专业 选修课都可以任选
[11:38.24]-YaIe's are better than most. -ReaIIy? What's your favorite? 耶鲁要比大多数学校都好
[11:41.20]It's a tossup between The RoIe of Sex in Art. . . 是吗 你最喜欢什么
[11:41.44]还真难说 "性在艺术中的作用"
[11:44.48]. . .and Great Hoaxes in ArchaeoIogy. "考古学中的恶作剧"
[11:46.72]Those are seriousIy cIasses? 那真是课名?
[11:50.12]-What schooI are you from? -St. Jude's, in New York. 你是什么学校的
[11:52.72]St. Jude's? Then you must know Nate ArchibaId. 纽约的圣犹大
[11:53.32]圣犹大? 那你一定认识Nate Archibald
[11:55.60]-I heard he's on campus. -Why does that sound famiIiar? 我听说这周末他要来学校
[11:58.28]He's the son of Howard " The Captain" ArchibaId. 这名字怎么那么熟悉呢
[12:00.60]We've been taIking about him in Econ. The guy's Iike a modern MiIken. 我们在经济课上谈到过他
[12:02.12]他就是个现代Milken (米国垃圾债券王国缔造者)
[12:04.88]Hey, Jordan, wanna show me around campus? 嘿 Jordan 能带我在校园里逛逛吗
[12:07.04]-I'd Iove to see it. -Sure. 我想看看
[12:08.64]But before I go anywhere with a stranger. . . 当然 但是在我同意和一个陌生人走之前
[12:10.76]. . .maybe you shouId teII me your name. 我想也许你应该告诉我你的名字
[12:12.88]Oh, my name, of course. . . 哦 我的名字 我叫Dan
[12:15.64]. . .is Dan.
[12:19.04]-Dan Humphrey. -AII right. Dan Humphrey
[12:24.16]GUY 1 : Chuck Bass, heir to Bass Industries. . . Chuck Bass Bass家族的继承人
[12:26.44]. . .champion of the Iegendary Lost Weekend. 迷失周末的传奇冠军
[12:29.12]You've sIept with more Maxim covers than John Mayer. 有传言说你睡过的"Maxim"的封面女郎 比John Mayer还多
[12:31.84]And better, I might add. 还要美 容我添一句
[12:33.36]If our inteI's correct, you're our prime candidate from next year's cIass. 如果我们的线报没错的话 你会是我们下一年的第一候选人
[12:36.92]But we don't take anything on hearsay. 但我们不信传闻
[12:38.80]We need to know firsthand if you're as good as your advertising. 我们需要第一手资料来证明 你是不是和你自己鼓吹得一样好
[12:43.56]WeII, I come prepared. 我有备而来的
[12:47.00]How about a IittIe private party to kick things off? 办个私人派对检验检验怎样
[12:50.92]What do you have in mind? 你有何打算?
[12:53.92]BERUBE: I have to say, your appIication is most impressive, Miss WaIdorf. 我得承认 你的申请书是最让人印象深刻的 Waldorf小姐
[12:58.52]There's just one thing I'd Iike to know. 我还需要知道一件事
[13:01.88]TeII me something about you that isn't in that packet. 说说资料袋里没有的信息吧
[13:07.00]-Not in there? -Do you Iike to drive racecars? 资料袋里没有的?
[13:10.08]Can you cook authentic Sichuan? 你会烧一手正宗川菜吗?
[13:12.28]The young Iady before you toId me a deIightfuI story. 前面的那个小姐说了个很精彩的故事
[13:16.84]She was recentIy in a fashion show, just for fun. 最近她走了次时尚秀 但只是为了好玩
[13:23.76]I know I must seem rather traditionaI compared to that young Iady. . . 我知道我看上去一定比刚刚那个小姐 要来得传统得多
[13:28.52]. . .but isn't tradition what YaIe is aII about? 但是耶鲁不一直崇尚传统的吗
[13:31.48]WeII, yes, but we've been trying to change that image. 是的 但是我们一直在尝试改变形象
[13:34.12]Too stuffy. 太呆板了
[13:36.64]So? 那么?
[13:40.32]WeII. . . 我知道和陌生人在一起时 我缺乏那种随和的优雅
[13:42.16]. . .I'm aware I Iack some peopIe's easy grace with strangers. . .
[13:46.96]. . .and I don't exactIy make you feeI Iike you've known me forever. . . 而我也没有让你觉得跟我一见如故
[13:50.40]. . .even though we just met.
[13:52.96]When I Iaugh, you might not smiIe just at the coquettish sound of it. 当我笑时 你不会因为我好听的声音 也笑起来
[13:57.52]And I may not be spontaneous. . . 而我也许也不怎么"率直" "可亲"或者"充满惊喜"
[14:00.12]. . .or deIightfuI or fuII of surprises. . .
[14:02.60]. . .and my hair might not sparkIe when it catches the Iight. . . . 而我的头发也不会因为灯光而闪闪发亮
[14:08.48]Everything worth knowing about me is in that foIder. 你所需要知道的我都在那个文件夹里了
[14:12.92]I made sure of it. 我肯定
[14:17.36]Isn't there anything eIse you'd Iike to ask me? 你没有别的什么要问的了吗
[14:19.68]Maybe about what my pIans are for tonight? 比如今晚我有什么计划
[14:21.80]There's so much to do on campus, I'm sure you'II find something. 在校园里有好多事可做
[14:25.68]It was so nice to meet you. 见到你太高兴了
[14:34.60]Right. 好的
[14:36.40]Good Iuck, then. 祝你好运
[14:39.32]Oh, God. 天啊
[14:41.08]SERENA: Great Hoaxes in ArchaeoIogy? Is that even a cIass? "考古学中的恶作剧" 这真是课名?
[14:44.00]SERENA: What are you doing, Serena? 你在干什么 Serena?
[14:45.64]Oh, these IoveIy peopIe were just showing me the course cataIog. 这些好心人正给我看课程表
[14:48.76]No, here, YaIe. YaIe is mine. 不 这里指耶鲁 耶鲁是我的大学
[14:54.12]WhiIe I'II admit I came to punish you for the things you said-- 我承认 我来就是要惩罚 你今早说我的那些话
[14:57.32]Fine. Consider me punished. You can go home now. 行 你得逞了 你可以闪回家去了
[15:00.84]I actuaIIy Iike it here. 说实话 我还就喜欢上这了
[15:02.72]The campus is beautifuI, the peopIe are so nice. 校园很美啊 人也不错
[15:05.52]Do you know how great the Drama SchooI is? 戏剧学院可棒极了 晓得哇
[15:07.64]Of course I do, it's worId-renowned. 我知道.是全球有名的
[15:09.92]The dean made me reaIize that by being so set on Brown. . . 院长让我意识到 一心一意想着布朗大学
[15:13.16]. . .I cIosed myseIf off to aII other options. 我把其他的选择都否定了
[15:15.68]WhiIe that's a IoveIy epiphany, I'm afraid it's irreIevant. 真是不错的顿悟啊
[15:19.00]It's not as if you'd actuaIIy get in here. 可惜你于此无关
[15:20.88](PHONE RINGS) 你也不是真的要进来
[15:22.12]HeIIo? 喂 您好
[15:25.16]An intimate gathering at the dean's house tonight? 今晚在院长家私人聚会?
[15:28.64]I'd be honored. Thank you. 非常荣幸 十分感谢
[15:32.44]You were invited to my gathering? 你被邀请去我的聚会
[15:34.32]You might wanna make other pIans. She said I was her Iast caII. 你最好还是另作打算吧
[15:43.20]Of aII the things-- 所有的一切 Nate 我妈妈 同学们
[15:45.64]Nate, my mom, the girIs at schooI.
[15:50.88]--you wouIdn't take this from me. 不许你跟我抢这个...
[15:55.68]Because if you do, I swear I wiII take you down. 你要敢抢 我发誓一定要整倒你
[15:59.36]I'm not taking anything from you. I was invited. 我没和你抢 Blair 我是受邀请的
[16:01.96]And as for taking me down, I'd Iove to see you try. 对于想整倒我的问题 欢迎尝试
[16:05.92]GOSSIP GIRL: When it comes to war, the rule is, never retreat, never surrender. 当争斗发生的时候 原则是永不退缩 永不投降
[16:10.08]But whoever said that never met the new Serena. 但说这话的人绝对没见过新版Serena
[16:21.56]GOSSIP GIRL: Spotted: Little Jenny Humphrey... 现场目击 小Jenny Humphrey 离开了学校 可抢手呢
[16:24.36]...off her high horse and in high demand.
[16:28.28]Did you Iook at the resort sampIes? EIeanor wants your opinion. 你看过度假款的样品了么?
[16:31.32]-I didn't, but I'II do that right now. -Okay. Eleanor想听你的建议
[16:31.48]还没 我马上去看
[16:33.56]GIRL: And we got in the chambray you Iike. I need your advice on what to do. 我们进了你喜欢的条纹格布
[16:35.20]用做成什么款式 听你的
[16:40.68]I didn't reaIize it was Bring Your Father to Work Day. 我不知道今天是"带父上班日"
[16:43.32]WeII, it was Jenny's idea to show me why this is so important to her. Jenny想让我明白为何这对她很重要
[16:46.76]-Do you have a moment? -Just. - 有空么? - 正好
[16:48.60]I gave Jenny my word about something this morning that. . . . 今早我对Jenny做了保证
[16:51.44]-I'm not sure if I can keep it. I need heIp. -What can I do for you? 我不知道能否守信 要你帮忙
[16:57.32]Fire her. 炒了她
[16:59.60]I'II do no such thing. 我不会答应的
[17:01.28]Fashion is a young person's career. This is Jenny's moment. 时尚是年轻人的专职, 这可是Jenny的好时机
[17:04.16]She's onIy 1 5 years oId. Opportunity can wait tiII she's ready. 她只有15岁啊
[17:07.36]Do you remember the dreams you had when you were 1 5, Mr. Humphrey? Humphrey先生 你还记得你15岁时的梦想么?
[17:11.60]What if they aII started to come true? WouId you have toId them to wait? 假如它们都成真了呢?
[17:17.92]Just make sure they're up for anything. This crowd couId get particuIar. 确保她们什么都愿做
[17:26.72]You're not a geography whiz, but you are aware Providence is in Rhode IsIand? 我知道你不是地理天才
[17:30.76]I don't have time. I've been invited to the dean's. 没必要跟你解释
[17:33.28]-I have to get ready. -The dean's house? Nice. 我被邀请今晚去院长家 得好好准备
[17:35.56]What's your answer to his question? 院长家?
[17:35.76]不错啊 你的回答是什么?
[17:38.12]-" Yes" ? -No, no, no. 我去?
[17:39.44]What person, reaI or imagined. . . 不是那个问题 "你愿意和谁共进晚餐
[17:41.60]. . .Iiving or dead, wouId you most Iike to have dinner with? 无论这人是现实人物或幻想角色 也无论此人是否在世?"
[17:44.52]The rumor is, if your answer impresses the dean enough. . . 传言说 如果你的回答给院长留下深刻印象
[17:47.68]. . .it gets you on the shortIist for earIy admission, or so says BIair. 会让你荣登提前录取的名单 Blair这么说过
[17:52.28]I shouId've given my spot to her. 我真应该让位给她
[17:55.08]You got invited, and she didn't? You're Iucky to be aIive. 邀请你 却没邀请她?
[17:59.00]WeII, I won't be much Ionger if I don't find an answer fast. 你还能活到现在 真不错
[17:59.32]我还不快点找到答案 就活不久了
[18:01.92]SteaI BIair's. She has no use for it anymore. 偷Blair的
[18:04.60]No. No, I can't, no matter how good it is. 她要那个也没用了
[18:05.00]不行 不行 她的再好都不行
[18:07.24]-George Sand. -I did not wanna know that. 乔治桑
[18:09.60]And how do you even know that? 我不知道 不想知道
[18:11.44]Why does BIair wanna go to dinner with some guy--? 还有你怎么知道的?
[18:11.56]等等 为什么Blair想和 叫George的男人去晚餐? (大姐你真是不读书 囧rz)
[18:13.84]A hot girI named George, dressed Iike a man. . . 一个叫George的美女
[18:16.32]. . .and apparentIy is the dean's favorite writer. 她穿男装 并且显然 是院长最爱的作家
[18:20.00]I know this because taIking to BIair about how she's going to YaIe gets her reaIIy-- 我了解这些是因为和Blair谈
[18:22.60]她将如何进入耶鲁 会让她非常...
[18:24.24]Chuck, no, you just toId me two things I never wanted to hear. Chuck 不 你说了2件我最不想知道的事
[18:27.68]And one is gonna haunt me for the rest of my Iife. 这要困扰我一辈子的
[18:38.04]JORDAN: Okay. 好吧 我们还没深入之前
[18:39.44]Okay, before we go any further, I have to know something.
[18:43.52]And teII me the truth. 跟我说实话
[18:45.88]As a writer, what do you think of Marquez? 作为一个作家 你觉得马尔克斯怎么样? (哥伦比亚小说家 "百年孤独"作者)
[18:48.68]Marquez. 马尔克斯 是个坚强的人
[18:51.32]-That's a tough one. -Okay, you're right. It's too broad.
[18:52.88]嗯 回答正确
[18:54.96]Let's just taIk Cholera. 可是太宽泛了
[18:55.48]来说说 "霍乱"
[18:58.36]Ooh. Very painfuI. 很痛苦
[19:02.88]No, I'm not kidding. 才不呢 我不开玩笑
[19:04.04]I tried to read it, couIdn't get through it. It's ridicuIous. 我试着读过 可看不下去
[19:07.36]You're funny. 太荒谬了
[19:10.56]And sweet. 好可爱
[19:12.92]Not Iike most writers I meet. 不像我遇见的其他作家
[19:16.76]HeIIo? 我认识你吗?
[19:21.80]-Hi, Jordan SteeIe? -Do I know you? 你好 是Jordan Steele么?
[19:23.80]No, I was toId that you work for the chair of the Lit. Department-- 我认识你么?
[19:24.44]不 一个助教告诉我 您为文学院主席工作
[19:27.04]Yeah, can you come back Iater maybe? 你...可以等会儿再来么?
[19:29.52]I apoIogize for hunting you down, but I'm desperate. 实在不好意思打扰您
[19:32.08]I need someone to read my work and write a Ietter. . . 可是我...我都快绝望了
[19:32.52]这周末之前 我需要个人读我的作品 给我写封推荐信
[19:34.88]. . .and I was hoping you couId heIp me. 我...我希望您可以帮助我
[19:38.88]-Nate? -HeIp you what? Nate?
[19:41.12]-Is that--? That's Nate ArchibaId. (MOUTHING ) Don 't say my name. 帮你什么?
[19:41.44]那是Nate Archibald
[19:44.16]No, that's Dan Humphrey. 不是 是Dan Humphrey
[19:48.52]No-- What? N..什么?
[19:53.80]-Nate ArchibaId. -Dan Humphrey. Nate Archibald
[19:56.52]No, she was into me. Next thing I know, she's throwing a book at my head. Dan Humphrey
[19:57.16]不 她真对我有兴趣
[20:00.04]Yeah, FauIkner, a first edition, not that you'd know. 随后她竟然朝我头上扔书
[20:00.52]是啊 福克纳的书
[20:02.72]I do know you didn't have to mess it up for me then. 貌似是头版书 你肯定不知道
[20:02.92]是的 但我知道你不该在那出我丑
[20:05.36]ShouId I have watched you screw up my chance. . . 那我该干什么
[20:07.68]. . .at a connection in the department for pseudonymous sex? 难道继续看着你用假名做爱
[20:10.52]-That's not-- -My future's not a joke. - 我根本没那个意思 - 你觉得很搞笑是吧?
[20:12.44]-Just Iet me expIain, okay? -Look, Nate. . . - 可我的未来不是玩笑 - 不是
[20:12.88]听我解释 行吗?
[20:14.52]. . .I'm sure that your Iife is compIicated, with your famiIy. . . Nate 我知道你现在的生活很复杂
[20:17.84]. . .and, I don't know, girIs, but you can't pretend to be me. 由于你家人 还有可能是女人的关系 但你也不能假装是我
[20:21.84]Maybe it's okay to use peopIe in your worId. 也许你的世界这样利用人很正常 但我的世界这就不正常
[20:24.08]You ever get tired of carrying that chip on your shouIder? 你总是这么碎碎念累不累 Dan?
[20:27.00]No wonder Serena dumped you. 怪不得Serena抛弃你
[20:34.76]HeIIo, ShirIey, I wouId Iike an invitation to the reception at the dean's house. 你好 Shirley
[20:38.96]-You're going to get me one. -I'm sorry. 你得给我一张
[20:41.36]I'm not in charge of the dean's private affairs. 不好意思
[20:44.00]I have it on good authority that you are. 我有充分理由相信你管
[20:46.04]I need to get back in the good graces of the dean. 而我需要重获院长的好感
[20:48.48]Interviews are so stressfuI for you students. 面谈真让你们这些学生压力太大
[20:50.88]Check your e-maiI. 看下你的电邮
[20:59.92]Eighteenth century. 18世纪的
[21:02.60]Do you know how rare a pair is? 你知道那年代的一对瓶多稀少么?
[21:04.52]I had someone at Christie's put them on hoId. . . 我让克里斯拍卖行的人先留住了 以防万一
[21:07.76]. . .just in case.
[21:11.88]1 1 00 HiIIhouse Avenue. Hillhouse大道1100号
[21:14.84]GOSSIP GIRL: Poor S. She should know B's rules by now. 可怜的S
[21:18.20]When someone leaves you off a list, don 't get mad, get in. 她现在该知道B的规则了
[21:18.72]有人若没把你列入名单 别发疯
[21:21.64]Thank you. 要找门道
[21:28.40]-WeII? -I'm impressed. 那么?
[21:31.12]You're cIearIy vaIued here. . . 印象深刻
[21:33.40]. . .and you handIe yourseIf very professionaIIy. 你行事很专业
[21:35.72]Thank you. 谢谢
[21:38.12]But I think you shouId go back to schooI. 但是
[21:41.36]But you just said you were impressed. 你刚说印象深刻
[21:44.44]I don't. . . . 我...
[21:46.12]-I don't understand. -I'm sorry, sweetheart. 我不懂
[21:47.28]对不起 甜心
[21:50.08]I just think schooI's too important. 我还是觉得上学太重要了
[21:58.60]Okay. 好吧
[22:00.68]If that's what you think, that's what you think. 如果你这么想 那就这样吧
[22:03.80]We made a deaI, and I agreed to it, so. . . . 我们说好的 我同意的
[22:06.04]I have to say, I thought there'd be some yeIIing. 其实 我还以为会有抗议呢
[22:10.00]You said you'd give me a day, and you did. 你说要给我一天 你给过了
[22:14.00]Can you at Ieast take me to compIete one Iast errand before we go home? 可以让我把最后一个任务 做完再回家吗?
[22:18.84]-Sure. -Thanks. 行
[22:25.44]GUY: Oh, nice to meet you.
[22:37.16]Trying to come up with an answer for the dean's parIor game? 想为院长的室内游戏找出答案?
[22:40.28]You manipuIated your way in here? 在这你居然也操纵人放你进来了?
[22:42.32]I get what I want, Serena, just Iike I'm gonna win tonight. 我得到我想要的 Serena 就像今晚我也会赢
[22:45.36]What's your answer? 你的回答是什么?
[22:47.56]No, Iet me guess: Lauren Conrad. 不 让我想想
[22:49.92]Lauren Conrad (美国电视名人 服装设计师)
[22:51.84]Try George Sand. 乔治桑
[22:55.72]-Wait, that's-- -Your answer? Not anymore. - 等等 那是... - 你的答案?
[22:57.80]If you're gonna cheat your way in, then why shouId I pIay fair? 不再是了
[22:58.00]如果你作弊入场 我干嘛要公平竞争呢?
[23:01.16]And the dean asks his question in aIphabeticaI order. 我听说院长按字母排序提问
[23:03.72]So since V comes before W, Iooks Iike the answer's aII mine. 因此既然 "v"在"w"之前 看似答案归我了
[23:25.56]CHUCK: You gentIemen wanted a Chuck Bass party. 各位绅士想来个Chuck Bass的派对吗
[23:28.12]WeII, your party has arrived, straight from. . . . 派对来了 上前来取吧
[23:31.04]I can't teII you where, but they're the best money can buy. 来自何方 无可奉告 但这是金钱所及之最佳品相
[23:34.24]Before you ask, they don't speak EngIish. 别提问 她们不懂英语 也不在乎
[23:37.00]And they don't care.
[23:39.96]By the way, that's not one for each of you. 顺便告知大家 每人不止一个
[23:43.60]They do their best work in threes. 3人一组时她们表现最佳
[23:46.20]GUY 1 : Not bad, Bass. 不错啊 Bass 可你的活还没完
[23:48.56]But you're not done.
[23:50.12]The girIs are aII right, but they're just girIs. 妞儿们很棒 不过只是妞而已
[23:54.80]You stiII need to prove your IoyaIty. 你还得证明你的忠诚
[23:57.40]We want Nate ArchibaId. 我们要Nate Archibald
[24:00.08]We know you're tight with him. We know he's on campus. 我们知道你和他是铁把
[24:02.72]-ArchibaId's not worth your time. -We think he is. 他也在学校里
[24:05.16]My famiIy Iost our compound because of his father. 值得
[24:05.00]因为他爸 我们家在纽波特的大屋没了
[24:07.88]PuII him in, take him down. 把他抓来
[24:10.80]You've got one hour. 狠整他
[24:12.64]You want in, you'II bring us ArchibaId. 你要入伙 带来Archibald
[24:18.24](WOMAN & SERENA SPEAKING FRENCH) 你们爱看Lelouch(法国导演)的电影么?
[24:20.72]"车站小说" 是我最喜欢的电影
[24:24.00]Et toi? 你呢?
[24:25.60]ActuaIIy, it's ''vous, '' as a sign of respect. 实际上 "您" 才是尊称
[24:28.60]I'm sure that's why you don't know it very weII. 我相信因为这点 你也不可能了解那个电影
[24:31.44]BIair WaIdorf. Blair Waldorf
[24:33.04]You were my father's favorite teacher. I've been Iooking for you. 迷人啊 小姐
[24:36.20]You inspired his expatriation to France. 我一直在找您
[24:38.96]I'd Iove for you to hear about it. ShaII we? 我很想告诉您这些
[24:41.28]哦 好
[24:44.68](PHONE RINGS) 你在哪?
[24:46.04]-Where have you been? -I got tied up. 我有事缠住了
[24:48.28]You wouIdn't wanna Ieave tonight, wouId you? 你今晚不想走吧 是吗?
[24:50.44]I think I'm compIeteIy done with this pIace. 我是说 我已经受够这里了
[24:52.64]-You strike out? -More like abruptly thrown out. 你吃闭门羹了?
[24:55.20]PeopIe know who I am, know the stuff about my dad. 这里人都知道我是谁
[24:57.68]Plus there was this thing with Dan Humphrey. 都知道我爸的事
[24:57.68]还跟Dan Humphrey撞上了
[24:59.84]I'd Iove to say, " TeII me aII about it," and mean it. . . 我真很想讲 "说来听听"
[25:02.52]. . .but since I can't, why don't we meet and get bIazed? 但又不能这样 不如见面一起抽大麻兴奋下?
[25:05.20]Yeah, yeah, okay. 好 行
[25:06.52]There's this pIace off campus caIIed Mike's Bar. 校园外面有个叫Mike酒吧的
[25:08.88]I'II meet you there. 那里见
[25:10.96]-Stay put. -Perfect. 等着
[25:17.00]It's done. Let's go. 搞掂 走
[25:19.64]AIthough I Iove Henry VIII, I prefer Sir Thomas More. 我喜欢亨利8世 但更爱托马斯莫尔
[25:22.96]It's great that Pope Benedict canonized him when he did. 我觉得教皇班尼迪克封他为圣徒太棒了
[25:25.92]Thank you. Don't you mean Pope Pius XI? 哦 谢谢
[25:28.36]-Quite right, Miss. . .? -Van der Woodsen. 很对 小姐是?
[25:30.32]-Van der Woodsen, is it? -Hi. Van Der Woodsen
[25:31.76]Most peopIe don't know their popes in succession. Van Der Woodsen 是吗?
[25:34.76]-May I borrow you for a minute? -Excuse me. 失陪了
[25:37.76]How do you know that? You sIept through History Iast year. 你怎么知道的?
[25:40.76]I Iove The Tudors. Henry CaviII is a totaI babe. 我喜欢看"都铎王朝"
[25:41.64]Henry Cavill真是个好宝贝
[25:43.56]You Iook caIm for someone who no Ionger has the perfect answer. . . 作为一个没有给院长问题完美答案的人
[25:46.72]. . .to the dean's question.
[25:49.08]You don't think I came aII the way here without a backup answer, do you? 我这么辛苦跑这来 怎么会后备答案都没有?
[25:52.60]Oh, and it's a reaI crowd pIeaser. It's gonna kiII. 我的答案肯定会让大家都很高兴的
[25:55.88]BERUBE: Everyone, everyone. 绝对出彩
[25:59.36]It's time for my favorite part of the evening. . . 今晚我最喜欢的时间
[26:02.28]. . .which has deIightfuIIy become known over the years as Probatur. 很高兴这些年来被大家称作probatur
[26:06.76]That's Latin for " the quiz. " 是拉丁语"考试"
[26:08.32]We wiII begin with Mr. AppIebaum. 我们先请Applebaum先生
[26:18.56]Oh, hey. Hey.
[26:21.96]Hey. Hey! Hey!
[26:27.80]And now on to Miss Steinberg. 现在是Steinberg小姐
[26:30.72]Your answer is Artemis. 请你回答狩猎女神
[26:33.24]Artemis is the goddess of the forest and the hiIIs. 狩猎女神是森林和山川女神
[26:36.32]As a freegan, I beIieve in aII Iiving things being equaI to aII peopIe. 作为一个自由环保主义者 我相信一切生物对所有人都平等
[26:40.96]I'm so gIad they did this aIphabeticaIIy. 真高兴他们按字母表顺序来
[26:43.72]Now I get to see the Iook on your face when I use your answer even sooner. 马上我用你的答案回答时 要好好欣赏一下你的表情
[26:47.28]I can teII you right now, the Iook wiII be of vindication. 现在就可以告诉你 我脸上的表情肯定是沉冤得雪
[26:50.12]And aIso screw the Man at the same time. 同时也干了那个男人
[26:53.12](CROWD MURMURING ) 非常好 Steinberg小姐
[26:54.52]Very nice, Miss Steinberg.
[26:57.72]And now on to Miss van der Woodsen. 下一个Van Der Woodsen小姐
[27:00.60]The person you wouId most Iike to have dinner with. . . 不论是真实还是幻想 活着还是死去
[27:03.16]. . .reaI or imagined, Iiving or dead, is. . . 你最想一起用晚餐的那个人是
[27:07.44]. . .Pete Fairman. Pete Fairman
[27:10.96]I do not know this person. Who is Pete Fairman? 我不知道这个人
[27:12.48]Pete Fairman是谁?
[27:16.92]Um. . . .
[27:18.88]He. . . . 他...他...
[27:21.28]-He's. . . . -He's the man she kiIIed. 他是...
[27:35.00](WHISPERS) I cannot beIieve you did this. -Why? It's not Iike you don't deserve it. 真不敢相信你这么做
[27:38.84]Miss van der Woodsen, wouId you Iike to expIain? 你本来就不配
[27:38.60]Van Der Woodsen小姐 可以解释一下么?
[27:41.40]No, of course, Dean Berube. 不 当然 Berube院长
[27:43.96]Pete Fairman was a man that I knew. Pete Fairman是我认识的一个人
[27:46.40]-Man-sIash-deaIer. -Miss WaIdorf, Iet her speak. 一个毒品贩子
[27:47.28]Waldorf小姐 让她说
[27:49.04]He died aImost two years ago, when I was with him. 2年前 我和他在一起的时候 他死了
[27:51.72]What happened was a tragedy, and I am fiIIed with regret over it. . . 是个悲剧
[27:53.32]我很内疚 但我没有责任
[27:55.96]. . .but I was not responsibIe. 你对那盘性交录像带有责任么?
[27:57.52]Were you responsibIe for the sex tape? It wasn't sexy, if you ask me. - Blair - 要我说里面的东西也不是很性感
[28:01.04]SERENA: That's enough, Iet's go. - 如果您要问的话 - Blair 够了
[28:02.40]Dean Berube, do you mind if we sort this out privateIy, pIease? 走
[28:02.48]Berube院长 您介意我们私下处理这事吗?
[28:06.12]-Take aII the time you need. -My answer was George Sand. 你们尽请自编
[28:09.56]Love her. IdoIize. Worship. 爱她 敬仰她 崇拜她
[28:12.84]Get your hands off of me. Are you trying to kiII me too? 拿开你的臭手
[28:15.56]A guy died, and you use it as part of a game? 你是不是也想杀了我?
[28:15.44]人都死了 你还要把他拿来做游戏
[28:18.12]It isn't a game. This isn't another thing on a Iaundry Iist. 什么人做得出这种事?
[28:17.92]这不是游戏 不是洗衣店单子上的一项物品
[28:21.04]This is YaIe, my dream. You crossed a Iine. 这是耶鲁 我的理想
[28:23.48]And so did you, when you brought up Pete. 是你越界了
[28:23.32]你提到Pete 也越界了
[28:25.52]As far as my being here, you take that up with the schooI. 只要今晚我在这 你自己跟学校解释
[28:33.80]-You did not just do that. -Why do you think you were invited? 你想干嘛
[28:36.92]You know you're not YaIe materiaI. 凭成绩你根本不是耶鲁的料
[28:38.84]CouId it be your face on Page Six? Your name everywhere? Face it, Serena. 不就是你的脸在"第6版" 报纸上到处都是你的名字吗?
[28:42.52]YaIe needs to up their Q rating Iike other schooIs. 面对现实吧 Serena
[28:42.44]耶鲁需要提升他们的受欢迎等级 就像其他学校一样
[28:45.16]They're gonna use girIs Iike you to do it. 他们需要利用你这种女孩完成目标
[28:47.64]-You shut up. -You shut up. 你闭嘴
[28:51.96]-No. -BIair-- 不
[28:55.20]-I hate the stupid headbands. -My headband! 我非常讨厌那些愚蠢的头饰带
[28:58.04]God. 你
[29:00.12]SERENA: I'm gonna eff you up. 不
[29:02.00]BLAIR: No. You-- 你
[29:03.80]Ow! Ow!
[29:24.88]You sure it's okay for us to just come up Iike this? 你确定我们可以直接这样进来吗?
[29:27.44]Yeah, the maid's expecting me. Larissa. 是 女仆正等着我呢
[29:31.60]Whose maid is Larissa? You didn't say where we were going. 谁的女仆会叫Larissa?
[29:36.28]-Jenny. -LiIy's not here. Jenny
[29:37.60]I didn't think you'd mind. Lily不在这儿
[29:42.20]-Rufus. -Whoa. Rufus
[29:46.40]LILY: Oh, um--
[29:48.00](LAUGHS) 这不是我的裙子
[29:49.40]This is not my dress. I was just trying it on for fun.
[29:54.72]Sorry. Larissa said you were going out, and I couId Ieave this with her. 对不起 我打电话时...
[29:59.12]I forgot to incIude it in the garment bag with your dress. 我把这个留给她就行
[30:02.80]But cIearIy, I don't even think you need it. 但是显然...我想你不需要它了
[30:06.92]This dress Iooks so great on you. 你穿这件衣服非常漂亮
[30:12.12]The onIy thing wrong is the shoes. I can pick you out a different pair. 唯一不搭的就是鞋子
[30:13.48]如果你需要的话 我可以重新给你挑一双
[30:15.96]-Oh, upstairs, third door on the Ieft. -Okay. 楼上 左手第三间
[30:24.88]-How have you been? -Fine. 你最近怎么样?
[30:27.60]-Sorry for the intrusion. -Oh, it's no bother. 很好
[30:30.16]I'm aIways happy to see you. 没关系
[30:34.28]-The house seems quiet. -WeII, Bart is out of town. 房间里似乎很安静
[30:37.40]Serena and CharIes are on coIIege visits, and Eric has a new friend, so I hear. Serena和Charles去参观大学了
[30:39.28]Eric交了一个新朋友 据我所知
[30:43.48]WeII, the pIace Iooks amazing. As do you. 这个地方太棒了 你也一样
[30:45.64]-It's quite a dress. -Of course it is. 裙子也很漂亮
[30:49.36]Your daughter made it. 你的女儿成功了
[30:51.16]You're so Iucky to have a daughter that's this good. . . 你真幸运能有这样一个女儿
[30:54.64]. . .at what she wants to do so earIy in her Iife. 她还这么年轻 就对她想做的事情如此在行
[30:57.92]It's a gift. 这是天赋
[31:00.64]You had one too, if I remember correctIy. 你曾经也有天赋 如果我没记错的话
[31:08.52]Here, the perfect pair of Jimmy Choos. 给你
[31:10.56]I'II Iend these to Serena when she wears the dress. 一双完美的Jimmy Choo
[31:10.44]当Serena穿这件衣服时 我会把这些借给她
[31:13.08]-Okay. -Jenny, we shouId get going. 好
[31:14.84]-Okay. See you. -Bye. Jenny 我们该走了
[31:15.40]- 再见 - 再见
[31:19.88]By the way. . . 顺便告诉你 不论你穿什么都非常漂亮
[31:22.12]. . .no matter what you wear, you Iook fantastic.
[31:32.08]Hey, man, where are you? 嗨 兄弟 你在哪儿呢?
[31:33.36]I've been sitting here forever. PIease, just caII me back. 我一直在这儿等你
[31:34.28]拜托 回我电话
[31:37.12]-Round of shots, Mike. MIKE: Coming right up, guys. 干得好 Mike
[31:38.68]马上就来 兄弟们
[31:41.12]GUY 1 : We taught Nate ArchibaId a Iesson. He'II never come back to YaIe. 我们刚才狠狠教训了Nate Archibald
[31:44.36]GUY 2: ArchibaId is such a Ioser. 对 Archibald就是个失败者
[31:46.40]Excuse me. Did you say Nate ArchibaId? 打扰一下
[31:48.68]We just tied that chump to the statue in the gazebo. 你刚才是不是在说"Nate Archibald"?
[31:48.84]是 我们刚才把那个笨蛋绑在露台的雕塑上
[31:51.28]-It's priceIess. -I hope he freezes his ass. 非常有趣
[31:53.44]WeII, you got the wrong guy. I'm Nate ArchibaId. 希望他冻掉屁股
[31:54.76]我才是Nate Archibald
[31:57.12]I Iook forward to coming here next year and kicking your ass. 我很期待明年来痛打你一顿
[32:00.12]In fact, why wait? 事实上 为什么要等呢?
[32:03.60]-Okay, it can wait. GUY 1 : Get him. 好 我可以等
[32:09.64]DAN: Come on.
[32:12.16]Hey, excuse me. Excuse me, hi. I know this is a strange request. 对不起
[32:15.72]CouId you untie me? Sir, hey. Yeah, hey, come on. Hey, excuse me. 我知道这是个奇怪的请求 不过你可以给我松绑吗?
[32:19.72]-WouId you be so kind as to-- NATE: Dan? 打扰你一下
[32:27.64]Hope you at Ieast bought the statue a drink first. 希望你至少请它喝了一杯
[32:30.16]-I don't want you to heIp. -You might if you knew. . . 不 我不知道是否需要你的帮助
[32:32.72]. . .the reason you're here is they thought you were me. 你可能需要
[32:32.52]如果你知道你在这的唯一原因 就是他们以为你是我
[32:35.36]How is that even possibIe? I didn't Iie about my name. 这怎么可能?
[32:38.12]Yeah, but I have a feeIing someone eIse did for you. 我...我又没在名字上撒谎
[32:37.84]是 但我认为是别人干的
[32:42.04]Why wouId anyone want to hurt Mr. Perfect, Nate ArchibaId? 怎么会有人想伤害 完美的Nate Archibald?
[32:45.16]ApparentIy, my Iegacy at YaIe invoIves peopIe hating my father's guts. 显然在耶鲁很多人痛恨我父亲
[32:48.64]Turns out he kiIIed a Iot of trust funds around here. 他毁掉了这里不少人的信托基金
[32:51.28]-By the way, this knot is ridicuIous. -Yeah, I know. 顺便说一下 这个结太荒谬了
[32:52.72]是 我知道
[32:55.76]CouId you try a IittIe faster. . . 你能不能...稍微快点?
[32:57.64]. . .because I see something approaching that Iooks femaIe. 因为我看见貌似是一个女孩走过来了
[33:00.84]I'm not entireIy proud of my choice of boxers. 我不太喜欢现在这个短裤
[33:03.64]JORDAN: You two again. 又是你们两个?
[33:08.04]-Yeah. -Hi. 是
[33:10.20]Is this performance-art piece your new pIan to get my attention? 你这种行为艺术是为吸引我的注意吗?
[33:14.64]-WouId it work if it was? -Move over, my mom was in the Navy. 嗯...
[33:14.64]如果是的话 有效果吗?
[33:15.72]让开 我妈妈曾经在海军服役
[33:18.04]Oh, my God. 上帝呀
[33:23.76]I can't do it anymore, BIair. 我受不了了 Blair
[33:25.76]That's because you aImost Iost. I had you pinned with that chicken wing. 那是因为你几乎已经输了
[33:29.68]-Don't deny it. -I don't mean this. I mean, everything. 别否认
[33:33.80]The wars, the betrayaI. . . 争斗 背叛 和时刻戒备着地雷
[33:35.28]. . .the watching out for every possibIe Iand mine.
[33:39.12]-It's exhausting. -I'm sick of it too. 我已经精疲力尽了
[33:42.12]I'm sick of aIways Iooking Iike Darth Vader. . . 我受够了被看成阳光芭比身边的黑武士
[33:45.20]. . .next to Sunshine Barbie.
[33:47.60]Life's too short, but you make it feeI so Iong. 人生苦短
[33:52.32]If that's how you reaIIy feeI, maybe we shouIdn't be friends. 如果我们真这么想 或许...
[33:58.36]We were probabIy gonna grow apart in coIIege anyway. . . 无论如何我们也会在上大学时疏远
[34:01.00]. . .so might as weII just start now. Right? 咱们不如从现在就开始 你说呢?
[34:05.92]Fine by me. 我无所谓
[34:07.72]You Iive your Iife, I'II Iive mine. 你走你的路 我过我的桥
[34:11.64]-Sounds great. -I agree. 听起来不错
[34:23.36]GOSSIP GIRL: From comrades to combat, we thought we'd seen it all. 从亲密伙伴到反目成仇 我们以为都见识过了
[34:26.40]But we've never seen this: Serena and Blair calling a cease-fire. 但我们没想到会这样...
[34:30.84]After so much scorched earth, can either side claim victory? 经过无数炮灰 哪方宣布最终胜利了吗?
[34:45.08]-You're gonna teII me the cat died? -No, no, it's nothing bad. 我怎么觉得 你要告诉我一只猫死了?
[34:46.88]不 不 不是什么坏事
[34:49.24]When I was your age, aII I wanted was to be a musician. 当我在你的年纪时 我只希望能成为一名音乐家
[34:51.92]My parents didn't think it was a good idea. 但我的父母并不认同
[34:54.04]It made for some uncomfortabIe years. 让我有很长一段岁月极其难熬
[34:55.92]And Iast night I reaIized that. . . 昨晚 我意识到...
[34:58.12]-. . .we don't have to do things that way. -I don't understand. 我们不用那样做
[35:02.24]Your dad asked me to bring over aII my stuff on homeschooIing. 我不明白
[35:07.56](JENNY SCREAMS) 圣诞节之后 我们可以重新评估
[35:08.76]After Christmas, we can re-evaIuate. If everything works out, you appIy to. . .
[35:12.72]-. . .ProfessionaI ChiIdren's SchooI next. -Like Vera Wang. 也许下学期你可以申请专业儿童学校
[35:14.64]就像Vera Wang一样
[35:16.68]Thank you, thank you, thank you. 谢谢你
[35:19.68]-I won't Iet you down, I promise. -I know you won't. 我不会让你失望的 我保证
[35:29.36]What are you doing here? Making sure the dean knows. . . 你来这儿干什么? 确保院长知道一切都是我的错吗?
[35:32.12]-. . .it's aII my fauIt? -No. 不是
[35:34.76]I came to teII him that YaIe is your dream. . . 我来告诉他耶鲁是你的梦想
[35:37.00]. . .and you deserve to go here more than I do. 而且你比我更有资格来这里
[35:39.84]-What are you doing here? -Doing the same thing for you. 你在这儿干什么?
[35:46.56]I was up aII night thinking about. . . 我整晚都没睡 想着我们9岁时第一次一起来这里的情景
[35:48.40]. . .the first time we came here when we were 9.
[35:50.88]Your dad took us to that Harvard-YaIe game. . . 你父亲带我们参加了哈佛/耶鲁的游戏
[35:53.24]. . .and you tackIed Senator Schumer's daughter. . . 还有你摔倒了参议员Schumer的女儿 就因为她穿了一件哈佛的T恤衫
[35:56.48]-. . .for wearing a Harvard sweatshirt. -I bet those grass stains never came out. 我打赌衣服上的那些污渍一直都在
[36:03.92]I don't want to not know you. 我不想不认识你
[36:07.40]I can't not know you. 我不能不认识你
[36:09.24]Maybe we just had that fight. . . 也许我们有那场争斗
[36:10.84]. . .because the reaIity of being separated next year. . . 是因为明年就要分开的事实太可怕 以至于我们不敢想象
[36:14.48]. . .is just too scary to think about.
[36:20.40]So. . . . 现在怎么办?
[36:25.12]Wait here for me. 在这儿等我
[36:26.84]-We'II ride home together. -Okay. 咱们一起回家
[36:33.28]So you think you can maybe heIp him out a bit? 你可以...也许帮他一点忙吗?
[36:36.20]WeII, I can't promise anything. . . 我不能保证任何事
[36:37.92]. . .but I'm pretty sure I can get someone in the department. . . 但我肯定能让系里某人...
[36:41.24]. . .to read these and write you a recommendation. 读这些 并且给你写一封推荐信
[36:43.84]Thank you. My dream of going to YaIe isn't dead. 太感谢你了
[36:44.72]我到耶鲁的梦想还没有破碎 实在是太好了
[36:46.36]It might be embarrassed and humiIiated, but not dead. 也许这个梦想很尴尬丢人 但是梦想还能实现
[36:51.12]And I'm sorry about Iying to you. 我很抱歉骗了你
[36:53.00]I just needed to be someone eIse for a whiIe. 我只是当时必须不做自己
[36:55.72]Yeah, weII, next time you're up here, why don't you just be yourseIf? 下次你来这里时 只做你自己好吗?
[36:59.08]-Yeah. -Yeah. - 好 - 好
[37:02.88]I wouId have Iiked you whatever your name was. 无论你叫什么名字 我都会喜欢你的
[37:06.56]-Bye, Dan. -Bye. 再见 Dan
[37:08.84]You do Dan Humphrey better than Dan Humphrey. 再见
[37:08.96]你知道吗? 你这个版本的Dan Humphrey可比我本人要好
[37:11.08]-That 1 000-yard squint, can I steaI that? -Why, thank you. 真的吗?
[37:16.72]GUY 1 : Here he is. 他来了
[37:19.92]Looks Iike someone messed up Iast night and sent us after the wrong guy. 看来昨晚某人搞砸了
[37:23.60]Maybe the wrong guy for you, but the right guy for me. 是你害我们抓错人
[37:23.60]或许对你们来说是抓错人了 但对我来说他就是那个人
[37:26.48]-You'II pay for this when you get here. -I'm not coming here next faII. 你明年来这儿时 会为此付出代价的
[37:29.92]Those girIs I brought to the party. . . 昨晚我带到舞会的那些女孩?
[37:32.04]. . .they witnessed some incriminating acts with their Iipstick cameras. 她们目击了你们的罪行 并用藏在口红里的摄像头拍了下来
[37:35.84]You may be the future Ieaders of America. . . 你们也许是美国未来的领袖
[37:38.68]. . .but you're now under the controI of Chuck Bass. 但你们现在都受Chuck Bass控制了
[37:41.12]I own you. 你们属于我
[37:44.96]Keep it. I've got pIenty. 留着吧
[37:55.60]-Missed you Iast night. -Did you? 昨晚没见到你挺想你的
[37:59.28]Or was it your pIan aII aIong just to get me out of the way? 是吗?
[38:02.32]-What? -I know what you did. 什么?
[38:06.64]Be gIad. Those guys were coming for you. I saved your ass. 你应该高兴才对
[38:09.76]-You didn't have to send them after Dan. -Two birds, one stone. 我救了你一命
[38:12.88]Since when do you care about humdrum Humphrey, anyway? 我看那么做不错
[38:13.04]另外 你什么时候在意过无聊的Humphrey?
[38:15.64]He's nothing. 他无足轻重
[38:17.84]-He's Iess than nothing. -I actuaIIy think he's pretty cooI. 他什么都不是
[38:20.76]-We'II taIk about this in the car. -No, I think I'd rather take the train. 我们上车再谈吧
[38:22.16]不 我想...
[38:28.72]-The dean seemed inscrutabIe to you? -I don't think he even bIinked. 院长对你也不太感兴趣吧?
[38:32.04]Since we're probabIy both gonna end up at Hunter after what happened. . . 鉴于我们最终都没戏了
[38:35.72]. . .I think we ought to say a proper goodbye. 我想还是正式和这里道别吧
[38:38.92](PHONE RINGS)
[38:40.80]-HeIIo? BERUBE: Serena, it's Dean Berube. 你好?
[38:41.64]Serena 我是Berube院长
[38:44.00]-Oh, heIIo, sir. -I just thought you shouId know. . . 你好 先生
[38:46.52]. . .despite events at Iast night's reception. . . 我只是想告诉你 尽管昨晚宴会上发生了那些事
[38:48.80]. . .I remain most impressed with you. 我对你的印象深刻 12月来参加提前录取
[38:52.12]And come time for early acceptances in December...
[38:54.88]...I'd check that list to see if your name was on it. 我会查看名单上是否有你
[38:57.52]Okay, but what about BIair? 好 那Blair呢?
[38:59.28]Well, like all the other students with Blair's qualifications... 就像其他学生一样 Blair的申请...
[39:02.40]. . .she will learn her fate in the spring. 她会在春天时知道她的命运
[39:04.56]AII right, I'd Iike to issue a press reIease. . . 如果你不介意的话
[39:06.88]. . .that you came up to visit our gIorious campus. 我准备发布一篇 关于你来我们光荣的校园参观的新闻稿
[39:11.08]I'm gonna have to caII you back. 我一会儿给您回电话
[39:15.76]-I won't accept. I can't Iike this. -What? No, you have to. 我不能接受
[39:16.84]- 我不能这样... - 什么?
[39:19.96]It doesn't matter how you got it or why. It's an opportunity. 不 你一定要同意
[39:23.28]No, you're my best friend. What's mine is yours. 这是一个机会
[39:23.16]不 你是我最好的朋友
[39:24.36]- 我们有福同享 - 你不能分享这个
[39:26.68]You can't share this.
[39:29.96]We'II find a way together. 我们会想出办法的
[39:35.88]GOSSIP GIRL: Dreams. Everybody has them. 梦想
[39:38.72]Some good, some bad. Some you wish you could forget. 每个人都有
[39:38.80]有些好 有些坏
[39:44.80]Sometimes, you realize you've outgrown them. 有时你发现自己已经不适合了
[39:49.52]Sometimes, you feel like they're finally coming true. 有时你感到梦想终于要变成现实
[39:56.72]And some of us just have nightmares. 但有些人只有噩梦
[40:04.92]But no matter what you dream, when morning comes, reality intrudes... 不管你做了什么梦 早晨来临时
[40:10.00]...and the dream begins to slip away. 现实闯进来 梦想就悄然而逝了
[40:14.44]Dream a little dream of me. 记得要梦见我
[40:16.96]X O X O, Gossip Girl. 亲亲抱抱 流言蜚女
[40:41.76]SubtitIes by SDI Media Group
[40:43.92](ENGLISH SDH)
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