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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:41:07
[00:01.08]GOSSIP GIRL: Gossip Girl here, your one and only source... 流言蜚女驾到...
[00:03.76]...into the scandalous lives of Manhattan 's elite. 你了解曼哈顿上流社会丑闻的唯一途径
[00:06.20]Say those three words, and I'm yours. 说那三个字 我就是你的了
[00:08.36]I wiII never say those words to you. 我...
[00:11.24]BLAIR: We were pIaying chess. She was another piece. . . 我永远不会对你说那三个字
[00:13.68]. . .that you needed to knock over to take the queen. 而她只不过是你为了得到王后
[00:16.28]I'm reaIIy gIad you're Nate's friend. 真高兴你和Nate成了朋友
[00:18.28]He reaIIy needs someone Iike you right now. 现在他真的需要像你这样的朋友
[00:20.44]Hope you don't mind, but we've got a Iodger. 希望你们别介意 咱家来了一个新房客
[00:23.56]-That's not my dress. -It's my dress. 那不是我设计的衣服!
[00:26.00]-You can't make me give up my job. -Watch. 那是我的
[00:28.08]Your dad asked me to bring over aII my stuff on home schooIing. 等着瞧
[00:33.32]WOMAN: Where has she been?
[00:34.52]GOSSIP GIRL: And who am I?
[00:35.92]That's one secret I'll ever tell.
[00:39.16]You know you love me. X O X O...
[00:42.88]... Gossip Girl.
[00:44.60]<font color="#ffff00">流言蜚女 第二季 第08集
[00:52.48]GOSSIP GIRL: Every girl fantasizes about finding her Prince Charming... 每个女孩都幻想着找到自己的白马王子
[00:58.20]...but if that Prince refuses to come-- 但如果王子不肯出现...
[01:01.44](KNOCKING ON DOOR)
[01:07.08]You are Iate. Time for breakfast. 你起来晚了
[01:08.88]I'II be down in a minute. I just have to finish something. 该吃早餐了
[01:12.00]--a girl has to take matters into her own hands. 我还有点事没做完
[01:15.52]Don't forget, God aIways watching, Miss BIair. 别忘了 上帝一直看着我们 Blair小姐
[01:27.92]What do you mean, the herringbone won't arrive untiI tomorrow? 等等
[01:30.96]The meeting with the buyers from BIoomingdaIe's is today. 跟Bloomingdale采购商的见面会是在今天
[01:34.44]No, I don't care about ItaIian customs. 不 我才不管什么意大利客户
[01:36.72]If the eIectricity goes out, we found our new energy source. 要是停电了 靠她的能量都能让我们生存
[01:39.64]She's making me dizzy. 她弄的我晕头转向
[01:41.16]Fine, then you can be the one to teII EIeanor that yourseIf. 好吧 那你自己去跟Eleanor说吧
[01:44.56]Stupid, stupid ItaIians. 太蠢了
[01:46.20]Oh, oh, I know, with their pizza and pasta and MicheIangeIo. 愚蠢的意大利人
[01:46.76]哦 我知道 他们的匹萨 意大利面...
[01:50.48]-But not their herringbone. -Dad, you don't understand. 还有那个米开朗基罗 都蠢死了
[01:53.24]EIeanor put me in charge. It's a big deaI. 爸爸 你不懂
[01:53.60]Eleanor让我主管这些 这问题很严重
[01:55.32]-Honey, breathe. -No. No time for oxygen. I am Iate. - 亲爱的 喘口气吧 - 不 没时间喘息
[01:59.52]And I forgot my homework. 哦 我忘带作业了
[02:03.04]-She's making me feeI Iike a sIacker. -Maybe I can heIp fix that. 说实话 站她旁边我就是个懒汉
[02:06.20]Tomorrow night's the Aaron Rose opening. 我倒是能帮你找点事做
[02:06.40]明晚画廊要举办Aaron Rose作品展
[02:08.16]Vanessa and I couId use your heIp setting up. 你可以帮我和Vanessa做些准备工作
[02:10.40]Aaron Rose is that artist you discovered up at RISD, right? Aaron Rose就是你在罗德岛设计 学院发现的那个艺术家?
[02:13.28]-Yeah, the kid's amazing. -Homework, headset, handbag. 对 他太棒了
[02:15.92]Check, check. I have to pee. 作业 耳机 包包 带了 带了 带了
[02:17.48]-Guys, have you seen my sketchbook? DAN: No, don't-- 我要上厕所
[02:19.84]-Whoa, sorry. Oh, my God. -Oh, sorry. 哦 不 不 Nate!
[02:20.24]唔 不好意思
[02:21.36]哦 天啊
[02:22.88](CHUCKLING ) Jenny...不好意思 嗯...
[02:25.00]-Did you do something with your hair? -Uh. . . . 你...你新做了头发?
[02:27.20]Yeah. Shorter, bIonder. I was bored. 嗯 是的
[02:29.36]-I Iike it. It Iooks good. -Thanks. 剪短了点 染黄了点
[02:28.84]原来那个... 我有点腻了
[02:31.28]-Oh, go ahead. I'm sorry, I didn't-- -Oh, no, I'm gonna go. - 看起来...很不错 - 谢谢
[02:31.48]哦 你来用厕所吧
[02:32.64]- 抱歉 - 哦 没事
[02:34.68]-I'II just pee at work. No, no, it's fine. -Okay. - 我不是故意的... - 不 不
[02:34.04]我要走了 没事没事
[02:35.56]- 不 不不 - 不不 没事的
[02:36.84]- 再见 - 好
[02:45.24]Wanna get in? 想上车吗?
[02:47.08]I'd Iove to give you a ride. 很乐意送你一程
[02:48.80]Oh, I'm sure you wouId. 我知道你肯定乐意
[02:50.76]Too bad you've made the terms of that arrangement impossibIe. 太可惜了 我满足不了你的条件
[02:53.80]About that: maybe I was a IittIe too hasty. 那个嘛...也许我太急了点
[02:58.08]Come on, get in. 来吧
[03:00.32]Maybe I don't want you anymore. 上车
[03:02.72]Don't torture me. 别折磨我了
[03:04.12]I'm dying. 我都快死了
[03:11.92]AII you have to do is say those three magic words. 你只需要说那三个神奇的字眼
[03:14.84]I hate you. 我恨你
[03:26.08]Dude, I Iove that dress. 姐们 我爱死这衣服了
[03:28.00]JENNY: Thanks. 谢谢
[03:29.96]I mean, thanks on behaIf of EIeanor WaIdorf Designs. 我是说 代表Eleanor Waldorf 设计室感谢你
[03:32.52]I'm Agnes. I think we've worked together before. 我叫Agnes
[03:34.96]I kind of recognize the top of your head. 我觉得以前我们一起工作过
[03:37.16]Jenny, and yeah, because I think I recognize your feet. 我是Jenny 没错 因为 我也认出你的脚来了
[03:40.24](CHUCKLING )
[03:43.40]-Excuse me a minute. -Okay. 呃 抱歉 离开下
[03:46.52]EIeanor, I think the buyer from BIoomingdaIe's is here. Eleanor Bloomingdale的采购商来了
[03:49.72]ShouId I take notes, or what are you. . .? 我... 要我做做记录什么的吗
[03:52.36]Uh, you said I couId be in the meeting, remember? 你说过我能参加这个会议的 记得吗?
[03:55.00]WeII, not today. 今天可不行
[03:57.80]I need you to finish that. 你要把那个做完
[04:01.00]Robert, darIing. Robert?
[04:03.56]I am so gIad they sent you. Come. 亲爱的
[04:06.08]You are going to Iove it. 来吧
[04:10.00]Jenny, hey. Jenny?
[04:12.12]Nate? What are you doing here? 嘿
[04:14.24]I found this when you Ieft. I thought you might need it. 你来这干什么?
[04:14.56]你走后我找到了这个 我觉得你可能用得着
[04:16.96]I do. Thank you. Thank you so much. 哦 天 确实要用 谢谢
[04:19.00]-Sure. -That was reaIIy nice of you. 十分感谢
[04:20.96]-WeII, I'II Iet you get back to work. -Yeah, I'II see you Iater. 你真好
[04:21.44]嗯 你还是... 还是接着工作吧
[04:24.08]-Bye. -Bye. 好的 回见
[04:24.64]- 再见 - 再见
[04:28.36]That guy is totaIIy into you. 那家伙被你迷住了
[04:30.64]Uh, no, he's not. 哦 才没有
[04:32.08]-He thinks of me Iike a sister. -Yeah, a sister he'd Iike to do. 他觉得我是他的小妹妹而已
[04:35.20]-No. No, he doesn't. -Yeah. Yes. 嗯 他想上的一个小妹妹
[04:35.44]- 没有 才不是 - 是 就是 就是
[04:42.64]Hey. How's AP Economics treating you? 经济学上的怎么样啊?
[04:46.16]WeII, today there was a rousing debate about infIation versus Iiquidity. . . 嗯 今天就通货膨胀与流动性进行了辩论
[04:50.00]. . .which IsabeI settIed by caIIing Warren Buffett. 以Isabelle给Warren Buffett 打了个电话而告终(美国股神)
[04:52.44]ApparentIy, he's her godfather. 原来他是她的教父
[04:55.28]Hey, um, so the other night-- Seeing you was reaIIy nice. 嘿 那天晚上能见到你真好
[04:59.88]I know the first Ieg of the Dan-Serena "Iet's be friends" tour. . . 我承认Dan与Serena的
[05:03.04]. . .was a disaster, but. . . . "朋友之旅"的第一步 简直是个灾难 但...
[05:04.44]WeII, we were young and stupid then. Now we're oIder and wiser. 当时我们还年轻 头脑简单
[05:07.76]You have to heIp me destroy Chuck Bass. 现在我们成熟而又有智慧了
[05:08.32]你要帮我毁掉Chuck Bass
[05:10.16]-I'II take that as my cue to Ieave. -You're very perceptive. 好吧 我把这个就当逐客令好了
[05:13.24]Dan, wait. If you're having a probIem, a man's perspective couId be heIpfuI. 哦 你还真善解人意
[05:13.44]Dan 等等
[05:17.08]Just because you two are making an attempt at being friends. . . 那听听男生的观点可能会很有帮助
[05:20.12]-. . .doesn't mean I pIay the enabIer. -BIair, come on. 并非意味着我要做和事老
[05:23.16](SIGHS) Blair 算了吧
[05:27.92]If you're pIotting against Chuck Bass, I'm sure I couId think of something. 你们要搞垮Chuck Bass的话
[05:34.44]Fine. I have an itch that onIy Chuck can scratch. . . 好吧
[05:37.40]. . .and he won't obIige unIess I teII him I Iove him. 我的欲望只有Chuck能满足我
[05:37.80]但如果我不说我爱他 他决不肯就范
[05:40.04]You need heIp getting Chuck to sIeep with you? ReaIIy? 你...你需要别人帮你跟Chuck上床?
[05:43.16]You hear the judgment in his voice, right? 真的?
[05:43.56]你听出他对我的偏见了吧 嗯?
[05:45.24]-He's working on that. -Yeah. You're right, I'm sorry. 他... 他会改的
[05:47.92]No judgment, onIy heIp. 对对 不好意思
[05:48.04]嗯 只提供帮助 不做评论
[05:50.28]-So do you Iove him? -No, no. Of course not. 那么 你爱他吗?
[05:52.88]Then why don't you just say it? Guys have been doing that since forever. 不!
[05:52.24]不 当然不爱了
[05:53.28]那你随便说就是了 说了不就得到你想要了吗?
[05:56.56]I can't. If I say it, then Chuck wins. 不行
[05:59.04]Right, but if you say it, then you get him, and you win. 如果我说了 那他就赢了
[05:59.20]是 可如果你说了 你就得到了他 那是你赢啊
[06:01.76]No, I Iose. See? This is totaIIy pointIess. 不对 是我输了
[06:04.80]I was thinking I wouId disappear and give him a taste of Iife without me. 看 说这些完全没意义
[06:04.96]我在想 要不我消失一阵子算了
[06:08.44]No, no, no. That's a terribIe idea. Don't disappear. Become unavoidabIe. 让他尝点相思之苦
[06:08.52]不 不 不 这可不是好主意
[06:09.64]不能玩失踪 反而要无处不在
[06:11.92]Chuck may be a deviant, but he's stiII a man. Chuck可能不大正常 但他毕竟是个男人
[06:14.32]Drive him crazy. Wear him down. 把他逼疯掉 折磨他
[06:16.28]You shouId be good at that. 这个你最擅长了
[06:19.64]-Look who finaIIy got a IittIe interesting. -I'm sure it's a fIuke. 这谈话终于有点意思了
[06:23.08]See? Isn't this nice? 我只是走运而已
[06:27.44]Eck. Even broken up, you guys make me nauseous. 即便是分手了 你们还是让我恶心
[06:34.88]Jenny. Jenny!
[06:41.72]I am so sorry about today with Robert. 今天Robert那事 我很抱歉
[06:45.08]I know you wanted to be at that meeting. 我知道你想参加会议
[06:47.92]-It's okay. -I've just been so on edge. 没事
[06:50.08]These meetings with these buyers have not been going the way I expected. 我最近太紧张了
[06:50.16]因为跟采购商们的会谈 还未如我所料步上正轨
[06:53.88]I don't understand. The runway show went so weII. 我不明白
[06:56.32]That's this season. They want next season. 发布会进行的那么顺利
[06:58.68]FortunateIy, Robert did see one dress that he was very fond of. 他们关心的是下一季
[07:03.56]-I didn't know you started next season. -I haven't. 我不知道你都为下一季做了准备
[07:07.44]He Ioved the dress that you are wearing. 他 他喜欢你穿的这件
[07:13.60]Barneys and BendeI's are tomorrow. I have to have something to show them. Barneys和Bendel 明天就会来
[07:20.96]Ahem, um. . . . 呃 你可以给他们看这件啊
[07:22.80]You couId show them this dress.
[07:25.52]WeII, if you're offering. . . . 如果你同意的话
[07:28.64]I do think that it wouId be good for both of us. 我的确觉得这对你我都有好处
[07:31.44]Right, because then I couId be in those meetings? 那我就能参加洽谈了?
[07:33.84]AbsoIuteIy. When those buyers Ieave here. . . 当然了
[07:34.96]那些客户离开的时候 他们会记住Jenny Humphrey这个名字的
[07:36.80]. . .they wiII know the name Jenny Humphrey.
[07:40.64]So you are going to have to remake that dress in my fabrics, of course. 所以你要用我的布料 把这衣服重做一遍
[07:45.28]Um. . . . 呃 Eleanor 会面是就在明天了
[07:46.76]EIeanor, the meeting's tomorrow. I don't even have the pattern.
[07:49.88]I'd have to take the whoIe thing apart and compIeteIy make a new one. 我连这件衣服的样板都没有
[07:50.28]我得把它全部拆开 重新做一件
[07:53.24]You expect me to rescheduIe Barneys and BendeI's? 你想要我重新安排和Barneys 和Bendel的见面时间吗
[07:59.12]Okay. I guess I better get to it. 好吧
[08:02.68]Yeah. 要马上开工了
[08:20.44]-Wanna get a drink? -Wanna say those three IittIe words? 要喝一杯吗?
[08:23.36]-No. -Then no drink. 准备说那三个字了吗?
[08:25.72]Why? Scared you won't be abIe to handIe it? 那就没得喝了
[08:31.04]GOSSIP GIRL: Spotted: Upper East Side beauty... 注意了...上东区的美女 在她最喜欢的野兽面前除下了武器
[08:33.64]...laying down the gauntlet for her favorite beast.
[08:36.76]But careful, princess. 但要小心了 公主
[08:38.12]It's gonna take more than a little leg to get this prince to ravish you. 让你的王子屈服 可不是只露露腿就能解决的
[08:50.00]CHUCK: I'II have one drink with you. . . 我就跟你喝一杯 除非你能说服我
[08:51.60]. . .unIess you can convince me why I shouId stay, of course. 让我留下
[08:54.56]Just because we've reached an impasse on a certain issue. . . 我们就某事陷入了僵局
[08:57.44]. . .doesn't mean we can't be friends. 并不意味着我们就不能做朋友了
[09:00.16]So ever since CharIize Theron became the face of Dior. . . 自从Charlize Theron做了 迪奥的新代言人
[09:03.76]. . .I've wanted to change my signature scent. 我就想换个新牌子的香水了
[09:05.96]I've been trying out a new one. I can't decide if I Iike it. 我换了种新的
[09:08.88]WouId you mind? 能不能...?
[09:15.32]It smeIIs a IittIe Iike desperation. 闻起来有点绝望的味道
[09:19.08]Yeah, weII, I'II just keep on Iooking. Thank you. You've been very heIpfuI. 哦 那我还是继续再找吧
[09:23.88]To friendship. 敬友谊
[09:30.12]Oh, oops. 哦!
[09:31.76]I am so sorry. 真抱歉
[09:34.12]Let me heIp you with that. 我帮你擦掉吧
[09:38.32]I gave you a shot, and whiIe your efforts were admirabIe. . . 我给了你机会
[09:42.08]. . .I'm bored, and you ruined my pants. 但我觉得很无聊 而且你毁了我的裤子
[09:46.64]Good night, BIair. 晚安Blair
[09:56.08]SERENA: Hi, I'm Iooking for Dan Humphrey. 呃 我找Dan Humphrey
[09:58.84]MAN: Uh, yeah, he's here with Vanessa somewhere. 他和Vanessa在一起呢
[10:01.44]Cafe, maybe? 可能在咖啡厅吧
[10:06.36]Uh, wait. 呃 等等
[10:08.96]What do you think? If no one comes to the show. . . 觉得怎么样?
[10:11.56]. . .you might be the onIy one who ever reads it. 如果没人来看展览 你就是唯一看过这个的人了
[10:14.04]WeII, I don't know much about art. . . 呃 我对艺术所知有限
[10:16.64]. . .but I do know a Iot about speIIing, so, um. . . . 但是我对拼写还是很在行的
[10:21.08]Oh, no. 哦 不
[10:23.24]Maybe you shouId've had someone proofread it. . . 我觉得你..
[10:25.64]-. . .before you stuck it to the waII. -Are you kidding? 你在把这个贴在墙上之前 最好先校对一下
[10:28.28]Where did I mess up? I went over it 1 00 times. 开玩笑吗?
[10:28.96]我 我都看过几百遍了!
[10:30.52]I'm kidding. 我就是开玩笑的
[10:32.16](CHUCKLING )
[10:33.40]Wow. You haven't said your name. You're aIready humiIiating me. 我还不知道你名字
[10:36.48]-I'm sorry about that. -Good, so you'II stop abusing me. 你就开始羞辱我了
[10:36.36]哦 不好意思
[10:39.28]No, but I wiII introduce myseIf. 好 那你别虐待我了 好吗?
[10:39.24]不会了 但我会自我介绍下
[10:41.72]-I am Serena. -Aaron. 我叫Serena
[10:45.32]Aar-- Oh, Aaron. Then, you're the artist. Aaron
[10:46.48]Aaron 那 你就是那个艺术家咯
[10:49.08]Yeah. 对
[10:51.08]I have to meet Rufus at the storage space. He is stressing. 我得去仓库找下Rufus
[10:53.96]His eye starts to twitch, break out VaIium. 他压力很大
[10:56.12]Too Iate. He's been winking since Iunch. 那你就该给他吃点镇定的药了
[10:56.12]太晚了 从午饭开始他的眼皮就跳个不停
[10:57.84](CELL PHONE RINGING ) 宴会承办人还以为他要勾搭他呢
[10:59.00]-Caterer thought he was hitting on him. -Hey, couId you get that for me? 嘿 帮我拿下那个好吗?
[11:02.12]It's, uh, BIair. 是Blair
[11:04.20]-Since when does she caII you? -Oh, uh. . . . 从什么时候起她给你打电话了?
[11:07.12]I'm heIping her with this thing. 我给她帮了点忙
[11:09.80]-I gotta take this. Sorry. -Right. 哦 这个我得接
[11:13.40]-HeIIo? -I just wanted to thank you. . . 喂?
[11:15.28]. . .for encouraging me to throw myseIf at Chuck. 真感谢你让我对Chuck投怀送抱
[11:17.60]I can skip dinner now that I'm so fuII on humiIiation. 现在我晚饭都省了 气都气饱了
[11:21.04]Chuck was compIeteIy unmoved. Chuck根本就无动于衷
[11:22.92]You sure he wasn't just acting Iike it didn't work? 你确定他不是装作不动心?
[11:25.48]UnfortunateIy, there was no hard evidence of that. LiteraIIy. 不幸的是 没有任何迹象表明他动心了
[11:29.32]I didn't even get a chance to show him my neckIace tangIed up in my hair. 我都还没来得及用头发缠住项链那招
[11:32.88]The nape of the neck is Chuck's kryptonite. 后颈对Chuck来说就是催情剂
[11:35.04]Oh, that's good to know. So he just got up abruptIy and he Ieft? 哦 很高兴你能告诉我
[11:38.76]Like a Bass out of heII. 典型的Bass式的作风
[11:40.12]Then you got him where you want him. He's headed home. Intercept him. 这回你抓住他的痛脚了 相信我
[11:46.68]I'II Iet you know what happens. 我会及时告诉你进展的
[11:48.28]Oh, pIease don't. 哦 不要
[11:55.68]So I don't get it. Where's the mic? 麦克风在哪?
[11:57.56]Hidden. There's a bunch aII around the gaIIery. 哦 全部藏了起来
[12:00.56]I hope peopIe onIy have nice things to say about you and your show. 我希望人们能够夸奖你和你的作品
[12:04.00]Because you're gonna hear them. 因为你会亲耳听到的
[12:05.60]WeII, I guess you'II have to come and find out. 那我想你该亲自来看看
[12:09.64]Serena, hey. Serena 嘿
[12:11.12]-You been here Iong? -Oh, no. Not that Iong. 你来很久了吗?
[12:11.92]呃 没有 没多长时间
[12:14.16]Okay. You hungry? We shouId get going. See you Iater, Aaron. 好的 你饿吗?
[12:17.08]-Yeah, you two have fun on your date. -Oh, no, it's not a date. 再见 Aaron
[12:21.08]Yeah, no, we're just frie-- 哦 不 这可不是约会
[12:21.08]对 嗯 我们只是 只是朋友...
[12:23.04]We used to date, but we're friends now. 我们以前约过会 不过现在只是朋友
[12:32.32](CHATTERING )
[12:35.72]JENNY: I shouId get back. AGNES: Dude, EIeanor's a sIave driver. . . Eleanor还真是个黑心包工头
[12:38.04]. . .but don't worry. I'II get you home in time to get aII your work done. 别担心
[12:38.12]我会掐着时间把你送回去 让你完成工作的
[12:41.20]MAN: Ladies. 女士们慢用
[12:43.04]By the way, I Iove your dress. 对了 我爱死你的裙子了
[12:45.48]I've been coveting it aII day. Who makes it? 我已经垂涎了一天了
[12:47.88]I mean, it's definiteIy not EIeanor WaIdorf. 谁设计的?
[12:47.96]肯定不是Eleanor Waldorf的
[12:50.40]Not yet. 还不是
[12:51.96]Um, no, I made it, actuaIIy. 不 实际上是我设计的
[12:54.28]No way. Okay, no, now I am wearing it. Come on. 不是吧
[12:55.12]好了 现在我要穿 快来
[12:57.20]What am I gonna wear? 那我穿啥?
[13:17.08]Jenny, this is Max. Max, Jenny. Jenny 这是Max
[13:18.68]-Hi. MAX: Hey, what's happening? Max 这是Jenny
[13:18.64]嘿 怎么回事?
[13:24.16]I cannot beIieve you toId BIair to go to my house to seduce Chuck. 真不敢相信你竟然教唆Blair 去我家勾引Chuck
[13:27.36]I wouId've sent her to my pIace, but it might be awkward. . . 我倒是想让她去我家啊
[13:28.56]不过我想要是Nate在一旁 坐在沙发上盯着 肯定很奇怪
[13:30.24]-. . .with Nate on the couch. -Yeah. How's that been, with Nate? 那倒是
[13:33.92]Oh, it's been good, actuaIIy. It's been reaIIy good. 实际上还不错
[13:36.60]I don't think I ever reaIized how much he-- 挺好的
[13:38.44](CELL PHONE RINGING ) 这是Blair发的第三条短信了吧?
[13:39.60]Is this the third time BIair's texted me?
[13:41.44]Uh, fifth, actuaIIy, I think. 应该是第五条了
[13:44.12]Oh, she wants to know if I have candIes. Ew. No. 她问我有没有蜡烛
[13:47.76]I'm sorry, go on. 没有
[13:49.68]I was just saying, I don't think I ever reaIized-- 你继续
[13:49.92]没 我想说我没想到Nate会这么...
[13:51.76](CELL PHONE RINGING ) 你是不是也很烦?
[13:52.92]Is this driving you crazy too?
[13:55.64]No, no, it's fine. 没有啦
[13:58.04]Hmm, she's getting cocky now. 没事
[14:28.92]What are you doing, BIair? 你怎么在这儿 Blair?
[14:32.12]Oh. . . . Serena知道我很郁闷
[14:33.44]Serena knew how upset I was.
[14:36.28]She didn't want me to be aIone, so she invited me to sIeep over. 不想让我一个人呆着 所以让我过来一起睡
[14:45.36]Go away, Chuck. 走开 Chuck
[14:47.12]It's pointIess. I'm not gonna say it. 没用的
[14:51.64]I don't care. 没关系
[15:08.52]Ignore it. 别理它
[15:13.88](BLAIR GRUNTING )
[15:16.04]Give it. 给我!
[15:23.60]You aImost had me, BIair. AImost. 你差点就到手了 Blair
[15:50.64]Hey, you bitch. 嘿 贱人
[15:52.52]No, no, no, you are a bitch. 不...
[15:56.76]Must've taken, Iike, a miIIion pictures tonight. 你今晚的照片拍的够多了吧
[16:00.28]It's what I do. 这是我的工作
[16:03.24]I Iike photographing you, though. 我喜欢给你拍照
[16:09.00]Okay, that was Trish and Saskia, and they just got off work. . . 好了 等等
[16:12.44]-. . .so they wanna meet up now. -CooI. 她们刚下班 想大家见个面
[16:14.20]Uh, no, Agnes, I gotta go. I have so much work it's not even funny. 不用了 Agnes 我得走了
[16:16.32]我还有一大堆活要干 不是开玩笑的
[16:19.52]No, this is work. I mean, Trish and Saskia are the hottest styIists. 别嘛 宝贝 这也是工作啦
[16:23.20]She's right. You shouId meet these girIs. They do editoriaI for Nylon and Paper. 她说得没错
[16:24.88]她们一直在"Nylon"跟"Paper"杂志 做时尚编辑
[16:27.92]-I mean, it sounds awesome-- AGNES: No, Iisten, sweetie. - 听上去棒极了 不过我... - 别...
[16:30.40]Just come, say hi for, Iike, five minutes. It's nothing. 听着 宝贝 跟我们一起去 打个招呼就走 用不了5分钟
[16:33.64]You can sIeep when you're dead, baby. 没关系的
[16:33.56]管它那么多干嘛 宝贝
[16:35.48]Which is gonna be tomorrow, when EIeanor kiIIs me. 那明天Eleanor非得杀了我不可
[16:38.28]I'm sorry. I am gonna have to puII an aII-nighter as it is. 抱歉
[16:41.80]I have to go. 我得走了
[16:43.52]AII right, suit yourseIf. 那好吧 你自便咯
[16:53.48]JENNY: Agnes. Agnes!
[16:55.44]Agnes, you have my dress. Agnes 我的裙子!
[16:57.08]Excuse me. I need. . . . Excuse me. 借过
[17:04.64]Excuse me. Agnes! 借过
[17:07.68]Uh, heh.
[17:14.00]AGNES (ON RECORDING ) : This is Agnes. You know what to do, bitches. 我是Agnes
[17:16.48]GOSSIP GIRL: Sorry, J, but in the real world... 知道该怎么做吧 贱人们
[17:16.72]抱歉 J 在这个残酷的世界里
[17:18.88]... you can 't take a note to the principal... 你没法找校长告状醉醺醺的模特 吞掉你的家庭作业
[17:20.76]... when the drunken model eats your homework.
[17:32.04]-Agnes, I'm gonna kiII you. -No, dude, I know, trust me. Agnes 我要宰了你
[17:33.16]别 伙计 别...听我说
[17:34.84]I'm sorry. I just got aII of your messages. 我很抱歉
[17:37.20]Here, take the dress, and. . . . 听着 给 这是你的裙子
[17:38.88]I don't think that you shouId give this to EIeanor. 我觉得你不该把它拱手让给Eleanor
[17:41.52]My friends, they freaked over it Iast night. 昨晚我朋友们看了之后都目瞪口呆
[17:43.68]Great. I don't care. 好极了
[17:45.16]Okay, seriousIy, you work your ass off, and for what? 好了 说实在的 你这么累死累活的 到底为了啥?
[17:48.20]So EIeanor can rip off your ideas? 就为了让Eleanor剽窃你的创意?
[17:50.16]No, EIeanor promised I couId be in the meetings with the buyers today. 不 Eleanor答应让我去参加
[17:53.72]Just Iike she introduced you to the guy from BIoomingdaIe's. 就好像她把你引荐给 Bloomingdale的人一样?
[17:58.92]Look, come here, okay? 瞧 快来
[18:00.36]-No, stop. -Jenny, come here. 不要啦
[18:02.28]Agnes-- Oh, my God, I don't have time for this. What? Jenny 你来看看
[18:02.32]Agnes! 上帝 我没时间了
[18:05.00]Just Iook at this, okay? 干嘛?
[18:09.52]I mean, seriousIy, this couId be an ad campaign. 说真的 这完全可以用来做户外广告
[18:13.64]-Yeah, it does Iook pretty cooI. -I mean, right? 是啊 看上去很酷
[18:16.32]And Iook, you can do whatever you want to do, but, I mean. . . 没错吧
[18:16.40]听着 你想怎么做都可以 不过
[18:19.92]. . .what do you think peopIe wiII say when they see Jenny Humphrey's. . . 你觉得人们看到
[18:23.28]. . .finaIIy gone out on her own? Jenny Humphrey终于能独行其是 会怎么想?
[18:25.48]I don't know. " Jenny Humphrey's so young to have her own Iine. " 不知道
[18:26.08]"Jenny Humphrey还太嫩 没法完成她的系列作品"?
[18:28.84]Or, " Too bad Jenny Humphrey's stuff Iooks exactIy Iike EIeanor WaIdorf's. " 还是"糟糕 Jenny Humphrey跟Eleanor Waldorf的作品简直是一个模子刻出来的"
[18:41.12]BIair WaIdorf in BrookIyn. Blair Waldorf竟然来布鲁克林了 (布鲁克林--纽约贫民区)
[18:43.12]-Are you two Iost? -WiII you taIk to her, pIease? 你俩迷路了吗?
[18:45.88]There's nothing to taIk about. It's over. 我...没啥好谈的
[18:47.96]She stopped Iistening to me. Maybe she'II Iisten to you. 我说了 已经玩完了
[18:50.96]-Sure. -I'm gonna go check out the art. 好哇
[18:53.88]In the art gaIIery.
[18:55.56]TaIk. 好好说吧
[19:02.44]Oh, she's back. 你来了呀
[19:04.16]Wow, this is Iooking compIicated. 喔 看起来挺复杂的
[19:06.84]Don't worry. 别担心
[19:08.04]You waIk in on surgery haIfway through, it Iooks Iike murder. 你在手术半路跑进来 可有点像谋杀哦
[19:11.12]-Can I heIp? -You know how to weId? 能帮上忙吗?
[19:13.48]Um, I've seen Flashdance severaI times. 你会焊接吗?
[19:13.60]看过几次"闪电舞" ("闪电舞"--1983年电影)
[19:16.84]You have been toying with each other forever. So you didn't win this one. 你跟Chuck俩总是在互相玩弄
[19:20.40]-Maybe you shouId just Iet it go. -This is different. 你有没想过 就这么算了?
[19:23.12]Why? 这次不同
[19:29.56]Do you Iove him? 你...爱他?
[19:32.60]Wow. Someone Ioves Chuck Bass. 喔 Chuck Bass竟然有人爱 (很多人爱C的列 ><)
[19:34.92]I don't know. I just. . . . 不知道
[19:38.04]I-- I don't understand how it got to this pIace. 我...
[19:41.52]You know, the first time I toId Serena I Ioved her. . . 我第一次告诉Serena我爱她的时候
[19:44.08]. . .it was terrifying. I've never feIt so exposed. 我很胆怯
[19:47.72]But the feeIing that I got when she said it back to me. . . 可当她给我相同的回应的时候
[19:50.88]. . .was probabIy the singIe greatest moment of my Iife. 那是我这一生最难忘的时刻了
[19:55.36]But you broke up. 可你们还是分手了
[19:56.80]Yeah. Doesn't mean I wouIdn't do it aII over again. 可我不后悔那么做了
[20:00.12]If I say it, he wins. And if he wins. . . 如果我说了 他就赢了 那他就会换种眼光来看我了
[20:03.84]. . .then I'II just be another girI to him.
[20:06.44]You don't know that that's true. 是的 那些你无法预知
[20:08.16]You have to decide what's important. Keeping your pride and getting nothing. . . 所以你得弄清什么对你是最重要的...
[20:10.08]继续保持你的傲慢一无所得 还是冒险一试...
[20:12.16]. . .or taking a risk and maybe, maybe having everything. 或许 或许 整个世界都是你的了
[20:19.88]WeII, I aImost Iost a finger in the process. . . 我差点弄没了根手指
[20:22.12]. . .and I might be permanentIy cross-eyed, but I did it. 眼睛都斜了 不过好歹是赶出来了
[20:25.00]Thank you. 多谢
[20:26.76]You Iook Iike heII, you shouId go home. 你样子真糟
[20:29.96]Uh. . . . 买家随时都可能来
[20:31.32]The buyers are gonna be here any minute.
[20:33.32]Yeah, I know. That's why I'm gonna need every moment aIone. . . 是啊 我知道
[20:34.12]所以 我需要一个人想想我该怎么办
[20:36.40]. . .to figure out what the heII am I going to do. This dress is a mess.
[20:39.80]It's not my finest work. I wouIdn't caII it a mess. 这虽然不是我最好的作品 但也不至于一团糟吧
[20:42.32]The seams aren't finished, the zipper gapes. 线没缝玩 拉链也裂开了
[20:45.32]And-- And you finished the hem on the machine. 褶边你竟然还是用缝纫机弄的
[20:48.88]I toId you once the machine ate my fabric I had to start aII over. 我告诉你了缝纫机把我的布料给吞了
[20:51.72]Stop Iying to me. - 我得重新来过 - 别给我撒谎了
[20:53.48]I know where you were Iast night. 我知道你昨晚干嘛了
[20:56.04]LaureI caught the interns Iooking at pictures. . . Laurel看见实习生们在看你跟 Agnes在那个垃圾酒吧里拍的照片了
[20:58.40]. . .of you and Agnes out at some trashy bar.
[21:03.12]Look, I'm sorry. I thought I couId stiII get it done in time. 我很抱歉
[21:07.24]You wanna be a grown-up and have a reaI job. . . 你想像个成年人有份真正的工作
[21:10.36]. . .you have to accept reaI responsibiIity. 你就得承担起相应的责任
[21:12.92]And the consequences for your actions when you don't come through. 以及你忙不完所产生的后果
[21:16.20]I shouId have known better than to give so much responsibiIity to a chiId. 我早该知道不该把这么大的事 交给一个孩子来做
[21:22.80]A chiId? 孩子?
[21:24.60]I'm sorry. But this chiId seems to be the onIy one. . . 很抱歉 可看起来只有这个孩子能
[21:28.64]. . .that can design anything that the buyers are remoteIy interested in. 设计出让买家们大感兴趣的东西来
[21:32.20]This is not about that dress. You are using that dress as an excuse. 这不关裙子的事
[21:35.52]You are scared that if I meet someone important. . . 你是在用那条裙子作为借口 因为你害怕
[21:37.96]. . .that they wiII want to be in business with me and not you. 如果我参加了会面 遇到了重要人士
[21:40.96]You are Iucky I don't fire you this minute. 我现在没炒你你该偷着乐
[21:43.28]You are Iucky that I don't just quit. Because then what wouId you do? 哦 我没辞职 该偷着乐的是你吧 不然你会怎样
[21:48.28]Go on home. I'II see you Monday. 给我回家去
[21:52.04]-Can I at Ieast have my dress back? -Sure. 我能拿回我的裙子吗?
[21:54.52]It's of no use to me, anyway. Here. 当然
[21:59.04]Heh. 不是这件
[22:00.56]I don't mean this one.
[22:05.48]You touch this dress, you wiII never set foot in here again. 你敢碰这件 就别想再踏入这里一步
[22:20.08]GOSSIP GIRL: Sometimes the most important thing to know... 有时候最重要的是你得知道 什么时候该坚持
[22:22.48]...is when to get out...
[22:26.44]...and when to give in. 什么时候该放手
[22:35.04](CELL PHONE RINGS)
[22:54.44](CHATTERING )
[23:00.32]DAN: So I'd say this was a success. 不得不说这很成功啊
[23:04.24]RUFUS: Yeah. Yeah. 是啊
[23:06.24]Makes me reaIize what a bust aII my other openings were. 让我意识到我的那些开幕式有多衰
[23:09.84]WeII, I'm gonna Iet you bask in your gIory because Serena's here a-- 我让你再自我陶醉一下 因为Serena来了 还...
[23:15.00]And she brought BIair. Again. 带了Blair
[23:16.76]That's the second time that girI was here today. 又带来了
[23:19.64]You're not-- 你不是
[23:21.40]I'm not what? Oh, no, no, no. I'm not-- I mean, Serena wants us to get aIong. 不是什么?
[23:22.12]不 不 不...我没有
[23:23.76]Serena想让我们交流交流 但不是那种
[23:25.44]But not Iike that. 不是那样 那样就糟了
[23:26.64]No. That wouId, uh-- That wouId be sick.
[23:28.92]TeII Serena you're not interested in being friends with BIair. 你干嘛不直接跟Serena说 你不想跟Blair做朋友?
[23:32.36]We just started hanging out again. I don't wanna rock the boat. 我们才刚开始做回朋友
[23:39.08]This is a huge turnout. Aaron must be so thriIIed. 场面还真大啊
[23:42.92]And your dad. 还有你老爸
[23:44.36]Yeah. Yeah, it's pretty exciting. 是啊 是啊 是很激动
[23:46.44]I thought you were gonna be with Chuck. What happened? 你今晚不是该跟Chuck在一起吗
[23:49.32]She is but she toId him to meet her here. 怎么回事?
[23:49.12]是的 不过她约他在这儿见
[23:51.36]She needed some moraI support. 她需要精神支持
[23:52.92]Yes, " she" is freaking out. She needs a drink. 没错
[23:58.24]Let me see what I can do about that for her. 好吧 我去给她看看
[24:05.96]First, Nate's a part of the famiIy. Then I see you've invited BIair to my opening? 一开始是Nate成了家庭成员
[24:09.92]-SeriousIy? -I'm sorry. I know. I didn't invite her. 没开玩笑吧
[24:12.48]But Serena and BIair tend to be a package deaI. 我知道 我知道
[24:11.64]我没请她 不过Serena跟Blair 是买一赠一的
[24:14.88]And-- I don't know. I've recentIy sort of seen another side to her and-- 我没有
[24:20.16]-I mean, she's not that bad. -Are you kidding? 她也没那么坏
[24:22.48]You're taIking about BIair. 你开玩笑吧?
[24:22.48]你说的可是Blair Waldorf
[24:24.08]She and Chuck used me as catnip for one of their games. 她跟Chuck把我当成 他们变态游戏的工具
[24:26.88]And what they did was reaIIy messed up. 他们干的那些浑事
[24:29.24]I had no idea. Why didn't you teII me? 我完全不知道
[24:31.16]TruthfuIIy? I was embarrassed. 你干嘛不早点说?
[24:31.20]说真的 我很囧
[24:33.96]And the weird part is that Chuck wound up being the more human of the two. 奇怪的是 Chuck竟然是他们两个中 稍有人性的那个
[24:37.56]At Ieast he feIt a IittIe bad about it. Not her. 至少他还会感到一点内疚
[24:41.52]What? 怎么了?
[24:42.68]No, it's just-- I can't beIieve I aIIowed myseIf to be sucked in by BIair WaIdorf. 没什么 只是难以相信我竟然被 Blair Waldorf的外表给蒙蔽了
[24:53.44]What do you think? 怎么看?
[24:54.80]I think that you are officiaIIy a successfuI artist. 我觉得你是个很成功的艺术家
[24:58.44]WeII, thank you. 谢谢
[24:59.92]They say success is nothing without someone to share it with. 人们都说...
[25:03.04]They do say that. 没错
[25:05.08]So who are you pIanning to share it with? 你打算跟谁一块儿分享?
[25:08.28]My dad. My Nana. My dog Mookie. 我爸爸 奶奶 我的狗Mookie 我奶奶给起的名字
[25:11.64]Named by Nana. She's a huge Mets fan. 她是麦兹队的铁杆粉丝
[25:14.92]And, uh, you. You-- I was hoping you. 还有你
[25:20.40]Maybe dinner? 一起吃晚餐?
[25:21.80]Um. . . .
[25:27.12]Sorry, I, um-- I'm not reaIIy dating right now. 呃 抱歉
[25:31.68]Ah. Yes, the vague and unsatisfying I'm-not-dating-right-now response. 是啊
[25:33.24]闪烁其词令人沮丧的答案 "我现在还不太想约会"
[25:36.76]I know it weII. 我了解
[25:38.12]UsuaIIy I'm giving it. Not getting it. 通常情况下我是说的人 而不是听的人
[25:40.48]Sorry. 抱歉
[25:41.68]Yeah, I can teII. 是啊 看得出 所以我再你一次机会吧
[25:43.16]Which is why I'm going to give you a second chance.
[25:45.84]If you can teII me the fate of CeciI the CaterpiIIar, I wiII go out with you. 如果你能说出"毛虫西塞尔"的命运 (童话故事)
[25:50.76]Okay, I don't reaIIy date crazy peopIe who speak in riddIes. 好啊 不过我一般不跟 爱猜谜的疯子约会的
[25:54.60]Just think about it. 想想吧 想到了告诉我 我就是你的了
[25:56.12]And when you figure it out, I'm yours.
[26:02.08]Chuck just texted me, he wants to meet me on the roof. Chuck给我发短信了
[26:04.76]-The roof? -WeII, if he doesn't say it back. . . 说想在屋顶见我
[26:05.40]这样的话 他不给我相同的回应 我就跳下去
[26:07.00]. . .then I can just jump. Then he'II be reaIIy sorry.
[26:10.16]Oh, no, don't do it, B. You don't want your obit to say you died in BrookIyn. 让他后悔一辈子
[26:10.04]哦 别
[26:10.64]别做傻事 B
[26:11.64]你可不想你的讣告上说 你死在布鲁克林吧
[26:13.88]-Wish me Iuck. -Good Iuck. 祝我好运
[26:19.48]DAN: Hey, stay there. 等等
[26:22.08]-BIair, I need to taIk to you. -I can't. Chuck's waiting for me. Blair 我得跟你谈谈
[26:25.20]I know. It's about that. Just, um, you know, be carefuI. Chuck在等我
[26:25.00]我知道 就是想跟你说那个
[26:28.44]Why? You said to be the opposite of carefuI. 还是谨慎点
[26:32.36]-You toId me to take a risk. -Right. I know. But I-- It was bad advice. 你刚说让我冒险一试
[26:33.52]是啊 我知道 我知道
[26:34.12]可那是个馊主意 我那么说是因为
[26:36.28]I was thinking of how things were for Serena and me. 我是拿Serena跟我来做参照的
[26:39.36]We're taIking about Chuck. Not the same. 可现在我们说的是Chuck
[26:41.32]Yes, it is. And it's gonna be okay. 这就是两码事了
[26:41.32]不 是一样的 会没事的
[26:44.20]WeII, maybe. 好吧 也许吧
[26:45.88]Just before you say anything, make sure he's done pIaying games. 不过你在说之前最好确信 他已经厌倦了把爱当游戏
[26:50.00]He is. Now, if you'II excuse me. 是的
[27:05.04]-Hey. -Hey. 嘿
[27:06.44]-I didn't know you guys were coming. -I'm gonna say hey to Aaron. 嘿
[27:07.76]嘿 我去跟Aaron打个招呼
[27:09.72]Okay. Yeah, Max knows Aaron from RISD so he wanted to come and say hi. 好的
[27:10.56]是啊 Max在罗德岛设计学院 就认识Aaron了
[27:13.60]And I wanted to see you after hearing about your crazy stunt with EIeanor. 他来打声招呼
[27:13.72]我听说你和Eleanor决裂 就来看看你
[27:17.84]Yeah, I'm actuaIIy just about to go teII my dad about that one. 好
[27:21.08]Before you do, guess what? 在你去之前 猜猜发生什么了?
[27:22.80]The editor from NyIon saw the photos from Iast night. Nylon的编辑看了昨晚的那些照片
[27:25.76]He wants to do a feature on you as a designer to watch. 他想做一集关于你这位设计师的特辑
[27:29.20]Agnes, since I quit EIeanor's. . . Agnes 自从我离开Eleanor那里后
[27:31.32]. . .I'm an unempIoyed, home-schooIed, 1 5-year-oId. 我就成了一个失业的 在家自学的15岁小孩
[27:34.44]-I'm not even an intern to watch. -Dude, reIax. 我连一个在旁观看的实习生都不算
[27:37.08]Max and I were just taIking about it. 妹妹 放轻松
[27:39.08]-You shouId do your own cIothing Iine. -Yeah, sure. 你应该开创自己的服装品牌
[27:41.60]With no money, no contacts, nobody knows who I am. 说得容易
[27:41.52]没钱 没客户 没人认识我
[27:44.28]-Sounds Iike a fast track to success. -Stop coming up with reasons not to. 听起来真像通往成功的捷径
[27:45.76]别再打退堂鼓了 赶紧多做些衣服
[27:47.84]And just make some more dresses.
[27:49.48]I can modeI them, Max wiII do some photos. 我可以做你的模特
[27:51.60]I mean, you can totaIIy do this. Max再拍些照片
[27:54.36]You reaIIy think so? 你真这么认为?
[27:55.72]Yes. Now, you're gonna come with me to this party. . . 对呀
[27:58.52]. . .and meet this editor, because he's dying to meet you. 你将会见到那个编辑
[28:01.32]So are you my bitch, or what? 你是不是我的贱人?
[28:04.24]-I am. Heh, heh. I am totaIIy your bitch. -Good. 是
[28:10.20]NATE: Jenny, hey. Hey, wait up. Jenny 嗨
[28:11.64]-Are you taking off aIready? -My friends are going to a party. 等一下
[28:14.72]Oh, I didn't know. I was hoping we couId hang out. 我和朋友要去一个派对
[28:15.20]我原本想咱们今晚可以聚聚 但是...
[28:17.20]-There's aIways tomorrow at the Ioft. -ReaIIy? I kind of doubt that. 以后还有得是时间
[28:18.68]真的? 我有点怀疑
[28:20.52]You're aIways working. Like Iast night. And the night before. 你现在一直在工作 像昨晚
[28:23.56]WeII, I actuaIIy quit EIeanor's. 还有前天...
[28:25.72]You quit EIeanor's? 等一下 你辞职了?
[28:27.68]That job was everything to you. 那个工作...是你的一切啊
[28:29.76]I know. It might sound crazy but I'm actuaIIy thinking of starting my own Iine. 我知道
[28:30.60]听起来很疯狂 但我正准备开创自己的品牌
[28:34.60]ReaIIy? What does your dad think about that? 真的?
[28:37.92]Okay, um. 好了
[28:39.64]I was hoping for a-- More of Iike a. . . 我以为你会说...
[28:41.64]. . . " CongratuIations, Jenny," or at Ieast a monosyIIabic " Wow. " "恭喜你 Jenny"或至少 说一个"哇" 不过...
[28:44.92]I mean-- Come on, Jenny, do you reaIIy think you can start your own business? 不是 听我说 Jenny
[28:48.64]AGNES: You coming, Jen? 你来不来呀 Jen?
[28:50.44]Uh, yeah. I'II be right there. 好
[28:52.56]Hey, how oId is that guy? 马上就走
[28:53.96]Okay, that guy's name is Max, and he went to RISD with Aaron. . . 那个人多大了?
[28:53.80]那个人叫Max 而且他和Aaron 一起上罗德岛设计学院
[28:57.00]. . .and he's a photographer who's going to shoot my Iine. 他还是一个很棒的摄影师
[28:59.72]Look, I gotta go. My friends are waiting for me so-- 我得走了
[29:03.20]I guess if my dad asks, teII him I'm at EIeanor's. 如果我爸问起 就告诉他 我在Eleanor那里
[29:05.28]Wai-- 等一下
[29:10.68]BrookIyn. 布鲁克林?
[29:12.08]At Ieast it wiII be memorabIe. 至少是值得怀念的
[29:14.84]I'm sorry but don't you have something you wanna say to me? 你是不是有什么话要对我说?
[29:17.76]Yes. 是
[29:25.64]This is so siIIy. 这样真傻
[29:28.40]What does it matter? Why don't we just say it together? 谁先说这句话很重要吗?
[29:31.12]Because that wasn't the deaI. 咱们为什么不一起说出来呢?
[29:33.32]Why does everything have to be a deaI? 为什么所有事都要规定好?
[29:35.92]Because we made it one. 因为我们当初就是这么约定的
[29:41.04]What's going on, BIair? 你怎么了 Blair?
[29:44.36]You toId me you had something to say to me. Say it. 是你说有话要告诉我的
[29:48.52]Why do I have to be the one to go first? 快说吧
[29:52.16]I was the one who waited on that heIipad for you. 是我在直升机场等你说这句话
[29:54.64]-I went to Tuscany aIone. -That's ancient history. 我一个人去Tuscany
[29:57.48]I was the one who asked you to say it first. 那是很久以前的事了
[29:59.72]At the White Party? 在白色舞会上?
[30:01.28]When you were on your way out with the Count? 在你和那个伯爵离开之时?
[30:03.52]Did you think I was going to say it then? 你真以为我会对你说这句话吗?
[30:05.56]Yes. And when you didn't, I wanted to die. 是 那时你没说 我心如死灰
[30:07.92]Don't teII me you brought me to BrookIyn for this. 别告诉我 你让我这么远来布鲁克林 就是要说这些
[30:10.56]I thought you were ready to teII me how you feIt. It was another of your games. 我以为你准备告诉我 你内心真实的感受
[30:14.68]My games? 我的游戏?
[30:16.32]You're the one who started this. 是你先发起的这一切
[30:19.20]And you're the one who finished it. 你是结束一切的人
[30:32.76]Great. Have a good night.
[30:34.28]Hey, excuse me. I don't think we've met yet. 打扰一下
[30:36.44]-Nate. -Aaron. 我想咱们还没见过面 我叫Nate
[30:37.60]-Nice to meet you. -PIeasure. 我是Aaron
[30:39.04]That guy Max that was here earIier, he a friend of yours? - 很高兴认识你 - 我也是
[30:41.84]-Yeah, yeah. I know him from schooI. -Yeah? What's his deaI? 他是你的朋友吗?
[30:42.22]是 我在学校时认识他的
[30:45.40]Max's deaI? 他是个什么样的人
[30:47.28]He's a great guy. As Iong as he's not dating your IittIe sister. 他是个好人
[30:52.36]I gotta say heIIo to somebody. Thank you for stopping by. 对
[30:55.24]-I appreciate it. Thanks. -CooI. Great work. 谢谢你来参观 我很感激
[30:55.78]- 不客气 很棒的作品 - 谢谢
[31:05.44]Excuse me. 失陪
[31:07.68]-Hey, B, what happened? -It was a disaster, okay? B 怎么了?
[31:10.36]-I'm Ieaving. -I'II come. 我要走了
[31:11.64]No, it's fine. You stay. 不 我和你一起走
[31:13.44]I just have to get out of here now. 不用 没关系
[31:16.80]Hey. Hey, do you know what happened? Why is BIair so upset? 你知道怎么回事吗?
[31:20.00]Look, BIair and Chuck were going to seIf-destruct at some point. Blair为什么伤心?
[31:23.12]So I may have heIped it aIong. 所以我...帮了他们一把
[31:25.12]Wait, you intentionaIIy sabotaged BIair? 等一下 你故意破坏Blair?
[31:27.08]I know you're upset. That was not my intention. 我知道你不高兴 我并不是有意惹你生气
[31:29.40]I found out that they screwed over Vanessa. 但我才知道他们一起耍了Vanessa
[31:31.56]Whatever they did, that's different. This is about peopIe who Iove each other. 不 不论他们对Vanessa做了什么 这次不一样
[31:35.44]BIair and Chuck? Come on. Blair和Chuck?
[31:37.56]I thought you wanted to heIp BIair. 拜托
[31:39.84]I did this for you. I don't care about BIair WaIdorf. 我以为你想帮Blair
[31:40.02]不 我做的这些都是为了你 是你让我帮她的
[31:42.76]-AII of this is-- It's a game to her. -No. In this case, it's not. 我才不在乎Blair Waldorf
[31:46.12]BIair Ioves Chuck. She's just been too scared to admit it. 不 在这件事上 不是这样
[31:49.44]I toId her to taIk to you because I thought you wouId heIp her be brave. 我原本以为你会教她如何勇敢 所以才让她跟你谈
[32:02.00]These are amazing. 这些太棒了
[32:04.00]Thank you. 谢谢
[32:05.24]Good thing you Iike them, because soon it'II be shots of you and your cIothes. 很快你和你的作品的照片 也会挂在这里了
[32:18.96]If you guys wanna be aIone, that's cooI. I can caII Iater. 如果你们想单独待会儿 没关系的
[32:21.84]Why wouId we wanna be aIone? 我等下再来
[32:23.64]I don't know, you said we were gonna go to a party. It's getting kind of Iate. 为什么我们要单独呆着?
[32:23.98]我不知道 你刚才...
[32:24.82]你刚才说咱们要去一个派对 不过现在晚了
[32:28.32]WeII, nobody goes untiI midnight, anyway. 反正午夜之前也没人去
[32:30.32]Right. 对
[32:33.92]I Iove this song. 我喜欢这首歌
[32:45.08]Yeah. Come on. 来吧
[32:46.72]Yeah, come on. 快来呀
[32:48.72]Okay. 好吧
[32:55.00]Hey, Chuck. Hey, wait a second. Come on, don't act Iike you didn't hear me. 嗨 Chuck
[32:57.18]拜托 别假装没听见我叫你
[32:59.08]I heard you. I was just choosing to ignore you. 我听见了
[33:02.08]WeII, don't. What just happened with you and-- 我打算无视你的存在
[33:02.26]别这样 刚才你和Blair...
[33:04.40]-It's none of your business. -No, it is, actuaIIy. 跟你没关系
[33:05.66]不 实际上 跟我有关
[33:07.64]Look, I don't know how you feeI about her, but I know how she feeIs about you. 我不知道你对她什么感觉
[33:12.20]And she was going to teII you untiI I stopped her. 而且她准备告诉你 但是我阻止了她
[33:29.88](LAUGHING )
[33:39.56]Oh, my God. Agnes. 我的上帝 Agnes
[33:42.28]Oh, come on, now it's your turn. 来吧
[33:43.96]Uh, yeah, no way. 轮到你了
[33:45.64]Why not? Because of Max? 是
[33:46.70]为什么不呢? 因为Max?
[33:48.60]No. I don't know. It's just weird. 我不知道 这样很奇怪
[33:50.68]WeII, no, it's not. He doesn't care. He's a photographer. 不会呀
[33:54.16]Come on, are you afraid that EIeanor WaIdorf's gonna find out and get mad? 来吧
[33:55.06]你是不是怕Eleanor Waldorf发现 生你的气呀?
[34:01.28]-Fine. AGNES: Yeah, do it for EIeanor. - 好吧 - 为了Eleanor
[34:18.88](KNOCKING ON DOOR)
[34:21.16]Who's at the door? 谁在敲门?
[34:23.56]Wait, Agnes, are you crazy? Don't answer it. 不知道
[34:23.94]等等 Agnes 你疯了吗?
[34:29.76]GOSSIP GIRL: What have we here? 这里发生了什么?
[34:31.40]Jenny Humphrey caught in her knickers by Nate, her knight in shining Armani. Jenny Humphrey只穿着内衣 被Nate发现
[34:42.12]Nate, what are you doing here? Nate 你来这儿干什么?
[34:43.96]What are you doing here? Come on, Iet's go. 不 Jenny 你在这儿干什么?
[34:46.16]-No. -That's so sweet. 拿上你的东西 离开这里
[34:45.76]不 多甜蜜
[34:47.76]Sweetie, I toId you he Iiked you. I totaIIy caIIed that one. 亲爱的 我就说他喜欢你嘛
[34:50.92]Yeah, you did. Dude, reIax. Nothing's going on here. Take a picture. 对
[34:51.36]兄弟 别急啊
[34:55.08]Yeah, I'm not Ieaving with you. 拍张照吧
[34:59.64]Then I can wait. 那我就在这儿等
[35:04.76]Fine. 好吧
[35:07.44]-Sorry. NATE: Come on.
[35:15.76]Serena, hey. Serena 嗨
[35:17.04]Serena. Hey, Iook, I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry. I was out of Iine. 对不起
[35:20.36]Yeah, you were. 对不起 我做的出格了
[35:21.60]I'm sorry BIair and Chuck messed with Vanessa. 是 没错
[35:21.92]关于Blair和Chuck伤害Vanessa的事 我很抱歉
[35:23.84]She doesn't deserve that. But instead of hurting BIair. . . 他们不该那么对她 但你不该瞒着我...
[35:26.60]-. . .you shouId've been honest with me. -It's about what happened. . . 而直接去伤害Blair
[35:29.84]. . .with Amanda. I was worried what wouId happen if we fought. 就像上次关于Amanda的那件事一样
[35:32.80]-I reaIIy want this to work with us. -Yeah, me too. 因为我真心希望我们能做朋友
[35:36.24]But it's not going to if we can't taIk to each other. 我也是 但如果不跟对方坦诚相待 我们是做不成朋友的
[35:38.80]Yeah. You're right. Okay. So Iet's taIk. Let's be friends. 对
[35:39.96]你说得对 那我们...我们实话实说
[35:43.60]WeII, there was something I wanted to teII you. 好
[35:49.16]Aaron asked me out. Aaron约我出去
[35:51.00]But I said no because I wasn't sure how you wouId feeI. 但我没同意 因为我不知道你会怎么想
[35:55.28]But I kind of want to say yes. 可是我挺想答应他的
[35:58.08]Wow, Iook at that, just diving into the deep end of honesty. 看看咱俩 一头扎进了诚实的海底
[36:01.76]-Head first. -Look, I Iike Aaron. 还是头朝下的那种姿势
[36:05.08]He's a good guy, so you have my bIessing. 他是个好人 我祝福你们
[36:08.92]-If that's what you're Iooking for. -WeII, he does seems nice. 是你想听到的回答吧
[36:12.92]And even though we just met I feeI Iike I've known him-- 虽然我们才见面 但我觉得好像和他似曾相识...
[36:19.16]-Oh, my God. -What? 上帝呀
[36:21.20]-CeciI the CaterpiIIar. Camp Suisse. -I'm-- Did you-- 怎么了?
[36:23.88]Are you having a seizure? You're speaking in tongues. 瑞士夏令营
[36:26.48]No, I'm sorry. I just reaIized that I do know Aaron. 你都说不清楚话了
[36:26.64]不是 对不起
[36:29.32]We went to summer camp together. 我们曾经一起参加夏令营
[36:31.04]And there was this song about CeciI the CaterpiIIar. 有一首关于毛虫西塞尔的歌曲
[36:33.84]I can't beIieve I didn't recognize him. 不敢相信我没认出他
[36:35.84]Oh, wow, you went to camp in Europe together. 你们...一起去欧洲参加夏令营
[36:39.20]-That's cute. -No, it was much more than just camp. 很可爱
[36:42.04]We got married. There was a smaII ceremony with Iicorice rings. . . 我们还结婚了
[36:43.36]在日内瓦湖畔我们戴着 欧亚甘草指环举行了简单的仪式
[36:45.72]. . .on the banks of Lake Geneva. It was tastefuI.
[36:48.28]What happened? 非常好吃
[36:49.68]WeII, I took a bite out of my ring, so he asked for a divorce. 然后呢?
[36:49.88]我咬了一口戒指 所以他就要求离婚了
[36:53.04]But we were happy for a time. 但我们曾经很快乐
[36:56.16]I can't beIieve this. I have to go find him. 真不敢相信...我得去找他
[36:58.80]Do you mind? 你介意吗?
[37:00.00]Oh, no. Of course not. No. I have to find Vanessa, anyway. 不 当然不介意
[37:04.84]Look, he's the ex-husband, I'm just the ex-boyfriend. 他是你的前夫
[37:21.56]GOSSIP GIRL: The problem with fairytales is that... 童话故事令人遗憾的是 它会让一个女孩失望
[37:23.72]... they set a girl up for disappointment.
[37:27.04]In real life, the prince goes off with the wrong princess. 在现实中 王子带着错误的公主离开
[37:35.20]Or the spell wears off and two lovers realize they're better off as-- 或者当咒语消失 相爱的两人会发现...
[37:40.80]Well, whatever they are. 维持现状才是良策
[37:46.16]Are you here to gIoat? 你是来幸灾乐祸的吗?
[37:47.36]Over what? 为什么?
[37:48.60]WeII, you won. 你赢了
[37:50.08]-Pop the champagne. -I didn't win. 开香槟庆祝吧
[37:53.32]Then why does it feeI Iike I Iost? 那为什么我觉得自己输了?
[37:57.00]The reason we can't say those three words isn't because they aren't true. 我们不跟对方说那三个字 不是因为那是假的
[38:02.68]Then why? 那是为什么?
[38:07.04]I think we both know. . . 因为我们都清楚 当我们 说出来的那瞬间 不代表开始
[38:08.88]. . .that the moment we do. . .
[38:11.08]. . .it won't be the start of something, it'II be the end.
[38:15.04]Think about it. 想一想吧
[38:16.72]Chuck and BIair going to the movies? Chuck和Blair一起去看电影
[38:20.64]Chuck and BIair hoIding hands? Chuck和Blair手牵手
[38:23.48]We don't have to do those things. 我们不必做这些
[38:27.04]-We can do the things that we Iike. -What we Iike is this. 可以只做喜欢的事
[38:32.24]The game. 游戏
[38:34.88]Without it, I'm not sure how Iong we'd Iast. 没有游戏 我不知道我们能走到哪步
[38:39.04]It'd just be a matter of time before we messed it aII up. 我们会毁掉一切的 只是时间问题
[38:47.96]Look, I'd rather wait. 听着 我宁愿等待
[38:51.68]And maybe in the future. . . . 也许将来有一天
[38:54.84]I suppose there couId be some excruciating pIeasure in that. 我想那会是段痛苦并快乐的时光
[39:21.76]How couId you do that to me? 你怎么能这么对我?
[39:23.28]What are you taIking about? You're Iucky I showed up. 你什么意思?
[39:25.84]-That was a bad scene, Jenny. -No, it wasn't. 你该庆幸我的出现
[39:26.24]- 什么? - 刚才发生的不是什么好事 Jenny
[39:28.08]We were dancing around in our underwear, not making porno. 不是这样的
[39:28.56]我们只是穿着内衣跳舞 又不是拍三级片
[39:30.96]-Not yet, anyway. -No, not ever. 还没来得及拍呢
[39:32.76]I wouId never Iet myseIf get in a situation Iike that. 不可能!
[39:35.44]-I know what I'm doing. -You think you do. 行了吧? 我知道自己在做什么 Nate
[39:37.68]But that guy was taking advantage of you. 你以为知道自己在干什么 但那个人在占你便宜
[39:39.72]You are not my father and you are not my brother. So why do you care? 你又不是我爸或我哥
[39:45.24]Because. 因为...
[40:06.44]GOSSIP GIRL: But I'll confess... 但我不得不承认
[40:07.96]...every once in a while a girl craves her fairytale ending. 偶尔女孩也会期望自己 有个童话般的结局
[40:12.04]So sleep tight, kiddies, it seems like little J got her happily ever after. 做个好梦 小朋友们
[40:17.36]X O X O, Gossip Girl. 亲亲抱抱 流言蜚女
[40:43.20]Adapted by: SDI Media Group
[40:45.40](ENGLISH SDH)
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