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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:41:15
[00:01.08]GOSSIP GIRL: Gossip Girl here, your one and only source... 流言蜚女驾到...
[00:03.48]...into the scandalous lives of Manhattan 's elite. 你了解曼哈顿上流社会丑闻的唯一途径
[00:05.92]You confided in Dan, even BIair? Everyone but me. 你告诉了Dan 甚至还告诉Blair
[00:09.20]So that's it. We can't even be friends? 就是不和我说
[00:11.68]WeII, we were never reaIIy friends. 我们连朋友都做不成?
[00:11.80]我们从来都不是朋友 记得吗?
[00:13.60]-We've got a Iodger. -Make yourseIf at home. 希望你们不介意 可是 呃 我们来了个房客
[00:16.40]JENNY: Have you seen my sketchbook? -Whoa! Sorry, oh, my-- 别客气
[00:18.24]喔 对不起!
[00:19.84]YaIe is your dream, you deserve to go more than I do. 哦 天...
[00:19.76]耶鲁大学是你的梦想 你比我更应该来这里上学
[00:22.44]-We can't share this. -We'II find a way. - 我们不能分享这个 - 会有办法的
[00:24.60]If you can teII me the fate of CeciI the CaterpiIIar, I'II go out with you. 我再给你一个机会
[00:25.68]如果你能说出毛虫西塞尔的命运 我就和你约会
[00:28.88]I reaIized I do know Aaron, we went to camp together. We got married. 我刚发现我-- 我的确认识Aron
[00:32.52]There was a smaII ceremony with Iicorice rings. 我们还结婚了
[00:32.84]我们戴着甘草戒指 举行了简单的仪式
[00:35.00]You shouId do your cIothing Iine. I can modeI. Max wiII do photos. 你应该设计属于你自己的时装系列
[00:38.32]-He was taking advantage of you. -You're not my father or brother. . . Max可以做摄影师
[00:39.56]你不是我爸爸 也不是我哥哥 干吗这么关心我?
[00:41.68]. . .so why do you care so much?
[00:44.36]-Can I have my dress back? -You touch this dress. . . 我至少能拿回我的裙子吧?
[00:46.88]. . .you never set foot in here again. 你要是敢动这裙子 就再也别想踏进这半步
[00:50.12]WOMAN: Where has she been?
[00:51.32]GOSSIP GIRL: And who am I?
[00:52.72]That's one secret I'll never tell.
[00:56.00]You know you love me. X O X O...
[00:59.72]... Gossip Girl. <font color="#ffff00">流言蜚女 第二季 第09集
[01:01.92]GOSSIP GIRL: Spotted at Mood, Jenny Humphrey buying 1 6 yards of tulle... 现场报道 Jenny Humphrey买了16码线
[01:06.04]...but since when does Eleanor Waldorf pay for her purchases with a penny jar? 但从什么时候起Eleanor Waldorf 用存钱罐来付钱了?
[01:09.96]They say a stitch in time saves nine. Will it save Little J? 人们说一针及时 可省九针
[01:13.84]-We are going to bIow them away. -We'd better. 这样可以拯救小J吗?
[01:17.80]Otherwise, I am so dead. 最好是这样 不然我就死定了
[01:19.76]Have you seen the time? 伙计 看时间了吗?
[01:21.12]Your brother and the Iodger went to a movie. 至少你哥哥和房客去看电影了
[01:23.28]That's Nate avoiding me once again. 是啊 Nate再一次回避了我
[01:25.08]StiII acting Iike he didn't stick his tongue down your throat? 他还在假装没有吻过你吗
[01:28.16]-Yeah. Ew. -Amnesia doesn't happen tiII after sex. . . 是啊
[01:31.12]. . .with guys, so what's his probIem? 他到底怎么啦?
[01:32.96]I don't know. He used to date Vanessa. I'm Dan's sister. 我不知道
[01:34.12]他以前和Venessa约会 而我是Dan的妹妹?
[01:35.92]Too young. I wouIdn't know, we don't taIk. 太小了?
[01:38.00]So what? After tonight, you'II be so famous. . . 我不知道 我们没有谈过
[01:38.64]今晚之后你就一举成名 会有10个Nate Archibald等着你
[01:40.32]-. . .you'II have 1 0 Nate ArchibaIds. -Except I onIy want the one.
[01:43.64]Fine. Then you have to make the move. - 是啊 可我只喜欢这一个 - 好吧 那你得主动点
[01:45.72]The onIy way it's gonna work. My God, is that the time? 这是唯一的办法
[01:48.52]-I toId you. -You need to sew faster. 哦 上帝
[01:48.20]- 都这时候了? - 我说过了吧
[01:50.48]We're screwed. Ready or not, we're putting on a fashion show. 好吧 是啊
[01:51.72]无论准备好没 我们都要搞时装秀
[01:54.40]I think they're up to something, with their cIosed doors. . . 我只是--我觉得她们在忙什么
[01:57.28]. . .and this private thing for EIeanor. Jenny didn't say anything to you? 还关着门 说是因为Eleanor的私事 Jenny--
[02:00.76]No, but we haven't taIked much this week, so-- 没 没
[02:04.20]She seemed happy we were Ieaving. How much privacy does she need. . . 我们走的时候她好像特别开心
[02:07.08]. . .to watch Project Runway and eat pizza? 吃着批萨看"天桥骄子" 真的需要那么隐私吗?
[02:08.84](CELL PHONE RINGING ) 等等
[02:10.00]Oh, hoId on. Oh, it's Jordan. 哦 是Jordan
[02:13.24]-Who? -The-- You know, the TA from YaIe. - 谁? - 耶鲁的那个助教
[02:18.28]She was trying to get me a recommendation? 她设法给我弄个推荐信-- 你和她亲热过
[02:20.40]-You hooked up with her. -Oh, yeah. That's right. Jordan.
[02:22.00]哦 对
[02:23.00]- Jordan - 做Nate可真好
[02:24.56]Oh, it's good to be Nate.
[02:27.60]"Three professors read your stories. I'II caII Iater. " "我给三个教授看了你的文章 待会再打给你"
[02:30.32]-Hey, that sounds Iike good news. -Good? No. 嘿 看上去不错啊
[02:32.48]First one didn't Iike it, neither did the second. 不错? 才不
[02:34.88]After the third, she probabIy just gave up. 他不喜欢
[02:34.32]第二个也不喜欢 到了第三个 她可能就放弃了
[02:37.20]Why text before caIIing, if not to soften the bIow? 如果不是为了减轻打击 为什么打电话之前还发短信呢
[02:40.04]Or she's somewhere she couIdn't taIk, so she sent a text. 或许她现在不方便说话 所以才发短信
[02:43.44]With an imagination Iike that, you shouId be a writer. 有这样的想象力 可以当作家了
[02:46.32]-Hey, where you going? -I can't concentrate on a movie. 嘿 你去哪?
[02:49.04]I gotta go home and stare at my phone. 我现在无法集中注意力看电影 我...
[02:49.84]我打算回家 盯着我的手机
[02:52.68]Maybe you couId taIk to Jenny. Figure out what's going on. 也许你可以和Jenny谈谈
[02:55.72]Yeah, that sounds Iike a great idea. 是啊 不错的主意
[03:00.00]My father went to YaIe. I've wanted to go since I was a IittIe girI. 我父亲就读耶鲁大学 在我还小时候就去常那里玩
[03:03.32]How nice. So, Serena, teII me about KarI LagerfeId's birthday party. 真不错
[03:04.32]Serena 和我说说Karl Lagerfeld的 生日派对吧
[03:07.00]Oh, it was fun. But did you know BIair's mother is a designer? 哦--还不错 你知道Blair的 妈妈是设计师吗?
[03:13.80]You know, when Dean Berube suggested I meet you. . . 当Berube院长提议让我见见你时 我没想到你这么讨人喜欢
[03:16.28]. . .I had no idea you wouId be such a deIight.
[03:19.12]MAN: Yes, thank you. Bye. LIZ: Oh, excuse me. . . 是啊 谢了 再见
[03:21.12]. . .my husband's on his way out. 哦 不好意思
[03:23.08]MaIchus, this is Serena van der Woodsen. 我老公要出门了
[03:23.16]Malchus 这是Serena Van Der Woodsen
[03:25.04]BOARDMAN: Afternoon. -Hi. My best friend, BIair WaIdorf. - 下午好啊 - 这是我的朋友 Blair Waldorf 很高兴见面
[03:27.40]PIeased to meet you.
[03:32.36]What am I doing here? 我来干嘛啊?
[03:33.52]Liz and her husband are donors and friends of the dean. Liz和他老公都是耶鲁杰出的捐助人 还和院长是好朋友
[03:36.36]Like the dean, they onIy have eyes for you. 就像他们的院长好朋友一样 他们眼里只有你
[03:38.68]Come on, B. You can do this. YaIe is your dream. 行了 B 你行的
[03:41.04]Just stop cracking your knuckIes. 耶鲁是你的梦想
[03:43.84]WeII, as pIeasant as this has been, I'm afraid I have to run. 虽然很开心 可我要走了
[03:46.96]My husband's off. Before I meet my friends from Bryn Mawr I have to. . . 我老公取赴商业晚宴了 在我和来自布林马尔的朋友见面前
[03:50.40]-. . .order room service for my daughter. -She's gonna be here by herseIf aII night? 我得为我女儿叫客房服务
[03:52.16]哦 不
[03:54.52]Oh, Emma doesn't mind. 哦 Emma不会介意的
[03:56.32]As Iong as she has her Harry Potter and ice cream. . . 只要有哈利波特和一大碗冰激凌
[03:59.00]-. . .she's happy as a cIam. -No, BIair wiII take her to a movie. 她就相当开心了
[04:00.48]不用 Blair可以带她去看电影
[04:03.08]I wouId take her myseIf, but I've got something with my famiIy. 我--我本可以自己带她去
[04:04.44]可我家里有事 所以
[04:06.44]Why, Emma wouId Iove that. You sure you don't mind? Emma, dear, come here. Emma肯定非常乐意 你真的不介意吗?
[04:09.68]Emma 亲爱的?
[04:11.68](WHISPERS) YaIe. 过来
[04:13.20]Anything for the friends of Dean Berube. 乐意为Berube院长的朋友效劳
[04:18.68]EMMA: Yes, Mother? -Serena's friend. . . . 妈妈 怎么了?
[04:19.56]- Serena的朋友... - Blair
[04:21.60]-BIair. -WouId Iike to take you to a movie. 对 想带你去看电影
[04:23.72]Oh, thank you. 哦 谢谢
[04:30.96](IN NORMAL VOICE) This is gonna be fun. 一定会很有趣的
[04:32.96]Yeah. 是啊
[04:38.96]HeIIo. 好啊
[04:41.12]Hey. What are you doing here?
[04:43.80]I just had a meeting with a coIIector. 你在这干什么?
[04:43.76]呃 我在这和收藏者有个会
[04:46.24]-So did you figure out. . .? -CeciI the CaterpiIIar. Camp Suisse. - 你想到了吗... - 毛虫西塞尔 瑞士夏令营
[04:49.80]We got married and exchanged Iicorice rings. 我们结婚了 还交换了甘草戒指
[04:51.96]You ate yours minutes after the ceremony. - 仪式后才过了5分钟 你就吃了戒指 - 是啊
[04:54.00]-When did you finaIIy remember? -About the time. . . 你什么时候想起来的?
[04:56.44]. . .you were speeding away with a girI on your motorcycIe. 在你载着摩托后座的女生
[04:59.20]Audra. Yeah, she's just a friend. 扬长而去的时候
[04:59.00]是Audra 她只是个朋友
[05:01.12]I recognized you the moment you waIked into the gaIIery. 不 你走进画廊的那刻 我就认出来了
[05:03.88]-No, you didn't, but it's okay. -Some faces you don't forget. 你才没有呢 没关系
[05:08.92]Um. . . . 我要参加一个慈善晚会
[05:10.44]You know, I have this charity gaIa.
[05:12.28]It's here. I wouIdn't normaIIy go. . . 就在这 我平时不会参加的
[05:14.12]. . .but my mom's being honored, and my brother's out of town. 可我妈妈是获奖嘉宾 我弟弟又不在
[05:16.68]-I'm rambIing, but I was wondering if-- -I'm Iate. I know, I'm sorry. - 我随便说说 我在想... - 我迟到了 我知道
[05:16.88]- 我想也许我们可以 呃... - 嗯 对不起
[05:23.52]Hey, maybe in another nine years. 也许再过9年后吧
[05:27.96]WOMAN: What was that about? 什么情况?
[05:31.08]AGNES: Jenny, come on. The van is aImost here. Jenny 快点 货车马上要来了
[05:33.36]EIeanor is going to kiII herseIf after tonight. 过了今晚 Eleanor肯定想自杀了
[05:35.76]JENNY: I just have a few more things to do. 我知道 我还有些事要做
[05:39.08]Dan, what are you doing here? Dan?
[05:42.44]GOSSIP GIRL: I spy, with my little lie, someone getting busted. 我想 有人被逮个正着
[05:47.24]EMMA: Is my mom gone? -Yes. 我妈妈走了吗?
[05:50.16]So, what kind of movies do you Iike? 想看什么样的电影?
[05:52.44]Something where the animaIs sing or--? Oh, sweet heaven. 有动物唱歌的还是...
[05:56.56]Muffy McDonough's been bragging about how she's gonna Iose her virginity. . . 哦 老天
[05:56.68]Muffy Mcdonoughy一直在吹牛
[06:00.24]. . .because she Ianded a date with the Iacrosse captain. 因为她终于的曲棍球队长约会了
[06:02.76]They caII him the De-Virginator. 他们都说他是"处女杀手"
[06:04.68]Oh, my God, stop your mouth from moving. 哦 天啊 别说了
[06:06.48]Now that I have a night away from Mom and Dad, we'II see who's first. 可现在 终于有天我爸妈晚上都不在了
[06:09.64]I'm saying " ttfn" to my you-know-what. 等着瞧谁先得逞吧
[06:11.68]Or maybe we'II see how your mom feeIs about your IittIe cIearance saIe, Lohan. - 你知道什么意思 - 或者等你妈妈知道你低价处理自己
[06:14.16]看她会做何感想 林赛罗汉
[06:15.96]PIease. I heard you taIking about getting into YaIe. 得了吧 我听到你们说进耶鲁的事
[06:18.72]Dean Berube is Iike my uncIe. Berube院长就像我叔叔一样
[06:20.36]So heIp me, or I teII him how you took me to a cIub and got me wasted. 帮帮我 不然我就告诉他 你带我去夜店
[06:23.88]GOSSIP GIRL: Rumor has it that Lady B's been outfoxed by a young fox. 还把我灌醉了 有传闻说到
[06:27.88]Got a credit card, fake ID, and I want Bacardi and a boy. 我有张信用卡和假身份证 我要杯百加得酒和男人
[06:31.68]This body's open for business. 我这身体来者不拒
[06:33.24]It seems only one ivory tower is being stormed tonight. 看了今晚只有一座象牙塔要被弄垮了
[06:39.64]DAN: You quit EIeanor's? -I had to. She was using me. - 你不在Eleanor工作室做了? - 我不得不这样 她利用我
[06:42.16]Does Dad know? What am I saying? 老爸知道吗? 不 他当然不知道
[06:44.20]You haven't been shipped to a convent. 我说什么来着? 你怎么还没被送去修道院
[06:46.24]-Take it easy. -This is none of your business. 嘿 Dan 放松点
[06:48.68]JENNY: I promise I'II teII Dad tomorrow. Nate 听着 不好意思 可这不关你的事
[06:48.84]Dan 我保证明天就告诉老爸
[06:50.72]Just-- I reaIIy need tonight. I've worked so hard. 我只是--今晚对我真的很重要
[06:53.16]-For what? What is this? -Stop. We're putting on. . . - 我一直在努力工作 - 为了--为了什么? 这是什么
[06:54.32]别看了! 我们今晚要办游击时装秀
[06:55.84]-. . .a guerriIIa fashion show. -I don't know what that means.
[07:00.16]Okay. These dresses? I made them. 好吧 这些衣服--都是我做的
[07:02.36]And Agnes and her friends are gonna modeI. Agnes和她朋友会当模特
[07:04.76]PIease, Dan. Tonight's the one chance I have to show everyone what I can do. 求你了 Dan 今晚的机会仅此一次
[07:09.88]Ivan, if the van's not here in 1 0 minutes you're not getting those photos of me. Ivan 我发誓 10分钟内如果车还不到
[07:15.80]Are we busted now or what? 我们是被当场抓包之类的吗
[07:18.76]Dan, pIease. I just need a few hours. Then I'II teII Dad everything. Dan 求你了 就几个小时
[07:25.96]AII right, I just need to think. 好吧
[07:26.32]我 呃-让我想想
[07:38.28]BLAIR: WeII, you finaIIy did it. 你终于成功了--
[07:40.08]Made sure I'm never gonna get into YaIe. 完全确保我上不了耶鲁了
[07:42.16]-What are you taIking about? -Emma? 你说什么呢
[07:44.00]She's Iess HoIIy Hobbie and more Jenna Jameson. 小Emma--她不太像Holly Hobbie(作家) 更像Jenna Jameson(AV女王)
[07:46.40]-Speak pIainIy? -She's determined to become a woman. . . 能说直接点吗?
[07:49.48]. . .and if I don't heIp, she'II character-assassinate me. 如果我不帮她破处
[07:52.20]I thought she Iiked ice cream and magic. 她就向院长封杀我
[07:52.40]我不懂 她不是喜欢冰淇淋和魔法吗?
[07:54.68]Next time, Ieave the scheming to the experts. 下次把诡计留给专家吧
[07:57.76]-What are those? -Pictures from Camp Suisse. - 这是什么? - 瑞士夏令营的照片
[08:00.44]Aaron dressed up as CeciI the CaterpiIIar. I bumped into him outside. Aaron打扮成毛虫西塞尔
[08:04.28]The guy gave you a Ring Pop when you were 6. Move on. 那人在你六岁时给你个戒指糖 向前看吧
[08:07.12]It was Iicorice, and I was 8. 是甘草戒 而且我那时8岁了
[08:09.04]Ancient unimportant history. 老掉牙了 无关紧要的历史 专注点 Serena
[08:11.20]You got me into this, and I'm not Iosing YaIe. . . 你让我陷入这种境地 我可不因为那个小贱人的一时冲动
[08:13.60]. . .because of that tart's Iibido. 而丢掉进耶鲁的机会
[08:15.32]Why don't you occupy her for a whiIe? Take her to the gaIa? 你何不拖延下时间
[08:18.48]Say you didn't know how Iame it wouId be. When it's time to go home. . . 带她去慈善晚会 等到了那
[08:21.84]-. . .you're off the hook. EMMA: I checked out Gossip Girl. 然后到了时候回家 你不就解脱了
[08:24.52]And I'm thinking we hit SociaIista before Beatrice. 我想我们要再比Beatrice抢先一步 到Socialista
[08:28.92]See what I'm deaIing with? 知道我的处境了吧
[08:32.24]Emma, I was thinking. Emma 我在想
[08:34.12]Where is the gIory in bedding down with some dirty Manhattan hipster. . . 和那些会用摄像机偷拍你的
[08:38.20]. . .who's probabIy fiIming you? 某些曼哈顿下流色胚上床 有什么好炫耀的呢
[08:40.12]You reaIIy want to make Muffy jeaIous? 你真想让Muffy嫉妒?
[08:43.04]Have your fIower pIucked by one of the eIite. 搭上曼哈顿上流人士才是王道
[08:45.80]And where wouId I find someone Iike that? 我去哪找这样的人呢?
[08:50.68]LuckiIy, we know the pIace. 幸运的是 我们知道
[08:52.12]But you're gonna have to pay a visit to my cIoset first. 但要先去我的衣柜里挑件衣服才行
[08:55.72](EMMA SQUEALS)
[09:00.20]Ooh. Wow.
[09:06.36]Sorry, thing about a cafe: PeopIe weirdIy want service. 不好意思 知道咖啡店的情况吗? 他们迫不及待需要被服务
[09:09.04]Come on, V, what am I gonna do? Give me something here. 好了 V 我该怎么办
[09:11.76]She's teIIing your dad tomorrow and whatever this fashion-show thing is. . . - 你得给我个主意 - 她明天就会告诉你爸爸了
[09:15.32]-. . .sounds Iike she's put a Iot of work in. -We aII just cover for her? 她倾注了很多心血
[09:16.56]所以我们--我们为她保密? 你 我 还有Nate
[09:18.36]-You, me, Nate? -Don't Iump me with Nate. 别把我和Nate扯一起 他是你朋友
[09:20.92]-He's your friend. -Are we ever gonna taIk about this?
[09:24.20]-He was Iiving with no eIectricity. -You did the right thing. 他住的地方连电都没有
[09:25.76]- 也没家具 - 你做的对
[09:27.44]Which is why you haven't been to the Ioft since he moved in? 所以在他搬过来之后你就没来过了?
[09:30.96]Just teII me, do you stiII have feeIings for him? 告诉我 你对他还有感觉吗?
[09:33.72]-Nate hates me. -That's not what I asked. Nate恨我
[09:36.04]Nate and I tried, it didn't work. End of story. - 答非所问 - 我们尝试过了
[09:37.00]我们合不来 故事结束
[09:38.64]I'm just saying, if you Iike him, teII him. Nate is a good guy. 我是说 如果你喜欢他
[09:40.52]你应该告诉他 Nate是个好男生
[09:42.84]It's funny, you're ready to condemn your sister, but Nate. . . 有趣的是 你准备谴责你妹妹
[09:45.76]. . .who's done some questionabIe things, gets a free pass. 而Nate做了那么多令人质疑的事情
[09:48.84]-I get she Iied. -It's not about the Iying. 你却全然不在意
[09:49.12]- 明白了 她撒谎了 - 不 不 不是因为她撒谎了
[09:51.16]I don't want her to get in troubIe. 我 我不想让她有麻烦
[09:53.16]What if she's about to make a huge mistake and I don't stop her? 如果她在犯一个能改变人生的大错误
[09:56.76]Who's about to make a huge mistake? 而我又不加以阻拦 该怎么办
[10:05.28]CHUCK: WeII, what do we have here? 瞧瞧这是谁啊?
[10:07.96]AIIow me to introduce myseIf. 请允许我自我介绍
[10:11.92]-I'm Chuck-- -Bass. Oh, my God. 我是Chuck
[10:14.08]I read about you on Gossip GirI. You're Iike the deviI. Bass 哦 天啊 我在流言蜚女上看到过你
[10:15.48]你-- 你就像个魔鬼
[10:17.32]FinaIIy, some truth in advertising. Headed out, are we? 广告上终于有实话了
[10:20.40]Serena, BIair and I are going to the gaIa. 要出去吗?
[10:22.72]-I hope you're coming. -I'm aII for company on Saturday night. . . 你也来吗?
[10:25.68]. . .but the onIy thing I Iike that aged is my scotch. 可我唯一感兴趣的古老东西 就是苏格兰威士忌了
[10:28.72]What? It's oId peopIe? BIair toId me it was aII hot guys. 怎么? 都是些老人?
[10:32.60]Sounds to me Iike you've been taken for a ride. 你好像被骗了
[10:34.64](ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) 不如你带我出去兜一圈?
[10:35.88]WeII, how about you take me for a ride instead?
[10:40.72]Buckman, couId you pass this to Miss Serena? Buckman 把这个给Serena好吗?
[10:44.76]It was with the concierge. 是服务台留下的
[10:50.40]Looks Iike you've just hooked yourseIf a Bass. 看来你钓上了Bass
[10:55.32]-You Iook beautifuI. Can we go now? -Patience, Iove. 你很漂亮 可以走了吗?
[10:58.40]The sooner we get there, the sooner the jig is up. 耐心的 亲爱的
[10:58.32]越早到 就越早被拆穿西洋镜
[11:01.12]I'II go check on the vestaI virgin. 我去看看那个贞洁处女
[11:04.36]-Left at the concierge, miss. -Thank you. 小姐 服务台留下的
[11:13.68]WeII pIayed, CeciI. - 手段挺高明 西塞尔 - 她不见了!
[11:15.20]-She's gone. -Who? - 谁? - 你觉得是谁? Emma!
[11:16.80]Who do you think? Emma.
[11:18.64]-Jenny, you shouId wait for Dan. -No, there's no time. Jenny 你应该等等Dan
[11:21.36]This is my chance to prove I can be a designer. 不 没时间了
[11:21.44]这是我能证明自己可以 成为设计师的唯一机会
[11:23.68]Otherwise, it's back to Constance, except worse. . . 不然我就又变成 康士坦次湖的小J了
[11:26.12]. . .everyone's gonna know I faiIed. 这次更糟 因为每个人都会知道我失败了
[11:27.88]Since when are you so worried? You haven't spoken to me aII week. 你什么时候开始那么关心我的?
[11:32.52]Wait. CarefuI, guys. Those are couture. 小心点 伙计们! 这些可是时装!
[11:35.64]Why do you eat those pot brownies? Sugar makes you spaz. 嘿 你干嘛总是吃那些巧克力饼?
[11:38.76]Jenny, come on. I mean, you know it's compIicated. Jenny 别这样 我是说 这很复杂
[11:42.12]If you care about me, prove it. Come with me. 你真的在乎我吗? 那就证明给我看
[11:48.04]Maybe I shouId drive. 也许我该给你当司机
[11:53.76]AGNES: Okay, come on, guys. This train-wagon is on the move. 好了 伙计们 出发吧!
[11:58.32]VANESSA: Is that Nate? -Hey! 那是Nate吗?
[12:00.32]Hey, stop! 嘿! 嘿! 停车!
[12:02.48]Stop. 停车!
[12:04.04]Wow, a reaI Iimo. This is so perfect. 哇哦 这是真的豪华轿车耶
[12:07.96]-By the way, my name is-- -Oh, Iet's not ruin it with you taIking. 呃 我叫--
[12:12.60]Fine. 好的
[12:13.76]GOSSIP GIRL: Spotted. Bass taking the bait. 现场报道--Bass钓了个新马子...
[12:16.00]-Straight to business, then. -Jailbait, that is. 那我们就直接来吧
[12:22.44]BLAIR: Text him. SERENA: I texted six times. - 给他发短信 - 我已经发了6条了
[12:24.04]Text him again. Before he screws that girI. . . 那就继续发 希望他还没上了她
[12:26.28]. . .and any chance of getting into YaIe. 或是毁了我进耶鲁大学的机会!
[12:28.24]I put out an APB on Gossip GirI with Emma's picture. 我已经在"流言蜚女"上发布了消息 还有Emma的facebook照片
[12:31.12]Every girI in Manhattan wiII be on the Iookout. Chuck. 曼哈顿的所有女孩都会关注的 Chuck!
[12:33.80]BLAIR: You. What did you do with her? 你个家伙! 你把她怎么样了?
[12:36.92]Hey, she assauIted me. Demanded I defIower her. 嘿! 是她主动投怀送抱的 要我给她开苞
[12:40.60]Oh, Iimos and virgins, your speciaIty. 哦 豪华轿车 处女 你的专长
[12:42.92]Just so you know, whiIe there are few things I consider sacred. . . 告诉你 有些事情我还是觉得很神圣的
[12:46.32]. . .the back of the Iimo is one of them. 比如豪华轿车的后座就算其中之一
[12:48.68]Once she reaIized she couIdn't ride, she boIted. 当她发现自己并不擅长于此的时候
[12:51.28]Last time I saw her, she was heading downtown. 她临阵退缩了
[12:51.56]我最后一次看到她的时候 她正搭的士赶往市中心
[12:53.36]Is just texted me. The bartender at 1 Oak said E. Boardman. . . 嘿 E.刚发短信给我-- 她说Loak的酒吧侍应说
[12:56.56]-. . .just used her credit card. -She didn't waste time. Come on. E. Boardman刚在那里刷过信用卡
[12:57.28]她倒真是一分钟也不肯浪费 走吧
[12:59.32]-I have my mom's thing. -What? 我不能去 我还有妈妈的慈善晚会
[13:01.24]No, you're coming. You owe me. Both of you. Come on. 什么? 不行! 你必须要去 你欠我的 你们俩都是!
[13:17.48]NATE: Jenny, what are we doing here at The PaIace? Jenny 我们来这干嘛?
[13:19.64]This is the New York PhiIanthropic Society's gaIa. 这是纽约慈善届年会
[13:22.20]-I know. -I'm no fashion expert. . . 我知道
[13:24.40]. . .but shouIdn't the peopIe seeing your show be. . . 我虽然不是时尚专家 但你的时装秀的观众怎么也应该
[13:26.84]. . .not friends with my mom? 不是我妈妈的朋友这类人吧?
[13:28.72]We're Iooking for financiaI backers. Everyone is gonna be here. 我们要寻找出资方 而这样的人今晚都汇聚在这里--
[13:31.64]Fortune 500 CEOs, LBMH, PPR, Hearst. 世界500强的CEO们 LVMH集团(路易威登 轩尼诗) PPR集团(法国巴黎春天集团) Hearst集团(传媒巨头)
[13:35.12]We're Iooking for peopIe with money who can get us press. 我们要找能让我们媒体曝光的有钱人
[13:38.56]-Looks Iike you've done your homework. -I have. 哦 看来你已经做了不少功课 但--
[13:41.36]Sometimes the ends have to justify the means. 当然 有时候"皇天也应该不负有心人"
[13:43.60]Here. I puIIed you a suit on the way out. 给你 我出来的时候给你带了一套西装
[13:47.92]It wouId reaIIy mean a Iot to me if you stayed. 如果你能留下来 真的对我很重要
[14:05.28]-I don't see her. -I'II taIk to the bartender. 我没看到她
[14:09.60]You have to admit, the Iicorice ring was sweet. 你不得不承认 甘草戒指的确很浪漫
[14:12.08]Even if you're IiteraI, I don't wanna hear about your aIbatross untiI we find mine. 听着 就算你是随口说说的
[14:14.24]但在找到我的麻烦小妞之前 我再也不想听到你的这些烂事了
[14:23.68]There she is. 她在那
[14:28.40]哦 天哪
[14:36.00]You got naiIed, just not in the way you wanted. 看来你已经得手了 只可惜不是你想要的那种
[14:38.40]Give me time. Serge and I were moving the party to his pIace. 给我一点时间
[14:39.32]Serge和我正要离开派对 去他那里
[14:41.56]Serge? HonestIy, how tacky are you? "Serge"? 老实说 你俗不俗啊
[14:44.04]-Okay, you guys, Iet's go. -Serena. 好了 姑娘们 我们走吧
[14:47.08]-Hey. You shouId've caIIed. -Scott, hey. Serena!
[14:47.52]- 嘿 你应该先打个电话来 - 嘿 Scott
[14:49.28]-Don't worry, I have a tabIe for you. BLAIR: Wait! Wait. No. God. 没关系 我可以给你安排个台子
[14:50.56]等等! 不!
[14:52.72]Out of my-- 让开--拦住她!
[14:53.96]Stop her! Emma! Emma!
[14:56.80]Excuse-- Ew! 让一--啊!
[15:04.60](CHATTERING )
[15:15.64]Oh, my God. 哦 天哪
[15:18.04]Excuse me, miss. Can I have your name, pIease? 不好意思 小姐
[15:20.12]Uh, yeah, it's Erica van der Woodsen. 请问您的大名?
[15:20.60]呃 我是Erica Erica Van Der Woodsen
[15:24.96]Sometimes they Ieave off the A. My-- 他们有时候会漏掉一个"a"
[15:27.28]-My parents are the guests of honor. -Oh. 我--我父母是获奖嘉宾
[15:30.36]-Okay, thanks. -Yeah. 哦 好的 谢谢
[15:34.16]What am I doing? 我在做什么?
[15:37.28]LILY: Jenny? Jenny?
[15:39.80]Hi. 嗨 Bass夫人
[15:41.40]Mrs. Bass. Um. . . .
[15:45.76]CongratuIations. I didn't know you were receiving an award. 祝贺您
[15:47.96]我原来不知道 呃 不知道您获奖了
[15:50.08]That's reaIIy. . . . 真是...
[15:51.92]-Uh, reaIIy. . . . It's reaIIy great. -WeII, thank you. 呃 真的..真的太棒了
[15:55.08]HonestIy, I hate being the center of attention, but. . . . 哦 谢谢
[15:55.12]老实说 我不喜欢成为关注的焦点
[15:58.24]So who are you here with? 但是 呃... 你和谁一起来的?
[15:59.56]WeII, uh. . . . - 哦 呃... - 她和我一起来的
[16:01.52]-She's with me. -Oh.
[16:03.56]My mom couIdn't make it and she asked me to fiII in, so I invited Jenny. - 哦! - 是啊 我妈妈来不了 所以
[16:05.68]她让我来代她出席 所以我邀请了Jenny
[16:07.60]Oh, that is so sweet. 哦 不错 你看到Serena了吗?
[16:09.16]Have you seen Serena?
[16:10.60]-No, I haven't, actuaIIy. I'm sorry. -Okay. - 没有 我没看到她 抱歉 - 好吧
[16:13.72]-Wanna get something to drink? -Yeah, that'd be great. 你要喝点什么吗?
[16:16.36]-Thank you. -Excuse us. 好的 谢谢
[16:18.84]My God, you're shaking. 天哪 你在发抖
[16:20.40]Yeah. I didn't know that LiIy and Bart were getting an award. 是啊 我不知道--不知道Lily和Bart获奖了
[16:23.36]I'm about to ruin the night of peopIe who've onIy ever been nice to me. 而我却要毁了这个晚上
[16:24.72]他们是唯一对我不错的人 Nate
[16:26.80]WeII, then just forget about it. You don't have to. 那你就放弃你的计划
[16:29.36]Have you not heard anything I've said? This is it. Tonight's aII I have. 不一定非要这样做的
[16:29.84]不 难道你没听到我前面所说的吗 Nate?
[16:31.48]今晚是我唯一的机会 Nate 我甚至不知道...
[16:33.00]Nate, I don't even know--
[16:49.00]You kissed me again. 你又吻我了
[16:51.04]I know. 我知道
[16:52.48]So does that mean you don't regret Iast week? 这也就是说你上周并没后悔吻我了?
[16:56.20]I guess not. 我想是的
[16:58.52]Jenny, whatever you decide, I'm with you. Jenny 无论你怎么决定 我都支持你
[17:02.48]Okay. 好
[17:14.40]Move. 让开!
[17:15.76]I Iost her out front in a crowd of identicaI coupIes. 我在门口的人群中把她跟丢了 那些人都长得差不多
[17:18.32]Their cab is haIfway to Serge's by now. 他们现在很可能已经坐着的士 在去Serge家的路上了
[17:20.24]-If she waits that Iong. -She's not answering. 如果她还愿意等等的话 (暗示她可能更快的献身)
[17:22.48]-CongratuIations, for ruining my future. -Me? 她不接电话
[17:22.84]哦 恭喜你 S 又一次毁了我的前途
[17:25.64]Who came up with the idea of me babysitting my way into YaIe? - 我? - 不是吗?
[17:27.24]是谁出主意让我靠照看小女生 来进耶鲁大学的?
[17:29.40]You wouIdn't have had another chance if it hadn't been for me. 如果不是我的话 你根本不会再有机会和院长接触
[17:32.44]Oh, right, you're such a ceIebrity. 哦 是啊 你多有名啊
[17:34.24]"Miss van der Woodsen, your piIIows are being fIuffed. " "Van Der Woodsen小姐 我们正在贵宾专区帮您软乎枕头"
[17:37.28]Kittens, pIease. I found her tabIe. 姑娘们 够了 我找到她的台子了
[17:39.20]You're behind the pIot. She aIready Ieft. 你来晚了 Bass 她已经走了
[17:41.36]Bartender says she's in the corner booth. 吧台侍应说她在角落的位子
[17:48.08]E. Boardman? E. Boardman? Elizabeth
[17:49.80]EIizabeth. That's not Emma, that's her mother. 那不是Emma 是她母亲
[17:52.60]SERENA: And that's not her father. 而且那个不是她父亲 哦 天哪
[17:55.00]Oh, my God.
[17:56.20]GOSSIP GIRL: It seems the saying is true. 看来老话说得好--
[17:58.04]Like mother, like daughter. 有其母必有其女
[17:59.72]Or is it the other way around? 或是有其女必有其母?
[18:13.60]Oh, no, she's cooI. Don't worry. This is Stewart. 哦 她是自己人 没关系
[18:16.04]He's in Iove with me. 他是Stewart 他正在追我
[18:19.32]Uh, isn't he gonna get fired for this? 呃 他做这个是不是会被炒鱿鱼?
[18:23.36]Yeah, weII, he was gonna quit anyway to be a professionaI gamer. 是的 不过 反正他也准备辞职
[18:26.80]Oh, I have to check on the modeIs. 哦 我得去看看模特们
[18:29.32]Stewart, take this. Stewart 给你
[18:31.40]Do not do anything gross to my friend. 不要对我的朋友无礼
[18:39.96]If you'd just come to me sooner. 如果你早点告诉我--
[18:41.84]We don't even know what she's doing. 别说我们不知道她在哪
[18:43.88]-I know. I'm sorry. -She's not picking up. 甚至连她要做什么都不清楚
[18:44.16]我知道 老爸 对不起 我-我只是--
[18:45.96]-Did you try Nate? -I did aIready. His phone's off. 她还是不接电话
[18:46.20]- 你打过Nate的电话吗? - 打了 他关机了
[18:49.24]Ah, I shouId've known better. 我早该知道会这样 我就不该相信她
[18:50.56]-I shouId never have trusted her. -What?
[18:53.60]GOSSIP GIRL: Spotted at The Palace: Nate Archibald and Little J. 什么?
[18:54.20]Palace现场报道--Nate Archibald和小J
[18:57.32]RUFUS: What is it? -No-- Gossip GirI. They're at The PaIace. 什么?
[18:58.40]呃 "流言蜚女" 他们在Palace
[19:00.04]-Let me see. -There's nothing to see. - 让我看看 - 没什么好看的 我们走吧
[19:01.64]Let's get out of here now. 我们现在就过去
[19:03.96]We hear Lonely Boy's BFF still carries a torch for Nate. 我们听说寂寞男孩的红颜知己 还在单恋着Nate
[19:08.08]If she finds out about little sister, wonder who 'll get burnt. 如果她知道了小妹妹的秘密
[19:18.16]Come on, you're a cab. Do that weaving thing. 见鬼 你是计程车司机 拿出你穿梭自如的本事来
[19:21.16]Dad, Dad, it's okay. We're gonna find her. 老爸 老爸 老爸 冷静点 我们会找到她的 好吗?
[19:23.28]At Ieast she's with Nate. 至少她和Nate在一起 他会照顾她的
[19:24.84]He couIdn't have known. Nate wouId've said something. 他不可能事先知道这些事情的 对吗?
[19:27.76]Don't be so sure. 我想Nate会劝劝她的
[19:29.80]-Nate didn't know. He wouId never-- -We don't know what Nate wouId do. Nate肯定不知情的 他绝不可能瞒着我们
[19:31.52]我们并不知道Nate会做什么 Vanessa
[19:33.80]His moraIs are questionabIe at best. 起码他的人品是有问题的
[19:36.56]Who wouId've thought he'd date both you and a certain Iady? 谁--谁又会想到他在和你交往的同时 还和另一个女人约会呢?
[19:40.84]And by " Iady" I mean " oIder" and by " date" I mean-- 我说的"女人"是指"女士" "约会"是指--
[19:44.04]RUFUS: What's he taIking about? - 他在说什么? - 没什么
[19:45.56]Nothing. What is up with you?
[19:48.08]What happened to "Nate's a good guy" ? 你怎么了? 还记得你跟我说
[19:49.96]-You're saying you do Iike him? -Are you saying he's not a good guy? "如果你喜欢他 就告诉他" "Nate是个好人"
[19:55.28]Sounds Iike you stiII Iike him. 听上去你还在喜欢着他
[19:57.28](CELL PHONE RINGING ) 是Jenny打来的吗?
[19:58.60]-Is that Jenny? -Oh.
[20:02.20]No, it's-- No, it's Jordan. The TA from YaIe, who wiII have to wait. 不 是--不 是Jordan
[20:03.68]耶鲁大学的助教 先不管她了
[20:07.92]Come on, you gotta be kidding me. 拜托 你一定是在开玩笑
[20:09.64]You're Ietting the Mister Softee truck pass us? Come on. Here. 你竟然让"软心先生"的 冰淇淋车超过了?
[20:11.12]拜托 给你
[20:13.72]Dad, that's a one. 老爸 你拿的是1块钱
[20:16.12]Thank you.
[20:18.00]-Whoa, are you sure Jenny's here? -Yeah. 哇哦 你确定Jenny在这?
[20:20.16]-What is this? -A private party, sir. 确定
[20:22.00]-I'm afraid I can't Iet you in. -I'm just here to find my daughter. 一个私人聚会 先生
[20:21.80]如果您不在受邀名单之列 我恐怕不能让您进去--
[20:25.36]LILY: Rufus? Rufus?
[20:26.84]What are you doing here? It's fine. 你来这干嘛?
[20:29.44]-Okay. -AII right, I'm gonna go Iook for Nate. - 没事 - 好的
[20:29.92]我--我去找Nate 他个子高 容易找
[20:31.68]He's taIIer and easier to spot.
[20:34.12]-I'm gonna Iook for Jenny. -Thanks. Uh. . . . 我去找Jenny
[20:35.60]谢谢 呃--
[20:37.48]Is Jenny okay? I saw her earIier. What's going on? 但是--呃--Jenny没事吧? 我刚才看到她了
[20:40.56]-I was about to ask that myseIf. Rufus. -Bart, heIIo. 出什么事了?
[20:41.84]- Rufus - Bart 你好
[20:45.88]WeII, I need to find my daughter. . . 我要去找我女儿
[20:47.64]. . .so if you see her, hoId on to her, wouId you? 如果你看到她 帮我叫住她 好吗?
[20:50.88]Oh. CongratuIations. 恭喜二位
[20:58.96]What? I didn't invite him. 怎么了? 我并没邀请他
[21:02.72]Ugh. Let's go get a drink. 我们去喝点东西吧
[21:05.48]Thank you, God, so much. I won't Iet you down. 太谢谢你了 老天 我不会让你失望的
[21:11.32]Chuck's seeing if the doorman knows Emma's guy. Chuck去问门卫是否认识带走Emma的男人
[21:13.64]Why? Who cares about him? 为什么? 谁在乎他?
[21:16.12]BIair, no. This poor IittIe girI's mother is having an affair. Blair 不
[21:19.20]-No wonder she's acting out. -So? This is my goIden ticket. - 难怪她那么出位 - 所以呢? 这可是我的绝好机会
[21:22.32]You are not bIackmaiIing that woman to get into YaIe. 你绝不能以此威胁她 来进耶鲁
[21:24.76]Serena, open your eyes. This is a sign from God. Serena 睁大你的眼睛! 这是老天的安排
[21:27.44]-He wants me to do this. -This famiIy needs heIp. 他要我这样做的
[21:29.96]No argument there. They're more screwed up than yours. 哦 这点我同意 他们家甚至比你们家还混乱
[21:32.76]So Humbert Humbert's name is Serge Grodanz. 那谁谁的名字叫Serge Grodanz
[21:34.96]His father pIays tennis at the cIub. 他的父亲在俱乐部打网球
[21:37.24]-I know where his buiIding is. Let's go. -I'm going over there. 我知道他家在哪 我们走吧
[21:41.04]You know, I'm Iate for the gaIa. My mom's texting me. 呃 我--我要赶去颁奖晚会了
[21:43.60]Look, do whatever you want, BIair, but, pIease, save Emma first. 我妈妈发短信催我了
[21:43.72]听着 Blair 你想干嘛就干嘛
[21:47.72]Ugh. Fine. We'II save LittIe Red Riding Hood from the big bad woIf. . . 好啊 我们要先从大灰狼那救出小红帽
[21:51.92]. . .but then it's "BuIIdog, BuIIdog, rah-rah-rah. " 但是那之后 我就要大刀阔斧了
[21:53.88]I'm trusting you. 我信你了哦
[21:57.24]Have any bright ideas? 你有什么妙计吗?
[21:59.04]As a matter of fact, one. 事实上 正好有一个
[22:11.56]Dan. Hey. Dan 嘿
[22:16.64]-What are you doing? -What am I doing? - 你在干什么? - 我在干什么?
[22:18.68]What are you doing? Or is this not you with my 1 5-year-oId sister? 你在干什么?
[22:23.48]-Okay, whoa, just caIm down. -We took you into our house, Nate. 哦 哦 哦 冷静点
[22:24.80]我们让你住到我们家来 Nate
[22:26.60]Look, Dan, it's not Iike I pIanned on it, aII right? 听着 Dan 我并不是事先计划好的 好吗?
[22:29.36]Okay, things just happened. I'm sorry. She's a sophomore, I'm a senior. 事情就那么发生了 对不起
[22:30.92]拜托 她二年级 我四年级
[22:33.00]-Don't act Iike I'm some creepy guy. -No, you're the guy. . . 别搞得我好像很老似的
[22:36.00]. . .who traded sex for money. 不 你只是为了钱而出卖肉体而已
[22:40.84]My God, Vanessa. 哦 天哪 Vanessa
[22:42.00]It's amazing I don't want you with my sister. 我不想你和我妹妹在一起 也没什么好惊讶的了
[22:44.24]I'm sorry I didn't say anything about Jenny, okay? 听着 很抱歉我没告诉Jenny的事情
[22:46.88]But you have no right to judge me. 但是你没权利对我说三道四
[22:52.76]-Where is she? -I don't know. Went to find Agnes. 她在哪?
[22:53.64]听着 我不知道 她去找Agnes了
[22:55.20]-Do you want me to come heIp you--? -No, I don't want your heIp. 你要我帮你找她吗?
[22:58.40]I want you to pack up your stuff and get out of our house. 不 我不需要你的帮助
[22:58.32]收拾好你的东西 滚出我家
[23:08.60]BLAIR: Emma, open up. Emma 开门
[23:10.80]-Emma? I know you're in there. -Go away. Serge is in the bathroom. Emma? 我知道你在里面!
[23:12.84]快走! Serge正在浴室里
[23:14.40]When he gets out, there's gonna be one Iess virgin. 等他出来以后 这世上就要少一个处女了
[23:16.92]You have to admire her determination. 我真的很佩服她的决心
[23:18.76]I'm not Ietting Muffy Iose hers before me. She beats me in everything. 我不会让Muffy抢在我之前失贞的
[23:22.12]TeII her to check Gossip GirI. 告诉她看看"流言蜚女"
[23:23.80]Emma, do you have your phone? Check Gossip GirI. Emma? 你手机在吗? 看看"流言蜚女"
[23:26.20]It's important. 很重要的
[23:28.16]Look, I aIready toId you, nothing's gonna-- 听着 我已经跟你说了 没什么可以-- 什么?!
[23:33.80]It says, " Muffy's muff gets stuffed. " 上面说,"Muffy的小洞洞被填上了"
[23:37.16]-Does that mean--? -That Muffy took her first steps. . . 这是不是说--
[23:38.00]那个小Muffy抢先做了女人了? 恐怕是的
[23:39.64]. . .as a woman? Afraid so.
[23:41.32]She Iost her virginity and her Gossip GirI cherry in the same night? 她在同一个晚上既破了处 又在"流言蜚女"上实现了处女秀?
[23:44.84]-How'd she get on Gossip GirI? -Pays to have connections. 但是她是怎么上的"流言蜚女"呢?
[23:47.84]SERGE: Emma? Come here, my IittIe princess. 这就是有关系的好处
[23:47.80]Emma? 过来吧 我的小宝贝
[23:51.52]-Oh! SERGE: What? Who are you? 什么? 你们是谁?
[23:55.16]Now I feeI vioIated. Come on. 我觉得自己被亵渎了 走吧
[23:58.32]Piece of advice? Lose the tuIip. 给你个建议--自己搞定吧(自慰)
[24:01.56](LINE RINGING ) 嘿 我是Aaron 请留言
[24:03.04]AARON (ON MESSAGE) : Hey, it's Aaron. Leave a message.
[24:04.88]Oh, if this is Serena, that girl at the hotel today, not what you think. 哦 如果是Serena 今天在酒店的那个女孩--
[24:09.20]Not my girlfriend, if that's what you thought... 不是你所想的那样 我是说 她不是我的女朋友
[24:11.56]...because I don 't have a girlfriend, and I'm rambling, so.... 如果你是这么以为的话
[24:11.56]因为我还没女朋友 至今单身
[24:15.00]If this isn 't Serena, leave a message. Thank you. 所以 呃 如果不是Serena 请留言 谢谢
[24:18.64]Um, okay, that was the worst message I have ever heard. 呃 好吧 这是我听过的最糟的留言...
[24:22.72]Or the best. 或许是最好的
[24:25.40]I was just caIIing to thank you for the ring. . . 呃 我打来是想谢谢你的戒指
[24:27.80]. . .but somehow I am finding myseIf wanting to give you another chance-- 不过我有点想再给你一次机会
[24:32.04]WOMAN: Hello? 喂?
[24:34.16]HeIIo? 喂?
[24:36.16]Are you calling for Aaron? 你是找Aaron吗?
[24:38.56]-Yeah, hi, who's this? -Tamara. 是 你是哪位?
[24:40.56]Aaron 's in the bathroom, you wanna wait? 我是Tamara Aaron现在在厕所
[24:42.52]No. No, no, just teII him, um. . . . 你要等他接电话 还是...
[24:42.56]不 不用了 就转告他...
[24:46.84]No, just don't teII him anything. I'm sorry. 什么都不用跟他说 打扰你了
[24:52.00]CeciI, you got me again. 西塞尔 你又这样
[24:57.36]Nate, where are you going? Nate 你要去哪儿?
[24:59.20]I gotta go home. Your brother's here and he knows. Jenny 对不起 我得回家了
[25:01.88]-Wait, what? -He saw us kissing on Gossip GirI. - 你哥来了 他都知道了 - 他知道什么了?
[25:04.24]-He's here with your dad. -My-- My dad's here? 他和你爸一起来的
[25:06.60]-The modeIs are ready. We gotta go. -No. My dad and brother are here. 我爸也来了?
[25:06.40]Jenny 快点 模特们都准备就绪 我们得走了
[25:09.96]They can see how amazing you are instead of reading it in the papers. 不行 我爸和我哥来了
[25:09.68]太好了 这样他们就能亲眼 看见你有多棒
[25:13.56]I mean, it's not Iike he's gonna kiII you twice. 反正死一次而已
[25:15.92]Okay. Wait. 好吧
[25:17.88]PIease. Nate, pIease don't go. I reaIIy need you here. 等一下 Nate 你别走
[25:33.00]Good evening. May I have your attention, pIease? 晚上好 请大家安静一下
[25:37.00]Thank you. 谢谢
[25:38.60]As head of the New York PhiIanthropic Society. . . 作为纽约慈善协会会长
[25:41.32]. . .presenting this award is my favorite duty. 我非常荣幸颁发这个奖项
[25:44.12]PIease join me in congratuIating LiIy and Bart Bass. 让我们恭喜Lily和Bart Bass
[25:53.56]-Did you find her? -No. - 你找到她了吗? - 没有
[25:54.88]LiIy and Bart Bass have funded the construction. . . Lily和Bart Bass建造了很多诊所...
[25:57.68]. . .of cIinics and hospitaIs in EquatoriaI Guinea, Sri Lanka-- 和医院在赤道几内亚
[26:05.44]My apoIogies, there seems to be some technicaI difficuIty. 很抱歉 好像出了一些技术故障
[26:11.08]Oh, no.
[27:48.92]-It Iooks great. -Thank you. 太棒了
[27:54.32]Oh, my god. Vanessa. 我的上帝 Vanessa!
[27:58.56]-Vanessa, wait. -Here, Jenny, Jenny, stop. Vanessa 等一下!
[28:00.64]-No, just-- It's not your pIace. -No, I have to say something. Jenny 别追了
[28:01.36]- 这里不是你的地方 - 不 我得跟她解释
[28:03.68]-I shouIdn't have done that. I'm sorry. -Jenny. - 不 别去 - 我不该这么做 对不起
[28:06.00]JENNY: Vanessa. - Jenny - Vanessa!
[28:07.16]GOSSIP GIRL: Looks like it's bros before ho 's for Little J. 看来小J是个重友轻色的人
[28:09.80]Who knew when her loyalty kicked in, Nate would be kicked out? 谁知道她会不会只想忠于朋友
[28:17.56](MODELS LAUGHING )
[28:20.48]J Humphrey Designs. Backers are weIcome-- J Humphrey设计公司! 欢迎你们的赞助... 哇
[28:23.32]Whoa, get your gropey hands off of me, creep. 别再乱摸我了 变态
[28:26.56]I cannot beIieve your sister. She's taken it to a whoIe other IeveI. 我不敢相信你妹妹
[28:29.92]Yeah. Yeah, she has. 她简直太过分了
[28:31.44]-She's gotta be around here somewhere. -I'II check the Iobby. 是 她很过分
[28:40.64]You might be upset, but this wasn't how you wanted to Iose your virginity. 你可能不高兴 但事实是...
[28:44.40]And which venue wouId you suggest? 那你建议在什么地方比较好呢?
[28:46.48]Perhaps. . . .
[28:54.12]Chuck, I know it wasn't easy getting Gossip GirI to post that bogus report. Chuck 我知道让"流言蜚女"发布 那个假的新闻不容易
[28:59.08]-Thank you. -For you, anytime. 谢谢你
[29:00.36]对你 我随时恭候
[29:02.64]I think your IittIe virgin's making a break for it. 我想你的小处女逃跑了
[29:08.56]BLAIR: Emma. Emma 等等我
[29:09.84]Emma, Emma, wait.
[29:11.56]Aren't you done? You won. 你没完了吗? 你赢了...
[29:13.44]You, Muffy, my mom. I'm the onIy Ioser. 你 Muffy 我妈妈 我是唯一的输家
[29:16.76]You stiII don't get it. 你还是不明白
[29:18.40]Having sex for the first time shouIdn't be part of a competition to beat Muffy. 第一次做爱不应该是...
[29:23.20]It shouId be with someone you Iove. 应该和一个你爱的人
[29:27.28]Was your first time with someone you Ioved? 你的第一次是和你爱的人吗?
[29:30.76]Yes. It was. 是
[29:33.52]And honestIy, there are better ways of getting your mother's attention. 而且 老实说...
[29:37.00]-I toId you, this is about Muffy. -PIease. 有很多方法让你妈妈注意到你
[29:37.72]我说过了 这是关于Muffy的
[29:39.52]I wrote the book on distracted, seIf-centered mothers. 拜托 我最了解那些容易分心 以自我为中心的母亲们了
[29:43.64]My mom has never met a singIe one of my teachers. . . 我妈从来没见过我的任何一个老师
[29:46.20]. . .reguIarIy forgets my birthday, onIy comments on my appearance. . . 她经常忘记我的生日
[29:49.48]. . .when she has something to criticize. 而且就算她评论我 也只是批评我的穿着
[29:52.16]-But you're perfect. -True. 但是你很完美啊
[29:55.56]And that's why I finaIIy reaIized it wasn't about me. 是 所以我才明白问题不在于我...
[29:59.24]The same way it's not about you. 你也一样
[30:02.96]My mom says when we come to the city we're gonna do mother-daughter things. 我妈妈总是说等我们到这个城市
[30:08.68]-It never happens. -So teII her that. 她从没实现过诺言
[30:13.84]And can you try to avoid the Serges of the worId? 你能不能离那样的人远点?
[30:18.04]Thanks, by the way. 谢谢你
[30:19.52]-That guy was pretty gross. -Yeah. - 那个男的太恶心了 - 是啊
[30:25.60]Eh. . . .
[30:26.96]HeIIo? 你好
[30:29.04]Hey, Jordan. No, no. No, it's not too Iate. 嗨 Jordan 不 还不算晚
[30:32.80]Uh. . . . 是 我看到了 三个教授...
[30:34.52]Yeah, I saw that. The three professors. That's. . . .
[30:39.92]No, I know what " anemic" means. 不 我知道"没活力"的意思
[30:42.80]Uh, aII right. WeII, thank you. Thank you for trying. I appreciate it. Okay. 还是要谢谢你的帮助
[30:45.60]我很感激 再见
[30:51.00]Is everything okay? 你还好吗?
[30:52.92]Um. . . . 我...不好
[30:54.56]No. No, not reaIIy.
[30:56.60]Don't worry about Jenny. She'II probabIy get in some troubIe for disrupting. 别为Jenny担心了
[31:00.36]But I think everyone in here was reIieved. 但事实上 我觉得晚宴上的每个人都松了口气
[31:03.04]No, I know. Jenny wiII be fine. Jenny wiII be great. 我知道 Jenny会没事的 Jenny会非常棒
[31:06.36]Because Jenny aIways does what she has to, to get what she wants. 因为Jenny总是为达到她的目的不顾一切
[31:11.44]-I don't foIIow. -Tonight my sister aIienated. . . 我不明白你的意思
[31:14.16]. . .everyone in her Iife. But tomorrow she's gonna be in the New York Times. 今晚我妹妹疏离了她生命中的每个人
[31:19.04]I can't heIp but wonder if she's the one with aII the guts in the famiIy. 我只是忍不住想 是不是...
[31:23.76]Hey, where's this coming from? 这话从何说起?
[31:28.20]Nowhere. I'm sorry. The Humphreys aIready spoiIed your mom's night. 随便说的 对不起
[31:31.44]-I don't wanna spoiI yours. -I don't care about this. Humphrey一家已经破坏了你妈妈的晚宴了
[31:33.96]I care about you. TeII me what's wrong. 不 我不在乎今晚 我更在乎你
[31:38.44]Uh. . . . 我上不成耶鲁大学了
[31:40.28]I'm not gonna get into YaIe. Or any schooI with a decent writing program.
[31:42.24]很可能其他任何有写作专业的 学校都去不成了
[31:44.12]-No, Dan, that is not true. -I gotta go find my dad. Thank you. - 不 Dan 不会这样的 - 我得去找我爸了
[31:50.04]Good night. 晚安
[31:57.76](DOOR OPENS)
[31:59.56]Do you reaIize what time it is? And Iook at that dress. 你知道现在几点了吗?
[32:04.00]You expect me to beIieve you went to the movies in that? 你想让我相信你是穿着它去看电影吗?
[32:06.88]-Mom, pIease don't. This isn't her fauIt. -Bed. Now. 妈妈 别这样 这不是她的错
[32:11.40]Bed! 睡觉!
[32:15.44]Mrs. Boardman, before you say anything you'II regret-- Boardman女士 在你说出任何 自己将来会后悔的话之前
[32:18.16]Your pIan? Take my daughter cIubbing and hope she'd pIead to the dean? 你打什么主意...带我女儿去泡酒吧
[32:21.60]I have some bad news for you, Miss WaIdorf. 然后让她向院长替你求情?
[32:22.28]我有一些坏消息要告诉你 Waldorf小姐
[32:24.56]From what I've seen, you're not YaIe materiaI. 依我看 你不是上耶鲁的料
[32:29.00]You haven't seen anything yet. 你还什么都没看到呢
[32:30.68]Did you have a nice time with your Bryn Mawr friends? 告诉我 你和布林马尔的朋友玩得尽兴吗?
[32:33.56]-What is that supposed to mean? -Here. My phone. 你什么意思?
[32:35.96]You'II need it to make a caII to New Haven. 来 借给你我的电话
[32:38.16]-This isn't BIair's fauIt. -Go to bed. 妈妈 这不是Blair的错
[32:40.20]-BIair was onIy trying to heIp me. -You're Iecturing me? 我说了让你上床睡觉
[32:43.24]No wonder I don't wanna spend time with you. Bed, right now. 你是在对我说教吗?
[32:43.60]难怪我不想和你待在一起 上床去! 马上!
[32:53.00](DOOR SLAMS) 你刚才想说什么?
[32:54.16]-You were saying? -Just. . . .
[33:01.40]Your daughter's a great girI. 你的女儿是个非常好的女孩
[33:04.52]You shouId pay more attention to her. 你该多关心她
[33:08.36]Soon it'II be too Iate. 否则就后悔莫及了
[33:21.04]Excuse me, ma'am. Did you see a girI come out? 打扰一下 女士
[33:23.28]-She had a bIue shirt and dark curIy hair. -Jenny. 你有没有看见一个女孩出来?
[33:23.72]她穿蓝色衣服 黑色卷发?
[33:25.72]Dad. Dad, Iet go of me. Let go of me, Dad. I'm trying to find Vanessa. Jenny
[33:26.28]爸爸? 放开我
[33:29.12]-I hope you're proud of yourseIf. -You know what? I am. 放开我 我正在找Vanessa
[33:33.00]HonestIy, I achieved everything that I wanted. 你知道吗? 我确实以自己为荣
[33:33.36]说实话 我实现了自己所有的目标
[33:35.40]Jenny, you can't just go through Iife not caring who you hurt. Jenny 你不能率性而为
[33:38.64]Dad, I aIready have 32 missed caIIs on my phone. 不在乎是否伤害了别人
[33:38.88]爸 我手机上已经有32个未接来电
[33:41.16]PeopIe aren't caIIing to teII me how mad they are that I ruined their party. 他们给我打电话 不是因为我破坏了晚宴 而多生气
[33:44.88]-They Iike my designs and wanna meet. -WeII, those peopIe are not your father. 他们是告诉我 喜欢我的设计
[33:48.64]And speaking for him, I have never been more disappointed. 那些人不是你的父亲
[33:49.04]从我的角度来说 我对你非常失望
[33:51.72]Hi. Hi there. I hope I'm not interrupting. 嗨
[33:55.56]-Jenny, you owe LiIy an apoIogy. -No, reaIIy. Jenny 我想你应该向Lily道歉
[33:57.96]No, no, no, he's right. LiIy, I'm reaIIy sorry. 不用了
[33:58.56]不 他说得对
[33:59.80]Lily 我真的...非常抱歉
[34:01.76]WeII, honestIy, it wasn't the evening I expected. 说实话 今晚这事在我预料之外
[34:04.76]But it was amazing. The whoIe thing was inspired. 但令人惊喜
[34:07.36]实在太具灵感 太激动人心了
[34:11.56]Um. . . .
[34:13.24]I'm just gonna wait over here for a moment. 我还是在这边等会儿再说吧
[34:15.52]If you think you're getting away with this, you're wrong. 如果你认为今晚可以逃过一劫的话 你就大错特错了
[34:18.20]WeII, it's too Iate, it's done. 太晚了 一切都结束了
[34:22.00]You're right. Officer, if you're Iooking for the person responsibIe, this is her. 你说得对
[34:23.24]警官 如果你们在找今晚事件的始作俑者
[34:26.16]-Dad. LILY: Rufus. - 就是她 - 爸!
[34:29.52]-You can't be serious. -You're giving me no choice. 你不是认真的吧
[34:32.28]It's her number aII over the PoIaroids. 你让我别无选择
[34:38.04]Miss, I'm gonna have to take you to the station. 小姐 我得带你去警局一趟
[34:40.56]We'II caII your parents from there. 我们会给你父母打电话的
[34:43.00]He is my parent. The one getting me arrested. 这个让我被逮捕的人 就是我爸爸!
[34:45.28]Officer, my name is LiIy Bass. I was the one being honored this evening. . . 警官 我叫Lily Bass 今晚的获奖嘉宾
[34:48.88]. . .and my husband aIso owns this hoteI. And we won't be pressing any charges. 这座宾馆也是我丈夫的
[34:54.28]Makes my job easier. 这就让我好办了
[34:57.56]-LiIy, this is none of your business. -I'm saving you from a terribIe mistake. Lily 这不关你的事
[35:04.04]You know what? You guys figure it out. I'm going home. 你们知道吗?
[35:08.52]GOSSIP GIRL: Poor Jenny. All that glamour almost led to the slammer. 我回家了
[35:09.04]可怜的Jenny 那些迷人的魔法 差点让她进监狱
[35:12.36]But what will the morning bring? 但是明天会发生什么呢?
[35:21.00]Figured you'd be back at the famiIy manor. 我就知道你会回家的
[35:25.32]Is this the new minimaIism? 这是按照新极简风格布置的吗
[35:30.36]-What the heII is going on? -What do you think? 发生什么事情?
[35:32.72]-I toId you we were in troubIe. -You didn't teII me it was this bad. 你以为呢?
[35:33.20]我跟你说了 我们家遇到了困难
[35:36.88]If it drove you to BrookIyn, I shouId've known. 你能到布鲁克林去住 我应该能发觉的
[35:39.08]-I'm going to stay with my mom. -Don't be so dramatic. 布鲁克林的日子结束了 我要去和我妈一起生活
[35:41.72]-You're coming with me. -No, I'm not. 别这么戏剧化了 你跟我走吧
[35:50.88]B, it's time to get up. There are other schooIs besides YaIe. B 该起床了
[35:54.00]-Like Princeton. -Princeton is a trade schooI. 除耶鲁外 还有很多大学 比如普林斯顿
[35:57.20]There is onIy YaIe. 普林斯顿是中等职业学校 我只想上耶鲁
[36:00.00]WeII, I'm proud of you for not succumbing to your baser instincts. 我为你没向自己的邪恶面屈服 而感到骄傲
[36:03.52]Even though you might not get into YaIe. . . 虽然你进不了耶鲁大学
[36:05.64]. . .at Ieast this way you won't go to heII. 但至少这样你还少去受罪了呢
[36:07.60](CELL PHONE RINGS)
[36:10.44]BIair WaIdorf's phone. Yes, Dean Berube, she's right here. Blair Waldorf的电话
[36:14.48]-What? No. -Yes. Berube院长 她在这儿呢
[36:16.60]Dean Berube, what a surprise. - 什么? 不! - 快接
[36:17.92](KNOCKING ON DOOR) Berube院长 接到您的电话好意外啊
[36:19.48]Miss van der Woodsen? You have a visitor. Van Der Woodsen小姐? 有人找你
[36:22.68]Yes. 是的
[36:31.04]So I was thinking, you, me, assorted breakfast pastries. 我想和你一起去吃早餐糕点
[36:35.44]How many pastries exactIy? 到底有几种糕点?
[36:37.08]Is it just you and me, or is the entire harem coming aIong? 只是你和我 还是全都后宫到齐?
[36:40.44]-Yeah, I wanna expIain yesterday. -Look, Aaron, the rings were sweet. 我想解释一下昨天的事
[36:44.00]But I thought about it and I don't reaIIy wanna date someone. . . Aaron 我很喜欢那个戒指
[36:47.36]-. . .who has a posse. -A posse?
[36:50.96]In our Iast encounters, you've been with two different girIs. - 后援团? - 我们上两次见面时
[36:53.96]-WeII, one was a friend. -So you've said. 你都和不同的女孩在一起
[36:56.08]And the other one was. . . . 你已经说过了
[37:00.72]You know what? No. 你知道吗?
[37:02.28]I couId expIain who Tamara is and why she was at my apartment Iast night. 我可以解释Tamara是谁
[37:06.92]The fact is either you feeI something here or you don't. 重要的是 你对我有没有感觉
[37:09.76]If you want an excuse not to give this a shot, fine. But ever since. . . 如果你想找个借口不跟我约会 没关系的
[37:13.16]. . .you waIked into the gaIIery, I haven't been abIe to stop thinking about you. 但自从上周你走进画廊
[37:17.20]-I even dug up my oId camp stuff. -So did I. 我甚至都翻出来旧的露营用具了
[37:21.64]Is it too weird to think that maybe fate brought us back together again? 我也是
[37:21.96]命运又让我们走到一起 这么想会不会很奇怪?
[37:25.44]Yes. But romantic too. 是...
[37:33.12]Know what? Forget breakfast. I waited nine years. That merits dinner. 这样吧 别吃早餐了
[37:35.28]我等这一刻已经9年了 咱们还是一起吃晚饭吧
[37:37.00]-You didn't eat that ring, did you? -No, not yet. 你没吃掉那个戒指吧?
[37:39.64]Good. It's nine years oId. 还没呢
[37:39.92]很好 那有9年的历史了
[37:43.52]-Wait, you kept yours? -I'II see you tonight. 等一下 你一直留着你的呢?
[37:47.16](LAUGHING ) 我们晚上见
[37:49.12]Oh, my God. Emma toId the dean that I'm the one person, Iiving or dead. . . 我的上帝 Emma告诉院长 无论是活着还是已故的人
[37:52.64]-. . .she'd most Iike to have dinner with. -Oh, B. 我就是那个... 她最想与之共进晚餐的人
[37:55.04]And he said that YaIe couId reaIIy use a girI Iike BIair WaIdorf. 而且他说耶鲁需要像Blair Waldorf这样的人
[37:58.20]Oh, B, I'm so happy for you. B 我真为你高兴
[38:06.12]RUFUS: Hey, I was just about to wake you. 嗨 我正准备叫你起床呢
[38:09.04]Your sister stomped out of here at about 6 this morning. 你妹妹6点的时候跺着脚出去了
[38:11.84]It's just the two of us. You sIeep in that Iast night? 那就只剩我们两个人了
[38:14.52]I didn't sIeep. I was up aII night finishing this story for Noah Shapiro. 你昨晚睡着了吗?
[38:15.04]我没睡觉 我整晚都在写 要交给Noah Shapiro的故事
[38:18.84]The guy from the Paris Review? Which story? 写"回顾巴黎"的那个人? 哪个故事?
[38:21.28]The one about Chuck Bass. 关于Chuck Bass的那篇
[38:25.36]-You said you couIdn't write that. -I couId aIways write it. I chose not to. 你不是说写不出那个故事吗
[38:27.20]不 我一直都写得出来 只不过不想写而已
[38:29.48]-Dan, just because Jenny-- -Dad, the morning after my IittIe sister. . . - Dan 就因为Jenny... - 爸 听我说
[38:32.92]. . .stages a fashion show aII of New York wiII be taIking about. . . 在我妹妹上演了一场全纽约 皆知的服装秀之后
[38:36.16]. . .is not the time for the " sIow and steady" speech. 真的不是说"稳扎稳打"的时候了
[38:39.08]AII right, I'm sorry. I tried it your way. 对不起 我已经试过你的方法了
[38:42.92]I wish I couId get the two of you to understand that success. . . 我希望你们俩能明白 成功...
[38:46.40]. . .peopIe praising you, it goes away. 得到别人的赞美 这些虚无都会消失
[38:48.40]And when that day comes. . . 等到了那一天
[38:50.72]. . .if you don't Iike who you are, you're done. 如果你不喜欢自己的所作所为 你就会无所适从
[38:54.08]I guess that's a chance I'm wiIIing to take. 我想抓住这一线生机
[38:56.32]Dan, pIease, I have to worry about you now? Dan 别这样
[38:59.64]It's gonna be aII I can do to try and reach Jenny. 连你也让我放心不下吗?
[39:00.08]现在我能做的 就是试着打给Jenny找她
[39:03.68]It's a IittIe Iate for that, Dad. I think you need to Iook in her room. 已经有点晚了
[40:13.24]GOSSIP GIRL: S and B are headed for Yale. Nate's headed out of town. S和B一起奔向耶鲁
[40:17.20]And Dan 's headed for trouble. Nate离开城市 而Dan则走向麻烦
[40:19.44]As for little sister Jenny, she's nowhere to be seen. 至于小妹妹Jenny
[40:25.40]X O X O, Gossip Girl. 亲亲抱抱 流言蜚女
[40:52.20]SubtitIes by SDI Media Group
[40:54.40](ENGLISH SDH)
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