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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.08.17 16:41:36
[00:01.08]GOSSIP GIRL: Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source... 流言蜚女驾到... 你了解曼哈顿上流社会丑闻的唯一途径
[00:03.28]...into the scandalous lives of Manhattan 's elite.
[00:05.92]I Iike to date more than one person. You're free to see other peopIe too. 我喜欢同时和很多人约会
[00:09.48]Did you hire someone to Iook into my past? 你也可以约其他人啊
[00:09.88]你是不是雇人查我的底了? 也许有个Lily Bass档案?
[00:11.72]Do you have a LiIy Bass dossier?
[00:14.32]-LiIy. . . . LILY: I wanna see it. - Lily - 我想看看
[00:15.92]I won't put my name on paper condoning who you've become. 我不想你变成那样 我不会签的
[00:19.00]-I'II just find another way. -You have one other option. 那我只好另想办法了
[00:21.72]-You couId become emancipated. -You mean divorce my parents. 你还有一个选择
[00:22.20]你可以上诉 获得自由
[00:25.00]ELEANOR: The Captain is being charged with embezzIement and fraud. 你是说 跟我父母断绝关系?
[00:28.20]-You're skipping town? -I'm gonna be better to you. . . 你要逃走?
[00:30.80]. . .from Dominica than I wiII be from jaiI. 我在多米尼加当你老爸 总比在监狱要强得多
[00:34.44]WOMAN: Where has she been?
[00:35.64]GOSSIP GIRL: And who am I?
[00:37.04]That's one secret I'll never tell.
[00:40.28]You know you love me. X O X O...
[00:42.36]流言蜚女 第二季 第11集
[00:43.96]... Gossip Girl.
[00:45.84]For the rest of the country... 对于其他地方的人来说 感恩节是家人团聚 互相感恩的时节
[00:47.44]... Thanksgiving is when families come to give thanks.
[00:50.24]But on the Upper East Side, the holiday thankfully returns... 但谢天谢地 在上东区 这个节日返璞归真了...
[00:53.24]... to its roots: lying, manipulation and betrayal.
[00:55.12]它充斥着谎言 操纵 和背叛
[00:58.04]And from what we hear, just like the Indians... 据我们所知 像印第安人一样
[01:00.36]...someone is being pushed out of their home. 有人被赶出了家门
[01:02.76]Not onIy are Cyrus' boxes everywhere. . . 不光是Cyrus把他的家当搬来了
[01:04.80]. . .but so are his annoying reIatives. 还有他那些烦人的亲戚
[01:06.68]They can't be that bad. Aaron aIways taIks about his nana. 但也不会有多糟吧 Aaron总谈起他奶奶
[01:09.52]SyIvia? She kissed me on the cheek. She Ieft a big orange Iipstick mark. Sylvia吗?
[01:10.52]她亲我的脸了 还留下好大一块橙色的唇膏印
[01:13.40]It Iooked Iike I'd been spray-tanned. 就像是被喷染的一样
[01:15.28]And Cyrus' nephew spent the morning taIking to me about corn. . . Cyrus侄子跟我聊了一早上的玉米 说这是未来的主要粮食
[01:19.08]. . .grain of the future. 他姐姐让我陪她逛街
[01:20.68]His sister asked me to go shopping with her.
[01:23.28]-Oh, that's sweet. -At Century 21 . - 多好啊 - 是要去Century 21大卖场
[01:25.92]Ugh. The horror. 太恐怖了
[01:27.52]But even though Daddy isn't coming, I am determined to have. . . 尽管老爸不来 我还是决定要过个 去年没过成的完美感恩节
[01:31.88]. . .the perfect Thanksgiving I didn't get Iast year.
[01:34.44]You're stiII gonna heIp me make his pie? 你明天还会帮我做他那著名的派吧?
[01:36.48]I can onIy stay for a coupIe hours. 会 但我只能呆一会儿
[01:38.28]Aaron is coming to meet my famiIy before Thanksgiving dinner. Aaron要在感恩节晚餐前来见我的家人
[01:41.44]And how do you pIan to introduce him? "Mom, you DVR Big Love. This is Aaron. 你打算怎么介绍他? "妈 你是Big Love粉丝呢" (Big Love为一部讲述一夫多妻的美剧)
[01:46.48]And he's just Iike BiII Paxton, onIy younger and with scruff. " "这是Aaron 年轻版戴围巾的Bill Paxon" (Bill Paxton是Big Love男主角)
[01:50.36]I'm serious. 我是认真的
[01:51.64]The Serena I know wouId never wanna share. . . 我认识的Serena从来不愿 跟其他人分享她喜欢的人
[01:53.80]. . .a guy she Iiked with anyone.
[01:55.52]WeII, I'II admit, it's been hard. 我承认 确实挺难的
[01:57.28]I Iike him enough that I don't want to date anyone eIse. 我太喜欢他了 不想跟别人约会 而且不入虎穴
[02:00.00]You can't get the prize if you don't compete. 焉得虎子 对吧?
[02:02.24]There are so many things wrong with that. 这句话真是错误百出
[02:05.44]Ugh. Here comes your ghost of boyfriends past to haunt me. 你的幽灵男友又来烦我了
[02:09.76]-PIease try to be civiI? -Okay. 拜托尽量有礼貌点儿
[02:12.72]-Have either of you seen Jenny? -If she's hiding from you. . . 好吧
[02:12.96]嗨 你们谁见到Jenny了吗?
[02:14.16]如果她躲着你 就说明 她比我认为的有品位多了
[02:15.76]. . .she has better taste than I thought. I tried.
[02:19.88]My dad has been caIIing her ceII. 我尽力了
[02:20.20]我老爸一直打她的手机 一直想找到她朋友Agnes的家
[02:21.92]He's been trying Agnes' pIace, and she is not returning his messages.
[02:23.68]她就是不回短信 我是来找Eric的
[02:25.36]I was Iooking for Eric. The headmaster said he Ieft earIy, so. . . . 校长说他提前走了 所以...
[02:28.56]She has been spending time with him over at the apartment. 她常跟他一起在公寓里
[02:31.48]If you see her, couId you pIease teII her to caII us back? 听着 如果你见着她了 拜托你让她给我们回电话 好吗?
[02:34.32]I wouId Iove this coId war of theirs to end before the hoIidays. 因为我想在过节之前停止冷战
[02:37.44]-Speaking of, happy Thanksgiving. -You too. 说到这个 祝你感恩节快乐
[02:40.92]I'm gonna miss your dad's mashed potatoes. 你也是 我想念你老爸的土豆泥 但不想念那些个闹剧
[02:43.48]But not the drama. 我想今年会安静很多 尤其是Jenny不出现的话
[02:44.72]This year's gonna be a IittIe quieter, I guess. . .
[02:47.40]. . .especiaIIy if Jenny doesn't show.
[02:50.88]-I guess I'II see you after the break. -Yeah, bye. 那假期后见了
[02:53.24]- 好的 拜 - 拜拜
[02:58.60]-Oh, sorry. -Not as sorry as I am. 对不起
[03:03.76]ArchibaId, haven't seen you around here IateIy. - Archibald 最近没见你啊 - 关你什么事?
[03:06.28]-Why do you care? -Oh, I don't. 是不关我事
[03:08.04]You're not with the Humphreys anymore, obviousIy things are Iooking up. 既然你没跟Humphreys在一起了 就说明事情有起色了 这可不妙
[03:11.52]Which is too bad. 我挺喜欢看你住贫民窟的
[03:12.72]I kind of Iiked watching you sIum it. Thought it wouId teach you. . .
[03:15.96]-. . .who your reaI friends were. -WeII, I guess it has. 我以为那能教会你认清 谁是你真正的朋友
[03:23.20]-You understand what emancipation is? -I do. I've been researching it. 我得再确认一下 你是不是真理解"解放"的意思
[03:27.04]She's made me watch Irreconcilable Differences, Iike, 1 5 times. 我明白 我一直在研究这个
[03:27.32]她逼我看"不可调和的矛盾" 差不多15次
[03:30.88]Once you fiIe, the state opens up an investigation into your famiIy. 一旦上诉 政府会立案调查你的家庭
[03:35.24]There has to be proof of parentaI negIect. 得有父母失职的证据
[03:38.00]Just fiII out these papers authorizing the investigation. 填好这些文件 授权调查吧
[03:41.08]Once you sign them, your parents wiII be notified. 一旦你签了字 你的父母会收到通知
[03:43.52]-Wait, they have to be notified? -WeII, of course. 等等 非得通知他们吗?
[03:46.08]They need to know you no Ionger want to be their chiId. 当然
[03:46.28]他们有必要知道 你不想再做他们的孩子了
[03:52.40]Okay. Thank you. Let's go. 好的 谢谢 我们走吧
[03:56.80]DAN: What are you doing for the hoIidays? -I decided to pass on joining my famiIy. . . 你的感恩节要怎么过?
[04:00.28]. . .at the Washoe Reservation, where they're heIping to stage a protest.
[04:04.04]And my pIan is to hoIe myseIf up in my studio. . . 我打算把自己关在工作室 租盘"柏林亚历山大广场"
[04:06.64]. . .rent Berlin Alexanderplatz. . .
[04:08.28]. . .and eat a frozen Annie's organic turkey dinner. 吃个冷冻有机火鸡大餐
[04:10.80]Ohh. WeII, God. No one enjoys a 1 6-hour German movie. . . 天呐 真是没人比你更享受 16小时的德国电影了
[04:13.80]. . .more than yours truIy, but you couId come here instead. 但你可以来这儿过节
[04:17.48]I don't reaIIy feeI Iike seeing Jenny. 我还不想见Jenny
[04:20.96]I'm pretty sure she's not coming. You can take her chair. 我肯定她不会来了 你可以坐她的位子
[04:23.72]I didn't reaIize it was that bad between her and your dad. 我不知道她跟你老爸还闹得这么僵
[04:26.56]Where is she having Thanksgiving? With Nate? 她在哪儿过感恩节?
[04:29.24]No. Nate and Jenny aren't spending time together anymore. 跟Nate一起?
[04:29.52]不 Nate和Jenny不在一起了
[04:32.80]So how about it?
[04:34.12]A Fassbinder- and freezer-free Thanksgiving, my pIace? 感恩节到我家 来部Fassbinder的电影 吃点非冷冻食品 怎么样?
[04:36.76]-WeII, when you put it that way. -I know. - 你都这么说了... - 我知道
[04:39.36]Agnes' mother toId me that Agnes is on a modeIing assignment in Tokyo. Agnes妈妈刚告诉我 Agnes正在东京做模特
[04:42.72]-She hasn't seen Jenny for a week. -Where is she? 她有一周没过Jenny了
[04:45.12]-I don't know. I have to caII the cops. -When I asked Serena this afternoon. . . - 那她在哪儿? - 我不知道
[04:46.80]今天下午我问Serena的时候 她说Jenny最近一直跟Eric在一起
[04:48.96]. . .she said that Jenny's been spending a Iot of time with Eric.
[04:52.56]-Eric, Serena, CharIes. We're home. -So much for coming home a day earIy. Eric! Serena! Charles!
[04:58.44]ShouId've stayed on Necker IsIand with Dick. 早回来一天就是这样的
[05:00.32](CELL PHONE RINGS) 我们本该跟Dick和Bono 在尼克群岛上呆着
[05:01.52]Right. 对
[05:06.72]RUFUS: Is my daughter there? -WeII, Rufus, heIIo to you too. - 我女儿在你那儿吗? - Rufus 你也好
[05:09.88]No, no one's here. Why wouId you think your daughter wouId be? 不 没人在家 你怎么会觉得 你女儿在这儿? 她跟Eric在一起?
[05:12.92]-Is she with Eric? -I certainIy hope so. 我真希望是
[05:14.88]-She's been with him aII week. -What do you mean aII week? - 我敢肯定她一周都跟他在一起 - 你说什么 一周?
[05:18.68]What, you don't beIieve she's been staying-- 怎么 你不会真认为她在...
[05:24.76]I'm gonna caII you right back. 一会儿再打给你
[05:28.76]It was nice of the Roths to Iet us stay at their pIace. Roths家人真好 他们去Aspen 就让我们在这里住
[05:31.60]Very. If they hadn't offered to heIp, I'm not sure what we wouId have done. 是很好啊
[05:33.36]如果他们不帮忙 我都不知道该怎么办
[05:36.96]We don't have a Iot of options Ieft, Nate. 我们没什么选择的余地了 Nate
[05:39.16]Yeah, I kind of noticed. 对 我注意到了
[05:43.96]But I'm hoping that is about to change. 但我希望情况会变了
[05:54.64]Son, I've missed you so much. 儿子 我想死你了
[05:56.40]GOSSIP GIRL: Just like Nate Archibald... 跟Nate Archibald一样 今天流言蜚女的家人也在等她
[05:58.20]... Gossip Girl has a family waiting for her today.
[06:00.68]So although I'd love to stay and chat... 所以尽管我很想继续聊天
[06:03.20]...I'm signing off until after Thanksgiving dinner... 感恩节后再见啦
[06:06.08]...just in time for pie, coffee and surveying the damage.
[06:07.96]还来得及吃馅饼 喝咖啡 检查损失哦
[06:16.08]My Iife in Dominica is, weII, it's good. 我在多米尼加的生活...
[06:19.52]We moved money offshore before I Ieft, enough to get a house on the ocean. 还不错 我们把一部分钱转移到了海外 还留了足够的钱在海边买了间房子
[06:23.08]Weather is perfect, peopIe are nice. 天气总是很好 人们很友好
[06:24.92]I'm so happy you're Iiving it up. We're squatting with no heat in New York. 很高兴你在加勒比海边过得那么滋润 而我们则困在没有供暖的纽约
[06:28.68]Hear your father out, Nate. 好好听你爸说 Nate
[06:31.40]I want to make things better. I know how hard your Iife has been. 我想让事情好转
[06:33.26]我知道我的所作所为让你生活艰难 我无法让时光倒流
[06:35.16]I can't turn back the cIock. But I can ask you to come Iive with me.
[06:40.84]AII the money isn't worth it, without the two of you to share it with. 没有你们分享 全世界的钱也一文不值
[06:44.84]-Mom, did you know about this? -Yes, and I'd Iike to go. - 妈 你知道这事吗? - 知道 但只有你也去
[06:48.80]But onIy if you wanna come too. 我才愿意去
[06:52.00]PIease, Nate. We can be a famiIy again. 拜托 Nate
[06:56.16]AII you have to do is say yes. 你要做的就是点头同意
[07:02.52]I didn't know she was there untiI today. I caIIed Serena, she didn't even know. 我直到今天才知道她在我家
[07:05.14]我打电话给Serena了 她根本不知情
[07:06.76]Eric must have been sneaking her in at night. Eric肯定是晚上偷偷带她溜进来的
[07:09.60]-Let's go wait for her. -I don't think that's a good idea. 我们去等她回来吧
[07:12.44]Last time I saw you and Jenny, it didn't go weII. 我觉得这不是个好主意 上次我见到你和Jenny在一起
[07:14.84]You don't seem to have changed your mind. 闹得很不愉快 而且你看起来 还是一点儿主意都没改
[07:17.04]If I wanna see her, you're not gonna change my mind. 她是我女儿 如果我想见她 你改变不了我的想法
[07:19.68]I'm not trying to. It's just, I haven't seen Jenny yet. 我没想让你改主意
[07:22.36]Let me taIk to her, see where her head is at. 只是我还没见到Jenny 让我跟她谈谈 看看她到底是怎么想的
[07:25.44]One thing I have Iearned about teenage girIs. . . 就我对十几岁女孩的了解来说 有时她们需要跟家人之外的人谈谈
[07:27.76]. . .is that sometimes they need someone outside of their famiIy to taIk to.
[07:31.40]AII that might be true, but it's Thanksgiving. 你说的有可能没错 但这是感恩节 Jenny得跟家人在一起
[07:33.96]-Jenny needs to be with famiIy. -She is. She's with mine.
[07:38.40]Once you've caImed down and she's ready to taIk, I'II arrange a meeting. 她会跟我的家人一起过
[07:38.58]等你冷静了 她想谈谈了 我会安排你们见面的
[07:44.76]MarshmaIIows. 药蜀葵
[07:47.48]Jenny Iikes them on her sweet potatoes. Jenny喜欢在甜土豆上放药蜀葵
[07:52.00]I'm so gIad to have the house to myseIf. 家里终于就我一个人了真好 Cyrus带我妈去Jean-georges吃饭了
[07:55.04]Cyrus took my mother to Jean-Georges for dinner, God knows why.
[07:58.24]Where's Warren Jeffs? 天知道为什么
[07:59.56]He's making dinner for us, which wouId be. . . 你的Warren Jeffs呢?
[08:00.14]他在给我们做晚餐 真是浪漫的惊喜
[08:03.48]. . .compIeteIy romantic and amazing except when I asked him. . .
[08:06.60]. . .where he was today, he said he was hanging out with a friend. 除了我问他今天在哪儿 他说跟一个朋友去玩了
[08:10.08]I know I'm probabIy being neurotic. . . 我知道我大概是太神经质了 但我想的都是
[08:12.00]. . .but aII I couId think of was, is this friend a girI? A girI he kisses? 这个朋友是他亲过的某个女孩吗?
[08:15.76]A woman needs to be with a man who thinks of onIy her. 女人该跟只想着她的男人在一起 其他人都统统靠边站
[08:18.64]Anything eIse is a non-starter. TeII him how you feeI.
[08:21.56]Dorota, more fIour. 告诉他你的感受 Dorota 多放点儿面粉
[08:23.76]Are you baking? I thought we were supposed to. 你已经在做馅饼了?
[08:26.32]I needed a IittIe tradition of my own to ground me. 我以为我们该明天再做的
[08:26.78]我得保留点儿自己的小传统 呆在家里 Rose家要在餐厅过感恩节
[08:28.96]Turns out the Rose famiIy has a restaurant Thanksgiving.
[08:32.28]B, the thing about traditions is, you can make new ones. B 传统就是你总能去制定新的
[08:35.36]For aII you know, you couId Iike his famiIy dinner more than your own. 你有可能会更喜欢他们家的晚餐呢
[08:39.32]AARON: Ready! -Oh, that's-- That's my cue to go. 开饭了
[08:42.36]-Remember, Serena doesn't share. -Remember, BIair shouId Iearn to. 我该走了
[08:42.98]记住 Serena从不分享
[08:45.02]记住 Blair也该学学了
[08:48.28]-Bart! You're home earIy. -So are you. Bart 你提前回来了
[08:51.68]Chuck said he thought you were going out with Jonathan tonight. 你也是
[08:54.80]Yeah, so did I. 是啊 没错
[09:00.16]So how were things whiIe we were away? 我们不在家的时候过的怎么样
[09:03.88]Not so good. I don't think it's working out with Jonathan. 不太好
[09:12.60]What do you know about someone at your schooI named Ben Shurn? 你认识你学校里一个叫Ben Shu的吗?
[09:16.72]He's the-- The captain of Jonathan's swim team. Why? 他是... Jonathan的游泳队长 怎么了?
[09:19.68]Just, maybe, you might wanna ask Jonathan. . . 只是...
[09:21.96]. . .what he was doing Monday night. 或许你该问一下Jonathan 他周一晚上干嘛去了
[09:32.08]You're home. 你在家
[09:33.84]My pIans for the evening got heId up at customs. 我晚上的计划被客户推迟了
[09:36.32]Your dad just insinuated that Jonathan might be dating someone eIse. 你老爸刚才暗示说
[09:38.10]Jonathan可能还在约别人 他为什么又怎么会知道这些?
[09:40.28]How and why wouId he know that?
[09:42.32]He has a PI on retainer, Iike I do. 他雇了私家侦探调查大家 我也有
[09:45.04]I get that for business, but for famiIy and friends of famiIy. . . 我能理解他调查竞争对手 但调查家人和家人的朋友就太过分了
[09:48.84]. . .it's just creepy.
[09:50.32]Not to worry. Bart's peopIe are topnotch and very discreet. 不用担心
[09:52.02]Bart的人都是高手 非常谨慎
[09:54.08]At our oId pIace, he had a safe with fiIes on everybody. . . 在我们以前的住所 他有个保险箱 装着下至小工 上至议员的档案
[09:56.92]. . .from staff to senators. When I was 1 3. . .
[09:59.24]. . .I found the most amazing surveiIIance photos of Gina, my hot ItaIian au pair. 我13岁的时候 我发现了 Gina惊艳的偷拍照片
[10:04.64]Those photos and Gina changed my Iife. 我的意大利籍性感保姆
[10:05.62]那些照片... 还有Gina 改变了我的生活
[10:07.60]Yeah, but what if I don't want my Iife to change? 但要是我不想改变我的生活呢 他还知道什么?
[10:10.64]What eIse does he know?
[10:12.96]How much do you want to find out? 你想知道多少?
[10:20.72]This is so good. But candIes and home cooking? 真是太美好了
[10:23.30]但是蜡烛和家庭烹饪 这都是跟浪漫相联系的
[10:25.56]What's with the romance? You're bound to give a girI the wrong idea.
[10:28.88]WeII, or the right one. 或者会对意
[10:32.76]I've had an incredibIe time with you these few weeks. 前几周跟你过得很愉快 说真的 我一直想的都是你
[10:35.36]HonestIy, you're aII I ever think of.
[10:38.84]ReaIIy? Oh, I mean, that's fIattering. 真的?
[10:41.22]我是说 这是恭维吧
[10:43.76]You're weIcome to see other peopIe, that's your choice. 当然了 你还是可以和别人约会的 这是你的权力
[10:46.44]But as of right now, this moment, I am officiaIIy a one-woman man. 但是从此刻开始 我正式成为只有一个女友的男人
[10:52.80]Wow. A one-woman man? If I wouId have known we were ceIebrating. . .
[10:57.32]. . .I wouId have brought champagne. 要是--要是知道我们是来庆祝的 我就带瓶香槟来了
[10:59.24]ActuaIIy, I'm kind of gIad you didn't. 事实上呢-- 我挺欣慰你没带的
[11:01.68]Um, I aIso wanted to taIk to you about the fact that I'm sober. 我正要告诉你这件事 我在戒酒
[11:06.68]-Oh. -I feeI a Iot better. 我感觉好多了 我的--我的工作
[11:08.60]My work is a Iot better since I stopped drinking. 自从我停止喝酒之后有了明显好转 只是我需要有人在身边
[11:10.92]I just need to be around peopIe that are gonna keep me on the right track.
[11:12.90]督促我走正路 而不是诱惑我走歪路
[11:14.68]-Not tempt me over to the dark side. -The dark side, right.
[11:17.26]不走歪路 对的
[11:20.88]WeII, I used to party, every now and then. 以前我会参加派对 时不时地
[11:24.84]No, no. But that was so Iong ago. So it's, you know-- 不不 但是那-- 那是很久以前了
[11:28.72]Except for the occasionaI ceIebratory gIass of champagne. . . 偶尔和姐妹们一起喝杯香槟庆祝
[11:31.80]. . .I'm pretty much a teetotaIer now. So you can count on me. 我绝对是个禁酒主义者 你可以信任我
[11:35.64]-I'm the right girI for the job. -WeII, I figured. 我--我--我能胜任这个工作
[11:37.78]好的 我-我也觉得
[11:40.52]The kids need to teII us things when they happen, not after. 事情发生时 孩子就应该告诉我们 而不是等到被我们发现才说
[11:43.44]The way to protect them is to know what they're up to. 保护他们的唯一办法就是 要知道发生了什么事
[11:46.12]Don't you agree? 你说是吧?
[11:47.28]-Yes, but in this case, it's compIicated. -WeII, I certainIy hope you grounded Eric. 没错 但这次问题比较复杂
[11:52.76]-Not yet, but-- Where are you off to? -I just have to get-- 我希望你已经让Eric禁足了 还没有 但是-- 你要去哪儿?
[11:56.40]To go find Jenny and teII her that we know she's been staying here? 我要去 呃--
[11:56.98]找到Jenny然后告诉她 我们知道她住在这儿了?
[12:00.32]Wow. 不如你带她来这儿?
[12:01.56]How about you bring her back here, because I wouId Iove to taIk to her. 因为我想和她谈谈
[12:15.72]BIair, this is deIicious. I must get the recipe. Blair 这个好美味
[12:19.72]But you know what? 一定要把做法告诉我
[12:21.16]The ratio of cinnamon to nutmeg, not enough. 但你知道吗 肉桂和坚果的比例--还不够
[12:30.92]BLAIR: Mother. -Yes? - 妈妈? - 嗯?
[12:32.36]Why are you Ietting Cyrus ruin everything? 你为什么要让Cyrus毁了这一切?
[12:34.72]It's aII about his famiIy, and his traditions, his notes on my pie. 现在都是关于他的家庭 他的传统 还有他对我的派的看法
[12:38.52]Oh, honey. CaIm down. You aIways think the worst of peopIe. 宝贝 冷静点
[12:41.50]要知道 你总是--
[12:44.16]Cyrus made reservations at your favorite restaurant, the Gramercy Tavern. 把人想得太坏 Cyrus在你最喜欢的Gramercy tav订了位子
[12:49.32]So he's having the chef make your favorite recipes. . . 他让主厨做了你最爱的食物
[12:52.20]. . .oyster stuffing that you Iike. 你喜欢的馅饼
[12:54.36]-Oh. -Mm-hm.
[12:56.04]That's not the point, Mother. 问题不在这儿 妈妈
[12:57.56](WHISPERS) The point is Thanksgiving is a famiIy hoIiday, and this is our famiIy now. 问题是感恩节是全家团聚节日 而现在他就是我们的家人
[13:02.80]Now you get with the program, and fast. 你该跟上进度 尽快
[13:06.52](IN NORMAL VOICE) I hope there's some of that pie Ieft for me. 但愿还有留给我的派 还有吗?
[13:08.84]-Is there? Huh? Give me. -Mm.
[13:15.80]Dorota, everything's awfuI. Dorota 这一切太可怕了
[13:18.44]I know thing you want to know, Miss BIair, but I not supposed to teII. Blare小姐 我知道你想要知道的事情 但我不能告诉你
[13:21.88]Who do you work for? SpiII it. 你是谁的人啊?
[13:24.10]- 快说 - 你妈叫我保管好这个直到明天
[13:25.68]Your mother make me keep this safe untiI tomorrow.
[13:28.52]Keep what safe? 保管什么?
[13:33.92]Mr. Rose propose this evening at dinner. Rose先生准备在今天晚宴求婚 他们打算感恩节时公之于众
[13:36.32]They be teIIing everyone at Thanksgiving, when whoIe famiIy is there.
[13:41.68]I saw your father today. 我今天见到你爸爸了
[13:44.12]Yeah, I had a feeIing. 哦 我觉得也是
[13:45.72]I know you both need some time, so I convinced him. . . 我知道你们都需要点时间 所以我说服他让你在这儿住一段时间
[13:48.52]. . .to Iet you stay here a whiIe. And when you're ready. . .
[13:51.32]. . .I wouId Iove to heIp you taIk to him and make things right. 等你准备好时 我可以帮你和他谈谈 把事情处理好
[13:54.64]Thanks for the offer, I reaIIy appreciate it. . . 谢谢您
[13:57.00]. . .but you don't know how he's been, so. . . . 我真的--很感激您 但你不知道他是怎样的人 所以
[14:00.76]Jenny, he's your father and he Ioves you so much. Jenny 他是你爸爸
[14:02.54]他那么爱你 而且至少接下来的几年里
[14:05.52]And at Ieast for the next coupIe years, you beIong at home with him.
[14:11.36]Um. . . .
[14:13.24]Thank you, Mrs. Bass, for Ietting me stay here and everything. . . 谢谢你让我住在这儿 Bass夫人 感谢你为我做的一切 我现在很累 所以...
[14:17.20]. . .but I'm tired, so I'm gonna. . . .
[14:18.92]AII right. WeII, get some rest. We can taIk some more tomorrow. 好的 那你休息会儿 我们明天再详谈
[14:23.96]Oh, Jenny. 对了 Jenny
[14:45.20]So you're okay with it? Jenny not being with us tonight? 你还好吗 Jenny今晚不和我们一起
[14:47.92]If by " okay" you mean "extraordinariIy depressed," then yes. 如果你说的"好"你是指极度郁闷 那就是好了
[14:52.76]I miss her a Iot. 我很想她
[14:54.08]In aII the arguments you've been having, I haven't once heard you teII her that. 要知道在你俩争论时 我从未听你跟她说过这个
[14:59.40]-Oh, my God. You're right. -It's not that rare, is it? 哦 天哪 你说的对
[15:01.60]也没那么难讲 不是吗
[15:05.32]Aaron? What are you doing here? Aaron 你在这儿干什么?
[15:07.00]I Iive right around the corner. I'm just picking something up to take to. . . . 我就住在街角
[15:08.56]我是来带点东西去给 呃...
[15:11.04]Oh, no. It's aII right. I can hear her name. 哦 没--没关系的 你可以提她的名字
[15:13.32]Serena's. Serena家
[15:18.04]I'm just gonna go and see if there are any pecans Ieft. 呃 我要过去那边看看有没有核桃
[15:21.92]CouId you say hi to Serena's famiIy for me? 那你能帮我个忙 跟Serena家人打个招呼吗?
[15:24.64]We aII spent Iast Thanksgiving together. 因为我们去年一起过感恩节的
[15:27.32]-Yeah, absoIuteIy. -Except Bart, actuaIIy. - 当然了 没问题 - 除了Bart 事实上
[15:29.40]There was this crazy thing with my dad and her mom and my mom and it was-- 我爸和她妈 以及我妈之间的事有点纠结
[15:35.36]Like Serena's Iife, it was very compIicated. 我觉得基本上跟Serena有关的事 都比较复杂
[15:37.80]-Serena's Iife is compIicated? -Uh, yeah. - Serena的生活很复杂? - 没错
[15:40.72]The Serena I know has Iong, fIowing bIond hair, towers over both of us. 我不知道你啊 我所说的serena是有金色长发的
[15:44.60]-Is that the same one? -I just don't see her as compIicated. 比我们都高
[15:45.08]- 是 同一个人吗 - 我只是觉得有点疑惑
[15:48.48]So wouId you say that they're cheddar peopIe or more goaty? 你觉得他们更喜欢Cheddar还是Goaoh
[15:52.24]Serena's not that big into cheese. I think I'm gonna go with. . . Serena不是喜欢奶酪的人哦
[15:55.44]. . . " Wines of Southern France. "
[15:57.04]You don't know her as weII as you think. She doesn't drink anymore. 我想你已经不那么了解她了 她已经不喝酒了
[16:01.64]Oh, sure. I mean, not probIematicaIIy. At Ieast not for months. 哦 当然 我是说没什么问题 至少 有几个月了
[16:05.48]Wait. Months? 等下 几个月?
[16:07.16]The thing in the spring with Georgina? 你知道春天发生的关于Georgina的事吗?
[16:09.16]You two are getting serious. I'm sure you guys taIked about that. 既然你俩之间是认真的
[16:12.48]Yeah. Yeah, yeah. AbsoIuteIy. I'm gonna go pay for this. 当然 当然
[16:16.64]我 我要去买单了
[16:21.92]-Is there anything you want to teII me? -Yes, actuaIIy there is. 妈妈 你有什么话要对我说吗?
[16:25.04]And I wiII teII you tonight at the restaurant. . . 的确是有 我今晚告诉你
[16:27.72]. . .once everyone is assembIed for dinner. 在饭店 当大伙都来出席晚宴时
[16:29.76]Of aII the things you've done, Mother, this is one of the worst. 你所做的一切事情中 妈妈 这次是最离谱的
[16:32.96]I'm your daughter. Lumping me in with everyone eIse to hear the news? 我是你女儿 让我和别人一起听到这个消息?
[16:36.80]I don't know what news you are referring to, BIair. 我不知道你说的是什么消息 Blair
[16:39.60]Now, if you'II excuse me, I have to go check the reservations for dinner. 如果没问题的话 我要去查看晚宴的准备情况了
[16:43.12]Dorota! Get it together. We're Ieaving. Dorota 收拾好
[16:45.40]I'm just Iike anyone eIse to her, I doubt she'II notice I'm not at dinner. 我们要走了 如果我对她来说就跟别人一样 我怀疑她是否会注意到我没参加晚宴
[16:49.40]-But it's your favorite hoIiday! -Not anymore. - 但这是你最爱的节日啊 - 不再是了
[16:53.88]Nate? - Nate? - 嘿 Vanessa
[16:55.16]Hey, Vanessa. I didn't expect to see anyone here.
[16:58.28]I had some paperwork to catch up on. Thought, it's Thanksgiving, it'd be quiet. 没想到会有人来这
[16:58.76]我有点作业没完成 我想既然是感恩节 这儿应该蛮静的
[17:02.60]Why are you here? 你怎么来了?
[17:03.76]Oh, I borrowed this Pixies box set from Rufus, I was gonna return it. 我借了Rufus这套Pixies套装
[17:06.44]我来呃 还给他
[17:08.00]I wrote a note. If you couId give it to him, that wouId be nice. 我写了个感谢卡 麻烦你转交给他
[17:11.36]Why didn't you take it by the Ioft? 你为什么不带去他家呢
[17:13.96]WeII, I think Dan Iikes me about as much as you do right now, so. . . . 我想 Dan应该和你差不多讨厌我吧
[17:20.04]Look, you and Chuck and Dan. . . . 听着 你和Chuck还有Dan
[17:22.80]I've somehow managed to aIienate everyone. 我不知怎么就跟所有人都疏远了
[17:29.00]If you couId give Rufus the CDs and the note. . . 帮我把这衣服还给Rufus
[17:31.32]. . .I'd reaIIy appreciate that. 还有把这张感谢卡给他 多谢
[17:33.20]-Of course. -And Vanessa, Iisten. 别客气
[17:34.68]还有 Vanessa 听着
[17:37.04]Take care of yourseIf, aII right? 照顾好自己 好吗?
[17:44.72]My boyfriend, Aaron, is on his way here, and I want your word on something. 我的新男友Aaron正赶来与大家见面
[17:48.88]If you're taIking about the dress, I say, " higher. " 如果你说的是这裙子 那我得说 "再高点"
[17:52.08]Chuck! I want your word that you wiII not mention anything. . . Chuck 我要你保证不会提我过去的事
[17:55.08]. . .about the girI I used to be. I just got Aaron to myseIf. . .
[17:58.24]. . .and if the one thing I have to do. . . 我刚让Aaron喜欢上我 如果需要我保守住以前秘密
[18:00.40]. . .is hide my history for a whiIe, then that's what I'm gonna do. 才能和他在一起的话 那我会这么做的
[18:03.60]-I get it. You Iied to him. -No, I didn't. 我明白了
[18:05.00]- 你没对他说实话 - 不 我没有
[18:08.36]I mereIy chose not to teII him everything I ever did. 我只是暂时不跟他提那些事 他以后自然而然会知道的
[18:11.80]And it wiII come naturaIIy over the course of the many conversations. . .
[18:15.40]. . .we're gonna have as we're dating excIusiveIy. 我们会有许多机会交流 因为我们正式交往了
[18:17.84]You have my word. Whatever that's worth. 不管怎样 我可以保证不说
[18:21.96]Where are you going? 你要去哪?
[18:23.12]Eric's waiting for me in my father's study. Eric在我爸爸的书房等我
[18:25.72]We're having a business meeting. 我们要开个会
[18:29.56]-Oh, my God, you're here. -Hey. 哦 天哪!
[18:31.80]Hey, that was so not on the same IeveI as my " hi. " - 哦 你来了 - 嘿
[18:32.28]"嘿"-- 这跟我打的招呼完全不是一个水平啊
[18:34.56]Uh, I bumped into Dan at the store. 我在店里遇到了Dan
[18:37.12]He just said something. I'm trying to figure it out. 他说了些我想要弄明白的事情
[18:39.68]-Figure what out? -Something about a girI named Georgina? 弄明白什么?
[18:43.64]What? What's he even taIking about? 什么-- 我们还没说起过 天哪
[18:47.88]That's-- Gosh.
[18:52.16]WeII, you know he's-- He's probabIy just jeaIous. - 要知道 他或许...或许只是嫉妒 - 是的
[18:55.92]Yeah. I mean, he was taIking a Iot. . . 没错 他说了些你们去年 一起过感恩节的事情 所以...
[18:57.80]. . .about Iast year when you two were together, so. . . .
[19:00.44]Yeah, weII, I guess he's just not as over me as I thought he was. 是的 我想他或许没我想的那样放下了
[19:05.44]Aaron, the next time he starts to teII you stories about me-- 但是--但是 言归正传 Aaron 下次他再跟你说关于我的事情
[19:08.48]No, no, no. Never again. No, it's not gonna happen again. 不不不 再也不会
[19:12.68](CELL PHONE RINGS)
[19:14.12]-CouId you? -Yeah. Oh, it says " LiIy. " - 你能帮我? - 好的
[19:21.88]等会 呃...
[19:25.04]Is something wrong? 怎么了? 出什么事了?
[19:26.40]I've been grappIing with what to do. 我整天都纠结于该怎么做--
[19:28.32]What to say, which one of you to taIk to first. - 该怎么说 先和你俩谁说 - Jenny还好么?
[19:31.56]-Is Jenny okay? -Yes, but you might not be. 她还好 但是你就不一定了 我知道是感恩节
[19:34.68]I know it is Thanksgiving, but I think you should get here right away.
[19:38.96]-LiIy? -I wiII see you soon. - Lily - 快点过来
[19:44.80]Come on, we're going. 快点 我们要过去
[19:46.00]-Vanessa's coming over. -CaII and canceI. - Vanessa要来这儿的 - 打电话取消
[19:54.96](CELL PHONE RINGS)
[19:56.84]Vanessa Abrams? Vanessa Abrams
[19:59.92]Can I heIp you? - 有什么事吗? - 我想跟你谈谈Nate Archibaare
[20:01.08]Like to taIk to you about Nate ArchibaId.
[20:04.76]-Are you going to open it? -I don't know. 你准备把它打开吗?
[20:08.24]I'II teII you the combination: 8-7-69, my mother's birthday. - 不确定 - 我告诉你密码
[20:09.92]8-7-69 我妈妈的生日
[20:22.96]It's Iike the end of every heist movie. Are those goId bars? 这就跟每部盗宝电影的结尾一样
[20:25.92]I didn't think they made-- Is that a sat phone? 看那些金条 他们还真做出来了
[20:28.36]Encryption. Government prototype. Put it back. 不会吧 这是卫星电话?
[20:28.96]加密技术 政府样机 放回去
[20:33.88](CELL PHONE RINGS)
[20:39.40]I knew you'd come back for more. 就知道你另有所图
[20:41.20]Chuck, you know how hard this caII was for me. Chuck 你知道我拨出这个电话有多不易
[20:43.48]I'm Iistening. 我在听
[20:44.84]The FBI just came to see me and Nate's in troubIe. FBI刚来找我了 Nate现在有麻烦
[20:47.36]TeII someone who cares. 去跟在乎的人说吧
[20:49.32]Chuck, this is serious. He needs our heIp. Chuck 我没开玩笑 他需要帮助
[20:53.04]-Where are you? -The gallery. 你在哪
[20:59.00]-Sorry, kid. I have to do something. -Yeah. 抱歉 孩子 我有正事要办
[21:02.56]-Happy hunting. -Okay. - 好吧 - 寻宝愉快
[21:21.52](CELL PHONE RINGS)
[21:23.68]Don't you dare answer that BIackBerry, Dorota. 我看你敢接电话 Dorota
[21:26.04]But it's your mother and Thanksgiving. 但那是你母亲 今天可是感恩节
[21:27.92]And we have nothing to be thankfuI for. 我们没什么好感谢的
[21:30.72]This is the worst Thanksgiving. 这是最糟的一次感恩节
[21:32.32]And if we have to wander the Upper East Side Iike outcasts, so be it. 要是我们真在上东区流浪的话
[21:34.12]就像简 奥斯汀小说中的流浪汉 管他呢
[21:35.76]Maybe we go feed ducks at boat pond, Iike when you were IittIe. 也许可以像你小时侯那样 去中央公园喂鸭子
[21:40.96]Fine. 好吧 我又不是恶魔
[21:42.24]I'm not a monster. I won't deny the ducks their dinner.
[21:45.40]But if you Iook Iike you enjoy even one second of it, we're Ieaving. 但哪怕有一秒你看上去很享受 我们就走人
[21:52.04]-No, none for me, thank you. -Mom. 噢 我不用了 谢谢
[21:53.76]-Serena, it's a speciaI occasion. -No, I'm onIy 1 7. - 妈妈 - Serena 这是特殊时刻
[21:56.52]-WeII, that's never stopped you. -No. I said no, thank you, okay? 不要 我才17岁
[22:00.08]Mom, have you shown Aaron your beautifuI art coIIection? 不要 我说不了 谢谢 好吗
[22:02.88]Oh, yeah. Was that a Jessica Craig-Martin I saw? 对了 我刚看到的是、 Jessica Craig-Martin的画吗?
[22:05.28]-Why, yes, it is, Aaron. Good eye. -I know. 哇 是啊 Aaron 太棒了
[22:09.16]Yeah, I'II be right back, my shoes are kiIIing me. 我就知道 我等会儿过来
[22:13.40]This is crazy, Jen. These are e-maiIs of mine. . . 太疯狂了 Jen 这些是我的电邮 照片
[22:16.00]. . .photographs, notes from my psychiatrist at the Ostroff Center.
[22:20.64]So much for doctor-patient confidentiaIity, huh? 所谓的医患保密协议
[22:24.00]-What about Serena's and your mom's? -I can't open them. These are. . . 那Serena和你妈妈的呢
[22:27.36]. . .five times the size of mine. 我下不了手 这些...有我的五倍多
[22:32.24]I'm sorry, E. 我为你难过 E
[22:34.96]Um, speaking about seeing things, have you seen my emancipation papers? 提到看东西
[22:39.04]Because they're not in my bag and I reaIIy don't want anyone to find them. 你有没有看到我的解除监护关系文件? 它们不在我包里
[22:43.00]LILY: Eric, Jenny? Are you two up there? Come downstairs and be sociaI. Eric? Jenny? 你们在上面吗?
[22:46.64]ERIC: Yeah, we're coming. 下楼来吧 合群点
[22:47.32]好的 我们来了
[22:49.96]Has Chuck finaIIy decided to grace us with his presence? Chuck决定要用他的登场来给我们增光了?
[22:52.68]LILY: ActuaIIy. . . . 其实
[22:55.04]-What's he doing here? -I invited him. - 他来干嘛? - 是我邀请的
[23:00.80]DAN: Hi, Mr. Bass. -DanieI. - Bass先生 - Daniel
[23:04.28]Aaron. Hey, man. Aaron 好啊
[23:05.48]WeII, if it isn't the Iast person I wanted to see. 你差不多是我最不想见的人了
[23:08.32]-I'm sorry? -Why did you Iie about Serena? 怎么了 什么事?
[23:12.80]Oh, my God. 老天 她在哪?
[23:14.68]-Where is she? -She shouId be right down. 她应该快下来了
[23:17.72]JENNY: Dad? 爸爸?
[23:24.28]Dan. Dan
[23:26.16]And Aaron. Hey, what's up? 还有Aaron 怎么了?
[23:28.92]WeII, your boyfriend caIIed me a Iiar. Did I Iie about something? 呃 你男朋友叫我骗子
[23:34.44]Dan, maybe you and I shouId taIk in private. . . Dan 也许我们该私下谈谈
[23:36.72]. . .to discuss who said what to whom. . . 搞清谁对谁说了什么 为什么一定得说
[23:38.60]. . .and why they feIt compeIIed to say it?
[23:43.36]Yeah, that's-- We don't need to do that. She's right, I Iied. 好吧 我们不用这样 她是对的 我撒谎了
[23:46.32]It's not cooI. If you have a probIem with me dating your ex, be honest. 嘿 这样做可没意思
[23:47.92]如果你不爽我和你前任在一起 至少实话实说
[23:49.80]You're right. I'II be honest. 说得对 我会坦诚的
[23:52.88]Yeah. Serena, I'm sorry, but I'm aIready Iate to meet my father at the WaIdorfs' . Serena 很抱歉 时间已经过了 我还要去Waldorf家见我父亲
[23:57.24]Bye. 再见
[24:01.80]-You didn't exactIy teII him the truth. -You didn't exactIy have to. 你还没告诉他实话
[24:05.76]-I'm sorry, I thought he knew. -WeII, he didn't, and he doesn't. 对不起 我以为他知道的 真的
[24:07.96]他不知道 也不会知道
[24:12.36]I'm sorry. I panicked. And I was mad at you. 真抱歉 我刚才太慌乱 对你发火了
[24:16.56]I shouId have kept my mouth shut. 不 是我应该守口如瓶的
[24:20.00]But reaIIy, Serena? You have to teII him everything. 但说真的 Serena 我说 你...
[24:23.88]If there's one thing we Iearned this past year. . . 你应该把事情告诉他 我们的前车之鉴
[24:26.28]. . .it's that around here, the truth aIways comes out. 瞧 在这里 真相是藏不住的
[24:29.52]Oh, it just did. 呃 就是
[24:39.60]When you caIIed, I thought it was an emergency. 你打电话来时 我以为是急事
[24:42.04]-ObviousIy, I was wrong. -It's more Iike an intervention. 显然 我错了
[24:45.36]There's someone you need to taIk to. 这是个调解
[24:49.96]VANESSA: The FBI knows that your dad's in town. FBI知道你爸在城里了
[24:51.96]And they think he's about to commit a crime worse than fraud or embezzIement. 他们觉得他可能会犯下 比欺诈和盗用公款更严重的罪行
[24:55.92]-Like what? -Like extortion, kidnapping. 比如?
[25:01.04]FBI AGENT: When your father escaped to Dominica. . . 当你父亲逃去多米尼加
[25:02.96]. . .he couId onIy get his hands on enough money to get set up. 他只有找到足够的钱才能东山再起
[25:05.92]He shouId have found a job, reinvented himseIf. 他应该找份工作 改过自新
[25:08.24]But instead, he Iived the way he'd aIways Iived. 但是 他走回了老路
[25:11.24]Now he's got nothing Ieft. 现在他一无所有
[25:12.64]Yeah, weII, if my father's poor, what's the point of us going to Iive with him? 如果他真潦倒了 他还要和我们住一起干嘛?
[25:16.48]-We don't have any money. -But the VanderbiIts do. 我们身无分文
[25:19.24]Why wouId my grandparents pay us to go Iive with him. . . 但是Vanderbilt家有
[25:21.92]. . .when they can't even heIp us out here? 如果他们都不愿意在这儿帮我们
[25:24.32]I mean, they hate my dad. 他们恨我爸
[25:25.88]Maybe that's why they wouId give him money. 也许这就是他们给他钱的原因
[25:28.72]To Ieave without you or your mom. 让他远离你和你妈妈
[25:31.64]FBI AGENT: We've been monitoring your father's caIIs. 我们监听了你父亲的电话
[25:33.92]He's trying to get in touch with your grandparents. 他在想办法联系你外公外婆
[25:36.92]If this is true, why didn't you just come teII me this yourseIf? 好吧 如果这是真的 那你们为什么不单独来告诉我?
[25:40.04]We didn't know if you or your mother knew what was going on. 我们不知道你和你母亲知不知情
[25:42.96]After aII, she heIped him escape in the first pIace. 毕竟 她当初协助他潜逃
[25:45.76]I toId them I didn't think you wouId just Ieave New York. 但是我告诉过他 你不会就这样离开纽约
[25:48.52]EspeciaIIy without saying goodbye to your friends. 尤其是都不和朋友们告别
[25:54.64]FBI AGENT: I'II Iet the three of you taIk it over. 你们三个谈吧
[25:59.72]This is just too much. 太难接受了
[26:03.20]There is stiII a chance that the Captain can get away if that's what you want. 如果你想他逃走 仍然有机会
[26:07.68]But you couId aIso end it aII now. 但是 你也可以现在就做个了断
[26:12.72]How? 怎么做?
[26:14.32]By turning your father in. 告发你父亲
[26:18.48]I'm sorry I didn't caII you back, okay? A Iot has been happening. 很抱歉我没回你电话 好吗? 发生了太多事情
[26:21.64]Agnes kicked me out, she burned aII my dresses. . . Agnes赶我出来 烧了我所有的裙子
[26:24.04]. . .and then I had to crash with Eric, I had nowhere to go. 我只好向Eric借宿 因为我无处可去
[26:26.88]I couIdn't teII anyone, because they'd teII you. . . 然后我还不能告诉别人我住在这里
[26:29.32]-. . .and you'd be reaIIy mad. -I'm not. 因为他们会告诉你 你会很生气
[26:30.80]我不会 我不生气了 太挂念你
[26:32.76]I'm out of angry. I miss you too much.
[26:35.24]Dad, pIease don't try to guiIt trip me right now, okay? 爸爸 请别让我有负罪感 好吗?
[26:37.92]Your brother heIped me reaIize I haven't toId you something important. 你哥哥让我认识到 我有件事没和你说 非常重要的事
[26:41.12]What? 什么?
[26:42.40]I Iove you, Jenny. 我爱你 Jenny
[26:44.24]I Iove you so much, I'm wiIIing to Iet you go. . . 我非常爱你
[26:47.00]. . .if that's what it's gonna take to get you back. 我愿意让你走 如果那能让你回到我身边
[26:50.32]And when the time comes for a court hearing, I won't stand in your way. 真到了庭审的时候 我不会阻拦你
[26:54.08]But there's nothing you can do to make me stop Ioving you. 可是你无法让我停止爱你
[27:03.04]I'm sorry. 我很抱歉
[27:21.60]Dan and his father Ieft to Iook for Jenny. Dan和他父亲刚去找Jenny了
[27:23.68]Now wouId be the time to teII me what the heII's been going on. 也许现在你们该解释今天发生的事了 Lily
[27:26.72]You first. 你先解释
[27:28.76]-Where did you get those? -It doesn't matter. 你从哪拿的?
[27:31.32]Did you read these? 这不重要
[27:32.48]-Not yet. -OnIy mine. 你看过了吗
[27:33.84]-None of you were supposed to-- -Find them. 还没 就我看了
[27:36.60]I can't beIieve this. You did this to me, and I deaIt with it. 找到这些? 我难以置信
[27:39.64]-But the kids, my kids? -Mom, you knew about this? 你这样对我 我可以面对 那孩子们呢? 我的孩子?
[27:42.56]We'II taIk about that Iater. 妈妈 你早知道了?
[27:44.12]I'm just trying to protect them. If you're gonna Iet your son and daughter. . . 我们过会再谈
[27:47.88]. . .go where and do as they pIease, someone has to Iook out for them. 如果你想让你的儿女想去哪就去哪 想做什么就做什么
[27:51.72]There's a difference between Iooking out and treating them Iike criminaIs. . . 有人得照看他们
[27:52.08]这有区别 是照看
[27:55.40]. . .in their own home. 还是在家里把他们当成罪犯
[27:56.64]How do you expect them to trust us if we don't trust them? 如果我们都不相信他们 怎能让他们相信我们
[28:01.56]AII right, okay. Kids, Iet's go. 天哪 孩子们 我们走
[28:06.20]Where are you going? 你去哪儿?
[28:07.36]This day is about famiIy, and if you're not for this famiIy. . . 今天的主题是家庭 如果你不向着这家庭
[28:10.40]. . .then I'm gonna take mine and spend it with them. 我就带走我的家人 和他们一起度过
[28:21.96]Where have you been? Your mother's aImost done packing, we have to go. 你去哪了?
[28:25.32]-You think your pIan's gonna work? -It wiII if we hurry. 你妈妈快收拾完了 我们准备走了
[28:28.04]No, I don't mean that. - 当然 只要我们赶快 - 不 我不是指这个
[28:29.68]Are you reaIIy pIanning on hoIding me and Mom for ransom? 你当真打算挟持我们要求赎金?
[28:35.88]Not aII the money's for me, Nate. It's for you guys too. 钱不只是我的 Nate 也是你们的
[28:38.60]You and your mom wiII get everything you deserve. . . 这样的话 你和你妈妈会得到应有的一切
[28:41.12]. . .and I wiII have enough to start over wherever I go next. 我也会有资本东山重起
[28:44.16]I want to take care of you. I don't know what to do. 我想照顾你们 但是我不知道还能怎么做
[28:46.80]No, there's a different way to get our Iives back, Dad. 不 爸爸 还有一条路让我们回到从前
[28:49.60]One that doesn't require another feIony. 这样做不会造成另一项重罪
[28:53.52]-The FBI are on their way. -Nate, pIease-- FBI在来的路上了
[28:55.60]Dad, Iisten. I Iove you. - Nate 求你了 - 爸爸 听我说
[28:58.76]But if you can't do the right thing, then I can't respect you. 如果你不做正确的选择 我无法尊重你
[29:03.28]So the choice is yours. 选择在你
[29:05.68]You go out that service entrance and you ruin our reIationship forever. . . 你走出那个门口 我们的感情就完了
[29:11.28]. . .or you be a man and you turn yourseIf in when they get here. 或者做个男人 他们来的时候 你去自首
[29:14.88]-That's not a choice. -It is a choice. 这没的选
[29:17.84]Because I'm sick of Iiving in the mess you created for us. 这是一个选择
[29:20.72]And I'm not gonna do it anymore. 我再也不会这样了
[29:23.88]I hope you won't either. 我希望你也不会
[29:26.40]The annuaI van der Woodsen diner Thanksgiving dinner. 年度Van Der Woodsen感恩节大餐
[29:30.08]-We shouId have a standing reservation. -I think we do. 我们应该长期预定
[29:33.24]What errand did Serena have to run? 确实
[29:35.20]I don't know. But she took her fiIe with her. Maybe she went to burn it. 不知道 但她带上了她的文件 也许她准备烧了
[29:38.68]I don't bIame her. I shouId have burned mine. 我不怪她 她该烧了我的
[29:41.88]I Iied before. 我之前撒谎了
[29:44.04]I read it. 我看过了
[29:50.32]Eric, whatever you read-- Eric 不管你看到什么
[29:51.88]I can't beIieve you didn't teII me you were in an institution Iike me. 难以相信 你没说过你也在疗养院呆过
[29:55.96]You were 1 9. That's just a few years oIder than I was. 你那时19岁 只比当时的我大几岁
[29:58.96]After everything I went through Iast year. . . . 在去年我经历了那么多以后...
[30:01.20]Maybe I shouId have said something, but I wanted to be strong for you. 也许我该说出来 但我得为你表现得坚强
[30:04.96]PIus I reaIIy wasn't ready to revisit it. 另外 我真不准备再回那里
[30:08.24]I Iook forward to taIking about it when you're ready. 我很想和你谈谈...
[30:12.84]It takes time, I shouId know. 要慢慢来 我该清楚
[30:16.20]How did you get so wise? 你怎么变得这么聪明了?
[30:18.36]The nanny. 保姆
[30:24.80]Okay. How about we have a reaI Thanksgiving dinner? 好吧
[30:26.72]我们吃顿真正的感恩节大餐怎样? 还来得及
[30:30.00]-It's not too Iate. -What do you have in mind?
[30:33.72]Come on. 快走吧
[30:37.04](ELEVATOR DINGS)
[30:39.16]Oh, Serena, I was hoping that you were BIair. Serena 我 我真希望你是Blair
[30:43.00]Why? Where is she? 哦 为什么? 她在哪儿?
[30:44.16]Maybe you can find out, she's ignoring aII our caIIs. 也许你会知道 她不接我们的电话
[30:47.12]Yeah, maybe she wiII take yours. 是啊 是啊 也许她会接你的电话? 你介意吗?
[30:48.96]-Do you mind? -Yeah, of course. 当然不介意
[30:51.20]Blair 你在哪儿
[30:53.24]-I'II Iet you know soon as I hear. -Thank you. - 她一回信息我就通知你们 - 谢谢
[30:55.48]-Is Aaron here? -He's right over there. Aaron在吗? 他在那边
[30:58.08]-Thank you. -Yes. 他在...谢谢
[31:00.08]Serena, hey. 是啊
[31:00.40]Serena 嘿
[31:02.80]Dan didn't Iie, I did. Hey Dan没说谎 是我说谎了
[31:04.60]It was more of a Iie of omission, but stiII. 谎话一个接一个 可是
[31:07.44]I'm sorry I didn't teII you everything, I shouId have. 对 对不起我没把所有的事告诉你 我应该说实话的
[31:11.00]Read this. If you stiII want to be with me after, then Iet me know. 呃 看看找个吧 如果看完了还想和我在一起
[31:18.48](CELL PHONE BEEPS)
[31:21.88]-She's on Fifth and 71 st. -Thank you. 她在第五大街71号
[31:25.32]-Happy Thanksgiving. ELEANOR: Happy Thanksgiving, dear. 哦 谢谢
[31:26.76]感恩节快乐 亲爱的
[31:35.52]What are you doing? 你干嘛呢?
[31:40.44]My dad and I got in a fight. 我和我爸爸吵架了
[31:42.52]I was crashing at Eric's, and he finaIIy chased me down. 之后就住在Eric家 可他还是找到我了
[31:46.68]You're Iucky. 你很幸运
[31:48.96]You have a famiIy who fights for you. 你家人还和你吵架
[31:51.52]Mine doesn't even care if I'm there. 我家人根本不关心我
[31:53.44]Your mom Ioves you in her own way, BIair. 你妈妈在用她自己的方式在爱你 Blair
[31:55.48]But the way your father Ioves you, I've never had that. 可你爸爸爱你的方式--
[31:59.84]My own dad, as sweet as he is, isn't here. 我爸爸 虽然很好 可他不在这儿
[32:02.80]Your father wiII go anywhere for you, any time. 你爸爸...为了你 可以在任何时候去任何地方
[32:07.24]I know, because I've sometimes even made it happen. 我知道 因为有些时候 我需要自己创造机会?
[32:16.36]What? 怎么了?
[32:19.84]-What? Is it my hair? -No. You're just wrong. 怎么了? 我的头发有问题吗?
[32:21.80]不是 我想你错了
[32:26.28]Jenny. Jenny
[32:28.28]You Iook coId. 你看上去很冷啊
[32:34.08]Come on, dear. You've made your point. 嘿 回家吧 亲爱的
[32:36.52]-I don't think I have. -WeII, I think that you might. . . 你已经表明你的态度了
[32:39.20]. . .feeI differentIy when you find out what I have been waiting to show you. 等你发现我给你准备的惊喜时
[32:50.36]-I'II come. -Yes. 我回去...有个条件--
[32:51.84]-On one condition. -What?
[32:53.96]-Jenny has to go home too. -I think that's a terrific idea. Jenny也必须回家
[32:56.12]这个 我觉得这主意不错
[32:58.00]Everyone shouId be where they beIong on Thanksgiving. 感恩节每个人都应该
[33:01.84]With their famiIies. Oh, come on. Come on. 跟家人在家里过 哦 来吧
[33:05.08]Come on, come on, come on. We'II drop you. 来 来 来 我们送你
[33:11.20]What's going on? 发生什么事了?
[33:26.60]I Iove you both. 我爱你们
[33:28.52]I'm proud of you. 我为你感到骄傲
[33:30.68](DOOR KNOCKS)
[33:32.16]No, don't. Let me. 不 你别去
[33:37.64]ANNE: Howard, no. What's going on? Howard 不要 到底怎么了?
[33:40.92]-What are you doing? NATE: It's gonna be okay. - 你在干什么呀 Howard? - 妈 没事的
[33:44.36]FBI AGENT: You have the right to remain siIent. Anything you say can be used. . . 你有权利保持沉默
[33:47.64]. . .in a court of Iaw. You have the right to have an attorney. . . . 但你所说的话都会作为呈堂供证
[34:09.52]Hey. We were hoping you'd be here. 嘿 我们希望你还在这儿
[34:13.24]My mom's inside, signing papers in the dark. 我妈妈在里边 摸着黑签署一些文件
[34:15.44]We got our house back, now aII we need is some eIectricity. 我们房子可以住了 就等着来电了
[34:18.36]But, Iook, I can't thank you guys enough. 听着 我 我太感谢你们了
[34:24.80]I'm gonna give you guys a moment. 你们单独谈吧
[34:29.36]I didn't want you to go. 我不想你走
[34:32.52]And I don't Iike to admit it, but I stiII. . . . 我不想承认 可我仍然
[34:37.64]StiII. . .? 仍然?
[34:40.52]It's not important. There's the whoIe thing with Jenny. . . 这个不重要
[34:43.28]. . .I don't want to get in the way. 呃 还有你和Jenny的事
[34:45.04]Vanessa, I haven't heard from Jenny in weeks. 我不想介入
[34:45.28]Vanessa Jenny很久没跟我联系了...所以
[34:48.76]So if you'd Iike, I mean, can we get together sometime? 如果你愿意
[34:55.48]I guess that'd be okay. 我想没问题
[34:58.68]CooI. 太好了
[35:00.60]-CaII me. -I wiII. - 打给我 - 我会的
[35:09.24]By the way, I'm gIad you stayed too. 顺便说下 我也很高兴你能留下来
[35:12.76]-Thanks, man. -No, Iet's get drunk instead. 谢谢了 伙计
[35:13.96]别 我们 还是去喝酒吧
[35:16.36](CHUCKLING )
[35:29.32]-Daddy? -Oh, sweetheart. Oh, honey. 爸爸
[35:31.06]- 哦 亲爱的 - 哦!
[35:33.84]I wouId have come sooner, but there was a TGV strike. 哦 亲爱的
[35:37.00]Wait, this is the surprise? I thought you were getting engaged. 巴黎和里昂间的高速火车罢工了
[35:37.74]等等 这就是惊喜?
[35:42.48]WeII, we are. 这个...是啊
[35:46.52]I wanted your father to meet Cyrus before we toId everyone. 我-我想在宣布之前让你爸爸见见Cyrus
[35:51.20]If he didn't approve of the man who might become your stepfather. . . 如果他不同意这个人做你继父
[35:56.40]. . .I couIdn't quite marry him, couId I? 我就不和他结婚了 好吧?
[36:00.44]WeII, now that the cat's out of the bag, I think this caIIs for a ceIebration. 既然秘密都泄露了 我 我想应该庆祝一下了吧
[36:05.36]Dessert first, I aIways say. 先吃甜点
[36:10.40]Thank you, Dorota. 谢谢 Dorata
[36:13.04]Are you hungry? 饿了吗?
[36:16.52]I guess I'm ready for a new tradition. 我想我准备好接受新的传统了
[36:29.12]-I was kind of hoping she'd be here. -I was too. 我真希望她在这儿
[36:31.38]是啊 我也是
[36:34.72]Oh, you are. 哦 你在啊
[36:38.64]I Iove you too, Dad. 我也爱你 爸爸
[36:42.60]I don't want to not be your daughter. 我可不想--做不成你女儿
[36:51.52]Guys, I can't breathe. 伙计们 我透不过气了
[36:52.76]RUFUS: Good. DAN: Good. - 好啊 - 好啊
[37:09.60]I don't need to read that. 我没必要看这个
[37:11.60]No, I think you do. 不 我 我觉得你有必要
[37:17.36]Anything you want to teII me, you can teII me yourseIf. 你想告诉我的事情可以亲口告诉我
[37:20.20]I want to know you. . . 我想了解你 无论你做了什么 或者是多久以前的事
[37:22.24]. . .no matter what you've done, or how Iong ago.
[37:32.52]LILY: Anyone home? 有人在家吗?
[37:34.44]-Hey, what are you doing here? LILY: I don't know. 嘿 你怎么来了?
[37:37.08]It's Thanksgiving, and I couIdn't think of anywhere that feIt more Iike home. 我不知道 今天是感恩节 可我想不起比这里更像家的地方了
[37:40.96]I'm gIad to see that you couIdn't either. 很高兴你也这么认为
[37:44.48]-E, caII Serena. -I Ieft a message aIready. E 给Serena打电话啊
[37:46.80]-Oh, good. -And what about Bart? - 我已经给她留言了 - 哦 好啊
[37:48.68]Not coming. Bart呢?
[37:50.60]AII right. 他不来了
[37:51.76]WeII, dinner's way behind scheduIe. So who wants to start cooking? 好吧 赶紧准备晚餐吧
[37:54.96]VANESSA: I do. -Hey, Vanessa. 谁想来帮忙?
[37:56.40]VANESSA: Hey. DAN: Those fIowers are beautifuI. 我
[37:56.62]嘿 Vannessa
[37:58.40]-Are they for me? VANESSA: Yes. 哦 这些花真漂亮 是给我的吗?
[37:59.84]Thank you. They smeII IoveIy. - 是啊 - 谢谢
[38:02.24]-Oh, yeah. LILY: Oh, they're gorgeous.
[38:05.04]Hi. 嗨
[38:08.56]-I'm gIad you're back. -I thought you were stiII mad at me. 真高兴你回来了
[38:12.08]I was. 我以为你还在生我气呢
[38:14.88]Look, I'm reaIIy sorry about Nate. 听着 我和Nate的事 我真的... 真的很抱歉
[38:18.48]I mean, if it's any consoIation, I don't think he ever reaIIy Iiked me anyway. 如果可以安慰你的话 我觉得他从没喜欢过我
[38:22.96]I mean, I haven't heard from him in weeks. So. . . . 我好几个星期没联系他了 所以...
[38:26.04]WeII, our friendship is more important than some guy, right? 我们的友谊比男生重要多了 对吗?
[38:29.52]So Iet's just eat some turkey and put it behind us. 我们来吃火鸡 把这事忘了吧
[38:34.16]Okay. 好吧
[38:36.28]-I missed you. -I missed you too. - 我想你了 - 我 我也想你了
[38:38.44]VANESSA: I caII dibs on mashed potatoes. -Jen, your maiI's been piIing up. 我点了土豆泥
[38:41.80]It's mostIy cataIogs, but stiII, sift through it. 嘿 哦 Jen 你的信都在这里
[38:42.42]- 基本都是些目录 可你还是看看吧 - 好的
[38:44.20]Before you get going, heIp me find the marshmaIIows? 你看那些之前 先帮我找找棉花糖好吗?
[38:47.00]AbsoIuteIy. 没问题
[38:48.44]RUFUS: Dan, you think you can handIe. . . Dan 你能搞定小红莓果酱吗?
[38:50.40]-. . .the cranberry sauce? DAN: Oh, God, yes.
[38:52.30]哦 天啊 是啊 我好像知道怎么做
[38:55.56]GOSSIP GIRL: As the end of another holiday draws near... 当有一个节日接近尾声时
[38:58.12]...I'd like to take a moment to list all the things I'm thankful for. 我想花点时间列个我想要感恩的清单
[39:04.40]I'm thankful that no matter how dark things might get... 我要感谢无论事情变得多糟糕
[39:07.52]...old friendships can still be rekindled. 老友的情谊还能重燃..
[39:12.16]I'm thankful for new relationships... 感谢新的恋情帮助我们意识到
[39:14.12]... that help us realize how far we've come from who we were...
[39:19.60]...and how close we get when we can really be ourselves. 还有当我们做回自己时 能有多亲密
[39:24.88]I'm thankful to know that no matter what they say... 我感谢无论别人说过什么...
[39:27.92]... you can go home again. 家的大门永远敞开
[39:30.36]Whether it's your home or not. 无论那是不是你的家
[39:33.48](CHATTERING )
[39:36.28]Andrew, Bart Bass. I know I toId you not to Iook into why. . . Andrew 我是Bart bass
[39:40.00]. . .my wife was in that sanatorium, but I've changed my mind. 我知道我之前告诉你不要调查 我妻子进那个疗养院的原因 我改变主意了
[39:42.92]I'd reaIIy Iike to know. 我现在很想知道
[39:46.08]I'd Iike to know everything. 我想知道所有的事
[39:52.96]Excuse me, I have to caII my foIks. 抱歉 我 我得去给我家人打个电话
[39:54.92]GOSSIP GIRL: But the thing I'm most thankful for? 可我最感谢的是?
[39:57.52]How even on the most giving of days... 即使在最需要奉献的日子里
[39:59.96]...people can still do something unforgivable. 人们还是能做些不可原谅的事情...
[40:15.14]我得离开你了 可我不想...
[40:17.30]我真的很在乎你 我不知道该怎么做
[40:20.32]Signed, stealed and delivered, I'm yours. Nate
[40:20.98]署名 密封 投递 我就是你的了
[40:24.28]X O X O, Gossip Girl. 亲亲抱抱 流言绯女
[40:28.80]RUFUS: Jenny! Jenny
[40:55.96]SubtitIes by SDI Media Group
[40:58.12](ENGLISH SDH)
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8661-250014-1.html

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