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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:34:56
[00:04.03]We live out our lives on the surgical unit. 我们的生活大多数都在外科病房里度过
[00:08.03]7 days a week, 一周七天
[00:09.89]14 hours a day. 一天14个小时
[00:12.63]We're together more than we're apart. 我们大家真是聚多离少
[00:16.35]George's room is bigger than mine. George的房间要比我的大一些
[00:23.79]After a while... 过了一会儿...
[00:24.80]I have more clothes -- I should have the bigger room. 我衣服太多 -- 我应该住更大点的房间
[00:27.14]...the ways of residency... ...在工作的状况...
[00:28.47]- I got here first. - Meredith should decide. - 我先来的. - 应该由Meredith来决定
[00:30.82]...become the ways of life. ...变成了生活中的状况
[00:32.28]My room is like two inches bigger than yours. 我的房间好像只比你的大两英尺
[00:34.35]- Number one... - You have a bigger closet. - 第一个... - 你有一个更大的储藏室
[00:36.00]- Why is everything a competition? - Always keep score. - 为什么什么东西都要比啊? - 总是在竞争
[00:41.01]Number two -- do whatever you can to outsmart the other guy. 第二个 -- 做什么事无论如何也要比另一个人更聪明
[00:44.94]Everywhere else is filled with Meredith's mom's boxes. 那里到处都放着Meredith妈妈的箱子
[00:47.54]Meredith? When is your mom coming back to town, anyway? Meredith? 总之你妈妈什么时候回来啊?
[00:50.67]Because maybe we can put her boxes in storage. 因为,也许我们可以把她的箱子放到贮藏库去
[00:52.99]Or unpack a few things -- make this place more homey. 或者收拾一下这里 -- 让这个地方更舒适些
[00:55.28]Some throw pillows, some lamps, a few paintings. 例如一些枕垫、安些灯、粉刷墙面
[00:57.62]Oh, paintings would be nice. 哦, 粉刷墙面倒是很好
[00:59.34]Yeah. You have all this amazing stuff packed away. 是的. 你可以把这些让人惊异的东西收藏起来
[01:02.03]I found this box with tapes of your mother performing amazing medical procedures. 我发现这些箱子里装的都是你妈妈 那些令人惊异的学术表演录像带
[01:06.38]Really? We should watch them. Do you want to watch -- 真的? 我们可以看看啊. 你想看 --
[01:14.46]Meredith, do you want some privacy? Meredith, 你是想安静会吗?
[01:18.81]Number three -- don't make friends with the enemy. 第三个 -- 别和竞争者成为朋友
[01:27.85]- Morning, Dr. Bailey. - Shut up. - 早上好,Bailey医生 - 住口
[01:32.36]You realize that I'm an attending and you're only a resident -- that you work for me, right? 你要知道我可是主治医生 而你只是一个住院医生 -- 你为我工作,对吗?
[01:37.37]I know I've forgotten something. Something is happening today. 我知道我忘了些事.今天要有事发生
[01:41.16]I know I should know what it is, but I just can't... 我知道那是什么, 但只是不能...
[01:47.35]All right. Nice talking with you, Dr. Bailey. 好吧. 和你交谈很愉快, Bailey医生
[01:49.08]It's right in front of my face. 应该就发生在我面前
[02:06.70]Fools on bikes, killing themselves -- natural selection is what it is. 骑车的蠢人, 不想活了 -- 这是应有的下场
[02:10.80]So what's up with the nazi? Is she off her meds? “纳粹”怎么了? 她不想管了吗?
[02:13.29]You never heard of the race? 你没听说那个比赛?
[02:15.93]Excellent board -- well-timed, balanced, efficient. 优秀的记录板 -- 合理的时间, 和谐, 有效.
[02:19.71]If all goes well, we'll have an early night. 如狗一切运转顺利, 我们晚上可以早点结束
[02:21.60]Chief, "dead baby" bike race started 20 minutes ago. 头儿, "死亡宝贝" 自行车比赛20分钟前就开始了
[02:24.44]All right, people! Dead baby bike-race day! 好的, 同仁们! "死亡宝贝" 自行车赛日!
[02:27.16]- Every year, this bar -- - The dead baby bar. - 每年, 这个俱乐部 -- - 死亡宝贝俱乐部
[02:29.20]Every year, they hold this underground bike race. 每年, 他们都举行这个地下自行车比赛
[02:32.49]Don't you wonder why someone would name a bar something so disgusting? 你不惊奇为什么有些人要 弄个令人厌恶的俱乐部活动?
[02:35.27]Keep your panties on, nancy drew. 穿好你的短裤,男人婆
[02:37.25]- The race is completely illegal and -- - Crazy. - 这个比赛是完全违法的 和 -- - 疯狂的
[02:40.73]Bike messengers racing against traffic, trying to beat each other for free shots of tequila. 自行车信使比赛阻碍交痛 为了一杯龙舌兰酒他们试图打败对方
[02:45.17]All-out, no-holds-barred competition sounds like fun. 全开放, 没有防护措施的竞赛听起来很不错
[02:48.30]The race doesn't even have any rules -- except eye-gouging -- no eye-gouging. 这比赛没有任何规则 -- 除了眼睛保护 -- 没有眼睛保护
[02:52.82]We're gonna be trapped in the pit band-aiding idiots when we could be up in the O.R. 当我们站在手术室里 我们会发现那些白痴的累累伤疤
[02:56.55]What kind of people engage in a race that has, as its only rule, 什么样的人会去参加这种比赛 作为仅有的规则
[03:00.02]that you can't rip out the eyeballs of another human being? 就是你不能挖掉另一个人类的眼珠吧?
[03:02.75]Men, Georgie. Men. 够男人, Georgie. 够男人
[03:05.66]I need someone to get up to the O.R. Floor. The chief needs a right hand. 我需要一个人到手术室去 头儿需要一个得力的助手
[03:09.30]Oh, and yeah, number four... 哦, 是的, 第四个...
[03:13.66]George. George
[03:15.08]...Everything. Everything is a competition. ...每件事. 每件事都有竞争
[03:18.35]Okay, people. The rules of trauma -- don't mingle with E.R. Interns -- 好的, 同仁们. 外伤治疗守则 -- 别和急诊实习医生混在一起--
[03:21.89]they don't know their ass from their esophagus. 他们很无知
[03:23.91]Sew fast, discharge faster. Get bodies up to the O.R. 快速缝合, 快速分类. 把需要手术的送到手术室
[03:27.08]And don't let me catch you fighting over patients. Got it? 并且别让我抓到你和这些病人有争执. 明白吗?
[03:30.82]Come on. Let's go. 好了. 开始吧.
[03:38.20]Oh, it's like candy, but with blood, which is so much better! 哦, 他们就像糖果, 但流着血, 真是再好不过了!
[03:42.39]Oh, my god. 哦, 我的天啊
[03:43.22]- Mine. - No! I saw him first! - 这个是我的 - 不! 我先看见的!
[03:45.52]Whoever said winning wasn't everything... 无论谁都不会是所有事都赢的...
[03:49.05]- Ooh. I'll take that guy. - You'll have to beat me to him first. - 嚯. 我要那个男的 - 想要他就先打败我
[03:52.73]...never held a scalpel. ...还从没拿过解剖刀哪
[03:57.05](Greys.Anatomy)-(外科女实习生) 〖第一季〗 〖第三集〗
[04:03.37] 本字幕仅供学习交流,严禁用于商业途径
[04:06.00] 翻译: jeffordick 校对: jeffordick
[04:22.40]Heads -- he's mine. Tails -- he's yours. 正面 -- 他是我的,背面 -- 他是妳的
[04:24.50]Why do you get to be "heads"? 为什么你要“正面”?
[04:25.80]Because I have a head, and, honey, you are a tail. 因为我有头, 嗯, 亲爱的, 你有一条辫子.
[04:28.64]Excuse me. 稍等一下
[04:29.90]How do you manage to make everything dirty? 你怎么能把事情搞得这么恶心?
[04:34.18]Ha! Tails. 哈! 背面
[04:35.41]There are plenty of other cases. 着还有很多别的病人
[04:36.83]So go get one. I was here first. 那就去找一个吧. 我要先来
[04:38.83]I am not backing down so I can do sutures all day, while you're in the O.R. 当你在手术室时 我可以在没人帮助的情况下去缝合一整天
[04:42.37]This is a surgical case, and you know it. 你要明白这是一个外科手术
[04:44.52]It's superficial. 这很容易
[04:45.66]It's cool, but it's superficial. 手术很酷,但是很容易
[04:47.55]How do you know those things didn't rupture his peritoneum? 你怎么就知道这个手术就不会割裂他的腹膜?
[04:49.86]Because he's sitting up, and he's talking to us. 因为他正坐在那, 并且他还和我们说话
[04:52.85]Hello. 你们好
[04:53.72]Excuse me. I was wondering if you could take these out and sew me up so I could go and win my race. 打扰一下. 我想知道是否你可以把 这些拿掉并帮我缝合一下, 那样我就可以去赢得我的比赛了
[04:58.25]Well, we can't just pull them out -- 嗯, 我们不能只是把它拔出来--
[04:59.72]- We have to... do some tests. - Ow, wicked. - 我们不得不... 做些检查 - 哇噢, 他妈的
[05:03.56]Are you out of your mind? 你在脑子有问题吗?
[05:05.67]It's a superficial wound. 这是一个很浅的伤口
[05:07.29]Sew him up and let him finish his race. 给他缝合伤口,让他去完成比赛
[05:10.08]Hey, good man. 嗨, 好人
[05:11.76]Unidentified John Doe, mid-30s pedestrian, hit by a motorist swerving to avoid a bike. 不知道叫“John”什么 30左右的岁中年步行者, 被为 了躲闪自行车而突然转向的汽车撞伤
[05:16.26]G.C.S. 3. 三级脑震荡
[05:17.72]Pupils fixed and dilated. 瞳孔已经扩散
[05:19.31]Atropine given for a pulse in the 40s. 为了维持脉搏到40,已经注射了“阿托品”
[05:21.38]B.P. 183 over 112. B.P. 183 超过 112.
[05:23.04]Pulse-ox 98%. 血氧含量 98%.
[05:24.45]Chest showed widened mediastinum and head C.T. revealed cerebral edema. 胸腔扩张 头部C.T.显示有水肿
[05:28.27]He's gotten 70 of mannitol, dexamethasone 10, and a gram of phenytoin. 给他折射70单位甘露醇 10单位弗美松,和1克苯妥英(抗惊厥药)
[05:31.95]Get him to the O.R.? 要送他去手术室吗?
[05:33.69]- Is he gorked? - Looks like. - 他没有反应吗? - 看起来是.
[05:35.86]The bike race claims its first victim. 自行车比赛的第一个受害人
[05:39.28]I'll make my triple-a repair after all. 我还有更多的工作要去做
[05:42.36]Uh, Dr. Shepherd? He's not going to the O.R.? 嗯,Shepherd医生? 他不需要手术吗?
[05:45.23]No. Do an E.E.G. and confirmatory tests. 不用. 给他做一个E.E.G. 并且确认所有检测.
[05:48.80]If he doesn't respond in six hours, declare him. 如果他在六小时内还么有反应, 宣布他
[05:54.84]"Declare him"? "宣布他"?
[05:56.07]Declare him what? 宣布他?
[05:57.24]Brain-dead. 脑死亡.
[06:06.70]Sir, Dr. Bailey sent me to assist you. Should I scrub in? 先生, Bailey医生派我来协助你. 要我来作手术吗?
[06:10.25]No. I'm stuck here all day. 不用. 我来就行.
[06:12.45]I need you on the floor, monitoring my pre- and post-op patients. 你只需要在这观察我对病人的处理步骤和快速处理方法
[06:15.97]Oh. 噢.
[06:17.75]You got a problem with that, O'malley? 你有什么问题, O'malley?
[06:19.26]Oh, uh, no, sir. 噢, 嗯, 没有, 先生.
[06:22.51]A buddy of mine in 4451, Lloyd Mackie -- give him whatever he needs. 我的伙伴在4451, Lloyd Mackie -- 给他他所需要的.
[06:29.60]Yes, sir. 好的, 先生
[06:45.85]Mr. Mackie... Mackie先生...
[06:47.68]no smoking! 禁止吸烟!
[06:50.46]- There's no smoking. - Why not? - 这里禁止吸烟. - 为什么不行?
[06:52.57]Oh, my god -- you're in a hospital! 哦, 我的天哪 -- 你正在住院!
[06:55.07]Your point being...? 你是指...?
[06:57.90]I don't know if you've listened to the surgeon general lately -- 我不知道你是否听了近来外科专家说的 --
[07:01.41]say, in the past 20 years -- but smoking is bad. 在过去的20年里 -- 但吸烟真的不好.
[07:04.86]Smoking will kill you. 吸烟会杀了你
[07:06.75]Liver cancer will kill me. 肺癌才会让我死亡.
[07:09.15]Smoking will just speed up the process. 吸烟只会加快这个过程.
[07:12.92]You're at the top of the donor list for a new liver. 你就快得到一个新的肝脏
[07:16.26]There's hope. 这是希望
[07:18.24]Sweetheart, I've been at the top of the list for... 甜心, 我已经等了r...
[07:21.51]eight months. 八个月了
[07:23.61]I'm not in a batters cage. 我不是在一个击球场的围栏里
[07:25.96]I'm in a dugout, about to be traded. 我在球场的休息廊里, 这会是个交易.
[07:30.28]You like baseball? 你喜欢棒球吗?
[07:31.70]No. 不喜欢.
[07:34.65]Um, well, um, the chief wanted me to look in on you. 嗯, 很好, 嗯, 头儿想让我关照你一下
[07:39.77]Richard's a dear old friend. Richard是一个亲密的老友
[07:42.33]He's been my doctor for 30 years. 他已经当了我三十年的医生了
[07:45.94]Well, whatever you need -- I'm your man. 好吧, 无论你需要什么 -- 我是你的朋友
[07:48.99]Just name it. 只管叫我吧
[07:50.66]Well... 哇噢...
[07:53.91]I'm sure I'll think of something. 我确信我会考虑一些事情
[07:59.13]There's no corneal reflexes. 没有角膜反射
[08:02.22]It's been 55 minutes. 已经55分钟了
[08:04.97]If he doesn't respond to these tests in the next 5 hours, what? 如果剩下的五个小时他还对这些检测 没有反应, 那么?
[08:07.70]We're supposed to just stand here and watch him die? 我们就只能站在这看着他死吗?
[08:10.65]If he doesn't respond to these tests, it's because he's already dead. 如果他对这些检测没有反应 那是因为他已经死了
[08:15.35]Technically. Legally. 学术上. 法律上.
[08:16.75]Actually, Izzie. Actually dead. 事实上, Izzie. 事实上死了.
[08:18.84]He's breathing. He has a heartbeat. 他正在呼吸. 他还有心跳
[08:20.72]Look at his E.E.G. -- There's no higher-brain function. 看看他的E.E.G. -- 没有更高的脑部运动
[08:23.04]He'll never talk, move, or think again. 他将不能说话, 移动, 或者再次思考.
[08:26.13]There's no one in there. 什么也不会有了.
[08:27.78]Think like a doctor, Izzie. 像医生一样思考问题, Izzie.
[08:29.29]He could wake up. 他能醒来
[08:31.19]What about a miracle? 关于什么样的奇迹呢?
[08:32.47]There are medical miracles, you know. 医学奇迹会发生, 你要知道.
[08:33.99]I know. You're right. 我知道. 你是对的.
[08:36.23]Miracles happen. 奇迹的发生
[08:38.40]People do wake up. That's why we do a series of tests over a set number of hours. 人们要醒来. 这就是我们为什么会花 数小时的时间来做一系列的检测
[08:42.85]So when we call "time of death," we know that we've done everything 所以当我们称之为 "死亡时间"时 我们知道我们已经做了所有的事情
[08:45.72]to make sure it's actually his time of death. 去确信他真的到了他的"死亡时间"
[08:49.42]That there's isn't going to be any miracles. 奇迹不会fashengle
[08:56.23]This is the hard part -- 这是艰难的部分 --
[08:58.07]to stand around as surgeons and not cut. 作为外科医生站在这里,并且没有办法
[09:01.38]That's what "do no harm" means. 那就是"无害" 的意思.
[09:07.56]I wish he'd just go into the light so I can get on another case. 我希望他可以进入天堂 那样我就能去治疗别的病人
[09:14.28]Oh, I'm the devil because I'd rather be in surgery 哦, 就算我是魔鬼,我也宁愿在诊疗室里
[09:16.62]instead of standing watch over the death squad? 而不是站着看这个死人?
[09:18.92]It's depressing. 真郁闷
[09:25.50]Look at his sneakers. 看他的运动鞋
[09:27.67]They're brand-new. 是新牌子的.
[09:29.26]And somebody sewed this tear in his shirt. 有人为他缝补衬衫上的破口
[09:31.72]And he has one of those electronic key cards. 他还有这个电子钥匙
[09:34.01]He belongs to someone. 他属于某人
[09:36.35]An hour ago, he was out there, alive. 一小时前, 他还在外面, 还活着.
[09:39.01]To simply stand here and wait for him to die -- 只是站在那里 等带死亡降临--
[09:41.72]- It would be a waste of life. - Exactly. - 这真是消耗生命 - 正确
[09:44.00]A waste of organs. 器官损耗
[09:53.80]You've got a nice touch. 你技术不错
[09:56.86]And, by the way, you are a rockin' babe. 并且, 顺便说一句, 你是一个活力宝贝
[09:59.99]Seriously -- do you actually think you have a shot here? 真的 -- 你确认只有这里受伤了吗?
[10:02.34]I'd like to think I've got a shot anywhere. 我到希望自己到处都有伤
[10:05.33]Look, you have really have to let me take you for some tests. A C.T. 看, 你真的应该让我带你去做个C.T.检查
[10:08.95]You could have internal bleeding. 你可能有内出血
[10:10.96]No, thank you. I've got a race to get back to. 不, 谢了. 我还要回到比赛中去
[10:13.61]Why? You can't win now, anyway. 为什么? 总之你现在又不能赢
[10:15.53]Doesn't mean I can't cross that finish line. 那又不意味着我不能穿过终点
[10:17.94]There's a party at the finish line. 在终点有个聚会
[10:20.22]Do you want to meet me there? 你想在那里见我吗?
[10:22.46]One test. A C.T. I'll have you out of here in an hour. 去做个A C.T.检测 我会让你在一小时内离开这里
[10:25.49]I can't do it. Got to go. 不行. 我要离开.
[10:29.85]Okay. Well, you realize you're leaving against medical advice and that I urge you to stay. 好吧. 嗯, 你要认识到你正在 违背医生的建议,我要求你呆在这
[10:34.58]The frat guy said I could go. 那个男医生说我可以走
[10:36.23]The "frat guy" is an ass. 那个男医生是个混蛋
[10:38.98]Okay, well, you have to sign an A.M.A. form. 好吧, 嗯,你要先填一份A.M.A.表格
[10:43.24]Darling, I will do anything you want me to. 亲爱的, 我会做你要做的任何事
[10:47.26]What is it with you guys and your need to dirty everything up? 是什么要让你要把所有事搞得很下流?
[10:51.43]I don't know. 我不知道
[10:52.54]Maybe it's just testosterone. 或许是生理反应
[10:54.80]Maybe. 或许
[10:56.33]You might want to see a doctor about that, too. 你也可能想对一个医生那样
[10:59.73]Come here. 我填表
[11:12.99]That was for good luck. 那个是为了好运气
[11:14.88]Don't worry, darling, you'll see me again. 别担心, 亲爱的,你会在见到我的
[11:18.52]For your sake, I hope not. 为了你好, 我不希望再见到你
[11:34.45]What do you want? 你想去干什么?
[11:35.59]You make out with patients now? 你是在应付你的病人吗?
[11:38.48]What, are you jealous? 什么,你在嫉妒吗?
[11:40.81]I don't get jealous. 我没有嫉妒
[11:45.72]We had sex -- once. 我们做过爱 -- 一次.
[11:47.26]And we kissed in an elevator. 并且我们还在电梯里亲吻.
[11:50.23]And we kissed in an elevator -- once. 我们在电梯了亲吻过 -- 一次
[11:52.60]No, seriously. 不, 说真的
[11:53.82]Go out with me. 和我约会吧
[11:55.23]No. 不
[11:56.65]You know, I almost died today. 你知到, 我今天几乎要死了
[11:58.51]Yeah, I came like this close. 是的, 我来这感觉真的快了
[12:00.59]How would you feel if I died and you didn't get a chance to go out with me? 如果我死了,你又和我没约会成 你会有何感受?
[12:04.70]- Get over yourself, already. - Come on. - 自己已经克服了 - 不要这样
[12:08.38]It's the chase, isn't it? 这是追求, 对吗?
[12:10.75]What? 什么?
[12:12.05]The thrill of the chase. 胆战心惊的追求
[12:13.67]I've been wondering to myself, 我自己已经很惊奇,
[12:15.38]"why are you so hell-bent on getting me to go out with you?" "为什么你如此死缠烂打的要我和你约会?"
[12:18.27]You know you're my boss, you know it's against the rules, 你要知道你可是我老板, 这个是违反规则的,
[12:20.84]you know I keep saying no -- it's the chase. 我一直拒绝 -- 这个追求
[12:24.72]Well, it's fun, isn't it? 哇噢, 这真好笑, 不是吗?
[12:26.17]You see? 你明白吗?
[12:27.18]This is a game to you. 这是你的游戏
[12:28.62]But not to me. 而不是我的
[12:30.07]Because, unlike you, I still have something to prove. 因为, 不像你, 我一直在证明些事情
[12:36.56]I know you see me resecting this bowel. 我知道你在看我割除这段肠子.
[12:38.88]Do I strike you as someone who enjoys multitasking? 我影响到你的工作了吗?
[12:41.49]We have a John Doe. In three hours, we have to declare him brain-dead. 我们负责John Doe(未知姓)的治疗 再过三小时, 我们不得不宣布他脑死亡
[12:44.99]We want to harvest his organs. 我们想得到他的器官
[12:46.50]Why are you wasting time on this? 你们为什么在这上面浪费时间?
[12:47.97]You know how many patients we have downstairs. 你们要知道楼下还有很多病人
[12:49.97]If he dies -- and he could still live -- 如果他死了 -- 他还能继续活着 --
[12:53.10]his death should mean something. 他的死亡会更有意义
[12:56.72]And you want a harvest surgery. 你想做一个采集器官手术
[12:58.64]I want to save lives. 我想挽救生命
[13:02.46]Okay, I want a harvest surgery. 好吧, 我想做一个采集器官手术
[13:04.14]Getting organs from a John Doe is a long shot. 从John Doe(未知姓)身上得到器官是一件很困难的事
[13:06.63]Without I.D., you can't contact the family. 没有身份证, 你联系不到他的家人
[13:08.86]Without the family, you can't get consent to harvest the organs. 没有他的家人, 你无法得到获得器官的同意
[13:11.88]Let the poor man die in peace. 让这个可怜的人平静地死吧
[13:13.59]What if we can find the family? 如果我们能找到他的家人呢?
[13:14.79]And get consent. 并得到同意
[13:16.10]We could harvest the organs? 我们能做器官采集手术吗?
[13:18.34]If you find the family. 如果你们找到他的家人
[13:25.64]What are you doing? 你在干什么?
[13:27.32]Hiding. 躲藏
[13:28.72]There's this V.I.P. patient -- 这有个 V.I.P. 病人 --
[13:30.86]he likes me. 她喜欢我
[13:32.53]That's good, right? 那不错, 对吗?
[13:34.21]He likes me likes me. 他喜欢我 喜欢我
[13:36.82]Go for it, man. Get yours. 去吧, 男人. 得到他
[13:38.93]I'm down with the rainbow. 我在彩虹下(暗指同性恋)
[13:45.42]Oh. Are you not gay? 噢. 你不是同性恋吧?
[13:48.21]No. 不是
[13:49.51]Really? 真的?
[13:51.89]Dude, sorry. 花花公子, 抱歉.
[13:59.08]Uh, Cristina? 嗯, Cristina?
[14:02.75]Do you -- do you think -- 你 -- 你认为 --
[14:04.79]Does Meredith think I'm gay? Meredith认为我是一个同性恋吗?
[14:07.15]Are you? 你是吗?
[14:08.83]No. 不是
[14:09.74]Really? 真的?
[14:15.41]Hey, I found this on our John Doe. It's a hotel key card. 嗨, 我在John Doe(未知姓) 身上找到这个. 这是一张饭店门卡
[14:18.76]The police are going to send someone over, figure out what hotel he was staying at -- get his I.D. 警察会派些人去, 查出他住在哪家饭店 -- 找到他的身份证.
[14:23.91]- Could you -- - I'll make sure the police get it. - 你能 -- - 我会让警察拿到它的
[14:25.79]Okay. It's really important. 好吧. 这真的很重要
[14:27.60]We only have a few hours before we have to declare him, and I'd really like to find his family. 在我们宣布他死亡之前只有几小时了 我们真的想找到他的家人
[14:32.19]You want their permission for organ donation? 你们想得到他器官捐赠的许可吗?
[14:37.09]I just... really want to find them. 我只是... 真的想找到他们
[14:42.23]You have a potential donor? 你得到一个潜在的捐赠人吗?
[14:44.94]What's his blood type? 他是什么血型?
[14:46.49]Uh, O-neg. 嗯, O型
[14:58.89]Okay. 好的
[15:00.69]I know you probably can't hear me 我知道你可能听不到我所说的
[15:03.31]and you're feeling this big push to go towards the light, 并且你正感觉到自己正大步走向天堂,
[15:06.66]where everything's all halos and all-you-can-eat buffets and stuff. 那里所有的东西都笼罩在光环下 并且你可你享用各种美食
[15:12.78]And, I mean, sharing your organs is really great and all. 并且, 我的意思, 分享你的器官的确是很伟大
[15:18.19]But I think you have a family. 但我想你有家人
[15:21.15]I can feel it. 我能感觉到
[15:22.96]So I think it'd be really great if you could do me a favor and... 所以如果你能帮我这个忙 我想这真的很伟大 ...
[15:27.93]get better. 会更好
[15:30.55]Just... 只是...
[15:34.08]live. 生活
[15:37.17]So, you think you can give that a shot, for me? 那么, 你认为你愿意那样做, 为我?
[16:01.31]Oh, no. 哦, 不.
[16:04.13]Meredith! Meredith!
[16:05.95]Meredith. Meredith.
[16:06.61]- What? - He's crashing. - 怎么了? - 他不行了
[16:07.95]Well, what are you doing? Call a code! 哇哦, 你在干什么? 叫人来啊!
[16:09.74]I can't -- I'm not supposed to. He's brain-dead. 我不能 -- 我不确定. 他脑死亡了
[16:11.90]If he's brain-dead, you have to let him go. 如果他脑死亡, 你就让他去吧
[16:14.06]No. It's only been 5 hours and 33 minutes. 不. 只过了5小时33分
[16:16.34]He's supposed to get six hours. 他有6个小时
[16:18.07]We can't do anything. It's not our place to make that call. 我们无能为力. 我们无法把他挽回
[16:21.67]He's a person. 他是一个人
[16:22.90]We're doctors. 我们是医生
[16:24.15]We should have every right to make that call. 我们有义务为他做点事
[16:27.17]We can't just stand here and do nothing while he dies. 当他死的时候 我们不能只站在这里什么也不做
[16:30.59]He has a right to the next 27 minutes. 他有权力拥有剩下的27分钟
[16:37.27]Screw it. I'll get the dopamine. 那好吧. 我给他注射些多巴胺(制脑神经药物)
[16:39.33]You get the blood. We'll transfuse him. 你准备些血液. 我们要给他输血
[16:48.80]Do you feel any pain here? 你感觉这里有疼痛吗?
[16:50.80]No. 没有
[16:52.90]You know, you really do have... beautiful eyelashes. 你知道, 你真的拥有... 美丽的睫毛
[16:56.81]Um... thank you. 嗯... 谢谢
[16:59.82]Uh, what about here? 嗯, 这里怎样?
[17:01.91]No. 没有
[17:03.49]And nice eyes. 和漂亮的眼睛
[17:05.24]Kind. 很和蔼
[17:07.28]I like a man with kind eyes. 我喜欢眼睛和蔼的男人
[17:09.48]Really? You think I have kind eyes? 真的? 你认为我有和蔼的双眼?
[17:11.51]I mean, uh... you can, um... 我意思是, 嗯... 你能, 嗯...
[17:18.29]What are you examining me for? 你对我的检查怎么样?
[17:19.84]Oh, you know, just routine medical stuff. 噢, 你知道,只是例行检查
[17:22.66]You're doing very well. 你做得很好
[17:24.43]Because I'm enjoying the view. 因为我正享受我看到的
[17:28.97]Okay... well... 好吧... 那么...
[17:31.92]I got to go. 我得走了
[17:37.38]He's stable. 他稳定了
[17:38.58]For now. I had a radiologist look at his chest. 现在.我已经对他的胸腔作了放射线检查
[17:41.09]He has a traumatic aortic injury. 他有大动脉创伤
[17:42.93]It's gonna rupture and bleed out. 他的动脉破裂而且出血
[17:44.38]So he needs surgery. 所以它需要手术
[17:45.45]If he's gonna remain a viable organ donor. 如果他要保持成为一个器官捐赠者
[17:47.48]If he's gonna live. 如果他会活着
[17:48.58]- Izzie -- - No. I'm not giving up on him. - Izzie -- - 不. 我不会放弃他的
[17:50.64]He has the surgery -- he lives longer. That's the point. 他需要手术 -- 他要活久一点. 这是关键
[17:52.90]I'm going to find the family. You guys get him into surgery. 我会去找他的家人 你们把他送进手术室
[17:56.59]She's vice president of fantasyland. 她有点认不清方向了
[17:58.73]Who do we go to for surgery -- Bailey? 谁会让我们做手术 -- Bailey吗?
[18:01.32]We need to go higher than Bailey. 我们要找比Bailey级别高的
[18:04.28]Dr. Burke. Burke医生
[18:06.06]- Hello! - Okay. - 你干嘛呢! - 好的
[18:11.07]Dr. Burke, um, I know you're busy, but our John Doe needs an aortic repair. Burke医生, 嗯, 我知道你很忙 但John Doe(未知姓)需要一个大动脉修补术
[18:17.28]The guy from this morning? 那个今天早上的男人?
[18:19.25]Isn't he legally dead? 在法律上他不是已经死了吗?
[18:21.04]Well, yeah -- he's kinda still around. 哇噢, 是的 -- 他有点动静了
[18:24.44]We gave him two units P.R.V.C.S and put him on pressors. 我们给他两单位的P.R.V.C.S 以使他血压升高
[18:27.63]On whose orders? 那是谁的主意?
[18:32.63]Mine. 我的
[18:37.35]You get a brain-dead John Doe a blood transfusion without consulting anyone. 你没跟任何人商议,就给那个脑 死亡的John Doe(未知姓)使用输血法
[18:41.33]And now you want me to repair his heart? 你现在想让我修复他的心脏吗?
[18:43.17]Well, yes. 嗯, 是的.
[18:47.79]You do enjoy crossing the line, don't you? 你们越权还很高兴, 对吗?
[18:50.43]He is an excellent candidate for organ donation. 他是一个很好的器官捐献候选人
[18:53.51]I am a surgeon. I save lives. 我是外科医生. 我拯救生命.
[18:55.58]This guy is already dead. 这个人已经死了
[18:57.24]Now, this is the men's room. 现在, 这是男洗手间
[18:59.39]Either whip one out or close the door. 你们是想受到鞭打还是关上门
[19:06.04]- You're asking my advice? - Yes. - 你向我寻求意见? - 是的
[19:08.06]- Now who's chasing? - Not funny. This is important. - 这是谁追谁? - 这不好笑. 这很重要
[19:10.89]Okay. 好吧
[19:12.38]You want to get around Burke? 你想让我游说Burke?
[19:14.69]You gotta find a way to get the chief involved. 你们要找到一个和头儿有关连的方法
[19:20.08]What'd I do? 我能做什么?
[19:21.18]How close a match for the liver is your guy to our John Doe? 的多匹配怎样才能知道你的病人需要的肝脏 和John Doe(无名姓)的肝脏多匹配?
[19:24.35]Very. Same type, same size. U.N.O.S. couldn't find a better match. Why? 很简单. 相同血型, 相同尺寸. U.N.O.S.不能找到一个更好的吗? 为什么问这个?
[19:28.41]He's the chief's V.I.P., right? 他是头儿的V.I.P., 对吗?
[19:30.38]Right. 正确
[19:31.51]How much would you kill to be in on a transplant surgery? 你想在移植诊疗室混多久?
[19:35.66]You underestimate me. 你们低估我了
[19:37.47]I'm not a baby. 我不是小孩
[19:38.94]I'm your colleague. 我是你们的同僚
[19:40.69]You don't have to manipulate me. 你们不要想操纵我
[19:42.02]If you want something, all you have to do is ask. 如果你们想做什么事, 你们都要请求我
[19:45.49]We want you to go over Burke's head, to the chief. 我们想让你越过Burke去找头儿.
[19:48.84]Ask me something easier. 请求我做事很容易
[19:52.02]Sir. 先生
[19:53.06]O'malley. How's Mackie? O'malley. Mackie怎么样?
[19:54.53]Fine. Actually, that's what I want to talk to you about. 很好. 实际上, 我想和你谈谈关于
[19:57.85]I kinda think that -- me and the other interns -- we think -- 我想 --我和其他的实习生 -- 我想 --
[20:02.89]O'malley, I'm not getting any younger. O'malley, 有话直说
[20:05.78]We found mackie a liver. 我们发现一个mackie 适合的肝脏
[20:08.34]We are so going to hell. 我们真该下地狱
[20:10.15]Burke is sending us straight to hell. Burke 会亲自送我们下地狱
[20:11.49]On an express train. 乘特快别快车
[20:12.85]If it works. 如果真的可以
[20:15.59]What are you doing? 你们在干什么?
[20:16.58]- Nothing. - Nothing. - 没什么 - 没什么
[20:24.37]Yes! 行了!
[20:32.74]Oh, crap. 哦, 坏了
[20:39.12]Dr. Burke! Burke医生!
[20:40.44]Dr. Burke! Burke医生!
[20:43.64]Excellent work, sir. 优秀的技术, 先生.
[20:45.42]Excellent. 非常优秀
[20:47.15]Flawless. 毫无瑕疵
[20:48.46]It's a shame he's brain-dead. 很遗憾他是脑死亡
[20:49.65]If he wasn't, he would be on his feet in a few days. 如果他不是, 他还能活几天.
[20:52.72]I'm amazed at what's going on. 我很吃惊发生了什么?
[20:55.27]I seriously hate that guy. 我真的很讨厌ALEX
[20:57.22]Alex is vermin. Alex 是个寄生虫
[20:58.69]That surgery is ours. 那个手术室我们的
[21:00.63]At least Burke is doing the surgery. 至少Burke做了这个手术
[21:02.18]I don't care about Alex. 我不关心Alex.
[21:03.86]George, you did good. George,你做得很好
[21:06.60]I'm going to have to dodge Burke for the rest of my career. 为了我的职业生涯我要躲开Burke
[21:11.31]He could kill me and make it look like an accident. 他会杀了我,搞得就像交通事故
[21:17.25]The police called. 警察有回应
[21:18.61]They've identified your John Doe. His wife is on the way. 他们找到了你们的John Doe(无名姓) 他妻子正在路上
[21:36.38]Oh, my god. 哦, 我的天啊
[21:40.03]Kevin! Kevin!
[21:42.66]- It's okay. - Oh, my god! - 没事了 - 哦, 我的天啊
[21:44.71]Mrs. Davidson, this is Dr. Stevens. Davidson夫人, 这是Stevens医生
[21:49.81]Now, if you have any questions at all, please call me. 现在, 弱国你有任何问题, 请叫我
[22:03.48]Is there -- is there still a chance? 这里 -- 还有机会吗?
[22:09.55]We can hold off till morning, 我们可以托到早上
[22:12.61]but if there's still no change, we'd... 但如果还没有变化, 我们..
[22:15.98]we'd like to talk to you about organ donation. 我们想跟你谈谈关于器官捐赠
[22:31.88]Mackie? Mackie?
[22:34.37]How are we treating ya? 我们做得怎么?
[22:36.77]Oh, fine. 噢, 还好
[22:39.80]Except that beautiful boy won't let me smoke. 除了那个英俊的小男孩不让我吸烟
[22:43.36]You should reprimand him. 你要申诉他
[22:46.08]Make him change bedpans. 把他变成便盆
[22:51.08]Mackie. Mackie.
[22:53.02]That beautiful boy may have found you a liver. 那个英俊的小男孩也许找到你的肝脏了
[23:22.30]God, I smell good! 天哪, 闻起来真好!
[23:25.79]You know what it is? 你知道是什么吗?
[23:27.79]It's the smell of open-heart surgery. 那是心脏手术的气味
[23:32.21]It's awesome. It is awesome. 令人敬畏. 令人敬畏
[23:35.23]You gotta smell me. 你要闻闻我
[23:36.62]I don't want to smell you. 我不想闻你
[23:38.61]Oh, yes, you do. 哦, 是的, 你想
[23:39.99]You have got to be kidding me! 你想戏耍我!
[23:43.05]Okay, I have more important things to deal with than you. 好吧, 比起你我还有很多重要的事情要处理
[23:46.37]I have roommates, boy problems, and family problems. 我有室友, 男友的麻烦, 家庭问题
[23:49.81]You wanna act like a little frat-boy bitch? That's fine. 你想扮演成一个兄弟会的小混蛋? 那很好
[23:52.88]You wanna take credit for your saves and everybody else's? 你想因你的拯救让所有人对你有好?
[23:55.59]That's fine, too. 那也很好
[23:56.71]Just stay outta my face. 只是离我的脸远点
[23:58.54]And for the record, you smell like crap! 请记住, 你的气味就像废品!
[24:09.22]She attacked me. 她攻击我
[24:11.40]Meri! Meri! Meri! Meri! Meri! Meri! Meri! Meri!
[24:15.87]You know what? You might want to leave before I change my mind 你知道吗?你最好离开,在我改变主意
[24:18.28]and let her beat you to a pulp with her tiny, ineffectual fists. 和让她用那微小而又无力的 拳头把你打成果酱之前
[24:32.37]What? 怎么了?
[24:34.10]Nothing. 没什么
[24:37.24]It's just... 只是...
[24:44.92]nothing. 没什么
[24:56.00]Oh! This one is skin grafting! 噢! 这是一盘关于皮肤移植的!
[24:57.60]Skin grafting? No way! 贫富移植? 没门!
[24:59.31]I've never seen that done before. 在我还没有看那是如何做的之前
[25:01.40]Are those my mother's surgical tapes? 这些是我妈妈的外科手术录像带吗?
[25:03.15]We should watch the skin grafting one first. 我们想先看皮肤移植的
[25:05.99]Where did all this stuff come from? 这些是从哪找出来的?
[25:08.52]Oh. I unpacked some of your mother's things. I was upset. 噢. 我打开了你妈妈的箱子. 我搞混了
[25:11.82]And when I'm upset, I like to nest. 当我搞混了, 我喜欢把它整理好
[25:15.37]Oooh -- hemipelvectomy! Oooh -- hemipelvectomy!
[25:17.82]I think we should watch this one first. 我想我们应该先看它
[25:19.63]No. No. 不行. 不行.
[25:21.71]We're not watching my mother's surgery tapes. We're not unpacking boxes. 我们不能看我妈妈的手术录像带 我们不能拆开箱子
[25:25.48]We're not having long conversations where we celebrate the moments of our lives. 我们不能为了庆祝生命中的瞬间 而在这长久的交谈
[25:29.86]And use a coaster! 和交换饮料!
[25:33.48]I ordered chinese food. 我订了中国菜
[25:34.75]I hate chinese food! 我讨厌中国菜
[25:40.22]They're everywhere. All the time. 他们无处不在. 所有的时间
[25:42.51]Izzie's all perky, and George does this thing where he's helpful and considerate. Izzie总是洋洋得意 并且George做事即周到又很有帮助
[25:46.49]They share food and they say things and they move things and they breathe. 他们分享食物、谈论事情、移动东西 他们融洽
[25:51.63]They're like happy. 他们很开心
[25:53.53]Kick them out. 把他们踢出去
[25:54.68]I can't kick them out. They just moved in. I asked them to move in. 我不能把他们踢出去. 他们刚搬来 我让他们搬来的
[25:58.24]So, what -- you're gonna repress everything in some deep, dark, twisted place 那么, 怎么样 -- 你要深刻的、黑暗的 扭曲位置的压制每件事
[26:01.55]until one day you snap and kill them? 直道有一天你咬死或杀了他们吗?
[26:03.53]Yep. 是的.
[26:05.33]This is why we are friends. 这就是为什么我们是朋友
[26:08.24]Why is the nazi making us stay in the pit two days in a row? 为什么"纳粹"要让我们连续两天 处理那些自行车比赛的病人?
[26:11.27]Leftovers. “剩菜”
[26:12.40]Leftovers. “剩菜”
[26:13.49]Got to get the cyclists who were too drunk, stupid, or scared to get to a hospital yesterday. 就是昨天那些喝醉、愚蠢、害怕 进医院的骑自行车的人
[26:18.68]Meanwhile, she gets to do a freakin' organ harvest. 其时, 她去做了一个奇怪的器官采集工作
[26:20.99]It kills you, doesn't it? That women caught the harvest. 那个毁了你, 不是吗? 女同胞们做了这个事情
[26:23.43]No, it kills me that anybody got the harvest but me. 不, 除了我没人能做那个事情
[26:26.27]Boobs do not factor into this equation. 笨蛋是不能处理好这事的
[26:28.84]Unless, uh, you want to show me yours. 除非, 嗯, 你们想让我也参加
[26:34.27]- I'm gonna become a lesbian. - Me too. - 我要成为女同性恋 - 我也一样
[26:43.13]Now, Mrs. Davidson, this form simply says you consent to the donation 现在,Davidson太太, 简单的说你同意捐献
[26:46.42]of your husband's major organs -- heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. 你丈夫的主要器官 -- 心脏, 肺,肝脏, 和肾
[26:56.30]Now, I need to ask you a few questions. 现在, 我需要问你几个问题
[26:58.34]Are you willing to donate his corneas? 你同意捐献他的角膜吗?
[27:01.93]You want his eyes? 你想得到他的眼睛?
[27:06.65]Um, corneal transplants can give someone back their sight. 嗯, 角膜移植可以让某个人复明
[27:14.68]I suppose that's okay. 我想那可以
[27:32.30]What about his skin? 捐献他的皮肤呢?
[27:34.87]What? 什么?
[27:38.41]It's used to help burn victims. 它会用来帮助那些被烧伤受害者
[27:42.62]You want to cut off his skin? 你们想割下他的皮肤?
[27:47.73]What about the funeral? 那葬礼怎么办哪?
[27:50.51]You want me to have a funeral and have people look at him -- 你想让我在葬礼上,并且让人们看到他--
[27:53.99]have his daughter look at her father and he doesn't have any skin? 让他的女儿看到他的父亲没有皮肤吗?
[27:59.64]It's his skin! 那是他的皮肤啊!
[28:24.09]What are you doing? 你在做什么?
[28:26.61]I'm not a people person. 我又不是一个人的身体
[28:27.89]No kidding. 别开玩笑
[28:28.89]I can't do that. I can't talk to the families of patients. I'm sorry. 我做不了这个. 我无法和病人的家属交谈 我很抱歉
[28:33.78]What's his name? 他叫什么名字?
[28:35.57]- Who? - The patient. What's his name? - 谁? - 病人. 他叫什么名字?
[28:40.52]Kevin Davidson. Kevin Davidson
[28:41.83]Remember that. Not "gorked guy." Not "John Doe." Kevin Davidson. 记住那个. 不是"植物人." 不是 "John Doe(未知姓)." Kevin Davidson.
[28:46.35]He's someone's husband, someone's son -- not a collection of body parts to harvest. 他是某人的丈夫, 某人的孩子 --不是一具要捐赠的尸体
[28:51.29]A person. 他是一个人
[28:53.08]Now, no one said this was easy. 现在, 没人说这很容易
[29:15.84]I owe you, George. 我感激你, George.
[29:18.52]No, you don't owe me anything. 不用, 我不用感激我任何事
[29:20.21]I'm just happy we found a liver. 我只是很高兴我们找到了肝脏
[29:24.58]Well, when I get out of here, 好啊, 当我从这里出去
[29:27.18]how about I take you and my new liver out for a night on the town? 为了一个小镇的夜 我要怎样对待带你和我的新肝脏呢?
[29:32.04]What do you say? 你说怎么样好?
[29:37.32]Uh, Mr. Mackie, no offense or anything... 嗯,Mackie先生, 没有冒犯或其他的意思...
[29:41.24]you're very handsome, but, I, um... 你很英俊, 但是, 我,嗯...
[29:44.33]I'm not... I mean, you're not my type, because... 我不是... 我的意思, 你不是我要的类型 因为...
[29:48.89]you're a man, and... 你是一个男人, a并且...
[29:51.28]George, I never thought you were gay. George, 我从没认为你是一个同性恋
[29:55.11]- You didn't? - Oh, child, please. You? Gay? - 真的吗? - 噢, 孩子, 别这样. 你? 同性恋?
[29:59.67]I'm sick, George, not blind. 我是病人, George, 不瞎.
[30:02.29]They why have... 他们为什么...
[30:03.87]Oh, because dying is a "get out of jail free" card. 哦,因为死亡就是一张获得自由的卡片
[30:09.37]I can be as bold as I want, and there's nothing anybody can say about it. 我可你畅所欲言, 并且没有人可你那样说你
[30:13.75]So I flirt. 所以我卖弄风情一下
[30:16.55]Haven't you ever been attracted to someone you know you couldn't have? 你从没有让某人引起主意 尽管你知道你不好表达?
[30:20.44]Well... 嗯...
[30:21.96]I'm... 我...
[30:23.97]no. 没有.
[30:25.35]What's her name? 他叫什么名字?
[30:28.50]There's no... 这里没有...
[30:30.45]I'm not... 我不是...
[30:32.29]you know... 你知道...
[30:33.94]This is really... 这是真的...
[30:36.22]not... 不...
[30:41.27]Meredith. Meredith.
[30:47.28]Meredith. Meredith.
[30:51.41]To be young and in love. 年轻又在爱里
[31:05.28]- Let's go get that liver, shall we? - No, I'm sorry, I -- - 让那个肝脏也去吧(指要吸烟), 我们可以? - 不, 我很抱歉, 我 --
[31:19.03]I never liked harvesting. 我从不喜欢摘取器官
[31:21.45]Why? 为什么?
[31:23.33]Like I said, I'm a surgeon. I save lives. 像我说的, I我是一名外科医生. 我拯救生命
[31:26.84]This ends one. 这是最后一项
[31:32.78]I know you tried, so no hard feelings, okay? 我知道你很疲劳, 不会有痛苦的感觉, 好吗?
[31:39.45]I was just... 我只是...
[31:40.94]You were saying goodbye. 你在告别
[32:01.12]What's Viper doing here? Viper来这干吗?
[32:03.00]Probably crashed his bike -- again. 可能撞车了 -- 又一次
[32:06.28]How long has he been waiting? 他在这等多久了?
[32:08.15]I don't know. 我不知道
[32:09.81]I've been busy on real cases. 我在治疗其他的病人
[32:11.94]He's all yours. 他总是你的
[32:14.82]Viper. Viper.
[32:16.70]Viper? Viper?
[32:18.76]Are you okay?! 你没事吧?!
[32:23.05]Viper! Viper!
[32:32.50]Call the O.R., Tell them we're coming, and page Dr. Bailey. Alex, let's go. 呼叫手术室., 告诉他们我们正过去 呼叫Bailey医生. Alex,快去
[32:37.25]Alex, push the damn gurney! Alex, 去扶着点那该死的病床!
[32:40.41]Clear the way. 道路扫清
[32:41.98]Coming through. 出发吧
[32:43.23]Somebody get the elevator. 谁去叫电梯
[32:44.52]Hurry. I don't know how long I can keep this wound closed. 快点. 我不知道我能止住这个缝合的伤口多久
[32:52.00]Move faster. Damn it! 快点. 可恶!
[33:01.09]This a new one? 这是个新病人吗?
[33:02.22]Somebody get her off my patient. 谁能让她从我病人身上下来
[33:05.34]Meredith, go get cleaned up, and, Alex, get back downstairs. Meredith, 去清理干净, 并且, Alex, 回楼下去
[33:08.82]Yeah, but I helped. 好的, 但我要协助
[33:09.47]They tell me in the pit you only want to take the hot cases. 他们告诉我你在下面工作 只是想去治疗一个棘手的病人
[33:13.80]Every pack of interns, there's always one fool running around trying to show off. 每个要去作手术的实习生 他们为在这里试图炫耀自己总是做些蠢事
[33:18.74]And, Alex, this time that fool is you. Get out. 还有, Alex, 你现在有点愚钝, 出去
[33:25.00]Somebody get me something to stand on. Lower this table. 谁能让我站着去做些事 把手术台降低些
[33:27.85]The mountain is gonna have to come to me. 一座大山向我压来
[33:31.67]Count backwards from 10 for me. 请为我从10开始倒数
[33:34.14]Richard. Richard.
[33:36.52]You're a good friend. 你是一个良友
[33:38.47]The best. 最好的
[33:39.87]Shut up and count backwards already, Mack. 住嘴并且开始倒数, Mack.
[33:43.96]Ten... 10...
[33:46.57]nine... 9...
[33:48.71]eight... 8...
[33:51.78]sevuhhh... 7777...
[34:02.50]I'm not gonna stay. 我不想呆在这里
[34:04.30]It's your job. You have to. 这是你的工作. 你必须
[34:06.91]You're better at this part than me. 你会比我作得更好
[34:09.73]I don't want to watch him get taken apart. 我不想看到他被解剖
[34:13.40]Look at the vultures -- waiting to pick him clean. 看看这些贪婪的人 -- 等待着拿走他的器官
[34:19.00]Every last one of them represents someone somewhere 那些器官会被使用 某个地方 某个人
[34:21.80]who's gonna live because of Kevin. 会活着 因为Kevin.
[34:25.39]Here. Put it on. 给你. 戴上它
[34:27.47]I'll be waiting next door when you're ready. 当你准备好时,我会坐在隔壁等着你
[34:29.20]Everyone's waiting. 所有人都在等待
[34:32.60]Okay, doctors, let's get this over with. 好的, 医生们, 让我们把这个完成
[36:54.02]Izzie? Izzie?
[36:56.86]I'm gonna sew him up -- for his family. 我要去给他缝和 --为了他的家人
[37:21.94]You do it. 你去做这个
[37:23.29]What? 什么?
[37:24.13]You do it. 你去做这个
[37:32.01]Mrs. Davidson. Davidson太太
[37:34.42]He's ready, if you'd like to see him. 他收拾好了,如果你想去看看他
[38:05.30]This lovely group's his friends. 这就是他可爱的朋友们
[38:07.35]Uh, you all belong to -- what's his name? 嗯, 你们都是 -- 他叫什么名字?
[38:09.96]- Viper. - V-viper. - Viper. - V-viper.
[38:11.62]Yeah, we were in the race. 是的, 我们一块比赛
[38:12.94]How is he? Is he okay? 他怎么样? 他还好吧?
[38:15.04]Is he okay? 他还好吗?
[38:16.59]No. No, he's not okay at all. 不好. 不好, 他很不好
[38:19.95]He hurled his body down a concrete mountain at full speed for no good reason. 他无缘无故的把自己像棒球一样往水泥墩上撞
[38:24.96]Yeah, I know you all pierce yourselves and smoke up 是的,我知道你们自己给自己刺青和吸食大麻
[38:28.83]and generally treat your bodies like your grungy asses can't break down. 并且对待你们的身体就像 对待你们那不能停顿的丑陋的屁股一样
[38:32.07]Hey, that's fine. You want to kill yourselves flying down a concrete mountain, go to it -- 嗨, 那很好. 你想飞一般的落 在水泥墩上去自杀,去做吧 --
[38:37.18]but there are other people walking, people driving, people trying to live their lives, 但是那里还有别人在行走, 在开车 人们试图保持他们的生活
[38:41.90]and one of them got his brains scrambled today because one of you little sniveling snot rag -- 并且今天,他们中的一个就因为 你们中的一个邋遢鬼而得了脑死亡 --
[38:47.21]- Dr. Bailey. - Yeah, so. Okay, no. - Bailey医生 - 是的, 那么. 好吧, 不要
[38:50.44]Your friend, Viper, as far as I'm concerned, is not okay. 你们的朋友, Viper, 直道有我的关心 并不是很好
[38:57.74]She's, um... really tired. 她, 嗯... 真的很疲劳
[39:02.12]- But... Viper's gonna make it. - Cool. - 但是... Viper's 能应付这些 - 酷
[39:06.30]He's gonna live. 他会活着
[39:07.80]Thanks. 谢谢
[39:17.61]It's not the chase. 这不是追求
[39:19.77]What? 什么?
[39:21.21]You and me. 你和我
[39:23.29]It is not the thrill of the chase. 这不是一个紧张的追求
[39:26.53]It's not a game. 也不是游戏
[39:27.75]It's... 这是...
[39:30.43]It's your tiny, ineffectual fists. 是你微笑而又无力的拳头
[39:36.30]And your hair. 并且你的头发.
[39:40.25]My hair? 我的头发?
[39:41.41]It smells good. 它很好闻
[39:44.36]And you're very, very bossy. 并且你很, 很专横
[39:46.99]Keeps me in line. 让我保持界限
[39:54.41]I'm still not going out with you. 我还是不会和你约会
[39:58.46]You say that now. 你现在说那个了
[40:16.35]How'd it go? 进行得如何?
[40:18.62]Very smoothly. 非常平稳
[40:21.17]Damn. 妈的
[40:23.74]That means I'm gonna have to quit smoking. 那是说我要去戒烟
[40:44.82]Ah, the pretty ones always come crawling back. an, 那个英俊的人总会来安慰人
[40:56.35]There's another way to survive this competition -- 在竞赛中,这是另外一条生还的方法 --
[40:59.84]a way no one ever seems to tell you about, 一条虫没有人告诉你的方法
[41:02.79]one you have to learn for yourself. 你条需要你自学的方法
[41:05.63]Number five -- 第五个 --
[41:08.26]it's not about the race at all. 它真的不是关于那个比赛的
[41:11.43]There are no winners or losers. 这里没有胜利者和失败者
[41:14.74]Victories are counted by the number of lives saved. 会被记录的胜利是我们救人的数字
[41:33.50]Oh, okay, this is the best part. Watch. She pulls the flap of skin down over the face. 噢, 好的, 这是最好的部分.看 他从那脸上拨下了皮肤
[41:39.56]We were -- 我们 --
[41:40.59]Hi. Hi.
[41:41.77]We were -- we were just, uh... We were -- we were just, uh...
[41:44.03]Christina made us. Christina要这么做的.
[41:49.59]And once in a while, if you're smart, the life you save could be your own. 偶尔, 如果你聪明, 你挽救的生命就是你所赢得的
[41:55.57]What are we watching? 我们再看什么?
[41:57.20]- Oooh. This is the one where my mother... - Literally pulls this guy's face off. - Oooh. 这个是我妈妈在... - 拨下这个男人的脸
[42:03.01]Yeah. 是的
[42:05.57]Come on! 快点!
[42:07.48]Oh! Holy crap! 哦!太牛了 !
[42:09.00]“外科实习生 第一季第三集” -=结束=-
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