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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:35:48

[00:00.13]Previously on "Grey's Anatomy"... 上集回顾

[00:02.01]I've had this thing for my roommate since day one, 从某一天起,我爱上了我的室友

[00:04.45]and I can't tell her. 但是我不能告诉她

[00:07.76]Wouldn't it be easier to just ask her out? 可能直接约她出去更容易

[00:09.79]Are really as shallow and callous as you seem? 我们是否真如你所见到的那么肤浅和麻木

[00:12.77]Oh, you want to go out for a drink later and 噢,你过会儿愿意出去喝一杯吗?

[00:15.67]hear about my secret pain? 听听我的伤心事

[00:17.12]I can't. I'm seeing someone. 我没空,我有约会

[00:18.71]Save yourself the misery, man. 省省吧

[00:20.25]She's off the market. 她没市场了

[00:21.45]What? But she's not. I mean, if she was... 什么? 她不是,我的意思是,如果她是

[00:23.43]I live with her -- I would know it. 我们住在一起,我应该知道

[00:25.31]And the longer this little fling goes on, 这种玩笑持续的越长

[00:27.81]the more favors you get over the others -- 你会比别人得到更多的机会

[00:30.75]who are fighting tooth and nail just to make it through this program -- 那些在拼命争取通过这项考验的人--

[00:33.41]when those people start finding out what's going on... 当别人发现事情真相时

[00:36.74]What is this that we're doing here? 我们在这里做什么?

[00:39.31]You need a definition? 你需要一个解释?

[00:40.79]The next time I see you favoring Meredith Grey in any way, 如果下次我看到你通过任何方式帮助Meredith的话

[00:43.93]I'll make sure she doesn't see the inside of an O.R. for a month. 我保证她将1个月无法进入手术室

[00:51.54]Okay, anyone who says you can sleep when you die, 如果有人说当你死了你就能睡觉

[00:55.08]tell them to come talk to me after a few months as an intern. 让他们做几个月的实习医生,再来找我

[00:59.37]Of course, it's not just the job that keeps us up all night. 当然,并不只是工作占据了我们整个夜晚

[01:04.48]You have to get up now. 你必须起床了

[01:07.80]What? 什么?

[01:08.92]Oh, my god, what time is it? 我的天呐,几点了?

[01:11.80]It's 5:20, 5:20

[01:13.98]and I have prerounds. 我还要早班查房

[01:17.14]And you have to leave before they see you. 你必须在他们看到你之前离开

[01:19.04]Oh, come on, now. 快起来

[01:21.32]Why don't you just let them see? 为什么不能让他们看到?

[01:22.71]No! 不

[01:23.48]- Please! - No. No. 拜托 不

[01:26.32]You get any sleep? 你睡着了吗?

[01:27.96]Oh, she could oil the bedsprings as a courtesy or at least buy a padded headboard. 她至少应该给弹簧床加点润滑油 或者买一个有衬垫的床头板

[01:35.53]So, who's the guy? 那个男的是谁?

[01:36.70]You think it was just one guy doing all that work? 你觉得只有一个男的?

[01:38.92]Do you mind if I don't think about that? 如果我不那么认为,你会介意吗?

[01:40.89]Oh, jealous? 吃醋了?

[01:42.57]I'm not jealous. 我没有吃醋

[01:43.73]I am. 我吃醋

[01:44.83]But at least I know she'll be having a long day at work. 我至少知道她还要忙一整天

[02:01.91]Well, at least we know brain surgery isn't his only skill. 那么,至少我们知道他的技术不仅仅是脑手术了

[02:04.25]They can't be -- he's her boss. 他们不能那样,他是我们的老板

[02:06.39]We're late. 我们要迟到了

[02:07.54]He's all of our boss. 他是我们所有人的老板

[02:10.60]She has been scrubbing in a lot lately on his surgeries. 她以后就可以经常参加他的手术了

[02:13.27]No, Meredith wouldn't sleep with him just to -- no. 不,Meredith不会为了那个而和他上床的 不

[02:15.68]If she's not ashamed of it, why is she keeping it a secret? 如果她不是为此感到羞愧 那么她为什么要保密

[02:18.19]Maybe she didn't. 可能她没有

[02:19.96]Maybe it just happened -- 可能就是这样的

[02:22.48]you know, spontaneously, last night. 昨晚,可能很自然的...

[02:25.90]- Hi. Good morning. - Morning. -早上好 -早

[02:29.28]It sounded like you were having pretty radical sex last night, all night long. 你昨晚似乎过了一个很激情的夜晚 整个夜晚

[02:33.50]Who was the guy? 那男的是谁?

[02:34.80]No one you know. 你们不认识的

[02:37.59]We're late. Let's go. 我们要迟到了, 走吧

[02:38.81]I mean, if life's so hard already, 我想,既然生活已经如此艰难

[02:41.22]why do we bring more trouble down on ourselves? 为什么我们不给自己带来更多的麻烦呢?

[02:43.83]What's up with the need to hit the self-destruct button? 我们到底对那个自我毁灭的按钮作了什么?

[02:46.63]Yikes, wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley. Yikes ,我可不想在阴暗的小巷碰到你

[02:49.41]Right back at you. 而且正好在你的后方

[02:50.40]A run? You run? 跑步? 你跑步?

[02:51.99]Every day, babe, every day. 每天 ,宝贝 ,每天

[02:53.96]Not suffering enough? 还不够惨啊?

[02:55.69]What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. 摧毁不了你的东西可以让你变得更强壮

[02:57.99]Don't go acting all indefatigable. 不要表现的那么有耐心

[02:59.73]You're dragging like the rest of us. 你就像我们其他人一样在死撑着

[03:01.51]Oh, what is that -- professional weakness, Dr. Yang? Dr. Yang 那叫什么? 职业性虚弱?

[03:04.61]- It's called the flu. - Yeah. 那是流感

[03:07.13]I need a major rush to make it through this day. 我希望今天能快点过完

[03:10.80]I need a kick-ass surgery. 我需要一个粗暴的手术

[03:12.18]Ooh, you a bad boy last night, George? George 难道你昨晚上床了?

[03:14.30]That would be Meredith. 那应该是Meredith

[03:16.17]You a bad boy, Meredith? Meredith 你昨晚做爱了?

[03:18.74]Do tell. 你说了?

[03:19.91]Nothing to tell. 没什么可说

[03:21.14]That says it all, huh? 那就说明了一切

[03:23.80]Sorry, I have a sex life. 对不起,我有我的性生活

[03:25.90]Don't apologize. 不需要道歉

[03:27.08]Embrace it. 拥抱他

[03:28.15]Share it. 享受它

[03:29.37]Count me in. 也算我一个

[03:31.25]Yeah. Next time, just let me know if I need to go to a hotel so I can get some sleep. 好的,下次要做的话,先告诉我 我就去旅馆睡 这样我就可以睡个好觉了

[03:38.06]- Am I missing something? - You were just a little loud. 我做错什么了? 你只是声音有点大而已

[03:43.90]Do they know it's Mcdreamy keeping them up all night? 他们是否知道是Mcdreamy让他们整夜睡不着?

[03:47.71]I hope not. 我希望没有

[03:48.93]I already have Bailey riding me. Bailey已经警告过我了

[03:50.48]I don't need my roommates thinking I'm getting special treatment. 我不希望我的室友认为我得到了特殊的照顾

[03:56.58]O'malley, Yang, Karev -- go on to clinic. O'malley, Yang, Karev 去诊室

[04:01.47]O'malley, patients are waiting. O'malley , 病人在等你

[04:04.39]You two come with me. 你们两个跟着我

[04:05.86]Izzie, you're hanging with me today. Izzie 你今天一直跟着我

[04:08.05]Good morning, Dr. Shepherd. 早上好,Shepherd医生

[04:09.62]Dr. Bailey. 早,Bailey医生

[04:14.52]Late night, Grey? 睡得很晚吗? Grey

[04:16.68]No, caffeine just hasn't kicked in yet. 不是 ?只是咖啡因还没起作用

[04:19.20]If you were at all religious, you would want to start praying it kicks in soon. 如果你是一个教徒 ,你就应该祈祷它马上起作用

[04:22.49]There's a consult in the pit. 今天有个会诊

[04:24.09]Girl with a fever and abdominal pain. 一个发热和腹痛待查的女孩

[04:26.10]After that, nicholas in 3311 needs his meds. 然后 3311号的nicholas需要他的诊治方案

[04:29.15]Mr. Moeller's I.V. fell out, and he's a hard stick. Moeller先生需静脉用药 但是失败了 他是个难缠的家伙

[04:32.09]Post-ops in 1337, 3342, 3363, and 2381. 1337,3342 ,3363 ,2381 号术后需监测

[04:36.95]...381. ...381

[04:39.20]3342, 3363, 3342, 3363,

[04:43.09]and 23... 以及 23...

[04:46.44]Why are you still standing in front of me? 你为什么还站在我面前?

[04:50.69]You look more like me than you right now. What's the matter? 你现在看上去更像是我,怎么了?

[04:53.34]N othing. 没什么

[04:54.11]Help! I need immediate help. 救命, 我需要马上处理

[04:56.13]What's the problem? 怎么了?

[04:57.02]My damn boyfriend swallowed my keys. 我该死的男朋友吞下了我的钥匙

[04:59.92]I didn't want her to leave. 我不希望她离开

[05:03.30]Locate the lady's keys. 马上定位出该女士的钥匙

[05:05.79]I think she got some bug on her trip to Mexico with her friends. 我想她在和她朋友去墨西哥的旅行中感染了什么病原菌

[05:09.34]I told her not to go to a third world country, but does she ever listen? 我告诉过她不要去第三世界国家 但是为什么她从来不听呢?

[05:13.37]She's been weak ever since, and she's lost weight. 她自此后变得很虚弱,她变瘦了

[05:16.32]Apparently. 很明显

[05:17.58]And this morning, she passed out in the shower. 今天早上她淋浴时晕倒了

[05:20.80]When was the trip? 什么时候去旅行的?

[05:23.02]A couple weeks ago. 两个星期前

[05:24.59]I'm really fine. I just have a fever. 我真的没事,只是有点发热

[05:27.94]Okay, well, will you lie back for an exam for me? 好,那么你愿意躺下来让我做个检查吗?

[05:31.27]No, please, I don't need an exam. 不,我不需要做检查

[05:34.07]Just give me some antibiotics, send me home. 只要给我点抗生素,然后送我回家

[05:37.24]Well, maybe it is just a fever, 好,你可能只是发热

[05:39.01]but they called down for a surgeon, so I have to give the okay to let you go. 但是万一有事,他们会谴责外科医生的 所以我必须检查完后才能让你离开

[05:43.19]So just let me do the exam. 所以请你让我帮你做个检查

[05:49.02]Do the exam. 做检查吧

[05:50.36]No. 不

[05:53.03]This is crazy. I'm fine. 这真荒唐,我很好

[05:55.21]For god's sake, Claire, I don't want to spend my entire day here. Claire,你务必做个检查 我可不想花费一整天的时间待在这里

[06:00.27]You know, actually, Mrs. Rice, this might be easier if we had some privacy, Rice女士,事实上如果我们能单独作检查的话 那可能会变得很容易

[06:06.03]so would you two mind leaving the room? 所以你们两位能先离开一会儿吗?

[06:08.62]That's fine. 好的

[06:14.03]Digby -- Digby Owens. I have an appointment. Digby -- Digby Owens. 我预约过了

[06:19.37]Excuse me, sir -- uh, you're bleeding. 请原谅,先生,你在流血

[06:21.33]You mind if I -- 如果我 ,你介意吗?

[06:22.23]Sure, sure. Have a look. 当然,帮我看一下

[06:25.68]- That's a gunshot. - Yeah. -那是枪弹伤 -对

[06:27.10]We got a gunshot wound. We got to get him down to the pit. 这里有个枪弹伤的病人 我们把他带到接诊室去吧

[06:30.55]Sit. Mr., Uh -- 坐下,先生

[06:32.11]Digby. All right, but it isn't an emergency. I scheduled it. Digby。这不是急诊,我预约过了

[06:36.42]- What, the gunshot? - Yeah. My buddy shot me. -什么? 枪弹伤? -是的。我同伴向我开枪的

[06:38.75]- Buddy? - Yeah, just as a favor. -同伴? -是的,就像帮了个忙

[06:40.63]- On purpose? - Hell, yeah. -故意的? -是的

[06:41.95]He wasn't trying to hurt me or nothing, but you know... 他不是要伤害我,但是你知道...

[06:44.21]But why? 那为什么?

[06:45.22]I like the scars. 我喜欢伤疤

[06:48.37]Look, everyone in town has tats, but my art is about commitment. 瞧,镇上每个人都有纹身 但是我的艺术是关于承诺的

[06:50.88]So, this your art, huh? 所以,这就是你的艺术?

[06:52.82]Damn straight. 太直接

[06:54.12]Damn stupid. The bullet went all the way through. 太愚蠢。子弹穿透了所有软组织

[06:56.98]Bounced off my ribs. 穿透了我的肋骨

[06:58.67]I have another one still in my shoulder. 我还有一个子弹还残留在我的肩部

[07:01.20]Nice, huh? 很漂亮吧

[07:03.74]You could hang it in the Louvre. 你可以把它悬挂在卢浮宫里了

[07:05.92]I have an ethos. 我有一种民族精神

[07:07.32]Why do anything unless you're willing to go one step further than anybody else? 为什么任何事都是除非你愿意跨出一步 就可以比别人更强?

[07:11.48]What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. 那为什么不杀了你自己让你变得更强壮呢?

[07:13.35]Exactly. 很正确

[07:14.51]And pain is the great divide. 所以疼痛是很好的区分方法

[07:16.34]My coach used to say, it's all about how we process pain. 我的教练曾经说过 这完全取决于我们怎么处理疼痛

[07:19.60]Football? 足球?

[07:20.56]Wrestling, Iowa state. 摔跤,爱荷华州的

[07:22.16]Iowa? 141. 爱荷华州? 141


[07:25.47]You got to be more than 180 now. 你现在超过180了

[07:27.16]I'd like to see you get back under 145. 我希望你能退回到145以下

[07:29.66]Excuse me, but thinking of you men in tights makes me want to... 对不起,但是想到你们穿紧身衣让我想

[07:34.05]puke. 呕吐

[07:35.60]There's a flu going around the hospital. 医院里有流感流行

[07:37.81]Somewhat ironic. 有些讽刺味道

[07:42.07]Ow. 噢

[07:44.69]Don't push so hard. 不要那么用力按压

[07:48.33]Can you lift your shirt so I can examine your stomach? 你能把衬衫拉起来让我就检查一下你的胃吗?

[08:13.69]Where did you get these? 为什么会有这些伤疤的?

[08:20.16]Claire... you've had surgery recently. Claire... 你最近作过手术

[08:23.96]These scars are still pink. 这些疤痕仍然是粉红色的

[08:26.40]Don't tell my parents. 请不要告诉我爸妈

[08:29.10]You did this in Mexico so your parents wouldn't know? 你是在墨西哥作的手术 所以你爸妈不知道?

[08:34.33]What did you have done? 你作过什么手术?

[08:42.98]And you noticed her foot twitching? 你发现她的脚在抽搐吗?

[08:45.37]Come on, Jamie. Jamie.朝这边

[08:46.32]- My foot. - Oh, yeah. -看我的脚 -好的

[08:48.38]About three months ago? 大概3个月前开始的?

[08:49.58]Just a little. 那时仅仅是有一点

[08:50.73]We took her to county hospital, and she got the C.T. scan, which showed her -- 我们带她去了社区医院 做了CT检查,显示她-

[08:55.06]Brain abnormality. Here, you can put it. 大脑有异常。这里,你可以把它放进去

[08:57.54]And the twitching has gotten worse? 抽搐已经变严重了?

[08:59.33]A lot worse. They don't have the proper equipment back home to figure out what's wrong. 严重多了。他们没有合适的仪器找出问题的所在

[09:03.81]You did a -- you did a good thing. 你做对了一件事

[09:06.90]- Yes, your mommy. - Show mommy and daddy. -是的,你妈咪 -给你妈咪和爹地看

[09:09.23]Okay. You did a good thing by coming all this way, Mr. and Mrs. Hayes. Hayes先生和女士,你们来这里是正确的

[09:13.64]You sit tight, Jamie, okay? Jamie ,你乖乖坐着,好吗?

[09:15.44]I'm going to bring in Dr. Shepherd to see you. 我将找Shepherd医生来看一下你

[09:17.67]Okay? Dr. Shepherd. 好吗? Shepherd医生.

[09:20.66]He's the brain specialist. 他是脑科专家

[09:22.41]My mommy and daddy. 我妈咪和爹地.

[09:24.22]Doctor? Is he good, this Dr. Shepherd? 医生? Shepherd医生很好吗?

[09:28.77]At just about everything. 他几乎所有事都很擅长

[09:32.60]I assume the lady needs her keys to leave this guy's sorry ass behind. 我猜这位女士需要钥匙来离开这个男士

[09:37.46]Yeah. 是的

[09:38.20]Well, help her out. 帮她把钥匙取出来

[09:39.74]He needs a bronchoscopy. 他需要作支气管镜检查

[09:41.63]See one, do one, teach one. 看一个,做一个,教一个

[09:43.24]You've seen one. It's time to do one. 你已经看过一个了,这次你做一个

[09:45.21]Alone? 单独?

[09:46.46]Seriously? 真的?

[09:47.73]Thanks. I mean, the vote of confidence in my skills and all -- 谢谢。我想说,对于我的技术...

[09:50.32]I didn't think anyone was noticing how hard -- 我不认为其他人会注意那有多难

[09:52.54]- Izzie? Go. - Yeah. - Izzie? 去吧 - 好的

[09:54.50]- You paged? - Where are we? - 你call我了? - 我们在哪里?

[09:56.19]I did the consult, did the I.V., the meds, the post-ops, everything. 我去会诊过了,做了静脉注射 诊治方案,术后监测,每件事

[09:59.34]How is your pit patient? 你的病人怎么样了?

[10:00.26]She's febrile and has peritoneal signs. 她发热,并且腹膜症阳性

[10:02.78]You all right, Dr. Yang? 杨医生,你还好吗?

[10:04.03]F ine. 好

[10:05.85]On my way back to clinic. 现在回科里

[10:07.82]I think she had some sort of illegal surgery done in Mexico. 我想她在墨西哥做过非法的手术

[10:10.68]Botched abortion? 笨拙的流产?

[10:11.64]No, she has four laparoscopic scars on her abdomen 不,腹部有四个腹腔镜的手术疤痕

[10:14.46]and won't say what they're from. The parents are clueless. 她不说伤口是哪儿来的,而且她父母被蒙在鼓里

[10:16.88]- Oh, she's a minor. - 17. Freshman in college. -唉,她还没有成年~ -17岁,大学一年级

[10:19.45]- You order up for a C.T.? - Yes. - 你预定了做CT吗? - 是的

[10:21.39]So, while she's there, the nurses couldn't get a foley on Mr. Gry. 当她去做CT时,护士不能从Mr. Gry那里取到导管

[10:24.89]He may need a coud?cath if you can't get a normal one in there. 如果你不从这里拿个一般的管子去 他可能会需要一个介入导管

[10:27.40]Write up post-op notes on all surgical-floor patients that had surgery within the last 24 hours. 24小时内写完所有手术病人的术后记录

[10:32.29]Be sure to document their EKGs and x-rays. 别忘了参照他们的心电图和胸片

[10:35.56]Hunt them down if you can't find them. 没有的话自己找找

[10:37.27]Right away. 立刻就去

[10:39.88]Hey. 喂

[10:43.17]Whoa. 恩

[10:44.40]Got the flu? 感冒了?

[10:45.26]Yeah, and thanks for it. 有点,多谢关心

[10:46.57]It's making my life so much easier. 这也使我过得简单点

[10:48.25]I didn't give it to you. It's all over the hospital. 我没有把它传给你,医院里到处都有感冒

[10:51.34]You should be in bed. 你应该呆在床上

[10:53.05]Disease, diagnosis, and prescription from one man. 你一个人就给了我一个疾病,诊断,还有处方

[10:56.43]Seriously, I'll give you a ride home. 说真的,我顺便带你回家

[10:58.50]This is not gonna make me go home. 这还不至于使我回家

[11:00.66]You go home. 我看是你该回家

[11:02.51]But I feel fine. 但是我没病

[11:11.39]Hey, hey, hey -- have you seen Shepherd? 喂,喂,喂,你看见 Shepherd没?

[11:13.50]Not as up close as Meredith has. 我可不像 Meredith离他那么近

[11:15.14]What? Are you trying to get her in trouble? She's our friend. 什么?你想她有麻烦吗?她可是我们的朋友

[11:17.49]George, this program will make or break our careers, okay? George, 现在我们做的可能成就抑或毁了我们的职业 你明白吗?

[11:20.98]Some of us will make it through, and some of us won't. 我们中的一些人可能顺利通过,但有一些人不会

[11:22.96]And that decision depends entirely on recommendations from doctors like Shepherd. 并且这个结果完全是由像Shepherd这样的医生来推荐决定的

[11:27.75]There is a reason we don't sleep with the attendings. 这就是不能和主治睡觉的原因

[11:29.52]It's not her fault, it's Shepherd's. 这不是她的错, 是Shepherd

[11:31.03]He's the attending. He should know better. 他是主治了, 他应该更清楚

[11:32.80]He's taking advantage of her. 他占她便宜

[11:34.00]It didn't exactly sound like anything was happening against her will last night. 但是昨晚的事是她情愿的。

[11:41.79]Okay, we're in good shape here. 好吧 我们在这里表现好点

[11:44.56]I think so, Dr. Shepherd. 我想是这样的, Shepherd医生

[11:46.10]Looks good. 看起来不错

[11:56.45]Here you go, doc. 你看医生

[11:57.64]The kid's C.T.s just arrived from Kennedy. 这家伙的CT片

[11:59.49]- Thanks. - Excuse me. - 谢谢 - 请问

[12:00.70]Sorry, Dr. Taylor. 对不起 Taylor医生

[12:03.72]That would be bourbon. 肯定喝了bourbon

[12:05.41]What? 什么

[12:06.31]I smelled it, too. 我也闻到了

[12:08.55]And he's the best anesthesiologist on the staff. 他是这里最好的麻醉师

[12:11.61]I'll worry when he's too juiced to do his crossword puzzle. 我担心他喝多了,做不好

[12:22.25]Will you close up for me? 你可以帮我缝合吗?

[12:23.90]Thank you, everyone. 谢谢

[12:27.82]- Dr. Shepherd... - I got to get some coffee. - Shepherd 医生... - 我得喝杯咖啡

[12:30.41]Jamie Hayes has been admitted -- the little girl with the brain abnormality. Jamie Hayes 已经被确诊了 这个女孩有脑部的异常

[12:33.60]How's she presenting? 她现在怎样

[12:34.63]She has what looks like continuous seizure activity in her left foot. 左脚有持续的癫痫样

[12:38.82]Her balance is off. Her parents have come a long way to try to find out what's wrong. 她已经失去平衡了 她父母已经花了很久来找原因

[12:42.04]How old are these? 这片子多久了

[12:43.16]Three months old. 三个月前的

[12:44.15]I need new ones. Her brain could look dramatically different today. 我要一个新的片子 她的脑部肯定又变化了不少

[12:48.49]Okay, I'll order them... 好吧 我来预定

[12:50.87]Thank you. 谢谢

[12:53.30]Doc. 医生

[12:56.83]And that -- that's a bullet from a previous gunshot. 那就是以前的枪伤的弹道

[13:00.38]Previous gunshot? Okay. 以前的枪伤? 好吧

[13:02.10]No reason to take it out. 没有理由把它拿出来?

[13:03.36]No, the guy likes pain. 没有,这家伙喜欢痛

[13:04.76]It's his ethos. 这是他民族精神?

[13:05.97]Pain as an ethos? 把痛作为一种精神?

[13:07.81]Wait, I think I know this guy. 等等,我好像知道这家伙

[13:12.10]You remember this guy? 你记得这家伙?

[13:13.95]Hey, the tattooed masochist. 喂,就是刺青受虐狂

[13:16.36]Had himself shot again. 又自己打了自己一枪?

[13:17.79]Glad to see he's still stupid. 真高兴看见他还是这么蠢

[13:19.62]It's his ethos. 这是他的精神

[13:20.83]Let's go tell him what he gets to do today. 让我们告诉他今天得干些什么

[13:22.71]Dr. Bailey? Bailey医生?

[13:23.93]Claire rice's abdominal C.T.s. Claire rice's 腹部CT片

[13:26.69]Is this girl fat? 这个女孩胖吗?

[13:28.27]Not at all. She's a normal college kid. 一点也不,她是一般的大学生

[13:30.73]So what do you see? 你看见了什么?

[13:32.92]Her stomach's stapled. 她的胃分流了

[13:34.81]She's had a gastric bypass. 她做过胃旁路手术.

[13:36.55]And a bad one, at that. 一个糟糕的手术

[13:39.64]Gastric bypass is a procedure normally done on obese patients 胃旁路手术是针对肥胖的人做的

[13:43.55]to help them lose weight. 来帮助她们减肥

[13:45.77]Claire? Claire吗?

[13:47.37]She doesn't need to lose weight. 她不需要减肥

[13:48.71]Are you kidding? 你开玩笑吧?

[13:50.01]This means the world to her. 这对她很重要

[13:52.25]But it is so typical of this girl to take the easy way out. 这种简单的手术对她来说很见成效

[13:55.10]She's done it with everything since she was a little kid. 当她还是个小孩子的时候就把这事完成了

[13:57.63]Mrs. Rice, nothing about this is gonna be easy. Rice夫人, 这并不简单

[14:00.32]She's gonna face a lifelong struggle with malnutrition 她将一辈子面临营养不良

[14:02.66]unless she has surgery to reverse the procedure. 除非她再做一次手术来逆转

[14:05.31]Do the surgery. 做手术

[14:07.42]I told her to watch the freshman 15 -- 我叫她学学大一的新生

[14:10.08]don't eat junk, exercise. 不要吃垃圾,多运动

[14:11.91]But when she came home Christmas, who had to take her out and buy her 但是当她圣诞节回来 我不得不带她出去买

[14:14.52]a brand-new pair of size-6 jeans because she couldn't get in the ones I got her last summer? 一条崭新的6号的牛仔裤 因为上个夏天买的她已经穿不上了

[14:18.74]Tina, you know, she tries so hard. Tina, 你知道吗? 她已经很努力了

[14:21.81]She does. She gets good grades. She gets "A"s. 是的,她学习成绩很好,得了很多“A”

[14:25.27]She has illegal surgery in Mexico. 她在墨西哥做非法的手术

[14:28.15]Unfortunately, there were complications with the bypass. 很不幸,手术有并发症

[14:33.13]What do you mean? 你的意思是?

[14:34.91]She has what looks like an abscess under her diaphragm -- 她的横隔下看上去有囊肿

[14:38.08]an edema, which is a swelling of the bowel wall. 一个水肿很厉害的地方,是扩张的肠管

[14:41.05]I can't say for certain she'll recover completely. 我很难讲她会不会完全康复

[14:45.72]Just... do whatever you have to do to make her well, okay? 拜托,尽你们的力量来使她好起来,好吗?

[14:52.41]You look like a princess. 你看起来像个公主

[14:53.83]Do you know you're a princess? 你知道你像公主吗?

[14:55.29]It's not lipstick. 这不是口红

[14:57.51]It's not lipstick? No, it's not lipstick. 这不是口红?是的,这不是口红

[14:59.49]Want to do my shoulder? 肩膀动动?

[15:01.02]- Oh, good. - And nose? -好的 -鼻子

[15:03.10]Now, we're gonna find out what's causing these seizures. 现在,我们想要知道这抽搐的来源

[15:05.73]Does MRI know we're coming down? 磁共振室知道我们下来了吗?

[15:07.34]You said C.T. 你说的CT

[15:09.43]Now I'm saying MRI. 现在我说得是MRI

[15:11.54]It's available. 现在空闲的

[15:13.38]Good. 好

[15:14.17]Doctor, is she gonna need surgery? 医生,她需要做手术吗?

[15:16.10]I don't know yet. 我现在还不知道

[15:16.99]Well, it's just that my wife and I, we both work. 我和我的太太都有工作

[15:18.68]- And I don't know if our insurance -- - We know it can be very expensive. - 我不知道我们的保险是否可以 - 我们知道手术会很贵

[15:21.31]I don't want you to worry about that. 你别担心那个

[15:25.54]It's a focal, left-size seizure. Let's get that diazepam running right now, please. 它是局灶性的左部的抽搐,要打点地西泮

[15:28.90]- A tourniquet, please. - Tourniquet. - 一个止血带,谢谢 - 止血带

[15:30.66]Hey, Jamie, here's what we're gonna do. 喂, Jamie, 我们来做这个

[15:32.68]We're gonna put this on your arm, okay? 我们把这个放在你的手臂上好吗?

[15:34.74]Isn't that fun? 好玩吧?

[15:35.95]Here, we're gonna put that onto you, like that. 接着,我们再把这个像这样放在这里

[15:37.37]And this is gonna feel cold. 会感觉凉凉的

[15:39.62]This is a butterfly. 这是一个蝴蝶哦

[15:41.91]Butterfly lands right there. 蝴蝶落在这里

[15:44.00]Mmm, there we go. Blanket for the butterfly -- good. Nicely done. 恩,好了,再在蝴蝶上盖上毯子,表现很好

[15:49.82]It's amazing stuff, isn't it? 令人惊奇,是吗?

[15:54.01]- Hey, you like spaceships? - Yeah. - 喂,你喜欢太空船吗? - 喜欢

[15:56.20]You do? Okay, should we take captain O'malley, my first lieutenant, 你喜欢?好吧,我们可以带上O'malley船长 我的一号助理

[16:00.21]to the spaceship MRI? 去MRI太空船呢

[16:02.36]Let's go. 我们走吧

[16:04.30]It'll be safer to wait until your lunch digests before we do the procedure. 在我们做这项操作之前 最好等你的午饭消化掉才会安全些

[16:08.37]Perfect -- this is just perfect. -好 很好 -O'malley

[16:11.46]I was hoping to be in portland right now. 我真希望我现在能在波兰

[16:13.28]You're gonna be under conscious sedation, which means you'll be awake, but groggy. 你将接受镇静剂,意思就是你会醒着,但是晕乎乎的

[16:16.77]Wait, wait. Is this gonna hurt? 等等, 这会受疼吗?

[16:19.49]We'll give you something for pain. 我们会给你止疼药的

[16:21.99]Do you know how stupid you make me look? 你知道你让我看起来有多蠢吗?

[16:24.14]I thought you would think this is funny. 我以为你会觉得很有趣

[16:26.09]Funny? 有趣?

[16:27.56]Romantic? 浪漫?

[16:28.75]Like the therapist thing was funny and romantic? 像我的治疗师做的一样有趣?浪漫?

[16:30.90]- That was funny. - No, that was sad. - 很有趣 - 不,不好玩

[16:32.73]He called my therapist, pretending to be his therapist, 他说我的治疗师 作为成他的治疗师你

[16:36.13]to find out what I'd said about him. 怎么评价他的行为?

[16:37.76]A little passive-aggressive, isn't it, J.P.? 一种消极的攻击,是吗?

[16:39.23]He is the king of passive-aggressive. 他消极攻击得可厉害呐

[16:41.62]And he's manipulative... 他徒手干得

[16:43.24]And needy. 他占有欲很强

[16:45.15]Well, that's the trifecta. 好吧,最后他赢了

[16:46.64]What do I win? 我赢什么了?

[16:51.00]What? 什么?

[16:53.99]Doc! 医生

[16:57.12]I prefer we stop meeting like this, Mr. Owens. 我希望我们能不这样见面 Owens先生

[16:59.53]Digby. Digby.

[17:01.10]So, how's the trumpet playing? 这个听诊器怎样?

[17:02.80]Very safe, compared to your hobby. 比起你得习惯来可安全多了

[17:06.58]Getting shot is a little more risky. 枪击更加危险点

[17:08.64]That's kind of the point. 真是的

[17:10.45]He's running a fever. 他在发烧

[17:11.61]Due to the extra stress on his body from the gunshot. 由于枪伤后的额外的受伤

[17:14.18]Digby... Digby...

[17:16.35]the impact of the bullet on your chest 你胸部所受的子弹的冲击力

[17:18.99]fractured a rib and caused a hemopneumothorax. 弄断了你的一根肋骨,造成了血气胸

[17:21.97]That sucks, I guess. 我猜血被吸入了

[17:23.28]There's blood in your collapsed lung. 你塌陷的肺部有血沉积

[17:25.16]The price of body art went up since your last gunshot. 你上次枪击所付出的代价一直持续

[17:27.84]Ah, no pain, no gain, right? 哦,不劳无获,对吧?

[17:29.74]That's one way to look at it. 这是我们看待它的一种角度

[17:31.16]We have that in common, you docs and me. 我们有共识啊,医生和我

[17:33.33]Do we? 有吗?

[17:34.13]Yeah, the way you guys push, push, push. 是的, 你推阿推阿推阿

[17:37.54]When I was wrestling, 当我在摔交的时候

[17:39.05]if you wanted to pin me, you was gonna have to kill me. 如果你用针刺我,你就是想杀了我

[17:42.17]- Iowa style. - Iowa state style. - 爱荷华风格 - 爱荷华风格

[17:45.04]Back home, we were sworn enemies. 回家我们就是不共戴天的仇人

[17:47.41]But in seattle, man, we're brothers. 但在西雅图,我们是同胞

[17:52.88]So, what are we gonna do about this, um... hemopneumo-durasis? 我们怎么做这个—血气胸缓解术?

[17:57.13]We're gonna insert a chest tube to drain the blood, then reinflate your lung. 我们将放根管子到你的胸腔里面去排出里面的血 使你的肺再膨胀

[18:01.98]Oh, please... 哦,拜托

[18:03.73]tell me I get to watch. 我将被监护

[18:11.19]Oh, man -- Iowa style. 哦,男人,爱荷华风格

[18:16.43]Before you guys start, I know you're mad. 在你开始之前我知道你很生气

[18:18.73]Disbelief, Claire -- just... disbelief. 难以相信 Claire –只是难以置信

[18:22.00]I'm just concerned. 我只是想知道

[18:23.87]Where did you get the idea to do this? 你从哪儿有这样的主意去做这个的?

[18:26.15]The internet. 网上

[18:28.20]Honey, there is a healthy way to lose weight. 亲爱的,减肥有健康的方法

[18:32.61]Yeah, I tried that, but... 是的,我试了

[18:36.45]it doesn't work for me like it does for you. 对我不像对你那么有用?

[18:39.45]Hey, you don't need to lose weight. 你没有必要减肥啊

[18:42.57]What are you eating? 你吃什么啊?

[18:43.99]And how much have you been working out? 你想要到多少啊?

[18:46.08]Most of the time, when people hit their target weight, they have to work to stay there. 大多数时候,人们达到他们的目标体重 保持就可以了

[18:50.48]Everyone gains weight in college, mom. 妈妈,大学里很多人都会胖

[18:54.42]It's... stressful. 那是应激性的

[18:57.36]There's -- there's not enough time for exercise. 没有多少时间锻炼

[19:04.07]I just thought if I wasn't worried about my diet, then... 我想如果我不用担心我的饮食的话,那么

[19:08.09]I could focus more on my studies. 我可以花更多的精力在学习上

[19:11.10]So you took yet another shortcut? 所以你就选了一条捷径

[19:13.61]Life doesn't work that way, Claire. 你不能那样对待生活 Claire

[19:15.56]Tina! Tina!

[19:16.43]What? You want to argue this? 怎么, 你想吵架吗?

[19:19.89]She has so much potential. If she would just apply herself... 她有潜力,如果她能把它们挖掘出来

[19:22.78]Okay, I think we should focus on taking care of your daughter. 好了,我们要谈的重点是如何照顾好你女儿

[19:28.62]And, Claire, your parents agree -- Claire ,你父母已经同意

[19:31.12]the best thing to do is to reverse the bypass. 最好的办法就是撤除分流

[19:34.50]No! 不

[19:36.42]No, it's my body. 不, 身体是我的

[19:38.74]I do not want surgery again. Please? 我不想再做手术了,可以吗?

[19:41.63]There are serious complications. 但是出现了严重的并发症

[19:44.21]And this is about your health. 这关系到你的健康

[19:46.29]But I'd rather be thin. 但是我想瘦一点

[19:48.09]Well, I'm afraid the choice isn't up to you. 好了, 决定权恐怕不在你

[20:03.98]It's called rasmussin's encephalitis. 这是一种称为 Rasmussin 脑炎的疾病

[20:06.70]What it amounts to is that this side of her brain -- 意思就是这半边大脑

[20:09.51]this part's all healthy, it's working perfectly. 很健康,发挥正常作用

[20:11.60]This black part of the brain, this -- all of that is dead, or dying. 这些黑色的部分,已经死了,或者正在死去

[20:15.73]The condition has gotten radically worse since her C.T. scans three months ago. 三个月前C.T.检查后就每况愈下

[20:20.00]Left untreated, the disease is gonna kill her. 任其自然的话,她会死

[20:24.24]How soon? 有多快

[20:25.80]Too soon. 很快

[20:28.00]So, is there a cure? 那么,有治愈的办法吗?

[20:30.26]The treatment requires the diseased portion of her brain be removed and sealed off. 治疗就必须把病变的脑组织都切除

[20:34.81]See, eventually, the spinal fluid will fill the cavity. 最终,脑脊液会填满切除后形成的腔隙

[20:38.54]Remove? But, I mean, that's -- 切除? 你的意思是?

[20:40.97]Half her brain, yes. 半个大脑,是吗?

[20:49.13]Half her brain -- that... seems impossible. 半个大脑,似乎不可能吧

[20:53.25]Her age makes it possible. 从她的年龄来讲有可能

[20:55.30]Her brain's not fully developed, 她的大脑还未完全发育

[20:56.85]so the remaining neurons will compensate for the loss. 剩余的神经元会代偿失去的功能

[21:00.88]But will she be normal? 但是她能和正常人一样吗?

[21:02.51]There are risks to any surgery, and this is, you know, a major one. 任何手术都有风险,而这个 你知道 是个大手术

[21:06.22]But if, you know, we're successful, 但是如果我们成功的话

[21:08.20]Jamie could walk out of this hospital in a couple weeks, go on to live a relatively normal life. 几周后Jamie 就能自己走出这家医院 过上相对正常的生活

[21:12.16]Look, I know this is a lot to digest. 我知道这需要时间来接受

[21:13.86]The important thing to remember is that we can save her life. 最重要的就是记住,我们能救她

[21:16.22]Thank you. 谢谢

[21:17.30]Dr. O'malley? Dr. O'malley?

[21:18.50]Yes? What? 什么事?

[21:19.98]I'm sorry to bother you. 抱歉打扰一下

[21:21.06]But if the parents consent, I thought you'd like to scrub in on the hemispherectomy. 如果家长同意手术的话 我想你可能会乐意参加大脑半球切除术

[21:25.03]Are you in, or not? 愿意还是不愿意?

[21:26.50]Uh, in. 愿意

[21:28.48]Good. 很好

[21:37.41]Yang. Yang.

[21:38.65]I'm scrubbing in on a hemispherectomy with Shepherd. 我要和 Shepherd医生一起做一个大脑半球切除术

[21:42.00]Get out! I would kill for that. 离我远点,我会宰了你的

[21:43.79]We're gonna cut out half a girl's brain and it's going to work. 我们要切除一个小女孩的半个大脑

[21:47.74]It's outrageous. 真是可恶

[21:49.67]Almost makes it hard to hate him. 这让我很难恨他

[21:51.97]Why do you hate him? 你干嘛要恨他?

[21:53.12]Oh, no reason. 哦,没什么

[21:54.83]You know about him and Meredith? 你知道他和 Meredith的事

[21:57.09]You know? 你知道?

[21:58.60]When are you gonna figure out that I know everything? 我什么都知道,你什么时候才能明白这一点

[22:00.65]She knows. 她知道

[22:01.83]What, about doctor-cest? 知道什么? 医生的cest?

[22:03.28]It's been going on for, like, ever. 已经很久了

[22:04.69]And you didn't tell us? 可是你没告诉我们

[22:06.42]Ooh, you're a gossip, huh? 老天!我们只是随便说说,不是吗?

[22:07.66]- I am not! - I am. - 我不是 - 是

[22:10.12]He's about to go into major brain surgery on no sleep? 他要在睡眠不足的情况下去开一个大的脑部手术?

[22:12.68]Not very responsible. 好像没有责任心

[22:14.16]Jealous much? 嫉妒?

[22:15.25]Sex all night isn't about being responsible. 整晚做爱跟有没有责任心没关系

[22:17.02]No, it's about sex all night. 我不是指那个

[22:18.62]I can't believe you're not more pissed off about this. 我简直不敢相信你居然不生气

[22:21.04]Well, she works hard all day. She's got a hard job. 好了 她整天都努力工作 这份工作不容易

[22:23.51]Why should you care how she unwinds? 你干嘛要管她怎么消遣

[22:25.37]I mean, you like to bake all night. Some people like to drink. 我的意思是你喜欢整晚烘焙 有些人喜欢喝酒

[22:27.85]Others like an occasional screaming orgasm. 有些人喜欢在性高潮时尖叫

[22:29.73]Yeah, we do. 就是

[22:32.50]Forget I said that. 当我没说过

[22:34.09]Pretend like I'm not here. 当我不在

[22:35.87]Continue. 继续说

[22:38.31]You look like you need to be spoon-fed. 你好像需要把勺子

[22:41.10]You look like Alex. 你才用的着呢 Alex

[22:42.64]Yeah, about drinking -- Dr. Taylor, the anesthesiologist -- 对了 说到喝酒,Dr. Taylor 就是那个麻醉师

[22:46.95]do you think he drinks? 你觉得他喝酒了

[22:48.31]Whatever gets you through the day. 喝酒能使你撑过这一天

[22:49.93]I mean here, at work. Earlier, I thought I smelled -- 我的意思是,就刚才 工作时间 我好像闻到了

[22:53.63]Do you think -- I mean, his patients trust that -- 我的意思是,她的父母那么信任我们

[22:58.83]So I should say something, right? 我必须说出来 是不是?

[23:01.42]It's a can of worms, George. 窝在心里很难受 George.

[23:03.98]Weren't we talking about sex, anyway? 我们不是在谈论性吗?

[23:07.20]- Doofus. - Ew. - 神经病 - ew.

[23:12.49]This is gonna leave a pretty sexy scar, huh? 这会留下一个很性感的疤痕 是不是

[23:15.62]Don't get any more crazy ideas. 别再有这种疯狂的想法了

[23:18.25]You really think my ideas are crazy? 你当真认为我的想法很疯狂

[23:20.50]I'm leaning that way. 我倾向于那种看法

[23:22.10]We wrestle, he plays trumpet. 我们努力干活,他在旁边悠闲的很

[23:25.26]Hey, I feel pretty dizzy. 嗨,我觉得头很晕

[23:27.38]You've lost some blood. 你失了点血.

[23:30.05]This, too, shall pass. 这一次也会过去的

[23:32.87]Hey... 嗨

[23:35.25]how come I don't see you down at the mat in belltown? 我在贝尔镇的时候怎么没看到你

[23:37.81]Oh, man, no time. 没时间

[23:39.14]Bro, make time. 抽点时间出来吧

[23:41.47]I'll be expecting you. 我等你

[23:43.82]I'm there. 我会去的

[23:49.90]Handle with care. 小心握着

[23:51.24]This thing's full of gunk. I know. 我知道,这里面的东西都很粘

[23:53.86]We need to free the bowel from the adhesions caused from the abscess. 我们要把小肠从导致粘连的脓肿中分离出来

[23:58.68]This poor girl... 可怜的女孩

[24:01.28]What was she thinking? 不知道她怎么想的

[24:02.58]She wants her mother's approval. 她想得到她妈妈的称赞

[24:04.44]She wanted to please her. 她想使她高兴

[24:05.98]And this damage is the result? 结果就是这样子?

[24:08.85]Here, resect that. 这儿,把它切掉

[24:10.19]Needle-tip over here, please. 针尖从那穿过去

[24:12.46]When you're done here, you have post-ops waiting. 做完这个,你可以在门诊服务台等着

[24:15.67]I know, Dr. Bailey. 我知道 Bailey医生

[24:17.28]Cristina's got the flu, so you need to pick up the slack in the clinic. Cristina感冒了 所以医院里有些没人做的事你要去做

[24:20.25]Look, I'll mop the floors, okay? 我会收拾残局的,可以了吗?

[24:24.04]Sorry, that was inappropriate. 对不起,那不合理

[24:25.87]It's not the only thing that's inappropriate. 并不只有这一件事不合理

[24:30.86]You care to tell me what you think you're doing? 你能告诉我你知道你在干什么吗?

[24:33.68]I'll jump through hoops if you want me to. 我会跨越那些障碍,如果你想的话

[24:35.98]But what I do what I leave this hospital is my business. 但是我做什么,什么时候离开医院是我自己的事情

[24:38.82]Half this hospital knows your business. 半个医院的人都知道你的事了

[24:40.92]Flu isn't the only virus spreading around here. 流感并不是唯一在这蔓延的东西

[24:43.72]I made a choice, and I know you don't respect me for that choice. 我做了自己的决定,我也知道你不喜欢我的决定

[24:47.55]But I'll live with the consequences. 但是我会对自己的所作所为负责到底的

[24:49.78]Then I'll have lots of hoops for you to jump through. 我这会有一大堆你必须跨越的障碍

[24:52.33]I've done everything you've asked me to do. 你叫我的做的事我都做了

[24:54.26]I may not do it your way, but it gets done. 可能不是按照你想要的方式做的 但毕竟都完成了

[24:57.08]So whatever else you got, bring it on. 所以不管你想怎样,放马过来吧

[25:04.68]Okay, Dr. Grey, now that you've drained the organ, 好了, Grey医生,既然你已经把小肠排空了

[25:09.03]we can attempt to repair it. 我们可以试着修复它了

[25:11.27]Now my day is perfect. 精彩的一天

[25:18.86]I appreciate this. 我同意

[25:20.70]The chance to scrub in on this kind of procedure is, well -- 能有参加这种手术的机会

[25:24.63]yeah, I appreciate it. 我很感激

[25:27.30]Here you go. Triple espresso, not too hot. 你的咖啡,不是很热

[25:29.70]Oh, I love you, seriously. 真是太感谢了

[25:31.55]Ah, coffee -- where would medicine be without it, huh? 如果没有咖啡,医院会是什么样子

[25:34.96]I hope you have a new crossword, Taylor. 我希望你有一种新的方法 Taylor

[25:37.30]We're gonna be here awhile. 一会就来

[25:38.50]Never go without. 没有不行啊

[25:39.96]Big day for you, kid -- congrats. 难忘的一天,恭喜你啊,小伙子

[25:42.00]Thanks. 谢谢

[25:43.25]Hey, princess. 嗨,小公主

[25:44.69]You ready to take a nap? 准备好睡午觉了吗

[25:46.12]Hey, look what I got. Blow bubbles -- that's it. 看,这是什么。吹泡泡的

[25:48.37]You just breathe in. Oh, that's it. 吸气,对了

[25:50.84]What? 你说什么

[25:51.75]- Do you smell... - Smell what? - 你有没有闻到 - 闻到什么?

[25:53.91]I have a mask. 我戴了口罩

[26:00.81]I'm sorry, Dr. Taylor, but did you just... 对不起 Dr. Taylor, 你刚刚是不是

[26:06.13]Have you been drinking? 喝酒了?

[26:08.84]I beg your pardon? 你再说一遍?

[26:10.52]What? 什么?

[26:11.46]Do you smell -- I-I smell alcohol. 我闻到酒精的味道了,你有没有闻到?

[26:14.69]Where the hell do you get off accusing me of something like that? 用这种事侮蔑我,你该下地狱

[26:19.31]George, you're out of line. George, 你越权了

[26:21.22]There are rules. 游戏是有规则的

[26:22.77]You know, there are rules for a reason. You ju-- 这些规则的理由只有一个

[26:28.35]There is a 2-year-old girl on this table. 躺在这个台上的是一个只有2岁的女孩

[26:32.09]You shouldn't take advantage of someone else's vulnerability. 你不应该利用别人的弱点

[26:35.05]I don't need some punk intern telling me what's at stake here. 我不需要一个实习医生来告诉我什么是危险

[26:38.36]Get him out of here, Shep. 把他赶出去 Shep

[26:43.08]Shep? Shep?

[26:45.75]You're out, George. 你出局了 George

[26:56.31]You damned well better be ready, Taylor. 你发誓你已经准备好了 Taylor

[26:58.07]I wouldn't be here if I wasn't. 没有的话,我就不在这了

[27:03.65]Do you really, seriously want to know why I'm leaving?! Seriously? 你真的知道为什么我要离开吗?真的知道吗?

[27:07.64]How about when you started insisting that I quit my job, 是你坚持要我辞掉工作那件事

[27:10.45]right when I started to make more money than you? 还是我赚钱比你多

[27:12.25]That should have been the last straw. 那应该是导火索

[27:14.53]No, the last straw should have been when I found out that those mysterious phone calls 不,导火索应该是我发现那些可疑的电话

[27:18.24]that you've been getting that you kept denying were from other women -- 那些你却一直否认是其他女人打给你的电话

[27:20.94]were really coming from your mother! 事实上是你妈打给你的

[27:23.41]This isn't healthy. 这是不对的

[27:24.59]- Just hold still, please. - Don't you dare try to patch this up! -请保持安静 -你到底想不想把钥匙拿出来

[27:27.21]Okay, could the both of you just please stop? 好了,你们两个都够了

[27:28.91]You don't love me, J.P. You love to smother me. 你不爱我, J.P. 你使我感到窒息

[27:31.96]And if I could get you to just admit that, 如果我能让你承认那一点

[27:34.18]then I could leave you with an ounce of respect. 那么我就可以带着一点自尊离开你

[27:36.90]Athena, I let you stay in here to keep him calm. Athena, 我让你呆在这是为了让他保持镇静

[27:39.20]- So if you're just gonna keep arguing -- - Check that -- -如果你还继续喋喋不休的话 -请你弄清楚

[27:40.96]I can't respect a man desperate enough to swallow my exit strategy. 对于一个不顾死活吞下钥匙阻止我离开的男人 我没办法尊重他

[27:45.21]That is the last straw! 这才是导火索

[27:47.15]Michelle, can you get her out of here? Michelle, 把她带出去

[27:49.40]Ma'am? 小姐

[27:51.05]Fine! 知道了

[27:53.86]- Come on. - What? - 努力 -怎么了

[27:57.19]What's happening? 怎么回事

[27:58.62]The keys moved farther down. 钥匙掉的更深了

[28:00.12]Oh, my god, what does that mean? 老天,那代表什么意思

[28:02.02]What did you do? Don't you dare die, J.P.! 你在干什么,你不怕死吗? J.P.!

[28:05.11]Please! Please, just shut up! 拜托,闭嘴!

[28:07.19]Breathe, J.P. Just breathe. 呼吸J.P.呼吸

[28:12.42]Got it. 夹到了

[28:20.89]Very impressive, J.P. 真是令人印象深刻 J.P.

[28:23.77]Is he okay? Is he gonna be okay? 他还好吗?

[28:25.87]Yeah, he'll be fine. 是的,会很好的

[28:33.97]You lit-- you did that on purpose, didn't you? 你故意的,是不是

[28:38.38]Can I offer you some advice? 能听我说两句吗?

[28:40.90]Get in your car and go, 开着你的车,马上离开

[28:43.50]for all of our sakes. 我们每个人都希望如此

[28:46.74]You'll never know where I parked it. 你永远都不会知道我把车停哪了

[28:54.74]- I need a shower. - I need a shower. - 我要冲个澡 - 我要冲个澡

[28:57.17]You need to go tell that girl's parents what kind of kid they're getting back. 你必须去告诉那对父母他们女儿的情况

[29:00.65]You're not gonna let me shower first? 你不能让我先冲个澡吗?

[29:02.41]That would be a hoop, would it not? 那就是个障碍,不是吗?

[29:04.98]It would qualify. 算的上

[29:07.29]Shower first, then. 先冲个澡

[29:12.24]Ew, what smells? 什么味道?

[29:14.20]That would be me -- or more specifically, my patient's insides all over me. 我身上的味道,更确切的说 那个病人肠子里的东西都在我身上了

[29:19.44]That makes me strangely happy. 不可思议,听到这我很高兴

[29:21.44]Oh, god. Oh, Meredith, you smell like... 天哪 Meredith, 你怎么闻起来

[29:25.54]Karma. 因果报应

[29:26.52]- What? - Nothing. - 什么 - 没什么

[29:28.07]Something vile's stuck in your hair. 一些脏东西粘你头发上了

[29:30.03]You know, just go stand over there, please. 就站那

[29:36.01]Ugh, how much do I love being a surgeon right now? 你知道我现在有多想成为一名外科医生

[29:40.16]Karma. 机缘

[29:41.55]What does karma have to do with anything? 这和机缘有什么关系嘛

[29:44.01]I'm just saying, you've been given all the best surgeries. 我只不过说说 你已经有了所有最好手术的机会了

[29:46.99]And now you smell like putrid goo and you're giving off a stench. 现在你身上一股臭味

[29:51.57]Karma's a bitch. 去他妈个机缘

[29:54.26]Dr. Shepherd needs an intern in surgery. Shepherd医生需要一名助手

[29:56.26]Which one of you is clear to go? 你们哪个要去?

[29:57.41]Okay, Dr. Bailey, where do you want me? Bailey医生让我去吧

[29:58.65]You need to lie down somewhere. 你还需要再休息休息

[30:00.10]I'm fine. I'm completely healthy. 我已经完全好了

[30:02.17]Grey? Grey?

[30:03.11]Of course. 理所当然了

[30:04.73]What is your problem? 你怎么了

[30:06.31]Um, you! 就是你

[30:07.92]'Cause apparently, you can help Dr. Mcdreamy in ways the rest of us can't. 很显然 你会用自己的方式让Shepherd帮助你 但是我们不会

[30:13.33]- You did not just s-- - Yes, I did! -你怎么这么说 -我就这么说

[30:16.12]Hey! 嘿

[30:17.97]Hemispherectomy in O.R. one with Dr. Shepherd -- go. Shepherd医生的大脑半切除术需要一名助手 快点去

[30:30.49]Apparently... 很显然

[30:32.33]I'm not the only one with hoops. 我不是唯一一个知道这个事情的人哦

[30:41.39]Doctor... 医生

[30:43.83]Digby's post-op CBC shows a severe spike in the white blood cell count. Digby术后全细胞计数显示白细胞计数很高

[30:47.77]What is it? 多少

[30:48.54]It's 27, with 16% bands. 27,16%的未成熟中性粒细胞

[30:50.99]Something else is wrong. 还有别的有问题吗

[30:52.43]That's a little high for simple stress. 那可能是应激造成的升高

[30:54.05]Check for any other possible sources of infection or recent illness. 检查一下有没有别的感染灶或者疾病

[30:59.83]We're gonna start the procedure with the left temporal lobectomy. 我们要着手左颞叶切除术了

[31:04.10]Thanks for joining us, Dr. Yang. Yang医生 欢迎你的参加

[31:06.40]After the temporal, we'll do the frontal, 颞叶之后 我们做额叶切除

[31:09.21]and then the occipital. 然后是枕叶

[31:24.12]We were able to reverse the gastric bypass, 我们可以逆转这个胃分流术

[31:26.30]but we did lose a significant portion of her bowel. 但是我们对失去的那部分肠子却无能为力

[31:28.67]And because of the short gut syndrome, Claire will never eat normally again. 因为短肠综合症 Claire以后不可能正常饮食

[31:33.28]Okay, wait, do -- how do we help her here? 什么 那我们能做些什么

[31:37.27]Well, getting proper nutrition will be a lifelong problem for Claire. 对于Claire来说 营养问题将是一个终身的问题

[31:40.73]Great -- as if we already don't have our hands full with her. 好像对于她我们已经无能为力了

[31:44.41]She gets good grades. 她的状态很好

[31:46.93]She stays out of trouble. 她已经没有什么问题了

[31:48.83]She's smart. 她聪明漂亮

[31:50.46]I just think she feels like nothing she does is good enough for you. 我觉得她能意识到自己的不是对于你们就足够了

[31:53.76]If you somehow think that I'm responsible for this -- 你为什么认为我们要承担这些

[31:56.81]I think Claire is killing herself... 我觉得Claire这么做

[31:59.17]to please you. 纯粹是为了取悦于你们

[32:00.77]Please. 天哪

[32:04.56]You have no idea what's going on in that girl's mind. 真不知道她在想什么

[32:07.51]You're her mother. 你是她的母亲

[32:09.22]She worships the ground you walk on. 她尊敬你

[32:13.12]She didn't do this for herself. 她不是为了她自己这么做的

[32:19.60]- I think that this situation is completely ridiculous. - Tina... shut up. -我觉得这很荒谬 -Tina 不要说了

[32:32.70]What is it? 怎么了

[32:33.83]I'm freezing, doc. I-I-I can't stop shaking. 我冷 医生 我 我 我 抖得不得了

[32:36.62]His temp's way up and B.P.'s dropping, doctor. 他的体温升高 血压下降 医生

[32:39.19]All right, Digby, have you had any recent illnesses, new piercings, tattoos, wounds? Digby 你有最近有没有别的疾病 新的破口 纹身 伤口

[32:43.80]New tat on my calf. 小腿上有个新的纹身

[32:53.42]Oh, my god. 哦 天哪

[32:55.36]It was nowhere near that nasty this morning. 今天早上还没有这样

[32:57.47]But it was infected? 但它确实感染了

[32:58.61]Why didn't you say anything? 你为什么不说?

[32:59.64]Ah, it was nothing. 那时候还没有什么

[33:01.70]I'm not here to complain about a little pain. 我不能为一点点小痛就叫吧

[33:04.32]Well, the infection's been exacerbated by the stress on your body from the gunshot. 枪伤引起的机体的应激加速了感染的恶化

[33:08.01]Get him to ICU. 送他去重症监护病房

[33:10.25]We'll get you started on some antibiotics. 我们要给你上些抗生素

[33:18.85]From the frontal lobectomy, I'm going to encounter a, uh... 在额叶切除术中 我们会碰到……

[33:22.38]We'll encounter the anterior cerebral artery. 大脑前动脉

[33:25.00]Yes, so we're gonna need to, uh... 那我们应该……

[33:29.63]The branches of the artery need to be coagulated and divided. 分离阻断它的分支

[33:32.88]You know, Taylor, her anesthesia's awful light. Talor 她的麻醉好像浅了一点啊

[33:38.09]Come on, Taylor, she's waking up. Taylor 她快醒了

[33:43.66]Dr. Taylor? Taylor医生

[33:45.28]Uh, he's asleep! 噢 他睡着了

[33:48.13]Taylor! Taylor

[33:57.82]Dr. Taylor! Taylor医生

[33:59.83]Oh, god, sorry. Sorry, I'm on it. 哦 天哪 不好意思啊 我马上来

[34:04.33]My bad, Shep. Shepherd 是我的错

[34:07.07]He was right, wasn't he? 他行吗

[34:09.19]Aw, I nodded off. Come on. 我打了一会盹

[34:10.76]Whatever you got to do to get through the day, right? 无论如何 你也要过了这天

[34:12.48]Steph, get me some coffee. Steph 来杯咖啡

[34:13.80]Yes, doctor. 好的

[34:15.16]I'll be fine. It won't happen again. 我会好的 不会再这样了

[34:16.83]Yeah, not in here, it won't. 至少不在这

[34:18.34]Uh, Steph, call Dr. Pennington. Steph, 呼叫Pennington医生

[34:20.68]Hopkins, take over until she gets here. Hopkins 接手 等她来

[34:22.90]Get out of here and get it together. 你出去

[34:31.94]What happened? 怎么了

[34:32.76]He went into multisymptom organ failure, secondary to overwhelming sepsis. 多器官衰竭 继发于败血症

[34:36.30]Now he's all... 他已经不行了

[34:37.53]I'll fix his B.P., that should help his mental status. 我们要维持住他的血压 那对他的精神状况很重要

[34:40.13]He's maxxed out... 他真的已经不行了

[34:42.32]We got v-tach. 出现室颤了

[34:44.03]He's looking bad. 他看起来不妙啊

[34:45.30]Put the defib pads on him and give him 150... 除颤仪 150J

[34:49.98]I lost his pulse. 我摸不到脉搏了

[34:51.53]Defib! Get the pads! Get the pads! Defib 除颤

[35:24.47]This packing, we hope, will, uh... prevent hemorrhaging. 这边的填塞我希望能预防出血

[35:27.98]Dr. Yang, do you want to add something to that? Yang医生 你还有什么补充的吗

[35:29.48]It will allow the cerebral spinal fluid to eventually fill the cavity. 那可以允许脑脊液可以最终充满

[35:33.12]Very nice. 非常好

[35:34.41]E.T., you want to close up? E.T.关颅

[35:35.67]Yes, doctor. 好的

[35:36.86]I'm gonna go to bed. 我去睡一觉

[35:38.98]That was... unreal. 简直不可以想象

[35:40.91]I mean, that's -- that's all there is. 我的意思是 我竟然坚持下来了

[35:43.45]I was feeling sick until I came here. 来这儿前 我还很虚弱

[35:46.77]I was tired. 我累了

[35:48.24]Now I'm tired again. 我真的累了

[35:49.84]It's back to reality. 终于可以回到生活中了

[35:58.79]- Let me explain. - It's fine. -让我解释 -好的

[36:00.26]No, there is a code among doctors. 不 医生有医生的规则

[36:01.68]We're not supposed to ask each other questions, not within the walls of this hospital. 我们不可以相互讨论 至少在医院里面

[36:05.72]Okay, I was out of line. 我违反了规则

[36:07.16]No, you weren't. I was. 不 你没有 是我

[36:09.67]I was out of line. 我违反了规则

[36:11.69]Somebody should have taken responsibility, 需要有人负责

[36:13.67]and it should have been the guy doing the cutting. 那应该是开刀的那个家伙

[36:15.53]It should have been me. 应该是我

[36:17.37]You didn't deserve what happened to you today. 你不值得为今天的事情承担什么

[36:19.44]You did the right thing, code or no code. 关于原则问题你是对的

[36:31.59]You saw me leave the house this morning, didn't you? 今天早上你看到我离开那的 是吧

[36:34.58]Oh, was that you? 那是你

[36:39.22]I'm not using her. 我不是在占她便宜

[36:41.61]And I don't favor her. 我也没偏向她

[36:45.41]She's pretty great, you know. 她是个好女孩。

[36:49.93]So, let's go tell Jamie's parents she's gonna be fine, barring any complications. 让我们去告诉Jamie的父母 她很好 除了一些并发症

[36:57.44]Did you fix me? 你帮了我?

[36:58.82]No, not completely. 不 不完全是

[37:00.91]So... I won't get fat? 我不会胖了吧?

[37:04.69]No. 没有

[37:06.15]Oh... that's awesome. 哦 太棒了

[37:09.92]Claire, I've asked social services to contact your parents. Claire 我已经申请社会福利协会去联系你父母了

[37:14.55]Why? 为什么

[37:15.91]They can help you. 他们可以帮助你

[37:17.86]With what? 帮助什么

[37:21.39]You don't know this yet, 你还不知道?

[37:23.94]but life isn't supposed to be like this. 生活不应该这个样子的

[37:27.85]It's not supposed to be this hard. 它没有这么艰难

[37:36.78]Time of death, 20:49. 死亡时间20:49

[37:42.16]The first guy I ever met out here from back home. 这是我遇到的第一个病人死亡

[37:58.41]I thought you'd be asleep by now. 我觉得你可以睡一会了

[38:00.69]Yeah, well... I'm not. 是阿

[38:04.75]If you wait a few minutes, you can have a piece of cake. 假如你再等一会 可以来块蛋糕

[38:06.65]Baked it chock-full of love... 充满爱心的蛋糕

[38:08.82]Actually, chock-full of unrelenting, all-consuming rage and hostility, but it's still tasty. 事实上 是无情的 充满愤怒和敌意的 但是却很好吃的蛋糕

[38:14.78]- So, you know? - I know. -你知道吗? -我知道

[38:17.83]Well, do you want the long, sordid version, or the short version, 你到底要我长话长说还是长话短说呢?

[38:20.97]where I started sleeping with a guy who turned out to be my boss? 我和一个家伙睡觉 后来他却成为了我的上司

[38:24.21]Neither. 都不要

[38:25.71]Izzie, cut me some slack here. Izzie, 你不要再问了

[38:27.95]No. 不

[38:28.87]You went to Dartmouth. 你去了Dartmouth

[38:30.31]Your mother is Ellis Grey. 你母亲是Ellis Grey

[38:31.69]You grew up -- look at this house! 你看这房子 你长在这儿

[38:34.27]You know, you walk into the O.R., 你现在进了手术室

[38:36.05]and there isn't anyone who doubts that you should be there. 没有任何人会怀疑你是不是应该在那

[38:38.83]I grew up in a trailer park. I went to state school. 而我长在一个停车场 读的是州立学校

[38:42.08]I put myself through med school by posing in my underwear. 我通过拍内衣广告来支付我上医学院的学费

[38:45.13]You know, I walk into the O.R., and everyone hopes I'm the nurse. 我进了手术室 可是每个人都觉得我是护士

[38:48.68]You have their respect without even trying, and you're throwing it away for... 你不需要任何努力却可以得到别人的尊敬 可是你却不要它 为了……

[38:52.81]what, a few good surgeries? 什么 一些好的外科手术

[38:54.86]No. 不

[38:56.02]It's not about the surgeries. 不是为了外科手术

[38:57.80]It's not about getting ahead. 也不是为了未来发展

[38:59.51]Then what? 那么为了什么?

[39:01.06]A little hot sex? 一些刺激的性生活

[39:03.19]You're willing to ruin your credibility over that? 你愿意为了那个毁掉自己的前程?

[39:06.70]I mean, Meredith, what the hell are you doing? 我的意思是 Meredth 你知道自己在做什么吗?

[39:13.30]Oh, my god... 天哪

[39:15.67]you're falling for him. 你爱上他了

[39:17.19]I am not. 我没有

[39:18.84]Oh, you so are. 你有

[39:20.35]No, I'm not. 我没有

[39:22.53]You so are. 你有

[39:24.78]Damn it, you poor girl. 天哪 可怜的人

[39:29.14]You know, it's just that he's just so... 那只不过是……

[39:31.93]and I'm just -- I'm having a hard time. 我只不过……我比较忙

[39:35.87]Wow, you're all, uh, mushy and... 是的 你是这么得感性

[39:38.96]warm and... 温暖

[39:40.88]full of secret feelings. 充满神秘感

[39:47.29]I hate you! 我恨你

[39:49.60]And your cake. 还有你的蛋糕

[39:50.94]My cake is good. 我的蛋糕可很好

[39:53.97]So, um, how hot is the sex? 哎 性生活刺激吗

[39:58.69]Izzie... Izzie...

[39:59.49]What? Come on, I'm not getting any. 来嘛 我还不知道呢

[40:02.11]Help a girl out with a few details. 说点具体的 就算帮一个小女孩了阿

[40:11.86]Maybe we like the pain. 或许我们喜欢疼痛

[40:18.83]- How's she doing? - Good. -她怎么样 -很好

[40:20.97]Good. 很好

[40:22.35]Maybe we're wired that way... 或许我们都期望那种方式

[40:27.67]Christina? Christina?

[40:36.04]...because without it, 因为没有

[40:37.87]I don't know... 我不知道

[40:42.86]...maybe we just wouldn't feel real. 或许是没有感受到真实的一面

[40:56.10]- You know, we could just... - Sleep? -你看 我们可以 -睡觉

[40:59.51]We could, yeah, if you want to. 我们可以……假如你愿意的话

[41:02.27]Yeah? 什么

[41:07.63]What's that saying? 那句话怎么说来着

[41:09.40]"Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer?" “为什么我们总要不断鞭策自己前进?”

[41:12.20]Oh, thank god. 哦,上帝

[41:15.75]"Because it feels so good when I stop." 因为停下来的感觉。。。太棒了!

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