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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:35:58
[00:03.90]You know how when you were a little kid and you believed in fairy tales? 你知道当你还是小孩的时候 有多少相信童话故事
[00:11.60]That fantasy of what your life would be -- 幻想你的生活应该是
[00:14.84]white dress, prince charming, who'd carry you away to a castle on a hill. 穿着白衣服, 等着白马王子把你带到山上的城堡
[00:21.34]You'd lie in bed at night and close your eyes, 晚上闭上眼睛在床上的时候 你就对自己撒谎
[00:23.96]and you had complete and utter faith. 你有完完全全的绝对的信念
[00:29.19]8 hours, 16 ounces of chocolate, and 32 cupcakes, ★★八小时,16盎司巧克力★★ ★★32个蛋糕★★
[00:32.83]and they still don't taste right. ★★他们的味道还是不对★★
[00:34.48]No, these are good. 不,他们非常好了
[00:36.29]Martha Stewart would be proud. Martha Stewart(美国家政女王) 都会为你感到骄傲的
[00:38.28]Yeah, look where it got her. ★★是啊,看看她被带到哪里了?★★ (MS因撒谎入狱五个月)
[00:39.76]Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, prince charming -- 圣诞老人,牙仙,白马王子
[00:43.61]they were so close, you could taste them. 他们离你如此之近, 你都可以伸手抓住他们
[00:46.03]There's something missing -- some specific ingredient. ★★少了些什么东西★★ ★★一些特殊的原料★★
[00:48.75]Why can't I remember? ★★为什么我就忘了呢?★★
[00:50.00]But eventually you grow up. 但是,最终你还是长大了
[00:52.26]One day you open your eyes, 一个早晨,你张开眼睛
[00:54.38]and the fairy tale disappears. 所有的童话故事都消失了
[00:56.53]Look, just call her. 只要给她打个电话
[00:57.55]Call your mother and ask. 打电话问你的妈妈
[00:58.85]Most people turn to the things and people they can trust. 大多数人都开始相信 他们所能够相信的事
[01:02.16]I don't want to call my mother. ★★我不想打电话给我老妈★★
[01:07.09]So, let's go sleep at your house tonight. 今晚,我们到你家睡吧
[01:09.81]What? 什么
[01:10.45]Why are we always sleeping at my house? 为什么我们总是睡在我家里
[01:12.82]Do you even have one? 你有地方吗?
[01:14.02]One what? 什么地方
[01:14.91]A house. 一座房子
[01:15.94]With a closet. 有一个壁橱
[01:17.54]With your stuff in it. 里面有你的东西
[01:19.48]Your personal stuff. 你自己的东西
[01:21.30]Do you even have one of those? 你有自己的房子吗?
[01:26.45]Good morning. 早上好
[01:27.33]Hey. You guys want a cupcake? Hey,你们要蛋糕吗?
[01:29.58]Izzie made 'em. ★★Izzie ★★做的
[01:31.71]You know, I like it here. 你知道, 我喜欢我们在这里睡
[01:33.08]Hey, you said so yourself -- you liked having your things around, Hey,你自己说的, 你喜欢周围有自己的东西
[01:35.89]sleeping in your own bed. 睡在自己的床上
[01:37.94]You're like a health nut, aren't you? 你是个爱健康的傻蛋,是吗?
[01:40.21]You eat muesli every morning. 你每天早上都吃muesli (卷状燕麦+干水果+牛奶)
[01:44.06]No, I don't. 不,我才不是呢
[01:45.85]Okay, the muesli thing -- you do. ★★好吧,muesli——★★ ★★你就是!★★
[01:48.23]- The last 7 days, at least. - Oh, come on. 至少七天了 Oh,不会吧。
[01:51.39]I haven't been here for a whole week... 我没有一阵个星期都在这里
[01:55.19]Have I? 我有吗?
[01:56.71]See? 明白了吧
[01:58.08]Even they think it's weird. 就是他们也认为这有点怪了
[01:59.92]But the thing is, it's hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely. 但事实上是, 很难完全不相信童话故事
[02:05.37]Almost everyone still has that smallest bit of hope -- of faith -- 每个人总有那么一点点信念
[02:10.41]that one day they'll open their eyes 一天,当他们张开眼睛
[02:13.75]and it will all come true. 一切都梦想成真了
[02:25.35]So, I've checked the schedule. 我看了一下我们的预约
[02:26.92]I start E.N.T. on the 9th. 我九号有空
[02:28.45]It's a light rotation. Can you get me in then? 可以安排吗?
[02:30.93]Oh, I'm afraid not. Oh,恐怕不行
[02:33.15]We have openings on the 16th. 我们要到16号才行
[02:37.25]There are other options besides termination, you know? 你知道, 除了堕胎还有被的选择
[02:40.77]Adoption... 收养...
[02:42.74]keeping the baby. 留着孩子
[02:45.69]- You think it over. Call me back. - Put me down for the 16th. -你在考虑一下,再答复我 -就预约在16号吧
[02:49.25]I'll confirm after I rearrange my schedule. 在我更新预约是, 会和你确认的
[02:52.35]- I know this is a difficult decision. - Okay, you know the talking part? -我知道这是一个困难的决定 -Ok,对于谈话部分
[02:56.67]I'm not interested. 我不感兴趣
[03:00.70]So, Devo, you just had a root canal, correct? Devo,你只是做牙根管填充手术, 对吗?
[03:03.60]Yeah. 是的
[03:04.50]I couldn't stop bleeding after -- literally. 确切的说, 我是手术后止不住血
[03:06.96]Now I'm stuck with you guys. 现在, 我就不得不和你们在这里了
[03:09.53]Give me the bullet. 说下情况
[03:10.71]17-year-old female hospitalized for excessive bleeding, status post root canal. 17岁,女性,因为根管填充手术 后止不住血住院的
[03:14.96]Also had a significant new heart murmur associated with fever. 有发烧,心脏有连续的低沉声音
[03:17.88]Now afebrile on antibiotics. 现在, 用了抗生素后没有热度了
[03:20.48]If I'm gonna die, can you page my mom and dad? 如果我要死了, 你能通知我父母吗?
[03:22.26]You're not dying. 你不会死的
[03:23.25]Where are your parents? 你父母在哪里?
[03:24.36]In the cafeteria. 在餐厅
[03:25.52]My freak father likes hospital food. 我古怪的老爹喜欢医院的食物
[03:27.81]You're in excellent hands here. Dr. Karev is gonna run some labs. 你的情况不坏, Dr. Karev要做些检查
[03:31.52]And I'll see you with your parents in a little while. 我过会儿, 和你的父母来看你
[03:35.28]Add a bleeding time to the coags. 做个凝血测试
[03:38.65]So, what kind of name is "Devo," anyway? Devo是个什么样的名字
[03:42.46]'80s rocker. 80年代的摇滚歌手
[03:43.78]My parents did too much blow. 我的父母很喜欢
[03:46.05]I call myself "Esther." 我叫自己Esther (源自希伯来语)
[03:48.02]Nice skirt, Esther. What are you, amish? 漂亮的裙子,Esther 那么你是安曼教派?
[03:50.44]Haven't you ever seen an orthodox jew? 难道你从没有见过正统的犹太教徒吗? (男人留须,黑帽黑袍的那种)
[03:57.12]This guy belongs in psych. What are you doing turfing him here? 这个家伙是心理有问题 干吗把它扔到这里来?
[04:00.25]He's my gift to you. Had a seizure two days ago and another one this morning. 他是我给你的礼物 两天前有一次惊厥,今天早上一次
[04:03.98]What are you talking about? It says right here, 你胡扯什么啊, 这儿都写着呢
[04:06.05]"he talks to dead people, his family thinks he's dangerous, and they had him committed." 他和死人说话,他的家人认为 他危险,就吧他送来了
[04:10.40]That's psych, not neuro. 是精神病,不是神经
[04:12.19]Didn't you go to med school? 你上的是疯子学校吗?
[04:13.71]Yes, unlike the correspondence school you attended. 是,非常不幸, 还是函授的
[04:16.70]Oh, that would be stanford, right? 哦,那一定是斯坦福,对吧 (这个有什么说法不明白)
[04:18.18]I learned not to jump to conclusions. 我不想和你吵架
[04:20.43]Sorry, ladies. We can't take him back until he's cleared. 对不起,女士们, 只有确认没有神经性疾病,我们才收他
[04:23.03]You're dumping him on us? 你就这样把他扔给我们?
[04:24.63]He thinks his seizures are visions. 他认为在惊厥中,有幻觉
[04:26.77]Hello! They're not seizures. I'm psychic. 你好,那不是惊厥, 我是通灵
[04:29.21]Of course you are, and I'm a chicken. 你当然是, 我还是小鸡呢
[04:31.36]Hey, genius. Hey,天才
[04:35.89]Okay, Mr. Duff. We're gonna start our work-up now. Ok,Duff先生, 我们现在检查一下
[04:38.93]Work me up, work me down. I'm telling you, it's a waste of time. 检查来,检查去, 我告诉你,这是浪费时间
[04:41.60]Can you grip my fingers, please? 你能抓住我的手指吗?
[04:51.60]Cristina... Cristina ...
[04:53.31]Mr. Duff? Mr.Duff
[04:54.35]Mr. Duff, are you okay? Mr. Duff,你还好吗?
[04:59.88]Someone... 有人...
[05:01.43]Someone what? 有人什么?
[05:03.83]Someone's gonna check out. 有人要去检查一下
[05:06.30]Bye-bye. 再见
[05:07.31]The man -- he's nuts. 那个男的,是个白痴
[05:08.36]I'm dizzy, not deaf, lady. Someone on the fourth floor is gonna die. 我是犯晕,不是聋子, 四楼有人要死了。
[05:12.47]Code blue, fourth floor. 蓝色警报,四楼
[05:13.93]Code blue, fourth floor. 蓝色警报,四楼
[05:16.16]Got a code. 有警报
[05:17.42]Right away. 快点
[05:18.44]Get it. 知道了
[05:19.08]★★★★★★★★ Izzie ★★★★★★★★
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[05:24.08]★★★★★★★★ Izzie ★★★★★★★★
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[05:26.08]★★★★★★★★ Izzie ★★★★★★★★
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[06:01.08]★★★★★★★★ Izzie ★★★★★★★★
[06:02.08]★★★★★★★★ Izzie ★★★★★★★★
[06:03.08]★★★★★★★★ Izzie ★★★★★★★★
[06:04.91]Fourth floor, dead guy. The psychic predicted the fourth-floor dead guy. 四楼,死人, 通灵预言了四楼的死人
[06:09.10]I need someone to cover me on the 16th. You in? 我要有人在16号给我代班, 你可以吗?
[06:12.95]I'm thinking about letting my hair grow. 我想把头发留得长些
[06:14.58]And maybe I won't shave -- go for the stubble effect. 或者不挂胡子 就留点胡子茬
[06:18.11]What do you think? 你在想什么呢?
[06:19.92]The 16th, George. Can you cover me or not? 16号,George, 你能给我代班吗?
[06:22.73]Uh, yeah. I guess. Why? 嗯,应该可以, 干吗?
[06:25.35]It's none of your business. 不关你的事
[06:28.03]A "thank you" would be nice. 说声谢谢就可以了
[06:30.74]It's just that I hardly know anything about you. 只是我一点都不了解你
[06:33.40]I'm from New York. I like ferry boats. 我从纽约来, 我喜欢渡船(西雅图有好多)
[06:35.63]Enough with the ferry boats. What about your friends? 不要提什么渡船, 你的朋友呢?
[06:38.15]I'm a surgeon. I don't have friends. 我是外科医生, 我没有朋友
[06:39.62]Everybody has friends. 每个人都有朋友
[06:41.24]I mean, who do you hang out with? 我的意思是, 你平时和谁在一起?
[06:43.48]What do you do on your days off? 你休息时干什么?
[06:45.23]- These are important questions. - Ah, important for who? 这是很重要的问题。 对谁很重要?
[06:48.14]We're having sex every night. I think I deserve details. 我们每晚都做爱(强!) 我应该知道的更多
[06:51.05]- You have more details than most. - This is going somewhere weird. -你已经知道的很多了(指做爱) -这就是奇怪的地方
[06:54.80]I want facts, and until I get them, my pants are staying on. 我要知道哪些,除非我知道了, 我再也不会对你脱我的内裤了
[06:58.76]Or you could just roll with it. 你就让它去吧
[07:00.63]Be flexible. See what happens. 通融点, 看看会发生什么吧
[07:02.85]I'm not flexible. 我不想通融
[07:04.92]There I disagree. 我可不这么认为
[07:06.71]Hmm. I got to go. Hmm,我要走了
[07:12.17]We'll find these things out. 我们会有解决办法的
[07:13.62]That's the fun part, you know? 你知道,那才是有趣的部分
[07:14.98]That's the gravy. That's the gravy(俚语,原意为肉汁) 那是额外的奖励
[07:16.00]That is what I'm talking about. 那就是我要说的
[07:17.97]I don't want to be your gravy. I don't want to be your gravy(双关) 我不想成为你的奖励
[07:24.40]Your daughter needs a valve replacement. 你们的女儿需要心脏瓣膜移植
[07:26.61]Tests are indicative of von willebrand's disease, 并且测试显示有血管性血友病
[07:28.95]which explains the excessive bleeding after the root canal. 那就是为什么 在根管填充手术后止不住血了
[07:31.76]And that means? 什么意思
[07:32.95]Devo can't take the blood thinners necessary to maintain a mechanical heart valve. Devo因为无法凝住血液, 而不能使用人工心脏瓣膜(雾水)
[07:36.68]We're suggesting a porcine valve instead. 我们建议用猪的瓣膜代替
[07:39.04]Porcine? 猪的
[07:40.59]As in pig? 猪的?
[07:41.89]It's the standard of care for someone in this situation. 这是这种情况的标准治疗方案
[07:45.46]Pig, huh? 猪的,Huh
[07:47.41]It's the other white meat. the other white meat(老美提倡减肥,用猪肉取代牛肉,其实猪肉是Dark meat)这也是白肉(很冷的笑话)
[07:49.41]I don't care what you do. Save my daughter's life. 我不管你们做什么, 救我的女儿
[07:58.94]I'm removing the lump now. 我现在要移除肿块
[08:02.70]Someone said you guys have a psychic running around here. Is that true? 有人说你们这儿有个同灵的, 真的吗?
[08:06.33]I did not even hear you say that. 我不知道你在说些什么
[08:08.44]Predicted someone would die on the fourth floor. 预言了一个四楼要死的人
[08:10.66]I.C.U.'s on the fourth floor. People die all the time. ★★重症监护室在四楼,★★ ★★总有人死★★
[08:12.97]Okay. We're finishing up here, Mrs. Glass. Ok,我们结束了 Mrs. Glass
[08:16.41]We'll take this down to path and get the results of the frozen-section biopsy 我们把这个送去组织活检
[08:20.99]and see you in a few hours. 几小时后,有结果了, 再来看你
[08:23.02]Seriously, the guy is just playing mind games. ★★事实上,那家伙是★★ ★★在玩心理游戏★★
[08:25.14]I can see further into the future than he can. ★★我比他还能预见更多的未来★★
[08:27.54]Why do you even care about this, Stevens? 你为什么这么在意这个, Stevens
[08:29.93]I don't. ★★我不在意★★
[08:33.22]Okay, Mr. Walker. Does that hurt? Ok,Mr. Walker 这样痛吗?
[08:36.62]I can't feel anything until you get to my thigh. 大腿以下我什么也感觉不到
[08:39.59]Try wiggling your toes. 使着动一下你的脚趾
[08:43.58]Are they moving? 他们动了吗?
[08:45.63]- No. - Damn. -没有 -该死的
[08:47.43]I could about 10 minutes ago. 我十分钟前还可以的
[08:50.07]Well, your spine x-rays look clear. 你的脊椎X光片看上去很好
[08:52.22]You fell rock-climbing? 你攀岩掉下来了?
[08:53.38]In snohomish. Just a small drop. I was belayed. 在Snohomish, 摔得不重,我系了绳子的
[08:57.61]My wife and boys are on the way. 我的太太和孩子正干过来
[08:59.84]What's wrong with me, anyway? 我到底是怎么了
[09:01.06]Hold your legs up. 抬起你的腿
[09:06.86]- Should I be scared now? - Just try and relax. -我因该感到担心吗? -放松,试一下
[09:09.90]Nurse, I need a stat M.R.I. 护士, 我要做个核磁共振
[09:12.55]Send an intern with him. 给他派个实习医生
[09:14.88]Make it Meredith Grey. 就让Meredith Grey (以权谋私啊)
[09:17.76]Ew -- thick, short neck. That isn't good. Ew,粗短的脖子, 那可不好
[09:21.26]It's hard to intubate. You want me to do that? 很难插管的, 你要让我来做吗?
[09:22.80]He's my patient. I'm fine. 他是我的病人, 我可以的
[09:24.76]I just can't see anything. Add suction. 我只是什么也看不见, 吸管
[09:30.06]Don't break any teeth. 别把牙齿弄断了
[09:31.27]Don't you think I know that? 你认为我不知道吗?
[09:36.71]Pulse ox down 87%. 血氧降到了87%
[09:38.31]Bag him. 用呼吸器
[09:41.14]Are you sure you don't want me to do that? 你确定不要我来做吗?
[09:42.56]No, damn it! Tube. 不,该死的,插管
[09:50.35]There. 这个
[09:51.55]Huh. Got it. Huh,行了
[09:57.44]It's in the esophagus. 插在食道里了
[09:58.63]Don't you know an esophagus from a trachea? 你知道食道和食管吗?
[10:00.67]Damn it! Anatomy is all messed up in here. 该死的,这儿一团遭 Anatomy(解剖没学好,007)
[10:03.04]Are you trying to kill this patient, O'Malley? O'Malley,你要杀了这个病人吗?
[10:06.97]Maybe we can send you back to practice on mannequins. -也许我们应该让你回到假人上去 再联系一下
[10:09.25]No, it's just I haven't done that much -- 不,我只是做的不多
[10:12.57]but when I have, it's -- it's been good. 但是我以前都做的好的
[10:17.88]It's just I-I haven't -- 只是...我没...
[10:19.57]Let's review the concepts. 让我们复习一下
[10:21.98]Never take your eyes away. 注意看
[10:24.47]Always -- always -- know you can follow through. 总是,总是知道你可以完成的
[10:27.77]Don't ever follow through on one of my patients, O'Malley. O'Malley,不要碰我的病人
[10:43.23]Botox would do wonders for all those frown lines. 肉毒素对那些皱纹有好处
[10:46.37]Okay. Shut up. Ok,闭嘴
[10:48.66]Are you allowed to talk to me like that? 你可以象这样对我说话吗?
[10:51.25]God, you're hot... in a Mrs. Livingston kind of way. God,你真辣, Mrs. Livingston那种类型(Who?)
[10:54.87]See here? 看这里
[10:57.35]These are spikes in your temporal lobe. 这个脑电图上的凸起
[10:59.26]It means you have epilepsy. Not visions. Seizures. 这说明你有癫痫,不是通灵
[11:02.48]You think I'm epileptic? 你认为我是癫痫
[11:03.75]That is so not right. 错了
[11:05.57]I'm gonna order an M.R.I. so I can take a closer look at your brain. 我会预约一个核磁共振, 我们就可以仔细的检查一下你的大脑了
[11:08.24]Yeah, there's no way -- Yeah,那可不行
[11:14.75]Mr. Duff? Mr.Duff?
[11:16.33]Mr. Duff, can you see me? Can you hear me? Mr.Duff,你能看见我吗? 你能听见我妈?
[11:19.12]Stay with me. 保持清醒
[11:20.32]I wouldn't have picked you for the mommy track, nurse Betty. 我不能想象你怀孕的样子, Nurse Betty(蕾妮-齐维格电影名)
[11:28.20]See? 明白了?
[11:32.03]I told you I know things. 我告诉过你,我可以通灵
[11:34.70]This pregnancy thing -- you can't run away from it. 这个怀孕的事, 你躲不掉的
[11:46.03]Dr. Bailey, I want off the psychic case. I'll take whatever you got. Dr. Bailey,我不要这个通灵的病例, 不管你给我其他什么,我都会接的
[11:49.13]Can I switch? 我们能换一下吗?
[11:49.95]Ask nicely. 好好的求我
[11:51.59]Uh, well, this is me doing nicely. Uh,求你了
[11:55.31]Look, I know the type. ★★我知道这种人★★
[11:56.53]These guys want everybody to think they're a sideshow. Let me take him. ★★那种人想让每个人都认为他会耍几下★★ ★★让我来吧★★
[11:59.50]I don't do switches. 我不会让你们换
[12:00.99]I'll do your post-op notes for a month. 我帮你做一个月的手术日志
[12:04.59]Fine. I can accept that. 好,我同意
[12:06.73]Izzie, you get psych guy. ★★Izzie★★,你去看通灵者
[12:08.43]Yay. This is your lucky day. Yay,你的幸运日
[12:10.35]You get to be with me on the breast cancer. 你和我去看乳腺癌的
[12:12.38]There's spotting. You'll need to do a pelvic. She's pregnant. 你要做个盆腔检查,她怀孕了
[12:27.12]See? This. The guy's films are clear. 看,这家伙的片显示 都很好
[12:31.21]There's no reason I can see for his creeping paralysis. 他的四肢麻痹没有任何原因
[12:34.29]It's just so surprising. 我只是太惊讶了
[12:36.25]I expected an intrusion into the spinal space or a bony spur in the nucleus pulposus. 我要切开看一下, 或者髓核穿刺
[12:40.69]Well, you were wrong. 你错了
[12:41.87]You don't always get what you expect, do you? 你并不总是得到你想要的, 是吗?
[12:46.21]What is your problem? 你有什么问题吗?
[12:48.00]Give me something to go on. 告诉我点你的事
[12:49.82]Anything. 任何事
[12:51.24]What are your grandparents' names? 你祖父母的名字
[12:52.60]I don't have grandparents. 我没有祖父母
[12:53.72]Where'd you grow up? 你在哪里长大的
[12:54.93]What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? 你最喜欢的冰淇淋口味
[12:56.83]Where'd you spend your summer vacations? 夏天你在哪里度假?
[12:58.62]Lighten up -- it'll be good for your blood pressure. 放轻松, 对你血压有好处
[13:00.81]Oh, don't you tell me to lighten up. oh,不要告诉我放松
[13:03.48]I'll lighten up when I... feel light. 当我感到轻松时,我就会放松的
[13:09.56]Don't we have treatment options? 我们没有其他治疗方案了吗
[13:11.36]I-I mean, aren't there always alternatives? 我的意思是总要二选一吗?
[13:13.49]With this stage of invasive carcinoma, 在癌症的这个阶段
[13:16.10]surgery, chemo, radiation, and drug therapy are your only options. 只有手术,化疗,放疗,药物治疗
[13:19.98]Can I wait until the end of my pregnancy? 我能等到孩子生出以后吗?
[13:21.94]The pregnancy hormones will likely speed the growth of the cancer. 怀孕的荷尔蒙会加速癌症的扩散
[13:25.49]And the baby? 那孩子呢?
[13:26.62]None of these courses of treatment will allow the baby to survive. 以上治疗方法, 都会杀了婴儿的
[13:31.93]Mr. and Mrs. Glass, I understand how difficult this is. Mr. and Mrs. Glass我知道这有多难
[13:35.21]No disrespect, but like hell you do. 恕我无礼,你知道什么啊
[13:39.11]You're going to have to make a decision as to how you want to proceed. 你们必须决定怎么办
[13:43.01]You mean my baby's life or my own? 你是指我孩子的命还是我的?
[13:47.66]Yes. 是的
[13:55.10]We'll have to evacuate the fetus. 我们将不得不做流产
[14:04.63]Any changes, Mr. Walker? Mr. Walker(skywalker...) 有什么变化吗?
[14:06.48]I can't move my legs at all now. 我还是不能动我的腿
[14:08.38]He was moving his legs when he came in. 他来得时候,腿还能动的
[14:10.54]What's wrong with him? 有什么问题?
[14:11.58]I don't know. 我不知道
[14:13.24]The paralysis is moving quickly, and there was nothing in the M.R.I. to explain it. 麻痹扩展的很快, 核磁共振却什么也看不出来
[14:17.46]Has tommy been under any stress lately? Tommy最近压力大吗?
[14:19.44]You know what's making me stressed? Being in here and not being able to move. 你知道什么让我感到压力大吗? 躺在医院里,一动也不能动
[14:23.12]Dr. Grey... Dr.Grey...
[14:26.01]Emotional trauma can be converted into something physical, right? 心理创伤也可能转化为生理上的, 对吧?
[14:28.83]- This is possible. - Okay. -是有可能 -Ok
[14:30.11]Like hysterical numbness or paralysis. 象歇斯底里的瘫痪或麻痹
[14:32.17]Maybe there is no physiological reason, 可能就没有生理上的原因
[14:34.13]and he's just having a conversion reaction. 他只要心理辅导
[14:35.91]It's psychosomatic? 是心身失调
[14:37.18]It is not in your head, man. 问题不是出在你脑袋里, 伙计
[14:39.27]- I believe you. - Mr. Duff, please. -我相信你 ★★-Mr.Duff,不要这样★★
[14:43.95]Who was that? 他是谁?
[14:45.12]Psych sent him down. He has visions. 心理科把他转下来的, 他有幻觉
[14:47.46]Is that it? 是那样吗?
[14:48.70]Am I crazy? 我f疯了吗?
[14:50.42]No. No. 不,不
[14:52.05]I'm gonna order a higher-level M.R.I. 我要预定一个深层次的核磁共振
[14:55.29]We're gonna figure this out. 我们会找到原因的
[15:02.05]You know how important this is to me! 你知道,这对我有多重要
[15:03.93]This is about saving your life. 这是关于能救你的命
[15:05.61]You're not respecting it -- or me. 你们一点也不尊重我的信仰, 或我
[15:08.23]You're letting them put a pig -- a freaking nonkosher, traif mammal -- 你们让他们,把一头猪,一个畸形肮脏的 不符合犹太教义的动物
[15:12.11]into my chest -- into my heart -- 放到我的胸腔里面, 我的心脏里
[15:14.92]the very essence of my being! 这对我的信仰是非常重要的
[15:16.58]It's a porcine valve, actually. 事实上,使一个猪心脏瓣膜
[15:18.37]I don't care what the hell it is. 我才不管那是什么东西
[15:20.24]If you give me a pig part, I might as well be dead. 如果要给我猪的一部分, 我还不如去死
[15:22.52]This orthodox thing was a mistake. 我说了这种正统犹太教就是一个错误
[15:24.62]What was wrong with being reform like everyone else? 象别人一样的犹太教革新派有什么不好?
[15:27.89]You guys don't even light candles friday nights. 你们甚至在星期五都不点蜡烛
[15:30.32]You don't even know all the passover plagues. 你们都不知道逾越节灾祸是怎么回事
[15:32.75]Boils, vermin, pestilence. Even I know that. 疔疮,蝗虫,瘟疫, 甚至我都知道
[15:37.21]Miss Friedman... I appreciate your extreme religious convictions. Miss Friedman... 我很欣赏你的极端宗教信仰
[15:41.39]- Fire, hail... - Simply put, without this procedure, you will die. -篝火,欢呼 -简单的说,不做手术,你就死定了
[15:47.64]You're hotshot doctors. You'll come up with something else. 你这个自负的医生, 你给我象其他的办法
[15:51.31]As long as it doesn't answer to wilbur and say "oink," 不要回答的象威尔伯(美国诗人), 象猪一样的乱叫
[15:54.02]I don't care what it is. 我才不管那是什么
[16:06.31]Your nostrils are flaring. 你的鼻孔在发光
[16:07.89]They are not. ★★他们没有★★
[16:08.79]You're into me. I can tell. 我被你迷住了
[16:10.90]Dr. Small-and-angry was a hot appetizer, but you, doc, are a smorgasbord of lust. Dr. Small-and-angry(Cristina)是火辣的开胃菜 而你是一道丰盛的大餐(BS)
[16:15.09]Mr. Duff, you're pressing your luck. ★★Mr.Duff希望自己走运吧★★
[16:17.22]Would you press it for me? 你不希望吗?
[16:19.64]I hope you're not claustrophobic. ★★我希望你没有幽闭恐怖症★★
[16:24.20]You're staring at me. Stop it. ★★不要盯着我看★★
[16:26.30]I'm looking at you, but it's the strangest thing. 我在看你的内心深处, 但是哪儿有很奇怪的东西
[16:29.10]I'm hungry for a chocolate cupcake. 我想吃个巧克力蛋糕
[16:31.74]What did you say? ★★你说什么?★★
[16:32.79]A chocolate cupcake. 一个巧克力蛋糕
[16:34.33]Maybe one of those fudgey things with the white squiggle on the frosting. 大概就是那种上面撒着糖霜的
[16:37.98]Could you oblige? 你能给我一个吗?
[16:40.71]What, do I still have some chocolate on my face or in my hair or something? ★★什么,我脸上,头发上★★ ★★还是其他什么地方还有巧克力★★
[16:45.88]What are you talking about? 你在说什么?
[16:46.60]You. I know the drill, so keep it up. ★★你,我知道你的把戏★★ ★★继续啊★★
[16:49.48]Next you'll be reading my cards, telling me my dead uncle is in the room. ★★下一步,你读我的牌(塔罗牌,算命)★★ ★★告诉我,我死去的叔叔就在房间里★★
[16:53.99]Is he? 他在吗?
[16:55.08]I don't have a dead uncle. ★★我没有死了的叔叔★★
[16:57.94]I'm watching you. ★★我会盯着你的★★
[17:13.31]- If that's turkey, can I have some? - It's soggy. -如果是火鸡的,我可以吃一点吗? -反正我没胃口
[17:15.30]Maybe it'll kill you, solve everything. 如果你要解决所有的事, 可能拿会杀了你
[17:16.81]I could have gotten that intubation. I am good at intubations. 那个插管我可以的, 我可以搞好插管的
[17:20.58]Why does everything in a hospital smell like a hospital? 为什么医院里的东西闻起来都象医院
[17:23.56]Don't be so hard on yourself, George. Everybody makes mistakes. ★★不要太为难自己了,George,★★ ★★每个人都会犯错的★★
[17:25.89]I'm good at a lot of things. 我擅长很多事
[17:27.01]You know what? I'm gonna tell you something. 你知道什么?让我告诉你
[17:28.25]Hey, George. You need to get laid. Hey, George, 你需要轻松一下
[17:30.30]See that nurse over there? 看见那个护士了吗?
[17:31.64]She's single. She's got red hair. Go ask her out. 她是单身,红发,约她出去
[17:35.33]- I intubated an esophagus. - Dude, you're tweaking. -我把插管查到食道里了 -伙计,你脑瓜子转不过来了
[17:38.87]Maybe you should go see that psychic. 你应该去找那个通灵的
[17:40.57]Mr. Duff is not a psychic! ★★Mr.Duff不是通灵的★★
[17:42.22]I am trying to help you. 我只是想帮你
[17:44.04]Go buy her a latte and freshen up your gonad, please. 给她买杯咖啡, 满足下你的性欲
[17:53.92]Shut up. ★★闭嘴★★
[17:56.29]It's not too late to call her. 给她打电话还不晚
[17:58.07]Moms like that -- surprises on their birthdays. 老妈们都喜欢她们生日时的惊喜
[18:01.99]You know, it's very hallmark. 你知道,非常典型的
[18:12.00]I'm 47, you know? I'm 47 and having a baby, 我47了,你知道? 我47了才有了孩子
[18:15.61]which is kind of a miracle, and it kind of sucks, if you see what I mean. 拿应该是个奇迹,现在却一团糟, 你明白我的意思
[18:21.30]We'd given up on the kid thing about a year ago. 我们一年就放弃想要一个孩子了
[18:24.34]You know, fertility treatments, acupuncture needles in my eyes. 你知道,不孕治疗, 就象针刺到我的眼睛里一样
[18:28.87]Well, not really, but it felt like it. 那不是真的那样, 但感觉就像
[18:31.44]It was like, "screw this. I want my life back." 就像,“管它呢,我要的生活回来”
[18:36.31]Then one awesome night on the beach with a bottle of merlot -- 然后在一个非常好的夜晚, 拿着瓶葡萄酒到海滩上
[18:40.25]I should have these labs back in a couple hours. 两小时内,就会有化验结果
[18:42.48]You get it, right? 你明白吗?
[18:44.16]My hesitation? 我的困境?
[18:46.06]This isn't an easy decision, I mean. 我想说的是, 这不是一个简单的决定
[18:48.71]I'm having a baby. 我要有一个孩子的
[18:51.46]You have advanced-stage carcinoma. 你有早期癌症
[18:53.56]You're 47 years old. 你已经47岁了
[18:55.00]Statistically you have a good probability of survival. 你有很高的存活概率
[18:58.46]If you forego treatment, chances are you won't see your baby go to kindergarten, 如果你放弃治疗, 你都没有机会看到你孩子上幼儿园
[19:01.73]so whose life are you interested in saving? 那么你对谁的命更感兴趣?
[19:11.00]Excuse me. 对不起
[19:18.54]First my legs, then my stomach. God. 先是我的腿,然后是我的胃,上帝啊
[19:21.39]Doc! Doc, my hands can't move. 医生,医生,我的手不能动了
[19:25.00]Squeeze my fingers. 捏下我的手指
[19:26.01]I can't. 我不能
[19:28.11]Right here. No? 这里,没有?
[19:30.24]Let me know if you feel this. 如果你有感觉的话告诉我
[19:32.85]How about that? Here? 这里这么样? 这里?
[19:36.24]Anything here? Up here? Okay. 这里? 这里呢?Ok
[19:38.59]Nothing on this side? All right. I'll be right back. 这边什么感觉也没有? 好的,我试试这边
[19:41.38]Nurse, cancel the second M.R.I. Call down and prep O.R. stat. 护士,取消第二次核磁共振。 通知手术室,准备手术
[19:45.89]You're operating? 你要手术?
[19:47.23]On what? 凭什么?
[19:48.29]If there was something to fix, wouldn't we have seen it? 如果那里有什么, 为什么我们看不见?
[19:50.29]I think the M.R.I. missed a clot in his upper spine. 我想核磁共振漏掉了 他脊髓上部的血块
[19:52.70]I'm gonna cut him open. I'm going in. 我要切开看看
[19:54.56]What if you're wrong? -如果你错了怎么办?
[19:55.81]Couldn't unnecessary spinal surgery do more damage? 不必要的脊髓手术会带来更多的损害
[19:58.57]If we wait any longer, we have a paralyzed man who can't breathe. 如果我们再等的话, 就会i有一个不能呼吸的瘫痪者了
[20:02.77]I'm trusting my instincts. 我相信我的直觉
[20:04.06]Sometimes you got to take a chance to save a life. 有时,你要冒一下险, 去拯救一个生命
[20:16.20]Your mitral regurge is getting worse. 你的.二尖瓣回流更糟了
[20:19.81]The valves are leakier than ever. 瓣膜比以前漏的更多了
[20:26.05]Are you hitting on me? 你在吓我吗?
[20:27.67]If you want me to. 如果你想我这样
[20:29.39]I hear they call you Dr. Evilspawn. 我听他们叫你 Dr. Evilspawn(恶魔之卵)
[20:31.33]Well, only the people that like me. 是的,没多少人喜欢我
[20:33.70]I guess that explains the lack-of-faith thing. 我想那就是为什么你缺乏信仰了
[20:36.20]You know, I kind of think of myself as a pagan, but, 你知道,我想我自己是异教徒 但是
[20:39.26]hey, that's just me. 他就是我
[20:44.97]You know what it's like being a teenager these days? 你知道现在的十几岁的孩子是 怎么样的吗?
[20:48.07]My friends spend most of their time screwing around and getting wasted. 我的朋友们,大多数时间 都把周围的一切搞得一团糟,浪费生命
[20:52.35]At least I have god. 至少,我还有上帝
[20:55.24]Well, so, god wants you to die, huh? 那么,上帝象让你死吗?
[20:58.53]He wants me to be passionate about what I believe in. 他想让我热衷我所相信的
[21:02.14]You don't believe in anything. 你不相信任何东西, 是吗?
[21:04.75]My mother used to pray to Saint Jude for me. 我老妈过去常常为我 向Saint Jude(犹大)祈祷
[21:07.28]How appropriate -- 真的好恰当啊
[21:09.25]patron saint of lost causes. 失去理想的圣徒的保护者
[21:19.90]I did an angio on my psych case. ★★我做了那个通灵者的血管造影★★
[21:22.28]The M.R.I. came out clean, but I saw a ditzel. There's something here. ★★核磁共振看上去还好★★ ★★但是这里有阴影,这儿有点问题★★
[21:26.42]Yep, you're right. There's an A.V.M. on his left temporal lobe. 是的,你没错, 大脑左叶的左颞叶有脑动静脉畸形
[21:30.00]I'll schedule the O.R. for tonight, then. ★★那我就安排今晚的手术室★★
[21:31.46]Oh, back up, girl. OH,别急
[21:33.44]There's high risk of spontaneous hemorrhage. ★★这有很高的自发性出血的概率★★
[21:35.34]The attending has to see the films. We need consent forms. 这只是根据片子, 我们需要病患同意书
[21:37.98]Believe it or not, Stevens, we have to follow protocol. 不管相不相信,★★Stevens★★ 我们要按步骤来
[21:40.92]But if the A.V.M. looks like it's gonna blow, we fix it, right? ★★但是脑动静脉畸形看上去就要爆了★★ ★★我们能治好,不是吗★★
[21:43.62]If the man needs to be fixed, we'll fix him. 如果那人需要治疗, 我们就治
[21:45.93]Why are you moving so quickly? 慢慢来, 为什么你要怎么急?
[21:48.28]You get too involved with your patients, Izzie. 你对你的病人太投入了, ★★Izzie★★
[21:51.57]Why do you make everything so personal? 为什么把所有的事都当成自己的
[21:54.31]It's not personal. ★★没有当成自己的★★
[21:57.68]It's not. ★★没有★★
[22:02.14]Pulse ox -- 98. 血氧-98%
[22:03.89]We've got to save this cord. 我们要挽救这个脊髓
[22:05.89]This guy's built like the rock of gibraltar. 这个家伙就像是直布罗陀的石头建的
[22:08.82]You want me to start? 你想让我开始吗?
[22:10.14]I'm gonna cut here from the base of the neck to the rib cage. 我要从脖子到胸廓的底部开始
[22:14.28]I want you to hit the bleeders. 我要你控制出血
[22:16.82]I still don't think we should be doing this. 我仍然认为我们不该这么做
[22:20.32]- This guy has a spinal hematoma... - We don't know that. -这个人有脊髓血肿... -我们还不知道
[22:23.05]Which left untreated are almost always fatal. 如过不治疗,那是致命的
[22:25.18]You're cutting blind. 你是在瞎开刀
[22:26.36]Whatever happened to being practical? 而不管会发生什么?
[22:28.29]I need to see more here. retractor. 我要更多看下这里, 牵引器
[22:32.90]Wow. Wow
[22:35.11]The spine. 脊髓
[22:36.65]There's no "wow" in "practical." 在实践中没有“WOW"
[22:47.21]We have decided to go ahead with the evacuation. 我们决定流产
[22:50.31]What the hell, right? 管他呢,对吧?
[22:52.90]Maybe this is how it's supposed to be. 也许本该就这样
[22:55.76]We need to start chemo right away, then. 然后,我们就开始化疗
[22:57.68]We'll get everything ready. 我们都准备好了
[23:03.30]Have you ever done a "d" and "c" before? 你以前做过d and c(扩张与抑制)吗?
[23:05.13]We learned at school. 我们在学校学过
[23:06.47]Okay, uh, go ahead. Ok,就这样吧
[23:08.19]I'll call an O.B. resident down to supervise. 我会叫位妇科住院医生下来监督的
[23:11.00]If she needs anything, page me. 如果她需要任何东西, 呼我
[23:33.17]You're using up my oxygen, O'Malley. O'Malley 你用光了我的氧气
[23:35.15]How does a pompous, cocky jackass like you always have women all over him? 向你这样华而不实的蠢货, 怎么让女人老是围着你转呢?
[23:40.06]Little blue love pills -- lots of them. 小小的蓝色药丸(伟哥), 许多
[23:43.03]Come on. 告诉我嘛
[23:45.33]Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. 象蝴蝶一样的飞来飞去, 象蜜蜂一样的紧紧叮住
[23:49.23]There it is -- a bovine xenograft. 就是这个,牛的异种移植
[23:55.81]O'Malley, you think too much. Can't you see it? O'Malley,你考虑的太多了, 你不知道吗?
[23:59.39]You got to dance and jab. Dance and jab. 你要挪动,出拳 挪动,出拳
[24:02.73]Like me. I am the Ali of this place. 向我, 我是这里拳王Ali
[24:21.01]Does the wall ever bow back? 墙难道不向她回礼吗?
[24:33.20]It's called davening, smartass. 这叫祈祷,蠢货
[24:35.49]This is me communing with god, 这是我在和上帝交流
[24:37.70]and you're interrupting. 被你打扰了
[24:39.13]I've found a transplant option. 我找到了一个移植的选择
[24:41.75]At first I thought maybe a cadaver, but they're really hard to find. 一开始,我想找个人死后捐献的, 但真的很难找
[24:45.66]And then I realized Dr. Burke can transplant a bovine mitral valve instead of the pig. 后来,我想到Dr. Burke可以用牛的二尖瓣膜 取代猪的做移植
[24:51.06]She can get a cow valve? 她可以用牛的恶瓣膜?
[24:53.20]Dr. Burke, why wasn't this mentioned before? Dr. Burke, 为什么以前没有提起过?
[24:55.83]The bovine valve has only been an option the last few years. 牛瓣膜,几年前才开始用的
[24:59.22]And it's a much more complicated procedure. 操作更复杂
[25:01.05]But the best part is it's superior to the pig. 但是好处是不用受限于猪瓣膜
[25:04.03]It lasts longer. 寿命更长
[25:07.03]What small fraction of your brain were you using in there? 你用不用大脑?
[25:10.40]Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you not present an alternative procedure 我错了,就请纠正我, 这难道不是现在的另一个选择吗?
[25:13.78]without consulting your attending first? 也不先和我商量一下?
[25:15.77]- I thought you'd be -- - What, impressed? -我想你会... -什么?感动?
[25:17.55]- That's just stupid. - I'm sorry. -那是愚蠢的 -对不起
[25:19.57]We're finished here, Karev. You're off this case. 到此结束,Karev, 你别管这个病人了
[25:37.60]You need to sign these consent forms so we can proceed with your surgery. ★★你要签这些同意书★★ ★★我们才能动手术★★
[25:41.42]I'm not signing anything unless it's got my name on it followed by a whole bunch of zeros. 我不会签任何东西, 除非我的名字在上面,后面还有一大堆零
[25:46.08]Look, the A.V.M. is located in this crucial part of the brain. ★★脑动静脉畸形在大脑的★★ ★★重要部位★★
[25:49.47]It's a tangle of blood vessels that could burst and affect your speech, among other things. ★★这条畸形的血管会爆掉★★ ★★影响你的语言和其他的功能★★
[25:53.17]We know your visions are actually seizures. ★★我们知道你的幻觉★★ ★★事实上是癫痫★★
[25:55.62]Do you? 你知道吗?
[25:56.31]Do I what? ★★知道什么★★
[25:57.81]Know they're seizures. 知道他们是癫痫
[25:59.68]You're really good at reading people, aren't you, telling them what they want to hear? ★★你真的很会看人,不是吗★★ ★★告诉他们想知道的★★
[26:04.51]There's an unfortunate alignment of saturn in the house of jupiter right now. 非常不幸,现在的土星排列在 木星方位
[26:09.14]Okay. ★★Okay★★
[26:10.11]I know what you're doing. ★★我知道你在干什么★★
[26:11.91]You watch people -- read their body language. ★★观察人们★★ ★★解读他们的身体语言★★
[26:14.74]You say "chocolate cupcakes," I lean towards you, ★★你说巧克力蛋糕时候★★ ★★我想你靠了过来★★
[26:16.82]so you think you're on the right track. ★★你就认为你说对了★★
[26:18.80]Not only do you know you're having seizures, but you're milking it. ★★你知道你自己的癫痫★★ ★★但是你在利用它★★
[26:23.73]Well, we'll just see about that, Cricket. 好吧,那我们看着办吧, Cricket(蟋蟀)
[26:27.26]What? ★★什么?★★
[26:29.00]What did you just call me? ★★你刚才叫我什么?★★
[26:36.36]I'm gonna do a quick pelvic exam. 我要做个快速的盆腔检查
[26:37.91]The O.B. resident should be down soon. 妇科住院医生很快就要来了
[26:40.05]It's a short procedure. Your husband can stay if he likes. 是个简单的手术,你愿意的话, 你丈夫可以留在这里
[26:42.79]We changed our minds. 我们改变主意了
[26:44.12]Excuse me? 对不起?
[26:45.12]We've decided to keep the baby. 我们决定留着孩子
[26:48.16]You have cancer. 你得了癌症
[26:49.63]Can you tell me I'll survive if I go through with this? 你能告诉我,就是我做了治疗 我还能活多久吗?
[26:54.10]Having the procedure does not necessarily improve the treatment outcome. 手术不一定能改变治疗的结果
[26:57.52]You have quite the bedside manner. You know that, right? 你是完全医生的看法, 你知道吗?
[27:01.96]My mom died of breast cancer when she was in her 40s. 我老妈40多岁的时候, 死于乳腺癌
[27:05.63]I have that cancer gene. 我的癌症是遗传的
[27:07.20]My chances are pretty much lose-lose, whichever way you look at it, 不管你怎么看, 我的机会都不大
[27:10.92]except for the baby. 出了这个孩子
[27:13.06]We're keeping it. 我们要留着孩子
[27:16.39]- I'll call down a psych consult. - Don't bother. -我去叫个心理顾问 -没有必要
[27:18.67]I am going to get fat and happy instead of skinny and bald. 我要变得快乐的,胖胖的, 而不是皮包骨头的秃子
[27:23.99]- Look, if you want to live -- - Honey, that's what I'm doing. -如果你还要活下去... -我就是在这么做的
[27:42.51]Look, if you think you're gonna get any, think again. 想想你要干什么,再想想
[27:45.84]I'm not in the mood. 我没有心情
[27:48.57]- I'm not in the mood either. - Good. -我也没有 -好
[27:55.65]What do you want? 你想干什么
[27:57.03]Nothing. I just haven't seen you all day. 没什么, 就想看着你
[28:02.64]So, I'm working. 你就看吧
[28:10.56]I've never done a bovine replacement before. 我从没做过牛移植
[28:13.76]I don't know what I'm doing. 我不知道我要做什么
[28:17.00]Look it up, research it, and get someone to assist you. 查下资料,研究一下, 找个人协助你
[28:22.90]It's not that easy. 没这么简单
[28:24.57]This is a problem that has a solution, Burke. 这是可以解决的问题,Burke
[28:27.37]There are a lot of problems that don't. 那还有许多没办法解决的问题
[28:35.12]Third thoracic laminae. Nothing. 第三节脊椎了,什么也没有
[28:37.75]I think I see the dura pulsating here. 我看见硬脊膜的搏动了
[28:40.63]No, it's not. 不,那不是
[28:41.85]Keep looking. 继续找
[28:42.72]We have been at this for 4 hours. 我们已经作了四个小时了
[28:44.30]Maybe he just injured his spinal cord, and there's nothing to fix. 可能就是他的脊索受伤的, 这里没有什么可干的
[28:47.44]Grey, when you read your books, make sure you reference them correctly. Grey,当你读书的时候, 你读明白了嘛
[28:50.97]Progressive paralysis implies a pressure lesion. 进行性麻痹意味着压迫性的损伤
[28:53.84]My books got me here... 我读了书,才能来这里的
[28:56.76]Pressure's 180 over 111. 血压升到了180-111
[28:59.85]The pulse is in the 40s. 脉搏40几
[29:00.84]What is it? 怎么啦?
[29:01.45]I'm pushing 70 milligrams of diazoxide. 我加入了70毫克的)氯甲苯噻嗪
[29:03.37]Okay. Ok
[29:04.64]Autonomic dysreflexia. 自发性神经反射
[29:05.99]Damage to the sympathetic nervous system? 交感神经受伤了吗?
[29:07.59]B.P. and the heart rate are unstable. 血压和心率不稳
[29:10.05]We're in trouble, aren't we? 我们有麻烦了,是吧?
[29:11.04]We've got to find the clot. 我们要找到血块
[29:13.39]I can see the cord below the dura. 我能看见硬脊膜下的脊索了
[29:15.08]Focus, Grey. We're gonna find the clot. It's there. 集中精神,我们要找到血块,就在那里
[29:19.05]- Cleanup, please. - Okay. -清洗 -ok
[29:20.95]B.P.'s still up. Heart rate's at 44. 血压还在升高, 心率44
[29:24.16]Get on those bleeders. 清楚这些出血
[29:29.58]Keep looking, Dr. Grey. 继续找,Dr. Grey
[29:37.22]Dr. O'Malley? Our patient's pulse ox is dropping. Dr. O'Malley? 病人的血氧正在下降
[29:39.51]She's agonal. She needs to be intubated. 她快死了, 她要插管
[29:41.60]Isn't there anyone else who can do this? 这里还有别人可以做吗?
[29:43.60]You're standing here. I could try and find someone. 你呆在这里,我去找人
[29:46.07]No, that's -- 不,那...
[29:47.51]I got it. 我来
[29:55.30]Okay. ok
[29:56.94]- Sats down to 86%. - Crich pressure, please. -降到了86% -别给我压力
[30:02.32]Okay. I see cords. ok,看见了
[30:03.89]Tube. Hurry. 管子,快
[30:17.01]Check for breath sounds. 检查呼吸声
[30:25.01]Clear and equal. 清晰和平均
[30:26.16]C-o-2 detector mellow yellow. 氧气监测器呈黄色了
[30:29.34]Smooth moves, doctor. 干的漂亮,医生
[30:31.59]Kicked ass. 小菜一碟
[30:46.41]Oh, Dr. Karev. Oh, Dr. Karev
[30:48.73]How long would it take to get a cow valve? 获得一个牛瓣膜要多久?
[30:50.93]About 60 minutes by messenger. 送过来要60分钟
[30:56.84]You're scrubbing in. 你去消毒吧
[30:59.49]Thank you very much, sir. 十分感谢
[31:00.69]This doesn't get you any points, Karev. 这不是说同意你的观点, Karev
[31:02.78]I'm the only one with points around here, okay? 我是这里唯一可以有看法的人, ok?
[31:07.67]Oh, by the way, Devo wants a rabbi to bless her before surgery. oh,顺便说一下,Devo要一个拉比 在手术前为她祝福
[31:12.46]Seriously? 当真?
[31:13.51]You came up with the cow, you can find that girl a rabbi. 你能找到一头牛, 你也能为这个女孩找个拉比
[31:26.65]- What is it? - See for yourself -- -是什么? -自己看
[31:29.02]the second thoracic vertebrae. 第二节脊椎
[31:34.05]Oh, my god. OH,我的上帝
[31:35.89]I see it. 我看见了
[31:37.48]It really is there. 真的在那里
[31:38.75]Of course it is. 当然在
[31:39.74]Let's suction and pack this baby, shall we? 让我们把血块吸掉, 再缝合吧
[31:50.66]You were right. 你是对的
[31:52.77]Is he gonna be okay? 他会好起来吧?
[31:54.11]I think so. 我想是的
[31:55.15]But you don't know that. 但是你不知道
[31:56.31]We stopped the paralysis from advancing. 我们阻止了麻痹的进一步发展
[31:58.73]But you don't know if the paralysis he already has will be permanent. 但是,我们不知道他现在的 是否是永久性的
[32:02.04]No. 不知道
[32:03.18]You keep taking everything on faith. 你什么都有信念
[32:06.60]How do you know what's real and what's not? 你如何知道那是对的或不是?
[32:08.77]You just do. 你就是知道
[32:12.58]Some people would call this a relationship. 交换要是,留下牙刷
[32:15.35]The kind where you exchange keys, leave your toothbrush over. 有人把这就叫作男女关系
[32:18.75]Who? 谁?
[32:19.72]Who would call it that? 谁会那么说?
[32:21.81]Me. 我
[32:24.04]I would. 我会
[32:27.26]I'm supposed to believe you? 我就应该相信你
[32:29.93]Show me something. 给我看点
[32:33.00]Give me a reason to believe. 给我一个理由相信
[32:48.71]I have your discharge papers. 这是免责文件
[32:51.08]Oh, you're not happy with me, are you? Oh,你对我很生气是吗?
[32:53.66]I'm your doctor. It's not my place to be happy. 我是你的医生, 在我的立场我是不会高兴的
[32:55.90]My husband and child are going to be together long after I'm gone. 我丈夫和我的孩子在我死后, 会一直在一起
[33:00.00]We've talked about it. 我们讨论过了
[33:01.33]It's our decision, and that's okay. 是我们的决定,就可以了
[33:04.23]So, why do you need my approval? 为什么要我赞同?
[33:05.79]I want you to understand. 我想你理解
[33:07.74]Well, I don't. 不,我不
[33:23.65]I brought the consent forms again. ★★我又给你拿来的同意书★★
[33:25.61]You really need to sign them. ★★你一定要签★★
[33:27.76]Your surgeon scheduled the O.R. ★★你的手术已经更手术室预约了★★
[33:29.68]Mr. Duff, are you all right? ★★Mr. Duff,你还好吗?★★
[33:32.97]Are you having another seizure? ★★你又痉挛了?★★
[33:37.72]Yeah. Yeah
[33:38.73]Yeah. Yeah
[33:40.24]I think maybe I am. 我想我是的
[33:44.23]What is it? ★★那是怎么样的★★
[33:50.85]It's me. 是关于我的
[33:54.81]I think it's about to be over. 我想就要结束了
[33:58.07]We know what we're doing, Mr. Duff. ★★我们知道我们要干什么★★ ★★Mr. Duff★★
[34:00.42]You saw the angio results. We're catching the A.V.M. just in time. ★★你看了造影结果★★ ★★我们及时发现了脑动静脉畸形★★
[34:03.81]You don't need to be nervous. You're not gonna die. ★★你不用紧张,你不会死的★★
[34:07.36]I'm not talking about dying. 我不是在说死
[34:15.59]My whole life has been about what I see and about believing in myself, whatever people think. 我的一生就是关于我所看到的 我自己所相信的,不管别人说什么 -
[34:21.83]You're telling me there's a chance that will go away. 你现在告诉我,有可能这不会再有了
[34:25.83]Look, you're a healthy guy. ★★你将是个健康的人★★
[34:28.05]You're gonna live a long, full life. ★★你会活得很久,一生★★
[34:31.00]If your psychic visions are real, you've got to believe you'll have them when you come out. ★★如果你的通灵是真的,那么就要相信★★ ★★当你从手术室里出来你还有这个能力★★
[35:32.60]She's good. 她好了
[35:34.98]This is Dr. Chesney from the cleveland clinic. 这是克利夫兰的Dr. Chesney
[35:37.86]He's an expert on bovine valve replacement surgery. 他是牛瓣膜移植的专家
[35:41.67]He will be assisting via satellite. 他会通过卫星协助我们
[35:45.61]Thank you, doctor. 谢谢你,医生
[35:47.15]After the sternotomy and connection to bypass, 在胸骨切开,分流连接后
[35:51.15]we're going to do a transverse left atriotomy 我们要横向切开左心房
[35:54.15]to expose the valve. 让瓣膜暴露
[36:07.79]I tried to talk Shepherd out of that clot surgery. 我试图让Shepherd不要做那个手术
[36:11.48]What is wrong with me? 我究竟是怎么了
[36:13.08]Basically, you tried to kill the guy. 基本上来说,你是要杀了那人
[36:14.79]Basically, you're an ass. 基本上来说,你是个白痴
[36:16.41]You know you want it. 你知道你要什么
[36:17.92]Come to papa, baby. 到爸爸这里来,宝贝
[36:20.56]This, uh, is George. George has a hot date. 这是George, George过了非常好的一天
[36:26.38]Oh, that's great, George. Oh,真不错,George
[36:29.43]Yeah. Yeah
[36:31.04]Left pocket of my lab coat, Georgie. 我左边的口袋,Georgie
[36:33.39]No glove, no love. 没有手套(套套),没有爱
[36:47.91]My psychic had his surgery. ★★我的通灵者在做手术了★★
[36:50.47]Yeah? 是嘛
[36:52.06]I wonder what happened with his... gift. ★★我在想他的天赋会怎么样★★
[36:55.12]Come on. We all know he's crazy. 不会吧,我们都知道他是疯的
[36:57.11]You said you didn't believe in that stuff. 你说你不相信那些东西的
[37:03.10]I grew up in a trailer park. ★★我在家庭拖车停车场长大的★★
[37:04.72]I waited tables, which was supposed to put me through college, ★★我做招待★★ ★★那帮我读出了大学★★
[37:07.56]but my mother was always calling these psychics all the time. ★★但是我妈老是找那些通灵者★★
[37:14.77]And the bills started piling up, so I had to use my money to pay them. ★★总是有帐单★★ ★★我不得不用我自己的钱去付★★
[37:18.83]When I turned 18, I left and never went back. ★★当我18岁,我就离开了★★ ★★再也没有回去★★
[37:21.98]But this guy has been saying things to me -- ★★但是对我说了一些什么★★
[37:23.82]things he couldn't possibly know anything about. ★★一些他不可能知道的★★
[37:28.01]So... I just wonder. ★★所以...★★ ★★我就是好奇★★
[37:34.59]Do you have sensation anywhere else? 你其他地方有感觉吗?
[37:37.03]Some feeling in my stomach and feet, I guess. 我的胃,我的腿..
[37:39.90]Bladder and bowels? 膀胱和肠?
[37:41.36]Not so good still. 还不是很好
[37:42.80]The pressure stockings help relieve clots? 压力长袜会缓解血块凝结?
[37:45.42]They do. 会的
[37:57.72]I wanted to thank you... for everything. 我想谢谢你, 为这一切
[38:00.96]Believing in me, that I wasn't making it up. 在我绝望的时候, 相信我
[38:04.87]Well, I'll come back tomorrow, then. 那我,明天再来
[38:07.30]I wanted to show you something. 我想给你看些东西
[38:09.80]I wasn't sure it would last, but now look. 我刚才还不确定, 但是,现在看..
[38:16.18]I know it's hardly anything, but -- 我知道那不算什么,但是...
[38:17.80]No, it's something. 不,那很好了
[38:21.25]It's something really big. 非常好了
[38:29.35]At the end of the day, faith is a funny thing. 一天的结束, 信念是非常有趣的东西
[38:35.49]It turns up when you don't really expect it. 当你不再期望它的时候, 他就会突然出现
[38:38.69]Mr. Duff, you're still with us. ★★Mr. Duff,你挺过来了★★
[38:44.40]For your recipe... 给你的配方...
[38:48.46]one tablespoon coconut extract. 一大匙椰子精炼
[38:53.93]It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale 就像有天你意识到童话故事
[38:57.95]may be slightly different than you dreamed. 可能会和你想的有点不一样
[39:09.95]Where are we going? 我们去那里
[39:13.87]Trust me. 相信我
[39:20.71]The castle -- well, it may not be a castle. 城堡——也可能不是城堡
[39:42.10]Does it beat... or moo? 是在跳动,还是哞哞的叫
[39:45.38]And it's not so important that it's happy ever after... 在这以后是否高兴并不重要
[39:50.72]just that it's happy right now. 只要现在高兴就可以了
[40:10.33]Mom. It's me... ★★妈,是我★★
[40:12.21]Cricket. ★★Cricket(蟋蟀)★★
[40:13.44]See, once in a while -- once in a blue moon -- people will surprise you. 明白了吧,偶尔,千载难逢地 人们会让你惊奇的
[40:18.35]I've been thinking about you a lot, too. ★★我也很想你★★
[40:24.12]Where are we? 我们在哪里?
[40:25.12]Shh, shh, shh. I'm gonna tell you. Shh, shh, shh,我要告诉你
[40:27.83]All right. My mother's maiden name -- Maloney. 好的,我妈的娘家姓是——Maloney
[40:30.87]I have 4 sisters. 我有四个姐姐
[40:32.17]I have, uh, 9 nieces. 九个侄女
[40:35.42]5 nephews. 5个侄子
[40:37.10]I like coffee ice cream, 我喜欢咖啡味的冰淇凌
[40:39.11]single-malt scotch, 单一麦芽威士忌
[40:40.66]occasionally a good cigar. I like to fly-fish. 偶尔,一只上好的雪茄, 我喜欢假饵钓鱼
[40:43.49]I cheat when I do the crossword puzzle on sunday. 星期天做填字游戏时我作弊
[40:46.03]And I never dance in public. 我不在公开场合跳舞
[40:48.19]Um, favorite novel -- "the sun also rises." 喜欢的小说《太阳照常升起》 (垮掉的一代)
[40:51.71]Favorite band -- The Clash. 喜欢的乐队——The Clash
[40:53.41]My favorite color is blue. I don't like light blue -- indigo. 喜欢蓝色,不喜欢浅蓝,喜欢深蓝
[40:56.27]The scar right here on my forehead -- that's why I don't ride motorcycles anymore. 这个前额的疤,就是为什么我不再 骑摩托车的原因
[05:24.49]And I live in that trailer.
[41:06.69]All this land is mine. 这块地是我的
[41:08.70]I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it. 我完全不知道我干嘛要这么做
[41:11.42]So that's it. That's all you've earned for now. 就这些了, 你所要知道的一切
[41:14.86]The rest you're just -- 剩下的,你就是..
[41:17.52]just gonna have to take on faith. 就是不得不又各信念
[41:30.88]And once in a while... 偶尔
[41:34.46]people may even take your breath away. 人们会让你大吃一惊
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