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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:36:08
[00:00.21]剧情回顾 "Grey's Anatomy"... Previously on "Grey's Anatomy"...
[00:02.25]性怎么样? How hot is the sex?
[00:03.27]有些人把这叫做性关系. Some people would call this a relationship.
[00:04.96]我真的不知道你有什么事瞒着我. It's just that I hardly know anything about you.
[00:07.54]我们每天晚上做爱,我应该知道更多关于你的事 We're having sex every night. I think I deserve details.
[00:10.35]你已经知道我能告诉你的所有事了 You have more details than most.
[00:11.53]是什么让我们这位快车医生离开纽约到西雅图来? What makes a hotshot doc leave the big apple for Seattle?
[00:13.96]谢谢你的咖啡. Thanks for the coffee.
[00:18.77]抚养? 把孩子生下来? Adoption? Keeping the baby?
[00:20.50]我知道这是个困难的决定. I know this is a difficult decision.
[00:22.10]我不在乎. I'm not interested.
[00:22.87]我不是你的姐妹! I am not your sister!
[00:24.10]我是男人! I am a man!
[00:25.93]你需要找个女人. You need to get laid.
[00:26.95]看那边的那个护士? See that nurse over there?
[00:28.06]她是单身. 一头红发. 约她出去. She's single. She's got red hair. Go ask her out.
[00:30.91]做的很顺利, 医生. Smooth moves, doctor.
[00:33.18]那是谁? Who is that?
[00:34.10]那是爸爸. That's dad.
[00:34.89]她的诊断是什么? What's her diagnosis?
[00:36.15]阿尔茈海默病(老年痴呆). Alzheimer's.
[00:37.08]她不希望任何人知道. She doesn't want anyone to know.
[00:39.16]我是唯一她允许见她的人. I'm the only person she'll allow to see her.
[00:47.26]在科学面前没有秘密. Secrets can't hide in science.
[00:50.15]医学是一种揭穿谎言的方法. Medicine has a way of exposing the lies.
[00:54.23]在医院的围墙内, 真相被赤裸裸的揭开. Within the walls of the hospital, the truth is stripped bare.
[00:59.55]我们是怎么在医院外保守秘密的? -- How we keep our secrets outside the hospital --
[01:02.34]well, 每个人都有些不同. well, that's a little different.
[01:10.24]George. 你把门锁了. 我要洗个澡. George. You locked the door. I need to take a shower.
[01:13.24]唔, uh, 我一分钟内出来. Uh, uh, I'll be out in a minute.
[01:16.16]你在那里做什么? What are you doing in there?
[01:17.27]这是我的私事. It's private.
[01:19.54]噢. Oh, 天啊. 对不起. 我知道了. Oh. Oh, god. I'm sorry. I get it.
[01:22.25]我不是想打扰你。。。(外国真的理解能力好强,一说就明白). I don't mean to interrupt.
[01:23.81]不,不是这样的! No, it's not that!
[01:25.32]没事. 你抓紧时间. It's okay. Take your time.
[01:27.20]我不是在做你想的那事. I am not doing what you think I'm doing.
[01:29.72]你真的不必解释. 我等你. 你... 做完. There's really no need to explain. I'll wait. You just... finish.
[01:34.20]不, 我 --我就出来. 我马上出来! No, I'm -- I'm coming. I'm coming out!
[01:36.82]又一件事是肯定的. One thing is certain.
[01:39.09]不管我们怎么试图去隐藏, Whatever it is we're trying to hide,
[01:41.15]我们永远不会在真相大白的时候有准备. we're never ready for that moment when the truth gets naked.
[01:45.90]Grey医生, 我是 疗养院的 Mr亨利, Dr. Grey, this is Ms. Henry from the nursing home.
[01:49.52]我是想和你谈谈你的母亲的事. I'm calling about your mother.
[01:51.00]他好吗? Is she all right?
[01:51.94]噢, 没什么大问题. Oh, it's nothing like that.
[01:53.41]我可以以后再打电话给你吗? Can I call you later then?
[01:54.90]- 恩, 我只是想 -- - 我必须挂了. - Uh, I just wanted to -- - I have to go.
[01:59.55]噢, 我的天. 谁在这个时候打电话给你? Oh, my god. Who is calling you at this hour?
[02:03.78]打错了. It's a wrong number.
[02:10.44]没有理由感到羞愧. 这很正常,甚至很健康. There's no reason to be ashamed. It's normal, healthy even.
[02:13.70]我没有羞愧 '因为我没有做任何事. I'm not ashamed 'cause I wasn't doing anything.
[02:16.72]我没有做。。。我有女朋友. I don't have to. I have a girlfriend.
[02:18.66]一个想象中的女朋友? An imaginary girlfriend?
[02:21.70]一个真实的女朋友. An actual girlfriend.
[02:23.48]你知道什么? 她不是什么大人物. You know what? It's no big deal.
[02:25.01]你不必说慌,我知道了. You don't have to lie. I get it.
[02:26.87]你必须知道. You have needs.
[02:30.20]这里发生什么事了? What is going on out here?
[02:32.10]没事. Nothing.
[02:34.02]没事. Nothing.
[02:35.34]没事. Nothing.
[02:37.73]他很反常 '因为我知道他在玩 little jimmy 和 the twins.(就是指手淫,他们说的太黄了) He's freaked out 'cause I caught him playing with little jimmy and the twins.
[02:40.68]我有女朋友了. I have girlfriend.
[02:42.12]ok. Okay.
[02:47.18]这里好像在说笑话. This sounds like fun out here.
[02:54.15]你不打算接电话? 可能是医院的. Aren't you gonna get that? It might be the hospital.
[02:56.27]不是. 吃早餐? It's not. Breakfast?
[03:01.24]这就是秘密带来的问题 -- That's the problem with secrets --
[03:03.38]像烦恼一样, 他们也是纷至沓来 like misery, they love company.
[03:06.81]不, 听着,我告诉你 -- 我不要什么咨询服务. No, look, I told you people -- I'm not coming in for a counseling session.
[03:10.93]我知道我的选择. I know all my options.
[03:13.17]Uh, well, 我决定了,我已经预约了时间. Uh, well, I made my decision,and I made my appointment.
[03:17.70]我会16号来的. I'll be there on the 16th.
[03:19.43]秘密会越积越多直到把所有其他的事都取代... They pile up and up until they take over everything...
[03:23.80]昨天晚上我给你留言了. I paged you last night.
[03:25.32]我昨天没有值班. I wasn't on call.
[03:28.17]这不是我为什么我给你留言的原因. That's not why I paged you.
[03:32.20]你可以给我你家里的电话号码. You could give me your home number.
[03:36.46]恩, Burke... Um, Burke...
[03:41.10]Uh, 我要走了. Uh, I gotta go.
[03:43.33]...知道你没有空间放下任何东西... ...Until you don't have room for anything else...
[03:50.92]...直到你都是秘密, 你会感到你快要崩溃了. ...until you're so full of secrets, you feel like you're going to burst.
[03:56.12]前天晚上我真的过得很愉快 I had a really good time the other night.
[03:58.15]我也是. Yeah, me too.
[03:59.66]你感到都好吗? Are you, uh, feeling okay and everything?
[04:02.20]我很好. I'm good.
[04:03.32]非常好, 为什么这么问? Great, now that I got to see you. Why?
[04:06.15]Oh, 没什么. 我也好很,你知道的? Oh, no reason. I'm good, too, you know?
[04:08.78]真的很好. Really good.
[04:10.33]你知道. You know.
[04:12.09]但是 um... 有一点点痒. But um... a little itchy.
[04:14.90]George. George.
[04:16.46]嘿. Hey.
[04:17.06]Olivia. Olivia.
[04:17.89]Hi, Stevens医生. Hi, Dr. Stevens.
[04:19.71]- 待会见. - Ok. - I'll see you later. - Okay.
[04:22.35]Bye. Bye.
[04:27.69]Yeah. Yeah.
[04:29.38]她和我在交往. She's into me.
[04:31.04]继续, George. 她很可爱. Way to go, George. She's cute.
[04:33.86]那么, 今天早上,你真的没有... So, this morning, you really weren't...
[04:36.11]你随时都可以道歉. Anytime you want to apologize.
[04:39.15]那么你在厕所那么久在干什么? Then what were you doing in the bathroom for so long?
[04:42.32]我要走了. I have to go.
[05:01.23]我知道我看上去长得很帅, George, 不过你还是退后点. I know I'm pretty to look at and all, George, but back up.
[05:04.87]我要问你点问题. I need to ask you something.
[05:06.65]我听着. I'm waiting.
[05:08.14]我似乎这里的皮肤... , 有点像皮疹, 真的, I seem to be having this skin... thing going on, like a rash, really,
[05:14.94]我想我基本知道是什么问题, 但我没办法靠近看清楚,所以还不确定. and I think I know what it is, but I can't get close enough to tell for sure.
[05:19.48]让我看看. Let's see it.
[05:20.97]这是在私处你知道的。。 -- It's kind of located in an, um, you know, private --
[05:24.91]你是个医生, George. 这个叫做阴茎. 你的阴茎上发了皮疹? You're a doctor, George. It's called a penis. You have a rash on your penis?
[05:30.31]我想我可以这么说. I think I can describe it.
[05:32.13]Um, 这个都发红了. Um, it's k-- red.
[05:34.72]来吧. 让我看看你的那个东西,我们可以知道了. Just come on. Just show me your junk so we can get this over with.
[05:54.91]那么? So?
[05:59.54]花花公子, 你得了梅毒. Dude, you've got syphilis.
[06:41.23]检查完了, 泌尿科医生建议做个膀胱镜. Once his work-up came back unrevealing, the urologist suggested a cystoscopy.
[06:45.90]为什么? Reason?
[06:47.33]来看看膀胱里面的情况. To get a look inside the bladder.
[06:49.49]我感谢你做的检查, Preston. I appreciate you doing this, Preston.
[06:51.93]我知道这有一点超出你的工作范围. I know this is a little out of your field.
[06:54.06]这不是问题. That's not a problem.
[06:55.10]正好可以给我的实习生找些事情做. It gives my interns something to do.
[06:57.45]我感觉到你是想让他们不停工作. I have a feeling you keep them plenty busy.
[06:59.40]我们以前在 tulane是同一个兄弟会的. We were in the same frat at tulane.
[07:01.54]你当初折磨那些即将入会的会员,现在又在折磨这些实习生,我说得对吗? It's gone from torturing pledges to torturing interns. Am I right?
[07:05.42]你们两个小心点回答这个问题 Be very careful how you two answer that.
[07:09.41]我可以说些故事. I could tell some stories.
[07:11.06]Bill, 现在有内镜子在你尿道里往上爬. Bill, you have a camera snaking up your mojo.
[07:13.38]这不是打断我的时候. It's not the time to cross me.
[07:14.64]这不严重对吗? It isn't anything too serious?
[07:16.87]等我做完就可以知道了. That's what this procedure will tell us.
[07:19.13]你不必担心,只要把你肚子里的孩子养大. You don't worry about anything but growing my godson in there.
[07:22.61]你不能相信他在我肚子踢我. He kicks like you wouldn't believe.
[07:24.04]这个捣蛋鬼, 就像他的父亲. A badass, just like his father.
[07:26.92]向右一点. Move a little to the right.
[07:28.91]你右边. Your other right.
[07:30.53]那里. There.
[07:31.65]你看到什么了,这是什么? What do you see? What is it?
[07:33.70]可能是有点东西. Could be any number of things.
[07:35.31]O'Malley, 在这个肿块上做个活检. O'Malley, take a biopsy of the mass.
[07:37.47]Dr. Karev, 预约一个 C.T. Dr. Karev, schedule a C.T.
[07:39.14]不要太担心. Let's not worry until we have to.
[07:49.85]这里有太多损伤. There's too much damage.
[07:52.90]我们必须把大部分结肠切除而不是局部切除. We'll have to remove most of the colon instead of a local resection.
[08:02.43]你把它抬高点. You gotta push it up.
[08:15.92]再来跟缝线. 这里的光线怎么那么糟? More suture. And what's with these damn lights in here?
[08:27.07]Mr. Franklin, 你的腹部这样多久了? Mr. Franklin, how long has your abdomen been like this?
[08:31.17]它越长越大有段时间了 It's been getting bigger for a while.
[08:33.24]我告诉过他那里肯定有点问题. I told him there was something wrong.
[08:35.38]我告诉过他,没有人肚子会那么快变得那么大. No one gets fat like this so fast. I told him.
[08:38.42]所有人都这么告诉他的 Everybody told him.
[08:39.96]他肚子叩诊上去浊音,并且蜘蛛痣. He has dullness to percussion and spider angiomas.
[08:42.39]这是什么意思? What's all that mean?
[08:43.54]我们得做些检查. We have to run some tests.
[08:46.27]好的. Great.
[08:47.67]这次会花多少钱? What's that gonna cost us this time?
[08:49.48]Alice, 不要. Alice, don't.
[08:56.27]Hi, George O'Malley 的化验结果? Hi, uh, results for George O'Malley?
[09:00.08]我这里没看到. 病人的名字是什么?
[09:01.40]O'Malley, George. 看, 只有一个血液检查. I don't see it here. What's the patient's name?
[09:04.28]在这里. O'Malley, George. Look, it's just a simple blood test.
[09:05.41]谢谢. Here you go.
[09:07.41]Thank you.
[09:13.29]Franklin, Jordan. 我想尽快知道这些结果.
[09:16.34]真令人震惊. Franklin, Jordan. I need these back asap.
[09:18.43]Hey, 你的结果怎么样, 好结果? What a shocker.
[09:20.40]梅毒? 这部外科的病. 谁得了梅毒? Hey, what did you get, something good?
[09:21.40]Syphilis? That's not surgical. Who has syphilis?
[09:26.00]对不起. Sorry. Excuse us. Sorry.
[09:29.55]你得了梅毒? You have syphilis?
[09:39.27]我不知道怎么会这样. I don't know how this happened.
[09:41.03]你当然知道. Of course you do.
[09:42.19]- Olivia 肯定是被传染上的. - 她不是那种人. - Olivia must really be getting around. - She's not like that.
[09:45.48]她是刚来的, George. It's a new millennium, George.
[09:46.80]唯一看上去不像的只有 amish教徒还有你. The only people who aren't like that are the amish and, apparently, you.
[09:50.36]你不知道. You don't know.
[09:52.83]可能我和别人上过床. Maybe I've been sleeping around.
[09:53.60]可能我召妓. Maybe I got ladies.
[09:58.26]我怎么办? Shut up.
[09:59.35]这没什么大不了的. 只要2个人打上青霉素就可以了. What am I gonna do?
[10:00.35]It's no biggie. A couple doses of penicillin will knock it right out.
[10:01.98]我怎么像 Olivia 说? What am I gonna do about Olivia?
[10:03.44]首先, 不要和她再上床了, For starters, stop sleeping with her,
[10:05.17]如果你想摆脱梅毒. unless you want that thing to fall off.
[10:07.68]Ok, 今天你已经2次损我以后可能和我在一起的女孩了 -- Okay, that is twice that you have trash-talked the girl that I could one day potentially --
[10:12.23]well,不是爱,是喜欢很多. well, not love, but like a whole lot.
[10:15.45]如果是她传给你,你得告诉她. If she gave it to you, you have to tell her.
[10:17.83]第三次. Three.
[10:18.90]好. 她没传给你. Fine. She didn't give it to you.
[10:20.79]你遇到她的时候她是处女. She was a virgin when you met.
[10:23.14]你还是的告诉她那么她可以去检查. You still have to tell her so she can get tested.
[10:25.14]Oh, 是吗? Oh, yeah?
[10:27.00]我要怎么告诉她? How am I gonna tell her?
[10:28.59]"Uh, hey, Olivia. 你在干什么? "Uh, hey, Olivia. How you doing?
[10:30.20]顺便说下, 我得了梅毒,你怎么样?"
[10:33.70]可能不完全是这样. By the way, I got the syph. How about you?"
[10:34.76]不,这是个好建议, 真的是个好建议,谢谢. Maybe not quite like that.
[10:35.76]No, it's good advice, really good advice. Thank you very much.
[10:38.94]拉注这里. Retract here.
[10:42.02]Oh! 这样抓不住. Oh! This just isn't holding.
[10:44.51]给我个大点拉钩. Give me a bigger retractor, please.
[10:48.23]- 对不起 Doctor. - 不是你的错. - Sorry Doctor. - It wasn't you.
[10:53.02]Dr. Bailey, 你可以把这里做完. Dr. Bailey, you can finish this.
[10:56.18]Uh, 谢谢, 主任。我很高兴有这个机会. Uh, thank you, chief. I appreciate the opportunity.
[11:13.11]我想说, George, 我不认为你是自己得上(梅毒)的. I gotta say, George, I didn't think you had it in you.
[11:17.17]这当然需要有另外一个人. It's always the quiet ones.
[11:19.41]- 那个女的是谁? - 不管你的事. - So, who's the woman? - None of your business.
[11:21.33]Oh, 说吧. Oh, come on.
[11:22.62]是谁传给你的? Who gave you the cooties on the playground?
[11:24.86]你肯定以前也得过这个, 对吗? You must have had something like this before, right?
[11:27.50]我从来不和别人讨论我的阴茎. I never talk about my penis with other men.
[11:32.57]我也从来不, 通常 I don't n--either, normally.
[11:39.86]我们最好告诉 Burke. We better get Burke.
[11:47.64]Mr. Franklin? Mr. Franklin?
[11:50.52]你现在有明显的腹水. You have a condition known as ascites.
[11:53.02]Oh, 我的天. 这太可怕了. Oh, my god. I knew it was terrible.
[11:54.97]我的意思是你的腹膜腔隙中有不少液体... It just means there's fluid in the peritoneal cavity --
[11:58.39]是腹部. the abdomen.
[11:59.69]而且这些液体膨胀向上压迫了你的肺,这使你呼吸困难. And the swelling is pressing against your lungs, which is why you're having trouble breathing.
[12:02.94]从你的病史看来, 有点像肝病的症状. In your case, it looks like a symptom of liver disease.
[12:05.97]所有的病都一起来了. And it all comes together.
[12:07.94]Alice, 不要这么说. Alice, not now.
[12:10.27]我们可以知道一些他的情况? Is there something we should know?
[12:14.81]我喝了点酒. I drink a bit.
[12:16.70]他瞒了很多年了. That's the understatement of the year.
[12:18.65]这完全不关你的事! That's enough out of you!
[12:20.34]Hey! 我来这里都是为了妈妈, Hey! I'm only here for mom,
[12:22.44]来确定你没说那些废话. to make sure you don't pull any of your usual crap.
[12:28.44]这里有一个很明显的肿块凸向膀胱,看他的边缘. There's definitely a growth protruding into the bladder, but look at the edges.
[12:32.24]我认为这不是一个肿瘤. I don't think it's a tumor.
[12:33.55]外形像是卵巢. Kind of shaped like an ovary.
[12:35.18]你对你的病人竟然说了那么不负责任的回答, Dr. Karev? That the flip answer you're gonna give your patient, Dr. Karev?
[12:38.32]他是我的老朋友. 我认为你得认真点. This is one of my oldest friends. You might want to take this seriously.
[12:41.36]对不起, sir. I'm sorry, sir.
[12:42.55]你最好这样. You better be.
[12:44.97]我拿回了实验室结果. I got the rest of the labs back.
[12:46.44]我做了组织染色体检查. They did a chromosome analysis of the tissue.
[12:49.43]你不会相信这个.(我也不相信) You won't believe this.
[12:56.64]Bill 长了个卵巢? Bill has an ovary?
[13:05.01]Um, 根据他女儿说的, Mr. Franklin 是个酒鬼. Um, according to his daughter, Mr. Franklin is a heavy drinker.
[13:08.40]6-8次/天, 一个标准的酒鬼. Six to eight drinks a day, an alcoholic by any standard.
[13:11.09]治疗方案? Protocol?
[13:11.91]择期腹部穿刺. Schedule a paracentesis.
[13:13.08]为什么? Reason?
[13:13.73]派出液体可以减轻压力. Draining the fluid will relieve the pressure.
[13:14.72]很好, 不用择期,马上去做. Good, but don't schedule it. Do it.
[13:18.30]你们已经看过一次,对吗? You want us to do the procedure?
[13:19.37]当然. You've seen one, right?
[13:20.15]好,现在去做一次. Absolutely.
[13:22.15]Well, now do one.
[13:25.83]你将看到. I've never seen one.
[13:27.42]Oh,我的天. You're about to.
[13:29.53]天阿,一个卵巢. Oh, my god.
[13:31.21]这会给“metrosexual(都市玉男)”一个新的含义 God, an ovary.
[13:33.21]It gives new meaning to the term "metrosexual."
[13:35.22]Hi, George.
[13:36.34]Olivia. Hi, George.
[13:37.24]我怎么了, 隐形了? Olivia.
[13:38.97]Alex. What am I, invisible?
[13:39.64]你先走. 我会赶上你得. Alex.
[13:42.64]You go ahead. I'll catch up with you later.
[13:53.90]About time I got you alone today.
[13:58.42]- Olivia -- - 你什么时候下班?
[14:00.65]因为我 8:00结束, 我想你可以过来. - Olivia -- - What time is your shift done?
[14:02.65]Because mine's over at 8:00, and I thought maybe you could come over.
[14:05.54]Olivia! 我想你对说点事. Olivia! I need to tell you something.
[14:07.51]怎么了? What's wrong?
[14:09.47]什么? 不是. Are you breaking up with me?
[14:10.55]Oh, no, 真的, 不是. What? No.
[14:12.61]只是... Oh, no, really, no.
[14:15.45]Okay, 你是唯一和我在一起很久的人. It's just...
[14:17.45]Okay, you're the only person that I've been with in a long time.
[14:23.72]只是很长一段时间. I mean, not unusually long or anything, you know?
[14:25.83]但是我真的不在意你已经和别人在一起. Just a normal amount of long time.
[14:27.83]But it wouldn't matter to me if you've been with someone else.
[14:31.37]我没有责备你,你知道,我只不过问问 Maybe you have?
[14:34.64]或者弄清楚,你知道? I'm not accusing you of anything or, you know, judging you
[14:36.64]or handing out scarlet letters or anything, you know?
[14:41.01]一个非常有吸引力的女人. You're a woman, you know?
[14:42.22]当然,你和别的男人在一起过. A very attractive woman.
[14:44.21]我的意思,倒不是你和很多男人在一起. Of course you've been with other men.
[14:46.31]- 这不是说你像个妓女 -- - 妓女? I mean, not that you've been with a lot of men.
[14:48.64]不!不是妓女. - It's not like you're a prostitute or -- - A prostitute?
[14:51.91]不,妓女相反,你是女士. No! Not a -- not a prostitute.
[14:53.91]No, the opposite of a prostitute -- a lady.
[14:57.46]我的意思,你非常温柔,不过... You're very ladylike.
[14:59.46]I mean, you're very bendy, but...
[15:01.89]- George, breathe. - Okay.
[15:03.93]It's just -- okay, here's the thing.
[15:06.53]I really like you, Olivia.
[15:09.10]I like you a lot.
[15:10.71]Well, I like you, too.
[15:16.83]I have syphilis.
[15:35.51]That could have gone better.
[15:49.89]- George, 深呼吸. - Okay.
[15:01.93]很好 -- okay, 就这样.
[15:04.53]我真的喜欢你, Olivia.
[15:08.71]Well, 我也喜欢你.
[15:53.75]是的. You dropped a retractor.
[15:56.56]几周前, 我在做手术的时候,我的右眼突然视力模糊了. Fine.
[15:58.56]A few weeks ago, I was operating, and the vision in my right eye became blurry.
[16:02.44]这次又来了. After a few hours, it was fine.
[16:03.53]你做过检查吗? It's come back again.
[16:04.82]检查是正常的. Did you have it checked out?
[16:06.49]我的眼科医生告诉是因为我只是变老了... The examination was normal.
[16:09.93]但是你知道视力下降真正意味着什么. My ophthalmologist tells me I'm just getting older...
[16:13.42]我会给你准备些检查. but you know what a decline in my visual acuity can mean.
[16:15.86]Shep... I'll set up some tests.
[16:17.58]我知道这里会有怎样的谣传会传出去. Shep...
[16:20.56]让我们保守这个秘密. I know how the rumor mill runs around here.
[16:22.88]当然. Let's just keep this to ourselves.
[16:33.62]她肯定在讨论你. Do you think she's talking about me?
[16:36.77]花花公子, 这是件好事. She's absolutely talking about you.
[16:37.91]不,不是件好事. Dude, that's a good thing.
[16:39.44]Georgie, 往好的地方向. No. No, it's not.
[16:40.79]得梅毒是你遇到过的最好的一件事情. Georgie, get a clue.
[16:43.64]在他们眼里,你已经成了一个花花公子. Syphilis is the best thing that ever happened to you.
[16:45.64]In their eyes, you're a player.
[16:48.50]Hey, 梅毒小子.
[16:50.57]你告诉她了? Hey, syph boy.
[16:51.78]只告诉了 Cristina. You told her?
[16:52.85]"梅毒小子." Just Cristina.
[16:53.82]在那个上面长了个环, 就像超人, 不过是生病的. "Syph boy."
[16:55.82]It's got a nice ring to it, kind of like superboy, only diseased.
[16:57.43]Izzie 没有说过.
[16:59.14]在这里, 只有谣言比疾病传播的更快. Izzie didn't have to say a word.
[17:02.46]这不是真的. Around here, the only thing that spreads faster than disease is gossip.
[17:03.65]就是怪Izzie 不能保守秘密,但不是所有人都这样... That's not true.
[17:06.25]Hey George, 你感觉怎么样? 对你得了syphilis我感到很难过. Just 'cause Izzie can't keep her mouth shut doesn't mean everyone...
[17:08.25]Hey George, how are you feeling? Sorry about the syphilis.
[17:12.30]Everyone in this hospital knows?
[17:15.95]你心理不正常. Knows you're a player.
[17:16.98]是的. You're disturbed.
[17:17.91]每个人都有秘密. True.
[17:19.66]很高兴你的秘密已经公开了. Everybody's got a secret.
[17:21.41]Oh, yeah, Alex? 你得呢? Be glad yours is out in the open.
[17:23.32]你告诉我你得,我就告诉你我的. Oh, yeah, Alex? What's yours?
[17:25.32]You show me yours, and I'll show you mine.
[17:31.24]I'll bet she's got some serious and kinky skeletons in the closet.
[17:35.15]Well, 我没有任何秘密,我的生活很无聊. What's in my closet is none of your business.
[17:37.73]每个人都会隐藏了东西. Well, I don't have any secrets. My life is boring.
[17:39.73]Everybody's got something to hide.
[17:45.19]Well, 我们发现的那个肿块不是肿瘤.
[17:51.48]Well, 太好了, 不是吗,不管怎么比癌好多了. Well, the mass we found is not a tumor.
[17:54.33]不过这有点怪. Well, that's good, right? Anything's got to be better than cancer.
[17:56.69]你的染色体检查显示你身体里有来自2种不同胚胎的DNA That's where it gets a little tricky.
[17:58.69]The chromosomal tests have revealed that your body contains DNA from two different embryos
[18:04.95]你这个情况很罕见, that merged in the womb at the very beginning of development.
[18:06.89]一定条件下可以分泌激素,就是所谓的雌雄单体. In rare cases such as yours,
[18:08.89]the condition can produce gonadal hermaphroditism.
[18:10.50]我听到专业术语, Preston, 你知道, 帮我解释下.
[18:12.50]I'm hearing scary words here, Preston, you know, pay-cable kind of words.
[18:15.71]在你膀胱里的肿块是个卵巢. In english,
[18:18.83]不要担心,我们会拿掉它的. the mass in your bladder is an ovary.
[18:21.28]我们会让最好的妇科医生上台的. Don't worry. We're gonna remove it.
[18:24.78]你告诉我是个有卵巢的男人? We have an excellent gynecological surgeon on staff.
[18:27.85]这只是自然界的一个特例. You're telling me I'm a guy with an ovary?
[18:29.85]It's simply a quirk of nature, man.
[18:37.84]你会好的. What am I gonna tell Holly?
[18:40.21]我还是个男人对吗? That you're gonna be fine.
[18:41.99]是男人中的男人,真正的男人. I'm still a man, right?
[18:44.62]我的意思是,你知道我性生活. A man's man, a kappa man.
[18:48.04]有什么问题s? I mean... you know, my sex life.
[18:50.53]我怀孕的妻子这样会不会离开我? Been having any problems?
[18:52.53]Was it my very pregnant wife that give it away?
[18:55.05] 不要担心.
[18:57.59]你永远不会知道你有个卵巢在那里,所以手术切除后你也不会有感觉. Come on, man, don't worry.
[18:59.59]You never knew it was there. You won't miss it when it's gone.
[19:05.93]这只是一支青霉素, George. 你感谢我为你打针. Are you sure you know what you're doing?
[19:08.76]我将要看你身上的一个我从来没想看的部分(屁股), It's a shot of penicillin, George. Be grateful I'm even doing this.
[19:11.20]我将会作一个礼拜的噩梦. I'm about to see more of you than I ever wanted to.
[19:12.75]Okay, 你知道什么? 把它忘了. I'll be fighting nightmares for a week.
[19:13.84]你想不想治好梅毒? Okay, you know what? Forget this.
[19:15.66]就闭嘴脱下裤子. Do you want to get rid of the syph or not?
[19:18.21]我不能相信. Just shut up and drop them.
[19:22.36]Meredith, 快走开! I cannot believe this.
[19:24.25]Oh, George, 我来给你点精神支持. Meredith, go away!
[19:27.02]No. 不要精神支持. Oh, George, I'll give you some moral support.
[19:29.19]你在这我感到不方便. No. No moral support.
[19:31.21]George, 这不是什么问题. I'm indisposed here.
[19:33.92]你的屁股真漂亮. George, it's not a big deal.
[19:35.63]我的也是. And you have a cute butt.
[19:37.74]Oh, 出去. 你做错了. I have a cute butt, too.
[19:39.88]那你来. You want to see?
[19:40.95]什么 -- Alex. Oh, get out. You're doing it wrong.
[19:42.59]Alex. Be my guest.
[19:42.95]What -- Alex.
[19:48.57]我们在这里做什么? Hey!
[19:50.53]折磨 George's 精神. What are we doing here?
[19:52.10]治疗 george's 的梅毒. Breaking George's spirit.
[19:54.56]我不喜欢打针. Curing george's syph.
[19:55.82]你还是当医生. I don't like needles.
[19:57.42]另外一个方面. Good thing you became a doctor.
[19:58.52]- Izzie? - Yeah? Other side.
[20:00.31]Mr. Franklin's 的手术预约在中饭后 -- - Izzie? - Yeah?
[20:03.18]我们在这做什么? Mr. Franklin's procedure's been scheduled for after lunch --
[20:04.36]我们在帮 george免于以后那里溃烂感染. What are we doing?
[20:06.36]We are saving george from a future of festering sores and insanity.
[20:08.65]Oh, 屁股好可爱.
[20:09.84]告诉你. Oh, cute butt.
[20:10.75]这漂亮得像一个婴儿的. Told you.
[20:12.75]It is cute, like a baby's.
[20:18.98]想象着自己半裸着,和3个女人在一个房间里. You know, I have spent hours, days, years,
[20:20.98]imagining myself half-naked in a room with three women.
[20:26.80]我像他要哭了. The reality is so much better.
[20:28.80]I think he's gonna cry.
[20:30.70]Hi. 我是Ms. Henry 又打来了.
[20:32.76]现在有空了吗 Hi. It's Ms. Henry again.
[20:34.05]对不起今天早上的事。我不是一个人所以 -- Is this a better time?
[20:36.61]你打过来有什么事? Sorry about this morning. I wasn't alone and --
[20:38.09]我只想提醒你今天晚上是我们每月的家庭晚餐. What were you calling about?
[20:40.09]I just wanted to remind you that tonight's our monthly family dinner.
[20:43.72]You know, you haven't been to any of our family functions.
[20:47.32]You have to understand. I'm a surgical intern, so my time isn't my own.
[20:52.07]他们都过得很快乐,这在平时是很少见的. Our residents really respond to these events.
[20:55.13]我想你能过来很重要. They always enjoy themselves, which is so rare.
[20:57.89]我会来的. I think it's important you attend.
[20:59.75]我会尽量来的. I'll be there.
[21:01.58]我肯定会尽力的. I'll try to be there.
[21:04.47]我已经为你了安排 M.R.I. I'll definitely try.
[21:06.50]- Good. 走吧. - Okay. I've cleared some time for your M.R.I.
[21:08.12]Uh... 对不起打扰你了, 主任. - Good. Let's get going. - Okay.
[21:11.08]我们这里出了点情况. Uh... sorry to bother you with this, chief.
[21:14.39]什么情况? We've got kind of a situation.
[21:15.72]3个实习生,4个住院医生,6个护士 What now?
[21:17.72]Three interns, four residents, and six nurses
[21:21.58]on this surgical floor have been diagnosed with... syphilis.
[21:25.07]每年有 70,000 人得梅毒.
[21:27.07]There are over 70,000 new cases every year.
[21:30.83]Undiagnosed, syphilis can lead to blindness, insanity, and death.
[21:36.01]If you are having unprotected sex with another member of the staff, get tested.
[21:42.62]This is not a request.
[21:47.01]Patricia 会给你们做个安全性行为的演示.
[21:49.01]Patricia will now give you a safe-sex demonstration.
[21:53.45]等到该到的时候, 男士, 你会知道什么时候用,
[21:55.45]When the time is right, and, gentlemen, you'll all know when that time is,
[22:00.29]carefully open the condom packet...
[22:04.96]我们可以试试下去做 M.R.I. 现在. and roll it onto the banana.
[22:07.33]现在不是时候. We should try and get down to do the M.R.I. now.
[22:09.18]如果你不想让别人看到, This isn't really a good time.
[22:11.45]你现在就该去. If you want to do this without anybody else knowing,
[22:13.45]you should do it now.
[22:19.26]可怜的 George.
[22:20.64]Yeah. Poor George.
[22:21.60]你看, 我想他真的喜欢 typhoid Mary(小护士?). Yeah.
[22:24.87]可能, 不过向他这样感情刚开始就遇到性病的不是很多。 You know, I think he really likes typhoid Mary.
[22:26.87]Well, not many budding relationships survive a good dose of V.D.
[22:33.00]Yeah. Yeah.
[22:33.90]...轻轻的拨去保险套,然后正确地丢弃它 Yeah.
[22:35.90]...gently peel off the condom and dispose of it properly.
[22:41.39]With every fresh banana, always use a fresh condom.
[23:16.51]我很忙... 我在工作. You're avoiding me.
[23:18.51]I'm busy... at work. I-I'm working.
[23:24.11]这是排队检查梅毒. Why are you in this line?
[23:25.74]你没有必要排在这里. It's the syphilis line.
[23:27.35]我不必? You don't need to be in this line.
[23:29.68]我没有和其他人搞过. I don't?
[23:31.68]There's no one else.
[23:36.43]没什么让我吃惊的. That surprises you?
[23:38.43]Nothing surprises me.
[23:42.42]Do I need to be in this line?
[23:47.82]- Okay. - Okay. No.
[23:50.40]- 嘿. - Oh, hey. - Okay. - Okay.
[23:51.91]Mr. Franklin'的手术准备好了. - Hey. - Oh, hey.
[23:53.39]太好了. Mr. Franklin's prepped and ready.
[23:54.22]God, 看看这个队伍. Excellent.
[23:56.06]Well, 至少我们不必排在这里. God, look at this line.
[23:57.77]只有一件好事实事上,我们都没有得。是吗? Well, at least we don't have to stand in line.
[23:59.77]That's the one good thing about the fact neither of us is getting any, right?
[24:03.86]Mr. Franklin, 我们会给你打局部麻醉,
[24:06.44]不过你可能会感到有点压迫. Mr. Franklin, we've given you a local anaesthetic,
[24:08.44]but you might feel some pressure.
[24:14.20]我准备好了. Okay,
[24:15.33]抓住皮肤. I'm ready.
[24:17.33]Grab the skin.
[24:23.50]I'm in the peritoneal cavity.
[24:29.41]你认为是血? That fluid is bloody.
[24:30.56]你以前做过这个,是吗? Is it supposed to be bloody?
[24:32.14]- 当然. - 无数次. You've done this before, right?
[24:35.31]你做得很好, Mr. Franklin. - Of course. - Millions of times.
[24:37.31]You're doing great, Mr. Franklin.
[24:38.91]Okay, 等等.
[24:41.76]Okay, 走. Okay, wait, wait.
[24:43.76]Okay, go.
[24:52.09]现在我们要做的就是等待. Good.
[24:54.09]Now all we have to do is wait.
[24:59.70]是个肿瘤, You see that right there?
[25:01.21]他压迫了你的视神经. It's a tumor,
[25:03.13]可以手术吗? and it's pressing against your optic nerve.
[25:04.05]Oh, 当然可以. Is it operable?
[25:06.71]他都一定的风险. Oh, definitely.
[25:09.19]你的意思我会瞎掉? It does have its risks.
[25:11.28]真是我要命! -- 先是梅毒,然后又是肿瘤. You mean I could lose my sight?
[25:14.46]Well, 这没有关系. Just what I need -- a syphilis outbreak and a tumor.
[25:17.90]好的, Derek, 让我看看你有多出色. Well, it's probably unrelated.
[25:19.90]All right, Derek, let's see how good you really are.
[25:22.14]All right. 我会找些人.
[25:24.01]只能是我们自己的人. All right. I'll put a team together.
[25:25.74]我还是想让这秘密下进行. All my people only.
[25:27.34]喜欢谣言的人会把这炒开的. And I still want this kept under wraps.
[25:29.41]我也是其中的一个? The vultures will be circling soon enough.
[25:30.65]为什么你认我对你有防备心? Aren't I one of the vultures?
[25:32.91]做吧. 今晚就做. Why do you think I want to keep an eye on you?
[25:35.14]好的. Get going. We're doing this tonight.
[25:43.24]Yeah, 我需要你帮我为主任做些事. You paged.
[25:45.93]你能保密吗? Yeah, I need you to help me out on something for the chief.
[25:47.76]比你想象中的好. Can you keep a secret?
[25:49.76]Better than you think.
[25:55.41]这有很多液体, Mr. Franklin, 但我们马上做完了. How much fluid can one body hold?
[25:57.41]There's a lot of fluid in there, Mr. Franklin, but we're almost finished.
[26:00.41]Mr. Franklin, 你睡着了?
[26:02.41]Mr. Franklin, are you sleeping?
[26:04.82]Mr. Franklin?
[26:06.91]- 他没有脉搏了. - 什么? Mr. Franklin?
[26:08.00]他没脉搏了! - He has no pulse. - What?
[26:10.00]He has no pulse!
[26:12.26]蓝色代码. Code blue.
[26:14.26]Code blue. Code blue.
[26:27.42]如果是我们的错怎么办? 我们做错什么了? Nobody die just like that with no warning.
[26:29.14]我们没有做错任何事. There was blood in the tube when it first went in.
[26:30.21]我们照着书上做的. What if it's our fault? What if we did something wrong?
[26:33.76]我看过你的病例了. We didn't do anything wrong.
[26:35.46]你们都按着书上做的. We did a textbook procedure.
[26:36.69]我们看着他死去. 我们肯定漏了什么. I checked your chart.
[26:38.74]他没有心脏病史. You did everything by the book.
[26:41.62]他的死不是你们的错. He died on our watch. We must have missed something.
[26:43.18]什么时候尸体解剖? There was no history of heart problems.
[26:44.30]没有尸体解剖. His death wasn't your fault.
[26:46.17]什么? 我们怎能知道它的死因? When's the autopsy?
[26:48.67]他是因为肝脏疾病引起心肺暂停. There isn't gonna be an autopsy.
[26:50.17]What? How are we supposed to know the cause of death?
[26:52.95]但是尸体解剖可以 -- It's going down as cardiopulmonary arrest complicated by liver disease.
[26:57.81]- 但是 Dr. Bailey -- - T他们不想做尸体解剖,让他们去. But an autopsy would --
[26:57.91]The family decided they didn't want an autopsy.
[27:01.81]- But Dr. Bailey -- - They don't want an autopsy. Let it go.
[27:12.65]我们的专业的,高度机密的, 私下的手术准备得怎么样?
[27:16.99]我已经准备好了. How goes our special, supersecret, silent, sunset surgery?
[27:20.27]Uh, 告诉主任我会去的. 告诉我什么时候在哪. 我会到的. I've been practicing that.
[27:23.67]Okay. You have too much time on your hands.
[27:24.27]Uh, tell the chief I'll be there. Just let me know when and where. I'm in.
[27:29.06]你很紧张? Okay.
[27:31.55]我知道犯一个错误, 我会丧失我年轻的外科事业, 我的职业生涯.
[27:33.06]Are you nervous?
[27:34.90]Oh, no, 我不紧张. It's a complicated surgery.
[27:35.55]I make one mistake, I end a fellow surgeon's career, my mentor's career.
[27:38.98]那么, 就记录下... Oh, no, I'm not nervous.
[27:40.53]你会告诉我如果我需要检查下, 是吗?
[27:43.30]你认为我得了梅毒? So, just for the record...
[27:44.81]不. you'd tell me if I need to get tested, right?
[27:45.82]只不过 -- 我们没有任何规定. You think I have syphilis?
[27:47.90]我的意思是,我从来没说, No, I don't.
[27:50.65]"我们有规定", 我不会对你用这规定. It's just -- we never made any rules or anything.
[27:51.90]I mean, we never said,
[27:53.69]我哪里有时间出去得梅毒? "we have rules", and I wouldn't hold it against you.
[27:56.56]你看上去也很忙, 但是除此之外, 我们的例子可以用来为避孕套作广告了. When would I have time to go out and get syphilis?
[28:00.72]但是没有夜光的(强,上海有买吗?) You're a handful enough as it is, and besides, we're, like, practically a condom ad.
[28:02.92]你明白吗? 没有什么好担心的
[28:05.68]可能我多想了, 我的意思是定些规定. But no more glow-in-the-dark ones.
[28:08.32]我们应该. You see? There's nothing to worry about.
[28:09.49]Okay. Maybe we should, you know, make some rules, I mean.
[28:12.32]We should.
[28:13.94]只是记录下... Okay.
[28:15.54]我喜欢荧光的. Okay.
[28:18.01]我打赌你会用的. Just for the record...
[28:19.54]I liked the glow-in-the-dark ones.
[28:22.01]I bet you do.
[28:29.82]我只需要最后缝合膀胱壁上的孔. That's the last of the ovarian material.
[28:33.82]I just need to sew up the perforation on the bladder wall.
[28:36.17]有什么问题吗 Dr. Knox?
[28:38.07]Well, 你活着个男的妻子怀孕了?
[28:40.63]应该5周了. 怎么了? Is there a problem, Dr. Knox?
[28:42.04]我们这个病人没有输精管. Well, you said this man's wife is pregnant?
[28:44.63]Due in five weeks. Why?
[28:46.58]Bill 不能生育? Our patient has a blind vas deferens.
[28:50.54]那么谁让他妻子怀孕的? Bill is sterile?
[28:51.71]And always has been.
[28:54.54]Then who got his wife pregnant?
[29:01.35] Burke准备怎么告诉他,孩子不是他的?
[29:03.62]Burke不准备告诉他. Sucks to be Bill right now.
[29:04.70]他准备说的. 他们是朋友. How's Burke gonna tell him the baby's not his?
[29:07.32]你认为 Holly 知道 Bill'不是孩子的父亲? Burke's not gonna tell him.
[29:08.98]可能知道,可能不知道. He has to. They're friends.
[29:09.84]Bill s应该知道他的妻子在欺骗他. Bill's better off not knowing.
[29:12.53]我不记得我询问过你的意见, 所以你自己管好自己. Do you think Holly knows Bill's not the father?
[29:12.98]Maybe, maybe not.
[29:13.84]Bill should know his wife's cheating on him.
[29:16.24]对不起, sir. I don't remember asking for your opinions, so keep them to yourselves.
[29:20.24]Sorry, sir.
[29:22.17]You're such a gossip.
[29:29.59]但是尸体解剖可以告诉我们为什么. We know how confusing this must be,
[29:32.39]所以你认为我们应该做尸体解剖吗? your husband dying so suddenly,
[29:33.59]but an autopsy will tell us why.
[29:35.64]不,我们只想让这些过去. So, you think we should do the autopsy?
[29:39.64]No, we just want this to be over.
[29:41.27]我父亲是个酒鬼,甚至不能工作. But don't you want to know for certain what killed him?
[29:44.25]就是这个杀了他. My father was a mean drunk who couldn't hold a job.
[29:47.63]但是弄清真相可以帮助你忘了这些事. That's what killed him.
[29:49.87]I understand that you're angry,
[29:51.58]这太突然了, Alice. but knowing for sure might help give you some closure.
[29:54.67]突然? It was awfully sudden, Alice.
[29:58.81]他是个好人. Sudden?
[30:01.80]可能他们是对的. He's been killing himself for years.
[30:03.36]可能我们因该做下尸体解剖. He was a good man.
[30:04.99]妈,不要说了. Maybe they're right.
[30:07.13]他死了. Maybe we should do the autopsy.
[30:08.72]这都结束了. Mom, stop it.
[30:10.98]Alice, 你父亲可能会想这么做的 -- He's dead.
[30:14.01]谁会在意他想什么? It's finally over.
[30:16.42]我们可不可以不要再谈这个事,保留下我们家庭这唯一的一些尊严? Alice, your father would have wanted --
[30:18.01]Who cares what he wanted?
[30:20.42]Can't we please just try and get out of this with whatever shred of dignity this family has left?
[30:40.52]我知道你, Cristina.你不想被说成新一代的 007. You guys want to perform an unauthorized autopsy?
[30:44.11]一个尸体解剖可以澄清你的名声. I know you, Cristina. You do not want to be known as the new 007.
[30:46.53]Cristina, 不.
[30:48.75]那么 Franklin的妻子怎么办? An autopsy clears your name.
[30:50.24]你看她看我的眼神,你知道她希望我们做尸体解剖. Cristina, no.
[30:52.94]她只是不想和她女儿吵架. What about Franklin's wife?
[30:54.68]她看上去太悲伤了. You saw the way she was looking at me. She wants the autopsy.
[30:57.82]Okay, Cristina Yang, 授权给你去做. She just didn't want to fight with her daughter.
[30:58.68]She looked so sad.
[31:01.82]Okay, Cristina Yang, licensed to kill.
[31:03.89]Okay, 我去.
[31:07.21]Meredith, 这里是指挥部. Okay, I'm in.
[31:08.51]没人在讨论. I am so not involved in this.
[31:11.21]我们必须在 Bailey不在的时候做. Meredith, this is fight club.
[31:12.61]她到处都在,她什么都知道. Nobody talks about it.
[31:14.88]我们必须把握机会. Fine.
[31:16.54]Bailey今天晚上7:00 to 11:00 不在. We have to do it when Bailey's not around.
[31:16.61]She's everywhere and knows everything.
[31:19.20]你们俩会是她唯一担心的事. We have to take our chances.
[31:21.17]- 你怎么会知道? - 她去干什么? Bailey's got something tonight from 7:00 to 11:00.
[31:23.14]Oh, 我不能告诉你. 这也是 fight club. You two will be the last thing she's worried about.
[31:25.17]- How do you know that? - What kind of something?
[31:27.14]Oh, I can't tell you that. It's fight club, too.
[31:31.56]他们会叫我007因为我杀了你. If I'm missing out on a real patient because of this,
[31:35.56]they're gonna call me 007 because I've killed you.
[31:46.40]你那边的工作怎么办, 远程遥控? How we doing?
[31:47.15]Did you lock up the gallery?
[31:48.75]我已经处理好了, 主任 Don't worry. We're flying under the radar.
[31:50.04]这里有多少万古霉素? What did you put out there, the midas rex?
[31:51.53]1克, 就如预定的,sir. We've got it, chief.
[31:53.27]你不能太浪费那些药? How much vancomycin is there?
[31:55.78]你知道,医生是最难伺侯的病人. One gram, as ordered, sir.
[31:58.00]你因该呼吸下这快乐的气体. You're not gonna be too liberal with those benzos?
[31:59.89]不要再参与我的手术 You know, doctors make the worst patients.
[32:03.23]我已经帮你准备好了. You should just breathe in the happy gas.
[32:03.89]Stop running my O.R.
[32:07.23]I've got you covered.
[32:16.60]如果有人来停尸房找 Franklin怎么办? We stole a body.
[32:18.75]Well, "A" 在午夜12点, and "B" We're body snatchers.
[32:21.34]死人是不会看到你在干什么的。 What if somebody from the morgue comes looking for Franklin?
[32:22.75]Well, "A" it's in the middle of the night, and "B"
[32:25.02]Okay. the thing about being dead is people stop looking for you.
[32:27.75]你最近一次尸体解剖是什么时候? Okay.
[32:29.45]我和你一起上解剖课的 我只是想回忆一下.
[32:32.41]你知道什么? 慢点. 等下. When's the last time you did an autopsy?
[32:34.32]慢点. I took gross anatomy like you. I'm just trying to remember.
[32:36.47]你带了本书? You know what? Hold on. Hold on. Wait.
[32:37.80]Uh, 如果我们要这么做, 我们必须做的正确. Hold on.
[32:40.47]You brought a textbook?
[32:41.80]Uh, if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it right.
[32:48.59]Okay, 拿着他. Okay.
[32:52.59]Okay, got it.
[32:53.70]You sure?
[32:54.70]It's not like we can kill him twice.
[33:01.27]Let me cut.
[33:02.89]你因该用10号刀片. You'll get your turn.
[33:06.26]出去探风. You should really be using the 10 blade.
[33:09.04]Okay, 我已经缝合了这里的切口。伤口看上去很好. Will you stop backseat cutting?
[33:10.26]Go get the saw.
[33:12.27]好的, 我们做完了. Dr. Bailey, 你想帮他穿衣服吗? Okay, I've sutured the drain in place. The staples look fine.
[33:14.67]做得好, 大家.
[33:16.68]谢谢. All right, we're done here. Dr. Bailey, you want to wrap him?
[33:17.40]好. Nice work, everybody, nicely done.
[33:26.17]如果是这样他醒过来,他会 -- Do you think the optic nerve is damaged?
[33:29.35]他会瞎了 If it is, when he wakes up, he'll --
[33:32.70]永远. He'll be blind?
[33:34.39]去叫 Stevens and Yang. For how long?
[33:35.92]告诉她们我想让他们来接管你的病人. Forever.
[33:38.28]我需要你呆在这里来观察主任. Page Stevens and Yang.
[33:39.92]Tell them I want them covering your patients.
[33:43.67]Cristina 和 Izzie, 我想她们正忙得够呛. I need you to stay and monitor the chief.
[33:48.19]做什么? Cristina and Izzie, um... I think they're already swamped.
[33:49.22]在实验室-- 他们在检查一些仪器.
[33:52.19]With what?
[33:54.36]哦,你在说谎. Labs -- they had to check on some labs.
[33:57.82]我知道你在说谎. Oh, you are lying.
[34:01.77]我讨厌差劲的说谎者. I know you're lying.
[34:03.15]You know how I know?
[34:04.07]'Cause you're a bad liar!
[34:05.77]I hate a bad liar.
[34:12.23]看好. Take over for me.
[34:14.06]I know exactly where they are.
[34:16.23]Take over.
[34:24.45]我们很幸福. Your whole relationship is a lie.
[34:27.76]你怎么能把孩子离开他? We're happy.
[34:29.44]他知道你在欺骗他吗? We've wanted a child for a long time.
[34:30.50]Preston, 这是 Bill 和我之间的事. Why do you want to take this away from him?
[34:33.08]男人有权利知道这是不是他的孩子. Does he know you've been cheating on him?
[34:34.50]Preston, this is between Bill and me.
[34:36.30]请不要这么做. The man has a right to know that this isn't his child.
[34:39.96]因为 Bill 是我最好的朋友,这就是原因. Please, just let this go.
[34:41.76]如果你真的是他最好的朋友, 你就不会这么做. Why can't you let this go?
[34:43.98]Holly, 告诉他真想吧! Because Bill is my best friend. That's why.
[34:45.47]为什么? If you were really his friend, you wouldn't do this.
[34:46.64]我不想毁了我的生活,就因为你认为这是错的. Holly, please! Tell him the truth!
[34:49.22]你的生活? Why?
[34:50.49]那么他的生活怎么办? I'm not gonna ruin my life because you think this is wrong.
[34:53.89]如果 Bill 不知道不会伤害他. Your life?
[34:54.49]What about his life?
[34:55.68]What about this child's life?
[34:58.62]好. What Bill doesn't know won't hurt him.
[35:04.01]但是我是他的医生, Fine.
[35:05.91]他的医生不会对他撒谎. Maybe his friend won't tell him the truth,
[35:08.01]but I'm also his doctor,
[35:09.91]and his doctor is not going to lie to him.
[35:18.52]我真得很遗憾你不能来这里和你母亲一起. I know, but something came up, an important surgery, and I couldn't.
[35:20.90]Ms. Henry, 如果我的妈妈还神志清晰, 她会理解的.
[35:22.52]I'm just sorry you couldn't be there for your mother.
[35:24.06]她是个外科医生. Ms. Henry, if my mother were lucid, she would understand.
[35:27.49]除此之外, 她更本不知道我是谁, 所以... She's a surgeon.
[35:29.17]She's done this countless times.
[35:30.88]今天,她知道了. And besides, she doesn't even know who I am anyway, so...
[35:34.21]你妈妈今天询问了他的女儿 Meredith 什么时候下班. Today she did.
[35:38.21]Your mother's been asking when her daughter Meredith gets off from work.
[35:43.42]Hey. Hey.
[35:48.96]A lot of secret phone calls today.
[35:53.17]Yeah, 是我的妈妈.
[35:57.17]Yeah, it's my mother.
[36:01.87]她不在写书. She isn't traveling.
[36:04.78]她不在做任何事. She isn't writing a book.
[36:09.30]为什么? She isn't anything.
[36:11.79]她得了老年痴呆症. I've been lying to everyone.
[36:15.01]- 发展到什么阶段? - 非常后期. She has alzheimer's.
[36:16.90]她在家, 我是唯一知道她得晚的人.
[36:19.01]- How advanced? - Very.
[36:21.42]我真的不知道该怎么做,你理解吗? She's in a home, and I'm the only one who even knows she's sick.
[36:25.42]I just don't know what to do anymore, you know?
[36:48.58]Don't even tell me you're doing what I think you're doing!
[37:02.99]Not only did you disregard the family's wishes, you broke the law!
[37:04.57]你们会被拘捕为你们所做的行为! You could be arrested for assault!
[37:06.55]你们喜欢监狱? Do you like jail?
[37:08.31]医院可能会被控告! 我会失去我的执照,我的工作! The hospital could be sued! I could lose my license, my job!
[37:12.19]我喜欢我的工作! I like my job!
[37:13.68]在你们开始在这个可怜的男人上上动刀的时候,你们有没有想过这些? Did you think about any of this before you started cutting open a poor man's body?
[37:17.97]我可以狠狠地踢你们两个的屁股. I could seriously kick both your asses right now.
[37:20.64]你们还有什么要说的? Do you have anything to say?
[37:24.59]看下这个心脏. Look at his heart.
[37:25.92]那么大! It's huge!
[37:27.60]这个超过 600 克, It's over 600 grams,
[37:29.32]这里面有一些颗粒样物质在里面. and there's some kind of grainy material in it.
[37:31.32]我们想做一些检查. We want to run some tests.
[37:32.63]Oh, 现在你们还想做检查? Oh, now you want to run tests?
[37:34.56]在这个问题上 什么会让他损伤的? At this point, what could it hurt?
[37:38.11]我现在讨厌你们两个. I hate both of you right now.
[37:52.25]Meredith... Meredith...
[37:54.26]他是一个主治. he's an attending.
[37:55.85]你是实习医生. You're an intern.
[37:57.50]你看见我们? You saw us?
[37:59.55]你可以看见了. You can see.
[38:02.98]我会告诉你妈妈你说什么,如果她还在这里 I'm gonna tell you what your mother would say if she were here.
[38:07.55]你犯了一个错误 -- You're making a mistake --
[38:09.30]一个大错误. a big one.
[38:12.57]我会告诉我妈妈这不是一个错误. And I would tell my mother it's not a mistake.
[38:18.07]我们很明确地说过不要尸体解剖. We specifically said no autopsy.
[38:21.64]我很明白你们为什么那么心烦. I understand why you're upset.
[38:24.90]你们明白? You understand?
[38:26.33]我们会找一个律师. We're gonna get an attorney.
[38:28.40]来吧,妈妈. Come on, mom.
[38:29.21]我们知道什么使他致死. We know what killed him.
[38:30.88]他得了一个血液病叫做血色素沉着症. He had a blood condition known as hemachromatosis.
[38:34.49]这个疾病引起他体内过多的吸收金属离子, The disease causes an excess amount of iron to build up in the body,
[38:38.28]这就是引起他心脏衰竭的原因, 不是因为穿刺术. and that's what caused the heart failure, not the paracentesis.
[38:42.04]但是我认为他总是那么病态因为他喝酒. But I thought he was always so sick 'cause of the drinking.
[38:45.86]你永远不会让他忘了它... 或者我. And you never let him forget it... or me.
[38:48.88]- 妈... - 还有些别的问题. - Mom... - There's something else.
[38:50.69]这个病是会遗传的. The disease is genetic.
[38:52.20]你们认为Alice可能也得了这个病 ? You think Alice could have it, too?
[38:53.74]一个简单的血液检查就会告诉我们结果. A simple blood test will tell us.
[38:55.67]如果你做这个检查,我们会尽早进行治疗,在条件变得很坏之前. If you have it, we'll have caught it early enough to treat it before the condition becomes critical.
[39:00.04]Dr. Stevens 和 Dr. Yang 可能救了你的命. Dr. Stevens and Dr. Yang may have saved your life.
[39:09.44]如果你可以... If you could just...
[39:11.23]签上这个尸体解剖的同意书 -- sign this consent form for the autopsy --
[39:14.93]仅仅是个规定. just a formality.
[39:21.55]人们总是忘记 当秘密得到解开的时候有多么的快乐和轻松. The thing people forget is how good it can feel when you finally set secrets free.
[39:30.49]不管好的还是坏的, 至少他们被揭开了... Whether good or bad, at least they're out in the open...
[39:35.50]喜欢或则不喜欢. like it or not.
[39:51.97]关于以前-- About before --
[39:52.97]George, 我想让你明白-- George, I want you to understand --
[39:57.36]当我们开始认识的时候, 我已经和别人交往过. when we started dating, I was already kind of seeing someone.
[40:01.72]我真的不知道我有多么喜欢你, I didn't know how much I'd like you,
[40:04.09]我意识到的时候, 我意识到的时候我就和那个男的分开了 -- and when I realized, I broke it off with the other guy --
[40:06.70]那个男的? Other guy?
[40:09.42]谁是那个男的? Who's the other guy?
[40:16.00]你和 Alex? You and Alex?
[40:20.04]你和 Alex?! You and Alex?!
[40:21.98]你传给我 梅毒?! You gave me syphilis?!
[40:23.78]George! George!
[40:24.82]George! George!
[40:26.11]George, 退后! George, back off!
[40:27.85]Alex! Alex!
[40:28.91]George! George!
[40:29.81]退后, Alex. Back off, Alex.
[40:34.20]一但你的秘密被揭开了, And once your secrets are out in the open,
[40:36.33]你就不必再把它藏在背后 you don't have to hide behind them anymore.
[40:42.82]- 好长的一天. - Yeah. - Long day. - Yeah.
[40:45.45]那边有一份东西给你 上面有你的名字 可能是一瓶红酒. Someone out there has a steak with your name on it and maybe a bottle of wine.
[40:50.02]这就我为什么我和你保持距离. This is why I keep you around.
[40:52.79]那么我们因该谈一下. So, we need to talk.
[40:54.35]先喝酒,等会在谈. Wine first, talk later.
[40:56.72]你准备,让我喝酒然后利用我? You trying to, uh, get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?
[41:01.16]我想我喜欢这个规定. I think I like this rules thing.
[41:04.52]我也是. Me too.
[41:19.85]Meredith, 我真得很对不起. Meredith, I am so sorry.
[41:21.73]秘密的问题就是尽管你认为你在你控制下... The problem with secrets is even when you think you're in control...
[41:27.50]Addison. Addison.
[41:28.86]...然后你不是. ...You're not.
[41:30.08]你在这里干嘛? What are you doing here?
[41:31.65]你在不接我那么多电话后应该知道我为什么在这里. You'd know if you'd bothered to return any one of my phone calls.
[41:36.18]Hi. 我是 Addison Shepherd. Hi. I'm Addison Shepherd.
[41:40.86]Shepherd? Shepherd?
[41:42.36]你一定是那个女人,一直和我丈夫粘在一起 . And you must be the woman who's been screwing my husband.
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