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[00:00.96](Narrator) Previously on Grey's Anatomy: 前情提要...
[00:03.06]- (Lzzie) How did your test go? - Good, but I won't know for a few days. 你的考试顺利吗?
[00:03.53]我感觉不错 但是还要等几天才知道结果
[00:06.40]- We're pulling for you. - We are? 我们都为你捏把汗呢
[00:08.24]You cannot kick me while I'm doing my job. 你不能在我工作的时候踢我
[00:13.71]I thought you could give me an answer to my question. 我以为你会给我一个合理的答案
[00:16.68]About you... moving in. 关于你...
[00:21.68]I have a dog. 我养了只狗
[00:23.45]That's not a dog. It's a hyena dressed in dog clothing. 这可不是狗
[00:23.83]简直是只土狼 从动物园里跑了出来披着狗皮的狼
[00:26.72]I love dogs. 我喜欢狗
[00:30.53](Meredith) As doctors we're trained to be skeptical... 做为一名医生 我们被训练了要敢于怀疑的精神
[00:34.06]because our patients lie to us all the time. 因为我们的病人 无时无刻的在对我们撒谎
[00:37.53]The rule is; every patient is a liar until proven honest. 而规则就是
[00:42.97](& Saint Etienne: A Good Thing)
[00:46.88]Why aren't you prepping for rounds and stealing the good cases? 你怎么不去准备巡房
[00:49.94]Why aren't you prepping for rounds and stealing the good cases? 那你怎么不去准备巡房
[00:53.18]- No reason. - No reason? 没有原因
[00:55.38]Lying is bad. Or so we're told. 撒谎不好...
[00:59.09]Constantly, from birth. 就被这样教育
[01:01.92]"Honesty is the best policy." 诚实才是最好的办法
[01:04.29]"The truth shall set you free." 真相才会帮助你解脱
[01:06.63]"I chopped down the cherry tree." Whatever. 我砍下的樱桃树
[01:10.00]- I'm waiting for McDreamy. - I'm avoiding Burke. 我在等待美梦先生
[01:12.93]- Why are you avoiding Burke? - He thinks I moved in with him. 为什么你要逃避burke?
[01:16.37]- Why are you... - McDreamy's doing me a favor. 为什么你要等待...
[01:19.01]- Thinks you moved in with him? - You're calling him "McDreamy?" Burke“以为”你要搬过去?
[01:19.83]等等 你又开始叫他"mcdreamy" 了?
[01:22.28]The fact is, lying is a necessity. 事实上是 撒谎是必需的
[01:29.68](Meredith) Thank you for this, with the needles and blood. 谢谢帮我
[01:32.62]They won't accept her without a family history. 如果没有家族病史他们不给做这个
[01:35.12]I'm happy to get your mom into the clinical trial. 我很乐意帮你妈妈做这个临床实验
[01:37.76]Even with the needles and blood. 即使要扎针和抽血
[01:44.03]All done. How's that feel? 好了
[01:46.97]We lie to ourselves because the truth... 我们自欺欺人 因为事实...
[01:50.17]The truth freaking hurts. 钻心的疼痛
[01:52.11]It feels good. 感觉不错
[01:55.38]- Burke thinks you moved in with him? - It's not important. Burke"以为"你搬过去他那边
[01:57.23]好了 这根本不重要
[01:59.11]- You're calling Derek "McDreamy" again? - It's nothing. 你又开始把derek称为 "mcdreamy" 了
[02:02.62]- All right, what are you doing? - What are you doing? 你在干吗?
[02:05.45]- Stop repeating what I say. - Stop asking me questions. 别再重复我说的话了
[02:11.89]Cujo has to go! Cujo必须走!
[02:14.33]He peed on my bed. My bed, Meredith. 他在我床上尿尿 我的床上 meredith
[02:17.03]- He's our dog. - No, he's not my dog. 他是我们的狗哦
[02:17.13]不 他不是我的狗
[02:19.13]You two bought him without even asking me. 你们俩问都没问我就买回来了
[02:21.64]We rescued him from certain death. 我们是从死亡中
[02:24.74]Come on, you guys. 拜托了 伙计们
[02:26.64]I'm putting my foot down. Either the dog moves out or I do. 我坚决反对
[02:27.73]如果狗不搬走 那我搬
[02:31.21]Foot. Down. Now. 现在开始投票
[02:33.98]Me or the dog. Which is it? 要我还是要狗 哪一个?
[02:36.35](Dog pants)
[02:41.52]- You hesitated. She hesitated. - You hesitated? 你犹豫了
[02:45.83]I didn't hesitate. I was thinking. 我没有犹豫 只是在想而已
[02:48.10]You have to think about it? Fine. 这还需要想吗?
[02:48.33]好吧 我现在就搬走
[02:50.20]I'm moving out right now.
[02:53.47]Later. I'm moving out later. Because right now, I have rounds. 稍后 我稍后会搬走 因为我现在需要巡房
[02:59.41]- Tell me that is not a dog. - (All) It's not a dog. 告诉我那不是条狗
[03:02.94](Beeping) Rick freeark 29岁 左手3根手指截断
[03:04.55]- (Man) Let's go. - Rick Freeark, 29.
[03:06.68]Severed three fingers on his left hand. Controlled the bleeding. 出血已经止住了
[03:10.35]Vitals stable. Gave him five of morphine. 情况基本稳定 路上注射了5单位吗啡
[03:12.85]- Fingers? - Had trouble retrieving them, 手指呢?
[03:12.93]有点不太好找 所以就先送伤者过来了
[03:15.19]so we took off. Rig behind us found 'em. They're iced and ready. Rig找到他们并放在冰箱里面了 稍后会过来
[03:18.59]- Ten minutes out. - Continue with IV fluids 十分钟左右吧
[03:18.63]很好 继续静脉注射
[03:21.03]and start a course of antibiotics. Yang, wait outside for the fingers. 加上该用的那些抗生素
[03:22.33]Yang 你在外面等手指送来
[03:24.77](Man) Can you sew them on? 好!
[03:26.13]They sewed that guy's penis back on after his wife chopped it off. 因为他们把那个家伙被老婆剁下来的小弟弟都缝回去了 对吧?
[03:29.80]Penises and fingers are like apples and oranges. 小弟弟和小手指就像苹果和桔子一样
[03:32.44]- How did it happen? - I was loading my gear on to the truck 怎么发生的?
[03:32.73]我正在往货车上装一些装备 结果他们被货车门卡住了
[03:35.48]for a gig and they got caught. 你是音乐家?
[03:37.18]- You're a musician? - I play the guitar. 玩吉他的
[03:39.58]You can sew them back on, right? This is not that big a deal, right? 你们一定能帮我缝回去 对吧?
[03:40.23]这不是什么大事件 对吧?
[03:43.18]Oh, dude, I better not be out of the band. 哦 天 我最好别被乐队踢出来
[03:48.69](& Psapp: Cosy in the Rocket) Grey's Anatomy 214 Tell Me Sweet Little Lies
[03:53.49](Derek) The cuts look clean. That's good. 切口看起来很干净 很好
[03:55.80]Clean severed makes reattachment easier. 干净的切口会让缝合回去更容易一些
[03:58.63]I'm not going to lie to you. If the surgery is successful, 我实话实说
[04:02.04]we're looking at a long recovery with lots of physical therapy. 你面对的是长时间的物理治疗
[04:06.21]- You smoke? - Why? 你吸烟吗?
[04:09.61]Cigarettes constrict blood vessels. I've seen grafts fail over a few cigarettes. 怎么了?
[04:12.17]我见过几个做的很好的缝合 之后却因为吸烟又掉了
[04:14.12]So what are you saying? 那你想说的是
[04:15.75]I smoke a cigarette after my operation and boom! My fingers fall off? 手术之后我如果吸烟的话
[04:18.07]然后 乒一下 我手指就掉了?
[04:20.12]No. First they turn black and necrotic and then they fall off. 不是 首先是变黑 接着骨疽
[04:25.69]Well... I don't smoke, so... 哦... 我不吸烟...
[04:28.96]Really? Because judging by the nicotine stains, your fingers do. 真的?
[04:31.17]从烟碱污点来看 你手指吸烟哦
[04:36.64](Woman) Anybody out there? 外面有人吗?
[04:38.97]Hello? 你~好~
[04:41.54]Don't look at me. 别看我
[04:43.48]She had hip replacement surgery a month ago and was discharged last week. 一个月前她做了一个臀部复位手术
[04:47.78]Then why is she still here? 而且上周就应该出院了
[04:50.08]Because I am not a bouncer and this is not a nightclub. 因为我不是个保镖 而这里也不是夜总会
[04:53.69]I am doing what I can, with extremely limited staff and resources 我靠着这仅有的人力和资源
[04:58.09]and if you have a problem with that, take it up with the chief. 如果你有任何问题的话
[05:03.90](Woman) & Don't know why ~don't know why
[05:06.43]& There's no sun up in the sky... there's no sun up in the sky
[05:10.37]- Mrs. Larson's got to go. - If she refuses to go, what can I do? stormy weather...~
[05:13.74]She's 78 and non-ambulatory. You have the upper hand here. Use it. 如果她不想离开 我能怎么办?
[05:13.97]她都78岁了 而且行动不便
[05:17.31]Karev, can I talk to you for a second? 你有你的优势 用用吧
[05:17.77]哦 karev 我能和你谈谈吗?
[05:21.25]- Results of your Medical Board exams. - Thanks. 这是你补考的结果
[05:30.89]- Aren't you going to open it? - Yeah, I'll open it. 你不打算打开看看吗?
[05:32.27]当然 我会打开的
[05:35.40]& I'm weary all the time & ~i'm weary all the time~
[05:42.44]- Oh, thank you. Thank you. - Mrs. Larson, I'm Dr. O'Malley. 哦 谢谢 谢谢
[05:46.17]Oh! An Irishman. I love the Irish. They have a sparkle. 好 Larson夫人 我是O'malley医生
[05:46.87]哦 爱尔兰人
[05:49.17]我超爱爱尔兰人的 他们有一种...
[05:51.75]You can see it in the eye. And the swagger. 火花
[05:52.17]你可以在他们眼中看到 而且还大摇大摆
[05:54.95]Come on, Dr. O'Malley. Show me the swagger. 来啊 O'malley医生
[06:03.26]The eyes are right, 眼神不错
[06:05.89]but you'll have to work on the swagger. 但是 你还需要在大摇大摆上下点功夫
[06:11.43]- Mrs. Larson... - Call me Sophie. Larson夫人...
[06:14.24]Now, be a doll and bring me a remote. 叫我sophie
[06:14.77]现在 帅哥 听话 帮我拿个新的遥控器吧
[06:17.94]This one's busted. 这个不好用了
[06:20.71]Sophie. Sophie...
[06:22.38]I can't bring you one because you're no longer a patient at this hospital. 嗯?
[06:26.45]According to your chart, you have a room at the Sugar Maple Nursing Home. 从你的病历上来看
[06:28.27]你在sugar maple养老院有个房间
[06:30.32]I'm staying until my daughter's house is ready. 我等到我女儿的房子装修好就走
[06:34.16]She's converting her den into my bedroom. 她正在把她的书房
[06:38.59]She's doing it in a shade of pink. 把房间涂上稍微粉红的颜色
[06:41.13]Now... bring me a remote, Irish. 那么现在...给我拿个遥控器吧 小爱尔兰
[06:44.73]I'm going to sing... until you get back. 我要开始唱啦
[06:49.97]& Can't go on ~can't go on
[06:52.97]& Everything I have is gone everything i have is gone
[06:56.38]& Stormy weather... stormy weather~
[06:57.71](George) Coming right up. 马上回来
[06:59.28]Yumi Miyazaki, 22. Presented this morning with persistent hiccups. 宫崎由美 恩 22岁
[07:03.89]She was given 50 chlorpromazine which stopped them, but then they returned, 已经给了50单位的氯丙秦
[07:08.09]so she needs a surgical consult to rule out esophageal perforation. 但之后很快又重新开始打嗝了
[07:11.96]- When did your hiccups start? - A few days ago. 她什么时候开始打嗝的?
[07:14.40]- She doesn't speak English. - You her boyfriend? 几天之前 她不会说英语
[07:17.00]Her coach. 你是她男朋友吗?
[07:18.33]- She's an athlete? - Yumi is a competitive eater. 她教练
[07:18.97]哦 她是个运动员
[07:20.97]Eating is a sport? 哦 由美是个超级吃家
[07:23.74]Miyazaki. Yeah, yeah. 哦 宫崎
[07:26.04]She's like a rock star in Japan. 对了 对了 没错 她在日本就像个摇滚歌星一样
[07:27.98]Again, eating is a sport? 再问一次 吃也是运动吗?
[07:30.24]Tell her I saw her on TV. Tell her I'm an athlete too. I'm a wrestler... 告诉她我在电视上见过她
[07:34.97]这个年轻的医生想告诉你他是个摔跤手 我觉得这丫在调戏你呢
[07:41.37]告诉他 我把他这样的小男孩当早餐吃
[07:45.03](Yumi hiccups)
[07:47.13]She wonders how a wrestler got smart enough to be a doctor. 她想知道一个摔跤手怎么能聪明到可以当医生的
[07:50.13]Most wrestlers she knows are dumb. 她认识的大部分摔跤手都是白痴
[07:53.30]Tell her she hasn't been hanging out at the right gyms. 就告诉她
[07:56.17]How about instead you tell her that a persistent hiccup 不如你告诉她
[07:59.27]could be an indication of something much more serious? 持续的打嗝
[08:02.74]Schedule an esophagogram. 去预订一个食道X 光
[08:04.81]She's competing this afternoon at the Taste of Seattle. 噢 她今天下午
[08:07.62]Can't you give her a stronger dose of that drug? It worked. 在"品尝西雅图"有个比赛
[08:10.62]Did the hiccups come back? 那个挺有用的
[08:12.19]- Yes, but... - Then it didn't work. 那吃药之后还打嗝吗?
[08:17.76](Bailey groans) 噢
[08:19.16]- (Lzzie) Dr. Bailey? - Be quiet. Bailey医生?
[08:22.46](Lzzie) Dr. Bailey, are you OK? Bailey医生 你没事吧?
[08:29.07]All right, somebody page Addison Shepherd. 好吧 谁去呼一下addison shepherd
[08:36.01](Addison) There he is. Heartbeat's strong. 这就是了
[08:38.35]Since there's no dilation or effacement, 心跳很强壮
[08:40.65]it looks like nothing more than Braxton Hicks. 看起来只是Braxton-Hick收缩
[08:44.42]Except? 但是?
[08:46.65]I know the mild-concerned tone. I've used it myself from time to time. 我太了解这种温和关切的语气了
[08:51.79]Sometimes false labor is the body's way of saying "slow down." 有时 假阵痛是身体告诉你疲惫的信号
[08:55.16]I'm a surgeon. 我是个医生
[08:56.36]I understand the realities of your job 我清楚你职业的事实 但是你也要清楚你怀孕的事实
[08:58.47]but you need to understand the realities of your pregnancy. Take it easy.
[09:02.30]- Is there anything I can do to help? - You can help me get up off this table. 然后放轻松
[09:04.36]恩 有 首先你帮我从这台子上弄下去
[09:08.21]Dr. Bailey? Bailey医生...
[09:09.31]The GI lab has a couple of questions about Miss Miyazaki's esophagogram. 胃肠科学实验室对宫崎女士的食道X光有点问题
[09:14.62]All right. Let's go. 好吧 我们走
[09:17.65]Dr. Stevens. Stevens医生
[09:20.96]Keep an eye on her. Watch for painful contractions, more than five an hour. 今天多留意她一些
[09:22.66]警惕她任何疼痛的宫缩 是否多于每小时五次
[09:25.23]Anything that could indicate preterm labor. 任何征兆都有可能导致早产
[09:29.16]The favor's not for me, Stevens. You know that. 这可不是帮我的忙 stevens
[09:35.94](Meredith) Naomi Cline, 43. naomi cline 43岁
[09:37.44]Had her tricuspid valve replaced three years ago with a porcine valve. 三年前曾用猪三尖瓣
[09:41.21]Oh, Naomi. 做了移植手术 先生
[09:42.38]I'm surprised to see you back again so soon. naomi 见到你很意外
[09:45.61]Pig valves usually hold up 10-15 years. 这么快就回来了
[09:47.82]Yours is degenerating too quickly for my comfort. 但是你的看起来你的退化起来
[09:50.69]Oh, heart-valve, schmart-valve. 有点超乎我想像的快
[09:50.96]哦 心脏瓣膜 schmeart valve (抱歉 这个我google不到 不知啥意思)
[09:52.85]I got married, Dr. Burke. (laughs) 我结婚了 Burke医生!
[09:56.86]I found him. My true love. 我找到他了...
[09:59.19]My "you jump, I jump." (laughs) 我的真爱 那个...你跳 我就跳 (泰坦尼克害人不浅哦)
[10:02.93]Look. Isn't it beautiful? 看...
[10:05.77]And look... Iook at that beautiful, beautiful man. 漂亮吧?
[10:12.64]- We met in the grocery store. - Oh, honey. 我们是在杂货店相遇的
[10:16.51]Congratulations. It's good to see you so happy. 噢 亲爱的
[10:19.45]Yeah. 真高兴见到你如此开心 naomi
[10:22.68]So, Naomi's heart valve? What does this mean? 唔 那么naomi的心脏瓣膜...
[10:26.75]There's a cause for your wife's valve failure that remains undiagnosed. 那是什么意思?
[10:27.16]哦 你妻子有未诊断出的潜在原因造成你妻子的瓣膜磨损
[10:30.99]Theories, Grey? 理论上 grey?
[10:32.13]Rheumatic fever, chronic use of migraine meds... 风湿热 长期使用偏头疼药...
[10:35.33](dog barks)
[10:36.90]...or IV narcotics could all cause valve disease, sir. 或静脉注射毒品
[10:40.16]都能造成瓣膜疾病 先生
[10:42.30]Oh, I don't use drugs. Don't need 'em. 喔 我不用药 我不需要他们
[10:45.11]I've got Tom. 我已经有小Tom了
[10:46.97]He's my drug. Aren't you, baby? 他就是我的仙丹灵药
[10:49.76]不是吗 宝贝? 当然是
[10:52.05]- She's high, Dr. Burke. - She's in love. She's happy. 她磕药了 Burke医生
[10:54.16]不 她正恋爱呢 她很开心
[10:55.92]Nobody is that happy. She's on drugs. 没人会开心成那样的 她正High呢
[10:59.22]Run a tox screen. But Naomi doesn't strike me as a liar. 做一个毒理检测
[11:02.62]If she says no drugs, then it's no drugs. 但是naomi从不会欺骗我
[11:03.06]如果她说没磕药 那就是没磕
[11:05.03]- You develop a sixth sense about this. - Everybody's a liar. 你在凭第六感诊断病人
[11:08.53](Dog barks) 人人都是谎话家
[11:10.33]Dr. Grey, is that a dog? Grey医生 那是条狗吗?
[11:13.00]No. 不
[11:17.00](Derek) We need to keep this elevated, OK? 这个保持抬高一会 好吗? 好
[11:19.11]I'm gonna check in on you in a little bit. 我马上回来帮你做检查
[11:23.98]Yang. 嗨 yang
[11:25.48]You were a little harsh in there. 你刚才有点无礼哦
[11:27.52]He was lying. Your "harsh" is another man's "refreshing." 因为他在撒谎
[11:30.79]Well, he's in shock. He lost his fingers and his only remaining habit in one day. 而且你的无礼还能让那男人提神醒脑
[11:32.96]你要让他在一天之内丢了手指 和唯一还保留的爱好
[11:35.66]We need to be compassionate. 我们需要点同情心
[11:37.66]- Compassionate? - It's an emotion. 同情心?
[11:39.73]- Have you ever heard of it? - Have you? 是 一种情感 以前听过吗?
[11:43.26]Barely back on her feet and you've got her calling you McDreamy again. 她好不容易才解脱出来 而你竟然让她又开始叫你美梦先生了
[11:46.93]I was telling the patient the truth. You might want to try it sometime. 现在我不过是告诉病人事实而已
[11:58.95]Remotes. 遥控器...
[12:02.25]- More remotes. - O'Malley? 遥控器
[12:07.79]I'm getting a remote for Mrs. Larson. 我在...我在帮Larson夫人找个遥控器
[12:11.09]What happened to the upper hand? 你的优势怎么了?
[12:14.43]Have you met Mrs. Larson, sir? 你见过Larson夫人吗 先生?
[12:16.16]Why do you think she's been here this long? In a private room. 不然你认为为何她会在这里住这么久
[12:19.83]She handled you, too? 而且还是私人病房?
[12:24.34]Well, she sang for the troops, you know? 知道吗 她以前是为军队唱歌的
[12:27.58]Can't we just keep her here until her room at her daughter's house is ready? 我们不能让她就这么住着
[12:31.35]No, we can't. 直到她女儿的房子搞定接她走吗?
[12:31.66]不 我们不能
[12:34.01]Not on surgical service, anyway. 至少不能在外科
[12:37.69]Oh. OK. 哦 好的
[12:40.55]- But... some other service? - I'm the Chief, O'Malley. 那其他的什么科呢?
[12:44.73]I can't condone turfing patients onto other services. 我是主任 o'malley
[12:49.50]You hear me, O'Malley? 听懂了吗 o'malley?
[12:52.13](Woman on PA) Any available IC nurse to OR 2.
[12:54.87](Sophie) I'm missing my program, Irish. 我要错过我的节目呢 小爱尔兰
[12:57.61]And I don't see a remote in that hot little hand. 而且我也没看到我要的遥控器
[13:01.58]Your urine output has increased slightly since yesterday. 在你那性感的小手上出现
[13:04.98]I'm going to have to take you to gynecology 我要带你去妇科做个检查
[13:07.45]to make sure you don't have a prolapsed uterus. 以确保你的子宫没有下垂
[13:10.35]Honey, my uterus hasn't been an issue for 30 years. 亲爱的 我的子宫在过去30年从来都没什么事情
[13:14.05]I know. But it might be an issue now. 我知道
[13:17.79]You know, one that could keep you here in the hospital for tests. 一件可以让你继续留在医院里的事
[13:28.14]You drive. I'll ride shotgun. 你开车 我开枪
[13:31.87]- You're not moving out, George. - Oh, yes, I am. 你不能搬出去 george
[13:34.71]I gave an ultimatum. Threw down the gauntlet. I drew my line in the sand. 哦 是的 我要搬出去
[13:39.05]Well, un-give, un-throw, un-draw. 在沙子上画线
[13:39.46]哦 撤销它 捡起来 擦掉它
[13:42.22]A man does not give an ultimatum and then back down. 男人是不会在给了最后通牒之后又妥协的
[13:45.19]Meredith had a choice and she chose the dog. Meredith已经做出了选择 她选了狗
[13:48.26]A girl chose a dog over you? 一个女孩选狗都没选你?
[13:50.69]- Yes. - No. 是
[14:01.50]- Are we going to do this or what? - (Cristina) Yeah. Let's go. 我们一定要做这个吗?
[14:04.57]- Don't start without me. - We won't start if lzzie doesn't focus. 当然 开始吧
[14:08.04]- Come on. - What should I put? 如果izzie没集中注意力的话我们没办法开始
[14:09.58]- I don't know. - Destructive hell-dog available. -Izzie 快点 -我应该在传单上写什么?
[14:09.96]-我不... -现有一只该死的破坏性大 侵略性强的狗出售?
[14:12.15]- Not helping. - Fine. 一点用也没有
[14:13.61]Playful, protective puppy needs loving home. 好吧 顽皮可爱的小狗狗 需要一个爱心之家的保护
[14:16.58]Good. 不错
[14:19.12]- Hey, George. - Don't talk to me. 当然
[14:20.96]You'll mess up my game, and I'm in the zone. 嗨 george.
[14:23.36]OK. What are you doing? 你只会搞砸我的游戏 我可是志在必得的
[14:26.66]- It's a flyer... - Izzie, come on. 你在干吗?
[14:27.06]-哦 是张传单 我打算贴到... -izzie 快点
[14:28.63]OK. Keep your panties on. 来了 别兴奋过头了
[14:31.60]- All right. - No touching! 好吧
[14:37.47]Go. 开始!
[14:39.84](& Mike Tarantino: Wienermobile Girl)
[14:43.98]Advertising for a home for Doc? I said I'd do it. 你在登广告把狗送出去?
[14:46.45]And you haven't. And you won't. And I don't want George to leave. -我说了我会做的? -但是你没做 也不会做
[14:50.65]- (Meredith) Say he's not house-broken. - (Doc whines) 那好 至少附上它是没经过训练的
[14:55.29]- What? It's the truth. - So you want me to put the truth? Fine. 怎么?这是事实
[14:57.06]是吗? 你要写上事实? 好啊
[15:00.73]Vicious, hyper devil-mutt is available and will pee on your bed. 一只超级凶恶魔鬼混帐狗转让
[15:05.50]He's yours too. We got him together. 绝对尿湿你的床
[15:07.40]We got him together, but he's not my dog. He's not your dog either. 他也是你的狗 我们一起带他回来的
[15:08.06]我们是一起带他回来的 但是他不是我的狗
[15:10.26]他也不是你的狗 他甚至都不认识我们 我们在家的时间太少了 根本不够让他认识我们
[15:11.84]He doesn't even know us. We're not home enough for him to know us.
[15:16.08](Muffled) Ha-ha! 记录诞生!
[15:18.68]- (Muffled) You cheated. - I kicked your asses. 记录诞生!
[15:22.28](Muffled shouting)
[15:24.39]& You wanna be me, but you can't be me 你倒是想成为我 但是你不能
[15:26.25]& You wanna be me, but you... 你想成为我 但是你...
[15:29.16]- (Alex) Uh-oh. - She's gonna blow. 该死 她要吐出来了
[15:31.03]- (Yelling) - (Doc barks) 快跑!
[15:36.66]"The surgical floor is a dumping ground for patients who aren't even surgical." 手术病房区
[15:41.07]"We are overworked and exhausted. This makes..." 好多不需要手术的也住这里了
[15:41.77]我们工作过度 而且疲惫不堪
[15:43.77]The nurses again? Can't you do something? -这个让我们... -又是护士们?
[15:46.27]You used to be one of them. Don't you speak "nurse?" 你就不能做点什么吗?
[15:49.04]That's why you don't get any respect from the nurses. 你曾经是他们的一员 你没和他们说点什么吗?
[15:51.71]- Surgical arrogance. - (Scoffs) I'm not arrogant. 外科自大狂
[15:55.68]You're killing them with that workload. Look at the board. 我才不是自大狂
[15:58.75]What? That's a beautiful board. 看看提示板
[16:01.32]It's a crowded board. We need more nurses. 这是张漂亮的板子
[16:10.46]Mr. Kamaji? This is probably what's causing her hiccups. Kamaji先生
[16:15.04]- A tear in the lining of her esophagus. - Can you fix it? 她的食道中有一条裂缝
[16:18.31]Yes, surgically. Sooner the better. 你们能处理吗?
[16:18.77]当然可以手术来治愈 越快越好
[16:20.37]After today, her schedule is clear until March. 过了今天的比赛后
[16:23.41]No, her schedule is clear now. She can't compete today. 她在三月前都比较空闲
[16:24.07]不 她现在就开始空闲
[16:27.35]And if she enjoys the taste of solid food, 她今天不能参加比赛
[16:29.88]I recommend giving up the sport for something a little less aggressive. 我建议放弃这个而去选择比较不激烈的运动
[16:33.42]Say, boxing. 比如拳击
[16:35.89]- (Yumi hiccups) - I see. 明白了
[16:39.99]Could you give us some privacy please? 能让我们单独呆一会吗?
[16:50.64]Karev, get the translator up here. Karev...
[16:53.04]Let's make sure she's getting the whole truth. 找个翻译来
[16:58.25]- (Woman) You know? - (Man) Yeah.
[17:00.28]- (Man) Busted. - Put that out.
[17:03.12]Sorry. 熄掉烟
[17:05.05](Cristina) I've gotta prep you for surgery. 对不起
[17:07.32]Can you ask your friends to leave? 能让你的朋友离开吗?
[17:09.69](Woman) Love you.
[17:14.33]I wasn't gonna light 'em. I was just holding them. 我不会点着的(烟)
[17:17.16]OK. 只是这么握着
[17:18.90]- Seriously. Take them. Throw them out. - You hang on to them. 好的
[17:19.67]说真的 你拿走吧 扔掉
[17:22.30]- Seriously, I wasn't gonna smoke. - I don't care. Do what you want. 不 你握着吧
[17:23.17]我认真的 我没打算抽
[17:24.17]我也认真的 我不介意 你想做什么就做什么吧
[17:27.64]You don't think I'm gonna be able to quit, do you? 你认为我戒不掉 对吗?
[17:30.64]No. I don't. 戒不掉
[17:36.32](Sophie) & I'm lonely all the time... ~i'm lonely all the time~
[17:39.95]Oh, no. 哦 不
[17:42.89]Oh, yeah. 哦 没错
[17:46.06]Irish. 小爱尔兰
[17:47.73]That nice lady doctor in gynecology 妇科的那个和蔼的女医生说
[17:51.40]said that, since I had a hysterectomy back in '74, 自从我74年切除子宫之后
[17:55.50]I don't have a uterus to prolapse. 我就没有一个子宫可以下垂了
[17:59.01]- Damn it. - I've been feeling a bit feverish. 该死
[18:03.14]A woman my age with a fever could be an indication of... 我这年纪的女人如果发烧的话
[18:07.65]any number of awful diseases. 也许意味着
[18:08.27]哦 一大堆可怕危险的疾病
[18:10.52]They took your temperature an hour ago. It was normal. 护士一个小时前给你测了体温
[18:14.59]I am sorry, Sophie, but I am going to have to call your daughter. 很正常
[18:15.57]对不起 sophie
[18:17.99]I'm telling you, I'm warm. 我必须给你女儿打电话了
[18:18.67]我没说完呢 我真的挺热
[18:30.90]That must be one hell of a dog. 那一定是条该死的狗
[18:35.64]Excuse me? 什么?
[18:37.71]With those eyes... 一对那样的眼睛...
[18:40.51]and those nice firm hands. 和温暖结实的手...
[18:44.65]A girl who chooses a dog over you... 谁家姑娘竟然放弃你而选狗...
[18:49.69]It must be one hell of a dog. 所以一定是条该死的恶狗
[18:55.36]Mrs. Cline's tox screen and titer both came back negative. Cline夫人的毒理测试和滴定测试都是阴性
[18:59.10]I was sure I was right about that. 我当时竟然那么肯定
[19:01.34]Gonna have to adjust your world view. 该调整一下你的世界观了 Grey医生
[19:03.44]- There are people who don't lie. - Maybe. 还有一些你不认识的不撒谎的人呢
[19:06.31]Although, frankly, the drug use would have explained the valve failure. 也许吧
[19:07.07]尽管如此 坦白说
[19:11.55]- So how do we proceed? - Schedule Mrs. Cline for a surgery. 那我们下面该怎么做?
[19:14.88]OK. 帮Cline夫人预定个手术
[19:17.55]Do you want to come over for dinner? 晚上想过来吃晚饭吗?
[19:22.46]- What? - Dinner. 什么?
[19:24.06]- Our place. Mine and Cristina's. - Why? 吃晚饭...
[19:29.20]You're Cristina's friend. I want her to feel welcome to have our friends round. 你是cristina最好的朋友
[19:31.47]我想让她感觉到 我随时欢迎她的朋友来我们家
[19:33.37]- So she moved in with you? - Yes. Didn't she tell you? 噢 她已经搬去你家了?
[19:38.07]Of course she told me. Why wouldn't she tell me? 她没告诉你吗?
[19:39.27]她当然告诉我了 为什么她不告诉我呢?
[19:41.68]She's in, right? 她已经搬过去了 对吧?
[19:43.88]- Which, you know, I think is great. - Right. 我觉得 简直太棒了
[19:52.79]- (Elevator chime) - Thank you. 谢谢
[19:57.93]I just came from Mr. Freeark's room. 我刚从Freeark先生的病房出来
[20:00.26]He's convinced he won't be able to quit smoking. Says you agree. 他确信他肯定戒不掉吸烟了
[20:03.60]He asked my opinion. 而你也赞同
[20:05.00]- Want me to apologize? - Tell him you're wrong. 他问我的想法而已 你要我道歉吗?
[20:07.53]You're having a bad day. Your favorite uncle died of lung cancer. 不 我只是想让你进去告诉他 你当时想错了
[20:09.47]因为你最爱的叔叔刚刚因肺癌过世 所以每次你看到香烟的时候都深恶痛绝
[20:12.04]Say whatever you need to. Get him to believe this is about you, not him. 随便说什么你能说的吧 只要让他相信是你的错
[20:15.84]If he thinks he can't quit, he won't. 不是他的
[20:16.27]因为如果他觉得他戒不掉 那他就不会去戒了
[20:18.41]- Then we shouldn't do the surgery. - Fine. 那样我们甚至都不用做这个手术了
[20:20.81]- What is your problem? I'm your boss... - You're not right now. 好吧
[20:24.05]We're in an elevator, your specialty for McDreamy moments. -你到底怎么了? -闭嘴 你现在不是我老板
[20:24.67]我们是在电梯里 这是你的专长 对吧?
[20:27.19]- Dr. Yang... - For a moment I'm not Dr. Yang, 电梯里的美梦时刻?
[20:29.72]you're not Dr. Shepherd. You're the guy who screwed up my friend. 此时此刻 我不是Yang医生 而你也不是Shepherd医生
[20:32.96]The guy who drove her to get a dog because her boyfriend lied... 你只是一个伤害我朋友的男人
[20:36.83]I never lied to her. 她养狗完全是因为男朋友
[20:38.40]I know a liar when I see one because I'm a liar. -骗她说没老婆 -我从没骗过她
[20:38.67]我一眼就能识别谎话 因为我经常说谎
[20:40.77]Want me to lie to the patient? Fine, I'll lie. 好 你让我去对病人撒谎?
[20:42.37]好的 那我就去撒谎
[20:45.24]Yumi? 由美
[20:48.44]Hey. The translator's here. Where's the patient Miyazaki? 嗨 翻译来了
[20:52.25]She left with her friend 20 minutes ago. 病人呢... 宫崎?
[20:54.45]- She wasn't discharged. - Sorry, we're short-staffed. 她和朋友20分钟前离开了
[20:57.45]I assumed someone else had done the paperwork. 对不起 我们人手不够
[21:00.75]Damn it. 该死
[21:03.19]Come on! Damn it. 快点!
[21:08.70]- What are you doing out of bed? - I gotta get a candy bar. 你下床干吗?
[21:11.57]You're about to have surgery. You can't eat. 我要买条巧克力
[21:14.20]- Mr. Freeark, please. - My dad's Mr. Freeark. 你马上要做手术了 不能吃东西
[21:14.87]-Freeark先生 拜托 -我爹才是 Freeark先生
[21:16.97]- Well... - He's got a combover 当心
[21:19.57]- and an annoying wife named Kimberley. - Rick. Listen. 他有个combover发型 (挺恶心的发型)
[21:23.38]- Earlier I was out of line. - No. You got me to think. rick 听着
[21:24.17]之前 我有点过分了
[21:29.58]I don't want to be a guy sitting in a bar with a stump for a hand, 我不想变成一个坐在酒吧里
[21:33.29]having a smoke ten years down the line, 带着截断手指的人
[21:36.19]bragging about how I was better than Dave Navarro. 跟大家吹牛说我曾经比dave navarro弹的好 (dave navarro歌手)
[21:38.89]Yeah, you don't want to be creepy bitter guy. 是啊 你不想成为那种痛苦的废物
[21:42.46]Here's the thing. 是这样的...
[21:44.77]My last cigarette was this morning. 我最后一只烟是在今早抽的
[21:47.37]Only I didn't know it was my last cigarette. 只是 我没意识到那是我最后一只烟...
[22:03.72]What the hell do you think you're doing? 你认为你在做什么?
[22:10.29](Cristina) McDreamy's being McDouchey. 他竟然在缝合rick的手指的时候
[22:12.39]He's making me stand at the back of the OR while he reattaches Rick's fingers. 让我站在手术室的后面看
[22:16.16]I mean, I can't even touch a retractor. I hate him. 我甚至都碰不到牵引器
[22:19.90]Truth. Did you move in with Burke or not? 我讨厌他
[22:20.53]说真话... 你到底是不是搬去和burke一起了?
[22:24.10](Sighs) I told him I moved in with him but I'm keeping my old apartment.
[22:29.18]What? I sleep with Burke every night. My clothes are there. 怎么?
[22:30.43]我每晚都在burke家睡觉 我衣服都在那边
[22:32.71]- I still have my apartment. Big deal. - You have to tell him. 所以我仍然保留我的公寓 有什么大不了啊?
[22:36.85]Actually, I don't. 事实上 我不需要
[22:39.45]So... 那个...
[22:41.22]I'm supposed to go to dinner at your fake apartment 我好像应该去吃晚饭
[22:45.66]- with the guy you fake live with? - I wouldn't have you over to dinner. 在你那假公寓里
[22:49.93]- That's weird. - This is my point. 哦 我永远也不会让你过来和burke一起吃晚饭的
[22:52.20]- Stop with the lying. - And you're being honest? 这就是我要说的
[22:55.37]The last time you called him McDreamy, you were all atwitter with love. 那你很诚实吗?
[22:55.93]上次你叫他 mcdreamy
[23:00.47]- We're just friends. - Uh-huh? 我们只是朋友
[23:02.64]We are. 哼哼
[23:04.75]- West Nile Virus? Are you kidding me? - No. Look at her. 西尼罗河病毒 你开玩笑?
[23:08.42]She's feverish. Weaker than this morning. Could be decompensating. 没有 看看她 她正在发烧
[23:11.89](Coughs) 她可能代谢失调了
[23:12.99]She's been here for a month. You seen any mosquitoes in this hospital lately? 她在这里住一个月了 O'malley医生
[23:17.22]Oh, such a handsome young man. 最近看到这医院里有过蚊子吗?
[23:17.83]哦 好英俊的男人啊
[23:21.56]Those chocolatey eyes. 巧克力一样的眼睛
[23:26.47]In order to test you, Mrs. Larson, we have to do a spinal tap. 为了帮你测试的 Larson夫人
[23:30.30]Will you be doing it? 我们要做个脊髓穿刺
[23:35.84]Yes, ma'am. 是的 女士
[23:38.01]Well, then... call me Sophie. 那么...
[23:44.38]Nice meeting you, Irish! 没问题
[23:45.43]真高兴认识你 小爱尔兰
[23:51.26]So, if you'll just sign here we can go ahead 如果你在这里签字的话
[23:53.63]- and schedule you for surgery. - OK. 我们就可以帮你准备手术了
[23:56.50]You know, you are a gorgeous young woman. 好的 知道吗 你是个非常漂亮的女孩
[23:59.57]Look at you. 看看你自己
[24:03.70]You should smile more. 你应该多笑笑
[24:05.54](Woman on PA) Any available IV nurse to the ER.
[24:11.78]Mr. Cline. Cline先生
[24:14.31]Oh. Uh... 哦...
[24:17.68]- Do me a favor. - Sure. 帮我个忙
[24:19.89]Don't tell her you saw me. 好的
[24:21.59]I'm not sure that I'm going to go in. 别告诉她 你看到我了
[24:25.83]She's... she can be exhausting. 她...
[24:30.20]Yeah, she's... really happy. 是啊 她...
[24:33.73]You know, I thought it was just falling in love, the wedding, 那个 我以为不过是
[24:36.23]嗯..坠入爱河 结婚
[24:38.07]but I was hoping the honeymoon would be over by now. 但是现在我竟然有点希望蜜月到此结束了
[24:41.14]I mean... it's not normal. Right? 我的意思是 不太正常
[24:46.81]Nobody's that happy. 没人会那么那么开心
[24:49.05]- Run another tox screen on Naomi Cline. - On whose orders? 再给naomi cline做个毒理测试
[24:52.89]Dr. Burke's, of course. 谁下的命令? 当然是Burke医生
[25:06.13]I'm sorry to bother you. The paramedics are on their way in with Yumi Miyazaki. 不好意思打扰你
[25:10.67]She collapsed at the Taste of Seattle and is vomiting blood. 她在"品尝西雅图"大赛上昏倒了
[25:14.21]Damned fool. Probably tore her esophagus in two by now. 而且吐血
[25:20.01]- (Bailey groans) - Are you OK? 好吧
[25:28.46]Complications of Boerhaave's Syndrome. Go. 食道自发性破裂的并发症
[25:31.39]Pleural effusion, sepsis, shock. 开始
[25:32.03]胸腔积液 败血症 休克
[25:34.46]She's cyanotic with shallow breath sounds. BP 76 over 42, 脸色发青有急促呼吸声
[25:37.96]tachycardia to the 130's. Started her on high flow O2. 心律超过130
[25:40.97]- On her second bolus of saline. - Let's get her to the OR. 给她大流量氧气以及第二次推注盐水
[25:42.63]好的 带她去手术室吧
[25:44.14](Lzzie) They're ready and waiting. 那边都准备好了等着呢
[25:49.44]Her coach should be the one on this gurney. 那个变态的教练应该也在担架旁边
[25:51.81]Let's keep our eyes on the prize, Karev. Saving this woman's life. 留心奖品吧 karev
[25:55.88]- I'll meet you guys up there. - Me too. 我稍后就过去
[25:58.42]Hey, hey. What are you gonna do? 我也是 喂 喂
[26:00.49]- Punch him out? - Yeah. 你想干吗 给他一拳?
[26:01.96]You're gonna kick his ass, get yourself kicked out of the program 没错
[26:05.16]before you open your scores in case you failed? 然后在你必须打开补考成绩之前
[26:07.49]- (Beeping) - God, you're such an idiot. 为万一你不及格做准备
[26:08.53]上帝 你这个大白痴
[26:11.43]Dr. Karev, how do I begin the esophagomyotomy? Karev医生 我怎样开始 食道肌肉切开术?
[26:15.50]Cut proximal and distal to the tear to expose the mucosal defect. 沿最近的末梢切入以暴露出粘膜伤口
[26:19.14]Correct. Then we'll move to the débridement of the defect... 没错
[26:24.71](Bailey gasps, groans)
[26:28.25]Dr. Bailey, those aren't Braxton Hicks contractions. Bailey医生 这是早产阵痛 这不是braxton hicks收缩
[26:32.82]I believe you are in preterm labor. 我确定你面对的是宫缩
[26:41.83]Why didn't you call me sooner? 为什么你没更早一些叫我?
[26:43.83](Richard) All right. Get out of here. 好吧 你快离开这里吧
[26:45.87]- I was gonna fashion a gastric patch. - I taught you the procedure. 我打算做个胃部修补
[26:49.70]Now leave. 这都是我教给你的
[26:56.84](Richard) The clamp. 这里 拿住那夹子
[27:00.95](Woman on PA) Dr. Cloner to obstetrics.
[27:04.62]I got paged Dr. Grey. 有人呼叫我 Grey医生
[27:07.12]Jeffery wanted to give me the results of the extensive blood work that I ordered. Jeffrey要给我"我"额外要求的血液测试结果
[27:11.56]You forged my signature? 你伪造我的签字?
[27:14.23]- That's really bad, right? - Yeah. That's really bad. 这个非常不好 对吧?
[27:16.32]嗯 非常不好
[27:18.30]Naomi is not on drugs. The tests came back negative. Naomi没吸毒
[27:22.17]- They did? - They did. Again. 测试结果是阴性
[27:23.32]对 还是阴性
[27:25.74]Next time you forge my signature, let me know. Save me a trip. 下次如果再伪造我的签名 告诉我
[27:33.58]That's it? 就这些?
[27:35.35]You're not gonna yell "Damn it, Grey" and storm out? 你不打算对着我大喊
[27:38.25]- I will if you want me to. - No. 说"该死 grey" 然后狂风大作?
[27:38.72]如果你想的话 我可以
[27:41.29]Dr. Burke. Here's another one. Her serotonin level. It's through the roof. 不
[27:41.62]Burke医生 这是另外一张
[27:45.33]Dr. Grey. You took a detailed history. Grey医生 你去问个详细的病史
[27:50.00]- When did Mrs. Cline develop asthma? - After the first surgery. Why? Cline夫人什么时候开始哮喘的?
[27:54.20]We found a carcinoid tumor in the lung. 怎么?
[27:56.94]Very rare. Almost impossible to diagnose. 非常罕见
[27:59.61]It masks itself as a bunch of seemingly unrelated symptoms: 几乎无法诊断
[28:03.74]- Adult onset asthma, valve failure... - Increased serotonin in the blood. 成人哮喘 瓣膜坏死...
[28:08.08]Which creates a false sense of euphoria. 造成一种愉快的假象
[28:11.75]So, Naomi's not actually this happy? She just has a tumor? 你是说naomi其实没有看起来这么开心?
[28:16.06]- (Burke) Exactly. - Thank God. 她只是有个肿瘤?
[28:19.39]You people with your tumors. I tell you, I'm infected with love. (laughs) 谢天谢地
[28:24.53]I'm sorry. Your body is lying to your mind. 对不起 你的身体对你的意识撒谎了
[28:27.27]Oh, let the lie continue. Right, baby? 哦 那就让这谎言继续吧 好吗宝贝?
[28:32.31]- How soon can you cure her? - Tomorrow. 多快你们能治愈她?
[28:35.28]If all goes well, Naomi goes back to normal. 明天我们就能摘除肿瘤
[28:35.52]如果一切顺利 naomi会恢复正常
[28:38.41]Great. Thank you both. 太好了 谢谢 你俩
[28:44.25]Thank you for not chewing me out for forging your signature. 谢谢你没因为伪造你签字
[28:49.36]Thank you. 谢谢你
[28:50.82]I know it was probably you who convinced Cristina. 我知道你也许是cristina最相信的人了
[28:54.96]She's very strong, but she listens to you. 她非常坚强 但是她听你的话
[28:59.73]If you told her to move in... 如果你告诉她搬过来的话...
[29:04.97]Anyway, thank you. 无论如何..谢谢
[29:12.21]No problem. 没问题
[29:18.85](Derek) Do you have any sensation in your left arm at all? 现在你左胳膊有任何感觉吗?
[29:23.26]No. 没有
[29:26.06]Actually, could I watch? 问一下 我能看着吗?
[29:29.62]嗯 可以
[29:32.43]I wanna see every blood vessel and nerve I'm gonna screw up 我想看仔细每条如果我再吸烟就毁了的血管和神经
[29:35.50]if I ever smoke again.
[29:38.10]Not that I'm gonna. Ever again. 不是说我会...
[29:40.22]嗯 再也不抽了
[29:42.84]I smoked my last cigarette. 我已经抽过了最后一根香烟
[29:47.48]OK. Let's get started. 好吧 我们开始吧
[29:50.52](Woman) The nursing home said she never showed up. 敬老院那边说她根本没出现
[29:53.02]- How exactly is that possible? - She wouldn't leave. 这到底怎么回事?
[29:56.79]My mother is old and infirm. You couldn't make her leave? 她不愿意离开
[29:57.12]我母亲年纪大了而且很虚弱 你竟然不能让她离开?
[30:00.06]Have you met your mother? 你到底认识你妈妈吗?
[30:03.03]Fine. Where is she now? 好吧
[30:05.90]Hi. She's in the Infectious Diseases Service. 她现在在哪里?
[30:06.02]哦 嗨 我是O'malley医生
[30:08.77]Infectious disease. Since when does she have an infectious disease? 她正在传染病科检查呢
[30:12.97]She doesn't. She just doesn't want to leave. 她没有 她只是不想出院
[30:15.84]- (Sighs) She's unbelievable. - Yeah, she is. 她这是不可置信
[30:17.02]是的 的确这样
[30:18.61]- Is her room ready? I can get her. - They've had the room ready for weeks. 那么她的房间准备好了?
[30:22.58]No, not at Sugar Maple. I meant at your house. 那边的房间早就准备好了
[30:22.82]不 我不是说sugar maple
[30:26.25]- I'm sorry? - The pink room. 我是说你的房子
[30:27.62]那个... 粉红房间...
[30:29.59]At your house. 在你的房子里
[30:33.26](TV) We got a car that matches the description. Want to head over there?
[30:37.26]- Hi, Sophie. - Irish. 嗨 sophie
[30:39.60]What a wonderful surprise. 小爱尔兰
[30:42.27]You won't catch my disease, will you? 你查不到我得了什么病 对吧?
[30:44.77]No, I think I'll be OK. 查不到 我想你没问题的
[30:48.14]Sophie, your daughter was just here. Sophie你女儿刚才来过了
[30:58.62]Nursing homes are for old people. 唔...敬老院...
[31:06.06]I know I'm elderly. 我知道我年纪有点大了
[31:10.93]I do know that. 我的确知道这个
[31:14.67]But if I have to go to that place... 但是如果我必须去那里...
[31:21.64]I'm afraid I'll become old. 我怕...
[31:29.85]I don't think that's possible. 我觉得不可能
[31:33.05]Oh. 噢
[31:37.02]You know that I would keep you here if I could. 你知道...
[31:40.46]Oh, no, darling. You can't waste any more time with me. 哦 不 亲爱的
[31:44.83]You have to go balls out with the dog. 你应该忘了那该死的狗去找点乐子
[31:48.17]Excuse me? 嗯?
[31:49.50]So she chose an animal over you. 她选个动物也没选你
[31:52.61]So what? Women are fools. 那又怎样?
[31:55.58]That's old news. 哦 女人是傻瓜
[31:58.98]But life's too short for you to give in, Irish. 但是生命太短暂了 你不能无限妥协 小爱尔兰
[32:06.75]So fight. 所以去争取吧
[32:09.12]You fight for what's yours. 去争取你应该得到的
[32:12.53](& Sam Winch: I Got Some Moves)
[32:26.44]Now that, my friend... is a swagger. 朋友 现在这个...
[32:37.02](Richard) I'll be closing the peritoneal cavity with zero chromic sutures. 我将用无铬缝合线
[32:41.79](Richard) Thank you. 谢谢
[32:44.29](Alex) Chief. 头儿?
[32:50.20](Richard) Let's get back to it. Pull back on that retractor. 我们干完这个再说
[32:53.73](Richard) Give me more suction. I'll need a sponge on a stick. More suction. 多吸引一下
[32:59.34]- (Richard) What's going on? - I tried, but you wouldn't listen. 怎么了?
[33:02.48]It is now 6:07. The second shift nurses start at six. They're not coming in. 我试过了 但是你不听我的话
[33:07.81]Do you know what a sick out will do to this hospital? 他们没来
[33:10.85]I've already put in the call for temps. 我已经打电话找了临时代班的
[33:13.69]- What's this? - Notification. 这是什么?
[33:15.56]We go on strike in ten days. 官方通知书 我们十天后要举行罢工
[33:23.30](& Carey Ott: Am I just One)
[33:26.57]Doing good, Yumi. You're doing just fine. 你做的不错 由美 一切正常
[33:29.34](Yumi speaks Japanese) (鬼子话)
[33:35.01]We should get the translator. She doesn't understand. 我们应该去把翻译找过来帮忙
[33:38.14]We'll be back. 她不明白怎么回事
[33:42.22]What the hell are you doing here?
[33:47.32]I never would have... 我真不应该...
[33:51.12]I thought she would be fine. 我以为她会没事的
[33:53.23]- I'm sorry. - Don't tell me. Tell her. 对不起
[33:55.66]Tell her how her career is over because of you. 别和我说 和她说
[34:24.49]Way better than punching him out. 这比揍他一顿好多了
[34:27.09]Hey, can you... 那个...
[34:32.10]- You want me to open it? - Yeah, I know, it's... 你想我帮你打开?
[34:34.13]嗯 那个 这个...
[34:35.64]I can't. 我不能 所以...
[34:38.00]- I shouldn't. I mean... - You already think I'm an idiot. 我-我不该 我是说 我...
[34:41.04]It won't be any great shock. 听着 你已经认为我是个白痴了
[34:59.43]Congratulations. You are not an idiot. 恭喜
[35:02.83]Except when you're being an idiot. 你不是个白痴
[35:13.54]Good. 很好
[35:19.61]Hey, how's he doing? 嗨 他怎么样?
[35:21.18]Jonesing for a cigarette, but I think he'll make it to the end of the day. 嗯 挺想抽根烟的
[35:24.92]Good. 但是我想他能坚持住的
[35:26.55]- I was being nice to her. - OK. 不错
[35:29.82]I can be nice without being... 我能友好一点但是不 那个..
[35:32.49]McDreamy. I know. mcdreamy 我知道
[35:35.53]I really can. 我真的能
[35:38.03]OK. 了解
[35:39.50]OK, then. 那好吧
[35:45.17]Bed rest at home until the baby comes. You do know what bed rest is, Miranda? 在床上休息 直到婴儿降生
[35:49.84]- Yeah. Hell. - Hell with TV and books. 你知道什么是床上休息 对吧 miranda?
[35:50.33]知道 该死
[35:52.31]Here. It's from all of us. 看该死的电视和书
[35:52.83]这个 是我们大家给你的
[36:01.69]I may be 47 months pregnant. 我也许怀孕了47个月(?)
[36:04.59]I may be on bed rest. 我也许会在床上休息
[36:06.59]I may not be able to see my own feet. 我也许都看不到自己的脚
[36:09.30]But I am Dr. Bailey. 但是我还是Bailey医生
[36:11.56]I hear everything. I know everything. 我可以听说任何事情
[36:15.43]I am watching each and every one of you. 我知道所有事情
[36:18.87]And I will return. 还有 我会回来的
[36:23.44](Woman) How many hours do they expect us to work?
[36:25.91](Woman) I agree.
[36:29.02]Strike? 罢工?
[36:31.42]Strike. 罢工
[36:34.65]You are all a bunch of arrogant surgeons. 你俩都是傲慢无礼的外科医生
[36:45.67]- Hey. - Hey. 嘿
[36:48.63]That was lzzie. She refuses to take the dog home. 刚才是izzie 她不愿意把狗带回家
[36:51.94](Cristina) Mm-hm. 嗯
[36:54.44](Cristina sighs)
[36:57.14]Fine. If you want me to tell Burke I didn't move in, I'll tell him. 好吧
[36:59.53]如果你想让我告诉burke 我没搬过去
[37:02.58]No. Don't. 我会去的
[37:03.33]不 别
[37:05.32]- What? - Don't tell him. 什么?
[37:08.12]At least, not right now. Or tonight. 别告诉他
[37:11.46](Cristina sighs) 或今晚
[37:13.06]I just mean wait. It can wait. 我的意思是等等
[37:19.60]I lied about Derek. 关于derek我是撒谎了
[37:22.20]We're not just friends. 我们不光是朋友
[37:24.50]I mean, I'm not. 我不是这样想的
[37:27.54]He's still McDreamy. 他还是mcdreamy
[37:33.78]I know. 我知道
[37:42.72](Door opens)
[38:00.07]You don't get to choose. 你没必要选择 唔
[38:05.31]I know you've been going through a bad time. I know you miss Shepherd. 我知道你这段日子挺难的
[38:09.95]And I know that your life has been admittedly pretty unpleasant these days. 不可否认 你最近的生活变得非常的可恨
[38:14.22]You get points for breathing in and out. You get to be a little selfish.
[38:18.49]But you don't get to choose a dog over me. 你可以变得有点自私
[38:24.83]I'm George. I sleep down the hall from you. 我是george
[38:29.30]I buy your tampons. 我帮你买卫生巾
[38:32.54]I have held your hand every time you've asked. 每次你需要时我都...
[38:39.65]I've earned the right to be seen, to be respected, 我有权被关注...
[38:44.65]to not have you think of me as less than a dog that you got at the pound. 尊重
[38:55.90]So... 所以...
[38:58.60]I'm not moving out. 我不会搬出去的
[39:01.40]Whether you like it or not, I'm staying. 随便你喜欢不喜欢 我会留下的
[39:06.67](Meredith) No matter how hard we try to ignore it or deny it, 无论我们多么努力去试图忽视
[39:12.28]eventually the lies fall away... 最后 谎言终会不攻自破..
[39:14.81](& Adrienne Pierce: Fool's Gold)
[39:27.29]I'm glad you moved in. 真开心你能搬过来
[39:32.50]So am I. 我也是
[39:34.67]...whether we like it or not. 无论我们喜欢还是不喜欢
[39:47.98](Meredith) OK, Doc. Let's go. 好的 狗狗...
[39:59.33](Derek) Hey, Doc. Hey, buddy. 嗨 小狗
[40:01.66]- (Addison) Hey. - (Derek) Welcome home. 嗨 伙计
[40:05.63]He's beautiful. 你好吗?
[40:06.83]- I brought his toys. - Here's his food and his water dish. 他真漂亮
[40:07.23]-我们带了它的玩具 -噢 这个是它的狗粮和水盘
[40:10.57]Here. 哦 好的
[40:13.24]Thanks for doing this. I know it's a lot to ask. 好
[40:15.74]It's all right. 我知道这挺麻烦的
[40:16.63]哦 没什么
[40:18.58]It's just a dog. 不过是条狗罢了
[40:20.11]- Right? Come on, Doc. - (Doc whines) 对吧? 过来 狗狗
[40:38.60]- We'll just... wait by the car. - OK. 唔...
[40:44.50]So, he chews everything. 那个 他 ... 咬所有的东西
[40:48.11]So don't leave anything out. 所以 所有东西都别让他够到
[40:51.08]He hates cats and small, little, yappy dogs. 他不喜欢猫
[40:56.42]- Oh, not house-broken. - Oh. 哦...
[40:59.52]- Probably should have told you that. - Yeah. 没经训练
[41:01.82](Doc barks) 是啊
[41:08.53]You don't have to do this, you know? 你不用非做这个
[41:12.40]Well, you know, I got all this land. It's just going to waste. 什么?唔...那个 我有这么一大片地方呢
[41:20.11]Derek. derek
[41:23.31]It's just a dog. It doesn't mean anything. He'll be fine. 不过是条狗 没有任何意义的
[41:28.95]Yeah. 唔
[41:34.99]- OK. Good night. - Good night. 好吧
[41:38.76](Meredith) But here's the truth about the truth; 晚安
[41:39.43]但是 事实是这样
[41:43.43]It hurts. 真的好疼
[41:47.87]So... we lie. 所以我们撒谎
[41:54.23]Grey's Anatomy 214 完




  乔丹来医院做产前检查,照例又和考克斯发生了争执:乔丹希望得到惊喜,而考克斯希望早日知道孩子的性别。 做超生波检查的时候,伊丽亚特偶尔看到了屏幕,考克斯希望由她来透露孩子的性别。但是伊丽亚特把结果封在一个信封里,把问题仍留给他们自己去解决。

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