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[00:01.00](Narrator) Previously on Grey's Anatomy: 上集回顾...
[00:03.10]- What will happen when she's on leave? - A new resident? 如果她去休假 会发生什么事?
[00:06.00]My mother is very sick. I'm the only person she'll allow to see her. 你认为我们需要一个新的住院医生?
[00:09.60]Cujo has to go! Cujo 必须走了!
[00:11.44](Derek) Hey, Doc. Buddy. 嘿 医生
[00:12.87]- Thanks for doing this. - He'll be fine. 嘿 伙计
[00:15.84]I grew up in a trailer park. Paid for med school by posing in my underwear. 他会好起来的
[00:19.95]I walk into the OR and everyone hopes I'm the nurse. 我去了护士学校
[00:22.55](Webber) The nurses are overworked. 护士总是过度劳累 并且工作得不开心
[00:24.42]Sorry, we're short-staffed. 报歉 我们这缺少人手
[00:25.95]Unhappy nurses lead to... I don't even want to think about it. 那样的护士最终导致..
[00:29.26]We go on strike in ten days. 我甚至都不敢想像
[00:34.30](Meredith) In surgery, there's a red line on the floor 在手术室
[00:37.00]that marks the point where the hospital goes from being accessible 地上有一条红线
[00:40.77]to being off-limits to all but a special few. 只有特殊的人员才能进去
[00:43.64]Crossing the line unauthorized is not tolerated. 未经许可 不允许过那道线
[00:47.78]Fair hours, fair wages! Fair hours, fair wages! 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[00:50.48](Helicopter overhead) 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[00:52.52]公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[00:55.25](Chanting continues) 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[00:57.75](George) Can't cross the picket line. I can't. 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[00:58.52]我不能跨过那条界线 我不能
[01:01.59]I don't like it, George, but what choice do we have? 我也不喜欢这样 george 但是我们没有别的选择
[01:04.29]You took an oath to heal. You're a healer. 你要遵守誓言
[01:06.59]Dad's a truck driver, Mom's a teacher. The news shows me crossing this line? 你是个医护人员
[01:06.72]我爸爸是个卡车司机 我妈妈是个教师
[01:08.12]晚上的消息告诉我 如果我跨过那条界线
[01:10.53]They'll outlive me just to pee on my grave. 他们不会放过我的
[01:13.07](Meredith) In general, lines are there for a reason. 总体来说 那条线在那 那么就有它的原因
[01:16.27]Has there been any blood yet? I heard they brought in scab nurses. 有流血事件发生吗?
[01:17.62]我听说 一些罢工的护士加入了他们
[01:19.64](Meredith) For safety. For security. 为了保险...
[01:22.84]For clarity. 为了安静
[01:24.45]I think the nurses would know we are on their side. Don't they? 我想那些护士知道我们是站在她们一边的
[01:28.92]We're doctors. We have sick patients inside! I mean, we have surgeries. 是吗?
[01:32.99]OK. 我们有急诊病人
[01:34.69]Then you go first. 好
[01:36.83]- (Man) Don't cross! Scabs! - Screw it. 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[01:39.33]Fair hours! Fair wages! Fair hours! Fair wages! 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[01:39.42]公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[01:41.73]Yeah, doing my job. Doing my job. Ha-ha! 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[01:42.12]是的 做我自己的工作
[01:45.63](Chanting continues) 做我自己的工作 哈哈
[01:48.97]They threw food at her! That is just wrong! 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[01:53.51]Fine. I'm going in. 好吧 我也要去
[01:56.21]- Change your own bedpans, Stevens! - Enjoy your syphilis, Olivia! 你自己换尿盆 stevens!
[01:58.32]你得了梅毒 好好享受吧 olivia
[02:02.15]- George, are you coming? - No, I'm good here. George 你来吗?
[02:05.55](Meredith) If you choose to cross the line, you do so at your own risk. 不 我在这很好
[02:09.42]- Good morning. - Morning, Meredith! 早上好
[02:12.06]- How is she today? - She's great. 早上好 meredith
[02:14.86]She really lights up when Dr. Webber visits. 她很好
[02:15.02]当 Webber 医生出诊时 她很高兴
[02:17.27](Woman laughing)
[02:19.00]And I did not back down. 在那些白痴面前
[02:20.67]Not in my OR, not in front of those jock Ortho idiots. 我没有退缩
[02:24.21]It was the last time Windsor called you "little lady." Even behind your back. 那是 windsor最后一次叫你 小女人
[02:28.81]One day, I'll be Chief of Surgery. The first woman Chief. You watch. 总有一天 我会当上主刀外科医生的
[02:32.38]I don't doubt it. 等着瞧
[02:32.42]我不怀疑 ellis
[02:34.35](Meredith) So why is it... 那么为什么
[02:35.72]Don't doubt for a minute. 现在我一点不怀疑
[02:37.35]...that the bigger the line, the greater the temptation to cross it? 那条界线越难跨越
[02:41.92]Fair hours, fair wages! Fair hours, fair wages! 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[02:44.69]And I can't say this enough. Charts are organized by room number. 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[02:48.10]I know you're temps, but there's no excuse for sloppiness. 我知道你是临时的护士 但是那你也不能偷懒啊
[02:51.23]- Where's Edmonds' chart? - I need vitals. --他们拿回物理治疗的记录了吗? --没有那些记录 我没法工作
[02:53.43]Know why I stopped being a nurse? Doctors. 医生们 你们知道为什么我不当护士了吗?
[02:55.74]Doctors who don't know how to pitch in. 并不热情参与的医生们?
[02:57.87]Right. 这个地方要完蛋了
[02:58.94]This place is going to hell. We need the real nurses. 一定有更好的折衷的办法
[03:01.68]We need 40 nurses to relieve the overtime that they're striking about. 我们需要真正的护士
[03:05.61]That's $2 million a year we don't have. 这正是她们罢工的原因 我们很少遇到这种情况
[03:07.85]Have you checked under the couch? I always find spare change there. 你去看过检查台下面了吗? 我经常在垫子下面找到一些零钱
[03:11.35]OK, I'm silencing myself. 哦 好吧
[03:16.42]That's him. He's published twice and he's flawless. 那是他
[03:19.66]He's a freak. He doesn't let you speak in the OR. 他公开发表了两本著作 而且他完美无缺
[03:19.72]我不想要那个人 他很怪 在 O.R. 不给你锻炼的机会
[03:22.33]- Yeah, but he's flawless. - I think it is him. What's his name? 但是他完美无缺
[03:25.50]Oh, yeah. Mouth breather guy. 他叫什么名字?
[03:27.60]But he'll let you do a procedure on your own if he likes you. 用嘴呼吸的人
[03:27.92]如果他喜欢 他会让你自己操作的
[03:30.67]- What are we doing? - Figuring out who'll replace Bailey. 我们正在做什么?
[03:32.02]想知道会选谁来接替 bailey 的位置
[03:34.04]Yang! Stevens! Grey! O'Malley! Karev! Here you are! Stevens grey o'malley karev,
[03:38.71]I was looking for you guys in the locker room, but you weren't there. 你们在这
[03:39.52]我去衣帽间去找你们 但是你们不在
[03:42.35]Then I thought, "Maybe my interns are looking for me too." 然后我想我的实习医生也许也正在找我呢
[03:45.35]Then I come out here and here you are. 所以我来了这 你们果真在这
[03:47.56]Yeah! You guys look like a great group! 是的 你们看起来真是很好的团体 很棒
[03:50.09]Awesome. My horoscope said it was going to be a very challenging day,
[03:53.83]and I was a little worried. But, no. You guys... 我有一点担心 但是 不
[03:56.43]Yeah, you look like a good group. 你们...
[03:56.82]是啊 你们看起来是个很好的团队
[03:58.53]Which is great because we are going to have so much fun. Hi! Hi, first of all. 那很好啊 我们一起很开心 但是首先我们要说 你好
[04:02.57]Ow. Ow. 哦
[04:03.84]- Sorry. Am I hurting you? - No, you're touching me. 对不起 我弄疼你了吗?
[04:05.82]不 你--你只是碰了我一下
[04:08.24]I'm Sydney Heron. Fourth year. 我是sydney heron 第四年
[04:10.08]My philosophy, just so you know, is, um, is heal with love. 我的观点是
[04:15.55]OK? So, wonderful. So, Alex, lzzie, Meredith, Cristina. 很棒
[04:17.52]那么 alex izzie meredith cristina--
[04:19.92]Our group is just missing... 我们的小组还缺--
[04:21.59]O'Malley. He's cowering behind the strike line like a girl. o'malley
[04:24.86]Standing up for what he believes in, that's my kind of girl. Right? 坚持他自己所相信的 这就是你所说的 小女孩?
[04:29.03]The ER needs somebody down there for a consult. 急诊室 需要有人去会诊
[04:31.53]- Does anybody... Who wants to... - We get to pick? 你们有谁愿意去
[04:34.14]- Me! I'm on it! - I'll help. 我们要自己选?
[04:34.12]我 我去
[04:35.90]I have patients I need to check on. 我会帮忙的
[04:37.74]So it looks like just you and me, lzzie McGee. 看起来这只有你和我了 izzie mcgee
[04:41.11]All right. It's Stevens. Izzie Stevens. 我叫 stevens Izzie stevens.
[04:44.45]Oh, no. I knew! I was just rhyming. 哦 不是 我只是想押韵一点
[04:47.62]Oh. Rhyming. Right. Yeah, that's neat. 哦 押韵 是的
[04:50.25]- Dr. Stevens? - Yeah. 很工整
[04:51.62]- Can I use you on a consult? - OK, I'm on it! Absolutely. Stevens 医生
[04:54.72]Yeah. 是的
[04:57.39]- You need a consult for a rash? - It's spreading pretty fast. 你要我帮你进行麻疹的会诊?
[05:00.53]I wanted to be sure there's nothing surgical. 扩散的很快
[05:02.93]Mrs. Solomon? Oh! Solomon夫人
[05:04.82]哦 上帝
[05:07.50]Sorry. 对不起
[05:09.30]- We're on our honeymoon. - Yeah. 我们正在度蜜月
[05:11.07]Sweet. 是啊
[05:12.81]Can you, um... 很甜蜜
[05:15.74]...dismount, please? 下来吗?
[05:17.61]- Yeah. - OK, great. 好的
[05:19.21]Ah! 太好了
[05:21.72](Old woman) Len! Lenny. l-len?
[05:24.95]Is that you? 是你吗?
[05:32.39]Lenny. Lenny!
[05:34.40](Labored breathing)
[05:38.03]Are you OK, ma'am? 夫人你还好吗?
[05:39.60]"Grace Bickham." Mrs. Bickham, do you know who your doctor is? Grace bickham
[05:41.32]Bickham夫人 你知道谁是你的医生吗?
[05:42.90]- Len? - I don't see your chart here. Lenny...
[05:45.67]- Are you there? - I need you to calm down for me, OK? 是你吗?
[05:46.92]我希望你要冷静 好吗?
[05:49.44]- Lenny? - Is that your husband? Lenny?
[05:51.58]Where is he? He was here. 那是你的丈夫吗?
[05:51.42]哦 他在哪?
[05:54.65]I'm sure he'll be back any moment. 我肯定他一会就回来
[05:56.92]You're having trouble breathing. I need to run some tests. 你现在呼吸有困难 我要做一些检验
[06:00.05]- Lenny. - Nurse? I need a nurse in here! Lenny
[06:01.52]护士 我需要一个护士
[06:03.39]Fair hours, fair wages! Fair hours, fair wages! 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[06:05.42]公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[06:09.32]公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[06:10.87](Sighing) You can go, George. 你可以过去了 george
[06:13.80]We won't throw donuts. 我们不会扔面包圈了
[06:16.10]- I can take the donuts. - Then what are you doing here? 我能忍受那些食物
[06:18.77]Teachers' strike of '03? Mom walked the line for 48 days. 在03年 教师罢工时 我妈妈这样过了48天
[06:21.91]I can't... just... I can't cross. 我不能
[06:24.38]- So go home. - I can't go home. 我不能越界
[06:26.61]You don't just go... Yeah, and get kicked out of the program. 我不能回家
[06:29.75]Lose my place as a resident. I'm a doctor. Don't do... 你被踢出这个项目
[06:32.02]不 我是个医生
[06:32.82]别这样 别
[06:34.72]Don't... Don't...
[06:38.66]I'm a union guy. 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[06:39.92]公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[06:42.46]- So that means? - Give me that sign. 那意味着
[06:47.20]- (Woman) All right! - Whoo! 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[06:49.10]- (Woman 2) All right, Dr. O'Malley! - (Cheering) 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[06:49.32]O'malley 医生
[07:00.62]Help! I need a nurse in here. Her pressure's falling. 帮忙啊 我这需要一个护士
[07:03.68]- She stopped breathing. - Whoa. Is she dying? 她的血压在下降 她快要停止呼吸了
[07:06.19]- Are you a nurse? - I'm, like, a nursing student. 她要死了吗?
[07:08.92]I need to intubate. Get a 7.5 tube. 我是护士专业的学生
[07:10.86]They're out in the hall. 给我一个 7 1/2 的管子 它们在大厅里
[07:16.36]Not that one. The one that says 7-5. 不是那个
[07:17.85]上面写着7-5 的那个
[07:28.58]- I'm in. - Awesome. 我完成了
[07:36.05](Woman) Is that too much? 太多了吗?
[07:37.45]It's a lot of extra amniotic fluid, Cheyenne, but your baby looks strong. 这有羊水很多 cheyenne
[07:41.62]Does that mean we can go? I mean, I appreciate you seeing us, 但是你的孩子看起来很健康
[07:42.25]这意味着 我们可以走了吗?
[07:44.66]but this is a long drive for us and I can't afford to miss another shift. 我的意思是 我很感谢你来看我们 真的
[07:48.63]Unfortunately, Ms. Wood, the mass on the baby's neck 我不能再错过换班了
[07:49.55]不幸的是 Wood 夫人 婴儿脖子上的痞气 导致了羊水的堆积
[07:51.40]is what's causing the build-up of fluid.
[07:53.50]It's also obstructing her airway and the spine. 这也阻塞了它的气管和它的脊椎
[07:56.34]- Mom? - It's all right. Let's listen. 妈妈
[07:59.07]We're gonna do a procedure called an EXIT surgery. 会没事的
[07:59.85]我们要做一个操作叫做 引出端手术
[08:02.14]We do a C-Section and half deliver the baby. 基本上 我们只做了c部分 孩子只生出了一半
[08:04.48]Half deliver? 一半?
[08:06.05]We pull the head and arms out, but we don't cut the umbilical cord. 是的 我们拉出了孩子的胳膊和头但是没有剪断脐带
[08:09.38]Why? 为什么?
[08:10.52]The tumor won't let air get to the baby's lungs. 肿胀阻碍了空气进入婴儿的肺部
[08:13.02]We need the umbilical cord to keep her alive during the operation. 在手术进行的时候 我们需要脐带来维持婴儿的生命
[08:16.32]It's cool, if you think about it. 这很酷呢
[08:18.23]You'll be your baby's life support machine. 你就像维持婴儿生命的机器
[08:20.53]After the surgery, if all goes well, we cut the umbilical cord 如果手术进行顺利的话
[08:23.60]and you'll be the mother of a healthy baby girl. 术后 我们就剪断脐带 你就会成为一个健康女婴的妈妈
[08:26.50]- How's that sound? - It sounds expensive. 听起来怎么样?
[08:29.00]Well, your doctor at the clinic is a former student of mine. 听起来 手术费很贵
[08:30.15]你的医生曾经是我的一个学生 所以医疗费已经包括了
[08:33.57]So... it's covered.
[08:36.21]I'm going to go ahead and take this up to the lab. 我要先走 把这个送去化验室
[08:42.02]The hospital gets a write-off, and it makes Dr. Shepherd look good, so... 这个医院会给外科手术销账
[08:46.12]- So it's not charity? - It's not charity. 这让 Shepherd 医生很有面子
[08:48.86]- What time's your shift? - 6:00 to 6:00. 不是
[08:51.06]- Graveyard. In Chehalis? - Yeah. 6:00 到 6:00.
[08:53.63]That's three hours away. 在 chehalis?
[08:55.33]You better get going. I'll look out for her. 是的
[09:03.80](Voice on PA) Incoming temp nurses to conference room three.
[09:08.21]- Chief. - Hello, Meredith. 主治医师
[09:10.45]你好 meredith
[09:11.98]Saw my mother this morning. 今天早上我看见我妈妈了
[09:15.25]Did you? 是吗?
[09:17.65]How is she? 她怎么样?
[09:19.85]She's fine. 她很好
[09:22.46]I'm glad to hear it. 很高兴听到这个消息
[09:25.33]Give her my best. 像她问好
[09:30.43]Why are you? 你为什么
[09:31.83]It's to mark the borders of the infection. 我在感染区划一条界线
[09:34.00]We'll watch it. If it doesn't cross the line, 我们会监护你几个小时
[09:36.24]- you'll get IV antibiotics. - If it does cross the line? 如果没有越过那条线
[09:39.07]Lt'd mean the infection's aggressive. We'd have to do a muscle biopsy. 如果超过了这条线呢?
[09:43.04]- You'd take out a piece of my muscle? - Mm-hm. 我们要做一个肌肉活组织检查
[09:45.51]- We're supposed to run a 10K tomorrow. - Oh, on this leg? I doubt it. 嗯
[09:48.98]Can you tell us when you noticed the rash? 用你这双腿 我很怀疑
[09:49.65]你能告诉我 你什么时候发现的疹子?
[09:51.15]When we were climbing Rainier yesterday. 昨天我们爬山的时候
[09:53.29]Wow! You go up the Emmons Glacier route? 你爬上了emmons glacier 山?
[09:55.29]Please. You can do that in an SUV. We did Liberty Ridge. 你也可以的
[09:59.09]Oh, wow. That's hardcore. 我们爬上了自由山脉
[10:01.00]Hi, I'm Sydney Heron. These guys' teacher. 那是最难爬的一个山脉
[10:01.55]你好 我是 sydney heron 这些人的老师
[10:03.63]I'm Claire, this is Wade. It's our honeymoon. 你好
[10:04.25]我是 claire
[10:06.00]Wow, that's amazing. God, look at that rock. 这是 wade 我们在度蜜月
[10:09.00]Did you sustain any trauma on the hike? Did you fall down or bang your leg? 上帝啊 看那些
[10:13.71]- No. - Well, she cut her foot 没有
[10:16.44]on oyster shells at the beach a couple days ago. 几天前 在沙滩上
[10:18.91]- We were windsurfing in Puget Sound. - Oh, wow. 她的腿被牡蛎壳割伤过
[10:19.55]我们当时在做 帆板运动
[10:21.38]You need a honeymoon to recover from your honeymoon. 你们的蜜月真的很甜蜜
[10:24.12]- Ow. - Right?
[10:27.32]My leg's going to be OK, right? 不管怎么样 我的腿会好起来的 对吗?
[10:29.09]Yeah. It's probably a simple skin infection. 当然 很可能使皮肤感染
[10:31.59]Uh, no, it's not. Look. 不 不是 看
[10:38.00]- Hey. - Hey. 嘿
[10:40.17]- Your dog's fine. - He's your dog now. 嘿
[10:42.87]I miss him. 现在 它是你的了
[10:45.27]He misses you too. 我会想念他
[10:47.11]You should come visit. 它也会想念你的
[10:49.14]The dog, I mean. 你一定要时常来看看
[10:49.65]我是说 看看狗
[10:51.48]I'm walking away now. 我要走了
[10:54.72]So I'm looking for a neurosurgeon to consult on a fetal spinal tumor. 那么
[10:59.32]Do you know anybody good? 来会诊胎儿脊髓肿瘤
[11:04.23]- Fair hours, fair wages! - Don't ask George. 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[11:06.86]- I'm not. He's a doctor. - Go ahead. Just ask him. 别找george
[11:09.60]I'm showing support. They whisper and point. 我担心--
[11:09.65]只是随便说说 嘀嘀咕咕 指指点点
[11:12.10]- George? - What? --我在表示支持 他们嘀嘀咕咕 指指点点 --George
[11:13.87]- We need a favor. - Ava Jenkins in peds, room 4114. 什么?
[11:15.45]Ava jenkins在儿科 4114房间
[11:17.71]It's time to change her dressing and it's scary for her 该到给她患病号服的时候了
[11:20.44]but if you sing the alphabet or the Wheels on the Bus song 对她来说这是一件很恐怖的事情
[11:21.05]但是如果你唱字母歌 或者 车轮在公共汽车上 之类的儿歌
[11:23.24]- she can handle it. - Ms. O'Brien from 2412? 她会听话的
[11:26.21]She'll have a panic attack if they don't check on her once an hour. 2412病房的 O'brien 夫人
[11:29.45]- And there's this guy in 2924... - Hang on. Hang on. 她就会恐慌不安
[11:30.15]这个在 2924 病房的人
[11:32.72]You want me to cross the picket line? 等一下
[11:34.59]- Yeah. - Why? 你们要让我越界吗?
[11:36.52]Because they're our patients too, George. 是的
[11:37.25]因为他们也是我们的病人 george
[11:40.26]And we can't. 我们不能这么做
[11:42.60]- Anyone care to probe the wound? - (Both) I do. 谁愿意来缝合伤口?
[11:46.10]I'd like to try your "healing with love". --我来 --我来
[11:48.37]I like the way you think, Alex. You do the honors. 很高兴你这么想 alex
[11:52.44]Cristina, it looks like someone needs to learn how to share. 你来做下面的工作
[11:52.75]cristina 有人需要学会怎么分享
[11:55.58]- (Electronic beeping) - Now slide it in. 不错 就这么做
[11:57.71]- Whoa. No resistance. - Let me see. 没有反抗
[12:00.88]- Dr. Heron? - Let me see. 让我看看
[12:02.52]- Yes? - (Gasps) Heron 医生
[12:03.98]No healthy muscle gives way that easily. 怎么了?
[12:06.22]My god. Oh, this poor girl. OK everyone, we're locking down the OR. 哦 上帝 可怜的女孩
[12:09.56]All nonessential personnel must leave now. 我们要封锁急诊室
[12:11.79]- Was that Pathology? - It's necrotizing fasciitis. 是病理学上的吗?
[12:14.56]- The flesh-eating bacteria? - In the flesh. 是坏死性筋膜炎
[12:19.83]Oh, good. Somebody's in here. How's she doing? 太好了
[12:23.50]- You intubated her? - Yeah? 她怎么样了?
[12:25.61]- You intubated her. - I had to. 是的
[12:27.48]She was struggling. Her sats were in the 80's. 你给她插入了喉管?
[12:27.35]我必须这么做 她呼吸困难 她血压很低 独自呆在房间里
[12:29.88]She was in a room all alone. What?
[12:32.28]A temp nurse found the paperwork from her chart on the second floor. 什么?
[12:36.08]- And... - You put a tube in Grace. 你给她插了喉管
[12:37.72]- She put a tube in Grace? - She put a tube in Grace? 她给grace插了喉管?
[12:41.46]Mrs. Bickham was diagnosed with end stage COPD. Bickham 已经处于生命的晚期 她现在在收容院
[12:45.19]- She's on hospice. - End of life care?
[12:48.66]DNR. Do not resuscitate. 任由她死亡?
[12:51.90]You schnook! You were supposed to let her die. 你这个笨家伙
[12:58.14]No machines, she said. 她说不要机器维持她的生命
[13:00.21]She did. I remember. 她说过 我记得
[13:01.68]Her daughter Alice was there with her girlfriend. 她的女儿这在和她的女朋友在一起
[13:04.51]Uh, she's a lesbian. The daughter. Nice girls. 她是个同性恋
[13:08.05]Stop with the rambling, Agnes. Make your point. 很好的女孩
[13:08.37]别闲扯 agnes 说点有用的
[13:10.89]I'm sorry. 抱歉
[13:12.62]Who are you, exactly? Mrs. Bickham's sisters? 你到底是谁?
[13:16.56]Oh, no. No. Her sister Rose died in '83. Bickham的姐妹们?
[13:18.27]不 她的 姐姐rose 83年就死了
[13:20.63]- May she rest in peace. - Influenza. Or croup. 让她安息吧
[13:21.97]流行性感冒 或者是以膜性喉炎
[13:23.66]Only babies die of croup. Rose died with a cold in her chest. 只有婴儿才会死于义膜性喉炎
[13:25.87]Rose 死于胸部的感冒
[13:28.14]- Pneumonia. - Right, pneumonia. 肺炎
[13:30.30]There was her other sister... Harriet. 对 肺炎
[13:30.47]她的另一个姐妹 harriet
[13:32.41]May she rest in peace. 让她平静的安息吧
[13:33.87]They cremated her. 他们火葬了她
[13:35.24]Gracie wanted to die. Gracie 想死
[13:36.84]She made us all promise. 她发过誓
[13:38.71]This really is something that I need to speak with her husband about. 这是我们应该告诉她丈夫的
[13:42.52]Lenny never talked much when he was alive. Lenny 活着的时候从来不说很多的话
[13:44.82]- Good luck getting a word now. - Lenny's dead? 现在 她可以和他说话了
[13:48.09]- May he rest in peace. - But Grace said she just saw him. Lenny 已经死了?
[13:51.06]Because she was trying to cross over! 但是 grace 说她刚刚看见他了
[13:54.46]She almost died twice in the last month. Said she saw him each time. 上个月 有两次她差点死了 她说 每次她都看见他了
[13:58.77]You ask me, that's a little meshugena. 如果你问我的话 愚蠢的人
[14:00.77]It's not meshugena! He was waiting for her in the light. 不是这样的愚蠢的人
[14:05.11]Mm-hm. Which thanks to you, she can't reach now. 现在 多亏了你
[14:13.11]- I need you to round all those 21 's... - I'm not here. O'malley 我需要你去病房
[14:15.85]- Excuse me? - I'm here, but I'm not here. 我不在这
[14:18.19]- You won't be anywhere in 30 seconds... - Sir, all due respect... 我在这 但是 我不是来工作的
[14:21.66]No offense intended, uh, 医生 我很尊重你 不想冒犯你
[14:23.62]but I won't cross the picket line. 我不想越界
[14:26.79]And yet you're standing in front of me. 但是 不管怎么样 你现在正站在我面前
[14:29.03]The nurses want me to check on their patients, 是的
[14:29.57]因为一些护士想让我检查他们的病人 所以我来了
[14:31.37]but then I'm going right back out there. 然后 我还会加入他们的队伍中的
[14:33.40]- You're a doctor. - Yes, sir. 你是个医生
[14:35.50]But I'm also a union man. 是的
[14:39.07]All due respect. There's no offense intended. 我很尊重你 不想冒犯你
[14:43.24]Fine. 好吧
[14:45.98]Sir? While I have you here, I'm supposed to tell you that Sir...
[14:48.92]Mrs. O'Brien in 2412 is allergic to chocolate, 我的得告诉你 2412病房的 O'brien 夫人对巧克力过敏
[14:51.45]but she pulls the allergy sticker off her chart. 但是一有机会 她就把过敏的标签从病历上撕掉
[14:54.36]- Wonderful. - And that Mr... 很好
[14:55.82]...you're supposed to watch Mr. Roberts in 2119 swallow his diuretics. 那位先生
[14:56.37]你要去监护 2119 病房的 Roberts先生 吃下他的利尿剂
[14:59.46]Apparently, he likes to hoard them. 很显然 他喜欢把它们藏在床垫下面
[15:01.33]Is that it? 就这么多?
[15:05.23]Forty to 50 hours of mandatory overtime is... 40 到 50 小时的强制性超时工作 实在是。。。
[15:08.00]Yes, sir! I'm very sorry. There's no offense intended. o'malley.
[15:08.27]是的 大夫 不想冒犯您
[15:11.87]What... wait, flesh-eating... 什么?等等 食肉的细菌之类...
[15:14.51]This is some kind of joke, right? 这是玩笑话 是吗?
[15:16.44]- She put you up to this? - No. We have to amputate the leg. 是她瞎编的?
[15:17.27]不 不是开玩笑
[15:19.25]- Cristina. - We're on our honeymoon. 我们必须截断这条腿
[15:22.15]I'm sorry, Wade. I know this is scary. 我们正在度蜜月
[15:22.27]抱歉 wade 我知道这很吓人
[15:24.12]- Amputation is not the only option. - It's the only sane... 但是截肢并不是唯一的选择
[15:27.22]If we don't get this under control immediately, 她是唯一的理智的选择--
[15:29.86]- she is going to die. - But there's another option? 她会死的
[15:33.59]We can try to save the leg by cutting out the infection. 但是还有其他的选择吗?
[15:36.30]We might be able to keep it functional. 只是割除感染的区域
[15:36.47]腿不会很好看 但是我们能保证不影响功能
[15:38.53]- Gold star for Dr. Karev. - I need to see her. 要给 Karev 医生奖章吗?
[15:41.47]- No time. - If we take her out of anesthesia 我要见见她
[15:43.70]and put her back under... You need to make a decision now. 当我们给她麻醉--
[15:46.74]I mean, she runs marathons. This is our adventure honeymoon. 你需要作决定
[15:46.77]我的意思是说 她跑马拉松
[15:51.11]It's... I mean, it's who she is. 我的意思是 她就是她
[15:54.11]OK. Then we'll do everything we can to save the leg. 好
[16:03.96]You think this is a good idea? 你真认为这是一个好主意?
[16:05.76]I seriously think this is a way cooler surgery. 我认为是个很酷的主意
[16:09.23]Cheyenne, the prognosis is very good. Cheyenne 诊断结果非常好
[16:12.40]We want to go in and get as much of the tumor out as possible 我们要做的是 把肿瘤割掉
[16:15.50]during your surgery.
[16:16.74]- So my baby will be fine? - (Derek) Yes. 那么我的孩子会好起来吗?
[16:19.17]You may be able to take her home this week. 当然
[16:21.34]- That soon? - Absolutely. She'll be all yours. 那么快?
[16:25.55]- Oh. OK. - (Derek) OK.
[16:28.32]If you or your mother have questions, Dr. Stevens will page me. 好吧
[16:30.07]Stevens医生会告诉我的 好吗?
[16:31.72]See you later.
[16:35.22]- Oh, Shakespeare. - I was reading it to my baby. 莎士比亚
[16:38.73]It's really homework for English. 我在读给我孩子听
[16:42.10]Was. 是的
[16:44.10]The baby wasn't due for another few more weeks. 婴儿还有三个礼拜才出生
[16:46.67]- And now I guess... - No more school. 现在 我想...
[16:49.57]It's weird. 不上学了
[16:51.84]It's like when you're in school... you hate it. 就好像 你在学校里
[16:56.21]Until you can't go anymore. 但是你讨厌上学
[16:59.85]- Have you made any plans? - Plans? 你有什么计划吗?
[17:02.38]Bought a crib, called about child care, looked into assistance? 计划?
[17:04.17]请人照顾婴儿 寻求帮助
[17:06.65]Not yet. 还没有
[17:09.89]- You gonna live with your mom? - I was supposed to be saving money 你要和你妈妈住在一起?
[17:13.06]to get my own trailer home. But I don't know. 我要攒钱买我的车房的
[17:15.63]I guess I just thought I'd have more time. 但是 我不知道 我还需要一点时间
[17:18.73]Nine months goes by fast. 9个月过得很快
[17:21.44]Yeah. Yeah, it does. 是的
[17:23.27]是的 很快
[17:26.61]- I'll see you later. - Bye. 回头见
[17:35.98]So, Sydney, have you've seen a lot of necrotizing fasciitis? sydney 你遇到过坏死性筋膜炎的病例吗?
[17:39.45]No. Have you? 没有 你呢?
[17:43.62]- If the infection moves she'll die. - If she wakes up without her leg, 如果感染扩散到血液里 她会死的
[17:47.03]- she might wish she had. - Right. 如果她醒来发现失去了双腿 她一定希望死掉
[17:48.76]She's young, healthy, a newlywed. 是的 Karev 是对的
[17:49.07]她很年轻 很健康 又是新婚
[17:50.83]And your treatment plan is based on... cuteness? 你的治疗计划是 因为她很可爱而进行的?
[17:53.97]If she were an 80-year-old man, you'd amputate. 如果她80岁 你就会给她截肢
[17:56.54]She's not 80. Where's your compassion? 她不是80岁
[17:59.41]My compassion? 我的同情心?
[18:00.87]Trying to save a patient from death is compassionate. 尽力挽救一个病人的生命就是同情心的表现
[18:03.81]I must say, I'm disappointed in you. Why can't you be more like Alex? 我必须说 我很失望
[18:06.07]你为什么不学学 alex?
[18:09.08]Excuse me? 什么?
[18:10.35]This guy, he's compassionate. He's warm. 是的 他很有同情心 也很热心
[18:12.69]He's fighting to save Claire's leg. 我和他一起争取保住 claire 的腿
[18:14.62]- We're going to win that fight. - Yes. 我们会赢的
[18:19.43]Uh, excuse me. Restroom. 抱歉 我要去休息室
[18:22.53]Burke. Burke
[18:24.20]- Hey. I thought you were in surgery. - I was. Necrotizing fasciitis. 我以为你在做手术
[18:28.34]No kidding? So why are you out here? 坏死性筋膜炎
[18:32.24]Because the new resident, um, she's the new Bailey... 那么 你到这来干什么?
[18:35.24]...except that she's the exact opposite of Bailey 她是我们这的医生
[18:37.81]in absurd, horrifying, profoundly disturbing ways. 她很可笑 很让人讨厌
[18:40.61]I think the new resident is killing our patient. Cristina
[18:53.03]- Dr. Heron, is it? - It is. And you are? Heron医生吗?
[18:55.76]Preston Burke. 是的 你是?
[18:57.13]Dr. Burke. Wow, no kidding? I'm a huge fan. Preston burke
[18:57.72]Burke医生 没开玩笑吧?
[19:00.87]Thank you. I, um... 很敬佩你
[19:03.70]I heard you had necrotizing fasciitis. 我听说你有一个坏死性筋膜炎的病人
[19:05.74]So we don't see a lot of those around here. 这种病例不常见
[19:08.08]Huh. Yeah, well. Being a cardiothoracic surgeon, I wouldn't think you saw any. 这样的病例
[19:15.08]Right. Well, uh... 是的
[19:19.72]I was curious what protocol you were following here? 我只是好奇 你再按什么样的诊断给她做治疗
[19:22.49]You were curious or Cristina was concerned? 你很好奇 还是christina 很担心?
[19:25.33]I hope you'll forgive the intrusion. It's nothing personal. 很抱歉打扰你
[19:29.16]It's just... we haven't worked with you before. 不是个人问题
[19:32.07]And Dr. Yang wanted to be sure that... Yang 医生只是想确定
[19:34.00]Dr. Yang wanted to be sure the bimbo cheerleader Yang医生想要确定这个神奇的拉拉队长
[19:36.67]wasn't trying to kill a patient. Am I right? 不是来这害病人的?
[19:39.01]With all due respect, I know you don't know me well, 但是 Burke 医生 我无意冒犯你
[19:41.71]but I'm pretty good at what I do. 我知道你不了解我
[19:43.64]My patient is a marathoner and I told her husband 我干这行干得很好
[19:44.32]我的病人是一个25岁的马拉松队员 我已经告诉她的丈夫
[19:46.28]I'm going to try to save her leg. So my plan... 我要保住她的腿
[19:49.12]...is to stand here for as long as it takes 我的医疗方案就是 站在这
[19:51.25]to scrape away every last cell of necrotic flesh. 刮掉每一个坏死细胞
[19:53.89]If it's still spreading, we'll take the leg. 当我做完手术 而细菌还在扩散
[19:56.29]And if we do, then our eager young intern here can hold the saw. 那时候 我们在截肢
[19:59.73]Now, unlike Dr. Karev, kindness and compassion aren't very high 不像 Karev 医生 和蔼可亲 富有同情心 不在她的处事词典里
[20:03.06]on her list of priorities, but a little bone-saw action,
[20:05.93]well, maybe that will earn me some respect. Am I right? 如果她只是在一边冷眼旁观
[20:11.91]Now, Dr. Yang, you ready to scrub back in? Yang 准备好继续工作了吗?
[20:17.78]- You're the head of the whole hospital? - Just the surgeons. 你是这整个医院的院长?
[20:21.28]Well, they should make you the head of everything. 只是外科
[20:24.65]She's batting the lashes. You see this? 她的睫毛在动
[20:27.09]Dr. Webber, the point is, Grace wants to be with her Lenny. 你看见了吗?
[20:27.72]Webber医生 问题是grace想和她的lenny在一起
[20:30.66]She misses him terribly. 她非常想念他
[20:32.29]You realize if I pull out the tube, Grace will die? 你知道 如果我把管子拔出来 grace 会死的?
[20:35.73]We're old, magpie. Not daft. 我们老了 但是并不愚蠢
[20:38.40]Pull the plug. It's what she wants. 我们会把管子把出来 如果她想要我们这么做的话
[20:40.60]Ladies, I appreciate your concern for your friend. 女士们 感谢们对朋友的关心
[20:43.54]But we need to contact a durable power of attorney to sign the release. 但是我们需要律师的签字
[20:47.24]- That's Alice. Call Alice. - Grace's daughter. 那是 alice 给alice 打电话
[20:50.41]She's a lesbian. Grace 的女儿
[20:51.68]Well, that's OK, isn't it? 她是同性恋
[20:52.22]那无关紧要 是吗?
[20:53.95]I mean, she can still have the power of attorney. 我是说 她还是有律师的权利
[20:56.82]Uh, fine. But we'll need Alice's signature. 好吧 我们需要 alice 的签名
[20:59.85]- Good luck. She lives in Oregon. - Oh, she can fax it. 好运 她住在oregon
[21:02.52]I'm sorry. We'll need her original signature. 她可以发传真
[21:02.92]抱歉 我们需要她的亲笔签名
[21:05.03]Well, can't we just skip that part? 我们能跳过那部分吗?
[21:07.93]Bat the lashes again. I think it was working. 睫毛又动了 我想那机器很管用
[21:11.50]Excuse me, ladies. 抱歉 女士们
[21:15.17]You're like the Old-Lady Whisperer. 你就像一个挑拨是非的人
[21:17.77]They really cheer up when you come around. 你来的时候 她们很高兴
[21:20.71]Meredith, you understand if the daughter shows up tomorrow Meredith 等明天她出现的时候
[21:23.84]and confirms she is DNR... 你会明白的
[21:25.95]I have to kill my patient. I know. 我必须杀死我的病人 我知道
[21:30.15]How you doing? 你感觉怎么样?
[21:31.75]There something I can do for you? 我能为你做什么?
[21:33.62]Oh, I'm fine, sir. I don't need any help from you. Thank you. 我很好
[21:38.46]"Sir, fare you well. 谢谢
[21:41.09]Hereafter, in a better world than this 在这以后
[21:44.53]I shall desire more love and knowledge of you." 再比这更美好的世界里
[21:50.64](Woman) To Dr. O'Malley! 为 O'malley干杯!
[21:52.37]- (All) O'Malley! - Whoo! o'malley!
[21:55.21](Christina) She called me unkind. 她说我很无情
[21:57.01]Unkind and lacking in compassion. In front of my boyfriend. 无情 缺少同情心 在我的男朋友面前
[22:00.15]I am not unkind.
[22:02.15]I think I have to kill a woman tomorrow. 我明天要杀死一个女人
[22:04.69]I have to take out the tube that's keeping her alive. 我要拔除那个维持她生命的管子
[22:10.49]Izzie. 放松
[22:11.66]This is the part where you say what's wrong with you. 这也许是你觉得
[22:17.06]- Where're you going? - I have to...
[22:18.87]- I forgot something at work. - We don't need her.
[22:23.07]- I have to kill a woman tomorrow. - And that's a problem why? 我明天要杀死一个女人
[22:26.41]If it's what she wants, it's what she wants. 她想要这么做
[22:28.71]And that is not unkind or lacking in compassion. 就是她想要这么做
[22:31.81]I'm a very compassionate person. 我是个非常有同情心的人
[22:34.88]- I'm more compassionate than Alex. - Shut your pie hole, Yang. 我比你更有同情心alex
[22:38.15]Hey, Joe? Could we have another round, please? 闭嘴
[22:38.54]joe 我们再来一轮好吗?
[22:40.69]Yeah, give Nurse O'Malley a drink on me. 我请 o'malley喝一杯
[22:44.73]What'd you say? 你怎么说?
[22:46.36]- Hey, uh, Karev just called me a nurse. - (Man) At least nurses aren't butchers. 嘿 karev
[22:50.80]The worst thing you could come up with? Was that an insult 至少护士不会杀人
[22:53.93]or is that, uh... was supposed to be funny? 等等 这是人身攻击 还是
[22:56.10]Whoopsie. 很有趣?
[22:57.40]Are you kidding me? 你开玩笑吗?
[22:59.64]- I will kill you, you know that? - Bring it on. 我会杀了你 你知道吗?
[23:01.94]Bring..."Oh, bring it on." OK, mama! Let's bring it on! 来吧
[23:02.64]哦 天呐
[23:04.44]好吧 妈妈
[23:06.01]There's your squad. Do you want to cheer it out, soccer mom? 来吧 妈妈
[23:07.64]你打算让他们兴奋来吗 倒霉的妈妈?
[23:09.15]- Are you going to throw down bedpans? - Soccer mom? 倒霉的妈妈
[23:11.79]Hey, hey, whoa, hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hey!
[23:13.82]Hey! If you beat each other up, 你们如果打架的话 如果骨折 就没有人为你们治疗了
[23:15.66]there won't be anybody left to set your broken bones.
[23:18.66]- Oh, that would be my job! - Hey! --那会是我的工作! --好了?
[23:20.29]...studying my bones. - Hey! --好了 嘿! --疼吗?骨折了吗
[23:22.96]- We were just leaving. - Yeah, I've got to go save lives. 我们要走了
[23:26.70]Bye! 因为我要去救人
[23:28.97]Excuse me. They're my ride. 我要和她们一起回去
[23:38.85]You're awake. 你醒了
[23:40.78]Hey. Yeah. Baby jumps up and down on my belly all night, Hey, yeah.
[23:42.64]整晚 孩子都在踢我的肚子
[23:44.28]makes me have to pee all the time. 让我不停的去尿尿
[23:48.22]- You work long hours, huh? - Yeah. 你工作了很长时间 是吗?
[23:50.99]But I'm off work now. I... 是的
[23:53.63]I just came back to talk to you. 我只是想回来喝你说说话
[23:57.90]- I grew up in Chehalis too. - Serious? 我也在 chehalis 长大
[24:00.37]Serious. Um, Forest Park. 真的?
[24:04.77]- The trailer park up behind the church. - On Route Six. --教堂后面的停车场 --教堂后面的第六大街
[24:07.71]- My friend Shelley lives up there. - My mom still lives there. 我朋友 shelley 就住在那儿
[24:10.94]- No way. - Yeah. 我妈妈还住在那儿
[24:21.66]Can you keep a secret? 你能保密吗?
[24:31.97]This is my daughter. 这是我女儿
[24:42.71]In the picture she's six, but she's 11 now. 相片里 她6岁
[24:47.95]She lived in Santa Barbara, but... they moved. 她住在santa barbara
[24:52.32]I don't know where. 我不知道她现在在哪
[24:55.09]But I know her name is Hannah. 我知道她的名字叫 hannah
[24:57.29]- And she likes pigs. - Pigs? 她喜欢猪
[24:59.33]Yep. She collects them. 猪?
[25:01.39]Like figurines and stuffed animals, you know. 是的 她收集它们
[25:02.01]小雕像 或者填充玩具 之类
[25:05.23]I think it's because her mom read her Charlotte's Web. 我想这也许是因为 她妈妈给她读 charlotte's web
[25:09.74]I thought you were her mom. 我以为你是她的妈妈
[25:13.11]I'm her mother. 我是她妈妈
[25:14.98]But I'm not her mom. 但不是她的母亲
[25:21.92]I know that where we come from... 我清楚我们遇到的状况
[25:26.19]this kind of thing doesn't get talked about. 我们从来不向别人提起
[25:29.72]But I wanted you to know 但是 我希望你知道 想当一个好妈妈
[25:31.42]that there's more than one way to be a good mother.
[25:36.43]I wanted... I wanted better for her than I could do at 16. 我想
[25:44.54]I love my baby. 我爱我的孩子
[25:46.84]Of course you do. 当然
[25:50.28]But you're reading her Shakespeare. 你给她读莎士比亚
[25:54.18]When you're working 12-hour shifts at the diner, like our moms, 每天上十二小时的班
[25:59.72]you won't be coming home and reading her Shakespeare. 你回家以后 就不太可能在给她读莎士比亚了
[26:02.52](& Kate Earl: Someone to Love)
[26:14.90](Door opening)
[26:17.67]Oh. I could hear you from six blocks away. 哦
[26:21.41]- Sorry. - Don't be. I like it. 抱歉
[26:23.11]用不着 我喜欢这样
[26:25.11]Um, I'm just not sure how the neighbors would feel. 我只是不肯定邻居们会怎么想
[26:28.21]Which, by the way, is not a thing 而且
[26:31.79]someone lacking in compassion would be concerned with. 顺便说一下
[26:35.76]How's your patient's leg? 你病人的腿怎么样了?
[26:37.62]Carved all to hell, but still on her body. 不很好 但是还是她身体的一部分
[26:41.26]Oh, we're watching it overnight. 我们通宵监护
[26:49.04]What's going on? 发生什么事了?
[26:53.27]Never in my career have I questioned a fellow surgeon in their OR. 我从来没有在急诊室向一个外科医生提出过疑问
[26:59.68]I never understood what the problem was, 实习医生和主治医师约会
[27:03.55]an intern dating an attending, until today. 我不明白会有问题
[27:16.50]Fair hours, fair wages! Fair hours, fair wages! 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[27:19.87](Police siren) 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[27:21.50]And don't believe 2519 when she tells you that she went to the bathroom. 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[27:21.91]2519 的病号说她要去洗手间时
[27:25.11]She says she went to the bathroom and then she's back here two days later. 别相信她
[27:29.18]- Got it. - I need sutures in 2602. 她两天以后才回来
[27:31.08]Can't help you. --明白了
[27:30.11]我需要给2602 的病人进行缝合
[27:35.02]What? 什么?
[27:37.32]Fair hours, fair wages! Fair hours, fair... 公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[27:39.81]公平的工作时间 公平的工资
[27:42.69]- It's no offense. - None taken. 不想冒犯
[27:49.06]Hey, how's the strike going? 罢工进行得怎么样了?
[27:50.63]Do you know... do you realize how rarely 你知道
[27:54.00]doctors say thank you and please to nurses? 医生很少对护士说 谢谢 和 请?
[27:56.30]How few surgeons even know the names of the? 一些外科医生甚至不知道我们的名字...
[28:01.11]I shouldn't be seen talking to you. 我不应该和你聊天
[28:04.04]Excuse me. I'm looking for Richard Webber? 打扰了 我在找 richard webber.
[28:06.45]Can I help you? 我能帮忙吗?
[28:07.68]My name is Alice Bickham. I'm here about my mother, Grace. 我叫alice bickham
[28:09.91]我来这处理我妈妈 grace 的事情
[28:13.02]Sure. Um... come with me, please. 当然
[28:19.39](Voice on PA) Any available nurse to admitting.
[28:23.50]- You said you would look after her. - I'm sorry? 你说你会照顾她
[28:26.07]You told me to go to work and you said you would look after her. 抱歉
[28:26.51]你让我去工作 你说你会照顾她
[28:30.70]Ms. Woods, um, can you... just follow me? Woods 夫人 你能
[28:35.28]- (phone ringing) - (Woman) Nurses' station. 跟我来
[28:37.58]She's a kid, you know. 她还是个孩子 你知道吗?
[28:39.21]She's scared enough without you putting ideas in her head. 你不去烦她 她就已经够害怕了
[28:42.58]How do you tell a scared kid to give her baby away? 你怎么能让她放弃婴儿?
[28:45.15]I didn't tell her. I didn't advise her. I didn't pressure her. 我没有告诉她
[28:48.49]I just... talked to her. 我没有建议她这么做
[28:51.73]You're not a shrink. 你不是心理医生
[28:53.76]You're not her mother. She's my kid. And you crossed the line. 你不是她的妈妈
[28:58.83]- I'm sorry. - You're not. You're superior. 抱歉
[29:01.17]So what, you're a big shot doctor and you get to judge us? 不 你不感到抱歉 你有优越感
[29:04.57]You get to tell my kid how to live her life? 告诉我的孩子怎么过她的生活?
[29:07.87]Cheyenne is smart. Cheyenne 很聪明
[29:10.18]She's smart and she's thoughtful and she can have more. 她很聪明而且很有思想
[29:15.12]She can have more than a trailer park 不只是一个活动汽车屋
[29:18.05]and a graveyard shift at a truck stop diner. Don't you want that for her? 不知是一个graveyard 的工作 在卡车站吃东西
[29:22.66]I mean, if you can... get past the fact that I'm superior 我是说 如果你不认为我
[29:26.76]and that I'm judging you and that I'm telling you what's best for your family. 我在评判你 事实上
[29:31.03]If you could just get past all of that, 我正在告诉你 什么对你的家人有利--
[29:34.50]isn't it possible that I'm also right? 有没有可能 我是对的?
[29:44.31]Pretty spectacular recovery, Claire. 非常快的康复 claire
[29:47.11]Really? Do you think it's going to be OK? 真的?
[29:50.72]We got almost all of the necrotic tissue. 你认为我会痊愈吗?
[29:53.05]A few times in a hyperbaric chamber and you'll be out of the woods. 去几次高压舱 你就可以出院了
[29:56.36]Thank you for saving my leg. 谢谢你
[30:01.19]My pleasure. 我的荣幸
[30:03.33]Dr. Karev will explain the hyperbaric chamber. Dr. Karev? Karev 医生会向你解释高压舱的功能 Karev医生?
[30:06.47]Thank you, Dr. Heron. 谢谢你 Heron医生
[30:09.47]- A hyperbaric chamber... - I'll take that apology any time. 高压舱
[30:21.41]Thank you.
[30:24.85]So I'm going to give her a sedative, which will ease her discomfort. 我要给她服用
[30:29.19]And then I'll remove the tube. OK. 这样能减轻她的烦躁不安
[30:33.83]Are you ready? 好吧
[30:38.33]Yes. 是的
[30:43.17](Alice) Wait. 等等
[30:50.94]Goodbye, Mommy. 再见 妈妈
[30:58.59]Oh. Do you want to?
[31:02.59]Oh, no. No, we've already said our good-byes. 你们想--
[31:03.11]不 不 我们已经告别过了
[31:05.76]We just wanted to be here when Grace crossed over. 当grace过世的时候 我们希望在她的身边
[31:15.54]Ready. 我准备好了
[31:22.21]- I can take care of this. - I did it. I should undo it. 我能处理这件事
[31:23.91]我来做吧 我必须这么做
[31:41.03]How long? I mean, before? 会用多长时间?
[31:45.20]It can take a while. 会持续一段时间
[31:51.30](& Landon Pigg: Sailed On)
[32:12.06]- She wants me to apologize. - You crossed the line. 她想要我道歉
[32:14.93]- You made me cross the line. - Oh, like I can make you do anything. 你越界了
[32:24.84]It's not your fault. It's mine. 那不是你的错
[32:27.44]I'm your teacher. I'm supposed to be. 事我的错
[32:32.05]But you came to me as your boyfriend. And I responded that way. 你把我当成你的男朋友
[32:41.22]- I'm not used to being wrong. - I know. But you're an intern. 我没坐过错事
[32:46.03]Second-guessing a resident is not your job. 但是你是个实习医生
[32:54.63]How long has it been? 多长时间了?
[32:58.64]Two hours and 17 minutes. 2 小时 17 分钟
[33:07.48]I saw you there. 我在那看见你了
[33:08.98]At the nursing home with my mother. 在疗养院 和我妈妈在一块儿
[33:17.49]They said you go two or three times a week. 他们说你每周去两到三次
[33:21.06]Whenever I can. 有时间我就去
[33:23.16]Why did you keep it a secret? 为什么你要保密?
[33:28.90]I don't know. 我不知道
[33:32.34]Would you like me to stop going? 你是要我别再去那儿吗?
[33:38.61]I'm going to go check on Grace. 我去看一下 grace 现在怎么样
[33:49.12]Do you think she's lonely? My mother? 你认为我的母亲很孤独吗?
[33:51.89]Yeah, I do. 是的
[34:02.47](& Kendall Payne: Scratch)
[35:01.69](Labored breathing)
[35:38.70]May she rest in peace. 让她安息吧
[35:51.78]Time of death... (clears throat) 12:42. 死亡时间...
[36:12.93](Door closes)
[36:28.31](Sobbing) I don't... I can't, 我不能...
[36:31.02]I can't, I don't... 我不能...
[36:34.05]I don't... I can't. 我不能...
[36:38.93]I don't want... I don't want my mother to die alone. 我不能...
[36:49.37]Slow down. Just slow down. 慢点...
[36:53.24]Shh. 慢点...
[36:55.17]Slow deep breaths now. Slow deep breaths. 慢点 深呼吸
[36:58.05]慢点 深呼吸
[37:04.38]Slow down. Slow down. Just breathe in the bag. 深呼吸
[37:08.32](Gasping) 慢点 深呼吸
[37:11.35]呼气 吸气
[37:45.36]I'm OK. 我好多了
[37:47.76]You're OK. 你已经好多了
[37:54.13]Thank you. 谢谢
[37:56.87]You're welcome. 不客气
[38:24.93]Do you ever wish you hadn't done it? 你是不是希望你没那么做?
[38:30.00]No. I really don't. 不
[38:36.64]If I give her up... 如果我放弃她
[38:38.38]if I give her away, do I still get to name her? 放弃她
[38:44.82]You can name her for yourself. 你可以自己给她起名字
[38:48.45]Did you name yours? 你给你的孩子起名字了吗?
[38:56.10]Sarah. Sarah.
[38:58.76]That's a pretty name. 好名字
[39:03.74]Yeah. 是的
[39:19.62]I think you should keep visiting her. 我想你应该经常看看她
[39:22.39]You sure? 你肯定?
[39:24.02]Yeah. 是的
[39:25.69]She lights up when you're around. 当你在周围的时候 她很高兴
[39:28.73]She's alive. 很活跃
[39:36.57]Oh, she's with Alex. I can't do this in front of Alex. 她和 alex 在一起
[39:38.35]在 alex 面前我不能这么做
[39:40.97]- Well, you can and you will. - Excuse me, why aren't you apologizing? 你可以 你会做的
[39:47.01]I'm an attending, I don't apologize to residents. 我是个主治医师 我不会向住院医师道歉的
[39:49.78]You, on the other hand, are an intern. 而你是个实习医生
[39:52.45](Voice on PA) Any available scrub nurse to OR 3.
[40:00.33]Sydney, I just wanted to... Sydney 我只是想...
[40:03.93]...uh, just wanted to, um...
[40:09.27]...apologize for, you know, overstepping... I'm sorry. 道歉 因为我的越界的表现
[40:13.97]Well, that's the compassion I was looking for. 我很抱歉
[40:16.64]Apology accepted. OK, you want to hug it out? 接受你的道歉
[40:20.28]- Oh. - Go. Hug. 想要拥抱吗?
[40:23.18]- Oh. Yeah. - Come on. 拥抱
[40:24.85]Come on.
[40:27.25](Announcer) Nurses at Seattle Grace are...
[40:29.72]- We need them, Patricia. - Yes, we need them. 我们需要他们 patricia
[40:34.23]So where do I find the spare change? 那么
[40:38.10]It's not like what's hiding underneath the couch cushions is going to do it. 好像不是所有藏在垫子下面的东西
[40:41.97]I seem to remember pushing paperwork for a multi-million dollar surgery robot. 都算数的
[40:46.81]There was a waiting list for that. It will bring in huge business. 已经有两年没整理过了
[40:50.14]And could you and the robot handle that business without nurses? 会有很多的工作
[40:50.65]没有护士 你和那些医生能完成这项工作吗?
[40:56.05](Meredith) We can't help ourselves. 我们不能自救了
[40:58.15]We see a line, we want to cross it. 我们看到了一条线...
[41:02.25]Maybe it's the thrill of trading the familiar for the unfamiliar. 也许是放弃熟悉的事物 接受陌生的事物
[41:05.52](& Leeroy Stagger: just in Case) 令人兴奋
[41:07.16]- A sort of personal dare. - Congratulations. 一种对个人的挑战
[41:10.33]Only problem is... once you've crossed 祝贺你
[41:13.97]it's almost impossible to go back. 一旦你跨过了这条线
[41:22.07](Door opening)
[41:33.05]You OK? 你还好吗?
[41:34.55]Yeah. You know, I am. 是的
[41:36.55]你知道 我很好
[41:39.99](Door opening)
[41:49.94]You OK? 你还好吗?
[41:52.10]Yeah. 是的
[41:54.21]What happened today? 今天发生什么事了?
[41:55.77]- Nothing. - Nothing. --没什么 --没什么
[41:58.88]OK. 好吧
[42:02.11]We don't know everything about each other, George. 我们相互并不了解 george
[42:06.35]Yeah. 是的
[42:08.59]True. 事实
[42:10.12](Meredith) But, if you do manage to make it back across that line, 但是...
[42:12.05]如果你越了界 又设法回去了
[42:15.69]you find safety in numbers. 你会感到很安全
[42:20.17]- (George) Anybody want to have sex? - (Lzzie, chuckling) George. 有人想做爱吗?




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