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[00:03.97](Meredith) It's a look patients get in their eyes. 一种眼神祇可以从病人的眼里看到
[00:08.04]There's a scent. The smell of death. 有一种气味,死亡的味道
[00:11.94]Some kind of sixth sense. 就像是那第六感觉
[00:15.51]When the great beyond is headed for you, you feel it coming. 当超脱在等待你的时候
[00:19.78](Continuous beep) 你就会感觉它的到来
[00:22.68]What's the one thing you've always dreamed of doing before you die? 哪一件事
[00:27.02](& rock music)
[00:59.75]OK, hello? Clearly not my dream. 好吧,嘿?
[01:09.03]George. george.
[01:13.60]You're the strongest, most masculine man I have ever known. 你是我见过的所有男人里
[01:19.07]You're smarter than me. And you've got really great hair. 你比我还要聪明
[01:23.71]I'm in love with you, George. 我爱上你了George
[01:27.92]I always have been and I always will be. 我以前一直是并且将来也不会变
[01:43.43]See? I told you. Not my dream. 看见了... 正如我说的 这不是我的梦
[01:47.64]Oh. OK, this is the last time I'm going to tell you this. 啊琪!(打喷嚏)
[01:50.97]If you're gonna clog up the toilet, you've gotta use a plunger. 这是我最后一次和你说这件事
[01:54.31]Or we'll make you crap in the backyard. 否则我们将会把你的东西放到后院里
[01:56.34]What are you doing on the floor? Get up. Something's wrong with Meredith. 你在地板上做什么?
[02:01.32]I'm just not going. 我只是不想去
[02:03.55]You have to go to work. You're an intern. Saving lives is not optional. 你必须要去工作,因为你是一个实习医生
[02:07.29]Yes, it is. I'm staying home. 挽命不是有选择性的
[02:09.66]You're supposed to be helping. 你也应该帮帮忙
[02:12.53]Uh... Mer? 嗯... mere(Meredith简写)
[02:15.10]Maybe there'll be a horrible accident nearby the hospital. 也许,嗯... 说不定医院附近
[02:18.50]Cut a bunch of people open. Sternotomies, craniotomies. 会出现有可怕的意外
[02:21.67]- That'd be fun, right? - I don't care about surgeries. 那会很有趣,对吗?
[02:25.84]You have a feeling? 你情绪不佳?
[02:34.12]- Yes. - OK. What kind of feeling? 是的
[02:36.82]Like I might die. 好吧,什么感觉
[02:38.89]Today? Tomorrow? In 50 years? 我觉得我要死了
[02:41.69]We're all going to die eventually. 明天,还是50年以后?
[02:43.66]- But now, we're late. Let's go. - Cristina... come on. 因为最终我们每一个都将死去
[02:47.73]OK. This is me being supportive. (叹气声)好吧,我支持你
[02:53.10]- Really? - Yeah, hey, fine. 真的?
[02:55.10]I'm totally supportive. Go. 真的是
[03:01.54]OK. The man I love has a wife. 好吧,我所爱的男人有一个妻子
[03:04.61]And then he chooses her over me. 然后他不在乎我的选择了她
[03:07.02]And that wife takes my dog. 现在那个女人又带走了我的狗
[03:09.65]OK, I gave it to her. But I didn't mean to, I meant to give it to him. 好吧,那狗不是她带走的,是我给她的
[03:13.99]But that does not change the fact that she's got my McDreamy... 我是想把狗给他
[03:16.28]不管怎样她现在拥有我的 mcdreamy 和我的狗
[03:18.46]and my McDog.
[03:19.96]She's got my McLife. And what have I got? 她夺走了我的生活
[03:25.77]Do you know I can't remember the last time we kissed? 你知道吗我甚至不记得什么时候我们最后一次接吻
[03:29.00]You never think the last time is the last time. You think there'll be more. 因为你永远不会认为最后一次会是真的
[03:33.54]You think you have forever, but you don't. 你认为你将永远拥有,但你并不是
[03:40.92]Plus my conditioner stopped working and I think I have brittle bones. 我现在的情况决定我要停止工作
[03:44.89]I just... I just need something to happen. 我觉得我得了脆骨病
[03:49.39]A sign that things are gonna change. 我需要那些事情要改变的迹象
[03:51.46]I need a reason to go on. I need some hope. 我需要一个理由去继续,我需要一些希望
[03:54.30]And in the absence of hope, 现在我没有了希望,所以我需要呆在床上
[03:56.23]I need to stay in bed and feel like I might die today.
[04:04.64]Whatever. Everybody has problems. 不管怎样,每个人都有一些难题
[04:06.74]Now get your ass out of bed and get to work! Now! Move, move, move! 现在把你的自己从床上移开然后去工作 现在!
[04:10.85]What were you saying? 你刚才再说什么?啊,我...
[04:15.05]We're good to go. 我们准备好出发了
[04:25.63]- Quiet board. - I know. 嗯,没什么手术
[04:28.70]- That's a bad sign. - Don't you think I know that? 那是一个不好的预兆
[04:32.70]- That's a quiet board. - (Richard groans) 手术板上没安排
[04:36.04]- Is he in a bad mood? - Quiet board. 他现在心情不好?
[04:38.27]- He hates a quiet board. - I can hear you talk about me. 没手术 对 他恨没手术
[04:41.11]- We're saying... - A quiet board means trouble. 我知道你们两个在说我,我们只是说...
[04:43.38]A quiet board is death. 没手术意味着麻烦 意味着死亡
[04:45.11]A quiet board bodes bad news. And stop looking at me like that. 也意味着坏的消息
[04:52.85]- Dr. Shepherd. - Dr. Burke... Shepherd医生
[04:55.59]You and I, we've known each other for a while now, right? Burke 医生
[05:00.30]- Yes. - Done successful surgeries together? 是的
[05:03.46]- Yes. - Your girlfriend is my ex's friend. 是的 你的女朋友是我前任女朋友最好的朋友
[05:06.30]- Yes. - Can't we use each other's first name? 是的
[05:10.91]I don't think so. 我不认为那是一个好主意
[05:13.94]- Seriously? - Seriously. 不会吧?
[05:16.31]- Dr. Shepherd. - Dr. Burke. 我是认真的!
[05:21.05]I haven't been in the OR in two days. I'm getting some OR time. 我有两天没有进入手术室了
[05:24.75]- We haven't had a decent resident. - The last two weren't that bad. 现在我要找机会去做手术
[05:28.46]Doesn't matter which one we get. They suck. 最后那两个还不是那么的糟糕
[05:30.86](George) They all sucked. I miss Dr. Bailey. 他们都很差劲 (George) 对(Cristina)
[05:38.50]You all right?
[05:43.17]I have a feeling. 我有一种感觉
[05:46.71]I get those. 我知道你有
[05:48.41]Yeah? 真的?
[05:50.04]- Yeah. - And? 真的
[05:52.58]If you wait long enough, it passes. 接下来呢?
[05:56.25]Promise? 保证?
[05:58.75]I promise. 我保证
[06:08.10]Hey. What are you doing? 嘿
[06:10.63]- Waiting for it to pass. - For what to pass? 你在干什么?
[06:15.87]- Do you want to do charts later? - Never gonna happen. 你想不想一会一起喝一杯?
[06:18.91]What? 那绝对不可能发生
[06:20.24]I gave you your chance and you slept with someone else. 为什么?
[06:23.28]I forgave you in the spirit of being a bigger person, of rising above. 你拥有那次机会但你却和别人上床了
[06:28.42]But these legs are closed to you now. The panties are staying on. 这样可以让我成为一个高尚的人
[06:32.25]- So you and me? Never gonna happen. - So you don't want to do charts later? 所以你和我不会有下一次了
[06:37.23]- Stand over there. - Let's get back to the point. 站到那边去
[06:39.36]- You had a point? - Yeah. 我们可以谈点刚才谈过的东西?你想谈什么呢?
[06:40.43]Which surgeon are we having to suck up to today? 是的,我们今天将会被哪个医生管理呢
[06:43.00]- That would be me. - Dr. Bailey? 那将是我,Bailley医生?(Cristina)
[06:45.40]I've been gone two weeks, two weeks, and you ran off two residents? 我走了两个星期,只有两个星期
[06:49.94]I've got people phoning me, telling me my interns are Rosemary's Babies. 有很多人给我家里打电话
[06:51.76]尖叫着告诉我,我的实习医生是rosemary‘s babies
[06:54.01]Nobody wants you. Do you think I have time for this? 没有人想带你们
[06:57.35]I am pregnant. I'm supposed to be on bed rest. 你们认为我有时间去处理这些事情?
[07:00.28]I'm growing a human being. I'm supposed to be calm. 我应该呆在床上休息
[07:03.02]Do I look calm to you? Did I raise you fools to be pariahs? 我应该很平静才对,我看起来平静吗?
[07:12.79]- You're back. - I'm not back. 你回来了
[07:14.86]- You're not? - Get off me. 我还没有回来
[07:15.29]你没有? 别碰我
[07:21.27]Yang, Karev, Grey, stay here and wait for the incoming case. Yang,Karev,Grey呆在这里等在路上的病人
[07:24.91]O'Malley, page Addison Shepherd. Stevens, get a wheelchair. O'malley去呼叫Addison Shepherd
[07:28.01]- A wheelchair? - A wheelchair. Stenens,给我拿一架轮椅
[07:29.84]- What should I tell Dr. Shepherd? - What did I say? 一架轮椅?
[07:32.61]Dr. Bailey? What should I tell Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd? Bailley医生?什么?
[07:36.65](Water splashing) 我该和Shepherd医生说什么
[07:39.45]Tell her my contractions are ten minutes apart 告诉她我的宫缩是每10分钟一次
[07:42.16]and my water just broke over your shoes. 还有羊水刚刚破了 洒在了你的鞋上
[07:45.66]- Just... Boy, get off me! - (Siren) 别碰我你这个大男孩
[07:52.13](Screaming) 啊!(女子尖叫声) 接住她!
[07:54.37]Take her!
[08:07.52]- Dude. - Yeah. 天呀!
[08:21.36](Cristina) James Carlson, age 46. 他叫James Carlson,年龄46岁 (cristina)
[08:23.43]Paramedics found him unconscious. 当急救人员到达的时候他大出血并且失去知觉
[08:25.27]Mechanisms of injury are unknown, but he has a large sucking chest wound. 受伤原因不清楚
[08:29.10]- And a wife with very healthy lungs. - Vitals? 他妻子不停的喊叫
[08:31.67]Tachycardic in the 140's, BP holding in the 90's. 生命指征?
[08:32.13]心率在140 血压维持在90
[08:36.44]You were gone when I woke up. 当我醒来的时候你不见了
[08:38.88]- Oh, I had to do a thing. - You didn't leave a note. 啊,是的,我有一些事情要做
[08:42.58]Yeah, well, I had this thing to do. I did this thing. 你并没有留言说要去哪里
[08:45.82]- And once again... - What? 你知道,就是一件事
[08:48.72]We go to sleep, I think everything is fine 什么?
[08:49.25]当我们要睡前 我认为每件事都很正常
[08:51.03]and by the time I wake up, you're just a little bit crazy. 但是当我醒来的时候,你就是有一点疯狂
[08:54.43]- I get... I'm not crazy. I had a thing. - OK. 我并没有疯狂,只是要做一件事
[08:59.00]- How's his respiratory effort? - Absent breath sounds on the right. 好的
[09:02.57]Air bubbling at the wound. He's shocky and a little cyanotic. 右边的呼吸音听不见
[09:05.87]- My wife was... - (screaming) 他已经休克了并且全身有些缺氧
[09:09.31]Let's get him intubated and place an occlusive dressing over the wound. 插根气管插管帮助他呼吸
[09:13.88]- Now, you... - Hannah. Hannah Davies. 你是?
[09:17.72]Hannah. Why do you have your hand inside my patient? 啊,我叫Hannah,HAnnah Davies
[09:18.41]Hannah 为什么你把手插在我病人的身体里?
[09:20.96]For the record, I told her not to. 按照记录来说
[09:23.59]I tried to tamponade the wound with gauze and pressure, 我告诉过她不要
[09:26.46]but only my hand would stop the bleeding. 但是只有我的手才能让他停止流血
[09:28.60]Every time I move it he starts bleeding out. 每一次我试着把手拿开他就开始大量流血
[09:31.77]Can I take my hand out now? 我现在可以把手拿开了吗?
[09:33.23]You don't stick your hand in a patient when you don't know how he was injured. 当你还不知道病人的受损情况
[09:37.74]- Yeah, I know that now! - Out of my room. 你根本就不该把手放到病人体内 好了 我了解了
[09:39.84]- She gets to stay? - She has her hand inside my patient. 离开这里 她要留在这里吗?
[09:48.28]- Nice. Thanks. - Well, don't get happy. 谢谢
[09:50.38]You have your finger on a bleeder and Mr. Carlson is running out of time. 先不要高兴得太早
[09:53.96]The only thing that you have won is an all expense paid trip to the OR. Mr.Carlson快不行了
[09:58.29]Dr. Grey, prepare to transport her to the OR. Grey医生,准备把他送进手术室
[10:00.70]- Let's do this quickly. - (Cristina) What do you want me to do? 大家动作要快
[10:04.10]I want you to make that woman stop screaming and tell us what happened. 啊 嗯 你需要我来做什么吗? (cristina)
[10:08.44]- I can't go to the OR? - No, you have a thing to do. 然后让她告诉我们发生了什么事情
[10:13.11]- What was that about? - If I'd known you'd get the good case, 那是关于什么的?
[10:16.18]I'd have let you stay in bed. 如果我知道你将要得到这个好的病例
[10:19.05]She's been going 20 minutes. This must be some kind of record. 她这样喊了至少15分钟
[10:22.58]Look at her. She's not even turning red. 就像是一段反覆的录像
[10:24.82]Good for her. Burke says shut her up. 这对她好,Burke说要让她停止喊叫
[10:27.32]We've got an incoming trauma. MVC with a 30-minute extrication time. 我们又要来一个外伤病人
[10:29.14]m.v.c. 已经开始抢救30分钟了
[10:31.06]Severe intrusion damage to the car. Definite head injury. Stable vitals. 他经历了一次严重的车祸
[10:35.36]- Five minutes. - I got it. 他们将会在5分钟之内到达,我马上就去(Cristina)
[10:36.80]- I got it. - I called first. 我也去,是我先被呼叫的
[10:38.30]You said Burke told you to shut her up. 我想你刚才说Burke叫你让她停止喊叫
[10:40.50]No, he told me to tell you to shut her up. 哦,不是,Burke是让我告诉你让她停止喊叫
[10:44.44]Ma'am. Ma'am. 夫人,夫人?
[10:49.01]Mrs. Carlson... Are you injured? 啊!(尖叫声)
[10:53.91]I need you to try and calm down. 啊!(尖叫继续)
[10:55.88]Mrs. Carlson? Can you hear me? Carlson夫人?
[10:58.85]Can you hear me? 你可以听叫我说话吗?
[11:09.10]Good. OK. Now, can you tell me exactly what happened to your husband? ok,好
[11:30.89]- What are you doing? - Chief. Bailey's in there. 你在干什么?
[11:35.06]Bailey's back? Bailey在里面
[11:38.23]- O'Malley! - She's in labor. o'malley!她正在做分娩
[11:39.56]Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd is examining her cervix. shepherd医生 正在给她的子宫做检查
[11:42.06]I can see that quite clearly. 我可以很清楚的看到!
[11:45.37]O'Malley, stop looking! o'malley 别看了
[11:52.14]Pretty amazing, right? The miracle of life. 很兴奋是不是?
[11:55.14]Our Bailey. Becoming a mother. 那是生命的奇迹
[11:58.38]It feels good... 那感觉很好
[12:00.25]having Bailey back at the hospital. Balance is being restored. 因为Bailey又回到医院来了
[12:04.39]- That's all I'm saying, sir. - Hey, guys. 这正是我所说的
[12:07.09]Would you give this to Dr. Shepherd? Thanks. What's going on? 嘿,你可不可以把这个给Sheperd医生
[12:10.42]- Bailey's in there. - Oh, Bailey's back? That's excellent. 谢谢,发生什么了?Bailey在里面
[12:15.63]And her cervix is being examined by my wife 啊,我妻子正在给她的子宫做检查
[12:18.17]which is a visual I'll never get out of my head. 这是一种视觉的真实效果,我永远不会忘记
[12:20.97]- Thanks for the warning. - (Pager beeps) 谢谢你的警告(传呼机响)
[12:24.94]Well... 嗯...
[12:27.17]A gathering of men outside the delivery room. How mid-century of you. 一群男人在分娩室门外
[12:31.48]- Say hi to Bailey for me. - Hm. 你们真是守旧
[12:33.15]- How she doing? - Taking it like a woman. 替我向Bailey问好,没问题
[12:35.42]Six centimeters dilated, 50 per cent effaced, 宫颈扩张6厘米,一半消除
[12:38.82]and refusing pain meds, which I think is stupid but I'm not in labor, so... 还有不敢面对一般的疼痛,虽然我认为这是愚蠢的
[12:45.09]- What are you doing out here? - Can I get you anything? 你们在外面干什么呢?
[12:48.33]A boy the size of a ten-pound bowling ball is working his way out of my body. 你还好吗?我可以帮你做点什么吗?
[12:52.07]Can you get me a new vagina? 正试着离开我的身体
[12:54.34]- Oh. Well... - I didn't think so. 你可以给我一个新的阴道吗?嗯...
[12:56.27]Look, I appreciate the concern, but I'm fine. It's just childbirth. 听着大家,我也不这么认为
[13:01.28]All I need is my husband who should have been here by now. 这只是生一个孩子 我现在所需要的就是我的丈夫
[13:05.81]Write down his number. I'll call him. I'll track him down. 把他的号码给我 给他打电话 我来找他
[13:09.08]All right. Then go away. Give me some privacy. 好的,然后就离开,给我一些个人空间
[13:12.72]I don't want to see any of you again until after the baby is born, 孩子出生前
[13:16.29]which, if he does like I told him to and stays on schedule, 还有,如果他需要知道的话
[13:19.29]should be in four-and-a-half hours. 孩子将会在4个半小时之内出生
[13:22.46]I mean it. 我是认真的!
[13:25.37]- Bailey's back. - She's back, sir. (关门声) Bailey回来了
[13:28.04]- He's my patient. Get your own. - I had one. Meredith took him. 是的,她回来了 头
[13:31.87]- So now you're going to take mine? - If I can. 我是有一个,但是Meredith抢走了
[13:34.78]- Is my wife here? Is she here? - Was she in the accident with you? 是的,如果可以 (病人) 我妻子在这里吗?
[13:39.35]- She's supposed to be... - We'll find her, Mr. Jones. 她和你一起出的车祸吗?
[13:39.68]她现在应该在这里了 她--她应该--
[13:42.85]- What have we got? - Tucker Jones, 35. Flipped his car... tucker jones 年龄35 他的车失去了控制
[13:46.45]He's got a chest contusion and a head CT shows a depressed skull fracture 撞上了铁路的护栏 胸部挫伤
[13:50.49]and temporal epidural hematoma. 一过性硬膜外血肿 gcs指数14
[13:52.16]GCS 14 in the field, now down to 12. His motor exams are intact.
[13:55.43]- A gram of Dilantin and 70 of mannitol. - I'm on it. 现在降低到12 其他检查正常
[13:56.00]好的 现在给他1g苯妥英钠
[13:57.83]Mr. Jones, I need to do an examination on you. 和70g甘露醇(脱水保护大脑) 我马上做
[13:58.45]Mr. Jones我现在需要为你做一些检查
[14:00.43]- (Phone rings) - My phone. (手机铃声) (虚热) 啊,我的电话
[14:01.87]It's my wife. You need to answer. She needs me. 接我的电话,那是我的妻子
[14:05.21]OK, we'll answer your phone. Dr. Stevens, answer his phone. 你--你必须接那个电话
[14:08.51]- I've got it. - Mr. Jones, squeeze my fingers. Dr. Stevens,去接听电话 没问题,我可以搞定
[14:10.91]Mr. Jones? Hey, I need you to squeeze my finger, OK? Mr. Jones,你可以感觉到我的手指吗?
[14:13.24]Mr. Jones,我需要你按住我的手指好吗?
[14:14.85]He's in a seizure. Get him on his side. Watch his arm. 你可以-- 好的,他抓到了
[14:17.69]Hello? George? What are... 让我们把他放到另一边 注意他的胳膊 你好
[14:18.20]你好? george? 你在干...
[14:20.82]- It's me. Izzie. - Let's get him to the OR. 是我 Izzie 好的 把他推进手术室吧
[14:24.12]No... I think I'd know if I had Bailey's husband's phone, George! 不,我没有. 我没有Bailey丈夫的手机
[14:25.64]那你在-- 我想我知道了
[14:28.20](Derek) Watch his arm, watch his arm. 如果我有Bailey丈夫的手机... (derek) 注意他的胳膊
[14:30.46]- What's Bailey's husband's name? - Watch the wall. Bailey丈夫的名字是什么? 看着墙(Derek)
[14:39.04]- How are you doing over there? - My hand's getting numb. 你还好吗?
[14:42.64]And this whole "insides are bloody and squishy" thing 我的手已经失去知觉了
[14:45.81]is so not good for my gag reflex. 对于我反胃可不是什么好事
[14:48.12]But I'm good. Is this OK? Me being in here like this? 但是,我还好
[14:52.89]Once Dr. Burke scrubs in, he'll have you remove your hand 我一直要这么呆着吗?
[14:53.51]一旦Burke医生进入, 你就可以把你的手拿开了
[14:56.06]and then you can go and we'll fix Mr. Carlson. 那个时候你就可以走了 然后我们就开始对Carlson先生动手术
[14:58.76]Good. I know how much medicine I know 好的
[15:01.16]and it's just enough to never be allowed in an OR. 就我所知道的医学来说
[15:04.60]It's my second week as a paramedic. 这是我做救护员的第二个星期
[15:07.47]I got out of school about a month ago. 我一个月前才从学校毕业
[15:10.14]I haven't been doing this that long either. 我做这行也没有那么久
[15:15.41]Talk about on-the-job training, huh? 交谈关于工作训练,啊?
[15:24.85]- Dr. Burke. - Dr. Shepherd. Burke医生
[15:30.32]You got Dr. Bailey's husband on the table? 嘿
[15:32.43]Bailey's husband is going into surgery? 你要给Bailey的丈夫做手术吗?
[15:35.53]Got into a car accident trying to get to the hospital. 他遇到了车祸
[15:38.27]- What do we tell her? - Nothing. 他试着干在孩子生下来之前赶到医院
[15:39.93]Wait until I see how bad the damage is. Have something concrete to say. 我该和Bailey说什么呢? 什么也不说
[15:43.47]Yeah, no use upsetting her until we know. 含含糊糊的回答她就行了
[15:44.02]在我们知道具体情况前不需要烦她 好的
[15:46.37]- OK, keep me posted. - OK. ok,让我先知道情况 好的没有问题
[15:48.11]- Hey, Preston. - Good seeing you, Addison. 你好,Preston.
[15:53.31]What? 怎么了?
[15:54.38]She gets to call you by your first name? 她可以直接称呼你的名字而我不行
[15:56.65]- I like her. - And you don't like me? 我喜欢她 你不喜欢我?
[15:58.65]No. 是的
[16:07.56]- How are we doing? - He's stabilized. 情况怎么样了?
[16:09.83]- I'm just about to put him under. - Doctor? 病情稳定
[16:20.07]You're... Shepherd, right? 你-你叫... Shepherd,对吗?
[16:23.54]- Yes. I am. - I thought so. 是的,我是
[16:28.72]Miranda... she really likes you. Miranda她...
[16:34.49]I like her too. 我也喜欢她
[16:38.33]We're having a baby. 我-我们马上就会有一个孩子
[16:41.80]I know. I'm gonna take care of you. 我知道
[16:45.93]I'm going to get you back to Bailey, safe and sound. 我将会把你安全健康的
[16:47.68]还给Bailey 好吗?
[16:52.37]All this blood and none of it's hers? 这么多的血,没有一点是她的?
[16:55.88]No, she's fine. Acute anxiety reaction. Give her two diazepam PO to calm her. 是的,她很好 只是精神上的反映
[16:58.67]给她双剂量的安定 让她平静下来
[17:00.18]- She in shock? - I'll say. 她受到惊吓了?
[17:03.72]Can you tell us exactly what happened? 你可以告诉我们发生什么事了吗?
[17:05.99]You mean the shock part? It was shocking. I'm shocked. 我想是受惊吓的那部分
[17:10.96]You tell my husband when I get my hands on him, he's a dead man. 你告诉我丈夫如果我的手还可以碰到他
[17:14.23]- Do you hear me? Scaring me like this. - Exactly how was your husband injured? 那么他死定了
[17:14.81]你听见我说什么了? 把我吓成这个样子
[17:18.53]- (Man) Mindy? Mindy, you in here? - I'm over here! You moron! 能不能具体说明你丈夫是怎么受伤的?
[17:19.02](男人叫声) Mindy? Mindy,你在这儿吗?
[17:21.17]我就在这里 白痴
[17:24.84]- How's James doing? - Oh, he's bleeding all over the place. James还好吗? 哦,他流了很多的血
[17:28.11]The girl in the ambulance put her hand inside him, that's how he's doing! 那就是他现在的情况
[17:28.66]救护车里的那个女孩竟然 把手放到他的身体里!
[17:31.75]- What are you yelling at me for? - Because! 他的情况就是这么得糟糕! 那你为什么要冲我喊呢?
[17:34.08]You and James are idiots! Playing like eight-year-olds. 因为! 因为你和James就像是白痴
[17:37.12]We don't play. We reenact. 一起玩就像是8岁的孩子 打扰一下,嗯--
[17:39.05]You play. You put on costumes, you build your stupid toys and you play! 我们那不是在玩 听着,我们只是在角色扮演 不,你们在玩
[17:43.29]- We reenact. - Nobody reenacts World War II! 然后你们制造了你们那可笑的玩具 你们就是在玩! 不,我们不是,我们在角色扮演
[17:46.26]- You moron! - Exactly what happened?
[17:48.73]What happened is my husband and his moron best friend... 我再说一遍,告诉我发生了什么?
[17:48.89]你想知道发生什么了吗? 就是我的丈夫
[17:52.67]- Can you stop calling me a moron? - Moron best friend 和他的白痴朋友-- 你能不能够停止叫我白痴?
[17:56.17]decided to build some kind of big gun. 决定要制造一种大枪
[17:58.37]Yeah, an exact replica of the finest Allied antitank weapon of World War Il: 是的,没错 那是复制警察
[18:02.88]The M9A1 bazooka. M981 火箭筒
[18:04.34]So they put on their stupid costumes and they go out into the backyard 所以他们穿上了他们那可笑的戏服
[18:08.35]and they try to shoot the thing! 然后他们走到了后院
[18:10.18]I'm the gunner. James is the loader. We followed the specifications exactly. 决定要射一些东西
[18:10.34]我是炮手 James是装弹手
[18:12.31]我们完全按照说明书上来做. 你应该去看看
[18:14.46]It's a 60 millimeter, 1.5 pound rocket. It's a beauty. 是一支60毫米重达1.5磅的火箭筒
[18:17.79]It didn't work. So, like an idiot, 我想说那是非常完美的
[18:18.36]它根本就不工作 和白痴一样
[18:20.46]my husband has to go and stand in front of his big gun to see what went wrong. 我的丈夫必须要站到那个火箭筒前面
[18:24.83]That's when the stupid toy starts working. 看看是哪里的故障
[18:27.67]- Stop calling it a toy. - I'll call it whatever I want! 停止称那是个玩具
[18:29.03]它占了我半个后院, 我想怎么叫它都可以!
[18:31.97]Whoa, whoa, whoa. He shot himself with a bazooka? 喔,喔,喔,停一下 他用一个火箭筒射了他自己?
[18:35.04]- Yeah. - He shot himself with the bazooka? 是的
[18:38.85]- Like I said, morons, the pair of them! - Was there an explosion? 他用火箭筒射了他自己?
[18:39.47]就像我所说的, 他们两个人都是白痴 当时有没有爆炸?
[18:42.38]- Huh? - Was there an explosion? 啊?
[18:44.38]No. Why? 当时有爆炸吗? 不,为什么这么问?
[18:46.82]Oh, crap. 哦,天呀!
[18:54.26]What is it? 什么? 怎么了?
[19:04.84]Hey! Slow down. 嘿,慢点!
[19:06.51](Drill whirs)
[19:08.51]If Bailey asks, I'm not the one who did this. 如果Bailey问 不要说是我做了这些
[19:23.52]OK. I'm going to do a thoracotomy and Hannah is going to pull her hand out. 好的,大家我现在做个开胸术
[19:26.33]因为Hannah在这里 我们要帮助她把手拿出来
[19:27.90]Dr. Grey is going to clamp the bleeder when we have more exposure. 有更多的地方出血的时候
[19:32.80]- Ready? - More than ready. 你准备好了吗?
[19:35.10]Scalpel. 当然.
[19:39.57](Phone rings)
[19:46.05](Bailey) Tucker Jones... 嗯,Jones,
[19:47.78]you'd better be lying in the street somewhere dead, mister, 你最好在路上编出一个好的理由
[19:52.85]because when I get my hands on you... 在哪里死掉了
[19:55.72]I am having your baby here, mister! 我正在生你的孩子!
[20:01.86]OK. On the count of three. One... (Preston) okay, 数到三我们就开始
[20:07.47]Two... 二...
[20:12.87](Alex) Dr. Burke? 啊
[20:13.73](Alex) Burke医生.
[20:16.41]I need to speak with you. 我有急事要和你说
[20:17.88]- I am in surgery, Karev. - You want to talk to me, sir. 我正在动手术 Karev
[20:30.66]Unhook me. 等我
[20:38.23]If you interrupt me, it better be for a... Karev如果你在我动手术的时候打扰我
[20:40.77]- Was it through and through? - What? 你最好有一个很好的理由
[20:41.45]它穿透了吗? 什么?
[20:43.04]The wound. Was it through and through? James carlson的伤口是不是被穿透了?
[20:45.21]No. There's just an entry, no exit. Why? 不,我们只有进入口. 没有穿透. 为什么这么问?
[20:49.91]He's cute. He single? 他很可爱
[21:12.03]- Hannah. - Yes, Dr. Burke? hannah.
[21:14.87]What do you feel inside of Mr. Carlson? What is your hand touching? 是的,Burke医生
[21:15.37]你的手在Mr. Carlson里面是什么感觉?
[21:20.04]What do you mean? 你的手在摸什么?
[21:23.18]Is your hand touching anything hard? 你的手有没有碰到一些硬的东西?
[21:25.51]- (Meredith) Hard? - Like metal. (Meredith) 硬的?
[21:29.15]Um... I don't know. 嗯... 我不知道.
[21:32.15]Don't move your hand. Just tell me what you feel. 不要动你的手.
[21:36.09]Dr. Burke, what's going on? 你的手是什么感觉的
[21:36.56]Burke医生 发生什么了? hannah?
[21:39.73]Um, my fingertips are touching something... kinda hard. 嗯,我的手碰到了一些...
[21:46.03]Yeah, definitely. 是. 是的,绝对是
[21:47.40]- Oh, my God. - Dr. Milton. 哦,我的天呀! Milton医生
[21:49.64]What? What's wrong? 什么? 怎么了?
[21:52.31]Hannah, I don't want you to move. Not your hand. (Preston) hannah, 我不希望你乱动--
[21:55.51]Not your body. Not an inch. 你的手, 还有你的身体
[21:58.58]OK. You should know you're starting to scare me. 一点也不要动
[21:59.06]好的. 你应该知道你有一点吓到我了
[22:01.85]Don't be scared. Everything's going to be fine. 不要害怕
[22:05.09]Dr. Grey, can you... 一切将会结束
[22:16.16]I want you to walk out of this room. 我想让你走出这手术室--
[22:18.37]Walk, do not run. 走,不要跑--
[22:21.20]Go and tell the charge nurse that we have a Code Black. 去告诉值班的护士
[22:27.47]I'm sorry. Code Black? 黑色警报?
[22:29.21]Code Black. Tell him that I am sure. 是的,黑色警报 告诉他们我对此很确定
[22:32.65]And then tell him to call the bomb squad. 然后告诉他们给拆弹组打电话
[22:46.16]What did she stick her hand in there for anyway? 天呀,你可以想像吗?
[22:48.76]- She was trying to save his life. - And now she might die because of it. 她干吗要把手放到那里?
[22:54.30]What do we do now? 我们现在干什么?
[22:56.14]I go back in and wait for the bomb squad. You leave. You all leave. 我回到那里等拆弹组
[23:03.84]Mer, you coming? Mere你走吗?
[23:07.81]It's your funeral. 这将是你的葬礼
[23:10.65]You need a surgical team. 你需要一支医疗队伍
[23:12.12]All I need is Dr. Milton to keep him under. I can do the rest myself. 我所需要的就是Milton医生帮助他呼吸
[23:24.97]Fine. But you wait by the elevator. 好吧,但是你们必须要在电梯口等
[23:27.67]I don't want anyone in here that doesn't need to be in this OR. 我不希望任何不需要的人
[23:31.00]When the bomb squad arrives, we'll take it from there. 出现在这个手术室里
[23:33.91]Until then, Milton and I are doing this alone. Now, go. 在那时前,Milton和我要单独做这些
[23:46.05]OK, OK, OK. okay,okay,okay.
[23:51.86]Eight minutes apart. 每8分钟收缩一回?
[23:54.09]There is no shame in an epidural, Miranda. 这个时候不需要任何的羞耻miranda.
[23:56.80]Epidural increases the possibility of a C-section. 鼓起来了 可能是颈部
[23:59.77]It also decreases pain. 又往里回去了一点
[24:01.47]Miranda, this is a big baby, it is your first baby Mirand这是一个很大个头的婴儿, 并且这也是你第一个婴儿
[24:04.17]and it is not going to be a short or an easy labor. 所以我要告诉你这将不是一次短暂
[24:06.71]I can handle a little pain. No problem. 容易的分娩
[24:09.41]Women all over the world do this at home 以前所有女人都在家里做这个...
[24:12.85]with nothing more than a pair of scissors and a bucket of hot water. 什么工具也没有 除了一把剪刀
[24:16.28]Women all over the world also die giving birth at home every day. 和一盆热水
[24:16.68]是的 不过那些女人也为此付出生命
[24:23.96]I did not just say that. 我只是想说--
[24:25.83]You're supposed to be finding my husband. 你应该让你自己变得更加有用一点!
[24:28.83]- Well, I... - He's not here. 还有找到我的丈夫 好的,我-我--
[24:33.40]He should be here by now. 哦,但是他现在应该到这里了
[24:35.14]OK, we're gonna go find him. Right, Dr. O'Malley? 好的,我们将会找到他的
[24:37.87]- Right. I'm... - (pager beeps) 对吗 O'malley医生?是的
[24:42.51]What? 发生什么了?
[24:45.28]Oh, nothing. I'll be right back. 啊,没什么 我--我马上就会回来
[24:52.82](Pager beeps)
[24:54.89]Yang, could you check that? Yang,你可以查看一下呼机吗
[24:58.59]- (Lzzie) How's he doing? - Oh, it's touch and go. 他怎么样了?
[25:01.83]I'm just trying to find the source of the bleeding. 啊,还不好说,我刚刚取出血块
[25:05.03]Go and find Addison. Tell her he's in worse shape than I thought. 我正在寻找流血的伤口
[25:12.54]- What'd they want? - They want us to evacuate. 他们说什么?
[25:15.41]- Evacuate? Did they say why? - Your pager said, "Code Black". 他们想让我们疏散
[25:20.68]- You're sure they said that? - Yes. 你确定是黑色警报?
[25:25.32]It could be a drill. 也许只是一次演习
[25:27.29]I can't evacuate. I've got an open brain on the table. 就算不是演习我也不能疏散
[25:32.56]I'm not leaving Bailey's husband with his skull flap open 我不会把Bailey的丈夫打开着头颅
[25:35.90]so if anybody wants to go, they should go. 留在手术台上的
[25:38.20]Anybody want to evacuate? Going once, going twice, three times. 如果有人想走那就走
[25:47.17]- You're sure they said, "Code Black"? - Yes. 你确定他们发出了黑色警报
[25:52.38]I don't like having to lie to Dr. Bailey. 我不喜欢向Bailey医生撒谎
[25:55.28]- Now is not the time, Dr. O'Malley. - She'd want to know... 她也许想-- 现在这个时间不合适 O’Malley
[25:58.55]- She'd want to know about her husband. - (Pager beeps) 她一定想知道关于她的丈夫
[26:03.99]- Code Black? What's a Code Black? - Wait, hold it! Whoa! 黑色警报? 什么是黑色警报? (Izzie) 等一下
[26:07.06]Dr. Shepherd wanted me to tell you 哦,Shepherd医生
[26:09.03]that Tucker's bleed is more extensive than he thought. 另一个Shepherd医生想让你知道
[26:11.93]It will be a few hours before he has anything concrete. 还要大
[26:14.80]Thanks, Stevens. 还需要更长的时间去做手术
[26:15.30]谢谢Stevens 黑色警报是什么意思?
[26:17.90]- What's a Code Black? - A what?
[26:20.14](Pager beeps) 一个什么?
[26:22.21]Code Black? 黑色警报?
[26:24.01]Code Red, Blue, White... I've never had a Black. 红色,蓝色,白色--
[26:26.78]Dr. Shepherd? 我从来没遇到过黑色警报 Shepherd医生?
[26:28.95]Just go to your locker room and wait for your resident to give you instructions. 你们只要回到衣帽间
[26:32.95]- We have no resident. - What's goin' on? 然后等待住院医生给你们指示
[26:34.96]Is it something bad? 我们没有住院医生 发生什么了?
[26:43.63]Yeah. It's something bad. 对,一些不好的事情
[26:54.98]So... 嗯...
[26:56.58]So I'm touching live unexploded ammunition? 嗯 我现在正在握着一个没有爆炸的炮弹
[27:01.62]I'm afraid so. 我想恐怕是的
[27:05.59]Not the greatest feeling in the world. 这可不是什么好的感觉
[27:09.42]No. I guess not. 对
[27:15.46]- And... he's still out? - Yeah. 他还能呼吸吗?
[27:19.20]But he's not hooked up to the machine. 是的
[27:21.30]I had Dr. Milton take him off the ventilator. 我只能让Milton医生给他做人工通气
[27:23.90]The flow of oxygen posed a danger. 不然 有氧气会有爆炸的危险
[27:27.11]The Ambu bag is breathing for him now. 那个气袋... 就是帮助他呼吸用的
[27:31.81]But he can't hear me? 但是他听不见我说话
[27:33.55]No. 不可以
[27:46.33]Hannah? Hannah
[27:50.16]What if I just take my hand out really quickly? 如果我把我的手快速的伸出来会发生什么呢?
[27:53.33]We'd have to ask the bomb squad that when they arrive. 这个问题我们必须在拆弹组
[27:56.70]But I'm guessing that would cause the ammo to shift and explode. 到达这里的时候问他们 但是我想
[28:17.26]- Hannah? - Yeah? Hannah
[28:20.36]Your hand is keeping Mr. Carlson from bleeding out. 什么?
[28:25.37]You are keeping him alive. 是你阻止了他的死亡
[28:31.37]Right. And the bomb squad is coming? 对
[28:34.61]The bomb squad is coming. 是的,拆弹组正在路上
[28:37.88]OK. 好
[28:41.35]OK. 好的
[28:52.26](Richard) We're moving pre-op patients to Mercy West, 我们正在
[28:55.16]all trauma rerouted to Seattle Presbyterian. 所有的外伤病人转去西雅图医院旧区
[28:57.96]There is no danger to the north, south and west wings. 在北边和南边没有危险
[29:01.30]Just the east surgical wing. 西边的病房也没有 只是东边的手术室
[29:03.44]That said, anyone who wants to leave can leave. 如果有人想离开可以走
[29:06.17]No one stays unless they volunteer to stay. Understood? 我们不需要任何的志愿者
[29:09.64]- (Murmuring) - OK. 明白了吗?
[29:11.85]- Richard. Is it Code Black? Really? - Yes. I shut down the ORs. 好的
[29:12.65]Richard 真的是黑色警报吗?
[29:15.48]- What? To trauma? - To everything. 是的,我关闭了所有的手术室
[29:17.45]To "everything" everything? 外伤也是吗? 对于任何都一样
[29:19.39]Ten minutes ago, all operating rooms at Seattle Grace were evacuated, 等一下, 真的是对所有都一样吗?
[29:20.08]大约10分钟前 在西雅图
[29:23.26]with the exception of Dr. Burke's team. 所有的手术室全部关闭了
[29:25.39]And Dr. Shepherd's team. 除了Burke医生的那一组
[29:28.16]What? What do you mean Dr. Shepherd's team? 什么?
[29:31.20]They're still in OR Two. Shepherd医生的那一组?
[29:33.70]- Bomb squad just arrived. - Excuse me. 拆弹组刚刚到 请原谅
[29:39.34]- You're the surgical team? - Yes. 你们是手术组吗?
[29:41.54]Dylan Young, bomb squad. Check the area, then we'll secure the patient. 是的
[29:42.09]我叫Dylan Young 拆弹组的
[29:45.35]- Where are they? - In there. 然后我们将会接近病人, 他们现在在哪里?
[29:47.41]- This floor's been evacuated? - Yes. Burke医生和他们在里面 这一层的其他手术室都疏散了?
[29:49.38]You stay here. Nobody moves unless I say so. 是的
[29:50.28]好的,你们呆在这里 在我说可以之前任何人都不能动
[29:54.89](Man) We got people over here! 这里还有其他人
[29:58.32]- You said the floor had been evacuated. - I thought it had. 我想你刚才说这一层已经被疏散了
[30:01.66]Cristina! No, she will hurt him. (meredith)我认为是的 这里并不是我负责
[30:02.41]我是认真的,退回去 哦,不,不 她将会伤害他
[30:04.30]- What's going on? - A bomb in a body cavity. 发生什么了? 一枚炸弹在病人的腔里
[30:08.87]Man. All I got is Bailey's husband's open brain. 天呀!
[30:13.34]- What procedure? - Craniotomy. 进行到哪里了?Shepherd正在做
[30:15.34]Shepherd's got Bailey's husband on the table? Bailey的丈夫在手术台上? 打扰一下!
[30:17.64]Excuse me? Excuse me! Stop talking! Bailey现在正在生孩子。 打扰一下! 停止讲话!
[30:37.56]Got to eat something. 吃点东西
[30:41.17]You knew Meredith and Cristina would be on the floor with the bomb. 你知道Meredith和Cristina将会在炸弹的那一层
[30:45.00]- Yeah. - Is it wrong that we're jealous? 是的
[30:48.07]The fact that we're jealous that they might die 我们嫉妒是很正常的对吗?
[30:50.61]is not a reflection on our character. 是因为他们可能被炸死
[30:52.61]- It's about feeling useless. - Ineffectual. 是一种无用的感觉
[30:55.58]We couldn't even get Meredith out of bed. 今天早晨我们甚至不能把Meredith 从床上叫下来
[30:58.28]We had to call in Cristina. How embarrassing is that? 最后我们还得给Cristina打电话
[31:02.26]You know what I think, George? I think Meredith and Cristina are doers. 那是多么令人难堪呀!
[31:07.13]They do. They're doers. -对,他们是实践者 -他们是,而我们--
[31:09.76]They do. And we...
[31:13.13]We watch. 我们看着
[31:16.57]We're watchers. 我们是观看者
[31:20.47](Alex) Check on Mrs. Carlson's levels. If they're stable she can come up here. 检查一下Mrs.Carlson的血压
[31:24.74]All right. Excuse me. 如果稳定,就把她带上来
[31:27.48]We have to become more proactive, George. We have to become doers. -对不起 -没事
[31:28.18]我们必须要先发制人 George
[31:34.09]Fight for what we want. 为我们想要的作斗争
[31:36.56]- We have to do. - Yeah. - 我们必须这么做 - 是的
[31:39.73]Oh. You mean... 哦,你是说...
[31:41.76]We are starting right now! OK. 我们从现在就开始做 好的
[31:47.57]Alex. Alex
[31:49.07]How crazy is this? Dude, it's like the apocalypse. 这有多疯狂呀? 就像是一个启示(宗教用语)
[31:52.11]- Alex... - It's true. Look around you. Alex. 这是真的
[31:54.57]Half the people supposed to be saving lives have fled. 我是说,看看你周围--
[31:57.61]Bailey's husband almost died coming to see his kid get born. 却为了救他们自己而离开这座楼
[31:58.22]Bailey的丈夫差一点就死了 只是因为赶来看他的孩子出生
[32:00.25]The annoying twins are with a guy who might explode in their faces. 有一对双胞胎在手术室外出生
[32:04.12]It's a morgue. People should get while the getting's good. 那个炮弹完全可以炸到他们的脸
[32:07.69]- There might be no tomorrow... - Alex! 我只是说人们应该珍惜美好时光
[32:09.62]What? 也许连明天也没有了
[32:09.45]Alex! 什么?
[32:17.76]- Take off your pants. - What are you doing? 脱掉你的裤子 Izzie,你在干什么?
[32:20.87]Being a doer. Getting while the getting's good. Take off your pants. 我在做一个实行者! 享受美好时光!
[32:24.27]I meant apocalypse metaphorically, not literally. 现在脱掉你的裤子
[32:28.07]Alex... 只是一种比喻,并不是真的!
[32:29.98]I haven't had sex in eight months and twelve days. Alex...
[32:33.28]I'm horny, half-naked and saying yes. 我好色,我半裸着身子 所以我说是的
[32:35.38]You wanna talk metaphors or do you wanna take off your pants? 你是想站在那里说隐喻
[32:46.66](Nurse) Sponge.
[32:48.19]Dr. Shepherd, there's an explosive device next door. Shepherd医生 在隔壁那间手术室里
[32:51.16]- I need you to evacuate now. - I've got a guy whose brain is exposed. 有一个炸弹装置 我需要你现在就撤离这里
[32:54.67]I'm not going to leave him to die. 我不会就这么走了,把他留在这里等死
[32:58.20]The rest of you can go. 其他人可以走了
[33:00.37]You should go. Suction. 你们应该走了
[33:21.63]You close him up. You do whatever you have to do. 你给他做完手术, 你知道应该做什么
[33:24.76]The chief of surgery has authorized me to tell you you cannot stay. 外科手术的头告诉我
[33:28.40]The chief of surgery doesn't scare me. Dr. Bailey scares me. 你们不能呆在这里
[33:31.54]I'm not going to be the one to let her husband die. Bailey医生让我害怕
[33:34.57]And that's what would happen if I put his skull flap on in this condition. 那将会发生如果我现在离开
[33:38.61]Bomb or no bomb. Now, get out of my OR. 在这种条件下,不管有没有炸弹我是不会走的
[33:44.25]Suction. 抽吸
[33:54.96]Trying to get gravity to do me a favor. 我正试着让地球引力来帮我一个忙
[33:57.03]I'm nine centimeters dilated. I need that last centimeter. 宫颈开了9厘米
[34:01.73]Good. That's uh... That's good. 很好 那是,嗯...
[34:09.78]Dr. Shepherd? Shepherd医生
[34:14.81]Where... exactly... is my husband? 我的丈夫到底在哪里?
[34:26.89]He's with my husband. 他和我的丈夫在一起
[34:36.07]There is no telling how dangerous it is. We need more info. 现在还不能说明这有多危险
[34:43.14]The longer we wait, the greater the chance he'll bleed out and die. 我们等的时间越长
[34:55.35]Pink mist. Pink mist. 对不起?
[34:57.99]Excuse me?
[35:03.60]That's what the bomb squad calls you when you blow up. 当你爆炸的时候拆弹组是这么叫你的
[35:07.53]Pink mist. I read that somewhere. Pink mist. 我在哪里读过这个
[35:12.81]Bomb goes off and... anyone in range explodes into a billion pieces. 炸弹爆炸...
[35:19.65]You're liquid. There's nothing left. 包括你的体液 一点也不剩下
[35:23.52]Just flecks of human flesh and blood. 只是人肉体的一些痕迹和血
[35:30.76]Pink mist. Pink mist.
[35:34.36]Sometimes they don't even find a finger. 有些时候他们甚至找不到手指头
[35:37.93]One minute, you're a person... 一分钟前你是一个人...
[35:41.17]the next, you're... bloody rain. 下一分钟,你是...
[35:55.21]Here. Take this. 这里,拿着这个 什么?
[35:57.48]- What? - Go ahead.
[36:00.85]Now I want you to squeeze it in even beats. 现在我想你每次搏动时挤压,好吗?
[36:05.16]OK, no, not too fast. Not too fast. 不要太快,不要太快
[36:09.23]There you go. 这样正好
[36:21.57]Dr. Milton? Milton医生?
[36:31.72]I've got kids. 我有孩子
[36:36.89]Even beats. 搏动着,好吗?
[36:43.86]That's it. 就是这样
[37:04.02](Mindy) What about my husband? 我的丈夫呢?
[37:06.69]How long can he stay like that? With live ammo inside him? 他那样子还能活多久呢?
[37:10.06]- I honestly don't know. - But you're gonna try to save him? 说实话我不知道
[37:13.89]We're gonna try. The bomb squad has to determine how to retrieve the device. 我们将会尝试
[37:18.76]I'm sorry, Mindy. I'm so sorry. 取出炸弹装置
[37:20.77]Shut up! We've got three kids and you've got him building bazookas? 我很对不起,Mindy. 我真的很对不起
[37:30.68]Oh, God... 哦,天呀!
[37:34.58]He's gonna die. 他将会死去的
[37:36.58]Paul, why don't you go with the officer there 啊,Paul,你为什么不去外面
[37:39.19]and answer his questions about the device? 去回答警察关于你制造火箭筒的问题
[37:41.95]- Anything to help. - Oh, Karev... 哦,任何事,只要能帮上忙
[37:44.32]Why don't we get Mrs. Carlson a cup of coffee? 嗯,Karev,去给Mrs-Calson倒一杯咖啡
[37:47.59]I guess I should look on the bright side. 我,我想我应该往好的方面想
[37:51.66]It's not like this can get any worse. 不会有任何事情能比这个还要糟
[37:55.40]I mean, this is it. 我是说... 这就是结束
[37:58.34]This is as bad as it gets. Right? 这就使最后的坏结果
[38:09.62]Dr. Bailey? Uh, I was... Bailey医生... 嗯,我只是...
[38:12.12]Someone find me my suitcase. I need my suitcase. I'm going home. Bailey医生, 你在--
[38:13.99]去把我的手提箱拿来, 我需要我的手提箱
[38:16.56]Dr. Bailey, you're having a baby. 我现在要回家
[38:18.52]There's not going to be any baby born today! You hear me? I'm holding it in! Bailey医生,你将会生下一个孩子
[38:22.63]I'll have him tomorrow. 你听见我了吗? 我要把他留在里面
[38:24.63]Just not now. Not like this. No! 我明天才会生
[38:27.04]不! 只是...
[38:28.60]Just... no.
[38:32.27]I'm going home. I'm going home right now! 不
[38:39.75]I can't... 我不能
[38:43.22]I can't do this without my husband. 我不能做这个在没有我丈夫的情况下
[38:48.29]I can't do this alone. 我不能单独做这个
[38:56.30]OK, OK, OK. 好的,好的
[39:02.17]So how are they going to remove that ammo without killing Hannah and James? 他们怎么能保障Hannah和James不死的情况下
[39:09.94]Cristina! The bomb squad guys said you were supposed to stay away from there. Cristina
[39:14.41]Is it me or is Hannah shaking? Hannah在颤抖?
[39:19.35]- Is she squeezing that Ambu bag? - Where is Dr. Milton? 是她自己在给病人做抽吸吗?
[39:29.66]Hannah? Hannah
[39:32.97]- Where's the anesthesiologist? - He, um... 麻醉师去哪里了?
[39:37.07]He left. 他走了
[39:38.54]He didn't want to die. 他不想死
[39:45.41]Hannah? Hannah
[39:49.52]I think I'm gonna take my hand out now. 我想我现在要把手拿出来了
[39:54.22]When the hell are people gonna learn? 人们什么时候才能意识到?
[39:57.09]- It may not be as bad as it seems. - Her hand is holding the device steady. 也许没有我们看见的那么糟
[40:03.40]Or maybe her hand is simply in there with the ammo. We can't know. 也许她的手并没有碰到任何东西
[40:07.80]My guys talked to the friend. 我们不知道
[40:09.44]That device is homemade which means it's unstable and unreliable. 是的,也许,我的人告诉我
[40:12.97]It could be a dud but we have no way of knowing. 也许它根本就不能爆炸 但是我们不知道
[40:15.21]Add that you've got a surgeon next door refusing to leave 加上你们的另一个外科医生
[40:18.01]and a nervous paramedic's hand inside the body cavity. 在另一间手术室拒绝离开
[40:19.04]这里还有一个神志紧张的救护人员 把一只手放到了人的身体里面
[40:20.98]It's... definitely as bad as it seems. 绝对比我们看见的要糟糕
[40:24.25]That's what I'm saying. 这正是我所说的
[40:26.35](Cristina) Hey, somebody help! 快来人 帮助!我们这里需要帮助
[40:28.29]Help here!
[40:30.32]- I'm just going to take it out now. OK? - You can do this. 我认为现在我要把手拿开,
[40:34.46]No, no. No, I just want to take it out and be done with it. 你已经接近成功了,你可以做到的
[40:35.32]不,不 我只是想把手拿开一切将会结束
[40:37.46](Burke) Hannah. It won't be much longer. Hannah,不会再有很长时间了
[40:39.83]- You're keeping him from bleeding out. - No. 记住,他现在仍然活着是因为你阻止了出血
[40:42.47]I am 22 years old. I should not even be in here. This is some kind of mistake. 不!我只有22岁
[40:46.97]- We need to clear the room. - I'm not leaving. 她现在很惊慌,我们需要马上撤离
[40:49.44]- Grey. - I'm not leaving her. 我不会走的
[40:51.21]- (Dylan) Get everyone out now. - (Burke) She's my intern. Grey我们离开 不,我不会走的
[40:54.31]- I am responsible for her. - No, it has to come out. 她是我的实习生,我对她负有责任
[40:57.18]- Yang, go with Dylan. - You go with Dylan. Yang,和Dylan出去 你和Dylan出去
[40:59.22]- Hannah, look at me. - No, it's got to come out. No, no. Hannah看着我 不,我要把手拿出来了
[41:03.22]Hannah, look at me. You can do this. Hannah 不,不
[41:05.46]Hannah, calm down. You need to relax and everything's gonna be fine. Hannah看着我,你可以做到的
[41:07.90]你需要放松Hannah 所有事情将会结束
[41:09.53]- No! - Hannah. 不! Hannah.
[41:11.73]- You can do this, Hannah. - It has to come out! 你可以做得到,你可以做到的 Hannah
[41:14.67]No, will you keep it there just a little while longer? Hanna... 不,我必须把手拿出来
[41:17.87]I have to! 我要把手拿出来了!我必须这么做!
[41:18.07]Hannah,Hannah 我必须这么做 Hannah
[41:26.08](& Michael Stipe & Chris Martin: In The Sun)
[41:47.07]Meredith. Meredith
[41:51.37]What did I do? Oh, God. 我干了什么?
[41:57.44]Just stay where you are. Nobody move. Stay exactly where you are. 你只要呆在那里
[42:01.21]Meredith? 大家都呆在原来的地方不要动
[42:11.76]What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? 我干了什么?我干了什么?
[42:17.00]What did I do? 我干了什么?我干了什么?
[42:21.73]What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? 我干了什么?我干了什么?





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