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[00:01.00](Narrator) Previously on Grey's Anatomy: Grey's anatomy 前情提要
[00:03.16](Meredith) I have a feeling. 我有中不祥的预感
[00:04.57]- (Cristina) What kind of feeling? - Like I might die. 什么预感?
[00:07.77](Meredith) Hello? Clearly not my dream. 嘿?
[00:09.02]当然 这不是我做的梦
[00:10.94]My contractions are ten minutes apart and my water just broke on your shoes. 我每个十分钟痉挛一次
[00:13.12]而且我羊水破了 洒了你满鞋
[00:14.91]- Can't we use first names? - I don't think so. 为什么我们不能直呼彼此的名字?
[00:17.28]I can't remember our last kiss? 我可不这么想
[00:19.35]Where... is my husband? 你知道么 我都记不起来我们上次接吻在什么时候
[00:21.35]Got into a car accident getting to the birth. 我丈夫在哪?
[00:21.92]他想赶在孩子出生前到医院 可是出了车祸
[00:23.72]- Is my wife here? - There's not going to be a baby today! 我妻子还好么?
[00:27.36]Meredith and Cristina are doers. Meredith和Christina在留在那
[00:29.42]They're doers. 只有她们参与
[00:30.49]I'm horny, I'm half-naked. 我都脱掉了衣服 欲火焚身 而且我说 来吧上我
[00:32.36]You want to talk metaphors or do you want to take off your pants? 你是想站在那拐弯抹角
[00:35.96]A quiet board means trouble. A quiet board is death. 空任务板意味着麻烦
[00:39.07]Hannah. Hannah Davies. 意味着死亡
[00:40.37]Why do you have your hand inside my patient? Hannah. Hannah Davies.
[00:42.74]My husband has to go and stand in front of his big gun. 我丈夫非得过去 面朝着那个火箭筒
[00:45.54](Alex) He shot himself with a bazooka? 他被巴祖卡击中了?
[00:47.44]- Was there an explosion? - No. -那爆炸了么 -没有
[00:49.48]I'm touching live unexploded ammunition? 那我手碰倒的是没爆炸的炸弹?
[00:52.25]Ten minutes ago the operating rooms at Seattle Grace were evacuated 就十分钟之前
[00:56.42]- except Dr. Burke's team. - And Dr. Shepherd's team. 除了Burke医生那组
[00:59.55]I can't leave Bailey's husband with his skull flap open. 还有Shepherd医生那组
[01:02.42]Pink mist. That's what the bomb squad calls you when you blow up. 开着颅 躺在手术台上
[01:04.52]当炸弹在你手里爆炸了 拆弹小组就会这么说
[01:06.63]Dylan Young, bomb squad. Dylan Young 拆弹小组的 炸弹是自制的
[01:08.13]That device is homemade which means it's unstable. 那就意味着非常不稳定 不可靠
[01:11.10]I am 22 years old. 我只有22岁
[01:12.63]We need to clear the room. -她情绪开始不稳定 -我们得让无关的人都撤离
[01:14.14]This is a mistake. 这不公平
[01:15.64]Calm down.
[01:19.81]What did I do? What did I do? 我必须得这样做
[01:20.72]哦 我做了什么 我做了什么...
[01:24.51](Meredith) In hospitals, they say you know. 据说在医院里 当一个人的死期来临的时候
[01:27.78]You know when you're going to die. 可以被预感得到
[01:30.99]Some doctors say it's a look patients get in their eyes. 有些医生说 那出自病人临死前的眼神
[01:35.72]Some say there's a scent, the smell of death. 有人说那是一种气味 死亡的气味
[01:40.43]Some think there's just some kind of sixth sense. 还有人认为是某种第六感
[01:44.03]When the great beyond is heading for you, you feel it coming. 当被这强大的灵异感所召唤的时候
[01:48.94]Whatever it is, it's creepy. 不管怎样 听地来就够吓人的
[01:51.64]Because if you know, 因为一旦你知道了你的死期将至
[01:54.21]what do you do about it? 你该如何是好呢?
[01:57.38]Forget about the fact that you're scared out of your mind. 暂时先忘了发自你内心的恐惧
[02:01.28](Breathes heavily)
[02:03.95]If you knew this was your last day on Earth, 如果你知道今天就是你在世上的最后一天
[02:08.79]how would you want to spend it? 你打算该怎么度过呢?
[02:14.32]翻译:Marnin木月 客串校对:老黑 特别感谢:chenchengcc
[02:17.53]- What's going on? - Uh, something happened in OR Three. 发生了什么事?
[02:20.87]- What? - I don't know. 什么?
[02:22.84]All I know is Hannah, the paramedic, she's missing. 我还不清楚
[02:23.32]我只知道 Hannah那个急救员跑了
[02:26.37](George) Chief? What's happened? 头?
[02:29.34]A quiet board. A quiet board is what's happened. 发生了什么事?
[02:31.42]空的任务板 那就是发生了什么
[02:41.22]Dr. Shepherd? Shepherd 医生
[02:43.59]Dr. Burke. Burke 医生
[02:45.39]How's it going? 进行得怎么样?
[02:47.40]He's got a second bleed under the skull base.
[02:49.86]If I do what the textbooks say, 如果照教科书上说的来做
[02:51.40]he could lose the power of speech, herniate and die. 他可能会失去说话的能力
[02:54.44]- What's your other option? - If I do what I want, 在第一次开颅手术时脱肠 然后死
[02:58.31]he could lose the power of speech, 他可能会失去说话的能力
[03:00.24]herniate and die. 在第一次开颅手术时脱肠 然后死
[03:02.11]Well, good luck with that. 那好 祝你成功吧
[03:03.61]Thanks. 谢谢
[03:07.95]Is there something you want? 你有什么话要对我说么
[03:11.55]You know, it was really stupid of you not to evacuate. 你要知道 你不撤离真是有点蠢的做法
[03:15.12]- You, too. - Yeah, I know. hmm...你也是
[03:17.19]We should consider a new profession. 是的 我承认
[03:19.19]Yes, we should. 对 我们都应该
[03:22.33]Now, can you operate and remove the device from the guy? 你现在能给那个人开刀
[03:28.70]After the bomb squad is through assessing him, I'm going to try. 要等到拆弹小组作过检查之后才行
[03:37.78]I don't want to be the guy that kills Bailey's husband. 我想说
[03:40.62]I don't want to be the guy that kills us all. 我不愿你成为夺去bailey丈夫命的人
[03:48.16]- Dr. Shepherd. - Dr. Burke. Shepherd 医生
[03:50.82]Burke 医生
[04:01.90]You realize how stupid that was? 你要知道这么做有多蠢么?
[04:03.64]- It was, incredibly stupid. - I don't need to be made fun of 是呀 Mer 极其愚蠢
[04:06.81]when I have my hand inside a body that's got a bomb in it 够了 你不需要这样取笑我
[04:07.52]就像现在 你的手塞在一个人身体里
[04:09.94]and a stranger is Velcro-ing a flak jacket to my boobs. 而且摸着一颗炸弹
[04:10.42]一个陌生人在给你穿防弹衣 而且把你的胸勒得紧紧地
[04:13.28]You've got a sense of irony. 好了 好了
[04:15.38]Only when things are really ironic. 你说话还挺讽刺的
[04:15.22]只有该讽刺的时候 讽刺
[04:20.96]I had a feeling. 我早就有预感
[04:24.59](Dylan) What's that? 预感到什么?
[04:28.70]Nothing. 没什么
[04:52.79]- Time for you to go. - No, I'm staying. 你该出去了
[04:55.22]There's nothing more you can do here. We got it covered. 不 我要留在这
[04:58.89]Cristina, this is not another cool surgery. Christina,这可不是什么重要的手术
[05:02.70]This ammo can go off any time and kill everyone. 这炸弹随时可能爆炸
[05:05.23]Do you get that? You cannot be in here. 把这房间里的所有人都炸死
[05:07.57]- Do you think this is about surgery? - I cannot do this with you here. 你认为我留下是因为个手术?
[05:09.02]Christina 你在这 我没法做手术
[05:12.44]I cannot think. 我没法集中精神
[05:20.95]We'll be fine. 我们会没事的
[05:24.85]It's OK. 没问题
[05:36.20]You know in the movies how there's always the hero 你知道在电影里总会有个英雄
[05:38.80]and then there's the other guy? 还有另一个人
[05:40.50]You know the guy who sees danger and runs in the opposite direction? 那人一看见有危险
[05:44.07]Yes. 知道
[05:46.67]Be the other guy. 我希望你是逃跑那个人
[06:12.43]So, you have a plan, right? You have a way to get me out of this? 你都计划好了 对吧
[06:16.92]你会让我安全的出去 对吧
[06:33.02]I feel colors are brighter. Does anyone feel colors are brighter? 我感觉眼前看到的颜色比正常要更明亮
[06:36.59]- My head hurts. - It's the adrenaline. 我的头好疼
[06:39.03]- Do you have the smell thing? I have... - Shut up! 那是肾上腺素在作怪
[06:40.32]-我闻到什么奇怪的... -闭嘴
[06:45.23]- Are you OK? - Of course not. 你没事吧
[06:47.00]How could she be OK? You're insensitive. 她当然有事
[06:49.50]- I am not insensitive. - Would you shut up! 你感觉迟钝
[06:51.84]Nobody cares if the blue is bluer or if you have super smelling powers. 你们两个能不能闭上嘴
[06:55.48]Meredith could die. Any minute she could just... die. 或者什么灵异气味
[07:00.68]Actually stop living. 就是停止呼吸
[07:04.19]Dead. 就是死了
[07:06.45]Corpse. 就剩下尸体在那
[07:16.43]Look, I'm sorry. 哎呀 别...请原谅
[07:18.87]God, I have really inappropriate reactions to this kind of stress. 上帝呀 这么大的压力让我的行为有点怪
[07:22.57]I'm sorry. Hold on. 对不起 让我平静一下
[07:26.61]- OK? - Yeah. 没事了?
[07:28.94]Should we like... do something? 好了
[07:31.08]- I mean, call Meredith's family? - We are Meredith's family. 应该做点什么
[07:31.62]我是说 通知Meredith的家人
[07:35.15]I'm sorry. (laughs) 对不起
[07:46.73]We are Meredith's family. 我们就是Meredith的家人
[07:54.54]- This area's been evacuated, Dr. Yang. - And somehow you're still here. Yang医生 手术室里的人都已经撤离了
[07:58.44]- I have to be here. You don't. - Yes I do. 但是 你却还在这
[07:58.92]我必须要留下 而你没有这个必要
[08:01.91]- Dr. Yang. - Yes I do! 不 我有必要
[08:07.32]Besides, I... I'm guessing you need a little company. 反正...
[08:15.49]- How's he doing? - He's hanging in there. 病人情况怎么样
[08:18.89]- How's the paramedic Hannah doing? - Hannah? 还好
[08:21.90]The girl with the bomb. Hannah?
[08:23.76]Oh, uh, she's hanging in there, too. 扶着炸弹的那个女孩儿
[08:26.77](Elevator bell pings)
[08:28.70]- Calm down. - (Richard) Calm down? 冷静
[08:30.91]I have an evacuated OR, a bomb in a body cavity, 你让我冷静?
[08:31.12]手术室里的人还不能撤离 炸弹还在那个人的胸腔里
[08:34.18]a missing paramedic, an intern with her hand on the explosive, 那个急救员还跑掉了
[08:37.95]two world-class surgeons in harm's way, 两个世界顶级的外科医生身处险境
[08:40.18]a man on a table who may bleed out any moment 手术台上的那个人随时会因失血过多而死
[08:42.75]unless we remove the bomb from his chest 除非我们从他胸腔里取出炸弹
[08:45.25]and my favorite resident in labor who you are now telling me refuses to push. 接着我最欣赏的手下的孩子马上要出世
[08:49.69]Really? Calm down? 说真的 我能冷静下来么?
[08:51.79]- You really want me to calm down? - OK, don't calm down. 你现在是真的要我 冷静下来么?
[08:55.30]Dr. Bailey is scared, sir. It's a day to be scared. 那好 那就别冷静
[08:55.82]Dr. bailey很害怕 今天的发生的事令她害怕
[09:00.07]She won't let me examine her but her contractions are 40 seconds apart 她不让我给她检查 但我看...
[09:03.80]and she is refusing to push. 现在她每40秒钟痉挛一次
[09:05.77]The baby could go into distress and if she doesn't come out of this, 而她却拒绝生产
[09:07.62]如果她还不配合的话 我的意思是
[09:09.21]I'll need an OR to do an emergency C-section. 待会儿我就需要个手术室 紧急剖腹产
[09:11.65]I can't give you an OR, Addie. I don't have an OR to give. 我没法给你安排手术室Addie
[09:15.05]Convince her. Bailey's rational. 我哪有手术室安排给你
[09:15.42]你就不能劝劝她么 Bailey一向很理性
[09:17.12]She's not Bailey, she's a woman in labor 她现在不是Bailey医生 而是一个丈夫躺在有炸弹威胁的手术台上
[09:19.25]whose husband is in surgery next to a bomb. 自己马上要生产的女人
[09:21.99]- So is yours. - This is about Bailey. I need an OR. 你丈夫也一样
[09:25.39]- I don't know what to tell you. - Look, Richard, we have about an hour. 我需要一个手术室
[09:26.82]听我说 Richard 我们只有一个小时的时间让Bailey回心转意
[09:29.16]And then I'm going to need you to get me an OR, build me an OR, 不然的话 我需要你安排一个手术室
[09:32.17]find me a helicopter to fly me to any OR in the city. 给我建个手术室或找个直升机
[09:35.14]Otherwise, instead of having a baby, she'll be losing one. 带我们到西雅图的其它医院
[09:35.72]要不然的话 她可能会失去这个孩子
[09:47.35]- Here are the blueprints you asked for. - Thank you. 这是你要的医院平面图 主任
[09:52.42](& The Weepies: World Spins Madly On)
[10:04.70]I laugh at funerals. 我在葬礼上笑出来
[10:07.10]I don't go to funerals. 我不参加葬礼
[10:14.78]Izzie. Iz. Izzie. Iz...
[10:26.79]I was jealous. 我嫉妒过
[10:31.09]I was jealous of Meredith and the surgery and I... 我嫉妒Meredith和那些大手术 我...
[10:35.43]I... I was... 我..我..
[10:38.23]jealous, and now... 嫉妒她 而现在...
[10:43.17]I was jealous, Alex. 我嫉妒她 Alex
[11:00.82]Is this the strangest thing to happen in your OR? 这是不是在你承接的手术中
[11:05.43]- I'd have to say that it is. - Good, because I'm very competitive. 我得说 没错
[11:11.17]All the best surgeons are. 所有一流的外科医生都很有竞争力
[11:17.17](George) Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd talked to the chief. Montgomery-Shepherd刚和主任谈过了
[11:20.11]She's on the phone with Mercy West now 他们真得很担心你
[11:22.28]- to see if they have any ORs. - I need someone to drive me home. 她正在联系Mercy West医院
[11:26.25]They're talking about doing a C-section. 他们在商量紧急剖腹产
[11:28.58]Let them talk. I'm not going to Mercy West. 他们谈什么我不管 我不会去Mercy West
[11:31.19]This baby is not coming out. I need a ride. 我今天不生了 我要搭车回家
[11:33.85]I can't focus enough to drive myself 我这样子开不了车
[11:36.29]and Tucker... 而Tucker他现在...
[11:39.53]- I need a ride. - You could lose it. 我要搭车回家
[11:41.26]I told you, I'm not having this baby until tomorrow. 你知道的 你会失去这孩子
[11:41.82]我都说过了 我明天再生着孩子
[11:44.10]- It could die before it's even born! - Can you give me a ride home? 孩子即使明天生下来也可能会死 你能开车送我回家么?
[11:50.57]- Dr. Bailey... - Then get out! -Bailey医生 -不行那就给我滚出去
[12:11.69](Woman) Is there any news? 有...有什么消息么
[12:14.16]What? Oh, I'm sorry, Mrs. Carlson. 什么?
[12:17.30]My husband. I was wondering if there was any news. 哦 对不起Carlson夫人
[12:17.92]我 我丈夫
[12:21.27]Because you look so worried. 因为你看起来很担忧
[12:23.47]And I heard this doctor saying 我听医生说
[12:25.97]even though that girl has her finger on the tear in his heart... 虽然那个姑娘的手指堵在心脏的伤口上
[12:30.38]that my husband's losing... blood. 但我丈夫还是在失血
[12:32.81]Every second he's losing blood. 每一秒都在流血
[12:35.92]Which means he could die. 那意味着他可能会死
[12:38.82]He could die? 他可能会死?
[12:40.45]I ask because I know you'll tell me the truth. 我们你是我希望你能跟我讲实情
[12:43.86]Because you look so worried. 因为你看起来很担忧
[12:45.46]Mrs. Carlson... Carlson夫人
[12:52.27]Yes, it's possible that he could bleed out and die if we don't operate soon. 是的 如果我们不及时手术的话
[12:58.74]OK. 那好
[13:03.71]OK. 那好
[13:05.91]Thank you for telling me the truth. 谢谢
[13:07.98](Breathless sobbing) 谢谢你告诉我实情
[13:10.32]I'll just... 那我...
[13:12.55]I'll just go wait... over here. 那我就坐这等消息
[13:16.32]Will somebody get me an update? 有没有人能给我最新消息?
[13:18.23]And where's the head of the bomb squad? 拆弹小组的负责人在哪?
[13:20.80]I'm right here. And we're good to go. 我在这 目前一切顺利
[13:23.40]My team's in place, Dr. Burke is ready. 我小组的人员已经到位 Burke也已经准备好了
[13:25.53]The patient is stable. 病人的情况很稳定
[13:27.13]We can have the bomb out in ten minutes if I'm not interrupted. 我们能在十分钟之内取出炸弹
[13:32.74]In the OR we put our patients under general anesthesia. 在手术室
[13:35.64]- Yeah. - That involves a steady flow of oxygen. 是的
[13:41.55]Well, can't you turn off the oxygen to my OR? 你不能关掉手术室的氧气么?
[13:44.22]I can and I have. 我能 我可以关掉
[13:46.35]But... this is your OR. 但是
[13:50.72]This is the OR floor's main oxygen line. 这是手术室楼层里的总管线
[14:03.50]It's going to be OK. 会没事的
[14:06.27]- You don't know that. - It's just what you say. 但你不明白
[14:11.05]I know. 我知道
[14:15.25]- Where you going? - I can't just... 你去哪?
[14:17.62]I got to do something to help. 我不能就这么...
[14:21.52]Thank you... for saying that it's going to be OK. 谢谢
[14:24.89]Even if it is just what you say. 即使你只是说说而已
[14:40.54]Stop it. 停下
[14:43.54]- I'm not a patient. - What? 我不是患者
[14:45.88]You two are looking at me the way we look at patients. 什么
[14:48.85]Like I'm going to freak out any minute. 正在用对待患者的眼神看着我
[14:50.95]I'm not going to freak out so, whatever it is, just tell me. 我不会发狂的
[14:52.52]不管情况怎样 直说吧
[15:00.63]The main oxygen line runs directly under this room. 氧气总管直通在这个手术室的地下
[15:03.63]OK. 好
[15:06.77]Not OK? 情况不好?
[15:10.24]Well? 呃...
[15:12.31]I need one of you to tell me what this means exactly. 我要你们其中一个
[15:15.94]Because I think I know what it means, 因为我认为我知道那意味着什么
[15:18.48]but I tend to be "glass half empty" these days, 但是我最近比较悲观
[15:21.18]so I won't trust what I think it means. 所以我不会相信我的想法
[15:23.42]Because I think it means that if the bomb were to explode 因为我认为那意味着
[15:26.42]over the oxygen line, the whole hospital could blow up. 如果炸弹在氧气总管道的上面爆炸
[15:33.13]And that's just crazy, right? 其实不是这样的 对吧
[15:38.60]I need an answer on when they're going to start moving. 请回答我
[15:41.44]- Look, I'm busy. - I know. 主任
[15:43.50]I know you are, but if there was something, 没看见么 我很忙
[15:43.22]我知道 我知道你非常非常的忙
[15:45.84]anything we could do to help, it would be very helpful. 但有没有什么我们...
[15:48.74]We need an assignment, sir. 这需要你的签字 主任
[15:50.41]- (Breathless) Look, I need... - (lzzie) Chief? 我需要...
[15:53.91]- He's full-on diaphoretic. - Check his pulse. 主任?
[15:56.48]- (Alex) We need help. - (Lzzie) Let's move! 查查他的脉搏
[15:58.89]- (Lzzie) I'll get a wheelchair. - (Alex) I think it's a heart attack. 快点 都动起来
[16:05.69](Dylan) Meredith, all it means... Meredith 那意味着
[16:10.00]- is that we have to move. - Move? 我们必须转移
[16:13.20]That's right. We have to move. 转移?
[16:14.94](Whispers) I don't want to spend another second here. 对 我们必须转移
[16:17.57]Wait. I can't wiggle my fingers because we can't shift the ammo, 因为我不想在这个屋子里多呆一分钟
[16:18.98]我不都不能动一下我的手指 就因为我们不能移动炸弹
[16:21.91]and now you want to roll out the entire gurney? 而现在你却要移动轮床
[16:24.45]Well, that's our safest, safest option. 这是我们最安全的做法
[16:28.62]So we move. Not a problem. We can do this. 那我们就转移
[16:31.55]- You handling this, Grey? - I'm handling this. 没问题 我们能做到
[16:32.18]准备好了么 Grey
[16:37.42]- So how's it look? - Hard to say. EKG is normal. 怎么样?
[16:40.26]- That's good news. - I'm getting up. 现在还很难确定 心电图还正常
[16:42.60]Sir, you should wait until we get the blood work back. 好消息
[16:42.68]好了 我得起来
[16:43.48]主任 你真的应该在这躺着休息
[16:45.47]- I'm not listening. - You can talk to me, Dr. Stevens. 直到验血结果出来
[16:49.14](Lzzie) Um... um...
[16:52.01]Um... um...
[16:54.48]OK. 好吧
[16:55.71]Your husband should really wait 你的丈夫现在需要留在这
[16:57.71]until we get the blood work back for confirmation. 等验血结果出来才能确诊
[17:00.35]OK, out! Both of you! 够了 你们两个 出去
[17:03.85]- I'm getting up. - You have to body-check me to do so. 我要起来
[17:06.69]Adele, there is a bomb! 你得等检查结果出来才行
[17:09.16]I heard. Adele 这有颗炸弹
[17:10.62](Richard sighs) 我听说了
[17:23.57]Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd? Montgomery-Shepherd医生
[17:27.04]What are we going to do? I mean, about Dr. Bailey. 你打算怎么做?
[17:30.11]Can we drug her? 能...能给她施药么?
[17:32.08]- Against her will? - No. Well... yes. 违反她的意愿?
[17:34.18]不 呃...是的
[17:38.05]I mean, can't we force her to push? 我是说 我们能不能强迫她生产
[17:40.79]Lf... Declare her temporarily insane? 如果 呃...
[17:43.76](Short laugh) 宣布她暂时性精神失常
[17:46.03]You want me to declare Miranda Bailey, Miranda... Bailey, incompetent? 你想让我宣布Miranda Bailey
[17:48.88]Miranda Bailey失去行为能力?
[17:52.27]Do you think that will help?
[17:54.44]Do you think it will make her more inclined, comfortable giving birth? 你认为那会有用么?
[17:58.24]- I don't know. - Do you think I'm not doing 我不知道 这就是为什么
[18:00.31]everything I can to help her? 你难道认为我没有尽全力帮她么?
[18:02.08]Do you think I'm just out here because I needed a little me-time? 我的意思是 你认为我在袖手旁观么?
[18:03.68]我不知道 就因为我到自己有点怠慢
[18:05.91]- I'm just asking. - Stop asking! 我只想需要点属于我自己的一点点时间
[18:08.68]No matter what you ask, I don't know. 你别问了
[18:09.48]因为你再怎么问 我得回答都是我不知道
[18:11.55]I am doing everything I can. Everything I can. 我已经尽力了
[18:15.26]Miranda Bailey's husband is in mortal danger, actual mortal danger. Miranda Bailey的丈夫正生命垂危
[18:19.03]There's not a lot I can say to comfort her 生命极度垂危
[18:21.03]because there's not a lot anybody can say to comfort me. 我现在没法安慰她
[18:24.03]I'm doing my best. Dr. Bailey is doing her best. 我尽力了 Bailey医生也尽力了
[18:27.03]And I need you to do your best and I need it to be better 我需要你也尽力
[18:30.00]than standing here asking me the world's stupidest questions! 我需要你尽力而不是站在这
[18:33.81]I don't know, O'Malley! 我不知道O'malley
[19:05.54]Hey. 嘿
[19:08.98]You OK? 你没事吧
[19:13.48]Wait, are you bleeding? 等等 你流血了
[19:16.52]I... I think I fell. 我 我想我是跌倒了
[19:18.09]I was... I was running and, um... and I fell. 我 我一直在跑 然后 摔倒了
[19:21.62]It... It's OK.
[19:27.23]Are you Hannah? 你就是Hannah?
[19:31.33]Yeah. 是的
[19:36.57](Derek) Microscissors, Dr. Yang. Yang医生 递给我那把剪刀
[19:40.41]What is so interesting out there? 外面什么让你那么感兴趣 Yang医生
[19:42.21]I, um, I'll... 我...我...
[20:04.30](Dylan) You're doing great. 你做得很好
[20:06.67](Meredith) Let's go over it again. 我们再仔细确认一遍
[20:08.74]The device is shaped like a rocket about eight inches long. 炸弹的形状像火箭
[20:13.34]We'll have everything ready, Dr. Burke's team will be in place, 大约8英尺长
[20:16.81]my team will be in place. 我们小组也会安排好
[20:19.05]Then I'm going to ask you to take the hand that you have in Mr. Carlson 待会儿我会让你从Carlson先生的身体里
[20:24.38]and wrap it around the device. 然后我会把炸弹包起来
[20:26.42]- And pull it out. - Level. 拉出来
[20:28.56]Pull it out while keeping it level. 保持水平
[20:29.18]拉出来 边保持水平
[20:37.16]You know, I don't like you very much. 你知道么 我不怎么喜欢你
[20:39.23]I don't like you, either. 我也不怎么喜欢你
[20:40.87]- What are you doing? - Stop where you are. 你们在干什么?
[20:43.24]- What are you doing? - Dr. Burke told you to leave. 停下 站在那别动
[20:46.27]We're moving to an OR further away from the oxygen line. In case we blow up. 我们正在转移到离氧气管道较远的手术室
[20:51.58](Dylan) I remember him telling you to leave. 你知道 为了以防万一
[20:54.25]- Where is he? - He's prepping the OR. 他在哪?
[20:57.95]Then he'll never know, will he? 那他就不会参与了 是不是?
[21:06.26]You stay over there. 你就站在那别动
[21:10.53]You stay over there. 你就站在那
[21:15.47]You ready? 准备好了吗?
[21:23.34]- Tell me something. - What? 跟我说点什么
[21:26.25]Cristina, I have my hand on a bomb, I'm freaking out. what? 什么?
[21:28.08]我手上有颗炸弹 我非常害怕
[21:30.72]And most importantly, I really have to pee. Tell me anything. 更重要的是 我好想小便
[21:34.48]tell me anything. 随便说点什么
[21:38.63]He told me he loved me. Last night. 他说他爱我
[21:41.73]He thought I was sleeping, but I heard. 就在昨晚 他以为我睡觉了
[21:43.83]Burke loves you. 但是我听到了
[21:45.60]Yeah. Mind your own business. Burke 爱你
[21:51.34]- Burke loves you. - Yeah, everybody has problems. Burke 爱你
[21:53.68]是呀 每个人就都有问题
[21:57.41]- Well, are you going to say it back? - Of course not. 那你会不会对他说...
[22:00.18]He didn't say it to me, only to the sleeping me. 当然不会
[22:00.88]他又没面对面对我说 趁我睡着了才说
[22:02.68]Reciprocity is not required. 我可不要回敬他
[22:07.42]- Besides, he might blow up. - Excellent point. 况且 他可能会疯掉
[22:21.40]All right, everybody. 没事的
[22:24.34]Let's just keep placing one foot in front of the other. 大家保持一步一步朝前走
[22:28.68]Nice and slow. 轻点 慢慢来
[22:30.21]- Meredith, we're almost there. - OK. 没事的Meredith 我们就要到了
[22:33.05]We're almost there. Nice and easy. Ready? 好
[22:33.68]我们就到了 好的放松 你准备好了么?
[22:35.28]- Yep. - All right, let's go. 准备好了
[22:38.05]Nice and slow. 那好 我们开始
[22:39.08]好的 轻一点 慢一点
[22:46.63]You had to say you were going to die today? 你当时应该说 你今天可能会死
[22:50.23]I told you. 我告诉你了
[22:59.81]It's not too deep, but you are going to need a couple of stitches. 你的手需要缝几针
[23:06.85]Hannah, is there someone you would like me to call? Hannah...
[23:09.58]Family? Or maybe... a friend? 家人或者...
[23:16.19]That doctor... 那个医生
[23:17.72]Dr. Grey? Meredith. Grey医生
[23:22.50]- Is she? - She's still there. 她还...
[23:25.40]- So she's still alive? - She's alive. 那她还活着?
[23:29.17]She's still alive. 她还活着
[23:36.94]Dr. Milton shouldn't have left you. Milton医生不应该留下你不管
[23:39.28]- He's a coward. - I'm a coward. 他是个懦夫
[23:42.08]- No. - I ran away. 我才是个懦夫
[23:46.69]You think you're going to be different. 你以为你会不同
[23:49.39]You think you're going to be the kind of person who stays and does something. 你以为你是那种会留下来
[23:55.16]You know, a good man in the storm. 你知道 暴风雨里的勇士
[23:57.00]I'm a paramedic. 我是个护理人员
[23:59.00]I'm supposed to stay and do something. I'm not supposed to run away. 我本应该留下做点什么
[24:04.40]I'm not supposed to hide under the stairs 我不该躲在楼梯口
[24:06.67]because I left two people to die. 因为我扔下的两个人可能送命
[24:11.14]I'm supposed to stay and do something. 我应该留下做点什么
[24:14.71]I ran away. 而我却跑掉
[24:22.09]Well, blood work's back. 验血报告出来了
[24:23.96]The chief had an anxiety attack. 头是焦虑过度
[24:27.19]Who's going to tell him? 咱们两个谁去告诉他?
[24:28.66]Um... I gave you sex in the linen closet. You tell him. um... 储藏室我让你站了便宜
[24:31.90]Fair enough. 你去
[24:36.74]OK, Dr. Bailey. Let's go. 好了Bailey医生 我们开始吧
[24:41.78]Dr. Bailey, I need you to turn on your back. I need you to push. Bailey医生 我需要你平躺下来
[24:44.88]Leave me alone. 我需要你用力
[24:48.65]Miranda... Miranda...
[24:51.99]I can't let her go any longer. 我可管不了她了
[24:53.59]I'll go tell Richard that he has to give us an OR, OK? 我要去告诉Richard
[24:58.19]Dr. Bailey, I'm surprised at you. This is not how I thought you would do this. Bailey 医生
[25:03.40]Dr. O'Malley, I don't think... 这不是我眼中的Bailey 医生
[25:03.78]O'malley医生 我不认为...
[25:05.33]I truly... 我真的希望看到
[25:07.33]- I expected more. - George. George...
[25:21.82]- You're Dr. Bailey. - (Sobs) 你是Bailey 医生
[25:25.02]You don't hide from a fight. 你从来就不畏惧困难
[25:28.66]You don't give up. 你从来都不放弃
[25:32.09]You strive for greatness.
[25:35.36]You... 是你Bailey医生 你是那个了不起的人
[25:36.43]Dr. Bailey... you are a doer.
[25:43.24]I know your husband's not here 我知道你的丈夫现在不在这里
[25:45.54]and I know there are a lot of things going on here 我也知道这里要发生很多事
[25:48.34]that we have no control over. 我们没法控制的事
[25:52.25]But this... 但是这件事
[25:59.12]This... 就这件事
[26:02.22]we can do. 我们可以做到
[26:07.46]OK? 好吗?
[26:13.87]OK. 开始吧
[26:23.84](Bailey sobs)
[26:42.06]Let's have this baby. 让我们帮助你生出你的小宝贝
[26:49.40](Exhales) We're ready when you are. 你准备好了 我们就可以动手术了
[26:52.87](Dylan) We're good. Meredith? 我们准备好了 你呢Meredith?
[26:56.44]Yeah. 准备好了
[26:57.61](Burke) I'm going to extend the wound. 我要把创口扩大
[26:59.88]When I cut, the bleeding is going to intensify. 我一下刀 出血就会加剧
[27:02.68]If we're going to save Mr. Carlson, you must pull the ammo out immediately. 如果要保住Carlson先生
[27:06.49]But remember: Remove it while keeping it as level as possible. 但要记住
[27:10.72]Nice and easy. No quick movements. 一定要轻轻的 动作不要快
[27:13.59]Level. 保持水平
[27:14.89]Right. Level. 对 保持水平
[27:16.90]You ready? 准备好了么?
[27:19.30]I, uh... 我....
[27:24.47]- Do I have a choice? - You have to be ready. 我有选择么?
[27:30.44]Yeah. I guess... 是的
[27:34.15]Scalpel. 手术刀
[27:36.42]I guess I'm ready. 我想我是准备好了
[27:45.23]- (Derek) How's it going, Yang? - Everything's fine. 那边的情况怎样了?
[27:48.06]- How's the girl with the bomb? - How's he doing? 都还顺利
[27:50.96]He's almost there. Can you suction? Irrigate. Great. 病人怎样了
[27:50.88]快完事了 我要把血吸走
[27:54.00]- You didn't answer my question. - Sir? 冲洗伤口 你还没回答我问题
[27:56.27]How is the girl with the bomb? 什么
[28:01.61]It's Meredith. The girl with the bomb is Meredith. 是Meredith
[28:17.19]I'm good. She can go. 可以了 她可以拿出来了
[28:19.89]All right, now, Meredith... 好的 现在Meredith...
[28:22.13]wrap your hand around the nose cone. 握住头锥的部分
[28:27.43]Meredith. Meredith.
[28:31.14]Grey? Grey.
[28:35.71]Grey? Grey.
[28:39.41]We're losing him. Push one of epi. 不好他不行了 注射一单位的肾上腺素
[28:41.72]- (Cristina) Thready pulse. - (Nurse) Epi in. 脉博微弱
[28:46.59]- (Derek) Get me a wet lap. - Here. 还不行
[28:48.29]Roll him on three. Everybody ready? 好了 心脏按压 三秒钟后开始
[28:50.26]Ready? We got to go! 大家准备好了吧 快点 快
[28:51.59]Come on, let's go! 快点 我们快点
[28:55.63]Meredith? Meredith.
[28:57.06]George and lzzie shouldn't have to move out. George和Izzie不应该离开那房子
[29:02.40]No. You hear me... 不应该 你听到我说的了么
[29:04.10]You should make sure... 你应该保证
[29:06.21]make sure that they... 保证他们
[29:08.01]they get to stay in the house. 保证他们待在房子里
[29:12.41]- (Addison) Good. - (George) Push. 好的 Miranda 继续用力
[29:14.21]- Push. - Just a little bit more. 再用点力 我们能看见孩子的头顶了
[29:15.92]- I can see the top of the head. - I got to stop.
[29:18.38]- And stop. - OK, that was good. 我得停一下
[29:20.85]That was very good. That was... 好的 不错 非常不错
[29:22.96]OK, are you ready? 很好
[29:25.59]- Ready? - OK. 你准备好了么?
[29:26.66]Push. -准备好了? -好了
[29:28.80](Wails) ohh!
[29:33.00](Derek) Come on, come on.
[29:34.47]- (Cristina) Wide complex bradycardia. - (Derek) One of epi and of atropine.
[29:38.40]Come on, come on. You can't do this, Tucker! 再注射以倍的肾上腺素和一单位的阿托品
[29:40.61]You cannot quit on me. Come on. 快点 快点 不要这样Tucker
[29:42.44]- In. - Grey? 你不能放弃Tucker 别放弃
[29:44.68]His pressure's dropping. Grey...
[29:46.81]Grey? 他的血压在降低
[29:48.01]Look, I can't. No. I can't. This is crazy. Grey.
[29:48.84]我不能 不 我不能 这不行
[29:50.68]Burke, you're gonna go. You go. Burke你走 你先走
[29:53.05]- Both of you. - Nobody's dying today, Grey. 你们两个都应该走 今天没有人会死在这Grey
[29:55.32]I want you to look at me. Meredith我要你看着我
[29:58.32]Look at me. 看着我
[30:02.13]I know this is bad. 我知道这很糟
[30:03.76]I know that I'm this ass who's been yelling at you all day. 我知道你讨厌我
[30:07.70]So you pretend that I'm not. 那就假装我不是那样的
[30:09.34]You pretend that I'm someone you like. Whatever you need. 假装我是你喜欢的人
[30:13.74]But you need to listen to me. 不管你需要什么
[30:37.50]- I'm scared. - (Derek) I know. 我很害怕
[30:42.30]You can do this. 你能做到的
[30:44.77]It'll be over in a second. 就几秒钟
[30:50.18]You can do this, Meredith. 你能做到Meredith
[30:55.35]OK. 那好
[30:57.95]OK. 好
[31:16.47]Gently. 轻轻地
[31:19.77](& Anna Nalick: Breathe (2AM))
[31:35.52](Addison) Good. A little bit more.
[31:37.82]Good. Stop. 好 停
[31:40.73]Oh, Dr. Bailey, I can see the top of his head. 哦Bailey 我能看见小宝贝的头了
[31:43.80]He's got a lot of hair. 他头发不多 但很可爱
[31:45.63]- Oh, he's cute. - O'Malley.
[31:48.40]Stop looking at my vah-jay-jay! -O'malley -什么事?
[31:52.51]Yes, ma'am. 是的
[31:53.91](Continuous beep)
[31:59.75]Out of the way!
[32:34.28](Intermittent beeping)
[33:03.51]You did good. 你做得很好
[34:41.17](Richard) What the hell is happening? Who's coming up? 那到底发生了什么?
[34:44.91]OK. 好的
[34:46.45]Come on, sweetheart. 跟我来 亲爱的
[34:48.82]All right, people! They're coming up! 好了 大家听着 他们上来了
[34:51.32]Mrs. Carlson...
[35:03.16](elevator bell pings)
[35:26.62]- Derek. - Preston. Derek.
[35:30.29]Dr. Burke. Burke医生...
[35:31.72]Is my husband, um... 我丈夫...
[35:35.66]...alive? - Yes. 还活这么?
[35:39.73]Is he going to stay alive? 那他能活下来么?
[35:45.14]Thanks to that young lady over there, he is. 你要谢谢那边的那个姑娘
[35:49.64](Sobs) 是她的功劳
[35:52.51]Thank you. 谢谢
[35:59.35]Thank you. 谢谢
[36:00.75]Thank you. 谢谢 谢谢
[36:07.19]Thank you. 谢谢
[36:23.61]- Where is she? - You had to be a cowboy. 她在哪?
[36:28.25]Where is she? 她 他在哪?
[36:30.25]She's right here. 就在这
[36:32.08]Derek! Derek.
[36:33.75]You're OK. 哦 你没事吧
[36:38.42]You're OK. 你没事吧
[36:45.06]That is not the "she" he was asking for. 这不是他指的那个"她"
[36:59.78](& Kate Havnevik: Unlike Me (acapella mix))
[38:03.08]Burke? Burke.
[38:05.51]You awake? Burke. 你睡了么Burke?
[38:12.82]I love you, too. 我也爱你
[38:30.44]This is our son. 这是我们的儿子
[38:33.37]William George Bailey Jones. William George Bailey Jones.
[38:45.82]Hello, my little man. 你好呀 我的小宝贝
[38:49.42]Hello. hello. 好呀
[38:53.66]He's beautiful.
[39:05.71](Thunder rumbles)
[39:07.77](Knock at door)
[39:11.24]There's someone at the door for you. 门口有人找你
[39:23.59]Hey. 嘿
[39:28.53]Hey. 嘿
[39:31.13]You almost died today. 你今天差点没命了
[39:33.67]Yeah. I almost died today. 是呀
[39:47.61]I can't... 我想不起来了
[39:52.08]I can't remember our last kiss. 想不起来...
[39:56.76]All I could think about was, "I can't remember our last kiss," 我唯一想到的就是我今天差点死掉
[40:00.16]which is pathetic, but... 我一点也想不起来 我们最后那一次接吻
[40:00.78]真是可怜 但是...
[40:04.33]the last time we were together and happy, I... 我们最后在一起的快乐 我...
[40:08.23]want to be able to remember that. 我想要记起它
[40:11.24]And I can't, Derek. 但我却想不起来了Derek
[40:15.64]I can't remember it. 我想不起来了
[40:23.32]I'm glad you didn't die today. 今天看到你没事 我很高兴
[40:33.53]It was a Thursday morning. 那是个周四的早上
[40:40.17]You were wearing that ratty little Dartmouth t-shirt you look so good in. 你穿着那件有点邋遢的小Dartmouth T恤
[40:44.54]The one with the hole in the back of the neck. 穿在你身上很好看
[40:49.81]You'd just washed your hair and you smelled like some kind of... 你刚洗过头
[40:59.79]I was running late for surgery. 那天上班迟到了
[41:02.32]You said you were going to see me later. 你说 我们呆会儿见
[41:04.96]Then you leaned to me. 然后你倚靠在我身上
[41:07.49]You put your hand on my chest... 你的手放在我胸前
[41:11.33]and you kissed me. 然后你吻了我
[41:13.30]Soft. 很轻柔地
[41:15.60]It was quick. Kind of like a habit. 动作很快 像种习惯
[41:19.10]You know, like we'd do it every day for the rest of our lives. 你知道 就像我们下半辈子
[41:25.68]You went back to reading the newspaper and I went to work. 你回去读你的报纸
[41:30.85]That was the last time we kissed. 那就是我们最后一次接吻的场景
[41:35.15]Lavender. 是熏衣草香
[41:40.93]My hair smelled like lavender. 因为我的护发剂是熏衣草香型
[41:43.33]From my conditioner.
[41:47.70]Lavender. 熏衣草香
[42:01.38](Meredith) If you knew this was your last day on Earth... 如果你知道今天就是你在世上的最后一天
[42:06.32]how would you want to spend it? 你打算该怎么度过呢?





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