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实习医生格蕾第二季第19集:[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:42:11
[00:01.40](Narrator) Previously on Grey's Anatomy: 《实习医生格蕾》前情提要
[00:03.80]- Who's Mark? - Derek found us in bed together. Mark是谁?
[00:04.89]Derek 碰见我们睡在一起
[00:06.94]- How come you forgive her? - I didn't forgive her. 为什么你能够原谅她 却不能原谅我?
[00:09.40]Denny, this is Dr. Stevens. She'll be tending to you prior to surgery. 我并没有原谅她
[00:09.69]Denny 这是Stevens医生
[00:11.59]在外科医生来之前 由她负责照料你
[00:13.21]That guy Alex, you with him? 你和那个Alex在一起吗?
[00:14.91]- No. - I won't have to fight him for you. 不是的
[00:15.69]太好了 也就是说我不需要从他手中把你抢过来
[00:17.25]Where is my husband? 我丈夫在哪里?
[00:19.18]Got into a car accident trying to get here. 为了在孩子出生前赶到医院 而发生车祸了
[00:21.28]- This is our son. - He's beautiful. 这就是我们的儿子
[00:24.55]He broke up with me for a girl who doesn't know he's alive. 他为了这个女孩而与我分手
[00:27.29]You, Meredith Grey? Never gonna happen. 这个女孩甚至还不知道他仍在生
[00:27.99]听我说 George 你 Meredith grey
[00:30.06]You look sad. 从不会遇到这种事
[00:31.46]I saw my father for the first time in 20 years. 你看上去很伤心
[00:33.80]- Is there anything that you need? - I don't need anything from you. 你有任何事情需要我帮助吗?
[00:37.93](Lzzie) You could just try telling her how you feel. 你可以尝试着告诉她你的感觉
[00:40.64]I will never stop loving you. 我会一直爱着你
[00:47.94](George) OK, so sometimes even the best of us make rash decisions. 有时候
[00:54.78]Bad decisions. 或者错误决定的时候
[00:56.55]Decisions we pretty much know we're going to regret the moment... 而且我们往往都知道
[01:00.36]the minute especially... the morning after. 自己会在那一刻 那一分钟
[01:01.79]尤其是第二天早上醒来时 感到后悔
[01:05.39]I mean, maybe not "regret" regret because at least, 我的意思是 或许我们不会因为后悔而懊恼
[01:08.86]you know, we put ourselves out there, but still, 因为
[01:13.74]something inside us decides to do a crazy thing, 像往常一样
[01:17.61]a thing we know will probably turn around and bite us in the ass. 使我们做了自认为很疯狂的事情
[01:22.11]Yet... we do it anyway. 然而无论如何 事情都是发生了
[01:27.72]I'm coming, Doc. Just hang on. Just hold it until I get there, please. 来了
[01:30.19]来了 狗狗 只要一会儿
[01:32.89]- I'll walk him. - No, it's my turn. 求你了 只要等我过去就可以了
[01:36.22]No, it's OK. I'll walk Doc. You just sleep. 不 轮到我了
[01:36.89]不用了 没关系 我会带狗狗出去
[01:39.69]The good... fresh outdoors. Spring morning. 你继续睡吧
[01:39.99]那很难得 清新的空气
[01:44.93]- You just sleep. - OK. 春天的清晨
[01:45.19]你继续睡吧 好的
[01:47.30]- Unless you wanna talk. - Oh, God. Here it comes. 除非你想聊聊
[01:50.34]I'm not saying we have to talk. I'm just saying if you want to talk, we could. 天啊 你又来了
[01:52.09]我只是认为如果你想的话 我们可以聊聊
[01:54.44]I can start and you can talk about anything at all you want to talk about. 可以从我开始 懂吗?
[01:58.88]It's too early for me to interpret "girl flip-out" into conversation. 任何 一切你想谈的都可以
[01:59.29]只是对于我来说 现在还很早
[02:02.28]It's just that usually you start yelling when you get mad. 常常都是你 在发疯的时候
[02:06.72]Mark showed up and you haven't yelled yet and I'm trying to give you a chance. 开始大喊大叫
[02:07.09]昨天有迹象显示 你还未发疯
[02:10.69]- Just go. Yell. - I don't wanna yell. 我现在就给你一个机会
[02:10.69]继续啊 喊呀
[02:12.66]- You don't wanna yell? You? - I just wanna sleep. 我并不想对你大喊大叫
[02:16.13]Doc, he wants to pee. Preferably not inside this trailer. 狗狗需要小解
[02:19.23]OK. 最好不要让它在这里方便
[02:25.11]You could yell if you want to. I can take it. I'm ready. 你可以对我喊叫 如果那是你想要的
[02:28.58]All right. I'm going. I'm going. Come on. 我能够忍受 已经有心理准备了 Addison
[02:29.29]好 我去了
[02:31.89]来吧 来
[02:34.25](George) What I'm saying is... we reap what we sow. 我想说的是
[02:41.02]What comes around, goes around. 种果得果
[02:54.84]Morning. Morning. 早
[03:02.28]What? So, I slept with him again. 怎么了? 我又跟他睡了
[03:04.95]So I'm a big whore. A big horny whore who can't get enough. 那么我是一个活生生的妓女
[03:08.08]Can we get over the shocked silence already? 现在我们能够打破突如其来的沉默了吗?
[03:10.55]It's karma. And any way you slice it... 这就是命运
[03:15.72]What's going on? 发生什么事了?
[03:17.46]...karma sucks. 命运的捉弄
[03:26.90]50 bucks says O'Malley caught her doing Mark Sloan. 直觉告诉我O'malley 被逮到正在上Mark Sloan.
[03:32.54]There's something going on. Look at them. 我是指 他们之间一定有事发生了 看他们
[03:35.31]All right. He walked in on her doing McDreamy. 对 他走进去了 而她仍在上Mcdreamy
[03:40.28]Did I just call that dude McDreamy? 我刚才是不是把那家伙 叫作Mcdreamy了?
[03:42.08]- Oh, you know you did. - Awesome. You are ruining my life. 原来你知道啊
[03:43.19]可恶 你在毁掉我的生活
[03:45.19]- Uh-huh. - Get a room.
[03:47.72]- Guys? - Excuse me. 我需要一点空间
[03:49.39]Sorry. 大家好
[03:49.19]不好意思 抱歉
[03:51.29]What's going on? 发生什么事了?啊?
[03:54.30]- Nothing. - You know we're gonna find out anyway. 没事发生
[03:57.43]- If you tell us, we can help. - There's nothing to tell. 如果你向我们坦白,或许会有帮助
[04:00.47]That means there's something to tell. 没事可以奉告
[04:02.84]- Come on. - There's nothing to tell. 不要这样
[04:06.11]Well, how about gardenias? Like masses and mountains of gardenias. 你觉得栀子花怎样?
[04:10.28]- Are we worried about bees? - That's why I love him. 我们是否要当心蜜蜂?
[04:13.18]- No gardenias. - Who would like to present? 也是 这正是为什么我爱他的原因
[04:16.62]Keith Paulus. Admitted last night with chest pain. Status: Post acute MI. 这次是谁呢?
[04:17.09]Keith paulus 昨晚觉得自己的胸口疼
[04:20.82]No family or personal history of heart disease. 病人状况显示为急性心脏病
[04:23.32]- No cardiac risk factors. - Healthy as a horse. 没有引致心脏病恶化的诱因
[04:25.69]A horse who's in bed after just having a heart attack. 他像匹壮马那样健康
[04:29.23](Woman) Any minute, I think you're gonna tell us that this was a false alarm. 看吧 不出一分钟 你会告诉我们
[04:33.40]- She talks when she gets nervous. - I understand. 那看起来只是普通心脏病发作
[04:33.59]别怪她 她只是紧张我
[04:36.27]Mr. Paulus, unfortunately the scan shows a mass around your heart. 我能理解
[04:37.39]Paulus先生 很不幸
[04:41.88]A very, very large mass. 一个十分十分大的肿块
[04:44.21]Mass. OK. 肿块
[04:46.55]Is that code for tumor? 明白
[04:48.28]OK, that's absurd. He doesn't have a tumor. He's incredibly healthy. 那会是肿瘤吗?
[04:48.89]好了 太荒谬了
[04:52.35]We won't know without further exploration 他是那么的健康
[04:52.89]这点在进行进一步观察前 我们暂时未能下结论
[04:55.62]which is why I'd like to do an angiogram today. 这也是今天 我要替你照一张血管造影片的原因
[04:59.06]OK. Good. 好的 没问题
[05:08.47]Did Meredith say anything to anyone about anything? Meredith有没有向任何人提起任何事情?
[05:12.27]- No. Are you going to dish? - No. No. 没有 你想谈谈吗?
[05:15.58]Then leave me alone. I'm working. 不是的
[05:15.99]那远离我 我要工作
[05:17.65]Good. Because I don't want to talk about it ever. 好的 那是因为我不想再谈论那件事
[05:20.28]- Fine. Then don't. - I'm just saying. 好吧 那就不要谈
[05:39.03]Why are you? That's weird 你是不是 真奇怪
[05:44.24]You need to throw up again? There's no shame in needing to throw up. 你要再吐一遍吗?
[05:47.91]Dad, I don't need to throw up. 爸爸 我不用吐
[05:49.88]Shawn Begleiter, 11 years old. In for vomiting after a minor head injury. Shawn begleiter 十一岁 在一次轻微的头部受创后
[05:53.68]Oh, I wouldn't exactly say minor. 出现难以治愈的呕吐症状
[05:55.75]- He was hit with a baseball. - Playing first. 他的头部受到了一个棒球的撞击
[05:58.49]This little dolt Harry Doppelhammer hit this line drive 是的 第一次打棒球 有个小笨蛋
[06:01.56]when Shawn wasn't looking... 向着不留神的Shawn把球打了过去
[06:04.56]This is my fault. I shouldn't have let him play Little League. 你知道吗?那是我的错
[06:07.90]- It's clearly a dangerous sport. - Rick, let's let the doctors talk. 我就知道我不应该让他加入小社团
[06:09.39]Rick 让医生说话好吗
[06:11.47]Michael, I'm telling them what happened. Michale 他们想了解发生了什么事
[06:13.74]Shawn's going to be OK. Right? 我只是告诉他们事实
[06:14.09]Shawn 很快会没事的
[06:16.34]Yeah, we have to keep a close eye on him. OK, recommendations? 真的?
[06:15.89]是的 但我们仍须密切观注他
[06:19.71]It could indicate anything from a concussion to intracranial hemorrhaging. 有任何建议吗?
[06:24.05]I'd start with an H and P, do a thorough neuro exam, and get a CT. 我建议从H&P开始 做个全身神经检查
[06:27.92]- Good. - Sure you don't need to throw up? 再做个C.T.
[06:30.02](Sighs) Dad. 你确定不需要吐吗?
[06:39.06]- Tucker. - Dr. Shepherd. Tucker
[06:42.13]How um... How are you feeling? Shepherd医生
[06:47.00]I'm feeling great. I get to go home! 非常棒 我正准备回家
[06:49.17]That's fantastic. Is Miranda going to meet you there? 太好了 Miranda在家迎接你吗?
[06:52.67]- No, I'm driving him there. - Oh, thank God. 不是 我会载他回家
[06:56.34]- Are you OK? - I need a consult. 谢天谢地
[07:00.92]- I'm not working. - (Coughs) Miranda. I need a consult. 我已下班了
[07:02.89]Miranda 我需要一个顾问
[07:09.62]- Oh, no. - Please don't say that. 天啊
[07:12.33]Addison, I'm so, so sorry. 请不要那样说
[07:12.79]Addison 我感到非常遗憾
[07:15.96]You have poison oak... where nobody wants to have poison oak. 你在一个令人难以预料的地方
[07:21.34]- (George) Like I was saying... - Oh, God! 正如我所提到的
[07:23.74]...payback's a bitch. 天啊
[07:33.75]It's official, my friend. You get to go home. 我的朋友 郑重告诉你
[07:36.68]I can't thank you enough. 你可以回家了
[07:38.12]I thank you, my wife thanks you... and my son thanks you. 非常感谢你
[07:38.54]谢谢 我的妻子
[07:42.26]Where is your wife? You can't drive for another six weeks. 还有我的儿子都必须谢谢你
[07:43.84]未来六周内 你不能开车
[07:45.66]Dr. Shepherd's a stickler when it comes to patients' recovery. I know. Shepherd医生是一个难缠的人
[07:49.30]Hey, Richard. 我很清楚这一点
[07:50.53]Wanted to stop in before Bailey took you home. 你好 Richard
[07:51.34]在Bailey带你回家前 顺便拜访你
[07:53.33]Well, she's here somewhere. 她在这里某处地方
[07:55.50]Your wife came in earlier. Said she needed a consult. 你的妻子在你之前来过 说需要一个顾问
[07:58.54]Consult? Bailey's on maternity leave. 顾问?
[08:00.68]It seemed like some kind of personal consult. It's OK. I don't mind waiting. Bailey正在放产假
[08:03.94]不要紧 我可以等
[08:06.15]- All right. I'm back. - Oh. 拜托 告诉我你没告诉其他人
[08:08.05]You didn't make a chart? Please tell me you did not make up a chart? 我没有告诉其他人
[08:11.59]I did not make up a chart, 你没有告诉其他人,对吧?
[08:12.99]so we are officially stealing this calamine lotion and these gloves. 我没有告诉其他人
[08:16.72]You take it up with the chief. 和手套
[08:18.79]- I cannot take this up with the chief. - I'm kidding. 你自己向主任交待吧
[08:19.94]不 我不会向主任交待这种事的
[08:22.66]Did I make jokes when you were in the stirrups? 我只是开玩笑
[08:23.24]好 当你遇到麻烦时
[08:25.70]No, you did not. And I'm apologizing. 我曾经对你开玩笑吗?
[08:25.94]没有 你没有 我道歉
[08:29.44]Oh, my. 天啊
[08:30.84]- What? - These blisters are growing fast. 怎样?
[08:33.81]- I gotta give you a shot of steroids. - Steroids? 我必须为你注射一支类固醇
[08:36.71]I have never seen a case a poison oak this bad. 类固醇?
[08:41.28]Ew! Girl, what did you...
[08:43.28]Oh, for the love of God! Miranda, the calamine! 姑娘 你怎会
[08:43.94]看在上帝还爱你的份上 Miranda 快上炉甘石液
[08:46.52]Right. Sorry. 对不起
[08:47.92]- What happened with you and O'Malley? - Nothing. 你和O'malley之间发生什么事了吗?
[08:50.89]Whatever it is, I've done worse. 没事
[08:52.63]How do you know I did something and George didn't? 无论是什么 都不会有我那么糟糕的
[08:55.76]Because Bambi looks pissed and you look guilty. 因为那小子看上去很愤怒而你则内疚
[08:59.40]Here we are! Come on, buddy. Let me help you up there. 我们到了 来 小兄弟
[09:03.17]There you go. 让我帮你上去
[09:05.04]Fine, I did something. A terrible, terrible something. 行了
[09:05.14]好的 我确实做了一些
[09:10.04]One time I put a raw egg in my sock drawer for a month, 有一次 我把一只生鸡蛋 藏在了放袜子的抽屉一个月
[09:13.65]then I smashed it in my teacher's grade book. 然后又把它扔到了老师的成绩簿上
[09:16.05]- Ew! - My dads were really mad. 我爸爸疯掉了
[09:19.62]Well, what I did was worse than that. 我的所作所为比那还要恶劣
[09:21.76]- Cool. - Cool. 酷
[09:36.64]- Stop pouting. - I'm not pouting. 不要噘嘴
[09:41.01]Oh, please. I don't even have to look at you. I can feel you pouting. 我没在噘嘴
[09:41.54]拜托 我不用看着你
[09:44.85]Whatever Meredith did, it wasn't on purpose, so get over it. 无论Meredith做过什么 她都不是故意的
[09:48.18](Burke coughs) 因此忘记它吧
[09:50.18]I am not being inappropriate. He's acting like she's skinned his puppy. 我没有作出不适当的行为
[09:54.42]- Yang, this is not nice. - I'm not a nice person. 他的行为让人感到她在戏弄他
[09:55.24]杨 那样说不好
[09:57.09]If you knew what she did you would understand. 我不是一个好人
[09:57.94]如果你知道她做了什么 你会明白的
[09:59.69]No, I don't understand. I don't wanna know. 不 我不明白 我也不想知道
[10:02.60]What I want is to analyze this angiogram, 现在我只想解析这个血管造影
[10:05.43]book this sucker into surgery and excise his cardiothoracic mass. 把这根吸管插进去
[10:09.77]- Doesn't look like a mass to me. - That's because it's not. 在我看来那不像是肿块
[10:14.44]What we thought was a mass is actually a coronary artery aneurysm 我们以为的肿块其实是
[10:19.88]with a fistula into one of your heart chambers. 它通过瘘管与你的心房连接着
[10:22.48]Is that, uh, easy to fix? 会很快治愈吗?
[10:25.32]Before you answer that, I want you to know that we're getting married. 在你回答问题前
[10:29.19]We're getting married and we're not so young, 我们相爱然后准备结婚
[10:32.19]so we've been waiting a long time for this. 我们已经不年轻了
[10:34.53]I have my dress and everyone's coming 我穿上我的礼服 每个人都会参加婚礼
[10:36.60]and it's supposed to be the happiest day of our lives. 那肯定会是我们生命中最快乐的一天
[10:39.23]I'm telling you this because you have this look on your face, 我之所以告诉你这个的原因
[10:43.17]this dark, ominous look, and we're silver-lining kind of people. 如此阴沉 不祥
[10:47.07]So I just thought it might help if you knew that. 而我们则是有一线希望的人
[10:49.61]Dr. Yang? Would you close the door? 杨医生 请把门关上
[10:52.95]Well, we can... We can operate on the aneurysm, 我们能够
[10:56.38]try to repair it, 对动脉瘤做手术
[10:58.25]but this type of lesion is extremely delicate. 但这种类型的瘤非常的脆弱
[11:01.36]Chances of it rupturing in surgery are high. 在外科手术中破裂的机会非常大
[11:07.06]What keeps if from rupturing if I'm just walking down the street? 如果我只是想走过一条街
[11:10.36]Nothing. The risks are high either way. 没有
[11:12.24]无论用什么方法 风险还是很大
[11:14.77]This isn't happening. This can't be happening. 这不会发生的 这
[11:17.74]- It's OK, Amy. - No, it's not. 这不可能发生
[11:18.34]Amy 没事的
[11:19.64]不 不是的
[11:21.38]I know it's a lot to process, but if we're going to operate, 我知道有很多事情需要你们忍耐
[11:24.68]we need to do it as soon as possible. 但如果能够动手术的话
[11:28.22]- We're getting married. - Honey. 我们正准备结婚
[11:32.15]We're getting... We're getting married. 我们 我们准备结婚
[11:34.29]Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
[11:40.80]They seem like a really nice couple. They don't seem like they deserve this. 他们就像是一对恩爱的夫妻
[11:45.17]- They never do. - Really? 这不是他们应得的
[11:47.84]I guess I just think... I believe in karma. 是吗?
[11:47.94]我猜测 我只是以为
[11:50.47]You know, good people deserve good things. 我认命
[11:50.94]你知道 好人有好报
[11:53.51]At least I thought that's the way the universe worked. 至少 我总认为那是
[11:56.58]How can you think that and practice medicine? 宇宙运行的规律
[11:57.04]你怎么会有这种想法 还在内科实习?
[12:00.41]Why... 为什么不可以?
[12:01.58]I'm not saying that everybody who gets sick or everybody who dies is bad. 我不是说每个病人或死者
[12:05.49]I'm just saying that I think that there's a balance. 运气不好
[12:05.94]我只是 只是说
[12:08.76]Or there should be a balance. There should be some sort of balance. 我认为会有一个天平
[12:09.24]应该有一个 一种
[12:11.14]某种平衡 那是
[12:14.13]Good God, O'Malley, what the hell did Grey do to you? 天啊 O'malley
[12:22.30]What do you mean when you say blood in the ventricle? 究竟你说的腔内出血是什么意思?
[12:25.01]Oh, my God! His brain is bleeding? 天啊
[12:27.58]There's no need to panic. It's a small amount of blood. 他的脑部在流血吗
[12:30.41]These injuries often resolve themselves. 只是轻微出血
[12:33.11]But what if it doesn't? Will he lose IQ points? 是啊 但如果不会呢?
[12:36.28]He's very smart. That's important to him. He likes to be smart. 因为他非常的聪明 那对他来说很重要.
[12:39.62]Should we sue that little brute that hit the ball? 他会很聪明的
[12:42.19]- Or the coach, should we sue the coach? - Shawn loves the coach. 你觉得我们有必要 起诉那个击球的小畜牲吗?
[12:42.94]或者教练 我们应起诉那个教练吗?
[12:46.33]- Shawn's brain is bleeding. - Rick... Shawn很喜欢那个教练
[12:49.26]Dad. I'm fine. Jeez. Rick
[12:51.13]Yeah, he's awake, alert, minimal pain. 爸 我很好
[12:51.64]没错 他很清醒 活泼 轻微疼痛而已
[12:53.33]These are good signs. I just want to monitor him for 48 hours. 这些都是好现象
[12:54.74]在未来48小时内 他只需接受观察
[12:56.47]OK. Good. Hear that Shawn? Good signs. 好的 听到吗 Shawn? 好现象
[13:00.61]That means, honey, you shouldn't be scared. 亲爱的 那说明你不必害怕
[13:03.21]- I'm not. - I am. 我没有 我有
[13:04.48]We know. 我们知道
[13:10.45]They paged you too? Must be something big. 他们也呼你吗? 一定是有重大事情
[13:13.02]- Nobody paged me. - They didn't? Can you tie this? 没人呼我
[13:15.49]- Nobody paged you either. - Yes, they did. I just got a... 没有吗? 你能系上这个吗?
[13:16.74]有 我刚收到传呼
[13:18.86]Did you page me? Alex... 是你呼我的?
[13:20.83](gasps) Ooh! Alex
[13:24.06]- You free tonight? - I might be. 今晚有空吗?
[13:26.83]- Are you still working with Meredith? - I'm trying to kiss you here. 或许有
[13:31.24]Did she say anything about her and George? I'm starting to get worried... 我想亲你
[13:35.28]35-year-old male, shortness of breath. 我开始有点担心他们
[13:35.94]35岁 男性
[13:37.91]- Pulse is rapid and irregular. - Oh, my God. It's Denny. 呼吸困难 途中曾经晕厥
[13:41.38]- What? - It's Denny. 天啊 是Denny
[13:51.29]- What'd he get in the field? - He's my patient until I sign him over. 送来途中为他作了什么处理?
[13:53.11]在我未转介给你前 这是我的病人
[13:55.06]I know him. He's on top of the list for a new heart. That makes him surgical. 我认识这人
[13:58.77]Dr. Burke's on his way, so you'd better start signing. 他是属于我们外科的
[14:01.40]What did he get in the field? 他正在途中 你最好现在开始转介
[14:03.00]40 of furosemide. Rhythm didn't change after six of adenosine. 送来途中为他作了什么处理?
[14:04.71]在注射了6个单位腺瞟呤核甘后 心律不变
[14:06.37]- What do we got? - It's Denny. 那是什么人?
[14:08.01]Transplant candidate, acute dysrhythmia and CHF. Vitals all over the place. 是Denny
[14:09.71]严重的心脏病和充血性心脏衰竭 全身器官受损
[14:13.08]- His heart rhythm is a mess. - He's in heart failure. 心律很混乱
[14:15.85]Bisoprolol can reduce mortality. 心脏衰竭
[14:17.92]What about ACE inhibitors? And digoxin. Somebody load him with dig! Bisoprolol(药物)能够减小死亡率
[14:21.49]Slow down. He's holding on. Barely, but he's holding on. 还有强心剂 有的还会给病人做穿刺
[14:22.31]Stevens 慢着 他可以挺住
[14:24.79]There has to be something more we can do. 至少 他还可以挺住
[14:27.09]The best we can do is get him up to CICU and see if his heart will stabilize. 我们能做的是
[14:31.20]- Izzie, we should go. - No, you go. I'm gonna stay. 等待 并观察他的心脏跳动能否稳定
[14:32.11]Izzie 我们 我们该走了
[14:33.71]不 你先走 我想留下
[14:44.08]- No. Yes, yes. - I see you. 不是这个 是这个啦
[14:49.75]No, you don't. 不 你没看到
[14:51.12]Your husband was discharged over an hour ago.
[14:53.92]- I'm not here. - Go home. 你的丈夫在一个多小时前 就可以出院了
[14:55.92]You're not working. You're on maternity leave. 我不在这里
[14:58.33]Exactly. 你正放产假
[15:05.80]- Have you made your decision? - Oh! Uh, about the surgery? 你们已作出决定了吗?
[15:10.64]Um... No, we're still... We're still talking about it.
[15:12.31]不 我们还未决定 正在讨论
[15:15.58]We were thinking maybe we should wait until after the wedding. 我们考虑能否
[15:22.15]- So how is he? - He's pretty much the same. 他现在怎样了?
[15:25.29]- Well, that's good, right? - Uh, no. Not really. It... 还是老样子
[15:31.26]With your condition, you're gonna be OK until you're not. 从你的状况看来
[15:35.03]If you opt against the surgery and leave, it's just a matter of time. 如果你选择不动手术
[15:38.70]You might make it to your wedding, but you might not. 很可能会在婚礼上发病 或许不会
[15:41.60]You're just gonna be OK until you die. 而且你不会预料到状况发生
[15:43.80]What... (chuckles) You're trying to comfort me?
[15:47.11]No. I'm trying to convince you to let Dr. Burke operate. 你在安慰我吗?
[15:47.81]不 我尝试说服你让Burke医生动手术
[15:51.05]So that he can die today? 那么他今天会死吗?
[15:52.98]He might die today anyway. But Dr. Burke is the very best. 他有可能在今天或任何时候死去
[15:57.25]And he's your very best chance. 但Burke医生是最优秀的
[16:03.52]...5.0. WC: 13,700.
[16:09.93]Stevens, everything all right? Stevens 还好吗?
[16:14.13]Oh, it's just... 只是
[16:17.04]It's just not fair. You know, it's really not fair. 只是很不公平
[16:21.31](Sighs) We treat... jerks all the time. 真的很不公平
[16:26.41]Patch them up, send them off, whether they deserve it or not. No big deal. 把他们包裹起来 送他们离开
[16:30.35]But Denny... He's a good guy, Dr. Burke. 我都觉得没什么大不了的
[16:30.81]可是 Denny
[16:35.09]He's a really good guy with a bad heart 他是个好人 Burke医生
[16:38.26]and all we can do for him is wait. 而我们能为他做的只有等待
[16:41.00]Believe me, I know. I've been treating Denny a long time. 相信我 我了解你心情
[16:44.97]He didn't deserve this. 那不是他应得的
[16:46.67]He deserves the best cardiac care and we're giving him that. 他应得的是最好的心脏护理
[16:52.74]You really like him, don't you? 你真的喜欢他 是吗?
[16:57.24]He just... 他
[17:01.02]He just doesn't deserve this. 他只是不应有这种下场
[17:06.75]OK. 好了
[17:09.72]All right. How's that? Is that ice pack helping? 感觉怎样?
[17:13.56]I don't know. I don't think so. 冰袋有帮助吗?
[17:14.31]我不清楚 我不这样认为
[17:15.93]Mind if I ask how exactly this happened? 是否介意告诉我 这究竟是怎样发生的?
[17:20.13]- I slept with Mark! - Oh! And he had poison oak on his... 我跟Mark睡了
[17:24.91]No! I slept with Mark a year ago. And, apparently, this is what I get. 不是 那是一年前的事了
[17:28.74]Yeah. But how did you... 但看上去 这是我应得的
[17:31.48]I live in a trailer. I have Meredith Grey's dog. 那你怎样
[17:32.11]我住在一辆旅车里 Meredith Grey的狗在我那
[17:35.82]And I went outside to throw a stick and I had to pee. So I squatted. 我出门遛狗 扔出一根木棒
[17:38.31]然后想小解 所以我就地蹲下
[17:39.82]I didn't want to go inside and wake up my husband 因为我不想走进室内
[17:43.02]because the way he's been looking at me, I just wanted a few minutes of peace. 吵醒我丈夫
[17:48.10]- (Sobs) This is what I get! - No, no, no. Don't cry. 但却获得这种报应 天啊
[17:51.40]Don't cry. Please don't cry! Please don't cry! 不 不要哭 这是我的报应
[17:53.11]不要哭 求你别哭 求你别哭
[17:55.14]Stop! You're gonna make me... 停 你使我
[18:02.18]lactate. 天啊 乳汁分泌
[18:04.68]- Can you give some gauze? Here. Quick. - I'm sorry. 能递些纱布给我吗? 非常抱歉
[18:09.58]- (Knocking) - Just stop! Mirand 我很抱歉 快 我要纱布
[18:14.25]- (Sobbing) - Can I help you, chief? 主任 有事吗?
[18:16.19]Dr. Bailey... Bailey医生
[18:18.69]I don't know what you're doing in there, but whatever it is... 我不清楚你在干什么?
[18:26.20]Oh, no. Um... (coughs)
[18:27.70]Dr. Bailey, uh, I'm... sorry. Bailey医生 我
[18:34.07]Carry on. 继续
[18:39.78]OK, fill me in. 让我进去
[18:41.52]I was doing his routine neuro check. I noticed he was altered. 我在为他进行常规神经检查
[18:44.55]Most likely a clot. Acute hydrocephalus. 我发现他脑部出了点状况
[18:47.35]- We need to relieve the pressure. - Cranial access kit's ready. 严重脑积水
[18:47.81]该死 我们必须立刻把压力排出
[18:51.13]Cranial access? Access to Shawn's brain? 头盖连接器准备好了
[18:54.16]- Debbie, get them out of here. - Gentlemen. Debbie请他们出去
[18:57.10]- Rick... - We're not going. 先生们
[18:58.83]I'm about to drill a hole into your son's skull. Rick
[18:59.61]看 我们准备在你儿子头盖骨钻个孔
[19:01.77]He's our son. We're not leaving. We are not leaving his side! 你不会想见到这种事情的
[19:02.41]他是我的儿子 我不会离开的
[19:05.01]Rick 我们不会离开他身边
[19:06.54]15 blade. I want a catheter ready to drain as soon as I penetrate the dura. 15号刀片
[19:07.81]当我穿过硬脑膜时 我要导管准备好排气
[19:10.68]Do not panic. I want the drill. 不要惊慌
[19:26.23]Almost... OK.
[19:28.90]Look at that. OK. Catheter quickly.
[19:31.83]我要导管 快
[19:35.07]- Pupil's reactive. - Pressure stabilizing. 正常瞳孔反应 内压逐渐稳定
[19:37.04]- Is he OK? - I want neuro checks every hour. 他会好吗?
[19:38.63]每小时进行一次神经检查 加强监察
[19:40.67]- We're in the clear for now. - In the clear? 我们现在要清场
[19:42.74]- You guys did well. - I have a headache. 清场?
[19:46.68]- Welcome back. - (Pager beeps) 欢迎回来 小男子
[19:49.55]911. 9-1-1
[19:55.92]Dad, you look white. Are you OK? 爸 你脸色苍白 你还好吗?
[20:00.03]- (Vomits) - Oh, great.
[20:05.90]Yes. 没事
[20:07.10](Beeping alarm)
[20:11.74]You got here quick. 你来得真快
[20:13.11]We gotta get his heart rate under control. Push 300 of amiodarone. 我正准备记下他在监控下的心律
[20:16.61]- Status? - Atrial fibrillation. 注射300个单位胺碘达隆
[20:18.31]His heart's beating too fast. If we can't slow it... 什么状况?
[20:20.91]It'll give out. 如果我们不能让它慢下来 那
[20:22.55]All right. Let's try synchronized cardioversion. Push five of morphine. 它会消耗殆尽
[20:23.33]好 我们试试同步复律法
[20:28.56]Izzie? Izzie
[20:30.89]- You're awake. - Hey. 你醒着
[20:33.13]I was hoping I might get to see you. 我正想着要去看你
[20:35.80]You're working us pretty hard. 我们一直都在这里忙着
[20:38.07]The things I have to do to get a girl's attention. 那是我吸引一个女孩注意力的方法
[20:40.97]Denny, we're about to send electric currents through your body. Denny我们将会让一通电流
[20:44.34]Hopefully, the shocks will be enough to slow your heart rate. 流过你的身体
[20:47.57]- I'll be here the whole time. - Is it going to hurt? 心律回到正常水平
[20:50.44]- It won't be fun. - Maybe you oughta hold my hand then. 会很痛苦吗?
[20:55.42]- Mind if I handle the paddles? - Be my guest. 不介意我控制电板吧?
[21:01.32]- Ready? - Yeah. Hit me. 准备好了吗?
[21:03.82]- Clear. - (Denny screams) 是的 来吧
[21:09.63]No change. Try it at 100. 没起色
[21:12.47]Clear! 在100伏再试一遍
[21:14.30](Screams) 注意
[21:19.14]Holy smoke! 天啊
[21:21.98](Regular beeping)
[21:24.04]Denny, you are a lucky man. Denny你很幸运
[21:26.35]Oh, Doc. I oughta kick your ass, 大夫 我想打你
[21:28.72]making me yell like a baby in front of the girl I'm trying to impress. 因为你使我像个孩子那样大叫
[21:32.45]Oh! Jeez!
[21:36.42]Take care, man. 注意身体 伙计
[21:42.00]Dr. Bailey. Dr. Bailey! Didn't you hear me? Bailey医生
[21:45.87]- I'm a little distracted right now. - Oh, yes. I've been paging you. Bailey医生 没听到我在喊你吗?
[21:49.94]I'm not on call. I'm on maternity leave. 是吗?我一直在呼你
[21:50.33]我并不在职 我正放产假
[21:52.01]I've been paging my wife as well. You know where she is. 我也在呼我妻子
[21:55.51]Just because I know doesn't mean you should. 你知道她在哪里
[21:57.68]There's some things you don't get to know. And, really, you don't wanna know. 有些事情你没有认识到 不应该问我
[22:01.88]You have to tell me where she is. I saved your husband's life. 其实你不必知道
[22:05.19]- She saved my baby. - So baby trumps husband? 我救了你丈夫的性命
[22:09.76]Baby trumps husband? 儿子比丈夫还重要?
[22:36.52]Hey, Amy. Amy
[22:39.19]The website said that you should save your receipts. 网站上说你必须保留你的收据
[22:43.46]- I'm sorry? - Just in case something happens. 不好意思?
[22:46.23]You know, to have them. I have all of ours right here. 只是以防万一有事情发生
[22:49.56]I've got, you know, I've got my dress and the band 我拥有我的权利
[22:52.37]and I've got the ballroom deposit and honeymoon. 乐队 还有下了舞会场地订金
[22:55.04]My mom said I shouldn't keep them. Said it was bad luck. 以及蜜月旅行
[22:58.41]It was... It was tempting fate. 她说那是恶运
[23:03.28]This isn't your fault. 这不是你的错
[23:07.08]You have a life. You fall in love. You make plans. You have fantasies. 你有自己的生活
[23:09.33]你堕入爱河 制定了计划
[23:15.39]And none of them involve all of them ending 但它们全部
[23:20.63]in a blink of the eye. 都在一眨眼间结束了
[23:32.97](Whistles tune)
[23:36.41]- What are you doing? - Hiding. 你在干什么?
[23:39.75]All right. So you slept with O'Malley. Get over it already. 躲起来
[23:40.53]明白 你跟O'malley睡了
[23:43.18]- He told you? - Uh... no. 忘了它吧
[23:50.96]Oh, I was just kidding. I mean, it's not like I should be surprised.
[23:54.86]Why not? 我的意思是我不应该感到惊讶
[23:56.10]Because when your life is sucking, 为什么不惊讶?
[23:58.17]you get drunk and sleep with inappropriate men. It's your thing. 你就会开始饮酒并跟不适当的人睡
[24:01.47]Whatever. I find it charming. 那时你的事
[24:03.10]You sleep with inappropriate women when you're sober. 无论如何 我觉得那很吸引人
[24:06.37]One inappropriate woman. And lzzie forgave me for that. 你跟不适当的女人睡了
[24:06.93]一个不适当的女人 Izzie 饶了我吧
[24:09.41]- O'Malley won't get over this. - She hasn't forgiven you. O'malley 她并不准备就这样算了
[24:12.28]- Yes, she has. We're together. - No, you're not. Ize还没原谅你
[24:12.93]她已经原谅了 我们在一起了
[24:15.38]Izzie will never see you the way she saw you before you slept with Olivia. 不 你们没有 Izzie或许跟你睡过
[24:19.52]Why are you trying to piss me off? 你之前与Olivia睡的样子
[24:21.15]You're suggesting it's forgivable for you to sleep with Olivia, 为什么你一定要赶我走?
[24:24.36]but not for for me to sleep with George. 是可以原谅的
[24:26.33]- You told him? I... - George! 你告诉他?
[24:29.63]When I am wrong about someone, I am really wrong! 我
[24:29.93]我看错人了吗? 不是 我
[24:33.07]- No, George! It's not what you think. - Dude, chill. 我确实看错人了 不是的 George
[24:34.23]不 不是你想的那样
[24:36.50]You chill! You chill! I'm not gonna chill! 伙计 你让人心寒
[24:37.63]你才让人心寒 是你
[24:40.47]- George. I... - What's going on? 我没有 没有让人心寒
[24:41.03]George 我
[24:42.81]- Fetus is freaking out. - Why? 发生什么事了?
[24:44.98]You think that someone is... your friend. 我看到 你为什么在发疯?
[24:48.52]And that at the very least she will respect your privacy! 最起码她必须尊重你隐私
[24:51.35]- What's going on? - He's freaking out. 发生什么事了?
[24:53.22]- She can see that. - Why is he freaking out? 小孩子在发疯
[24:56.22]- George, can we at least talk? - I don't wanna talk. Not to you! 我看到了
[24:57.03]George 至少让我们谈谈
[25:00.03]I wanted to keep my mouth shut! 不跟你谈
[25:01.73]And if you hadn't been running away from me, you would know that! 我是想保守秘密的
[25:03.93]都一直避开我 或许你会知道我的想法
[25:05.43]OK, you're right, but can we talk now? 没错 你说得没错 那我们可以现在谈谈吗?
[25:07.60]You want to talk now because you told everyone that we had sex! 你想现在谈是因为 你告诉了所有人
[25:11.37]- You had sex? - You had sex with George? 我们发生了性关系
[25:12.63]你们发生了性关系? 你跟George发生了性关系
[25:14.74]- You didn't tell them? - No. 你不是已经告诉他们了吗?
[25:18.78]- Damn it! - George! 该死的
[25:22.05]- (George yells) - George! George
[25:24.38](Alex chuckles)
[25:40.13]Go away. 走开
[25:43.27](& Get Set Go: I Hate Everyone)
[25:48.54]He's gonna be OK, right? 他会好起来的 对吧?
[25:50.44]He dislocated his shoulder. He's gonna be fine. 他只是肩膀移位 他会没事的
[25:53.08]That's not exactly what I meant. 我并不是指他的肩膀
[25:58.18]Meredith, if you can't make this right, Meredith 如果你不处理好这件事
[26:01.52]if you can't fix this with George... 与George重修旧好
[26:04.06]Just so you know, if it comes to choosing sides... 你很清楚 在需要选择任何一方时
[26:07.53]I'm on his. 我会站在George那一边的
[26:15.44]He's the weaker kid. 他是一个脆弱的孩子
[26:19.04]I mean, even I don't beat up on weaker kids. It's cheap. 我的意思是 我不会打击一个脆弱的孩子
[26:23.24]I did a terrible thing. 我做了一件很糟糕的事
[26:26.81]I didn't... 我不是
[26:29.65]I did a terrible thing. 我做了一件可恶的事
[26:31.12]He's been in love with you since day one. There's no way you didn't know. 自第一天见面他就爱上了你
[26:40.79]- We all do terrible things. - Thank you. 每个人都会做出可恶的事
[26:43.23]You're welcome. 谢谢
[26:48.87]- George O'Malley? - Uh, hi. George O'malley?
[26:52.67]Dr. O'Malley. The heart-in-the-elevator guy. George o'malley医生
[26:55.21]- Yeah, that's me. - That was amazing. 你就是那个在电梯做心脏手术的家伙?
[26:56.05]是的 就是我
[26:58.55]Uh, thanks. I dislocated my shoulder. 真厉害 谢谢
[27:00.15]我 肩膀移位了
[27:01.78]- Yeah. - Oh! 是啊
[27:03.22]- I can see that. - It's really not so bad. 我看到了
[27:06.72]Yes it is. Pick your poison. 伤势不是很严重吧
[27:07.35]是的 有药物过敏吗?
[27:10.06]Uh... No painkillers, thanks. 不要开止痛药 谢谢
[27:12.86]- Bold choice. - No. Officially I'm on duty. 勇敢的选择
[27:14.75]不是的 严格来说我正在值班
[27:17.56]- And planning to stay? - Mm-hm. 打算继续留在医院?
[27:19.93]Bolder choice. 嗯
[27:25.31]All I need is help... popping it back in. 你只需把错位地方扶正就可以了
[27:29.01]- You got into a fight? - I fell down some stairs. 跟别人打架了?
[27:33.71]- Where? At your girlfriend's? - Wha... 哪里的楼梯?女朋友的吗?
[27:36.52]- No, I'm single. - Single, huh? 什么?不 我还是单身
[27:39.59]- (Snapping) - (George groans) 单身 是吗?
[27:43.69]Hurts less if you don't see it coming. 出乎意料的治疗会减轻你的疼痛
[28:09.22]- All set? - All set. 弄好了吗?
[28:13.92]- Thanks. - You're welcome.
[28:16.59]- Bye. - Bye. 不客气
[28:26.30]- Don't. - Don't? 不要
[28:28.74]Don't be nice to me. 不要什么?
[28:32.37]I did a terrible thing. 我做了件可恶的事
[28:33.94]- We all do terrible things. - No. I... 我们都会做可恶的事
[28:36.31]I did a thing that I can't even believe I did and... 不是的 我
[28:41.98]I was sad and... 我感到很悲哀
[28:46.05]I'm pretty sure I'm gonna lose all my friends. 我很肯定我会失去所有的朋友
[28:48.56]You won't lose me. 还有我
[28:51.29]- You're not my friend. - Yes, I am. 你不是我的朋友
[28:53.95]是的 我是
[28:55.90]Well... I could be. 我可能会是
[28:57.83]I'm a very good friend. 我是一个很不错的朋友
[29:01.17]No. We can't be friends. 不 我们不可能成为朋友
[29:03.24]We could be friends. You'd be lucky to have me. 我们可以成为朋友
[29:06.14]How? How can we be friends? 有我这个朋友你会很幸运
[29:10.14]We could uh... 我们可以
[29:13.18]hang out. 在医院外面成为朋友
[29:15.25]I walk Doc every other morning, Tiger Mountain trail. 我每天早上都会出去遛狗
[29:18.69]We could meet, have coffee, watch Doc play and... 就在老虎山山径那里
[29:19.55]我们可以见面 喝咖啡 看着狗狗玩耍
[29:22.02]discuss the complex nature of our existence. 讨论一下我们复杂的生存意义
[29:24.72]- Right. - We could. Might be fun. 好了
[29:28.06]- I could be your friend, Meredith. - No. We can't be friends. 可以的 那会很有趣
[29:28.45]我能够成为你的朋友 Meredith
[29:41.47]Just adding nitro. Your blood pressure's stable now, 我正加入甘油
[29:45.71]your CHF is improved and the atrial fibrillation resolved. 你的血压现在已经稳定下来
[29:49.52]- I like the way you say fibrillation. - Fibrillation. 我喜欢你说fibrillation的样子 (纤化)
[29:52.89]- Tease. - How are you feeling? Fibrillation
[29:56.29]You, uh... You believe in karma? 感觉怎样?
[30:01.19]Um... Actually, I do, yeah. 事实上 相信
[30:05.97]I think you might be mine. 我觉得你是我的
[30:09.94]You must have been very, very good to deserve me. 你必须非常非常健康才能得到我
[30:12.67]I must have. 我一定会的
[30:15.51]OK. 好的
[30:17.84](& Boy Least Likely To: Be Gentle With Me)
[30:23.38]- I wouldn't do that. - Dr. Bailey... 如果我是你 我不会那样做
[30:25.52]If she wants privacy, we will give her privacy. Understood? Bailey医生
[30:28.79]- Dr. Bailey paged me. - She did? 我们就应该给她空间 明白吗?
[30:31.16]- Yeah. - I did. And I'm still not here. 她真的那样做了吗?是啊
[30:34.19]I'm still on maternity leave and I still need privacy. 我不在这里
[30:37.36]Come here. 我也有我的隐私 主任
[30:42.07]No peeking, no pulling the curtain. 不准走动 不准偷看 不准拉开布帘
[30:43.94]Stand there. Let her talk to you. Understand? 只准站在那里听她说话 明白了吗?
[30:46.44]- Is this really necessary? - Do you understand? 真的有必要这样吗?
[30:49.38]- I'm not mentally challenged. - I'm not sure about that. Let her talk. 我刚问 明白了吗?
[30:55.28]- Addison, this is ridiculous. - Stay where you are! Promise! Addison 这很荒谬
[30:59.02]OK, I promise. 待在原地 答应我
[31:00.55]I'm going to show you something and when I do, 好 我答应
[31:00.75]我正准备给你看点东西 当我给你看的时候
[31:03.82]you do not get to laugh and you do not get to gloat. 不准大笑 不准幸灾乐祸
[31:06.89]- Why would I gloat? - I have poison oak. 为什么我会幸灾乐祸?
[31:11.56]What? 什么?
[31:19.41]Mm. You do indeed have poison oak. 你 确实感染了叶毒葛
[31:24.51]So are we even yet? Is this bad enough? Have I repaid my debt to society, Derek? 那么我们可以扯平了吗? 这还不够糟吗?
[31:27.75]Derek 我已经得到报应了吗?
[31:41.29]- (Derek) Let's take a look. - Ow! 好啦 让我检查一下
[31:48.27]Good morning, Tuck. Let's take your daddy home. 来 我的宝贝 我们带爸爸回家吧
[31:52.67]Hm? Oh...
[31:57.14]She really didn't tell you about it? 她真的没告诉你那件事吗?
[31:59.65]No. God, is that a bad thing? 没有 天啊 那是件坏事吗?
[32:02.92]She tells you everything. It didn't matter enough to her to talk about it. 她把所有事情告诉你了
[32:06.75]OK, George. The pity thing? Not good. 那么是否跟她谈谈已经不重要
[32:07.35]好了 George 有那么可怜吗?
[32:09.59]If you want crappy things to stop happening to you, 糟透了
[32:10.15]如果你不想讨厌的事 再发生在你身上
[32:12.26]then stop accepting crap and demand something more. 就停止做蠢事 追求其他有意义的东西吧
[32:17.66]Hey, Amy. Amy
[32:18.73]Oh, could you tell Dr. Burke that Keith is gonna have the surgery? 你可以告诉Burke医生
[32:22.60]- Great. - Where are you going? Keith打算动手术吗?
[32:24.70]Um, I... I'm not strong enough for this. 太好了 你要去哪里?
[32:25.35]呃 我 我正 正
[32:28.64]Amy, I know it's hard, but your fiancé is going in to surgery. 我无法坚强的忍受这一切
[32:29.35]慢着 Amy 我明白那会很艰苦
[32:32.35]You're gonna want to be here when he wakes up. 但你的未婚夫正准备动手术
[32:35.32]No, I won't. Um... 不 我不会
[32:38.62]He's not my fiancé anymore. 我不再是我的未婚夫了
[32:42.39]- You're leaving him? - I'm not strong enough for this. 你要离开他?
[32:46.03]So the "in sickness and in health" part of your vows... 我不够坚强
[32:49.16]you were planning to leave those out? 疾病与健康那一段誓词啦?
[32:51.16]Please try to understand. 请为我设想
[32:53.33]I don't like that I'm not strong enough. I just know that I'm not. 我不想的 我只是不够坚强
[32:59.01]- George, he's crashing! - What? George他出现状况了 什么?
[33:00.81]His aneurysm may have blown. Page Dr. Burke! 他的动脉瘤扩张了
[33:15.39](Burke) OK, everyone.
[33:18.06]It's actually a coronary-artery aneurysm.
[33:22.06]- He's gonna live? - Burke's a miracle-worker. 他会活下来吗?
[33:26.93]D'you know this guy's fiancée left him? 你知道他的未婚妻离开他了吗?
[33:30.67]Sounds like he dodged a bullet. 听起来像是他躲开了颗子弹
[33:34.27]I don't think he's gonna see it that way. 我认为他并不想那样
[33:40.75]If she can't love him back the way he loves her... 如果她不能像他那样爱他
[33:46.22]then she doesn't deserve him. 那么她不值得他爱
[33:50.32]- You heard about me and Meredith? - Well, everyone heard, George. 你听说了我跟Meredith的事了?
[33:52.64]大家都知道了 George
[33:54.73]You were yelling about it in the hallway. 你在走廊大喊大叫
[34:00.70]Must have sucked. I'm sorry. 那一定很难受 我感到很遗憾
[34:07.11]I'm sorry. 很抱歉
[34:11.78]If I made you feel anything like I'm feeling right now... 如果我使你陷入了
[34:20.22]I'm sorry. 对不起
[34:24.26]That's nice to hear. 很高兴你这样说
[34:33.73](& Brandi Carlile: Throw It All Away)
[35:08.40]- How's that? - It was good. Really good. 感觉怎样?
[35:10.80]- Yeah? - Yeah. 很棒 非常棒
[35:13.31]Because, uh... I could do it again. 因为我
[35:17.41]I like doing it. 我可以再来一次
[35:19.31]- No, it's good. - I could do it until you... 我喜欢这样做
[35:22.55]No, it's OK. I'm ready. 我很好
[35:25.44]没事 你弄到我头发了
[35:27.85]- Ow! - Oh, I'm sorry.
[35:29.82]OK. It's OK.
[35:32.89]- There. - Right there?
[35:35.19]Meredith. Meredith
[35:37.36]George. George
[35:47.14](Meredith sobs)
[35:49.54]- What's wrong? - Oh, nothing. 有什么不对劲吗?
[35:51.94]Nothing's wrong. Why would you think anything's wrong? 没有
[35:55.05]- You're crying. - No. It'll stop. Just ignore me. 你在哭
[35:56.91]会停下来的 不用理我
[35:59.55]I can't ignore you. 我不能 不能忽视你
[36:02.16]Yeah, yeah. It's fine. It's fine. Just... 没事的 没事的
[36:05.79]It's OK. You're almost done, right? 没事的 只是你刚进去了 对吧?
[36:09.60]No. 还没
[36:11.86]- George. - Meredith... George Meredith
[36:18.00]George, please. George 求你了
[36:23.11]Sleeping with me is really this awful for you? 跟我睡 对于你来说
[36:26.65]No, George! It's not! 不是的 George 不是这样的
[36:30.45]It's not you! 不是你的问题
[36:40.09]George! George
[36:55.17]There's a suitcase in the hall. 在走道里有个皮箱
[36:57.41]I was just getting my shirt. 我只是拿回我的衬衣
[37:00.75]- There's a suitcase... - Yeah, uh... 有个皮箱
[37:03.42]I don't live here anymore. Excuse me. 是的 我打算不在这住了
[37:13.76]Why? 为什么?
[37:15.29]I just wanna know why you... 我只是想知道为什么你
[37:20.20]- If you didn't want to... - I didn't know I didn't want to. 如果你不想你可以
[37:26.84]You were there. 你就在那里
[37:28.91]And you were saying all these perfect things and I was sad. 还告诉了我那么美好的事情
[37:34.58]And so I thought, maybe... 所以我想或许
[37:37.72]Maybe I've just been overlooking what's been in front of me. 或许我一直都忽略了
[37:43.66]And if I just give it a chance, 如果可以我想给他一个机会
[37:45.83]because you're George and you're so great... 因为你是George 你是那么的好
[37:52.37]I didn't know I didn't want to until I knew I didn't want to. 我不知道其实我不想
[37:58.64]Yeah. 那样啊
[38:01.74]OK. 好的
[38:04.24]Can we please just go back to everything the way it was? 我们能回到过去的那种关系吗?
[38:12.45]I don't know how to go back. 我不知道怎么回到过去
[38:17.86]No. I'm done. 不可以
[38:23.00]We're done. 我们已经完了
[38:26.87](George) One way or another, our karma... 命运会用这种或那种方式
[38:30.34]will leave us to face ourselves. 让我们面对事实
[38:35.07]We can look our karma in the eye 我们能够亲眼见证自己的命运
[38:37.54]or we can wait for it to sneak up on us from behind. 或等着它不知不觉地降临我们
[38:41.65]- You ready? - What? 准备好了吗?
[38:43.52]Aren't we... I thought we had plans for tonight. 准备什么?
[38:47.49]Oh. I forgot. I'm sorry. 我以为我们今晚有什么计划
[38:47.21]很抱歉 我忘了
[38:50.09]- Rain check? - Sure. 不如再电话联络吧?
[38:59.90](& pop ballad)
[39:06.21]Amy? Amy?
[39:07.91]She's not... here. 她不在这里
[39:15.38]But you are. That's what's important. 但你仍在
[39:18.95]She left? 那才是最重要的
[39:25.32]She really left. 她真的走了?
[39:32.90]Who does that? 谁干的好事?
[39:36.07]What kind of person does that? 是谁干的好事?
[39:40.77](George) One way or another our karma will always find us. 无论是那种方式
[39:48.55]- Hey. - Hey, yourself.
[39:57.76]I gotta say, not exactly how I'd envisioned our perfect first date. 我正想说我正幻想着
[40:02.16]Are you kidding? 我们第一次完美的约会
[40:03.53]Do you know how hard I've had to work to get a cute boy in bed before? 你在开玩笑吗?
[40:08.50]You think I'm cute. 你觉得我很可爱
[40:13.11]OK. Shut up and drink your juice. 是的
[40:15.91](George) And the truth is, as surgeons... 闭嘴 喝你的果汁
[40:17.01]事实上 作为一名外科医生
[40:20.45]we have more chances than most to set the balance in our favor. 我们有比常人更多的机会
[40:24.22]- George? - Dr. Torres. George
[40:28.05]Callie. Torres医生
[40:31.76]- You going on a trip? - Sorta. 你准备去旅行吗?
[40:36.96]Well, in that case... 那么在这种情况下
[40:42.67]Give me a call when you get back in town. 当你回来后 打给我
[41:00.65]No matter how hard we try, we can't escape our karma. 无论我们如何努力的去尝试
[41:09.73]It follows us home. 它会跟着我们回家
[41:14.73]He's your friend and he needed our help. 他是你的朋友并且需要我们的帮助
[41:17.94]- Are his problems surgical? - No. 在他身上的是外科问题吗?
[41:21.84]Then, technically, he doesn't need our help. 不是
[41:22.41]那么从技术上来说 他不需要我们的帮助
[41:29.48]- You're a good person. - I am not. 你是个好人
[41:37.29]- Good night. - Oh, good night. 晚安
[41:42.06](George) Good night! 晚安
[41:48.03]I guess we can't really complain about karma. 我觉得我们不应该抱怨命运
[41:51.40]It's not unfair, it's not unexpected. 那不公平 那并不是意外
[41:55.14]It just... evens the score. 它只是
[42:08.42]Good boy. Good boy. 好孩子
[42:11.29]Even when we're about to do something 当我们计划做一些事时
[42:13.36]we know will tempt karma to bite us in the ass... 虽然早已知道会遭到命运惩罚
[42:16.66]Well, it goes without saying... 但我们还是二话不说就去做
[42:19.20]- So... - So... 那么
[42:22.10]Just friends. 那么
[42:24.80]Just friends. 朋友
[42:28.57]...we do it anyway. 不顾一切地去做
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