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实习医生格蕾第二季第21集:[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:42:28
[00:02.36]Previously on "grey's anatomy" 前情提要
[00:03.66]I slept with george. It was a horrible mistake. 我跟George上了床 这是个天大的错误
[00:06.36]I'm done. We're done. 我受够了 我们结束了
[00:08.36]Pancakes? (cristina) He's not my roommate. 薄饼? 他不是我的室友
[00:09.66]This is whi shouldn't Have given up my place. 这就是我为什么不应该把我的公寓让出来
[00:11.46]He would still be our roommate if meredith would just apologize. 他还是可以做我们的室友 只要Meredith肯道歉
[00:14.36]You know, at some point, you are going to have to talk to me. 从某种意义上讲 你总要跟我谈一谈的
[00:18.26](callie) Your ex did a real number on you, huh? 你的前女友伤你很深吧?
[00:20.76]-You didn't call me. -I did.I did.a few times. 你没有给我打电话 我打了 我打了好几次
[00:23.36]I just hung up every time. 只是每次我都挂掉了
[00:25.06]-How is she today? -She's great. 她今天怎么样? 她非常好
[00:28.06]She really lights up When dr. Webber visits. 当Webber医生看她的时候她很高兴
[00:33.16]Denny, your congestive heart failure is getting worse despite the meds. Denny,虽然你在接受治疗 但是你的充血性心力衰竭还是在恶化
[00:37.16]We need more time. 我们需要更多时间
[00:43.96](meredith) My college campus has a magic statue. 我大学校园里有一个神奇的雕塑
[00:49.66]it's a long-standing tradition for students to rub its nose for good luck. 有一个久远的传统是 学生摸摸它的鼻子可以交好运
[00:57.66]My freshman roommate really believed in the statue's power 我的新生室友非常相信神像的力量
[01:01.46]and insisted on visiting it to rub its nose before every exam. 坚持每次考试前去摸他的鼻子
[01:11.06]Are you sure my scrub caps aren't in the laundry delivery? 你确定我的手术帽没有被送去洗衣房?
[01:14.56]i triple checked. 我确定了三次了
[01:15.46]-You're sure? -Yeah, I'm sure. 你确定? 是 我确定
[01:17.46]Studying might have been a better idea. 学习也许是个更好的主意
[01:19.96]she flunked out her sophomore year. 她在二年级的时候因不及格被退学了
[01:22.66](cracks neck)
[01:24.46]But the fact is, we all havelittleuperstitious things that we do. 但是事实是 我们都有一点点小迷信
[01:30.66]好了 各位
[01:32.26]It's a beautiful morning to save lives, let's have some fun. 这真是一个拯救生命的美妙早晨 让我们来点音乐
[01:34.86]if it's not believing in magic statues, 如果不是相信神奇的雕像
[01:37.36]it's avoiding sidewalk cracks or always putting our left shoe on first. 就是避开人行道上的裂缝 或者 总是先给我们的左脚穿上鞋
[01:46.46]-Knock on wood... -10 blade. -敲敲木头… -10号刀
[01:50.26]Step on a crack,break your mother's back. 君子不立危墙之下
[01:53.16](monitor beeps rapidly)
[01:55.26]Paddles.(monitor beeps rapidly) 电极板
[01:58.16]10 joules.(paddles discharge) 10焦耳
[02:00.66]He's having a reaction. I need to take him off. 他有反应了 我要停止手术
[02:02.56]I'm in the middle of his brain. 我正在他大脑里面动手术
[02:04.56]We're losing him. 他快不行了
[02:05.36](monitor emitting continuous tone)
[02:16.86]-time of death... -time of death... -死亡时间… -死亡时间…
[02:19.06]time of death... 死亡时间…
[02:20.76]call it, grey. 宣布死亡 Grey
[02:21.16]the last thing we want to do is offend the gods. 我们最不愿做的就是冒犯上帝
[02:24.36]time of death--8:17. (monitor emitting continuo tone) 死亡时间 8:17
[02:31.56]four surgeries,four fatalities, and the day's barely started. 四个手术,四个死亡 然而这一天才刚刚开始
[02:34.76]Could I have a bite of that? 我可以咬一口吗?
[02:35.66]No, you're in my apartment. You don't get to be in my food. 你已经住在我的公寓里了 你不能再拿走我的吃的了
[02:38.26]Dr.Burke gave me a protein bar this morning. 今天早上 Burke医生给了我一个蛋白质补充条
[02:40.26]Burke packs his lunch for him. Did i mention? Burke给他自己准备午餐 我跟你提过吗?
[02:42.36](Izzie) talked to the morgue guy this morning. 今天早上跟停尸房的那个人谈
[02:43.76]-The one with the unibrow? -The one with the, like teeth thing; -那个只有一条眉毛的? -是那个牙齿有问题的
[02:46.96]and he said that surgical fatalities come in threes and sevens. 他说手术死亡是 3个3个一起或者是7个7个一起发生
[02:49.66]says there'll be three more before midnight. 也就是说午夜之前还有3个人要死
[02:51.46]well, okay, then,since dead tooth mgue guy said so. 嗯 好吧 既然牙齿毛病的停尸房人那么说
[02:54.66]He'she morgue guy. He knows things about death. 他是管停尸房的人 他知道关于死亡的事
[02:59.16]You dropped this. 你掉了这个
[03:04.26]He's still ignoring me. (cristina)Ignore him back. -他还是在忽视我 -那你也忽视他
[03:06.76]Derek says I should apologize until he listens. Derek说我要一直道歉直到他肯听为止
[03:09.56]"derek says." it's good advice. “Derek 说” 这是个好主意
[03:11.46]He's my friend,that's good friend advice. 他是我的好朋友 这是好朋友的建议
[03:14.86]Meredith... What? Meredith 什么事?
[03:17.76]Did you sneak out last night? 你昨天晚上有没有偷偷摸摸地走出去?
[03:19.26]Yeah. I... uh... I couldn't sleep. 是的 我…嗯… 我睡不着
[03:23.16]Come on. 走
[03:23.76]-Where? -E.R 去哪? 急诊室
[03:24.96]all of us? 我们全部去?
[03:25.96]We've all had deaths, let's all go save a life. 我们都有了死亡的病人 让我们一起去救人
[03:34.56]Uh,Dr.Bailey. 嘿,Bailey医生
[03:37.56]Here you go. 这个给你
[03:38.36]-What's this? -Hot cocoa. 这是什么? 热巧克力
[03:40.26]It's a little ritual we had in new york. 这是我们在纽约时候的一点小传统
[03:41.66]Four surgeries,four deaths. I figure we could all use a little good juju. 四个手术 四个死亡 我觉得我们都要用一点小小的护符
[03:45.26]And cocoa equals juju how? 那么巧克力现在就成了护符了?
[03:47.06]Hey,hey,hey,don't question the cocoa. 嘿嘿嘿 不要质疑巧克力
[03:51.36]Carry on. 继续
[03:53.56]Meredith... Meredith…
[03:55.26]Thank you for your help this morning. 谢谢你今天早上的帮忙
[03:58.46]Oh,thank you,Addison. 噢 谢谢你 Addison
[04:02.26]Yeah.you know,thank you. 是 你知道的 谢谢你
[04:09.56](clears throat) Here you go. 这个给你
[04:10.96]-Juju. -Yep. -护符 -对
[04:13.16]-You jued meredith. -I did... -你给了Meredith护符 -没错
[04:14.96]in the spirit of friendship. 代表友谊
[04:18.96]Hmm. 唔
[04:19.96]What? are we not being friends with meredith anymore? 怎么了?我们不能再跟Meredith做朋友了?
[04:21.96]No,no,we are. Meredith and I are friends. 对 我们不能 我跟Meredith是朋友
[04:24.36]Yeah,and you and I are married. So then by proxy,Meredith and I are friends. 没错,但是你跟我结了婚 所以我跟Meredith也就成了朋友
[04:28.86]-That's very big of you. -yeah. -那对你来说可太不容易了 -没错
[04:30.56]You don't have to do that. 你不一定要那么做
[04:32.46]It's not like I'm gonna be friends with, let's say, uh... mark. 就好像我不想要成为… 比如说 嗯…Mark的朋友
[04:36.66]Yeah, well,neither am I. 对 其实 我也不想
[04:39.26]Now finish your juju before somebody else dies. 现在 在另一个人死之前赶紧喝完你的护符
[04:41.06]-Mm-hmm. -Hmm. -嗯…唔… -唔…
[04:51.36]There are ten of them-- music notes, colorful patterns, 有十个 上面有音符和漂亮的图案
[04:53.76]they were sent out last night. 他们昨晚上被送出去的
[04:57.06]Sorry to hear about your valve replacement this morning. 我听说了你的瓣膜置换手术 很遗憾
[04:59.16]The laundry misplaced my scrub caps. 洗衣房放错了我的手术帽
[05:00.66]You know,there's some foolish talk goin'around about fatally clusters in threes and sevens. 医院里面流传着一个愚蠢的说法 说手术死亡是成三或者成七出现的
[05:04.86]Are you sure they weren't sent to another hospital? 你确定他们没有被送去别家医院?
[05:07.86]How many electives have they canceled today? 今天有多少个选择性手术被删除了?
[05:10.16]This is our third. 这是第三个了
[05:11.16]And what have the surgeo been giving as their reasons? 那么那些个外科医生给了什么理由了?
[05:13.26]Because I prefer my own caps. 因为我更喜欢我自己的帽子
[05:15.96]You're not pushing your surgeries because you don't have your personal caps. 你不可以因为你没有自己的帽子 而推迟你的手术
[05:20.16]You understand me? 你明白我的意思吗?
[05:21.76]I didn't push any surgeries. 我并没有推迟我的手术
[05:23.76]No,no,the question is, when will you find them? 不 不 关键是 你们什么时候可以找到他们?
[05:26.36]No one changes that board unless they talk to me. 任何人都不许改动这个白板 让他们找我来谈
[05:30.06]No one. 任何人
[05:35.36]Great. no blood,no guts,no lives to save. 很好 没血 没有流出来的肠子 没命好救
[05:38.06]It's dead quiet. 死寂一片
[05:39.76]-Did you really just say that? -Cristina. -你刚刚真的那么说了吗? -Cristina
[05:41.46]-What? -You said the "q" word. -什么? -你刚刚说了那个带死的词
[05:42.96]That's like saying macbeth in the theater. 就好像在戏院里说‘麦克白’
[05:44.66]Please. You think because someone says it's quiet, 拜托 你以为就因为有人说了“死”…
[05:47.66]-That it'll mean... -Can someone please help us here? -就意味着… -谁来帮帮我们
[05:49.66]-She's coughing up blood. -O'Malley, take that. -她在咯血 -O'Malley,去帮忙
[05:53.36]-Denny duquette. -I got it. -Denny duquette -我马上过去
[05:54.36]He's my patient. 他是我的病人
[05:55.26]He's both your patients. Answer the call. 他是你们两个人的病人 去照看他
[05:58.56]Two incoming. 来了2个病人
[06:10.76]Okay,uh,yang,first one's yours. Grey,take number two. 好吧 嗯 Yang 第一个是你的 Grey 第二个归你
[06:16.16]jesse fannon, 32, unrestrained driver in a rear end collision. Jesse Fannon, 32岁 个体司机 追尾车祸
[06:19.96]there was spider webbing of the front windshield where his head hit. 他的头撞上了前挡风玻璃 那上面有蜘蛛网
[06:22.16]B.P. is 120 palp. Pulse is 75. 血压120 脉搏75
[06:25.06]-(miranda)what do you want to do, yang? -A primary and secondary survey, -你想怎么做? -一个初级和次级检查
[06:27.96]-Uh, head c.t.and x-ray. -Great,age shepherd when you get there. -嗯,脑部CT 和X光 -很好 到那以后 叫shepherd
[06:31.86]Wait! i'm counting the siren whoops. 等一下 我在数警报器
[06:34.46]We can't go till it reaches 33. 数到33之前不能走
[06:36.16]He also seems to have a touch of o.c.d. 他好像有强迫症
[06:39.66]Nikki ratlin, 30, erratic B.P. in the field, Nikki Ratlin 30岁 血压不稳
[06:42.26]complaining of chest and leg pain. 胸和腿疼
[06:43.46]-What happened? -I got struck by lightning. -发生什么事了? -我被闪电击中了
[06:47.76]Can anyone spell "coincidence"? 有谁知道怎么写“巧合”?!
[07:01.26]My horoscope said,"stay close to home today." 我的星象说:今天不要远离家
[07:03.96]Aries couldn't have been any clearer. 白羊座的星象图再明显不过了
[07:06.36]Okay,I guess it coulda said, 好吧 我想它更应该跟我说
[07:07.56]"don't leave the house today unless you want to getstruck by lightning." ow. “不要离开家 除非你想被雷击” 啊
[07:11.06]See, Ms. Ratlin, you have no sign of wounds from lightning. 你看 Ms Ratlin 你并没有被雷电击中的迹象
[07:15.06]It was a sign. 那就是一个迹象
[07:16.86]Clearly,getting struck by lightning is a sign. 明显的 被雷击就是一个迹象
[07:19.76]A sign that I shouldn't have left my house. 一个警告我不能离家的迹象
[07:21.66]Nikki, normally people struck by lightning. Nikki,一般来说人被雷电击中时
[07:23.76]Have a wound where the bolt entered a exited the body. 雷电穿过身体的地方会有伤口
[07:29.36]Well... well, i wasn't "struck" struck. 好吧…好吧 我不是真的被雷电击中
[07:32.86]I...the tree was struck and it fell on me. 我…那棵树倒在我身上
[07:37.06]A tree fell on you? 一棵树倒在你身上?
[07:38.86]A big,like,branch, or a limb...whatever.Same difference. 一枝很大的 像是 树枝 或者说 枝干…反正都一样
[07:44.96]No,actually,medically,it isn't the same difference. 不 事实上 医学上讲 不会一样
[07:47.66]And it would be helpful if,from now on... 而且 如果你从现在起跟我们说实话…
[07:50.56]-You told us the whole truth. _Ow. -会对我们很有帮助 -噢
[07:52.36]You wanna know the truth? 你想知道事实?
[07:55.16]My boyfriend loves that tree. He's totally gonna freak out. 我男朋友喜欢那棵树 他会发疯的
[08:00.66](laughs)Ow. 啊
[08:01.86]Oh,chief,there's a,uh.. Ms.Warner down in admitting. 嗯 主任 有一个…嗯…Ms Warner 在准备入院治疗
[08:05.16]she's asking for you. 她在找你
[08:07.06]Who? 谁?
[08:08.36]Um,Olive Warner? 嗯 Olive Warner?
[08:10.96]50s,uh..blonde hair. She said she's known you for about 20 years. 50岁 嗯…金发 她说她认识你20年了
[08:16.36]Are you taking about Ollie? 你是在说Ollie?
[08:18.56]Right.Okay. 对,好吧
[08:19.66]uh,Ollie Warner...she presented with,uh, 嗯 Ollie Warner 她有…
[08:22.06]upper G.I. bleeding. 上消化道出血
[08:23.66]And she had a T.I.P.P.S. procedure last monthfor esophageal varices. 她上月因为食管静脉曲张 做了一个颈静脉肝内门体分流术
[08:36.26]I'll take this from here,O'malley. 这个我来接手 O’malley
[08:38.26]-I'm happy to help, sir. -No,thank you. -我很乐意帮忙,先生 -不 谢谢
[08:41.36]I got this myself. 这个我自己来
[08:47.46]-Ollie. -Hi,Richard. -Ollie -你好 Richard
[08:50.56]It's good to see you. 见到你真好
[08:56.16]sinus tachycardia,low grade fever, pulse ox 75. 心动过速 低烧 脉搏75
[09:01.96]I'm hearing rales in your lungs. 我在你的肺里听到罗音
[09:03.66]yeah,a freight train rolls through at noon. 是啊 一辆货运列车在中午轰隆隆地开过
[09:09.06]How bad is the pain? 有多疼
[09:10.96]Idon't know. A five or six when I breathe. 我不知道 呼吸的时候有五到六成
[09:14.16]That means a seven or eight when you're not trying to impress your doctor. 这么说当你想吸引你的医生的时候 就有七到八成了
[09:19.46]I heard,uh,four people died in surgery this morning. 我听说 嗯 4个人今天早上死了
[09:22.76]Said they were expecting three more. 听说还会有3个
[09:25.56]You get that from a nurse? 你从护士那儿听来的?
[09:27.86]Never reveal my sources. Just like to avoid the o.r. 我从不透露我的消息来源 就像逃避手术室一样
[09:38.16]And I'm not liking that look. 我不喜欢那种眼神
[09:44.86]This could be a pulmonary embolism,Denny.. 这可能是肺部栓塞 Denny
[09:47.56]A complication from the lvad surgery. We're gonna have to talk to Dr.Burke. 手术后的并发症 我们要跟Burke医生谈谈
[09:52.76]Ahem. Ahem.
[10:02.66]I got hot chocolated. 我拿到一杯热巧克力
[10:04.26]The she-shepherd hot chocolated me. 就是那个shepherd给我的
[10:06.96]It's her juju. 那是她的护符
[10:08.06]I don't like people who say juju. 我不喜欢说护符的人
[10:09.76]-I say juju~ -juju juju..... -我说护符 -护符 护符 护符…
[10:15.16]I didn't drink it. 我没有喝
[10:17.06]You're not obligated to honor some else's juju. 你并不需要去崇拜别人的护符
[10:20.76]-(Jesse)juju juju.... -Thought ou were being friends. -护符护符护符 -我以为你跟他们是朋友
[10:22.56]I am,with him. 我跟他 是朋友
[10:24.56]-Do I have to be friends with her,too? -Definitely not. -我有必要也成为她的朋友吗? -当然不用
[10:28.06]Maybe. 也许
[10:30.16]-juju juju.... -I'll,uh,call psych for you. -护符护符护符
[10:31.26]-我会帮你找精神科医生 -那太好了 谢谢
[10:33.26]That would be good,thanks. 啊!!哇!!
[10:36.56]All right,that's the worst of it. 好了 这是最糟糕的了
[10:39.26]Oh,I never should've gotten out of bed. oh! 噢 我就不应该从床上起来 噢!
[10:43.76]But I really wanted to surprise my boyfriend before he left for school. 但是我真的很想在我男朋友上学去之前 给他一个惊喜
[10:48.16]He had a huge exam today,and I just,you know, I wanted to wish him luck. 他有一个大考 我就是想 祝他好运
[10:53.36]Dr.Torres,hey. Torres医生 嘿
[10:54.86]Hi.uh..can I give you a hand? 你好 嗯..我可以帮帮忙吗?
[10:57.46]You missed the boat,George. 你已经错过了 George
[10:59.96]You mean on this case or... 你是说这个病例 还是…
[11:02.26]Or a hot chick gives you her number, you're supposed to call. 还是 一个辣妹给你她的电话 你应该打给她
[11:04.66]Yeah. 是
[11:05.76]-Right.I was..I mean..I am.. -Too late. -没错 我当时…我是说…我是… -太晚了
[11:08.66]Ouch,don't give up. 噢 别放弃
[11:12.06]I mean,if you really like her. 我是说 如果你真的喜欢她
[11:24.06]Okay. 好吧
[11:24.96]The pl?? thickens. 情节复杂了
[11:26.36]Nikki,Dr.Grey here is gonna take you upstairs for a C.T. Nikki Grey医生要带你去楼上照CT
[11:29.56]but before she does,I have to ask, 但是在此之前 我要问你
[11:31.76]you're bruised all up and down your left side. You sure a tree branch did all this? 你左边上上下下都有淤青 你确定你是被树枝
[11:35.76]You think my boyfriend did this? 你以为是我男朋友做的?
[11:38.46]He would never hit a woman,ever. 他绝不会打女人的 绝对
[11:40.26]Mm-hmm. 嗯…
[11:42.06]The bruising doesn't look like a tree branch hit you. 那些淤青不像是一条树枝打的
[11:45.76]Fine. 好吧
[11:47.36]Okay, you guys are gonna think I'm really weird, 好吧 你们一定会觉得我很奇怪
[11:49.86]but I was sort of up in the stree when the lightning hit, 在闪电的时候 我其实是在树上
[11:53.66]and,well... 还有…
[11:55.26]You climbed a tree in a thunderstorm? 你在雷雨天爬到一棵树上?
[11:57.76]I really wanted it to be a surprise, you know, 我真的希望这能成为一个惊喜
[11:59.96]for my boyfriend,and..um..I just... 为我的男朋友 还有…嗯…我只是…
[12:03.56]I had to see if his psycho dog was in the yard 我要看看他的那条疯狗在不在院子里
[12:05.96]because of, like,the barking and stuff and... 因为 好像 它冲我狂吠什么的…
[12:09.66]I know. It sounds really weird. 我知道 这听起来很奇怪
[12:12.06]-Does it sound really weird? -这听起来很奇怪吗?
[12:13.76]-Not at all. -No. -一点也不 -不
[12:15.36]and the thing is, I mean,he wasn't even there. 但是问题是 我是说 他根本就不在那
[12:18.46]The dog? 那只狗?
[12:19.76]No,my boyfriend. 不 我男朋友
[12:21.66]He wasn't even home. 他根本就不在家里
[12:24.96]I really shouldn't have gotten out of bed. 我根本就不该起床
[12:28.76]-Oh,Dr.Shepherd. -Hmm? -噢 Shepherd医生 -嗯?
[12:29.96]I've got a 34-year-old male with a blunt head traumaand severe case of O.C.D. 我这儿有一个34岁的脑部受伤的男士 有严重的强迫症
[12:33.66]Oh, really? did you call for a psych consult? -Yes. -哦 真的?你有没有找精神科会诊? -有
[12:36.26]-All right,let me know when you get his C.T. -Okay. -好吧 做他的CT时候告诉我 -好的
[12:37.16]Thank you. 谢谢
[12:41.06]-Hey. -Hey. -嗨 -嗨
[12:43.76]Hey,uh..sorry about that,uh..valve replacement. 嗨 嗯…那个瓣膜置换手术…很遗憾
[12:47.26]oh,thank you. the laundry lost my caps. 哦 谢谢 洗衣房弄丢了我的帽子
[12:50.66]The guy didn't die 那个男的没有死
[12:51.46]because you weren't wearing one of your caps. 因为你没有戴你自己的帽子
[12:53.66]Well,I know that. 我知道
[12:55.46]I just prefer...to operate wearing my own. 我只是更喜欢…在做手术的时候戴自己的
[12:58.46]It's a comfort thing. 这比较舒服
[12:59.46]Huh,well... 嗯 好吧…
[13:01.86]I prefer having George out of our apartment. 我更希望George离开我们的公寓
[13:03.56]so I guess we both have comfort things. 那样我们两个都舒服
[13:06.66]What are you saying? 你刚刚说什么?
[13:07.86]uh,you know,um... 嗯 你知道 嗯…
[13:10.26]I have one of your caps in my locker. 你的一个帽子在我的储物箱里
[13:12.66]-Why do you have one of my caps in your locker? -Oh, that's not the point,the point is..uh.. -为什么你会有我的帽子? -噢 那不是关键 关键是…嗯…
[13:16.86]Is that I think I'm gonna keep it hostage. 是我想把那个做为抵押
[13:19.76]So you kick bambi out,you get your cap back. 如果你把那个小孩赶出去 你就拿回你的帽子
[13:22.96]Oh, well,I don't do well with ultimatums. 噢 我并不喜欢最后通牒
[13:25.66]Maybe you should think of it more as a trade. 也许你更应该把这想成是一笔交易
[13:30.76]Dr.Burke... I've got free time. Burke医生… 我现在挺空的
[13:34.06]Do you have any cases?Do you need any help? -Actually,I do. -你有什么病人吗?要我帮忙吗? -事实上 是的
[13:41.16]Cristina has something of mine, and I need you to get it back. Cristina拿了我的东西 我要你把它拿回来
[13:47.76]-Just call Catherine back. -Yeah. -回电话给Catherine -好的
[13:52.16]Gretchen, would you mind leaving us alone for a minute? Grechen 可以让我们单独待一会儿吗?
[13:55.16]-Okay. -Thank you. -好的 -谢谢
[13:59.16]She's my new baby. Six months sober. 她是我的新宝贝 戒酒了6个月了
[14:02.86]-She's already on the ninth step. -You must be proud. -她已经到了第九步了 -你一定很为她骄傲
[14:06.16]Always. 当然
[14:07.36]You're on the transplant list,Ollie? 你在等候移植 Ollie?
[14:09.46]Couple of years now. 已经两年了
[14:13.36]The sclerosis prevents blood from flowing into your liver, 组织硬化是你的血液无法流进肝脏
[14:17.46]so it's backing up into your esophagus, 'causing the ruptures. 所以它流到你的食道里 导致了破裂
[14:20.76]It's serious,Ol. 很严重 Ollie
[14:23.16]Well,of course it is. 好吧 当然了
[14:24.06]I mean,you don't puke blood if it's not serious. 我是说 如果不严重就不会呕血
[14:27.16]The question is,can you treat it? 问题是 你能治好吗?
[14:31.06]Maybe. 也许吧
[14:31.86]surgically. 通过手术
[14:33.96]We'll have to run more tests and... 我们要做更多检验
[14:36.96]Whatever we do,it's a stopgap. 我们做的都是权益之计
[14:41.86]You need a new liver. 你需要的是一个新的肝脏
[14:45.26]Yet another reason I shoulda laid off the sauce. 有一个要我戒酒的理由
[14:53.46]You look scared. 你看起来很害怕
[14:55.16]I am scared,ollie. 我的确很害怕 Ollie
[14:58.36]I haven't seen you at a meeting in awhile. 我已经很久没有在会上看到你了
[15:01.36]I know,I know. 我知道 我知道
[15:03.66]How have ou been? 你最近怎么样?
[15:05.96]We're talking about you. 我们在讨论你
[15:07.86]Now I'm asking about you. 现在我在问你
[15:19.96]Ellis Grey's daughter is working at the hospital. Ellis Grey的女儿在这家医院里工作
[15:23.66]Ellis is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. Ellis因为老年痴呆症住进了一间养老院
[15:29.76]I try to go see her every chance I get. 一有机会我就去看她
[15:34.26]you're having an affair with the woman who drove you to your alcoholic bottom? 你在跟一个拖你陷入嗜酒恶习的人有外遇?
[15:38.76]Ollie, we're not having an affair. she's sick. Ollie 我并没有外遇 她病了
[15:42.46]-You're lying to your wife? -I'm not lying. -你在对你的妻子撒谎? -我没有
[15:44.76]You're lying by omission. You are having an emotional affair 你故意漏说一些东西 你有精神上的外遇
[15:48.46]and now you're lying to your sponsor about it. 现在你在对你的保证人撒谎
[15:50.76]You haven't been my sponsor in years. 你好几年没有做我的保证人了
[15:52.06]I still have the right to bust your ass if I see you slipping. 如果我看到你堕落 我还是有权管教你
[15:56.66]I'm not slipping. 我没有堕落
[15:57.76]not yet,but you're making a pretty big mess. 现在还没 但是你已经把事情搞得一团糟了
[16:13.66]-how many years you have now? -Just passed 17. -你现在有几年了? -刚刚过17
[16:19.86]I'm proud of you. 我为你骄傲
[16:28.16]and I'm scared,too. 而且我也很害怕
[16:31.56]You got me sober,Ollie. 你让我摆脱嗜酒 Ollie
[16:34.06]You walked me through it. 你帮我走过这一切
[16:41.66]and I'm gonna walk you through this. 现在我要帮你度过这个难关
[16:57.82]Oh...that's... 哦…这是…
[17:01.00]She still has the... 她还有…
[17:05.50]Oh... 噢…
[17:06.30]You're a pervie little boy, George, and you're not finding the cap. 你是个变态小男生 George 而且你不会找到那帽子
[17:09.90]-I'll do your dishes for a month. -I don't do dishes. -我会帮你洗一个月的碗 -我不洗碗
[17:11.50]-I'll do your laundry. -I don't do laundry. -我帮你洗衣 -我不洗衣
[17:12.90]Maybe that's why Burke likes having me around so much. 也许这就是为什么Burke更喜欢我在他身边
[17:15.00]Interesting, interesting. Are you having sex with him? 有意思 有意思 难道你跟他上床吗?
[17:18.80]No. 不
[17:19.70]Then he likes having me around more. 那么他还是比较喜欢我
[17:21.10]Why does it always have to be a competition? 为什么这老像一场竞争?
[17:24.40]What do you want for the cap? 你要帽子干吗?
[17:25.60]You outta the apartment. 你从公寓里出去
[17:26.60]I'm not leaving till Burke says i have to leave. 我不会走 除非Burke要我走
[17:27.90]Then you're not getting the cap. Now clean up my crap. 那么你就别想得到帽子 现在把我的箱子理干净
[17:30.80]No. 不
[17:38.20]Wow..is that her spleen? 哇…这是她的脾?
[17:40.10]Looks like a grade iii laceration,maybe a IV. 看上去像三度重伤 甚至四度
[17:43.60]What was she doing standing under a tree in a thunderstorm? 雷雨天她站在树下干什么?
[17:46.70]She wasn't standing under it. She was climbing it. 她不是在树下 她爬在树上面
[17:49.80]Why? 为什么?
[17:50.90]Uh...I'm getting the feeling she's a little bit of a stalker. 嗯…我觉得她好像在偷窥
[17:54.20]Do we need to call the police? 我们要叫警察吗?
[17:55.50]I don't think so. 我不这么认为
[17:56.20]I think she's more of a "gentle" stalker than a "kill you with a knife" stalker. 我觉得她更像是在“轻度”偷窥 而不是那种“用刀子砍你”的那种
[17:59.70]Right. 没错
[18:00.50]Well,let's hope she lives to gently stalk another day. 好吧 让我们希望她能活到再去做一天“轻度”偷窥
[18:06.90]Hey,you don't believe in that seven fatally thing, do you? 你不相信那个7个死者的事情 是吧?
[18:10.80]I believe this girl needs her spleen removed immediately. 我相信我们要马上摘除这个女孩的脾脏
[18:13.40]go pick up her labs and get her on the board. 去找一个手术室并把她写到白板上
[18:15.40]then we 'll break the news. 然后我们告诉她这个消息
[18:21.30]It's almost over. 快结束了
[18:24.30]You like horses,Izzie? 你喜欢马吗 Izzie?
[18:26.70]Everybody likes horses. 没有人不喜欢马
[18:29.30]That's not true. 不对
[18:31.30]You know,horses are a great judge of character. 马是性格的好裁判
[18:34.60]You don't like horses,it means they don't like you. 你不喜欢马 也就意味着它们也不喜欢你
[18:37.90]huh. 嗯
[18:38.60]I've got an Uncle that's a rodeo cowboy. 我的一个叔叔是个驯马师
[18:47.10]No kidding? 真的?
[18:48.80]This is a big clot,Denny. 这是个很大的血块 Denny
[18:50.80]I can't get it with a catheter. 我不能用导管取出来
[18:54.10]I'm sorry. We're gonna have to open your chest again. 我很抱歉 我们要再次打开你的胸腔
[18:58.10]I was counting the clicks...the turn signal clicks. 当时我在数声音… …红绿灯转换时候发出的那个声音
[19:03.00]I couldn't move till it hit 333. 数到33之前我动不了
[19:06.10]The light was green,but i couldn't move. 灯变绿了 但是我动不了
[19:09.00]I can't blame them for hitting me. 他们撞了我但我也不能怪他们
[19:10.90]How long have you been feeling these compulsions? 你这样多久了
[19:13.00]A little bit all my life, but it's been out of control the last three years. 一直来都有一点点 但是最近三年变得非常严重了
[19:16.70]Onset at 30 is typical. 30岁开始很明显了
[19:18.40]Ruined a marriage. 毁了一个婚姻
[19:19.80]-I can't hold a job. -Mr.Fannon,do you.. -我找不到工作 -Fannon先生 你能不能…
[19:23.70]Is it clean? 干净吗?
[19:26.00]-I need to know if it's clean. -It's very clean. -我要知道这干净吗? -这非常干净
[19:28.50]-Any relatives with O.C.D? -My mother. -有亲戚有强迫症吗? -我妈妈
[19:31.30]Killed herself at 38. 她在38岁时自杀了
[19:33.30]It ruined her life,now it's ruining mine. 它毁了她的生活 现在又来摧毁我的了
[19:39.70]Clean,clean clean? 干净 干净 干净?
[19:41.30]I..we clean it between each patient. 我…每个病人来之前都会清洁
[19:43.00]I think he needs you to say,"clean, clean, clean." 我觉得他要你说“干净 干净 干净”
[19:46.80]It's clean,clean,clean. 干净 干净 干净
[19:49.00]Thank you. 谢谢
[19:50.80]I know it's annoying. I can't help it. 我知道这很烦人 我没有办法
[19:54.80]Find a penny,pick it up. 看到一个硬币 捡起来
[19:56.50]All day long,you'll have good luck. 一整天 你都会有好运
[19:58.30]Find a penny,pick it up. All day long,you'll have good luck. 看到一个硬币 捡起来 一整天 你都会有好运
[20:01.20]Mr.Fannon,do you... Fannon先生 你能不能…
[20:02.80]-Find a penny, pick it up... -repetitive rhymes,prayers..it's classic. -看到一个硬币 捡起来 -重复的韵律 祈祷者 这是经典
[20:05.90]He feels he needs to say it a specific number of times, 他觉得他要说到一定的次数
[20:08.70]probably a multiple of three. 很有可能是3次
[20:09.80]Let's get him in before he decides to start again. 让我们在他再次数数之前开始
[20:12.90]Is everything all right with,uh..that? 没什么问题吗?嗯…那个?
[20:16.70]Find a penny,pick it up. All day long,you'll have good luck. 看到一个硬币 捡起来 一整天 你都会有好运
[20:20.10]Just don't look at him. 别理他就行
[20:26.00]-Oh.Hey -Hi~ -噢 嗨 -嗨
[20:29.80]Hey.. 嗨…
[20:30.40]-Oh,hey. -Hi. -噢 嗨 -嗨
[20:35.50]I,uh..have to.. 我 嗯…要…
[20:37.50]-Yeah. -Yeah. -哦对 -是
[20:38.70]I do,too. 我也要去
[20:39.90]Yeah,I got something,too,so... 是 我还要做些 所以…
[20:46.30]I wish I had good news. 我真希望我能有好消息
[20:48.20]The T.I.P.P.S.procedure you had last month failed. 但是上个月你做的颈静脉肝内门体分流术失败了
[20:50.60]What does that mean? 那意味着什么?
[20:52.50]It means you're lucky you got sober young. 这意味这你该庆幸你嗜酒的时候还年轻
[20:55.10]Ollie,it means I'm gonna have to put in a portacaval shunt. Ollie 这意味着我要做一个门腔静脉分流术
[20:59.10]It's complicated. 这很复杂
[21:00.50]Has only a 50% survival rate. 只有50%的成活率
[21:02.90]What's my other choice? 我还有别的选择吗?
[21:10.70]Okay,then,um... you'll be the one to do it? 好吧 那么 嗯… 你会做这个?
[21:16.60]I've performed this surgery nine times, had four patients survive. 这个手术我做了九次 有4个成活
[21:22.80]It's perfect then. I'll be your five out of ten. 这很不错 我会成为你10个里面的5个之一了
[21:30.80]I'm not having surgery today. 我今天不能做手术
[21:32.60]You have a ruptured spleen. 你的脾脏破裂了
[21:34.10]And I am sure that the spleen is very important. 我很清楚脾脏很重要
[21:36.60]but I am not having surgery today. 但是我不能今天做手术
[21:38.80]You can operate after midnight, but not one minute before. 你可以12点以后做 但是一分钟都不能早
[21:41.70]Ms.Ratlin, if i thought it would be safe, I'd be more than happy to wait till after midnight. Ms.Ratlin 如果我觉得那样做安全 我很乐意等到半夜以后再给你做
[21:45.50]However,I have a husband and a baby home 但是 我家里有丈夫和小孩
[21:47.90]who won't be happy. 他们不会高兴
[21:48.80]you know who else won't be happy? you. 你知道还有谁会不高兴吗?你
[21:50.80]Your spleen is bleeding. spleen trumps horoscope. 你的脾脏在流血 脾脏比星座重要
[21:53.80]But it was more than just my horoscope. 但是不仅仅是我的星座
[21:56.40]I went out to my car this morning--flat tire. 我今天早上出门开车-车胎瘪了
[21:59.40]That's a sign,but I just changed the tire. 那是一个预告 但是我只是换了个轮胎
[22:01.70]Then there's a wreck on the freeway. 然后在高速公路上看到了车祸
[22:03.60]Do I turn around and go home like it's telling me to? No. 我有像它暗示的那样掉头回家吗? 没有
[22:07.10]I detour an hour out of my way so that I can get to Kevin's house. 我绕了一个钟头的路 赶到了Kevin的家
[22:10.50]and when I get to kevin's house,I get struck by lightning. 然后当我到了Kevin家以后 遭了雷击
[22:13.30]-But you weren't struck by lightning. -I die,okay? -但是你并没有被雷击 -我会死 好了吧?
[22:17.70]If you operate on me today,I will die. 'cause inow I will. 如果你今天给我做手术 我会死 因为我知道
[22:22.40]Please,just..just call my boyfriend 摆脱 就…就打电话给我男朋友
[22:26.50]and tell him that I'm having an operation at midnight, 告诉他我在半夜有个手术
[22:29.10]because he will want to be here. 因为他会来
[22:31.30]Okay. 好吧
[22:32.20]Please. 摆脱
[22:37.30]-Should I call psych? -You can give it a shot. -我要叫心理医生吗? -你可以给她打一针
[22:39.90]In the meanwhile,get her down to I.C.U. 然后把她送到重症监护室
[22:42.40]Poor girl's gonna kill herself tryin' not to die. 这可怜的女孩这样子会害死她自己的
[22:50.60]Izzie paints a pretty picture 'cause she likes you, you know? Izzie 画了一副很漂亮的画 因为她喜欢你 知道吗?
[22:54.30]Okay. 好吧
[22:55.90]I'm just sayin',she likes you. 我只是说 她喜欢你
[22:58.30]Which is gonna be hard on her. 这对她来说很难
[23:02.00]You mean... when I die? 你是说… 如果我死了?
[23:06.40]Come on.. 说啊
[23:07.60]I'm asking you,man-to-man. 我在问你 男人之间的对话
[23:13.70]with a clot in your pulmonary artery, it'll cut off the oxygen to your lungs 你的肺动脉里有一个血块 这会切断你肺部的氧气供应
[23:16.80]and you'll die of hypoxia. 你会因缺氧而死
[23:19.10]If the hypoxia doesn't kill you, the strain on your heart will. 就算你没有死于缺氧 也会死于心脏衰竭
[23:25.40]And the surgery? 那手术呢?
[23:26.80]It's not a routine procedure. 那不是常规手术
[23:29.20]You're at serious risk for bleeding 他现在非常容易流血
[23:30.40]because of the anticoagulants already in your system. 因为你系统里面的抗凝血剂
[23:35.40]What I'm saying is Izzie likes you. 我说的是Izzie喜欢你
[23:38.40]and she's not gonna be the one to pull away. 而且她不是那种容易走得出来的人
[23:49.08]Brain's bleeding,needs surgery. wanna know why? 脑部出血 需要做手术 想知道为什么吗?
[23:52.08]'Cause he couldn't move his car until he stopped counting. 因为他数完数之前不想开车
[23:54.48]My girl--ruptured spleen-- 我的那个女孩--脾脏破裂
[23:57.18]won't have surgery because of her horoscope. 因为星座 不想做手术
[23:59.18]Oh.well,we should introduce them. 噢 那我们应该介绍他们认识
[24:01.58]They'd make a nice,crazy couple. 他们会组成完美的疯狂夫妻
[24:04.38]Oh,you know? 噢 你知道吗?
[24:05.08]I'm sitting with Meredith. Have some self-respect. 我现在跟Meredith坐在一起 请你自重
[24:08.18]Dr.Burke's orders trump any personal issues I might have. Burke医生的命令高于我一切私事
[24:11.48]Is the craziness rubbing off on him? 他传染了那些疯狂吗?
[24:13.38]He's trying to stalk Burke's lucky cap out of me. 他想要从我这儿夺走Burke的幸运帽
[24:16.48]Burke has hat juju? Burke有帽子护符?
[24:18.18]Apparently. 很显然
[24:19.38]And you're using it against him? 你用这个对付他?
[24:21.28]Well,they're forcing me to... 其实 他们逼我…
[24:24.58]because of the clarinet playingand the running and all the breakfast food. 因为他们玩单簧管 乱跑 还有所有的早餐
[24:28.98]You guys... 你们…
[24:30.08]This whole death cluster thing is just ridiculous, right? 那个成七死亡的事情简直就是荒诞 是吧?
[24:34.18]I mean,just 'cause four died today doesn't necessarily mean 我是说 今天只有四个人死了并不意味着…
[24:36.98]there's gonna be three more before midnight. 午夜之前还有三个
[24:38.68]It doesn't,tinkerbell? 不是
[24:39.68]for reals? 真的?
[24:43.38]Are you worried about Denny? 你在担心Denny吗?
[24:44.98]Yeah,of course I am. 对 当然了
[24:47.28]he's my patient. 他是我的病人
[24:49.58]I mean,if you're asking me if I'm "worried about Denny,"no. 我是说 如果你问:你是在为Denny担心吗“ 当然不
[24:53.28]I'm sleeping with Alex,so... 我跟Alex上床 所以…
[24:55.38]it's just... 这只是…
[24:58.28]Hey,did Burke say anything to you about Denny's surgery?did he? 嗨 Burke有没有跟你讲过Denny 的手术?
[25:02.48]-no, it's your case. -Yeah.I know. -没有 这是你的病例 -嗯 我知道
[25:04.98]I'm just asking, you know,as your boyfriend,did he-- 我只是问问 你知道 做为你的男朋友 他有…
[25:07.38]well,I don't know why you care. I mean,you're sleeping with Alex,right? 嗯 我不知道为什么你那么关心 我是说 你跟Alex交往 对吧?
[25:11.08]Yeah. 是
[25:12.88]right. 没错
[25:14.18]Whatever,I'm just saying... 不管怎么样 我只是想问
[25:15.88]There's no such thing as a death cluster. It's just stupid.Right? 不存在死亡成七的事情 这真是愚蠢 是吧?
[25:20.28]I have to go convince my patient to let us operate. 我要去说服我的病人做手术
[25:24.58]mm-hmm. 嗯
[25:26.98]You're removing part of my skullcap? 你们要动我的一部分头盖骨?
[25:29.08]Do you really have to do that? 你们一定要这么做么?
[25:30.48]It's the only way I can get to the affected part of the brain. 这是找到你大脑损伤部位的唯一办法
[25:32.98]And the operating room,it's clean,clean,clean? 那么手术室干净 干净 干净?
[25:37.18]Yes,it's clean,clean clean. 是的 那里干净 干净 干净
[25:42.08]I'm gonna go get ready. 我要去准备了
[25:50.68]-can you stop that,please? -No,sorry,I wish I couldn't. -你可以不那么做吗? -不 很抱歉 我希望我可以
[25:56.78]She's judging me. 她看不起我
[25:58.38]No,she's not. 没有 她没有
[25:59.18]Yes,she is. 是的 她有
[26:01.28]I've been living with this for three years, 我这么过了3年了
[26:02.98]and it's always the people who are most like me who judge me the most. 那些跟我很像的人最看不起我
[26:06.88]you're type "a," right? 你是一等生 对吧?
[26:07.98]straight-a student,top of your class? 一直是优等生 班里第一名?
[26:10.28]yes,I was. 没错 我是
[26:11.58]Well,so you've managed to turn your compulsions into something productive. 好吧 那么你把你的强迫心理转换成了有成效的东西
[26:15.38]But we're cut from the same cloth. 我们同出一辙
[26:17.08]That's why you can't stand me. 那就是为什么你受不了我
[26:19.78]-Oh,time to go. -But I'm not done. -噢 到时候该走了 -但是我还没完
[26:22.48]uh,yes,you are,sir. 嗯 好了 你做完了 先生
[26:23.48]-How many do you have to do? -96. -你要作多少次 -96
[26:25.38]Let him finish. 让他做完吧
[26:28.08]Fine.I'll see you in the O.R. 好吧 手术室见
[26:42.08]Hey.Ollie says you should come in. She says you need a meeting. 嗨 Ollie 说让你进去 她说你们需要一个聚会(基督教的)
[26:46.28]Not now,not here. 不是现在 不是在这儿
[26:48.58]Yeah,except she said to tell you 好吧 除非她告诉你
[26:50.08]not to protect your anonymity over your sobriety. 不再为你的嗜酒保密
[27:11.58]God... 上帝
[27:13.18]grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, 请授予我力量去接受那些我再不能改变的事实
[27:18.78]the courage to change the things I can 改变那些尚有余地之事的勇气
[27:22.48]and the wisdom to know the difference. 看清区别的勇气
[27:25.98]-Amen. -Amen. -阿门 -阿门
[27:36.08]Hey,how are you feeling? 嗨 感觉怎么样?
[27:38.48]Do me a favor. 帮我一个忙
[27:40.08]My will is inside my nightstand. 我的遗嘱在我的床头柜里
[27:43.48]Just make sure it gets in the right hands,okay? 你保证把它交到正确的人手里 好吗?
[27:46.38]why are you talking about your will? 你为什么现在说遗嘱?
[27:49.28]We have to be realistic,Dr.Stevens. 我们要现实 Stevens医生
[27:51.98]Dr.Stevens? Stevens医生?
[27:53.88]We gotta be realistic. 我们要现实
[27:55.98]And if you can't,well,I can. 如果你不能 那么 我能
[27:58.38]No,wait,um..can you just wait one minute? Denny,Denny,listen to me, 不 等一下 请你们等一分钟好吗? Denny Denny 听我说
[28:02.48]you're not gonna die. 你不会死
[28:04.58]You can't go into surgery thinking you're gonna die. 你不那带着去死的想法进手术室
[28:26.38]You want me to pee in front of you? is that what you want? 你想让我在你面前撒尿? 那是你想要的吗?
[28:28.28]-You have it on you. -oh,really,you wanna go there? -你把它带在身上 -噢 真的吗? 你想要抢吗?
[28:30.78]-I wanna go there. -so what are you gonna do,bambi? -我真想抢 -那么你要怎么做 小毛孩?
[28:32.68]-You gonna, like, what,take it from me? -Well,Burke said to do whatever I have to do, -你要 好像 从我这儿夺走它? -Burke让我不择手段
[28:36.38]-and I am gonna do whatever I have to.. -George,it's not there -我就是要不择手段 -George 它不在这儿
[28:38.88]-No,you're not gonna get it. -Maybe it's in here. -不 你拿不到它 -也许在这儿
[28:42.58]-You're not gonna get it. -I got it.I got it. -你那不到它 -我找到了 我找到了
[28:45.48]Oh,you're getting my breast. That's my breast,my breast. 噢 你抓到我的胸了 那是我的胸 我的胸
[28:52.38]Hey,Dr.Torres. 嗨 Torres医生
[28:55.68]Dr.O'malley, you're aware this is the women's restroom? O’malley医生 你知道这里是女厕所?
[28:57.98]yes,ma'am. 是的 女士
[28:58.78]Okay. 很好
[29:04.88]Dude,you called her"ma'am." she's never gonna sleep with you now. 伙计 你叫她“女士” 她永远都不会跟你上床了
[29:13.78]Oh,hey,ow.Have you seen Burke? 噢 嗨 你见过Burke吗?
[29:15.58]He's on the phone with the laundry. They still can't find his scrub caps. 他在给洗衣房打电话 他们还是找不到他的手术帽
[29:18.48]That's what I gotta tell him. Cristina won't give hers back. 那正是我要跟他讲的 Cristina不愿意把她的交出来
[29:21.48]Unless I'm ready to hit a woman, and even though it's Cristina, 除非我要去打一个女人 甚至她是Cristina
[29:24.38]I'm not ready to cross that line. 我还没想到这个地步
[29:25.78]Wait,wait a moment. 等等 等一下
[29:28.18]Cristina has one of Burke's scrub caps? Cristina有一个Burke的手术帽?
[29:29.78]She's holding it hostage. Why do you think I am stalking her?y... 她拿它做抵押 不然你以为我跟着她干吗?
[29:43.18]ow.ow.you're touching me. 啊 啊 你弄痛我了
[29:45.78]George says you have Burke's scrub cap. George说你有Burke的手术帽
[29:47.08]-So? -Give it to him. -真的? -还给他
[29:48.08]-No. -Give it to him, Cristina. -不 -还给他 Cristina
[29:49.78]-What is with you? -he needs it to operate. -这跟你有什么关系? -他要它来作手术
[29:51.98]-No,he doesn't. -That isn't your decision to make, -不 他不需要 -那不是由你决定的
[29:54.98]Not when he's going in on Denny. 当他给Denny做的时候不由你决定
[29:56.18]Now are you gonna give it to him or am I gonna physically take it from you? 现在 你准备把它还给他 或者 我要用暴力把它抢回来
[29:59.88]Are you threatening me? 你在威胁我吗?
[30:01.38]I swear to god,Cristina, 我向上帝发誓 Cristina
[30:02.18]I like you,I really do, 我喜欢你 真的
[30:04.38]but I grew up in a trailer park, 但是我在贫民区长大
[30:05.98]and I am not above kicking you pampered little beverly hills ass. 打你这种小家伙完全不在话下
[30:09.18]And I do mean physically kicking your ass. 而且我真的会暴打你的
[30:24.23]You don't have to follow me. 你不用跟着我
[30:29.13]ahem. 嗯哈
[30:32.23]Thank you. 谢谢
[30:35.63]How long have you had this? 你拿了这个多久了?
[30:37.63]It's one of my favorites. 它是我的最爱之一
[30:40.63]You know,you don't need it. 其实 你并不需要它
[30:43.23]I keep that cap in my locker because every morning,I look at it, 我把它留在我的储物箱里 因为每天早上 我看到它
[30:46.13]and I'm reminded of what I'm here for 我会提醒我自己 我在这里是为了
[30:48.83]and what I want to be..a great surgeon, 而且我想做的是…一个伟大的外科医生
[30:52.03]a surgeon who is decisive and who executes 一个有主见的熟练的外科医生
[30:55.13]and who doesn't need a piece of clothing to give him an edge in surgery. 不需要一块布的庇佑
[30:58.43]you don't need it. 你并不需要它
[31:07.53]I know. you're right. 我知道 你是对的
[31:11.93]I know I'm right. 我知道我是对的
[31:18.73]Nicely done,O'malley,let's go scrub in. 干得好 O’malley 我们去消毒
[31:26.93]How am I doing? 我现在怎么样?
[31:30.63]Nikki,is it possible you're misreading the signs? Nikki 你有没有可能误解了那些暗示
[31:33.43]I mean,isn't two surgeons telling you that you need surgery 我是说 难道两个医生在告诉你你要作手术
[31:37.13]a sign that you need srugery? 不是一个要你做手术的暗示?
[31:40.43]-Did you call my boyfriend? -I did. -你有打电话给我的男朋友吗? -我打了
[31:44.73]What did he say? 他说什么了?
[31:47.13]He said he hasn't been your boyfriend in awhile. 他有段时间不做你男朋友了
[31:55.93]Did you tell him I got struck by lightning? 你有没有告诉他我被雷击了?
[32:08.73]-What did you say to him? -Who? -你跟他说了什么? -谁?
[32:10.23]You know who. 你知道是谁
[32:11.93]what the hell? why does Denny think he's dying? 见鬼 为什么Denny觉得他会死?
[32:13.93]well,maybe 'cause there's a good chance he is. 也许因为他真的很有可能会死
[32:22.13]just so we're clear, 那么看来我们很明了了
[32:23.83]We're over, Alex. This is over. 我们结束了 Alex 这结束了
[32:27.53]Oh,you're breaking up with me over a corpse. 哦 你在为了一个死人跟我分手
[32:30.03]No! no. I am breaking up with you 不 不 我跟你分手
[32:33.73]because on your very best day... 是因为 就算你最好的时候…
[32:38.03]that corpse... 那个死人…
[32:40.13]is twice the man you will ever be. 也比你好上两倍
[32:44.23]you're not good enough for me,Alex. 你对我来讲不够好 Alex
[32:47.13]you're not good enough for anyone. 你对任何人来说都不够好
[32:53.43]You two.. you're not scrubbing in. 你们两个 你们不许进手术室
[32:57.73]Whatever is going on with you, I don't need it in my O.R. 不管你们之间发生什么 我不要这一切进入我的手术室
[33:04.73]Fine.I'll watch from the gallery. 好吧 我从参观室看
[33:07.43]No,no,you won't. 不不 你不能
[33:08.93]you will take your energy as far away from my O.R.as you can get. 带着你的怨气离我的手术室越远越好
[33:19.63]Both of you. 你们两个
[33:30.03]Find a penny,pick it up. All day long,you'll have good luck... 找到一枚硬币 捡起来 一整天 你会交好运
[33:38.83]We're gonna give you your anesthetic now. 我们要给你打麻醉了
[33:42.83]I'm sorry,but we have to start. 对不起 我们要开始了
[33:45.13]Find a penny,pick it up. All day long... 找到一枚硬币 捡起来 一整天 你会交好运
[34:01.03]It's a beautiful afternoon for saving lives, people. 真是个救死扶伤的美好下午
[34:05.53]Let's have some fun. 让我们来点乐子
[34:25.13]The incision begins along the left subcostal margin. 切口从左侧的肋骨下边缘开始
[34:29.63]across the right rectus 穿过右侧直肌
[34:31.33]and extending well into the flank. 延伸到胁腹
[34:33.73]Dr.Bailey. Bailey医生
[34:35.53]it's Nikki ratlin. 我是Nikki Ratlin
[34:37.03]I'll be all right,Dr.Bailey,go. 我应付的来 Bailey医生 去吧
[34:45.13]She's bleeding out. 她在流血
[34:46.63]We need to get her to the O.R. now. 我们要马上送她进手术室
[34:48.63]I don't want an operation. 我不要做手术
[34:53.23]Nikki,your boyfriend called. Nikki 你男友打电话来了
[34:55.63]He said he doesn't want you to die. 他说他不想要你死
[34:58.43]Kevin called? Kevin打来电话了?
[34:59.83]Yes,now will you let us operate? 对 那你现在愿意让我们动手术了?
[35:05.03]Nikki? Nikki?
[35:06.63]code blue. 蓝色警报
[35:20.73]charge to 200. 充到200
[35:27.63]Clear. 好了
[35:37.17]We have the back row of sutures in place. Give me some...clear field. 把缝线准备好 给我…清理创口
[35:44.47]-Pressure's dropping. -Hang another unit. -血压在降 -准备另一套
[35:46.77]I need the field clear. 我要创口清晰
[35:50.67]Clear. 好了
[35:54.17]Charge to 300. 充到300
[35:56.67]Clear. 好了
[36:00.97]Gel foam. 泡沫凝胶
[36:03.97]that clip should've done it. 那个切口应该已经做好了
[36:07.47]I don't know. There's something I'm missing. 我不知道 我应该漏了什么
[36:13.87]he's losing pressure,Dr.Burke. 他的血压在降低 Burke医生
[36:16.07]I'm working as fast as I can. 我已经尽快了
[36:18.87]We are losing him. 他快不行了
[36:21.77]I heard they're dying left and right. 我听说左边和右边的快不行了
[36:23.27]See?I told you there'd be seven. 看到了把?我说过会有七个的
[36:25.37]Who?who died? 谁?谁死了?
[36:27.57]I don't know.I bet it was that spleen chick. 我不知道 我猜是那个脾脏女孩
[36:29.87]-You hear she wouldn't let them operate? -My money's on the chief's shunt. -你听说了她不肯作手术吗? -我赌主任的那个分流手术
[36:33.37]I have $20ays burke's guy went down. 我花20块赌Burke的那个家伙
[36:35.87]-The dude is a walking time bomb. -Bet. -那家伙是个定时炸弹 -赌他了
[36:47.57]That makes five. 这样就有5个了
[36:52.47]-You lost her? -Yeah. -她死了 -是
[36:56.17]I heard there's a number six. Do you know who else? 我听说还有第六个 知道还有谁吗?
[37:00.77]No. 不
[37:01.77]I'm going to inform the family. 我去通知家属
[37:21.77]She made it through. 她熬过来了
[37:26.47]Thank you. 谢谢
[37:28.37]Thank you so much. 太谢谢了
[37:30.47]You're welcome. You're welcome. 不用谢 不用谢
[37:42.47]Superstition lies in the space between what we can control 迷信在世间存在 在我们能掌握
[37:49.77]and what we can't. 与我们不能掌握的之间
[37:54.67]So I wasn't one of the seven. 看来我不是七个之一了
[38:06.97]It's past midnight. There were only six. 已经过了午夜了 只有六个
[38:09.57]-why you crying? -I am not crying. -你为什么哭? -我没有哭
[38:12.07]You are,too. 你也有
[38:15.97]Oh,damn it. 哦 该死
[38:20.77]I cannot fall for a patient. 我不能爱上一个病人
[38:25.27]Oh,okay. 哦 好吧
[38:30.47]Good luck with that. 祝你好运
[38:45.87]Find a penny,pick it up 找到一枚硬币 捡起来
[38:48.37]and all day long,you'll have good luck. 一整天 你会交好运
[38:57.97]O'malley..you are a sad excuse for a man. O’malley 你是男人的羞耻
[39:03.47]-Excuse me? -I know you heard me. -你说什么? -我知道你听得很清楚
[39:05.37]You're like a whiny little girl. 你就像一个娇滴滴的小姑娘
[39:09.77]Alex... Alex…
[39:11.77]You know why he's not speaking to you. 你知道为什么他不跟你说话吗?
[39:13.77]because he's not over you. 因为他忘不了你
[39:15.97]Man,you got laid.It went badly. 伙计 你跟人上床 结果很糟
[39:18.57]A man would move on. 是个男人就该往前走
[39:20.27]But you--you mope around this place like a dog that likes to get kicked. 然而你-你徘徊不前 就像一条犯贱的狗
[39:24.87]you make me sick! 你让我恶心
[39:26.37]and if it wouldn't get me thrown outta the program, 如果那不能让我解决问题
[39:28.27]I'd smash your pathetic little face right into that locker. 我会把你那恶心的小脸打进那个储物箱
[39:41.57]No one wants to pass up a chance for good luck. 没人不想错过交好运的机会
[39:44.87]but does saying it 33 times really help? 但是重复33遍真的能有帮助吗?
[39:48.97]Is anyone really listening? 真的有人在听吗?
[39:50.77]Hey. 嗨
[39:54.27]If you feel that strongly about O'malley, I'll ask him to leave tonight. 如果你真的对O’malley很不满意 我会让他今天晚上走
[39:57.07]No,don't. 不 不要
[39:59.57]-I thought you wanted him out. -I do,but..not tonight. -我以为你想要他搬走 -我是想 但是不是今晚
[40:07.57]Scrub cap. 手术帽
[40:08.77]Oh,thank you. 噢 谢谢
[40:15.07]And if no one's listening, 如果没有人在听
[40:17.47]Why do we bother doing those strange things at all? 我们为什么还要做那些奇怪的事情
[40:21.57]Hi. 你好
[40:24.07]I didn't call,I shoulda called. 我没有打电话 我应该打
[40:26.17]I just... 我只是…
[40:46.77]Hi..this is George O'malley calling. You gave me your phone number. 你好 我是George O’malley 你给了我电话
[40:52.47]I know I shoulda called sooner, but I'm calling now. 我知道我应该早些打来 但是我现在才打
[40:56.27]and I just want to know, maybe you want to go out with me sometime. 我只是想知道 也许你愿意跟我一起出去
[41:04.47]Because..I.. 因为…我…
[41:07.87]love to watch you set bones. 喜欢看你正骨
[41:10.77]and I..oh,I rarely spend that much time in a women's restroom. 还有…噢 我很少在女厕所里待那么久
[41:18.77]and... 还有…
[41:19.87]I really like you. 我真的很喜欢你
[41:22.47]So... 所以…
[41:26.27]is that a yes? 你答应了吗?
[41:29.57]we rely on superstions 我们相信迷信
[41:31.27]because we're smart enough to know we don't have all the answers... 因为我们知道我们并非无所不知
[41:39.97]-Hey. -Hey. -嗨 -嗨
[41:41.37]I am sorry to hear about your patient. 对你的病人 我很遗憾
[41:43.47]Thank you,Addison. 谢谢你 Addison
[41:45.67]And that life works in mysterious ways. 以及生活神秘莫测
[41:49.37]Here you go,babe. 这个给你 亲爱的
[41:53.77]Thank you. 谢谢
[41:56.77]-mm.You ready? -ahh,yeah,here you go,thank you. -嗯 准备好了吗? -嗯 是 给你 谢谢
[42:08.27]Don't dis the juju...from wherever it comes. 不要小看护符…不管它从哪来
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8671-250074-1.html

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