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实习医生格蕾第二季第22集:[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:42:35
[00:01.64]Previously on "grey's anatomy"... 前情提要
[00:03.74]i told thatch i'm leaving him. 我告诉Thatcher我要离开他
[00:05.74]You left thatcher, ellis. 你已经离开Thatcher了, Ellis.
[00:07.24]If you could just hold... 如果你可以拿住…
[00:08.64]i'm in the middle of my workday, thatch. 我在工作 Thatch
[00:10.24]Thatch? Thatch?
[00:11.04]I look like meredith's dad? 我看起来像 Meredith的爸爸吗?
[00:13.04]Why didn't you stay and fight for us? 你为什么不留下来为我们努力
[00:14.94]Why didn't you try harder? 你为什么不多做些努力?
[00:16.34]I just saw my father for the first time in 20 years. 我20年来第一次看到我爸爸
[00:18.94]I slept with george. 我跟George上床了
[00:20.24]Can we please just go back to everything the way it was? 我们就不能让一切回到过去吗?
[00:23.54]I don't know how to go back. 我不知道怎么回去
[00:24.84]At some point, you are going to have to talk to me. 从某种意义上来讲 你早晚要跟我谈一谈的
[00:28.44]Want to see something really cool? 想看点刺激的东西吗?
[00:34.14]nice! 好啊
[00:35.04] A good basketball game 一场精彩的篮球赛
[00:36.14]can have us all on the edge of our seats. 可以让我们都 看得聚精会神.
[00:38.34]Games are all about the glory, the pain and the play-by-play. 游戏总是跟荣誉, 痛苦和辛苦联系在一起.
[00:43.04]And then there are the more solitary games... 然后就有了 更加孤独的游戏…
[00:46.34]dude... 伙计
[00:47.54]is she knitting? 她是在织东西吗?
[00:48.54]The games we each play all by ourselves. 每一个我们自己所玩的游戏
[00:52.04]you know, as a... as a friend, 你看 做为… 做为你的朋友
[00:53.74]i gotta tell you, you look a little weird. 我要告诉你
[00:56.74]I am making a sweater. 我在做件毛衣
[00:58.24]You're knitting... in a bar. 你在酒吧里… 织毛衣
[00:59.74]You can't knit in a bar. You're scaring the customers. 你不能在酒吧里织毛衣 你会把别的顾客吓跑的
[01:01.14]Come on. Have a drink. 来吧 来喝杯酒
[01:02.14]I can't have a drink. I'm celibate. 我不能喝酒 我在禁欲
[01:05.54]You mean sober? She means sober. -你是说戒酒? -她是说戒酒
[01:08.34]No, celibate. 不 禁欲
[01:09.74]I'm practicing celibacy, 我在进行禁欲
[01:10.94]and drinking does not go well with celibacy 喝酒同禁欲冲突
[01:13.14]because it makes everything and everyone 因为它让所有人所有东西
[01:15.04]seem kind of porn-y, 看起来很淫秽
[01:16.04]and then my head gets all cloudy, 然后我的脑子就发昏
[01:17.44]and then the next thing you know, i'm naked. 接下来就是 你知道 我会赤裸着身子
[01:19.14]And my point is, i'm celibate, 我的意思是 我在禁欲
[01:21.04]and knitting is good for surgical dexterity, 而编织能让我做手术的时候 变得灵巧
[01:24.44]so i'm making a sweater. 所以我在织毛衣
[01:26.24]You celibate? I just don't buy it. 你禁欲? 我才不信呢
[01:29.54]No more men. 不想再见到男人
[01:30.64]No more men, really? 没有男人?真的?
[01:32.34]You? And i'm asking because we are friends. 你?我之所以这么问 是因为我们是朋友
[01:36.34]Every guy i meet turns out to be married... 每一个我结识的 原来都结了婚
[01:38.74]ooh, ouch. Sorry. -哦 啊 -对不起
[01:40.14]Or mark... 或者说Mark
[01:41.74]okay, i'm gonna go over there now. OK 我要去那边了
[01:43.24]Sorry. 对不起
[01:44.24]Or remember the horrible thing i did? Remember george? 或者 你记得我做的那件糟糕透顶的事情吗? 记得George吗?
[01:49.64]you're making a sweater. 你在织毛衣
[01:51.04]I am making a sweater. 我在织毛衣
[01:52.14]The social games, the mind games... 那些社交游戏 那些心理游戏
[01:54.64]we use them to pass the time, to make life more interesting, 我们利用它们来打发时间 使生活变得更有趣
[01:58.64]to distract us from what's really going on. 让我们暂时不再关注那些 正在发生的事
[02:01.64]He's not george anymore. He's broken george. 他不是George了 他是受伤的George
[02:04.54]First he chopsff his hair, 首先他剃了头发
[02:06.24]then he starts hanging out with this callie. 然后他开始跟这个Callie混在一起
[02:08.44]That is not a name... callie. Who is she anyway? 这不是个名字…Callie 她到底是谁?
[02:11.94]I'm his best friend. 我是他最好的朋友
[02:13.24]Not that he talks to me anymore. 不仅如此 他不再跟我讲话了
[02:14.74]Triple word score. 69 points. 三连贯 69 分
[02:17.94]Woman, i'm beating the pants off you. 小姐 我在把你打的落花流水
[02:19.74]Pay attention. What the hell are you doin'? 注意了 你到底在做什么?
[02:21.34]I'm knitting a sweater. 我在织毛衣
[02:23.54]Actually, meredith... that's my friend, 事实上 Meredith… 我的一个朋友
[02:25.64]the friend that broke george... she is knitting a sweater. 就是伤害了George的那个人 她在织毛衣
[02:28.54]She's not really knitting a sweater 她不是真的在织毛衣
[02:29.74]because she cannot knit. 因为她不会织
[02:31.44]But i want her to think she is knitting a sweater 但是我希望她以为她在织
[02:33.64]because she and i took a celibacy vow 因为我们俩发了一个禁欲的誓言
[02:35.04]so she's replacing sex with knitting, 所以她用编织来替代性爱
[02:36.44]and so i am knitting pieces of meredith's sweater 所以我在帮她整理她织的那些东西
[02:39.24]so that i can switch them out with hers 这样我就可以帮她织出一件她的毛衣了
[02:40.94]so that she can really believe she is knitting. 这样她就可以相信是她在织毛衣
[02:43.04]'Cause if anybody needs to be celibate, it's meredith 因为最需要禁欲的人 就是Meredith
[02:45.74]'cause she broke george, you know? 因为她毁了George 你知道吗
[02:48.54]You took a vow of celibacy? 你发誓要禁欲?
[02:50.24]Yes. 对
[02:51.34]How am i supposed to get in your pants 那我怎么才可以跟你上床?
[02:52.84]if you took a vow of celibacy? 如果你发了誓要禁欲?
[02:54.14]That is a very inappropriate thing to say to your doctor. 这话可不适合跟你的医生说
[02:56.64]Oh, you know what's inappropriate? 噢 你知道什么才是不合适的吗?
[02:57.84]Promising sexual favors to a patient 为了让一个病人活下去
[02:59.94]in order to get him to live and then backing out. 答应跟他上床 然后食言
[03:02.14]Dennyduquette, i so never, ever promised... Denny Duquette, 我从来没有 这样答应过
[03:05.84]in my head, you did. 在我的脑海里 你答应过
[03:08.24]In my head, you delivered. 在我的脑海里 你做到了
[03:09.24]Well... 好吧…
[03:10.94]but don't worry. 但是不用担心
[03:13.84]You weren't very good. 你做的还不够好
[03:18.94]okay. OK
[03:19.94]You know what? I was being nice. 你知道吗? 我想要对你好点
[03:22.24]I was letting you win 我刚刚是故意让你赢
[03:24.04]because you're "mr. Sick needs a new organ guy," 因为你是病人 是“等待器官移植”的人
[03:27.14]but just for that comment, 但是就在刚才
[03:28.44]i'm gonna kick your ass. 我真想痛扁你一顿
[03:29.74]Yeah, i'm gonna... you put down "mount," denny? 嗯 我要… 你放下了“mount” Denny?
[03:34.04]There are those of us who love to play games... 我们中的有些人 喜欢玩游戏…
[03:36.64]okay, uh... any game. -OK 嗯… -任何游戏
[03:38.84]And then there a those of us 还有些人
[03:40.64]who love to play... 喜欢玩得
[03:41.74]nice! A little too much. 很好! 有些过火了.
[03:44.54]Disastrous fema director. 灾难片女导演
[03:49.84]poo is... Poo是…
[03:51.14]brown. Poo is brown. Michael brown! 棕色(brown)! Poo 是棕色(brown)的. Michael Brown!
[03:52.54]Yes! Time! Time! -太好了 -时间时间!
[04:00.54]yeah, thank you. Impressive, o'malley. -太好了 谢谢你 -印象深刻 o'malley.
[04:03.24]thanks. "Poo is?" -谢谢 -"Poo 是?"
[04:05.34]Apparently we think alike. 看来我们想法相似
[04:06.84]Wow. I can't believe you're proud of that. 哇 我真难以想像你为此感到自豪
[04:08.54]Hey, are you supposed to open the papers ahead of time? 嗨 你要提前打开那张纸吗?
[04:10.74]Hey! 嗨!
[04:11.34]It's called strategy. Cristina, it's a game. -这叫技巧 -Cristina,这只是个游戏
[04:13.34]I know that. 我知道
[04:13.94]Well, you just seem a little intense. 你只是 看上去有点 太紧张了
[04:15.74]We're just trying to have some fun. 我们只是想开心一下
[04:16.64]I'm having fun. 我是很开心
[04:17.64]Let's do this. 让我们开始吧
[04:19.44]Okay. Are you ready? -OK -准备好了吗?
[04:20.84]Mm-hmm. Go! -嗯 -开始!
[04:23.14]Blonde ambition tour. 金发 野心 旅行
[04:26.74]Blonde ambition tour. 金发 野心 旅行
[04:28.94]"Vogue." "Vogue."
[04:31.14]Oh, are you kidding... okay, she's blonde. 噢 你在开玩笑吗… OK 她是金发的
[04:32.74]She's a blonde, she's ambitious. 她是金发的 她有野心
[04:34.04]She's ambitious and... and with the tour and the vogueing 她有野心并且…喜欢旅行 而且时尚
[04:36.64]and... honey, look at me. Okay, i am... shut up! 还有…亲爱的 看着我 OK…闭嘴!
[04:40.34]Cones, cones. Uh, blonde ambition. Cones, Cones. 嗯 金发 有野心
[04:42.24]Boob cones and... and vogueing. Honey, vogueing. Boob cones 和... 和时尚. 亲爱的 时尚
[04:45.64]Sean penn! Sean penn! Time! Sean penn! Sean penn! 时间到!
[04:52.84]Zero points for madonna. 零分 答案是麦当娜
[04:55.84]Oh! Madonna. Right. 噢! 麦当娜 对了
[05:01.54]Who doesn't know madonna? 谁不知道麦当娜
[05:04.34]sore loser. 气急败坏的失败者
[05:05.24]I am not a sore loser. 我可不是一个气急败坏的失败者
[05:06.34]You know, and so what if i am? 你知道 就算是又怎么样
[05:08.24]See, the whole point of games is that there is a winner, 你看 游戏最关键的就是 有一个赢家
[05:11.14]a first place. 一个第一名
[05:12.04]You want a second best surgeon operating on you? No. 你想做第二好的外科医生吗?
[05:14.64]You want the very best. 你想做最好
[05:15.64]And second best is mediocre. 而第二名就是平庸
[05:17.94]And to settle for mediocrity is... is... 而甘于平庸就是 就是…
[05:20.44]it's frankly, you know, a sign of self-loathing 坦白说 就是 不自爱
[05:22.74]and substandard work ethics. 不够格的工作态度
[05:27.04]i've gotta get george out of my apartment. 我一定要把George赶出我的公寓
[05:29.04]You know, you could sleep with him, 你知道 你可以跟他上床
[05:30.74]and then right in the middle, start crying. 然后在上床的时候哭
[05:32.44]It's painful and humiliating 这很痛苦 并且耻辱
[05:34.04]and unbelievably cruel, but apparently, 还有难以置信的残酷 但是 很明显
[05:36.34]it works. 这有用
[05:37.64]Would you just keep knitting? 你能一直这样织吗?
[05:39.54]Kick him out so that he can come back home to us. 把他赶出去 这样他就可以跟我们一起回家
[05:42.04]No, l-i can't kick him out. He's burke's puppy. 不 我不能把他赶出去 他是Burke的小狗
[05:44.24]It's gotta be burke's idea. 这得听Burke 的
[05:45.54]I just gotta figure out a way to make him do it. 我只是要想一个办法 让Burke赶他出去
[05:51.54]Got a lot of metastatic disease here. 我们这儿又很多转移瘤
[05:54.04]How do we proceed? 我们应该怎么做?
[05:55.14]Definitely excise the endobronchial mets for symptomatic palliation. 切除支气管下的转移瘤 以减轻症状
[06:01.84]You've been doing your homework, karev. 你做了你的作业是吧 Karev ?
[06:03.54]A lot of late nights. 总是熬夜
[06:06.44]Look at this. 看这里
[06:08.64]The mets have adhered to her chest wall. 转移瘤已经贴在他的胸腔上了
[06:10.34]Dude, she's toast. 伙计 她就像被烤熟了一样
[06:14.04]Don't you think that's a little insensitive,dr. Karev? 你不觉得这么说有点太冷血了吗 Dr Karev ?
[06:16.44]She can't hear me. 她听不到
[06:17.84]You don't know that. 你怎么知道
[06:18.74]Bedside manner is part of the job, karev. 手术台边的礼貌是工作的一部分Karev
[06:21.24]Late nights won't get you anywhere 熬夜没有任何用处
[06:23.44]if you can't figure that out. 如果你不明白这一点
[06:26.54]Thank you. Good morning. -谢谢 -早安
[06:27.44]Hey, you goin' into surgery ocomin' out? 嗨 你要去手术室还是 刚刚从那儿出来?
[06:28.74]Goin' in. I had to push it back. C's sick. 进去 我得回去 Doc病了
[06:31.24]Doc's sick? What are his symptoms? Doc病了? 什么症状?
[06:32.54]Polydipsia, lethargy and vomiting. 烦渴 昏睡 呕吐
[06:34.34]Any sign of fever or dehydration? 有发烧或者是脱水的迹像吗?
[06:35.84]Uh, it's unclear. 哦 还不清楚
[06:37.04]I was considering running a course of i.v. Antibiotics and a saline drip. 我打算给它打一针静脉抗生素 再给它吊瓶盐水
[06:39.64]Seriously? 真的吗?
[06:40.54]No, addison, he's a dog. 不 Addison 它只是只狗
[06:42.34]I dropped him off at the vet. 我把它带到了兽医那里
[06:43.54]They're gonna run some tests and observe him overnight. 他们要给他做些检查 留夜观察
[06:45.24]Meredith will check on him tonight. Meredith 今天晚上会去看它
[06:46.24]I gotta run. I got a transfer in from mercy west. 我要走了 我有一个从 Mercy West转来的病人
[06:48.44]Will you wait for me to go home? 你会等我回家吗
[06:49.64]Yeah. 好的
[06:50.54]Today we'll be covering... 今天我们会讲…
[06:52.74]yes. 什么?
[06:54.24]Cristina yang, first year surgical intern. Cristina yang, 第一年手术实习医生
[06:56.04]I'm just wondering if wre going to be covering 我想问我们今天在这堂课
[06:57.54]both intra and extracorporeal knots today in the seminar. 是不是会学身体内外的肿瘤
[07:00.84]We'll be training in all aspects 我们对腹腔镜基础手术
[07:02.74]of laparoscopic general surgery. 进行各方面的训练
[07:05.14]Starting with basic instrumentation 从基础的设备…
[07:07.04]and camera operation... dr. Yang. -及视频手术讲起… -Dr. Yang.
[07:08.84]Chief. We'll move through several complex procedures, -主任 -我们会学习一些复杂的手术
[07:10.64]including tissue approximation. 包括组织处理
[07:12.14]The suggested task time for bead transfer is... 建议的小球转移手术时间是…
[07:14.74]you're taking the class? 你来上课?
[07:15.94]It's a good refresher course. Should be fun. 这是个不错的补充课程 应该会很有趣
[07:18.34]And 240 seconds for dominant to nondominate transfer. 显性到非显性的转移时间是240妙…
[07:20.84]Good. Yeah. 真好
[07:21.84]Now who would like to volunteer for our first... 现在谁愿意出来作第一个手术
[07:25.04]dr. Yang. Dr. Yang.
[07:28.54]Molly thompson, 22 years old, 32 weeks pregnant. Molly Thompson, 22 岁 怀孕32个月
[07:31.54]Transferred here from mercy west 从Mercy West转来
[07:32.94]when an ultrasound diagnosed the baby 超声波症断胎儿有
[07:34.54]with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. 先天性膈疝
[07:36.84]Hello, molly. I'm dr. Addison shepherd. 你好 Molly. 我是 Dr. Addison Shepherd.
[07:39.84]You're supposed to be the best. 你应该是最好的吧
[07:41.24]And not to put any pressure on you or anything, 不是想给你增加负担
[07:43.84]but this is my baby carrying my grandchild, 这是我的孩子 怀了我的外孙
[07:45.84]so i really hope that you are. 所以我真的很希望
[07:48.24]The best, i mean. 最好的… 我是说
[07:49.24]Mom, you're kind of threatening the doctor. 你在为难医生了
[07:51.54]Don't threaten the doctor. It doesn't help. 不要给医生施加压力 这样没用
[07:52.94]Sorry. 对不起
[07:53.64]My husband tells me i have to try 我丈夫告诉我 我要试试
[07:55.24]not to be such a mother lion 不要老是像一个 母狮子
[07:56.64]because molly's a grown woman 因为Molly已经长大了
[07:58.24]and has her own life and everything, 有她自己的生活 以及一切
[07:59.54]but... roar. 但是…激动…
[08:03.64]it's okay. I can take it. 没事 我能处理
[08:05.44]I am the best. 我是最好的
[08:06.54]You can fix this, though, right? 你可以治好 对吧?
[08:08.74]We'll insert a scope into your uterus 我们会插一根探镜到你的子宫里
[08:10.84]and then inflate a little balloon 然后在你孩子的气管里
[08:12.24]in the baby's airway, 充起一个气泡
[08:13.54]which should help stimulate the lungs to grow. 这样就可以刺激肺部生长了
[08:16.14]It's not gonna be easy on either of you, 这对你们两个来说都不太容易
[08:18.14]but i do have a strong record with this surgery. 但我做这个手术 已经有一段不错的记录了
[08:23.04]Make sure you get her to the m.r.i. 带她去做核磁共振
[08:24.94]And get me the results as soon as you can. 然后尽快让我那到结果
[08:26.54]I will. 好的
[08:33.04]Sir, can i help you find something? 先生 需要我帮你做什么吗?
[08:35.84]Uh... is... 嗯…这个…
[08:37.04]is there a dr. Meredith grey working today? 今天Dr. Meredith grey 有没有在这里工作
[08:42.14]Yes. 有
[08:43.54]Sh-she's here in the hospital right now? 她…她现在 在这个医院里?
[08:45.64]I can have someone page her for you if you want me to. 如果你需要的话我可以让人帮你去找她
[08:47.94]No. No. That's... 不…不用…
[08:50.54]thank you. 谢谢
[08:51.54]Wait. Excuse me. Sir? 麻烦等一下 先生
[08:55.54]Are... are you... what's your name? 你…你是… 请问你叫什么?
[08:57.74]Thatcher. Thatcher.
[08:59.54]You're... 你是…
[09:00.34]grey, yeah. Grey,对
[09:02.34]You're meredith's father. 你是Meredith的爸爸
[09:04.24]Yeah. 对
[09:05.44]Are you sure you don't want me to page her for you? 你确定你不需要 我去找她
[09:07.64]No. I'm sorry. It's complicated. 不 对不起 这样太麻烦了
[09:10.64]Thatcher, honey. Thatcher, 亲爱的
[09:11.84]We're right here. Oh. -我们在这儿 -哦
[09:13.74]Oh, there you are, susan. 哦 你在这儿 Susan
[09:15.34]Did you tell him? I roared a little. 你告诉他了吗? 我刚刚激动了一点
[09:18.24]I couldn't help it. 我控制不了我自己
[09:19.24]Oh. Oh, well, i knew you would. 噢 噢 没事 我知道你可以的
[09:23.04]i'm sorry. I'm dr. O'malley. 对不起 我是 Dr. O'malley.
[09:24.74]I'm, uh, o'mall... 嗯…O'mall…
[09:26.64]l... well, excuse us. 我…嗯…对不起
[09:29.24]Uh, we're gonna check on our daughter. 嗯 我们要去看看我们的女儿
[09:47.37]ah, dr. Bailey! Do you have an extra intern? 啊 Dr. Bailey! 你还有多余的实习生吗?
[09:48.84]I'm available. 我就可以
[09:49.44]No, no, no, no. I said "intern." 不不不不 我说“实习生”
[09:51.14]Shepherd, look at the board. Shepherd, 看看这个板上.
[09:52.44]Okay. What am i lookin' at? OK 你要我看什么?
[09:54.44]My name isn't up there. 上面没有我的名字
[09:55.44]It wasn't up there yesterday and it won't be tomorrow. 昨天没有 明天也不会有
[09:57.74]What'd you do, piss off the chief? 你做了什么? 惹恼了主任?
[09:58.64]Yeah, i pissed off the chief. 没错 我惹恼了主任
[09:59.84]I went and had a baby. I gave birth. 我怀孕了 去生孩子
[10:02.04]I created a human life. 我创造了一个生命
[10:03.24]I'm a surgeon. We don't do that. 我们是外科医生 我们不干那种事
[10:04.94]He's mommy-trackin' me. 他要我去相夫教子
[10:06.74]He's just goin' easy on you. 他只是想让你轻松一点
[10:08.04]No. I change diapers, l-i clean spit up, 不 我换尿布 我清理呕吐物
[10:10.94]i sing the a-b-cs... i'm covered in mommy. 我唱摇篮曲 我做了妈妈该做的事
[10:13.34]But that does not mean i will be mommy-tracked. 但是那并不意味着我要相夫教子
[10:15.64]You're freaking out. 你疯了
[10:16.54]I just need a surgery. I need a surgery now. 我只是想要一个手术 我现在就要一个手术
[10:18.24]So for today, i'm your intern. 所以 今天 我是你的实习生
[10:23.04]i have not begun to freak out. 我还没有开始 发疯
[10:25.84]All right, come on. 好吧 来吧
[10:28.04]Cristina told me that george had a date with ortho chick. Cristina 告诉我 George跟那个矫形医生在约会
[10:30.64]Games night. She didn't even take him home afterwards. 做游戏的那晚 她都没带他回家
[10:33.64]She hinted that she wanted to and then said she couldn't. 她暗示说她想但是她不能
[10:35.94]That's weird, right? 这很奇怪 对吗?
[10:36.94]George made it perfectly clear George 讲的很清楚
[10:38.64]that i am not in his life anymore. 我不再属于他生活的一部分了
[10:41.24]You think ortho chick is hiding something? 你觉得那个矫形医生在隐瞒什么吗?
[10:42.64]She could be hiding something. 她很有可能在隐瞒什么
[10:43.74]Stevens... hold this. Stevens... 拿着这个
[10:48.24]George mentioned you're not big on ortho. George说你的矫形做的不太好
[10:50.34]Grey, take the osteotome and the mallet. Grey,拿着切骨刀和锤子
[10:53.54]Follow me. 跟我来
[10:59.04]ms. Carver, unfortunately we found Ms. Carver, 很不幸 我们发现
[11:00.74]that the cancer has metastasized to your chest wall. 癌细胞已经转移到你的胸腔了
[11:04.24]We took out a small tumor obstructing your airway, 我们取出了一个堵在你气管的肿瘤
[11:06.44]which will help with your breathing, but... 这样就可以帮助你呼吸 但是
[11:08.54]it's not a cure. 这不算治愈
[11:12.74]So this is the end of the line? 那么 这就是结束了?
[11:15.54]That's what you're saying? 这就是你的意思吗?
[11:16.74]This is it, i die now? 是这样吗? 我现在就要死了?
[11:19.24]Beatrice... i want you to go back in. Beatrice... 我希望你们再做一次
[11:21.84]I want you to cut out everything that you can... 我要你们切除 所以能切除的东西
[11:23.74]as much as you can. 越多越好
[11:25.44]I want as much time as you can give me, you understand? 我要你们给我时间 越长越好 明白吗?
[11:29.24]Well, unfortunately, any additional surgery is... 但是 不幸的是 任何额外的手术
[11:31.84]excuse me. 对不起
[11:32.44]Mom, i'm not eating any of that crap in the cafeteria. 妈妈 我不要吃食堂里面那些乱七八糟的东西
[11:35.24]I mean, we're gonna have to order in thai food or something 我是说 我们要叫些泰国菜什么的
[11:37.84]because i'm starving and the food here blows. 因为我饿死了 而这儿的东西难吃死了
[11:41.24]I'll have the nurse bring a menu by 我会叫护士送个菜单进来
[11:43.34]and we can have a picnic in bed. 我们可以在床上聚餐
[11:46.14]God, mom. How many doctors do you have? 天哪 妈妈 你有多少个医生?
[11:50.24]They were just leaving. 他们马上要走了
[11:51.54](man) after trailing by 10 at the half,
[11:53.04]the offense stepped up, leading a 13-0 run
[11:55.34]to begin a seesaw battle up to the end.
[11:57.84]In five to ten years, 在五到十年内
[11:59.34]cutting as we know it will be virtually obsolete. 切口会被淘汰
[12:05.74]Very nice, dr. Yang. 很好 Dr Yang
[12:07.04]Thank you, sir. 谢谢你 先生
[12:13.74]A little less tension there, chief. 那里放松一点 主任
[12:15.34]Watch your grip. There you go. 注意你的力度 就是这样
[12:23.04]I wasn't copying you. 我不是在学你
[12:24.34]Of course not, sir. 当然不是 先生
[12:30.24]Done! I'm done. I totally finished first. 做完了 我做完了 我肯定是第一个做完的
[12:32.64]I'm done. 我做完了
[12:38.04]So, dr. Torres... hold it steady, grey. 好 Dr. Torres... 紧紧的抓住Grey.
[12:40.34]Did you always know you wanted to specialize in orthopedics? 你一直都知道你要做个矫形外科医生吗?
[12:43.04]Did you always know you wanted to model? 你一直都知道你要做模型吗?
[12:45.24]Oh. Okay. 哦 好吧
[12:47.94]Grey, i mean it. Watch your grip. Grey我是认真的 注意你的力度
[12:50.24]And your husband, is he a doctor, too? 还有你的丈夫 他也是个医生 对吗?
[12:53.44]what are you trying to ask me, dr. Stevens, 你到底想要问我什么 Dr. Stevens?
[12:55.14]my history, my marital status, my deep, dark little secrets? 我的历史 我的婚姻状况 我的阴暗的不为人知的小秘密?
[12:59.54]I'm george's best friend. 我是George最好的朋友
[13:01.84]Oh, i see. Well, it's just funny. 噢 我明白了 这真是好笑.
[13:04.24]'Cause from what i understand, as his best friend, 因为以我所知道的 做为他最好的朋友
[13:06.84]you haven't been the best matchmaker in the past. 你以前并没有做一个好媒人
[13:17.84]Hi. 你好
[13:18.64]Hey. 嗨
[13:19.04]Your hair is growing out, which is nice. 你的头发在长长了 这样挺好
[13:20.74]I still think you should cut it. I could cut it for you... 我还是觉得你应该剪头发 我可以帮你剪
[13:22.64]if we still lived together. 如果我们还住在一起
[13:24.94]Or we could just hang out and talk about... stuff, 或者我们可以一起出去 聊天什么的
[13:28.44]like your new friend... 就像你的新朋友一样
[13:30.14]callie. Callie.
[13:31.74]She's, uh... she's very, um... 她…嗯… 她很…嗯…
[13:35.04]you know, if you like her, i will like her... 你知道 如果你喜欢她 我最终…
[13:38.64]eventually. 也会喜欢她
[13:39.64]I can't escape her. 我离不开她
[13:40.74]What? 什么?
[13:41.34]All i want to do is forget her, 我所要做的就是忘记她
[13:42.84]all i want to do is just escape her, 我所要做的就是离开她
[13:46.14]and, you know, i can't. 但是你知道 我做不到
[13:47.64]You want to escape callie? 你想离开Callie?
[13:49.74]Oh, thank god. 噢 感谢上帝
[13:50.64]'Cause she is, like, a total freak, 因为 她就好像 一个疯子
[13:51.74]and i was starting to get really worried about you. 我开始真的很担心你了
[13:56.74]Not callie. 不是Callie.
[13:58.74]Sorry. 对不起
[14:00.64]. 喔
[14:01.94]Who? Or, oh... 谁?噢 哦
[14:03.64]meredith again. 又是Meredith
[14:05.34]I'm gonna tell you something, 我要告诉你一件事情
[14:06.24]and the minute i tell you what i'm about to tell you, 当我告诉你这件事以后
[14:08.34]this officially becomes your problem, not mine. 这就成了你的问题 而不再是我的了
[14:12.64]Okay. OK
[14:16.84]Meredith has a sister. Meredith 有个妹妹
[14:20.64]How are we doing? 我们做得怎么样了
[14:21.74]I turned the skull flap. Patient's sedated. 我打开了头盖骨 病人打了镇静剂
[14:23.94]very nice. 非常好
[14:25.24]Nicely done. 干得好
[14:29.34]He... he's a kid. 他…他是个孩子
[14:30.34]Yes. 对
[14:31.24]I just didn't think it would be a kid. 我只是不知道他是个孩子
[14:33.14]A tumor that size... well, what happens now? 那么大的肿瘤 现在做什么?
[14:37.34]Now we wake him up. 现在我们把他唤醒
[14:38.24]We're doing awake brain surgery on him? 我们要让病人清醒著作手术?
[14:40.64]Yes. Thank you. 是的 谢谢
[14:43.44]Andrew. Andrew.
[14:46.24]A little more. 多一点
[14:47.44]Andrew, can you hear me? Andrew, 听得到我说话吗?
[14:52.24]Hey. Want to count for me? 嗨 可以为我数数字吗?
[14:55.94]One... 1…
[14:56.54]good, keep going. 好的 继续
[15:06.46](derek) since the tumor is located 因为肿瘤靠近
[15:07.56]near the language center of the brain, 大脑语言区
[15:09.86]it's important that we don't damage it. 所以最主要的是 我们不能破坏这个区域
[15:12.36]Andrew, i need you to keep talking. Andrew, 我要你一直说话
[15:14.26]Can you do that? can you talk to me? 你可以做到吗? 你可以跟我说话吗?
[15:16.26]L-i'll try. 我可以一试
[15:17.86]Okay, great. Now what grade are you in? 好 很好 你现在在几年级?
[15:21.26]Um... seventh. 嗯 七年级
[15:22.26]You into sports? 你喜欢运动吗?
[15:24.76]Not really. 不是很喜欢
[15:25.76]How about baseball? 篮球呢?
[15:28.16]Um... baseball's a sport. 嗯…篮球是一项运动
[15:32.76]Right. 很好
[15:33.66]Okay. What about, uh, girls? OK 女孩怎么样?
[15:36.36]Do you have any girlfriends? 你有女朋友吗?
[15:38.36]No. 没有
[15:43.66]Um... you probably don't have time 嗯 你看来不会有什么时间
[15:46.66]for girlfriends right, andrew? 去找女朋友 对吗? Andrew?
[15:47.76]Probably too busy, right? 一定很忙 对吗?
[15:49.26]Y-yes, ma'am. 是的 女士
[15:50.56]Uh, what are you busy doing? 嗯 你忙什么呢?
[15:54.56]Um... getting ready for the national spelling bee. 嗯 为全国拼写大赛作准备
[15:56.86]I won the greater regionals last month. 我上个月赢了地区大奖
[16:00.26]Oh, well, in that case, 哦 既然这样
[16:01.96]you need to spell some words for us. 我要你帮我们拼写几个词语
[16:04.36]Uh, can you do that? 嗯 你可以吗?
[16:05.36]Sure. 当然
[16:06.16]Uh, good. Uh... 嗯 很好 嗯…
[16:11.06]you usually provide the word, dr. Bailey. 你想不出词吗 Dr Bailey?
[16:13.16]I don't hear you coming up with one. 我可没听见你说出一个词来
[16:16.06]Uh, let's see. 嗯 让我想想…
[16:17.16]All right, uh, acetaminophen. 哦 好吧 “acetaminophen”
[16:21.66]Acetaminophen. “Acetaminophen”
[16:24.06]Origin of the word? 词的出处?
[16:25.16]Heck if i know. 我要知道就怪了
[16:29.66]Hey, do you have molly's m.r.i. Results? 嗨 你有molly的核磁共振结果了吗?
[16:31.66]No. I-i haven't... not yet. 不 我没有 还没有
[16:33.66]What the hell have you been doing then? 那你刚刚去干什么了?
[16:35.66]I was just gonna... 我刚刚是…
[16:36.46]when i assign you to a case of mine, 我让你来做我的病例
[16:38.86]i expect you to give it your full and undivided attention. 我希望你能把全部精力投入进去
[16:41.46]Give me one good reason 给我一个好理由来解释
[16:43.06]why l-i shouldn't take you off this case. 为什么我还要留你在这个病例上
[16:46.46]Molly thompson's maiden name is grey. Molly Thompson的婚前姓是Grey
[16:49.66]Her father is thatcher grey. 她爸爸是Thatcher Grey
[16:50.86]Thatcher grey is also meredith's father, Thatcher Grey 也是Meredith的爸爸
[16:52.36]which means that molly and meredith are sisters, 也就是说Molly和Meredith是姐妹
[16:54.16]but i don't think meredith even knows molly exists. 但是我觉得Meredith甚至不知道有Molly这个人
[16:56.56]And i don't care. I don't. 其实我不在乎 不在乎
[16:59.06]Except i'm on this case and... 只是我在做这个病例 还有
[17:01.06]apparently, god hates me. 很明显 上帝讨厌我
[17:04.66]Okay. 好吧
[17:06.26]Okay, thanks. 好吧 谢谢
[17:10.66]I want all this out now. 我要马上拿到所有东西
[17:11.86]I'm getting out of the hospital. 我要出院
[17:13.06]Oh, we can't, beatrice. You just had major surgery. 噢 我们不能 Beatrice. 你刚刚动了一个大手术
[17:15.66]Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. 明天是我女儿的生日
[17:18.06]Apparently it's the last one i get to celebrate, 很明显 这是我能庆祝的最后一个了
[17:19.86]and i'm not spending it in here. 我不能在这里过
[17:21.26]Okay, i'm so sorry, but if we remove this tube, 好吧 我很抱歉 但是如果我们移走这些管子
[17:23.76]your lung will collapse. 你的肺部会崩溃的
[17:25.16]I'm sure you don't want to spend 我保证你不愿意
[17:26.06]your daughter's birthday this way, okay? 这样过你女儿的生日 对吗?
[17:27.56]M a quick healer. 我恢复得很快
[17:28.06]I'm breathing better since the surgery. 手术以后 我呼吸顺畅多了
[17:29.76]That is because we removed some of the tumor 那是因为我们切除了部分肿瘤
[17:31.86]to open up your airway. 打通了你的气管
[17:32.76]That doesn't mean that you are well, all right? 但那不意味着你已经没事了 懂了吗?
[17:34.66]If you try to leave, you are at risk of infection 如果你要出去 你会有被感染的危险
[17:36.56]or hemorrhaging. 或者大出血
[17:37.66]Your kid doesn't even know you have cancer. 你的孩子甚至都不知道你得了癌症
[17:39.16]You really want to risk dropping dead on the street 你真的想要冒着 死在路边的危险
[17:41.06]outside the hospital? 出院吗?
[17:47.86]Dr. Karev... Dr. Karev...
[17:49.76]so you thought scaring her back into bed 你以为吓她躺回床上
[17:53.16]was the way to go? 是你该做的吗?
[17:53.86]It worked, didn't it? She's lying to her kid. 但是这招成功了 不是吗? 她在骗她的孩子
[17:56.86]She's frightened. She's in shock 她很害怕 她受刺激了
[17:58.76]it is not your job or your place 你的工作决不允许
[18:00.66]to take a tone like that with a patient, not ever. 你用这样的语气跟病人说话 绝对不可以
[18:03.86]Are we understood? 明白了吗?
[18:06.26]Yes, sir. 是的 先生
[18:11.36]so what are the sister and the father like? 那么那个妹妹和爸爸是个什么样子?
[18:13.36]Like? 什么样子?
[18:15.06]They're like people meredith is related to 他们就像是跟Meredith 有关系的人
[18:17.36]and never met. 但是从来没见过面
[18:18.46]They're nice. Can you imagine... 他们人很好 你可以想像吗…
[18:21.46]a sister, a whole family you know nothing about? 一个妹妹 一个家庭 你却对此一无所知!
[18:24.66]You think she's gonna freak out? 你以为她要疯了?
[18:26.46]It's not my responsibility to care. 这不是我该关心的
[18:29.26]Oh, heads up, heads up. 哦 抬头抬头
[18:31.66]Hey, chief. How you doin'? 嗨 主任 怎么样?
[18:33.16]Seems i'm a little rusty 看来我有一点迟钝了
[18:34.96]on my bead transfer and rope pass. 在我的小球转移和牵线上
[18:37.86]Dr. Yang here's been kicking my ass all day. Dr. Yang 一整天都在打败我
[18:40.56]Oh, no. Oh, i can't imagine... 噢 不 噢 难以置信…
[18:41.56]no, really, she has. 是的 这是真的…
[18:44.36]Of course, speed and precision 当然 速度和准确度
[18:46.66]aren't the most important surgical skills, dr. Yang. 不是最主要的手术技巧 Dr Yang
[18:49.66]Basics are the key. 基础知识才是最关键的
[18:51.76]You need a solid foundation before anything else. 你需要一个扎实的基础 来做接下来的一切
[19:06.66]okay, um... well, i'll see you back at the lab. OK 嗯…我们到实验室再见
[19:09.36]Sir. 先生
[19:09.66]Enjoy your lunch. You, too. Bye. -好好享用你们的午餐 -你们也是
[19:10.76]Have a nice day, sir. 一天愉快 先生
[19:13.36]Okay, i really am kicking the chief's ass. OK 我的确是一直在打败他
[19:20.76]George. George.
[19:21.36]Not my responsibility. 不是我的事
[19:22.66]Well, who's gonna... see you guys. -那么 谁来… -再见
[19:24.26]It's okay. I can accept rejection. 没事 我可以接受拒绝
[19:27.36]I've got my knitting. Mer... 我有东西可以织 恩...
[19:29.16]the weird thing is... 奇怪的是...
[19:31.06]i thought i just saw my father. 我觉得我刚才看到了我爸爸
[19:33.26]Oh! That's good. That's so good. Oh!太棒了 那真是太棒了
[19:36.76]Hmm. Did you meet your sister, too? 恩你也见到你妹妹了?
[19:44.66]appoggiatura won last year. 去年Appoggiatura赢了
[19:47.06]Year before that... 在那前一年...
[19:49.06]akshay buddiga... he fainted, Akshay Buddiag...他晕倒了
[19:51.96]then got up anspelled the word alopecoid. 接着醒来之后就说出了“alopecoid”这个单词
[19:54.46]Kid's a major legend. 他是个传奇
[19:57.66]all right. Now it's my turn. 好啦现在轮到我了
[20:01.16]Fibromyalgia? Yeah fibromyalgia有什么不对的么?
[20:02.46]Yeah, what's wrong with fibromyalgia?
[20:04.06]Andrew won the regionals. He's going to d.c. Andrew是地区赛的冠军 就要去华盛顿
[20:06.76]He's probably insulted by fibromyalgia. 他会觉得被fibromyalgia给侮辱了
[20:09.06]Fibromyalgia... Fibromyalgia...
[20:10.86]suction. 吸管
[20:11.46]F-i-b-r-o-m-y-a-l-g-i-a. F-i-b-r-o-m-y-a-l-g-i-a.
[20:16.66]Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia.
[20:19.16]She's right. That was kind of easy. 她是对的这单词确实是挺简单的那种
[20:21.26]Okay. You want me to bring on the heat? OK 你想我加大难度么?
[20:23.26]I'm gonna bring on the heat. 我马上要加大难度了
[20:25.46]Omphalocele. Omphalocele.
[20:28.46]Omphalocele. Omphalocele.
[20:29.66]More suction in there. 这里要更多吸管
[20:32.76]omphalocele. omphalocele.
[20:36.66]C-a... C-a...
[20:38.66]okay. Andrew... okay. Andrew...
[20:40.06]f... f...
[20:40.96]what's happening? F... F... -怎么了? -F...
[20:42.66]mark that. We've hit the language center. 记下来我们碰到语言中枢了
[20:44.46]We just have to pull back. 我们一定要得恢复它
[20:50.95]andrew. F... s... andrew. F... s...
[20:54.55]andrew. andrew.
[20:58.85]Andrew, andrew, Andrew, andrew,
[21:00.75]uh, spell it again for me. uh 再为我拼一次
[21:04.45]E... E...
[21:05.35]give me the stealth probe, please. 请给我探针
[21:06.95]Dr. Shepherd's working on it. I don't want you to be scared. Shepherd医生正在为你做手术 我不想你被吓到
[21:10.05]I-i want you to wait. 我 想要你等一下
[21:12.55]Just wait. I want you to hold on. 就等一下 我让你停一下
[21:14.15]Mark that as well, please. 请把那也记一下
[21:15.55]Okay, try now. OK 现在试一下
[21:17.05]Okay. All right. 好
[21:18.35]Andrew, spell omphalocele one more time for me. Andrew 请再为我把omphalocele拼一次
[21:26.05]Omphalocele. Omphalocele.
[21:28.45]Mark that, please. 请记下来
[21:29.95]O-m-p... (derek) good. Okay. O-m-p... (derek)好OK
[21:32.45]H-a-l-o-c-e-l-e. H-a-l-o-c-e-l-e.
[21:37.65]Omphalocele. Omphalocele.
[21:38.35]That's it! That's perfect. 就是它!太棒了
[21:43.15]Dr. Bailey, are you crying? 你在哭吗 Bailey医生?
[21:45.35]Oh, i got something in my eye. 哦 只是眼里进了东西
[21:48.45]You're doing great, andrew. We're almost done. 你太棒了我们马上就成功了
[21:52.05]Stop lookin' at me like that. 不要再这么看着我
[21:53.75]It's my hormones. Mm-hmm. -那只是我的荷尔蒙在作怪 -恩
[21:56.25]I'm still a surgeon. 我还是个外科医生
[21:56.85]I'm just a surgeon with an excess of estrogen. 我不过就是个雌激素分泌过多的外科医生
[21:59.45]Deal with it. Andrew, can you spell estrogen? 干好你自己的事 Andrew 你能拼estrogen吗?
[22:02.25]E-s-t-r-o-g-e-n. E-s-t-r-o-g-e-n.
[22:07.35]Here's a word for you. Delusional. 我还有个单词Delusional
[22:10.05]delusional... delusional...
[22:18.25](man) today's final assignment will show how well 今天的作业能够体现出
[22:20.25]you can take the skills you have learned 你们是否很好地掌握了你们所 学的知识
[22:22.35]and apply them to a single operation. 并且能否将他们应用到手术中去
[22:26.75]You may begin. 可以开始了
[22:29.05]so i'm gonna do the surgery with a small scope, 等下我要做一个开创手术
[22:31.35]and it'lbe minimally invasive. 不过创面会减小到最小
[22:32.65]And then you should be able to do the rest of your recovery 这样你就能在家里自己完成术后
[22:34.75]from home. 的恢复工作了
[22:35.25]Thank you. 谢谢
[22:36.05]Yeah, okay. 没事
[22:45.25]uh, molly, this is doctor... 恩 molly,这是...
[22:47.35]uh, this is meredith. 恩 这是meredith.
[22:49.05]She's gonna be continuing your prep work 她将帮你完成的前期工作
[22:51.65]and taking your vitals. 并照料你
[22:52.85]Okay? OK?
[22:54.65]Okay. OK
[22:56.85]Hi. 嗨
[22:57.55]Hey. 嘿
[22:59.45]Uh, do you mind if i, um... 恩 你介不介意如果我,恩...
[23:01.15]no, it's fine. 不 那很好
[23:02.65]I'm getting used to being poked and prodded. 我已经习惯被又戳又刺了
[23:07.95]That's a... pretty ring. 那戒指 很漂亮
[23:10.05]Oh, thanks. 噢 谢谢
[23:11.85]It was my grandma's and then my mom's. 这是我外婆的 然后又成了我妈妈的
[23:16.35]You think i'm too young to be married. 你认为我结婚太早了么?
[23:18.05]No, l... 不 我...
[23:19.05]that's okay. Everybody thinks i'm too young. 那没关系 每个人都认为我太年轻了
[23:21.35]If i saw me, i'd think i was too young. 如果我自己能看得到自己的话 我也会那么想的
[23:24.45]Um... how... how old are you? 恩...你...你多大了呢?
[23:26.75]22. 22.
[23:28.05]Eric's 23, Eric23了
[23:29.15]and he's in the army, and he was getting shipped out. 他在军队服役 马上要出海了
[23:31.95]And... i just love him so much, you know? 知道吗 我那么爱他
[23:34.75]Anyway, i proposed. 不管怎样 我求婚了
[23:38.25]Oh. And your, uh, parents, they approve? 哦那 那你的父母 他们同意了?
[23:41.45]Oh, my parents are amazing. 哦 我爸妈 他们太棒了
[23:43.45]I mean, you know how dads can be. 我指 你知道的 爸爸一般都怎么样
[23:44.65]Mine's pretty overprotective, 爸爸一直相当溺爱我
[23:46.55]but... you know, at my wedding, when he gave me away, 但是 你知道么 在我婚礼上 当他把我的手交给eric的时候
[23:50.15]my dad cried, which was... 我爸爸哭了 就是...
[23:53.65]i had never seen my dad cry before. 我从来没见过我爸爸 像这样哭过
[23:56.65]But... i think it was also kind of weird for him 但是...我觉得这也是 他奇怪的地方
[23:59.15]'cause i'm his little girl. 因为我只是他的小女孩
[24:01.55]You know, i'm the youngest, 我是最小的那个
[24:02.65]and my sister is, like, nowhere near ready for marriage. 我姐姐 好像 离结婚还远着呢
[24:04.75]But it was good crying. 不过那真是一场大哭
[24:08.55]Like he was proud of me, you know? 就好像他那么为我自豪 你知道么?
[24:12.65]I'm sorry. 对不起
[24:13.25]I'm just... i'm nervous, so i'm talking. 我只是 我只是太紧张我 所以就一直说话
[24:15.95]no, that's okay. So you have a sister? 不 那很好 你有个姐姐?
[24:18.25]Yeah, lexie. She's in medical school. 对啊 lexie 她在医学院
[24:20.25]Harvard. She's the smart one. 哈佛 她相当聪明
[24:22.25]You should see how my dad is about her. 你真应该看看 我爸爸是怎么待她的
[24:24.05]He's, like, crazy proud. 就好像发狂似地自豪
[24:30.35]Well, i'm gonna go. 恩 我马上要走了
[24:32.45]Meredith. Mm-hmm. Meredith. Mm-hmm.
[24:34.65]Do you think my baby is gonna be okay? 你觉得我的孩子会平安么?
[24:36.55]Oh. Well, i hope so. 嗯我想是的
[24:39.55]Me, too. 我也这么想
[24:40.45]Okay. 好了
[24:48.95]i need some bones to break. What? -有没有骨头让我折? -什么?
[24:50.65]Some bones to break, something to smash. 砸骨头! 砸东西!
[24:52.55]Can you help me with that, please? 你们能帮我这些么?
[24:53.95]Um, you can clean up this cast crap if you want. 恩 这些石膏可以随你处置
[25:02.65]is she freaking out? 她疯了么?
[25:03.55]No. Unh-unh. She's fine. 不 她没事
[25:05.65]she's great. 她非常好
[25:10.15]so george... 那么说george...
[25:11.35]he's really... really your type, huh? 他就是你喜欢的那型 对不对?
[25:16.65]You don't see him. 你不了解他
[25:18.45]Either of you, you don't see him. 你也不了解 你们都不了解
[25:19.65]He's just... he's just george to you. 他...他对你来说不过 是个叫george的人
[25:21.95]He's... he's just o'malley. He's your roommate. 他不过是o'malley. 不过是一个你的室友
[25:25.55]You don't have to get all... 你不要这样...
[25:26.65]he makes my world stop. 他让我的世界停止了
[25:28.65]George o'malley is sweet George o'malley那么体贴
[25:30.95]and kind 那么温柔
[25:32.15]and smart and strong. 那么聪明那么强壮
[25:33.45]And he makes my world stop so you shut up about him. 他让我整个世界都停止了 而你 给我闭嘴不要开口贬低他
[25:39.35]don't forget to clean it up 不要忘了你砸爽了以后
[25:41.65]when you're done smashing. 把一切都收拾干净
[25:47.65]Holy crap. 我的天
[25:49.35]George is her mcdreamy. George是她的白马王子
[26:12.15]i'm done! I'm done! I'm done! 好了!好了!我做好了!
[26:16.65](man) flawless, chief webber. 很精确 webber主任
[26:18.05]Absolutely flawless. 完全无误
[26:19.95]They call me dr. Webber. 他们叫我 webber医生
[26:25.35]that's why i'm the chief. 那就是我 为什么是主任
[26:33.25]that's why i'm the chief. 那就是为什么我是主任
[26:35.65]* that's why i'm the chief * "那就是为什么我是主任"
[26:38.15]* the chief * “主任”
[26:40.05]so when is my mom getting out of here? 我妈妈什么时候可以出院?
[26:41.95]I'm sorry, honey, 对不起宝贝
[26:43.15]but it's gonna be a few days. 几天就好了
[26:44.75]Can you call aunt sue, see if she can pick you up? 你可以叫sue阿姨过来 看看她能不能接你?
[26:47.25]So i get to spend my birthday hanging out with aunt sue. 那么我就只能孤零零一个人 和苏阿姨过生日了
[26:49.65]Perfect. 真好啊
[26:51.45]I promise you, next year, 你去年像我保证过的
[26:53.05]next year, we'll do something really special 明年 我们一定为你的生日
[26:55.45]for your birthday. 准备些特别的
[26:56.45]You name it, it's done. 你想怎样 就怎样
[26:58.65]I promise. 我保证
[27:00.85]Whatever. 随便吧
[27:08.05]So this whole lying thing, 全都是谎言
[27:09.75]this is working out for you? 这对你有效么?
[27:11.65]Excuse me? 对不起?
[27:13.35]Look, you're going to die, and soon. You get that, right? 这么说吧 你马上要死了 你知道的 对吧?
[27:17.15]There's no rosy picture to paint here. 这并不是什么浪漫的事情
[27:19.95]You're not a mother. 你不是个母亲
[27:22.05]You don't know what it's like 你不会明白那种感觉
[27:23.15]to hold your newborn baby in your arms 当你得臂弯里抱着新生的宝宝
[27:25.95]and smell the top of her head 闻着它的小脑门
[27:27.45]and know that your only job in the world 那一刻你讲清楚你 在这世上唯一的工作
[27:29.25]is to protect her. 就是去保护她
[27:30.85]You think you're protecting her? 你认为这是保护她么?
[27:31.95]I am protecting her. 我正在保护她
[27:33.35]Well, i guess you can call it what you want. 呵 我猜这只能称之为 你的假象罢了
[27:36.05]But you should just know that you're leaving behind a kid 但是你必须考虑到 你这样做
[27:38.25]that'll probably hate you the rest of her life. 只能让你的后半生在 她的仇恨里度过
[27:45.25]Dr. Karev... Karev医生...
[27:46.25]no, i'm talking this time. Excuse me? -我正在说话 -对不起?
[27:48.25]I tell the truth. It's what i do. 我所做的 只是说出了真相
[27:50.45]It doesn't make me a bad doctor. 这并不会使我成为一个坏医生
[27:52.75]Everyone walks around this place lying. 这里的每一个人都在说谎
[27:55.45]Look, we tell a patient that's dying that there's hope 听着 我们告诉一个将死的病人 他还有希望
[27:58.15]when there is no hope. 当事实上完全无望
[27:59.65]Maybe i'm a pig, maybe i'm an ass, 我可能是只猪 是个混蛋
[28:01.55]maybe i'm a vermin like everybody says. 是个害虫 就像每个人说的那样
[28:03.25]But i tell them the truth. 但是我说出了真相
[28:04.75]It's the one thing that i've got goin' for me. 这是唯一我将一直坚持的事情
[28:06.65]And you don't get to take that away from me 而且你将不能改变 我这种原则
[28:08.55]and call it a lesson, sir. 仅仅把它叫做一堂课 先生
[28:23.59]l-i saw a picture once from a long time ago. 很久以前我曾经看过一张照片
[28:27.09]You look just like her... your mother. 你长的就像她...你妈妈
[28:30.59]You look a lot like my girls, 你长得很想我的女孩们
[28:32.39]especially molly. 特别是molly.
[28:34.89]You were talking to her? 你和她谈过了?
[28:35.89]I didn't say anything about anything. 我没有对任何事发表看法
[28:38.59]Oh, she knows about you. 哦 她知道你
[28:40.59]Or she knows that her father was married before 她也知道他爸爸曾经结婚过
[28:42.69]and had another daughter. 有另外一个女儿
[28:44.19]Has another daughter. 有 另外一个女儿
[28:45.39]No, had is right. 不 曾经有过比较确切
[28:48.59]Your father thinks about you. 你爸爸想你
[28:51.59]He thinks about you a lot. 很想很想你
[28:54.59]He just... 他...
[28:57.79]your mother... 你的妈妈...
[29:00.59]your mother... 你的妈妈...
[29:02.99]she broke him. 她伤害了他
[29:04.99]Ahem. Uh, excuse me. 恩 对不起
[29:06.59]L-i have to work. 我 我该去工作了
[29:21.89]i spent years studying this board, 我花很长时间研究这块板
[29:26.99]holding a crying baby, 抱着一个哭喊着的孩子
[29:30.09]trying to get an idea 想研究出来
[29:31.09]when my wife would get out of surgery. 我的妻子什么时候才能从手术室里出来
[29:34.79]"Appy" takes about an hour. 跟“appy”有关的要花一小时
[29:37.89]Anything with the word "cardio," 要是跟“心脏“有关…
[29:40.89]and i knew not to plan on seeing her at all that day. 我就知道那天肯定见不着她了
[29:48.59]thatcher, are you aware of what's going on with ellis? Cher 你知道ellis怎么样了么?
[29:53.19]U have no right... no right... 你没有权利... 没有权利...
[29:56.59]to talk to me about ellis. 来告诉我任何有关ellis的事情
[29:58.29]I'm sorry. 对不起
[29:59.59]But i was trying to talk to you about meredith. 但是我想告诉你关于meredith的
[30:04.29]thatcher, ellis has early-onset alzheimer's. Thatcher,ellis患了早发性老年痴呆症
[30:08.59]It's advanced. 并且已经恶化了
[30:11.39]And it's hard on meredith, as you can imagine. 你可以想像 这对meredith来说有多难
[30:15.59]And i thought you'd want to know. 我想你会想知道的
[30:34.39]hey, andrew. 嘿 andrew
[30:37.59]It's dr. Bailey. 这是bailey医生
[30:39.09]Remember me? 还记得我么?
[30:40.69]I was in surgery with you. 我是和你一起在手术室里的那个
[30:44.49]I'm... i'm sorry. 恩...对不起
[30:46.39]No, no, don't worry. Don't worry. 不 别担心 别担心
[30:48.89]A lot of times, kids who are awake during surgery 很多时候孩子们 会在手术时候保持清醒
[30:52.59]don't remember afterwards. 术后却不能记得
[30:53.99]Anyway, your operation went really well. 无论如何 你得手术很成功
[30:57.49]We got all that tumor outta there, 我们切除了那里所有的肿瘤
[30:59.39]and you're gonna be just fine. 你马上就会康复的
[31:01.39]I... thanks. 我...谢谢
[31:03.99]Okay. 不谢
[31:09.19]You know i have a son, too. 你知道吗 我也有个儿子
[31:11.89]And i'm going home right now to tell him that today, 我马上要回家和他讲今天的事
[31:15.59]i met the best speller in seattle. 我碰到了西雅图最棒的拼写家
[31:35.29]oh, hey. Dr. O'malley. 哦 嘿 O'malley医生
[31:37.19]Hi. 嘿
[31:37.79]I was looking for you. You were... 我正在找你 你在...
[31:41.49]before, when i was asking about meredith... 刚才 我们在讨论meredith...
[31:44.39]you know her. 你认识她
[31:45.29]You're her friend. 你们是朋友
[31:46.59]I used to be her roommate. 我曾经是她的室友
[31:49.99]So you know her really well. Pretty well. -所以你和她很熟? -相当熟
[31:53.59]she... she came to see me a couple of weeks ago, and... 她...两个星期前 她来看我...
[31:57.19]a couple of weeks ago? 两个星期前?
[31:58.99]Yeah. L... and i didn't know what to say to her. 是的...我不知道和她说什么
[32:01.59]She looks so... so much like her mother. 她看过去... 那么像她妈妈...
[32:05.59]Ellis was cold. Ellis很冷漠
[32:07.39]I mean, i was a coward. I was. L-i left. 我的意思是 我是个懦夫 我 我离开了
[32:12.29]But her mother would never let me know her, and... 但是她妈妈永远都不肯让我 了解她 而且...
[32:16.19]now i don't know how to know her. 现在我不知道如何去了解她
[32:24.49]well, meredith is anything but cold. 恩 meredith肯定不是个冷漠的人
[32:27.59]She smiles... not that often... 她微笑 虽然不经常
[32:31.09]but when she does... you know, because she's... 但是当她微笑的时候 你知道 因为
[32:34.19]really going through a lot... 她经历了那么多
[32:35.59]but... it's... 但是…这…
[32:38.49]it's like you feel warm. 这微笑会让你感觉温暖
[32:41.29]She's kind. 她很善良
[32:42.99]I mean, she can be a little selfish. 我指 她可以变得很自私
[32:45.09]Oh, she can be... 是的 她可以...
[32:47.59]she's flawed, but she's kind. 她有缺陷 但是她很善良
[32:50.59]She cares out people. 她关心人
[32:53.09]And, uh... 还有 恩
[32:54.59]she cares a-about her patients. 她关心她的病人
[32:57.49]I think she's gonna be a brilliant surgeon. 我觉得她将成为一个极其出色的 外科医生
[33:00.59]You know, around here, she's known as the one to beat. 你知道的 在这里 她是最有干劲的
[33:04.39]So, l-i don't know, 我 我不知道
[33:05.79]i guess she has that in common with her mom, 我像她这点和她妈妈很像
[33:08.59]but... 但是
[33:10.59]i think the rest of her... i think, uh, 但是她别的方面 我觉得
[33:13.19]i think the rest of that, she gets from you. 我觉得 她别的方面 她遗传了你
[33:19.29]hmm. Do... do you know... where she is? 恩你知道 她在哪里么?
[33:22.29]i think she left already. 我想她已经离开了
[33:23.99]I could tell her you're... you were here 我会告诉她 你来过
[33:25.59]if you want me to. 如果你想让我说吧
[33:28.39]Yeah. Okay. 好的 就这样吧
[33:31.09]Thank you. 谢谢
[33:42.79]thank you, george. 谢谢 george
[33:55.28]hey 嘿
[33:55.98]Hey. Still knitting? 嘿 还在织东西?
[33:57.68]Oh, yeah. I'm getting so good at it. 哦 是的 我已经很能织了
[34:02.38]I did a craniotomy on a kid today while he was awake. 我今天在一个孩子清醒地情况下 给他动了开颅手术
[34:04.38]I met a sister i never knew i had. 我碰到了我从来都不知道 她的存在的妹妹
[34:06.88]And i saw my father, which was, uh... 还有我碰到了我爸爸 这是...恩
[34:12.78]i don't know what it was. 我不知道这感觉是什么
[34:14.68]You okay? 你还好么?
[34:17.58]I have my knitting. 我要织东西了
[34:25.28]Study hard. Keep your grades up. 把成绩搞上去
[34:27.28]Starting next year, 明年
[34:27.98]you're gonna want to take two a.p. Classes a semester 你要在一个学期里修两个 a.p.class
[34:30.88]if you want to get into a decent college. 如果你想进入有名的大学的话
[34:33.58]Mom, this is really morbid. 妈妈 那太恐怖了
[34:35.48]And your aunt sue is kinda lazy 在个人卫生的问题上
[34:37.78]when it comes to personal hygiene. 你苏阿姨有那么一点点懒
[34:39.68]so you may have to be the one who remind her when she next time 所以当你必须提醒她什么时候该让她
[34:42.98]to get your eyebrows waxed or get your hair cut, 帮你修眉毛 带你去剪头发
[34:45.68]but eventually, she'll get the routine down. 不过渐渐的到最后 她会按规律来做
[34:48.08]Can we not have this conversation? 我们能不能不说这些?
[34:49.98]Oh, this might sound random, 哦还有 这可能听起来很怪
[34:51.98]but wear underwear with pantyhose. 在连裤袜里面要记得 穿内裤
[34:55.38]I know it might feel a little bulky, 我知道这可能会使你 看起来比较肥
[34:57.78]but honestly, it's a little slutty not to, 但如果因为爱美就不这么做
[35:00.98]and also, that's how you get yeast infections. 很容易感染真菌
[35:03.38]Mom... (laughs) This is totally gross. 妈妈 您真啰嗦
[35:05.58]And marry a kind man, 要和一个善良的人结婚
[35:07.48]one who's nice to his mother. 和一个对他妈妈好的男人
[35:09.78]Now if he lives with his mother, 如果他和他妈妈住在一起
[35:11.88]you run the opposite way. 你就和他住在一起
[35:13.18]Mom, i'm not getting married anytime soon. 妈妈 我不会那么快就结婚
[35:17.68]You will someday. 某天 你会的
[35:20.38]And when that day comes, 当那天来到的时候
[35:22.58]just have one glass of champagne 一杯香槟庆祝就足够了
[35:25.68]and then you drink water for the rest of the night 晚上的其他时候 都只能喝水
[35:27.58]because there's nothing tackier than a drunken bride. 因为没有什么会比一个 醉酒的新娘更糟糕了
[35:31.08]Mom, i don't wanna... 妈妈 我并不...
[35:37.08]why are you telling me all this? 为什么你告诉我这些?
[35:44.08]Honey, i've been sick for a long time, 宝贝 我已经病了很长时间了
[35:45.58]and the doctors don't think that i'm gonna get better. 而且医生也不认为我能好转
[35:50.28]No. 不
[35:54.28]Amelia, listen to me. Amelia 听我说
[35:56.58]Look at me. Amelia. 看着我 Amelia
[35:59.28]This is important. 这很重要
[36:01.58]This one is... is really the important one. 这 是相当重要的一点
[36:04.98]Someday, you're gonna have a baby. 你会有个孩子
[36:08.38]And you're gonna feel overwhelmed 你的生命将被这小生命所主宰
[36:10.58]by this little life that you're responsible for. 它是你的使命
[36:13.48]And you're gonna think... 你将会想
[36:14.38]worry that everything you do is wrong, 会担心 你所做的一切都不正确
[36:17.18]and that's normal. 这很正常
[36:18.18]You're gonna obsess about what to feed it 你会困扰 怎么去喂养他
[36:20.98]and where to send it to school 把他送到什么学校
[36:22.78]and whether it should take violin or piano. 他应该学钢琴还是小提琴
[36:26.88]But i'm gonna let you in on a little secret. 但是我要告诉你个秘密
[36:29.48]It doesn't matter. 所有这一切都不重要
[36:32.78]Whether your kid is a concert pianist 无论他时钢琴家
[36:35.08]or a math genius, 还是数学天才
[36:36.68]it just doesn't matter. 这都不重要
[36:38.08]Because at the end of the day, 因为当有一天
[36:38.88]all that matters is if your kid is happy. 如果你的孩子开心 所有的才有意义
[36:41.88]So you're gonna feel sad for a little while. 你可能会感到难过
[36:47.08]And that's okay. That's... that's fine. 那没关系 那 那很正常
[36:49.98]But don't feel sad forever, okay? 但是你不会永远伤心的 对不对?
[36:54.08]You can promise me that? 你可以跟我保证这点?
[36:55.48]You promise me that you won't feel sad for too long. 你保证你不会伤心太久
[36:57.68]I promise. Okay. -我保证 -好的
[36:59.48]Thank you. 谢谢
[37:00.68]'Cause you're making me feel much better. 你让我觉得好多了
[37:08.78]Life is not a spectator sport. 生活是没有观众的比赛...
[37:12.98]Win, lose or draw... 无论输 赢 或是平局...
[37:16.88]the game is progress... 游戏会一直继续
[37:20.88]whether we want it to be or not. 不管我们是否想这样
[37:26.28]You made me a sweater... 你给我织了毛衣
[37:27.68]today? 就今天?
[37:28.38]In one day, you made me a sweater? 就一天 你织了件毛衣?
[37:30.78]Yeah, well, you know, i just, i had some time, so... 是啊 你知道 我 就是有点空闲时间 所以
[37:33.38]wow. That vow of celibacy must really be something. 哦 那单身誓言就是 确有其事了
[37:36.88]You know what? Just accept your gift and say thank you. 你知道什么?我只是接受了你的 礼物然后对你道声谢
[37:40.58]Does this mean i don't get any sexual favors? 那这是不是代表着我不能 的到任何性恩惠了?
[37:43.28]Sweater instead of sex? 用毛衣代替做爱?
[37:45.08]Smell it. 闻闻
[37:47.08]Go on. Smell it. 快点闻闻
[37:53.38]It smells like izzie. 它问起来像你身上的味道
[37:55.78]Yeah, i wore it for three hours. 是啊 我穿了它三个小时
[37:57.58]So that is the closest you're gonna be gettin' 所以这是你能得到的
[37:59.98]to this body, mister. 最接近我身体的东西了 先生
[38:01.08]You wanna play some scrabble or are you too tired? 你想玩猜字游戏么 还是你累了?
[38:04.38]Scrabble, please. Okay. -猜字游戏吧 -好吧
[38:09.28]Just show me one boob. 那给我看你一个乳房
[38:17.38]Chief, sir. 主任 先生
[38:19.88]Nice work today, yang. 做得不错 yang
[38:22.08]Hopefully, your fellow interns 希望你手下的实习医生
[38:23.58]will be as adept on the scope as you. 能像你一样熟练
[38:25.68]Thank you, sir, but, um, you weren't even looking. 谢谢先生 但是 恩 你甚至没有在看
[38:30.08]You actually had your eyes closed, so how... 事实上你闭上了你的眼睛 那么 你怎么...
[38:32.58]um, i was watching you, 恩 我一直在看你
[38:33.98]and you didn't even need the... 还有你甚至不需要
[38:37.98]well, you didn't even need the screen 恩 你不需要屏幕
[38:39.28]to help you guide the needle holder. 来帮你定位指针
[38:40.88]Old school, yang. 在老学校 yang
[38:43.78]Muscle memory. 对于肌肉的记忆
[38:46.28]You want to win? 你想赢么?
[38:48.68]Always go back to the basics. 做任何事都要从基础开始
[38:55.08]It's my move? 该我下了?
[39:03.78]Cristina, what the hell are you doing? Cristina 见鬼你在做什么?
[39:09.28]being comfortable in my apartment. 在我的公寓里随心所欲做事拉
[39:11.98]I didn't see anything. I did not see anything. 我什么都没看到 我真的什么都没看到
[39:14.28]Get out. Yeah. -出去 -好
[39:20.28]Basics. 基础部分...
[39:21.98]So go ahead... 因此还是大胆往前走...
[39:24.08]argue with the refs, 和裁判理论
[39:25.78]change the rules, 随意改变规则
[39:28.18]cheat a little... 可以作点弊…
[39:31.48]Take a break and tend to your wounds. 休息一会儿 舔舔伤口
[39:41.68]But play. 但是游戏还要继续
[39:53.68]hello? 你好?
[39:58.08]Play. 玩
[40:02.18]hi. 嗨
[40:03.48]Hi. 嗨
[40:07.88]you live here? 你住在这里
[40:09.68]Yeah. 是的
[40:13.48]I'm not... crazy or anything, 我并不是 疯了或怎么
[40:16.38]i just spend so much time here in the hospital... 我只是在医院里面呆了太长时间
[40:22.88]it's just... it's easier. So... 这只是 这很简单所以
[40:27.18]i'm not... i'm not crazy or anything. 我真的不是疯了 或什么
[40:33.48]do you know how to cut hair? 你知道怎么剪头发么?
[40:44.08]Play hard... play fast... 玩得尽兴... 玩得快...
[40:51.28]play loose and free. 轻松自在地玩
[41:13.68]play as if there's no tomorrow. 就好像 没有明天一样玩
[41:16.38]come on, bubbles. 快点 伙计们
[41:18.28]Dandridge veterinary clinic. Dandridge 兽医院
[41:20.68]We certainly do. 我们当然会
[41:22.78]Yes. Thank you. 是的 谢谢
[41:29.48]You're getting the hang of it? 你终于放下它了?
[41:31.88]Not really. 并不是
[41:33.08]You give up men? 你放弃男人了?
[41:35.98]No. 不
[41:38.08]Yes. 是的
[41:41.58]You know, i don't actually need to see the vet. 你知道的 我并不需要见什么
[41:43.68]I really just wanted to sit with doc. 我只想和doc坐在一起
[41:45.58]I just want to spend time with my dog. 我只想和我的狗在一起
[41:55.58]hi. I'm finn dandridge. I'm doc's vet. 嗨 我是finn dandridge. 我是vet医生
[41:58.08]And you are dr. Grey, 你就是grey医生吧
[41:59.38]doc's other owner. doc的另外的主人
[42:01.78]We finally meet. Hello. 我们终于见面了你好
[42:06.28]Okay... so... it's not whether you win or lose, 好了 那么 这无关乎输赢
[42:10.28]it's how you play the game. 这只关系你如何玩这游戏
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8671-250075-1.html

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