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实习医生格蕾第二季第23集:00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:42:42
[00:01.53]previously on "grey's anatomy"... 前情提要...
[00:03.33]'cause if anybody needs to be celibate, it's meredith. 如果有谁要坚持独身的话 那个人只能是meredith
[00:05.43]i'm finn dandridge. i'm doc's vet. 我叫Finn Dandridge 是doc的兽医
[00:07.53]i'm off men. no more men. 我再也不碰男人了
[00:09.43]you brought the baby to work? i'm covered in mommy. -你带着孩子上班? -我是当了妈妈...
[00:12.03]but that does not mean i will be mommy-tracked. 但我不会当全职妈妈
[00:13.93](alex) you're his doctor, izzie. izzie (alex)你是他的医生
[00:15.33]he's your half-dead, possibly soon-to-be all-dead patient. 你的这个病人现在已经半死了
[00:18.23](cristina) you should see them togetr. 你应该看见他们在一起了
[00:19.83]they're, like, doing things like running and cooking and talking. 他们一起跑步 做饭 聊天
[00:22.03]it's like they're bonding. 简直就是小两口
[00:23.03]george o'malley is sweet and kind. you live here? george o'malley这人既可爱又善良 你住在这里?
[00:26.53]i'm not crazy or anything. 我不是疯子或者怎样
[00:28.03]i just spend so much time here in the hospital. 我只是在医院里花的时间太多了
[00:30.23](izzie) holy crap. george is her mcdreamy. 该死 原来george是她的"美梦先生"
[00:39.53](meredith) they key to being a successful intern 成为一个成功的实习医生的关键因素...
[00:41.73]is what we give up-- 就是我们要有所放弃
[00:43.73]sleep, friends, a normal life. 睡觉 朋友 还有正常的生活
[00:48.53]we sacrifice it all for that one amazing moment... 我们牺牲了这一切就为了那神奇的一刻
[00:52.83]that moment 那一刻...
[00:54.83]when you can legally call yourself a surgeon. 我们称之为"外科医生"
[00:57.63]thank you. 谢谢你
[01:00.23]oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. 谢谢 谢谢 谢谢
[01:02.53]thanks. 谢谢
[01:04.03]there are days that make the sacrifices seem worthwhile. 在有的日子里 我们会觉得我们的牺牲是值得的
[01:07.63](laughs) oh. 上帝...
[01:08.83]my god, you're-- you're thanking me
[01:10.83]for the most boring sex ever? 这是我做的最差劲的一次 你还谢我?
[01:12.93]i didn't know what else to say. 我都不知道说什么好了
[01:14.93]i mean, you did your best. 我是说 尽力就好了
[01:16.83]oh, great, thanks. you, too. it was reay nice work. 你也一样 你也很棒
[01:18.73]we used to be really good at this, didn't we? 我们以前在这方面上都很擅长的 不是吗?
[01:20.43]we're gonna do this until we get it right. 那我们继续做到炉火纯青为止吧
[01:22.83]ow! ow! 老天
[01:23.83]oh, jeez. ah.
[01:25.33](telephone rings)
[01:26.93]perfect. oh! it could be the hospital. 太好了 该不又是医院来的电话吧
[01:29.23]hello. hi. 喂 你好
[01:30.73]no, no, no, no. it's about doc. 是关于Doc的
[01:32.73]yeah. no, i'm here. 是的 我在这里
[01:34.53]yeah, i can pick him up this morning. 好的 我这个早上去接他
[01:36.93]sure. i-- come on, come on. 当然 我... 别这样
[01:38.93]hey, dr. dan--dr. dandridge... come on. 喂 dandridge医生...
[01:40.33]we're gonna have to call you back 我们一会再给你回电话
[01:42.43]'cause we're trying really hard to have some decent sex here. 我们正在这里享受做爱的乐趣
[01:44.93]what? what is so funny (derek laughs) 你笑什么?
[01:46.93](line disconnects) 在过后的日子里
[01:48.43]and then there are the days
[01:50.43]where everything feels like a sacrife. 我们就会觉得失去的所有东西都是牺牲
[01:53.03]everything okay? 一切都好吗?
[01:55.33]yeah. everything's great. 是的 一切都好
[01:58.03]hey, doc. you look good. doc 看起来气色不错
[02:00.83]he looks good. it may just be a virus, 他今天看起来不错啊 可能只是感染了点病毒
[02:03.03]but i'd like to wait till we get the blood tests 但我还是想等血液检查和透视结果出来
[02:05.03]and the x-ray work back before i say anything for sure. 我不能妄下定论
[02:06.83]so he can go home today? 'cause derek says he can pick him up. 那今天他可以回家了吧? derek说他一会来接他
[02:09.13]he can go home. you hear that, doc? 他可以回家了 听到了吗 doc?
[02:10.83]you can go home. (doc pants) 你可以回家了
[02:13.33]so you and derek, uh... 这个... 你和derek...
[02:15.93]you're together? 在一起了吗?
[02:19.13]uh, derek and i are, um, just friends. 这个...derek和我只是朋友
[02:23.03]he's married, and i'm knitting a sweater. 他已经结婚了 而我只是在织毛衫
[02:26.13]and, uh, well, i guess i'm rambling, 我想我又在瞎扯了
[02:29.03]which i tend to do a lot of lately, 这是我过会想要做的
[02:31.03]and i wish somebody would just tell me to shut up. 我希望有人到时能让我闭嘴
[02:34.03]but my point is, 但重点是...
[02:35.63]yeah, we're--we're, uh, 我们...
[02:38.13]he's married, and i'm knitting a sweater. 他结婚了 而我只是在织毛衫
[02:40.63]so you're single? single? -也就是说你现在还是单身? -单身
[02:43.03]i ask because i was wondering 我这样问是因为我想知道...
[02:45.53]if you would like to go out with me. out, with you? 你愿不愿意和我一起出去 -出去?和你?
[02:48.43]on a date, tonight? 去约会 今晚
[02:49.83]date, tonight? 约会?今晚
[02:51.23]and you're repeating everything i say 你在重复我说的话
[02:53.23]so that you can buy yourself some time 这样你就可以获得时间
[02:55.43]and figure out a way to let me down easy. 然后想出能拒绝我的理由
[02:57.43]it's okay. i get it. 没关系的 我知道了
[02:58.73]no, no, no. i-i-i, uh... 不是的 不是的 我...
[03:01.33]you know, you're very... it's just that, if i were, 你知道的 你是个非常...只是...如果我...
[03:03.63]you would... 如果我是你的话就...
[03:06.43]not dating. 就不去约会了...
[03:07.93]and then there are the sacrifices 还有一些牺牲...
[03:10.43]that you can't even figure out why you're making. 是连你都不知道为何要做的
[03:15.43]another day... 又是这样
[03:17.33]and once again, i don't see my name on the board. 我又没看到我的名字在上面
[03:20.73]chief, any reason my name isn't on the board? 主任 能给我个理由吗?
[03:23.93]uh... 这个...
[03:26.83]slow day. 慢慢来
[03:28.63]he just patted me on the back. 他刚才拍了我后背
[03:30.73]tell me, when did i become a person 告诉我
[03:32.83]who gets patted on the back? 我什么时候变成一个随便让人拍后背的人了?
[03:34.33]you think he's mommy-tracking you? 你觉得他把你当作专职妈妈照顾?
[03:37.73]well, what have you heard? 你都听到些什么了?
[03:39.23]how about you handle denny duquette for me today? 今天你来帮我对付denny duquette怎么样?
[03:42.93]absolutely. thank you, dr. burke. 一定 谢谢你 burke医生
[03:48.14]i brought your coffee 给你买了杯咖啡
[03:49.53]oh, thanks. very thoughtful. 谢谢 你真体贴
[03:52.83]what? 怎么了?
[03:54.93]oh, nothing. i'm just dragging a little. 没什么 今天没跑多远
[03:57.33]i only did 2 miles this morning. 就跑了两英里路
[03:59.33]o'malley and i were up to 6. we pushed each other. o'malley和我以前都能跑六英里路 互相鼓劲
[04:01.33]ah, you're missing george. 又在想george了吧
[04:03.73]no. no, of course not. drink your coffee. 没有 当然不是 喝咖啡吧
[04:06.53]oh, that's all right. actually, i'm waiting on-- 好得 实际上我还在
[04:09.03]oh, cappuccino. hey, o'malley. 谁要cappuccino咖啡 嗨 o'malley.
[04:13.03]big news-- gene foote is here. 有则猛料新闻 gene foote来这儿了
[04:15.73]he's having problems with his pacemaker. 他的心率有点异常
[04:17.43]eugene foote is here? here in this hospital? uh-huh. eugene foote来到这儿了? 就在这医院里? 是的
[04:19.33]who is eugene foote? eugene foote是谁?
[04:21.53]genius violinist. burke's hero. 天才小提琴家 是burke的偶像
[04:23.23]burke flew down to san francisco last year burke去年曾飞去旧金山
[04:24.83]to put in his pacemaker. 就为了见他一面
[04:25.93]burke has, like, 40 of his albums. no, 42. burke已经买了40张他出的专辑了 不对 是42张
[04:28.83]actually 43 because you just got the greatest hits on dvd. oh, right, right. 实际上应该有43张 你最近不是买了个DVD精选集的吗? 噢 对的对的
[04:32.53]yeah. 没错
[04:33.53]you want in on foote? yes. 你想来见foote? 是的
[04:35.13]but i'm on neuro today with dr. shepherd. 可我今天要和shepherd医生一起巡房
[04:37.33]oh, okay. 那好吧
[04:39.33]eugene... (hums) eugene...
[04:41.93]i want in. hello? i want in. 我想参加这个病例 可以吗?
[04:43.93]hmm. oh, sure. yeah, right. 好的 当然可以
[04:46.53](sighs) burke, um, burke 恩...
[04:49.43]i laid on top of you naked last night, 昨晚裸体躺在你怀里的是我
[04:51.73]so why don't you wax nostalgic about that? 干吗不回忆一下那事?
[04:58.13]obviously, i can't go out with him, right? 显然 我不能和他出去的 对不对?
[05:00.33]do i look like a chick to you? 我看起来很像你姐妹么?
[05:02.23]do i look like i care about 我看起来像是在乎...
[05:03.73]yeast cream or tingling feelings? 你吃酸的还是喝辣的样子吗?
[05:05.23]i mean, he's not in jail or on drugs 我是说 他既没有被收监 也没有吸毒
[05:07.23]or keeping body rts in his basement. 也没有把自己关在地下室里
[05:09.83]you want to do him, do him. not "do him," date him. 想"做"他吗?那就做他吧 不是"做"他 是和他约会
[05:12.43]i'm not doing anybody. i'm knitting. 我不会"做"任何人 我现在只织毛衫
[05:14.53]and i need eugene foote's chart. 我要eugene foote的图表
[05:16.53]oh. who are we talking about? it's weird, right? 我们在说谁呢? 很古怪 你说对不对?
[05:18.73]i mean, he's derek's vet, he's doc's vet, he's my vet. 我说 他是derek的兽医 他是doc的兽医 他是我的兽医
[05:21.73]he's mcvet. 他是"兽医先生"
[05:23.73]it's weird to date him, right? 和他约会很古怪的
[05:25.63]wait, did you say "vet"? mm-hmm. 慢着 你说"兽医"?
[05:27.43]like animals? 治疗动物的那个?
[05:28.93]oh, you can't date a vet. he's not even a real doctor. 你不能和兽医约会 他不算真正的医生
[05:31.43]damn it! 该死
[05:32.83](muttering) sex... hot sex... 做爱...热烈地做爱...
[05:35.33]i need that. ha ha, very funny. 我需要做爱 非常有趣
[05:38.13]must not have gone so well this morning 今早肯定是没搞爽...
[05:40.53]what? 说什么?
[05:41.53]just run if she looks at you. 她看到你就最好赶紧跑
[05:43.53]i need an intern, now. 我现在需要个实习医生
[05:45.83]i'm with bailey. i'm with burke. 我跟bailey了 我跟burke了
[05:47.53](sighs) karev. karev
[05:49.63]i don't do vagina, not as a doctor anyway. 我不想参与妇科 根本不像个医生
[05:52.83]oh, back talk. you know what? 倒回去你的话 你知道吗...
[05:54.83]you just bought yourself a case. 你刚给自己找了份差事
[05:56.23]how you feeling this morning, denny? 今早觉得怎么样 denny?
[05:58.23]great. 棒极了
[05:59.53]i'd be even greater if you'd get me off this machine. 要是你把这机器拿走我会觉得更棒
[06:01.53]denny, you know i would, denny 你知道我会的
[06:03.03]but then your heart would stop beating, 但这样的话你的心脏就会停止跳动
[06:05.03]and dr. burke would yell at me, and that would make burke医生就会冲着我吼
[06:07.23]for a very bad day for both of us. 这样对你对我都是件倒霉透顶的事
[06:08.53]is he a candidate for the portable lvad? 是打算帮你换为便携起博器吗?
[06:10.53]now, see, that's what i'm talkin' about. 看到了没 这正是我想说的
[06:12.63]half the size, twice the fun. 比这个小一半 但是功能更强大
[06:14.63](miranda) uh, you've been doing your research, huh? i have.h 你了解了很多信息哦? 当然
[06:17.23]i've already told him he's not ready for it yet. 我跟他说了 他情况还不适合接受那个
[06:19.43]dr. stevens, didn't i assign you to neuro this morning? stevens医生 我不是安排你今天早上到神经科去的吗?
[06:21.73]yeah. i was o-- i'm on my way. 是的 我只是路过
[06:24.53]but could you tell him about the complications? 但你们能告诉他 可能引起的并发症吗?
[06:27.83]you'd be risking air embolus, v-fib. 你的气栓和心室颤动系统都会有风险
[06:30.63]yeah, and the tubing could kink inside of your body, 是的 气管有可能会插到你的体内
[06:32.83]in which case, we'd have to rush you to emergency surgery. 如果是那样的话我们就得把你送到急救室里开刀了
[06:35.13](miranda) dr. stevens, unless mr. duquette's heart stevens医生 除非duquette先生的心脏里
[06:37.43]has suddenly grown a brain, 突然长出大脑来
[06:38.83]you are currently not doing your job. 你现在干的不是你的活
[06:41.33]i'm going. just don't be stupid, okay? 我现在就走 别干傻事 好吗?
[06:43.53]you're not the boss of me today, woman. 今天你管不到我 女人~~
[06:49.03]i want you to take it out. 我要你拿出来
[06:51.13]take it out? 拿出来?
[06:52.63]but, mr. foote, your heart function foote先生 自从我们把心率仪放进去以后
[06:54.63]has improved exponentially since we put the pacemaker in. 你的心脏功能有了非常大的改善了
[06:56.93]the setting is working well. 这个装置很有用
[06:58.43]you know my music, dr. burke. 你听过我的音乐吧 burke医生?
[07:00.53]very well, sir. it anged my life. 非常喜欢 这改变了我的一生
[07:03.03]well, your contraption has changed my heartbeat. 你给我装的这个玩意儿却改变了我的心跳
[07:06.03]it changed my rhythm. i can't play. 也改变了我的节奏 我无法演奏音乐了
[07:08.03]and that's a sacrifice i am unwilling to make. 我不愿意付出这样的代价
[07:11.03]uh, but you'd be willing to sacrifice your life 那你愿意为了音乐而..
[07:14.43]for your music? 付出生命?
[07:15.93]they're one and the same. 没了音乐和没了生命是一样的
[07:19.23]before we do anything drastic, 在我们给你的心脏做大处理前
[07:20.73]just let me try one more setting on the pacemaker. 我想再试用一下另外的一个装置
[07:24.03]one more setting, mr. foote. 是最后一个 foote先生
[07:28.53]please. 拜托了
[07:34.73]okay, sure. 好的 请便吧
[07:41.73]hello, wards. 你好 wards
[07:43.23]hey. 嗨
[07:44.43]we're just waiting on your labs. 我们还在等你的检查结果
[07:45.93]how are you feeling? 你今天觉得怎么样?
[07:47.13]i'm feeling large. large and cow-like. 感觉我很"大" 大得跟象只奶牛
[07:49.73]a cow? mommy is a cow 奶牛? 妈妈就是奶牛
[07:52.63]who needs a quiet talk with the doctor. 知道谁需要和医生安静的聊天么?
[07:55.13]hey, guys, who wants ice cream? 小家伙们 谁要冰淇淋?
[07:57.03](girl) i want chocolate. 我要巧克力味的
[07:59.53](girl) do they have strawberry? 有草莓味的吗
[08:01.03](alex) uh, c.b.c. and chem-7 look fine. 血常规和7号化检都没异常
[08:06.83]rose? rose?
[08:11.33](sighs) sorry. 对不起
[08:13.03]i'm so tired. 我很累
[08:14.53]oh, rose, 6 kids, 38 weeks pregnant-- rose 你怀孕了38个星期 生了6个孩子...
[08:16.53]a saint would be tired. 神仙都会累了
[08:18.23]well... i'm no saint. 是的 我不是神仙
[08:23.63]this baby. joseph... 这个孩子 joseph...
[08:27.23]dr. shepherd, i need him to be my last. shepherd医生 我希望他是我最后的一个孩子
[08:30.53]and i really seem to be the most fertile woman 我可能是世界上最能生孩子的女人了
[08:33.23]on the planet. well, if you're interested 如果你对避孕感兴趣 我可以...
[08:35.83]in alternative forms of birth control, i-- no. 不是的
[08:38.63]what i mean is... 我的意思是...
[08:40.43]today, during the c-section, i need you to tie my tubes. 今天在开刀的时候 我想让你帮我做个结扎
[08:47.23]and i need you to do it without my husband ever knowing. 而且请不要让我丈夫知道
[09:10.21]rose, you're an adult. rose 你是个成年人了
[09:11.81]he's your husband, not your legal guardian 他是你的丈夫 不是你的监护人
[09:13.41]telling him would be entirely up to you. 告不告诉他由你来定
[09:15.81]well, if you charged my insurance, he would see it. 如果你收我的保险费 他就会看到
[09:18.01]any bill you sent, he would see it. 你们发来的所有帐单他都会看见
[09:20.01]i've been saving for this, and i can pay you privately. 我不想让他知道 我想私下把钱给你们
[09:22.81]so you're saying you want me to do the surgery 你的意思是...
[09:24.81]and leave no record of it? 让我们做手术 但不留下任何记录 对吗?
[09:26.81]mrs. ward, if you're being abused, ward太太 如果您被他虐待...
[09:29.01]there are people you can talk to. 我们可以帮助您的
[09:31.51]oh, chris is-- he's the opposite of abusive. Chris--他不是个家庭暴力分子
[09:34.61]so if we pull up your medical records, 如果我们把您的记录都删除掉
[09:36.41]we're not gonna find a bunch of old broken bones or-- 我们有可能发现不了您所患的旧疾
[09:38.41]if you pull up my medical records, 如果你们删除了我的记录
[09:40.01]you'll find three natural child births, 你们会发现我有三个自然生产的孩子
[09:41.71]three c-sections, two hospital stays for exhaustion 三个剖腹生产 两个由于得衰竭症被留在了医院
[09:44.81]and one for dehydration 还有一个脱水
[09:47.31]because i was so busy chasing my kids around ??????????????????? 因为我忙着照顾其他孩子而精疲力尽 所以三天都忘记给他喂水
[09:52.21]i think god understands what i'm going through. 可能只有上帝能知道我经历过的痛苦
[09:56.31]and i think god will forgive me. 而且上帝会原谅我的
[09:58.31]but chris--for him, 但是对于chris来说
[10:00.01]religion isn't like a buffet table, 宗教不是吃自助餐
[10:02.61]where you get to chose what you want to take and leave the rest. 你不能随意挑选自己想要的 把不好的留下
[10:05.61]and the pope says no to birth control. 教皇一直都反对节育
[10:07.71]so... i need your help. 我需要你们的帮忙
[10:09.91]you don't need our help. 你并不需要我们的帮助
[10:11.81]your husband is not abusing you, and you don't get to lie to him 既然你的丈夫没虐待你 你就没必要跟他撒谎
[10:14.21]and blame it on the pope. 而且还责怪罗马教皇
[10:18.11]dr. karev-v-- karev医生...
[10:19.61]no offense, but i have no interest in obstetrics 不想冒犯你 但我对产科真的不感兴趣
[10:21.61]or gynecology, dr. shepherd, 还有妇科 shepherd医生
[10:23.11]so if you want to throw me off the case, feel free. 如果你想现在把我踢出去我也无所谓
[10:26.11]dr. karev, i may be a board certified o.b.g.y.n., karev医生 我也许是个无趣的妇产科医生
[10:30.01]but i also have fellowships in maternal-fetal medicine 但我也同样是母婴医学
[10:33.21]and medical genetics, 和遗传学专家
[10:34.61]and i am one of the foremost neonatal surgeons 还是全国知名的
[10:37.31]in this country. 新生儿外科专家
[10:38.51]when you can top that, you can mouth off. 你什么时候能到这样的程度你才有资格说话
[10:40.71]until then, you will do your job, 在那之前你就安分做好自己的工作
[10:43.01]and you will do it right, whh at this point in time 现在你最好乖乖地听话
[10:45.01]means you keep your mouth shut 也就是说你闭上你的嘴
[10:47.01]unless i give you permission to open it. 直到我允许你开口为止
[10:49.31]understood? 明白了吗?
[10:51.41]understood? oh, are you giving me permission now? 明白了吗? 现在我可以开口了?
[10:57.51]good morning, ms. graber. 早上好 graber女士
[10:58.91]oh, really? "good morning"? 还"早上好"啊?
[11:00.41]mm-hmm. you haven't let me sleep in three nights. 你们让我三天没睡觉
[11:02.41]and this ridiculous hat is destroying my self-esteem, 还有这顶可笑的帽子让我极没面子
[11:04.31]and i still haven't had a seizure. 而且到现在还是没发现有癫痫的症状
[11:05.81]but, okay, sure. we'll go with "good morning" 不过 还是得和你们说"早上好"
[11:07.51]if it makes you feel better about yourself. ms. graber is here brain mapping dr stevens? 如果这样能让你们舒服点的话 stevens医生 graber女士的脑电图如何?
[11:11.11]brain mapping--it's where you locate the area of the brain 是我做的脑电图 现在上面所显示的位置
[11:13.41]where the seizures originate and surgically remove it 就是癫痫症开始发作的地方
[11:15.91]with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. (derek) excellent. 手术是完全可以移除的 而且对周围组织几乎没有损害
[11:18.41]excellent except for the fact that it's not working, -很好 -除了没有用之外的确很好
[11:19.91]and i am losing billable hours. 而且你们正在浪费我宝贵的时间
[11:22.11]unless any of you are looking to get out of a bad marriage. 除非你们中的谁想从破碎的婚姻中逃脱出来
[11:25.91]no. no. 不 不
[11:27.11]dr. shepherd? yes. no. i'm fine, thank you. shepherd医生? 是..不..我很好 谢谢
[11:30.71]really? yes. 真的吗? 真的
[11:32.01]'cause i'm an excellent divorce attorney. i'm sure you are. 我可是一流的离婚案律师哦 你当然是
[11:34.01]and there was a look, you know, between these two. 那你看看 后面的两个怎么样?
[11:36.01]a look? 看什么?
[11:37.41]no. no. 不 不
[11:38.41]what is it, you married young 怎么样?你年轻的时候结过婚
[11:39.71]and now you have nothing in common? 现在觉得没有共同语言了吗?
[11:41.61]oh, no, don't tell me. i know. 不会吧 不用说 我知道的
[11:44.01]the conversation is still good, but the sex has gone to pot? 夫妻间对话还可以 但性生活就不美满了
[11:47.31]makeher seize? how do we make someone have a seizure? 触发她癫痫发作?我们如何做啊?
[11:49.61]do your research, get creative. 好好研究一下 想想办法
[11:51.31]but if all the normal methods have failed, 如果一般的办法都用尽了的话
[11:53.31]then what are we supposed to do? 我们该怎么办
[11:54.71]use a strobe light, get her drunk, 用闪光灯弄晕她
[11:56.21]hang her from the ceiling upside down and hit her 把她吊到天花板上
[11:57.91]with a wiffle ball bat for all i care, okay? 然后用垒球棒子揍她 怎么样?
[11:59.71]just make her seize, because until she seizes, 只要触发她癫痫发作 因为如果她不发作
[12:01.31]i don't know where to operate, and if i don't know 我就不知道该怎样做手术
[12:02.86]where to operate, i can't get this woman out of my life, 如果我不知道该怎样做手术 我就永远摆脱不了这个女人
[12:04.06]and this woman is not how i like to start my mornings. 我不愿意每天的早晨都是这样开始的
[12:15.56]i'm just curious, george. 我很好奇 george
[12:17.46]curious george. (laughs) "好奇的乔治" (最新的上榜动画电影)
[12:19.46]get it? 听懂了吗?
[12:21.16]never mind. all i'm asking ishere you live. 算了 我想问的是你住在哪儿?
[12:24.46]listen to this, there's an old-school arcade game 看这个 这是个旧式的街机游戏
[12:26.36]that's been known to induce seizures 据说当你达到53级后...
[12:27.96]if you reach level 53. our divorce lawyer 就会引发癫痫
[12:31.16]is so not playing an arcade game for 53 levels. 我们的离婚律师打死也玩不到53关哦
[12:33.66]oh, george, by the way, um, where do you live? 对了 george 你住哪儿啊
[12:36.26]i'm busy doctoring, dr. stevens. no time for chitchat. 我正在忙着医务工作 stevens医生 没时间闲聊
[12:40.96]morning, dr. o'malley. 早上好 o'malley医生
[12:44.26]uh, morning, dr. torres. 早上好 torres医生
[12:50.06]so guess what. 知道我来干嘛吗?
[12:55.56]figures. mm-hmm. 猜猜看
[12:59.86]dr. o'malley, how's all that doctoring going? o'malley医生 你的医务工作做得怎么样了?
[13:24.56]you tell me. 说说吧
[13:27.76]it's an honor to hear you play. 能听到你的演奏真好
[13:30.46]too good a man to lie. 你人很好 不会撒谎
[13:33.36]i'll read your mind. 我知道你在想什么
[13:35.26]his timing is off, his rhythm is off. "他的时代结束了 他的演奏也到了尽头"
[13:37.76]this man has no business calling himself eugene foote. "这个家伙没资格叫eugene foote了"
[13:42.36]you understand, sir, that in the months 先生您知道吗?
[13:45.66]since the initial surgery, 在这个月里 自从做了第一次手术后
[13:47.96]scar tissue has formed around the pacemaker? 伤疤组织已经覆盖在了心率仪上面
[13:52.46]removing it is not nearly as simple as it sounds. 要移除它没有开始的那么简单了
[13:58.96]i picked up the violin at 6 years old. 我6岁的时候接触到小提琴
[14:01.66]it was in my grandfather's attic. 当时是在我祖父的阁楼里
[14:04.66]i didn't even know what it was. 我还不知道那是什么东西
[14:06.96]but i remember picking it up... 但我记得当我拿起它
[14:10.16]that moment. 那一刻
[14:13.46]i remember putting the bow to the strings 我记得我把琴弓放在了琴弦上
[14:18.36]and pulling. 然后拉起来
[14:25.26]just that. 就像这样
[14:28.36]just that screechy little chirp, 发出很尖的唧唧声
[14:31.96]and that was it. 就那样
[14:32.46]i was hooked. 我迷上了它
[14:35.66]you remember a moment like that in your life? 你的生命里有这样的时候吗?
[14:42.66]i know the sgery could kill me. 我知道做手术可能会要了我的命
[14:45.66]i also know you're the best, 我也知道你是最棒的
[14:48.16]which makes you my best shot at survival. 这也是我能活下来的希望
[14:52.16]i'd like you to be the one to operate, dr. burke. 我愿意让你来为我做手术 burke医生
[14:56.06]but if you won't... 但如果你不愿意做
[14:59.56]i'll find someone who will. 我会另找愿意做的人来代替
[15:09.48]he's right. 他说得对
[15:11.18]what, he can't play? 怎么?他不能拉琴了吗?
[15:13.48]he can't play like eugene foote. 他不能像以前的eugene foote那样演奏了
[15:16.08]okay. so, uh, surgery? 那怎么办?开刀吗?
[15:18.48]he says he will go somewhere else if i refuse. 他说如果我拒绝做手术他就会离开这里
[15:21.08]i might let him. 也许我会让他到别处去
[15:22.08]why? 为什么?
[15:24.88]oh, you can't let him go somewhere else. 你不能让他到别的地方
[15:27.18]what are you... 你怎么...
[15:34.88]okay, what if it were you? 好吧 如果是你的话 你怎么想?
[15:37.28]what if yocouldn't be a surgeon anymore? 如果你不能再当外科医生了
[15:40.98]or you could still be one, but--but not a great one? 或者说你不能当一个最棒的医生了
[15:44.58]just average. 只是个普通医生
[15:46.38]he could get his surgery somewhere else, 他可以到别处去
[15:48.58]but that surgeon might be average. 但可能那医生水平很一般
[15:56.98]e.k.g., echo and nuclear all within normal limits. 心率正常 所有指数都再正常范围之内
[16:02.48]well, denny, in that case, 很好 denny
[16:06.09]???????? 这样的话 你就可以下来到处走走了
[16:07.68]music to my ears, dr. bailey. 对我来说真是莫大的安慰 bailey医生
[16:10.18]good. uh, so do you have any questions? 很好 还有什么问题吗?
[16:12.68]no, it's... 没有了
[16:14.18]we could put it off. 你可以先不用着急走
[16:15.78]no harm in waiting a few weeks 在这里等上几个星期也没坏处
[16:17.78]if you have questions, if you're worried. 如果你有什么疑问或者如果你担心的话
[16:20.38]i've got 20 tubes comin' out of my body, 我身上插着20多根管子
[16:22.68]one of which goes directly into my you know what. 其中一跟插在了我的那个地方
[16:25.98]at some point, i'd like to use that you know what 有时我需要用那地方去干点"别的事"
[16:28.88]for something besides peeing into a bag. 不能总是尿在一个包包里
[16:30.98]like, for instance, peeing into a toilet. 比如说 我想上趟厕所去尿尿
[16:33.28]it's just... 只是...
[16:37.38]izzie gave me medical advice. izzie给了我一点建议
[16:39.58]you're giving me different advice. 你给我的建议又不一样
[16:41.58]it just so happe that yours is the advice i want to hear. 我很高兴能听到你说出了我喜欢的建议
[16:45.98]well, dr. bailey outranks dr. stevens, bailey医生是stevens医生的上司
[16:48.98]so it's safe to say 所以可以说
[16:50.48]dr. bailey's advice is the one to follow. 您应该听从bailey医生的建议
[16:52.48]that's not what he's worried about, dr. grey. 那不是他所担心的问题 grey医生
[16:55.28]he's worried that dr. stevens might get her ego bruised 他担心的是stevens医生的自尊受到打击
[16:58.78]and her feelings hurt. 伤害了她的感情
[17:00.28]am i right? 我说得对吗?
[17:02.88]no, no. definitely no. 不是 绝对不是这样
[17:04.38]because it would concern me 因为我关心的是
[17:05.78]if you were making medical decisions 你做的决定是否
[17:07.78]based on how our dr. stevens might feel about it. 基于我们的stevens医生的感受
[17:10.78]well, in that case, i say we--we do this thing. 如果是这样的话我可以负责任的告诉你
[17:13.28]screw that dizzy blonde doctor girl. 我确实是在追求那可爱的金发女孩
[17:15.88]that's not helping, denny. no? 这没用的 denny. 没用吗?
[17:18.78]no. no. 没用 没用
[17:20.38]what's goin' on between stevens and denny? stevens和denny之间到底发生了什么事?
[17:23.48]is it a crush, is it an innocent flirtation, 是一见钟情?还是单纯的调情?
[17:25.48]or is stevens actually crossing the line? 又或者是stevens真的越轨了?
[17:27.88]i know she likes him. i can't imagine izzie would do that. 我知道她也喜欢他 真不敢想像izzie会那样做
[17:30.98]uh-huh. i couldn't imagine you and yang 是吗? 我还不敢想像你和yang
[17:32.98]would be stupid enough to fall for your attendings, 会笨到爱上自己的主治医师呢
[17:35.68]but i was wrong about that, wasn't i? 但是我错了 对吧?
[17:37.98]i'm knitting these days. 最近我在织毛衫
[17:40.38]plus, i'm thinking about 另外我在考虑
[17:41.88]accepting a date with a veterinarian. 接受一个兽医邀请的约会
[17:43.88]grey, do you actually believe i care? grey 你觉得我真的会在乎吗?
[17:46.38]no. 不会
[17:48.08]good. maybe you're not so stupid after all. 很好 看来你还没笨到底
[17:56.48]all right, explain to me one more time 再跟我说一次
[17:57.78]exactly what this is supposed to do? 到底应该怎么做
[17:59.78]having the tv this close makes the flickering 将电视屏幕放这么近
[18:01.78]and flashing bigger and more intense, 可以使闪烁更大更集中
[18:03.78]which can cause seizures. 这样就可以导致痉挛了
[18:05.28]oh, well, normally, i don't have time to watch tv. 还好 平时我都没时间看电视了
[18:07.88]but this week i've discovered oprah. 这个星期我认识了oprah
[18:09.48]you know, she's famous in my business for never marrying 你知道吗 她一直没和她男友结婚
[18:11.48]that boyfriend of hers. 这就是她出名的原因
[18:13.58]wise, wise woman. 非常聪明的女人
[18:21.78]so first you won't tell me where you live, 开始你不愿意告诉我你住在哪
[18:23.48]and now, i am on the outside 而你却和callie开玩笑
[18:24.98]of your inside jokes with callie. 把我丢在了一边
[18:26.63]when did i end up on the outside, george? you're not on the outside. 为什么要把我丢在一边 george? 我没有把你丢在一边
[18:29.13]okay, now you're lying to my face. you're being paranoid. 别当着我面说慌 你是不是得狂妄症了?
[18:31.43]well, i'm not seizing, 我到现在也没痉挛
[18:33.73]but i am having an acid flashback. 但照得我眼很酸
[18:35.73]does that count? 这也算吗?
[18:40.23]rose... seven kids... rose 7个孩子啊...
[18:43.03]it's a lot. 已经很多了
[18:45.53]are you sure that chris isn't feeling the same way? 你确信chris和你想的不一样么?
[18:48.43]when we were first married, we were so broke 我们刚结婚的时候感情就破裂了
[18:50.53]that i went on the pill for a while, 我还服用过一阵子药物
[18:52.83]and chris stopped taking communion. 后来chris也不去教会了
[18:55.63]when he does that, he thinks he's-- he thinks he's going to hell. 他这样做是因为他认为... 他认为他要下地狱了
[18:57.63]he thinks you're both going to hell. 他认为你们俩都要下地狱了
[19:00.83]the reason we haven't had a baby in four years, 我开始的四年都没生孩子
[19:03.73]is because we abstained for three. 是因为在前三年我们都一直禁欲
[19:06.23]i mean, can you imagine nobeing able 你能想像得出
[19:07.83]to make love to your husband? 三年不和丈夫做爱的滋味吗?
[19:10.73]um... 这个...
[19:12.43]the, uh, pill-- 这个...药...
[19:15.03]i can't hide the pill. he would find out. 我不能把药藏起来 他会找到的
[19:17.33]if he found out, what, i mean, he won't divorce you, 他找到又能怎么样?能跟你离婚吗?
[19:19.93]he doesn't believe in it. 他才不信那鬼东西
[19:21.43]do you see the way he's looking at me right now? 你注意到他刚才看我时候的样子了吗?
[19:23.53]dr. karev was just leaving. 我马上让karev医生离开这里
[19:25.03]no, no, no, no. just... 不是 不是 我是说...
[19:26.83]just look at him for a minute. 请看着他一小会儿
[19:30.33]that look he has on his face, 看他脸上的表情
[19:32.93]that's how my husband would look at me 就是当我丈夫知道这件事之后
[19:34.83]if he knew about any of this. 看我的表情...
[19:37.53]and i can't have my husband look at me like that. 我不能让我的丈夫这样看着我
[19:41.43]and i can't have any more babies. 我也不能再要孩子了
[19:52.73]for the record... 按记录来说
[19:54.03]i am on your side today. 我今天站在你们这边
[19:55.33]george sucks. george真没劲
[19:57.03]mmm. burke doesn't think so. he's his new best friend. burke可不这样认为 他俩是铁哥们
[19:59.48]i wonder if burke knows where he lives. 不知道burke知不知道他住哪
[20:01.28]how's denny doing? denny怎么样?
[20:02.78]bailey's not caving in on the lvad thing, is she? about that... bailey没答应装那起博器吧? 关于这个话题
[20:05.88]?????when he said you dumped him for a heart patient. 我以为Alex说你因为一个 心脏病患者把他给甩了是开玩笑呢
[20:09.28]did you really dump him for a heart patient? of course not. 这是不是真的? 当然不是
[20:11.78]'cause denny's a patient. we can't fall for our patients. 因为denny是个病人 我们不可以爱一个病人
[20:14.58]you're falling for a vet. 你却爱上了一个兽医
[20:16.18]i'm considering the possibility 我还在想...
[20:17.68]of maybe having a date with a vet. 有没有可能和他去约会
[20:20.08]that's all i'm saying. 我就是想说这个
[20:22.48]my point is, bailey's on the warpath about you and denny, 我的意思是 bailey对你和denny的事很不高兴
[20:26.38]so just be careful. 你得小心点
[20:29.28](addison) how's your sponge count, dr. karev? Karev医生 海绵计数怎么样?
[20:31.28]they're all accounted for, but i see a bleeder here. 都解决了 只是我在这儿看到一个大血管
[20:34.28]it's small. get the bovie and cauterize it. 是小的 拿电刀烙
[20:39.18]all right, got it. 好的 搞定
[20:40.68]that's good. 很好
[20:42.18]there's a little bleeding near the tube here. 输卵管旁边有一点出血
[20:45.08]can you hand me the bovie, dr. karev? 你能不能把电刀给我? karev医生
[20:51.58]i don't see any abnormal bleeding. 我没有看到异常出血
[20:53.48]are you the surgeon here? 你是这儿的外科医生吗?
[20:56.38]no. 不是
[20:57.48]then give me the bovie. 那就把电刀给我
[21:01.28]give me the bovie, dr. karev. 把电刀给我 karev医生
[21:22.46]hey there, joseph. welcome to the world. 嗨 Joseph 欢迎来到这个世界
[21:30.66]rose, before we bring your family in to see you, rose 在我把你丈夫孩子带来之前
[21:33.66]i wanted to let you know 我想让你知道
[21:34.66]that there was a complication with your surgery. 你的手术过程中出现了并发症
[21:39.46]we had some unexpected bleeding that caused damage 输卵管破裂导致
[21:43.16]to both fallopian tubes. 意想不到的出血
[21:45.36]so you're saying... 那你是说...
[21:48.26]you won't be able to have any more children. 你不会再有孩子了
[21:52.06]thank you, dr. shepherd. 谢谢 shepherd医生
[21:57.46]as i said, it was... a complication. 就像我说的 是并发症
[22:02.26]i understand. 我明白
[22:04.36]a complication, that's what you're calling it? 并发症 你是这么叫的吗?
[22:06.26]that's what it was. rely? 本来就是那样称呼的 真的吗?
[22:07.86]'cause in that case, it's one of the most bizarre 因为 如果是那样的话
[22:09.86]obstetric complications in history. 这就是妇产科最奇异的并发症
[22:12.86]she is a patient. our obligation is to her and her only. 她是病人 我们的职责只是做她需要做的事 仅此而已
[22:28.76]hey. 嗨
[22:29.76]well, hey. 嗨
[22:34.76]uh, you picked up doc. 你把doc接回家了
[22:37.16]yeah. he's home. 是的 它在家里
[22:38.66]he seems to be doing much better. 他好像好多了
[22:40.66]he seems to be doing good. 他好像一直都很好
[22:47.16]i'm not laughing at you. 我不是在笑你
[22:48.66]no? 是吗?
[22:49.66]no, it's just, you know, 不是 只是 你知道
[22:51.56]bad sex isn't really something that wives want announced 糟糕的性生活真的就是妻子们
[22:55.76]to the dirty ex-mistress. 想要跟肮脏的前情妇们所宣布的那样
[22:57.26]you're not the dirty ex-mistress. you're a friend. 你不是肮脏的前情妇 你是朋友
[22:59.86]she's your friend. i'm your friend. 她是你的朋友 我是你的朋友
[23:01.96]we're friends. 我们都是朋友
[23:03.86]but you didn't tell her. 可你没有告诉她
[23:07.96]no. 没有
[23:09.76](sighs) how's your day going? 今天过得怎么样?
[23:11.26]great. 不错
[23:12.26]good. 好
[23:13.56]the vet asked me if we-- 那个兽医问我 如果我们
[23:16.96]what, what did he ask you? 什么 他问你什么?
[23:18.86]if we were together. 如果我们在一起的话
[23:20.36]uh-huh. 恩?
[23:21.36]and i set him straight. 我打消了他的念头
[23:26.06]have a good day, meredith. 祝你今天愉快 meredith
[23:27.56]you, too, derek. 你也是 derek
[23:30.96]i am not drinking another shot of espresso. 我不能再喝浓咖啡了
[23:32.96]i-i can't. i can't. you can. you can. 我 我不能 我不能 你可以 你可以
[23:34.96]you're the best divorce attorney in seattle. (izzie) you're the best. 你是西雅图最棒的离婚案律师
[23:37.36]you can kick that espresso shot's ass. you can. 这些浓咖啡对你来说算什么 你可以的
[23:39.76]kick it. kick it. 干了它 干了它
[23:41.66]kick it. yeah! 干了它
[23:43.16]whoa, whoa, whoa! what? 哇! 什么?
[23:45.16]okay, good, so, caffeine's for seizures. 可以 好的 咖啡因是用来治疗癫痫的
[23:47.16]what's the doughnuts for? 这炸面圈是作什么用的?
[23:48.66]they are to absorb some of the coffee 它们是为了吸收一些咖啡
[23:50.96]so it doesn't' burn a hole through your stomach. good. okay. good idea. 这样咖啡因就不会在你的胃上烧个洞了 很好 好主意
[23:57.36]oh. 哦
[23:58.36]do you know how long it has been 知道我上次吃炸面圈
[24:00.26]since i have had a doughnut? (laughs) 是多久之前吗?
[24:03.36]i really, really, really, really, really like doughnuts. 我真的 真的 真的很喜欢炸面圈
[24:05.66]then why don't you eat them? 那你为什么不吃了它?
[24:07.66]got to stay on top of my game. 开始熟练掌握我的游戏
[24:09.36]no time for exercise, no carbs, no sugar. 没有时候练习 没有卡素 没有糖
[24:11.46]can't have a sugar crash in court. 法庭上不能吃口香糖
[24:13.36]stupid court. 愚蠢的法庭
[24:14.56]court is stupid because i love doughnuts! 法庭是愚蠢的 因为我爱炸面圈
[24:27.36]you're making really good progress. 你情况看起来很稳定
[24:34.56]hey there, chief. 嗨 主任
[24:36.86]you here for my big moment? 你到这儿来是为了我的重要时刻吗?
[24:39.07]????? 我不参与你的病例 Danny
[24:46.96]is there something i can do for you, chief? 有什么我能帮你的吗? 主任
[24:49.56]his e.k.g.? 他的心电图怎么样?
[24:51.06]normal, as well as his echo and nuclear study. 正常 他的回波和核子研究一样好
[24:54.26]mmmm. his perfusion? he's ready, chief. 他的灌注呢? 准备着呢 主任
[24:57.96]looking' good. carry on. 看起来不错 继续吧
[25:01.06]thank you, sir. 谢谢 先生
[25:02.76]die! die! 去死 去死
[25:04.26]oh, yeah! next level. i'm at the next level. 哦耶~~下一关 我过关了
[25:07.26]god, this is exhilarating. 天 这真令人兴奋
[25:08.76]keep--keep going, keep going. 继续 继续
[25:10.26]you only have 12 more levels before you reach 在你癫痫发作初期之前
[25:12.26]prime seizure potential. 你只有12关需要闯了
[25:13.76]oh, this is fun. right? you know? 这很有意思 对不对? 你知道吗?
[25:16.46]like fun that we had at home 很有意思 就像我们在家的时候
[25:19.36]back when you used to tell me things, 你曾告诉我的那样
[25:20.76]like where do you live? 比如 你住哪儿?
[25:21.66]don't start that again. 不要再说那个了
[25:22.96]i'm not starting anything. 我没有说什么
[25:23.46]i'm just saying, there's fun to be had. 我只是说 有些事情很有意思
[25:25.16]all the time, with me, your best friend. 一直是我 你最好的朋友和你在一起
[25:26.96]it's not like we're in high school. 不像我们在高中的时候
[25:28.46]george, don't do the whispering under your breath thing. george 不要小声嘟囔
[25:31.86]if you've got something to say, just say it. 如果你有什么事要说 就说吧
[25:33.26]yeah, last time you gave me that advice, 上次你给我的建议
[25:34.96]it went really well. you're seriously pissed at me 很不错 你真的激怒了我
[25:37.06]because of what happened between you and meredith? 因为发生在你和meredith发生的事?
[25:38.61]no. yeah. 不是 是的
[25:46.16]oh. 噢
[25:50.56](preston) he recorded this at the hollywood bowl 几年前
[25:52.36]a couple of years ago. 他在好莱坞露天剧场录了这个
[25:56.56]it's nice. 很好听
[26:00.56]it's not nice. it's brilliant. 岂止好听 简直是天籁
[26:05.66]excuse me. 打扰一下
[26:06.76]you were one of my wife's doctors, weren't you? 你是我妻子的一个医生 是不是?
[26:08.46]rose ward. yes, sir, i was. rose ward 是的 先生 我是
[26:10.46]she just told me there was a complication 她刚刚告诉我
[26:12.86]with her c-section. 在她剖腹产的过程中出现了并发症
[26:14.56]i told you to tell her how you feel. 我让你告诉她你是什么感受
[26:16.56]i did not tell you to jump into bed with her. adultery? 我没有让你和她跳到床上去 通奸吗?
[26:18.86]why did you send me in there? 你为什么把我送到那儿去?
[26:20.96]was it to humiliate me? no. 你是要羞辱我吗? 不是
[26:22.66]i mean, if you knew that she didn't love me, 我的意思是 如果你知道她不爱我的话
[26:23.96]why? what kind of friend does that? 为什么? 这么做还算什么朋友?
[26:25.66]it's just-- it was shocking. 只是 很震惊
[26:28.56]someone says there's a complication, 一句并发症
[26:30.36]and everything changes. 一切都改变了
[26:34.66](raspy breathing) i can't breathe. 我不能呼吸
[26:36.66]are those batteries-- 这些电池
[26:37.56]yes, they're charged. i checked them myself. he's having runs of v-tach. 是的 充满电了 我亲自检查了 他有室颤
[26:40.76](richard) could be an air embolism. (miranda) i got it. 可能是气栓 我知道了
[26:42.66](preston) damn it. we've got a tamponade. 妈的 我们进行压塞了
[26:44.66]b.p.'s not registering. 血压没有记录
[26:46.16]keep transfusing p.r.b.c.'s 继续输血
[26:47.66]he has a full ventricular perforation. 心室穿孔
[26:49.66]hand me a 2-0 prolene. 把2-0线给我
[26:51.16]cristina... replace my hand with yours. cristina 你来替换我的手
[26:57.16]yes. and hold on for dear life. 对 为了宝贵的生命一定要坚持住
[26:58.86]you didn't want to hear it. yes, yes, i did. 你并不想听到这个 是的 是的 我不想听
[27:00.76]oh, and some denial. i can work with that. you wanted to 我能适应这个 你想...
[27:02.76]you did not want to hear it. 你不想听这个
[27:04.36]should we intubate? 我们该把管子插进去吗?
[27:06.16](richard) we can call respiratory to do it. 可以呼吸了
[27:08.16]rose says it's a blessing. rose说这是上帝的赐福
[27:10.06]it's god's will. maybe it is. 这是上帝的意愿 可能是这样的
[27:11.46]maybe it is. a blessing, i mean. 或许是吧 这是上帝的赐福 我的意思是
[27:14.26]this "complication." 这并发症
[27:16.86](cristina) his heart's not moving at all. 他的心脏根本就没有动
[27:18.36]keep compressing as i was doing it. 就像我做的那样 继续压迫
[27:19.96]there's no signs of life. blood pressure's nonexistent. 没有生命的迹象了 没有血压
[27:22.16]the tubing could be kinked. 管子可能纠结到一块儿了
[27:23.66]we need to move him to the o.r., bailey. i've got this. 我们得把他搬到手术室去 bailey 我知道了
[27:26.06]it doesn't look like you've got this. i've got this! 好像你并不知道 我知道了
[27:28.06]oh, my god! you knew the risk. 哦上帝 你知道这个是冒险的行为
[27:30.46]you knew she was in love with someone else. i'm gettin' an aura. 你知道她爱上别人了 -我好像感觉到了什么
[27:32.56]i'm not saying she wasn't wrong. 我没有说她错了
[27:33.96]no! i am not saying that what she did wasn't wrong, 不 我不是说她没错
[27:36.86]i am just saying you need to take a tiny piece of-- what, responsibility? 我只是说你需要担当一点 责任心
[27:38.86]you are being ridiculous! she's seizing. go page shepherd! 你很可笑 她犯病了 去找shepherd!
[27:40.96]this complication, it might be god's way of helping you 这个并发症 上帝会帮助你的
[27:43.56]put your seven kids through college. 让你的七个孩子考上大学
[27:45.56]what are you saying? i'm saying get a lawyer. 你在说什么呢? 我是说去找个律师吧
[28:03.46]time of death--1832. 死亡时间 18点32分
[28:10.86]everything looks good, denny 一切都看起来很好 denny
[28:12.46]well, you gotta thank dr. bailey for me. 你代我谢谢bailey医生
[28:14.36]i mean, i already anked her once, 我是说 我已经谢过她了
[28:16.36]but this here deserves a double scoop. 这该是双倍的
[28:22.66]i know i don't know you very well. 我知道我不太了解你
[28:25.36]you want to talk to me about izzie. 你想跟我谈谈izzie
[28:27.36]yeah. 是的
[28:29.26]because you disapprove. 因为你不赞成
[28:30.66]no. 不赞成
[28:32.86]this comes from nothing resembling a high horse. 这事儿有点像一匹高大的马
[28:36.06]high horses want nothing to do with me. 但是我跟高大的马没有关系
[28:39.86]you know, this thing with you and izzie, 你知道 这件事情跟你和izzie有关
[28:41.76]it's... 这是...
[28:43.56]there are strict rules about doctors dating patients. 关于医生和病人约会 有严格的规章制度
[28:47.46]you know izzie pretty well, right? 你很了解izzie 对不对?
[28:49.46]you think if i went to her and i said, 你想 如果我去找她 并跟她说
[28:52.46]"hey, you know, this is gonna be really bad for your career, 嗨 你知道 这对你的事业真的很糟糕
[28:55.46]"and you probably shouldn't come around 或许你
[28:57.46]to see me anymore," 不该再来看我
[28:58.96]you--you think that'll have any effect at all? 你 你认为那究竟会产生什么样的影响?
[29:01.66]the thing is... 这件事...
[29:03.66]i was healthy my whole life till i wasn't. 之前我的一生是很健康的
[29:09.66]and for the last year, i've had a lot of time 在过去那几年 我花了好多时间
[29:12.66]to lay around in bed and think about my life. 躺在床上考虑我的人生
[29:15.36]and the things that i remember best... 而我回忆起来最美好的是...
[29:19.16]well, those are the things that i wasn't supposed to do, 当然这些事情并不是我所愿的
[29:23.16]and i did 'em anyway. 不管怎么说我做了
[29:25.96]so the thing is, meredith... 问题是 meredith...
[29:29.86]life is too damn short to be following all these rules. 生命太短暂了 不能老是受约束于这该死的规章制度
[29:34.86]may i ask 我可不可以问问
[29:37.16]what motive you had for underming my authority 你在我的病人和实习医生面前
[29:39.06]in front of my patient and my intern? 损坏我的威信是什么动机?
[29:41.16]i'm not punishing you, dr. bailey. oh, but you are. 我不是在惩罚你 bailey医生 可你是
[29:43.96]i had a baby, and so you are. yes, you had a baby. 我有个孩子 因为你是 是的 你有一个孩子
[29:46.56]and now you're sleep-deprived. every doctor in this hospital is sleep-deprived. 你现在睡眠不足 这家医院的每个医生都睡眠不足
[29:49.06]you just came back from maternity leave, 你只是休产假回来的
[29:51.26]and i'm not convinced you're back on your game. 我不太确定你回来后的状态很好
[29:53.66]this is not a punishment 这不是惩罚
[29:55.16]or a reflection on how highly i value you. 或者表明我有多么重视你
[29:58.26]it's just the way it is. i'm sorry to interrupt, chief, 就是这样 抱歉打断您了
[30:01.16]but that man over there is asking to talk to you. 可那边那个男人要求跟您谈谈
[30:03.66]excuse me. 抱歉
[30:18.76]we're closed. 我们关门了
[30:20.26]hey. 嗨
[30:22.56]i thought you were knitting a sweater. 我以为你一直在织毛衫呢
[30:24.66]i am. but i'm also dating. 是的 可我也约会
[30:27.16]you. if you still want to. 你 如果你还想去的话
[30:33.86]i should've call. you kno i was going to call-- 我该打个电话的 你知道我要去打电话
[30:35.76]no, no, uh... 不 不
[30:37.26]don't call. never call. 别打 永远也别打
[30:39.56]always show up. 见到人就好了
[30:41.46]okay. 好吧
[30:43.06]okay. but i can't tonight. 好吧 只是今晚不行
[30:45.56]i've got an errand i have to run. 我得到个差事 得去跑跑
[30:47.56]i run errands. 我也可以陪你
[30:49.96]this shouldn't take too long, 应该不会太久
[30:51.46]and we can grab some dinner right after. 之后我们可以一起吃晚餐
[30:53.46]after? 之后?
[30:54.66]after she gives birth. 她出生后
[30:56.06]you're birthing a horse? 你给马接生?
[30:57.76]yeah. 是的
[31:00.16]that was your errand? you're birthing a horse? 那是你的差事吗? 你给马接生?
[31:02.96]yeah. 是的
[31:04.06]i guess i-i could've ntioned it before, 好像之前我没和你提过这个
[31:05.96]but, you know, i didn't want to scare you back to your knitting. 可是 你知道 我不想把你吓跑了
[31:13.46]she's getting anxious. 它变得越来越焦躁不安了
[31:14.96]you can wait back here. 你可以在这儿等着
[31:16.46]back here? 在这儿?
[31:17.86]if you want. i mean, it's a little messy. 如果你愿意的话 我是说 有点乱
[31:20.56]are you kidding? i want to birth a horse. 你是在开玩笑吧? 我也想给马接生
[31:35.46]richard, we have to talk about alex karev. richard 我们得谈谈alex karev
[31:38.16]i know he's talented, but his attitude, 我知道他很有才能 可他的态度
[31:40.36]in my opinion, has reached an unacceptable low. 依我看来 是我不能容忍的
[31:42.86]addison... addison...
[31:45.06]you've got a bigger problem today 你今天惹了个大麻烦
[31:47.46]than alex karev. 比alex karev的还严重
[31:51.36]mr. ward has been speaking with our attorney ward先生和我的律师在商量
[31:53.86]regarding his wife's surgery. 关于他妻子手术的事
[31:55.36]now i read your chart. 我看过你的图表了
[31:57.56]i read the nurse's notes. 也看了护士的记录
[31:59.86]now can you explain to me what kind of complication 你能给我解释一下
[32:03.36]from a c-section leads to the severing 在剖腹产手术的过程中
[32:05.46]of both fallopian tubes? 导致输卵管出血的并发症是什么?
[32:09.86]well, the bad news is, you had a grand mal seizure. 坏消息是 你癫痫大发作
[32:13.56]the good news is, we mapped it, so now we can operate. 好消息是 我们跟踪捕捉到了图像 可以手术了
[32:16.56]no. i've decided against surgery, dr. shepherd. 不 shepherd医生 我坚决反对手术
[32:19.66]i'm sorry? 怎么了?
[32:20.66]no offense. the risks of craniotomy-- 我没有恶意 开颅手术的风险
[32:23.06]when you describe them, they're not terribly appealing. 当你描述的时候 并不十分吸引人
[32:25.96]yes, there are risks. 是的 是有风险
[32:27.06]but you have to weigh those risks with the, uh, 可你得衡量一下你的风险
[32:30.06]detrimental effect your seizure disorder has on your life. 癫痫在你的生活中带给你的有害影响
[32:32.56]unless my life is having a detrimental effect 除非癫痫给予我的生活
[32:34.96]on my seizure disorder. 有害的影响
[32:36.56]'s like with you and your wife-- 就像你和你的妻子
[32:37.36]is the bad sex your biggest problem, 糟糕的性生活成为你们最大的麻烦
[32:39.06]or are all the bigger problems causing the bad sex? 或者更大的麻烦导致你们性生活很糟糕?
[32:41.56]i'm, uh... oh. i'm not gonna answer that. 我 嗯 我不想回答这个
[32:45.76]all right, my point is, i had more fun today 好吧 我的意见是
[32:47.86]than i can remember. 今天我得到了有生以来最大的乐趣
[32:49.86]i don't have any friends. i don't have any fun. 我没有朋友 我没有乐趣
[32:52.06]i only have work. work and seizures. 我只有工作 工作和癫痫
[32:54.06]and it's no coincidence that when the work stopped, 当停止工作的时候 癫痫就停止了
[32:56.36]the seizures stopped. 这不是同时发生的
[32:57.96]until these two started arguing. 直到他们俩开始吵架
[32:59.86]right. i'm gonna talk to 'em about that. no, no, no. 对 我会和他们谈谈 不 不 不 你没明白我的意思
[33:02.86]watching people fight--ugh! 看人们吵架 哇
[33:04.36]it's been my whole life for 15 years. 这就是我15年来的全部生活
[33:06.56]so i'm changing my life. 所以我要改变我的生活
[33:08.06]look, and if that doesn't work, i'll come back here 如果这个方法没有用 我会再回来的
[33:10.06]and let you cut open my brain, okay? 让你切开我的大脑 怎么样?
[33:12.16]all right. fair enough. 好的 明白了
[33:30.86]it's pretty good, huh? 很不错 是吗?
[33:33.16]yeah, it's pretty good. 是的 很不错
[33:57.16]how are you feeling? 你感觉怎么样?
[33:58.86]little sore. 有点痛
[34:00.36]well, that's to be expected. 恩 这个正常
[34:08.26]i'm sorry i told chris abt the complication. 对不起我跟chris说了并发症的事
[34:11.26]i just... 我只是...
[34:13.26]i just thought he should know that joseph would be our last 我只是认为他应该知道joseph会成为我们最后一个孩子
[34:17.66]so he could savor it. 他可以尽情享受了
[34:20.56]i didn't know he was gonna do this. 我不知道他要这样做
[34:24.16]rose... rose...
[34:26.16]i need you to tell him that you asked me 我要你告诉他你让我
[34:28.56]to tie your tubes. 结扎了你的输卵管
[34:30.56]for you, it's just insurance, 对你来说 只是保险费的问题
[34:33.16]and you don't even have to pay. 你甚至不必付费
[34:35.16]for me, it's my marriage. 对于我来说 就是我的婚姻
[34:37.16]it's my family. 我的家庭
[34:39.46]it's my career, rose. it's my reputation. 这是我的事业 rose 关乎我的名誉
[34:43.96]you're the best. 你是最棒的
[34:45.46]people come from all over the country to see you. 人们从全国各地来找你看病
[34:47.46]that won't change. 这是不可改变的事实
[34:49.76]i can't tell him. 只是我不能告诉他
[34:51.76]dr. shepherd, i-- shepherd医生 我
[34:55.56]i'm so sorry 我很抱歉
[34:57.06]because i am so grateful to you. 我十分感激你
[35:00.86]but i can't tell him. 可我不能告诉他
[35:41.26]is it coming off? 掉了吗?
[35:44.86]not exactly. 不全是
[35:47.06]i'm sorry. 对不起
[35:48.46]oh, don't be. it was a great date. 别这样 这是个重大的约会
[35:50.36]technically, it wasn't the date. it was the errand. 理论上来说 这不是约会 是个差事
[35:53.16]now we could go up to my place, i could cook for you. 现在我们可以到我那儿去 我给你做饭
[35:56.56]go up to your place? 到你那儿去?
[35:59.86]do you want to come up to my place? 你想去我那儿吗?
[36:01.86]yeah. i mean, no. 是的 我是说 不
[36:03.56]no, i-i don't. 不 我 我不去
[36:05.76]i-i do, but i don't. 我 我可以去 只是我不能去
[36:07.66]you don't know? 你不知道吗?
[36:08.36]no, i do. i mean, i-i know. no, i don't. 是的 我知道 我是说 我知道 不 我不知道
[36:14.26]all right, well, here's the deal. 好吧 这样吧
[36:16.16]um, you have two options. 你有两个选项
[36:19.46]you could come up to my place, take off all your clothes, 你可以去我那儿 把你的衣服全脱了
[36:23.16]shower off the goo, borrow one of my shirts, 卖弄风情 向我借一件衬衫
[36:25.56]and i'll cook you dinner-- that's door number one. 我会给你做饭的 这是A选项
[36:28.66]door number two-- you go home. B选项 你回家
[36:32.26]i-i think you oughta take door number one, 我 我决定你应该选A
[36:33.46]because, you know, it involves you naked in my apartment, 因为 这选项包括你在我公寓里裸体哦
[36:37.36]but, you kno that's just me. 可是 你知道那只是我的想法
[36:39.66]i should point out that 我应该指出
[36:40.46]there is absolutely nothing you could say 我和你一起上楼
[36:42.46]that would make me go upstairs with you. 那是绝对不可能的
[36:45.36]i'm kind of offended 我感觉有点被冒犯了
[36:47.26]that you think that i would go upstairs with you. 你认为我会和你一起上楼去
[36:49.46]and you should know that i... am celibate. 你该知道 我是个禁欲者
[36:53.06]so-- shut up. 闭嘴
[36:56.66]i absolutely cannot have... 我绝对不会
[37:01.76]sex with you. 和你做爱的
[37:05.06]if you choose door number one, 如果你选择A选项
[37:07.06]absolutely will not have sex with you. 我绝对不会和你做爱的
[37:11.26]you won't? i promise i won't. 你不会吗? 我保证我不会
[37:13.06]i won't even try and kiss you. why not? 我甚至不会试着去亲吻你 为什么不?
[37:15.06]meredith. what? meredith 什么?
[37:16.96]choose door number one. 选择A
[37:18.76]a wise man once said 有个聪明的男人曾说
[37:20.76]you can have anything in life 在你的一生可以拥有任何东西
[37:22.76]if you will sacrifice everything else for it. 如果你牺牲了其他一切来得到这些
[37:24.76]i hope it works... 我希望这个有用
[37:27.46]you changing your life. 你正在改变你的生活
[37:29.46]so do i. 我也这样认为
[37:31.16]okay. 好
[37:33.06]hey, george. 嗨 george
[37:37.26]i don't know much, but i do know fighting. 我知道太多 可我确实知道吵架这回事
[37:40.66]and people who fight like you and izzie, 人们会像你和izzie一样吵架
[37:43.66]those people love each other. 正是因为他们彼此相爱
[37:45.96]she misses her friend. 她想念朋友
[37:47.46]what he meant is, 他的意思就是
[37:50.26]nothing comes without a price. 天下没有免费的午餐
[37:54.16]the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 好心经常会做坏事的
[37:57.06]so before you go into battle, 所以 在你投入战斗之前
[37:59.06]you better decide how much you're willing to lose. 你最好明白你会失去多少
[38:01.66]dr. karev... karev医生...
[38:04.36]you did such a good job today that... 今天你干的不错
[38:07.96]i'm gonna talk to dr. bailey 我要跟bailey医生谈谈
[38:09.96]and have you assned to my service. 把你调到我这边来
[38:11.86]what? for how long? 什么? 多久?
[38:13.16]for as long as i want. 我想多久就多久
[38:14.86]your ass is mine until i say otherwise. 你得听我的 直到我不要了为止
[38:16.86]congratulations. 祝贺你
[38:22.06]you got it. 你成功了
[38:23.76]i did, indeed. 是的 的确
[38:26.66]and you're okay? 你还好吗?
[38:28.16]are you kidding me? i'm great. 你开玩笑吧? 我好着呢
[38:30.66]i mean, look at this-- 我是说 看看这个
[38:32.06]some nice-sized batteries, colorful wires. 各种电池 五颜六色的线
[38:35.36]it's what your best-dressed lvad patients 目前 这是你们给左心室辅助装置病人
[38:37.36]are wearing these days, you know? 穿着最好看的了 你知道吗?
[38:39.46]really? 真的吗?
[38:40.46]'cause it seems so last fall. 可是看起来很过时哦
[38:52.46]you're tall. 你个子很高
[38:54.76]i know. 我知道
[39:01.16]too often, going after what feels good 太频繁追逐感觉不错的东西
[39:03.36]means letting go of what you know is right. 意味着你要释放掉一些你所认为好的东西
[39:17.16]you did everything you could. 你做了所有能做的
[39:25.06]there was an interview that eugene gave. 那个是eugene的一次访谈
[39:28.76]i saved it. 我保存了下来
[39:30.26]i taped it to my bathroom mirror. 我把它钉在我的浴室镜子上
[39:33.26]he said that he wasn't the most talented student 他说他不是音乐学校
[39:36.76]at music school. 最有才能的学生
[39:38.26]but he said what he lacked in natural ability, 可他说他先天不足
[39:41.46]he made up for in discipline. 你就在学科上补偿
[39:46.06]he practiced... 他练习
[39:48.66]all the time. 不停地练
[39:52.36]all the time, he practiced. 他不停地练琴
[39:55.36]i wasn't like you. 我曾经还不如你呢
[39:58.16]i wasn't the most talented student in school. 我不是学校里有才能的学生
[40:01.16]i wasn't the brightest. 也不是最聪明的
[40:04.06]but i was the best. 可我是最优秀的
[40:17.16]you practiced. 因为你经常练习
[40:19.66]i practiced. 我经常练习
[40:23.16]and letting someone in means abandoning the walls 让某个人进去 意味着放弃
[40:27.06]you've spent a lifetime building. 你花了一生所筑的墙
[40:28.96]i got home, he was listless and hadn't eaten all day. 我回家 看他情绪低落 整天不吃东西
[40:31.56]oh, no. let's have a look. 不 让我看看
[40:37.26]of course, the toughest sacrifices 当然 最大的牺牲
[40:39.66]are the ones we don't see coming... 就是这个了 我们没有看到它的发生
[40:41.66]hey. 嗨
[40:48.06]is he sick again? 他又生病了?
[40:49.56]yeah. 是的
[40:57.26]george. george
[40:58.36]hey. 嗨
[41:00.36]oh. 哦
[41:01.56]oh, hi. 嗨
[41:03.36]hey. 嗨
[41:05.06]so we spent the night at clie's last night. 昨晚我们在clie家过夜的
[41:07.66]so i figured we'd just spend the night here. 我想我们要在这儿过夜
[41:10.36]okay, so, uh... 好的 那...
[41:12.66]you're back, then, just for tonight? 你回来了 只是今晚吗?
[41:14.66]well, callie's here for tonight. callie只是今晚在这儿
[41:16.56]i'm, uh... 我...
[41:18.06]i don't know. 我不知道
[41:20.16]it's my room. i pay rent. 这是我的房间 我付房租了
[41:23.16]welcome home. 欢迎回家
[41:25.96]when we don't have time to come up with a strategy, 当我们没有时间拿出对策的时候
[41:29.46]to pick a side 就选择闪在一边
[41:30.96]or to measure the potential loss. 或者衡量一下潜在的损失
[41:38.46]you would not believe the day i had. 你不会相信我经历的这一天
[41:41.46]i went out of my way to give a patient 我故意给病人
[41:43.26]exactly what she wants 她所想要的
[41:44.76]only to have it explode in my face. 结果是自己打自己的脸
[41:47.06]i mean, lawsuit, threats, richard's pissed. 我是说 诉讼 威胁 richard愤怒了
[41:49.46]don't even get me started about alex karev. get in the shower. 表面上是不算是alex karev引起的 进去洗个澡吧
[41:52.06]what? 什么?
[41:53.16]get in the shower with me. 和我进去洗个澡吧
[41:55.26]honey, it's a very small shower. 亲爱的 这是个洗澡间很小
[41:58.96]you want to have hot sex? 你想做个超级爱吗?
[42:02.26]thank you. oh. 谢谢
[42:05.06]when that happens, when the battle chooses us 当一切发生时 当战斗选择了我们时
[42:07.56]and not the other way around, 没有其它路可走
[42:09.56]that's when the sacrifice 牺牲的结果可能会
[42:11.16]can turn out to be more than we can bear. 超出我们所能忍受的范围
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8671-250076-1.html

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