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实习医生格蕾第二季第24集:[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:42:50
[00:01.45]Grey's anatomy"... 前情提要...
[00:03.15]i slept with george.It was a horrible mistake. 我和george上床了 那是个天大的错误
[00:05.75]I have no interest in obstetrics or gynecology, dr. Shepherd. 我对妇科或者产科没兴趣 Shepherd医生
[00:08.95]Your ass is mine until i say otherwise. 你现在听我调遣 直到我满意为止
[00:11.45]So we spent the night at callie's last night. 昨晚我们是在callie的地方过夜的
[00:13.35]So i figured we'd just spend the night here. 所以我决定今晚我们就在这里了
[00:15.15]Oh, hi. 喔 嗨
[00:16.65]You're falling for a vet. 你正在爱上一个兽医
[00:18.05]I'm also dating. You.If you still want to. 我也要约会 你--如果你还想的话
[00:22.05]I got home. He was listless and hadn't eaten all day 我回到家里 看到他神情倦怠而且一天没吃东西
[00:23.95]oh, no. Let's have a look. Hey. 哦不 让我们看看 嘿
[00:25.95]Hey. Is he sick again? 嘿 他又病了?
[00:28.25]Yeah. 恩
[00:33.65]We all go through life like bulls in a china shop... 我们对待生活 就像混蛋在瓷器店一样
[00:37.15]a chip here, a crack there, 东砸一下 西毁一下
[00:39.85]doing damage...to ourselves,to other people. 到处破坏...毁我们自己 也毁其他人
[00:46.65]So, uh, i don't cook. 那么 恩 我不做饭
[00:49.25]Nobody asked you to cook. 没人要你做饭
[00:50.25]I know.I'm just saying that,you know, i don't cook. 我知道 我只是说一句 我不做饭
[00:53.05]So you don't have to cook.I don't expect you to cook for me. 而且你也不用做饭 我没期望你为我做饭
[00:56.15]Okay. You... sit there. 好吧 你...坐那边
[00:59.25]Sit down. 坐下
[01:00.95]I wa you to drink this and try really hard 我要你把这个喝了 然后努力尝试
[01:04.55]to act like you aren't scary and damaged. 表现出好像没有受惊或者受伤
[01:07.15]I'm not scary and damaged. Yeah, you are. -我没受惊也没受伤 -哦 你是的
[01:10.35]No!I'm not scary or damaged. 不! 我没有受惊 受伤
[01:13.15]Mm-hmm. All right. 啊哼~~ 好吧
[01:15.25]Then why don't you tell me about your family? 那么为什么你不跟我说说你的家庭?
[01:18.05]Okay... 好吧...
[01:19.25]me not wanting to talk about my family 我不想谈论我的家庭
[01:21.25]does not make me scary or damaged. 但是并不意味着我受惊或者受伤了
[01:23.65]Okay. 好
[01:26.05]Tell me about the last guy you slept with. 那告诉我上次和你上床的男人吧
[01:28.15]The problemis trying to figure out 而问题在于如何找到解决之道
[01:30.05]how to controlthe damage we've done, 来控制我们所做的毁坏
[01:32.65]or that's been done to us. 或者在我们身上的毁坏
[01:35.15]What did you say to him? 你和他怎么说的?
[01:37.05]Nothing. I fled the scene. 什么也没说就逃开了
[01:39.45](muffled voice) you didn't tell him about george or derek? 你没和他说关于George或者Derek?
[01:41.55]Nope. 没有
[01:42.45]Hmm. You like him. 唔 你喜欢他了
[01:45.05]I could like him. 我应该喜欢他
[01:46.65]Is the sex any good? 床上技术不错吧?
[01:48.05]I don't know. 我不知道
[01:49.05]Four dates and two sleepovers at his place, and no sex? 4次约会加2次在他家过夜竟然没上床?
[01:52.35]Not even a kiss good night. 连个晚安吻都没打
[01:54.75]Oh, i am proud. 噢~~ 我太自豪了
[01:57.65]I'm like a proud mama. 我简直就是个自豪的妈妈
[01:59.75]Shut up. 闭嘴
[02:07.55]Mornin'. 早上好
[02:12.95]Sometimes the damagecatches us by surprise. 有时候毁坏是用惊讶来捕获我们的
[02:31.15]Oh, my god. 哦 如来真主耶和华
[02:32.65]Did that just happen? 刚才我不是眼花吧?
[02:33.75]I'm having a seizure.I'm clearly mid-seizure. 我简直傻眼了 完全说不出话来
[02:36.85]I'm seizing. Oh, my god. 我太傻眼了 天啊
[02:38.75]She didn't even wash her hands. 她甚至都没洗手哦
[02:41.15]oh, my god. 天啊天啊
[02:42.45]Sotimes we thinkwe can fix the damage. 有时候我们觉得可以处理好那些毁坏
[02:45.15]All i'm saying, george,is if she needs to pee, she could at least wear a bra. 我只想说george 如果她真的要尿尿 她至少该穿件胸罩吧
[02:48.35]Or maybe wait till she's alone. 或者等到只剩她自己的时候
[02:49.65]And for the love of everything sanitary,could she just washer hands?She's a surgeon. 而完全出于卫生角度说一句 她不能就洗一下手么? 她是个医生啊
[02:53.35]You said yourself you guys were blocking the sink. 管好你自己吧 你们待厕所里不出来
[02:55.05]Anyway, i think you're exaggerating. She peed. Naked peeing.Ask meredith. -不管怎样 我觉得你太夸张了 -她光着身子在我们面前尿尿 你问meredith
[03:01.15]Oh, that's right, i forgot.You're not talking to her. 哦 算了 我忘了你不和她说话了
[03:03.95]If you were, she would tell you that callie crosses the line. 如果你能问 她会告诉你callie做的是太过了
[03:06.95]So across the line. 超级过分
[03:08.05]It's so freakin' crossed. 超级无敌大过分
[03:10.65]Oh! We're still pretending that you're not seeing a patient, right? 噢! 我们还要假装你没和那病人有嗳昧 对吧?
[03:15.75]People, what's with all the evil misery, huh? 朋友们 哪里来这么多怨恨啊?
[03:19.45]Live and let live. 待人宽 人亦待己宽
[03:23.75]You're cheerfu 你很高兴哦
[03:24.35]oh! 哦!
[03:24.75]You are. Come on. -你的确 -算了
[03:26.15]How's that possible? 怎么可能?
[03:27.15]I scrubbed in on a 4-hour paraesophageal hernia last night, 我昨晚参加了一个4小时的异常疝气手术
[03:30.35]then i got laid, 而且我睡足了
[03:31.45]and now three ambulances are coming in full of bloody,broken car crash victims, all who need to becut open. 现在还有正赶来的3辆救护车 装满了血流不止 伤害严重而需要及时开刀的车祸受害者
[03:37.85]So i'm cheerful.I'm cheerful... 所以 我很高兴 我好高兴哦...
[03:39.65]and sometimes the damageis something we can't even see. 而有时候 毁坏甚至是我们无法看到的
[03:44.75]Sorry, sir. 对不起先生
[03:46.15]Hey.How's my dog? 我的狗怎样了?
[03:47.65]Much better.Finn's running tests. Good. -好多了 Finn还在做检查 -很好
[03:49.85]Our dog. 我们的狗
[03:50.65]What? 什么?
[03:51.85]Our dog. You said "my dog." 我们的狗 你刚才说"我的狗"
[03:53.75]He's our dog. 他是我俩的狗
[03:56.65]Yeah, whatever. 是 管他呢
[03:58.05]Are you mad at me or something? 你是生我的气还是什么么?
[04:00.85]Now is not the time. 现在不是说这个的时候
[04:02.75]25-year-old restrained driver,noah reynolds. 25岁司机noah reynolds
[04:05.15]Vitals stable.Chief complaint,right knee pain. Curtain three. -情况基本稳定 主要问题是右膝疼痛 -3号诊室
[04:08.25]Noah, you still alive? Noah 你还活着吗?
[04:10.55]I'm still alive, baby. 我还活着呢 宝贝
[04:12.85]My wife's side took all the impact. 我老婆那边承受了所有冲撞
[04:14.85]Her parents were in the other car. 她父母在另外一辆车上
[04:15.95]Some jerk slammed into them and then they slammed into us. 一个混蛋突然撞到他们车上 然后他们撞到了我们
[04:19.55]On three.One, two, three. 准备过床 1 2 3
[04:21.95]22-year-old pregnant,restrained passenger.T-boned on her side. 22岁孕妇 副驾驶位置 承受了主要冲撞
[04:25.55]Prolonged extrication in the field. 救援时候时间比较长
[04:26.85]B.p. 90 over 50.Pulse in the 80s. 血压 90/50 脉搏每秒80
[04:28.85]trauma room one. 一号外伤诊室
[04:29.85]Trauma?No, i'm fine, really. 外伤? 不 我很好 真的
[04:31.85]You don't have to go to all that trouble. 你们不用为我麻烦了
[04:33.15]Mercy, no, i am fine, really.The air bags went off. 上帝 不 我很好 空气袋子掉了
[04:35.95]If you could just check on my baby and the rest of my family and my husband. 能请你们检查一下我的孩子 还有我家人和我老公吗?
[04:38.95]Noah, you saw mama breathing, right? Noah 你看到妈妈还有气儿 对吧?
[04:41.65]And daddy...where the hell's daddy? 还有爸爸...爸爸在哪里?
[04:43.55]Mama and daddy are still alive, right? 妈妈和爸爸都还活着对吗?
[04:45.05]They're in the ambulance right behind us. 他们在我们后面的救护车上
[04:47.05]They're still alive, right? 他们都还活着 对吗?
[04:48.25]Please don't move, ma'am. 请不要乱动
[04:48.95]Mama and daddy... i need to know. 妈妈和爸爸....我要知道
[04:50.75]Ye, i'll ask someone about mama. 好 我会帮你问问关于妈妈
[04:53.25]And daddy. 还有爸爸
[04:54.25]Driver and front seat passenger,both early 50s,both restrained,both stable. 司机以及副驾位置乘客 大约50左右 情况稳定 控制住了
[04:59.05]The passenger has some leg and arm pain. 乘客的腿和胳膊有些疼痛
[05:00.95]The driver is complaining of chest pain. 司机说胸部疼痛
[05:02.35]Shoot!Dang it all to heck! 妈的!真他奶奶的该死!
[05:04.95]Excuse my french, honey,but i need some...whatever kind of horse pills you got because this hurts like the dickens! 原谅我的法语 亲爱的 但是我需要一些.. 管他什么黑话白话 因为我真是他妈的疼死了
[05:11.85]Uh, that would be mama? 嗯 那应该是妈妈吧?
[05:13.25]Mama, you okay? 妈妈 你还好吗?
[05:15.15]I am in pain. 我快疼死了
[05:17.75]Get off. get off. 滚开 滚开
[05:19.95]Sir, i need to clear your spine. 先生 我要清理你的后背
[05:21.45]My spine is fine and you can sew up my head later. 我后背很好 你一会缝合上我的头就好了
[05:24.55]Where's my girl? Mellie! 我女儿呢? Mellie!
[05:26.25]Daddy. 爸爸
[05:26.75]Jim. Jim
[05:27.45]Noah. Noah
[05:27.95]Mel. Mel
[05:28.95]mama. 妈妈
[05:30.35]The hillbilly picnic. 农民家庭野餐会~~~
[05:33.15]Can everybody shut up for a minute, please? 大家能安静一下吗?
[05:34.85]I'm trying to find a fetal heartbeat. Hold on. 我在试着找到婴儿的心跳呢 憋气
[05:36.75]Is the baby okay? Hold on. -孩子还好么? -憋气
[05:42.75]The baby's heartbeat is 152 and strong. 婴儿心跳152 而且很有力
[05:44.85]It's... it's okay. 那个...很好
[05:48.05]They're both good.They're good. 母子平安 他们母子平安
[05:49.45]Oh, thank the lord.Thank the lord they're all right. 哦 感谢上帝 感谢上帝让他们都平安
[05:53.75]dr. Bailey,another car crash victim. Bailey医生 另外一个车祸的伤员来了
[05:55.45]That's him!That's the guy who hit us. 就是他! 就是他丫撞的我们
[05:57.85]I'll kill him!I'm gonna get you! 我要杀了他! 我要灭了他!
[06:00.75]You son of a bitch. 你这狗娘养的
[06:01.95]Big jim,just hold your horses.He's hurt. 老jim 你先忍忍 他受伤了
[06:04.85]He's already hurt.Good! 他已经受伤了 很好!
[06:07.15]Daddy! 爸爸!
[06:07.95]Don't ask me to be neighborly.He slammed into us. 别让我表现友好 他丫撞的我们
[06:10.45]Trauma three.Page ortho and neuro. 3号外伤诊室 呼叫ortho和neuro
[06:12.25]O'malley, give her a hand. O'malley帮她一下
[06:13.95]What happened? 怎么了?
[06:14.85]Whoa, whoa, whoa. 哇 哇 哇
[06:15.95]What do you think you're doin', young man? 你以为你在干吗 小伙子?
[06:18.05]I'm just trying to examine you. I don't think so. -我在试着帮你检查 -我可不这样认为
[06:20.95]i don't have any panties on.I do not know you well enough to let you see my good girl. 我没穿内裤 我还不太了解你 所以没办法让你见我的小妹妹
[06:25.85]Get me a lady doctor. 叫一个女医生来
[06:27.85]I need a chick over here. 我这边需要一个女生
[06:29.55]What happened?"Marshall stone." -怎么了? -"Marshall stone"
[06:31.65]Surgical intern over at mercy west. What happened? -mercy west医院的外科实习医生 -怎么了?
[06:34.95]Page ortho to take a look at his wrist and let c.t. Know we're coming. Yes, dr. Shepherd. -呼ortho来看看他的腕关节 并告诉CT那边我们马上到 -好的 Shepherd医生
[06:38.55]Marsha, i'm gonna say three words to you, okay? Marsha 我现在要和你说3个单词 好吗?
[06:40.75]And then i want you to repeat them back to dr. Grey. 然后我想让你把他们重复给Grey医生听
[06:42.95]Can u do that? Okay. -可以吗? -好的
[06:45.55]Okay, bat, orange, car. 好的 蝙蝠 桔子 车
[06:47.45]Do you think you can remember that? 你觉得你能记住吗?
[06:49.05]Mm-hmm. 嗯
[06:49.65]Good. Okay. Here. 好的 不错 这里
[06:53.45]He has a closed head injury.Watch for vomiting, 他有很近的脑部创伤 观察是否有呕吐
[06:56.75]confusion and loss of consciousness,okay? 意识混乱和失忆 好吗?
[06:59.45]Okay. 好的
[07:00.05]Good. 好
[07:01.35]Derek... Derek...
[07:01.65]not now. 现在不行
[07:03.25]Let me know when you get the c.t. Report back. 你拿到CT结果后告诉我
[07:08.45]Marshall... Marshall...
[07:11.15]can you remember those words? 你能记住那些单词吗?
[07:14.05]What... what happened? 什么...怎么回事?
[07:25.77]big jim. 老jim
[07:27.07]I don't call him big jim. 不是我叫他老jim
[07:28.77]The family,they call him big jim. 他家那些人叫他老jim
[07:30.67]Stupid hicks. 愚蠢的乡下人
[07:32.17]Really? Being southern makes you stupid? 是吗? 作为南方人你觉得很愚蠢?
[07:33.87]Do you know that he owns half of alabama? 你知道他拥有一半的阿拉巴马州吗?
[07:36.07]Yeah, i bet he even washes his hands after he pees. 没错 我打赌他尿尿之后肯定会洗手
[07:39.17]That's uncalled for. Hey, this is a place of business. 别说没用的啊 这里是医院
[07:41.37]Uh, discharge the mother,discharge the father. Yes, dr. Bailey. -嗯 把那妈妈和爸爸都放出院吧 -好的 Bailey医生
[07:43.87]Karev, get the husband to the o.r. For surgery. Karev 带那老公去手术室准备手术
[07:46.87]Dr. Karev, there you are.You're supposed to be up on o.b.g.y.n. Rounding on my patients. Karev医生 你在这里哦 你应该在楼上妇产科管我的病人吧?
[07:51.87]Oh, yeah, i got paged.9-1-1. 哦是的 我接到紧急呼叫了
[07:54.57]Pregnant mom. Car accident.Very serious. 孕妇 车祸送来 非常严重
[07:56.37]Pity. I've got three surgeries on the board. 可惜 我今天有3个手术安排
[07:58.17]I was gonna ask you to scrub in, but... 我还打算问你要不要加入呢 但是...
[08:00.47]i guess you should stay by that pregnant lady's side all day. 我猜你应该守在孕妇身边寸步不离了
[08:04.07]You' see to it,dr. Bailey? 没错吧 Bailey医生?
[08:09.17]Karev, go find your patient. Karev 去找你的病人吧
[08:10.17]Stevens, scrub in on noah's patella fracture. Stevens 准备来noah的膝盖骨折手术
[08:12.77]The she-shepherd just walks in here and pulls me off surgery? 那女shepherd一来就把我给踢出手术了?
[08:15.27]You burn the she-shepherd, she burns back. Go. 你把女shepherd惹毛了 她就反过来报复你 去吧
[08:22.17]The c.t. Won't hurt the baby or nothin', right? CT不会伤害孩子或者什么 对吧?
[08:24.17]No, it won't hurt the baby or nothin'. 不 不会伤害孩子或者什么的
[08:28.27]Okay, on three.One, two, three. 好 准备过床 1 2 3
[08:29.97]I was havin' a shower today.A baby shower. 我今天要有个洗礼 婴儿洗礼
[08:33.97]That's why mama and daddy are in town, 这就是为什么爸爸妈妈都来了
[08:35.87]'cause i'm having a baby. 因为我要生孩子了
[08:37.77]How nice is that? 多好啊?
[08:39.37]Nice. 很好
[08:40.07]Isn't it? 是吗?
[08:40.47]Mm-hmm. 嗯哼~~
[08:41.67]What are you doing here? 你来这里干吗?
[08:42.87]I'm captain of the vagina squad. 我现在是妇女领袖
[08:44.27]Oh, this nice man is gonna take care of you now. 噢 这个帅哥从现在开始照顾你了
[08:46.47]And he really likes to talk,so chat away. 而且他很喜欢聊天 别客气哦
[08:48.27]Well, it was nice meeting you. Not cool, yang. -还是很高兴认识你哦 -不好玩 yang
[08:51.07]What does she mean, "captain"? "领袖"是什么意思?
[08:52.17]And what kind of squad are you on? 还有你是什么领袖?
[08:58.47]Uh, you shouldn't be reading your own chart. 嗯 你不应该看自己的病历
[09:00.77]Well, i want to find out what caused me to swerve my car into oncoming traffic 我想找出是发生什么意外而造成 我突然转向我的车
[09:04.27]and not be able to remember it. 为什么不记得了
[09:07.27]Hey, those people, the ones i hit,they're gonna be okay, right? 那些被我撞了的人会没事的 对吧?
[09:10.17]No serious complications? 没有严重的问题吧?
[09:11.37]They're still checkin'em out. 他们还在做进一步检查
[09:15.77]Dr. Torres. Yeah. -Torres医生 -对
[09:17.37]I was told you're performing the noah reynolds' surgery. 有人告诉我你要主刀noah的雷氏手术
[09:19.77]Yes. 对
[09:20.87]Well, i'm your intern.So whenever you're ready... 我是你的实习助理 所以当你准备好的时候...
[09:23.47]okay, well, head up and prep the o.r.I need to put on splint. 好的 去清理并准备一下手术室 我需要加木板
[09:33.47]did you wash your hands? hat? -你洗手了吗? -什么?
[09:35.37]You washed your hands, right? 你洗手了对吧?
[09:36.47]Of course i washed my hands. 我当然洗手了
[09:37.77]No, no, of course you did. 不 不 当然你洗了
[09:40.67]Uh, marshall, this is gonna hurt a little bit, okay? 嗯 marshall 这个可能会有点疼 好吗?
[09:44.77]My e.t.o.h. And tox screens were pristine, so i wasn't drinking... 我的酒精测试和氧化度测试都没有问题 所以我没喝酒...
[09:48.17]Or under the influence.Ow. 或者因为..疼
[09:51.57]Okay, we get the c.t. Result back yet? 好 CT结果出来了么?
[09:53.47]Not yet. 还没有
[09:54.67]My g.c.s. Was 13.Why haven't i had a c.t.? 我的昏迷指数是13 为什么我还没做ct呢?
[09:57.67]Dr. Grey. Grey医生
[09:58.57]C.t. Was backed up.And he's lucid now, so... ct还没排上呢 而他现在头脑清楚了 所以...
[10:01.67]so get it done, now. 所以就去做 现在就去
[10:05.47]Hey. 嗨
[10:07.17]Daisy duke's case was boring me to tears. Daisy duke的病例真是烦死我了
[10:09.67]So, um, you got any good hearts that i can cut open? 那个 你手里有什么好的心脏能让我打开的吗?
[10:13.07]Or, you know, bad hearts that we can make good? 或者 坏的心脏我们来挽救他?
[10:22.27]Burke... Burke...
[10:23.87]use words. 说话
[10:30.27]You fell asleep. 你睡着了
[10:32.07]When? 什么时候?
[10:33.97]This morning in the on call room. 今早在值班室
[10:36.67]I fell asleep after we,you know. 我是在我俩..那个之后才睡着的
[10:39.47]Not after. not after. 不是那个之后 不是
[10:43.57]Oh. 噢
[10:46.97]Oh, l-i'm... sorry. 哦 我我..对不起
[10:50.57]L-i was really tir...seriously, seriously,my bad. 我--我实在是非常非常非常累了 我的错
[10:53.97]I'm really sorry. 真的对不起
[10:56.87]Don't let this threaten your manhood or any... oh, this is not... -别让这个影响了你的男人气概或者.. -哦 这个可不是...
[11:01.07]i am very confident in my manhood. 我对我的男人气概非常有信心
[11:03.47]Thank you very much. Well, good, you should be because, i mean... -非常感谢 -那很好 你应该的 因为你...
[11:07.47]i fell asleep because i had already finished. 我睡着了是因为我已经高潮了
[11:10.77]Twice. 两次哦~~~
[11:13.27]I hadn't finished. 我还没高潮呢
[11:17.67]I was tired. 我很累
[11:18.87]It's not like i did this on purpose. 我并不是有意这么做的
[11:20.77]Oh, did you stay in the hospital last night on purpose? 哦 那你昨晚留在医院是有意的吗?
[11:22.87]Because you weren't even on call. 因为根本不是你值班
[11:23.97]It was a paraesophageal hernia.I had never seen one. 那可是异常疝气哦 我甚至从没见过
[11:26.37]You know what? I'm a surgeon first, just like you. 知道吗?我首先是个医生 和你一样
[11:29.07]No, no, not just like me.I am a person first. 不 不 根本不和我一样 我首先是个人
[11:34.37]Someone paged me. 有人呼我了?
[11:35.87]Denny! Denny!
[11:36.77]He collapsed. 他昏倒了
[11:38.47]What happened? 怎么回事?
[11:41.07]Too far, too fast. 太远太快了
[11:42.57]What were you doing? 你做什么了?
[11:43.97]Stairs. 楼梯...
[11:46.07]Real bright, huh? 很聪明 嗯?
[11:46.87]Okay, your lvad battery is almost dead. 哦 你的起博器电池几乎用光了
[11:48.67]Um, get him to his room.I'll get dr. Burke. 把他送回病房 我去叫Burke医生
[11:50.77]Okay, let's get him up. 好的 我们把他弄起来
[11:51.87]Nice and easy on one, two, three. 轻柔一些 1 2 3
[11:54.67]Denny, you knew the lvad wasn't a cure. Denny 你明白那起博器不是一个权宜之计
[11:57.97]I want to go home. 我想回家
[11:59.67]I want to go home yesterday. 我昨天就想回家
[12:01.47]I know this is hard to hear,but that's just not an option at this point. 我知道这听起来有点刺耳 但是目前为止这绝对不是个好办法
[12:05.27]Since when do you get to decide what's an option in my life and what isn't? 从什么时候开始我的生命是 靠你来决定什么是好办法了?
[12:10.07]My heart may be on your battery packs, 也许我的心是在你那电池包里面
[12:13.27]but it's still my heart. 但是它还是我的心
[12:15.17]It's my decision.It's my damn life. 应该我做决定 这是我的生命
[12:19.27]That's right. 没错
[12:21.17]It is your life. 这是你的生命
[12:23.07]And it is your life that is at stake. 是你那岌岌可危的生命
[12:24.57]And it is your life that will end 如果你继续像今天这样太激进的话
[12:26.27]if you continue to push like you did today. 你的生命很快就会结束了
[12:28.47]You said the lvad would make me better. 你说过这起博器会让我好起来
[12:30.67]I told you the lvad would buy you more time, nd it will 我告诉过你这起博器会给你多一些时间 而的确如此
[12:34.47]if you respect its limitations and your own. 如果你能稍微尊重一下它和你自己的限度的话
[12:39.77]I wanna go home. 我想回家
[12:45.57]What do we do? 我们该怎么办?
[12:48.57]Put him on a tight leash. 多留意一下他
[12:51.27]And tell the nurses to keep an eye on him, 并告诉护士对他严密观察
[12:53.67]make sure he doesn't take any more endurance hikes in the stairwell. 确保他无法再到楼梯间去落跑
[12:57.87]Yeah. But... 好的 但是...
[13:01.47]preston, what do we do? preston 我们该怎么办?
[13:03.77]The damage to his body we can try to control, 他身体的创伤我们可以尽量控制
[13:05.87]but the damage to his spirit... 但是对于他精神上的创伤...
[13:09.57]for a man like denny 对于一个像denny这样的男人...
[13:12.07]to lie on this bed for years on end? 我们能一直骗他骗到死吗?
[13:15.27]That's not something we could really understand. 这绝对不是我们应该做的
[13:18.67]And his feelings about it 而且他能感觉到
[13:20.97]aren't something we should try to control. 我们是不是有些事要放手呢
[13:25.77]Give him room, izzie. 给他一些空间izzie
[13:27.77]Just give him room to grieve. 让他能独自难过
[13:36.27]you finally got melanie to shut up. 你终于让 melanie闭嘴了哦
[13:37.97]Finally. Thanks for that,by the way. How's she doing? -终于 谢谢给我这差使 -她怎么样?
[13:40.07]Images coming up now. 图像刚刚出来
[13:42.87]oh, is that a teardrop fracture? 哦 那个是泪状骨折吗?
[13:44.77]Yeah, no head bleed though.That's good. 是 没有脑出血 很好
[13:47.87]Look at her lungs. Is that her liver? -看看她的肺 -那是她的肝吗?
[13:50.27]whoa. How is she alive? 哇 她是怎么活着的?
[13:52.27]Karev, page shepherd, burke,montgomery-shepherd, the chief Karev 呼叫shepherd burke montgomery-shepherd还有主任
[13:55.77]and every surgeon with an available hand and get an o.r. Opened. Go! 还有所有可以叫来的医生 并准备一个手术室 立刻去!
[13:59.67]Melanie. Me... Melanie Me...
[14:02.27]Get me a stretcher and let's pull her outta there now. 拿一个担架来 我们现在就去把她弄出来
[14:07.87](miranda) melanie. melanie
[14:15.87]Hey. 喂
[14:16.47]Have you seen izzie? 你见过izzie吗?
[14:17.67]She was supposed to prep an o.r. For noah's surgery,and she completely bailed. 她应该是在手术室准备参加noah的手术的 可是现在却不见人影了
[14:22.07]What? 怎么?
[14:24.97]Mr. And mrs. Johnson. Johnson先生和夫人
[14:26.47]Dr. O'malley. O'malley医生
[14:27.37]Oh! That little girl right there says she's gonna fix noah's leg all by herself. 噢! 你后边那小丫头说要亲自帮noah的腿手术哦
[14:32.47]Dice que ella sola arreglar* la pierna de noah.And she just gave him a big ol' shot for his pain. 她说她可以治好Noah的腿(西班牙语) 而且她刚刚还给了他一针止痛的
[14:34.87]I really like her. 我很喜欢她
[14:35.97]Mr. And mrs. Johnson.Big jim. Johnson先生和夫人 老jim
[14:44.47]Is it... mel? 是关于... mel?
[14:45.67]Yes, ma'am, it is. 是的 女士
[14:46.97]What? What? 怎么了 怎么了?
[14:49.37]When your daughter came into the e.r. 你女儿被送入急诊室的时候
[14:51.07]Her body was over-pumping her bloodstream with adrenaline, 她的身体在大量流血的同时 也产生了很多肾上腺素
[14:54.67]which kept her conscious and alert and, uh, pain-free. 这样就让她依然保持神智清醒而且没有疼痛
[14:57.77]During the c.t. Scan,she was lying still for an extended period of time, 在ct扫瞄的过程中 还有一些剩余分泌可以维持生命
[15:00.57]and so her body relaxed 然后当她整个身体放松下来后
[15:02.67]and the adrenaline stopped flowing, which... 肾上腺素就停止分泌了..
[15:05.37]allowed her to succumb to the full extent of her injuries, which... 这样就让她突然感觉到所有伤害最大限度带来的疼痛...
[15:10.87]they're catastrophic. 非常巨大的疼痛
[15:14.57]Excuse me? 你说什么呢?
[15:30.97]Good. Bovie. 很好 Bovie
[15:37.17]More suction here. 这边多吸吸
[15:39.27]Clamps. 夹钳
[15:40.47]Internal saw. 内锯
[15:46.07]Karev, sit down.I can't see. -Karev坐下 -我看不到
[15:49.37]The only thing i want you to do is sit at that fetal monitor 唯一我让你做的就是坐在婴儿监视器前面
[15:51.97]and watch that baby's heartbeat. 监视婴儿的心跳
[15:53.87]So now i'm a baby-sitter? 我现在又是看孩子的了?
[16:02.87]Retractor. 牵引器
[16:11.47]Addison, Addison
[16:12.47]we're ready for you. 我们这边好了 该你了
[16:13.57]We are going to do absolutely everything we can. 我们绝对会尽最大能力来挽救她
[16:21.07]Uterus is protected.Baby's heartbeat? 子宫没有损伤 婴儿心跳是多少?
[16:27.77]Okay, the baby's safe. 好的 婴儿安全
[16:29.57]You can proceed with the mother. 你们可以继续处理妈妈了
[16:32.67]Lungs are damaged pretty badly. 肺损坏的很严重
[16:35.57]Pressure just bottomed out. 血压急剧下降
[16:38.27]Let's transfuse. 开始输血
[16:39.97]4-quadrant packing. 4袋同时来
[16:41.17]Come on, people.Get me some lap pads. 大家加油 给我一些止血棉
[16:43.67]cross-clamp the aorta. clamp.Got it. -十字钳夹住大动脉 -钳子 好的
[16:46.37]There's too much bleeding.She'll never last. Shepherd? 流血太多了 根本无法继续 Shepherd?
[16:48.87]Damage control. addison? -损伤控制住了 -addison?
[16:51.27]If you want the baby to live, damage control. 如果你是想保孩子 损伤控制住了
[16:53.57]Burke? Burke?
[16:54.57]Damage control. Everyone knows the rules... -损伤控制住了 -大家都知道规矩...
[16:57.87]we're going to move as rapidly as possibl 我们要做的尽可能的快速
[16:59.17]don't worry about finishing repairs. 不要担心是否完成修护
[17:00.57]For now, we're on crisis management, people.Just get it done. 目前阶段 我们只能做应急处理 大家做好这个就可以
[17:03.77]Once she reaches the triangle,we stop, no exceptions. 一旦她出现黄金三角 我们就停止 没有例外
[17:07.57]What is he talking about,"triangle"? What triangle? 他说什么"黄金三角"? 那是什么?
[17:09.17]Blood stops clotting,her muscles produce acid and her organs get cold. 血液停止凝结 肌肉开始僵硬 器官迅速降温
[17:13.37]We're talking about the triangle of death. 我们是在谈论死亡的黄金三角
[17:20.37]A ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. 腹腔大动脉瘤破裂
[17:23.17]What? 什么?
[17:24.67]I scrubbed in on a...an abdominal aortic aneurysm. 我曾参加一个...腹腔大动脉瘤手术
[17:28.67]It's a 12-hour surgery. 那手术持续12小时
[17:30.87]I'd already worked 30 hours, but l... 我已经工作了30个小时了 但是我...
[17:32.47]i didn't want to miss it. 我不想错过那个
[17:36.57]I fell asleep for...a second behind the wheel. 我睡着了...握着方向盘的时候
[17:39.67]Closed my eyes for a second at the red light... 红灯的时候眼睛闭上了一秒...
[17:42.37]a second. 就一秒
[17:48.47]Was only 12 hours. 只不过12小时而已
[17:51.47]I've done it before. 我以前都挺过来了
[17:53.07]We've all done it before. 我们以前都挺过
[17:55.47]Dr. Grey. Grey医生
[17:56.87]Meredith. Meredith
[17:57.97]Meredith. Meredith
[18:00.67]Does this mean, uh... 这是否意味着...
[18:03.57]are we actually saying that, uh... 我们是不是说 嗯...
[18:06.37]today, this morning, 今天 早上
[18:10.27]because i stayed in the o.r.To save a life... 就因为我在手术室救了某人的性命...
[18:15.07]i may have killed a pregnant woman? 我也许就杀了一名孕妇?
[18:19.47]dr. Grey. Grey医生
[18:21.47]You ordered a c.t. On marshall stone? 你排了一个marshall stone的ct扫瞄?
[18:25.77]We're gonna need a moment here. 我们还需要等一会
[18:27.47]I'm backed up here with five patients. 你后面还有其他5个患者呢
[18:29.87]We need... a moment. 我们还需要...等一会
[18:35.07]marshall? marshall?
[18:38.57]Marshall? Marshall?
[18:41.47]Izzie, please. Izzie 求你了
[18:42.07]Come on, denny, just...izzie. -来吧Denny 来... -izzie.
[18:43.87]Smell. Smell. 闻一下 闻一下
[18:45.97]Chocolate. And not the crappy,processed waxy kind, 巧克力 而且质量不错哦 柔软细腻的那种
[18:49.17]but the really good swiss chocolate that you get at the gift shop that costs way too much money, 非常地道的瑞士巧克力哦 为此在礼品店里花了我很多钱啊
[18:52.57]but is totally worth it.Try it. 但是绝对值得 尝尝
[18:55.27]And exhibit "b"...tabloids. 还有一个小"b"...小报
[18:59.57]Good, old-fashioned, trashy celebrity gossip rags 好玩 怀旧的 无聊的明星八卦杂志
[19:02.27]that are guaranteed to take your mind off your troubles. Damn it, izzie,stop it. 这个保证可以把你的烦恼带走哦 -该死 izzie停手
[19:05.77]Just stop it. 停手吧
[19:08.67]You think i'm feelin' sorry for myself, right? 你觉得我为自己感到羞愧对吗?
[19:11.67]Poor sad-sack denny just needs a little perspective. 可怜没用的denny需要一些忠告
[19:14.57]You do need a little perspective. 你的确需要一些忠告
[19:16.27]You have no idea 你根本不知道
[19:18.17]what is to lose what i have lost. 我到底失去了什么我不该失去的东西
[19:20.87]I know loss, denny. 我了解失去 denny
[19:22.07]No, you don't! 不 你不知道!
[19:26.07]I'm a man. 我是个男人
[19:27.67]I'm a strong, virile,horse of a man, 一个强壮 男子气的猛男
[19:31.27]stuck in the body of some weak, sick bastatard 只能被身体某些部位的病魔纠缠
[19:33.77]that i don't know, like recognize. 而且我不知道 无法认知是什么病
[19:36.97]Now if you knew what that feels like, 如果你现在知道那是什么感觉的话
[19:39.77]you would've never convinced me to let a battery run my heart. 你就再也不会相信我会让一堆电池来带动我的心脏了
[19:43.17]If you knew what it feels like, izzie... 如果你知道那是什么感觉的话izzie...
[19:46.97]you woulda let me go. 你会让我离开的
[19:53.17]systolic's 82, folks.It's not getting any better. 心率82 战友们她没有任何好转
[19:55.77]how's the spleen,chief? 主任 脾如何了?
[19:57.67]unsalvageable,i'm afraid. 恐怕没救了
[19:59.57]Karev? Karev?
[20:00.27]Frequent decels and loss of variability. 心率不齐而且越来越不稳定
[20:02.87]the baby's fading. 婴儿情况
[20:03.87]ph is down 7.1.Core temp, 93 degrees. ph低到7.1 中心温度93度(华氏)
[20:07.37]Okay, we've reached the triangle, people. 好吧 已经黄金三角了
[20:08.77]Hands out. 大家停手吧
[20:14.77]Damn it, stop.Everybody, stop. 该死 停手 所有人都停
[20:19.07]Cristina. Cristina
[20:23.97]Slow, erratic,but it's a heartbeat. 缓慢没有规则 但是还有心跳
[20:27.37]The baby's holding steady. 婴儿情况稳定
[20:29.77]Bring out the plastic. 把塑料布拿来
[20:31.47]Plastic?We're not gonna close? 塑料布?我们不缝合上吗?
[20:33.77]No, we're gonna keep her open, 不 要把她敞开着
[20:35.17]cover her with plastic and get her to the i.c.u. 盖上塑料罩然后推她去深切治疗室
[20:38.37]and then what? 然后呢?
[20:39.17]And then we're gonna see if she survives. 然后看她是否能挺过来
[21:01.35]How in the hell do you let a patient get that far off your watch? 你是如何让患者离开你视线范围那么远的?
[21:03.55]I turned my back for a second. 我只是转身一下而已
[21:05.25]He was in the damn gallery! 他在观摩室呢!
[21:06.95]He's a surgical intern at mercy wt, and he... i don't care if he is the surgeon general. -他是mercy west那边的外科实习生 他... -即使他是个真正外科医生我也不管
[21:10.75]In this hospital,he is a patient 在这医院他只是个病人
[21:13.15]with a head injury who needs a c.t. 而且是脑伤需要做ct的病人
[21:15.15]In this hospital,he is a scared guy 在这医院里 他是被吓坏的那个
[21:17.35]who does not need to see the massive internal injuries of the woman he rammed with his car! 所以不需要去看那个被他撞了 而导致内脏一塌糊涂的女人手术
[21:21.65]This is your fault.You had him and you lost him. 这是你的过失 你应该看着他但是你没有
[21:26.35]You gotta take responsibility for your actions for once in your life. 你至少应该为你生命中的一次行为负责
[21:30.05]Derek! Derek!
[21:42.75]we've given her medications to help her blood clot and to help counteract the acid buildup. 我们会给她药物治疗来有助于她 血液的凝结和抵抗酸的形成
[21:48.35]We're slowly raising her body temperature with warming blankets, 还会用毛毯来缓慢的提升她的体温
[21:51.85]warmed i.v. Fluids and blood products. 好温暖静脉循环和造血机能
[21:54.95]How long is she gonna have to be like that? 她像这样要持续多久?
[21:58.75]You know with...open like that? 那个...身体开成这样?
[22:01.45]We want her to regain as much strength as possible before we operate again, 我们想让她在下次手术之前尽可能多的恢复
[22:05.25]but at the same time,we want to repair the damage as soon as possible, 但是同时我们也要尽快的修复损伤
[22:08.95]so it's a balancing act. 所以是矛盾关系
[22:10.95]Uh, i'm sorry. 哦 对不起
[22:12.35]I don't quite know what you mean. 我不太明白你的意思
[22:14.75]Melanie will die Melanie会死
[22:16.15]if we don't get her back to surgery soon enough, 如果我们没尽快的给她做手术
[22:18.95]and melanie will die if we take her back to surgery too soon. 同时如果我们太快给她做手术她也会死
[22:24.85]A balancing act. 矛盾关系
[22:27.35]A balancing act. 矛盾关系
[22:36.55]yang, call me if she starts actively bleeding. yang 如果她血流激活了就叫我
[22:42.25]Karev, where are you going? Karev你干吗呢?
[22:43.95]What? She's in i.c.u. There's nothing i can do. 怎么? 她都在深切治疗室了 我什么也做不了
[22:46.65]You can sit there with her and watch that fetal monitor. 你可以坐她旁边继续观察婴儿监视器
[22:49.05]You can't be serious?She's circling the drain. 你开玩笑呢吧?她血都快流干了
[22:51.85]You know how long a baby can survive inside its dead mother? 知道婴儿可以在死去的母体内存活多久吗?
[22:54.35]Four to five minutes.Minutes, not seconds, karev. 4-5分钟 分钟 不是秒 karev
[22:58.35]Look at melanie. 看看melanie
[23:00.35]Look at her. 看看她
[23:01.85]And now look around.You see all the doctors and the nurses,even her parents? 再看看周围 看到所有的医生护士 还有她父母了吗?
[23:04.85]Their sole job is to take care of melanie. 他们现在唯一的工作就是照顾melanie
[23:07.15]My job is to care for that baby. 而我的工作就是照顾婴儿
[23:08.75]Now i've got a surgery scheduled,so when i step foot on that elevator and leave, 现在我还有一个手术 一旦当我进入电梯离开这里的时候
[23:12.65]you are gonna be the only person on this entire floor responsible for that baby. 你就变成了整个这层楼里面唯一一个照顾婴儿的人了
[23:17.45]Do not let me down,karev. 别让我失望 karev
[23:22.45]her organs are bleeding,damaged, exposed 她的器官大出血 损坏严重而且暴露在外
[23:26.65]and covered in plastic wrap. Poor marshall. 只是用塑料布包裹着 -可怜的marshall
[23:28.65]I mean, one minute,you're a surgeon,the next, you've destroyed an entire family? 上一秒 你还是个医生 而下一秒 你就毁了整个家庭?
[23:32.85]Last month, i fell asleep in the parking lot on a bench. I literally couldn't even make it to my car. 上个月 我曾在停车场的椅子上睡着了 根本无法开车
[23:37.85]I fell asleep at a restaurant 我在餐厅睡着过
[23:39.85]at a table while i was on a date. 还是在我约会的时候
[23:41.75]Yeah, well, i fell asleep during sex. 嗯 我在做爱的时候还睡着了呢
[23:43.45]Izzi Izzi
[23:46.35]Callie's looking for you. Callie在找你
[23:47.55]You blew off her surgery. 你晃点了她的手术
[23:48.05]No, l-i had a patient.Denny. L-i had to go. 不是 我-我有一个患者 Denny 我必须去
[23:51.55]You were hanging out with denny? 你还在和denny在一起?
[23:53.05]Oh, please, do not even talk to me about standards. 哦 算了 可别和我说什么规矩不规矩
[23:55.05]The girl can't even wash her hands. 那女人甚至都不洗手
[24:03.45]Don't worry about bambi. 别担心那小家伙
[24:04.35]If burke can forgive me for falling asleep during sex, 如果burke能原谅我在做爱中睡着的话
[24:06.55]then george can forgive you for crying. george就能原谅你哭
[24:08.75]But burke hasn't forgiven you. 但是burke还没原谅你
[24:22.35]I fod izzie.She said she had a patient. 我找到izzie了 她说她有个病人
[24:28.35]I knew you'd take her side. 我知道你站在她那边
[24:30.25]What? 什么?
[24:32.25]He needs an i.v. 他需要静脉注射
[24:34.05]Are you... 你...
[24:37.75]she's mad at you. 他生你气了哦
[24:40.25]L-i didn't know you were awake. 我不知道你竟然醒了
[24:43.05]What'd you do? 你干吗来了?
[24:44.25]Uh, has...has anyone talked to you about your wife,about what's happening? 嗯有人告诉你关于你妻子发生什么吗?
[24:51.45]"What's happening"?Uh... 发生什么?嗯...
[24:55.05]yeah, you know i can't really,uh, wrap my brain around what's happening. 是 我脑子不是很清楚能理解发生什么
[24:59.95]You know,i'm... i'm from here. 那个 我是这里的
[25:01.95]Uh... seattle. 嗯...西雅图人
[25:03.65]And, uh, you know,i go away to college,and i come back married to this big-haired, 然后我出去读大学 回来后娶了这个长头发
[25:11.95]drawlin' southern girl. 傲慢的南方姑娘
[25:14.95]And everyone i know thinks i'm crazy, 我认识的所有人都以为我疯了
[25:18.15]but i love her. 但是我爱她
[25:20.65]And i just... 我真的..
[25:23.55]i love her. 很爱她
[25:26.45]And, uh...what's happening 而...发生什么事
[25:30.45]is that my... 就是我的...
[25:33.35]big-haired, southern girl 长发南方姑娘
[25:36.65]could be dying. 也许会死
[25:38.25]And... i can't think about that. 我简直无法想像
[25:42.85]You know, i need to...i need to think about something else, 那个 我需要..需要想一些其它的事情
[25:44.95]something that doesn't matter so much, something that doesn't... doesn't have me burying 一些不那么重要的事情 一些不会让我告别...
[25:51.95]my 22-year-old wife and baby. 我那22岁的老婆和孩子
[25:59.85]So, uh, so...what the hell did you do? 所以 所以...你干吗了?
[26:07.05]I believed my friend when she told me that dr. Torres doesn't wash her hands. 我朋友告诉我Torres医生是不洗手的
[26:14.85]Well, i hope that's not true, 嗯 我希望那不是真的
[26:17.65]seeing as she just, uh, 你知道她刚刚
[26:20.15]performed surgery on me and all. 在我身上坐了手术哦
[26:22.25]Yeah. Yeah. -没错 -对
[26:25.15]You paged me? 你呼我了?
[26:25.75]C.t. Results. C.t.结果
[26:27.75]Good. Thank you. 好 谢谢
[26:29.95]All right, let's see what we got here. 好的 让我们看看得到了什么
[26:33.75]Marshall,everything checks out fine. Marshall一切正常
[26:36.05]The short-term memory loss was a result from the concussion. 短期失忆是由于震荡导致的
[26:38.95]To be safe, i want to keep you here overnight for observation, all right? 为了安全起见 我建议你今晚留院观察 好吗?
[26:43.55]I have to apologize. 我必须道歉
[26:45.35]What? 什么?
[26:47.55]To the woman's family. 向那女人的家人
[26:50.35]I have to tell them i'm sorry for what i did. 我必须告诉他们我为自己的行为抱歉
[26:54.85]You should get some rest. 你应该多休息一下
[27:06.95]I never should've told you about george. 我真不应该告诉你关于george
[27:09.55]No, it's fine.I'm glad i know... 不 那很好 我很愿意知道..
[27:11.05]about him and the vet.You really get around. 关于他和那兽医 你还真挺忙的
[27:13.85]What did you just say to me? It's unforgivable. -你刚才说我什么? -不可饶恕
[27:16.75]I don't remember ever asking you to forgive me. 我还真不记得我恳求过你饶恕哦
[27:19.25]So was the knitting a phase?Who's next... alex? 那么织毛衣只是个假相?下一个是谁... alex?
[27:22.95]Cause i hear he likes to sleep around. 因为我听说他喜欢到处鬼混
[27:25.35]You two have that in common. 你俩还真有共同点哦
[27:29.05]You don't get to call me a whore. 你没资格叫我婊子
[27:31.75]When i met you, i thought i had found the person 当我遇到你的时候 我以为我找到了
[27:34.15]that i was going to spend the rest of my life with. 那个我可以托付终生的人
[27:37.05]I was done. 我找到了
[27:38.25]So all the boys and all the bars 所以所有那些男人啊酒吧啊
[27:40.45]and all the obvious daddy issues... whcared?Because i was done. 还有那些什么干爹之类的...我不在乎了 因为我找到你了
[27:45.55]You left me. 但是你离开了我
[27:47.25]You chose addison. 你选了addison
[27:49.25]I'm all glued back together now. 我现在好不容易才恢复过来
[27:52.35]I make no apologies for how i chose to repair what you broke. 我不会因为修复了你毁坏的东西而道歉的
[27:57.55]You don't get to call me a whore. 你没资格叫我婊子
[28:07.15]This thing with us is finished. 我们之间一切都完了
[28:09.35]It's over. 彻底结束了
[28:11.35]Finally. 终于结束了
[28:13.25]Yeah. It's done. It is done. -是的 结束了 -结束了
[28:33.66]her temperature is 95.4 degrees. And her ph is 7.28. 她体温是95.4度 ph是7.28
[28:40.36]Definitely clotting better. 血凝好了很多
[28:43.56]But some of the wounds are still oozing. 但是有些伤口还是在渗血
[28:46.66]Still a fine line. 还是不太好
[28:48.26]she may not be quite stable enough. 她也许还不够稳定
[28:51.76]Y'all don't have to whisper. 你们不用小声嘟囔
[28:54.26]I'm sitting right here.I can hear you anyway. 我就坐这里 无论怎样我都能听到
[28:57.26]And she's my baby. 而且她是我的孩子
[29:00.06]She's my little girl. 是我的小女儿
[29:03.36]It's a big decision like this, 这样大的一个决定
[29:05.66]uh, goin' back in and sewing up her... organs. 再开始手术把她的器官...缝合起来
[29:11.76]It's the kind of decision that a mama oughta be involved in. 这样重大的决定应该让妈妈也知道
[29:15.56]I mean, all her life,she's asked me everything... 她这一生所有事情都一直在问我的意见..
[29:20.66]from... what color dress she oughta wear to her kindergarten dance to what she oughta name her baby. ..从她幼儿园的舞蹈表演穿什么颜色裙子 到她的孩子应该取什么名字
[29:29.46]'Cause i'm her mama. 因为我是她妈妈
[29:32.66]And it's my job to have an opinion, and... it's my job to have an answer. 所以我的任务就是有个想法 ...然后告诉她我的答案
[29:41.86]Well, i may not have an answer here, but i'm still her mama. 也许现在我没办法有答案了 但是我还是她妈妈
[29:46.86]Y'all just don't have to whisper. 所以你们不用小声回避我
[29:51.66]All right. 好吧
[29:55.46]what do you think,dr. Bailey? 你怎么想的Bailey医生?
[29:58.16]I think...if we wait much longer,she'll go into multiple organ failure. 我觉得...如果我们再等久一点 她会有更多脏器损坏的
[30:05.16]Okay. 好吧
[30:06.76]If it's all right with you,mrs. Johnson, 如果你不介意的话 Johnson太太
[30:08.46]we think it's time to get back in there and finish what we started. 是时候我们再推她回去完成这个大手术了
[30:16.16]okay. I'm done. 好了 我搞定了
[30:18.66]yang, get in here and start washing out the abdominal cavity. yang 过来这里把腹腔清理干净
[30:21.06]Bleeding is controlled in the chest. 胸部出血止住了
[30:22.86]I had to resect a part of her lung, but... fetal heart rate's down to 80. -我必须切除部分肺 但是... -婴儿心率下降到80
[30:26.16]Uh, mom's heart rate's slowin' down. 嗯 妈妈的心率慢下来了
[30:29.06]ruptured retroperitoneal hematoma. 腹膜后血肿破裂了
[30:30.86]She's bleeding out. Idioventricular rhythm. 她在流血 -自身心率多少
[30:32.76]Do we have a b.p.? 还能量到血压吗?
[30:34.46]Trying to run it. 一直在试
[30:35.06]Nothing's registering. yang, get your hands in here and hold pressure. 什么也测量不到 -yang 把手伸这里来握的有力一些
[30:38.16]Fetal heart rate down to 60. 婴儿心率下降到60了
[30:39.46]Heart's fibrillating. dr. Webber, can you see the source of the bleed? -心脏正在纤维化 -Webber医生 你能看到出血的来源吗?
[30:42.06]Give me the internal paddles. 把内电击棒给我
[30:45.56]We're losing the baby. Charge to 20. clear. 婴儿要不行了 充电20焦 让开
[30:55.96]we're chasing our tails here.Get addison shepherd. 现在我们处理收尾工作 把addison shepherd叫来
[31:03.16]Melanie's crashing. It's right there. -Melanie要不行了 -就在那
[31:05.36]You hear me?She's crashing. 你听到了吗? 她要不行了
[31:07.56]I'm elbow-deep in a pient's uterus, karev. 我两手正伸在患者的子宫里呢karev
[31:09.56]What do you want me to do,leave this womanand her child to die? 你要我怎样? 离开然后让这母女死去?
[31:11.96]I'm doing my job. 我只是在做我的工作
[31:13.66]And i'm doing mine. 而我也在做我的
[31:15.56]Do what you can. I'll be there as soon as i can. 做你能做的吧 我这边一结束我就过去
[31:18.86]Okay, people,let's speed it up. 好吧 大家 让我们再快一点
[31:37.26]they'll know where to find us... 如果有消息的话 他们会知道...
[31:40.16]when there's news? 在哪里找到我们吗?
[31:42.06]They'll know we're in here? 他们会知道我们在这吗?
[31:44.76]Yes, ma'am. 是的 夫人
[31:46.36]Okay. Okay. 好 好
[31:49.66]I mean, is there something i should be doing,someone i should talk with or something? 有什么事情是我需要做的吗 或者我需要和什么人聊聊?
[31:53.96]You're doing everything you can do, big jim. 你正在做你所有能做的事情 老jim
[32:09.16]i know this isn't the best time, 我知道这不是个好时机
[32:10.86]but marshall would very much like the chance to apologize to the family 但是marshall非常想向这家人道歉
[32:15.66]if they'll let him. 如果他们容许的话
[32:18.86]He's one of us, george. 他就是我们中的一个 george
[32:30.66]shepherd's still in surgery.I told her to hurry. shepherd还在手术中 我告诉她尽快了
[32:32.96]how's her heart? 她心脏如何?
[32:34.86]Asystole. 还在收缩
[32:37.86]How long has she been down? Five minutes. -停下多久了? -5分钟了
[32:47.36]we need to do a c-section.Glove me. 我们要马上做剖腹产手术 给我手套
[32:49.46]I need to get that baby out. 我要把婴儿拿出来
[32:52.06]Tell me what to do. 告诉我该怎么办
[32:54.76]Yang, you're going to... Yang 你需要...
[32:58.26]hold the intestines. 握住这些肠子
[33:00.36]I'll expose the uterus. Call pediatrics. -然后我把子宫弄出来 -谁把小儿科的叫来
[33:03.56]Open the uterus with a midline vertical incision. 在子宫中线部位切一个垂直的切口
[33:05.96]Make sure you don't cut the fetus. 一定要确保不能切到婴儿
[33:19.76]okay, go. 好的 走
[33:22.56]Baby doesn't look good. 婴儿看起来不太好
[33:25.16]How are we doing on the mother? 妈妈怎么样了?
[33:26.86]Oh, she's still bleeding pretty profusely. 哦 她还是大量的出血
[33:34.06]I can't get it controlled. 我止不住出血
[33:35.56]Burke? Burke?
[33:40.26]She's not coming back. 她没希望了
[33:43.46]Let's stop. 我们停手吧
[33:57.16]time of death... 1948. 死亡时间.. 19点48分
[33:59.86]Chief. 主任
[34:57.67]i am sorry. 对不起
[35:04.37]i am so... 非常对不起...
[35:07.87]i am so... so sorry. 我真...非常对不起
[35:21.27]please... 请...
[36:37.57]you're gonna get in trouble. 你会惹麻烦的
[36:39.77]I don't care. 我不管
[36:43.47]I'm not gonna cheer up for you. 我不会因为你而振奋起来的
[36:47.37]You don't have to cheer up.I'm not here for me. 你不用振奋 我来这不是为了自己
[36:53.97]I'm here for you. 而是为了你
[36:55.97]Okay? 好吗?
[36:59.97]Okay. 好
[37:03.77]We're all damaged, it seems. 看起来我们都受损伤了
[37:09.67]Some of us more than others. 其中一些比另外一些严重
[37:14.07]You must be tired. 你一定很累了
[37:17.87]Yeah. 是的
[37:24.17]i'm tired, too. 我也很累
[37:36.87]We carry the damage with usfrom childhood. 从童年时代我们就满身创伤
[37:49.37]Then as grown-ups, 直到我们长大成人
[37:52.17]we give as good as we get. 我们给予所能得到最好的东西
[37:56.37]good work, karev. 干的漂亮 karev
[38:00.27]Yeah. 嗯
[38:01.37]Kid's alive...without a mother. 孩子活下来了...即使没有妈妈
[38:07.17]ultimately,we all do damage... 最后 我们都留下伤害了
[38:22.07]see you at home? 回家再见?
[38:24.27]Yeah. 好的
[38:25.87]Okay, see you. 好 再见
[38:26.67]Okay. 好的
[38:31.37]And then we set aboute business of fixing 然后我们再试图去挽回损失
[38:36.27]whatever we can. 无论我们能做什么
[38:39.27]izzie. izzie
[38:41.37]Hmm? 嗯?
[38:45.47]Would it be wrong for me to feel you up right now? 如果我现在幻想你正坐我身上 会不会很坏?
[38:48.77]Mm, not so much. 嗯 也还好哦~~
[38:58.27]you're such a dirty boy. 你真是个下流的小男孩
[39:02.07]i know. 没错
[39:06.57]i washed my hands. 我洗手了
[39:08.07]L-i went down to the kitchen and i washed my hands. 我-我走到楼下的厨房洗的手
[39:10.17]I didn't wash my hands in the bathroom 我只是没在厕所里面洗手
[39:12.47]because those girls were staring at me like i was a rodent or something, 因为他们俩盯着我看好像我是个动物一样
[39:15.97]like i was in high school,like i was having the naked dream, 好像我在高中时候做的春梦一样
[39:19.67]only it was actually happening. 而只是真的发生了而已
[39:23.47]I didn't even know they were home. 我甚至不知道他们都在家
[39:27.47]I washed my hands. 我真的洗手了
[39:44.87]you have to stand up for me. 你必须站在我这边
[39:47.87]You have to say i washed my hands. 你必须告诉他们我洗手了
[40:02.97]i'm sorry. 对不起
[40:09.37]you're driving me crazy with the hovering. 你转来转去要把我弄晕了
[40:16.57]This could be a mistake. 这是个错误
[40:18.47]This. Us. 这个 我们
[40:21.57]You... you're... 你..你是...
[40:22.37]you're a really nice guy, and... and, well... 你是一个好男人.. 而...
[40:26.27]you... you don't want to get involved with me. 你...不该卷入我复杂的生活的
[40:30.17]If you knew me... 如果你了解我...
[40:31.27]scary. 受惊
[40:32.17]Finn. Finn
[40:32.57]And damaged.See, i told yo 和受伤 看到了吧 我说过了
[40:35.97]if you knew me, 如果你了解我
[40:38.07]if you knew my family, 了解我的家庭
[40:40.67]if i told you the guys that i've slept with lately, 如果我告诉你最近和我上床的男人
[40:45.17]the scary and damaged may actually be more than you can handle. 恐惧和伤害也许超出了你能处理的范围
[40:53.37]my mother's dead. 我妈妈去世了
[40:55.37]She got cancer when i was 10, 我10岁的时候她就得了癌症
[40:56.87]and she suffered for a really long time, 她真受了很长时间的折磨
[40:59.47]and then she died. 然后才去世
[41:01.37]My father never recovered. 我父亲就一直没恢复过来
[41:03.67]It was kinda like he died with her, 就好像他和她一起去世了一样
[41:05.47]except his body's above ground 只是他的身体还在地上存活
[41:07.77]and permanently placed in front of the tv 然后永远只是在电视机面前坐着
[41:09.37]with a bottle of scotch in his lap. 在大腿上放一瓶威士忌
[41:12.97]The last woman i slept with was my wife. 我上一个睡过的女人是我老婆
[41:16.07]But she died, too. 但是她也死了
[41:18.37]It was a car crash, so it was quick. 是车祸 所以非常快
[41:20.37]She didn't suffer, which i appreciated. 我很感激她没有受苦
[41:24.27]Don't worry. 别担心
[41:27.27]I'm thinking my luck is beginning to change because... i've met you. 我觉得我的命运开始好转起来了 ...因为我遇到了你
[41:32.27]And you like dogs and you enjoy pony births 你喜欢狗 而且看到小马出生很开心
[41:36.57]and you have the ability to save lives. 你有挽救生命的本领
[41:44.37]i never said i wasn't scary and damaged, too. 还有我从没说过我不是让人受惊和受伤的哦
[41:47.37]Grey's Anatomy S2 E24 完
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