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实习医生格蕾第二季第25集:[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:43:05
[00:01.62]Previously on "grey's anatomy"... 前情提要
[00:02.92]i didn't get the heart. You didn't get the heart. - 我没能得到心脏 - 你没能得到心脏
[00:05.12]I cannot fall for a patient. 我不能爱上自己的病人
[00:06.42]what's goin' on between stevens and denny? stevens和denny之间发生了什么事?
[00:08.32]Is it crush,is ian innocent flirtation,or is stevens actually crossing the line? 是一见钟情?还是单纯的调情? 还是stevens真的越轨了?
[00:12.72]I'm considering of maybe having a date with a vet. 我在想有没有可能跟那个兽医约会
[00:16.32]Is he sick again? 它又病了吗?
[00:17.42]I got home. He was listless and hadn't eaten all day. 我回到家 看到他情绪低落 一整天不吃东西
[00:19.42]Those girls like i was a rodent or something. 她们俩像看怪物一样盯着我看
[00:22.82]I'm a surgeon first,just like you. 首先我是个外科医生 跟你一样
[00:24.02]No, not just like me.I am a person first. 不 不一样 我首先是个人
[00:26.92]If burke can forgive me for falling asleep during sex... burke hasn't forgiven you. - 如果burke都能原谅我在做爱中睡着-- - burke并没有原谅你
[00:30.12]You left me. You don't get to call me a whore. 是你甩了我 你没有资格骂我婊子
[00:32.92]This thing with us is finished. It's over. 我们之间一切都结束了 都完了
[00:38.02]in life,we are taughtthat there are seven deadly sins. 我们每个人从小就被告知 这世上有七宗罪
[00:41.82]All right, let's see at you got here. 好 就让我们见识一下你的水平
[00:43.12]We all know the big ones... gluttony, pride, lust... 我们都知道那些大的罪恶 贪婪 傲慢 淫欲
[00:48.22]he's picturing my face. 他一定是把那靶子当成我的脸
[00:50.22]He's totally picturing that dart puncturing my skull. 他一定在想像用飞镖射穿我头骨的样子
[00:53.52]But the sin you don't hear much about is anger. 但是还有宗罪不常听到 那就是愤怒
[00:55.62]Oh, look at that. 哦 看啊
[00:58.62]Maybe it's because we think anger's not that dangerous... 也许是因为我们觉得愤怒并没有那么危险
[01:04.42]derek...derek is picturing you. derek...derek在把你当靶子
[01:06.62]That we can control it... 在我们的控制范围之内
[01:08.32]he called me a whore.He lost the right to picture me. 他骂我婊子 所以他没有权力把我当靶子
[01:11.52]So i fell asleep during sex...so what? 就算我在做爱的时候睡着...又怎样?
[01:15.42]Ass! Ass! -笨蛋! -笨蛋!
[01:18.42]Oh, ass! Hey. 哦 笨蛋! 嘿
[01:21.12]Well, well, isobel stevens has finally left the hospital. 嗯 isobel stevens终于舍得离开医院了
[01:23.22]Does this mean heart patient dude finally kicked it? 这难道是说那个心脏病人已经快不行了?
[01:25.22]I'm sorry.This section of the bar is for surgeons. 不好意思 这里是外科医生的地盘
[01:29.22]We don't socialize with gynecologists. 我们不跟妇科医生打交道
[01:36.12]George!Hi. George!你好
[01:37.82]My point is,maybe we don't give angerenough credit. 我的看法是 也许我们并没有给愤怒一个正确的评价
[01:40.92]Hey. 嘿
[01:43.92]Maybe it can be a lot moredangerous than we think. 也许它远比我们想像的要危险得多
[01:47.32]After all, when it comes to destructive behavior... 一旦它带来毁灭性的后果
[01:52.92]It did make the top seven. 它将跻身于七宗罪之中
[01:58.52]that's it?That's your diagnosis? 就这样吗?这就是你的诊断?
[02:01.42]Yes, he said bone cancer,so that would be his diagnosis. 是啊 他说骨癌 这就是他的诊断
[02:03.92]I heard him.I was double-checking. 我听见了 我再确认一下
[02:08.72]I still need to do a bone scan to see how far it's spread. 我还需要做一个骨骼扫瞄 来确定它已经扩散了多少
[02:11.42]Osteosarcomas are aggressive,but, uh, we can try and treat it with chemo or remove the tumor entirely. 成骨肉瘤是恶性的 但我们可以做化疗 或者手术切除全部肿瘤
[02:17.32]If it's spread too far, we may have to amputate the limb. 如果扩散得过快 我们就只能截肢了
[02:20.62]At that point,should we even bother? 如果那样 我们还需要这么费事么?
[02:22.32]oh, right,let's just let him die. 哦 是啊 干脆让它死了算了
[02:24.32]I don't want him to suffer, meredith. Right. - 我不想它太遭罪 meredith - 是啊
[02:29.72]So what's... i mean,is there something going on? 这是怎么... 我是说 发生什么事了吗?
[02:34.32]No. 没有
[02:36.02]Did you guys have a fight or something? 你们俩吵架了还是怎样?
[02:37.72]No. 没有
[02:40.12]So... we're all still...friends? 那么... 还是...朋友咯?
[02:43.32]Yes. 对
[02:53.52]I heard you might be getting a heart for a transplant. 我听说你要取一颗心脏用于移植
[02:57.22]Mercy west has a heart,and i'm going to get it, yes. Mercy west有一颗心脏 我要去取它 是的
[02:59.72]Can i go? 'cause, um,i've done it before... 我能去吗? 因为我之前做过这个...
[03:03.32]with dr. Bailey when she went to get a heart. 跟dr. Bailey一起去取的
[03:05.82]You can ask her.I was very helpful. 你可以跟她打听 我能帮上不少忙的
[03:07.72]Oh, i'm sure you were, 哦 我相信你会的
[03:09.42]but i'm not going to need your help on this one. 但这次我不打算让你帮我
[03:21.92]why are they allin the hallway? 大家都在过道做什么?
[03:23.32]Overflow from the e.r. 急诊室里呆不下
[03:25.02]Paramedic told us some employee went postal,shot up a restaurant. 护理人员说一个邮局职员闯进餐厅开的枪
[03:27.62]I heard he got away. 我听说他跑了
[03:29.02]Really? 真的?
[03:30.22]Neal hannigan and deborah fleiss.They were paying at the register when the gunman came in. Neal hannigan和deborah fleiss 持枪歹徒闯进去的时候他们正在收款台结帐
[03:33.32]She's got a through and through the right upper arm.Good distal pulses. 她的右臂被子弹穿过 末端脉搏正常
[03:36.42]He sustained a possible graze wound to the right back. 他的右背受到擦伤
[03:39.32]Let's irrigate the wound,get them to x-ray and order a tet-tox for both. 先冲洗伤口 再给他们做X光 注射两支破伤风疫苗
[03:43.82]Don't worry about me.Take care of my deborah first. 别管我 先照顾我的deborah
[03:46.02]Oh, now you're concerned.I said i was sorry. - 哦 这会儿你倒关心起来了 - 我说了对不起
[03:49.02]Sorry? 对不起?
[03:50.32]The shooting starts and you duck behi me,and you're sorry? He ducked behind... - 枪响的时候你躲在我身后 现在你说对不起? - 他躲在你身后...
[03:52.72]you ducked behind her? 你躲在她身后?
[03:53.72]It was instinct.I couldn't help it.Deb, honey,you know i love you. 那只是条件反射 无意识的一种反应 Deb 亲爱的 你知道我爱你
[03:56.92]Love means never having to use your girlfriend as a human shield. 爱是指永远不会把你的女朋友当作人体盾牌
[04:00.92]we shed a bullet. 我们都中了弹
[04:01.92]Deborah, it went through you and into me. Deborah 它穿过你然后射中我
[04:04.02]That's a sign we should be together forever, a sign. 这就是我们要永远在一起的标志
[04:06.42]No, neal, this is a sign. 不 neal 这才是标志
[04:09.22]She is squirting water through my arm. 她的水可以穿过我的胳膊
[04:11.12]Look. I can see you through my arm. 看 我能透过胳膊看到你
[04:13.42]That's another sign. 这是另一个标志
[04:15.62]Good luck. 祝你们好运
[04:16.82]Lower left leg deformity from g.s.w.Pedal pulse is strong and intact. 左腿下半部分因枪伤而变形 脚底脉搏正常有力
[04:21.22]Paramedic said he got 5 of morphine in the field. 护理人员说在这里已经注射了5支吗啡了
[04:24.32]Oh, trust me.It was not enough. Probably got the tibia. - 哦 相信我 那根本不够 - 可能伤到胫骨
[04:26.72]Rule out other injuries and then get him up to radiology. 没有其他伤口的话 就带他去做个放射
[04:30.92]Let's get her up to c.t.Get ahold of her parents and get 'em down here as soon as possible. 带她去做CT 跟她的父母联系一下 请他们尽快赶过来
[04:34.32]What's her name, by the way? kendra. - 哦 她叫什么名字? - kendra
[04:36.02]Kendra thomas. Kendra thomas
[04:38.02]Kendra. Kendra
[04:41.42]almost got it. 差不多好了
[04:43.42]Ohh! Do you know what you're doing?Because that really hurts,you know? 哦! 你知道你在做什么吗? 快疼死了 你知道吗?
[04:48.02]You know what really hurts?Gunshot wounds. 你知道还有什么会更疼吗?枪伤
[04:51.42]You're lucky. 你很幸运了
[04:52.62]Lucky? There's no luck.Quick thinking, doll. 幸运? 这可不是靠幸运 是我反应快捷
[04:54.92]Excuse me? 你说什么?
[04:56.12]I'm a quick thinker, smart,ways right on it. 我思维敏锐反应快捷 枪响的同时我已经做好了准备
[04:58.72]As soon as i saw him... petey...he's the shooter... (chuckles) 我一看到他... petey...那个持枪歹徒...
[05:01.92]Hey, i knew when i fired him he was no good. 嘿 我解雇他的时候就知道他会报复的
[05:03.92]As soon as i saw him,i thought, oh, here we go.I just knew what was coming. 我看到他的时候 就知道 哦 他来了 我就知道要发生什么事了
[05:08.52]Hey, chaz, larry,no offense,but you guys gotta think quicker on your feet. 嘿 chaz larry 不是我说你们 你们俩真得跑得再快点儿才行
[05:15.22]They have gunshot wounds, 他们受了枪伤
[05:16.82]very serious gunshot wounds,life-threateninggunshot wounds. 非常严重的枪伤 危及生命的枪伤
[05:21.62]It really helps that i'm an athlete,ause the second i saw petey with that gun, 运动员的身份可帮了我大忙 我看到petey举起枪的那一秒
[05:24.62]i was, like, cat-quick, just dove right through the window. 我像猫一样蹿到窗户下面躲起来
[05:28.32]Those guys... not so smart. 其他那些人...太迟钝了
[05:31.02]I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that petey was looking for you. 让我稍微猜一下 petey要找的人是你吧
[05:38.32]You seen any enema kits? 你看到灌肠工具箱了吗?
[05:39.62]We have 13 g.s.w.s.You're looking for enema kits? 我们有13个枪伤患者 你却在找灌肠工具箱?
[05:42.22]I'm trapped upstairs with the gyno-beast on the uterus parade. 我被楼上那个妇科怪物困在子宫王国里了
[05:44.92]Addison can't do this to you forever, alex. Addison不会一直这么对你的 alex
[05:47.22]You wanna bet? 你想赌一下吗?
[05:47.82]I swear to god,she's ruining vaginas for me. 我对天发誓 她想用阴道毁了我
[05:51.52]2 dead, 14 injured.The policeman said the gunman got away, 2死14伤 警察说射击者跑了
[05:54.52]so there could be more incoming. 就是说可能还会有更多人被送来
[05:57.52]I could stay.We could send bailey. No, no. - 我还是留下吧 让bailey去取心脏 - 不 不
[06:00.22]You're our only cardiothoracic transplant specialist.You go get that heart. 你是我们唯一一个心脏移植专家 必须得你去
[06:08.62]Oh, forget it, karev.I already asked. 哦 算了吧 karev 我已经问过了
[06:12.62]It's not gonna... happen. 那根本...不可能
[06:15.22]dr. Burke! dr. Burke!
[06:17.52]Dr. Burke! Dr. Burke!
[06:19.92]I heard you were getting a heart. Can i go with you? I asked first. - 我听说你要去取心脏 能把我带上吗? - 我先问的
[06:23.12]You didn't get assigned any gunshot cases? 你手头没有枪伤病人要忙吗?
[06:26.32]Well, yeah, but if you had put me on this when i asked,i would've been free. I didn't.I'm not doing anything. - 哦 如果刚才你让我去 我肯定不会接枪伤病人的 - 我没有 我什么活儿都没接
[06:30.42]No, he's on the gynie squad. Not if you put me on this transplant. - 不 他在妇科帮忙 - 没有 让我加入这次移植手术吧
[06:35.52]Please! 拜托!
[06:38.42]Let's go, karev. 那么走吧 karev
[06:39.72]You can't be serious. Whoo! See you later, yang. - 你开什么玩笑 - 哦! 回见 yang
[06:50.72]So who's the lucky patient? 那个幸运的病人是谁?
[06:58.02]Denny duquette. Denny duquette
[07:01.43]-=风软FRM字幕组=- 翻译:袜子自己洗 校对:袜子自己洗
[07:14.43]Grey's Anatomy 226 第二季 大结局 Part I
[07:26.06]the answer is no, stevens. 答案是不 stevens
[07:27.66]You don't even know what i'm gonna ask. 你都不知道我想问什么
[07:29.36]You want to help prep denny duquette for transplant. 你想加入denny duquette的移植手术
[07:32.36]So it's true?He's getting a heart then? 那么是真的了?他就快有心脏了?
[07:34.76]See, your face right now?That's the problem. 看看你现在的表情?这就是问题所在
[07:37.36]You're overly attached to your patient. 你对你的病人爱护得过了头
[07:39.16]So the answer is no,you cannot prep him.Go back to sutures. 所以答案是不 你不能加入 回去缝合吧
[07:44.36]I know denny's cardiac parameters. 我知道denny的心脏参数
[07:46.16]I know how his lvad works better than any other intern. 我比其他实习医生更熟悉他的左心室辅助仪
[07:48.66]I also know his meds better. 我还知道他的用药情况
[07:50.16]I know the frequency,the dosage, the quantity and his physical limitations. 频率啦 剂量啦 总量啦 还有他的生理极限
[07:54.26]I promise, i will...i will be 100% professional. 我保证 我会用... 我会用百分之百的专业态度对他
[07:57.66]Oh, no flirting,no knitting him sweaters,no marathon games of scrabble? 哦 不调情 不给他织毛衣 不展开马拉松式的苦恋?
[08:01.26]I will treat him with the same protocol i would any other patient. 我会像对待其他病人那样对他
[08:07.96]All right, fine. 好吧 好吧
[08:09.06]You can inform him the heart's coming. 你可以通知他找到合适的心脏了
[08:11.06]Thank you, dr. Bailey.Stevens... thank you. -谢谢 dr. Bailey -Stevens... -谢谢
[08:12.76]You so much as sit on that bed... got it! - 你一定要清楚自己在做什么... - 明白!
[08:23.86]Can you imagine? 你能想像吗?
[08:25.16]You're at work,you're doing your job,and somebody comes in and shoots you, 你在上班 正在工作 有人进来 向你开枪
[08:28.96]just puts a bullet in your head.19 years old. 一颗子弹射中你的头部 19岁
[08:31.16]I called her parents.They're on their way, also... 我通知了她的父母 他们已经在来的路上了...另外
[08:33.56]'cause we need to get her into the o.r. Immediately.I mean, the bullet's gone right through the midline. Also, uh... - 好 我们得快点送她进手术室 立刻 子弹穿过她的脑中枢 - 另外 嗯...
[08:38.26]look at the size of the hematoma. 看看这血肿的大小
[08:40.36]Also? What? - 另外? - 什么?
[08:41.86]You said "also" twice. 你说了两次"另外"
[08:43.36]Yeah, also, she's pregnant. 哦 另外 她怀孕了
[08:48.46]Yeah, i'm management,so i'm 100% covered. 是啊 我是管理层 医疗费由公司承担
[08:51.36]So i could spend a year in this hospital, it wouldn't cost me a cent. 所以我可以在医院里住上一年 一个子儿都不用出
[08:54.46]That's why when i told you about management, chaz,you should've listened to me, 所以当我说到管理的时候 chaz 你真该听听我的
[08:57.16]'cause now, you're screwed. 因为这会儿 你已经不行了
[08:59.06]I mean, even if you just spend one day in this e.r.,that's three... (whistles)Months rent. 我是说 你在急诊室待上一天 都要花掉你三个月的房租
[09:04.76]You want to be a 60-year-old waiter? Is there any chance you can please up my morphine? - 你想做服务员做到60岁吗? - 你们能再给我注射点吗啡吗?
[09:08.76]if he keeps talking,pretty soon,i'm gonna need some. 如果他还这么说下去的话 不出多久 我也需要吗啡了
[09:12.86]Can you find out about kendra for me? 你能帮我找一下kendra吗?
[09:14.76]Are you two iends? 你们俩是朋友?
[09:16.46]Not friends, exactly. 准确地说 不算
[09:17.86]But, uh, everybody likes her, 不过 嗯 每个人都喜欢她
[09:19.36]you know?She's... she's just...she's nice. 知道吗? 她... 她...她是个很好的人
[09:23.66]She'll cover your shift when you need it,she's good with the customers, 她会在你需要帮助的时候帮助你 她对待顾客非常热情
[09:26.56]she's real generous when it comes to tipping busboys. 她给小工小费的时候也很大方
[09:29.36]Let me guess,you're a busboy. I am. - 让我猜猜 你就是那个小工 - 是啊
[09:31.96]Plus, she's the only one who calls brad on his crap. 还有 她是唯一一个不买brad账的人
[09:35.06]Well, why don't you say something? 那你为什么不那样呢?
[09:36.66]Yeah, i wish. I'm saving up to go back to school. 我也想啊 但我得攒钱去上学
[09:40.06]I need the job. 我需要这个工作
[09:42.26]What, are you socializing? 你在社交吗?
[09:43.36]I've got five more patients for you to see,and will here needs to get to surgery. 我还有5个病人要你去照看 还有手术等着你帮忙
[09:47.06]Ve your ass. 快点行动
[09:52.26]I need the job. 我需要这个工作
[09:56.36]I have some news for you. 我有好消息告诉你
[09:58.16]Am i getting a better television? 我要有一个好一点的电视了吗?
[09:59.46]'Cause this one is ridiculously small,and it doesn't get the porny channels. 这个实在是太小了 还收不到成人频道
[10:03.26]You're getting a heart,denny. 你得到心脏了 denny
[10:08.76]I don't mean to be dramatic and all... 我不想搞得像电视情节一样...
[10:12.26]but i'm gonna need you to repeat that. 但我想你再重复一遍刚才的话
[10:14.86]And you say it slow,because this is one of those moments in life 你慢点说 这是我人生中这几个月来
[10:19.06]that i'm gonna want to remember in detail. 最可贵的一个细节 我想牢牢记住
[10:22.66]You... 你...
[10:25.16]are getting a heart from mercy west. 将从mercy west得到一颗心脏
[10:27.96]Dr. Burke already left to get it. Dr. Burke已经去取了
[10:30.76]I guess this means i'm gonna have to start taking you on some real dates. 我想这意味着我就快可以真正地带你去约会了
[10:34.86]I guess so. 我想是的
[10:36.36]Here we are,mr. Duquette. 好了 mr. Duquette
[10:40.76]What are these? 这是什么?
[10:41.86]D.n.r. Papers. D.n.r文件.
[10:43.36]Do not resuscitate? 不使用复苏器?
[10:44.96]i'll leave these here and come back. 我把这个留下 一会儿回来
[10:49.46]Why are you signing these? 你为什么签这个?
[10:50.66]You're getting a heart. 你就快得到心脏了
[10:51.66]If this heart doesn't come through for some reason... it will. - 如果这颗心脏用不成... - 能用
[10:54.16]The last one didn't. 上一颗就不行
[10:57.46]You are on an lvad, okay? 你已经装上了左心室辅助仪
[10:59.36]That could give you another two years right there. 那个可以让你多维持两年时间
[11:02.86]Izzie... Izzie...
[11:04.16]if i don't get this heart... 如果我得不到这颗心脏...
[11:07.46]i'm done. 我就死定了
[11:08.46]I'm... i'm just...i'm tired. 我... 我只是...太累了
[11:14.16]No. 不
[11:15.46]No. I'm not gonna let you make this decision, not now. 不 我不会允许你做这个决定的 不会
[11:17.96]Well, that's funny because i thought d.n.r.Was a patient's choice. 嗯 你这样说很好笑 用不用复苏器是病人的决定
[11:26.86]Listen to me... 听我说...
[11:30.36]i believe in heaven,izzie. 我相信天堂 izzie
[11:33.66]And if i had to choose between... 如果我必须选择...
[11:36.76]this life here... 是这样生活...
[11:40.46]and... and one in heaven... 还是...还是升入天堂...
[11:46.16]i choose heaven. 我选择天堂
[11:47.76]Okay? 好吗?
[11:50.46]Okay. 好吧
[11:59.86]The x-rays will tell us the location of the bullet. X光会告诉我们子弹的位置
[12:03.16]Mine was a through and through, right? 我的胳膊已经射穿了啊
[12:04.46]So there's no bullet. 应该没有子弹
[12:05.36]Yeah, well, we want to make sure it didn't hit bone. 是啊 但我们得保证它没有伤到骨头
[12:06.76]However this turns out,i want you to operate on my fianc\e first. 不管结果怎样 我要你们先给我的未婚妻做手术
[12:10.26]I don't care if i'm dying.You're not dying. - 我不在乎自己会不会死 - 你不会死的
[12:12.66]I'm also not your fianc\e anymore. 我不再是你的未婚妻了
[12:14.76]We already sent out the invitations. 我们把请帖都发出去了
[12:16.36]We're getting married six weeks from now. 我们六周后就要结婚了
[12:18.66]Deborah, please. Deborah 拜托
[12:21.66]I love you. 我爱你
[12:24.86]Oh, don't fall for it. 哦 别理他
[12:25.56]Excuse me, but... that's how they do it,huh? - 不好意思 你... - 他们总是这样 不是吗?
[12:27.96]With the "i love yous"and the "move in with mes," 嘴上说着"我爱你""搬来跟我住吧"
[12:30.56]and they suck you in,and he melts your resolve. 他们欺骗你的感情 软化你的意志
[12:32.76]And the minute you actually need something, 终于到你需要那些
[12:34.46]something you totally deserve, 你应该得到的东西时
[12:35.66]forget it. You kw,it's not gonna happen 算了吧 根本不可能
[12:37.16]because they're gonna pass you over for surgery 他们把你扔在一边自己去做手术
[12:39.16]or they're gonna duck behind you when someone's shooting. 或者在枪响的时候躲在你身后
[12:43.96]You're very, very bitter. 你嘴巴真毒
[12:45.96]that's exactly what i was thinking. 我也这么想
[12:47.66]See?We're meant to be together. 看?我们应该在一起
[12:49.36]Shut up, neal. 闭嘴 neal
[12:55.76]There are two donors? 有两个捐献者?
[12:56.76]Two brothers tried to pass a semi on a double yellow 兄弟俩试图从马路中央穿越双黄线
[12:59.26]and came out on the losing end of a head-on. 被迎面驶来的汽车撞翻
[13:01.86]Both are a match for your guy. 两个都跟你的病人吻合
[13:03.76]So we get our pick? It doesn't work like that. - 那我们可以随便挑吗? - 这可不行
[13:06.86]U.n.o.s. Has already assigned who gets which donor. 器官捐献组织决定谁取哪一颗
[13:10.06]so who's trieving the other heart? 那另一颗给谁呢?
[13:11.86]took you long enough,preston. 这会儿才来 preston
[13:17.06]Why is junior here?Your ego get too big for one man to carry? 怎么还带个新手来? 像你这么自负的人还搞不定么?
[13:21.16]dr. Hahn here graduated second in our class at johns hopkins, dr. Karev. dr. Hahn曾以我们班第二名的成绩 从johns hopkins毕业 dr. Karev
[13:26.56]Ask her who graduated first. 问问她第一名是谁
[13:29.76]god. 上帝
[13:33.66]kendra fetus is 12 weeks along. kendra怀孕12周了
[13:35.86]Seems healthy. 胎儿很健康
[13:39.06]Did you hear me, derek? 你听到我说的了吗 derek?
[13:40.46]I heard you. 听到了
[13:43.86]So you're not gonna tell me what's going on between you and meredith? 你还是不打算告诉我 你跟meredith之间发生了什么?
[13:46.66]I told you,there's nothing to tell. 我说了 什么事都没有
[13:49.86]Kendra's parents are here. Kendra的父母来了
[13:51.06]Let them know the situation,sign the consent forms and then scrub in. 跟他们说明情况 让他们签好手术协议书 你消毒完后进来
[13:54.26]Yes, dr. Shepherd. 好的 dr. Shepherd
[13:55.36]Thank you. 谢谢
[14:05.66]What the hell happened to my donor? 我的捐献者怎么了?
[14:06.56]He went into v-fib. 心室纤颤
[14:07.66]I can see that.Give me the paddles. 我看出来了 把电击器给我
[14:09.86]Karev, take over compressions.You gave epi? Karev 你负责加压 电击过了吗?
[14:11.86]Three rounds.And we shocked him twice. 三轮 电击两次
[14:13.56]I'm gonna hit him again at 360. clear. - 我再来一次 加到360 - 好
[14:20.86]He's asystolic. 心跳停止了
[14:22.06]I don't get it.The guy's already dead. 没了 这人已经死了
[14:25.56]And now his heart has joined the rest of him. 他的心脏也死了
[14:28.36]So we can't use it? 那么我们不能取了吗?
[14:29.56]No, karev,we cannot use it. 不能 karev 不能了
[14:31.56]The muscle is dead.The heart is useless. 肌肉死了 心脏没用了
[14:40.56]dr. Burke. dr. Burke
[14:43.56]Move, move, move, move!Stop right now. 让一下 让一下! 住手
[14:47.06]Don't move that scalpel, 别动手术刀
[14:48.26]not even a single slice. 一下都别动
[14:57.53]your donor's heart died doesn't mean i have to give you mine. 你的捐献者心脏死了 并不代表我要把我的这个给你
[15:00.13]Is your patient higher on the transplant list? 你的病人在移植名单里更靠前吗?
[15:03.33]Is he higheron the transplant list? 比我的病人靠前吗?
[15:05.63]I have no idea. 我不知道
[15:07.03]Well, neither do i. 哦 我也是
[15:09.03]Karev, get u.n.o.s.On the phone, now. Karev 给器官捐献组织打电话 就现在
[15:11.83]Oh, give me a break. 哦 你算了吧
[15:15.83]Hey, hey. 嘿 嘿
[15:16.83]What, are you gonna beat him up? 怎么 你还想打他吗来?
[15:18.23]If i have to. 如果必要的话
[15:19.33]Okay, just hold on. 等一下
[15:20.93]Pathetic, preston.Really pathetic. 真可怜 preston 你真可怜
[15:28.73]I finished all five of your patien. 我把那5个病人都搞定了
[15:30.83]Do you mind if i scrub in?I've never seen an o.r.i.f. Before. 我这会儿可以消毒进去了么? 我还没见过切开复位内固定手术
[15:33.93]Can't. The board's all backed up like crazy. 不行 这个板子上的手术挤得满满的
[15:36.73]Will's gonna have to wait a few hours Will还得等几个小时
[15:37.93]cause every other specialty thinks their surgeries are more important than ortho. 每位专家都觉得他们的外科手术 比我们的整形手术重要的多
[15:42.03]Freakin' superior, macho jerks. 可笑的权威 霸道的混蛋
[15:45.73]Can i ask you a question about bone cancer? 我能问你关于骨癌的事吗?
[15:48.63]Yeah. 可以
[15:50.63]In a dog. 是狗
[15:52.53]A dog? My dog. - 狗? - 我的狗
[15:54.13]Well, derek's dog.Do you know dr. Shepherd? 嗯 derek的狗 你认识dr. Shepherd吗?
[15:56.93]It's our dog.We share the dog, 它是我们的狗 属于我们两个人
[15:58.63]which is... well, never mind. 这个...嗯 不重要
[16:00.63]I just wanted to ask you if you knew the success rate of curing osteosarcoma in a canine leg. 我只想问问如果要治疗它腿上的成骨肉瘤 成功的机率有多大?
[16:09.43]We have an actual human patient with a-a bullet 我们有一个被子弹穿过胫骨的病人
[16:12.63]lodged in his tibia,who might walk with a limp for the rest of his life, 一个可能下半生都要一瘸一拐走路的病人
[16:15.63]who might even conceivably lose his leg,and you're asking me 一个甚至有可能失去一条腿的病人 而你却在向我打听
[16:18.93]about your precious dog that you share with your precious mcdreamy? 怎样治愈你和你的宝贝美梦先生 共有的那条宝贝狗?
[16:22.73]Yeah, l-i know about him. And you think i care? 是啊 我认识他 你觉得我在乎这个吗?
[16:26.93]Unbelievable. 真不敢相信
[16:29.83]your guy's on an lvad. 你的病人已经植入了左心室辅助仪
[16:31.13]He's probably up and walking around. 他现在可以下床可以四处走动
[16:32.83]My guy still needs his dobutamine drip. 而我的病人现在只能靠 注射杜丁胺维持生命
[16:35.83]That's the best you can do? 你就会这样吗?
[16:37.43]He can climb mount shasta on a dobutamine drip. 你注射的杜丁胺都能让他 爬上mount shasta了
[16:40.13]as of this morning,dr. Hahn's patient was 22 hundredths of a point ahead. 今天早上dr. Hahn的病人排在22%的位置
[16:44.03]Well, that's basically a tie. 那我们俩一样
[16:45.43]Exce that dr. Hahn's patient was admitted into the transplant program before mr. Duquette. 但是dr. Hahn的病人比mr. Duquette 更早加入移植计划
[16:49.83]How long before? 早了多久?
[16:54.03]17 seconds. 17秒
[16:56.13]17 seconds. 17秒
[16:58.43]Might as well be 17 weeks.It doesn't matter. 哪怕是17周呢 结果都一样
[17:05.83]Hello.Alex? - 喂 - Alex?
[17:07.63]Where's dr. Burke?What do you want? - 我找dr. Burke? - 你想干吗?
[17:09.63]I want to know how the heart recovery is going. 我想知道你们什么时候能取到心脏
[17:12.13]He's working on it. 他正在努力
[17:13.43]"He's working on it"?So he's operating now? "他正在努力"? 那么他已经在手术了吗?
[17:16.33]There were two donors, izzie. 有两个捐献者 izzie
[17:18.23]Our guy's heart flatline and now he's trying to get the other guy's. 我们那颗心脏已经死亡 我们正在争取另一颗
[17:20.83]But there's a list. 不是有名单的吗
[17:22.43]Yes, and the higher guy gets the heart. 是啊 排在前面的先得
[17:26.73]Denny's getting sicker. Denny的病加重了
[17:28.83]What? 什么?
[17:30.03]Denny's getting worse by the second.His, uh, his sats are in the 80s. Denny这会儿病重了 他的 嗯 他的心跳只有80
[17:34.13]Izzie. Izzie
[17:34.83]70s.His sats are now in the 70s and dropping. 70了 已经到70了 还在降
[17:38.53]Izzie, i'm not gonna lie for you. Izzie 我没有骗你
[17:40.23]Then put burke on the phone. 让burke来接电话
[17:45.03]Hey. 嘿
[17:46.43]Hey. 嘿
[17:47.13]Have you seen dr. Karev? 你看到dr. Karev了吗?
[17:48.63]Uh... hours ago. 嗯...几小时前了
[17:51.73]Okay. 好
[17:57.33]Sorry. I, uh... 对不起 我 嗯...
[17:58.63]i'm... i'm not sorry. I just... 我... 我不是要说对不起 我只是...
[18:01.93]i'm having a little trouble because i need to ask you something. 我有些事情想不通 我想问问你
[18:05.03]And i don't usually have trouble,but what i need to ask, 我并不是经常这样 但我真的得问你
[18:08.93]i'm not even sure i want the answer to. 我都不确定我是不是真的想知道答案
[18:10.73]But i have to ask,so i'm just gonna ask you,and then you answer, 但我不得不问 我问 然后你答
[18:14.03]luego t' responder*s and then, um...and we'll go from there, okay? 然后 嗯...就是这样 可以吗?
[18:17.43]Okay. 好的
[18:19.43]Are you sleeping with my husband? 你还跟我老公睡觉吗?
[18:22.03]Not since before i knew he was married. 自从得知他有妻子的那刻起就再没有了
[18:27.03]Okay. 好的
[18:29.43]Except, you know, it just... 还有 你知道的 我只是...
[18:30.83]it felt like...in the vet's office this morning and then again in the elevator... 我只是觉得...今天早上在兽医的诊所里 还有后来在电梯里...
[18:35.63]it felt a little like you two were having a lovers' quarrel? 我觉得你们俩像一对恋人在闹别扭?
[18:39.93]No, we're not. 没有 我们没有
[18:43.13]I've moved on. 我已经开始新生活了
[18:44.73]I'm dating finn. 我现在跟finn在约会
[18:47.93]You're dating the vet? 你跟那个兽医?
[18:53.43]Okay. 好的
[18:54.43]Addison... no, no, thanks. I'm... i'm good. - Addison... - 不 不 谢谢...我没事
[18:57.83]Thanks. I'm great. 谢谢 我很好
[19:03.03]Flash pulmonary edema? 急性肺气肿?
[19:04.73]Is... is it the lvad?Is the lvad working? Absolutely. - 那...那辅助仪呢?辅助仪起作用了吗? - 起了
[19:07.83]Well, did you put him on a nitro drip? 嗯 你给他注射硝化基了吗?
[19:09.23]Um, i... yes.Yes, of course. 嗯 我... 当然注射了
[19:11.93]Preston, she could be putting paddles directly on his heart. Preston 她可以给他进行电击了
[19:14.43]He's still not getting this thing. 他不会得到那颗心脏的
[19:15.83]How's his blood pressure? It's, uh, still dropping.82 over 40. - 他的血压怎么样? - 还在降 高压82低压40
[19:18.93]Then take him off the drip and put him on dopamine, now. 停止注射 立刻使用多巴胺
[19:22.03]Don't hang up. 不要挂
[19:25.13]According to my intern,denny duquette now qualifies as a 1a candidate for that heart. 据我的实习医生所描述的情况 denny duquette现在获得了最优先接受移植的权利
[19:30.73]That puts him ahead of dr. Hahn's patient. 也就是说他将比dr. Hahn的病人 更快得到心脏
[19:32.33]I'm outta here.This is just crap. dr. Hahn. - 我要走了 都是废话 - dr. Hahn
[19:34.73]What? 怎么了?
[19:35.23]If dr. Burke wants to run labs, 如果dr. Burke要进实验室
[19:36.53]do aecho and a b.n.p. To fully ascertain the status of his patient,we'll allow it. 做超声波和B型纳尿 以查明他的病人的情况 我们不反对
[19:41.53]That'll take an hour. 那要花一个小时
[19:43.13]Is the donor stable? 捐献者情况稳定吗?
[19:46.33]Dr. Hahn,is the donor stable? Dr. Hahn 捐献者情况稳定吗?
[19:48.13]Yes, the donor is currently stable. 是的 捐献者目前情况稳定
[19:50.23]In that case, dr. Burke, you've got an hour to get those tests. 这样的话 dr. Burke 你有一个小时去做测试
[19:54.23]Dr. Stevens. Dr. Stevens
[19:55.13]I heard. Good. - 我听到了 - 好的
[19:56.83]Get going then. 那么去做吧
[20:11.80]B.p.'s 220 over 130. 高压220 低压130
[20:13.90]The brain is fungating out of the wound. 脑部伤口感染了真菌
[20:15.40]What's fungating?Herniating. -那会怎样? -形成疝状突起
[20:17.20]She's bradycardic. 心率已经减慢
[20:19.40]Let me get 50 mannitol and 20 furosemide. 给我50甘露醇和20腹安酸
[20:21.10]What's her pulse? Down to 32. - 脉搏多少? - 降到32了
[20:23.60]Come on, kendra. Co2? 挺住 kendra CO2呢?
[20:29.30]Oh, god.The clot's already evacuated. 哦 上帝 总算把血块取出来了
[20:31.70]All right, everybody.But... -好了 诸位 -但是...
[20:33.40]she's brain dead.There's nothing we can do now. -她脑死亡了 -我们无能为力了
[20:38.60]There is no spontaneous brain activity, 没有任何自发性脑部活动
[20:41.80]and she isn't going to wake up. Oh, god. - 她不会再醒来了 - 哦 上帝
[20:44.80]What about the baby?Is the baby okay? 孩子怎么样呢?孩子没事吧?
[20:47.10]As far as we can tell,the baby's fine, but... 就目前来说 孩子还没事 但是...
[20:49.40]that's not the point. 但是那已经不重要了
[20:51.50]Essentially,your daughter is dead. 重要的是你们的女儿已经死亡了
[20:54.10]We need your consent to remove her from life support. 我们需要你们的同意 好终止她的心跳
[20:57.90]What if we kept kendra alive? 如果我们让kendra继续活着呢?
[21:00.30]Could the baby live? 孩子可以活下来吗?
[21:01.50]With all due respect, sir,you don't want to do that. 我不想冒犯你 先生 但你不该那么做
[21:03.90]Are you part of this family?Do you have a daughter? 你是我们家的一分子吗? 你有女儿吗?
[21:07.00]If you don't, you really oughta just shut up. 没有的话 你就给我闭嘴
[21:10.00]Our daughter...could have this baby? 我们的女儿...能生下这个孩子吗?
[21:14.30]You know, even with all these cuts,i don't feel any pain. 即使被手术刀切开 我都没有感到多少疼痛
[21:17.20]I swear, i have the highest pain threshold of anybody i know. 我发誓 我在我认识的人当中是最能忍的
[21:22.60]My god. if i could say something to that guy and not get fired... 上帝啊 我真希望能好好骂他一顿 却不被解雇...
[21:27.20]he can't fire me. 他不能解雇我
[21:29.30]Uh, mr. Eckles, brad, 嗯 mr. Eckles brad
[21:31.40]uh, i'm happy for you that you're not feeling much pain from your very minor injuries, 嗯 我很高兴你这些小伤并没有给你带来多少疼痛
[21:36.50]but there are a great many people in this hospital who are in a great amount of pain. 但是医院里目前还有很多人疼得要命
[21:41.10]See, they have bullets in their bones,in their chests and in their brains, 子弹射进了他们的骨头、胸腔和大脑
[21:45.00]bulls from a gun that was aiming for you. 那些子弹原本是瞄准你的
[21:47.70]And although they can't say it because you're the boss of them, 因为你是老板 他们甚至都不能抱怨什么
[21:50.30]most of these people,at this moment,are praying...not that they'll live, 这些人 此时此刻 都在祈祷... 不是祈祷自己能活下去
[21:54.30]not that the pain will subside... 不是祈祷自己的疼痛减轻...
[21:55.80]they're praying to godfor you, at this moment,to shut the heck up. 此时此刻 他们祈祷 但愿上帝能闭上你的臭嘴
[22:08.50]No problem. 不客气
[22:11.70]Karev. He stood there and choose that moron over me. Karev 他就站在那儿 选了那个笨蛋都不选我
[22:15.10]You know,i'm trying to help the dog, 你知道 我只是想救我的狗
[22:16.70]and he's standing there talking about putting the dog down,like doc means nothing. 而他却只是站在那里讨论怎样结束它的生命 就好像doc什么都不是
[22:21.80]He's not rewarding karev.He's punishing me. 他不是在奖励karev 他是在惩罚我
[22:24.30]And he hates finn, who,by the way, is great with dogs. 他讨厌finn 而finn爱我的狗
[22:27.00]He withholds surgery when i'm a bad girlfriend. 就因为我是个不称职的女友 他就取消了我的手术
[22:30.30]It's his m.o. 他太大男子主义了
[22:31.30]I mean, how controlling and macho and petulant is that? 控制欲强 大男子主义 任性粗鲁
[22:34.60]At least he's not shooting people or putting down dogs. 至少他没有向人群开枪 或是想要害死一条狗
[22:37.80]i'm dumping him. 我要甩了他
[22:38.90]This relationship so over. 我们俩玩完了
[22:46.10]Um, l-i told a lie... to dr. Burke. 嗯 我对...对dr. Burke说了谎
[22:48.70]Good for you.Fight the power. 做得好 挑战权威
[22:50.10]No, no, i need... um... 不 不 我得...嗯...
[22:52.20]god, i can't think.L-i can't... 上帝 我不能思考了 我 我不能...
[22:54.80]l-i don't know what to do.What do i do? 我 我不知道怎么办才好 我该怎么做?
[22:58.70]There's this guy ahead of denny on the transplant list. 有个人在移植名单上比denny靠前
[23:02.40]he'll get the next heartiz. 他会得到下一颗心脏的 izzie
[23:03.80]No! He needs to get this heart. 不! 他必须得到这一颗
[23:10.00]He'll probably get a heart some point, 他以后会得到一颗心脏的
[23:11.80]but as long as denny's doing well on the lvad and there's someone ahead of him on the transplant list, 既然denny有心室辅助仪 又有人在名单上比他靠前
[23:16.50]he's not gonna get this heart. 他就不能得到这颗
[23:18.10]Okay? 明白吗?
[23:22.90]Yes. 是啊
[23:25.10]You're right. Okay. 你说得对 好的
[23:26.70]Thank you. 谢谢
[23:28.50]Thank you. 谢谢
[23:31.80]Okay, if i was gonna pick someone who was gonna go psycho and shoot up the place... 如果要我说谁是下一个发疯 对着人群扫射的人...
[23:38.20]it's izzie. 肯定是izzie
[23:39.90]Totally. 绝对是
[23:45.30]What's all that? 这是什么?
[23:47.40]Heart stuff. 心脏仪器
[23:49.00]So you're gonna put this heart in me in my room? 那你打算把这颗心脏放进我的心房里?
[23:50.40]I didn't know transplants were so informal. 我不知道移植原来这么随便
[23:56.20]There... there may not be a heart, denny. 可能...可能没有心脏了 denny
[23:58.30]Somebody at mercy west might get it instead. mercy west有个病人先得到它
[24:01.90]So this isn't gonna happen...again. 所以这一次又不行了...
[24:06.80]Not necessarily. 不一定
[24:11.60]I have been over this and over this, 我仔细地想过了
[24:14.30]and it can't be a lie and it can't be fake. 既然又不能说谎又不能造假
[24:16.80]We need charts.We need test results. 我们需要图表 我们需要检查结果
[24:18.90]We need u.n.o.s. To believe us,so it has to be real. 我们需要器官捐献组织的认可 所以必须是真的
[24:23.80]What are you talking about,izzie? 你在说什么 izzie?
[24:27.80]In order for you to get the heart, 为了帮你得到那颗心脏
[24:29.70]you would have to get worse...ch worse... 你必须病得更...重一点...
[24:32.50]and you would have to do it very quickly. 还必须尽快
[24:34.90]Well, l-i don't see that happening. 我没有觉得自己病重啊
[24:37.00]You see that happening? 你这样觉得吗?
[24:42.70]I am gonna make it happen. 我要让你病重
[24:59.56]it's been 30 minutes already.Is stevens answering her page? 半个小时了 stevens有答覆吗?
[25:02.06]She's probably busy getting the test results. 她可能正忙着取测试结果
[25:04.16]You call bailey? 你给bailey打电话了吗?
[25:05.66]Uh, she's not answering either. 嗯 她也没有答覆
[25:09.86]You can check the chart all you want,you're not getting this heart. 你尽可以检查所有的指标 你不会得到这颗心脏的
[25:12.56]Well, you may not want it. 嗯 这可不一定
[25:14.16]His angiogram shows 30% l.a.d. 他的血管造影显示 冠状动脉向左前方下降了30%
[25:16.66]Still not enough to give it to you. 这个数据并不足以帮你得到心脏
[25:20.56]Izzie. Izzie
[25:21.96]Izzie, stop and listen to me. Izzie 停一下 听我说
[25:24.56]We're not doing this. 我们不能这样做
[25:26.36]Don't worry.You're not gonna die. 别担心 你不会死的
[25:28.86]I will be here the whole time to make sure of that, 我会一直在你身边陪着你的
[25:31.36]and that's what this stuff is for. 这些仪器就是用来保护你的
[25:32.46]This isn't about me dying,all right? This is wrong. 我不是怕死 好吗? 这样做是错的
[25:35.36]You have wted a year and a half to get this thing. 你等这颗心脏已经等了一年半了
[25:37.16]Who knows when the next one is gonna come along? I'll take my chances. - 谁知道下一颗要到什么时候? - 我赌一把
[25:39.96]No! It may be too late by then. Then it's too late,all right? - 不! 也许到时候就来不及了 - 迟就迟了吧 我不管
[25:43.46]Now get this stuff outta here. Denny... - 把这些东西推走 - Denny...
[25:45.96]please...you have to do this. 拜托...你必须这样做
[25:48.86]No, izzie. 不 izzie
[25:50.16]I'm not about to steal a heart from another man's chest. 我不会从别人的胸腔中偷走心脏的
[25:52.96]Not to mention, this will be the end of your medical career. 更何况 它会毁掉你的医务生涯
[25:55.66]I don't care about my medical career. 我不在乎什么医务生涯
[25:57.56]All right, you know what? 好吧 你知道吗?
[25:59.26]This has gone on long enough.I'm gonna call a nurse. 你闹够了 我要叫护士来
[26:01.36]Everyone who is entered into the transplant program is clocked in to the second. 每个加入移植计划的人都是按秒排序的
[26:05.46]To the second, denny.You were clocked in to the second, 按秒排序 denny 你是按秒排序的
[26:07.66]and so was the other guy,i checked with u.n.o.s. 我从器官捐献组织查过了 那个要得到心脏的人
[26:09.46]The difference between when you entered the program and when he entered the program is 17 conds. 他加入移植计划只比你早了17秒
[26:15.96]That's it, denny.17 seconds.I mean, it not even the length of a decent kiss. 就是这样 denny 只有17秒 还没有一个吻的时间长
[26:22.56]So this other guy... 所以那个人...
[26:24.36]i'm not saying that he doesn't deserve this heart. 我不是说他不配得到这颗心脏
[26:27.36]I'm sure he does,but so do you. 我知道他应该 但你也一样
[26:31.56]So do you. 你也一样
[26:32.76]And if you tell me any more crap about heading towards the light or looking down on me from heaven, 如果你在跟我多说一句什么 奔向光明升上天堂之类的废话
[26:38.36]i swear, i will kill you myself right now! 我发誓 我会马上杀了你!
[26:42.46]Izzie... Izzie...
[26:46.46]just...i'm gonna be all right. 我会...我会好起来的
[26:51.06]You don't have to worry. 你不用为我担心
[26:53.76]What about me? 那我呢?
[26:56.06]What about mewhen you go to the light? 你奔向光明的时候我怎么办呢?
[26:58.56]Izzie...no, i get it... -Izzie... -好啊 我知道了...
[27:00.26]izzie... okay? I get it.You'll be okay. -izzie... -好啊 我知道了 你会好的
[27:02.76]You'll be fine.But what about me? 你会好起来的 但是我呢?
[27:05.96]So don't do it for yourself.Do it for me, please. 所以不要以为你是为了自己 你是为了我 拜托
[27:09.46]Please, denny.Please do this for me. 拜托 denny 就当是为了我
[27:12.16]Because if you die...oh, god,you have to do this. 因为如果你死了...哦 上帝 你必须这么做
[27:15.16]You have to do this for me,or i'll never be able to forgive you. For dying? -为了我你必须这么做 否则我永远都不会原谅你 -因为我的死?
[27:20.36]No! For making me love you.Please. 不! 因为你让我爱上你 拜托
[27:25.26]please do this for me.Come here.Okay? Please. -拜托 为了我 -过来 -好吗? 拜托
[27:28.96]Okay? I can't do this if you don't. 好吗? 如果你不肯的话我就真的没法活了
[27:31.26]Please do this for me 'cause if you don't do this...please. 拜托 为了我 你要是不肯我真的就...拜托
[27:37.06]okay? 好吗?
[27:39.06]Okay, i'll do it. 好 我答应了
[27:45.36]I'm in the middle of analyzing an x-ray, 我正在分析X光片
[27:47.36]and your friend meredith starts asking me about her dog. 你的朋友meredith向我咨询她的狗的病
[27:50.06]Her dog, george.She wants a medical opinion about her dog. 她的狗 george 她向我咨询狗的病
[27:52.56]She likes her dog. 她喜欢她的狗
[27:56.16]Why are you defending meredith? 你干吗要维护她?
[27:58.06]What?I get izzie.I mean, l-i don't, -什么? -要是izzie 我是说 还可以理解
[28:00.96]but if you want to defend izzie, that's fine. 你为izzie说话 我无所谓
[28:02.66]L-i don't get how you c defend meredith. Hey. -我 我不明白你为什么要维护meredith -嘿
[28:06.86]We're interns.We all started out together. 我们俩都是实习生 我们一起进来这家医院的
[28:08.26]Meredith, izzie,cristina and me... Meredith izzie cristina 还有我...
[28:09.46]we started out together. 我们一起来的
[28:11.46]George, that woman hurt you as badly as anyone can be hurt. George 那个女人把你伤的那么深
[28:13.76]You were devastated when i met you. 我遇到你的时候 你被伤成那样
[28:15.66]Look... they're family. 她们...她们是我的家人
[28:20.56]Izzie and meredith and cristina...they're... they're my family. Izzie meredith cristina... 她们...她们是我的家人
[28:24.76]I can hate meredith, and i can... i can be angry at her, 我可以恨meredith 我可以生她的气
[28:27.06]but i'm always gonna defend her. 但是我也会一直维护她
[28:28.46]So you don't have to forgive meredith, but i do? 那么说你不需要原谅meredith 而我需要?
[28:32.46]If you want a chance to be part of the family, yeah. 如果你想做这个家庭的一员 是的
[28:37.16]dr. Burke, hello. dr. Burke 你好
[28:38.66]Stevens, where the hell have you been? Stevens 你到底干什么去了?
[28:40.46]Have you got the lab results? 你拿到测试结果了吗?
[28:41.86]Um... ahem.I'm working on that. 嗯...嗯 我正在努力
[28:44.26]Stevens, i need answers. Stevens 我要结果
[28:47.56]Stevens? Stevens?
[28:48.76]You should get back here with the heart as soon as you can. 你得快点带着心脏回来
[28:52.86]What the hell are you...what a you talking about? 见鬼 你到底...你在说什么?
[28:54.96]Preston... Preston...
[28:57.36]izzie, what did you do? izzie 你做什么了?
[28:58.26]As soon as i get confirmatory tests and labs to raise denny's u.n.o.s. Status, 我一旦拿到有利的测试结果 能够帮助denny提升次序的结果
[29:03.36]i will fax them over to you,and then you should waste no time in getting back here 就会传真给你的 然后你片刻都不要耽误迅速赶回来
[29:05.56]because i don't know enough to know how long denny will have once i start. 因为我不确定一旦我开始了 denny能撑多久
[29:10.56]Start? 开始?
[29:13.36]What did you do, izzie? 你在做什么 izzie?
[29:16.76]What did you do? 你在做什么?
[29:17.86]I'm going to hang up now.Just hurry. 我要挂了 务必快一点
[29:33.46]According to my intern, 根据我的实习医生所说
[29:35.26]denny duquette is in pulmonary edema, denny duquette得了肺气肿
[29:37.76]and he has been intubated and placed on multiple i.v. Drips. 已经对他进行了插管治疗和多处静脉注射
[29:40.26]So preston gets the heart.Great. Let's open this guy. 那么preston得到了心脏 很好 现在给这个病人开胸吧
[29:43.16]However... given this unusual situation,and out of respect to dr. Hahn, 但是... 鉴于现在的情况 出于对dr. Hahn的尊重
[29:47.56]i'd like to confirm those results.You... you just did. -我想确认一下测试的结果 -你...你刚才不是确认过了吗?
[29:51.16]In person. 亲自确认
[29:52.86]I want to confirm them in person. 我要亲自确认
[29:54.76]are you kidding? 你开什么玩笑?
[29:56.06]By the time you get there,it'll be another hour. 等你到那儿 又一个小时过去了
[30:00.16]What are you up to, burke? 你想干嘛 burke?
[30:01.66]Why don't you just talk to your chief,confirm the results with him? 你为什么不直接请你的主任帮你确认结果?
[30:10.06]Well, because of the shootings today at the restaurant, uh, 因为今天有家餐厅发生了枪击事件
[30:13.16]all our attendings are still in surgery. 所有的医务人员都在忙着做手术
[30:15.26]Exactly. 没错
[30:16.56]Now if you prefer,i can just call u.n.o.s.And have them give me the heart. 如果你不反对的话 我要打电话给器官捐赠组织 要他们把心脏给我
[30:19.56]Or i can go and make sure that it really belongs to me. 或者我回去确认一下这个心脏的确属于我
[30:27.26]Go. 去吧
[30:29.26]Thank you. 谢谢
[30:33.66]I'm going back to seattle grace. 我要回seattle grace了
[30:35.36]You stay here and protect my heart. 你留下来保护我的心脏
[30:36.76]If that woman so much as looks at a scalpel,tackle her.Do you understand? 只要你发现那个女人瞟了一眼手术刀 想办法制止她 明白吗?
[30:41.96]Yes, sir. 是 先生
[30:46.46]Hey, you got a minute? 嘿 有时间吗?
[30:47.76]Are you ready to talk? 你想跟我谈了吗?
[30:48.76]Uh, my patient, kendra thomas,she's brain dead. 嗯 关于我的病人 kendra thomas 她已经脑死亡了
[30:51.06]Her parents want to keep her alive to have the baby. 她的父母想让她继续活下去好保住孩子
[30:53.66]So you want me to talk to the parents? 你希望我跟她的父母谈谈吗?
[30:55.16]Well, i tried already,t i figured, you're neonatal. 是啊 我试过了 我想 你是儿科医生
[30:57.76]You might have a better shot at it than i do. 你的话会比我的话有用
[30:59.16]It's just that you can give them a much more detailed picture... i said i'd do it. -你只要详细地说明一下可能的结果... -我说了我会去的
[31:03.76]Mr. And mrs. Thomas,dr. Shepherd asked me to talk to you about your daughter Mr.和mrs. Thomas dr. Shepherd要我来跟你们谈谈你们的女儿
[31:06.96]hepherd me pidi_ and her pregnancy. We've made up our minds. She's having the baby. -以及她的身孕 -我们已经决定了 她一定要把这个孩子生下来
[31:10.36]I know kendra meant the world to you, 我明白kendra对你们意味着什么
[31:12.36]and i know the terrible grief you must be going through right now. 我也明白你们现在有多难过
[31:15.26]But from a medical standpoint, this is a very bad idea. 但是从医学的角度来说 这真的不是什么好办法
[31:18.36]Well, if we'd wanted your opinion, miss, 如果我们需要你的意见 小姐
[31:20.56]we'd ask for it. 我们自然会开口
[31:22.06]It's just... we...we love our daughter. 只是...我们...我们爱我们的女儿
[31:25.16]Please try to understand.I do understand. I do. -希望你能理解 -我理解 我理解
[31:28.86]You think if you love her enough or love her baby enough, that it will keep her close to you. 如果你们认为你们对她的爱或是对孩子的爱 多到足以留住她的生命
[31:33.96]But she's already gone, and if you move forward with this, 但她的确已经死了 如果你们还要一意孤行
[31:37.16]you're risking...well, i mean, if kendra were to contract an infection, 就是冒险...嗯 我是说 如果kendra被病毒感染
[31:40.56]she could pass it on to the fetus.It could cause brain damage... we're taking our chances. -她会传染给胎儿 会对胎儿造成脑损伤... -我们愿意赌一把
[31:44.46]They keep organ donors alive after they're gone. 器官捐献者脑死亡后都能继续存活
[31:49.76]Why not kendra? kendra为什么不能呢?
[31:51.26]Organ donors are not kept alive for six months. 器官捐献者活不过六个月
[31:54.06]Your daughter is brain dead. 你们的女儿已经脑死亡了
[31:55.26]She can't regulate body temperature,hormone output. 她无法调节自身的体温 无法控制荷尔蒙的分泌
[31:58.16]These things are very important for a fetus. 这些对胎儿都是很重要的
[32:00.46]You guys can regulate that stuff, right? 你们控制得了这些 对吗?
[32:02.36]We could try. L... 我们可以试试...
[32:04.36]well, then try, damn it! What the hell's the problem here? 那就去试啊 该死的! 你觉得还有什么问题?
[32:07.06]The problem here, as i see it,is you want to use your daughter's corpse as an incubator. 问题是 在我看来 你们只是把自己女儿的尸体当做孵化器
[32:10.36]That's the problem. okay, i'm sorry.I'm sorry. -这就是问题所在 -好吧 对不起 很抱歉
[32:11.56]Would you excuse us, please? What? What are you doing,derek? Let go of me. - 我们先告辞了? - 什么? 你做什么 derek? 放开我
[32:13.76]Those people just lost their daughter. 他们只是因为失去了自己的女儿
[32:15.16]I know.That was my point, derek. 我知道 这正是我要说的 derek
[32:16.36]They need to face that.She's not coming back. 他们必须面对 她不可能回来
[32:18.06]A little sensitivity would be nice here, okay? 一点点敏感就可以了 别太过
[32:21.36]They love their daughter.They don't want to let go. 他们爱他们的女儿 不想让她走
[32:23.36]All right? What they're doing is not about love, dek. -好吗? -他们这样不是爱她啊 dek
[32:25.66]It's... it's...well, it's like you. 那是... 那是...嗯 就像是你
[32:28.26]Excuse me? 你说什么?
[32:29.06]Like how you pretend to love me, 就像你假装爱我
[32:30.46]but really, you're just using me to fill some need you have to be a good guy. 但事实上 你只是借助我使自己变成一个好男人
[32:33.46]Now is not the time to talk about this. 现在不是说这个的时候
[32:34.86]We'll talk about this later. Oh, what, you walk away?That's all i get? -我们晚点再谈 -哦 怎么 你又要走了?这就是我所得到的?
[32:37.16]Just calm down, please. What? What? You're not gonna yell at me, call me names, -冷静一点 -怎么? 怎么? 你不冲着我大声嚷嚷大声叫骂吗?
[32:40.26]or, l-i don't know,ignore me in an elevator? 还是 我不知道 在电梯里忽略我的存在?
[32:43.06]What do you want from me, addison? I want you to care. -你想要什么呢 addison? -我希望你在乎我
[32:45.86]I sleep with your best friend,and you walk away. 我跟你最好的朋友上床 你一走了之
[32:48.86]He comes out here from new york and rubs it in your face, 他从纽约过来 当面给你难堪
[32:51.16]and still, you get a good night's sleep. 而你 你还是睡得那么安稳
[32:53.26]What do i have to do?Oh, i know. 我应该怎么做呢? 哦 我知道了
[32:55.86]Maybe what i should do is go out on a date with the vet, 也许我应该去跟那个兽医约会
[32:58.66]because that seems to be something that sends you into a blind rage. 因为看起来那才是让你怒火中烧的原因
[33:01.76]Oh, but wait,that won't work either,because i'm not meredith grey. 哦 但是不行 那样行不通 因为我不是meredith grey
[33:33.36]i know this is a bad time, 我知道这不是个合适的时间
[33:34.46]but have you decided if you still want to go ahead with the baby? 但是你们真的决心要保住这个孩子吗?
[33:40.66]We haven't decided on anything. 我们什么也没有决定
[33:46.86]Sir... 先生...
[33:48.16]you asked me before if i had a daughter. 你之前问我有没有女儿
[33:50.36]I don't, but i have a family. 我没有 但我有家人
[33:51.76]I actually have a couple of families. 我有两个家人
[33:54.26]The thing about family is you don't necessarily like what they do... 家人就是这样 你未必欣赏她们的所作所为...
[33:59.96]their choices and their decisions...but you stick by tm. 她们的选择和决定... 但是你始终支持她们
[34:04.06]Right now, one of my friends,her boyfriend is dying. 现在 我的其中一个朋友 她的男友快要死了
[34:07.56]Heart failure. He's 36. 心脏衰竭 他才36岁
[34:09.36]I checked kendra's driver's linse. 我看了kendra的驾驶执照
[34:10.66]She's a donor. 她是器官捐献者
[34:11.56]She's not a match for him,but she could save a dozen her lives. 她的心脏并不适合他 但她还可以挽救一大堆人的生命
[34:14.56]And from what i know about kendra, what i've heard, 就我对kendra的了解 就我所知
[34:17.76]i gotta believe that if she had the choice between where she is right now 我相信如果她可以选择 是像现在这样继续下去
[34:22.16]and saving a dozen other people,she'd save those people. 还是去挽救其他人 她会选择后者
[34:26.26]That would be her decision. 她会这样决定的
[34:27.96]So the question is wheth you stick by her one last time. 所以问题是 你们是否支持她这个最后的决定
[34:38.46]Excuse me. 失陪
[34:46.36]You paged? 你找我?
[34:47.66]Yeah. These are, um... 是啊 .看这个..
[34:49.66]these are x-rays of a human with an osteosarcoma on his tibia. 这个X光片显示这个人胫骨上有成骨肉瘤
[34:54.26]It's the closest i could get to mirroring what's actually happening to your dog. 这是我能找到的跟你的狗最接近的病例了
[34:58.96]In this patient, the cancer was aggressive 这个病人的肿瘤是恶性的
[35:01.86]and it spread quickly,and he died 癌细胞扩散很快 当癌细胞最终转移到肺部的时候
[35:04.36]when it finally metastasized on his lungs. 他就死了
[35:06.16]The human died? 那个人死了?
[35:07.26]Yes, the human died. 是的 他死了
[35:13.26]Thank you, callie. 谢谢你 callie
[35:16.46]You're welcome, meredith. 不客气 meredith
[35:26.86]Huh. You made up with him. 嗯 你跟他和好了
[35:28.56]I told him i'd give him one more chance. 我告诉他再给他最后一次机会
[35:30.16]And i told her she won't have to. 而我告诉她她不需要这样
[35:33.16]What i went through today...what we went tough today...it's changed me. 我今天所经历的一切...我们今天所经历的一切... 改变了我
[35:36.86]This bullet will always remind me to do the right thing by my deborah. 这枚子弹将一直提醒我该如何对待我的deborah
[35:41.36]Here you go. 给你
[35:43.06]And whatever's going on with you and your boyfriend, 不管你和你男友间发生了什么事
[35:45.76]maybe you should just try and forgive him. 也许你该试着原谅他
[35:47.96]It really feels so much better than all that anger. 比起愤怒来 这种感觉绝对要好得多
[35:51.76]Thanks. 谢谢
[36:00.86]We haven't forgotten you, will. 我们没有忘记你 will
[36:02.26]We'll get you the o.r.As soon as possible. 我们会尽快送你去手术室
[36:07.36]My friend kendra... 我的朋友kendra...
[36:09.46]dr. Grey said that if anybody had any information to give me, dr. Grey说如果谁有任何关于她的消息
[36:13.66]that they would let me know as soon as possible. 都会第一时间通知我的
[36:19.76]I'm sorry. 我很遗憾
[36:36.36]I'm... i'm gonna get you some time off, man. 我...我耽误你一会儿时间
[36:39.36]I'm gonna talk to the owner, 我会跟老板们说
[36:41.06]make sure they kee your job for you. 要他们保住你的工作
[36:43.56]It's not your fault you got shot. 中枪并不是你的错
[36:45.46]Not my fault either. 也不是我的错
[36:46.76]You know, l-i didn't...i didn't pull the trigger. 你知道 我 我没有... 我没有扣动扳机
[36:49.26]Petey had the gun.I'm just saying... Petey拿着枪 我只是说...
[36:52.36]people blame management,but...we do the best we can. 每个人都在责怪管理部门 但是...我们已经尽我们最大的努力了
[36:55.86]I mean, i...i do the best i can. 我是说 我...我尽力了
[37:06.66]I know what you're gonna say, richard,but if you knew the day that i had... 我知道你要说什么 richard 但是如果你知道我所经历的这些日子...
[37:09.26]everybody in this hospital has those days, addison, 这所医院里的每个人都会经历这种日子的 addison
[37:11.86]and no one makes a scene in front of their peers.Get it together. 没有谁在同事面前表现得像你一样 振作一点
[37:18.06]Addison... Addison...
[37:20.46]i can't compete. 我赢不了
[37:22.96]He's not having an affair,he's not trying to hurt me,he's just... 他没有婚外情 他也没有想要伤害我 他只是...
[37:27.46]the only people who don't know derek loves meredith 唯一不知道derek爱meredith的人
[37:30.66]are derek and meredith. 就是derek和meredith
[37:33.56]How do i compete with that? 我怎么赢得了?
[37:38.46]So what makes anger different from the six other deadly sins? 那么愤怒与其它六宗罪有什么不同呢?
[38:14.86]It's pretty simple really. 其实很简单
[38:16.66]You give in to a sin like envy or pride, 你在嫉妒或者傲慢面前妥协
[38:19.76]and you only hurt yourself. 只不过是在伤害自己
[38:24.06]I love you. 我爱你
[38:29.36]i'm sorry. I'm... 对不起 我...
[38:32.06]l-i didn't mean to...i just... i... 我 我不是说...我只是...我...
[38:35.46]l-i have verbal diarrhea,and i'm a moron. 我 我不大会说话 我是个白痴
[38:40.36]What are you thinking?Are you...are you freaking out? 你想什么呢?我没有...吓着你吧?
[38:43.86]George, i need your help. George 我需要你帮我
[38:45.86]I wouldn't ask if it weren't important. It's... 我不管你们是不是在谈很重要的事 我...
[38:48.86]okay. 好的
[38:51.56]I'll call you... later? 我晚些时候打电话...给你?
[38:54.46]Sure. 好
[39:00.46]were we supposed to have dinner tonight? 我们今晚不是要一起吃饭的吗?
[39:04.16]tell me the truth about doc. 告诉我doc到底怎么样?
[39:06.96]What about him? 什么怎么样?
[39:07.66]You've been downplaying how sick he is, haven't you? 你对它的病只是轻描淡写 是吗?
[39:12.96]Best case scenario,i would say doc has maybe a year left. 最好的设想是doc还能活1年左右
[39:16.96]Okay. 哦
[39:18.06]And doc is not the best case scenario. 但doc还不符合这一设想
[39:21.86]Okay. 好
[39:22.86]Meredith? Meredith?
[39:24.76]Damn it. 该死
[39:28.86]i'm sorry. 我很抱歉
[39:30.86]I am so sorry.I know how much you love him. 我很抱歉 我知道你有多爱他
[39:34.16]I do. 是啊
[39:36.16]I love him so much. 我真的很爱他
[39:44.26]you need my help for an e.k.g.? 你要我帮忙做心电图?
[39:45.56]No. Come. 不是 进来
[39:47.36]Okay, after i do this, 好 我待会儿做完之后
[39:49.06]i might have to shock you a few of times. 可能要电击你几次
[39:51.06]Do what? 做什么?
[39:52.96]You feelin' good? I think so. -这会儿感觉怎么样? -挺好的
[39:55.96]Explain this to me again. 跟我再解释一遍
[39:57.46]The, um, the lvad has been inserted into your abdomen and is connected to your heart. 嗯 这个辅助仪从你的胃部插入连接到心脏
[40:01.76]This cord leads to the power source. 这几根线连接电源
[40:03.26]This one is connected to the pump that pumps your heart for you. 这根连接起搏器 它帮助你的心脏跳动
[40:06.06]I have the crash cart,the defibrillator, the ambu bag, 我准备好了急救车 去纤颤器 急救包
[40:09.76]saline... do what, izzie? -盐水... -你要做什么 izzie?
[40:12.16]Um... 嗯...
[40:13.26]i feel like we should say stuff. 我觉得我们应该说点什么
[40:15.76]denny,do you want to say stuff? denny 你想说什么吗?
[40:17.86]Kiss me... right here. 吻我...在这儿
[40:28.46]see? 看
[40:29.46]A kiss is worth a thousand words. 一个吻胜过千言万语
[40:31.56]A picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. 未来 未来胜过千言万语
[40:34.36]You're gonna correct me at a time like this? 你每次都要像这样纠正我吗?
[40:35.96]I don't mean to be intrusive... 我不想打扰你们...
[40:37.26]just give me a second, george! 给我多点时间 george!
[40:40.56]okay... 好吧...
[40:42.06]you ready? 你准备好了?
[40:43.66]As i'll ever be. 一直都准备着
[40:49.26]wait, what are you doin'? 等等 你要做什么?
[40:51.86]Try lust or coveting,and you'll only hurt yourself and probably one or two others. 至于贪婪或者淫欲 会伤害到自己和一两个旁人
[40:59.06]But anger... 但是愤怒...
[41:00.16]anger is the worst... 愤怒是最糟糕的...
[41:09.16]Okay, we're done. 好啊 我们完了
[41:10.16]What is that?Are those gunshots? 什么声音?是枪响了吗?
[41:14.36]The mother of all sins. 是万恶之源
[41:16.86]Petey. Petey
[41:17.86]Denny, if there really is some kind of big, glowing light... Denny 如果你真的看到光明...
[41:20.66]i'm gonna y like hell to stay out of it. Exactly. -我会像逃离地狱一般努力挣扎出来 -没错
[41:23.06]I don't like the sound of this. 我不喜欢现在这样
[41:24.16]Just make sure nobody comes through that door. 你只要确保没有人进来打扰我
[41:29.66]What are you doing? 你要做什么?
[41:36.06]i'm stopping his heart, george. 我要停止他的心跳 george
[41:37.16]Not only can anger drive you over the edge, 愤怒不仅会让你铤而走险
[41:40.26]when it does, 同时
[41:42.06]you can take an awful lot of other people with you. 它会连累到你身边所有人
[41:49.96]izzie... izzie...
[41:56.76]Oh, dr. Burke! 哦 dr. Burke!
[41:58.76]I need some help! 快来帮忙!
[42:07.66]it's okay. 可以的
[42:09.96]Burke will be here any minute. Burke马上就会回来
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