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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:48:52
[00:00.19]previously on "grey's anatomy"... 前情提要
[00:01.85]you're shot? 你中枪了?
[00:02.95]Cristina? Cristina?
[00:03.66]- You're throwing me out? - Got no choice. - 你赶我走? - 我没选择
[00:05.33]What's with the suitcase? 这行李怎么回事?
[00:07.82]Yes. My answer is yes. 我愿意
[00:09.68]An hour ago,he was proposing. 一小时前 他向我求婚
[00:11.82]I thought I was a surgeon,but I am not. 我以为我是一个医生 事实不然
[00:13.74]I stopped teaching when you needed a teacher the most. 在你需要指引的时候 我置身事外
[00:16.13]Our marriage is over. 我们的婚姻完了
[00:17.46]tre's this thing that allows for the considering of options. 有个办法可以帮助做出选择
[00:20.80]In the olden days,they called it dating. 以前我们叫做约会
[00:22.53]You bowing out? 你退出吗
[00:24.18]No. You? 不 你?
[00:26.78]I don't think so. 不会
[00:29.52]surgeons usually fantasize about wild and improbable surgeries-- 外科医生通常会幻想 疯狂而不现实的手术过程
[00:34.84]someone collapses in a restaurant, we slice them open with a butter knife, 有人在餐厅倒下 而我们用一把牛油刀切开他
[00:38.73]replace a valve with a hollowed-out stick of carrot. 用空心的胡萝卜替换血管瓣膜
[00:44.45]But every now and then, some other kind of fantasy slips in. 但总有别的幻想突如其来
[00:51.98]Good morning. 早晨
[00:53.65]Good morning. 早晨
[01:02.71]- Good morning. - It is a good morning. - 早晨 - 美好的早上
[01:06.22]- Hi. - Hi.
[01:13.38]Did you get any sleep last night? 昨晚睡得好吗
[01:16.08]Not really. 不太好
[01:17.75]You want to get some now? 现在要继续睡吗
[01:20.85]Not really. 不了
[01:32.95]Most of our fantasies dissolve when we wake, 大多数幻想在惊醒后烟消云散
[01:35.86]banished to the back of our mind. 被我们抛诸脑后
[01:38.23]But sometimes,we're sure... 有时
[01:41.92]if we try hard enough... 只要努力...
[01:44.68]we can live the dream. 梦境会成真
[01:50.08]damn it! Stupid-- 该死
[01:53.57]I was having a really good dream,and you ruined it. 我正在做的好梦被你毁了
[01:55.91]Sorry. 抱歉
[01:56.71]It's,uh,the,uh,these boxes. All these boxes. 这些盒子
[01:59.55]Callie said she was bringing her stuff over,and,uh... Callie说她会搬东西过来
[02:03.78]it's all here. 就这些
[02:04.69]It's okay,george. I don't mind. 我不是很介意
[02:06.26]I don't mind either. No. 我也不介意...不介意
[02:07.83]Don't mind a bit. Kick her out. 不介意才怪 赶她走
[02:09.61]What? I can't kick her out. 什么? 我不能
[02:11.67]You were the one who told her she could move in. 是你让她进来的
[02:13.13]I said she could stay for a couple of days-- a couple of days. 我只是说她能呆几天 几天!
[02:15.37]It's been over a week. Now there are boxes,and she's using my computer. 已经一个星期了 到处是箱子 她甚至霸占我的电脑
[02:18.51]And she's here all the time. Would you kick her out? And kick her out now. 她整天呆在这里 你可以赶她走吗? 现在
[02:21.17]Hey,you guys might want to wait a little while. There's no more hot water. 你们可能要稍等 我用完热水了
[02:25.21]do it. Why do you hate me? Just do it. 现在 快点
[02:27.50]Hey. Can I get a ride with you guys to the hospital? 你们谁可以送我去医院
[02:31.09]You're going to the hospital? 你要去医院?
[02:32.36]Yeah,I'm-- I'm gonna go in,talk to the chief,see about coming back. 我想回去跟主任谈谈
[02:37.71]Anyway,just let me know when you're leaving. 你们走的时候告诉我
[02:41.84]that's great. Izzie is coming back. That'S... 这很好 Izzie要回去
[02:44.97]great,right? 很好
[02:47.45]That's my towel. 我的浴巾
[02:50.42]Sorry. 抱歉
[03:01.42]boy,he is really moody in the mornings. 他早上总是有点情绪化
[03:03.41]Yeah. He's,uh... 对 他有点...
[03:06.06]- yeah. - Yeah.
[03:11.95]You know I don't have to leave today. 我今天可以不走
[03:14.19]I could change my flight. 我可以改航班
[03:15.43]No. No,you can'T. 不需要
[03:17.03]Because I'M... 我...
[03:18.27]sober now,and,uh,there's work to get to and-- 我已经没事了 我要工作
[03:21.42]and planes to be caught and real lives to be led. 你赶你的飞机 我上我的班
[03:24.71]Thank you,truly,mark,for all of the... sex. 非常感谢你给我的...性事
[03:28.77]I-I really,I feel much better now. I do. 我现在好多了 真的
[03:31.26]And I'm-- I'm-- well,now I have to go,and so do you. 我要走了 你也是
[03:35.02]So,uh,do you,uh,want me to call you... 你要我帮你叫出租车
[03:38.87]a cab to the airport? 送你去机场吗
[03:53.53]Why don't you try your bad hand? 你怎么不用受伤的手
[03:55.31]That's what the ball's for,right,fixing your bad hand? 那个球不是为了锻炼你的手吗
[04:03.21]Works. 很好
[04:05.12]There's coffee on the floor. 咖啡都倒掉了
[04:10.73]Fine. I'll-- you know what? I'll clean it up. 算了 我去收拾
[04:12.81]Whatever. Leave it. 你别管
[04:16.01]It doesn't matter. 没关系
[04:23.99]So I was thinking,since your shift ends after mine, 我想你和我下班时间不同
[04:26.48]and I don't want to have to wait around, maybe I should get a copy of the house key. 是不是我该配一条房子的钥匙
[04:29.72]No. 不
[04:31.02]I like leaving together. You don't need a key. 我们要一起回家 你不需要钥匙
[04:41.86]Izzie? Izzie?
[04:43.01]I'll see you guys in there. 你们先进去
[04:44.56]Everything's gonna be fine. Bailey is on your side. 没事的 Bailey支持你
[04:48.00]And the chief is... 主任也...
[04:49.69]he is gonna put on his angry face, but he's on your side,too. 他可能会臭骂一顿 但最终会理解的
[04:52.75]Everybody wants you back in that building. 大家都希望你回来
[04:54.45]I know. I know. 我知道
[04:56.79]You guys go ahead. I'll be fine. 你们先进去 我没事
[04:58.30]I'm just gonna take a minute,practice my speech. 我想练习一下自己的说辞
[05:02.12]Okay. 好吧
[05:09.44]I didn't ask you to convince her to come in. 我没叫你说服她回来
[05:11.09]But I di I d cod. Ince her. 但我确实希望她回来
[05:13.08]There is a whole series of disciplinary and rehabilitative steps that izzie stevens will have to take 你知道在她复职之前 有一系列程序要走
[05:18.20]- before we can-- - you can explain them to her. - 而且... - 你亲自向她解释
[05:19.36]- I never agreed to that. - She didn't commit a crime. - 我从未同意这样做 - 她没有承认犯罪
[05:22.08]She's an intern-- my intern. 她是我的实习生
[05:24.54]You-- you want to blame someone,blame me. 要怪的话就怪我
[05:26.72]Look,but that girl is coming in hertoday,and-- and-- 她今天回来
[05:29.18]and you are going to talk to her. 你要跟她谈谈
[05:31.93]And you're gonna remember all the other surgeons you've known 你要记得你认识的所有医生
[05:34.20]who've ever had a lapse in judgment that led to someone dying 都曾犯错使病人死亡
[05:37.92]or someone's arm falling off. 或是卸掉病人的手脚
[05:41.21]Most importantly,you're gonna remember all the mistakes that you made when you were young and stupid. 这是年轻和缺少经验 无可避免犯下的错误
[05:45.34]And you're gonna be filled with patience and compassion. 你要有耐心和包容
[05:50.48]- That's what I'm gonna do? - Yes! - 这是我要做的? - 对!
[05:56.00]- Because I'm the boss. - I'M... - 因为我是老板? - 我...
[06:01.94]look,I didn't mean any disrespect,sir. I apologize. 我很尊重你 我道歉
[06:05.68]This is really important to you personally. 但这对你很重要
[06:08.08]Very personally,sir,yes. 非常重要
[06:14.49]Being the boss isn't as gratifying as it used to be. 现在做老板可没有以前轻松
[06:17.97]No,sir. 是的
[06:19.99]Get outta here. 出去
[06:22.02]I'm on my knees in a puddle of coffee, and he's lying on the couch playing with himself. 我跪在地上擦地板 他躺着自己和自己玩
[06:26.31]You know,and not in a good way. 而且还黑口黑脸
[06:27.83]T he's recovering from surgery,and you've read the studies on recovery and depression in surgical patients. 你知道他在复原 手术后病人都会意气消沉
[06:32.42]Well,he's not a patient. He's preston burke. 他不是病人 他是preston burke
[06:34.69]He's just milking it. 他在发脾气
[06:36.31]You know,he's got me fetching his food and the paper and his slippers like I'm a dog. 我要服侍他 像一只狗一样
[06:40.98]- Hey. - Hi.
[06:42.55]I had a dream about you last night. 我昨晚梦见你了
[06:44.32]- You did? - Mm-hmm. 真的?
[06:45.39]What was I doing,bringing you coffee? 梦见我干什么? 给你送咖啡?
[06:46.95]You were definitely not bringing me coffee. 当然不是
[06:49.60]But coffee's good. 但咖啡很好
[06:50.74]I'm told dating starts with a casual invitation over a cup of coffee. 按惯例 咖啡之后就是邀约
[06:53.95]Does it? 真的?
[06:54.57]So,meredith,would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight? 今晚可以和我吃饭吗?
[06:56.93]How was that? Was that casual enough? That was good,right? 这样好吗?
[06:59.94]- So we're dating. - We're dating. - 我们在约会 - 对
[07:01.28]Pick you up at 8:00. 8点来接你
[07:10.01]- hey. - I was in the neighborhood. 我刚好在附近
[07:11.53]Actually,I wasn'T. But I decided you were worth a detour. 开玩笑 我特地来看你
[07:14.90]I had a dream about you last night. 我昨晚梦见你
[07:18.06]- Was it a good dream? - It was. - 好梦吗 - 当然
[07:19.98]- And what was I doing? - Yes,mer,what was he doing? - 我在干什么? - 我也想知道
[07:24.12]- What's that? - It's for you. It's coffee cake-- - 这是什么 - 给你的 咖啡蛋糕
[07:25.78]best in the northwest. 西北部最好的
[07:26.86]Figure I better soften you up so that when I ask you to dinner tonight,you have to say yes. 我想送你蛋糕 你会愿意和我出去晚膳
[07:30.37]Uh,dinner tonight? How about that? 今晚如何?
[07:31.98]Are you free tonight,meredith? 你今晚有空吗 meredith?
[07:34.17]Actually,uh,I'm not free tonight. 事实上 我今晚没空
[07:37.14]Well,how about lunch? I could come here. 那午餐可以吗 我可以过来
[07:38.64]You're volunteering to eat hospital food? 你肯吃医院的午餐?
[07:40.28]I love crappy food. 我不介意吃垃圾食品
[07:43.30]- 1:00? - I'll be here. - 1点? - 我会准时
[07:44.60]Okay. 好的
[07:47.86]You had a dream about the both of them? 你梦见他们两个?
[07:50.88]A threesome? 三人行?
[07:52.86]Nice. Just when I think you're boring,you rise. 真不错 一脚踏两船
[07:56.93]I'm dating. And... 我在约会
[07:59.46]it comes with snacks. 而且有免费食物
[08:03.92]- Hey,iz. - Hey. - 我要去见主任 - 很好
[08:05.29]- I'm going in to see the chief. - Excellent.
[08:06.98]Back in the game,stepping up to the plate. 回来重新开始
[08:08.94]Look,I'm-- I'm running late. Um,I'll catch you later? 我迟到了 稍后见?
[08:11.01]Yeah,later. 好
[08:16.45]Izzie's back. That's good. Izzie回来了 真好
[08:17.67]Ooh,coffee cake. 咖啡蛋糕
[08:18.92]I'm dating. 我在约会
[08:19.66]Touch that piece,lose a hand. 别碰蛋糕 否则把你手砍掉
[08:21.27]Morning,people. 早晨各位
[08:22.65]Grey,we're clearing the decks. I need you writing discharge forms. Grey 你去负责处理出院的表格
[08:25.69]Yang,you're with Dr. Shepherd. Yang 去跟Shepherd医生
[08:27.40]Karev,as usual,you're with Dr. Montgomery- shepherd in O.B.-G.Y.N. Karev 跟Montgomery- shepherd医生
[08:30.48]O'malley,Dr. Torres has requested you today in ortho. O'malley Torres医生点名要你
[08:35.96]- Was she smiling? - Izzie's back. - 她在笑? - Izzie回来了
[08:37.69]"Dr. Torres has requested you." Torres医生点名要你
[08:42.11]Just tell her,george. 跟她坦白 george
[08:43.69]Tell her you're not ready to move in together. 跟她说你没准备好一起住
[08:45.86]And then try dating. Dating is fun. 试试从约会开始
[08:49.49]Karev,we ready? Karev 准备好了吗
[08:51.53]- Isn't this getting old for you? - nope. - 你还没玩厌吗 - 没有
[08:53.27]Makes my whole day,actually. 让我精神爽利
[08:55.72]hello. Hello. 你好
[08:58.20]Are you okay? 你没事吧?
[08:59.33]No. Uh,ye-- 没
[09:01.77]n-no,I can'T. I gotta-- 不行 我要...
[09:03.48]five minutes. 5分钟
[09:06.58]- Go find something to do in the pit. - Personal problem? - 去找事做 - 私人问题?
[09:10.07]go. 快去
[09:19.06]fourth visit in three months. 三个月内第4次求诊
[09:24.98]I'm Dr. Karev. And you are... 我是Karev医生 你是...
[09:27.49]megan clover. And it's not as bad as it looks. megan clover 情况没看起来那么糟
[09:29.71]She fell on the playground, and there was a lot of blood,and it looked deep. 她跌倒了 很多血 伤口很深
[09:33.45]We know how this looks. Just so you know,we know how this looks,and it's not that. 事情不是看起来那样
[09:38.34]She just... plays rough. 她只是玩得...很粗野
[09:40.51]You know? 你懂吗?
[09:42.71]This is her file,all right? And it goes back since way before we got her. 这是她的档案 我们得到她之前的
[09:46.05]Before you got her? 得到她之前?
[09:47.45]We're her foster parents. 我们收养了她
[09:49.69]She's such a great kid,but she plays really-- 她是好孩子 只是玩得
[09:52.50]- she plays rough. - Yeah. - 很粗野 - 对
[09:57.06]Right. Uh... 对...
[09:58.36]why don't you guys go up to the nurses' station and let them make a copy of her file for you? 你们可以去护士那里复印她的文件
[10:02.50]And,uh,I'll take a look at megan's leg. 我看看megan的腿
[10:05.43]Okay. 好的
[10:06.73]We'll be right back,honey. You all right? 我们很快回来 好吗 你还好吧?
[10:08.49]- Yeah. - okay. - 嗯 - 好的
[10:14.89]You got some mean looking bruises,you know that? 你这些淤伤有点不寻常
[10:18.05]What,did you hurt your arm,too? 你的手也受伤了?
[10:19.09]Nothing big. I fell off my bike. 没什么 我从单车摔下来
[10:23.41]Are those staples? What the hell? 这是钉书钉吗? 怎么回事?!
[10:27.53]- Did they do this to you? - No! - 他们干的? - 不!
[10:29.25]- No! - Who did this to you? - 不! - 谁干的?
[10:30.70]I did. 我干的
[10:31.68]I didn't want to go to the doctor again,so I just stapled it. It's no biggie. 我不想再去医院 所以自己处理的
[10:35.63]You stapled your own arm? 你用钉书钉缝合伤口?
[10:36.87]Can you please just stitch up my leg so we can get out of here? 你能不能缝合我的腿然后让我走?
[10:39.45]You're not going anywhere with those people,megan. They're never gonna lay a hand on you again. 你不能跟他们走 他们不会再伤害你
[10:42.65]They didn't do anything. Please. They're my best parents I've ever had. 他们什么都没干 他们是我遇到最好的父母
[10:46.23]- Megan. - They don't hurt me. - Megan - 他们没有伤害我
[10:47.83]I can't be hurt. You don't believe me? 我不会受伤 你不相信?
[10:50.84]Punch me in the stomach right now. 你可以打我的胃
[10:52.46]The staples are in there pretty deep. I'm gonna have to give you a shot to numb the pain. 那些钉很深 我要给你麻醉
[10:55.32]I don't need a shot. 我不需要麻醉
[10:56.38]Trust me. You want a shot. It's swollen. It's gonna hurt like A... 相信我 你需要的 你会痛得就像...
[11:07.91]there. Can I go now? 我可以走了吗?
[11:09.64]That didn't even hurt? 你不痛的吗?
[11:17.30]I have superpowers,okay? 我有超能力
[11:23.12]Greys Anatomy Season
[11:27.98]Mrtreslt'savseing a corpus callosotomy. 医人当自强 第三季 第3集 "I Am a Tree"
[11:27.98]Treslt先生即将进行 胼胝体切开手术
[11:30.31]What's that gonna look like? 有什么建议?
[11:31.26]We'll be severing some of the fibers that connect the rightnd left hemisphere of his brain... 我们会用一些纤维联系他的左右脑
[11:35.82]To prevent the spread of seizure activity from one half of his brain to the other. 防止痉挛症状从一边影响另一边
[11:39.48]Good. Right. 好
[11:40.23]Daddy's letting them chop his brain in half because daddy's a big dummy. 爹地让他们开脑 因为爹地是一个大笨蛋
[11:44.73]Yes,he is. 他是的
[11:45.50]They're not chopping my brain in half,leanne. 他们不是要开脑 leanne
[11:47.51]Chop! Right down the middle. 开脑 从正中间
[11:50.38]Taylor should function much like he does right now. Taylor会像现在一样正常
[11:52.70]Really? 真的?
[11:53.42]- I'm having five seizures a day,leanne. - I know that. - 我现在每天发作5次 - 我知道
[11:55.80]You don't leave me in a room alone with the baby. You think I don't notice? 你不敢让我和孩子独处 你以为我不知道?
[11:59.08]You ask your mother to come by every time you need to take a shower. 每次你洗澡你都叫你妈过来
[12:01.05]- That's not the reason. - It's because you think I'm a danger to the baby. - 这不是理由 - 因为你认为我很危险
[12:04.79]And I am. 我确实很危险
[12:08.99]Look,if you're not sure,for any reason,we can wait. 如果你不肯定 我们可以等
[12:14.05]I want to be able to take care of our baby. 我希望可以照顾孩子
[12:16.54]Please,leanne,we already agreed. leanne 我们讨论过的
[12:19.60]Please. 拜托
[12:28.34]I got this kid in the pit. 我那里有个孩子
[12:29.81]She's psycho and her foster parents are beating the crap out of her. 她心理有问题 而且她养父母谎话连篇
[12:32.69]She tell you that or you figure it out yourself? 她告诉你的 还是你自己觉得?
[12:35.38]Well,she's covered in bruises. She's got a 10-centimeter lac on her arm with three staples in it, 她在掩饰 但她手臂 有条10厘米长的伤口
[12:39.85]like from a staple gun in your garage. 而且还用钉书钉缝合
[12:41.61]- Her parents did that? - Well,she saysshe d it herself. - 她父母做的? - 她说是自己所为
[12:43.83]She's got this whole bit about being a superhero and how she can take the pain. 她认为自己是超人 可以抵御疼痛
[12:47.09]- You call social services? - They're on their way down. - 有联系社工吗? - 在路上了
[12:49.11]Okay,well,ha them speak to the parents while you run a cold pressure test on the girl. 等他们和父母对话的时候 你要做一次冷压测试
[12:53.18]A what? 什么?
[12:54.31]Ice water. Test her response to pain. 冰水 看看她对疼痛的反应
[12:56.51]At the very least,it'll keep her distracted while the parents are questioned. 起码可以让她在父母被盘问的时候分心
[13:00.59]You requested me? 你点名要我?
[13:02.26]Yeah,I did. 是的
[13:03.99]- You were weird this morning. - I wasn't weird... - 你今天早上很奇怪 - 我没有
[13:06.36]any more than I normally am in the morning. 跟平常一样
[13:09.64]It's a weird time of day for a lot of people. It's bright... 只是今天有点拥挤
[13:12.46]and crowded at our house in the morning. There's just a lot of people running around. 屋子里很多人 跑来跑去
[13:16.08]Good. We have a radical case today. 很好 今天有个典型案例
[13:18.15]You're gonna be glad you're with me. 你会喜欢的
[13:21.48]Thanks. 谢谢
[13:22.94]Mr. Jasper hobie. Jasper hobie先生
[13:24.41]- Dr. T. - Hey! T医生
[13:25.80]You missed me. 很想我吧
[13:26.82]More than words can say. 言语无法表达
[13:28.57]This is Dr. O'malley. He's gonna be helping out. 这是O'malley医生 他会帮忙
[13:30.80]Hi.How you doin'? June 12th,baby. 你最近怎样? 6月12日
[13:33.60]2.4-mile swim,112 miles on the bike and then a marathon. 游泳2.4里 踩单车112里 然后马拉松
[13:38.18]- That is rockin'. - Am I gonna be ready? - 很厉害 - 我准备好了吗
[13:39.94]You bet your sculpted ass you are. 你的老骨头可不好说
[13:41.87]I love this woman. 我爱这女人
[13:45.84]you had three surgeries last year. 去年做了3个手术
[13:47.59]Yeah,two rotator cuffs and an A.C.L. 2个肩部回旋肌群 1个前十字韧带
[13:49.47]All with Dr. T. 都是T医生经手的
[13:50.96]And now you're having an ankle replacement? 现在你打算换脚踝?
[13:52.35]We waited over a year for a match. 我等了一年才有合适的
[13:54.64]We're gonna replace his ankle with an ankle joint from a cadaver. 我们打算用尸体的脚踝来更换
[13:58.66]- Who's my guy? - Your donor? - 谁是那个人? - 你的供体?
[14:00.39]Well,he hasn't been dead long,right? 他死很久了吧?
[14:02.03]Um,about a week. And he's downstairs. 差不多一周 在楼下
[14:04.46]No way. Can I meet him,pay my respects? 我想见见 聊表谢意?
[14:08.30]I don't think you two are gonna have much to talk about. 我不认为你们有话好说
[14:10.59]Dr. O'malley's gonna handle your labs. O'malley会负责你的检查
[14:16.94]have you met my guy? 你有见过那个人吗
[14:22.35]Hey,superkid. 小超人
[14:24.62]Where are my parents? 我父母在哪里?
[14:25.99]They're talking to some grown-ups. 他们和别人在谈话
[14:28.25]I'm not a moron. They're talking to a social worker. 我不是笨蛋 肯定是社工
[14:32.94]Megan... Megan...
[14:34.36]these bruises,these cuts all over you,this isn't normal. 这些伤痕可不普通
[14:37.45]I t in fights a lot,okay? 我只是常常打架
[14:38.93]Because I'm stronger than some of the other kids, 因为我比别的孩子要强
[14:41.12]so I end up defending the ones who are wimpy or small or whatever. 我不作防卫的无用之举
[14:44.44]You know you're scrawny,right? I mean,you're not one of the big kids. 你知道自己很瘦弱吗 你不像那些强壮如牛的孩子
[14:46.86]Yeah,but I can take them in a fight. 但我可以和他们打架
[14:49.54]All right. Put your hands in here. 好吧 把你的手放在这里
[14:51.75]Why? 为什么?
[14:52.90]Because... we're gonna test your superpowers. 我们要测试一下你的超能力
[14:55.52]You don't believe me? Punch me in the stomach right here. Come on. 你不相信? 给我肚子一拳,来吧
[14:58.56]- Punch me in the stomach. - Let's just stick to the water. - 给我肚子一拳 - 把手放水里
[15:00.58]Just put your hand in here. 把手放进来
[15:02.10]And I'll-- I'll race you. You can race me. 我要和你比赛 你也可以和我比比
[15:05.16]What? Come on. 怎么了? 来啊
[15:06.66]What are you afraid of,uh,you afraid of a little ice? 怕什么呢,你害怕这点冰块?
[15:08.61]You afraid I'm gonna beat you? Come on. 怕我会打你? 快点
[15:10.66]On the count of three. 我数三声
[15:13.29]One,two,three. 一,二,三
[15:16.69]Pull your hand out when it starts to hurt,please. 感觉到疼了就把手抽出来
[15:19.06]What are you,deaf? It won't start to hurt. 你是聋子吗? 我不会感觉到疼
[15:22.61]Just think about it,okay? 你好好想想?
[15:23.99]Superheroes are all kids with dead parents,like me. 超级英雄都是像我一样父母双亡的孩子
[15:27.93]And they all figured out when they were around my age 他们都在我这个年龄发现自己有超能力
[15:30.48]they could do things that nobody else could,like me. 他们都像我一样能做常人不能做的事
[15:40.24]You missed your plane? 你错过班机了?
[15:41.29]Grounded on account of bad weather. 天气恶劣停飞了
[15:42.77]It's a cloudless sky. That happens like,twice a year in seattle. 今天万里无云 在西雅图是难得的好天气
[15:46.30]Yeah,but there's a typhoon in new york. 对,但纽约刮起了台风
[15:49.61]Sit down. Have a drink with me. 坐下来 和我喝一杯
[15:50.90]No,I'm not having a drink with you. 不,我不是来和你喝酒的
[15:52.88]I am working. At work,not here. 现在是上班时间 我要工作,不是呆在这里
[15:55.08]So coffee,right? 那来杯咖啡,好吗?
[15:57.23]- Mark-- - joe,can we get the doctor a coffee? - Mark-- - joe,给这位医生来杯咖啡吧?
[16:01.19]And they think it's weird that they can do all this stuff, 他们很奇怪自己能做所有这些事
[16:03.25]but they don't tell anybody because people would freak out like you d. 但他们没告诉任何人 因为人们会像你一样感到不可思议
[16:09.57]What's wrong with you? 你怎么了?
[16:14.65]Son of a-- 他妈的--
[16:17.35]Take your hand outta there before it falls off. 把你的手拿出来,不然会断掉
[16:19.98]You need to relax. 你得放轻松
[16:22.09]You didn't feel anything? Nothing? 你没有感觉吗? 一点没有?
[16:23.94]No. Nobody ever believes me. 没有 没人相信我
[16:26.16]Like yesterday in school,this kid said I was full of it. 昨天学校有个孩子说我是在放屁
[16:29.06]I had to letim punch me in the stomach 25 times before he believed me, 我让他给我肚子25拳他才相信
[16:33.02]and once with a baseball bat. 还有一次是用棒球棒
[16:36.05]What? 什么?
[16:37.49]We'll have cardiology check this,and then you'll be good to go. 再做一次心脏检查 就可以准备脑手术了
[16:41.01]All done. There's my guy. 总算好了 这是我孩子
[16:44.01]Jake... Jake...
[16:45.32]we're almost all done with this whole thing. 我们快好了
[16:48.08]we're not almost done. 还没好
[16:49.21]You still have brain surgery and god knows how many weeks of recovery ahead of you. 你还要进行脑部手术 天知道还需要多长时间才能恢复
[16:52.90]She's right. 她说的没错
[16:54.01]It's good to know what you're getting yourself into. 困难的还在后面
[16:56.70]Thank you. 谢谢
[16:58.15]I appreciate that. 非常感谢
[16:59.75]Yeah. Recovery's hell on the spouse. 康复过程对配偶来说像是地狱
[17:01.42]It's gonna be harder for you than on him. 你可能比他更难熬
[17:03.54]My mom's staying with us for a week. Maybe she should stay longerer. 我妈妈会和我们呆一个星期 也许她该呆久点
[17:06.73]You know,it's-- it's brutal being the caretaker. 知道吗--看护的工作非常吃力
[17:09.10]You'll be fetching the paper and then cleaning the carpet... 你要去拿报纸 打扫卫生
[17:10.68]honey. 亲爱的
[17:11.21]And oh-- oh,he wants ice in a cup,not a mug. It's like-- it never stops. 他还会挑剔饮用的杯子 诸如此类 没完没了
[17:16.28]It's the caretakers that are the silent victims. 看护就只能做个沉默的受害者
[17:19.32]You know,and when do you ever hear about them? 有谁提到过这些人的难处吗?
[17:20.50]- Honey,take the baby. - Never. - 亲爱的,抱一下孩子 - 从来没有
[17:21.59]I never hear anything about them. 我从没听人说起过他们
[17:22.88]It's always,you know,"the patient this,the patient that." 大家都只会说“病人这样,病人那样”
[17:26.20]Silent victims. 沉默的受害者
[17:27.68]Honey,take the baby. 亲爱的,抱下孩子
[17:31.05]Taylor! Taylor!
[17:32.30]Can someone help here,please? 来人帮帮忙?
[17:37.58]his seizure lasted about a minute, and he was post-ictal for five. 发作时间持续了一分钟 癫痫症状持续了5分钟
[17:40.99]- Is the baby okay? - He's fine. - 孩子还好吧? - 还好
[17:43.16]It shouldn't interfere with his surgery,assuming we're still going forward. 不会妨碍手术的进行,手术照旧
[17:48.18]Honey? 亲爱的?
[17:50.70]Yeah. I guess we don't have any other choice. 哎 我想我们别无选择
[17:53.19]All right,leanne,I'm gonna do everything I can,okay? 没事的leanne,我会尽力的,好吗?
[17:55.68]It's not gonna be a walk in the park,but I'm gonna take care of him. 虽然不容易 但我会让他平安无事
[17:58.41]okay. 好的
[18:01.56]Hey,izzie. You done with the chief? 嘿,izzie. 和主任谈了吗?
[18:03.94]Not yet. 还没有
[18:06.77]- Are you okay? - I'm fine. - 你还好吧? - 还好
[18:09.00]- What are you guys doing? - Uh,she's dating everyone with a pulse,and,uh, - 你们在干嘛? - 她来者不拒 和每个男人约会
[18:11.74]I'm trying to get burke out of the beljar. 我正在努力将burke从失意中拯救出来
[18:14.45]Crap.I'm late for finn. Gotta go. 糟糕.和finn的约会要迟到了 要走了
[18:17.47]- You're sure you're okay? - Yeah. - 你确定你还好吧? - 是的
[18:21.49]she's playing the field,and I've got a wife. 她一脚踏两船 我却得照顾我男人
[18:23.46]Point to the justice. 真不公平
[18:36.40]Here's the thing-- 事情是这样的--
[18:37.86]we've both really enjoyed each other, 我们以前彼此需要 你情我愿
[18:41.30]b-before and now again,and-- 现在也是这样
[18:44.38]and I think that's a healthy release. 我觉得这是一种有益健康的发泄
[18:46.77]I mean,I-I think it's-- 我是说,我觉得--
[18:48.12]it's healthy,I mean,for everybody involved. 这是健康的,我是指对双方来说
[18:51.43]And,um-- 而且--
[18:53.03]but I do think that just because I made 我觉得这就像
[18:55.31]what can only be considered a transcontinental... 我打了一个长距离的性爱热线
[18:58.76]booty call... 不是说我们之间有点什么别的
[18:59.81]doesn't mean that we should be trying to make something out of this.
[19:04.10]I mean,we-- we-- stop doing that! 我是说...别这样!
[19:07.88]- Why? - Because I can't think. - 为什么? - 因为我无法思考了
[19:10.19]- We're good together. - We aren'T. You have to go home. - 我们很合得来. - 不是的,你得回家
[19:13.06]- Come back with me. - You're insane. - 和我一起回去 - 你疯了
[19:14.56]I'm not going back-- 我不会回去--
[19:16.63]I'm not going back to new york. 我不会回纽约
[19:18.90]'Cause it was just about sex? 真的只有性吗?
[19:42.18]Okay. Uh,well... 哦
[19:45.12]- good-bye. - Good-bye. - 再见 - 再见
[19:58.46]Stevens was supposed to bein my office at 9:30. Stevens 说好9点半会到我办公室来
[20:01.05]Didn't show. Did you two change your minds? 没见她人 你们俩改变主意了?
[20:03.13]No,she said she was coming in. 不,她说她会来的
[20:05.02]I'm sure she'll track you down. 我肯定她会去找你的
[20:10.83]We nto run a C.T. On this kid's abdomen. 要给那个孩子的腹部照CT
[20:13.00]This superhero stuff's way out of hand. 这个超级英雄不是开玩笑的
[20:14.68]It's all right if she thinks she's a superhero. 她觉得自己是超人也无不妥
[20:16.93]I believed in santa claus till I was 11. 我11岁以前都还相信有圣诞老人
[20:19.26]Really? 真的?
[20:20.11]Did santa ever hit you in the gut with a basebalbat? 那圣诞老人有没有用棒球棒打你肚子
[20:27.02]Hey,lab's good? 手术前检查怎样?
[20:28.83]Yeah,they're all clear. 没问题
[20:31.18]so why does a guy have four ortho surgeries in one year? 为什么那人一年做4次手术?
[20:34.64]Because he's a serious athlete. His body takes a beating. 因为他是个敬业的运动员 身体受创严重
[20:37.66]Maybe his body can't handle it. 也许他的身体无法承受
[20:39.28]Do you know how many triathlons the guy's done? 你知道那个人做过 多少次三项全能运动吗?
[20:41.04]Right,he's 55. 可他55岁了
[20:42.37]Do you think an ankle replacement and 26 miles a day is still a good idea? 你觉得做踝关节置换手术 每天跑26里 是好主意吗
[20:45.18]Um,what,do you think we should fit him for a walker? 难道我们应该给他安个助走器?
[20:48.64]He's pounding the crap out of his joints, and he's asking you to clean it up. 他过分使用自己的关节 然后希望你帮他解决问题
[20:51.92]Do you know how many hips I replace because people can't be bothered to walk around the block once a month? 我帮很多人换过关节 只是因为他们疏于运动
[20:55.99]Sometimes,we can make dreams come true. It's not all the often. 有时候我们能让梦想成真 但不是每回都能做到的
[20:58.67]When we can,we should. Don't you think? 如果做得到就应该去做 明白吗
[21:00.64]Yeah,yeah. 明白了
[21:01.67]George,don't worry about it. George,别担心
[21:03.44]Hey,I was gonna go home for lunch. 嘿,我得回家吃午饭
[21:05.69]You wanna come? 一起吗?
[21:10.78]Callie just called my house "home." Callie称我的房子为“家”
[21:12.81]- Where does she get that? - Shh. - 她为什么会用这个词? - 嘘.
[21:14.24]It is not her home. 那不是她的家
[21:18.55]What are you doing? 你在干嘛?
[21:19.98]Meredith and finn. Meredith和finn.
[21:21.45]50 dn on whether shepherd shows up to challenge finn to a duel. 50美元赌shepherd 会不会出现和finn决斗
[21:24.86]Oh,can I be,uh,with 5? 我能赌...呃...5美元吗
[21:27.11]That's not a bet. That's milk money,dude. 这不是在打赌 这是在疯狂赚钱,老兄
[21:28.87]oh,and she's laughing because he made a joke which probably wasn't funny. 哦,她在笑,也许因为他 说了个可能不好笑的笑话
[21:33.80]"oh,you funny vet." "哦,可笑的兽医"
[21:35.43]I left the rest of my cash at home, 我把剩下的钱放家里了
[21:37.32]which I can call it because I live there. I'm not a visitor. 我可以称之为家,因为我住那 我不是个客人
[21:41.14]Hey,you're a loser. 嘿,你会觉得自己与众不同吧
[21:43.31]You like comic books,right? 你爱看漫画,对吧
[21:44.59]No. 不
[21:45.69]I got this kid,this patient. She thinks she's a superhero. 我有个病人,一个小孩 她觉得自己是个超级英雄
[21:49.14]- What's up with that? - Superhero? - 有什么问题? - 超级英雄?
[21:51.34]Well,superheroes look like anyone,like you or me. 超级英雄看起来跟常人无异 和你我一样
[21:53.84]Maybe they're not someone that people necessarily 他们不一定看起来很特殊
[21:55.91]notice as extraordinary,maybe in their daily life, they get walked on,but then there's a moment-- 他们可能过着普通生活 只是突然...
[22:00.87]they get hit by a cosmic ray or bitten by a radioactive spider, 他们被宇宙射线击中 或被带有辐射的蜘蛛咬了一口
[22:04.12]and then suddenly,something that has been inside them all this time, 然后潜伏在他们体内的超能
[22:07.94]lying dormant,comes raging out-- 一下子被激发了出来--
[22:09.27]dude,forget I asked. 老兄,当我没问过
[22:10.89]Oh,here we go. Here we go.Okay. 哦,来了,来了
[22:20.62]Come on,come on,come on. 快点,快点,快点,快点
[22:28.14]takes it like a man... 像个男人...
[22:29.44]and walks away. 直接走开了
[22:32.50]- Thank you.43... - he's comin' back. - 谢谢,43... - 他又回来了
[22:35.16]Oh,yeah. Oh,yes,he is. 哦,好的,他走回去了
[22:36.40]Give me my money,mary jane. Let it go. 把钱给我,mary jane. 不是你的就放手
[22:40.49]Oh,god. I'm so sorry about this. 哦,天啊,我很抱歉
[22:42.89]- What? - Hi. - 什么? - 你好
[22:46.19]- You're having lunch? - In fact,we are. - 你在吃午餐? - 实际上是我们在吃午餐
[22:47.64]Oh,it looks good.You know,I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'm doing a corpus callosotomy. 看起来不错,很抱歉打断你们 但我正在做胼肢体切开术
[22:50.86]- Thought you might like to scrub in. - Are you serious? - 你想参与吗 - 你说真的?
[22:53.76]- When? - I'm gonna guess now. - 什么时候? - 我想是现在
[22:55.12]Look,if you're busy,don't bother,but,you know, it's not something that happens every day. 如果你很忙就算了 但你知道这种机会不是每天都有
[22:58.17]He's cutting a man's brain in half. 他会把人的脑袋切开
[23:01.59]I'm sorry. I'm an intern and... 抱歉,我是个实习生
[23:03.96]I have a lot to learn. 我有很多东西要学
[23:05.67]Apparent so do I. 我也是
[23:08.23]It's okay. 好吧
[23:11.19]Oh,shoot. 哦,狗屎
[23:12.70]- I'll call you tonight. - Oh,you're busy tonight.She has a date. - 晚上给你电话 - 哦,你今晚没空.她约人了
[23:17.89]- I'm sorry,finn. - It's okay.Go. - 对不起,finn. - 没关系,去吧
[23:23.00]Take care. 慢用
[23:26.42]- I think I owe you another 50. - Yeah,I think you do. - 我想我欠你50美元 - 对,我想是的
[23:38.88]Coming or going? 进去还是离开?
[23:41.30]I don't know. 我不知道
[23:44.66]Me neither. 我也是
[23:57.28]That was brilliant,really. 你的表现真不赖
[23:58.82]I thought so,yes. 我也这么觉得
[24:00.36]It wasn't because now I owe finn another date. 你错了,因为现在我欠了finn一个约会
[24:02.60]That's okay. He needs all the help he can get. 没关系 他机会难得
[24:04.47]This isn't gonna be easy for him. 给他一点帮助好了
[24:06.11]Oh,you think he can't take the heat? 你觉得他会挺不住?
[24:08.19]I think he's out of his league. 我想他已经黔驴技穷了
[24:10.46]But you gotta hand it to the guy for trying. 但总要给他一个机会对吧
[24:12.96]This is Mr. Tresselt. 这就是Tresselt先生
[24:15.58]Prep him. 给他准备手术
[24:16.95]I thought you said we were operating. 我以为手术现在开始
[24:18.42]We orate at 4:00. I'm not just gon slide you into the O.R. 4点开始 我不想直接拉你进手术室
[24:21.70]You gotta work a little,too,right? 你总要付出点劳动对吗
[24:34.13]How much is this gonna cost my parents? 这要花我父母多少钱?
[24:36.54]That's not something you need to be worrying about. 这不是你该担心的
[24:39.70]But this is so stupid. I'm fine. 但这太蠢了,我很好
[24:42.02]Hey,pun me in the stomach,right here. 嘿,对着我的肚子给我一拳
[24:44.59]Stop telling people to punch you in the stomach. 不要在叫人打你肚子了
[24:47.06]You need to lie down and not move. 你需要好好躺着别动
[24:49.15]Which of the superfriends can do that? 哪个超人会乖乖听话?
[24:52.71]Hi,miranda. You needed a consult? 你好,miranda. 需要我会诊?
[24:54.57]Yeah. Just waiting for a picture. 对,正在等片子
[24:59.74]haven't seen you since you were sucking down martinis at joe'S. 自上次你在joe那里 狂灌马天尼后就没见到你了
[25:03.12]Oh,yeah. That was just-- well,I'm-- I'm over that. 哦,对--我喝多了
[25:06.82]Good. 没错
[25:07.85]- We talked about,uh-- - a lot of things. - 我们说了,呃-- - 说了很多
[25:09.99]- And I remember-- - none of them. - 我还记得-- - 两个都不要
[25:12.43]- Is that for the best? - I think so. - 这样好吗? - 对
[25:16.41]She came in for sutures,but she's a walking accident 她进来缝合伤口 但意外不断
[25:19.48]and has got an off-the-charts pain threshold. 她对疼痛毫无感觉
[25:22.40]- I'm thinking-- - chronic insensitivity to pain,yeah. - 我想-- - 长期痛觉消失症
[25:25.22]I've seen it in babies. It's usually diagnosed young. 我见过小婴儿得这种病 年轻的时候被诊断出来
[25:27.90]But... 但是...
[25:29.11]if she's been bounced around in the foster care system-- 但如果她一直生活在孤儿院里--
[25:31.63]Dr. Bailey,what the hell is that? Bailey医生,那究竟是什么?
[25:45.11]Dr. Burke. Burke医生
[25:46.18]- Oh,o'malley,how are you? - Good.How's your arm? - 哦,O'malley,你好吗? - 很好,你的手怎么样了?
[25:48.74]Good,good. Slow. 还好,有点迟钝
[25:50.87]P.T.,You know. 得做复健,你知道
[25:52.78]Yeah. Well,uh,we all miss you around here. 知道,我们大家都很想你
[25:56.23]You're missed. 想你早点回来
[25:59.62]Hey,o'malley. 嘿 o'malley.
[26:01.90]Stevens is standing outside the hospital. Stevens站在医院外面
[26:10.71]I am retracting the right hemisphere. 我要给右脑做牵引
[26:12.98]What do we want to avoid? Grey? 我们得避开什么? grey?
[26:15.48]We want to avoid retractors on the sagittal sinus. 让牵引器别碰到矢状静脉窦
[26:18.65]That's right. Why? 正确 为什么?
[26:19.90]To prevent sinus thrombosis. 防止静脉窦形成血栓
[26:21.39]Excellent. 漂亮
[26:23.25]Saw Dr. Burke today. He looked good. 今天见到Burke医生了 他看起来挺好
[26:25.17]Yeah,he looks great. He was meeting with the chief. 对,他很开心,他来见主任的
[26:28.52]- Working out the leave? - The what? - 是来说离开的事? - 什么事?
[26:31.18]His leave of absence. 他要请假
[26:34.96]His what? 他请假?
[26:44.12]you've been standing out here for a while. 你在这个位置站了好一会了
[26:45.58]For a while,I stood over there. 在那边还站了一会
[26:47.20]- Maybe u should sit down. - I don't want to sit down. - 也许你该坐一会 - 我不想坐
[26:48.91]- Maybe you should sit down anyway. - Go inside,george. - 也许你真该坐会 - 进去,george.
[26:52.94]Izzie,seriously this is-- Izzie,我说真的--
[26:54.16]I hate the bride thing. 我讨厌做新娘
[26:55.90]I hate the pictures in the magazines of the girl with the veil 我讨厌照片里穿婚纱的女孩
[26:58.79]and the flowers that she's sniffing like it never occurred to her to stick her nose in there 讨厌把鼻子凑到花前 好像从来没闻过花香
[27:03.30]until there was a camera pointed at her. 知道照相机镜头对准了她
[27:06.10]I hate the idea of bridesmaids and the colors and 我讨厌女傧相和五颜六色的彩带
[27:09.82]"does the bustle make my ass look bigger or smaller?" "裙撑让我的屁股显大还是显小?"
[27:12.27]I hate the whole thing,and i never wanted to be that girl. 我讨厌这一切,我绝不会做那样的女孩
[27:15.15]That girl is stupid and shallow. 那种女孩愚蠢又肤浅
[27:20.06]Why the hell is that girl's thoughts running through my head? 为什么关于那种女孩的想法 会出现在我脑海里
[27:24.63]Izzie... Izzie...
[27:29.43]I'm going to do it,george. I'm going to walk through those doors. 我会勇敢去做,george. 我会走进这个门
[27:32.64]I just need to make sure that when I'm standing in front of the chief of surgery, 我只是想确保我站在主任面前时
[27:36.14]I am not thinking about my wedding dress. 脑袋里不会想着我的婚纱
[27:39.92]And that's gonna take another minute. 这还需要些时间
[27:50.45]And with surgery of this kind, there's always risk of an infection if the bone is compromised-- 在这种外科手术中 存在着骨头被感染的风险
[27:53.88]blah,blah,blah,I could die on the table. 废话,废话,我可以死在手术台上
[27:57.05]Where do I sign? 在哪签字?
[27:58.04]I think we should talk through the rest of this consent form first. 我想我们先把同意书的事说完
[28:00.34]Fourth surgery in a year-- I know the routine. 一年做四次手术-- 我知道这些.
[28:02.75]When I come back in for my hip,you can give me the speech in french. 等我做完髋关节手术 再来听你用法语演讲
[28:06.35]- You're having hip surgery? - In the fall,after patagonia. - 你要做髋关节手术? - 今年秋天,在巴塔哥尼亚比完赛之后
[28:14.80]Do you still want to meet your guy? 还想见见你的器官捐赠者吗?
[28:19.67]Megan's bleeding internally. Megan有内出血
[28:21.59]what? 什么?
[28:22.29]It appears there's some severe trauma to her abdomen. 腹部有严重的创伤
[28:25.39]If you're trying to ask us if we hit her, we've said ten times and in ten different ways-- 如果你想问我们有没有打她 我们已经说过十遍,解释过十遍了--
[28:28.89]social services cleared you, and I'm sorry that we suggested you were mistreating her. 社工机构已经为你们澄清了 很抱歉我不该暗示你们曾虐待过她
[28:33.51]But she's hurt pretty badly,so we're gonna need to operate. 但她真的伤的很严重 所以我们得做手术
[28:37.44]Oh,my god. 上帝啊
[28:38.69]megan may have a chromosomal condition that causes her to not feel any pain when she's injured. megan 可能是因为遗传因素 导致她受伤时不能感到任何疼痛
[28:43.46]It would explain why she gets hurt so often. 这也可以解释她为什么经常受伤
[28:45.99]We need to do some genetic testing before we can be sure, 我们在确诊前要做一系列基因测试
[28:48.74]but let's assume she'll need to be monitored very closely from now on. 但我们要求她从现在开始 就得到密切的监护
[28:53.53]We got O.R. Three. 手术在第三手术室进行
[28:55.09]So surgery is the only option? 那么手术是唯一的选择?
[28:56.92]I think it is. 我想是的
[28:58.29]I-I know you've been put through the wringer already today, 我知道你今天饱受煎熬
[29:01.35]but I need to ask you to trust me on this one. 但现在我需要得到你的信任
[29:05.14]Where is she? 她在哪?
[29:08.06]Where's megan? megan在哪?
[29:09.12]She's over... 她就在...
[29:14.83]hey,a leave of absence? 嘿,请假了?
[29:17.20]Yeah,I'm on my way home. 对,我正要回家
[29:18.87]I was just making some notes for the chief so he can reassign my open cases. 我向主任做了些交代 这样他好重新安排我手上的工作
[29:22.57]Because you're taking a leave of absence? 因为你要请假吗?
[29:25.47]Okay,that's,like,what,a week? 好吧,多久,一周
[29:27.33]As long as it takes. 越久越好
[29:28.74]Well,it's not gonna take that long. 不会太久
[29:30.02]You're already three weeks into P.T. Already,so-- 你已经做了三个星期复健了,所以--
[29:32.14]come on,recovery from brachial plexus surgery is measured in months,cristina,years,not weeks. 臂部网组织手术的复原时间 不是以月计算的
[29:36.14]cristina,是以年计算 更别说几个星期了
[29:38.03]The surgery's considered a success when the patient can flex the elbow. 只要患者能灵活运动肘部, 手术就算成功了
[29:41.32]Some patients never move their shoulder again. 有的患者再也无法动动肩膀
[29:43.82]Some don't recover sensation, they don't recover dexterity,they simply don't recover. 有的无法恢复知觉和灵活度 再也无法恢复了
[29:49.31]Yes,but you are not one of those. 但你不会出现这种情况
[29:50.85]Really? 是吗?
[29:53.18]Says who? 谁说的?
[30:07.62]Thanks,carl. 谢谢你,carl.
[30:13.22]That's my guy? 这就是我的捐赠者?
[30:14.42]No,that's not him. That's someone else we lost last night. 不,不是他 这个人是昨晚才去世的
[30:17.25]He came in for lipo. 他是来吸脂的
[30:19.65]He died on the table. 死在了手术台上
[30:21.19]Complications. 因为产生了并发症
[30:23.51]Didn't know they did liposuction on men. 从来没听过给男人做吸脂手术
[30:26.09]People do a lot of stuff they don't need. 人们总是做许多根本不需要做的事
[30:28.83]And,uh,the older you get,it's,uh... 年纪越大 就 嗯...
[30:32.85]here he is. 就是他了
[30:37.93]That's your guy. 这就是那个人
[30:42.09]That can't be my guy. He's really old. 这不可能是那个人 他太老了
[30:45.94]His bones are probably brittle. 他骨头可能很容易断
[30:47.68]What are they doing using a guy that old as my donor? 为什么让这么老的人做我的供体?
[30:52.32]He's two years younger than you are. 他比你小两岁
[30:59.63]What the hell happened to my ankle allograft? I had O.R. 2 at 3:00. 我的脚踝移植手术怎么回事? 我3点要在2号手术室做的那个
[31:02.66]Anybody wanna tell me ere it went? 谁能告诉我去哪了?
[31:04.12]It was canceled. The guy went home. 取消了 那个人回家了
[31:06.03]Why the hell would he do that? 他为什么这么做?
[31:09.65]- Hey! - O'malley! - 嘿! - O'malley!
[31:11.16]We've lost supergirl,and she's bleeding into her abdomen. 超女不见了 她的腹部在内出血
[31:13.53]Start looking in cners. 在角落里找找看
[31:16.34]Do you think you cut enough of the fibers out or are you gonna have to go back in? 你觉得你切除了足够的神经纤维了 还是你还要再回去切?
[31:19.08]We'll see if the seizures are under control. If not,we'll go back in for the last third. 看看病情有没得到控制 如果没有 再回去切除最后第三段
[31:22.41]Well,do I get to scrub in on that,too,or only if I'm in the middle of a date with somebody else? 我也该为这个作准备吗 还是 我该去和别人约会?
[31:26.00]I wodn't consider a meal in the cafeteria a date. 我不会考虑在咖啡馆 吃顿饭当作约会的
[31:27.93]Don't denigrate the competition. 不要诋毁这次竞争
[31:29.78]I have nothing but respect for Dr. Dandridge. 我很尊敬Dandridge医生的
[31:32.33]It shows courage to woo a woman with a tuna salad. 以吞拿鱼沙律示好极需勇气
[31:34.71]Keep an eye on taylor. If there's a problem,page me. 注意一下Taylor 如果出问题 就呼我
[31:37.10]I'll see you in the lobby at 8:00. 8:00在休息室等你
[31:38.85]Hey,grey,I lost a kid. 嘿 Grey 我丢了个孩子
[31:41.15]Help me look for her before she bleeds out in one of our bathrooms. 在她在洗手间出血生亡前 帮我找找她
[31:43.36]- What's her name? - Megan! - 她叫什么? - Megan!
[31:44.63]It's not easy. If you think you're a superhero, 这可不容易 如果你觉得你是个超级英雄
[31:47.05]you're not gonna let someone come at you with a knife. 你不会让人持刀接近你的
[31:49.10]There's no way to tell what it can do to your powers. 很难说他们打算 怎样对付你的超能力
[31:51.17]I mean,if you take away green lantern's ring, 如果你拿走了绿灯侠的铁环
[31:53.68]hal jordan is still a hero,but it creates a crisis of confidence... Hal Jordan还是个英雄 但却造成了信任危机...
[31:57.88]- come on,megan. - When you've worked hard to hone your strength. - 拜托 Megan - 当你努力增强你的能量
[32:00.23]Hey,just look at,uh,batman. 就看看 嗯 蝙蝠侠
[32:02.11]Robin just marches into the batcave, and he says,you know, Robin径直走进了蝙蝠洞 接着说
[32:05.89]"here I am.I'm gonna live here,too. Give me some tights,and I'm taking your towel." "我来了 我也要住在这 给我紧身衣 我还要用你的毛巾"
[32:10.26]I mean,batman,he fought for his powers,you know? 蝙蝠侠 为自己的力量而战?
[32:14.07]He honed his strength. 他增强自己的力量
[32:15.20]Dude,if you don't stop this, I'm gonna punch you in the face. 伙计 如果你再不闭嘴 我就朝你脸上揍一拳
[32:18.35]O'malley. O'malley
[32:20.74]Good luck with that. 祝好运
[32:22.24]I arrange for you to see an incredibly cool surgery, and you talk my patient out of it? 我安排你观看一个非常棒的手术 你却叫我的病人不要做了?
[32:25.66]- No,I didn't-- - you asked me what I thought, - 没有-- - 你问我怎么想的
[32:27.09]you didn't like what I said,so you went behind my back. Jasper's gone.He canceled the surgery. 你不喜欢我说的 所以你在我背后捅一刀 Jasper走了 他取消了手术
[32:31.08]I expressed an opinion.I suggested that,you know, not everything has to go at warp speed. 我发表了个观点 我建议 不是所有的事都要风驰电掣的
[32:35.44]It is all warp speed with you. It is all,"oh,your ankle hurts? Let's cut if off." 你就很风驰电掣 就说了"你的脚踝受伤了? 我们切掉"
[32:38.68]You intimidated my patient. You got a problem,you bring it to me. 你在恐吓我的病人 你有问题 就直接跟我说
[32:41.21]I'm not ready for us to move in together. 我没准备好住在一起
[32:45.67]And if you weren't toddler,if you could use your words, 如果你不是小孩子 如果你用自己的话说
[32:47.70]then maybe you could've said that the first four times I asked you. 那么也许在我问你的前4次就会说了
[32:50.23]And then I would've said,"oh,that's funny,me neither. I'm looking for a place.I'll be out in a week." 那么我就会说"太好笑了 我也是 我在找住处 1星期内搬走"
[32:53.93]Really? 真的?
[32:54.95]- Because remember,you-- - george,save it.I'll be-- - 因为记住 你-- - George 省省吧 我--
[32:56.82]I'll be out in an hour. 1小时内就搬走
[33:02.95]Megan. Megan
[33:06.61]Megan. Megan
[33:11.38]Megan. Megan
[33:12.96]Hi. 嗨
[33:13.72]Weren't you just up on three? 你为什么不去3楼呢?
[33:16.01]I was. We lost a patient,a little girl,and I was just-- 去过了 一个病人不见了 小女孩 我只是--
[33:19.68]look,why don't you pick a floor and stay on it, and I'll pick a floor on stay on that? 为什么你不找层楼呆着 而我也找一层呢?
[33:24.06]Because I really need a moment or two without you. 因为我真的不想见到你
[33:27.45]Your face shows up in my head,your... 你的脸出现在我脑海里 你的...
[33:30.40]panties show up in my husband's pocket-- 内裤出现在我丈夫的口袋里--
[33:32.93]really,you're everywhere-- and I need a moment or two without you. 真的 你无处不在-- 而我不想见到你
[33:36.68]I get that. 明白了
[33:38.46]Thanks. 谢谢
[33:44.47]megan. Megan
[33:46.21]Come on. Enough already. 拜托 玩够了
[33:53.73]We got half the hospital looking for you. 我们找你找了半个多医院
[33:55.69]Your powers of invisibility are well intact. 你消失的能力还真是无懈可击
[33:58.92]Get up. 起来
[33:59.75]You're a hosebag,you know that? 你是个没用的女人 知道吗?
[34:01.11]- And you have a potty mouth. - Nobody's cutting me open. - 你还唠唠叨叨 - 没人能把我切开
[34:02.99]Hey,it's surgery. We do it all the time. 嘿 那是手术 我们一直都在做
[34:05.68]In fact,it's all we do. 实际上 我们只做那个
[34:07.55]You can't keep telling my foster parents I'm defective. 你们不能一直告诉我养父母我有缺陷
[34:10.93]They can't afford surgery. It's too expensive. 他们付不起手术费 太贵了
[34:13.12]They can handle it. 他们能搞定的
[34:14.55]They'll send me back. 他们会把我送回去的
[34:19.63]Dude,that's stupid. 这么想太蠢了
[34:22.22]They got their own personal superhero. 他们得到了自己的超级英雄
[34:24.19]Nobody sends back a superhero. 没人会把超级英雄送回去的
[34:26.17]I thought you said I didn't have superpowers? 我以为你说我没有超能力了?
[34:29.11]Yeah,well,you don'T. 是的 你没有
[34:30.65]But take away green lantern's ring, the guy's still a hero,right? 但是拿走了绿灯人的铁环 他还是英雄 对吗?
[34:39.22]Okay. Close your eyes. 好吧 闭上眼睛
[34:41.65]Squeeze 'em tight. 闭紧
[34:42.74]Good. Okay. Can you squeeze my fingers? 很好 好吧 你能抓紧我的手指吗?
[34:45.28]Fantastic. 非常好
[34:46.36]Let's wiggle your toes for me,please. 动动你的脚趾
[34:49.21]Very good,vy good. Flying colors. 非常好 非常好 恢复得很快
[34:52.06]He's always tested well. 他考试总是很好
[34:53.71]I kicked ass on the,uh... 我在那什么考试就考得很好 嗯...
[34:56.60]what-- what's it called? 什么-- 那就什么?
[34:58.20]The S.A.T.S. S.A.T.S.
[34:59.41]Now can you tell me,whatthis? 你能告诉我这是什么吗?
[35:11.28]Honey? 亲爱的?
[35:13.85]Take your time. 慢慢来
[35:15.63]Honey,what's that called? It's right in front of you. 亲爱的 那叫什么? 就在你前面
[35:21.83]Can you see this here? 你能看到吗?
[35:22.83]I can see it. I-I just can't think of the... 能 我-我只是想不到...
[35:26.70]that's all right. It's okay. Take your time. 没关系 没事 慢慢来
[35:27.95]See,sometimes the names of things are tough. 有时有些东西的名字很难
[35:30.57]So try again. 所以再试一次
[35:37.10]What's my name? 我叫什么?
[35:41.07]I can'T... 我不能...
[35:43.57]wh-what's his name? 他-他叫什么?
[35:45.24]I-I know what it is. I-I-I just... 我-我知道叫什么 我-我-我只是...
[35:50.00]- what's his name? - Leanne,let's just give him a moment. - 他叫什么? - Leanne 给他点时间
[35:55.44]It... 它...
[35:59.03]what's his name? 他叫什么?
[35:59.92]I... 我...
[36:06.86]he named the baby. He named him after his father. 他起的名字 用他父亲的名字起的
[36:11.49]How do you not know the name of your own baby? 你怎么会不知道自己孩子的名字?
[36:13.96]Well,he knows who the baby is. 他知道孩子是谁
[36:15.78]See,the right side of the brain senses emotional connection to the baby. 右边大脑感觉到与孩子情感的联系
[36:19.33]It just can't communicate with the left brain where the words are formed. 只是左边大脑不能把单词和它联系起来
[36:23.05]The pathway to the two sides has been compromised. He needs to make new pathways. 两边的大脑通路被阻隔了 他需要建立新的通路
[36:27.10]How long is that gonna take? 要多久?
[36:28.56]Well,he'll get there. Recovery is hardork. 会好的 恢复是需要努力的
[36:31.86]It's a learning process. 是个学习的过程
[36:33.65]You need to be patient. You need to help him. 你需要耐心 你需要帮助他
[36:36.62]he can't do this without your support. 没有你的支持他办不到
[36:40.61]man,she wasn't kidding about the baseball bat. 棒球棒的事她不是开玩笑的
[36:43.02]I need more lap pads. Just keep 'em coming. 我还要吸水纸 不要停 一直给我
[36:45.65]Are you gonna resect the liver? 你要切除肝脏?
[36:47.06]I need to try and do a debridement. 我要试着做清创术
[36:49.98]Look at this. 看
[36:51.65]Everybody wants a life without pain,d what does it get you? 每个人都希望一生没有病痛 那又给你带来了什么呢?
[36:55.68]She needs to be on a poster somewhere 她现在要成为活广告了
[36:58.25]to remind people pain's there for a reason. 提醒大家病痛存在一定有它的理由
[37:20.65]Megan's stable. I ordered a repeat h&h in two hours. Megan很稳定 我预订了2小时内重复做h&h检查
[37:23.71]She been outhere all day? 她在那一天了?
[37:33.72]Dinner was good. 晚餐很好
[37:35.04]Dinner was excellent. 晚餐非常好
[37:37.95]- Are you coming in? - I don't know. - 你进来吗? - 我不知道
[37:40.33]Am I? 我要吗?
[37:41.06]Well,you could come in for a drink or a-a coffee. 你可以进来喝一杯或者喝杯-杯咖啡
[37:44.23]I owe you one from this morning. 我今早欠你的
[37:46.38]Yeah,you do. 的确
[37:47.70]hi. 嗨
[37:49.32]Finn. Finn
[37:50.32]I didn't think you guys would be here. I just wantedto drop this off. 我没想到你会在这 我只是想把这个放在这
[37:53.12]It's strawberry ice cream. A patient made it for me. 这是草莓冰淇淋 一个病人给我做的
[37:55.85]Patient's owner. 病人的主人
[37:56.91]It's made from scratch. Real strawberries. 纯手工制作 真正的草莓
[37:58.71]I love strawberry ice cream. 我爱草莓冰淇淋
[38:00.18]- And he remembered. - I did. - 他还记得 - 的确
[38:01.81]I just thought I'd leave it by the door. 我只是想留在门边的
[38:03.21]- Oh,you didn't think it would melt? - No,you take your chances. - 你不觉得会化? - 不 你把握了自己的机会
[38:05.44]- Worked out for you. - What exactly is going on here? - 帮到了你 - 这里怎么回事?
[38:07.80]- He's crashing our date. - Where do you think I got that idea? - 他在破坏约会 - 你觉得我从哪里学的呢?
[38:09.72]I didn't crash your date. It was professional. 我没有破坏你们的约会 那是工作
[38:11.19]- You can't operate without her? - I certainly operate well with her. - 没有她你就不能做手术? - 有了她我手术做得更好
[38:13.76]Enough. This is not dating. 够了 这不是约会
[38:16.37]I want moonlight and flowers and candy 我想要月光 鲜花和糖果
[38:19.52]and people trying to feel me up. Nobody is trying to feel me up. 还有要让我兴致盎然 没人想让我兴致盎然
[38:23.00]Nobody is even looking at m I'm an intern. 甚至没人看着我 我是个实习生
[38:26.19]Do the two of you have any idea how much effort it takes to do all this? 你们两个知不知道做这些 我要付出多大的努力?
[38:30.13]I'm waxed and plucked,and I have a clean top on. 我鼓足了勇气 还有我穿了件干净的上衣
[38:32.68]And the two of you are looking at each other. 而你们两个却互相对视
[38:34.69]- Meredith,it's-- - no! - Meredith 那-- - 不!
[38:35.60]- My fantasy is not two men looking at each other. - We didn't-- - 我幻想的不是两个大男人对视 - 我们没有--
[38:38.55]no talking until one of you figures out how to put on a date. 除非你们有谁说出该怎么约会 否则不许说话
[38:41.76]I want heat,I want romance. 我要热情 我要浪漫
[38:43.75]Damn it,I wanna feel like a freakin' lady! 见鬼 我想感受一下做个放荡的女人!
[38:50.37]The fantasy is simple... 幻想是简单的...
[38:56.34]pleasure is good... 快乐是美好的...
[38:57.94]I'm in room 22-something-- 2214. 我住22-什么房间--
[39:00.76]- If anyone calls,I'm not here. - Yes,ma'am. - 如果有人打电话 就说我不在 - 好的 女士
[39:03.87]And twice as much pleasure is better... 双倍快乐更好...
[39:07.73]hi. Checking in,please. 嗨 请给我登记
[39:08.72]certainly. Room for... 好的 什么样的房间...
[39:10.35]one. 单人
[39:11.71]That pain is bad... 痛苦是糟糕的...
[39:13.19]room 1817. Any messages? 1817房间 有留言吗?
[39:15.48]And no pain is better. 没有痛苦好些
[39:17.19]Checking in,please. Room for one. 登记 单人房
[39:19.36]Something on the 22nd floor if you've got it. 22楼有空房吗
[39:21.88]I'll take a look. 我查一下
[39:24.78]Dr. Sloan? Sloan医生?
[39:26.87]Dr. Webber. Webber医生
[39:28.35]What are you doing in seattle? 你在西雅图干什么?
[39:31.03]I don't know. 不知道
[39:34.13]I have a thing for ferry boats. 我对轮渡感兴趣
[39:36.71]But the reality is different. 但事实却大不相同
[39:47.98]- Are you cooking for me? - I am not. - 你帮我做饭? - 没有
[39:50.75]You can take a leave of absence if you want to, 如果你想 你可以请假
[39:52.94]but you're not gonna sit on your ass all day. 但你不应该枯坐终日无所事事
[39:54.73]You're gonna work hard and you're gonna get every bit of your strength and dexterity back. 你要努力找回 每一丝力量和灵巧
[39:59.29]Really? 真的?
[40:01.68]How? 怎么做?
[40:15.79]Put it back together. 把它们缝合
[40:17.90]The reality is that pain is there to tell us something. 事实是痛苦在那 是要告诉我们些道理的
[40:25.47]- Iz. - I'll do it. - Iz - 我会进去的
[40:27.65]- Izzie. - I can do it,alex. - Izzie - 我能做到 Alex
[40:29.42]I know I can. 我知道我能
[40:32.64]does it hurt? 痛吗?
[40:36.17]Yeah. 是的
[40:39.85]Where does it hurt? 哪里痛了?
[40:46.28]Everywhere. 所有地方
[40:50.05]Maybe it hurts for a reason. 也许是有原因的
[40:55.28]Come on. Let's go. 来吧 我们走
[41:06.14]And there's only so much pleasure we can take without getting a stomachache. 除了得胃痛我们仍然还能到许多快乐
[41:11.38]And maybe that's okay. 也许那没什么
[41:12.96]Hey. 嘿
[41:15.91]I didn't go in today. 我今天没进去
[41:17.86]Maybe tomorrow. 也许明天
[41:29.14]Hey,george. 嘿 George
[41:33.16]Callie moved out,which is a relief. Callie搬出去了 那是个解脱
[41:36.68]Oh,I am so relieved. 我真的解放了
[41:42.37]Strawberry. 草莓
[41:51.93]It's good. 好吃
[41:52.86]You left spit on the spoon. 你把口水留在调羹上了
[41:54.16]- No,I didn'T. - You did,a little. - 没有 - 你有 一点
[41:57.91]Maybe some fantasies are only supposed to live in our dreams. 也许幻想只该留在我们梦里
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