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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:49:14
[00:00.00]Previously on "grey's anatomy"... 前情提要...
[00:01.58]she cut his lvad wire. 她剪掉了他的起搏器电线
[00:04.21]denny duquette dd at 7:42 this evening. Denny Duquette在今晚7:42去世
[00:07.01]I had a baby and I went soft. 我有了孩子让我变得温柔了
[00:09.42]Your hand is fine,and shepherd will clear youor surgery. 你的手没事 Shepherd会帮你做手术
[00:12.88]Our marriage is over. 我们的婚姻结束了
[00:14.17]Yeah,I guess it is. 我想也是
[00:15.32]Who am I to you,george? 对你来说我是什么 George?
[00:16.67]Am I your girlfriend? 是你女朋友吗?
[00:17.82]Am I somebody you mess around with? 你是跟我玩玩的吗?
[00:19.30]Can I buy you a drink,callie? Callie 我能请你喝杯吗?
[00:20.35]Only if you have it delivered to my hotel room,because I'm off to bed. 除非你送到我房间里 因为我要睡觉了
[00:23.49]You are a great guy. 你是个非常好的人
[00:25.44]So it's derek. 所以你选Derek
[00:26.41]he's gonna hurt you again. 他会再次伤害你
[00:27.62]I'm walkin' away. 我决定放弃了
[00:28.76]It's for you. 这是给你的
[00:29.43]It's from denny. Denny给的
[00:36.19]first do no harm-- 首先不要伤害
[00:38.47]as doctors,we pledge to live by this oath. 作为医生 我们保证以这个誓言为生
[00:42.62]But harm happens... 但是伤害常常发生...
[00:44.20]and then guilt happens. 接着就是内疚
[00:46.17]And there's no oath for how to deal with that. 不过没有誓言 教我们如何解决这个问题
[00:48.95]morning. 早啊
[00:49.86]I thought we were done with the whole muffin thing. 我以为松饼的事已经搞定了
[00:52.29]This isn't muffins. 这不是松饼
[00:53.78]This is breakfast. 这是早餐
[00:54.79]Hmm. Mer需要一顿上等的固体早餐
[00:55.24]Mer needs a good,solid breakfast.
[00:57.62]First day back after the big surgery. 手术归来的第一天
[00:59.71]Are you okay? 你还好吗?
[01:01.13]Of course I'm okay. 当然好了
[01:02.38]I'm a millionaire. 我是百万富翁了
[01:03.41]Fruit? 要水果吗?
[01:05.62]What do you guys think about b&bs? 你们觉得供应早餐的旅馆怎么样?
[01:07.40]I'm thinking about opening a b&b in vermont where the foliage is,you know? 我考虑在佛蒙特州开家这样的旅馆 那里植物繁多
[01:10.86]Maybe you should go back to bed. 也许你该回到床上去
[01:12.19]Can'T. 不能
[01:13.24]I'm going to the hospital. 我要去医院
[01:14.27]Are you gonna go talk to the chief? 你准备去和主任谈了?
[01:15.53]Nope. 不
[01:16.35]Going to clean out my locker. 去清理我的柜子
[01:18.26]I could buy a hotel. 我可以买间旅馆
[01:19.49]How much do you think a hotel costs? 你觉得一间旅馆要多少钱?
[01:21.10]Ooh. izzie! 嚯 Izzie!
[01:22.47]Is that... 那...
[01:24.14]that is $8 million. 那可是800万呢
[01:26.24]$8 million does not like to have juice spilled on it. 800万可不喜欢果汁洒在它身上呢
[01:28.31]You have to take that to the bank today. 你今天得把这个存进去银行
[01:29.92]It's making me nervous in the house. 它在这个房子里让我紧张
[01:31.55]I will,as sooas I clean out my locker. 我会的 一清理完柜子就去
[01:35.65]I am fine. 我很好
[01:36.77]Really,I am fine. 真的 很好
[01:39.24]Denny loved me. Denny爱我
[01:40.78]He wanted me to have this money. 我想要我得到这笔钱
[01:42.19]He wants me to be happy. 他想要我开心
[01:44.22]So I'm happy. 所以我就开心了
[01:45.98]Juice? 喝果汁?
[01:50.45]she's losing it. 她不知所措
[01:51.65]She almost battered and deep fried an $8 1/2-million check this morning. 她今天早上差点就弄坏 还有油炸那张850万的支票
[01:55.84]That kind of money,I'd buy my own hospital and stock it full of sick people. 有这么笔钱 我就买所自己的医院 而且那里住满了病人
[02:00.24]Valvuloplasties and ruptured aneurysms... 心瓣修复术还有动脉瘤破裂...
[02:04.37]You're a psycho. You know that,right? 你心理变态 知道吗
[02:05.50]I'm not the one with an $8 1/2-million check I won't cash. 我不是那个拿着850万支票的人 不会兑现的
[02:08.87]stop talking about me. 不要讨论我了
[02:10.60]I'm fine. 我很好
[02:12.15]I am cleaning out my locker and I am going home. 我在清理柜子 然后就回家
[02:15.21]Mer is the one with the problems. Mer才是那个有问题的人
[02:18.51]What's wrong with me? 我有什么事?
[02:20.59]Well,now you haven't told mcdreamy that you dumped mcvet. 你还没告诉梦幻医生你甩了兽医
[02:23.09]Oh,you haven't done that yet? 你还没说啊?
[02:24.30]Dude,tell him already. 伙计 早该告诉他了
[02:25.31]She's scared. 她是害怕
[02:26.33]I am not sred. 我没害怕
[02:27.88]Derek walked away. Derek放弃了
[02:29.20]He walked away. 他放弃了
[02:30.20]And maybe that's a good thing. 也许是件好事
[02:31.55]I mean,maybe he's happier. 我是说 也许他高兴点
[02:32.96]Maybe he's moved on. 也许他能继续他的生活
[02:34.00]He's got addison here. 他让Addison来了这
[02:34.83]He's got mark here. 他让Mark来了这
[02:35.88]He'S... got a lot to deal with. 他...有很多事要处理
[02:37.77]And I'm not gonna make him feel guilty. 我不想让他觉得愧疚
[02:39.57]I mean,I am being an adult here. 我是个成年人
[02:41.75]And I am not going to drag him into our whole... 而且我也不准备把他拖进我们整个...
[02:46.27]izzie is the one with the big check. Izzie是那个拿着大额支票的人
[02:49.36]I'm fine. 我很好
[02:50.72]Guilt never goes anywhere on its own. 内疚决不会自个儿走的
[02:53.93]It brings its friends doubt and insecurity. 它还带来它的朋友怀疑和不安全感
[03:01.36]is that your boyfriend again? 又是你的男朋友?
[03:02.87]I do not have a boyfriend. 我没有男朋友
[03:05.22]Then why the guilty face? 那为什么有内疚的表情?
[03:07.29]you were sexier when you weren't talking. 你不说话比较性感
[03:10.26]am I keeping you,o'malley? 你还归我管吗 O'malley?
[03:14.71]M&m in 15 minutes,people. 15分钟后临床病理讨论
[03:16.51]Wait,wait,wait. 等等 等等 等等
[03:17.66]We get to go to m&m? 我们得去临床病理讨论?
[03:18.54]Even if we haven't finished our rounds? 即使我们还没查完房?
[03:19.66]Even if. 即使
[03:20.49]I want all of you the m&m today. 我要你们今天都去临床病理讨论
[03:22.63]Yes! 好!
[03:24.62]People die in this hospital on our watch. 在我们的照看下人们在这间医院去世
[03:27.32]Once a month,we meet to discuss how our actions as physicians contributed to the deaths. 一月一次 我们碰面讨论 作为医生对病人做得怎么样
[03:32.20]This is a serious exercise. 这是个很严肃的讨论
[03:33.82]Dr. Bailey. Bailey医生
[03:37.07]George,alex,you guys get good seats. George Alex你们去抢个好位置
[03:38.43]Mer and I will get snacks. Mer和我去买零食 好的
[03:39.39]Yeah. 嗯 Niles先生 太太
[03:39.86]Uh,Mr. And mrs. Niles. 我们改变主意了
[03:41.30]We kinda got turned around on our way to admitting.
[03:43.16]Oh,oh,not a problem. 噢 噢 没问题
[03:44.27]Dr. Karev, Karev医生
[03:45.50]uh,mrs Niles is scheduled for a mastectomy tomorrow. Niles太太预定明天的乳房切除手术
[03:48.93]Uh,why don't you show her and her husband up to the fifth floor? 为什么不送他们夫妇 去5楼的时候做个介绍呢?
[03:51.42]Is this the little man? 这是你们的小孩吗?
[03:53.55]he is adorable. 很可爱
[03:55.13]He's not so adorable at 4:00 in the morning when he's screaming and won't take a bottle. 他早上4点哭闹着不肯喝奶的时候 就不那么可爱了
[03:58.37]Can we just get to the room? 我们能去房间了吗?
[04:00.22]It's been kind of a rough week. 这周有点艰难
[04:01.86]She had to stop nursing. 她不能喂奶了
[04:02.84]Gus here just won't eat. Gus就是不愿吃东西 拿着
[04:03.76]Here. 不如我带你们上去吧? 给你
[04:04.18]Why don't I take you up?
[04:06.44]There you go. 好的
[04:06.96]Yeah. 你们可以试着在奶瓶里放点糖 直到他习惯为止
[04:08.19]You know,you can try a little sugar water on the bottle,just until he gets used to it.
[04:15.14]Does that woman have breast cancer? 那个女的有乳癌?
[04:17.07]What is she,30 years old? 她30岁了?
[04:18.41]It's a new baby. 这个孩子刚出生
[04:19.71]Probably thought the lump was a milk duct. 可能以为肿块是奶道阻塞
[04:22.28]Hmm? 啊?
[04:23.56]You learn things on the vagina squad. 在妇科那边学到的
[04:25.15]Okay,yeah,focus,people. 好吧 注意了 大伙
[04:26.59]M&m-- 临床病理讨论
[04:27.54]insults flying,residents covering their asses,our bosses getting kicked in the teeth instead of us. 恶言横行 住院医生自顾不暇 我们的老板有好受的
[04:33.00]Seats,then snacks. 座位 我们去买零食
[04:36.89]Hey. 嘿
[04:37.69]I didn't know you were coming to the m&M. 我不知道你也去临床病理讨论
[04:39.89]You brought snacks? 你买了零食?
[04:41.38]Well... yeah? 嗯... 是的?
[04:45.34]You okay? 你还好吗?
[04:46.08]Fine. 不错
[04:47.30]Hey,no surgeries today,right? 嘿 今天没手术?
[04:49.03]I mean,I'm ready if you need me. 如果你需要我时刻准备着
[04:50.19]No. 没有
[04:52.39]No surgeries. 没有手术
[05:01.19]Callie. Callie
[05:02.83]Hey. 嗨
[05:04.05]Hi. 你收到我的留言--
[05:05.09]Did you get my message-- 我的留言了吗?
[05:06.07]my messages? 是.. 我得去占个位置
[05:07.16]ye.. I gotta get a seat. Alex帮我们留了座 如果你愿意跟我们坐一起的话
[05:08.40]Alex is saving us a bunch if you want to sit with us.
[05:10.52]No. 不要了
[05:20.15]She's trying to make me feel guilty about the other night about the izzie thing. 她想要我对那天晚上Izzie的事感到内疚
[05:24.66]I thought you said you apologized already? 我以为你说你已经道歉了?
[05:25.79]I did. 做了
[05:26.61]I have. 道过歉了
[05:28.18]I'm done. 受够了
[05:28.98]I-I am not apologizing anymore. 我-我不会再道歉了
[05:31.99]I'm enjoying life. 我享受生活
[05:33.14]I'm loving the m&M. 我爱临床病理讨论
[05:34.66]okay,people,let's begin. 好了 大家 我们开始了
[05:37.18]Patient 34986 died last month from complications following a heart transplant. 34986号病人上个月死于 心脏移植手术后的并发症
[05:42.99]Dr. Burke will present. Burke医生会做介绍
[05:49.11]You guys... 你们...
[05:50.28]isn't patient 34986... 那个34986号病人...
[05:52.99]denny. Denny
[05:53.73]$8 million... 800万...
[05:55.57]$8 million could get us on a plane to somewhere far,far away. 800万可以给我们乘着飞机离开这 去很远的地方
[06:26.60]Cause of death at autopsy was an embolus that dislodged from the suture line of the transplant 验尸结果的死因是 移植后缝合处产生的血栓
[06:31.69]and caused a C.V.A. With brain stem herniation. 并且引起了脑疝便随着脑血管意外
[06:36.30]So the company line is that he died of a C.V.A.? 那么最后的结论是脑血管意外?
[06:38.69]There's no company line. That's what he died of. 没有什么最后结论 那就是他的死因
[06:41.78]Uh,yes,let's get back to this,uh,patient's need for an emergent transplant. 让我们回到这里 嗯 病人需要紧急移植
[06:46.52]You're saying that his left ventricle had been weakened by the lvad malfunction? 你声称他的左心室因 起搏器故障而开始衰弱?
[06:51.83]his left ventricle was weakened by the fact that he suffered from congestive heart failure. 他的左心室衰弱事实上是 他遭受了充血性心力衰竭
[06:56.07]oh,come on,Dr. Burke. 拜托 Burke医生
[06:58.13]We all know the lvad was cut by an intern. 我们都知道起搏器的电线 被个实习医生剪断了
[07:01.00]Oh,I'm going to my happy place. 我要去能让我开心的地方
[07:02.74]The exact chain of events remain unclear. 这一系列的事件仍然还不清楚
[07:04.56]It remains unclear to you because you're in the E.R. 你不清楚是因为你在急诊室
[07:06.56]With a gunshot wound. 中了枪伤
[07:08.66]Why aren't we hearing from Dr. Bailey? 为什么我们不听听Bailey医生说呢?
[07:10.76]She was the senior physician on the case. 她是这个病例中的高级医生
[07:12.49]I am the attending on record. 我是主治医生
[07:14.22]Yes... 是的...
[07:15.53]I was the resident in charge. 当时是我当值
[07:28.59]Dr. Burke has summarized the medical fas of this case. Burke医生已经概括了一下 这个病例的医学解释
[07:32.58]Are there any questions for me? 对我还有什么问题吗?
[07:42.04]You recently had a baby,Dr. Bailey? Bailey医生 你最近刚生了孩子?
[07:45.42]I don't see what that has to do with-- 我看不出这个有什么关系
[07:46.91]sleep deprivation coupled with wild swings in hormone levels 睡眠减少加上荷尔蒙水平紊乱
[07:49.64]are factors that could cloud anyone's judgment. 都可能是影响某人判断的因素
[07:52.68]I sleep just fine,Dr. Savoy. 我睡得很好 Savoy医生
[07:54.79]Really? 真的?
[07:55.72]'Cause if a patient died due to my poor decision making, 因为如果一位病人去世 是因为我糟糕的决定
[07:58.75]I'd probably lose at least a little sleep or it. 我可能会睡不好或者根本睡不着
[08:00.65]Let me remind everyone that our purpose here is not to place blame. 我再次提醒大家 我们在这儿的目的不是责怪谁
[08:04.98]This is a forum to discuss mistakes in patient care and learn from them. 这个论坛是用来 讨论护理病患时的错误和吸取教训的
[08:09.25]Well,so far,I haven't heard Dr. Bailey admit to a mistake. 到现在为止 我还没有听到Bailey医生承认错误
[08:12.13]Why don't they just put a bullet in the back of her head? 他们为什么不直接从她脑袋后给她一枪?
[08:14.91]It would be more humane. 那样会仁慈得多
[08:16.46]so for a period of several hours,your interns were running amok in the hospital, 你的实习医生们在医院里乱成一团 长达几个小时
[08:20.93]totally unsupervised. 完全失控了
[08:23.15]I'm waiting for a qution. 我在等待提问
[08:24.54]The question is where re you? 问题是当时你在哪里?
[08:27.78]There was the shooting,and the E.R. Was chaotic. 当时发生枪击 急诊室里乱作一团
[08:31.28]ER Is always chaotic. 急诊室里总是乱成一团
[08:32.54]Did you page them during this time? 在其间你传呼过他们吗?
[08:34.30]Yes,I paged them multiple times. 呼过 我呼了他们很多遍
[08:36.44]Well,apparently,they thought it was okay to ignore your pages. 那很显然他们无视你的传呼
[08:40.08]Doctor,why do you think your interns have such contempt for your authority? 医生 你怎么看你的实习医生 这样忽视你的威信?
[08:44.23]You don't know what the hell you're talking about! 你他妈的在说些什么!
[08:46.45]Dr. Karev,sit down. Karev医生 坐下
[08:56.69]izzie. Izzie
[09:03.65]Next question. 下一个问题
[09:06.50]Derek says that neither of you brought any assets into the marriage. Derek说你们婚后没有什么联名物产
[09:09.47]Well,I had my trust fund and a sparkling personality... 嗯 我有自己的信托基金和良好信誉
[09:15.05]oh,and the futon couch. 我们还有那个蒲垫沙发
[09:16.20]Yes,addison had a very ugly,very heavy futon couch. 是的 Addison有一个 又难看又笨重的蒲垫沙发
[09:19.17]What ever happened to that couch? 那个沙发怎么样了?
[09:20.71]We gave it to rk. 我们把它给了Mark
[09:22.27]- She can have him. - I don't want him. - 她可以拥有他 - 我不想要他
[09:24.01]Okay,well,that's settled. What else? 好吧 这个解决了 还有什么?
[09:25.57]So aside from addison's trust fund,which remains in her name 除了Addison的信托基金 看看还有什么在她名下
[09:29.17]you'll split everything stocks,bonds,401ks down the middle. 你们会平分所有的股票 债券 基金
[09:32.67]The only that gets a little complicated is the real estate. 唯一有点复杂的是房产
[09:35.45]Let me make this,uh,simple. 让我把繁事化简
[09:37.49]I'd like to keep my trailer and the land in seattle. 我想保留我的拖车和 在西雅图的地产
[09:40.14]Addison can have the rest. Addison可以拥有其他的一切
[09:41.74]Hold on. 等一下
[09:42.72]That's the house in the hamptons and the brownstone overlooking central park? 就是在Hampsons的那座 鸟瞰中央公园的褐色砂石建筑?
[09:45.84]That's very generous,Dr. Shepherd. 非常慷慨 Shepherd医生
[09:47.09]Thank you. - 谢谢 - 等等
[09:47.26]Hold on. - 他有所企图 - 我没有
[09:48.37]He's up to something.
[09:49.80]No,I'm not. 我来这儿是为了我的CD和书 还有水晶花瓶
[09:50.21]I came here to fight over cds and books,go to war over a crystal vase.
[09:53.73]What are you up to,derek? 那你是为什么呢 Derek?
[09:54.69]The divorce is my fault. 离婚是我的错
[09:55.82]Let me take responsibility. 让我来承担责任吧
[09:57.05]We both had affairs. 我们俩都有外遇
[09:58.18]You had a one-night stand with mark. 你和Mark有一夜情
[10:01.29]Derek,actually... Derek 实际上...
[10:03.26]well,it was-- 嗯 那是...
[10:03.98]oh,okay,it was two nights. 哦 好吧 是两晚
[10:05.73]You made a mistake. 你犯了个错误
[10:07.99]Meredith and I,we had a relationship. 但Meredith和我 是一段感情
[10:10.16]Make these changes,and I'll sign it today. 做些改变吧 我今天就签字
[10:15.80]you weren't supposed to be in here,izzie. 你不该来这里 Izzie
[10:17.94]You shouldn't have had to see that. 你不必看到这些的
[10:19.73]No,it's fine. 没事的
[10:21.77]I'm fE. 我很好
[10:23.63]Clearly the doctor thing was not working for me. 很明显医生并不适合我
[10:27.53]So go about your business. 那你们继续努力吧
[10:29.28]Run labs,cure cancer. 处理化验单 治疗癌症
[10:30.51]I'm fine. 我没事
[10:31.69]You're not going home. 你不能回家
[10:33.88]Either you hang out with us or we'll call your mother. 要么你和我们在一起 不然我打电话给你妈妈
[10:37.80]She's just a few hours away,and I'm sure she wouldn't mind coming and staying with you,all day. 她刚走不久 她肯定不介意 赶回来整天陪着你
[10:43.97]You wouldn'T. - 你不会那样做 - 我打了
[10:44.98]Dialing. 噢 嘿 嘿 好吧
[10:45.33]Whoa. Hey,hey. Okay.
[10:48.09]I'll just... 我就是...
[10:50.35]go hang out in the locker room. 去更衣室待一会儿
[11:07.41]what is she doing here? 她来这儿干嘛?
[11:08.77]She has no business in this room. 她与这里无关
[11:13.55]What are you looking at me for? 你们看我干嘛?
[11:15.40]I didn have anything to do with this. 我和这件事没有一点瓜葛
[11:17.61]I didn't have anything to do with any of this. 我和这件事根本没有任何关系
[11:20.94]I'll stay with her today,if that's okay. 如果可以的话 我今天会陪着她
[11:23.22]I'll update charts and I'll run labs and just keep an eye on her,if that's okay. 我会更新一下病历 处理化验单 一边看着她
[11:28.02]She shouldn't be alone. 她不能孤单一人
[11:30.12]fine. 好吧
[11:33.43]Dr. Bailey... Bailey医生
[11:34.73]we just wanna say ,we're really sorry about the m&M. 这里发生的一切 很抱歉
[11:37.43]No,you do not get to apologize to me for this. 不用 你们不需要为这个向我道歉
[11:40.55]You do not get to feel better. 你们不会因此感觉好点
[11:43.30]Neither do I. 我也一样
[11:45.20]Get to work. 回去工作吧
[11:46.28]O'malley,just keep an eye on her. O'malley 好好看着她
[11:49.01]Yes,Dr. Bailey. 好的 Bailey医生
[11:56.72]Dr. Bailey,you understand. Bailey医生 你明白的
[11:58.11]It's nothing personal. 那不是针对个人的
[12:00.16]People talking about your hormone levels starts feeling pretty personal. 人们都在议论 你的荷尔蒙指标变得很有针对性
[12:04.52]Hey,Dr. Bailey. 嘿 Bailey医生
[12:06.10]Look,you're the baby whisperer. 你的话婴儿真的能听懂
[12:07.27]Gus here drank the whole bottle. Gus现在都能喝一瓶了
[12:08.71]Here,you want to hold him? 你想抱抱他吗?
[12:10.14]Uh,actually now isn't a good time. 呃 现在不大方便
[12:12.55]I'm about to go and get yourife's labs. 我现在要去取你妻子的化验单
[12:14.75]Oh,yeah. 哦 这样啊
[12:16.62]do you,uh,think you could talk to her? 嗯 你可以跟她聊聊吗?
[12:18.22]She's kind of freaking out. 她有点不知所措
[12:19.06]She's not too sure about the mastectomy. 她对乳房切除术不大了解
[12:20.66]She's thinking maybe a lumpectomy. 她在考虑乳房肿瘤切除术
[12:22.80]I know she likes you. 我知道她喜欢你
[12:23.59]Maybe you could talk her into-- 也许你可以劝她...
[12:24.69]oh,no,no. 噢 不 不行
[12:25.43]It's not my job to talk her into anything. 劝她做什么不是我的事情
[12:27.78]Maybe if she knew more about her reconstructive options... 也许如果她对她可重造的选择 有更多了解...
[12:31.37]um,I'll send our plastic surgeon up. 嗯 我会请我们的整形医生过来
[12:44.31]hey,chief. 嘿 主任
[12:45.49]You got a minute? 你有空吗?
[12:46.40]Sure. 有
[12:48.91]That was qui a morning,huh? 恶劣的上午 是不?
[12:50.50]It was. 是啊
[12:51.78]It's always good to be reminded how important it is to be at the top of your game. 被提醒身处你游戏的最高处是多么重要 这种感觉总是很好
[12:55.78]That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about. 那正是我想和你谈的
[12:57.19]I am so glad you are back in this building. 我很高兴你回到这里
[12:59.63]I need your help focusing the staff. 我需要你帮我凝聚人心
[13:01.84]They respond to you as an authority figure. 你可以影响他们的行为
[13:04.17]I mean,you're an example of what they should be-- 我是说 你是他们前进的榜样--
[13:06.85]a leader. 一个领导者
[13:08.64]I'm glad to have you back,preston. 我很高兴你能回来 Preston
[13:11.66]Thank you,chief. 谢谢你 主任
[13:21.20]You're back. 你回来了
[13:23.35]I am. 是啊
[13:24.38]You look,uh,good without an appendix. It suits you. 你手术后气色很好
[13:28.90]How are you? 你怎么样?
[13:30.18]Fine. 很好
[13:32.80]How are you? 你呢?
[13:34.99]I'm great. 我很好
[13:36.25]Feeling well? 身体好点了吗? 不疼了吗?
[13:36.75]No pain?
[13:38.32]No pain. 不疼了
[13:42.30]oh. 噢
[13:44.11]That's your wife. 是你妻子
[13:45.80]I'm on her service. 我为她服务
[13:47.03]Oh. Okay,then. 哦 这样 好吧
[13:49.79]I won't stand in your way. 我先走了
[13:55.26]Okay. 好的
[14:01.05]Hi.I was paged by Dr. Montgomery-shepherd. 我被Montgomery Shepherd医生传呼
[14:04.35]Dr. Grey. Grey医生
[14:05.52]Welcome back. 欢迎回来
[14:06.33]Thank you. 谢谢
[14:07.06]And,uh,it's just montgomery now. 还有 嗯 现在只用叫Montgomery了
[14:09.58]What? 什么?
[14:10.43]My name. 我的名字
[14:11.66]The divorce was finalized this morning. 今天早晨我们正式离婚了
[14:13.58]So... 所以...
[14:14.64]montgomery. 就叫我Montgomery
[14:16.92]To add to our fun,we've been asked to consult on a case 有趣的是 我们得去处理一起病例
[14:19.79]where a woman has a foreign object stuck inside of her. 一个女人把外物卡在身体里了
[14:25.43]It hurts whenever you move. 你一动它就疼
[14:27.11]Well,then keep your weight off my bad knee. 好吧 你别压在我受伤的膝盖上
[14:29.34]I'm sorry. 对不起
[14:30.35]I thought it was on the left side. 我以为是左膝盖
[14:32.25]19 years of marriage,you'd think you'd have that one down. 结婚19年 你应该知道的
[14:35.76]It appears that her husband is the foreign object. 看上去 她老公是异物
[14:38.78]Ex-husband. 前夫
[14:41.84]Ooh! 哦!
[14:44.10]you had to go and get a piercing. 你怎么蠢得去穿环
[14:46.53]sonja. Sonja.
[14:47.49]What? 怎么了?
[14:48.19]It's not like they're not going to find out. 你以为她们不会发现吗
[14:51.03]This is so embarrassing. - 这很尴尬 - 不
[14:52.02]No. 约了老公吃饭 又和前夫这样粘在一起才尴尬
[14:52.39]Embarrassing is meeting your husband for lunch with your ex-husband still attached.
[14:57.89]How long is this gonna take? 这样要多久?
[14:59.35]Because I really don't want my husband finding out. 我真不希望我老公知道
[15:01.64]Please,could you work outsome small miracle? 拜托 你们能创造点奇迹么?
[15:05.59]Well,first of all,we have to figure out what the piercing is caught on. 首先 我们得判断是什么卡住那环
[15:08.69]Okay. 好的
[15:10.23]Do you have any piercings? 你有穿环吗?
[15:12.24]Me?No! 我?没有!
[15:13.57]Ow! 哦!
[15:14.80]I'm sorry. 对不起
[15:16.37]I sell real estate. 我是卖房的
[15:17.82]What is that supposed to mean? 你什么意思?
[15:19.34]I sell real estate,too. 我也卖房的
[15:21.34]We've been divorced for five years. 我们离婚五年了
[15:23.55]But we keep running into each other,you know,work stuff. 可有工作原因 我们经常接触
[15:28.64]We get together sometimes. 我们有时还在一起
[15:30.42]it's stupid and weak,and it is never happening again. 真傻 以后再也不会了
[15:34.86]Okay,well,Dr. Grey is going to check on the x-rays,and then-- 好了 Grey医生去准备X光
[15:37.53]then we'll take it from there,okay? 等会我们再看看情况
[15:39.43]But,um,you-- 不过 你
[15:40.65]you might want to cancel your lunch plans. 估计要取消你的午餐计划了
[15:48.75]That m&m was-- 那个讨论...
[15:49.72]yeah. 是的
[15:53.58]I went to tell the chief... 我想跟院长...
[15:56.97]about my hand. 说我手的事
[16:00.53]Burke,how-- Burke
[16:02.72]but I couldn'T. 但我做不到
[16:05.48]I... 我...
[16:08.09]I don't know what I'm going to do. 我不知道该怎办
[16:10.85]Well,I-I can be there if you need me in surgery. 如果手术需要我 我可以帮忙
[16:13.26]I'm not going to do any surgeries. 我不打算做手术
[16:16.73]I'm gonna catch up on paperwork. 我得赶报告
[16:19.21]Wait,so-- 等等 那...
[16:20.04]so what does that mean? - 你什么意思? - 我不知道
[16:20.46]I don't know.
[16:22.52]I don't know what I'm going to do. 我不知道我该怎样
[16:25.91]I need time to think. 我要点时间想想
[16:28.18]I have... 我还有...
[16:30.26]paperwork. 报告要写
[16:32.45]I need to do paperwork. 我得写报告
[16:36.91]I know how the rumor mill works around here,george,okay? 我知道谣言怎么传的 George 是吧?
[16:39.11]I'm the crazy intern,and now I'm the crazy intern whose friends have to babysit her. 我是个疯实习生 现在还需要朋友来照顾
[16:42.42]You know what we should talk about is what you're gonna do with all 现在该讨论的是
[16:44.29]that money once you deposit the check after we don't let you destroy it. 该怎么花钱
[16:47.54]don't move,adam. 别动 Adam.
[16:48.10]Whoa! 哇!
[16:49.48]I'm not moving. 我没动
[16:50.37]Are those people having sex? 他们在做爱?
[16:51.46]just lay still. 躺着别动
[16:52.23]They were having sex. 他们刚才在做爱
[16:53.12]Now they're just fighting. 现在在打架
[16:54.71]Good to have you back,stevens. 很高兴你回来 Stevens
[16:56.51]I'm not back. 我不是回来
[16:58.01]I'm fine,just not back. 我很好 但没想回来
[17:00.57]Hey,you're addison forbes montgomery-shepherd. 你是Addison Forbes Montgomery-shepherd
[17:03.72]That's a lot of names,a lot of rich sounding names. 名字这么长 听着很有钱
[17:05.89]You're rich,right? 你很有钱 对么?
[17:08.23]oh,that's rude. 我有点失礼
[17:08.90]That's a rude question. I'm sorry. 很失礼的问题 抱歉
[17:09.85]It's just that I'm rich now,too. 不过我现在也很有钱
[17:11.85]You're not rich until you deposit the check. 你兑现支票以后才有钱
[17:13.58]Do you ever feel guilty? 你觉得有负罪感么?
[17:14.91]I'm sorry. 你意思是?
[17:15.84]Being rich. 做有钱人
[17:16.91]'Cause I have all this money now, 因为我现在有钱了
[17:18.66]and I don't really feel like I did anything to deserve it, 我只是觉得自己不值得
[17:21.14]and I can't really talk to my friends about it... 我没法告诉我的朋友
[17:22.20]'cause they're all so poor. 因为他们那么穷
[17:23.53]Standing right here,izzie. 你说我吗 Izzie
[17:27.17]Deposit the check,stevens. 兑现支票 Stevens
[17:29.49]Just start there,okay? 从这开始
[17:32.08]And,um,the guilt will work itself out. 负罪感会慢慢过去的
[17:43.37]Hey. 嘿
[17:44.67]You're everywhere. 哪儿都能看到你
[17:45.42]Well,I'm sorry. 对不起
[17:46.46]For once,it was actually not on purpose. 我真不是故意的
[17:50.90]Do these look blurry to you? 你能看清这个么?
[17:56.74]What exactly am I looking at? 这是什么?
[17:58.07]A divorced couple who got stuck together during-- 一对离婚夫妻做爱的时候卡一起了
[18:00.45]oh,wow. 哦
[18:01.42]That's gotta be pretty awkward. - 太尴尬了 - 是啊
[18:02.70]Yeah. 离婚五年 还和年轻人一样火热
[18:02.89]Divorced five years,and still going at it like teens at the prom...
[18:07.18]so to speak. 随便说说
[18:11.13]Speaking of divorce... 说到离婚...
[18:14.55]I heard because I'm working with your wife. 我和你老婆一起工作
[18:17.20]Ex-wife. 前妻
[18:18.21]It was time. 成过去了
[18:19.92]Good. 好的
[18:21.61]How's finn? Finn怎么样?
[18:24.76]Finn is... Finn 他...
[18:26.61]fine. 挺好的
[18:30.03]Good. 不错
[18:33.45]You're right. They're blurry. 你说的对 是不清楚
[18:35.87]You should get some new ones. 你该重新拍
[18:40.72]If you go ahead with the mastectomy,there are several reconstructive options. 如果你决定进行乳房切除 有几种替代选择
[18:44.64]Saline implants are used most often,but silicone has a more natural look and feel. 最常用的是盐水包 不过硅胶更自然
[18:51.84]I can't deal with this right now. 我现在没法决定
[18:53.92]diana,come on. Diana 来吧
[18:55.22]It'll take two seconds,huh? 只用两秒就行 是吧?
[18:56.19]You're the one who has to feel them,so you decide. 你是感受的人 你决定
[18:59.01]I n't care. 我无所谓
[18:59.79]Dude,believe me,you care. 老兄 相信我 你会介意
[19:01.21]Dr. Karev. Karev医生
[19:02.28]Dude,he's right. 老兄 他是对的
[19:03.78]You care. 你介意
[19:16.27]Dr. Bailey? Bailey医生?
[19:18.02]What's wrong with my wife? 我老婆怎么了?
[19:19.89]I'M... sorry. 不好意思
[19:22.55]Uh,as you know,she has stage iib breast cancer. 你知道她因为乳癌要切除...
[19:25.72]I know that. 我知道
[19:27.22]Will you please te me what's wrong with her? 你能告诉我她到底怎么了?
[19:29.97]Mr. Niles-- Niles先生
[19:30.76]'cause she won'T. 因为她不愿意
[19:32.82]She won't talk to me. 不愿和我说话
[19:33.67]I've tried,and I'm trying. 我试过了 一直在试
[19:34.88]And I know this sucks,and it's scary,but we can do this. 我知道这很讨厌 很吓人 但我们能做到
[19:38.14]We can fight this. 我们能战胜病魔
[19:38.97]But she won'T. 但她不愿面对
[19:39.63]She won't even look at gus. 她甚至不看Gus
[19:41.16]She won't hold him,and all he wants is his mom. 她不愿抱他 可孩子要妈妈
[19:42.90]He's just-- 她其实
[19:43.91]she's such a good mom. 她是个了不起的妈妈
[19:46.09]I know it doesn't seem like that,but she is. 我知道她看上去不太好 但她的确了不起
[19:50.93]Okay,I can schedule a psych consult. 好的 我给她安排心理咨询
[19:54.36]I don't want a psych consult. 我不要心理咨询
[19:57.94]I just want my wife back. 我要我老婆回来
[20:00.90]please. 求你
[20:02.55]Now she's talking crazy,how she might not ve the surgery at all. 她现在很激动 她可能不接受手术
[20:07.82]Mr. Niles-- Niles先生
[20:08.54]can you please tell her that she has to have the surgery? 能告诉她 她必须做这个手术么?
[20:13.16]Please. 拜托
[20:15.13]Somebody has to tell her. 得有人告诉她
[20:18.29]I did this for you,you know? 我做这个是为了你 知道吗?
[20:19.54]You know,you have got to stop doing things for me. 你得停止为我做任何事情
[20:22.80]I'm with tom now. 我现在和Tom在一起
[20:24.48]I love tom. 我爱Tom
[20:26.84]I still can't believe you left me for that guy. 我还是没法相信你为了那个家伙离开我
[20:29.76]Wh-what does tom have that don't,huh? 那个-Tom有什么是我没有的?
[20:32.17]Well,he doesn't have a pierced-- 他没有在身体上穿环
[20:33.76]you two need to stay completely still 你们两个别乱动
[20:36.75]so that we can get a clear picture. 那样我们就能拍张清晰的照片
[20:40.02]We fought through 19 years of marriage. 我们结婚19年一直在吵架
[20:43.34]The only time we didn't fight was 唯一不吵架的时候
[20:45.19]when we were having sex. 就是我们在做爱
[20:46.78]that's not true. 那不是真的
[20:49.16]I still love you. 我还爱你
[20:50.42]Okay,I-I'm in hell. 好吧 我-我在地狱
[20:53.07]Mom. 妈妈
[20:54.95]Dad! 爸爸!
[20:56.01]Scratch that. 该死
[20:57.26]Now I'm in hell. 真的在地狱了
[21:02.39]Oh,god. Jennifer 也许你愿意在外面等
[21:02.19]Jennifer,maybe you want to go wait in the--
[21:04.86]you guys are so paying for my therapy and my rent... 你们要为此付我的治疗费 我的房租...
[21:10.28]and a new car. 还有我新车的钱
[21:11.32]of course,sweetie. 当然了 亲爱的
[21:12.33]Oh,go ahead. 噢 继续吧
[21:13.28]Coddle her. 宠坏她
[21:14.47]You are old enough to know that your parents 你已经够大了 要知道你父母
[21:17.28]are sexual beings and that they make mistakes. 是需要性的人 还有他们也犯错
[21:20.70]Oh,is that what you call this,mom,a mistake? 你叫这个错误 妈妈?
[21:23.17]Because I call this you,once again,being a slut. 因为我叫这个你 再一次 叫作荡妇
[21:26.04]Hey! 你不能那么和我说话
[21:26.40]You don't talk to me like that. 我是你妈妈!
[21:27.86]I am your mother! 是啊你是个做得多么好的榜样啊
[21:28.96]Yeah,and what a great role model you've turned out to be.
[21:31.07]Look at you-- 看看你--
[21:31.83]cheating on your husband with your ex-husband. 你和你前夫对你丈夫不忠
[21:33.75]God! 上帝!
[21:34.55]And,daddy,what are you doing? 还有你 爸爸 你在干什么呀?
[21:35.88]I thought-- 我以为--
[21:36.50]I thought you had finally moved on. 我以为你最终开始了自己的生活
[21:37.90]You said you were gonna start dating. 你说过你要开始约会了
[21:38.97]It's complicated,honey. 这很复杂 亲爱的
[21:44.12]Well,it seems that your I.U.D. 好象你的子宫内避孕器
[21:46.53]Has dislodged from your uterus,hooked on 因为脱落 钩住了你丈夫的穿环
[21:49.23]to your husband's piercing and is embedded 而且嵌入了你的阴道壁
[21:51.27]in your vaginal wall.
[21:53.40]Did she say "piercing"? 她说了"穿环"?
[21:55.81]Daughter. 女儿
[21:57.68]Perfect. 太棒了
[22:01.29]Hey. 嘿
[22:01.87]Hey. 嘿
[22:03.17]So... 那么...
[22:04.58]who got the brownstone? 谁得到了brownstone的房子?
[22:05.86]You heard? 你听说了?
[22:06.50]People talk around here. 这里的人谈论的
[22:07.38]I listen. 我就听了
[22:08.72]Who got the brownstone? 谁得到了brownstone的房子?
[22:09.66]It's none of your business. 不关你的事
[22:12.54]I left my bike in the basement. 我把我的自行车留在地下室了
[22:13.69]I just want to know who to talk to to get it back. 我只是想知道和谁谈去拿回来
[22:15.70]Buy a new bike. 买辆新的
[22:17.13]You know,this angry divorc閑 thing really turns me on. 你知道 这次令人生气的离婚事件 真的让我兴奋了
[22:23.23]I got the brownstone. 我得到了brownstone的房子
[22:24.84]And you'll get your bike back when you 你醒悟过来并且回家的时候
[22:27.06]come to your senses and go back home. 就能拿到你的车了
[22:29.71]Derek took the hamptons? Derek拿了hamptons的房子?
[22:31.52]Derek hates the hamptons. Derek讨厌hamptons的房子
[22:33.70]Derek gave you the hamptons,too? Derek也把hamptons的房子给了你?
[22:36.31]He still doesn't know the whole story,does he? 他还是不知道整件事?
[22:38.37]No. 不知道
[22:39.18]And as long as you don't tell him, 只要你不告诉他
[22:40.45]you get to be the good guy, 你就是那个好人
[22:41.61]and I'm just the chump who seduced 而我只是个诱惑他妻子
[22:42.54]his wife for the hell of it. 遭受这一切可怕的事的白痴
[22:44.62]Real fair. 真是公平啊
[22:49.64]I think I'm gonna buy something 我想我要给Bailey和Burke买些东西
[22:50.87]for bailey and for burke.
[22:53.00]What do you think burke would want? 你们觉得Burke想要什么?
[22:54.22]Nothing you can get with money. 你光用钱可买不到
[22:55.40]He likes jazz. 他喜欢爵士乐
[22:56.40]I'm not buying him a cd,george. 我才不会给他买张CD呢 George
[22:57.79]I'm a multimillionaire. 我可是个千万级的富翁
[22:58.82]I need to buy him something... 我要给他买点...
[23:00.00]big. 值钱的东西
[23:01.44]A house... 一栋房子...
[23:02.65]in the bahamas. 在巴哈马
[23:03.82]I'd buy the bahamas,or at least a bahama. 我会买巴哈马群岛 或者至少其中一个岛
[23:07.07]An island. 一个岛
[23:07.97]You know,for $8 million,I'd buy an island. 有了800万 我就买个岛
[23:09.92]Oh,you're an intern. 噢 你是个实习医生
[23:11.05]When would you have time to go to your bahama? 你什么时候有时间去你的巴哈马岛?
[23:12.49]I'd quit. 我会辞职
[23:13.26]Oh,no,you wouldn'T. 噢 不 你不会的
[23:14.52]You're a surgeon. 你是个外科医生
[23:15.32]You operate. 你做手术
[23:15.87]That's what you do. 那就是你要做的
[23:20.41]Sorry. 对不起
[23:21.61]what? 什么?
[23:22.93]It's fine. 没事啊
[23:24.06]I'm fine. 我很好
[23:26.02]I am not a surgeon. 我不是个外科医生
[23:27.49]My patient? 我病人?
[23:28.18]30 year old with advanced breast cancer. 30岁患有乳房癌症晚期
[23:30.41]I say live your life while you can in the bahamas. 要我说 能住巴哈马群岛时 就好好享受
[23:33.68]Have you told derek yet 对Derek说了吗?
[23:34.83]that you broke up with finn? 说你跟Finn分手了?
[23:35.99]I'm giving him time. 我给他时间
[23:37.52]That's stupid. 真傻
[23:38.25]You know what's stupid? 知道什么才傻吗?
[23:39.10]Is carrying around a check for $8 million. 就是带着八百万支票瞎转
[23:43.71]I'm fine. 我很好
[23:45.79]The check is fine. 支票也好好的
[23:46.96]We're all fine,okay? 大家都好好的 对吗?
[23:59.48]I slept with another guy. 我跟别的男人上床了
[24:02.65]Do I tell george? 应该告诉George吗?
[24:07.43]I,um... 我 呃...
[24:09.00]broke up with finn. 和Finn分手了
[24:11.52]Do I tell derek? 要告诉Derek吗?
[24:16.47]I can't tell derek. 我不能告诉他
[24:19.75]I have to tell george. 我必须告诉George
[24:26.65]Honey,please,at least hold gus. 亲爱的 求你了 至少抱抱Gus
[24:29.11]No,don't-- 不 不要 别这样
[24:29.44]stop it.
[24:31.27]Will you at least talk to me? 你就不能跟我谈谈?
[24:32.50]I want you to leave me alone. 你让我安静会儿
[24:38.71]You took a lot of hits today at that m&M. 你今天在论坛上受到多方指责
[24:41.75]Some of 'em justified,some of 'em not. 有些是合理的 有些不是
[24:45.28]Compassion and empathy are a big part of the job. 这工作非常需要怜悯和感情
[24:50.06]Look,I don't care what savoy said, 听着 我不在意Savoy说的
[24:52.45]and I know I haven't always been supportive, 也知道自己没有一直支持你
[24:56.51]but being a parent makes you a better doctor. 但有了孩子让你成了一个更好的医生
[25:15.49]hi. 嗨
[25:16.28]I just... 我只是...
[25:17.83]wanted to say hi. 想打个招呼
[25:21.23]Denny left me $8 million-- Denny留给我八百万--
[25:22.82]$8.7 million to be exact. 事实上是870万
[25:24.92]Did you know that he had money? 你知道他很富有吗?
[25:27.26]'Cause I didn't know. 因为我不知道
[25:28.74]No,I didn't know. 不 我也不知道
[25:31.32]I'm thinking about using it to travel, 我考虑用来旅游
[25:33.50]maybe go to italy. 也许去意大利
[25:34.46]I've never been there before. 从没去过
[25:35.45]I hear venice is amazing. 我听说威尼斯很美
[25:36.36]Izzie-- Izzie--
[25:37.28]I'm fine. 我很好
[25:38.61]Really,I am. 真的很好
[25:39.36]I'm fine. 很好
[25:40.03]Everyone thinks I'm not. 每个人都怀疑
[25:41.58]Everyone thinks I'M... 都认为我...
[25:43.47]but I'm fine. 但我很好
[25:45.85]You're fine. 你很好
[25:47.28]I'm fine. 我很好
[25:48.91]Everything's fine. 每件事都很好
[25:53.30]So... 那么...
[25:54.09]I got shot. 我中枪了
[25:57.19]I got shot because I was coming back to the 中枪 因为赶着回...
[25:58.96]hospital to check on denny because you told me to. 医院检查Denny 因为是你要求的
[26:05.58]I'm not fine. 我不好
[26:07.81]Denny asked you to marry him,and now he is dead. Denny要你嫁给他 现在却死了
[26:11.48]You're not fine. 你也不好
[26:13.43]Don't come in here and... 别只是进来 然后...
[26:18.39]just... 只是...
[26:21.45]we're not fine. 我们都不好
[26:24.83]I'm sorry. 对不起
[26:28.10]We were friends. 我们曾是朋友
[26:29.21]You were my boss,but... 你是我上司 但...
[26:30.04]I think we were friends,too. 我还是认为我们是朋友
[26:34.18]And-- 而且-- 而且我从没想过...
[26:34.84]and I never meant...
[26:37.21]for anyo to get hurt. 会有人受伤
[26:39.00]And I know there is nothing I can do to take it back. 我知道不管做什么都挽回不了
[26:43.09]No. 不行
[26:45.07]Preston,please-- Preston 拜托你--
[26:47.25]you quit. 你放弃了
[26:49.29]You quit... 放弃...
[26:50.33]being a surgeon. 成为外科医生
[26:52.64]You have two good hands... 你双手灵活...
[26:55.77]and you aren't using them. 却不使用
[26:58.42]Feel guilty about that. 你该对此内疚
[27:10.56]sonja,quit grabbing my leg. Sonja 别抓着我的腿
[27:14.08]I am not grabbing you anywhere. - 我什么都没抓 - 是她
[27:15.51]She is. Morris先生 我们需要正确安置你
[27:15.99]Mr. Morris,we need to position you 才能得到清晰的影象
[27:17.22]correctly in order to get a clear image.
[27:20.67]Dr. Yang,move him a little to the left. Yang医生 把他往左挪一点
[27:27.36]Hey. 你来这儿干吗?
[27:27.83]What are you doing here? 哦 我听说了
[27:29.11]Oh,I heard about it.
[27:31.23]I had to see it. 不得不来
[27:35.07]And I've seen enough. 现在我瞧够了
[27:36.82]Dr. Yang,I need you to lift him Yang医生 一边抬
[27:38.82]a little as you pull him. 一边推
[27:39.92]Trying. 在试
[27:41.40]Ah. 现在他的腿上抬20度
[27:42.31]Now lift his right leg 20 degrees.
[27:46.27]ow! - 疼! - 别动!
[27:47.49]Pain! 保持住
[27:48.95]Hold that position. 好了 现在 Grey医生 能不能稍微
[27:50.10]Okay,now,Dr. Grey,can you kind of slowly
[27:53.32]swirl mrs. Kellman in a counterclockwise direction? 向反时针方向旋转Kellman太太?
[27:56.54]Swirl? 转?
[27:57.72]Swirl? 转?
[27:58.67]Swirl. 转
[27:59.57]Swirl. 转
[28:03.04]Oh,my god,sonja. 哦 上帝啊 Sonja
[28:07.15]Oh,god,adam. 哦 上帝 Adam
[28:08.24]Not now. 现在不行
[28:09.60]careful. 小心
[28:09.96]Careful. 当心
[28:10.62]Oh,my god. 哦 上帝啊 哦 上帝啊
[28:11.36]Oh,my god. 好了 Grey Yang 数到三
[28:12.14]okay,now,grey,yang,on the count of three,
[28:14.69]I want you to slowly,gently pull them apart. 你们慢慢地 轻轻地把他们分开
[28:17.43]One,two,three. 一 二 三
[28:22.32]oh,okay. 哦 好的
[28:23.25]He's having a-- 他开始--
[28:24.23]sonja! Sonja!
[28:25.66]Heart attack! 心脏病!
[28:26.77]He's having a heart attack! 他心脏病发作!
[28:27.79]Oh,thank god. 哦 上帝啊
[28:28.51]I mean,code blue. 蓝色警报
[28:30.81]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 他已处于急性自身机能失调
[28:32.70]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 要立即送手术室 不然他会死
[28:35.08]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 心脏科值班外科医生是谁?
[28:36.85]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Halson医生正在手术
[28:38.43]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Burker在哪儿?
[28:40.21]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 在会议室 但他没正式上岗
[28:42.37]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 那就现在到岗
[28:43.42]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 让他到手术室 我们走 各位
[28:45.36]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 快!
[28:56.09]How do we do this? 我们怎么办?
[28:57.02]You stand on my right side. 你站我右边
[28:58.33]On your right side... 你右边...
[28:59.26]and if at any time during the procedure-- 如果一旦手术期间--
[29:00.98]if you tremor... 如果你震颤...
[29:01.83]I'll look at you. 我会看着你
[29:02.98]You'll know to slide in to do 你就要适时插入
[29:04.29]the sutures we've practiced. 象练习时那样缝合
[29:07.41]What if one of the scrub nurses notices? 要是护士注意到了呢?
[29:08.69]What if they say something? 要是他们有意见呢?
[29:10.53]Cristina,I can't walk away from this surgery. Cristina 我不能逃避这个手术
[29:13.74]If I do,that man in there will die. 如果逃了 那男人会死
[29:15.59]So tremor or no tremor,I have to try. 所以不管震颤与否 我必须一试
[29:18.72]But you-- 但是你--
[29:19.45]I'm your intern. 我是你的实习生
[29:20.65]I will be there on your right side. 我就在那儿 站你右边
[29:42.32]10 blade. 10号刀
[29:53.89]as soon as we hear someing about your ex-husband, 一旦有你前夫的消息
[29:56.66]we'll let you know. 我们会通知你
[29:57.61]Since I removed your I.U.D., 因为我除去了你的节育环
[29:59.61]You may want to use a backup method. 你可能需要事后防护
[30:01.69]Oh,I doubt I'll be having 哦 我怀疑还会不会--
[30:03.13]sex anytime soon once I tell tom. 马上有性生活 一旦我告诉了Tom
[30:07.43]You're-- 你要--
[30:09.00]you're gonna tell your husband? 要告诉你丈夫?
[30:11.60]You know,the first time it happened, 知道吗 第一次
[30:13.61]I felt so guilty,and I wasn't gonna tell tom 我非常内疚 而且不打算告诉Tom
[30:17.14]because it was never gonna happen again. 因为这决不会再次发生
[30:20.24]And then it happened again and again. 可是一而再 再而三
[30:25.45]And then somewhere along the way, 到某一次
[30:27.29]I just stopped feeling guilty. 我就停止自责了
[30:30.86]Yeah... 是的...
[30:32.63]I'm gonna tell my husband. 我要告诉我丈夫
[30:36.54]I think the truth just has to come out,you know? 真相总会水落石出 对吗?
[31:04.94]Dr. Burke,I know it's a lot to ask, Burke医生 我知道会有很多问题
[31:06.59]but I would really appreciate if you'd let me 但我会很感激 你给我机会
[31:08.93]try my running whip stitch. 尝试连续直线缝合技术
[31:17.84]All right,take a good bite. 那好 好好拿住
[31:20.15]Yowant to make sure it holds. 确保稳定
[31:22.69]Good. 很好
[31:23.82]Don't put too much pressure. 别太用力
[31:27.64]There. 好了
[31:28.67]Keep going. 继续
[31:33.26]Oh,my god. 哦 上帝
[31:35.27]Cristina's doing a running whip stitch on a heart. Cristina对心脏做连续直线缝合
[31:38.78]I guess sleeping with your boss has its perks. 我猜 这是跟上司睡觉的额外好处
[31:41.85]This sucks. 可恶
[31:42.93]Cristina gets sex and perks. Cristina过了性生活还有好处
[31:45.35]Maybe you should just apologize again,george. 也许你该再道个歉 George
[31:48.18]Yeah,'cause you're in a great position 对 没人比你更有发言权
[31:49.20]to give relationship advice. 提供处理感情的建议
[31:53.16]Cristina's doing a running whip stitch on a heart. Cristina对心脏做连续直线缝合
[32:02.54]I don't feel like talking. 我不想谈
[32:09.28]when I'm driving home at night after a long day at work, 一整天长时间的工作后 我深夜驱车回家
[32:14.20]all I can think about is getting to my baby. 就想着要看看宝宝
[32:18.50]if this is where you tell me to fight the cancer 如果你要我为此对抗癌症
[32:20.29]so I don't miss out on the joys of motherhood-- 那我并不缺乏做母亲的快乐--
[32:22.19]then I get home-- 而我回到家--
[32:23.85]the baby's crying... 宝宝一个劲地哭...
[32:27.28]the exhaustion hits,and I resent that tiny baby's 疲劳席卷而来 于是我怨恨起小宝宝
[32:31.87]presence in my house,my previously very quiet house. 出现在我一度很安静的家
[32:40.16]Why are you telling me this? 干吗说这个?
[32:41.71]So you know what I do? 知道我怎么做吗?
[32:44.50]first,I pick a fight with my husband,you know, 首先 我与丈夫争吵 你知道的
[32:47.94]blame him for not settling the baby down, 责备他没把宝宝照顾好
[32:51.21]then I bitch about the neighbors' loud music. 然后辱骂邻居家吵闹的音乐
[32:54.73]And if I'm really tired and pissed off... 而如果真的累极了 气疯了...
[33:00.65]I blame the baby. 我责怪宝宝
[33:05.50]I mean,if you hadn't been breast-feeding, 我想说 如果不曾用母乳喂养
[33:08.37]you never would've thought the lump was a clogged milk duct. 你不会以为肿块是乳汁分泌的凝结
[33:13.62]You would've gone to the doctor as soon as you felt it, 一有感觉 你就会来看医生
[33:18.00]the cancer wouldn't have gotten this far, 癌症就不会恶化得那么快
[33:20.26]and you wouldn't be here making this decision. 而你也不用在这儿做决定
[33:25.38]Am I close? 我说对了吗?
[33:30.24]What kind of mother blames her own baby for her cancer? 什么样的母亲会因为她的癌症 而责怪她的孩子?
[33:34.38]A mother who's human. 母亲也是人
[33:37.64]A mother who's overwhelmed. 母亲也会软弱
[33:43.12]But if this is gonnakill me eventually, 但是如果这最终会要我的命
[33:45.27]wouldn't it be easier if it happed when gus was little? 还不如在Gus小的时候发生
[33:49.13]Wouldn't it be easier for him if I just never existed? 是不是我从来没存在 对他会更好一点
[33:52.22]Okay. 好了
[33:52.80]Shh. 现在我要说的是和癌症抗争
[33:53.47]Now this is the part when I tell you to fight the cancer
[33:59.04]so that you don't miss out on the joys of motherhood. 所以不要让它搅了你做母亲的喜悦
[34:05.61]derek. Derek
[34:06.58]Yeah. 嘿 你知道我喜欢什么吗?
[34:07.09]Hey,you know what I like?
[34:08.79]I like that we're civilized. 我喜欢我们之间能有和气点
[34:10.71]We're these adult,grown-up people 我们都是成人 都长大了
[34:12.20]who can be divorced and friendly. 都能平心静气地处理离婚
[34:14.15]We deserve a medal. 我们该拿个奖
[34:15.62]It wasn't a one-night stand. 那不是一夜情
[34:17.08]What? 什么?
[34:17.65]Mark and I-- Mark和我...
[34:18.54]it wasn't a one-night stand. 不是一夜情
[34:19.93]I was in love with him. 我爱上了他
[34:21.61]Or... 或者该说...
[34:22.31]at least,I thought I was. 至少我想是的
[34:24.59]After you left,we lived together for two months. 在你离开后 我们一起生活了两个月
[34:27.49]I wanted to believe that we could make it work, 我想要相信我们是能行的
[34:29.59]that I hadn't thrown my marriage away, 不是我抛弃了我的婚姻
[34:30.66]that I hadn't thrown my life away on a fling. 不是一时冲动结束了原来的生活
[34:35.33]But he's mark,and,well... 但是那是Mark 而且...
[34:38.95]I caught him with someone else,and... 我发现他和其他人有一腿 然后...
[34:42.35]and then richard called,... 然后Richard打来电话...
[34:45.51]we both had relationships with other people. 我们俩都有婚外情
[34:48.40]We're both equally liable for everything, 我们俩对此都有责任
[34:50.72]so please take the brownstone. brownstone的房子还给你
[34:54.74]All I want is seattle. 我要的只是西雅图
[34:56.58]I want seattle,and I want never to see you again. 我要西雅图 而且我不想再见到你
[35:23.43]you're here. 你在这儿呢
[35:24.99]You're everywhere,and I can't not tell you. 你无处不在 但我却不能告诉你
[35:30.48]You know,I've been... 我...
[35:32.82]not telling you all day because I thought it was kind, 不告诉你是因为 我以为那样做是种体贴
[35:36.20]and I thought I was giving you space. 我以为我可以给你一些空间
[35:38.63]But I can't not tell you 但是我不告诉你
[35:39.88]because you're here and you're you and... 而你又在这里 还和她...
[35:45.12]I broke up with finn. 我和Finn分手了
[35:49.58]Okay. 好吧
[35:56.24]Okay... 好吧...
[36:00.51]then. 那么
[36:01.81]Okay. 好吧
[36:06.33]I told you. 我告诉你了
[36:17.31]The operation was successful. 手术很成功
[36:19.47]The next 24 to 48 hours are really critical,but-- 接下来的24到48小时十分关键 但是...
[36:22.17]we expect your father to make a full recovery. 我们认为你父亲可以完全康复
[36:25.11]Thank you so much,Dr. Burke. 太谢谢你了 Burke医生
[36:28.06]First do no harm-- 首先不要伤害
[36:30.78]easier said than done. 说比做容易
[36:34.72]We can take all the oaths in the world,but the fact is... 即使我们信守誓言
[36:40.18]most of us do harm all the time. 我们很多时候都会造成伤害
[36:46.37]I have $8 million. 我有8百万
[36:47.33]So I've heard. 我听说了
[36:53.14]I can... 我可以...
[36:54.35]do anything I want. 做任何我想做的事
[36:55.94]Just about. 正是
[36:59.33]and all I really want to do is a running whip stitch. 但我最想做的就是连续直线缝合
[37:04.67]My first year as an intern,I had a stable cardiac patient 我第一年做实习生时 有个稳定的心脏病病人
[37:09.62]who blew out his lung while I was transporting him to C.T. 当我送他去做断层扫描时 他的肺崩溃了
[37:13.08]I called in the code. 我发出警报信号
[37:14.53]By the time everyone got there,he was dead. 等大家到时 他已经死了
[37:18.06]If I had put a chest tube in right away... 如果当时我马上帮他插管
[37:22.08]you made a mistake. 你犯了个错误
[37:25.52]But I stayed. 但我挺过来了
[37:27.89]I worked. 继续工作
[37:29.70]I learned. 吸取教训
[37:33.05]I never made that mistake again. 再也不犯同样的错误
[37:36.29]If I had quit,all I would have had was that life... 如果我当时辞职了 可能我会获得我现在失去的一切
[37:41.98]that I lost.
[37:45.41]Instead,I get to save lives. 但我没有 而是继续救助病人
[37:49.25]Every day,I get to save lives. 每天都是如此
[37:53.28]Sometimes even when we're trying to help... 有时当我们想要帮助别人时...
[37:56.74]we do more harm than good... 总是适得其反...
[38:06.06]she told you. 她和你说了
[38:12.34]I've known you my whole life. 我认识你很久
[38:13.56]I grew up with you,so I know what you're thinking... 我和你一起长大 知道你心里的想法...
[38:18.67]that there is a year of your life wasted trying 你浪费了一年的时间去试图
[38:22.80]to make it work with addison, 和Addison复合
[38:24.44]and you could've been with meredith, 而你本应该和Meredith一起的
[38:26.60]that you could be happy right now,that all this... 你本该很幸福
[38:32.69]everything... 这一切...
[38:36.86]that you and meredith could've had a real chance. 你和Meredith可能会真正在一起
[38:41.46]Still... 最终...
[38:46.83]I thought you should know the truth. 我想你应该知道真相
[38:49.57]I thought I owed you that... 我欠你的...
[38:52.01]as a friend. 作为朋友
[38:54.21]You're not my friend. 你不是我的朋友
[38:59.82]And then guilt rears its ugly head. 当罪恶感涌现
[39:04.27]What you do with that guilt is up to you. 怎样处理视乎你本身
[39:08.91]Babysitting,Dr. Bailey? 在看小孩吗 Bailey医生?
[39:11.33]That's right. 是的
[39:12.57]I'm babysitting. 我在看小孩
[39:14.26]I'm being all unprofessional and emotionally volved while 这样做很不专业和情绪化
[39:18.79]my patient and her husband are having a moment together. 但我的病人和她的丈夫 需要时间单独在一起
[39:23.54]Oh,you might want to leave now. 你最好马上走开
[39:25.94]I'm feeling a rush of hormones coming on. 我感到有股荷尔蒙正涌上来
[39:28.58]There's no telling what I might do. 我可不知道自己会做什么
[39:35.34]How's it going in there? 这里出什么事了?
[39:37.19]I think they're leaning towards a mastectomy. 我想他们在考虑做乳房切除术
[39:39.68]Well,that's good. 那很好
[39:41.36]Uh,about izzie... 呃 Izzie的事...
[39:45.41]I didn't do anytng. 我什么也没有做过
[39:46.68]I know,karev. 我知道了 Karev
[39:47.83]You didn't do anything. 你什么也没做过
[39:48.75]You weren't even here. 你甚至都不在场
[39:50.06]No,listen... 不是的 听着...
[39:51.80]I knew. 我知道的
[39:53.31]Izzie told me what she was gonna do, Izzie告诉过我她要做的事
[39:54.71]but I didn't want to get involved. 但是我想参与
[39:57.38]I didn't do anything. 我什么都没有做
[39:58.78]I didn't do anything to stop her. 我没有去阻止她
[40:00.83]You weren't the only one. 你不是唯一一个
[40:04.62]Alex. Alex
[40:07.45]Thank you. 谢谢
[40:14.32]We're left with a choice... 我们可以选择
[40:21.09]I got fried chicken-- 我买了炸鸡...
[40:22.45]extra crispy-- 加量的脆皮...
[40:23.90]coleslaw,peach cobbler,"beetle jump" and... 凉拌卷心菜 桃子派 《Beetle Jump》还有...
[40:32.57]"samurai ambush." The her night... 《Samurai Ambush》 那一晚...
[40:36.88]when I told you I was done trying to compete? 我说我已经不想再争什么
[40:38.84]That was me breaking up with you. 意思是我要和你分手
[40:41.71]No. 不是
[40:44.13]No,I think I would've noticed that. 我想我应该知道的
[40:47.04]Except you didn'T... 但你没有...
[40:49.46]which is why I broke up with you. 这就是我要分手的原因
[40:54.74]At least now you don't have to feel guilty anymore. 至少现在你不需要感到内疚了
[40:59.47]Shut up. 闭嘴
[41:01.76]Either let the guilt throw you back into the behavior 要么让罪恶感将你带回到
[41:04.77]that got you into trouble in the first place or... 导致麻烦的行为
[41:12.29]learn from the guilt and do your best to move on. 从中吸取教训努力重新开始
[41:17.52]Are you seriously not going to deposit that check? 你真的不去兑现这张支票吗?
[41:24.79]Some good needs to come from this money. 要用这钱得有好理由
[41:27.43]And until I know what that good is,no,I'm not depositing the check. 在我想到前 是的 我不会去兑现这张支票
[41:32.30]医人当自强 第三季 第5集 -=结束=-
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