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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:49:22
[00:00.07]previously on "grey's anatomy" 前情提要
[00:01.46]when I told you I was done trying to compete? That was me breaking up with you 我之前说我不在争下去了 那是说我要和你分手
[00:04.83]I broke up with finn 我和Finn分手了
[00:06.63]Yeah 好吧
[00:07.35]The patient died last month from complications following a heart transplant 上个月死去的病人死因是 心脏移植手术后的并发症
[00:11.60]Denny Denny
[00:12.40]Are there any questions for me? 还有什么问题要问我吗?
[00:13.74]I got shot I'm not fine You're not fine 我中枪了 我有问题 你也有问题
[00:16.31]You quit being a surgeon 你放弃成为外科医生
[00:18.73]You'll stand on my right side, I'll look at you, 你站我右边 我会看着你
[00:20.81]and you'll know to slide in to do the sutures we've practiced 到时你就像练习时那样进行缝合
[00:23.63]Nobody has to know 别人不会知道的
[00:26.24]to make it 做到
[00:27.81]really make it 真的做到
[00:30.00]as a surgeon 当一个外科医生
[00:32.26]it takes major commitment 就得担负起责任
[00:41.98]We have to be willing to pick up that scalpel 我们得乐于拿起手术刀
[00:45.47]and make a cut that may or may not do more damage than good 切下手术刀 这一刀可能对病人有利 或者相反
[00:50.03]It's all about being committed 当外科医生就意味着担负责任
[00:53.19]because if we're not 否则
[00:55.40]we have no business picking up that scalpel in the first place 我们就不能拿起手术刀
[01:02.49]Put burke in O R 2 tomorrow at 10:00 A M The usual scrub team 把Burke安排在明天10点2号手术室 还是用以前的手术人员配置
[01:05.67]And get rid of his valve replacement at 20 That's no-- that's no good 去掉在2号手术室的瓣膜置换手术 那不--那不要了
[01:08.55]Yang,brought you a latte Yang 给你买了杯拿铁咖啡
[01:12.33]You're not scrubbing in 你不参加手术
[01:13.61]But burke always let's me scrub in 但是Burke总是让我参加的
[01:15.55]Hey,yang, can i get in on burke's-- 嘿 Yang 我能参加Burke的--
[01:17.16]no,no,okay? No residents 不 不 知道吗? 不需要医生了
[01:19.19]Burke says you crowd him, so just go away Burke说人太多了 走开吧
[01:21.96]Make sure you put the instrument t ray on his left-hand side 确保手术器材都放在他的左手边
[01:24.56]He needs the extra elbow room And remember,O R Two No gallery 他的手肘需要额外的空间 还有记住 2号手术室没有旁听席
[01:27.90]Burke was specific Burke特别要求的
[01:28.60]Dr Burke's become very specific since coming back to work,hasn't he? Burke自从回来工作后 就要求特别多 对吗?
[01:32.57]Do you want me to tell him you said that? 你想我告诉他你说的话吗?
[01:36.38]Burke's back, and suddenly cristina's running his board? Burke回来 突然Cristina就成了他的代言人?
[01:38.56]Who does she think she is-- bailey? 她认为她是谁啊 - Bailey?
[01:40.43]She's helping him 她在帮他
[01:41.83]Bull She's taking advantage 扯蛋 她在利用这个机会
[01:43.23]She gets out of rounds, she scrubs in on every surgery burke does, 她不去查房了 她参加Burke的每次手术
[01:45.98]she's ordering around third-year residents 她把有3年资力的住院医生差来差去
[01:47.56]You guys are overreacting 你们反应过度了
[01:49.15]I'm so sorry It's completely illegible 对不起 这个完全看不清楚
[01:54.29]She is writing on the O R Board 她在写手术室日程工作板
[01:56.66]Maybe I should sleep with burke 也许我该和Burke睡觉
[01:59.64]you've been busy 你很忙啊
[02:02.37]Yeah 是啊
[02:04.41]Derek hasn't called yet I told him I broke up with finn a week ago Derek还没来电话 我一星期前告诉他我和Finn分手的
[02:08.07]He still hasn't called 他还是没有打电话来
[02:09.82]Hey,do you want to go grab a drink, catch up? 嘿 你想去喝一杯吗 一起去吧?
[02:11.81]no,I can'T I have to study up for burke's surgeries tomorrow 我不行 我得为Burke明天的手术认真准备
[02:18.24]She's busy 她很忙
[02:24.50]Callie Callie
[02:28.38]Hey, 嘿
[02:30.31]talk to me 跟我谈谈
[02:32.52]Hey,how about talking to me instead of ignoring me? 嘿 不要不理我 跟我说说话吧?
[02:34.43]- Callie - George! - Callie - George!
[02:37.27]Well,that's talking That's a good start 嗯 这是谈话 良好的开端
[02:44.13]Oh! Oh,god 上帝啊
[02:46.30]Hey, stranger 嘿 陌生人
[02:47.62]Oh, nancy 噢 Nancy
[02:48.74]You don't call first? 你怎么不事先打个电话?
[02:51.59]hi I know I 嗨 我...
[02:55.30]meredith Meredith
[02:59.67]Oh, meredith 噢 Meredith
[03:01.60]wait Let me explain Meredith 等等 让我解释 Meredith
[03:05.87]I take it that was the slutty intern you cheated on addison with? 是那个令你 对Addison不忠的放荡实习生吧?
[03:08.48]She's not slutty What are you doing here? 她不放荡 你来这儿做什么?
[03:10.48]You bailed on thanksgiving and christmas, and you live in a trailer, 你感恩节和圣诞没回来 你住在拖车里
[03:13.45]and you're getting a divorce And then there's the slutty intern 你正在离婚 还有个放荡实习生
[03:16.08]I really don't like you 我真的不喜欢你
[03:17.31]You love me 你爱我
[03:24.34]医人当自强 第3季 第6集
[03:26.09]Feeling good Really good 感觉很好 真的很好
[03:27.93]- Good - Good - 很好 - 很好
[03:29.59]Yeah,first day back It's big 是啊 第一天回来 这一天很重要
[03:32.78]kinda nervous But feeling good Do I look okay? 有点紧张但是感觉很好 我看上去还不错吧?
[03:35.27]- Great - Great - 很棒 - 很棒
[03:36.04]I want to get off on the right foot Gotta get my I D Renewed,new time card, 我想有个完美的开始 新的工作证 新的记时卡
[03:39.53]sign some papers with legal, and then I'm back I'm really back 签一些法律文件 接着我就回来了 真的回来了
[03:43.60]- Yeah - Yeah - 是啊 - 是啊
[03:45.99]This is me-- human resources See you guys on the floor 我到了--人事部 楼上见
[03:48.78]Yeah 好的
[04:00.20]Okay,I'll be cristina for you if you'll be izzie for me 我把你当成Izzie 你把我当成Cristina
[04:04.79]Deal 成交
[04:08.94]derek had a woman in his trailer last night She was ugly,very ugly 昨晚Derek的拖车里有个女的 她很讨人厌 非常讨人厌
[04:13.08]Except she was tall and beautiful And he was naked 除了她又高又漂亮 还有他还没穿衣服
[04:20.13]mcdreamy was doing the mcnasty with a mchottie? 美梦先生、下流先生和惹火小姐 一起搞3P
[04:23.67]That mcbastard 真是混蛋
[04:27.05]- How-- how was that? - That was good - 那--那怎么样? - 很好
[04:28.34]- Cristina enough? Really? - Yeah - 够像Cristina了? 真的? - 是的
[04:29.82]- Yeah? - Yeah - 是吗? - 是的
[04:31.36]- Yeah,'cause-- - channeling izzie - 是的 因为-- - 调到Izzie
[04:32.53]- Go - Okay, uh, - 快点 - 好的 嗯
[04:33.56]callie she won't forgive me Callie 她不原谅我
[04:37.58]she won't talk to me She dumped me 她不跟我说话 她甩了我
[04:40.52]Which is,I don't care about, you know,at all 那个 我不在乎 一点也不
[04:45.66]Good, because you deserve better 很好 因为你该得到更好的
[04:48.40]You do You are george 真的 你是George
[04:52.14]I mean,seriously Seriously Seriously 我是 认真地 认真地 认真地
[04:57.54]- Was that izzie-optimistic? - That's very izzie - 那是乐观的Izzie吗? - 很Izzie
[05:02.98]what the hell has happened to us? 我们俩到底怎么了?
[05:04.67]We are now the people that the people we want to be with avoid 我们想要见的人 却在逃避我们
[05:08.50]We have careers to think about 事业更重要
[05:10.47]We don't need attention from men with perfect hair 我们不需要那些 有着完美秀发的人的关注
[05:12.46]You know, we should make a pact 我们应该达成一个协议
[05:15.80]There's no more dating 不再约会
[05:17.03]No more derek No more callie 不再提Derek 不再提Callie
[05:18.37]Just 100% focus on our work 全身心的投入工作
[05:20.00]- They're dead to us - They are freakin' corpses to us - 对我们来说他们死了 - 对我们来说他们就是该死的尸体
[05:23.12]Preston burke What a pleasure I have read so much about you Preston Burke 真是有幸啊 久仰大名
[05:26.91]Well, thank you 谢谢
[05:27.95]Pruitt byrd Medivac brought him inhis morning Pruitt Byrd 急救队今早把他送来
[05:30.38]He presents with a primary cardiac tumor 症状显示是心脏恶性肿瘤
[05:32.49]We've been told pruitt needs a "cardiac autotransplantation 书上说Pruitt需要做 "心脏自体移植"手术
[05:37.72]" A cardiac autotransplantation? "心脏自体移植"?
[05:39.66]A humpty dumpty surgery 那是个不可逆手术
[05:40.59]Yes, I know what it is 是的 我知道
[05:42.00]Mrs Byrd, this is a very complicated surgery Byrd太太 这是个非常复杂的手术
[05:44.61]You'll need thorough testing 会需要做彻底的测试
[05:45.90]already done 都已经做好了
[05:47.05]Mr Byrd is a perfect candidate 从Byrd先生的情况看 他完全可以接受这个手术
[05:48.61]You understand what this surgery entails? We have to-- 你清楚这个手术需要承担的风险? 我们必须--
[05:50.92]we have to remove his heart, cut it open, 我们必须摘下他的心脏 把它切开
[05:52.89]scrape out all the tumor and then put his heart back together again 去除所有的肿瘤 再把他的心脏放回去
[05:55.92]Which is risky 那是非常危险的
[05:58.25]But possible 但是却是可能的
[05:59.07]which is why we're here I want the very best for my pruitt 这就是我们来这里的原因 我们需要最好的外科医生
[06:03.57]The best 最好的
[06:04.74]- She means you - I know that, - 她是指你 - 我知道
[06:06.27]however-- I've scheduled mr Byrd for surgery this afternoon - 但是-- - 我已经为Byrd先生安排了下午手术
[06:11.30]Just trying to be as efficient as possible 只是希望尽量效率高点
[06:13.42]Legal cleared stevens Stevens的法律手续已经完成了
[06:15.17]Explain her parameters and make sure she understands 告诉她职责范围 并且确保她都明白
[06:18.12]What, stevens is being assigned to me again? 什么 Stevens又被分配给我了?
[06:19.72]- She's your intern - But I-I didn't think that-- - 她是你的实习生 - 但是我-我觉得--
[06:22.45]wouldn'tt be better for her to start fresh with another resident? 跟着另外的住院医生 有个全新的开始会不会对她更好些?
[06:26.79]U don't want her, 你不想收她
[06:28.59]I want her to succeed 我希望她成功
[06:35.48]There's still a good deal of fallout after the duquette m&M Duquette的临床病理讨论会后 还是有很多遗留问题的
[06:38.78]There's been talk 有很多的议论
[06:39.85]Look,I don't need to tell you that there are doctors That there are doctors who have concerns about your judgment 听着 不用我说你也知道 医院里有医生怀疑你的判断
[06:44.56]Concerns about my judgment? 怀疑我的判断?
[06:46.53]Stevens was your mistake Stevens的事情是你的错
[06:48.30]Do you, sir? 你呢 主任?
[06:49.86]Do you have concerns about my judgment? 你怀疑我的判断吗?
[06:54.38]do you? 你自己怀疑吗?
[06:59.97]You're not gonna put those concerns to rest by avoiding taking responsibility for dr Stevens 避而不谈对Stevens的事情的责任 并不会让流言停止
[07:05.44]She's your intern again 她是你的实习生了 再一次
[07:08.70]Transfer from mercy west 从西慈医院转来的
[07:10.47]Noelle labatt, 32 weeks along, Noelle Labatt 怀孕32周
[07:12.54]pregnant with twins 是一对双胞胎
[07:13.66]One appears to be developing more slowly than the other 一个看起来生长的比另一个慢许多
[07:17.01]Hello Hi,there - 你好 - 你们好
[07:17.90]Greg stanton This is my fianc閑, 我叫Greg Stanton 这是我的未婚妻
[07:19.81]the future mrs Stanton-- noelle 未来的Stanton太太 她叫Noelle
[07:21.66]Greg,I promise you,you're the only person who cares if we're married or not Greg 我敢肯定 你是唯一关心我们俩结不结婚的人了
[07:24.59]They said at mercy that we had to come here because her condition could be serious 西慈医院说我们得到这来 因为情况可能比较严重
[07:28.08]I-is it serious? 很严重吗?
[07:28.97]I've got to say, at first glance, 我得说 乍一看
[07:30.12]you don't seem emergent enough for mercy to send you over here in an ambulance 你似乎还没那么严重 要西慈医院用救护车送来
[07:33.38]You're not in labor,you're not bleeding, your vitals are fine 你没有临产 你没有流血 主要指标都很正常
[07:36.31]They said I need a specialist because of my thing 他们说因为我的问题 需要一位专家
[07:38.54]- Your thing? - Two uteruses? - 你的问题? - 两个子宫?
[07:42.61]Ms Labatt, noelle was born with two uteruses Labatt女士 Noelle天生就有两个子宫
[07:46.59]- uteri? - Uteruses - 子宫? - 2子宫
[07:48.18]Uteruses 2子宫
[07:50.19]That's very rare 这很少见
[07:52.73]I'm here Hi Hello 我来了 嗨 你好
[07:56.15]That paperwork took-- well,forever 那个文书工作花了-- 嗯 太久了
[07:58.22]But I'm all do with it now, and can I just say how 但是现在我都做好了 我能回来
[08:01.68]really grateful I am to be back? 真的很感激
[08:04.55]You understand there are rules to your probation, a protocol to follow? 你清楚在你的观察期你需要 遵守的规则 还有协议?
[08:08.99]yeah, I know 是的 我知道
[08:10.23]Legal already took me through lots of that stuff-- 法律部已经让我知道许多相关的事了
[08:12.75]the mandatory counseling, the extra lab hours, 强制心理咨询 额外的实验室工作
[08:15.72]the volunteer work with transplant patients 义务和移植病人在一起的工作
[08:17.77]That's the stuff you're doing for the chief 那是你要为主任做的事
[08:19.43]I'm talking about what you're doing for me 我在说的是你要帮我做的事
[08:22.38]Okay, what am I doing for you? 好的 我要帮你做什么?
[08:24.73]Okay, let's start with what you don't get to do 好吧 我们从你不能做的事开始
[08:26.96]You will not interact with any patients 你不能和任何病人谈话
[08:29.24]You will not be alone with any patients 你不能和任何病人单独待在一起
[08:31.23]You will be seen and not heard You will perform no procedures 你只能出现 不能说话 不参与任何的治疗
[08:34.64]The O R Is off limits 手术室禁止入内
[08:36.57]No pre-op,no post-op, no anything have to do with an "op 不参加手术准备 不参加手术后处理 和"手术"有关的都不能参加
[08:39.60]" You have no authority, you have no opinions " 你没有任何权力 你没有任何观点
[08:41.88]and you have no choice in this matter Am I understood? 而且在这一问题上你没有选择的权利 明白了?
[08:46.24]Is there anything I can do? I want to be useful 有什么我可以做的吗? 我想有点用处
[08:49.65]Well I can't use you 我不能用你
[08:53.16]You've got to earn back the right for any of us to trust you again 你得用自己努力 让我们再次相信你
[08:57.28]Until then, you will be shadowing a different doctor each day 在那之前 你每天都要跟着不同的医生
[09:00.09]Okay,well,who am I with today, dr Montgomery,you? 好的 今天我跟着谁 Montgomery医生 还是你?
[09:02.33]Dr Bailey, you paged Bailey医生 你呼我的
[09:03.85]Dr Grey Grey医生
[09:05.46]Meredith? Meredith?
[09:06.68]You're to make sure that stevens observes only 你要确保Stevens只能观察
[09:11.17]You want me to 你希望我
[09:13.30]wait, meredith 等等 Meredith
[09:15.80]meredith is the boss of me? Meredith是我的上司?
[09:29.53]Y about this 这事情我很抱歉
[09:31.21]It's not your fault 那不是你的错
[09:32.21]Hey,you want me to fetch you some coffee, rub your feet maybe? 嘿 你想叫我帮你拿杯咖啡吗 或者按摩一下脚?
[09:34.68]I did not ask for this assignment 可不是我要求你来跟我的
[09:36.68]I'm fine with it Really,it's fine 我没事的 真的 没事的
[09:38.18]- I'm so sorry - Dr Stevens-- - 对不起 - Stevens医生--
[09:39.92]- hey,dr Shepherd - Welcome back - 嘿 Shepherd医生 - 欢迎回来
[09:41.53]Okay Uh, 好了 嗯
[09:42.79]meredith, meredith-- Meredith Meredith--
[09:43.99]sorry,it's not like I can leave I gotta stay by my boss' side 对不起 我好像不能离开 我得呆在我老板身边
[09:46.71]Okay,the trailer sucks, 好了 那拖车太不怎么样了
[09:48.18]but in the light of day, the land's nice 但是在白天的光照下 地面还是很美丽的
[09:50.08]Seattle's pretty in the daylight, plus you have your thing for ferries, 西雅图白天很漂亮 而且你喜欢渡 -
[09:53.03]- so - ferry boats - 那什么 - 渡船
[09:54.76]Right Whatever 对 随便了
[09:55.88]Dr Stevens, meredith,this is my sister nancy Stevens医生 Meredith 这位是我姐姐Nancy
[09:58.94]hi Sister? 嗨 姐姐?
[10:00.54]Yeah 是的
[10:03.05]you're one of derek's sisters 你是Derek的姐姐
[10:04.55]Yeah,I knew you didn't think I was the wife seeing as you already ran her F 我知道你并没有认为我是妻子 你已经把她给挤掉了
[10:09.11]Nancy is visiting from connecticut She's on her way home now, Nancy从康涅狄格来看我 她现在要回去了
[10:11.64]straight back home 直接回家
[10:12.96]Well, it was nice to meet you 嗯 很高兴见到你
[10:14.73]Okay 好啊
[10:16.54]Mcdreamy's sister's mcbitchy 美梦先生的姐姐是贱货小姐
[10:20.44]you put me in charge of your schedule 你让我负责你的时间表的
[10:21.93]To make sure that i didn't get a surgery like this one 为了保证我不用去做这样的手术
[10:24.40]Only a handful of people do humpties, burke, and you're the best one on the west coast 能做不可逆手术的没几个人 Burke 你是西海岸最好的
[10:27.69]Well, he can go to houston 他可以去休斯敦
[10:28.75]You want to tell that to the chief? 你想把这话告诉主任吗?
[10:30.64]Pruitt needs this surgery He'll die without it Pruitt需要做这次手术 如果不做他就要死了
[10:32.50]You didn't tell me 你没有告诉我
[10:33.66]You told the patient we were doing the surgery, 你告诉病人我们要做这手术
[10:35.55]but you didn't tell me 但是你没有告诉我
[10:36.82]I have been doing that all week 我为这个已经准备了一周了
[10:38.39]Are you up on the humpty? Do you realize what this entails? 你精通不可逆手术吗? 你意识到那有什么风险吗?
[10:40.94]I have done my research Stop worrying 我已经做足功课了 不要再担心了
[10:44.00]We are a well-oiled machine 我们配合得很好
[10:52.95]- dr Burke - Yeah - Burke医生 - 什么事
[10:54.26]I understand there are some doctors in this hospital 我知道医院里有些医生
[10:56.58]who have concerns about my judgment since denny 自从Denny的事情后 开始怀疑我的判断
[10:59.09]Well, everybody loves a scandal 每个人都喜欢传闲话
[11:00.39]So you think it's just gossip, not actual concern about me as a doctor? 你认为只是闲话 不是真的担心我作为医生的判断力?
[11:06.12]Sure Sure 当然 当然
[11:15.94]Iz, set me up for debridement and dressing Iz 帮我们准备清创术还有敷裹的东西
[11:17.84]It was stupid I know better 真蠢 不应该的
[11:19.53]When I'm studying for the bar, I'm a mess 我学习法律的时候 就一团糟
[11:21.42]I can't focus on anything for weeks 我一个星期除了侵权法 不动产法和宪法
[11:23.17]but torts and real property and constitutional law 其他干什么事都集中不了注意力
[11:26.17]- the biosynthetic ones - We never use those - 生物合成素的那个 - 从来不用的
[11:28.09]We do now Sloan changed the burn protocol last week 现在用了 Sloan上个星期修改了烧伤治疗方案
[11:31.61]I was about to start a practice test, and I wanted some tea, 就要开始执业考试了 当时我想喝茶
[11:33.96]so I put on a pot of water and hit the timer and just forgot 所以我放了一壶水 调了定时器 接着就忘了
[11:37.18]Half an hour into my section on contracts, 接着半个小时去看合同法了
[11:39.25]the smoke alarm was blaring, and well,you know the rest 烟气报警器在那里叫 嗯 你知道余下的了
[11:42.36]So you're gonna be a lawyer? 你要当律师了?
[11:43.50]All I have to do is pass the bar exam 只需要通过律师考试了
[11:45.15]I failed before, but this time I'm ready 之前我们没通过 但这次我准备好了
[11:47.90]- I'm gonna pass - Good for you - 我会通过的 - 会的
[11:52.95]That was just mean 太刻薄了
[11:53.89]Kathleen called and told me to find out why the slutty intern's panties were hanging on the hospital bulletin board Kathleen打电话来叫我查出 放荡实习生的内裤怎么会挂到公告栏上
[11:58.30]Four sisters-- four sisters and not one brother, 4个姐妹-- 4个姐妹而没有一个兄弟
[12:00.41]and you wonder why I don't call more 你们想知道为什么我不愿多打电话
[12:01.83]Feel free to explain about the panties at any time 随便什么时候解释内裤的事情
[12:03.85]Nance,you know what? It's great to see you Nancy 你知道吗? 很高兴见到你
[12:05.42]Really great to have you here But I have a job, you know? 真的很高兴你在这儿 但是我有工作 你知道吗?
[12:07.23]I have patients 我有病人
[12:08.49]I have a mother at 35 weeks with twins Where is her O B ? 我手头 有个35周怀着双胞胎的母亲 她的产科医生在哪里?
[12:11.17]Well,her O B Should be on a plane back to connecticut where she belongs 她的产科医生该乘着飞机 回到老家康尼狄格去
[12:13.97]Okay,so we've covered the trailer We still need to cover the slutty intern 已经去了拖车 还得去了解一下放荡实习生
[12:16.62]and the divorce 还有离婚的事
[12:18.23]You know what? You sound more and more like mom every day 你知道吗? 你听上去越来越像妈妈了
[12:21.78]Take it back 别这样说
[12:23.18]So two uteruses that's pretty cool 两个子宫 真的很酷
[12:27.72]And you're engaged That's also cool 还有你们订婚了 那也很酷
[12:29.59]Well, greg talked me into it 嗯 Greg和我说服我订婚的
[12:31.98]Oh,man,from the first moment I saw noelle, I was ham 我第一次见到Noelle, 我就是"火腿"了
[12:35.51]Did you just say "ham"? 你刚刚说的是"火腿"?
[12:36.67]- You're either ham or eggs - Here we go - 你不是火腿就是鸡蛋 - 又来了
[12:38.17]You gotta ask yourself in every situation, 你得在每种情况下都问自己
[12:40.13]are you the chicken or are you the pig? 你是鸡还是猪?
[12:42.80]Sorry, pig or chicken? 对不起 猪和鸡?
[12:44.44]Look,you got a plate of ham and eggs, all right? 听着 盘子装着火腿和鸡蛋 对么?
[12:46.38]Now-- now the chicken is involved in the meal, 现在鸡和这顿饭有关系
[12:48.60]but the pig-- now the pig is committed 但是-- 现在这头猪已经许下承诺
[12:50.39]So the question is-- are you involved or are you committed? 问题就是-- 仅仅只是有关系呢 还是已经许下承诺
[12:55.18]Ham or eggs 火腿还是鸡蛋
[12:57.04]Ham or eggs 火腿还是鸡蛋
[13:01.16]karev, you free? Karev 你有空吗?
[13:02.72]Absolutely, sir 当然
[13:04.50]Great,take this I'm on hold with the D M V 很好 拿着这个 我的驾照出了点问题
[13:06.64]Some mix-up about switching my license and registration to seattle 搞不太清楚怎么 把我的驾照和登记转成西雅图的
[13:09.39]Take care of that for me? 帮我搞定 好吗?
[13:11.37]Thanks for thinking of me, sir 谢谢想到我 先生
[13:13.76]O'malley, how's it feel to be the new gynie grunt? O'malley 成为妇科新兵感觉如何?
[13:16.85]I got a patient who was born with and is pregnant in two uteruses 我有个病人生来就有两个子宫 而现在两个都怀孕了
[13:21.84]Two uteruses 两个子宫
[13:23.83]- Jealous? - No - 妒忌了? - 没有
[13:25.88]No,I'm-- I'm-- I'm busy I'm on hold 不 我-- 我-- 我很忙
[13:29.37]- important business - Right - 重要的事情 - 是的
[13:30.38]For sloan 是Sloan的事
[13:31.69]Right,it's super important, I'm sure 是的 非常重要 我相信
[13:33.95]Noelle labatt, room 2314 Neolle Labatt 2314房间
[13:36.16]Two,two,two,two, two,two 两个 两个 两个...
[13:38.83]hang on Can I see that for a sec? 别挂 我能看一下那个吗?
[13:40.81]Did I just hear him say "two uteruses"? 他刚刚是不是说"两个子宫"?
[13:43.88]I'm sorry You-- you must be 对不起 你--你一定是
[13:46.03]nancy-pants? Nancy-pants?
[13:48.15]Hey, loser 嗨 衰人
[13:49.51]I wish derek had told me you were coming to visit Derek应该告诉我你要过来
[13:51.98]like he tells you anything these days? 现在他什么都告诉你了
[13:53.99]Yeah,well, I'm working on that 是的 我正努力呢
[13:55.70]What are you doing here,mark? Are you trying to torture him? 你到这里干什么 Mark? 打算折磨他?
[13:58.01]He's my family,nancy Plus,I needed a change of pace 他是我家人 Nancy 另外 我也想换换环境
[14:02.65]Plus, I slept with my tennis partner's wife, 还有 我跟我网球搭挡的老婆睡了
[14:04.96]and he went out and bought a gun 结果他跑出去买了把枪
[14:06.20]There it is 原来如此
[14:07.34]my god 天哪
[14:09.24]Nancy! Nancy!
[14:12.69]let me guess Did mom send you out? 让我猜猜 妈妈派你来的?
[14:14.25]I hear derek's trying to ban you from seattle 我听说Derek想拦着你来西雅图
[14:15.69]Did he also tell you that he's living in a trailer? 那他有没有告诉你 他现在住在拖车里?
[14:17.12]yeah 是的
[14:19.55]Derek Derek
[14:22.95]derek Derek
[14:24.49]I want to see the two uteruses 我想看看那两个子宫的病例
[14:25.99]Yeah, find me later 好 过会儿来找我吧
[14:29.49]- I miss her - Yeah - 我想念她 - 是呀
[14:33.41]me,too 我也是
[14:34.78]The diesel pushes past cornerback don mcneal 这个大块头推倒 并越过了侧卫Don Mcneal
[14:37.17]He's at the 30 He's at the 20 He's at the 10 他到30码了 他到20码了他到10码了
[14:40.18]Touchdown, washingtoredskins 触地得分 华盛顿红人队
[14:43.11]I'm sorry 对不起
[14:44.02]One of the twins gets rowdy,and greg gets carried away when talking to the baby 双胞胎中的一个有点闹 Grey跟宝宝说话让她安静下来
[14:47.64]He's decided that the baby is into sports, of all things 他决定宝宝以后要喜欢体育
[14:50.64]Well, she's daddy's little girl 她是爸爸的小女孩
[14:52.28]I can tell,see, because when I talk to her-- 我看得出的 当我跟她说话的时候--
[14:54.39]yeah,the rhythm in your voice, it helps calm her 是呀 你声音的节奏 能帮助她安静下来
[14:56.08]Sure I read a couple of articles on that recently,actually 我最近读过不少这方面的文章
[14:58.23]Dr Karev, I knew you secretly missed my service Karev医生 我知道 你暗地里想念我这里的病例
[15:01.24]Right 对
[15:02.06]Greg,noelle, I have very good news for you Greg Noelle 我给你们带来了好消息
[15:04.53]According to our tests, the babies are both perfectly healthy 经过检查 两个宝宝都很健康
[15:08.75]But they are substantially different sizes for a very unique reason 但因为特别的原因 他们大小差别很大
[15:12.48]The test indicate that the babies have two different due dates 检查结果说明 两个宝宝不是在同一天受孕的
[15:15.51]according to our calculations, the larger baby, 根据我们的计算 大一点的宝宝
[15:17.41]your son,was conceived a full six weeks before your daughter 也就是儿子 比女儿早怀上了六周
[15:23.93]- I - oh,god - 我 - 天哪
[15:25.05]I-I don't-- I-I don't understand 我-我不 我-我不明白
[15:27.11]That-- that can't be right That's impossible 那不对 那不可能
[15:28.80]No,actually, it's quite possible 不 事实上 这非常可能
[15:30.42]Our tests are extremely accurate in predicting due dates 我们的检查能 非常精确地算出受孕时间
[15:32.92]But we broke up 但我们当时分手了
[15:34.05]Yeah,see,she, she got pregnant 她 她怀孕了
[15:36.12]I wanted to get married She didn'T I gave her an ultimatum,and she left me 我想结婚但她不肯 我给她下了最后通谍 然后她离开我了
[15:40.74]Greg,I am so sorry I am so,so sorry Greg 对不起
[15:44.27]I mean,we were barely speaking six weeks after the conception, 自从分手后我们六周都没怎么说过话
[15:47.93]let alone having sex 更不用说做爱了
[15:50.06]Or at least I wasn't having sex 至少我没有做过爱
[15:51.84]It was one night,greg It was one night 只有一次 Greg 只有一次
[15:54.63]I-I didn't think that this could happen It was nothing 我没想到会这样
[15:57.66]I can't believe you did this I can't believe you didn't tell me 我不敢相信你这么做 我不也相信你竟然不告诉我
[16:01.95]god, I can't believe this 天哪 我真不敢相信
[16:07.69]He's not the father of both babies 有一个宝宝不是他的
[16:18.36]************************** 我刚不小心泄露 病人对她未婚夫不忠的消息
[16:23.27]************************** 没人质疑你做为外科大夫的能力吧?
[16:26.84]************************** 没 什么?
[16:28.17]************************** 我需要一个扣子
[16:29.47]************************** 我穿上了我最后一件干净衬衣
[16:35.31]************************** 以前都是Adelle帮我处理扣子的事
[16:37.25]************************** ************************** - 那打电话给她呀 - Adelle 不
[16:39.47]************************** 我不想因为小小的扣子就打扰她
[16:44.78]************************** 我想没准你们可以...
[16:48.72]************************** 对不起 我要去照看两个子宫的事
[16:52.55]************************** 我有各种技能 外科技能
[16:56.83]************************** 你的扣子要是引起食道破裂 我当然会帮你
[17:00.40]************************** 否则
[17:09.37]I hear you burned your hand because you were studying? I can't even be allowed to warm soup 我听说你因为学习烫伤了手
[17:11.89]within five days of taking the bar 五天后我就要参加律师考试了 所以都不许我去热一碗汤喝?
[17:14.87]So you burned your hand while you were-- 那你烫伤手的时候是在--
[17:16.19]- burning my soup - And when you grabbed the pot-- - 煮汤 - 当你抓起壶
[17:18.08]dropped it,obviously I mean,it was literally red hot 它掉了 显然 它真的很烫
[17:20.52]You must have held on to it for a little while, though 不过 肯定不是短时间烫伤
[17:22.83]This burn's extremely deep 烫伤非常深
[17:24.53]Oh,yeah No,that's right I held on,and then I dropped it 是的 我坚持了一会 然后才放手
[17:27.00]There are some deep partial thickness burns here 这里有几处深度烫伤
[17:29.08]Give her a gram of cefazolin and a tetanus 注射一克头孢唑林钠和一针破伤风针
[17:31.07]It's too bad,really, that I did this to my hand 太糟了 真的 我弄伤了我的手
[17:34.20]I'm supposed to be taking the bar again friday 我本来要在周五再次参加律师考试
[17:35.95]This burn is bad, but we'll get you fixed up 这个烫伤挺严重 但我们会治好你的
[17:39.55]You'll be fine to take the test on friday 周五你就可以去参加考试
[17:42.68]I will? 可以吗?
[17:46.90]she's lying 她在说谎
[17:48.59]Something's off about gretchen's story Gretchen的故事有些不对劲
[17:50.04]Izzie, you're only supposed to be observing Izzie 你只要留心观察就可以了
[17:52.25]I am observing I'm observing closely 我在留心 我离得非常近地观察
[17:54.07]And I'm telling you something is off 我告诉你有些事不对劲
[17:55.69]Did you see her reaction when sloan told her she'd be okay to take the test again? 你注意到她的反应了吗? 在Sloan告诉她可以参加考试的时候
[17:58.43]That was not relief That was panic 那不是开心 而是慌张
[18:00.61]It's okay to be nervous about being back here at work, 回来工作有点神经紧张是正常的
[18:03.78]bout failing, but you haven't even been back a full day yet, 不过你回来还不到一天
[18:06.72]and already you're pushing to bend the rules 就已经开始要打破规矩了
[18:08.58]Meredith, this is so not about me Meredith 不是我的问题
[18:10.86]This is about our patient 是我们病人的问题
[18:11.81]I am worried about our patient, and get off your high freakin' horse 我担心的是我们的病人 别怕这怕那的
[18:14.53]This is my patient Try to remember that 这是我的病人 希望你还记得
[18:18.62]Fine Whatever 好吧 随便吧
[18:20.85]Iz Izzie
[18:28.26]A humpty dumpty surgery? 不可逆手术?
[18:30.78]B-burke's doing a humpty dumpty today? B-burke今天要这个手术?
[18:33.30]yes 是的
[18:34.52]Well, I've never seen a humpty firsthand before 我还从没亲自见过不可逆手术呢
[18:36.86]Yeah, me neither 恩 我也没
[18:39.99]what are you doing? 你在干嘛?
[18:41.12]Scrubbing in You'll let burke know? 安排参加手术 你告诉Burke好吗?
[18:44.64]Sure 当然
[18:49.96]I know you're not talking to me anymore, and that's okay, 我知道你不想跟我说话 那没关系
[18:51.71]but there's something I'd like to explain All you have to do is listen 但我有些事我得解释一下 你只要听着就可以了
[18:58.68]You and me, we're like ham and eggs 我和你 就象火腿和蛋
[19:01.01]I was the chicken I just want you to know 我是曾是那只鸡 只想让你知道
[19:02.76]that I know that I was the chicken You put yourself out there 我知道我以前是鸡 你来找我
[19:05.21]and you were committed, and I was just putting the eggs on the plate 你献身 可我只是把蛋放在盘子上
[19:08.36]Not the ham, because you were the p 不是火腿 因为你是那只猪
[19:09.98]I was involved, but now I'm committed 我曾经只是参与 但我现在愿意承诺
[19:12.50]- Did you just call me a pig? - No,it's a metaphor - 你刚叫我猪? - 不是 这只是打比方
[19:14.24]Calling me a pig? 叫我猪?
[19:15.27]The point is, you're not the pig anymore 重点是 你不再是猪了
[19:16.73]What I'm trying to say is I'm the pig 我想说的是 我是猪
[19:19.20]Now I am the pig 现在我是猪
[19:26.46]I am the pig 我是猪
[19:36.39]I've been waiting for you guys for a half an hour in the cafeteria 我在餐厅等你们半小时了
[19:39.29]Since when do we eat in a patient room? 什么时候我们开始在病房吃饭了?
[19:41.08]Izzie, meet really old guy Izzie 来见见这位老人家
[19:43.19]We found him a couple of days ago 我们几天前发现了他
[19:45.10]he sleeps all the time 他一直在睡
[19:46.92]It's quiet in here Nobody bothers us 这里很安静 没人会打扰我们
[19:52.24]No,what are you doing? 不 你干嘛?
[19:53.67]It turns out I'm not doing anything 结果是我什么都不能做
[19:55.53]I'm literally not allowed to do anything 真的什么都不许我做
[19:58.10]I knew coming back was gonna be an adjustment, but this is just-- 我知道回来会有调整 但只是--
[19:59.66]no What are you doing right now? 等等 你现在要干嘛?
[20:01.55]Eating my lunch 吃午饭呀
[20:02.39]Okay,if you want to socialize or talk about your day or get in a quick therapy session, 如果你想社交聊天 或者来个简短的治疗讲座
[20:05.95]you know, go do it over there 就去那边做吧
[20:07.18]- Seriously? - Good-bye,izzie - 当真吗? - 再见 Iizzie
[20:08.93]Okay, fine 好吧
[20:10.28]So,o'malley, your chick with the two uteruses? O'Malley 你那两个子宫的病人怎么样了?
[20:12.09]You're on scut-- glorified plastics scut 你也是打杂的 光荣的整形外科打杂的
[20:14.63]You are in no position to mock me or my uteruses 轮不到你来嘲笑我和我的子宫
[20:17.75]Any cervical changes on the ultrasound? 超声波上能看到任何子宫颈变异吗?
[20:19.61]- Why do you care? - I don'T - 你为什么关心这个? - 我才不
[20:20.99]I'm so glad to be back Yay! 我真高兴能回来 耶!
[20:24.38]I'm not complaining about you You and I are fine,boss 我不是在发你的牢骚 我们很好 老板
[20:35.68]this is weird 好怪
[20:36.66]- I called callie a pig - to her face? - 我叫Callie猪 - 当着她的面?
[20:40.87]what happened to the whole she's a corpse thing? 不是说好当她是具死尸的吗?
[20:42.54]I just can't get over how much everything around here has changed 我真的没法应付这么多改变
[20:45.27]- How many times? - Just one time - 多少次? - 就一次
[20:46.63]- I get one,too,then - Deal - 那我也有一次 - 你有吗?
[20:47.97]Gin 我赢了
[20:52.73]what was, with that,with meredith? 你跟Meredith 说什么呢?
[20:55.80]We have a thing 我们有一腿
[20:57.54]Wait,you have a thing with meredith and I don't know about it? 等等 你跟Meredith有一腿 但我却不知道?
[20:59.88]I live with you I see you every day 我跟你生活在一起 天天都看到你
[21:01.48]It's a work thing Okay, 这是工作上的事
[21:02.54]you know, the whole point of hanging out with really old guy is that he doesn't talk 跟老人家呆在一起的主要原因 是因为他不说话
[21:05.61]The man is sedated This is supposed to be a quiet place 这人服了镇静剂 所以这里本应是个安静的地方
[21:10.54]See? Changed 看到没? 变了
[21:12.66]She's changed Everything's changed 她变了 所有事都变了
[21:16.16]I gave the other nurse a list of his medications this morning 今天早上我把处方给了另一个护士
[21:19.36]My husband needs his pills He needed them hours ago! 我丈夫需要药 他几小时之前就应该吃药了
[21:22.78]okay Why don't you check on the meds again? 不如你再去查一下处方?
[21:24.46]- I have checked on them - No,meds,pharmacy,now - 我已经查过了 - 不 再查下药方 药房 现在就去
[21:29.52]I'm sorry I am sorry 对不起 对不起
[21:31.18]It's fine It's fine 没关系 没关系
[21:32.31]I was never a yeller before 我以前不是个大喊大叫的人
[21:34.43]I'm becoming this horrible person 我成为这么个讨厌的人
[21:36.62]who yells at people who are just trying to do their job 一个对做事的人大喊大叫的人
[21:41.91]You are just looking out for your husband 你只是想照顾你丈夫
[21:44.35]You do exactly what it takes to protect him, and that does not make you horrible 你做的事正是为了保护他 这不会让你变成坏人
[21:48.13]It makes you smart 只会让你更聪明
[22:16.46]He said he was leaving He said he wasn't coming back 他说他要走了 他说他不会回来了
[22:18.64]She's hyperventilating, and the baby's had some bradycardia 她换气过度了 胎儿心律有点慢
[22:21.01]noelle, I ed you to get back into bed now Noelle 我想你该回到床上去
[22:22.78]Is greg out there? Did he leave? Like really leave? Greg在吗? 他走了吗? 真的走了吗?
[22:25.63]Just take deep breaths 深呼吸
[22:26.75]I always give him such a hard time, you know,about everything 我老是跟他过不去 任何事
[22:29.07]Like he likes weddings I hate them He loves kids,and me,they scare me to death 比如他喜欢婚礼 我讨厌 他喜欢孩子 可我呢 我怕的要死
[22:33.02]Noelle, have you had any cramping, Noelle 你有过阵痛吗?
[22:35.04]any contractions, any pressure at all? 有没有宫缩? 有没有一点压迫感?
[22:36.31]But I can't do this without him We'll get past this,right? 但没有他我做不来 我们会挺过去的 对吗?
[22:38.78]We have to get past this 我们一定要挺过去
[22:40.19]Damn it 该死的
[22:41.56]All right,noelle, I need you to get into bed,okay? 好了 Noelle 我希望你回到床去 好吗?
[22:43.45]Why, what's happening? 为什么 怎么了?
[22:44.95]Stay on your left side, and whatever you do,do not push,okay? 向左边侧躺 无论怎么样 都不要使劲 好吗?
[22:50.11]okay,I need slow, deep breaths 好的 我要你慢一点 深呼吸
[22:53.00]So tell me about the slutty girl 跟我说说那个荡妇吧
[22:55.31]Fine, the slutty intern 那个荡妇实习生
[22:57.25]It was the slutty part I had a problem with 我不喜欢放荡这个词
[22:58.84]Kathleen says she's not even single Kathleen说她甚至不是单身
[23:00.19]She is single She's wonderful She's smart 她是单身 而且很聪明很不错
[23:02.26]She's a lot of things And she's none of your business,nancy 她还有很多优点 但那不关你的事 Nancy
[23:05.83]I've never seen you like this over a girl, even addison 我从来没见你这样对一个女孩 甚至是Addison
[23:08.28]I've never been like this over a girl, especially addison 我是从来没有这样对待一个女孩 特别是Addison
[23:11.26]don't be bitter I mean, shame on addison and all that, 别再挖苦了 Addison和所有那些事 很遗憾
[23:13.90]but he's mark,derek What did you expect? 但他是Mark Derek 你还能指望怎么样呢?
[23:16.26]He's just mark 他是Mark
[23:18.58]And who hasn't gone there once or twice, right? 谁还没干过一两回呢 对吧?
[23:24.00]- What'd you say? - Oh,come on - 你说什么? - 不是吗
[23:24.91]Everybody sleeps with mark It's practically a rite of passage 每个人都跟Mark睡 那实际上就象个成人仪式
[23:28.33]Derek, I get it,okay? Derek 我懂了 好吧?
[23:30.54]I get that they made a terrible mistake 我明白他们犯了一个可怕的错误
[23:32.32]It wasn't a mistake Nancy,it wasn't a mistake 这不是错误 Nancy 不是错误
[23:35.17]It wasn't just one night It was months 那不是一夜 而是好几个月
[23:38.03]They were together for months Didn't you know that? 他们在一起好几个月 你不知道吗?
[23:41.49]No,I had no idea 不 我不知道
[23:42.62]Then shut up about it and eat your lunch 那闭嘴 吃你的午饭吧
[23:49.36]STAFF:BURKE LES : 主刀医生:BURKE
[23:57.25]Derek's sister is in town Derek的姐姐来了
[24:01.28]Cristina, are you mad at me or something? Cristina 你是在生我的气还是有别的事?
[24:03.38]Because I have been trying to talk to you all week 因为整整一周我都在试图跟你说话
[24:04.60]Everything is not about you, meredith 这一点都不关你的事 Meredith
[24:07.43]Okay,what is going on? Because george and alex are saying-- 那出什么事了? 因为George和Alex说--
[24:10.58]- I-I don't care - What is your problem? - 我不在乎 - 你怎么了?
[24:12.59]I just 我只是
[24:14.71]I have bigger things in my life right now 现在我的生活里有了更重要的事
[24:47.99]What? 怎么了?
[24:53.60]Nothing 没事
[24:55.44]10 blade 10号手术刀
[25:02.35]Hey Hey,dr O'malley Can you, can you tell me what's happening in there? 嗨 O'Malley医生 能告诉怎么样了吗?
[25:05.93]I thought you left She thinks you left her 我以为你离开了 她以为你不要她了
[25:07.47]Look,man, this is all a lot to digest 瞧 朋友 有这么多事要消化
[25:10.59]I mean, our daughter, 我是说 我们的女儿
[25:12.00]my-- my little girl isn't even my little girl anymore 我的小女孩甚至不再是我的小女孩了
[25:14.61]Noelle is in there freaking out because you left 因为你走掉了 Noelle都快疯了
[25:17.45]Just tell me if she is okay, please 快告诉我她有没有事?
[25:21.89]She's gone into premature labor Dr Montgomery-shepherd-- 她就要早产了 Montgomery医生在照看--
[25:24.46]dr Montgomery is about to do an emergency c-section Montgomery医生 马上要做一个紧急剖腹产手术
[25:27.86]on one of the babies to try to stop the labor on the other 取出其中一个胎儿 还要阻止另一个胎儿出生
[25:30.29]Wait, so you're delivering one of the babies right now, today? 你们是要接生其中一个胎儿 就在今天?
[25:33.23]In just a few minutes The boy or the girl? - 在几分钟内 - 男孩还是女孩?
[25:37.60]Greg Greg
[25:39.92]ham or eggs? 火腿还是鸡蛋?
[25:54.43]You say you want a career in plastics, 你说你想在整形外科发展你的事业
[25:56.21]anyet you can't tear yourself away from the baby catchers long enough to actually show me you want it 但你还不能从接生的工作中脱离出来 我暂时还看不出这一点
[26:00.24]Being on hold with the D M V Has nothing to do with a career in plastics,dr Sloan 驾照出问题跟整形外科职业没有关系 Sloan医生
[26:04.21]Only it does,because being on hold with the D M V Has to do with me, 有的关系的 因为驾照问题和我有关
[26:07.86]and I have everything to do with your career in plastics 而在整形外科 我对你的职业生涯关系重大
[26:17.49]Tyler Tyler
[26:18.27]addison montgomery needs two units of b-positive blood in l&dstat Montgomery需要两个单位的B型血
[26:22.36]I'm on it 这就去
[26:29.62]So the biosynthetic dressing should ensure that you won't need skin grafts, 生物合成涂层使你不必进行皮肤移植
[26:33.54]and that's good news 这是个好消息
[26:34.80]If I did need grafts, would that take long? 如果我真的需要移植的话 会很久吗?
[26:37.34]I mean, I mean, like how long would something like that take if-- 我的意思是 要花多少时间做那个如果--
[26:39.17]if I had needed them? 如果我需要移植的话?
[26:41.07]that would just depend on the severity of the burn,really 要看烫伤的严重程度了
[26:43.86]so more severe than this one? 那比这个还要严重的呢?
[26:46.43]It would have to be more severe? 必须更严重是吧?
[26:51.34]just to make sure I have everything accurate, 只是想确认一下
[26:53.95]you burned your hand 你烫伤了手
[26:57.29]we've been over this, haven't we? 我们已经谈过这个了 对吗?
[26:59.73]I'm sorry I-- 对不起 我--
[27:00.69]look,I have a test on friday, and I have work to do 那个 我周五要考试 我得准备一下
[27:03.32]So I have to-- I-I want to go home 所以我必须 我想马上回家
[27:05.54]I'm really ready to get out of here now, okay? 我真的想马上离开这 行吗?
[27:07.45]I'm sorry I didn't mean to-- 对不起 我不是那个意思--
[27:08.70]gretchen, did you burn your hand on purpose? Gretchen 你是不是故意烫伤手的?
[27:10.40]Izzie, you heard what dr Bailey said Izzie 你还记得Bailey医生怎么交待的?
[27:13.01]It's okay if you did 如果是也没关系
[27:15.15]It's just,did you burn your hand to get out of taking your test? 你烫伤自己的手是为了逃避考试?
[27:27.91]I can't fail that damn test one more time 这次我不能再考砸了
[27:30.32]I just can'T 我真的不能
[27:32.07]It's all anyone in my family, in my life-- 家里每个人 周围每个人
[27:34.04]it's all they talk about It's all I'm known for 都在谈这件事 他们只知道这个
[27:36.65]"Oh,gretchen,the failure Gretchen 失败者
[27:40.18]" Can you imagine failing the bar exam five times? 你能想象五次都没过律师考试吗?
[27:42.84]Five times 五次
[27:44.67]I mean, that's absurd 那太荒谬了
[27:46.32]I mean that's just, 那太
[27:51.63]that's pathetic 太可悲了
[27:54.31]I cannot sit for two and a half solid days of testing again 我不想再花两天半的时间考试
[27:58.55]just to prove to everyone 只是向所有人证明
[28:02.68]again 再一次
[28:06.21]how pathetic I am 证明我有多么可悲
[28:10.03]Not when 不要
[28:13.26]you feel that pathetic all by yourself 是你自己觉得自己可悲的
[28:25.55]okay, I've completed the incision 我完成切口了
[28:27.64]I'm going to ask you to move the top uterus 你移开上面的子宫
[28:29.93]to the side so I can reach the one underneath 这样我就可以够到下面的那个
[28:32.67]got it 明白
[28:33.86]Now I don't want to alarm you or make you nervous in any way, o'malley, 我不想警告你或者让你有任何紧张 O'Malley
[28:37.97]because you seem like a decent person, 因为你看起来象个有分寸的人
[28:39.73]but I've got about 120 seconds to get baby one out 不过当你抱着2号子宫的时候
[28:43.48]of uterus one while you're holding uterus two, 我只有120秒把一号婴儿 从一号子宫取出来
[28:46.88]and if you so much as hiccup, 要是你抖动一下
[28:48.69]you could tear the uterine wall and kill this woman's child 就可能会撕破子宫壁 使这个孩子丧生
[28:52.26]So do what you can to be careful, okay? 所以尽量小心 好吗?
[28:54.65]Okay 好的
[28:58.11]Look at that Amazing, - 看啊 - 很神奇吧
[29:07.15]applying the final hemostasis suture 进行最后的止血缝合
[29:09.39]Great Don't be afraid to-- 很好 别怕会--
[29:11.13]grab a bigger piece? Got it 拉起更大的一片? 搞定
[29:14.06]Good Very nice, dr Yang 好的 很好 Yang医生
[29:17.68]Applying pressure 施加压力
[29:19.81]Gently 轻一点
[29:31.85]It was attached to the interventricular septum 它附着在心室隔膜上
[29:34.14]Are you gonna use a graft to repair? 是要嫁接修复吗?
[29:37.19]Somebody's been doing their homework 有人一直准备着了
[29:38.63]4-0 prolene,please Thank you very much, 请拿4-0 Prolene缝线 非常感谢
[29:45.93]Ready to perforate uterus two Scalpel 准备在二号子宫打孔 手术刀
[29:49.17]Wait Wait, dr Montgomery 等等 等等 Montgomery医生
[29:50.44]My baby's moving It's really moving I can't hold it 宝宝在动 真的在动 我抓不住
[29:53.22]George,I need you to hold her still if I'm gonna do this c-section George 如果要完成剖腹产 我需要你抓住她不动
[29:54.97]I'm trying 我在试
[29:56.66]I mean it, o'malley 说真的 O'malley
[29:57.83]What should I do? It's really moving I can't hold it 应该怎么做? 真的在动 我抓不住
[29:59.82]I need you to keep her still,george You're sending her into distress - 我要你抓住她别动 George - 她快被你弄死了
[30:01.90]You have to get that baby to stop moving 你必须让宝宝停止不动
[30:03.64]- How do I do that? - Talk,o'malley - 要怎么做? - 说话 O'malley
[30:05.44]Alex Alex
[30:06.76]Karev, back away from the table Karev 退一边去
[30:08.24]Talk to it,to the baby, to calm it down 跟她讲话 跟宝宝讲 让她平静下来
[30:10.00]- Karev - Talk about what? - Karev - 谈什么
[30:11.84]October 30, 1974-- 1974年19月30日--
[30:13.92]it's the fight known as "rumble in the ngle 有一场称作"丛林之战"的拳击比赛
[30:15.70]" World heavyweight champ george foreman 世界重量级拳王乔治·福尔曼
[30:17.64]is pitted against muhammad ali in his first major fight 与第一次复出大型比赛的 阿里同台竞技
[30:19.92]after three and a half years out of the ring 经过三年半的禁赛
[30:21.37]- It's working - Foreman is favored to win - 有作用 - 福尔曼有希望货胜
[30:23.37]He's younger, he's stronger - 他更年轻 更强壮 - 手术刀
[30:25.01]scalpel But he's not prepared for what ali would later call the rope-a-dope 但他没想到阿里会用以逸待劳的战法
[30:27.94]It all started in the second round Foreman comes out swinging 一切发生在第二回合 福尔曼开始非常活跃
[30:30.70]Ali's backed up against the ropes 阿里已经后退到贴着围绳抵抗
[30:43.18]that's not gonna stay on You're giving it too much slack 那不能坚持多久的 缝得太松了
[30:45.24]You're blocking my light 你挡住了我的光线
[30:48.03]Think of it as a basic corner stitch 就把这当作一次基础的边角缝合
[30:49.96]I can figure out how to sew on my own buttons, thank you I am surgeon Right 我能搞懂怎么缝自己的扣子 谢谢 我是个外科大夫
[30:57.16]for god's sakes 哦 看在上帝的份上吧
[31:00.50]You sew this on for me, and I'll get rid of addison and sloan 如果帮忙缝上 我就踢掉Addison和Sloan
[31:02.99]- Really? - No - 真的? - 不
[31:04.58]fine I'll do it anyway 行了 不管怎样 还是我来吧
[31:06.39]So I heard you've got a sister wandering the halls 听说你姐姐在这儿到处溜达
[31:09.07]She planning on moving here, too? 她也要搬来吗?
[31:10.69]God, I hope not 上帝 希望不要
[31:12.33]Derek, I know it's been hard on you Derek 我知道你已经很难熬了
[31:15.08]He was like my brother 他曾经象我的兄弟
[31:17.62]I have four sisters 我有四个姐姐
[31:19.12]four very annoying sisters 四个很烦人的姐姐
[31:22.53]Mark was my brother Mark是我兄弟
[31:23.89]It's-- it's hard 这--这很难接受
[31:26.74]Divorce isn't all it's cracked up to be, huh? 离婚并不能如期望那样解决一切 是吧?
[31:29.84]I just want it to be easy 我只是想轻松一点
[31:31.75]I want it to be over and move on 希望一切过去 重新开始
[31:35.06]But 可是
[31:35.91]but you're in a surprising amount of pain 可是你意外的痛苦
[31:40.00]You and adele? 你和Adele怎么样?
[31:41.72]I'm sewing on a button for the first time in my life 我平生第一次缝纽扣
[31:44.65]What does that tell you? 还能怎么样?
[31:45.88]technically, 严格上讲
[31:47.65]I'm sewing 是我在缝
[31:51.22]I'm just saying 只是说说而已
[31:58.50]Dr Sloan Sloan医生
[32:00.25]So we're clear, 那么我们讲清楚
[32:02.29]you knew when you stepped into that surgery, you were forfeiting your future in plastics, right? 你明白吗 当你参与那个手术的时候 就等于毁了在整形外科的前途
[32:05.95]- But,dr Sloan-- - I need my phone back - 但是 Sloan医生 - 把电话还我
[32:15.40]Well done You really prepared 干的好 你真的做过准备
[32:18.61]Yes, I'm always prepared 是的 我时刻准备着
[32:20.72]Couldn't do it without you 没你的话不可能完成
[32:23.32]- Thank you - Dr Burke, - 谢谢 - Burke医生
[32:25.86]could we have a moment alone? 能单独和你谈谈吗?
[32:29.88]I just-- I didn't realize that you were one of them, 我只是-- 我没想到你跟那群人是一样的
[32:33.71]one of the doctors around here with doubts about me or my abilities 是这里那些 质疑我个人或我能力的医生中的一员
[32:37.64]Miranda, I'm not Miranda 我没有
[32:39.17]My name was erased from the board I have to assume that was you 我的名字从公告栏上抹去了 我只能假设是你干的
[32:46.48]- Dr Bailey-- - I just-- I just-- - Bailey医生 - 我只是-
[32:49.40]I just need to know why 我只是要知道为什么
[32:51.15]I need you to tell me why you didn't w ant me in on your surgery 希望你告诉我为什么不让我协助手术
[33:00.44]I'm afraid I just couldn't use you 恐怕我就是不能用你
[33:07.30]I understand 明白了
[33:24.37]you should've seen that Two uteruses So unbelievably cool 你真该看看 双子宫太神奇了 难以置信
[33:28.54]And a cute baby to boot 而且还降生了一个可爱的婴儿
[33:29.87]Well, I'm glad you're enjoying your trip 很高兴你喜欢这次旅行
[33:32.00]Relax,derek I'm going 别紧张 Derek 我要走了
[33:33.91]I'm on a plane in two hours 两小时后的飞机
[33:35.81]So you're gonna report back to mom that? 那 你打算向妈妈报告...?
[33:38.63]That you're you 就说你还是你
[33:41.06]Still running in circles around all the women in your life, 依旧和以前一样 周旋于你生命中的各色女人之间
[33:43.77]but that's to be expected with four sisters and a dead dad 但鉴于有四个姐姐 以及父亲过世的事实 这就可以理解了
[33:47.79]I'm not running around in circles 我没有周旋
[33:49.38]Derek, can y even remember the last time you were alone? Derek 还记得上次独身的日子吗?
[33:52.29]You've never been single, ever 你从来不是单身 从来不是
[33:54.10]I mean,you're fine, but you're not happy 我指 你很出色 但并不快乐
[33:57.12]And you're not gonna get happy until you get some space 而且在找到一些空间之前 也不会快乐
[34:00.54]Just get away from addie, 就远离Addie
[34:03.41]away from the intern, just away 远离实习生 只是离开
[34:05.55]Figure out what you want 搞清楚自己到底要什么
[34:10.03]Kathleen's the shrink, nancy,not you Kathleen才是神经科医生 不是你 Nancy
[34:16.28]I gotta go 我要走了
[34:22.03]Nancy Nancy
[34:24.89]Thanks for flying out here 谢谢飞来这儿
[34:26.94]It was, 嗯...
[34:30.53]thanks 谢谢
[34:46.94]- where are we going again? - We need to go upstairs - 又要去哪儿? - 上楼
[34:51.93]Okay 好的
[35:04.63]wait Wait Where are we? 等等 等等 这是哪儿?
[35:07.79]We're on the psychiatric floor, gretchen 我们在精神病科 Gretchen
[35:09.90]We need to place you on a 72-hour hold 需要对你进行72小时监控
[35:11.94]No,I'm not crazy You can't-- no I'm going home 不 我不是疯子 你们不能-- 不 我要回家
[35:16.81]- Gretchen - No,you have to let me go home - Gretchen - 不 你们必须让我回家
[35:19.13]Please I'll just-- I need to go back home Please 求你们了 我只是-- 我要回家 求你们了
[35:21.92]If you go home, you're just gonna hurt yourself again Right? 如果回家 你要再烧伤自己 对吗?
[35:23.82]Isn't that your plan, so that you won't have to take the bar exam? 不是你的计划吗 那样就不用参加律师考试?
[35:26.70]You need some help, gretchen 你需要帮助 Gretchen
[35:28.68]If the idea of taking an exam makes you hold your palm to a burner, 如果想到要参加考试 你就把手掌放到火炉上
[35:33.46]you need some help 那你就需要帮助
[35:34.86]Everyone needs help from time to time, 每个人时不时需要帮助
[35:37.15]someone to look out for them, 需要有人照看他们
[35:39.14]make sure they're okay, 确保他们没事
[35:41.56]make sure they're ready I have that 确保他们已经做好准备 我经历过了
[35:46.33]And you need that right now 而现在轮到你了
[35:54.48]- I'm not crazy - I know - 我没疯 - 我知道
[35:56.85]I st didn't want to fail 只是 不想不及格
[36:01.25]I know 我知道
[36:14.02]What happened? 出什么事了?
[36:17.58]Are my babies okay? 我的宝宝还好吗?
[36:19.10]The surgery went very well You have a healthy baby boy 手术很成功 你有了一个健康的男孩儿
[36:22.02]And the labor stopped on your little girl She's gonna be just fine 你女儿的作动也停止了 她会好起来的
[36:25.32]And greg? Has greg come back yet? Greg呢? 回来了吗?
[36:28.40]No,noelle, I'm sorry 没 Noelle 我很抱歉
[36:30.51]Greg isn't here Greg不在这儿
[36:36.64]I want an update every half-hour, and-- 半小时更新一次信息 还有--
[36:39.00]what happened? 出什么事了?
[36:42.44]- My babies? - They're just fine - 我的孩子? - 他们很好
[36:43.74]You're just coming out of anesthesia, noelle 你刚度过麻醉期 Noelle
[36:45.84]Everything went very well 一切都很好
[36:47.90]Is greg back yet? Greg回来了吗?
[36:50.03]I'm so sorry, noelle He's not here 很抱歉 Noelle 他不在这儿
[36:56.43]And be sure to alert me to any fetal distress 出现任何胎儿窘迫 一定要向我报警
[36:59.30]What happened? 出什么事了?
[37:00.43]Your babies are healthy,noelle Everything's okay 你的孩子很健康 Noelle 一切都好
[37:03.33]Is greg back yet? Greg回来了吗?
[37:05.78]I'm right here 在这儿
[37:14.23]Hi 嗨
[37:21.26]Hi 嗨
[37:23.33]I, I saw our son 我 我见过我们的儿子
[37:27.23]He's amazing 他很棒
[37:33.91]But how's our little girl? 但我们的女儿怎么样?
[37:52.69]You look like you could use a little cheering up 似乎你需要兴奋一下
[37:55.14]Not from you 不要你的
[37:57.03]if I recall, I was pretty good at cheering you up 如果记得不差 我很擅长于让你兴奋
[38:00.19]one,t wo yep, 一次 两次 对了
[38:03.36]three very cheerful times 三次兴奋时光
[38:04.72]Dirty It was not "cheerful " It was dirty 下流不是"兴奋" 那是下流
[38:07.10]And like I said, no 而且我说了 不
[38:26.81]So your sister really doesn't like me, huh? 你姐姐很不喜欢我 哈?
[38:28.57]Sorry It's just,she'S 对不起 只不过 她...
[38:31.70]from the east coast 来自东部
[38:36.85]Well, 那好
[38:37.97]I-- I-- you know what? I shoulda called 知道吗? 我该给你电话的
[38:40.88]But you didn'T 但你没有
[38:43.30]I want us to work, it's just-- 我希望我们能成功 只是--
[38:45.23]it's complicated 一切杂乱无章
[38:50.72]I think I need a little time to 我想需要一点时间
[38:53.85]take some space 一点空间
[38:56.28]Yeah 是啊
[38:58.52]To clear my head 理清思绪
[39:00.85]Yeah 是啊
[39:02.31]I okay 好吧
[39:04.88]Okay 好吧
[39:08.14]Okay 那好
[39:14.01]There are times when even the best of us 很多时候 我们大多
[39:17.09]have trouble with commitment 不敢作出承诺
[39:21.07]Dr Stevens Stevens医生
[39:23.34]I was just looking at dr Grey's evaluation on your first day back to work 我刚看了Grey医生 对你头天回来工作的评估
[39:27.50]I get daily report cards now? 我现在每天都要接受评估?
[39:29.39]She had a lot to say 她说了很多
[39:31.63]Yes, sir 是的 主任
[39:32.89]It was a difficult catch Nicely handled 这件事情难度很高 但你处理得很好
[39:36.42]Good work 干得好
[39:39.80]Welcome back, dr Stevens 欢迎回来 Stevens医生
[39:51.68]I was rude to you before I'm sorry 先前对你很粗鲁 对不起
[39:56.38]I understand what you're trying to say You're the 我明白你想表达的意思 你是...
[39:58.67]pig 猪
[40:00.46]You are committed 你要承担责任了
[40:04.68]Only we broke up 只是我们分手了
[40:06.85]And I've been wanting to hear this from you for how long? 长久以来我一直想听你这么说
[40:08.60]And-- and you wait until now to say it to me after we've broken up? 可你一直等到现在 分手了才说出口
[40:13.32]I'm out of my element here I break bones for a living 我对此是外行 我以敲击骨头为生
[40:15.98]I-I used to live in the basement 习惯住在地下室
[40:17.90]Most days I wear last night's eyeliner to work 大多涂着隔夜的睫毛膏工作
[40:19.83]I don't give a crap what other people think about me 从不理会别人怎么看我
[40:21.83]because I am a happily independent, successful woman, 因为我是一个乐于独立 成功的女人
[40:24.96]and I like it that way 而且我喜欢那样
[40:26.56]Only when you say stuff like this, 只是当你说这些事的时候
[40:30.76]it just it makes things too hard So please 只是 弄得太复杂了 所以求你了
[40:35.22]don't chase me anymore 别再追了
[40:39.13]unless you're ready to catch me 除非你真正决定要接受我
[40:45.20]And we may be surprised by the commitments 我们愿意将承诺说出
[40:47.74]we're willing to let slip out of our grasp 但说出之后却可能倍加以外
[40:56.26]Commitments are complicated 承诺很复杂
[41:04.28]I'm here for you, whatever it is 无论什么事 我都支持你
[41:09.75]Whenever you're ready, I'm here 准备什么时候说 我都在这里
[41:13.20]Thank you 谢谢
[41:21.48]We may surprise ourselves 也许我们会惊讶于自己
[41:23.45]by the commitmen we're willing to make 心甘情愿所做的承诺
[41:28.86]医人当自强 第3季 第6集
[41:32.54]True commitment takes effort 实现承诺需要努力
[41:39.60]and sacrifice 以及牺牲
[41:55.06]Which is why sometimes 所以有时
[41:59.02]we have to learn the hard way 我们必须用一种艰难的方法
[42:01.48]to choose our commitments very carefully 仔细地选择我们的承诺
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8672-250084-1.html

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