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[00:00.80]Previously on "grey's anatomy"... 前情提要...

[00:02.62]- o'malley. - what? - O'malley - 什么?

[00:03.84]george's dadgot admitted last night. George的爸爸昨晚入院了

[00:05.60]It's justa valve replacement,george. 只是瓣膜置换术 George

[00:07.59]Burke will do it, and youwill clear his schedule. Burke会执刀 你帮他安排时间

[00:10.01]If someone is gonna operate on my dad's heart,I want it to be burke. 我爸爸要做心脏手术 那就让Burke来做

[00:12.69]Dr. Hahn here graduated second. Ask her who graduated first. Hahn医生以第二名成绩毕业 问问她谁是第一

[00:17.46]Adele and I--she wants me to stop down as chief,retire. 我和Adele--她想让我 辞去主任的工作 退休

[00:20.46]We're starting fresh. 我们要重新开始

[00:22.10]And starti fresh meansno sex because? 重新开始意味着没有性生活是因为?

[00:24.62]Because we started with sex last time,and it didn't govery well. 因为我们上次是从性开始 结果不太顺利

[00:28.36]You decannulateda heart this morning. 今天早上你完成了心脏导管手术

[00:29.80]- I didn't decannulate-- - yes,you did. - 我没有-- - 不 是你

[00:31.53]And whenburke and I were fishing, I noticed something weirdwith his hand. 跟Burke一起钓鱼的时候 我注意到他的手有点奇怪

[00:36.41]I slept with another guy. Do I tell george? 我跟别的男人上床了 要告诉George吗?

[00:38.67]Callie slept with sloan. Callie跟Sloan上床了

[00:40.13]I spent the entire dayworrying about burke. 我整天都在担心Burke

[00:41.73]Burke is fine. Your dad will be fine. Burke很好 你爸爸也会好起来

[00:43.84]You're lying. 你撒谎

[00:45.15]Burke is hiding something, and you're helping him. Burke隐瞒了些事情 而你在帮他

[00:47.51]George knows. George知道了

[00:55.75]as doctors... 作为医生...

[00:58.82]we know everybody's secrets-- 我们知道每个人的秘密--

[01:01.76]their medical histories... 病史...

[01:04.37]sexual histories... 性经验...

[01:06.78]confidential information that is as essential to a surgeon as 10-blade... 对外科医生来说 秘密信息 与10号手术刀同样重要...

[01:15.24]and every bit as dangerous. 也同样危险

[01:20.04]we keep secrets. We have to. 我们紧守秘密 必须如此

[01:29.82]but noall secrets can be kept. 但却不能保守所有的

[01:44.23]Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 09 - Untranslated subtitle -

[01:49.48]6-letter wordfor pinnacle. 六个字母描述pinnacle(顶点)

[01:52.98]- Zenith. - Oh,this is good. - Zenith - 哦 很好

[01:55.75]No sex,crossword puzzles, current events-- 不做爱 纵横字谜 实事要闻--

[01:58.70]- when's the knitting start? - shut up. - 什么时候开始织毛衣? - 闭嘴

[02:02.12]Good thingscome to those who wait. 福佑有心人

[02:03.93]Yeah? I want sex. 是吗? 我想做爱

[02:06.33]there will be no sex. 不行

[02:07.87]Am I interrupting sex? 我打断你们性生活了吗?

[02:09.36]- no. - Good.Get out. - 没有 - 那好 出去

[02:10.93]What? You can'task me to leave. 什么? 你无权要我离开

[02:12.27]Meredith. Meredith

[02:17.32]give us a sec. 给我们点时间

[02:21.02]When I get back, there'd better be some sex. 我回来时 最好能有点性生活

[02:22.99]- Why are you all sweatyand ick? - I jogged here. - 你怎么浑身又汗又粘 - 是跑着来的

[02:26.54]We don't jog. You don't jog. 我们不慢跑 你也不

[02:33.28]- Cristina-- - what if derekrobbed a bank? - Cristina-- - 如果Derek抢银行?

[02:35.87]What? 什么?

[02:36.58]Say derek was robbinga bank, and while he was in there, 假设Derek抢银行 他在里面的时候

[02:38.86]you were waiting outside because it was your jobto drive the getaway car. 因为要帮忙驾车逃跑 你就在外边等

[02:42.18]- Why would derekrob a bank? - Just go with me,please. - Derek干吗要抢银行? - 拜托 就照我说的来

[02:44.18]- Okay,derek's robbinga bank. - And he gets caught. - 那好 Derek抢银行 - 后来被抓住了

[02:46.62]But no one knowsyou were involved 'cause you were drivingthe car. 但因为你在驾车 所以没人知道你也参与在内

[02:49.77]Okay,derek's in jail,I'm in the mystery car. What's the question? 那么 Derek入狱 我躲在秘密的车里 问题是什么?

[02:53.34]Would you turn yourself in, 你会让自己卷进去吗?

[02:55.20]or would you stay quietand let derek go down for a robbery in which youwere a complicit participant? 还是即便自己是这次抢劫的同谋 却看着Derek被捕而无动于衷?

[02:59.88]Or would you,you know,stand by him? 又或者 你知道 会支持他吗?

[03:02.15]Well... whose idwas it to rob the bank? 那...抢银行是谁的主意?

[03:06.68]I don't know. I don't know. 不知道

[03:08.39]His,but... you helped. 他的 但... 你有帮忙

[03:12.12]I mean,could you livewith yourself 我想说 你能心安理得吗

[03:14.62]if you just walked away and let the man you lovetake the fall? 如果离开 任凭你爱的男人坐牢?

[03:20.17]If you tell me,maybe I can help. 如果你愿意讲 也许我能帮忙

[03:24.61]- If you tell me-- - no,I'll see--I'll see you at work. - 如果你告诉我-- - 不用了 待会儿--医院见

[03:29.53]Crtina,you don't jog. Cristina 你不慢跑的

[03:33.48]We don't jog. 我们都不慢跑的

[03:36.67]- Has georgesaid anything to you? - About what? - George对你说过什么吗? - 关于什么?

[03:43.36]I jog sometimes... without you. 有时我会慢跑的... 你不在身边的时候

[04:05.13]- how's your dad? - His surgery is today. - 你爸爸怎么样? - 今天手术

[04:07.85]- You have nothingto worry about. - I'm not worried,not anymore. - 没什么好担心的 - 我不担心 已经没这必要了

[04:11.55]What do you meanby that? 这话是什么意思?

[04:13.28]Hey.So are you and meredith having one of your 嘿 那么你跟Meredith享受完...

[04:16.05]"we're best friends,we're so cool" secret time things? "我们是最好的朋友 很酷" 之类的秘密时间了吗?

[04:19.07]Sorry,I'm cranky. Candy stripingmakes me so cranky. 抱歉 我有点不正常 做花瓶医生弄得我很不正常

[04:22.72]- Cristina's leaving. - ah,so I can havemy girlfriend back. - Cristina要走了 - 啊 那我能要回我的女友了

[04:30.23]What's wrong with her? 她怎么了?

[04:44.61]why are you acting like the sky is falling? 干吗象天要塌下来似的?

[04:46.33]The sky isn't falling. It already fell.George knows. 不是要塌 是已经塌了 George知道了

[04:49.39]I was in surgeryfor 14 hours yesterday,and no tremor. 我昨天做了14个小时手术 都没有震颤

[04:52.73]Yeah,with me by your side, ready to jump in. 对 我在你身边 随时准备接手

[04:55.65]- I haven't had a tremorin a week. - George knows. - 一周来我都没有震颤 - George知道了

[04:58.39]And this is not any surgery. You are operatingon his father today. 这不是其他手术 今天要开刀的是他父亲

[05:01.05]- I am aware of that,and I am fine. - Well,he's gonna do something. - 我清楚 我很好 - 他会有所行动的

[05:04.33]I know him.He's not gonna just stand byand say nothing. 我了解他 不可能默不作声地呆在一边

[05:06.67]There's nothing to say. 没什么好说的

[05:08.08]I had a tremor. Now I don'T. 我以前是会震颤 但现在不会了

[05:11.16]We need a strategy.We have to figure out our story and come up with a plan. 我们需要一个策略 必须套好招 做个计划

[05:15.08]Oh,cristina,you're too intense. 哦 Cristina 你反应过激了

[05:18.62]I am too intense? 我反应过激?

[05:20.92]I have beenworking my ass off making surenobody here knows, 我一直在拼命地努力 确保这里的人都不知道

[05:24.66]runninyour board, learning surgical procedures 帮你写手术板 学习手术步骤

[05:27.05]I shouldn't have to know until my fif year covering you. 学习该在第五年 才要了解的内容来保护你

[05:29.09]Covering me? 保护我?

[05:30.84]- And I haven'tbeen covering you? - Excuse me? - 难道我没有吗? - 什么?

[05:35.75]I'm just saying... 我只是说...

[05:37.61]- we're a team... - okay. - 我们是团队... - 好的

[05:40.75]A strong team,and I wouldn't be in that O.R. If I didn't knowI could do it, 很坚强的团队 如果知道自己不行 我不会进手术室

[05:44.45]and you just have totrust me on that. Don't let this o'malley thingbreak you down. 你只要信任我就好 别被O'malley的问题击垮

[05:47.38]No,I'm not. 不 我没有

[05:51.05]- Cristina-- - I gotta--I gotta go. - Cristina-- - 我要--我要走了

[06:00.09]what happened? 出什么事了?

[06:01.08]Driver lost controlof his car, plowed throughthe fish market at the warf. 司机对车失去控制 直接冲进了码头的鱼市

[06:04.87]At least a dozen injuries. I need all hands on deck. 至少有一打伤员 我需要全员上阵

[06:07.21]All hands?Does thatmean "all hands," or just all hands? 全员? 也包括我吗?

[06:10.36]Stevens,uh,you shouldn'thave been paged. Stevens 呃 不该通知你的

[06:12.48]You can,uh,go and take overon mr. O'malley. He's having his surgery todaywith dr. Burke. 你可以 呃 接管O'malley先生 Burke医生今天要替他手术

[06:17.08]Uh,that's my case. I'm with burke. 呃 那是我的医案 我跟Burke

[06:18.22]You have traumasrolling into the pit. She can take overfor you. 你要照顾源源不断 涌进诊疗室的伤员 她可以接管

[06:21.17]So I get to scrub in? Thanks. 那我可以参加手术了? 谢谢

[06:23.01]- But-- - stevens,you will notscrub in. - 但是-- - Stevens 你不能手术

[06:25.15]You will not handleany instruments. 不能动任何工具

[06:27.12]You will not move or talkor do anything other than breathe and watch. 不能移动或谈论 除了呼吸和观察 不能做任何事情

[06:31.11]Candy striping again. No problem. 还做花瓶医生 没问题

[06:33.46]Where is george? Why isn't he here? George在哪儿? 怎么不在这儿?

[06:35.37]I don't know. He switched shifts with me. 不知道 他跟我换班了

[06:38.87]Dr. Bailey... Bailey医生...

[06:39.96]um,I just wanted to say,dr. Burke requested me on the o'malley case,so if I have to go... 呃 我只想说 Burke医生要求我 跟进O'malley的医案 所以如果非要去...

[06:45.52]I mean,izzie can't evenscrub in, so if and when my attendingasks for me-- 我的意思是 既然Izzie都不能手术 那如果主治医生叫我...

[06:49.45]well,if and when your attending asks for you, then you have to go,don't you? 如果那样 你就不得不去 是吗?

[06:56.66]grey,trauma room one. Yang,man that stretcher.Karev,come with me. Grey 一号外伤病房 Yang 负责这个担架 Karev 跟我来

[07:00.44]All right,talk to me. 好了 跟我说

[07:01.18]Larry shane dickerson,86,G.C.S. 8, B.P. Of 100 over palp,pulse in the 120s. Larry Shane Dickerson 86岁 昏迷指数8 血压 80/~ 脉搏120

[07:05.84]Obvious deformities to the right tib/fib.Get x-rays. 右侧胫腓骨明显变形 做个X光

[07:08.18]Let me knowif there's anything surgical. 如果要手术就告诉我

[07:09.58]Looks like he's got a lot worse problems than a broken leg. 比起断腿 看来他还有 很多更严重的问题

[07:11.73]Honey,let me hear your voice. 亲爱的 让我听听你的声音

[07:13.87]That car,that car-- it just about killed him. 那辆车 那辆车-- 差点害死他

[07:16.61]- The car hit him? - No,he was driving. - 他被车撞了? - 不 他是司机

[07:18.39]Hit his head on the windshield,chest hit the steering column.Old car,no airbags. 头部撞上挡风玻璃 胸部撞上方向盘 老式车 没有气囊

[07:22.09]He was driving the car that crashed into the fish market? 就是他驾车冲进鱼市的?

[07:24.37]He wasn't driving it. That's what I'm telling you. 他没有开车 我告诉你

[07:26.40]It was driving him. He didn't do all this.It was the car. 是车在控制他 这些都不是他干的 是那辆车

[07:29.48]- He couldn't stop it. - Okay. - 他停不下来 - 好的

[07:30.91]Left pupilis sluggish.Mrs. Dickerson,dr. Yang is gonna takeyour husband over to radiology. 左瞳孔扩散 Dickerson太太 Yang医生会带你丈夫去放射科

[07:35.78]And,mrs. Dickerson,there are two police officers waiting to take your statementabout the accident. Dickerson太太 那儿有两个警官等你录事故口供

[07:40.13]It was the car.See,he dropped me off, he wentto park like he always does. 是那辆车 他顺道送我 然后象往常一样去公园

[07:43.58]- Okay. - Larry is a good driver. - 好的 - Larry是个好司机

[07:45.65]- All right. - Please,I want to bewith my husband. - 好的 - 求你了 我想跟我丈夫在一起

[07:47.18]Yes,mrs. Dickerson, but justgive the statement-- 我知道 Dickerson太太 但只是录口供--

[07:49.03]not now!please. 现在不行! 求你了

[07:53.82]Okay,uh... 好吧 呃...

[07:55.31]all--all right,I'll--I'll ask them to come back later. 那好 我--我让他们过会儿再来

[08:03.35]- he's crashing. - I need suction here. - 他快不行了 - 这里吸一下

[08:11.15]should we shock him again? 要再电击一次吗?

[08:12.10]Shocking is not gonna help a heart with no blood to pump. 那也不能使一颗没有血液的心脏跳动

[08:14.68]Damn it. There are clots everywhere. 该死 到处都是血块

[08:16.52]If I could just getbetter visualization... 只要能再看清楚一点...

[08:17.87]so you said you wereinside of the fish marketwhen this happened? 照你说的 事情发生时 你就在鱼市内?

[08:21.45]Okay,I need you to get her... 好的 我需要你给她...

[08:25.93]ma'am? Ma'am? 女士?

[08:31.83]- call it,grey. - Time of death--7:53 A.M. - 宣布死亡 Grey - 死亡时间--早上7:53

[08:37.31]ma'am? 女士?

[08:42.66]Preston burke--back from the dead. Preston Burke--重生的男人

[08:48.01]Can't say the samefor your patient. 但此话并不适用于你病人

[08:50.00]Ma'am?! 女士?

[08:52.35]Ma--I need a stretcherover here. 女--我这儿需要担架

[08:54.32]I think I might be parked in a red zone. 我想自己也许停在危险区域

[08:57.02]I needa stretcher,please! 请来付担架!

[09:08.52]医人当自强 第三季 第9集 "再见枕边人"

[09:10.15]- Awesome cuts. - I flew through a window. - 伤口太惊人了 - 我飞着穿过了一扇窗

[09:13.32]- I flew. - Karev. - 我飞着 - Karev

[09:14.77]Stop manhandling my intern. That's my job. 别再教训我的实习生 那是我的工作

[09:17.04]- can you tell me your name? - Janelle duco. - 能告诉我你叫什么吗? - Janelle Duco

[09:19.30]Janelle,what do you dofor a living? Janelle 你靠什么为生?

[09:20.67]I sell vegetablesat the fish market. 在鱼市卖蔬菜

[09:22.85]janelle,honey,can I get you anything? Some food maybe? Janelle 亲爱的 能为你提供点什么吗? 要来点吃的?

[09:27.04]Mrs. Dickerson,is that you? Dickerson太太 是你吗?

[09:28.54]Mrs. Dickerson,I'm sorry. You can't be here right now. Dickerson太太 抱歉 你不能留在这儿

[09:30.72]Larry is a good driver. The car went crazy. Larry是个好司机 是那辆车不正常

[09:33.75]Janelle,if--if youneed anything, I'll be right over here. Janelle 如果-- 如果有任何需要 我就在这儿

[09:36.59]oh,I'm sorry. I'm sorry.Come with me. 哦 对不起 对不起 跟我来

[09:37.39]She's my best customer. 她是我最好的顾客

[09:39.18]She collapsed in my arms. I justwant to make sure she's okay. 她倒在我怀里 我只想确保她没事

[09:42.44]- You got it from here? - They don't call me "doctor"for nothing. - 你现在接手可以吗? - 别人不会无缘无故叫我"医生"

[09:45.04]Mr. Dickersonis such a nice man. Dickersong先生人那么好

[09:47.88]I hope he didn't killmy baby. 但愿他没有害死我孩子

[09:52.07]Addison! She's pregnant. Addison! 她怀孕了

[09:54.90]I need an ultrasound. How far along are you? 我要一台超声波 怀孕多久了?

[09:57.00]- Ten weeks.Ow! - Sorry. - 十周 - 抱歉

[09:59.07]There's glass in there,karev. Try a lighter tough. 里面有玻璃 Karev 手脚轻一点

[10:02.52]The doctors... hot men. 医生...性感男人

[10:05.97]They're all really hot. They are,aren't they? 他们都很性感 是真的 对吗?

[10:09.31]It's not just 'cause I'm wearinga plate-glass window? 并非是我裹满了厚板玻璃的缘故吧?

[10:11.44]- No,they're man-candy. - Good. - 不是 他们是糖果男人 - 很好

[10:18.52]okay,that is nasty. 好了 这下糟糕

[10:20.99]Her sats are in the 80s. I've got to get her oxygen. 她的血氧浓度只有80 我要给她输氧

[10:23.15]- And I'm gonna needa portable chest,stat. - I love the bossing.Boss more. - 做一个便携式胸部X线检查 - 我喜欢这种发号施令 再猛烈一点

[10:31.54]hey,izzie. Honey,this is izzie. 嘿 Izzie 亲爱的 这是Izzie

[10:35.48]- Hi. - Oh,yes. - 嗨 - 哦 对呀

[10:36.96]One of the girlswho lives with georgie in some kindof setup there. 跟George住在某个地方的 其中一个姑娘

[10:40.98]It's not some kindof setup. It's like what they dothese days. 不是什么地方 就象他们这些天这样

[10:45.18]Men and women live togetherwithout being... 男女同住 但不是...

[10:48.42]you know... men and women. 你知道的... 男人和女人

[10:51.48]It's likea neutral thing,huh? 有点中性的 哈?

[10:52.86]- So nothing sexual? - Mom! - 那么没有性? - 妈妈!

[10:56.55]no. Nothing sexual. 没 没有性

[10:58.86]- Where are the othero'malley men today? - I told 'emto get back to work. - 其他O'malley家的小伙呢? - 我让他们回去工作了

[11:01.79]- They were climbingthe walls in here. - Well,I'm here to prep youfor surgery. - 反正在这儿也没用 - 我来帮你准备手术

[11:04.65]- As you know,dr. Burkeis your surgeon. - Dr. Burke--right. - 你也知道 Burke医生为你主刀 - Burke医生--对呀

[11:07.50]- Georgie's always saying"dr. Burke this,dr. Burke that". - yeah,he's pretty incredible. - Georgie总是说"Burke医生这样或那样" - 是的 他非常了不起

[11:11.61]he's one of the best cardiothoracic guys in the world. 他是世界上最好的心脏外科医生之一

[11:13.73]yeah. 是的

[11:17.59]Um,I have to go. I'm gonna be right back. 我要走了 我很快回来

[11:19.79]You're not even working today. Why are you getting paged? 你今天不上班 怎么会被呼叫呢?

[11:21.65]I have to go. 我要走了

[11:24.61]You're pretty. 你挺漂亮

[11:26.52]There's nothing sexualbetween you and georgie,not even a little bit? 你和Georgie没有发生过关系 一点点都没有?

[11:30.02]- Louise! - What? - Louise! - 怎么了?

[11:32.51]I just want georgieto be happy. 我只希望Georgie能高兴

[11:35.68]Okay.Let's just prep youfor surgery. 好吧 让我们准备一下手术

[11:38.62]Anything you would've done different,dr. Hahn? 换作是你又能如何 Hahn医生?

[11:41.34]Given the size of the wound, I would've given up sooner. 受了那么重的伤 要是我就会放弃了

[11:44.83]So how have you been,preston? Last time I saw you,you stole my patient's heart. 你怎么样 Preston? 上次你偷了我病人的心脏

[11:49.37]Then you got shot. Karma rocks. 然后就被枪击了 因果报应

[11:52.57]What brings you all the wayfrom seattle presbyterian to seattle grace? 是什么让你从 Seattle Presbyterian来到Seattle Grace?

[11:55.95]A consult,and knowing how much my being here would annoy you. 来做顾问 还有知道了我来能让你苦恼

[11:59.60]Oh,on the contrary,it's always a pleasure, but not as muchas when you leave. 正相反 这会让我高兴 不过没有你离开时那么高兴

[12:09.84]Hey,do you think I couldget in on erica hahn's surgery? 你说我能参加Erica Hahn的手术么?

[12:12.94]- I've heard she's amazing. - Who? - 听说她很厉害 - 谁?

[12:14.40]Dr. Hahn. She's doing a consult. Hahn 她来做顾问

[12:16.45]I wonder who the V.I.P.Patient is. 我想知道谁是VIP病人

[12:24.57]Um,get him--get him to C.T. 带他去做CT

[12:30.13]- maria,may I havemy father's chart? - Dr. Hahn... - Maria 请给我我爸爸的病历 - Hahn医生

[12:33.88]I was pleasantly surprised to hear you werejoining us today. 很惊讶今天你来加入我们

[12:36.48]Oh,well,I'm always ready to lend a hand,dr. Webber. 我时刻准备来帮助 Webber医生

[12:38.82]George. Hey,how's your dad? George 你爸爸怎么样了?

[12:42.18]Uh,here is his chart. He's in room 3975. 这是他的病历 他在3975房间

[12:45.20]It's down the hall,third door on the right. 在大厅下面 右手第三个门

[12:46.95]- I'll be there in a minute. - Okay. - 我马上过去 - 好的

[12:48.43]I'll escort you,and you can tell me what it would take to steal youaway from seattle presbyterian. 我陪你去 你告诉我需要什么 能把你从Seattle Presbyterian挖过来

[12:54.25]We could use an extra handaround here. 我们就能多个人手了

[12:58.99]- Callie. - Hey. - Callie - Hey

[13:02.20]We broke up.You broke up with me. Unless I'm missing something? 我们分手了 你跟我分手的 除非我忽略了什么?

[13:05.50]That doesn't mean... 这不等于...

[13:06.99]I'm just askingabout your dad. 我只是问问你爸爸

[13:08.42]Why? Why do you care? 为什么 你问什么关心?

[13:11.05]Because I care about you. Right. - 因为我关心你 - 对

[13:13.86]Well,I guess that's whyyou slept with mark sloan,huh?That makes sense. 这也是你跟Mark Sloan睡觉的原因? 原来如此

[13:25.52]Did dr. Bailey seethe chest x-ray? Bailey医生看到胸片了么?

[13:27.25]No,but withthe decreased breath sounds and the low pulse ox,she suspects janellewill need a chest tube. 没有 看她呼吸越来越轻 脉搏微弱 她估计Janelle需要气管插管

[13:31.84]I'm dabbing out freakin'glass splinters, and she gets to doa chest tube? 我在这挑这些玻璃碎片 她却能做气管插管?

[13:35.49]You signed on for this. 你被雇用干这个的

[13:36.76]This is not a good day for me. This is not a good dayfor me at all. 今天真不顺 今天简直太不顺了

[13:40.24]The baby looks good,janelle. Heartbeat's strong. 孩子很好 Janelle 心跳很有力

[13:43.12]Do you wantme to call the father? 你需要我叫他爸爸来么?

[13:44.20]You could do that,but that would require mespeaking to him,which I no longer do. 这会迫使我跟他说话 我已经不再跟那个人来往了

[13:47.95]Plus,hearing he's a daddyfrom some random doctormight not go over real well. 再者 听说自己当爸了 他可能一时无法接受

[13:51.50]- So the baby's fatherdoesn't know. - No,and he's never going to. - 孩子的爸爸并不知道 - 不 我也不想告诉他

[13:57.43]Grey,can I speak with you? Grey 能跟你说句话么?

[13:59.01]Um,I'm setting upa chest tube. 我在进行气管插管

[14:00.59]- I need to talk to youwhen you're done. - I'll come find you. - 你做完了我要跟你说句话 - 我一会过去找你

[14:03.57]You know,I can suture. I've done it before. 我也能缝合 我以前做过

[14:05.32]When you can do a z-plasty and barely see the scar,give me a call. 当你能做"Z"成形整容手术 并且几乎看不到伤疤时 告诉我

[14:08.49]Till then,dab and clean,dab and clean. 在那之前 轻擦清理 轻擦清理

[14:12.36]How's plastics,karev? Everythingyou've ever dreamed of? 整形外科怎么样 Karev? 跟你梦想的一样么?

[14:16.52]- Uh,we're not doinga chest tube,dr. Grey. - What's going on? - 不要做气管插管了 Grey医生 - 怎么了?

[14:20.33]Ms. Duco,there's a shard of glass going into your heart. Duco小姐 有块玻璃碎片扎进了你的心脏

[14:31.12]- Hey. - Hey. - Hey - Hey

[14:32.02]- Have you seen dr. Torres? - No. - 你看见Torres医生了么? - 没有

[14:33.95]Quite a morning,huh? 14 injured,2 dead. 翻为噩梦般的早晨 14人受伤 2个人死了

[14:36.57]I know. There's a lot of blood... 很多很多血

[14:38.20]- yeah. - And blood. - 是啊 - 血液

[14:39.48]You know,there's a girlwho literally has a shard of glassin her chest. 有个女孩胸腔里面有块玻璃碎片

[14:43.57]Come here. 过来

[14:45.13]Larry dickerson--the guy that crashed intothe fish market. Larry Dickerson 冲进鱼市的那个人

[14:47.51]it's a subdural hematoma along with airin his mediastinum. 硬膜下血肿 连同气胸

[14:50.18]Now look at this, look at his spine right here. 看看这 看看他的脊椎

[14:52.12]- Spinal stenosis. - Yep. - 脊髓狭窄 - 是

[14:53.94]Narring of the spine, most often a result of aging. 脊椎狭窄 一般是老化的结果

[14:57.21]Causes numbnessin the legs and feet. 造成下肢和脚部的麻痹

[14:59.30]His case is so far advanced,I doubt he could evenfeel his feet,which means-- 他的情况已经是后期 我怀疑他都感觉不到自己的脚 也就是说

[15:03.47]oh,he shouldn'thave been driving. 他不能开车的

[15:05.69]You paged me? 你呼我?

[15:06.73]Patient has airin the mediastinum. Wanted you to take a look. 病人气胸 想让你看看

[15:09.92]Oh,this guyshouldn't have been driving. 这人不能开车的

[15:11.27]I know. 我知道

[15:12.39]It looks like he hasa tracheal injury. You going into the O.R.For the subdural? 看上去气管有损伤 你想给硬膜肿块手术?

[15:15.70]Yeah,as soon as onebecomes available. 越快越好 只要有空的房

[15:18.87]- What's going onwith cristina? - What do you mean? - Cristina怎么了? - 你指什么?

[15:22.68]Well,first she kicks meout of bed at 5:00 this morning so she can have girl talkwith meredith, 首先他早上五点把我吵醒 为了跟Meredith谈话

[15:26.48]and now I can't find her. Shewas supposed to be my intern. 我现在又找不到她了 她应该是我的实习生

[15:29.08]I had to get my own C.T. What's goin' on? 我不得不自己帮病人拍CT 她怎么了?

[15:33.65]Nothing. Cristina's fine. 没事 Cristina挺好

[15:36.46]She's just workingreally hard. 她就是工作太辛苦了

[15:39.25]I'm sure I don't haveany idea. 我保证我不知道

[15:44.70]don't mention cristinato burke,okay? It's just not a good idea. 别跟Burke提Cristina 好么? 这不是什么好主意

[15:48.20]Yeah? What did youtalk about this morning? 那你们今天早上说什么了?

[15:50.35]Bank robberies... which isn't reallythe point,okay? 银行抢劫……这不是我想说的

[15:54.60]She was jogging,and well... just cut her some slack today,okay? 我想说 她有点不是很顺 你应该宽容一点

[15:59.70]- Not thatI should interfere-- - but you're going to anyway. - 我想我不该过问 - 但你必须要过问

[16:04.35]I'm just gonna ask once,very nicely. (那好吧)我只问一次

[16:08.08]Please. Please. 拜托 拜托

[16:11.51]You know says "thank you"like nothing else? 我就不说谢谢了

[16:17.12]I'm leaving now. 我走了哦

[16:33.20]hey,uh,derek'slooking for you. He said you lefta patient in the C.T. Derek找你 他说 你把一个病人留在了CT房

[16:36.42]- I'm trying to hear. - what's going on? - 我在尽量听 - 怎么了?

[16:47.02]- dr. Yang. - Yes,sir. - Yang医生 - 是的

[16:49.31]When you see dr. Burke, tell him I need to speak with him. 你看到Burke医生时 告诉他我找他

[16:52.49]Of course,sir. 当然可以

[16:54.12]Uh,is that,uh,dr. Hahnfrom presbyterian talking to george's dad? 那是Presbyterian的Hahn 在和George爸爸说话?

[16:59.06]Mr. O'malley has electedto have dr. Hahnperform his valve replacement. O'malley选择让Hahn医生完成他的手术

[17:03.50]Um,but what aboutdr. Burke? Burke医生怎么办呢?

[17:05.23]Dr. Burke's been replaced. Burke医生被替换了

[17:15.13]Well,so what if he replaced mewith dr. Hahn? 把我换掉又怎么了

[17:17.27]I'm no longeron his father's surgery. 我不再负责他爸爸的手术了

[17:18.92]That's a good thing if it means you stop obsessing. 如果能让你不再困扰了 也算是件好事

[17:20.70]George didn't just replace you. He told the chief.The chief knows. George不仅仅替换了你 他告诉主任了 主任知道了

[17:24.91]I mean,for all we know,erica hahn's being considered the new head of cardio. Erica Hahn会被要求接手心脏科

[17:28.49]And the chief asked meto tell you that he has something importantto talk to you about. 主任让我告诉你 他有重要的事跟你说

[17:33.84]- Oh,okay. - So we need to alignour stories. - 好吧 - 所以我们要编个故事

[17:37.37]This is why I feel likeI'm covering for you. 我感觉我在掩护你

[17:39.24]I don't line up stories. That's not me. 我不编故事 那不是我

[17:40.87]Oh,I'm sorry. You thinkit's me?That's not fair. 不好意思 你认为是我? 这不公平

[17:42.96]You know,it's done. 够了

[17:44.10]The chief wants to talk to me, so I will talk to him. 主任想跟我谈话 我就去

[17:47.35]I am not telling hima story,cristina. 我不想跟他撒谎 Cristina

[17:51.03]I'm gonna tell himthe truth. 我想告诉他事实

[17:52.86]Burke. Burke. Burke Burke

[17:58.41]- still gettinga heartbeat there? - Happy to say. - 还有心跳么? - 很乐观的

[18:00.97]And it'll get stronger once you've had your surgery. 做手术后会跳得更好

[18:04.53]Do you mind me askingwhy you guys switched from dr. Burke to dr. Hahn? 为什么要把Burke医生换成Hahn医生?

[18:07.66]No,we didn'T. Georgie did. 不是我们 Georgie换的

[18:09.44]- Did he say why? - Not really,no. - 他说原因了么? - 没有

[18:12.71]Did georgie and dr. Burke maybe have a falling out? Georgie和Burke医生吵架了么?

[18:14.78]Not that I know of. 我不知道有这事

[18:15.59]Then is there something going on with george and dr. Hahn? 那是不是George 跟Hahn医生好上了?

[18:17.90]Ah,here we go again. 又来了

[18:19.43]No,there's nothing going on with george and dr. Hahn. 不 George和Hahn医生不会好上的

[18:21.76]I already told her. Dr. Torresis the one who loves george. 我跟她说了 Torres喜欢George

[18:25.95]Well,then why did dr. Torres break up with him? 那Torres医生还跟他分手?

[18:28.46]Why did dr. Torres break up with him, I mean,between us? Torres医生为什么跟他分手呢? 我们私下说

[18:33.13]Well... how muchdid george tell you? George跟你说了多少?

[18:35.86]Everything,I'm his mother. 所有的事 我是他妈妈

[18:37.11]Okay,well,then you knowthat callie is a little bit out there. 你知道么 Callie有一点点出位

[18:39.57]I mean,I have seen more of that girl's bodythan I have of my own. 我看她的身体比看自己次数还多

[18:42.24]It's just a little bit too much information for me. 这对我有点太刺激了

[18:44.23]I mean,nobody needs to benaked that often. 没人会像那样经常裸着

[18:50.41]He didn't tell you that? 他没跟你们说?

[18:54.04]I don't knowwhy they broke up. 我不知道他们为什么分手

[18:55.77]George seemedto really like her, and he kind of needed her. George似乎很爱她 甚至需要她

[18:58.12]I mean,you remember the whole george and meredith thing. 我是说 你应该记得 George和Meredith那件事

[19:00.16]- Wait,george and meredith? - I knew it. - 等等 George和Meredith? - 我知道

[19:02.88]George didn'ttell you that either. George也没跟你说

[19:04.92]First meredith,then dr. Torres and now this dr. Hahn... 先是Meredith 然后是Torres 现在是Hahn...

[19:07.96]o'malley men are studs. o'malley家的男人都是情种

[19:10.29]He isn't a stud,he's just very handsome. 他不是情种 他只是很英俊

[19:12.23]Okay,people,focus. Georgeis not dating erica hahn. 话说回来 George没有跟Erica Hahn约会

[19:15.25]Then why would he want herto perform his father's surgeryinstead of dr. Burke? 那他为什么让她代替Burke手术?

[19:18.92]- Is she betterthan dr. Burke? - She's good,really good. - 她比Burke医生还好? - 她很好 当然

[19:23.49]Nobody's better than burke. 但没人比Burke强

[19:25.63]- Then why can't I havedr. Burke? - I don't know. - 那我为什么不能让Burke医生手术? - 我不知道

[19:29.27]Do me a favor... could you find out? 帮帮我 你能不能查出原因?

[19:33.81]- Hey,have you seen george? - No. - 你看见George了么? - 没有

[19:36.48]- He is acting so weird. - So is cristina. - 他行为太怪异了 - Cristina也是

[19:39.16]What is wrongwith everyone today? 今天大家都怎么了?

[19:41.74]Hey,callie. I wasgonna come and find you. Callie 我正要去找你

[19:44.24]What did you wanttoalk to me about? 你要跟我说什么?

[19:45.30]- Panties. - Uh,callie,what you up to? - 内裤 - Callie 你指什么?

[19:47.62]- I'm gonna kickmeredith's ass right now. - Get off me! - 我现在要教训Meredith - 离我远点!

[19:50.09]I kept your secrets,I was discreet, I was a really good friendto you, 我很小心的保守你的秘密 我是你的好朋友

[19:52.64]and I didn't have to be, and then you go and do this? 我本来不需要的 现在你反过来做这个?

[19:55.38]- Do what?! - Hey,callie,use your words! - 做什么?! - Callie 好好说!

[19:57.11]- Use your words,callie. - Panties,meredith. - 好好说 Callie - 内裤 Meredith

[19:58.88]I'm talkin' aboutthe mcfreakin'-cone-of-silence pair of panties I pulled offthe bulletin board, 我是说 我从公告牌上把内裤拿下来

[20:02.61]not to mention the adulterousmcsex I witnessed. 只字未提我看到你们的奸情

[20:04.70]- Hey,hey,hey! - You remember that? - Hey hey hey! - 还记得吗?

[20:06.07]Hey,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,but she's very little,and you're hurting her. 不好意思 她很弱小 你伤到她了

[20:08.93]You told george.My night with mcsteamy was not yours to share. 你告诉George了 你不该告诉他我跟McSteamy上床了

[20:12.49]That's what this is about, your sex with mcsteamy? 就是指这个 你和McSteamy上床的事?

[20:15.27]You told izzie. 你还告诉Izzie了

[20:16.31]- No.No,no! - Callie! - 没有! 没有! - Callie!

[20:17.78]You told me you sleptwith someone. 你告诉我你跟某人上床了

[20:20.17]You never said it was sloan. George told me it was sloan. 你没说那个人是Sloan George跟我说的

[20:25.76]George? George?

[20:27.31]George told you? Who told george? George告诉你的? 谁告诉George的?

[20:31.05]Maybe perhapsthe guy you slept with? 也许是跟你上床的人?

[20:38.46]george thinksI betrayed him, and I didn'T. George认为我背叛了他 但我没有

[20:42.21]I didn'T. We were broken up. 我没有 我们分手了

[20:43.62]Well,go tell george. 去告诉George

[20:51.53]- Dude,she wentall cage fighter on you. - I know. - 伙计 她想跟你打架呢 - 我知道

[20:58.02]How's my dad doing? 我爸爸怎么样了?

[20:59.77]George,your ex is hard-core--passionate,but hard-core. George 你那激情澎湃的前女友 太激情了

[21:03.63]Yeah,I don't--how is he doing? 我不是 他怎么样了?

[21:06.08]- He's fine,george. - And my mom,is she driving you crazy? - 他挺好 George - 我妈妈有没有让你疯狂?

[21:08.60]Has she offeredto iron your scrubs? 她有没有要求熨你的衣服?

[21:10.73]She does that. She offers to iron things,weird things. 她会做的 她总想熨东西 奇怪的东西

[21:16.25]They're fine. They're just,um... 他们挺好 只是...

[21:18.66]- what? - Confused. - 什么? - 很困惑

[21:20.84]You know,suddenly a stranger is operatingon your dad's heart, 突然让一个陌生人给你爸爸做手术

[21:23.51]and they bothwant to know why, and I have no ideawhat to tell them,so... 他们想知道原因 我又不知道怎么解释

[21:27.56]cristina,tell izziewhy dr. Hahn is doing my dad'ssurgery instead of burke. Cristina 告诉Izzie为什么 Hahn医生代替Burke医生给我爸爸手术

[21:37.35]Go on. 说啊

[21:39.78]Look...dr. Hahnis an incredible surgeon. Your father is in great hands. Hahn是个很出色的医生 交给她你爸爸肯定会没事的

[21:44.62]- Nothing else matters. - You're wrong. - 不会有什么问题 - 你错了

[21:46.17]There's a lot of peoplewith fathers in this hospital, and it does matter to themwho their doctor is. 医院里每个病人都有父亲 对他们而言谁开刀都是一个问题

[21:56.55]George,I...I-I know this is scary. I understand that. George 我知道这事很吓人 我能理解

[22:00.85]But burke... 但Burke...

[22:02.55]I didn't come backuntil I was ready. Preston burke is ready. 我准备好了才回来的 Preston Burke也准备好了

[22:07.18]Look,I... I just can'ttalk to you about this. 我没法告诉你

[22:10.26]This is none of your business, and just please,please stay out of this. 这不关你的事 你能不能不要插手了

[22:14.83]- What do I doabout your parents? - You don't do anythingabout my parents. - 我怎么跟你父母交待? - 你不用跟他们说

[22:18.38]Your job is to watch,remember? 你的工作只是观察 记得么?

[22:22.29]I was just... sorry. 我只是...抱歉

[22:31.30]You might considerleaving that alone until she goes intothe O.R. 进手术室前不处理那部分

[22:34.18]Yeah,about that--when's that gonna happen? 什么时候能手术?

[22:36.46]There's a large shard of glassin my heart,you know? 你知道我心脏里有一大片玻璃

[22:38.94]You'd be surisedhow long people can live with stuffinside their bodies--glass,shrapnel,bullets. 很多人身体里 藏有异物还能生存很久

[22:44.14]I saw a guy once with halfa chair leg in his chest. 我见过一个人胸腔里有一半椅子腿

[22:47.03]- That was one hellof a splinter. - Can we focus here? - 这只是一块玻璃碎片 - 看看目前的情况

[22:53.24]it looks likewe'll,uh, have the O.R.In a few hours. 再过几小时就能手术了

[22:56.01]So if I get hit by a car, thrown through a window, 我被车撞了 从窗户飞出去

[22:59.69]have a big shard of glassin my chest and my baby survives, 胸腔里有一大块玻璃 我的孩子还能幸存

[23:03.49]that's pretty much a signI should have this baby,right,even without a father? 是不是表明我该留着这个孩子 即使没有父亲?

[23:07.63]- Everyone has a father. - Not if she doesn't tell him. - 每人都有爸爸 - 如果她不告诉他

[23:11.80]You think I should tell him. Everyone says I'm wrong. 你觉得我该告诉他 每个人都说我错了

[23:15.61]He's scum,and now I'm the bad guy'cause I don't want himin my kid's life,right? 他是人渣 现在我不想让他进入 我孩子的生活 所以我也是坏人 对么?

[23:19.34]- That's what you're thinking? - Janelle... - 你是不是这么想的? - Janelle...

[23:22.67]my thing is,what about the kid? 我想说 孩子怎么办?

[23:24.49]I mean,what happenswhen he's 6 or 7 and he wants to meet his dad? 当他6-7岁了 想见他爸爸时怎么办?

[23:26.98]- Karev,this is none ofyour business,okay? - She asked,okay? - Karev 不关你的事 好么? - 她问我了 好么?

[23:29.98]He cheated on me. 他欺骗了我

[23:31.44]Makes him an ass. Doesn'tmean you have to be one. 他负了你 但你不用负你的孩子

[23:36.48]ms. Duco? B.P.'S 80 over 60. - Duco小姐? - BP80 超过60

[23:42.91]J.V.D.And muffled heart sounds. She's officially unstable. J.V.D. 心跳声压抑 她现在很不稳定

[23:45.65]The O.R. Can't wait.Alex,find burke and bolus a liter of saline,hang a unit of blood. 手术不能再拖了 Alex去找Burke 准备一升生理盐水 一个单位的血液

[23:50.07]We've got to get her ready for transport,people,now! 我们要准备将她转移 现在

[23:52.99]- I'm sorry.Spinal what? - stenosis. - 对不起 脊椎什么? - 狭窄

[23:56.36]And he got thisin the accident? 事故导致他这样?

[23:58.33]I think it may have causedthe accident. Spinal stenosis is commonin older people. 是这样导致了事故 脊椎狭窄在老年人中很常见

[24:02.25]No,no.Larry didn't haveanything wrong with himbefore the accident. 不 Larry事故前身体很健康

[24:05.91]So there were no symptoms that either of you noticed? 你没发现任何症状?

[24:08.64]No,larry was fine. 不 Larry挺健康的

[24:11.38]We're old,but we've both been in good health.Larry was fine. 我们老了 但身体不错 Larry很好

[24:15.25]We're gonna need to operateon your husband. 你的丈夫需要手术

[24:16.96]He has a subdural hematoma, which is bleeding in the brain. 他硬膜下血肿 导致脑部出血

[24:19.70]And we need to bring in a cardiothoracic surgeon 我们需要请一位心脏外科医生

[24:21.88]to repair the holein his trachea, which is his windpipe. 来修复他气管的破损

[24:24.72]That--that--so that means that you need to operateon his... 这意味着要在他的...

[24:28.84]- chestand his head? - Yes. - 胸部和头部做手术? - 是的

[24:34.27]We just wanted to goto the market. 我们只是想去市场

[25:02.97]It'll be okay,whatever happens. 无论发生什么都没关系

[25:05.27]- Cristina-- - he can't punish you. - Cristina - 他不能惩罚你

[25:07.21]Every surgery we've donehas been textbook, and we haven't losta single patient. 我们做的每个手术都很规范 我们也没有一个病人死亡

[25:10.73]- We're flawless,and he can't-- - cristina. - 我们毫无失误 他不能... - Cristina

[25:12.97]You were right. 你是对的

[25:15.25]The chief does want dr. Hahnto replace me as headof cardiothoracic surgery. 主任想要Hahn代替我 做心脏外科的主管

[25:23.33]Richard's planning to retire. Richard想要退休

[25:27.55]And he's recommending that the board name me... 他会向董事会提名我当

[25:31.45]the next chief of surgery. 下一任外科主任

[25:48.15]This is good. It's good,right?

[25:49.85]- It means georgedidn't say anything. - I'm going to be chief. 这是好事 很好 不是么?

[25:52.21]And you didn't tell him anything about your tremor,right? - 说明George什么也没说 - 我要当主任了

[25:54.43]I'm going to be chief... of surgeryat seattle grace hospital. 你没告诉他你手颤的事 对么?

[25:56.25]我要当西雅图格雷斯医院的 外科主任了...

[26:00.95]Why do you sound like that?

[26:01.96]Because I'm going to be chief of surgery at seattle grace hospital. 你怎么这种反应?

[26:03.78]因为我要当西雅图格雷斯医院 外科主任了

[26:06.57]This is whatyou've worked for. This is what you wanted.

[26:08.39]这是你尽力争取的 你想要的

[26:11.18]And I can work harder.

[26:12.33]I--I can learn more procedures, I will do whateveryou need. 我可以更努力地工作

[26:14.15]我 我可以多学些东西 你要我怎样 我都愿意

[26:15.85]- What? - Right now nobody knows.

[26:18.65]I-I mean,yes,okay,the fact that george hasn't told the chief yetdoesn't mean that he won't, - 什么? - 现在没人知道

[26:20.47]我 我是说 事实是George还没 告诉主任 但不代表他以后不会

[26:23.22]but we can deal with that.I mean, I'll--I'll talk to him,or you talk to him.

[26:25.04]但我们能解决这事儿 我会和他谈谈 或者你和他谈

[26:26.71]And once you're chief,it won't matter. I mean,you'll be chief.

[26:28.90]Okay,this is--this is good. Nobody will ever know. 一旦你当上主任 就不会有问题了 你会当上主任

[26:31.97]I'll know. 好的 这很好 没人会知道

[26:33.87]I can't be chief,not now, not like this. 我知道

[26:36.58]Do you know how longI wanted this? My entire career. 我不能当主任 起码不是现在 不在现在这种情况下

[26:38.40]你知道我等了多久么? 我整个职业生涯

[26:40.66]And when I finally get it...

[26:43.86]there's blood on it. 当我最终获得这个机会...

[26:45.62]I had a tremor, and I didn'tsay anything about it. 这是沾染着鲜血的

[26:48.04]It's unimaginable. It's unethical... 我手颤 但我没说

[26:49.86]这真是难以想象的 缺乏职业道德

[26:51.99]dishonorable. I've crossed a line.

[26:53.97]We crossed the line together. I crossed the line with you. 可耻 我越线了

[26:55.79]我们一起越线了 我和你一起

[26:57.88]You dragged meacross the line.

[27:00.79]You made us a team,you told shepherd I was fine,you said,"nobody has to know". 都是因为你

[27:02.61]你拖我下水 你告诉Shepherd 我没事 你说"没人知道"

[27:04.49]I was out there on my own. You made us a team.

[27:06.92]I didwhat you needed me to do. 我自己在那里 你把我们拉到一起

[27:08.67]You were standing therelooking at me, telling me your whole lifewas your hands, 我做了你要我做的

[27:11.56]ifou couldn't operate, if youcouldn't be preston burke-- 你站在那里看着我 告诉我 你的手是你生命的全部

[27:13.49]- that was your concern,not mine. - Oh,no,no,no,no. 如果你不能做手术 如果你不再是Preston Burke医生

[27:15.39]No,you put that on me. - 那是你关心的 不是我关心的 - 不 不 不 不

[27:17.21]不 你让我这么做的

[27:21.70]When you got shot,I walked away, and you cannotlet that go,can you?

[27:23.52]你中枪的时候 我弃你不顾 你忘不了这事 对吗

[27:28.96]Well,I'm sticking now. Okay?I'm sticking.

[27:31.97]You know how tired I am? 我现在不会离开了 我在坚持

[27:33.99]Do you know how scared I amevery time we go into surgery?But I do it,for you. 你知道我多累么?

[27:35.81]你知道每次做手术的时候 我多害怕么? 但我这么做 是为你

[27:37.33]Do you know how scared I am when we go into surgery?

[27:40.08]I don't have to just worry about my career now. 你知道我们做手术的时候我多害怕么?

[27:42.01]I have to put yourson my back,too. 现在我不能只担心自己的事业

[27:44.00]- We are a team. - Oh,there is no team. 我还担心连累你的事业

[27:46.18]There is no team. - 我们是一个团队 - 没有团队

[27:47.81]There is only me,once again, making allowances foryour emotional shortcomings. 没有团队

[27:49.63]只有我一个人 只有我在忍受你感情上的缺陷

[27:59.03]Okay,we shouldn't say anymore.

[28:00.85]好吧 我们别再说了

[28:06.49]No... we shouldn'T.

[28:08.31]是的 不用再说了

[28:33.32]oh,look who's here.

[28:35.03]Oh,look how wrinkledhe is. Thank god I broughtthe travel iron. 看谁来了

[28:37.72]Mom. Mom,what's going on? 你的衣服真皱 幸好我带了熨斗

[28:38.95]They paged me to your room. Are you okay? 妈 妈 怎么了?

[28:40.60]Fine. It's just that... 他们呼我到这儿 没事吧?

[28:42.42]很好 是...


[28:47.13]- Want me to? - no,I'll do it. 怎么了?

[28:48.95]- 要我说么? - 不 我说

[28:50.50]Here's the thing,we appreciate everything you've done for us.

[28:52.32]是这样的 感谢你为我们做的一切

[28:54.42]All the strings you pulled with dr. Burke and dr. Hahn--

[28:57.11]the last thing we want to dois cause trouble 'cause we heard how much stressyou been under. 你和Burke医生、Hahn医生 所做的一切努力

[28:58.93]我们知道你压力很大 而我们给你添麻烦了

[29:01.57]First with you and meredith, then with you and callie--

[29:04.03]- izzie! - I thought they knew. 先是你和Meredith闹得不愉快 然后是和Callie

[29:05.29]And we hope you won't be mad,but we rescheduled the surgeryfor tomorrow because-- - Izzie! - 我以为他们知道

[29:07.11]我们不希望你这样 我们重约了明天做手术 因为

[29:10.85]we're stickingwith dr. Burke.


[29:15.10]What did you say to them?

[29:18.04]- We asked her-- - I asked youto stay outta this. 你跟他们说了什么?

[29:21.22]I just told themwhat I thought, that doc-- - 是我们问她的 - 我要你别管这事儿

[29:22.80]- get out. - W-what? 我只告诉他们我想的

[29:25.21]Georgie... - 滚 - 什么?

[29:26.59]- you don't talk like thatto anyone. - Dad... George...

[29:28.41]- 你不能这么跟人说话 - 爸...

[29:30.00]did dr. Stevens tell you that she's on probation

[29:32.40]because the last timeshe was allowed to interactwith patients,someone died? Stevens医生告诉过你们么 她正在留院查看

[29:34.22]因为上次她和病人说的影响了病人 结果病人死了

[29:45.89]It was really niceto see both of you.


[30:00.04]you know the guywho caused the accident?

[30:02.62]An O.R. Just cleared up. You availableto scrub in with me? 你知道撞人的那人么?

[30:04.44]手术室已经准备好 你能协助我手术么?

[30:09.83]- Shapherd... - burke.What's going on?

[30:11.65]- Shapherd... - Burke 发生什么事了?

[30:17.52]dr. Burke,we gota pregnant woman in the pit

[30:19.42]with a traumaticcardiac tamponade from a piece of glasspiercing her heart. Burke医生 我们有个孕妇情况危险


[30:22.79]Addison asked for you.

[30:23.68]Well,you can't dotwo surgeries at once. Addison叫你去

[30:26.08]No,I can'T. 你不能同时做两个手术

[30:27.90]是的 不行

[30:30.35]well,she's bleeding like crazy. What do you want to do?

[30:32.68]burke,my guycan't wait much longer. 她大出血 怎么办?

[30:34.50]Burke 我的病人等不了

[30:38.43]Well,dr. Hahn is here.Invite her to scrub inwith you,dr. Shepherd.

[30:40.25]Hahn医生在 你可以找她协助你

[30:42.28]- I'll take the glasspiercing the heart. - Okay.

[30:44.10]- 我给心肌被玻璃扎的病人做手术 - 好的

[30:47.44]Uh,karev. Yes,sir.

[30:49.86]Make sure that dr. Yang scrubs in with me. - karev - 怎么了


[30:53.85]Everybody gets a surgerybut me.

[30:55.67]除了我 大家都有手术

[31:16.61]We were broken up,as in not together. I can't do this now.

[31:19.40]I-I slept with markto get over you, and guess what,it didn't work. 那事后我们分手了 不在一起 我现在没心思说这个

[31:21.22]我和Mark上床是为了忘记你 你知道么 不管用

[31:22.99]It was a mistake,but I did not betray you,george.

[31:25.99]- I wouldn't--I would never do that. - I can't do this now. 这是个错误 但我没有背叛你

[31:27.81]- 我不会 决不会那么做 - 我现在不想谈这个

[31:38.05]Oh,where are youtaking her?

[31:40.48]- She's having an operation. - Oh,no. 你们要把她带到哪儿?

[31:42.86]What--what--what's wrong with her? - 她要做手术 - 不

[31:45.22]She has some bleedingin her chest, and they need to operate. 她怎么了?

[31:47.04]她胸部流血 需要做手术

[31:49.81]I'm sorry,janelle. I'm so,so sorry.

[31:51.63]对不起 Janelle 实在对不起

[31:54.87]It's okay,mrs. D.

[31:56.79]- I'm gonna be okay. - All right. 没关系 D太太

[32:00.00]Mrs. Dickerson,you shouldgo back to your husband's roomand wait there,okay? - 我会没事的. - 好

[32:01.82]Dickerson太太 你该去你丈夫的病房等 好么?

[32:05.88]He's having surgery,too. Everyone is having surgery.

[32:07.70]他也在做手术 每个人都在做手术

[32:14.50]Uh,go on and take her up. The surgical team is waiting.

[32:17.66]- Ma'am. - What did I do? 我去看看她 你们先去 手术室那边等着呢

[32:20.58]- How could I have done this? - Done what?Done what? - 太太 - 我做了什么?

[32:23.31]I knew that he had trouble, my husband,with his feet. - 我怎么能这么做? - 做了什么?做了什么?


[32:28.16]My daughter came to town, she took away his keys.

[32:30.48]She took away his keys. 我女儿进城了 把他的钥匙拿走了


[32:34.51]You gave 'em back to him.

[32:37.18]If I'd sided with my daughter, oh,larry would have feltso betrayed. 你把钥匙给他了

[32:39.00]如果我和我女儿一样 Larry一定会觉得被背叛了

[32:41.81]He loves to drive.

[32:43.97]He--he--he didn't mean to hurt anyone.Oh,god. 他喜欢开车

[32:45.79]他不想伤害任何人的 天哪

[32:48.37]- I didn't meanto hurt anyone. - I'm so sorry.

[32:50.19]- 我不想伤害任何人 - 我也很难过

[32:53.17]- Um...listen,come with me. - What?

[32:54.99]- 跟我来吧 - 什么?

[32:56.66]I know that you didn't meanto hurt anyone...


[33:02.48]but we need to tellthe police. Just trust me,okay? You're gonna tell the policethe same thingyou just told me...

[33:04.30]但我们得告诉警察 相信我 好么 把刚才对我说的告诉警察...

[33:42.21]it entered the right ventricle and went right throughthe septum.

[33:44.03]玻璃刺入右心室 刺穿心脏隔膜

[33:46.64]I'm going to need to place a pericardial patch.

[33:48.53]- Shall I doa running whip stitch? - No,I've got it. 要放一个心包膜片

[33:51.15]I can do a mcgoon. I've been practicing. - 需要我做平针缠绕缝合么? - 不用 我已经在做了

[33:53.43]Dr. Yang,move tothe other side of the table. 我可以做心室修补 我准备好了


[33:57.83]Dr. Burke,I apologize. I--

[33:59.16]move...to the other sideof the table. Thank you. Burke医生 我道歉 我...

[34:00.98]去 到手术台另一边去 谢谢

[34:16.93]can I get some morelap pads?

[34:18.95]how's it goingdown there,dr. Hahn? Oh,just groovy. 给我点连接垫

[34:22.02]They're all gonna be so jeous back at seattle presbyterian. -来这里感觉怎么样 Hahn医生? -很棒

[34:24.91]Why is that? 西雅图长老医院的医生们 肯定会很嫉妒我

[34:26.06]Scrubbing inwith derek shepherd,the geniuswho saved preston burkewhen he almost got his ashot off? 为什么嫉妒?

[34:27.88]因为我协助救了Preston Burke的 天才医生Derek Shepherd做手术

[34:31.41]Major jealousy.

[34:32.83]Did you hear that? I'm a genius. 是很多人嫉妒

[34:34.26]- Of course you are. - No,she was serious. 你听见没?我是天才

[34:37.13]Damn it.I'm seeing a partial tear in his aorta. - 当然 - 她说真的呢

[34:40.13]You okay? 见鬼 我看见他大动脉局部破裂

[34:40.72]I'm gonna have to enlarge the incisionto get to the aorta. 你行么?

[34:43.18]We're gonna have to turn him on his back and redress. 我得扩大切口 要到大动脉

[34:45.00]我们要逆转程序 重新调整

[34:47.01]his pressure's bottomed out.

[34:48.43]Can you get controldown there? 他的血压急降

[34:49.36]I know,I know,he's crashing,and this leration'sgetting bigger by the second. 你能搞定么?

[34:51.18]我知道 情况危险 出血口再次扩大

[34:52.91]All right,you need help?

[34:53.74]I need four hands,and I need everyone in hereto help me turn him. 你可以么 需要帮忙么?

[34:55.56]我需要四只手 我要这里所有人帮我救他

[34:57.11]- Page thompson. - He's out.

[34:58.48]- Is burke available? - He's in O.R.Three. - 呼Thompson. - 他不在

[35:00.30]Run in there and see if they can spare him a second. - Burke能来么? - 他在第三手术室

[35:02.08]Okay,I need everyone to help meturn him. On your count derek. 去看看他能不能过来几分钟

[35:05.04]We've got about half an hour before this patient dies... 好 我需要每个人帮忙 Derek 你也来帮忙

[35:05.70]move it. Take it off.Let's go. 只有半小时 否则病人就不行了...

[35:08.06]That is it. Start rewarming. 动手 来吧

[35:11.21]Pledgeted 5-0 prolene. 就这样 开始回温

[35:13.29]It's gonna take aboutten minutesbefore the body warms up,then we'll take her off bypass. 用5-0 prolene线缝合

[35:15.11]身体回温大约要十分钟 然后我们可以去掉导管

[35:18.56]- Nice work,dr. Burke. - Thank you.

[35:20.38]- 干得不错 Burke医生 - 谢谢

[35:26.92]Dr. Burke,dr. Hahnwas repairing the trachea and foundan aortic transection.

[35:28.74]Burke医生 Hahnwas医生缝气管的时候 发现动脉出血

[35:31.49]Patient's crashing. She really needs your help.

[35:33.31]病人情况危殆 她需要你帮忙

[35:37.80]What are you doing?

[35:39.49]The heart can't come offof bypass for a while yet.I'll be right back. 你要干嘛?

[35:41.31]有导管心脏暂时不会有问题 我很快回来

[35:42.98]- Um,shall I come? - No,stay here.

[35:44.80]- 要我去么? - 不 你待在这儿

[35:49.98]Mer.Is it bad?

[35:52.69]What does she need him to do? Mer 很糟糕么?

[35:52.69]The guy's chest is a mess. 她要他帮什么?

[35:53.95]She's juggling the trachealand the aortic injuries, and she just needsanother pair of hands. 病人胸腔出问题了

[35:55.77]她要同时处理气管和动脉问题 得有人帮忙

[35:57.94]- He just repaireda hole in her heart. - I'm sure he can handle it.

[35:59.76]- 他刚处理了病人心脏的伤口 - 我想他能搞定

[36:04.46]- cristina. - hey,hey,hey.

[36:06.91]What do you think you're doing? Get back in there. - Cristina. - 嘿嘿嘿

[36:08.73]你在干什么? 回去

[36:11.54]What,do you think burke can't operate without you?

[36:13.36]怎么 你认为Burke做手术不能没有你?

[36:21.14]- Oh,my god,cristina. - Shut up.

[36:22.96]- 天哪 Cristina - 闭嘴

[36:24.83]He can't operatewithout you.

[36:27.81]If you ever gave a crapabout me in any way, you will shut your mouthand get back into that O.R. 他没你做不成手术

[36:29.63]如果你还要废话 就闭嘴 回手术室去

[36:55.76]there's a beat. It's beating.

[36:58.57]She's readyto come off bypass,right? -有心跳了 -在跳

[37:00.45]She is. 她可以去掉导管了 是吧?

[37:02.82]Dr. Burke asked meto tell you he's gonna be longerthan he thought. 是的

[37:05.00]"Longer than he thought"? What else did he say? Burke医生要我告诉你 他比预计要晚点回来

[37:06.82]比预计晚点 他还说什么了?

[37:09.43]She could stroke out if she stays on any longer.Is--

[37:12.35]what did he say? 如果她这样时间久了 会出问题的

[37:13.26]He said you shouldn't worry. He'll be right back. 他说什么了?

[37:15.08]他说你不要担心 他马上回来

[37:17.71]Well,let's unclp and see what we've got.


[37:24.76]Brain's not interesting enough for you,dr. Grey?

[37:26.86]I've still gota lot of bleeding. I'll placea partial occluding clamp. 大脑还不能吸引你么 Grey医生?

[37:28.68]还是大量出血 我用了局部主动脉钳

[37:30.46]4-0 prolene.

[37:32.28]4-0 prolene线

[37:39.05]- There. - Excellent,burke.Thank you.

[37:42.03]It should hold once you get a few more in there. - 那儿 - 真棒 Burke 谢谢


[37:46.23]focus,dr. Grey. Focus.

[37:48.05]专心点 Grey医生 专心

[37:53.12]- everything okay,dr. Burke? - Everything's fine.

[37:54.94]- 没事吧 Burke医生? - 没事

[37:58.43]Dr. Grey?


[38:04.92]It's been too long. She needs to come off bypass.

[38:07.11]She should come off soon,dr. Yang. How do you want to proceed? 太久了 得给她去掉导管

[38:10.10]I'm not having this girl die of a stroke after all this. 她该马上去掉导管 Yang医生 你想怎么处理?

[38:13.00]Page someone,anyone who can help take her off bypass. 我不能让她因为血管爆裂死了


[38:19.68]What happened in there? He's going to live.

[38:21.50]那边情况怎么样? 他脱离危险了

[38:23.61]Dr. Burke,you were gone too long. She could stroke outany second from--

[38:26.33]gather yourself,dr. Yang. Let's take her off bypass. Burke医生 你去得太久了 她随时会走掉

[38:28.15]Yang医生 回到你的位置 我们来帮她去掉导管

[38:31.68]Good.Good rhythm. Temperature is up.

[38:34.66]Okay,let's take her off bypass. 不错 心律正常 体温在回升

[38:36.51]**********. 好的 去掉导管

[38:39.72]***********. 去掉导管

[38:41.47]Give her more volume.

[38:44.29]Arterial line is out. 加大输血量



[38:52.17]Keep going. Come on.There it is. 好的

[38:53.99]继续 来 行了

[38:57.10]Heartbeat's still strong. Nicely done,dr. Burke.

[38:59.45]Uh,so we justcheck everything and close. - 心跳有力 - 做得不错 Burke医生

[39:01.99]- We'll close-- - wait. 检查一下 缝合

[39:03.81]- 我们可以缝合了 - 等等

[39:09.31]She blew a stitch. Shecould have a tear in her heart.

[39:11.29]Give methe pledgeted 4-0 prolene. Put up two fresh unitsof blood. 她的缝合线崩了 心脏内可能有伤口

[39:14.16]- What can I do?Burke? - Hold pressure. 给我用4-0 prolene脱脂线 再加两袋血

[39:15.91]I needto repair the heart wall. - 我能做什么? Burke? - 按住


[39:21.59]- should I put on a clamp? - One moment.

[39:23.04]- We don't have a moment. - Hold on! - 要用夹子么? - 等一会

[39:24.86]- 我们没时间了 - 等会!

[39:27.08]I need to putthe cannulas back in so we can empty outthe heart again.

[39:29.95]She needs to goback on bypass. Reheparinizeand give me the tubes. 我需要放回导管 体外循环

[39:31.77]她需要用导管进行体外循环 肝素化 给我导管

[39:37.32]her atriumis extremely friable.


[39:46.20]It can't hold a stitch.

[39:47.32]What about a horizontalmattress? I can do it. 不能承受缝合

[39:48.65]Dr. Yang,I don't need you for this. 用连续横褥式缝合吧? 我可以做

[39:50.47]Yang医生 不需要你来

[40:00.51]this is a known complicationof the surgery. It happens.It happens.

[40:02.33]那很容易引起并发症 发生过这样的情况 发生过

[40:12.74]- restart bypass. - restarting bypass.

[40:14.56]- 重新启用导管 - 启用导管

[40:16.47]I was paged. Can I help?

[40:18.29]有人呼我 需要我帮忙?

[40:24.20]I'm repairing the heart wall.

[40:25.99]I could use your helpfor a second attemptto come off bypass. 我在修补心墙


[40:29.72]I'll scrub in.


[40:42.75]Load more 4-0 proleneand a new pericardial patch.

[40:44.57]多用一些4-0 prolene线 重新尝试心包修补

[41:22.73]come in.


[41:27.77]Chief,we need to talk.

[41:30.64]Yes,dr. Burke,I think we do. 主任 我要和你谈谈

[41:32.46]是的 Burke医生 我也这么想

[42:08.68]you're lucky,you know?

[42:10.85]- Pardon? - To study under burke. 你知道么 你很幸运

[42:12.70]If your little intern brain can retain anyof what he teaches you, - 什么? - 跟着Burke学习

[42:16.29]maybe you'll becomehalf the surgeon he is, and that's pretty damn good. 如果你能记住他教你的

[42:18.71]估计你就能有他一半的本事 那已经很厉害了

[42:21.84]If you tell himI told you this...

[42:24.76]ah,he'll never believe you. 如果你告诉他我跟你说这个...


[42:35.54]- Karev. - Dr. Montgomery,how's she doing?

[42:39.05]She made it throughthe surgery. So did the baby,which is,uh... - Karev - Montgomery医生 她怎么样?

[42:42.95]well,it's like I said,the kid's a fighter. 她撑过了手术 宝宝也没事

[42:44.98]- You think she'll callthe guy,the dad? - No. 也许就像我说的 宝宝是个强者

[42:47.33]It takes more than a,uh,well-meaning speech to get a girl to makea commitment like that. - 你认为她会通知那个男人 孩子的爸? - 不

[42:49.75]要让一个女人 做那样的决定可不容易

[42:52.31]- Yeah. - I appreciated it,though,your take.

[42:55.13]- Uh,it was surprising. - "Surprising"? - 是的 - 感谢你付出的努力

[42:58.32]- Well,for a mark sloan *******? - Lackey. - 我很惊讶 - "惊讶"?

[43:01.29]I dabbed blood all day. - 作为Mark Sloan的...? - 跟班

[43:03.53]You're a decent guy,alex. 我整天就是给人止血

[43:06.00]I'd hate to seesloan beat that out of you. 你是个好人 Alex.


[43:16.65]- Anyway... - yeah,thanks.

[43:18.39]- All right,then. - Okay. - 其实... - 谢谢

[43:20.81]- 好了 - 好

[43:47.94]I would've helped you if you'd told me.

[43:50.36]如果你告诉我 我会帮你的


[43:58.56]I cannot. It'S...been a long day... Burke?

[44:00.98]我不能说 已经很久了

[44:05.94]and I just cannot.


[44:10.63]- I thought you weremy friend. - I thoughtyou were my surgeoN.

[44:13.05]- 我当你是我朋友 - 我当你是我的外科医生

[44:20.39]in some ways,betrayal is inevitable.

[44:22.81]有时 背叛是无法避免的

[44:24.91]When our bodies betray us, surgery is often the key to recovery.

[44:27.33]当身体背叛我们的时候 手术可以帮我们恢复

[44:33.83]When we betray each other...

[44:37.28]when we betray each other, the path to recovery is less clear. 如果我们背叛彼此...

[44:39.70]当我们背叛彼此后 要想恢复就不那么容易

[45:16.36]It was both our ideato rob the bank.


[45:20.38]- It was both of us. - I know.

[45:22.91]I just--oh,I couldn'tdo it anymore. - 我们俩的 - 我知道

[45:25.31]- It wasn't-- - you did the right thing. 我只是 我没法再忍受了

[45:28.55]Yeah? - 不是 - 你做得对

[45:31.89]Then how come I walkedacross the parking lot and realizedI can't go home? 是么?

[45:34.31]那为什么我走过停车场 才想起我无法回家?

[45:41.45]But where am isupposed to go?


[46:01.18]- Hey. - Hey.

[46:03.60]- 嘿 - 嘿

[46:05.18]So dr. Hahn...

[46:07.95]yeah. 那 Hahn医生...


[46:11.98]He's my dad...

[46:14.42]and I'm scared,and you... 他是我爸...


[46:18.74]you of all peopleknow what it's like to have someone you lovein the hospital--

[46:21.50]no.You do not get to bring up denny to me ever again. 你明白你爱的人在医院是什么感觉

[46:24.85]Do you understand? 不 你不该再跟我提Denny

[46:27.92]I'm sorry. 明白?


[46:32.54]Don't try to apologize, not now,not yet.

[46:34.96]别道歉 起码不是现在



[46:46.15]- Maybe tomorrow. - Okay.

[46:48.57]- 也许明天 - 好

[46:57.74]You watched his handsall through surgery.


[47:02.13]- You knew. - I can't say anything.

[47:04.55]- 你知道 - 我没法说什么

[47:06.65]There are thingscristina told me. She's my friend.I can't say anything.

[47:09.07]Cristina告诉过我一些事 她是我朋友 我不能说

[47:11.99]No. No,that is nothow this works.

[47:14.41]不 这是不对的

[47:17.44]How could you knowwhat you know or suspect itand not even tell me?

[47:19.86]是你知道这事 你怀疑 但是你怎么能不告诉我?

[47:23.69]You cleared himfor surgery,derek. How did you not know?

[47:26.11]你帮他做的手术 Derek 你怎么会不知道?

[47:29.52]You can't be angry with me.

[47:31.61]She's my best friend, and right or wrong,she... 别生我的气

[47:34.03]她是我最好的朋友 不管如何


[47:42.43]She was therewhen you weren'T. 怎么?

[47:44.85]你不在的时候 她一直陪在我身边

[47:57.01]we do whatever it takes to rebuild the trust that was lost.


[48:25.58]And then there are some wounds, some betrayals that are so deep,so profound...

[48:28.00]但有些伤害 背叛太深 影响太大...

[48:33.38]that there's no way to repair what was lost.


[48:44.02]And when that happens...


[48:56.98]there's nothing left to do but wait.


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