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[00:00.00]syn:泡泡〉diana 实习医生格蕾 前情提要
[00:00.24]previously on "grey's anatomy"...
[00:01.91]you're watching me sleep again? 你又看着我睡觉?
[00:03.41]It's just that you snore a little. 你有点打呼噜
[00:04.95]harold o'malley,63,scheduled for a transhiatal esophagectomy tomorrow morning at 9:00. Harold O'mally 63岁 安排明早九点食管切除手术
[00:09.83]I want you to take the tumor out. 我想让你将肿瘤摘除
[00:11.83]As things progress with my dad,it would help me if you were straight with me. 任何有关我爸的病情 如果你对我直言不讳都是帮了我的忙
[00:15.67]Okay. 好的
[00:16.30]So that's it? We're closing him back up? 那就这样完了? 我们就把他原封不动 再缝起来?
[00:18.21]No. 不
[00:18.91]But I thought-- the patient asked us to proceed. - 但我认为 - 病人要求我们进行下去
[00:22.11]You want to watch the kidneys because if the kidneys fail,that's a sign that everything else is starting to go. 你看紧点肾脏 因为如果肾功能衰竭 那就是其他器官衰竭的前兆
[00:25.89]130 ccs of shiny,yellow urine! 130cc淡黄色尿液!
[00:28.59]That is fantastic! 太好了!
[00:31.35]heather douglas,17,past medical history of vater syndrome. Heather Douglas 17岁 病史是VATER综合症
[00:34.37]I think I could significantly help with the spinal curvature. 我能最大程度治愈你的脊椎畸形
[00:36.71]I get to scrub in. 我要做这个手术
[00:37.79]Not till I say so. 我说可以才可以
[00:38.88]I deposited the damn check. 我把那张该死的支票兑现了
[00:40.34]Insurance bastards. 保险公司王八蛋
[00:41.60]The surgery's too experimental. 这个手术的实验性质太强了
[00:43.50]Looks like there won't be a surgery to scrub in on. 看起来你想参加的手术不会有了
[00:45.62]Sorry,stevens. 抱歉 Stevens
[00:46.69]You don't get the high horse this week,addison. 本周你不可以这么拽 Addison
[00:48.78]Not this week. 这周不行
[00:49.83]dr.Burke's hand-- has he had any tremors? Burke医生的手 有颤动吗?
[00:52.01]- talk to him. - no - 去问他 - 不
[00:53.09]'Cause then he wins. 那他就赢了
[00:54.09](Meredith) my father's here. 我爸爸在这
[00:55.24]The one I don't talk to and barely know? 我不想和他说话 对他一无所知
[00:57.23]He's here. 他在这儿
[00:57.86]If you want to go back to plastics... 如果你想回到整形科
[01:00.19]nah. 不
[01:13.07]all right!Just shut it off,please! 够了 关掉它 求你了
[01:16.03]Could you not snap at me? 你能不能不要对我大吼大叫?
[01:19.60](Alarm stops) I didn't sleep much. 我睡得不够
[01:21.75]Maybe that's because you were too busy shoving me every five minutes. 也许是因为你每隔五分钟就忙着捅我
[01:25.14]I wasn't shoving you. I was nudging you to stop the very loud sawing of wood. 我不是捅你 我是推你下 让你不要发出锯木声
[01:30.61]I wore the nose strip. 我用了鼻贴
[01:32.33]Oh,it's cute,but it doesn't work. 戴上鼻贴很可爱但却不管用
[01:35.06]What? 什么?
[01:35.70]You need to shave. 你得刮胡子了
[01:50.32]Izzie,uh... Izzie
[01:52.42]the--the--the-- the--the check. 支票
[01:55.84]The--it's not,uh,it's--it's not-- did you--did you-- did you drop it?Here. 它不在 它不在 你 你 你把它掉了? 这
[02:01.22]Move,move,ve. 移一下 移一下
[02:02.29]Did you-- not--it--it's not here. 你 没有 它不见了
[02:05.80]Izzie,it's not here. Izzie 它不见了
[02:07.56]I deposited it,okay? 我把它存了 好吗?
[02:10.86]You didn't deposit it in the garbage disposal or something like that,did you? 你没有存到垃圾站之类的地方吧 是吗?
[02:13.62]It's at the bank,okay,george? 银行 行吗? George
[02:15.22]Now just shut up about it already. 现在不要再提它了
[02:19.05]It's at--it's at the bank? 它存进 存进银行了?
[02:21.44]It's-- it's earning interest? 它 它在赚利息了?
[02:22.45]Did I not just say,"shut up about it already"? 难道我没说过 不要提了?
[02:24.06]Izzie... Izzie
[02:26.24]it's real now. 现在你真的有钱了
[02:28.59]I--that money,it could-- the money could travel. 我 钱 钱就如同活水
[02:31.47]It could--it could buy things. 它可以 可以用来买东西
[02:32.77]It could buy many,many things. 可以买很多 很多东西
[02:33.89]That's a-- that's a lot of money,izzie. 那是 那是很一大笔钱 Izzie
[02:36.58]Shut up about it,george. 别提它了 George
[02:38.38]I'm just saying-- I'm just saying,life is short. 我是说 我是说 人生苦短
[02:43.38]You know,it's like,cancer happens and surgery happens,and I-- you know,it's just-- it's just-- "gather ye rosebuds"... 如同 会得上癌症 经历手术 我... 人生如同"收获玫瑰花蕾"的过程
[02:52.90]you know,you have 8.7 million rosebuds,izzie. 你有870万朵玫瑰花蕾了 Izzie
[02:56.31]You gotta spend some rosebuds. 你得用掉一些玫瑰花蕾
[02:58.55]That's what I'm saying. 这就是我想说的
[03:04.69]You made me burn my french toast. 你害得我的法式吐司烤焦了
[03:06.26]You can buy new french toast. 你再买个法式吐司
[03:31.42]Hey.Uh,I was,uh-- 你好 我
[03:33.20]- yeah,I was just,uh,just-- - the baby's doing-- - 是的 我正想... - 宝宝怎么样
[03:36.76]good.. Yeah,she's good. 好 是的 她很好
[03:37.80]- Good.That's--that's good. - yeah 好啊 那 那就好
[03:40.10]Doctors. 医生
[03:40.56]- Yes. - What? - 在 - 什么事?
[03:41.40]I was wondering,the baby looks... 我刚想 宝宝看上去...
[03:44.83](addison and alex) good.Yeah,she's good. 很好 是的 她很好
[03:46.39]Good.She looks good. 很好 她看上去很好
[03:47.07]She is.She's,uh... 她 她
[03:48.40]she's good? She'- she's out of the woods? 她好了?她 她脱离危险了?
[03:50.70]She is. She's,uh... 她 她
[03:52.57]she's good. 她好了
[03:53.78]She is out of the woods.Her vitals are strong. 她脱离危险了 她的脉息强劲
[03:56.27]Uh,she made it through the night,and she's,uh... 她挺过了一夜 她...
[04:01.13]she's a fighter. 她是个斗士
[04:02.80]So I can tell my wife and my daughter? 那我可以告诉我老婆和我女儿了?
[04:05.53]You can.And you should. 你可以 你应该告诉
[04:07.63]Oh,thank you. Thank you both so much. 谢谢你 太感谢你们俩了
[04:27.44]No,she's out of the woods. 不 她脱离危险了
[04:30.88]How am I related to that man? 我怎么会和这人有血缘关系?
[04:33.69]waht you mean? 你什么意思?
[04:35.63]look at him.He's a mess. 瞧瞧他 一团糟
[04:37.82]Yeah? 是吗?
[04:39.76]I mean,he's a disaster... 我的意思是 他多灾多难
[04:41.30]He's a stammering,mumbling,clumsy disaster with whom I have absolutely nothing in common,not one thing. 说话结巴 含糊不清 动作笨拙 倒霉透顶 我和他绝对没有共同点 一点也没有
[04:51.70](laughs) I hate to break this to you... 我不想告诉你这个
[04:55.55]what? 什么?
[04:56.01]Well,you know,you do your own share of stammering yourself. 你说话也结结巴巴
[04:59.80]Yeah,that nervous talking thing you do? 你说话紧张时?
[05:01.40]It's actually a lot like him. 其实跟他很像
[05:02.59](Thatcher) yeah,that's why I'm so happy. 是的 这就是我为什么如此高兴
[05:04.14]No,it's not. 不 不是这样的
[05:04.76]Plus that messy thing. 外加一团糟
[05:06.01]Oh,totally. 完全如此
[05:07.42]You're the messy one. 你才一团糟
[05:08.67]No,my apartment's messy,my locker's messy,but i am not messy. 不 我公寓一团糟 衣柜一团糟 但我做人有条理
[05:14.23](Laughs) sometimes you have,like,food and stuff in your hair. 有时你有 比如 头发里有吃的什么的
[05:17.65]Yeah,food. 对 吃的
[05:18.96]Band-aids on your face. 你脸上有邦迪
[05:20.31]I can still kinda see that indentation from the nose strip you were wearing last night. 我还看到昨晚你用鼻贴留下的印子
[05:24.93]You... 你
[05:26.22]are in a relationship with no words. 正和男友处于冷战
[05:28.84]And you are a millionaire in $20 shoes. 你是个百万富婆却穿双20美元的鞋子
[05:31.07]Whatever. 随便
[05:34.08]oh,my god... 噢 天啊
[05:36.05]she's just like him. 他俩简直是一个模子刻出来的
[05:37.28]Right? 不是吗?
[05:43.43]Dr Bailey,you paged me? Bailey医生 你呼我?
[05:44.52]Yes,I did. 是的 是我呼的
[05:45.38]We're going to proceed with heather's surgery,as scheduled. 我们要做Heather的手术 如期进行
[05:49.61]The insurance company changed their mind? 保险公司改变想法了?
[05:51.25]No. Better. 不是 比那还好
[05:52.51]It seems an anonymous donor has offered to foot heather's entire bill. 有匿名捐赠人负担了Heather的全部医疗费用
[05:58.49]That is incredible. You're a very lucky girl. 真不可思议 你真是个幸运的女孩儿
[06:02.24]Hey,that's the first time anyone's ever said that sentence to me in my entire life. 平生第一次有人对我说这句话
[06:06.02]I like it. 我喜欢
[06:21.60]You spent 300 grand so you could scrub in on this surgery? 你花了30万 就为了参与这个手术?
[06:25.40]No. 不是因为这个
[06:26.07]No? 不是?
[06:29.60]I-I spent the 3-- have you seen that girl? 我花了... 你看到那个女生?
[06:32.95]Her life is miserable. 她的生活很悲惨
[06:34.40]She's desperate. 她绝望透顶
[06:35.67]She--she'll never have a date,she'll never wear high heels,she'll never feel normal. 她将会谈不了恋爱 穿不了高跟鞋 永远不能感觉象个正常人
[06:40.05]I-I spent 300 grand because it-- it's a good thing. 我花了30万 因为这...这是件善事
[06:50.13]I was hoping you would tell me you spent the money so you could scrub in. 我更希望你告诉你付了钱是为了 能参与这样难得的手术
[06:55.21]But I-- 但是我...
[06:56.35]you need to decide whether or not you're a surgeon. 你得决定到底自己是不是个外科医生
[06:59.13]Because this thing you did-- this is lovely and generous,and I'm not ying to take away from any of that,but... 因为你做的这事 有爱心又慷慨 我绝不是说那些不重要 但是...
[07:07.77]you are,once again,overly involved. 你 再一次地 过多地卷入了
[07:10.57]Once again,you are personally involved,so... 再一次 个人卷入 所以
[07:15.14]no,I'm sorry. 不行 对不起
[07:16.40]You cannot scrub in. 你不能参加这次手术
[07:31.72]医人当自强 第3季 第12集
[07:42.29]Geoge kissed me Yesterday. 昨天Geoge亲了我
[07:45.26]One minute he's holding a urine bag,the next minute,he's kissing me. 前一分钟他拿着尿袋 后一分钟他就亲了我
[07:52.19](Sighs) you think he's just freaking out about his dad? 你认为他是因他爸爸变得反常?
[07:55.23]Yeah,you're right,you're right. 没错 没错
[07:56.35]He's probably just freaking out.I shouldn't hold him to it. 他可能是反常 我不该让他这么胡闹下去了
[08:00.43]What? 什么?
[08:04.79]Did you not just hear a word I said? 你没听到我刚才说的一个字?
[08:06.11]I'm pouring my heart out here. 我正在吐露心声
[08:08.10]Jeez. 天啊
[08:09.51]It's all about you,isn't it? 一切围着你转 是不是
[08:10.53]It's all about a-- everything's about addison. 所有都 每件事都以Addison为中心
[08:13.00]I aborted mark's baby. 我把Mark的孩子打掉了
[08:17.02]It is all about you. 看来该以你为中心...
[08:20.80]Floor is all yours. 详细点讲吧
[08:25.61]About eight months ago. 大概在八个月前
[08:28.31]I... 我
[08:31.35]peed on a stick,and I wasn't even,uh... 用验孕棒验尿 我甚至没有...
[08:36.19]gonna tell him,but then I did... 告诉他 但后来我
[08:39.47]tell him. 告诉了他
[08:40.57]And,uh,he went out and he bought this... 他跑出去 买了很多很多
[08:44.65]insane yankees onesie and a calendar and marked the due date 宝宝衣服 日历 在临产日期做记号
[08:52.84],which,I should mention,was today. 我忘了说 是今天
[08:57.05]You didn't want a baby? 你不想个孩子?
[08:58.66]I wanted derek. 我想和Derek
[09:01.38]I wanted to have a baby with derek. 我想和Derek一起有个孩子
[09:05.92]I never thought I'd end up alone. 我从未想过孤独终老
[09:08.55]Hey,you have not "ended up" anywhere. 你也还没有老也没有终
[09:12.14](Chuckles) yeah,you're right,I know. 是的 你说得对 我知道
[09:13.33]It's just that,um... 只是
[09:17.46]sometimes it feels that way,you know? 有时候会有孤独的感觉 你知道吗?
[09:20.65]This is one of those weeks it feels that way. 这就是让我有会孤独终老感觉的 那么一周
[09:32.96](Sighs) (derek) drill. 钻子
[09:35.09]Another screw,please. 再来一个螺钉
[09:38.58](Drill whirring) hey,how's your old man? 你爸怎么样?
[09:40.09]His urine output's holding steady. 他小便正常
[09:41.56]Mostly it's steady today,which is good. 基本上今天很正常 好现象
[09:44.04]Have you seen burke today? 今天你有见到Burke?
[09:46.51]Even if I did like you,I still wouldn't tell you that. 就算我喜欢你 也不会告诉你
[09:51.51]How can you be okay with burke but not cristina? 你怎么可以和Burke相处得好 却不能原谅Cristina?
[09:53.75]Her career wasn't on the line when she lied to me. 不同于 Burke 她对我撒谎可不是 因为自己的事业即将被终结
[09:56.70]Why don't you just ask burke about the hand yourself? 你为什么不自已去问问Burke他的手?
[09:58.86]I am not talking to him. 我不和他说话
[10:00.06]He owes me. 他欠我的
[10:01.92]What? 什么?
[10:02.57]Oh,I don't know. 我不知道
[10:03.92]So you're together,but you don't talk to each other? 所以你们在一起 可互相不说话?
[10:06.98](Laughs) I wish I could find that in a woman. 我希望我可以找个那样的女人
[10:08.88]Hey,how's it going with addison? 你和Adidison怎么样?
[10:10.44]What? 什么?
[10:12.83]Why--why--why would you... 为什么 为什么 为什么你会
[10:14.44]what--what--what do you-- what do you mean by that? 什么 什么 什么 你什么意思?
[10:16.74]Laura grey,tiny baby. Laura Grey 小孩
[10:19.70]Laura.The baby.Right. Laura 那个小孩 是的
[10:21.10]She's,uh,she's,um,doing fine. 她 她 她很好
[10:23.29]She's doing well. 她不错
[10:24.63]I gotta get out of gynie,though. 我得离开Gynie
[10:26.19]I gotta get back to sloan. 我得回去跟着Sloan
[10:30.51]What are you plotting,and can I get in on it? 你在计划什么? 我可以参与吗?
[10:32.83]Shut up. 闭嘴
[10:38.39]This is my surgery. 这是我的手术
[10:39.86]I should be down there. 我应该在下面
[10:45.01](Pager beeps) (sighs) no. 不
[10:46.37]Excuse me. 借过
[10:50.91](Pager beeps) mr.O'malley. O'malley先生
[10:52.05](Izzie) 9-1-1? 9-1-1?
[10:52.87]Yeah. 是的
[10:57.42]- Sucks. - Yeah. - 糟了 - 是啊
[11:01.03]could you give me the retractor. 请把牵引器给我
[11:02.91]Um,dr.Shepherd,can you proceed without me? 恩 Shepherd医生 你能一个人完成这个手术吗?
[11:04.93]Are you kidding me? 你在开玩笑吧?
[11:06.28]This is your surgery,torres,this is your find,and you want to leave? 这也是你的手术 Torres 是你提议的 而你却要离开
[11:10.25]I,um,I don't,but,uh,yes,I'm sorry. 我 恩 我不是 但是...呃 是的 抱歉
[11:12.76]But if it's all right,I need to leave. 但如果可以的话 我得离开了
[11:18.10]Give me some sponges,lap sponges. 给我些纱布
[11:23.02]Okay,I called the family in because I need to perform a procedure,uh,on your father to help him breathe. 好吧 我叫你们全家来是说明一下 帮助你们父亲呼吸的程序
[11:30.45]All right,so--so you're saying he can't breathe? 好的 你... 你是说他不能呼吸了?
[11:33.66]Uh,with the extensive surgery,uh,your father is not breathing on his own, 呃 由于大面积的手术 呃 你们的父亲不能自己呼吸
[11:39.92]which is why we still have him intubated. 这就是为什么我们要给他插管
[11:41.84]Intubated? 插管?
[11:42.89]The tube in dad's mouth.It's breathing for him. 把管子插进老爸的嘴里 那可以帮助他呼吸
[11:44.90]And right now that tube has a kink in it,which is straining his breathing. 但现在那根管子变形了 从而影响到了他的呼吸
[11:49.93]How did it get a kink in it? 怎么会变形的?
[11:51.50]It just happens.We don't always know why. 有时就这样的 我们也不清楚
[11:54.03]But--but he's doing good today. 但是...但是今天他还好好的
[11:55.86]I mean,he made--he made plenty of pee,so... 我是说 他... 他排出很多尿 所以...
[11:58.22]still,we need to replace the tube. 我们仍然需要重新插管
[12:00.68]So why don't you just do it? 那你们为什么不做呢?
[12:01.88]I mean,what are we waiting for? 我是说 我们还等什么?
[12:03.66](Exhales) okay,with the damage to your father's esophagus and the e swelling in his throat from being intubated all this time-- 鉴于给你们父亲食道造成的损伤 和这次插管所造成的咽喉肿大...
[12:10.43]you might not be able to get it in,the new tube? 你可能插不进去... 新的管子?
[12:16.85]Under these circumstances... 在这种情况下...
[12:19.41]it can be a complicated procedure. 这将会变得很复杂
[12:21.63]If I'm not successful... 如果我没成功...
[12:25.12]I'm saying,uh,you need to prepare yourselves. 我是说 呃 你们得作好思想准备
[12:52.77](Grunts) (louise) what is that? 什么味啊?
[12:53.78]It's jerry. 是Jerry
[12:54.83]I'm sorry.I'm nervous. 抱歉 我很紧张
[12:57.81]Oh,god. 哦 天哪
[12:59.85]My god,stop it,jerry! 我的天哪 别放了 Jerry!
[13:01.56]I'm nervous! 我很紧张!
[13:05.64]For god's sa,take some charcoal or something,son. 看在上帝份上 吃些巧克力什么的 儿子
[13:11.93](All laughing) (george) that's disgusting. 真恶心
[13:16.51]Tyler. Tyler
[13:17.15]Yeah. 是的
[13:18.73]Could you let dr.Burke know that 你能告诉Burke医生
[13:21.21]mr. O'malley is having some kind of medical crisis right now,and I thought he would like to know. O'malley先生现在正面临生死关头 我想他想知道的
[13:28.36]He's awake,you know? 你知道他醒着吗?
[13:32.09]Yeah,I know. 是的 我知道
[13:37.81]You want to handle this,chief? 你来做吗 主任?
[13:39.09]Dr. Bailey,you have a lot more hands-on hours these days than I do. Bailey医生你最近比我做的熟
[13:42.67]I'll be standing by to help,but this is all yours. 我会在一旁协助 这儿由你全权负责
[13:45.12]All right,grey,let me have an 8.0 E.T.Tube. 好吧 Grey 给我8.0毫米的E.T.型管子
[13:49.18]Dr.Bailey...this is a patient,like any other patient. Bailey医生...这是个病人 和别的病人没两样
[13:52.98]There's no room for error,which means there's no room for nerves,so shake it off. 不能有失误 也就是说没时间紧张 所以镇定
[14:02.26]All right,let's do this. 好了 开始吧
[14:09.23](Monitor beeping rhythmically) (miranda) great. 好的
[14:09.97]8. 0 8.0毫米的
[14:13.91]I can't,uh... 我不能 呃...
[14:14.56](monitor beeping erratically)  is it too tight? 太紧了吗?
[14:15.63]I can't get past the vocal chords. 我穿不过声带
[14:17.57]Damn it. 该死
[14:18.28]Pulse ox down 88. 血氧分压降到了88
[14:19.80]Damn it. 该死的
[14:20.35]86 Come on,let's go. 86了 拜托 快点
[14:21.73]Come on,let's go. 拜托 快点
[14:23.32]Let me have a 7 1/2. 给我7 1/2毫米的
[14:26.32](Beeping continues) hurry. 快点
[14:27.65]Come on,come on,come on 拜托 拜托 拜托
[14:29.69]Good. 好了
[14:34.24](Beeping continues) let me get a-- okay,I got it. - 让我... - 好了 搞定
[14:41.68](Monitor beeping rhythmically) beautil job. 干得漂亮
[14:42.96]Beautiful job. 干得真漂亮
[14:43.58]Oh,can I go tell george? 哦 我能通知George了吗?
[14:51.45]Dr.Bailey,you all right? Bailey医生 你还好吗?
[14:54.90]My son... 我的儿子...
[14:56.49]is named after his son. 是以他儿子的名字命名的
[14:57.77]I just need a minute. 给我一分钟
[15:05.83] There's a surgery,you know? 你知道可以做手术的吗?
[15:07.11]It's a minor laser thing. 只是一个微创的镭射手术
[15:08.50]Supposed to really help.We could look into it. 也许有帮助 我们可以试试
[15:11.39]Sure,and while we're att,let's look at halitosis cures for you. 好啊 到时我们还可以 帮你看看口臭呢
[15:15.54]Not to mention stubble cures,because it's now become physically impossible for me to kiss your face. 更别提你的胡子了 因为现在我连亲你都不可能
[15:21.25]I am too tired to shave! 我累得不想刮了!
[15:26.82]Sloan!Dr.Sloan. Sloan! Sloan医生
[15:28.84]Bone dry cappuccino. 干卡布奇诺
[15:29.98]And I watched 'em make it this time so no mistakes. 这次我看着他们做的 所以绝对没错了
[15:32.60]Hey,I-I noticed you had a reconstructive rhinoplasty on the board today,and I'd--I'd really like to scrub in if at all possible. 嘿 我在公告板上看到 今天你要做一个鼻部重塑整形手术
[15:41.46]You been working with addison this week? 这周你不是跟Addison吗?
[15:44.58]Yes,sir,working. 是的 先生 工作
[15:46.18]Working...a lot. 工作...很多
[15:47.69]Working hard. 工作努力
[15:48.77]Just...working 只是...工作
[15:53.54]Is she miserable? 她痛苦吗?
[15:55.68]I'm sorry? 什么?
[15:56.77]It's just... 只是...
[16:00.36]I need to know if she'S... 我想知道她是否...
[16:02.55]at least miserable this week. 这周她是否起码感到痛苦
[16:05.03]Did she seem... 她是不是看起来...
[16:07.67]is she miserable? 她痛苦吗?
[16:09.52]Oh,dude,she's awful. 哦 伙计 她很状况糟透了
[16:12.25]She's torturing me. 她都在折磨我
[16:13.63]I seriously have to get away from that woman. 我真的得离那个女人远点
[16:15.39]I mean,she is completely and utterly,100% miserable. 我是说 她是完全的彻底的100%的痛苦
[16:20.28]Good. 很好
[16:23.14]So can I scrub in? 我能参加手术吗?
[16:24.43]No. 不能
[16:30.99](Sighs) are you sleeping? 你睡着了?
[16:32.47]I should be. 我理应睡着了
[16:33.36]I haven't slept in days. 这几天我都没怎么睡
[16:35.69](Sighs) me neither. 我也是
[16:39.36]I can't sleep alone anymore. 我一个人都睡不着了
[16:41.45]I used to sleep just fine,and then he... 以前我睡的很好 然后他...
[16:46.13](sighs) god,he gets me all strung out on him,and then he disappears? 天哪 他弄得我都离不开他了 而他却消失了?
[16:50.67]He didn't disappear. 他没有消失
[16:51.68]He's in the hospital. 就在这医院里
[16:54.76]I just want to know how he's doing. 我只是想知道他的情况如何
[16:56.40]You could just ask him. 你可以问他啊
[16:58.60]Uh,he could just tell me. 呃 他也可以告诉我啊
[17:05.65](Laughs) george's dad is going into renal failure. George的爸爸的肾在衰竭
[17:09.33]I heard. 我听说了
[17:11.62]My dad's here,everywhere,every day. 我的爸爸也在这里 无处不在 无时不在
[17:14.62]He's perfectly healthy,and I have nothing to say to him. 他很健康 但我却没有什么可和他说的
[17:19.21]If george's dad dies... 如果George的爸爸死了...
[17:21.42]I know. 我知道
[17:23.87]If thatcher died,my life wouldn't be any different. 如果Thatcher死了 我的生活也不会有什么改变
[17:29.39]Is it weird that I'm a little jealous of george? 我有点嫉妒George了 奇怪吧?
[17:35.79]Yes. 是的
[17:41.56]Bailey re-intubated him,but,um... Bailey给他重新插了管 但是 嗯...
[17:44.88]he was without ox-oxygen for,I don't know,a few minutes. 他没有供氧 我不知道 有好几分钟了
[17:48.65]O'malley... O'malley...
[17:51.77]there's no blame here. 没有人可以责怪
[17:55.45]Your father's body is diseased and has undergone tremendous trauma. 你父亲的身体已经败坏了 还受了很大的损伤
[18:00.05]Now his organs are shutting down. 现在他的器官正在衰竭
[18:05.18]There's no blame here. 没有人可以责怪
[18:06.74]Do people come back from this? 有人能挺过来吗?
[18:11.07]His,uh,B.U.N.And creatinine are high. 他的 呃 B.U.N.(血尿素氮 )和肌氨酸酐很高
[18:13.00]I get that. 我知道了
[18:16.04]I was just wondering,in--in your experience,can people come back from this? 我只是想知道 在...在你的经历中 有人能挺过来吗?
[18:24.18]I don't have any statistics. 我没有做过统计
[18:26.76]I don't have any more medicine for you. 我也没有更多的意见给你
[18:32.17](Exhales) now it's about faith. 现在只能听天由命了
[18:36.13]We're men of science. 我们都是信科学的
[18:39.17]In my experience,science is not enough,o'malley. 在我的经历中 科学还不够 O'malley
[18:44.15]But if you want me to hope with you... 但如果你想让我和你一起期盼...
[18:49.19]if you'd like me to send up a prayer,that is a thing I'd be happy to do. 如果你想让我祈祷 我乐意去做
[19:06.05]You have family here? 你有亲人在这里吗?
[19:09.33]Yeah,a daughter. 有 我的女儿
[19:11.41]She's 17. 她17岁
[19:12.86](Louise) oh,I'm so sorry. 哦 我很抱歉
[19:16.79]She had surgery on her spine. 她做了脊椎手术
[19:19.20]And they said it went well. 他们说手术很顺利
[19:21.82]But then she has trouble with her kidneys and... 但是肾脏出了点问题
[19:25.96]well,she hasn't woken up. 到现在还没有醒过来呢
[19:29.56]My husband either. 我丈夫也是
[19:32.01]It was a dangerous surgery. 那是高风险的手术
[19:34.82]They told us that. 他们告诉我们了
[19:36.38]My husband's,too. 我丈夫也是
[19:39.41]He has...cancer,so... 他...他得了癌症 所以....
[19:42.82]I was surprised when they went through with it. 他们最后做完了这个手术让我很吃惊
[19:46.29]I thought I'd be taking him home. 我以为只能带他回家等死的
[19:53.72](Izzie) excuse me,mrs.Douglas. 不好意思 Douglas夫人
[19:57.55]Heather is asking for you. Heather 要见你
[19:59.65]She woke up? 她醒过来了?
[20:01.24]She did. 是的
[20:02.66]And she looks great. 她看起来气色不错
[20:03.92](Louise) congratulations. 祝贺你了
[20:06.04]That's wonderful. 真是太好了
[20:07.18]Good luck.I'll... good luck. 祝你好运 祝你好运
[20:12.25]Thanks. 谢谢
[20:22.02]Why did you do it? 你为什么要做那手术?
[20:24.31]dr.O'malley. O'malley医生
[20:25.04]Why did you do the surgery once you saw the cancer had spread? 你们看到癌症扩散了 为什么还要继续?
[20:28.69]George... George...
[20:30.63]he asked you,right? 他要你们做的 是吗?
[20:35.10]He asked you to do it no matter what? 他要你们不管发生了什么 都要做这个手术?
[20:37.84]We have to honor our patient's wishes. 我们必须尊重病人的意愿
[20:45.47]You said you would be straight with me. 你说了你不会瞒着我的
[20:50.28]He--he could've lived for weeks... 他还可以活好几个星期
[20:53.81]or months. 好几个月
[20:56.23]We could've had months with him. 我们可以和他渡过更多的日子的
[20:58.98]My mom--she could've had months with him! 我妈妈 她本来还可以和他再过几个月的
[21:01.55](Richard) he wanted to fight the cancer,george. 他自己要和病魔搏斗 George
[21:03.08]- It was his choice. - He didn't know any better! -这是他的选择 -他自己不清楚后果
[21:08.00]You knew better! 你应该很清楚的
[21:13.41]You shouldn't have done it. 你们不该做的
[21:18.30]You shouldn't have done it! 你们不该做的
[21:36.31](Coughs) oh,my god.Look at you. 哦 老天啊 看看你自己
[21:38.91](Nasally voice) I'm miserable. 我真是惨不忍睹
[21:40.55]It's the rain... 是这里的雨
[21:42.89]the constant dampness in the air. 这里的空气总是很潮湿
[21:45.70]It takes the body a while to adjust. 你身体需要一段时间来适应
[21:47.93]I don't want to adjust. 我不要适应
[21:50.20]Then go home. 那就回家啊
[21:53.88]If you'd had the baby,we'd be together in new york right now. 如果你生下了宝宝 我们现在肯定呆在纽约的
[21:58.07]It wouldn't be raining,and even if it was,we wouldn't care because we'd be together. 就不会有什么雨了 就算有 我们也不会在乎 因为我们拥有彼此
[22:03.28]We'd be together,and I'd have a family instead of walking pneumonia and an ex-best friend who hates me. 我们会在一起 有家庭 而不是得了肺炎 还到处跑 和一个恨死我的前最好朋友
[22:08.78]You didn't want to raise a child,mark. 你不是想要孩子 Mark
[22:11.05]You wanted to trump derek. 你是想赢过Derek
[22:12.59]You wanted to win. 你要赢
[22:13.70]Don't make this my fault. 不要说是我的错
[22:15.34]You didn't want a baby. 是你不要孩子的
[22:16.41]No,i did want a baby,mark. 当然不是 我想要孩子 Mark
[22:21.52]That last woman you slept with before I left new york-- charlene,the peds nurse? 我离开纽约前 最后和你上床的那女的 Charlene 儿科护士?
[22:26.26]I--did you think that she was the only one I knew about? 我...你以为我只知道她一个吗?
[22:30.74]You're rewriting history,mark. 你这是骗你自己 Mark
[22:33.27]We wouldn't still be together. 我们当时不可能在一起的
[22:35.01]We weren't a great couple. 我们不会幸福的
[22:37.03]And you would've made... 而你会是...
[22:39.45]a terrible father,mark. 糟糕的父亲 Mark
[22:44.31]I did want a baby. 我想要孩子的
[22:45.59]I did.I just... 我想的 只是...
[22:48.02]I just didn't want one with you. 我只是不想和你一起生
[23:26.82](Woman) what? 什么?
[23:28.15]Is that his lunch? 这是他的午饭?
[23:29.09]- I've been looking everywhere for that. - Oh,no.He can't have that. -我还在到处找呢 -不 不 他不能吃
[23:31.20]What? 什么?
[23:32.05]He's,uh,restricted from food. 他要禁食
[23:33.39]- No,he's not. - No,I'm his doctor. - 没有啊 他不用 - 当然要 我是他的医生
[23:34.91]You are not. 你不是
[23:35.63]I just want to know how he is. 我只是想知道他怎么样了
[23:37.52]And withholding food gets her that how? 不给我吃饭 这能让她如意了?
[23:41.92]Fine. 算你狠
[23:43.40]Feed him. 喂饱他
[23:44.49]Whatever. 随你怎么样
[23:47.23]You want me to call security? 要我叫保安吗?
[24:06.03]- Hey. - Hey. -嘿 -嘿
[24:09.54]Haven't seen you the last couple of days. 有几天没见到你了
[24:12.39]Yeah,I was covering the pit,and,uh,I got pulled into an emergency appy and a ruptured spleen. 是啊 我一直呆在综合医疗小队 后来有来了个急诊 脾脏破裂
[24:18.70]It's been pretty chaotic. 非常混乱
[24:21.54]Look,karev,I'm your attending. 听着 Karev 我是你的主治医师
[24:25.11]I'm sorry about what happened. 发生了那些事 真是对不起
[24:26.80]It's been A... 整个星期...
[24:28.89]a weird week for me. 我都有点不正常
[24:32.55]so I normally... 我一般...
[24:35.77]anyway,I apologize. 不管怎么样 对不起了
[24:40.01]The baby's,uh,bowels functioning yet? 宝宝 内脏恢复正常功能了吗?
[24:43.61]Uh,yeah,actually,um... 是啊 实际上...
[24:45.45]she had her first diaper change today,so... 今天她换了第一块尿片了
[24:48.60]that's good. 不错
[24:50.56]Yeah,it is. 是啊
[25:15.75]That neighbor kid,mike wilden? 邻居家的那个小孩 Mike Wilden?
[25:20.56]I did hit him in the face with a stick. 我确实一棍子打到他脸上了
[25:27.18]And...when his dad came over and he was yelling and... 他爸爸过来的时候 他在那里大呼小叫...
[25:30.46]and--and you asked me if it was true... 你问我是不是真的
[25:35.99]I lied. 我撒谎了
[25:39.68]And you thought I never lied so you took my side. 你以为我从来不说谎 所以你站在了我这边
[25:46.08]And you and his dad got in that big fight,and then his kids egged our house and then ronnie and jerry went over and... 你和他老爸大吵了一架 他儿子朝 我们房子扔鸡蛋 Ronnie和Jerry过去...
[25:56.20]blew up his lawn mower. 把他们家的割草机给砸了
[25:57.59]Anyway... 无论无何...
[26:00.46]I did it. 是我做的
[26:04.33]He was teasing me... 他一直在惹我...
[26:06.53]and he was bigger than me... 他比我个头大....
[26:10.24]so I needed the stick to reach his face. 我要用根棍子才能打到他的脸
[26:17.60]And I lied to you,dad. 我对你撒谎了 爸爸
[26:24.68]So... 那么...
[26:28.72]I'm saying I'm sorry. 我很对不起
[26:34.69]Dad... 爸爸...
[26:41.40]if you have any more fight in you... 如果你还有力气...
[26:45.91]if you could fight thithing just A... 如果你还能拼搏...
[26:49.21]just a little harder,that would be good. 再努力一点 那就更好了
[26:55.35]That'd be good right now. 那就好了
[27:09.96](Cck ticking) where's derek? Derek呢?
[27:11.81]He slept at his place. 在自己家睡呢
[27:15.65](Laughs) (sighs) do I really snore? 我真的打呼噜?
[27:17.93]Well,I grew up next to a freeway,so it doesn't really bother me,but,yeah,you do. 我在高速公路边上长大 是没什么影响 但是 你的确打呼噜
[27:24.10](Sighs) did you get any sleep last night? 你昨晚睡了吗?
[27:26.07]No. 没有
[27:28.43]No,I stayed up baking and cleaning the bathroom floor in case george wants to lay down on it. 没有 我一直在烤东西 清洁厕所地板 万一George想在那里躺一躺
[27:36.87]It's weird.I have all this money.I... 我有这么多钱 真是怪异 我....
[27:40.24]I have all this money,and I would spend every penny of it to save george from what he's about to go through,but I... 我有这么多钱 如果George能免受痛苦 我可以把这些钱全都花了 但是我...
[27:46.26]can'T. 不能
[27:48.46]It's useless. 钱没有用
[27:51.06]So I made cobbler. 所以我做了些水果馅饼
[27:54.48]Well,cobbler's good. 嗯 水果馅饼不错
[27:56.70]Yeah. 是啊
[28:18.47]She told you. 她告诉你了
[28:23.07]yeah. 嗯
[28:29.77]U think I'd be a terrible father? 你觉得我会是个糟糕的父亲吗?
[28:31.90]Oh,I don't-- I don't-- are you... 哦 我不...我不...你会...
[28:36.58]okay,do you like kids? OK 你喜欢孩子吗?
[28:39.02]I don't know. 我不知道
[28:40.19]Depends on how loud they are. 要看他们有多吵了
[28:43.78]Okay.Do you like your family? OK 你爱你的家人吗?
[28:45.46]I mean,are you a family kind of guy? 我的意思是 你是不是个顾家的人?
[28:48.34]I don't really have a family. 我没什么家人
[28:50.34]Derek... Derek...
[28:52.13]was my family. 是我的家人
[28:53.87]Okay. 好的
[28:55.21]Well,what about,uh,birthdays and anniversaries? 那好 生日和纪念日 喜欢吗?
[28:58.16]Do you remember those sorts of things? 你记得那些事情吗?
[28:59.77]No.I don't know. 不 不知道
[29:03.48]Sometimes. 有时记得
[29:06.33]Isn't it the se with-- with all men? 所有男人不都是这样的吗?
[29:08.32]No. 不是
[29:09.61]Some men just like kids. 有些男人就是喜欢小孩子
[29:11.14]To,uh,to some men,family is everything. 对于有些男人 家庭就是一切
[29:15.77]Right. 是啊
[29:18.04]And you know these men? 你认识这些男人?
[29:19.62]I do. 确实认识
[29:21.70](Laughs) I know one. 我认识一个这样的人
[29:32.21]I would' made a terrible father. 我会是个糟糕的父亲
[29:41.67](Louise) you're saying... 你是说...
[29:44.17]you're saying it's not getting better. 你是说他不会好起来了
[29:46.46]You're saying he's not gonna wake up. 你是说他不好醒过来了...
[29:49.24]Mrs.O'malley... O'malley太太
[29:51.77]all of his organs are shutting down. 他所有的器官正在衰竭
[29:55.08]His liver and his kidneys are no longer supporting him,and he is entirely dependant upon his life support machines. 他的肝和肾都衰竭了 他只能靠呼吸机维持生命
[30:03.04]We're saying he's not going to wake up. 我们都清楚他不会再醒了
[30:06.71]You can keep him on life support and wait for nature to take its course. 你可以让他靠呼吸机活下去 让他自然死亡
[30:12.58]That could take days or weeks. 但这样也只能维持几天 或几周
[30:16.72]Or you can... 你也可以…
[30:19.03]take him off life support. 取掉呼吸机
[30:22.91]Unplug him? 拔掉呼吸机?
[30:24.56]Yes,ma'am. 是的
[30:29.52](Ronnie) georgie. (Ronnie) Georgie
[30:32.08]Yeah? 什么事?
[30:34.29]What do you think? 你怎么想?
[30:41.21]Dad's in pain. 爸爸现在很痛苦
[30:43.93]His organs are shutting down. 他的器官正在衰竭
[30:45.79]He can't breathe on his own. 他甚至不能自己呼吸
[30:47.90]It's painful. 这很痛苦
[30:51.49]And he's on medication,but... 现在虽然靠药物维持…
[30:55.45]medication can only do so much. 但效果也仅此而已
[30:59.79]You think... 你打算…
[31:03.11]you're saying you think it's time... 你觉得是时候…
[31:07.97]to let him go? 是时候让他走了?
[31:20.20]We can't tell you what to do here,george. 这件事只能由你们自己决定 George.
[31:36.58]He's not dad like this. 他不会愿意当这样活着的父亲的
[31:43.24]And he's not gonna wake up,mom. 他不会醒来了 妈妈
[32:22.75]is there a drawer of unopened cards somewhere? 家里有个抽屉装满了没开封的明信卡
[32:27.04]I'm sorry,what? 抱歉 你说什么?
[32:30.46]I just... 我…
[32:31.74]wanted to know. 只是想知道…
[32:32.51]I've only ever heard my mother's version of the story of why you left. 你离家出走的原因虽然妈妈告诉我了
[32:37.55]And I was just wondering if maybe you have a side that I haven't heard. 但我想或许你有其他的原因 只是我从不知道
[32:47.90]Your mother moved to boston,and,u. 你母亲搬到波士顿…
[32:53.05]I wanted to... 我也想跟去
[32:55.14]but she told me not... 但她叫我…
[32:57.68]to call or come around,and,uh... 不要打电话 也不要去看她…
[33:01.67]she--she was,uh,um... 她…她…
[33:09.06]eventually,I remarried. 后来 我就再婚了
[33:11.87]And I... 我…
[33:19.84]I'm s-'m sorry. 我对不起你
[33:22.91]Do you snore? 你打鼾吗?
[33:24.21]What? 什么?
[33:26.11]It appears that I snore. 因为我打鼾
[33:28.92]My mother never did,so I was just... 妈妈从不打鼾的 所以我只是…
[33:32.53]forget it. 别提了
[33:34.51]I snore. 我打鼾
[33:37.55]I snore like a trucker. 声音响得像大卡车
[33:41.77]You get that from me. 你这点像我
[33:46.13]The wax earplugs work pretty good. 这蜡制耳塞效果很好
[33:54.44]Thanks. 太好了
[34:11.65](Paper rustling) (knock on door) hey. (纸沙沙声) (敲门声) 嗨
[34:14.64]Derek. Derek
[34:16.85]I was waiting on an update on mr.O'malley. 我想知道O'malley那边有什么新消息吗
[34:20.24]I didn't want to intrude,but,uh... 我不想打扰他们
[34:23.26]do you have an update? 你知道听到些消息了吗?
[34:25.48]They're letting him go. 他们打算让他就这么走了
[34:40.93]Haven't had any more tremors. 我的手还抖吗?
[34:44.97]Not one all week. 一周都没抖过
[34:48.87]How about that? 感觉不错吧?
[34:50.95]Yeah.How about that? 嗯 确实不错
[38:03.29]I'm both. 我不仅是个外科医生
[38:05.77]What? 什么意思?
[38:07.34]I'm both. 我不仅是个外科医生
[38:10.09]I'm a surgeon,and I am a person who becomes emotionally involved. 我是个医生 也是一个情感丰富的人
[38:15.81]And I will never again cross a line like I did with denny. 类似Denny的事情再也不会发生了
[38:19.96]I have learned my lesson. 我已经得到了教训
[38:22.56]But I'm still both. 但我不会改变
[38:25.23]And I'm not gonna give up either part of me. 做医生和做人 我哪点都不会改变
[38:28.27]And I'm not gonna apologize for it. 我也不会为此而道歉
[39:00.45](Sobs) there's a club-- the dead dad's club-- and you can be in it until you're in it. "没了爸爸俱乐部" 只有你真的失去父亲才能切身感受那种痛楚
[39:07.86]You can try and understand,you can sympathize,but until you feel that loss... 你可以尝试 理解 怜悯 但只有当你切身感受到那失落...
[39:14.89]my dad died when I was 9. 我9岁时爸爸死了
[39:20.77]George... George...
[39:23.88]I'm really sorry you had to join the club. 你加入了这个"俱乐部"我真的很遗憾 (你父亲去世我很遗憾)
[39:33.45]I... 我...
[39:38.14]I don't know how to exist in a world where my dad doesn'T. 我不知道 在爸爸已经死去的世界上 要怎样活着
[39:47.93]Yeah,that never really changes. 是啊 这感觉从现在起 会永不消逝
[40:14.33]Beer,joe,please. 啤酒 Joe 谢谢
[40:18.50]George's dad? George的爸爸怎样了?
[40:27.99]Hey. 嗨
[40:34.89]Hey. 嗨
[40:39.00]You got a dad? 你有过爸爸吗?
[40:41.41]Not really. 从未真正有过
[40:43.16]Not anymore. 也永不会再有
[40:46.74]医人当自强 第3季 第12集 -=结束=-
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