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[00:00.00]Previously on "grey's anatomy... "外科实习生格蕾"前情提要
[00:01.88]marry me,cristina yang. 嫁给我 Cristina Yang
[00:03.60]- Are you saying yes? - Y-yeah. - 你是同意了? - 是的
[00:06.28]We're married! 我们结婚了
[00:07.26]Adele and I are gettinga divorse. Adele和我正在离婚
[00:09.41]Has it even occurred to you that maybe I'm not interested? 你是否想过可能我对你并没兴趣?
[00:12.21]I raised you to bean extraordinary human being. 我把你培养成非凡的人
[00:14.90]So imagine my disappointment when I wake up after five years 想想我多么失望 五年后当我醒来
[00:17.53]and discover that you'reno more than ordinary. 发现你不过是庸人一个
[00:20.12]You want to know whyI'm so ordinary? 你想知道为什么我如此平凡?
[00:23.28]You want to knowhat happenedto me? You. 你想知道在我是怎么了? 就是你
[00:25.90]You happened to me. 你造成我这样的
[00:31.22]disappearances happen in science-- 消失也会出现在科学领域
[00:34.21]disease can suddenly fade away, tumors go missing. 症状会突然减弱 肿瘤会消失不见
[00:40.42]We open someone up to discover the cancer is gone. 当我们给病人开刀时 却发现肿瘤已经不见了
[00:44.03]It's unexplained,it's rare,but it happens. 无法解释 很少见 却真的发生了
[00:49.01]We call it misdiagnosis... 我们称之为误诊...
[00:51.97]say we never saw it in the first place... 我们声称开始并没有看到...
[00:55.02]any explanation but the truth. 事实就是事实没有其他解释
[00:59.90]That life is full of vanishing acts. 生活充满了消失事件
[01:04.57]If something that we didn't know we had disappears,do we miss it? 如果曾有过但我们未知的东西消失了 我们会去想它吗?
[01:15.19]Meredith. Meredith
[01:20.46]Meredith! What are you doing? Meredith 你在干嘛?
[01:33.34]I was taking a bath. 我正在洗澡
[01:34.44]That's not a bath. I know what a bath looks like. 那不是洗澡 我知道什么是洗澡
[01:35.72]- Drop it. - Look,your mother-- - 算了 - 你妈...
[01:37.24]- drop it. - Your mother-- - 算了 - 你妈...
[01:39.47]look,your mother was lucid, and she said things,and now she's-- 你妈醒来过说了些话 现在她又...
[01:42.02]gone,and everything'sback to normal. It's not a big deal. 过去了 一切恢复正常 没什么大不了的
[01:45.18]Yeah,except she's havingheart surgery today. 除了她今天有心脏手术
[01:47.21]hey,do you want meto talk to the chief? 你想让我和主任谈谈?
[01:49.41]I know you havethe triage thing today, but he'll give you the day off. 我知道你今天有治疗类选法测试 但他会让你休假
[01:52.20]Stop. I do not need rescuing. 别说了 我不需要救助
[01:54.23]Oh,you would have drowned in the bathtubhad I not been there. 如果我不在浴室 你可能已经淹死在浴缸里了
[01:58.71]I'm a surgeon. I do the rescuing. 我是外科大夫 是我救助别人
[02:01.37]You are not my knightin shining... whatever. 你不是我的闪着什么的骑士
[02:03.80]So we're gonna fight because I pulled you out of the tub? 我们之所以吵架是因为 我把你从浴盆里拖了出来?
[02:06.31]You have a place. You could sleep at it. 你自己有地方 你可在睡那
[02:08.35]And then you don't have to pull me out of the bathtub. 那样你就不会把我从浴盆里拉出来了
[02:10.26]You're everywhere, all the time,saying things. 你无时无处喋喋不休
[02:12.39]This isthe happy ever after part. 这就是种幸福
[02:13.83]And in the happilyever after part, the guy is there, 在这种幸福里 男生在那
[02:16.10]all the time,saying things, and the girls love it. 整天喋喋不休 女孩喜欢这样
[02:18.75]Go to work. I'll see you there. 上班去 我们在那见
[02:20.32]Just for the record, I amyour knight in shining whatever. 记住 我就是你的闪着什么的骑士
[02:29.08]I did not try to drown myselfin the bathtub. 我没打算在浴缸里把自己淹死
[02:31.71]Hey,I ate everythingout of the fridge last night, 昨晚我把冰箱里的食物都吃光了
[02:34.66]everything,includinga tub of butter. 所有的 包括一大罐黄油
[02:37.92]There's no judgment here. 我们彼此彼此
[02:41.67]You ever feel likeyou were disappearing? 你有感觉到你正在消失?
[02:44.18]All the time. 无时无刻
[02:45.61]Why can't I just be thathappily ever after person? 为什么我不能一直幸福快乐下去?
[02:48.03]Why can't I believe in that? 为什么我不敢相信?
[02:50.73]I don't know whatI believe in anymore. 我都不知道要信什么了
[03:02.13]We're not telling people. 我们不告诉别人
[03:04.01]- I haven't told anyone. - I know,I know.Just don'T. - 我没告诉别人 - 我懂 我懂 就是不要
[03:07.45]I'm not going to,yet. 我不会
[03:09.33]No,I just--I-I need to tellmy friends he first. 不 我要首先告诉我的朋友
[03:12.06]But I have friends here. 但我在这也有朋友
[03:17.28]shepherd. Shepherd
[03:18.72]Oh,no. You can't tell shepherd. 不 你不能告诉Sheperd
[03:19.82]You cannot tell shepherd until I've told meredith. 在我告诉Meredith之前 你不能告诉Shepherd
[03:21.91]It would be a thing. 那样会有麻烦的
[03:23.75]You act likethis is a disaster. 你表现得这是一场灾难
[03:25.88]The world won't implodeif people know. 如果大家知道了 世界不会爆炸
[03:30.15]I will tell them,today. 我今天会告诉他们
[03:32.81]Just... wait. 只是 再等等
[03:53.37]- good morning. - Morning. - 早安 - 早安
[03:54.49]Morning. 早安
[03:58.19]What's different? 有什么改变?
[04:00.43]- Nothing. - Leave him be. - 没有 - 别管他
[04:04.03]- What happened to your hair? - Nothing. - 你头发怎么了? - 没有
[04:19.77]- what happened to your hair? - leave him be. - 你头发怎么了? - 别管他
[04:22.84]- He dyed it. - but why? - 他染发了 - 但为什么?
[04:26.32]- Ow! - leave him be. - 噢! - 别管他
[04:27.55]what am I doing? What? 我做了什么? 什么?
[04:29.43]Okay,but why? 但为什么?
[04:33.83]Men who have gray hairare noticed lessthan men who don'T. 人们关注非灰发男人多过灰发男人
[04:39.42]By who? 哪些人?
[04:44.40]- Well... - by the ladies? - 那... - 女人?
[04:52.02]- looks good,chief. - Oh,very natural. - 看上去很帅 主任 - 非常自然
[04:54.68]Ladies will love it. 女人会喜欢它的
[04:57.57]he is alone... all alone. 他很孤单 孤单
[05:01.52]Do any of you even know what that's like? 你们都不知道那意味着什么?
[05:03.31]Lives with cristina, dates the perfect 12 year old... 和Cristina同居 同12岁女生谈恋爱
[05:06.23]man-whore... 鸭子(男妓)
[05:07.55]his wife lt him after 25 years of marriage. 历经25年的婚姻生活 他老婆离开了他
[05:11.36]So if the man wants to dyehis hair for the ladies, let him dye his hairfor the ladies. 如果男人想为女人染发 就让他为女人染发
[05:16.64]leave him be. 别管他
[05:21.69]it's--it's weird. It's weird.It's weird,right? 奇怪 奇怪 真奇怪 是吗?
[05:25.19]I needmore triage tear tags. 我需要治疗类选法测试标签
[05:27.65]Living with somebodyI'm married to is weird. 与娶我的人生活在一起真是怪怪的
[05:29.81]I mean,I'm his bossand his wife. 我是说 我既是他上司又是他妻子
[05:32.13]At work,I'm giving him orders. 上班时 我发号司令
[05:34.01]In bed,he's giving me-- 在床上 他给我...
[05:35.56]stop right there. I don't need to know this. 就此打住 我不想知道这个
[05:37.56]I'm tired. I'm busy. 我筋疲力尽 忙得很
[05:39.04]While I will concedeyou and o'malley havesome challenges to overcome, 我承认你和O'malley有一些困难要克服
[05:42.49]I'm asking you to remember that this day is a marathon 我要你记住今天犹如马拉松
[05:45.49]and my mind can only holdwhat it needs to know. 我的脑袋只装得下它需要知道的东西
[05:47.49]Your sex life cannot be heldin my mind today. 你的性生活今天不放在我脑袋里
[05:49.75]Ever.It cannot be heldin my mind ever,never. 永不 它绝不放在我的脑袋里
[05:51.87]Whatever. 随你的便
[05:53.48]Sydney heron hereto lend a hand. Hey.Hi.Hello. Sydney Heron来这帮忙了 大家好 好啊 你好
[05:58.00]Oh,miranda,hey. Nice clinic.Very nice. Miranda 嗨 漂亮的门诊部 真漂亮
[06:01.10]- Hey,sydney. - I mean real,real nice.Cheerful. - 嗨 Sydney - 真的真的很漂亮 令人高兴
[06:05.28]no better way to distinguish yourself for chief resident 没比这样能更好地表现出 自己是总住院医师了
[06:08.01]than to opena multimillion-dollar clinic.Smart thinking.Strategic. 开一家百万美元的门诊部 有头脑 有谋略
[06:12.29]Chief resident? 总住院医师?
[06:13.38]I myself have used the time to master several complex surgical procedures. 我花时间研究了好几个复杂的外科过程
[06:17.47]But this is,um,another way to go. 但 这个是另辟蹊径
[06:20.14]- What is she talking about? - The chief resident. - 她在说什么? - 总住院医师
[06:22.14]The chief resident. Yeah,for next year. 总住院医师 就在明年
[06:24.30]The one fifth-year resident that rules all residents. 一个有五年工龄的住院大夫 管理所有的住院大夫
[06:27.26]Oh,she--okay,she's cute. 她 她真会装啊
[06:30.06]She's acting like she didn'tknow about it.Cute. 她表现得象她一无所知 装得真象
[06:32.11]- I'm not cute. - I'm on to you. - 我没装 - 我和你对上了
[06:34.11]Okay,I'm a competitor. 我是竞争者
[06:36.47]- I bite. - Okay. - 我会咬人 - 那好
[06:39.31]Well,I'll justwait for you in the pit. 我在急症室里等你
[07:09.59]- what? - Nothing. - 什么? - 没事
[07:23.71]What?! 什么?
[07:25.91]Okay,cranky. Fo-forget it. 坏脾气小姐 算了
[07:28.04]am I the only onewho thinks this triage testis a waste of time? 我是唯一认为治疗类选法测试 是浪费时间的人吗?
[07:30.66]There's a platysmaplastyon the board. 那有个颈阔肌整形手术
[07:32.23]I had sloan all prepped to let me scrub in. 我已经对Sloan做足功夫让我上台了
[07:34.07]- George,hey. - Hey. - Geroge 嗨 - 嗨
[07:35.65]- How's it going? - Good. - 过得好吗? - 很好
[07:37.08]- You like living in a hotel? - Yeah,it's good. - 你喜欢住在旅馆? - 是的 很好
[07:40.47]'Cause your room'sstill there... 因为你的房间还在
[07:42.65]- next to mine. - Oh,izzie. - 就在我隔壁 - Izzie
[07:44.57]I'm just saying,if youdon't like... 我是说 如果你不喜欢
[07:46.55]the hotel,you can always just move right back in. 旅馆 你随时可以搬回来
[07:49.67]You think I'm this boythat you need to save. 你还认为我是你该保护的小男孩
[07:52.29]I get that,but--and it--it would be sweet if--if it weren'tso condescending. 我知道 但... 如果不这么客气的话 就好多了
[07:57.37]Seriously,is it too much to ask to be performing actual surgeries? 说真的 真正做手术时 有这多需要问吗?
[08:00.46]We are actual surgeons. 我们是真正的外科大夫
[08:06.38]- what? - nothing. - 什么? - 没事
[08:11.12]A lot of arm swelling,but good distal pulses,so... 手臂增大 但脉搏平稳 所以
[08:14.98]we can rule outcompartment syndrome. 我们可以排除隔室综合症
[08:17.14]I suspect a radius fracture, so I'd splintand get an ortho follow-up. 疑为桡骨骨折 我会用夹板固定 进一步观察
[08:22.06]Anything else? 还有吗?
[08:24.81]- No. - Okay. - 没有了 - 那好
[08:26.73]- Then I guessthis means-- - time. - 我想这意味着... - 时间到
[08:28.93]- And I'm dead. - Dead? - 那我死了 - 死了?
[08:33.90]you sent her home. The bonepunctured through her skin. 你打发她回家 骨头刺穿她的皮肤
[08:36.23]Yeah,but she had multiplewounds and abrasions-- 但她多处受伤 擦伤...
[08:38.23]a puncture over a break is an open fracture until proven otherwise. 已经证实了骨折处的小孔是个张开性裂缝
[08:41.21]Yeah,I got septic, and idied at home thanks to you. 我得了败血症 多亏你我要死在家里了
[08:43.72]Oh,whatever. 随便
[08:44.47]Not "whatever" to dead "minor puncture wound that's not" guy. 让一个小伤口的人死去不是随便的事
[08:47.72]You have to be quickand thorough while using your instincts. 你们得运用直觉反应迅速 考虑周全
[08:50.86]You can't be fooled by what your eyes see. 你不能被你所看到的而被愚弄
[08:52.73]If you assess wrong,your patient could diewhile waiting for treatment. 如果你的判断错误 你的病人会在等待治疗中死亡
[08:55.33]Karev,you're next. Karev 你是下一个
[08:57.95]Just think,I've already killed her. You can't do more damagethan that. 想想 我已经杀了她 你做不出更伤害她的事了
[09:00.64]People,triage is one of the most important toolsa doctor has. 大家记住 治疗类选法是大夫掌握的最重要的技能
[09:04.27]In a real emergent scenario, you'll have only minutes. 在一个真实的紧急场景中 你只有几分钟时间
[09:07.12]And it's something you'll be tested on in your surgical ex-- 这也是在你的外科实习中会被测试的...
[09:10.54]- sorry. - George. - 抱歉 - George
[09:12.66]I was just recordingthe drill. 我在记录这个练习
[09:15.60]- All right,we're workinggeorge,okay? - Yeah. - 我们在上班 George 对吗? - 是的
[09:17.50]- I'm your boss right now. - Yes. - 现在我是你的上司 - 是的
[09:18.83]- All right? - Yes. - 好吗? - 好的
[09:19.71]- A very sexy one. - No,no,no. - 非常性感的上司 - 不是 不是 不是
[09:21.21]- You cannotundermine my authority... - yeah. - 你不能破坏我的威信 - 好的
[09:22.98]In front of the other interns, in front of my peers. 在其他实习面前 在我同事面前
[09:24.74]No. 不会了
[09:25.90]O'malley,take that back to the clinic where it belongs. O'malley 把它带回到它本属于的门诊部
[09:28.15]Sorry. 抱歉
[09:29.23]Attention,people. Look,I'm sorry. 大家注意了 抱歉
[09:31.07]I have to interrupt the ssionfor a moment. 我不得不打断一会
[09:32.55]Chief,I like your new hair. It really brings outyour eyes. 主任 我喜欢你的新头发 衬托出了你的眼睛
[09:37.05]Do you need something,sir? 你有事吗?
[09:38.29]We just received word of a mass casualty incident nearby. 我们刚接到消息 附近发生了一场大型伤亡事件
[09:41.11]All availablelevel one trauma centers have been asked to respond. 所有外伤治疗中心都被要求支援
[09:44.00]I need to send a teaminto the field immediately. 我需要派一个团队马上赶往现场
[09:46.09]Is this a partof the exercise? 这是属于练习的一部分?
[09:47.54]Are we supposed to actappropriately,uh,tense? 我们应该表现得...紧张吗?
[09:49.99]This is not an exerciseor a drill,yang. 这既不是练习也不是演习 Yang
[09:52.29]This is an emergent situation, and I need all hands on deck. 这是紧急事件 需要准备齐全的人手
[09:55.05]- seriously? - What happened? - 真的吗? - 发生了什么事?
[09:56.24]I don't have details,just orders. 我不清楚具体情况 只接到命令
[10:05.37]Meredith,I have a thing,news. Meredith 我有件事...新闻
[10:09.14]You aren't pregnant again,are you? 'Cause I can't handlethe extra months of bitchiness. 你没又怀孕了吧 不是吧? 因为我可控制不了额外几个月的坏脾气
[10:12.88]We're catching a ridewith seattle 34. 我们搭西雅图34队急救车
[10:15.44]Space is tight,so hold your kits on your lap. 车上很挤 把我们的工具包放在大腿上
[10:17.96]- where are we going? - We'll knowwhen we get there. - 我们去哪? - 到那我们就知道了
[10:19.94]Fire,flood,volcano? I'm notreally dressed for a volcano. 火灾 洪水 火山爆发? 我可没为火山爆发做好准备
[10:22.59]- stevens. - Sorry. - Stevens - 抱歉
[10:23.80]- Inappropriate.Sorry. - Whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa. 不是时候 抱歉
[10:26.24]I'm hauling supplies. I only have room for five. 我要装运医疗物资 地方只够五个人
[10:29.97]- Yang. - Yes? - Yang - 什么?
[10:31.23]Stay with the chief. 跟主任留下
[10:32.16]Take careof the incoming wounded. The rest of you,come on. 照顾进来的伤员 其他人 快上车
[10:34.65]Stevens was inappropriate. Stevens不合适
[10:37.28]Hey,what was your,uh,news? 嘿 你的 呃 新闻是什么?
[10:41.12]just forget it. Forget it. 算了 别提了
[11:06.56]oh,everybody,move your I.D.S to the outside of your jacket. 哦 每个人 都把证件拿到夹克外面
[11:10.31]When we get there,remember,triage. Karev. 但那儿以后 记住 治疗类选法 Karev
[11:13.51]Green tags--nonemergent.Yellow--delayed care. Red tags--needs immediate treatment. 绿色标签 伤害致命 黄色 治疗可以拖延 红色 需要紧急医疗救助
[11:17.17]Good.Assess carefully, 很好 仔细诊断
[11:19.08]tag and getall the critical patients into the ambulancesas fast as possible. 加上标签 尽快让所有紧急病人上救护车
[11:22.93]Don't get in the way of search and rescue,and stay calm. 不要妨碍搜救 保持冷静
[11:26.26]Any word yeton what happened? 知道是什么情况吗?
[11:27.60]All we know is there aremultiple traumas. 只知道是大规模伤亡
[11:53.70]holy mother of... 圣母玛丽亚...
[12:26.97]Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 15 外科实习生格蕾 第三季 第15集
[12:36.34]dr. Bailey,where do you need us? Bailey医生 你要我们去哪儿?
[12:39.80]Where should we start first? 该先从哪里开始?
[12:42.76]- Dr. Bailey-- - I don't have timeto hold your hands. - Bailey医生... - 我没有时间手把手教你们
[12:45.59]You know the protocol. Go do it. 你们知道治疗方案 快动起来
[12:47.24]- Do what? - Go help people. - 做什么? - 去帮忙
[13:09.52]you need some help? 需要帮忙吗?
[13:10.73]There's nothing moreI can do here. 我们已经尽力了
[13:12.40]How did this happen? 事故原因是什么?
[13:14.16]It was a fog bank. Container shipclipped the ferry. 因为雾带集装箱船撞上了渡轮
[13:22.09]good. Take a deep breath for me. 很好 做个深呼吸
[13:24.11]Okay,you're gonna be okay. Your injuries are minor. 好的 会没事的 你的伤势不重
[13:26.74]An E.M.T.Is gonna come and takeyou to the hospital,okay? 会有医疗急救医士带你去医院 好吗?
[13:36.75]where is your mommy? 你妈妈在哪儿?
[13:41.77]Who are you with? 你跟谁一起来的?
[13:46.89]Okay,I want you to stayright here,okay? Stay right here. 那好 我希望你就呆在这儿 好吗? 就留在这里
[13:53.75]Did you... wet your pants? 你...尿裤子了吗?
[13:56.07]- That's okay.It happens sometimes-- - coming through! Okay,okay. All right. - 没关系的 有时候是会这样 - 借过! 好 好 好的
[14:13.71]It just doesn't make sense. Ferry boatsdon't get in accidents. 根本没道理呀 渡轮不该出事故
[14:17.56]They're safe. They're reliable. 它们很安全 很可靠
[14:19.88]The momentyou take one for granted, along comes a container shipand boom. 就在认为安全到达的时候 跟着就被集装箱船撞了
[14:26.51]I have a thingfor ferry boats. 我对渡轮很有感情
[14:30.08]Reschedule,uh,swanson's,uh,valve replacement. 重新安排 呃 Swanson的瓣膜置换术
[14:33.36]We're gonna need the O.R. For the incomingfrom the ferry accident. 渡轮事故进来的伤员需要手术室
[14:36.96]I mean,this whole dayhad just been... 这一整天就是...
[14:41.58]there's something wrongwith meredith. Meredith有些不对劲
[14:43.39]I asked her what's wrong. She says nothing. 问她有什么事 又不肯说
[14:45.55]Then she triesto drowned herself in the tub. 她还试图把自己淹死在浴盆里
[14:47.49]N-not actually drowned,I don't think. 不是真正意义上的淹死 我不这么认为
[14:50.85]But something was going on, and she will not talk about it. 但肯定有事 而她不愿意说
[14:54.29]We were fine,and now it's like... 我们过去好好的 可现在就象...
[14:57.40]I'm living with a ghost. 我是跟鬼魂住在一起
[14:59.60]- You're confiding in me. - Yes. - 你信任我 - 是的
[15:05.27]Cristina and iare engaged. 我和Cristina订婚了
[15:09.91]Congratulations. 恭喜
[15:12.34]I mean,she doesn't wantto tell anyone. 我想说 她不愿意告诉任何人
[15:14.59]At least not untilshe tells meredith first. 至少也要等她告诉Meredith之后
[15:17.34]Yeah,they're differentthan other women. 是啊 她们跟别的女人不一样
[15:19.22]yes,these women... yes,they are. 可不 这些女人... 没错
[15:22.53]You know,maybe we'llnever know them. I mean,really know them. 知道吗 也许我们永远不会了解她们 我指真正理解她们
[15:25.29]And now that you and cristinaare engaged, you've got a lot of work to do. 既然你跟Cristina订婚了 就有很多事等着你做了
[15:29.53]You and yangare gettin' hitched? 你跟Yang绑到一起了?
[15:35.34]There's a mass casualty incident rolling in,okay? 有一大批伤亡病患要涌进来 不是吗?
[15:40.42]there'll probably besome burn victims. You should be prepared. 应该会有烧伤病人 你该做些准备
[15:52.84]oh,sydney. 哦 Sydney
[15:54.76]I-I thought I could take a few patients off your... 我 我想我可以接手一些病人 让你空下...手来
[15:57.12]hands. 很感激你的援手 Callie O'malley医生
[15:57.89]I appreciate the gesture, dr. Callie o'malley.
[16:00.87]but the chief asked me to rollthe nonemergent E.R.Casesinto the clinicand take care of them, 但主任要求我将非紧急的急症室病人 带到这个门诊照顾
[16:05.51]so I've triagedthese patients, and so far it looks like a-- 所以我已经将这些病人分类 目前看来...
[16:08.60]a sore throat,a sprain and a tummy ache--easy breezy. 一例咽喉痛 一例扭伤 还有一例肚子疼--小菜一碟
[16:11.93]So the clinic and iare fine. 所以这个门诊 还有我都很好
[16:13.52]Okay,I'm not,uh,tryingto take the clinic-- 行了 我没打算把这个门诊
[16:16.70]uh,bailey's clinic,by the way--away from you. I'm offering to help,so... 顺便提一句 是Bailey的门诊 从你手上夺走 我只想提供帮助 所以...
[16:20.69]your offer to helpis duly notedand very much appreciated,but I promise you-- 你自愿提供帮助 我很重视也非常感激 但我保证...
[16:24.77]got it all under control.So...jason kaye? 一切都在掌握之中 那么...Jason Kaye?
[16:28.50]Fine. 好的
[16:29.81]I'll leave you to it 那就都留给你了
[16:31.04]and,uh,find myselfa recently traumatized emergency surgeryto scrub in onwhile 我呢 就给自己找一个最紧急的手术
[16:36.30]you stay down herewith your sore throatand your sprain and-- 那时 你就呆在这儿 跟你的咽喉痛 扭伤 还...
[16:40.92]- what was the other one? - Tummy ache. - 另一个是什么? - 肚子疼
[16:50.84]Jason kaye? Jason Kaye?
[17:02.10]excuse me,are you a nurse, a doctor,m-medical something? 打扰一下 你是护士 医生 还是医务有关的什么人?
[17:04.68]- I'm a doctor,but-- - all right,come with me. - 我是医生 但是... - 那好 跟我来
[17:06.41]Um,no,you--you needto get checked out. 不 你 你需要作检查
[17:08.14]- There's a treatment arearight over there. - Follow me,please. - 医疗区就在那里 - 跟我来 求你了
[17:10.33]You've got some really badburns. They need to be treated. 你有些很严重的烧伤 需要治疗
[17:12.32]My buddy's trapped. He's trapped under a car. 我的同伴被困住了 困在一辆车下面
[17:15.23]If he's trapped under a car, you need search and rescue. 如果这样 那你需要搜救人员
[17:17.61]They have--they have personnel-- 他们有...他们有人员...
[17:18.44]- their medical personnel-- - I called them.They're backed up, - 他们的医疗人员... - 我叫过他们了 他们被耽搁了
[17:19.72]and he can't wait. He's in a real bad way.Please. 可他等不了 情况真的很糟 求你了
[17:22.86]He's my best buddy. 他是我最好的朋友
[17:24.41]Please. 求你了
[17:30.24]- shepherd,I need youin the next rig. - Okay. - Shepeherd 我需要你下一批去 - 好的
[17:32.53]- I want you at that scene. - You don't need me here? - 我希望你去现场 - 这里不需要我吗?
[17:35.17]They're reporting lots of closed head injuries. 他们报称有大量闭合性脑损伤
[17:36.98]I want youo get in there and bring 'em back alive. 我希望你到那里把他们活着带回来
[17:40.78]- Okay,what's the news? - Shepherd and greyare on the rocks. - 好的 有什么新闻? - Shepherd和Grey濒于破裂
[17:43.84]Burke and yanggot engaged. Burke和Yang订婚了
[17:52.68]You need highlights. 你需要挑染一下...
[17:55.67]In your hair--that's why it looksso odd. 你的头发...不然看上去很奇怪了
[18:00.20]I'm gonna go save lives. 我要去救人了
[18:10.06]Take himto the treatment area. 带他去治疗区
[18:11.76]They'll fix you upthere,okay? 他们会在那里帮你包扎 好吗?
[18:20.49]I got somebody down here. 下面有人
[18:27.36]hey! That's not secure. 嘿! 那里不安全
[18:32.93]Hey! 嘿!
[18:42.51]- doctor,I need youto get back up here. - There's a pregnant womandown here!Just shut the... - 医生 快回来 - 这有个孕妇! 闭上...
[18:46.44]oh,hell. 哦 该死
[18:47.86]She dead? 她死了?
[18:51.54]Yeah. 是的
[19:10.04]one second. Hold on. Hold on. 只要一会儿 坚持住
[19:23.60]immediate!Immediate! I need help down here! 快点! 快点! 这里需要帮助
[19:31.26]he's back. 他回来了
[19:32.69]He's got help. 找来了帮手
[19:34.39]You hear that,rick? We got help. 听到了吗 Rick? 有人来帮忙了
[19:36.70]We got a doctor. 我们有医生了
[19:38.45]- You'll be ay now,man. - He's gonna be okay? - 你会没事的 兄弟 - 他会没事的吧?
[19:43.61]Right? 对吗?
[19:53.62]what we do know at this time-- 此刻我们确切知道...
[19:54.42]what we can tell you--is that there have been deaths. 并且能够告诉你的是有人死亡
[19:57.46]And we may not know that for hours,even days. 而且在几小时 甚至几天内 还不会知道死亡人数
[20:01.12]We also know that passengers are still being evacuated... 我们还知道乘客仍然在撤退...
[20:07.16]all right,you're gonna needthese to handle the influx. 听着 你需要这些处理涌入的伤者
[20:09.35]We're gonna need plenty ofavailable open chest trays, 我们会需要大量可用的开胸盘
[20:11.72]central line kitsand a difficultintubation cart. 中心静脉置管工具箱 还有高难度气管插管推车
[20:14.71]Yes,sir. 好的 先生
[20:15.85]...who knows what damage to the interior,we don'T... ...没人知道内部的损坏有多严重 我们还不...
[20:19.59]- oh,yang. - I-I know. - 哦 Yang - 我 我知道
[20:21.41]Um,communicatewith the scene as needed. 如果需要 就跟现场联系
[20:23.93]No.I heard you were engaged. 不是 听说你订婚了
[20:27.35]Congratulations. 恭喜
[20:29.30]Thank you,sir. 谢谢你 先生
[20:31.24]All right,go,and remember,we're hoping for the bestbut preparing for the worst. 好的 去吧 记住 抱着最好的希望 做最坏的打算
[20:45.74]you got anyone for me? 有人要交给我吗?
[20:47.18]Uh,yeah,those twoneed to be transported. 呃 是的 那两个需要转移
[20:49.08]Uh,these five didn't make it--four adults and one child. 这五个没有活下来 四个成人和一个孩子
[20:52.78]A child? 一个孩子?
[20:53.69]You found a dead child? 你发现有个孩子死了?
[20:55.29]A boy or girl? 男孩儿还是女孩儿?
[20:56.15]Ma'am,you're injured.You need to lie down. 女士 你受伤了 需要躺下来
[20:57.53]Get a stretcher,now. 来负担架 快点
[20:59.01]Is the childa boy or a girl? 那孩子是男是女?
[21:00.67]I can't find my son. 我找不到我儿子
[21:02.11]We got separated. 我们被冲散了
[21:03.65]I-I need to knowif my little boy is alive. 我 我要知道 我的小宝贝是不是还活着
[21:05.58]She was a girl. 那是个女孩儿
[21:06.40]The child was a little girl. 是个小女孩儿
[21:07.07]No,no,no,no.I need to examine you. 不 我要给你检查
[21:08.87]I'm gonna have to take youto the hospital. 得带你去医院
[21:10.17]No,I can't leave! 不 我不能离开!
[21:11.21]He's only 7. 他只有七岁
[21:12.23]No!And--and he's all alone. 不行! 他只有孤单一个人
[21:14.00]No.No,I will not leavemy son behind. 不 我不能把儿子抛下
[21:16.05]No!No,I will find him. 别动! 我会找到他的
[21:17.60]Listen to me.I will find him. 听我说 我会找到他的
[21:20.53]If you let metake you to triage,I promise youI will find your son. 如果让我帮你治疗 我保证会找到你的儿子
[21:24.67]He's so scared. 他肯定吓坏了
[21:26.01]Yeah,I know.I know. 好 我知道
[21:28.81]I'll find him. 我会找到他
[21:30.44]- Okay? - All right. - 好吗? - 那好
[21:36.25]He's a mechanic. 他是机修工
[21:37.54]We--we work together. 我们 我们一起工作
[21:38.35]We--we drive togetherto work,and--and suddenlythere was this huge jolt. 我们 我们一起开车去工作 可是突然发生剧烈摇晃
[21:42.16]It was awful. 太可怕了
[21:43.06]We were justtrying to get outta there. 我们只是想离开那儿
[21:44.15]- But rick went back in- -figured we could help. - 但Rick回到里面 - 认为我们可以帮忙的
[21:45.95]We should help. 我们应该帮忙
[21:46.97]He went back. 他回来了
[21:47.55]There were people trapped. 有人被困住
[21:48.50]He was trying to help. 他想帮忙
[21:49.35]We were behind him. 我们就在他后面
[21:50.01]We--we were right behind him. 我们 我们紧跟在他后面
[21:51.04]There's injuriesto his chest and leg. 他的胸部和腿部受伤
[21:52.47]It looks likehis arm is broken, 似乎手也断了
[21:53.63]and I'd guess there's damageto his spine and pelvis. 我想脊椎和骨盆也受到伤害
[21:55.86]I can't--there's--there's not much that 我没办法...
[21:57.78]I can dountil we get him out of here. 把他弄出来之前 我做不了什么
[22:02.86]You gotta do what you can. 你得尽你所能
[22:05.89]I mean,we'll,uh... 我的意思是 我们 呃...
[22:08.15]greg,go find some more guys. Greg 多找些人来
[22:09.82]Hey,go findsearch and rescue,okay? 嘿 去找搜救小组 好吗?
[22:12.33]Give them this. 给他们这个
[22:13.74]Tell themI said he can't wait. 告诉他们 他等不了
[22:15.56]He has to get to a hospital. 他得马上去医院
[22:17.01]All right,I'm going. 好 我这就去
[22:22.25]let 'em knowhe needs a C.T. 告诉他们需要做CT
[22:23.52]Make sure to keep his neckstable.I felt a step off. 确保固定好他的脖子 有点脱开
[22:25.89]Ask for waller. 找Waller医生
[22:26.72]If waller's not available,ask for krychek,okay? 如果Waller医生忙的话 就找Krychek医生 好吗?
[22:29.13]Keep him stable.What do you got? 让他保持稳定 什么情况?
[22:30.33]Oh,hey,nurse,let me have somebandages. 哦 嘿 护士 给我些绷带
[22:31.91]Thank you.Stop here. 谢谢 停这儿
[22:33.85]Derek. Derek
[22:34.63]Hey,meredith,you got a free hand? 嘿 Meredith 有空吗?
[22:35.54]- Hold this bandage for me,will you? - Yeah. - 帮我拿住这个绷带 好吗? - 好
[22:38.37]You all right? 你还好吧?
[22:39.11]Yeah,it's just a lot. 对 只是伤者太多了
[22:42.21]You want to get married,and you haven't told meand I haven't asked, 你想结婚吗? 虽然你没说过 我也没问
[22:45.46]so now we have a problem? 这就是我们现在的问题吗?
[22:46.34]What? 什么?
[22:47.83]No,I don't wantto get married. 不要 我不想结婚
[22:49.27]You want to get married? 你想结婚?
[22:50.64]No. 没有
[22:51.56]Good. 那好
[22:52.45]So if that's not it,what is it? 可如果不是这个 那又是什么呢?
[22:54.32]It isn't anything. 什么也不是
[22:58.28]Are you good?'Cause I gottaget this kid triaged. 你这儿可以了吧? 我得给这孩子安排治疗了
[22:59.66]- Yeah,I'm good. - Okay.Let's go. - 行了 我没问题 - 那好 我们走吧
[23:00.73]She all right? 她没事吧?
[23:01.52]Yeah,she's good.She's just lost. 对 她很好 只是迷路了
[23:04.74]Hang in there. 坚持一下
[23:11.20]All the nonemergent surgerieshave been postponed. 推迟所有非紧急手术
[23:13.86]- good. - I'm gonna gocheck on discharges. - 好的 - 我要去查查出院名单
[23:16.81]I'm trying to free upas many beds as I canin the surgical wing. 要在外科尽可能腾出床位来
[23:20.00]- Oh.I was gonnado that,but- -I can do it. - 哦 我本打算做来着 但是... - 我可以
[23:23.85]Oh,sure.Good. 哦 当然 那好
[23:26.48]Unless you want to. 除非你想做
[23:27.52]No,no.Go ahead. 不 不 你去吧
[23:28.85]You're still the chief. 你还是主任
[23:30.36]I know that. 我知道
[23:33.93]It just seems so quiet,you know? 只是这儿似乎太安静了 你懂吗?
[23:36.19]Yeah. 就是啊
[23:37.04]We're expectingthe first wavefrom the scene soon. 我们在等现场快到的第一批伤员
[23:48.29]I dyed my hair blonde... 我把头发染成了金色...
[23:51.91]the day afterderek moved out. 就在Derek搬出去第二天
[23:55.96]Change is good. 有变化是好事
[23:57.65]Your marriage is over. 你的婚姻结束了
[23:58.69]You're--you're starting over. 你 你可以重新开始
[24:02.84]So am I. 我也是
[24:09.68]Right. 没错
[24:16.69]I specifically told youI neededto tell meredith first. 我特别告诉过你要先让我告诉Meredith
[24:20.80]I was talking to shephd,and... 我在和Shepherd闲聊 随后...
[24:23.05]it just came out. 就这样说出来了
[24:24.51]It was no big deal. 这没什么大不了的
[24:26.13]It is a big deal,because now she's not evengonna care 这很重要 因为如今她根本不会在意
[24:29.55]about the factthat I'm getting married. 我结婚这件事
[24:30.99]All she's gonna care aboutis the fact thatI didn't tell her myself. 只会想着我没有亲自告诉她
[24:33.87]Then why didn't you? 那为什么没有呢?
[24:36.97]There was a major disaster. 因为有重大事故
[24:39.31]That was 45 minutes after we discussed it. 那是我们讨论后45分钟的事
[24:42.13]You were with your friendsfor 45 minutesrunning triage drills, 在那45分钟你一直在跟你朋友在一起 进行治疗类选法操练
[24:45.63]and you weren't compelledto mention it? 没机会提起吗?
[24:49.71]The chief says they'rerolling in soon,so... 主任说伤员很快会进来 所以...
[24:56.34]her pressure's low--barely registering-- 她的血压很低 几乎读不到
[24:57.91]and I don't see any good veinsfor an I.V. 也找不到好的血管进行静脉注射
[24:59.98]She's all clamped downfrom hypothermia. 都是体温过低造成的压力
[25:01.43]That's why I coun'tfind a pulse. 所以找不到脉搏
[25:02.38]I've never seen a crush injuryso bad and survive. 从没见过那么严重的压伤还能活下来的
[25:05.88]She needs to stay on her left side. 她需要左侧
[25:07.29]We gotta move heron her left side. 我们要帮她转到左边
[25:09.44]It's gonna take both of us. 我们得一起来
[25:10.67]We gotta get that B.P.Up. 要使血压升高
[25:12.14]On my count. 听我喊到三
[25:14.96]One...two... 一...二...
[25:20.12]your baby--your baby's okay. 你的孩子 你的孩子没事
[25:22.29]For now it looks okay. 现在看来没事
[25:24.29]Just try to breathe. 尽力呼吸
[25:26.01]We need to move you to helpwith your circulation,okay? 我们要搬动你帮助你血液循环 知道吗?
[25:29.94]one,two,three. 一 二 三
[25:37.13]pulse is already better. 脉搏已经好转
[25:38.44]I'll attemptI.V.Access again. 我再来试试静脉注射
[25:39.84]Just breathe throughthe pain. 忍住痛尽量呼吸
[25:41.41]What you can dofor your baby right nowis take care of yourself. 现在你能为孩子做的就是好好照顾自己
[25:43.91]Good girl.I know it hurts. 好姑娘 我知道这很疼
[25:45.95]Come on now.Keep breathing for me,okay? 加油 保持呼吸 好吗?
[25:48.38]That's it.Breathe. 就这样 呼吸
[26:05.27]Good. 很好
[26:07.58]Um,what do we...so what do we do? 我们...那我们要做什么?
[26:11.43]We wait. 等着
[26:17.96]- we wait? - We wait. - 等着? - 是的 我们等着
[26:30.59]okay,we need to finda grown-up--another grown-up--to help youfind your mom. 好的 我们要找一个大人 另一个大人 帮你找到妈妈
[26:46.12]Hey,uh,I need youto take this little girlto the triage tents. 嘿 呃 我需要你带这个小女孩去分配帐
[26:49.59]I gotta get back to my unit. 我得回自己那组
[26:50.75]No,I need you to takethis little girlto the triage tentsfor me,please. 不 我拜托你代替我 带这个小女孩去分配帐
[26:55.20]You're gonna be okay. 会没事的
[26:56.42]You're gonna be fine. 你会好起来的
[26:58.04]I promise,okay? 我保证 好吗?
[26:59.73]Thanks. 谢谢
[27:07.30]help!I edsome help over here! 快来帮忙! 这里需要帮助!
[27:10.13]Stay right here. 呆在这儿
[27:20.14]how we doing? 怎么样了?
[27:21.16]It's bad. 遭透了
[27:22.20]A lot of survivors,so that's something. 很多生存者 这还好
[27:24.02]Yeah,it is. 可不嘛
[27:24.97]Have you seen stevens? 见到Stevens了吗?
[27:25.93]No. 没有
[27:26.75]What about o'malley,grey? 那么O'malley Grey呢?
[27:28.58]Grey was--I saw greyabout ten minutes ago. Grey刚刚 我大约十分钟前见过她
[27:30.34]She was on her way over herewith a kid. 她正跟一个孩子一起过来
[27:31.80]- You haven't seen her? - No. - 你没看见她吗? - 没有
[27:33.52]I gotta head outwith this one,so keep an eye outfor my interns,all right? 我得跟这个一起回去 那你就帮忙留意一下我得实习生 好吗?
[27:37.36]Yeah,I'll do my best. 好 我会尽全力
[27:49.80]jane doe,about six months pregnant,found under a pile of rubble. 无名氏 女 怀孕约六个月 在石柱下发现
[27:52.18]She sustained crush injuriesto her right to 遭受压伤的有右侧躯干
[27:53.79]rsoand upper extremitiesas well as severe traumato the face.B.P. 以及上肢 脸部外伤也同样严重
[27:56.66]Initially low,but now up to 90 over 60after a liter of fluidand 起初血压一直很低 但通过输液一公升
[27:59.14]placing heron her left side. 以及左侧后 现在已经升到90/60
[27:59.94]What do we do? 我们该怎么做?
[28:01.46]Karev? Karev?
[28:03.83]Abc--her airwayneeds to be protected. 分三步 保护她的气路
[28:06.36]Her breathingwill be compromisedbecause of the crush injury, 因为压伤的关系会对呼吸带来危害
[28:08.85]and we needto have blood available. 然后进行输血
[28:10.23]I would do a trauma panel,type and crossand C.T.Of her head and neck. 我会做外伤处理 测量血压 最后对她的头部和颈部进行CT扫描
[28:13.56]Excellent.Let's get her started. 非常好 我们开始吧
[28:14.85]Uh,trauma room two.Let's go. 二号外伤诊室 来吧
[28:16.81]One,two and three. 一 二 三
[28:20.21]let's seewhat we have here. 看看是什么情况
[28:28.82]The baby--the baby's gonna-- 孩子 孩子会...
[28:30.26]make sure that you shield her in radiology. 你护送她去做X射线
[28:32.57]We've got toget her stabilized firstbefore you start worryingabout the baby. 我们得让她稳定下来 之后才能考虑到孩子
[28:35.58]The amount of radsare negligible. 辐射量可以忽略不计
[28:36.92]Right,but she'sgonna need a lotbefore all of this is over. 对 但她在治疗时会需要很大的量
[28:39.45]We need to protect theboth. 我们要保全两人
[28:41.28]Yang,you're on this. Yang 你负责这个
[28:42.79]Alex,go to the clinic. Alex 去诊室
[28:44.35]The victims' families are there. 被害人家属在那儿等待应答
[28:45.57]They need answers. 这是我的病人
[28:46.69]This is my patient. 是我把她从该死的水篱拖起来的
[28:47.52]I pulledher out of the damn water. 很英勇 也很有男子气概 但你现在还是需要跟那些家属谈
[28:48.78]Which is heroic and manly,and you still needto talk to those familiesright now.
[28:52.46]Why can't yang do it? 为什么不让Yang去?
[28:53.55]This is all hands on deck. 这是全员上阵的时刻
[28:54.90]Yang can handle is.Now go. 这里Yang能够处理 快去
[29:09.56]Okay. 好的
[29:11.04]he likesfire trucks... 他喜欢救火车
[29:13.01]and police cars--anything with flashing lights. 警车 所有灯会闪的都喜欢
[29:16.24]Carlee heit,45-year-old female,found at the scene. Carlee Heit 45岁女性 在现场发现
[29:18.81]Open abdominal woundwith omental evieration. 腹部开放伤伴有肠破裂
[29:21.33]Okay,we need to get herto an O.R. 好的 送手术室
[29:22.79]As soon as possible. 尽快
[29:23.91]He won't respondif you call him christopher. 如果叫Christopher 他不会理你
[29:25.91]He hates that. 他讨厌那个名字
[29:26.93]Just chris. 就叫Chris
[29:27.55]Okay.He likes chris the best. - 好的 - 他最喜欢Chris
[29:28.80]Okay.O'malley,what is shetalking about? O'malley 她在说什么?
[29:30.03]She lost track of her sonin the accident. 事故中跟她儿子失去了联系
[29:31.73]Dr. O'malley and I made a deal. O'malley医生跟我做了个交易
[29:33.70]He's gonna find my sonso I know that chris is okaybefore I go into surgery. 他会去找我儿子 知道Chris安全后 我再进手术室
[29:38.07]Mrs. Heit,your injury'sextremely serious. Heit太太 你的伤非常严重
[29:40.22]We need to tend to itas soon as possible. 需要尽早护理
[29:42.07]As soon as he's located. 只要找到他就行
[29:43.38]I can't go into surgerybefore I know about my son. 听到我儿子的消息前 我不能去做手术
[29:45.90]I'm sure he's here.All families are being dir-- 他肯定在这儿 所有家属都...
[29:47.20]o'malley,just find the boyin a hurry,and we'll start the workup. O'malley 快去找那男孩儿 我们开始准备工作
[30:16.46]I need more gauze. 再给我点纱布
[30:18.11]There's no more here. 这儿没有了
[30:20.74]Maybe you could findsome,uh,paper towels the head? 也许你能从船头找点 呃 手纸?
[30:23.38]I'll find something. 我去找
[30:24.62]Vince...vince,it hurts like hell. Vince...Vince 疼死人了
[30:28.51]Can you do anythingabout that? 你能做点什么吗?
[30:29.38]I mean,can--you gotanything for the pain? 我是说 你能... 你能做点什么止痛吗?
[30:31.31]I've given himeverything I've got. 我在尽全力帮他
[30:33.01]Where is search and rescue? 搜救队在哪里?
[30:34.35]It hurts. 好疼
[30:36.08]What hurts,man? 哪儿疼 兄弟?
[30:40.84]E-everything. 全都疼
[30:42.69]Maybe if--maybe ifI try to set his arm,it'll help somewith the pain. 也许 如果校正他的手臂 也许会对疼痛有所缓解
[30:45.74]What are you waiting for? 那还在等什么?
[30:47.79]- I,uh,um... - what? - 我 呃... - 什么?
[30:50.68]Nothing.Just,uh,st stay thereand hold his hand. 没什么 只是 呆那儿 抓紧他的手
[30:52.96]Hold his hand? 抓紧他的手?
[30:53.86]You think he's in pain now? 你认为他现在这样就算疼吗?
[30:54.51]He's not.Hold his hand. 远不止 抓紧他的手
[30:56.46]Place both hands on oppositesides of the fracture... 将两手放在脱臼处的两边
[31:00.54]distract,exaggerate and reverse the mechanismin one continuous motion. 转移 扩张 然后往反方向再做一次
[31:08.88]You are a doctor,aren't you? 你不是医生吗?
[31:10.31]Shut up. 闭嘴
[31:11.30]All right.All right. 好了 好了
[31:13.44]Rick,you ready? Rick 准备好了吗?
[31:16.30]yeah. 是的
[31:22.05]One...two... 一...二...
[31:37.92]what happened? 你怎么了?
[31:39.10]Some metal--something in my leg...thrown off. 一些金属 腿里有些东西...我拔掉了
[31:42.90]God,it hurts.It hurts. 上帝 好痛 好痛
[31:44.40]Okay.I started swimming. 然后我开始游泳
[31:46.68]I needed to go...got a meeting. 我得赶上...赶上那个会议
[31:53.42]I'm sorry.I'm sorry,sir. 对不起 对不起 先生
[31:55.22]But try to stay still. 但躺着别动
[32:08.97]Don't look.Turn around. 别看 转过身去
[32:15.31]I need you be brave for me. 我要你为我变得勇敢起来
[32:17.29]Just stand right thereand don't move and don't look. 就站在那 不要动 也不要看
[32:34.28]What do we got? 情况怎么样?
[32:35.18]Oh,we just got started. 我们才开始
[32:37.42]All right. 好吧
[32:38.88]But I got this. 但是我有这么个情况
[32:40.71]There's nobody coveringmy service. 现在没有人可以帮我忙
[32:42.59]I'm gonna need youto get up to telemetryand check on my patients,pre-op and post-op. 我要你去遥感勘测那 在手术前后检查我的病人
[32:47.53]And then I shouldjoin you in surgery? 那么我该参加你的手术?
[32:49.34]No.And then you shouldreport to the pit. 不 接着你该去报告给急症室
[32:52.58]Uh,the chief assigned meto jane doe. 嗯 主任给我分配了无名女病人
[32:54.84]Yes.Now I'm reassigning you. 是的 现在我重新分配
[32:56.42]To do what,sutures? 干什么 缝合?
[32:58.67]- Yes. Okay, 是的
[33:01.31]so--so you're sayingyou don't--you don't want meto scrub in. 那么 那么你说你不 你不希望我上台了
[33:04.29]Dr. Yang,I'm sayingthat I havean unattendedcardiothoracic wing Yang医生 我在说 我有一个没人管理的心胸外科
[33:08.68]and a pit full of patientsthat you havethe ability to help. 还有一个诊室你可以帮忙的病人
[33:12.01]I don't need you in the O.R. 我不需要你在手术室
[33:13.45]I need you on the floor. 我需要你在管这层的病人
[33:14.74]Do you have a problemwith that? 有问题吗?
[33:18.56]No.Thank you. - 没有 - 谢谢
[33:27.56]no,not--chris heit. 不 不是 Chris Heit
[33:30.38]He's 7 years old. 7岁
[33:31.35]He's got brown hair. 棕色的头发
[33:32.15]I don't know if he's injured. 我不知道他是不是受伤了
[33:33.42]I'M...could you at leastcheck to see if he's there? 我...你能不能至少查一下他是不是在那?
[33:38.82]Yes,I know all the familieswere directed here. 是的 我知道所以的家人都到了这
[33:40.45]Could you just check? 你能不能就查一下?
[33:42.55]Thank you.Yeah. 谢谢 是的
[33:43.68]Callie,I need some help. Callie 我需要帮助
[33:46.44]I can'T.I'm busy. 不行 我很忙
[33:47.48]Yeah,okay. 是的 好的
[33:48.29]It's just,uh,I'm trying to find this--george,I'm busy. - 只是 嗯 我想要找到这个 - George 我很忙
[33:50.93]I'm about to gointo surgery,okay? 我要去做手术了 知道吗?
[33:52.23]I can't be your wiferight now. 现在我不能做你的妻子
[33:53.21]I'm working. 我在工作
[33:54.42]I'm working,too. 我也在工作
[33:55.14]I havea patient who needs surgery. 我有个病人要动手术
[33:55.93]So do I. 我也是
[34:00.05]Yes,any luck? 是的 有消息吗?
[34:02.67]Thank you. 谢谢
[34:05.86]Okay.Damn it. 好了 见鬼
[34:11.99]Can I get some helpover here? 有没有人过来忙下忙?
[34:17.88]Sweetie,listen to me. 亲爱的 听我说
[34:19.75]I need you to turn around. 我需要你转过身
[34:22.79]I know I told youto face away from me, 我知道我告诉过你不要看我
[34:24.71]but we have to work togetherto help this man. 但是我们得齐心协力帮助这位先生
[34:30.02]I don't talk eitherwhen I get scared. 我害怕的时候也不说话
[34:32.86]I don'T... 我不...
[34:34.91]talkwhen bad things happen. 坏事发生的时候不说话
[34:37.52]You don't have tosay anything. 你什么都不用说
[34:39.86]But I need your help. 但是我需要你的帮助
[34:50.30]Okay,don't look down.Don't look at the blood. 别往下看 别看血
[34:52.08]Look at me.Look at me. 看着我 看着我
[34:55.54]Can you be my assistant? 你能做我的助手吗?
[34:58.88]Okay,good. 好的 很好
[35:00.44]I can't move my handsoff where they are right now. 我不能把我的手挪开
[35:02.29]So I need youto go over to my kitand pull out,uh, 所以我要你到我的工具箱旁拿出
[35:05.32]the things--they look like,um,like tweezers. 些东西 它们看上去像 嗯 像镊子
[35:07.80]You know what your mommy usesto pull a splinter out with? 你知道你妈妈用来钳出小碎片的东西吗?
[35:18.10]Hey,what wasthe site like? 嘿 现场看上去怎么样?
[35:20.33]Was it gory? 血淋淋吗?
[35:21.11]Was it a trauma bonanza? 像个大的外伤聚集地吗?
[35:23.79]I mean,obviously terrible. 我是说 很明显很可怕
[35:26.71]I don't talk with thieves. 我不跟小偷说话
[35:28.34]What? 什么?
[35:29.05]You stole my jane doeright out from under me. 你当着我的面偷了我的无名女病人
[35:30.90]I am not a thief. 我不是小偷
[35:32.06]You balked. 你愣住了
[35:32.86]You're a balker. 你呆住了
[35:33.57]I was thinking. 我是在思考
[35:34.36]Well,again,not my problemthat thinkingis such a time-consumingprocess for you. 再一次 不是我的问题 思考对你来说是个很重要的步骤
[35:37.53]I rescued her. 我救了她
[35:38.29]I climbed down. 我爬了下去
[35:38.90]I pulleda massive pylon off of her. 我从她身上推开了很重的路标塔
[35:40.96]I got her here alive. 我把她活着送到这
[35:41.95]Pylons? 路标塔?
[35:42.59]There are pylons on people? 人身上有路标塔?
[35:43.75]Whatever. 随便了
[35:44.51]Now I get stuckbabysittingthe patients' familieswhile you get to scrub in. 现在你上台手术的时候 我却和照顾病人家属 还有带孩子
[35:48.92]Well,I'm not scrubbing in. 我没有上台手术
[35:51.02]I'm stitching up patientsin the pit. 我在帮诊室里的病人缝合
[35:53.08]Huh.Who did you piss offto get that? 你把谁惹恼了让你去干这个?
[35:55.24]I happen to be pullinggaping pieces of fleshback together. 我把那些好多洞的肉凑回在一起
[35:59.80]You're stitching. 你在缝合
[36:01.16]You're just one step closerto knitting your grandmaa sweater. 你离编织你奶奶的毛线衫只有一步之遥了
[36:04.19]Well,at least mine's medical. 至少我做的还是医生的事情
[36:05.48]Well,you're knitting. 你在编织
[36:06.56]I pull pylons off people. 我把路标塔从人身上挪开
[36:10.81]orange juice?Orange juice?Orange juice? 桔子汁? 桔子汁? 桔子汁?
[36:14.16]Oh,sweetie. 噢 亲爱的
[36:16.24]Yeah,h-his color'snot good. 是的 他 他的脸色不好
[36:18.16]Do you wantsome orange juice? 你要喝桔子汁吗?
[36:20.04]Maybe I havesome wheat crackers,something to putin your belly? 也许我拿些纤麸消化饼 你能吃点?
[36:23.46]No. 不要
[36:26.14]Everybody,if you're--if you're waiting to hearabout your families, 大家 如果你们 如果你们在这等家人的消息
[36:29.32]we should be hearing somethingvery soon. 很快就会有了
[36:33.04]I'm sorry. 我很抱歉
[36:40.05]He must have savedat least a dozen peoplewho were stuck under cars. 他一定已经救了好几个被困在车里的人了
[36:42.94]We told him not to go back. 我们告诉他不要回去
[36:44.52]That's the kinda guyhe is. 但是她就是这么个人
[36:46.31]He's the guy that goes back. 他就是那种会回去的人
[36:48.42]He's got kids,too,five of 'em. 他还救了孩子 其中五个都是
[36:50.16]Okay,I'm committedto the project. 我要完全投入我的工作
[36:52.39]I don't need to hearabout the kids. 不需要听孩子的事
[36:56.33]Leave the girl alone,vince. 不要打扰这个姑娘 Vince
[36:58.20]Sorry.You're doinga real great job there,doc. 对不起 你干得很好 医生
[37:02.50]Hey,how's he doing? 嘿 他怎么样了?
[37:03.97]he's doing all right. 他很好
[37:04.82]No,no,he's not. 不 不 他不好
[37:06.59]I can't do anything moreuntil we get himout from under this car. 在我们把他从车底弄出来前 我什么都做不了了
[37:08.88]Can you please tell me whyyou've come back by yourself? 你能告诉我为什么你一个人回来了?
[37:11.02]Search and rescue--they're buried. 搜救队 他们很忙
[37:12.69]They saidthey'd come when they can. 他们说一有空闲就来
[37:13.83]Did you show them the red tag? 你有没有给他们看红标签?
[37:14.97]He's a red tag? 他属于红标签啊?
[37:15.70]They saidthey got 15 red tags. 他们说他们有15个红标签了
[37:22.59]come on,guys.Don't worry about me. 拜托 伙计们 别为我担心
[37:24.46]I'll be fine. 我会没事的
[37:25.85]No,no,no,no.Don't do this,man. 不 不 别这样 伙计
[37:27.53]S-stay with me.Stay with me. 和-和我一起 和我一起
[37:28.42]what happened? 怎么了?
[37:29.57]He--he--he let goof my hand. 他 他 他放开了我的手
[37:30.97]He's gone limp. 他失去知觉了
[37:32.73]Wake up,rick! 醒醒 Rick!
[37:45.65]Hey.I'm not gonna be ableto make it tyour surgery. 嘿 我不能参加你的手术了
[37:52.03]But here's the thing...you were crushed underneatha cement pylon. 但是事情是这样的... 你被压在一根水泥的路标塔下
[37:58.92]Now dozens of peopleon that ferry boat died. 渡船上很多人死了
[38:02.70]But you're still alive. 但是你还活着
[38:04.39]So when I come backto check on youafter the surgery, 所以我在手术后再来看你的时候
[38:06.60]you better still be alive. 你最好还活着
[38:09.11]All right? 好吗?
[38:10.94]You hear me? 听见我说的了吗?
[38:12.96]All right. 好了
[38:20.65]her B.P.'S stable. 她的血压稳定
[38:21.79]So is the baby'S. 孩子也是
[38:25.66]You did good,karev. 你干得很不错 Karev
[38:28.13]Is she gonna be okay? 她会没事的吧?
[38:31.87]You know,we're gonna... 你知道 我们会...
[38:33.65]we're gonna doeverything we can. 我们会竭尽所能的
[38:35.77]What about the baby? 那孩子呢?
[38:36.48]I mean,is she gonnabe able to carry it to term? 我是说 她能保住孩子吗?
[38:39.80]Um...you should get back downto the clinic. 唔...你该回急诊室了
[38:58.44]look,mrs. Heit,it's time. 听着 Heit太太 时间到了
[39:00.16]We really need to operatebefore you lose any more bloodor your bowels start to die. 我们真的需要在你继续流血 内脏坏死前动手术
[39:05.42]Just...wait...till dr. O'malleyfinds my son.Please. 就...等... 在O'Malley医生找到我儿子前 求你了
[39:19.59]Dr. O'malley...george...did you find him? O'malley医生...George... 你找到他了吗?
[39:23.47]Is--is he okay?Is he awake? 他还好吗? 他还清醒吗?
[39:32.60]One of his pupils is blown. 他的一个瞳孔放大
[39:33.76]We don't have a lot of time. 我们没有太多的时间了
[39:34.99]What are you gonna do? 你要怎么做?
[39:36.21]God,you can't let him die. 上帝 你不能就让他这么死了
[39:37.79]I'm sorry. 对不起
[39:38.91]I'm doing what I can. 我已经尽力了
[39:40.34]Well,it's not enough. 但还不够
[39:41.33]Please just--just look,they're notgonna get him out of hereany time soon. 求你只是 只是看一下 他们不能立刻把他从这弄出去
[39:45.43]So you gotta figure out a way tohelp him right here,right now. 所以你就在这立刻想方法帮他
[40:02.76]finally. 结果
[40:04.67]Kelly winter. Kelly Winter
[40:05.32]- Fatima? - Fatima's a little girl--hold on. - Fatima? Fatima是个小女孩 - 等下
[40:06.81]Hold on. 等下
[40:07.92]I'm--I'm,uh,I'm dr. Karev. 我是 我是 嗯 我是Karev医生
[40:09.86]This is a very rough situation,and I can sure you, 这是个非常艰难的情形 但是我可以向你们保证
[40:12.66]we're doing everythingthat we can. 我们正在竭尽我们所能
[40:14.88]The following are the patientswe've identified at this time--okay, 以下这些是此刻我们确认身份的病人
[40:18.61]"john J.Anders,kirk demorast"-- John J. Anders Kirk Demorast
[40:21.56]this is the same listthey gave us a half-hour ago. 这和半小时前他们给我们的名单一样
[40:23.89]It's posted over there. 就是在那里贴着呢
[40:25.47]I-I understand,but-- 我 我理解 但是...
[40:26.63]please,just,kelly--she's got brown hair.She's about 5'4". 求你了 Kelly 棕色的头发 大概5尺4寸
[40:29.83]Okay,look,we had a lot ofpeople who came in without I.D. 听着 很多送进来的病人都没有身份
[40:32.36]just take us overto the E.R. 就让我们去急诊室
[40:33.71],And we'll look for ourselves. 我们自己找好了
[40:35.56]We can't let you do that. 我们不能让你们这么做
[40:36.74]why not? 为什么?
[40:37.64]those are our kidsin there! 那里有我们的孩子!
[40:55.47]okay.Let's see. 好了 让我们看看
[40:57.27]Now I have to deflatethe blood pressure cuffand see if he bleeds. 现在我收缩一下血压带 再看看他是不是流血
[41:04.01]Good.Okay.We saved him. 好了 我们救了他
[41:05.95]You helped. 你帮了忙
[41:07.26]We just have tobandage him up,we're gonna find someone 我们只要包扎好他 还得找个人送他去医院
[41:09.68]to take him to the hospital,and then we're gonnafind your mom,okay? 然后我们再去找你妈妈 好吗?
[41:18.81]I can't stand it.The pain! 我受不了了 疼啊!
[41:20.91]I gotta get outta here! 我要离开这!
[41:21.97]Sir,don't move!Don't move! 先生 不要动! 不要动!
[41:36.70]外科实习生格蕾 第三季 第15集 -=结束=-
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8672-250093-1.html

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