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[00:00.01]Previously on "grey's anatomy" 医人当自强剧情回顾:
[00:01.42]I raised you to be an extraordinary human being. 我希望你成为出类拔萃的人
[00:03.83]Imagine my disappointment when I wake up after five years and discover that you're no more than ordinary. 而当我5年后醒来 发现你如此平庸 想象我的失望吧
[00:08.93]An hour ago,he was proposing. 一小时前 他刚跟我求婚
[00:11.06]Now he's going to the morgue. 现在他却进了太平间
[00:12.74]You did go. 你做得很好
[00:17.37]Do you believe in heaven? 你相信天堂吗?
[00:22.27]there are medical miracles. 医学奇迹的确存在
[00:26.01]Being worshippers at the altar of science,we don't like to believe miracles exist. 作为信奉科学的工作者 我们不愿相信奇迹存在
[00:32.64]But they do. 但它们的确存在着
[00:35.51]Things happen. 奇迹时有发生
[00:38.73]We can't explain them,we can't control them... 我们无法解释 也无法控制
[00:43.14]but they do happen. 然而 它们的确发生
[00:44.91]Chief,I know the hypothermia is protective to her vital organs,how much longer do you think we can go on like this? 主任 我知道降温是为了使器官存活 你认为我们还要继续多久?
[00:50.38]I've seen people last as long as four hours. 我见过可以持续4小时的病例
[00:52.42]- Yeah,but you -- no,this is not.this is ellis grey's little girl. - 可是... - 不 这是Ellis Grey的女儿 这是...
[00:56.13]-- this is my -- we're all on the same side here,chief. 主任 我们都这样想
[01:00.13]Sir... 主任
[01:05.41]her body temp is at 86 degrees. 体温86度(30摄氏度)
[01:07.56]She is not dead until she is warm and dead. 除非她体温回升死掉 否则她就没死
[01:09.83]We need to warm her up to 98.6 and start her heart. 要让她体温回升到98.6(37摄氏度) 加油干吧
[01:12.61]Yes,sir. 是
[01:14.22]Let's do a gastric lavage with warm fluids. 用温液做个洗胃
[01:24.79]addison. Addsion
[01:25.44]I have to go. 我得走了
[01:26.12]I-- it's my jane doe. 是那个无名女病人
[01:27.31]Just--they're waiting... 他们在
[01:30.04]for you. 等着你
[01:30.74]So whatever you choose to say will... 无论你怎么表态...
[01:39.13]miracles do happen in medicine. 医学奇迹的确发生
[01:43.92]They happen every day. 每日都在发生
[01:46.85]Just not always when we need them to happen. 却并非总在我们需要奇迹时出现
[02:04.68]Meredith? Meredith!
[02:07.13]She's freaking out. 她吓傻了
[02:07.97]She's not freaking out. 她没吓傻
[02:08.98]People tend to freak out. 人们崩溃了就会
[02:09.82]Trust me,she's fine. 相信我 她很好
[02:11.14]Oh,okay,mr. 是呀
[02:12.08]I been dead longer,knows everything. "死得早懂得多"先生
[02:13.39]You know what? 你知道吗?
[02:14.14]That's why i don't like to be here with you,because you don't assess the situation. 所以我不想和你在一起 你不了解她的情况
[02:16.87]You just dive right in. 就直接判断
[02:18.14]Oh,I'm not the one who got himself all blown up. 哦 我可没被炸的粉身碎骨
[02:20.32]All right,you wanna do this now or you wanna do this later? 现在想找事吗?
[02:22.16]Oh,I-I wanna do this now. 我想现在来
[02:23.39]You wanna do this now? 你想现在来?
[02:24.26]I will kick your ass anytime. 我随时都能教训你
[02:25.51]I'm the one with a fresh heart. 我现在有颗健康的心脏了
[02:26.47]- Oh,yeah,you're gonna kick my -- this is the brain thing. 你要教训... 这是我自己的大脑
[02:28.20]This is the ketamine/ neurotransmitter thing,right? 这是大脑中的幻觉 对吗
[02:31.40]no. 不是
[02:32.78]'Cause you'd think if this were my brain doing this,the first person I'd want to see,no offense,would be... 因为如果是我大脑的想象 那我第一个想见的会是..
[02:39.18]doc! Doc!
[02:40.47]What a good boy. 好乖乖!
[02:43.76]hi. 嗨
[02:45.76]Hi,buddy. 嗨 伙计
[02:46.97]Meredith. Meredith
[02:49.87]This is not your brain on drugs. 这可不是大脑被麻醉
[02:52.06]This is death. 这是死亡
[02:52.95]You are dead. 你死了
[02:53.73]You're really freakin' dead. 你可能无法接受
[02:54.75]You're dirt-nap dead. 但你的确死了
[02:55.73]No-more-you dead. 你死了
[02:58.55]Way too harsh. 别太急!
[02:59.44]Remember,we-- we're gonna take it easy. 记得吗?我们得慢慢来
[03:01.04]That was not easy. 这就太急了
[03:07.62]meredith... Meredith
[03:09.83]you drowned... 你在埃略湾溺水了
[03:10.74]in elliott bay.
[03:12.36]You remember that? 记得吗?
[03:13.47]Yeah,that sucked. 对 真糟
[03:14.70]Who's a good boy? 哦 好孩子
[03:16.09]Who's the best dog? 谁是乖狗狗?
[03:17.51]- Oh,this is gonna take a while. - Who's the best dog? - 哦 这回得花不少时间了 - 谁是乖狗狗?
[03:19.61]Who's such a good boy? 哦 好孩子
[03:20.84]we don't have a while. 来不及了
[03:22.24]She's running out of time. 她快没时间了
[03:24.14]Who's the best dog? 谁是乖狗狗?
[03:28.24]Tell me. 告诉我情况
[03:29.43]Her temp's still only 86. 体温依然86度
[03:31.01]There's still no heartbeat. 没有心跳
[03:32.38]- We're hoping once she warms up -- I want to go in there. - 希望她的体温能够回升 - 我想进去
[03:34.56]No. 不行
[03:34.90]There's a risk of brain damage. 有脑损伤的危险
[03:35.81]I need to go in there. I'm going in 我要进去
[03:36.91]Derek,you can't,not for meredith,not for anybody. Derek! 你不能进去 不管是为了Meredith 还是为了别人
[03:38.49]You're in no shape. 你现在筋疲力尽了
[03:45.41]it's not good. 情况不妙
[03:46.05]Is she still cyanotic? 她还是面色发紫吗
[03:47.01]What was her initial temp? 起始体温是多少?
[03:48.03]I mean,what is taking so long?- Dr.Yang... - 到底在等什么 - Yang医生!
[03:50.55]it's not good. 情况不妙
[03:52.14]They're doing everything they can. 他们已经竭尽所能
[03:54.28]I... 我...
[03:55.32]you should maybe,um prepare yourselves. 好吧 你们应该...有所准备
[04:01.16]I have to go. 我得走了
[04:01.73]Uh,my jane doe's awake. 我病人醒了
[04:03.56]I'm coming with you. 我跟你去
[04:04.53]Iz,you'll let us know? Iz 有消息告诉我
[04:06.28]Prepare ourselves? "有所准备"
[04:07.08]That'S... 这似乎是...
[04:08.17]that's what we tell the families before we call time of death. 好像在宣布死亡前跟家属说的话
[04:10.88]She's gonna be okay. 她会没事的
[04:11.95]Sometimes is ******** 有时候这话不对
[04:18.33]uh-uh no. 哦 不
[04:20.47]Christina. Cristina
[04:21.32]I'm not doing this. 我不行
[04:23.23]Christina. Cristina!
[04:30.80]She's going to survive this. 她会熬过来
[04:33.15]She's going to survive this. She's going to survive this.She's going to survive this. 她会熬过来 她会熬过来 她会熬过来 她会熬过来
[04:38.36]**************** Meredith!Meredith!
[04:42.43]I don't if you remember me. I was your********* 不知道你是否还记得我 我是你母亲的护士
[04:45.99]I** 我死于...
[04:46.79]******cancer. 肝癌
[04:51.42]************ Bonnie?
[04:52.21]*********** 她记得我?
[04:54.05]************* 你记得
[04:55.13]you're a very important page for her. 对她来说你是个很重要的病人
[04:57.41]what are you all doing here? 你们都在这做什么?
[04:58.98]********************** - 这是... - 这不是天堂
[05:00.43]********************* 随便你怎么称呼这里
[05:01.60]I didn't,did I? 我没有... 对吧?
[05:03.67]Tell us about ********* 说说水吧 Meredith
[05:10.29]you don't know************* 你没有权力跟我说话
[05:12.33]***************** - 你这个小东西 - 我需要你保持镇静!
[05:15.21]Go ahead 继续
[05:16.30]- ******************* - ************* - Burke会用镇静剂 但我怕有风险 - 他是外行 让我离开
[05:20.69]********************* 动手吧
[05:21.60]***** 给她用
[05:22.29]what do you this you are? 你以为你是谁
[05:23.15]***************** 镇静剂能让你安静下来
[05:24.40]*************what you are doing.******** 你甚至不知道自己在做什么 给我叫Richard来
[05:27.38]********************* 我是Montgomery医生 你需要吸氧 要躺下去
[05:30.67]********** 不 不 我不要 我不要在这里
[05:32.67]******** plan today, 这在你预料之外
[05:33.89]I get************. We'll try to take care of you baby. 我们会尽量照顾好你的孩子
[05:36.51]I know ***need you.To calm down. 现在你得安静下来
[05:39.74]************************to my husband. 我需要....你跟我丈夫说吧
[05:46.84]This is dr.******** 这是Karev医生 我的实习生
[05:50.20]What?******** 什么?你不是...?
[05:51.13]You lost you ID.We don't know where your family********** 你没有身份证 我们不知道你的家人
[05:53.96]But I ...I know you,you're my... 我认识你...你是我...
[05:55.89]I found you on the dark after the accident. 在事故之后 我在甲板上找到你的
[05:58.79]on dark...what ******the accident? 什么甲板? 什么事故?发生什么了?
[06:01.30]You're in the ******** 你在轮渡上
[06:03.59]You don't remember? 你不记得了?
[06:07.09]- No. - What about your name? - 不 - 你叫什么名字?
[06:11.32]************ 我的名字...我不知道我叫什么
[06:15.34]************************ 我连自己的名字都不知道
[06:21.54]she could not remember anything from before the accident 她什么都不记得了
[06:24.26]could be had ** could **logical from the shock 可能是头部损伤 也可能是受惊后的心理创伤
[06:27.10]*************** 可能是暂时性的逆行性遗忘症
[06:29.88]***********hope*************** 有可能 我很担心她的肺 给她做个胸部X光和动脉血气采集
[06:36.23]hey,you okay?you want to be********* 嗨 想去你朋友那里吗?
[06:38.80]no,i'm not,i'm***this 没事 这里的事情我来
[06:40.44]- you sure? - yes. - 你肯定? - 是的
[06:42.22]*************** Meredith总是让我觉得
[06:44.73]i don't know.************** 我一有机会就搞砸病人
[06:48.61]oh man. 我进来了
[06:49.76]**************** 停止输液 停止心肺复苏
[06:56.49]anything? 有何反应?
[06:58.43]hard to ********** 心脏依旧没动静
[07:00.95]******************** 没有任何震颤
[07:03.49]nothing? 没有?
[07:05.49]nothing 没有
[07:07.54]it was srarting cpr 开始心肺复苏
[07:10.22]********you'd out of here Stevens 出去!
[07:12.08]I just... 我只是...
[07:14.78]- oh my god. - go back outside and wait. 哦 上帝啊
[07:16.84]- ******************** - Christina is **********...she left - 跟Yang和O'malley一起 - Cristina不在 她离开了
[07:21.93]She left *********she go? 她值班期间离开了?她去哪了?
[07:43.09]******I need you to understand Meredith 你得明白
[07:44.98]It's important *********** 这很重要 你不能浪费时间了
[07:46.70]All right it's no time for that. You don't have the time,and we dont have the time 没有时间了 你没有时间 我们也没有时间了
[07:49.85]I *******that's all.I ************ 我溺水了 就这样 我溺水了
[07:51.63]**********please,listhen to us. Meredith! 拜托 听我们的
[07:53.99]you have to listen to us.You have to. 你得听我们的 你必须这样!
[07:57.57]Oh,no. 哦 不!
[08:04.23]医人当自强 第3季 第17集
[08:12.51]*Some Kind of Miracle*
[08:15.63]I can't find the source of this bleeding! 我找不到出血源头
[08:17.97]I need gloves and surgical towels. 我需要手套和手术毛巾
[08:20.11]It happens with bonnie,baby. Bonnie一直会这样 宝贝
[08:21.74]You just gotta ride it. 你要明白
[08:22.71]I can save her. 我能救她
[08:23.87]I can start an I.V. 我能输液
[08:25.31]There's no point. 这毫无意义
[08:26.08]Go to the O.R. 去手术室
[08:26.83]And get me sterilized surgical instruments. 出去给我找消毒的手术设施
[08:29.15]Go. 去啊!
[08:29.94]Go! 去啊!
[08:42.21]Meredith... Meredith
[08:44.44]are you ready to talk about this now,or you wanna waste some more time? 你现在准备好谈谈了吗?我们没有时间了
[08:51.81]it's been over an hour. 已经超过一小时了
[08:54.39]There's a ch-- we need to prepare for the possibility that she may 我们得准备好 可能...
[08:57.70]look,she is young,she is healthy,her temp's going up, 她很年轻 很健康 她的体温在回升 会继续回升
[09:00.61]and it's gonna keep going up and her heart will start again. 她的心脏会重新跳动
[09:03.80]That's the only possibility I'm prepared for. 我只接受这种后果
[09:09.62]Do you use moisturizer? 你用保湿霜吗
[09:10.93]Here. 对
[09:11.54]Take this. 给你
[09:13.12]Keep it behind the bar. 就放在吧台后面
[09:15.32]What is this? 这是什么?闻起来像烧焦的味道
[09:16.25]It smells like something burning. 闻起来像烧焦的味道
[09:17.33]It's gingerbread. 姜饼
[09:20.16]You're not getting this,are you? 你不懂的 是吧?
[09:21.44]Okay,this is 99 cents. 这么多 都是99美分
[09:23.24]Okay? 明白吗?
[09:23.63]You can buy anything for 99 cents. 你可以用99美分买任何东西
[09:31.48]It's small. 很小
[09:32.15]It's,um,a tiny size. 这是袖珍型
[09:33.90]It has,uh,cat-type creatures on it. 有猫型图案
[09:36.16]But it is a chair. 但这是把椅子
[09:37.54]For 99 cents,you can buy furniture. 用99美分就能买个家具
[09:39.53]That is america,man. 还是美国货
[09:40.81]That's taiwan,man. 这是台湾货
[09:44.00]You know,this ferry thing's pretty bad. 你知道这很糟
[09:45.82]- Don't you think you should be -- I am coping. - 但你不认为应该...? - 我正在自我处理
[09:50.67]Okay? 明白?
[09:55.55]I'm coping. 处理
[09:56.67]So,uh,shut up and,uh,look at all my crap! 呃 闭嘴 看这些玩意!
[10:04.88]Uh,callie,I'm putting you in charge of my interns. Callie 我让你负责我的实习生
[10:07.31]Put 'em to work anywhere but here. 让他们工作
[10:08.51]- Dr.Bailey,please let us stay here. - No,we can't go anywhere.We have to - Bailey 医生 让我们呆在这 - 不 我们哪都不去
[10:10.00]you're concerned. 我明白你们很担心
[10:10.61]I understand. 但有场灾难等着我们处理
[10:11.49]There's been a disaster and there's work to be done.
[10:14.07]Go,now. 去吧 马上!
[10:15.50]All right,they need bodies down in the clinic. 好吧 诊所需要人手
[10:16.90]Let's go down there. 我们去吧
[10:19.72]Hey,bailey's right. 嗨 Bailey说的对
[10:20.75]We can't help meredith. 我们帮不了Meredith
[10:21.59]All we can do is sit around and go crazy. 但我们可以做很多事
[10:22.71]I-I can'T.I need to be here. 我不行 我得在这儿
[10:23.82]Izzie,we're all freaked. Izzie! 我们都难以承受
[10:25.51]We just need to stay out of the way. 但我们得向前走
[10:26.53]Got it? 你知道吗?
[10:28.43]Let's go. 我们走吧
[10:31.55]Do you or your immediate family have a history of cancer? 你和你直系亲属有过癌症病史吗?
[10:36.80]Um,I don't know. 我不知道
[10:38.53]How about heart disease or high blood pressure? 心脏病和高血压呢?
[10:41.68]how about alcohol or drug use? 酒瘾 吸毒呢?
[10:42.97]You don't know any of this,do you? 你一无所知?
[10:44.36]I don't even know the sex of my baby or if I'm married. 我甚至连我孩子的性别都不知道 是否结婚
[10:47.94]I mean,I... 我..
[10:49.40]I have a ring line,but I don't have the ring. 我有戒指印 但没有戒指
[10:52.57]So what does that make me? 所以那对我有什么意义呢
[10:54.66]I-I don't know. 我 我不知道.
[10:57.75]Is it really bad? ...真的很严重吗?
[10:59.44]You look... 在你看来..
[11:00.51]I mean,am I gonna... 我想 我是不是....
[11:01.91]no. 不
[11:02.48]No,no,no,no,no. 不不
[11:03.28]It's,uh... 是...
[11:05.69]it's a friend. 是一个朋友
[11:06.31]She was in the accident,too. 她也出了意外
[11:08.16]Oh,I'm sorry. 对不起
[11:09.36]Yeah. 谢谢
[11:12.24]things are tough all over. 一切都很艰难
[11:14.41]I have no new information about your loved ones. 对于你们的家人我没有最新消息
[11:16.62]I'm sorry. 很抱歉
[11:17.40]But we are facing a serious blood shortage. 但是我们血库血浆严重短缺
[11:20.75]So anyone eligible to donate blood should see me. 如果有人愿意献血 请来找我
[11:23.07]If you're not sure,see me. 如果你们不太肯定 也来找我
[11:25.81]These need to go to the blood bank for testing. 做个血液检测
[11:27.53]Thanks. 谢谢
[11:30.43]What are those for? 那些是干什么用的?
[11:31.44]Meredith is a/B. Meredith是AB型
[11:33.51]She's been down a long time,but,you know,she's strong. 她溺水很久 但她很健康
[11:36.14]We shouldn't give up. 我们不该放弃
[11:37.12]I wasn't planning to,but thanks. 我没打算放弃 不过还是谢谢
[11:39.78]Okay. 好吧
[11:40.91]Is this stress related,or am I doing something specific to piss you off? 是你压力大,还是我做了什么惹火了你?
[11:44.59]Because believe me,we need to pull together. 我们该为Meredith做什么
[11:46.18]Not "we." 不是我们
[11:47.05]What? 什么?
[11:47.94]You keep going on about how "we" need to do this for meredith and how strong meredith is,like you know her. 你一直说"我们"该为Meredith做什么 Meredith那么坚强 好像你与她很熟悉
[11:52.54]I do know her. 我和她当然熟
[11:53.48]No,george,cristina and me,we know her. George Cristina和我 我们才熟悉
[11:55.50]We're her family. 我们是她的家人
[11:56.27]We were here long before you and george started fooling around. 在你和George乱搞之前 我们在一起很久了
[11:58.29]Hey,he is my husband. 嗨 他是我丈夫
[11:59.32]Stop saying that like it means something. 别那样说
[12:00.61]It's a piece of paper. 那只不过是有一纸证明而已
[12:01.82]You act like it gives you history or weight. 而不是有熟悉程度 或者...等待
[12:04.48]Okay,enough! 好了 够了!
[12:06.38]Enough. 够了!
[12:07.29]I will not be run off. 我不会临阵退缩的
[12:08.37]I am here. 我就在这里
[12:08.99]George wants me here. George希望我在
[12:09.95]And if you can accept that,that--that I love him,too,then maybe we could be,I don't know,friends? 如果你能接受我也爱他 我们也许能成朋友?
[12:16.38]or you can keep on the way you are and be that person that george used to know. 或者你继续这样 成为George过去认识的那个人
[12:20.49]You don't get to decide that. 你无权决定
[12:21.98]George decides. George才说了算
[12:23.14]Oh,I know what he'll decide. 哦 我知道他会如何决定
[12:24.40]And if I were you,I would think about it long and hard, 如果我是你 我会长时间认真思考
[12:26.08]because you cannot afford to lose another friend,not when people around you keep... 因为你无法承受失去另一个朋友的痛苦 当你周围的人一再...
[12:32.93]keep... 死去?
[12:34.27]dropping like flies. 这就是你想说的?
[12:35.56]Is that what you were about to say?
[12:40.80]so all of you just disappear at will? 你们所有人都随心所欲的消失?
[12:44.20]What happened? 发生什么了?
[12:44.80]I drowned. 我溺水了 就这样
[12:45.90]That's it. 再说一次 为什么我们在这里?
[12:47.80]Then why are we here?
[12:51.40]I can't do this if you're gonna keep saying you drowned. 如果你一再说你溺水了 我就不能这样做
[12:54.00]Do you have any idea how much that hurt? 你知道这样伤害有多大吗?
[12:56.10]You know, when you came into the E.R., You were so brave, so strong. 当你到急诊室时 你知道你多勇敢 多坚强吗?
[13:00.40]I was in shock! 我受惊了!
[13:02.10]And you ys doped me up. 而你们给我用药
[13:04.10]And you know what? 你知道吗 回头看过 我经历的事真的糟糕透顶!
[13:05.10]In retrospect, what happened to me really sucked.
[13:09.70]I was young and beautiful and in love. 我年轻 漂亮 并且正在热恋
[13:12.60]I was getting married in four months, and then I was dying. 4个月后即将结婚 然后我奄奄一息
[13:15.90]And here you are, 然后你来了 死的开开心心
[13:17.00]all happy and perky to be dead.
[13:19.10]You think I want to be here? 你以为我想在这?
[13:20.40]I swam. 我游泳了 我努力挣扎 海水冰冷
[13:21.40]I fought hard.
[13:22.70]The water was cold. 好了 那浴缸里的事呢 那是怎么回事?
[13:23.70]All right, but that thing in the tub,
[13:25.70]what was that? 那什么都说明不了 你看见我在浴缸里?
[13:26.40]It wasn't anything.It was...
[13:28.70]you see me in the tub? 我不偷看女人洗澡 我希望...
[13:30.00]I do not see women in the bathtub.
[13:32.10]I wish I saw w--
[13:35.30]we know things. 我们知道一些事情
[13:36.30]You had to think about it. 你必须得考虑 Ellis Grey的女儿可不能...
[13:37.70]No daughter of ellis grey could-- 这跟Ellis Grey没关系
[13:39.10]this is so not an ellis grey thing.
[13:40.60]Ah, it's a derek thing. 啊 跟Derek有关
[13:41.80]I would never 我决不会...
[13:42.60]you would. 你会!我知道你经历了 一些糟糕透顶的事情
[13:43.60]I know crappy things have happened to you,
[13:45.70]but how can you be a surgeon and have so little respect for life? 如果你不尊重生命 又怎能当外科医生?
[13:49.60]How... 如何...哦 又来了
[13:51.70]oh, come on.
[14:05.30]who are you here for? 你陪谁来的?
[14:09.40]What? 什么?
[14:10.00]I'm waiting on my wife. 我在等我妻子 被车撞了
[14:11.60]Car hit her. 她被车撞了
[14:13.90]Can you believe that, on the ferry? 难以置信 在渡船上被车撞
[14:16.70]She was run over on the ferry. 当时她在渡船上 被车撞倒
[14:21.10]They haven't said much. 医生就说了这些
[14:22.80]Hard as hell to get any of these people to talk to you. 要找他们说话可难得很
[14:25.30]Yeah, I'm, uh... 是的 嗯...
[14:29.10]my girlfriend was there, too. 我女友当时也在场
[14:32.30]And I don't know... 不知道...
[14:35.30]I don't know what's gonna happen. 不知道会发生什么
[14:37.20]It's out of our hands. 已不在我们控制范围内了
[14:40.30]It's up to the doctors now. 看医生的办法了
[14:42.50]Yeah. 嗯
[14:44.30]yeah. 是的
[14:48.70]What's her name? 她叫什么名字?
[14:50.20]Meredith. Meredith
[14:55.30]I'll put her in my prayers. 我也会帮她祈祷的
[14:58.80]Thanks. 谢谢
[15:12.90]I need to get in there and find the source of this bleeding. 必须找到出血的位置
[15:15.30]Honestly, mer, it's--it's just gonna happen again. Meredith 她还是会死
[15:17.20]Where is something to wipe up this blood? 找点东西来把血擦掉
[15:25.70]Fool me once... 没得救了
[15:26.90]oh, good, yeah. 对极了
[15:27.80]Show up now, be a smart-ass. 这次聪明了
[15:30.00]We have a job to do. 我们都有自己的职责
[15:30.70]Where are you? 而你在干嘛?
[15:31.50]You know, it's a waste of time. 你这是浪费时间
[15:32.40]She's either gonna get it or she's not. 她要不就能得到 要不就的不到
[15:34.00]Get what? 得到什么?
[15:34.60]The way I see it, it doesn't matter how you got here. 依我看 你怎么到这里的并不重要
[15:37.70]You're either in this thing or you're not. 你要不就是进来了 要不就在外面
[15:39.50]There is no in between. 没有中间道路
[15:41.00]And cowboy here can get pissed off, 牛仔生气了
[15:43.10]because for all his tough talk, 不管他说什么难听的话
[15:45.10]he's no different from bonnie. 他和Bonnie没有区别
[15:46.70]He's stuck. 他被困在这里
[15:47.50]And you're not? 你没被困在这里?
[15:48.50]No. 没有
[15:49.10]-please. -Stop. - 拜托 - 住口
[15:50.00]I had a good life. 我原本有美好的生活
[15:51.00]I helped when I could. 我尽我所能了
[15:52.30]And when that shell went off in my hands, 炮弹在我手中爆炸的那一刻
[15:54.40]I completed my task. 我完成了使命
[15:56.70]I saved you. 我救了你的命
[16:04.60]what about another epi? 再用一次肾上腺素怎么样?
[16:05.70]We've been pushing epi for an hour and a half now. 一个半小时以来 一直在用肾上腺素
[16:07.90]Check another lead. 检查下其他导联
[16:13.10]asystole on three leads, sir. 3条导联都显示心脏收缩 主任
[16:15.00]What about her temp? 体温多少?
[16:15.90]Down to 86 degrees. 降至86度
[16:17.50]86? 86度?
[16:18.70]It's 86 now? 降到86度了?
[16:19.80]It was 89. 刚刚还是89度的
[16:20.70]Afterdrop phenomenon. 体温后降现象
[16:48.40]Water.Get me some water. 来点水
[17:10.40]You broke her. 你伤了她的心
[17:12.20]You call her ordinary. 你说她平庸
[17:14.40]You taught her time and time again that nothing she does, 你一次又一次告诉她
[17:18.00]ever, is good enough. 她做得不够好
[17:19.50]Every good thing meredith is... 只要没有你
[17:22.30]happened despite you. Meredith的生命一片美好
[17:25.00]She may not survive this, 她可能会挺不过来
[17:27.00]and that's on you. 是你的责任
[17:28.70]That is on you. 是你的责任
[17:29.60]derek. Derek
[17:36.10]The woman is just-- 这女人 她...
[17:36.70]she's a black hole, there's no question. 毫无疑问 她有责任
[17:38.50]But she can't help herself, 但她自己控制不了
[17:39.90]and she certainly can't fix meredith. 也帮不了Meredith
[17:41.80]It's my fault. 是我的错
[17:43.10]Don'T. 别这样
[17:43.90]See, I knew what was going on, 这一切我都知道
[17:44.50]and I wasn't there for her. 但我没及时在她身边
[17:45.60]You were human. 你不是超人
[17:46.40]She was pulling away from me, and I just... 她是在逃避...
[17:48.70]I... 我...
[17:49.80]I just... 我...
[17:53.10]y-you think that she went in the water on purpose? 你认为她故意溺水?
[17:56.10]She knows how to swim. 她会游泳
[17:59.80]She's a good swimmer. 她游泳很棒
[18:03.80]Derek, you don't know that she'S... Derek 不一定是这样的
[18:06.50]no, you do not get to break down. 你要撑住
[18:08.00]You do not get to fall apart, 别垮下来
[18:09.90]not when there's still a chance, 还有希望的
[18:10.90]and there still is a chance, derek.Okay? 还有希望 撑住 Derek 好吗?
[18:15.70]Okay. 好的
[18:19.10]kay. 好的
[18:30.80]what are you looking for? 找什么呢?
[18:32.30]Something strong. 找个坚硬的东西
[18:33.40]The next time bonnie decides to bleed out, 上一次bonnie流血的时候
[18:35.20]I'm gonna dope her to high heaven and-- 我正准备给她麻醉--
[18:36.50]why are we still talking about her? 怎么还在说她?
[18:37.90]If I can find the source-- 只要找到流血位置--
[18:39.50]he can't be saved. 你救不了她
[18:40.70]This isn't fair. 这不公平
[18:42.10]I could save her. 我能救她
[18:43.10]If you'd just give me a chance, I could save her. 只要在给我一次机会 我能救她
[18:48.40]What happened in that water? 你在水中时发生了什么?
[18:49.60]I swam. 我拼命地游泳
[18:50.60]I fought. 挣扎
[18:51.30]No, you didn'T. 不 你没有
[18:53.10]And you can't stay here, meredith. 你不应该呆在这里 Meredith
[18:55.10]I don't want to! 我也不想的
[18:56.70]Yeah, you do. 不 你想呆在这里
[19:00.30]It's easier. 呆在这里对你来说更简单
[19:02.10]But you can't, 但你不应该呆在这里
[19:03.40]because george's dad died, George的老爸已经死了
[19:05.20]because izzie lost me. Izzie失去了我
[19:06.50]And cristina? 而Cristina
[19:08.10]When she was 9, 她九岁时
[19:09.10]she was in a car accident with her father, 遭遇车祸
[19:11.30]and he bled out right in front of her while they waited for an ambulance to arrive. 她爸爸躺在她身边流血而死
[19:14.50]-And alex-- -stop. - 而Alex 他-- - 别说了
[19:15.40]They are barely breathing. 他们已经非常难过了
[19:17.50]This will break them. 你的死会打垮他们
[19:19.90]And none of them deserves that. 这对他们不公平
[19:22.80]And this-- 下面这一点
[19:24.90]this is the big one... 最重要
[19:27.40]so you pay attention. 仔细听着
[19:29.30]Do you know what kind of miracle it is that derek is who he is? 有Derek这样的人存在 是个奇迹
[19:34.50]Do you know how rare it is that someone like him even exists? 像他这种人简直已经绝种
[19:38.40]He's still an optimist. 他依然是个乐观主义者
[19:41.30]He still believes in true love and magic and... 他相信真爱 相信奇迹
[19:45.10]soul mates. 相信心灵伴侣这一套
[19:46.20]He's waiting for you, 他在等你
[19:47.70]and if you don't come back from this, 如果你不回去
[19:50.90]you will change who he is. 他会因此改变
[20:35.42]what about a cardiopulmonary bypass? 试试体外循环怎么样?
[20:37.46]Come on.
[20:38.80]We could do it here. 在这里就能做
[20:44.50]Page burke and the surgical team. 传呼Burke和手术团队
[20:45.74]Get him here now. 立刻把他们找来
[20:50.08]you know,this is-- this is quality sudoku,joe. 这个数独拼图不错 Joe
[20:52.01]This is,like,$2 worth of sudoku. 值上两块钱的数独拼图
[20:54.16]Good to know. 好的
[21:00.29]No change.I thought you should know. 还是老样子 还是得告诉你
[21:02.72]No kidding. 确实
[21:04.02]Well,some do,you know, come back from this. 也有病例挺过来的
[21:05.85]You know what?I am not a civilian. 我可不是病人家属
[21:07.07]I know the science here. 我懂的
[21:08.48]It's drinking time. 现在是喝酒的时候
[21:09.54]Not yet. 还没到时候
[21:10.50]You have a responsibility to meredith. 你对Meredith有责任
[21:13.77]I don't do this stuff. 这可不行
[21:15.24]I mean,you should know. I go to great lengths. 我已经尽力了
[21:16.91]You re there when I needed you. 我出事的时候 你也在我身边的
[21:18.00]After. 不是
[21:20.52]After I knew you were gonna make it. 是在我知道你会没事之后
[21:24.33]Okay,I'm not proud. 我并不以此为荣
[21:26.92]Okay?I just. 好吧 我...
[21:30.14]I can'T. 我不能回去
[21:33.25]I can't go back there.I can't-- 不能回去 不能--
[21:34.63]I can't go back there and watch her. 我不能回去 回去看着她...
[21:41.83]listen to me. 听我说
[21:45.04]This is about you and the woman you call your "person." 这是你和你死党的事情
[21:48.53]And you do know the science here. 其中的科学道理你都明白
[21:50.46]And if she dies,and you are sittinhere when that happens, 如果她死了 而你却在这里坐着
[21:54.12]I can't see you coming back from that. 你不可能恢复过来的
[21:58.05]Come and say good-bye to your friend. 去跟你死党说声再见
[22:09.98]i was** 我当时是在拼命游
[22:12.21]i was ** 拼命挣扎
[22:15.53]***second 突然有了个念头
[22:18.91]i thought**** 我想
[22:22.93]point*** 何必呢
[22:27.49]and i*** 放弃算了
[22:30.79]i *** 就没再挣扎了
[22:35.75]don't*** 别告诉别人
[22:38.74]ok 好的
[22:57.17]what? 怎么?
[23:04.85]Izzie. Izzie
[23:06.04]You can see her? 你能看见她?
[23:08.36]No. 不是
[23:11.16]But sometimes. 但有时候
[23:13.84]we'll be in the same place at exactly the same time. 在同一时间 我们会在同一地点
[23:19.59]And. 我...
[23:22.08]oh,I can almost hear her voice. 几乎能听到她的声音
[23:26.51]It's like I'm touching her. 就好像我能触摸到她一样
[23:29.32]I like to believe she knows I'm there. 我宁愿相信 她知道我在那里
[23:37.90]that's all you get, 只能留下这些
[23:40.36]that's it,moments with the people you love. 和你所爱的人一起的片刻
[23:43.39]And they'll move on. 然后 他们会继续生活
[23:44.69]And you'll want them to move on. 你也希望他们继续生活
[23:46.62]But still,meredith, 但是Meredith 也只能是这样
[23:47.94]that is all you get,moments. 也只能留下这些 片刻的回忆
[23:51.18]Is this really happening? 现在发生的一切是真的吗?
[23:53.16]I don't know. 不知道
[23:55.18]This is your afterlife,not mine. 是你的来世 我怎么知道
[24:14.99]any change? 有进展吗?
[24:16.23]No. 没有
[24:18.41]George,come on. George 拜托
[24:19.64]We can't do this today,not today. 今天别来闹便扭
[24:21.66]What the hell did you say to my wife? 你跟我老婆说什么了?
[24:22.42]- I didn't say anything. - I saw her face. - 没说什么 - 她的脸色我看到了
[24:23.56]- We both said things. - I saw her face. - 她也说了 - 她的脸色我看到了
[24:24.57]- She was- - she didn't say anything,but why? - 她- - 她什么都没说
[24:25.95]Why would you pick now to throw down? 为什么要在这个时候把这事情挑明
[24:27.98]I di'T. 我没有
[24:29.25]I. 我...
[24:30.99]I can't lie about how I feel. 我无法隐瞒我的情感
[24:32.17]Actually,you can. 怎么不可以
[24:33.53]You can.People lie all the time. 谁不隐瞒
[24:35.97]They hold their tongues and they wait. 应该管住自己的嘴巴
[24:37.48]You should hold your tongue because if I'm not making a mistake, 你应该管住自己的嘴巴 因为如果我没错
[24:39.33]you're gonna look like a jerk, and if I am,I'm gonna need you. 你这样做就很浑 如果我错了 我就需要你的帮助
[24:42.59]I need you,and you--you keep taking that away. 我需要你 你却一直不理解
[24:53.95]place the c02 monitor. Did you page dr.Burke? 打开二氧化碳监视器 传呼Burke大夫了吗?
[24:55.92]He's in trauma doing cardiopulmonary bypass. 他正在做体外循环手术
[24:59.19]On meredith grey? 给Meredith Grey做?
[25:00.33]Yes,sir. 是的 大夫
[25:02.68]All right.Okay,push 1 of atropine. 好的 打1个单位阿托品
[25:07.65]billy,what's her temp? Billy 体温多少?
[25:09.03]We're up to 96. 升到96华氏度了
[25:11.68]that's good.Good.All right. 那就好
[25:13.61]Now we just have to get her heart beating. 那就差心跳了
[25:15.14]okay,draw an A.B.G. 进行动脉血气采集
[25:16.33]Push 1 of epi,a gram of mag and an amp of calcium. 注射1个单位肾上腺素 1克镁 1小瓶钙
[25:19.70]I don't want to be here. 我不想呆在这里了
[25:21.02]I want to go back. 我要回去
[25:22.11]We were told there wasn't a lot of time. 他们说时间不多了
[25:23.92]I'm out of time? 我没时间了?
[25:24.98]Well,we're not sure,baby. 嗯 不太清楚 亲爱的
[25:27.01]Oh,god. 上帝啊
[25:27.99]I can'T. 我不能...
[25:29.47]I w--oh. 我--
[25:31.28]I-I-I had intimacy issues. 我有很亲的人
[25:33.56]Yeah. 是的
[25:34.41]Do you know how stupid that seems now? 这一切现在看来都太可笑了
[25:36.92]Yeah,I do. 是的
[25:37.91]It's not enough. 不行
[25:39.43]It's not enough,just a whiff of derek 我舍不得Derek
[25:42.05]or just--or cristina. 舍不得Cristina
[25:44.64]I need to go back. 我得回去
[25:46.27]Please. 求你们了
[25:47.91]I can't--I can'T. 不行 不行
[25:52.90]this is not gonna happen,not today. 你不会死的
[25:54.59]You're not gonna die on me today,not today. 你不会死的 至少今天不会
[25:56.76]v-fib.Give me the paddles. 心室纤维性颤动 把电击板给我
[26:01.30]clear. 让开
[26:03.71]- how many epis is that? - Six. - 打了多少单位肾上腺素了 - 6个单位
[26:05.35]What's the external pacer? 外部脉冲怎样了
[26:06.69]It's not catching. 还是不行
[26:07.48]- Billy,what's her body temp? - 98. - Billy 体温多少? - 98华氏度
[26:09.42]So she's warm? 体温恢复了
[26:10.80]Yes. 是的
[26:19.56]and dead. 还是没醒
[26:29.98]V-fib. 心室纤维性颤动
[26:31.43]That looks like v-fib. 有点像心室纤维性颤动
[26:32.66]Shock her at 300. 300伏电击
[26:34.49]- Charged. - Clear. - 充电 - 让开
[26:43.52]you cannot give up. You understand me? 别放弃 听到没?
[26:45.66]Do you know how much time and effort and energy an- 花了这么多时间
[26:48.98]and--and resources and drugs. 人力 物力 药物
[26:54.74]you cannot give up. 你不能放弃
[26:59.81]Turning the pacer up to max. 把监视器开到最大
[27:02.47]If there was any ounce of activity, 只要有任何情况
[27:04.47]the pacer would've picked it up. 监视器都会显示的
[27:19.15]she's been on bypass for. 体外循环
[27:22.46]almost an hour. 已经快1小时了
[27:39.04]cristina. Cristina
[27:52.74]I can't breathe. 我喘不过气了
[27:54.33]This will pass. 等一下就好了
[27:55.63]It won'T. 还是喘
[27:56.81]It feels like. 就好像...
[28:23.64]go. 去吧
[28:26.22]Go, meredith. 去吧 Meredith
[28:52.05]Try again. 再来一次
[28:58.19]Try again! 再来一次!
[29:09.81]Okay, one more round of A. C. L. S. Drugs? 那好 再来一轮高级心脏救命术的药物吧?
[29:14.78]One more. 再来一轮
[29:25.30]still v - fib. Okay charge to 300. 仍然室颤 好的 充电300
[29:28.17]Clear. 开始
[29:40.78]You shouldn't be here. 你不该呆在这儿
[29:45.12]Neither should you. 你也是
[29:47.07]Just keep going. 就继续前进吧
[29:50.37]Don't be a damn ... 别做懦夫 ...
[30:02.45]you are ... 你 ...
[30:05.32]you are anything but ordinary, meredith. 你毫不平凡 Meredith
[30:22.34]Now run. Run. 现在快走 走
[30:30.24]- is the lidocaine in? - yes. - 注射利多卡因了吗? - 是的
[30:31.89]Okay, holding compressions. 好的 继续按压
[30:33.98]Come on. Come on, ellis. 加油 加油 Ellis
[30:37.04]Come on. 加油
[31:02.37]- sinus brady. - okay. - 窦性心动 - 知道了
[31:03.81]We got a heartbeat. 有心跳了
[31:09.35]we got it. 我们成功了
[31:37.67]she's breathing on her own? 她能自己呼吸了?
[31:39.10]She is. 是的
[31:44.61]She's been down a long time. 她昏迷了好长时间
[31:47.18]Do we know the brain function yet? 知道脑功能情况了吗?
[31:49.20]We don't know. 不知道
[31:51.60]Derek, does, um- Derek 有没有...
[31:52.50]I haven't paged him yet. I wanted to ... 还没呼他 我想 ...
[31:58.37]I'm giving her more time. 再多给她点时间
[32:28.61]did you say something? Did you just speak? 你想说什么? 你刚说话了吗?
[32:31.42]Oh. 哦
[32:32.28]Oh, meredith. 哦 Meredith
[32:34.03]Okay, mer, I don't understand you. Okay? Try- try again. Try again- 好 Mer 我不明白 知道吗? 再--再试试
[32:37.45]try again for me, okay? 为了我再试一次 好吗?
[32:43.65]What? I, um ... I can'T ... 什么 我--我不能...
[32:48.58]please, please don't be ... 求你了 求你不要...
[32:54.79]your brain works. Okay? 你的大脑还能运作 知道吗?
[32:56.62]So all you need to do is form a word. Please. 所以只需要组织语言 求你了
[33:06.81]Ouch. 哎唷
[33:19.42]Oh, god. 哦 上帝
[33:22.46]Oh. Hi. 哦 嗨
[33:26.76]I'm getting married to burke. 我要跟Burke结婚了
[33:28.98]Not that that should be anywhere on your list of thoughts right now, 虽然此刻并不是你该思考的问题
[33:31.27]but just in case you slip in the hall later or ... 但为了避免你过会儿在大厅滑到或者...
[33:39.24]you are the one person I wanted to tell. 我只想告诉你
[33:46.69]Thank you for not dying. 谢谢你能活过来
[34:45.04]Hey. 嗨
[34:47.83]hi 嗨
[35:10.85]meredith ... Meredith ...
[35:13.02]my mother's dead, isn't she? 我妈妈死了 是吗?
[35:18.36]Yes. 是的
[35:22.40]It's okay ... 没关系 ...
[35:25.94]I think. 我想
[35:34.93]I think it's okay. 我想那没关系
[35:48.04]So she's okay? 那她没事了?
[35:52.46]Yeah. 是啊
[35:55.66]We never had that. 我们从没有这种经历
[35:57.39]He never ... felt that way about me. 他对我从来没有这种感情
[36:04.18]I did. 我有过
[36:09.32]You know, sometimes I think what a waste it is to throw away all that history. 知道吗 有时我会想 抛开那些过往真是一种浪费
[36:13.57]I'm flawed. 我有缺点
[36:15.50]I'm a- a wreck. 我是个废物
[36:18.60]But you- it wasn't a game. 但对你--并不是逢场作戏
[36:26.71]60 days. 60天
[36:29.53]Go 60 days with no sex, no other women. 这六十天里 没有性生活 也没有其他女人
[36:32.45]60 days cold turkey, 就戒六十天 那我或许就会相信你
[36:36.61]So I only have sex with you. 也就是说 我只能跟你做爱
[36:38.67]no. No sex with anyone. 不 跟谁都不行
[36:42.70]Grow up, mark. 成熟点吧 Mark
[36:44.20]Find another way to scratch the itch. 找别的办法过瘾
[36:45.78]Say I do. You'll give us a try, a real try? 如果我同意 那你就愿意 给我们一次机会 真正的机会?
[36:48.64]The couple thing - no sneaking around, no booty calls? 连带的--不用偷偷摸摸 不用当应召?
[36:51.18]If you make it, yes. 只要你做得到
[36:53.22]Okay. We're on. 好的 成交
[36:57.61]- Oh, and, addison? - Hmm? 哦 那么Addison?
[36:58.82]If I'm not having sex, neither are you. 如果我不能过性生活 那你也不行
[37:01.56]Who would I possibly be having sex with? 我能跟谁做爱呢?
[37:09.08]how you doing? 怎么样了?
[37:10.33]I hurt all over. 浑身都疼
[37:13.14]How's your friend? 你朋友怎么样了?
[37:14.48]Well, she pulled through. 挺过来了
[37:15.78]Good. That's great. 好 那太好了
[37:18.75]- And ... nobody'S ... - claimed you? No. - 那...还没人... - 认你?
[37:22.07]No,nothing yet. 是的 还没有
[37:23.26]So we still don't know anything? 那我们仍然一无所知?
[37:24.87]Oh, oh, no,not so. We, uh, learned a lot about you today. 不 也不是 今天我们了解了你很多事
[37:29.64]Well, we know that your heart is healthy. 我们知道你的心脏健康
[37:31.27]We know that your blood type is b - positive. Mm, 知道你的血型是B阳性
[37:34.96]you probably eat pretty healthy, because your cholesterol level is excellent and you're not diabetic. 可能你的饮食业很健康 因为胆固醇指标很好 而且没有糖尿病
[37:38.68]Your lungs don't look like smoker's lungs, 你的肺也不象吸烟者的
[37:40.81]and you don't drink alcohol on ferries in the morning. 今早也没在渡轮上喝酒
[37:43.94]And you're about, uh, oh, 32 years old. 你大约 哦 32岁
[37:50.02]And your baby is a girl. 怀的是女孩儿
[37:57.19]Really? 真的?
[37:59.37]A girl? 女孩儿?
[38:01.09]Yeah. 是的
[38:10.57]and I think I am married. I feel married. 我想我结婚了 我感觉上已经结婚了
[38:13.42]- Yeah? - Yeah. - 是吗? - 是的
[38:15.76]See, now I know more about you than some of my closest friends. 瞧 比起某些亲近的朋友 我现在反而更了解你
[38:21.52]that's pathetic. 真可怜
[38:26.68]- held it down. - Thanks. 交接了 谢谢
[38:29.76]What you did today with meredith ... everybody's talking. 你今天对Meredith做的... 每个人都在谈论
[38:34.15]Chief resident talk. 有关住院总医师
[38:36.45]Okay, I'm talking- to myself- but ... 好吧 是我在说--对我自己-- 但是...
[38:40.18]you're gonna give me a run for my money. 你会带给我强烈的竞争欲
[38:47.44]Yeah, I am. 的确
[38:59.78]I let you down. 我让你失望了
[39:01.65]And I get it if you don't trust me right now. But ... 如果你现在不信任我 我也能理解 但是...
[39:08.35]please, george. 拜托 George
[39:11.64]It's me. 是我啊
[39:13.81]It's us. 是我们
[39:18.09]Please. 求你了
[39:27.42]At the end of a day like this, 象这样的结局
[39:29.72]a day when so many prayers are answered and so many aren'T ... 众多的祈愿者得到回应 还有很多则没有 ...
[39:38.88]you've been gone a long time. 你过世很久了
[39:43.98]I know you think died when the alzheimer's started. 我知道老年痴呆开始时 你就觉得自己死了
[39:50.30]I know it's a relief to you. 我知道这对你是种解脱
[39:54.55]I know. 我都懂
[39:58.42]But it doesn't feel like a relief to me. 但我可不觉得解脱
[40:03.59]I'm not relieved. 我解脱不了
[40:08.39]I miss the sound of your voice. 我想念你的声音
[40:11.68]I miss talking to you. 想念与你交谈
[40:17.63]I miss you. 我想你
[40:30.05]I dyed my hair ... 我染发了...
[40:34.10]for the ladies. 为了取悦女性
[40:54.57]We take our miracles where we find them. 我们抓住找到的奇迹
[40:59.36]We reach across the gap ... 在缝隙中挣扎 ...
[41:03.06]and sometimes ... 有时 ...
[41:05.46]against all odds ... 虽然毫无可能 ...
[41:09.20]against all logic ... 不合逻辑 ...
[41:12.80]we touch. 但我们能够接触
[41:29.61]Izzie. Izzie
[41:56.20]医人当自强 第3季 第17集
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8672-250095-1.html

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