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[00:00.63]previously on "grey's anatomy"... <外科实习医生格蕾>上集回顾...
[00:03.51]I'm getting married to burke. 我要嫁给Burke了
[00:05.05]Ouch. 啊唷
[00:05.98]I went to the board this morning and told them I was retiring. 今早我告诉董事会我要退休了
[00:08.86]One of us could be chief. 我们中的一个会是主任
[00:10.28]We were here long before you and george started fooling around. 你和George胡搞之前我们就在一起了
[00:12.68]- He is my husband. - Stop saying that like it means something. - 他是我丈夫 - 别说得煞有介事
[00:14.70]jane doe,about six months pregnant. Found under a pile of rubble. 无名女性 六个月身孕 在碎石下被发现
[00:18.15]She can't remember anything from before the accident. 她记不得任何事故前的事情了
[00:20.22]Go 60 days with no sex,no other women. 60天不发生性关系 不结识新女伴
[00:23.03]- My mother's dead,isn't she? - Yes. - 我妈妈死了 是不是? - 是的
[00:25.53]Why didn't you stay and fight for us? 你为什么不留下为我们抗争?
[00:27.74]I-I tried. 我 我试过
[00:31.22]Alex,I'm sorry. I can'T. Alex 很抱歉 我做不到
[00:40.44]people have scars in all sorts of unexpected places, 人们会在各种意想不到的地方留下疤痕
[00:44.14]like secret road maps of their personal histories, 如同个人经历的秘图
[00:47.61]diagrams of all their old wounds. 旧伤口的图解
[00:51.45]Alex! God. Alex! 老天
[00:53.88]Yeah,yeah,yeah. Seen it all before. 唷唷唷 以前都见过了
[00:56.27]What the hell are you doing here? 你到底在这干吗?
[00:57.97]- Moving in. - What? - 搬进来 - 什么?
[00:59.42]Most of our old wounds heal,leaving nothing behind but a scar. 大部分的旧伤愈合后 只留下伤痕
[01:04.00]But some of them don'T. 但有些伤口不会
[01:05.21]Alex is moving in? To this house? Alex搬进来? 搬到这里?
[01:07.72]- He's taking george's room. - Why? - 他住George的房间 - 为什么?
[01:09.95]I was asleep just a minute ago. 我才刚刚睡着
[01:11.23]Yeah.And I was naked in the bathroom when alex walked in. Alex走进浴室时我赤身裸体
[01:14.06]I'm lucky I didn't come out of the shower to find him peeing all over the seat. 真幸运我没从淋浴下出来 然后看到他把尿撒的到处都是
[01:16.65]And we're up. 我们起来了
[01:17.70]What's wrong with where he was living before? 他之前住的地方出什么问题了?
[01:19.49]- I don't know where he was living before. - Probably a whorehouse. - 我不知道他以前住哪 - 没准妓院里
[01:22.47]I can't have him living in the room right next door. It's weird. 我不能让他住我隔壁 太怪异了
[01:25.44]People are what matters. 以人为本
[01:26.85]Alex is one of our people. We can't leave him out in the cold. Alex是我们中的一员 不能把他丢在冷风里置之不理
[01:29.70]"People are what matters"? You don't like people. "以人为本"? 你不喜欢人们
[01:32.27]- Is this about your mother? - No. - 是因为你母亲? - 不
[01:34.17]I had a near death whatever,and... 我曾一只脚踏进鬼门关...
[01:36.81]I was dead. And now I'm not. 我之前死了 现在又活了
[01:38.94]So I'd like to use this chance I've been given to be more positive. 我想利用这次机会更加积极向上
[01:43.67]People are what matters. 以人为本
[01:46.05]Paint with all the colors of the wind. 用风的色彩描绘画卷
[01:48.46]Oh. Okay. 哦 好
[01:51.31]You're crazy now. 你疯了
[01:52.66]- I'm alive. - Yeah,okay. - 我活着 - 对 好吧
[01:55.15]No,no. Um,I'm not done in there yet. 不 不 我还没洗完
[01:58.06]Oh,don't worry. Not looking,not interested. 别担心 我不会看的 也没兴趣
[02:00.67]Some wounds we carry with us everywhere, 有些伤痕我们终生为伴
[02:03.31]and though the cut's long gone... 伤口早已消失...
[02:04.98]no,she's selfish,is izzie's problem. 不 她很自私 这就是Izzie的问题
[02:07.16]The pain still lingers. 疼痛依然缠绵不去
[02:09.25]She's not selfish. She's generous.But... 她不自私 她很大方 可是...
[02:11.68]she-- she's self-absorbed. 她...她有点自以为是
[02:13.52]I mean,her problem is that she doesn't see other people's perspectives. 我是说 她的问题在于 她无法体会别人的感受
[02:17.84]Hey,give me a bite. 嗨 给我吃一口
[02:22.25]You know,it's weird because she's so ridiculously compassionate with her patients. 对于病人她感情丰富的不可理喻 这太奇怪了
[02:25.54]You'd think she'd roll some of that out for her friends, 你觉得对于朋友她就打了折扣
[02:27.38]- how about we not talk about her anymore? - but not the way-- - 能不能别再谈她? - 而不是...
[02:32.30]That's a fine idea. 这主意不错
[02:39.26]He is in george's room, and when george's stupid marriage crashes and burns, 他在George的房间 等到George愚蠢的婚姻土崩瓦解时
[02:42.65]he's gonna want to move back in,and he won't be able to. 他会想搬回来 可惜那时就做不到了
[02:45.19]His life will be in a shambles, he'll finally notice that his dad is dead 他的生活会一团糟 最后发现他爸爸去世了
[02:48.41]and he made a fool out of himself by marrying somebody he doesn't really love, 而他娶了个不爱的人 以此愚弄自己
[02:51.04]and he'll have no place to go. Is that what you want? 然后他无家可归 这是你希望的么?
[02:53.72]That's exactly what I want. 的确如此
[02:57.03]- Hey,look who found some clothes. - Shut it. - 嗨 有人终于找到衣服穿了 - 闭嘴
[02:59.10]How you doing? 还好吗?
[03:00.39]Okay,everybody,let's do this once. 好了 大家都赶紧听着
[03:02.67]I'm fine,she's cremated,I picked out a beautiful urn, 我很好 她火葬了 我选了个漂亮的骨灰盒
[03:05.57]and she's hanging out in the back of my closet. 现在她就在我衣橱里呆在
[03:07.59]Any more questions about my dead mother,or can we get back to work? 还有问题关于亡母的吗? 没有的话 我们继续工作
[03:11.63]does anyone know who the new chief candidate is? 有人知道新的主任候选人是谁吗?
[03:13.59]The chief's bringing in a ringer in case he doesn't want to give the job to either of your boyfriends. 主任带来一个替身 以防他不想把位子让给你们两人的男友
[03:17.05]O'malley,you're with shepherd today. O'malley 你今天跟Shepherd
[03:18.67]Yang,Dr. Montgomery. Stevens,to the clinic. Yang 你跟Montgomery医生 Stevens 你去诊所
[03:21.51]Karev,jane doe. Grey,scut. Karev 负责那个无名女人 Grey 打下手
[03:24.06]Once again,I am fine. 再说一次 我很好
[03:26.02]You can tell everybody you fine till you're blue in your face. 你可以跟每个人说你很好 直到你怒不可抑脸色发青
[03:28.03]Your mom died,and you almost joined her. 你母亲去世了 而你差点也跟着她见了上帝
[03:30.22]You're taking it easy. 你好好休息
[03:32.72]Anybody come looking for me yet? 有人来找过我吗?
[03:34.63]Well,no match on your prints,no. No hits from missing persons,plus-- 没有配对的指纹 没有失踪人口符合的记录 另外...
[03:38.51]my face is hard to identify. 我的脸很难辨认
[03:41.14]Well,the second they find something out about your identity, I'm gonna come tell you. 一查明你的身份 我就会告诉你
[03:45.92]Dr. Sloan says I need surgery on my eye. Sloan医生说我的眼睛需要手术
[03:49.00]Well,he just wants to make sure you don't lose vision there completely. 他只是想确认你没有完全失去视力
[03:51.70]But Dr. Montgomery says I should wait a day or two 'cause of the baby. 可Montgomery医生说 为了宝宝我该等上一两天
[03:54.89]I don't know what I'm supposed to make of that. 我不知道该怎么办
[03:57.54]Yeah,well,I mean,surgery can be hard on a baby, but you're gonna be on a fetal monitor the whole time, 对于宝宝来说 手术会很辛苦 但会一直用胎儿显示器监控你
[04:01.48]so if anything goes wrong,we'll catch it. 如果出了问题 我们会发现
[04:04.66]Thank you. 谢谢
[04:07.40]I really-- I really appreciate you taking the time to... 我真的...真的感谢你一直以来...
[04:11.53]I mean,you're-- you're all I've got in this place. 你是...你是这里我惟一的依靠
[04:15.24]does that hurt? 疼吗?
[04:16.44]Of course it hurts. Don't poke it like that. 当然疼 别那样捅我
[04:18.46]Has the lump been there a long time? 肿块一直在那儿吗?
[04:20.17]I got shot 50 years ago. It's been there a long time. 50年前我中了枪 这个肿块很久了
[04:23.83]But it hasn't bothered you till... recently? 但一直对你没有影响直到...最近?
[04:26.42]It bothers me there's a bullet in there. 里面有子弹才叫我烦心呢
[04:28.92]It'd bother you,too, but it didn't start hurting till a couple of months ago. 这也让你烦心了 但直到几个月前才开始疼痛
[04:32.69]You think it's a bullet? 你认为是子弹?
[04:33.88]I don't "think," lady. I know. 我没有"认为" 女士 我知道
[04:35.90]I wanted it out,but the army doctors didn't want to go get it. 我想把子弹取出来 但军医不想
[04:40.84]So they let me keep it in for half a lifetime. 所以子弹就在里面待了半辈子
[04:45.09]Well... 唔...
[04:46.92]let's get some pictures,see if you're right. 我们要拍些照片 看下你的情况
[04:50.18]I know I'm right. Save your film. 我知道我很好 省省胶卷吧
[04:52.12]Just get me something for the pain. 给我点药止疼就行
[04:55.62]Mr. Scofield,I'm sure you are right, but we're still gonna do this my way. Scofield先生 我肯定你很健康 但我们得按程序来
[05:01.66]- Derek. - There she is. - Derek - 看看谁来了
[05:03.89]How was your flight? 旅程如何?
[05:05.02]They didn't feed me,which I don't understand. 他们不给我吃的东西 真让我难以理解
[05:07.31]Dr. O'malley,Dr. Crawford. She's a big pain in the ass. O'malley医生 Crawford医生 她可是个大麻烦
[05:10.53]- Pleasure. - He says that because we worked together in new york, - 我很乐意 - 他说因为我们在纽约共事过
[05:12.82]and I was the only one who never had a crush on him. 而我是唯一一个不迷恋他的人
[05:15.11]No,I-I don't buy that. 不 我 我可不买账
[05:17.28]What do we know,o'malley? 什么情况 O'malley?
[05:18.35]Dr. Crawford has a parafalcine meningioma along the superior sagittal sinus. Crawford医生的上矢状窦边 长有镰旁脑膜瘤
[05:22.41]You've operated three times. It keeps on coming back. 你已经手术三次了 镰旁脑膜瘤总是复发
[05:24.90]Yeah,it's in dangerous territory,so we leave a little bit of the tumor behind each time, 对 因为在危险区域 所以每次手术都会遗留一些肿瘤细胞
[05:28.03]and we go back every couple of years and,uh,tune it up. 每几年我们就回来...返工
[05:30.43]But this is the last time. 可这是最后一次了
[05:33.22]- Sorry? - This is it,derek. - 什么? - Derek 这是最后一次
[05:35.13]I'm done after this. 这次之后 我就不做了
[05:39.10]Helen... Helen...
[05:40.14]the recovery takes forever,and it's not like when jake was around. 需要终生恢复 这不是轻松的事情
[05:45.17]I go through this by myself now. 现在我独自经受这一切了
[05:47.29]Don't throw in the towel. 别放弃
[05:49.03]I'm looking at the situation as it is. 我会坦然面对
[05:52.09]I am going to do this now, 并且就这么做
[05:54.11]then I am going to spend the next two years of my life lying on a beach, 接下来的两年 我要躺在沙滩上
[05:59.07]enjoying the sun. 享受阳光
[06:00.84]- Helen... - stop looking at me like I killed your cat. - Helen... - 别那样看我 好像我杀了你的猫一样
[06:04.28]The decision is made. 我决定了
[06:12.83]You guys seen bailey? 有人看见Bailey了吗?
[06:17.12]- What are we doing? - checking out the new chief candidate. - 我们在干什么? - 检查主任的新候选人
[06:20.18]chief's in with the ringer. We're lurking in a way that was subtle when it was two of us, 主任和替身在里面 我们打探的方式 如果是2个人会很轻巧
[06:23.45]- but isn't now that it's 12. - I heard it was someone from stanford. - 但现在不是2个人 而是12个 - 我听说是个从斯坦福来的家伙
[06:26.77]All the professors there loved me. 那所有的教授都喜欢我
[06:28.42]- They loved you? - I was a great student. - 他们喜欢你? - 我是个出色的学生
[06:31.05]- how you doing,grey? - Oh,I'm fine,sir.Thank you. - 你还好吗 Grey? - 很好 先生 谢谢你
[06:33.25]- move,move,move. - She doesn't like it when people ask. - 走开 走开 走开 - 她不喜欢别人问起
[06:35.47]The ringer's in there with the chief. 替身和主任在一起
[06:36.90]Yeah,and whoever it is loves cristina because everyone at stanford just loved cristina. 对 而且不管是谁都会爱Cristina 因为斯坦福的每个人都爱Cristina
[06:40.99]- Shut up. - She's a motivated student. - 闭嘴 - 她是个有上进心的学生
[06:43.46]- That's nothing to be ashamed of. - Thank you. - 没什么好丢脸的 - 谢谢
[06:45.43]A bit of a kiss ass,but that's hard to control. 有点拍马屁 不过这很难控制
[06:47.46]oh,they're coming out. Look away. 哦 他们出来了 别朝他看
[06:53.52]that's colin marlowe. 那是Colin Marlowe
[06:54.93]like the marlowe transplant? Marlowe移植术的那个Marlowe?
[06:56.79]Like the brightest thing in cardiothoracic surgery in a generation. 那是一代人中心脏手术最大的成就
[06:59.93]Uh,Dr. Marlowe... 呃 Marlowe医生...
[07:02.53]I'm,uh,preston burke. I'm a great admirer of your work,sir. 我是Preston Burke 我非常崇敬您的成就 先生
[07:06.20]- Uh,particularly the-- - yes,thank you.I-- - 呃 特别是... - 哦 谢谢 我...
[07:08.36]would you excuse me for just a second? 失陪一下
[07:16.53]Well... 哦...
[07:18.12]you gonna give me a hug or what? 你会拥抱我下还是怎样呢?
[07:37.57]Greys Anatomy Season 03 Episode 18 外科实习医生格蕾 第三季 第18集
[07:41.76]So what was that,exactly? 到底是怎么回事?
[07:43.50]He was my professor. We were close. 他是我教授 我们关系很近
[07:44.96]Well,"close" appears to be something of an understatement. 哦 "很近"这个词似乎有点轻描淡写啊
[07:46.63]It was a long time ago. 都是老黄历了
[07:48.46]I talk about him all the time. You never thought to mention it? 我一直在说他的事 你却从不告诉我?
[07:50.85]Well,um,I didn't think you wanted to hear about every guy I ever slept with. 我觉得你不会想知道所有跟我睡过的男人
[07:54.94]I have a hysterectomy to prep. 我要准备子宫切除手术
[07:56.83]Are we done with the curiosity? 我们的好奇心截止了吗?
[07:59.25]Great. 很好
[08:01.57]What are you doing tonight? 今晚你什么安排?
[08:02.98]'Cause I don't want to go home and find alex there, and it's just the two of us,you know? 我不想回家然后看到Alex 并且只有我们两
[08:05.56]And it's weird and awkward, and he doesn't know whether he should talk to me or not talk to me. 太尴尬了 他不知道该不该跟我说话
[08:09.70]it's just such an awkward situation. 场面会很尴尬
[08:12.02]I'd rather it be group awkwardness,you know? 我宁愿是大家集体尴尬 知道吗?
[08:14.57]I don't want to just be standing there staring at him. 我不想站在那盯着他
[08:18.46]Meredith? Meredith?
[08:19.02]- Hey,have you seen montgomery? - No. - 嗨 你见到Montgomery了吗? - 没有
[08:20.70]Hey!What are you doing tonight? You want to come over? 嗨! 你今晚什么安排? 想过来吗?
[08:23.17]'Cause you and I never really get a chance to hang out and... 我们从没真正有机会一起玩...
[08:25.68]it might be kind of fun. Alex just moved in,which was meredith's brilliant idea. 应该会有意思 Alex刚搬进来 这都是Meredith的好主意
[08:29.14]And he still has a thing for me,so it'S... what the hell? 他对我余情未了 所以... 到底怎么了?
[08:33.56]This is my hiding spot. My father is out there.Go somewhere else. 这是我的藏身地 我爸爸在外头 去别的地方
[08:35.88]- I need this closet,meredith. - Colin marlowe? - 我需要这地方 Meredith - Colin Marlowe?
[08:37.92]Yes,he was my professor. We were close. 对 他曾是我教授 我们关系很近
[08:39.73]He had his hand on your ass. I sure hope you were close. 他把手放在你屁股上 我当然希望你们关系很近
[08:42.53]Did you see somebody go in there? 你见到有人进去吗?
[08:43.79]I did. Someone's hiding from me. 有啊 有人在躲我
[08:45.85]Yes,I think someone's hiding from me,too. 我想也有人在躲我
[08:47.86]You were that girl,huh? The girl who slept with the professor. 你就是那种 和教授睡觉的姑娘吧
[08:51.54]We had one in my class. She only got to the radiologist,though. 我们班上也有一个 虽然她只套牢了放射科医师
[08:54.50]No one got near the cardio god. 没人和心脏科之神走那么近
[08:56.38]Yeah,yeah,yeah.I scored big. You know,hide in the bathroom. 对 对 对 我目标远大 躲在卫生间里去吧
[08:59.21]My awkwardness with my father is well-established. 我和我父亲之间的尴尬根深蒂固
[09:02.08]You and the cardio god,on the other hand,have loads to catch up on. 另一方面你和心脏科之神可要奋起直追啊
[09:05.56]But I don't want to talk to the cardio god. 我不想跟你谈那个心脏科之神
[09:08.06]you know we can hear you in there,right? Loud and clear. 知道吗? 我们能听到你们说话 清楚的很
[09:16.38]oh. Hi. 哦 嗨
[09:17.97]Hi. 嗨
[09:18.93]- Excuse me.May I? - Yeah. - 不好意思 我能否? - 当然
[09:22.50]- Oh,I was just leaving,actually. - We heard about your mother. - 哦 我正要出去 - 你母亲的事我们都知道了
[09:25.60]- I'm so sorry. - Thank you. - 很抱歉 - 谢谢
[09:27.89]There wasn't a funeral or anything? 没有葬礼或仪式吗?
[09:29.91]Oh,she didn't want that. 哦 她不想要
[09:32.58]I hope everything's okay with the baby. 希望宝宝一切都好
[09:34.39]Oh,we're not here with the baby. We're here because we wanted to make sure that you were all right. 哦 我们不是为了宝宝来的 我们来是为了看望你
[09:37.95]Oh,well,that's sweet,but we don't have to do this. I'm not in shock. 哦 你真好 可是不需要 我没有受打击
[09:42.09]I'm not racked with grief. I'm just moving on. 我没有悲伤欲绝 我要笑对人生
[09:44.90]But you're hiding in a broom closet. 但是你躲在清扫间
[09:46.42]Well,if you could just move my father... 如果你能支走我爸爸...
[09:49.25]I sent him to go get some coffee,but we'd really like to... 我让他去买咖啡了 但我们真的想...
[09:52.60]you know,make dinner or something... for you. 为你做顿饭什么的...
[09:56.24]He's been really worried about you. 他一直以来都很担心你
[09:58.72]And he's the family you have left,meredith. Meredith 他是你抛弃了的家人
[10:00.68]I-I don't see it that way. 我 我不这样想
[10:03.28]Oh,when is this gonna stop? 哦 到底什么时候才算完?
[10:05.84]Yes,he made some mistakes,but he's not a monster. 没错 他犯了错 可他不是魔鬼
[10:08.95]He's just... 他只是...
[10:10.03]an inarticulate person who spills food on his shirt,a lot. 不善言辞 会把食物洒在衬衫上
[10:13.82]Have dinner with us,tonight. 今晚一起吃饭吧
[10:16.07]I'll make some chili. The whole thing will be over in an hour. 我做点咖喱食品 一小时就结束
[10:19.56]You think you can do that? 你觉得你能做到吗?
[10:21.86]I can't believe you hid in a closet when you saw me coming. 我不敢相信你看到我来居然躲到小房间里
[10:24.08]If it wasn't just tragic,it might be the most adorable thing I've ever seen. 如果这不是悲剧 那可能就是我见过最可爱的事
[10:27.00]You could've warned me. 你该警告我的
[10:28.79]I thought,cristina yang wouldn't hide in a closet 'cause she doesn't want to talk to me, 我以为Cristina Yang不会因为 不想和我说话而躲起来
[10:31.57]which clearly she doesn't because she fled like a roach in sunlight when she saw me coming. 她不会这样做 因为以前她见到我来 逃的就像阳光下的蟑螂那么快
[10:35.97]You know,I did not flee. I was--I have work to do. 我才没有逃 我只是...我有工作要做
[10:38.58]I'm not a professional note taker anymore. 我也不再是专业的笔记员了
[10:40.71]You grew your hair. It's lovely. 你留长了头发 真漂亮
[10:42.07]Don't flirt with me. I have a person. 表调戏我 我有男友了
[10:44.32]Really? Who? 真的? 谁?
[10:45.88]Preston burke. Preston Burke
[10:48.24]you never change. Must be adorable. 你一点都没变 这真让人高兴
[10:50.03]No.Shut up. It is a real relationship. 不 闭嘴 那是真正意义上的恋情
[10:52.50]- I bet it is. - I'm marrying him. - 我打赌的确是 - 我要嫁给他了
[10:54.53]Oh... 哦...
[10:55.97]good. 很好
[10:58.86]Congratulations. 恭喜你
[11:01.72]No,I'm being genuine. 不 我说真的
[11:04.25]It's wonderful. 这很好
[11:07.96]can I give you a congratulatory hug? 我能拥抱你一下作为恭喜吗?
[11:12.21]Don't touch my ass. 不许碰我屁股
[11:14.45]My stomach is growling. 我肚子咕咕响
[11:17.58]Sorry. We can't let you eat before the surgery. 抱歉 手术前不能让你吃东西
[11:19.84]That's okay. I stayed at the archfield last night. 没关系 我昨晚在Archfield饭店
[11:22.39]I had them make me breakfast at midnight. 我让他们半夜给我做了早饭
[11:24.63]You should try the french toast. It'll blow your mind. 你应该尝尝法国面包 能让你飘飘欲仙
[11:28.05]Breakfast at the archfield on an intern's salary? 实习生的工资能去Archfield吃早饭?
[11:30.91]Yeah,I kinda live there at the moment. My wife has a deal there. 对 我差不多住在那 我老婆和那儿有协议
[11:34.81]That's one hell of a deal. 真是可怕的协议
[11:37.57]So our room service bill at the archfield,is that part of the deal? 我们在Archfield的客房服务 也是协议的一部分吗?
[11:42.69]Yeah,sure. 是啊 当然啦
[11:43.60]I mean,breakfast alone is,what,probably 50 bucks a day? 我是说 一顿早餐 大概50块一天?
[11:47.00]And they still only charge us $400 a week? 但他们一个礼拜只收我们400块?
[11:48.87]Sometimes I pay them more for room service. 有时候我会多付点
[11:51.60]Okay.Well,then just tell me how much it is, and we'll split it like we do the rest. 好了 就告诉我多少钱吧 我们平摊一下就像其他一样
[11:54.45]- Don't worry about it,george. - No,come on. - 别担心这个 George - 别走 告诉我
[11:55.78]I'm not gonna have you pay for all the food. Just tell me how much the room service bill is. 我不能都让你付 告诉我客房服务要多少钱
[11:59.73]We pay about,mm,800 a week. 我们大概 每星期付800
[12:02.92]Dollars? I told you not to worry about it. - 美元? - 我告诉你别担心了
[12:05.54]- You can't afford that. - yes,I can. - 你付不起的 - 不 我可以
[12:08.05]How? 怎么付?
[12:09.69]I'm your husband now. You're supposed to tell me this stuff. 我现在是你丈夫了 你应该告诉我
[12:11.98]Okay. Just come here. 好吧 过来
[12:13.77]All right,my parents have a lot of money... 我爸妈有很多钱...
[12:16.03]- what? - And so I... - 什么? - 所以我的...
[12:17.15]have more money than I'm making. 收入比我挣的还多
[12:19.16]And we don't have a special deal through family friends at the archfield. 还有我们住在Archfield的协议里 并没有特别提及家庭背景
[12:23.13]- I just--I pay for it. - How much? - 我只是 付了钱 - 付了多少?
[12:27.15]$2,500 a week. 一星期2500块
[12:29.87]- You're an heiress. - Okay. - 你是个千金小姐 - 好了
[12:30.98]- See,this is why I don't tell people. - You're an heiress. - 看吧 这就是我不说的原因 - 你是个千金小姐
[12:32.30]- No,stop talking. - You're an heiress? - 好了 别说了 - 你是个千金小姐?
[12:33.42]Don't-- just don't,okay? Stop talking.Stop talking.I mean it. 停停 好吗? 别说了 别说了 我认真的
[12:36.81]I-I didn't tell you because my parents' money has affected every single relationship in my life, 我 我不告诉你是因为 我爸妈的钱老是阻碍我的恋情
[12:41.00]and so I've stopped talking about it and living it-- 所以我没说 只是用这钱...
[12:42.62]no,wait,wait.So wait. So I've been-- 不 等等 所以我...
[12:44.71]I've been paying you $200 a week for what,fun? 我每星期给你200块为了什么 好玩吗?
[12:48.30]no. I use it to tip housekeeping. 不 我把它当作清洁工的小费了
[12:54.93]Great! Oh! 好极了! 哦!
[12:56.61]Oh,I'm-- you know,I'm glad I could pitch in. 哦 我...我真高兴做出了"贡献"
[12:59.14]You know,is there anything else that I should know about that's, I don't know,huge like this? 还有什么我该知道但还不知道的 象这样的大事?
[13:04.02]Uh,I-I-I used to have a pet ferret for nine years. 呃 我有过一只雪貂 养了9年
[13:07.90]George... great. George...真够好的
[13:11.03]Stop distracting the staff. 别再干扰我的员工了
[13:13.33]You're pushy. Anybody ever tell you that? 你很爱出风头 有人说过吗?
[13:16.45]um,so what do you think of a sagittal sinus bypass? 呃 你说矢状窦分流术怎么样?
[13:20.96]Have you ever scrubbed in on a sagittal sinus bypass,Dr. O'malley? 你是否参加过矢状窦分流术 O'malley医生?
[13:24.42]No. 没有
[13:25.20]It is what they call "big balls" surgery. 就是他们说的"大胆"手术
[13:28.04]- Apparently I have a surgeon with-- - it's been very successful. - 记得我做过这手术 跟... - 你做得很成功
[13:30.58]When the patient doesn't stroke out. 只有当病人没中风
[13:32.09]If it works,the tumor's all gone. We never have to go back in there again. 如果这个奏效 肿瘤就会消失 我们也不用再回这儿了
[13:35.08]- If it doesn't work,I'm dead. - If you refuse to come back in two years,you're dead anyway. - 如果不奏效 我就死定了 - 如果你两年后不回来 你还是死定了
[13:38.52]- That's a decision I can live with. - That isn't a decision i can live with. - 我能承受得了 - 我承受不了
[13:41.80]O'malley,go find her labs. O'malley 去找出她的测试报告
[13:50.00]So what do you think,huh? 你怎么想?
[13:52.72]A few years on a beach,and then what? 在海边过几年 然后呢?
[13:55.65]After you piss away your savings,your memory goes, 等到你花光积蓄 记忆消失
[13:58.97]motor skills deteriorate,and you're dying a very slow, 运动技能退化 你会死得很缓慢
[14:02.48]- miserable,painful death... - derek-- - 很悲惨 很痛苦... - Derek
[14:04.84]you're gonna call me up and you're gonna ask me why we didn't do something when we had the chance. 你会打电话给我 问我为什么 不在还有机会的时候做点什么
[14:07.80]Now that is not something I can live with, 这才是我承受不了的
[14:11.87]not when we can do something right now to prevent it. 而不是在还有一线希望的时候什么也不做
[14:19.36]Well,it looks like the bullet has damaged your scapula. 看起来子弹损伤了你的肩胛
[14:22.17]No wonder it hurts. 怪不得这么疼了
[14:23.60]How did you get shot,sir? 你怎么受的伤 先生?
[14:25.47]Korea.Garden spot. Makes a nice vacation. 朝鲜 花园美景 好好度假的时候
[14:28.13]Can I get a damn painkiller? 能给我颗止疼片吗?
[14:30.34]I think we'll do you one better. We're gonna take it out. 我想我们能做得更好 把它取出来
[14:32.95]My bullet? 我的子弹?
[14:33.98]there was no reason to remove it when you first got hit,but now it's infected. 你刚受伤的时候是没必要取出来 但现在伤口感染了
[14:37.63]It's working its way into your scapula,and we can't have that. 它慢慢地损害你的肩胛 我们不能放任它了
[14:40.50]- I need to see that bullet. - You gonna frame it? - 我要看看那颗子弹 - 你还想用它射击吗?
[14:43.13]No,smarty-pants. I was fragged a couple of weeks before it all ended. 不 自做聪明的家伙 停战前几星期我被"倒戈"了
[14:47.46]- "Fragged"? - yeah,shot by one of his own men. - "倒戈"? - 被自己人打中了
[14:50.00]I made a decision,and they didn't like it. And then what do you know? 我做了决定 但他们不喜欢 你们知道吗?
[14:53.08]We're facing enemy fire,and I take a hit from the wrong side of the line. 我们正面朝敌方 但我的后背被击中了
[14:57.20]I could never prove it,but we can prove it now 我以前证明不了 但现在可以了
[15:00.27]when you pull the damn thing out of me. 只要你们把子弹取出来
[15:02.17]- Get me my bullet. - Let's calm down,Mr. Scofield. - 把我的子弹给我 - 冷静 Scofield先生
[15:05.36]Do you know what it's like when your own men turn on you? 你们知道被自己人背叛的感觉吗?
[15:10.12]It's not a good feeling. 不是什么好感觉
[15:17.19]I just agreed to have dinner at my father's house,tonight. 我刚同意去我爸家吃饭 就在今晚
[15:20.94]And cristina slept with colin marlowe. 还有Cristina跟Colin Marlowe睡过
[15:23.36]"Marlowe transplant" marlowe? "Marlowe移植术"里的那个Marlowe?
[15:25.09]They had a thing when she was a student. How could I have a meal at my father's house? 他们在她还是学生时发生过关系 我怎么能去我爸家吃饭呢?
[15:28.04]- He slept with cristina? - Derek. - 他和Cristina睡过? - Derek
[15:30.13]Oh,right. Sorry.Okay. 哦 对 抱歉 是啊
[15:31.67]Um,have dinner at your house. 呃 改去你家吃
[15:34.85]It's your place. I'll come. 你的地盘 我会来的
[15:36.55]I'll be your wingman. It'll be fun. 我会为你护驾 会很有意思的
[15:39.22]Okay,it won't be fun. But it'll be...it'll be fine. 好吧 很没意思 但会...会顺利
[15:42.24]- They're your family. - Why does everyone assume that? - 他们是你的家人 - 为什么每个人都这么想?
[15:44.54]You deserve to have a family,whether you like them or not. 你值得拥有家人 不管你喜不喜欢
[15:50.44]I thought we had a deal. 我以为我们达成了协议
[15:51.91]We agreed I wouldn't sleep with anybody for two months. We never said I wouldn't look. 我们说好我两个月内不能跟别人上床 但没说我不能看
[15:55.23]- You didn't think I'd hold out. - No,I didn'T. - 你认为我坚持不了 - 对 没错
[15:57.46]- You're worth it. - You bet your ass I am. - 你值得 - 我才不信
[16:01.09]She's rich,totally rich,boatloads of money. 她有钱 很有钱 非常非常得有钱
[16:04.10]- George,that's fantastic. - No,it'S... - George 那很好 - 不 这...
[16:07.15]it's not fantastic. 一点也不好
[16:09.48]cristina did colin marlowe. Cristina跟Colin Marlowe有一腿
[16:11.71]Callie's rich. Callie很有钱
[16:13.21]- Don't talk to her about it. - "Her"? - 别跟她说这个 - "她"?
[16:15.28]- I'm sorry,I don't have a name anymore. - "Don't tell anyone.” Those were my words. - 抱歉 我没名字吗 - "别告诉任何人" 这是我说的
[16:18.72]- So--so she's rich. - Just shut up about it. - 那...她很有钱 - 闭上嘴
[16:21.45]Do you think that's possible? 你认为可能吗?
[16:27.84]If you give me the "people is what matters" thing again, I will kill you. 如果你再跟我说什么"以人为本" 我会杀了你
[16:31.51]Colin marlowe. Colin Marlowe
[16:33.53]Was it good? Was he good? 很棒吗? 他厉害吗?
[16:36.01]Did he make you a better lover? 他让你成为一个好情人吗?
[16:37.25]Remember all the other times I've talked to you about my sex life? 我有跟你说过我的性生活吗?
[16:39.80]No. Exactly. - 没有 - 正解
[16:40.93]Did I miss anything about her doing the old guy? 我有漏了什么吗 她跟那个老男人?
[16:42.59]- She's not talking. - Oh,she'll talk. - 她不肯说 - 哦 她会说的
[16:44.30]So I was supposed to be back in the game today, but instead I'm planning dinner for my father in my dead mother's house. 本来我今天应该跟你们一起 但我得在死去的老妈家里给我爸做顿饭
[16:48.61]I don't cook. How am I supposed to cook for them? 我不烧饭 怎么做给他们吃?
[16:50.36]I will make your stupid dinner. 我来给你做那顿饭吧
[16:52.00]So were there any little blue pills involved,or is he untouched by time? 是蓝色的小药丸帮了忙呢 还是他雄风不灭?
[16:55.93]Dude,that's just wrong. Don't answer that. 伙计 那可不好 别回答这个问题
[16:57.48]Because I am your friend,I will show up at your house 45 minutes into the dinner with a fake crisis. 因为我是你的朋友
[16:59.18]所以我会在晚饭开始后的45分钟 出现在你的家里 假装大难临头了
[17:03.10]So if it's,uh,unbearable,you can abort. 如果真的难以忍受 你就可以让它中止了
[17:05.55]Oh,thank you. 哦 谢谢
[17:06.62]Come on. He's not a young man. 拜托 他可不是什么年轻小伙子
[17:09.04]He wasn't getting a little help? 他有什么辅助吧?
[17:10.68]Poppin' the pill? Dad's best friend? 吞点小药丸? "老爸的好友"?
[17:13.65]Come on. You're gonna give me nothing after everything we've been through? 说吧 我们患难与共过 总得让我们知道点什么
[17:17.01]Nothing? 一点也没有?
[17:20.73]It's a miracle drug. 是种神奇的药
[17:22.22]And someday,it'll save your life. 总有一天 它能拯救你们的生活
[17:26.94]Ah,Dr. Marlowe? Rek shepherd. 啊 Marlowe医生 我是Derek Shepherd
[17:28.98]I'M doing a sagittal sinuspass today if you'd like to observe. 我今天要做一个矢状窦分流术 你愿意来参观吗?
[17:31.50]Really? That's quite a procedure. 真的? 那可是个好手术
[17:32.99]Well,it's a good trick,but if you're really interested to see what this hospital can do, 那个不错 但如果你想真正了解 这家医院能做到什么程度
[17:36.14]I'm performing an arterial switch operation for a T.G.A. This afternoon. 我下午要给一个TGA大动脉转换术 (TGA:一种少见的先天性心脏畸形)
[17:40.57]If you gentlemen are trying to intimidate the competition, it's working. 如果你们两位想相互竞争 这很管用
[17:44.37]Good. 好
[17:44.97]I'll see both of you in surgery. 你们两个的手术我都会看
[17:49.83]Colin marlowe. Colin Marlowe
[17:51.16]The one and only. 仅此一个
[17:52.31]- He... - yes. - 他... - 是的
[17:53.56]- With... - yes. - 跟... - 是的
[17:55.24]- Wow. - Indeed. - 哇哦 - 没错
[17:56.52]Yeah. 是啊
[17:59.22]Suction. 抽吸
[18:00.79]No,not like you're driving a tractor. 不 别像用牵引器那样
[18:02.87]Slowly. 慢点
[18:04.66]Better. 好多了
[18:05.31]What's the chance she wakes up and remembers everything? 她苏醒后恢复记忆的概率有多大?
[18:07.83]I wouldn't count on it. 我可不指望
[18:09.21]Dr. Sloan,the baby's having decels. Sloan医生 婴儿心跳减慢
[18:10.98]Are you sure? Sometimes the monitor's not on right. 你确定? 有时是检测器不准
[18:12.78]You get a false read. 你就可能看错
[18:13.95]She's got vaginal bleeding. The baby's in distress. 她阴道出血 婴儿很危险
[18:15.91]- Oh,damn it. - Page Dr. Montgomery. - 哦 该死 - 呼叫Montgomery医生
[18:17.58]Now! 马上!
[18:19.65]you're making an honest woman of cristina yang. 你让Cristina Yang成了个忠实的女人
[18:21.90]That's-- 真是...
[18:23.21]that's impressive. 令人钦佩
[18:24.29]I always thought she was collecting us,like baseball cards. 我一直以为她在收集我们 象收集棒球卡
[18:27.14]Baseball cards? 棒球卡?
[18:28.60]Well,she likes an authority figure,someone with something to teach her. 她一向仰慕权威人士 那些能教导她的人
[18:31.67]But I never thought she would actually commit. 但我从没想过她会许下承诺
[18:33.91]She use to say to me that she thought that marriage was for the weak and undirected. 她曾对我说 婚姻只是些没能力 没追求的人的梦想
[18:38.31]I made a number of marriage proposals. 我向她求过好几次婚
[18:41.81]It seemed the polite thing to do after such a long time together, 象是交往一段时间后出于礼貌的行为
[18:45.06]but,uh,she wouldn't have it. 但 呃 她没同意
[18:47.25]All what time? 交往一段时间?
[18:48.32]You were just having a fling with a student. 你只是跟一个学生风流了一番
[18:49.91]A fling? 风流了一番?
[18:51.34]Cristina and i were together for three years. Cristina和我在一起整整有3年
[18:58.82]Is the problem that I slept with my professor, 又是关于我跟教授睡觉的事?
[19:00.56]or that I was committed enough to keep at it for three years? 还是我坚持了整整3年?
[19:02.66]Oh,no. You told him that you thought marriage was an idiotic institution. 哦 不 你跟他说你认为婚姻是个愚蠢的制度
[19:05.93]- It is. - Then why did you say yes? - 没错啊 - 那你当时干嘛说好?
[19:07.26]- Because I want to make you happy. - "Happy"? - 因为我想让你高兴 - "高兴"?
[19:08.64]You know,I'll do a lot of things to make you happy. 你知道 我做了很多事来让你高兴
[19:10.72]Do I give a crap about a ceremony with a dress and a flautist? 我要抱怨过仪式上的裙子和吹长笛的吗?
[19:13.94]No. 没有
[19:14.99]But I'm happy to do it if it'll make you happy. 只要能让你高兴 我很高兴去做
[19:19.31]Heartwarming. 很贴心
[19:20.86]Thanks. 谢谢
[19:27.28]you couldn't have waited one day? 你就不能多等一天吗?
[19:28.64]She was 40% vision compromised in her right eye. It would've been gone tomorrow. 她的右眼视力已经损失了40% 明天她就会失明了
[19:32.30]No,it wouldn't,actually, 不 事实上不会
[19:33.38]but there's a snazzy new chief candidate marching around the hall today, 但今天大厅里来了个一流的主任候选人
[19:36.29]and you needed to be a hero. That's what needed to happen today. 你就得成为一个英雄 这才是你一定得今天做的原因
[19:38.79]The patient was fine,addison. 病人状态良好 Addison
[19:40.52]The baby's still in her uterus,and she's not losing an eye. 婴儿还在她的子宫里 她也不会失去一只眼睛
[19:43.21]Every surgery is risky. 每次手术都是冒险
[19:44.82]The patient chose this one. 是病人选择了这个
[19:46.66]Karev... don't just stand there. Karev...别光站在那儿
[19:48.87]The patient's baby was in distress. 病人的婴儿很危险
[19:50.99]Go. Stay with her. 去 看着她
[19:52.53]Something happen with jane doe? 无名氏出了什么问题吗?
[19:53.62]Yeah,she can see,and addison's got a problem with it. 对 她看得见了 但Addison却对此有点意见
[19:55.77]He rushed her into surgery,and she almost lost the baby. 他急急忙忙把她推进手术室 害她差点流产
[19:58.57]I had to sew her cervix shut. 我不得不把她的子宫颈缝上
[20:00.82]The complications had nothing to do with the surgery. 并发症与手术毫无关系
[20:03.02]And why? Why do you think mark moved so quickly,derek? 为什么? 你想Mark干吗行动如此迅速 Derek?
[20:05.03]Do you think it's because a piece of the orbital bone was floating towards the brain? 你想是因为一块眼窝骨正朝大脑移动吗?
[20:08.69]Well,I think it's because mark wants a promotion. 我想是因为Mark想升职
[20:11.18]You're not her husband. This isn't your patient. 你不是她丈夫 这也不是你的病人
[20:13.72]Stay out of it! 别管闲事!
[20:14.73]What the hell do you people think you're doing? 你们该死地在干什么?
[20:16.75]You're supposed to be the leadership of this hospital. 你们应该在医院起模范带头作用
[20:18.91]Screaming about a patient in the hallway? 在走廊里争论一个病患?
[20:20.97]Are you out of your minds? 你们都失去理智了吗?
[20:29.60]- tough procedure. - Mm-hmm. - 困难的手术 - 恩
[20:30.87]It's a bold choice. 很明智的选择
[20:32.22]We've been fighting this one for a while. 我们已经为此抗争了有段时间了
[20:34.57]I'm hoping this will be the end of it. 我希望这次做个了结
[20:37.60]what h happened? 怎么了?
[20:38.38]end-tidal c0-2 just dropped from 30 to 16. Bagging manually. 呼气末CO2分压降到30-16 手动装袋
[20:41.22]Doppler's showing air in the left ventricle. 多普勒波显示左心室有空气
[20:42.72]0-2 stat's down to 89. 氧气值降至89
[20:44.17]aspirate the central line. 中心静脉倒吸
[20:45.23]- She's bradycardic. - Push 1 of atropine. - 她心搏徐缓 - 推入1单位阿托品
[20:46.87]There's no air in the central line. 中心静脉没有空气
[20:47.96]All right,level her out. I'm gonna flood the field. 好了 让她躺平 让血流涌入
[20:50.11]asystole. Push 1 milligram of epi. 心脏停搏 推入1毫克epi
[20:52.11]Start compressions. Go. 做心脏按摩 快
[20:53.86]Get in there. Get in there! Do it! 过来 过来! 快!
[20:57.49]That things been in there since the korean war? 朝鲜战争以来这东西就在那儿了?
[20:59.61]He's lucky it didn't travel down to his aorta. 他很幸运子弹没移到主动脉
[21:02.66]Okay,a little suction there. 好 那里吸一下
[21:04.68]Almost... 快要...
[21:06.35]I got it. 搞定
[21:10.38]make sure we get that back. The patient wants it. 确保得把它拿回来 病人要的
[21:12.22]He's got a warped sense of nostalgia. 他有乖戾的怀旧情结
[21:14.27]Hmm,I get it. 恩 我明白了
[21:15.29]If they pulled a bullet out of me, I'd want it cast in gold and mounted on my wall. 如果他们从我身上取出一颗子弹 我会做成金的 挂到墙上
[21:18.19]Yeah,well,you can afford it. 是啊 你付得起
[21:20.37]just a little more suction. Let's get ready to close. 再吸一下 准备缝合
[21:28.90]she's not responding. 她没反应
[21:30.99]- I'm gonna open her up. - Open cardiac massage? - 我要开胸 - 开胸按压?
[21:32.78]You're a neurosurgeon. 你是神经外科医生
[21:34.30]You have no privileges in this hospital. Get the glasses off. 在这个医院没有特权 把眼镜拿掉
[21:36.51]- Should we page Dr. Burke? - No,I've got it. - 要我们呼叫Burke医生吗? - 不 我自己搞定
[21:38.43]Cross clamp the hilum. You don't want air in the cerebral arteries. 交叉固定肺门 别让空气进入脑动脉
[21:40.64]Yeah,I got it. Give me a 10-blade. 是 我明白 给我10号刀
[21:42.26]10-blade quickly,please. O'malley,get over here. 10号刀 快点 O'malley 过来这里
[21:45.19]Let's roll her.Ready? One,two,three.Go. 把她转身 准备 1 2 3 转
[21:49.64]Okay,rib spreader. 好 肋骨牵开器
[21:58.34]okay,scissors. 好 剪刀
[22:07.34]Massage her heart,o'malley. 按摩心脏 O'malley
[22:13.40]I need to aspirate. 我需要针筒
[22:16.85]any air return? 有空气吗?
[22:18.06]10 cc'S. 10cc
[22:25.82]end-tidal c0-2 is going back up. 呼气末CO2分压回升
[22:27.37]the heart's starting to beat on its own. 心脏开始自搏
[22:29.04]Pressure's 60 over 40. It's low,but it's there. 血压60/40 很低 但有了
[22:31.93]She's gonna make it. 她安全度过
[22:40.65]should I start closing her up? 我可以缝合了吗?
[22:44.24]Dr. Shepherd? Shepherd医生?
[22:46.97]O'malley,I just sliced my friend's chest open. Give me a moment. O'malley 我刚给我朋友开了胸 让我喘口气
[22:53.10]that was very well-handled,Dr. Shepherd. 处理得非常好 Shepherd医生
[22:55.01]Very impressive,indeed. 非常令人钦佩
[22:56.36]Not something I want to do every day,but thank you. 我可不想每天做这个 但谢谢
[22:58.37]What happened? 发生了什么事?
[22:59.14]Dr. Shepherd's patient had a venous air embolism. Shepherd医生的病人突然静脉气栓
[23:02.10]He had to split her chest open,massage her heart 他切开了病人胸口 按摩心脏
[23:05.35]and manually aspirate right in the middle of his procedure. 并在手术过程中进行人工吸气
[23:10.03]Why didn't you call me? 你为什么不叫我?
[23:12.46]- Uh,you were operating. - I was next door.You could've pulled me out. - 呃 你当时在手术 - 我就在隔壁 你本该把我拖出来
[23:15.44]There was no time. I handled it. 没时间了 我解决了
[23:16.45]You think I crack people's heads open if you're in the building 你以为即使你在附近 我也会因为觉得自己能解决一例脑出血
[23:19.35]- just because I think I can handle a brain bleed? - The patient is fine. - 而打开病人的脑袋吗? - 病人状况很好
[23:21.37]- The patient is lucky,and you were showboating. - Showboating? - 病人很幸运 你在显摆 - 显摆?
[23:23.43]What,are you out of your mind? I was-- 什么 你疯了吗 我在...
[23:25.23]we seem to be going out of our way to impress Dr. Marlowe. 为了给Marlowe医生留下深刻印象 我们似乎都出格了
[23:28.40]- I'll bet we are. - Gentlemen... - 绝对是 - 先生们...
[23:34.74]good day,doctors. 再见 医生们
[23:45.52]How you feeling,Mr. Scofield? 你感觉如何 Scofield先生?
[23:48.37]Where's my bullet? 我的子弹在哪?
[23:58.23]that it? 就这个?
[23:59.92]Where's the rest of it? 其他部分呢?
[24:02.07]That was it. 就这个
[24:03.42]Is that a letter? 那是个字母吗?
[24:05.48]Can you read that? 你能读吗?
[24:06.68]I-I don't think it's much of anything. I-I think it's just a scratch. 我觉得这不是 只是划痕罢了
[24:10.78]It's so small. 太小了
[24:12.56]It could just be anything. 可以是任何东西
[24:14.88]It's been a long time. 时间太久了
[24:16.37]They don't hold up that well. 它们不能保持这么久
[24:18.64]Could you have your lab,you know,analyze it? 能让你的实验室分析一下吗?
[24:21.98]Tell me if it's one of ours or-- 告诉我是否是我们中之一 或者...
[24:23.99]we're not set up for that kind of investigation,Mr. Scofield. Scofield先生 我们不做此类调查
[24:27.76]You could try to send it to a forensic lab, 你可以试试送到法医实验室去
[24:29.62]but I don't know if they'll tell you much either. 不过我不知道他们能否多告诉你些什么
[24:37.49]I've been stewing for 50 years. 我为此难受了50年
[24:42.67]Maybe it's time to move on. 也许是时候继续前进了
[24:44.35]To what? 去哪里呢?
[24:45.56]I lost my whole unit over this. 我为此失去了整个部队
[24:49.37]I came home. 我回家了
[24:51.00]My wife,she didn't get it. 我老婆 她不明白
[24:53.51]I've been blazing mad my whole life. 我燃烧了自己的一生
[24:59.00]I got nothing left. 什么都没留下
[25:03.76]It's not too late to let it go and start over. 现在放手 重新开始还不晚
[25:09.83]You're a sweet kid, 你是个好孩子
[25:12.97]but you don't know what it's like to have something change you in your soul. 但你不明白 这就好像冥冥中有些东西改变了你
[25:20.52]I do. 我明白
[25:22.96]I wish I didn't,but I do. 我希望我不明白 可我明白
[25:26.34]Don't let it turn you. 别让它改变你
[25:32.79]you look like you had a long day. 看上去你今天过的很差劲啊
[25:35.99]You know what fragging is? 知道什么是轰炸吗?
[25:37.77]We've got an epidemic of it today. 今天流行这样
[25:40.31]My esteemed attendings are gonna be the death of me. 我受人尊敬的下属们会让我希望破灭
[25:42.82]Is there a front-runner? 有没有种子选手?
[25:44.21]I don't know. 不知道
[25:46.23]What I do know is I don't want my attendings tearing each other's throats out 我所知的是我不想让下属相互间
[25:49.96]because of some internal power struggle. 因为内部力量斗争而欲置对方于死地
[25:52.55]It's too dangerous for the hospital. 对医院来说太危险了
[25:54.35]Does that mean... 这是否意味着...
[25:56.19]is colin marlowe gonna be the new chief? Colin Marlowe会是新主任?
[26:00.27]Good night,Dr. Bailey. 晚安 Bailey医生
[26:09.87]This is ready. 准备好了
[26:11.62]Don't slosh it around. It's all about the presentation. 别晃来晃去的 卖相很重要
[26:14.34]Come in and eat with us. 进来一起吃吧
[26:15.50]You need to bond with your people,meredith. 跟家人好好相处 Meredith
[26:17.35]People are what matters. 以人为本
[26:18.95]- I hate people. - Yeah,well,do your own talking. - 我讨厌人们 - 随便你怎么说
[26:21.25]We talked. 我们谈过了
[26:22.11]We talked hospital,we talked his research,we talked dead mother. 我们谈了医院的事 他的研究 还有我母亲
[26:25.20]- I'm out. - Ask about the baby. - 我出去了 - 问问宝宝的情况
[26:27.22]Ask if it poos. People can go on about that for hours. 问问孩子的大便情况 人们通常能讨论上好几个钟头呢
[26:33.38]- oh,the chicken looks delicious. - Yeah. - 哦 鸡肉看上去很好吃 - 没错
[26:36.21]It's from the store. 商店买来的
[26:39.09]Well,the green beans look great as well. 豆子看上去也不错
[26:40.92]I... didn't do those either. 那...那也不是我做的
[26:47.58]It's beautifully presented. 摆盘很漂亮
[26:48.95]Izzie did that. Izzie做的
[26:52.00]Alex! Alex!
[26:54.57]Come,sit. 来 坐下
[26:56.25]oh. no,go ahead. 哦 不了
[26:57.41]Eat. We're eating. 吃饭吧 我们在吃饭
[26:59.86]This is susan,and this is my father. 这是Susan 这是我父亲
[27:02.50]Hi. 嗨
[27:03.37]- Here,you can have this plate. - Cool. - 这个盘子给你 - 好
[27:05.55]Okay. 好的
[27:07.75]So how are you? How was your day? 你怎样? 今天过的如何?
[27:09.35]Okay. Hungry. 很好 饥肠辘辘
[27:11.31]Good. 好的
[27:16.25]How's the baby? 宝宝怎样?
[27:18.14]- Great. - She's smiling now...sometimes. - 很好 - 她现在有时候会笑了
[27:22.25]she looks exactly like molly wh-when she smiles. 她笑起来跟Molly一模一样
[27:25.95]I mean, it's amazing.I've got this old picture of molly and me 这太奇妙了 我有张和Molly的合影
[27:29.39]when molly was... I don't know, 5, 是在Molly...我不知道 5岁的时候
[27:31.85]and she's sitting on this red sled in the snow, this great, big fir tree... 她坐在雪中红色雪橇上 高大的杉树...
[27:35.59]- you know, I'm not sure that that-- - yeah. - 我不太肯定... - 是这样的
[27:37.64]No, honey, it's a massive douglas fir. 亲爱的 是那种大型道格拉斯杉
[27:40.48]And in the picture, couldn't look more like the baby. 那张照片里她和宝宝像的不能再像了
[27:43.50]- I mean, incredible. - That's me. - 真难以置信 - 那是我
[27:49.59]The red sled and the big fir tree in the 中学公园里的红雪橇和大杉树
[27:53.33]park at the middle school in the ugly, yellow, plaid wool coat. 穿着难看的黄色羊毛呢大衣
[27:59.15]That isn't molly. 那不是Molly
[28:01.62]It's you and me. 是我和你
[28:11.08]- Oh, great. - crap. - 哦 很好 - 该死
[28:14.24]Sorry. I think I blew a fuse. 抱歉 我想保险丝爆了
[28:16.06]- I'll get it. - No, you know, I could get it. - 我来修 - 不 我会修
[28:17.97]- It's-- - oh, in the laundry room. - 在... - 在洗衣房里
[28:21.78]- I keep forgetting. - What? - 我老是忘记... - 什么?
[28:24.55]It's his house. 这以前是他的房子
[28:30.71]I'm going home. 我回家了
[28:38.52]Are you going home? 你回家吗?
[28:40.99]How did it end? 你们怎么结束的?
[28:44.48]It ended. School was ending, I was leaving. 无疾而终 毕业了 我走了
[28:48.08]You were done. 你放手了
[28:49.85]I came here. I fell in love with you. 我到了这 爱上了你
[28:52.89]A new mentor with a host of new things to teach you. 一个新的老师 教你新的东西
[28:56.72]If you think that I'm in this for the education-- 如果你觉得我爱上你是为了跟你学习...
[28:58.87]do you or do you not find my knowledge and my skill compelling? 你有没有觉得我的知识和技能很吸引你?
[29:01.84]Oh, god.You know what? You are blowing this way out of-- 哦 上帝 你知道么? 你太夸张了...
[29:03.95]a man three times your age 一个年龄比你大三倍的男人
[29:05.71]believed that he was having a substantial relationship with you... 认为你们之间还有牢固的关系...
[29:08.11]well, yeah, he was. 是啊 他是
[29:09.42]And one day, you're done, just like that? 有一天 你们就那样结束了?
[29:12.60]yes. 没错
[29:15.25]You don't open yourself up... to anyone. 你从不对别人敞开心扉...无论对谁
[29:18.73]Sometimes... I think it's charming-- 有时我觉得这也很好...
[29:21.70]she's different, she's not like other women. 她与众不同 和其他女人不一样
[29:24.38]But the simple fact is-- is that you have never let me in. 但结果是 你也没把我放在心里
[29:27.55]What, you think that it's gonna make a good marriage? 你觉得这样的婚姻会幸福么?
[29:30.31]Well, I don'T. 我可不这么想
[29:32.05]I don't want you to marry me because you're placating me. 我不想因为安抚我而让你跟我结婚
[29:35.46]That doesn't interest me. 我对这不感兴趣
[29:37.70]It doesn't interest me at all. 完全不感兴趣
[29:45.28]- Do you think he's okay? - He'll find it. - 他还能修好么? - 他能找到的
[29:47.76]He probably can't see. Um, there's a flashlight in the closet. 他可能没看见 壁橱里有手电的
[29:51.90]- I'll go get it. - Thanks. - 我去帮他 - 谢谢
[29:53.08]Excuse me. 失陪了
[29:57.68]- I'm sorry. - It's going fine. - 真抱歉 - 会没事的
[30:01.26]I just... 我只是...
[30:02.70]I don't know what to say to him. 不知道该对他说什么
[30:05.28]Well, it's not easy. 这很不容易
[30:06.72]That's 'cause he's afraid of you. 因为他很怕你
[30:09.47]I shouldn't have bit his head off. 我不应该打断他的
[30:11.93]I wish I could've just... 我希望我能...
[30:13.89]meredith, it's okay to get angry. Meredith 你生气也是可以理解的
[30:17.73]It's you in the picture. 照片里本来就是你
[30:22.10]Izzie stevens? Izzie Stevens?
[30:23.32]I share something with you that I clearly feel uncomfortable about, 我把我的难言之隐告诉你了
[30:26.00]and you tell izzie stevens? 你竟然告诉Izzie Stevens了?
[30:27.28]No, I didn't tell izzie. I told meredith.Meredith told-- 我没告诉Izzie 我告诉Meredith了 Meredith说的...
[30:29.02]oh! Oh, so that's better? 哦! 告诉她就没事了?
[30:30.92]No, it was an accident. I-- 我不小心说漏的
[30:32.37]it was an accident. 不是故意的
[30:34.20]I was pissed off-- 我跟他们发火了
[30:35.47]why can't you give me the benefit of the doubt that-- 你不了解情况 为什么不能原谅我呢
[30:37.73]that maybe sometimes I'm on your side? 也许有时候我是站在你一边的?
[30:39.55]Because you choose your friends over me 因为你选了你的朋友 而不是我
[30:41.37]- every chance you get. - No, I don'T. - 每次你都那样 - 不 我没有
[30:43.12]I married you, and I haven't talked to my best friend in weeks. 我跟你结婚了 我几周没跟我朋友们说话
[30:46.41]Meanwhile you lied to me about where we live and why. 与此同时 你却对我撒谎了 关于我们住的地方
[30:49.12]You lied to me about your background. 关于你的身世背景!
[30:50.35]You lied to me about your family! 关于你的家庭!
[30:52.04]And still I'm the dog who gets whacked on the nose with a newspaper all the time. 而我一直被你蒙骗
[30:55.37]When is this gonna stop? 你什么时候才能停止?
[30:56.44]- Oh, so this is my problem? - Yeah, maybe it is. - 难道还是我的错了? - 有可能就是
[30:58.47]Oh, oh, so the fact that your best friend violently disses our marriage 哦 你的好朋友总是 极端的讽刺我们的婚姻
[31:01.23]every chance she gets, publicly, repeatedly... 每次她有机会说时 都是公开的 一而再再而三...
[31:05.11]why do you think she does that george? Have you ever thought about that? George 你觉得她为什么这么做? 你认真想过么?
[31:07.33]She's having a problem with this. I understand that. 她是有这个问题 我能理解
[31:09.76]She has feelings for you. 她对你有感觉
[31:12.23]- What? - She wants you. - 什么? - 她想要你
[31:16.41]She wants you. That's what this is about. 她想要你 这就是原因所在
[31:18.41]That's why she hates me. 这就是她恨我的原因
[31:22.68]george, george, do not laugh at me. Do not laugh at me. George George 你别笑我 你别笑我
[31:26.83]No. no, I'm not.I'm not. 不 我没有
[31:29.50]Oh, god. 哦 天啊
[31:31.71]I'm not. I-- 我没有 我...
[31:33.43]it's just, come on, she's izzie. She's-- 得了吧 她是Izzie
[31:36.34]she's bl-- she's blonde, she's stacked, she's-- 她...她金发碧眼 身段婀娜
[31:38.83]she's a supermodel. I'm george. 她是超级名模 我是George
[31:45.39]- So what does that make me? - No. - 那我又是什么呢? - 不
[31:47.40]No, come on. You are gorgeous... 别 你很美丽...
[31:49.37]and you're curvy, and I never thought you'd go for me. 你有曲线美 我从没奢望过你会喜欢我
[31:51.45]- Just shut up. - Callie-- - 你闭嘴 - Callie...
[31:53.87]this is my hotel room that I pay for with my huge piles of money. 这可是我花了一大笔钱租的房间
[31:58.56]Get the hell out of it! 你给我滚出去!
[32:10.92]I'm sorry about the lights. 抱歉 我弄坏了灯
[32:12.91]eh, whatever. The food was good. 管他呢 东西真好吃
[32:15.37]- You want some pie? - Nah, I gotta go. - 要吃点馅饼么? - 不 我要走了
[32:17.59]Oh, big plans. Got a hot date? 哦 大计划 要去约会?
[32:22.22]Oh. 哦
[32:24.24]Well, good for you. 这是对你好
[32:27.63]I guess "not interested" really meant not interested. 我猜"不感兴趣"就代表不感兴趣
[32:31.32]Iz... Iz...
[32:34.34]- you didn't want me. - Yeah. - 你不喜欢我 - 是啊
[32:37.47]But that doesn't mean I want you to want anyone else. 但这不代表我想让你去喜欢其他人
[32:43.07]Am I gonna be alone, pining over a dead guy forever? 我会永远孤独 苦想一个死去的人么?
[32:46.88]I hope not. It's kind of a waste. 希望不会 太浪费了
[32:51.30]am I supposed to move on now? 我现在该继续了么?
[32:53.72]Do people look at me and go, 人们看到我 从我身边走过
[32:55.36]"she's gotta get over it already. It's ruining her life"? 会说"她得醒来了 那会毁了她的生活"吗?
[32:58.75]You'll move on when you're ready to. 准备好了就能继续
[33:11.14]Why are you sitting in the dark? 漆黑一片 坐在那干什么?
[33:12.69]- Izzie blew a fuse. - Okay, I'm having a crisis. - Izzie烧了保险丝 - 好的 我遇到大麻烦了
[33:15.69]Oh, I don't need rescuing. 我不需要帮忙了
[33:17.99]Susan is very nice, and we're getting through it. Susan人很好 我们已经度过了
[33:21.54]Limping through, but we'll make it. 艰难的度过 但我们会做到的
[33:23.15]Okay, no, this isn't a fake crisis. 好吧 不 这个危机不是假的
[33:24.67]This is a real, "my ex is about to ruin my impending marriage" crisis. 这是真的 "我前男友要毁了我的婚姻"这种危机
[33:29.96]Oh. 哦
[33:31.21]Hey.Hey. Where's izzie? 嘿 Izzie在哪?
[33:33.21]Kitchen. 厨房
[33:34.70]Sorry. It's not always like this. 不好意思 平时不这样的
[33:38.34]Yeah, it-- it kinda is. 有时候是的
[33:42.91]They're in the other room. 他们在别的房间
[33:44.10]I need you to get over yourself. 我需要你改变一下
[33:45.52]I need you to start liking my wife. 我要你喜欢我的妻子
[33:47.02]I need you to like her because sometimes I don't, 我需要你喜欢她 以为有时我没有做到
[33:48.90]and I need you to talk me back into it. 我需要你立刻回答我
[33:50.54]You say you're my friend? That's the job. 你说你是我朋友 这是你的职责
[33:51.95]Okay. 好的
[33:52.18]I need to vent, and I need it to be okay. 我要发泄 我要一切都好
[33:54.02]Okay. 好的
[33:55.42]And I need to vent with alcohol. 我要纵酒发泄一下
[34:04.31]I got married, and I'm scared it was a bad idea. 我结婚了 我害怕这是个坏主意
[34:08.92]nobody ever got married and didn't think that at least once. 已婚的人都不止一次的那么想
[34:20.40]did you find the fuse box? 你找到保险丝盒了么?
[34:22.40]Yeah. Yeah, I just needed to... 是的 我只是想...
[34:25.80]- take a break? - I don't know how to-- - 休息一下? - 我不知道如何...
[34:30.85]or what to talk to her about. 或者跟她说什么
[34:33.11]Work's a good place to start. 可以从工作谈起
[34:35.15]You know, she's proud of what she does. 她对自己的工作很自豪
[34:37.03]She's good at it, too. 她做得也很好
[34:38.80]I'd start with that. 我会从这谈起
[34:40.69]You get each other. That's nice. 你们彼此了解 这真好
[34:43.22]Some days it's nice. 有时候很好
[34:47.61]Some days I'd like to come home to someone who doesn't know a thing about it. 有时候我宁可回家面对一个一无所知的人
[34:51.99]Rough day? 今天很糟吗?
[34:56.75]I almost lost a friend in my own O.R. 我差点在手术室里失去一个朋友
[34:59.65]Was it your fault? 是你造成的么?
[35:02.92]I don't know. 我也不知道
[35:08.13]you were both nervous tonight. 你们今晚都很紧张
[35:10.52]- It'll get easier. - She was nervous? - 会缓和下来的 - 她很紧张?
[35:13.76]Yeah. 是啊
[35:15.57]She's tough. 她很坚强
[35:17.45]She tries to hide it. She's difficult. 她试图掩饰 这很困难
[35:20.32]But if you make an effort, she's worth it. 但如果你努力 她值得你这样
[35:24.91]You okay? 你还好么?
[35:27.98]Not entirely. 不完全是
[35:31.82]She's worth the effort. 她值得你努力
[35:38.05]All right. 好的
[35:42.79]Ah, nice. 太好了
[35:48.20]damn it. 该死
[35:48.88]- Gotta go back in, huh? - Yeah. - 你又要回去了? - 是啊
[35:58.27]why is there an 11-inch incision in my chest? 为什么我胸腔开了11英寸的刀口?
[36:02.17]you coded on the table-- air embolus. 你术中心跳停止 静脉气栓
[36:05.17]I had to open you up and aspirate. 我不得不开胸帮你维持呼吸
[36:07.26]See, I'm sure you did a great job, 我确信你干得很漂亮
[36:10.21]but that's why you're gonna have some real trouble convincing me to do it again. 但是要说服我再继续做手术就很难了
[36:14.88]Helen... we got it all. Helen...已经都取出来了
[36:18.81]The tumor--we never have to go back in there again. 那个肿瘤 我们不用再动手术了
[36:22.91]- You're sure? - I'm sure. - 你确定? - 我确定
[36:25.55]You're gonna live a long, long life. 你还能活很久 很久
[36:29.81]And here I thought you were just being an ass. 我还以为你是个混蛋呢
[36:32.57]Ah, I was an ass. 我曾是个混蛋
[36:40.29]I had no right to push you like that. 我没有权力强迫你
[36:43.35]No, you did not. 不 你有的
[36:45.93]I was going through some stuff, and I just-- 我正在经历一些东西 我...
[36:49.12]I... I was an ass. 我... 我是个混蛋
[36:50.73]Okay. 好吧
[36:52.14]But in this moment, you're the ass who gave me my life back. 但此时此刻 你是把我救回来的混蛋
[36:59.38]I'm so glad we did this. 真高兴我们做到了
[37:01.46]I am, too.Thank you for suggesting it. Because I-- 我也是 谢谢你的建议 因为我...
[37:04.12]you never would have in a million years. 一百年也听不到这样的建议
[37:06.81]- good night, sweetie. - Thank you.Good night. - 晚安 宝贝 - 谢谢你 晚安
[37:12.45]I'm-- I'm sorry a-about your mother. 你妈妈的事我很遗憾
[37:15.60]- Thank you. - Thanks. - 谢谢 - 多谢
[37:20.59]Swing's still here. 秋千还在这
[37:22.27]yes, it, uh, doesn't swing. Nobody uses it. 是的 但物是人非了 已经没人用了
[37:35.19]I put this in there. You used to catch your fingers in it. 我把它放进去的 你总把你的手指伸进去
[37:58.97]suck it up, go back with your tail between your legs and just apologize. 忍了吧 夹着尾巴回去道歉
[38:04.64]- No! - No, really.Look, you just-- - 不! - 不 真的 你...
[38:06.21]- I'm always apologizing. - "I'm sorry.I'm an ass." blah. - 总是我道歉 - "对不起 我是混蛋" ...
[38:09.56]And it's over. And then it's all over. 结束了 然后这些就都结束了
[38:11.70]No.Not real-- I can't be wrong all the time. 不 不全是 不能总是我错吧
[38:15.69]is that really possible? 有可能么?
[38:17.06]Don't-- don't finish it. 你别都喝了
[38:17.97]- Hey, don't be grabby. - You--I don't have any. - 你别这么贪 - 我杯里都没有了
[38:20.99]Bogie. 妖怪
[38:22.63]Maybe you're wrong all the time, maybe she's just really insecure. 也许永远都是你错 也许是她没有安全感
[38:26.38]It doesn't matter. You still have to grovel. 这都没关系 你还是要卑躬屈膝
[38:28.15]Don't you-- fill... 你难道... 给我倒点...
[38:30.74]yeah, um, she'S... 是的 呃... 她...
[38:33.03]- she's insecure. - Yeah. - 她没有安全感 - 嗯
[38:35.44]That is a fact. 这是事实
[38:37.35]She's insecure. 她没有安全感
[38:39.99]What? 什么?
[38:42.64]What? just tell me. 什么? 告诉我
[38:46.75]- Come on. - No. - 快点 - 不
[38:48.65]Come on! 快点!
[38:50.57]shut up. 闭嘴
[38:53.14]no, it's, um, ju--nothing. 不 呃...没什么
[38:55.59]Just that she thinks you have feelings for me, like that's the problem. 她认为你对我有感觉 好像这就是问题所在
[39:00.85]I love that. That's fabulous. 我喜欢这个 我不可思议了
[39:03.14]- No, and--and--and... - oh, I need a tissue. - 不 还有还有... - 哦 我需要餐巾纸
[39:05.56]That, uh, I-I-I desperately want you. 我还拼了命的想要得到你
[39:14.06]I'm crying. I'm crying. 我都笑出眼泪了 我都流眼泪了
[39:18.64]Is she crazy? 她疯了么?
[39:20.80]You know, I think-- I think she's maybe a little crazy. 我觉得...我觉得她真有点疯了
[39:25.54]- oh, can't breathe. - Shut up. - 我喘不过气来了 - 闭嘴
[39:26.73]I can't breathe. 我喘不过气来了
[39:28.33]We gotta be quiet. 我们要安静一下
[39:30.22]Ow. 啊噢
[39:43.10]- scary day, huh? - Yeah. - 惊险的一天 是吧? - 是啊
[39:45.79]Well, your amniotic sac's intact, the placenta's in good position. 你的羊膜囊完好无损 胎盘位置正常
[39:49.67]Dr. Montgomery sewed your cervix up so tight, nothing's coming outta there. Montgomery医生缝合了你的子宫颈 不会再有东西渗出了
[39:53.38]So the baby's gonna be okay? 孩子会没事么?
[39:57.03]We're gonna have to see how it goes. 我们还要再观察一段时间
[40:00.33]I'm sorry. 我很抱歉
[40:02.37]You asked me what I thought, and I told you to go for it, and I'M... 我询问我的想法 我告诉你应该争取一下 我...
[40:07.20]- I'm really sorry. - It's not your fault. - 我很抱歉 - 这不是你的错
[40:09.78]No, see, when I pulled you out of that water at the ferry, I... 在渡口那我把你从水里救出来时 我...
[40:12.85]you're... 你...
[40:15.12]I talked to you like you were my sister, and I shouldn't have. 我把你当个妹妹一样跟你说话 我不应该那样的
[40:18.45]I'm an intern. 我是实习生
[40:20.53]You gotta get your medical advice from an attending. 你应该得到主治医生的医疗建议
[40:23.05]I asked you 'cause I trust you. 我相信你才问你的
[40:26.60]Why don't you sit and tell me a bedtime story or something? 你为什么不坐过来 给我讲个枕边故事什么的?
[40:30.80]What's worse, new wounds, which are so horribly painful... 什么更糟糕 是新的伤口 那些更加疼痛的新伤口...
[40:37.28]move over. You're in the middle of the bed. 你往边上挪挪 你躺正中间了
[40:39.87]Or old wounds that should've healed years ago and never did? 还是那些愈合多年的旧伤口?
[40:53.71]am I gonna screw up this engagement? 我会搞砸订婚么?
[40:58.17]I don't know. Do you want to? 我不知道 你想么?
[41:03.47]I don't know. 我不知道
[41:07.91]My mom is dead. 我妈妈死了
[41:11.92]Yeah, she is. 是啊
[41:16.12]Maybe our old wounds teach us something. 也许旧伤会教会我们一些东西
[41:20.77]They remind us of where we've been and what we've overcome. 他们会提醒我们 我们去过哪 我们克服过什么
[41:28.55]They teach us lessons about what to avoid in the future. 教给我们未来要避免什么
[41:33.54]That's what we like to think. 这是我们想要考虑的
[41:36.78]But that's not the way it is, is it? 但它有时也不这样 不是么?
[41:41.10]Some things we just have to learn over and over and over again. 有些事情...我们不得不学习 一遍 一遍 又一遍
[42:07.68]Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 18 外科实习医生格蕾 第三季 第18集 -=结束=-
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8672-250096-1.html

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