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[00:00.00]Previously on "grey's anatomy"... <外科实习医生格蕾>上集回顾...
[00:01.57]I had sex last night with the wrong person. 我昨晚跟一个错误的对象做爱了
[00:03.80]But the thing is, it didn't feel wrong. 奇怪的是 那时候我感觉却很对
[00:06.04]This is our secret, okay? 这是我们的秘密 好么?
[00:07.62]We heard about your mother. 我们听说你妈妈的事了
[00:08.86]We're here to make sure that you're all right. 我们来是想确保你一切都好
[00:10.35]What if my husband shows up tomorrow with a picture of what I'm supposed to look like, 如果明天我丈夫拿着一张 我原来样子的照片出现
[00:14.14]but it's too late, 但那太迟了
[00:15.06]and I'm stuck with the wrong face for the rest of my life? 我下半辈子就只能带着一张错误的脸了
[00:17.10]Cristina and I were together for three years. Cristina和我曾有过三年的感情
[00:19.85]Are you gonna invite me? 你会邀请我么?
[00:20.82]- Where? - To the wedding. - 去哪? - 你的婚礼
[00:21.98]Please leave. 请你走开
[00:24.71]a patient's history is as important as their symptoms. 病人的过去跟他的症状一样重要
[00:28.92]It's what helps us decide if heartburn's a heart attack, 那能帮我们确定 某次心痛是不是心脏病发作
[00:33.15]if a headache's a tumor. 某次头痛是不是一个肿瘤
[00:36.78]Sometimes patients will try to rewrite their own histories. 有时病人会故意掩盖过去
[00:40.72]They'll claim they don't smoke or forget to mention certain drugs, 他们会说自己不抽烟 或忘记说出他们服过的一些药...
[00:45.28]which, in surgery, 这些在手术中...
[00:47.45]can be the kiss of death. 会成为"死亡之吻"
[00:54.10]we can ignore it all we want... 我们想怎样无视都可以...
[00:57.38]but our history... 但过去...
[00:59.95]eventually always comes back to haunt us. 总会回来困扰我们
[01:07.38]Meredith-she'll accept a certain amount of help, Meredith会接受一定量的帮助...
[01:09.24]and then she starts to feel suffocated. 如果过量她就会有被窒息的感觉
[01:11.77]Oh. 哦
[01:12.79]Is this - am I suffocating? 这些...我很令人窒息么?
[01:14.93]No. The groceries are just right. 不 是你买的那些吃的正好合适...
[01:17.95]It's-it's me. I sometimes overdo it. 是我 我有时做事太过头
[01:19.42]Well, who could blame you with everything? 考虑到最近的那些事 谁又能怪你呢?
[01:21.03]After ellis died, I gave her some time, but I want to be here. Ellis死后 我给了她一些时间 但我想来这里
[01:24.73]I want to help make things easier. 我想帮她渡过难关
[01:26.51]Good. Yeah. I just try to keep it light. You know, be helpful... 好 我只是想提醒一下 希望能有帮助...
[01:30.28]- good morning. - Good morning. - 早上好 - 早上好
[01:31.84]Want some coffee? 要喝咖啡么?
[01:32.96]Yes. 好的
[01:35.25]This all you? 都是你买的?
[01:36.02]I just picked up some things to restock your fridge. 我买了些东西来填满你的冰箱
[01:38.24]Well, you bought groceries last week. 你上周就买过吃的了
[01:39.88]Yeah, you have to get it every week if you want more. 是的 如果你需要 每周她都会来
[01:44.64]well, thank you. 太谢谢了
[01:45.65]It's unexpected, and you didn't need to do all this. 真没想到 你不需要这么做的
[01:49.94]- Is this for everybody? - Absolutely. - 这是给每个人的么? - 没错
[01:51.54]I gotta run. I'm gonna go talk to richard before things get too busy in the hospital. 我要走了 我要在忙起来之前跟Richard谈谈
[01:54.49]See ya. 拜拜
[01:55.26]Are you gonna talk to him about the, 你要跟他说...
[01:56.90]uh - yeah. Wish me luck. 嗯 是啊 祝我好运吧
[01:57.92]You don't need it. Just make him listen to you. 你不需要运气 只要让他听你好好说就是了
[02:00.38]You deserve to be chief. 你应该当主任的
[02:09.46]nice sweater. 毛衣不错
[02:13.62]Uh... my wife. 呃...我老婆
[02:15.02]What? 什么?
[02:15.89]My wife, she gave it to me. The sweater. 我老婆 这个毛衣是她给我的
[02:19.90]Actually, it's my ex-wife. 实际上是我前妻
[02:23.39]- It's amicable. - I'm sorry? - 那是很平和的 - 什么?
[02:25.67]The divorce, it's-it's amicable, very friendly. 我们的离婚是很平和的 非常友好
[02:29.94]I'm a friendly guy. 我是个友好的人
[02:39.51]"I'm a friendly guy"? "我是个友好的人"?
[02:40.83]Sloan. Sloan
[02:41.94]She pressed five and got off at three. 她按了五楼 结果在三楼就下去了
[02:43.97]She'd rather walk up two flights of stairs than flirt with you. 她宁愿走上两层 也不想跟你搭话
[02:46.73]Hell, she'd rather climb up the outside of the building. 也许她更愿意从楼外徒手爬上去
[02:48.93]- I wasn't flirting. -You're telling me. - 我没跟她搭讪 - 说得没错
[02:54.97]There's no need to be embarrassed. 没必要觉得不好意思
[02:57.17]Time for you to shake off the rust and get back in the game. 是时候抖擞精神 重归战场了
[03:00.65]You need a wingman. 你需要一个泡妞搭档
[03:01.80]I have patients to see. 我要去看病人了
[03:04.72]We'd make a great team. 我们可以合作
[03:07.41]Nothing like a quick ventricular reconstruction to jumpstart your morning, eh? 什么也比不上心室重建术 更适合来给早晨提提神 对吧?
[03:11.06]Okay, you're officially becoming creepy, 你变得让人起鸡皮疙瘩...
[03:13.00]creepy and... stalking. 让人起鸡皮疙瘩...而且还尾行我...
[03:15.10]Burke and i have set our date. We're getting married next month. Burke和我订好日子了 下个月结婚
[03:17.37]We both know you're not the marrying kind. 我们都知道 你不是结婚的类型
[03:20.08]Well, you don't know that. You don't know me anymore. 你不知道 你不再了解我了
[03:21.93]Well, just to be sure you're fully aware of what you're passing up, 我想确定你明白自己错过了什么
[03:25.41]I'd like you to assist me on my heterotopic heart transplant today. 我想让你协助我进行异位心脏移植手术 (即不摘除病人本身的心脏 而移植一个健康 的和原有的心脏并列缝合在一起的心脏)
[03:30.73]What, a piggyback transplant? Seriously? 异位心脏移植? 真的?
[03:32.51]Burke will want to scrub in, too, I imagine, 我猜Burke也会想参加的...
[03:36.01]see how it's done. 他想瞧瞧是怎么做的
[03:38.81]Heterotopic transplant. He is upping his game. 异位心脏移植...他开始了棋局
[03:42.64]I need a gambit. I need to force him into the defensive. 我需要一个好的开局 强迫他转入防守
[03:45.70]Take his queen. 吃掉他的皇后
[03:48.05]You've never played chess? 你没玩过国际象棋?
[03:49.43]I'm not a geek. 我又不是书呆子
[03:50.34]I've gotta crush him. I've gotta annihilate him at his own game. 我要粉碎他 我要在他的棋局里战胜他
[03:53.12]So it's weird, right, that susan keeps stopping by like this? 这很奇怪 对么? Susan总是这样来拜访
[03:55.94]I mean, we just became friends or semi-related or whatever you call your estranged father's wife. 我们已经成了朋友或者亲戚 随便怎么称呼这个我爸的妻子
[04:00.54]You may be confused since you were basically raised by wolves, but this is what mother's do. 如果你是狼养大的就会感到困惑 因为这就是妈妈要做的
[04:04.05]They stop by, they stock the fridge. 她们来看你 帮你填满冰箱
[04:06.43]Hey, dude, you think she might do our laundry? 伙计 你认为她会帮忙洗衣服么?
[04:07.82]Hey, get your own fake mom. 找你自己的假妈妈去
[04:10.65]Hey. Bad night on call? 昨晚值班很忙?
[04:13.47]Oh, god. 天啊
[04:14.62]Yeah, when my patient's gooey abscess exploded all over me at 4:00 A. M., That was a highlight. 昨晚的高潮发生在4点当我病人 的脓肿喷了我全身的时候...
[04:19.16]Holy mary, mother of god, 圣母玛利亚...
[04:22.08]pray for us sinners now and at the... 宽恕我们这些罪人...
[04:24.04]iz, you look nice. Iz 你真漂亮
[04:25.13]did you just come from confession in a church? 你刚从教堂礼拜回来么?
[04:28.05]Shut up. 闭嘴
[04:29.96]Izzie stevens does penance. You did something bad. Izzie Stevens在忏悔 你肯定干了什么大坏事
[04:35.75]Oh. I feel like poo. 我要去厕所
[04:37.04]I just hope I can make it through the day without falling asleep. 我只希望今天上班不会瞌睡
[04:38.88]Do you want to make a coffee date? 3:00 P. M. You could use a little pick-me-up. 你要一起喝咖啡吗? 下午3:00 可以喝一点提提精神
[04:43.44]Yeah. That sounds nice, really nice. 太好了 听上去不错 相当不错
[04:45.58]- Good. - Okay. - 好 - 好的
[04:53.30]Smile. 笑一个
[04:55.52]Oh, come on, man. That's not a smile. 拜托 这可不像微笑
[04:57.19]Can I see? 我能看看么?
[05:00.34]That's me? 这是我么?
[05:02.12]Oh, my god. 哦 天啊
[05:04.41]I know this is gonna sound terrible, but I'm not bad-looking. 也许听起来我很刻薄 但手术没把我做得那么难看
[05:07.36]I think beautiful is the word you're looking for. 我觉得你该用漂亮这个词
[05:09.89]I was gonna say hot. 我觉得应该用火辣
[05:11.37]I was, too, but I think I would've gotten in trouble. 我也这么说 但说了会有麻烦的
[05:13.07]- You would've. - Still a little swelling. - 确实会有麻烦 - 还有一点肿
[05:15.06]In a day or two, I'll raise that hot to smokin'. 一两天后 我会让她火辣到冒烟
[05:17.27]Then shouldn't we wait to take the "after" pictures? 那我们何不到时候再照相呢?
[05:19.40]We could, but the sooner we take them, the sooner we get them out there. 可以 但越早照相 就可以越早公布
[05:22.25]Your picture's gonna be everywhere - the police, the news, the internet. 你的照片会被公示 警察局 新闻 网络
[05:24.95]But if my face looks completely different, then what good would pictures do? 但如果我的脸已经完全不同了 那照片能起什么作用呢?
[05:28.62]I was able to maintain aspects of your bone structure, 我维持了你的骨骼结构
[05:30.72]so your face bears some similarities to your old face, 所以现在的脸和你曾经的相貌有相似之处
[05:33.57]plus, your-your hair and your eyes are the same. 而且你的头发和眼睛没有变
[05:36.10]You think-do you really think someone might recognize me? 你们觉得有人会认出我么?
[05:39.18]I think you should smile. 我觉得你该笑一下
[05:42.95]I'm telling you, 我跟你说
[05:44.04]this confession thing, it-it really works. 忏悔是很有用的
[05:46.70]It's like we have a do over. Our sin is gone. 就像我们有了新的开始 我们的罪都消失了
[05:49.49]So you don't have to keep avoiding me. 所以你不用躲着我了
[05:51.18]Yeah, I do. Until this thing blows over, I do. 我必须躲着你 直到这件事被完全淡忘
[05:53.12]Javier ruggero? Javier Ruggero?
[05:56.29]Javier, uh, ruggero? Javier...Ruggero?
[05:59.47]Blows over? 淡忘?
[06:01.10]What does that even mean? 你什么意思?
[06:02.18]When meredith and I, uh... eventually, you know, it blew over. It passed. Meredith和我那次 最终被淡忘了 过去了
[06:05.77]You mean the sad sex? 你是说那次悲哀的性生活?
[06:07.01]The sad, tragic, depression-inducing sex you had with meredith is the same as what- 那次你和Meredith悲哀消沉的性生活 跟我们这次一样?
[06:10.72]I can'T. Okay? 我不能 好么?
[06:12.58]Back off. Just for now, back off. 放手 暂时放手一下
[06:17.55]Javier... ruggero? Javier... ruggero?
[06:20.05]you're dr. Isobel stevens? 你是Isobel Stevens医生?
[06:22.17]Yes. 是的
[06:23.10]Uh, if you're mr. Ruggero, though, you're with dr. O'malley. 如果你是Ruggero先生 你可以去找O'malley医生
[06:25.71]Uh, dr. Stevens- Stevens医生
[06:26.90]we,uh... 我们...
[06:28.98]our d-our daughter has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. 我们的女儿患了白血病 需要骨髓移植
[06:33.10]You, uh, you're looking for hematology. 你们要找的是血液科
[06:34.88]It's third floor west - through these double doors, second set of elevators on the... 在西边第三层 过这两扇门 在...
[06:39.62]on the right. 在右边的第二个电梯
[06:42.74]I'm so sorry about your daughter. 你女儿的事我很遗憾
[06:44.57]But seattle grace has one of the best bone marrow transplant centers in the country. 西雅图仁爱医院有全国最好的骨髓移植中心
[06:48.54]If you'd like, I can take you up there myself. 如果需要 我可以带你们上去
[06:50.09]No, no, it's just that... 不 不 只是...
[06:52.08]you look so much like our daughter. 你长得跟我们的女儿太像了
[06:55.83]We're dustin and caroline klein. 我们是Dustin和Caroline Klein
[06:58.38]We're hannah's parents. Hannah的父母
[07:00.88]We're her... 我们是她的...
[07:03.17]we're your daughter's parents. 我们是你女儿的养父母
[07:05.52]You're hannah's birth mother. Captioning provided by touchstone television and abc, 你是Hannah的生母
[07:11.59]GREYS ANATOMY Season 03Episode 20 外科实习医生格蕾 第三季 第20集
[07:13.81]Hannah was diagnosed a few months ago with acute myeloid leukemia. Hannah几个月前被诊断为急性白血病
[07:16.84]We, uh, we looked you up, and we know that that's wrong,but- 我们寻找到了你 我们知道这是错误的
[07:19.69]she needs the transplant. 但她需要移植
[07:21.64]We-we were set to go. We had a donor. 我们都准备好做移植了 也找到了捐赠人
[07:24.39]Yeah, her donor died. The registry called hannah's oncologist last night. 是的 但她的捐赠人去世了 登记处昨晚通知了Hannah的肿瘤医生
[07:27.50]'Cause apparently hannah hasn't had enough bad luck. 就好像Hannah的厄运还不够一样...
[07:29.95]And we'd never ask. I mean, we had no intention of bothering you, ever. 我们从没有什么要求 我们从来没想过要打扰你
[07:32.87]But last night, everything changed. 但是昨晚 一切都变了
[07:35.14]No. Of course. Of course I'd donate. 不 当然 我应该捐赠
[07:39.41]It's just... 只是...
[07:42.51]a biological parent isn't usually a good donor. I'm only a half match. 生身父母不一定是合适的捐赠人 我只是半匹配
[07:46.18]Hannah would probably do better getting back on the donor list and waiting. Hannah回到捐赠名单中继续等待可能会更好
[07:52.30]I know... 我知道...
[07:54.72]when you gave her up, 当你放弃抚养权的时候
[07:56.52]we promised to take care of her, to keep her safe, 我们保证要照顾她 让她安全
[08:00.54]but I-I can't protect her from this. 但我对于这个束手无策
[08:03.74]It's genetic. 这是遗传的
[08:05.79]You have to take care of her. 你要照顾她
[08:07.69]every day we wait, she gets sicker. 我们等待的每一天 她的病都在恶化
[08:09.70]And-and if we're lucky, 如果我们幸运
[08:11.39]you-you could be better than a half match. 你也许比半匹配要更好
[08:15.14]Yeah. 是啊
[08:17.41]Is she... 她...
[08:19.96]she's here? 她在这么?
[08:24.39]God, she must be scared. 天啊 她肯定特别害怕
[08:26.17]She's upstairs with my mother. 她和我妈妈在楼上
[08:29.25]Can I... 我能...
[08:31.85]um... 呃...
[08:34.35]I'd-I'd like to meet her. 我想见见她
[08:36.31]We-we'd have to check with hannah. 我们要和Hannah商量一下
[08:38.60]But I-if she agrees, 如果她同意
[08:41.33]of course we'd be okay with it. 我们自然也不会反对
[08:46.66]Isobel... Isobel...
[08:48.69]our daughter could die. 我们的女儿会死的
[08:56.15]Charles... this is dr. Burke. Charles...这是Burke医生
[08:58.48]I've invited him to assist on the surgery. 我邀请他参加手术
[09:00.41]How do you do, dr. Burke? Oh, 你好 Burke医生
[09:02.09]you're playing yourself? 你在跟自己下棋?
[09:03.06]It distracts me from the fact that you're going to have your hands in my chest in a few hours. 这能帮我分散注意力不去想 几个小时后你们就要把手伸入我的胸腔了
[09:07.72]And this, charles,is a former student of mine- Charles 这是我以前的学生
[09:10.76]a formidable chess player herself-dr. Cristina yang. 她国际象棋下的很好 Cristina Yang医生
[09:13.60]Soon to be dr. Cristina burke. 马上就是Cristina Burke医生了
[09:15.68]We're getting married next month. 我们下个月就结婚了
[09:18.33]congratulations. 恭喜
[09:19.58]Thank you, sir. 谢谢你
[09:21.14]Perhaps you'd like to explain... 也许你要解释一下...
[09:23.44]the procedure, dr. Yang. 手术过程 Yang医生
[09:25.18]Absolutely. 当然
[09:26.75]Mr. Redford, instead of replacing your current heart, Redford先生 我们不是给你换个新的心脏
[09:30.88]we're going to attach it to the new heart, essentially piggybacking it. 而是要给它接上一个新的心脏 也就是给它一个"背囊"
[09:34.43]The two hearts pump together, share the workload. It's, uh... 两个心脏同时工作 分担工作量...
[09:38.35]it's a perfect team. 完美的搭档
[09:40.21]More accurately, the new heart will circulate blood to the body, 更准确地说 新的心脏会控制血液循环
[09:43.59]while the native heart will pump blood to the lungs. 原来的心脏只控制肺部供血
[09:46.57]More of a divide-and-conquer approach. Wouldn't you say, dr. Yang? 更趋近于分头工作 对吗 Yang医生?
[09:50.95]Sounds risky? 听上去很危险?
[09:51.87]All surgeries carry a degree of risk, but dr. Marlowe pioneered the procedure. 任何手术都有一定风险 但Marlowe医生是这方面的先驱
[09:56.06]And dr. Burke is one of the foremost cardiothoracic surgeons in the country. 而且Burke医生是全国顶尖的心脏科医生
[09:59.81]Well, I'll be the one on point, of course. So you've nothing to worry about. 当然我是主刀 所以你不用担心
[10:03.19]You've picked the best man for the job. 你选择了最好的人
[10:08.45]What was that? 那是什么?
[10:09.58]That was my smug, passive-aggressive, 那是我自鸣得意 消极反击的前男友
[10:11.79]limey ex-boyfriend trying to show me I picked the wrong guy. 在努力暗示我选错了人
[10:15.18]I I know, and I'm fine with it as long as I'm learning something. 我倒是不在乎 只要能学到东西
[10:18.35]I was actually talking about you. 我实际上是想谈谈你
[10:20.94]What was that? 刚才怎么回事?
[10:21.95]You're gonna have to put up with me being nice and sweet for a little while. 你要暂时忍受我变得温柔体贴
[10:26.45]That'll be a nice change of pace. 这种改变还是不错的
[10:28.46]Shut up. 闭嘴
[10:29.88]Mm, that's more like it. 这样才是真的你...
[10:32.29]Hey, I saw ava. She looks terrific. 嘿 我见过Ava 她看上去好极了
[10:35.07]Yeah, yeah, 是啊
[10:36.59]Sloan kicked it out. Yeah, Sloan成功了
[10:37.91]well, you had something to do with that, too. 你对此也有帮助啊
[10:40.04]Just doing my job. 只是份内工作而已
[10:41.48]Jeez. You cannot take a compliment. 天啊 你竟然接受不了表扬
[10:44.54]Well, I just don't want people thinking- 我只是不想让人以为...
[10:47.35]what,you're trying to build the perfect woman? 什么 你正试图塑造一个完美的女人?
[10:49.29]Dr. Montgomery, the police just called. They're on their way over. Montgomery医生 警方来电 他们正在来的路上
[10:52.04]They think they found jane doe's family. 似乎无名氏的家人已经找到了
[10:54.94]I'm sure you felt that you needed to be even-handed 当你宣布要选择一人接任主任时
[10:56.96]when you announced that you were looking for someone to take over as chief. 你认为一定要表现得公正
[10:59.47]Give everybody a shot at the brass ring. 让每个人都有机会
[11:01.86]I did. 确实
[11:03.24]Can we drop that ruse soon? 能快点结束这种策略吗?
[11:04.55]It's not a ruse. 那不是策略
[11:05.34]You promised me the job when I came here. It's why I came here. 你承诺过 会让我坐上这个位置 所以我才会到这儿来
[11:07.49]No, you came because your marriage fell apart and you had to get the hell out of dodge. 不对 你来是因为婚姻破裂 急需逃离桎梏
[11:10.17]We had an understanding, 我们有过共识
[11:11.08]and now you're having me jump through hoops with every other attending in this hospital. 可如今 你让我跟院里 别的主任医生一起勾心斗角
[11:13.80]And I hear you're giving marlowe special privileges to do a piggyback surgery. 听说你还给Marlowe特权 进行异位心脏移植
[11:16.72]This is a teaching hospital, derek. 这里是教学医院 Derek
[11:22.73]Yeah. My interview didn't go as well as I had hoped. 是的 我的面试结果差强人意
[11:24.86]I would like your support with the board. You know my credentials. You know I'm ready. 希望能在董事会得到你的支持 你了解我的资历 知道我做好了准备
[11:27.84]- I only have one vote -It's a strong vote.. - 我只有一票 - 却是有力的一票
[11:35.01]I'm not feeling well. 我很难受
[11:37.71]What's wrong with that girl? 那丫头怎么了?
[11:50.14]oh, look, I can't talk to you when you're making all that noise, 哦 听着 你这么闹腾 我可没法跟你谈
[11:52.36]so pull it together and get out here. 现在冷静下来 从那儿出来
[11:55.74]Now. 马上出来
[12:11.13]I have an 11-year-old daughter. 我有个11岁的女儿
[12:15.31]She needs a bone marrow transplant. 需要骨髓移植
[12:19.47]I'm potentially a good match. 我很可能和她匹配
[12:23.34]Please don't tell anybody. Please. This isn't a chapter of my history that- 求你别告诉别人 求你 这不是我生命中一段值得...
[12:26.88]I understand. 我明白
[12:34.06]She's here... 她就在这儿...
[12:36.34]my kid... 我的孩子...
[12:38.77]and I'm supposed to go up to pediatrics and meet her right now, and... 我应该立刻上楼 到儿科见她...
[12:46.70]I mean, I've thought about this moment... 我想说 我一直想象着这一刻...
[12:50.07]wh-what I would look like... 我看上去会怎么样...
[12:54.27]what I would say. 该说什么
[12:58.31]But I thought I would be older, more together, more mature. 可原以为会等到我再年长些 再冷静些 再成熟些
[13:02.53]I thought she would be older. 我以为会在她更大点的时候
[13:04.33]And I never thought that she would be sick. 也从没想过见面时她在重病之中
[13:10.54]Oh, god. I don't know what to do. 哦 上帝 我该怎么办
[13:13.78]I don't know what to do. What do I do? 我不知道该做什么 我该做什么?
[13:20.02]We love our shannon, 我们爱我们的Shannon
[13:21.35]but we never got along with her husband. 但跟她丈夫一直处不好
[13:25.10]So she has a husband? 所以她有丈夫?
[13:26.50]had. One day while she was at work, he packed up and disappeared. 有过 某天趁她工作时 打包袱 消失了
[13:30.11]He didn't want a baby. But she went after him, even pregnant like that. 他不想要孩子 但她跟定他 甚至怀了孕
[13:34.44]We hadn't heard from her in months, and then today we saw her picture on tv. 我们已经几个月没有她的消息了 然后今天 在电视上看到了她的照片
[13:38.66]Mr. And mrs. Waring, uh, the woman we found, if she is your daughter... Waring先生和太太 我们找到的女人 如果是你们的女儿...
[13:42.10]well, her nose is different, and her chin, 她的鼻子变了 下巴也是
[13:45.27]but they said that her face had been, you know, changed. 不过据说 她的脸 改变了
[13:48.73]Do you happen to know your daughter's blood type? 是否知道你们女儿的血型呢?
[13:51.16]She's b-positive. 她是阳性B型
[13:52.96]Any medical conditions, surgeries we should know about? 有什么医疗状况和 手术史该让我们知道吗?
[13:55.97]Um, she had her tonsils out when she was 12. 她十二岁那年摘除了扁桃体
[14:00.35]It's her, isn't it? It's shannon. 是她 对吗? 是Shannon
[14:08.49]Susan. Susan
[14:09.81]Meredith, hi. I'm so glad I found you. Meredith 嗨 真高兴找到你了
[14:12.14]Twice in one day. 一天两次
[14:13.30]Is this a bad time? I mean, I know you're always busy,but- 现在不合适吗? 我知道你总是很忙 不过-
[14:15.33]yeah, no, I'm busy. I'm at work. 是的 我很忙 我在工作
[14:16.61]Okay, I was, um... you know, I'd really just love to talk with you. 好吧 我... 知道吗 我只是非常想跟你聊聊
[14:20.79]I would love to find a time for you and me to sit down- 很想找个时间 我们俩坐下来-
[14:22.99]I'm sorry. This is too much. Way too much. 抱歉 太夸张了 实在太夸张了
[14:26.48]You keep showing up. 你老是出现
[14:27.61]I cannot be your daughter or your charity case or the thing that you need to fix. 我不可能成为你的女儿 救济对象 或其他任何需要你弥补的人
[14:31.81]- I'm not trying to - no, - 我并非想... - 别
[14:33.58]Stop talking, okay? Stop mothering. 别说了 好吗? 别再扮演母亲
[14:36.87]Just stop. 停止吧
[14:40.86]she is mid-30s, brunette and 8 months pregnant. 她现年35岁左右 褐发 怀有八个月的身孕
[14:43.40]If you recognize her,please- 如果认识 请-
[14:46.74]my glamour shot's been on the news at least a dozen times already. 我的时尚照已经在新闻里拨了十几遍
[14:49.69]Admit it you're gonna miss me when my fancy family shows up to take me away. 承认吧 等我美好的家人出现 带我回家后 你会想我的
[14:52.70]You don't know they're fancy. Open up. 你并不知道他们是否美好 张嘴
[14:55.11]Why, what's wrong with my throat? 为什么 我的喉咙有什么问题?
[14:56.71]How would I know? I haven't even seen it yet. 我怎么知道? 还没看呢
[14:59.02]No, not till you tell me... 不要 除非你告诉我...
[15:01.51]wait. Someone has recognized me, haven't they? 等等 有人认出我来了 对吗?
[15:06.56]Alex... alex, you have to tell me who it is. Please. Alex...Alex 你得告诉我是谁 求你
[15:10.24]Their daughter's blood type is b-positive. She's your age. She's pregnant. 他们女儿的血型是阳性B型 跟你一边大 也怀有身孕
[15:13.95]Your height, your hair color, and she has no tonsils. 同样的身高 同样的发色 另外 她没有扁桃体
[15:17.94]So now are you gonna open up? 那么 你现在能张嘴了吗?
[15:19.26]Yes. Please tell me I have no tonsils. 好 拜托告诉我 我没有扁桃体
[15:21.04]- Say ah. - Ah. - 说啊 - 啊
[15:24.86]No tonsils. 没有扁桃体
[15:26.70]shannon? Shannon?
[15:28.46]Mr. And mrs. Waring, I asked you to wait. Waring先生和太太 我说过 让你们等一下
[15:30.76]I have tests to complete and I have to- 我要完成测试 还得...
[15:31.75]alex... it's okay. Alex... 没关系的
[15:35.21]Your name... 你的名字...
[15:38.62]is shannon marie. 是Shannon Marie
[15:40.50]marie was my mother's name... Marie是我母亲的名字...
[15:43.21]your grandmother. 就是你的祖母
[15:46.32]shannon marie. Shannon Marie
[15:53.98]Okay, discharge beds one and three. Two needs a social worker. 好了 安排1床和3床出院 2床需要一名社工
[15:57.28]Hold this down for me, o'malley. I'm gonna be out for a while. 帮我顶一下 O'malley 我要出去一会儿
[16:00.18]Why? 为什么?
[16:01.77]What's going on with izzie? Izzie怎么了?
[16:02.65]What's going on with stevens is none of your concern. What is your concern? Stevens的事不是你该关心的 你要关心的是什么?
[16:06.36]Sick people- all these sick people- until I get back. Understand? 病人 所有这些病人! 等我回来 明白了吗?
[16:10.98]Dr. Bailey, just did a consult in trauma one. The guy has a perf. Can I scrub in? Bailey医生 我刚去1号外伤室会诊 病人有处穿孔 我能参加手术吗?
[16:14.93]No, you cannot scrub in. 不 你不能
[16:16.51]Uh, you're here with o'malley for now. 你现在就跟O'malley一起负责这里
[16:22.48]Hey, what's wrong with izzie? 嘿 Izzie怎么了?
[16:25.88]Beds 7 through 13. Start with number 8. He doesn't have much bladder control. 7床到13床 从8床开始 他很不擅于憋尿
[16:30.14]first, mr. Redford, 首先 Redford先生
[16:31.12]while dr. Marlowe is preparing the surgical area, Marlowe医生准备手术的同时
[16:33.37]I will be examining the donor heart. 我会检查供者心脏
[16:35.28]Actually, I'm sorry. I'll examine the donor heart. 抱歉 实际上 检查供者心脏的是我
[16:37.96]I want to be sure the I. V. C. Orifice is oversewn. 确保下腔静脉口已经缝合
[16:44.10]well, carry on. 好了 继续
[16:45.83]Then I'll open your chest and put you on bypass, 然后 我会为你开胸建立旁路
[16:49.11]at which point we will connect the left atrium then the right atrium- 连接左心房以及右心房
[16:52.83]superior vena cava. 上腔静脉
[16:54.18]It simplifies the subsequent cardiac biopsies. 能简化随后的心脏活检
[16:56.98]You didn't read my article in the "cardiothoracic monthly" last year. 你没看过我去年发表在 "心胸外科月刊"上的论文
[17:01.21]Did you? Huh? Well, I think cristina has a copy of it. 对吗? 哈? 我想Cristina那有一份
[17:04.31]Cristina, may I? Cristina 可以吗?
[17:05.43]Oh, of course. 哦 当然
[17:09.72]Oh, what on earth is that? 哦 那到底是什么?
[17:13.37]Oh, testing colors. 哦 试试颜色
[17:15.73]For the big day, I assume? 我想 是为了婚礼吧?
[17:17.10]I'm thinking, um, coral. 我想用 珊瑚红
[17:21.52]Hey, chief, come here. I want to show you something. 嘿 主任 过来 我想给你看点东西
[17:23.66]I'm busy, sloan. 我很忙 Sloan
[17:24.60]I need an update on my patient in room 3129. 我需要3129号房病人的最新情况
[17:27.00]- Oh, hi. - Hi. - 哦 嗨 - 嗨
[17:28.17]Okay. I have that right here. 好的 就在这儿
[17:32.72]I like those sneakers. You a runner? 我喜欢那双运动鞋 你跑步吗?
[17:35.32]Yeah. 是的
[17:36.52]Me, too. Maybe we should go running some time. 我也是 也许我们该抽空一起跑步
[17:40.68]Sure. 当然好
[17:42.49]Anything else I can help you with, dr. Sloan? 还有什么需要我帮忙的吗 Sloan医生?
[17:45.92]No. All good. 没有了
[17:50.49]Wingman. 泡妞搭档
[17:53.13]Wingman. 泡妞搭档...
[17:55.88]Hannah is in there right now? Hannah此刻就在那儿?
[17:57.29]She is. 是啊
[18:06.00]you see her, you'll know what to do. 见到她 你就知道该怎么办了
[18:09.56]Must be nice to know she has parents like this, 知道她有这样的父母 肯定是件欣慰的事
[18:12.18]who fight for her, think about what she wants, 他们为她尽力 想她所想
[18:15.41]try to make her happy like you would've. 努力让她高兴 就像你会为她所做的一样
[18:21.74]Doesn't mean you don't want that girl to want you. 但这却不意味着你 不希望让那个女孩想见你
[18:26.44]Yeah. 是啊
[18:37.15]I'M... 我...
[18:39.42]she's so, so tired. 她实在 太累了
[18:41.22]We left it up to hannah, and, uh, she's just not ready. I'm sorry. 我们告诉了Hannah 可是 她实在是没有思想准备 很抱歉
[18:44.59]We don't want to force it. Maybe another time? 我们不想强迫她 或许改天?
[18:47.54]When she's feeling better. 等她感觉好点以后
[18:48.64]No, of course. I understand. 不用 当然 我理解
[18:52.51]I'm sorry, but... the transplant? 对不起 不过...那个移植?
[18:58.66]Stevens. Stevens
[19:02.20]hey, look at me. Look at me. 嘿 看着我 看着我
[19:04.71]Your girl... you can want her to want you all day long, 你的女儿... 你可以希望她整天都想见你
[19:08.11]but she has to be here if she's ever gonna have that chance again. 可是 她得活着 你才能有另一次机会
[19:15.48]I'm sorry. Of course. Yeah. I'm ready. Let's get started. 对不起 当然可以 我准备好了 开始吧
[19:22.87]Hey, guess what. I'm a teacher. 嘿 你猜怎么着 我是个老师
[19:24.92]I teach second grade at north bend elementary. 在北湾小学教二年级
[19:28.91]Oh. Or at least I did until- 哦 至少我曾经是 直到...
[19:30.24]you can get your job back whenever you want. They love you there. 你随时都可以回去工作 那儿的人都爱你
[19:33.35]When will we be able to take her home? 我们什么时候能带她回家?
[19:35.59]Y- you want to take her back to- 你们想带她回...
[19:37.08]north bend. We've got a room all setup for her. 北湾 我们为她准备好了房间
[19:39.44]Your mom's got all of your books and your letters and diaries. 你妈妈把你所有的书 信件和日记都整理好了
[19:42.32]I kept diaries? 我记日记?
[19:43.93]about 800 of them. 大概有八百本
[19:45.39]So even if you don't remember everything now, you will. 所以说 即使你现在什么都不记得 将来也能都记起来的
[19:50.69]hear that? I can go, right? 听到了吗? 我能走了 对吗?
[19:53.59]Well, you're still getting I. V. Antibiotics, 你仍然需要静脉注射抗生素
[19:55.46]and we're monitoring the baby very closely right now. 目前我们还在密切监控孩子
[19:57.52]Yeah, but you can make it happen, right? 对 但你能让我出院了 对吗?
[20:01.08]Come on, alex. D-don't doctor me. Help me get outta here. 别这样 Alex 别再扮演医生的角色 帮我离开这儿
[20:04.05]Dr. Montgomery's got you on strict bed rest until your delivery. Montgomery医生嘱咐过 你在生产前 必须坚持卧床静养
[20:09.45]But I'll ask. Maybe-maybe you can do it fr om home. 但我会问问的 也许 也许你可以回家休养
[20:12.70]Home. 家...哇!
[20:17.70]hey. - Hey. - 嘿 - 嘿
[20:19.29]- You okay? You look - horrible. I'm in a horrible mood. - 你还好吧? 看上去... - 糟透了 心情糟透了
[20:21.83]I yelled at susan. I think I scared off my fake mommy forever. 我冲着Susan嚷嚷 看来 我的冒牌妈咪彻底被吓跑了
[20:26.59]Need cheering up? 想庆祝一下吗?
[20:27.66]No. 不要
[20:30.14]Me either. It's gonna be okay. 我也是 会好起来的
[20:32.26]- You think? - Yeah, susan will be okay. - 你这么想吗? - 是的 Susan会没事的
[20:41.04]How'd it go with the chief? 跟主任谈得怎么样?
[20:42.15]Uh, about as well as you and susan. 就象你跟Susan
[20:43.84]Wow. We make a good team. 我们真是一对活宝
[20:51.12]I've been waiting for you in really-old-guy's room for 20 minutes. What gives? 我在老植物人的房里 等了你们二十分钟 你们怎么搞的?
[20:53.83]Sorry. We decided to eat down here today. 抱歉 我们决定今天在这儿吃
[20:55.94]- Nobody told me. - Anybody... - 没人告诉我 - 有人...
[20:58.59]move. 让一下
[20:59.78]Anybody know what's going on with izzie? Something's going on. 有人知道Izzie出什么事了吗? 肯定出什么事情了!
[21:03.37]Why don't you just ask her yourself? 干吗不自己问她?
[21:05.37]Fine. I would if I knew where she was. 如果知道她在哪儿我会问的
[21:07.51]I brought you lunch. 我帮你买了午餐
[21:12.77]You've got stuff on your hands. 你手上有点"古怪"
[21:14.61]I'm trying to scare away cardio god. 我正设法把心外科之神吓跑
[21:16.41]With pretty, pretty fingers? 用漂漂亮亮的手指甲?
[21:17.64]He takes my rook, I take his bishop. 他吃我的车 我吃他的象
[21:19.72]Hey, pouty head. 嘿 气鼓头
[21:20.91]Oh, are you so sad 'cause no-face girl's family is taking her home? 哦 你难过是因为"无脸"女孩 的家人要带她回家吗?
[21:24.01]Really? Someone claimed ava? 真的? 有人认领了Ava?
[21:25.39]Yeah, her parents. 是的 她的父母
[21:26.48]- She must be so relieved. - Yeah, unless they suck. - 她肯定松了一大口气 - 是啊 除非他们是烂人
[21:28.74]Can you imagine, you can't remember a family, and they show up, 你能想象吗 你不记得有家人 突然 他们出现了
[21:31.16]and it turns out they're psycho killers? 结果却是杀人狂?
[21:33.36]Or over sharers. 或者 过度分享狂(指Susan)
[21:34.52]Whatever. She's a patient. I don't give a crap who her parents are, where she goes. 管她呢 她是病人 我才不理会她的父母和去向
[21:38.23]Can we move on? 能换话题了吗?
[21:40.24]One second. 稍等
[21:43.48]What's up with izzie? Izzie怎么了?
[21:44.32]D - I told you, it's none of your concern. 我说过了 那不关你的事
[21:45.78]No, it is my concern. I demand to know. 不 是我的事 我必须知道
[21:47.93]I hope I didn't just hear you say you demand. 但愿我刚才并没有听你说"必须"
[21:50.98]Well, are you her father? Are you her husband? 你是她父亲吗? 是她丈夫吗?
[21:53.66]Then stay here and keep your mind on your job. You hear me? 不是的话就呆在这儿 专心工作 听到了吗?
[21:59.45]Grey. Grey
[22:00.85]Uh, look, I need to be upstairs, 听我说 我得上楼
[22:03.43]so do not let this out of your sight. 别让这个脱离你的视线
[22:06.62]Walk this to the lab, watch the lab run the test, 把它送去实验室 看着他们做完测试
[22:09.74]bring the test results directly to me, nobody else. 直接把结果告诉我 别告诉别人
[22:15.85]It's izzie. What's the matter? 是Izzie的 出什么事了?
[22:17.57]You will be discreet and not ask a bunch of questions. Now this is a private matter. 小心谨慎 什么都别问 这是目前的首要任务
[22:22.12]She needs these results now. 她要立刻知道结果
[22:25.00]Okay. 好的
[22:36.60]That's a big needle. 这个注射针真大
[22:37.54]it's standard. 它是标准型号的
[22:38.57]You should start to feel numb about ten minutes after I inject the lidocaine, okay? 在注入利多卡因十分钟后 你就逐渐被麻痹了 好吗?
[22:42.46]Yeah. 好的
[22:43.00]No, I know. 不 我知道了
[22:43.70]I've given epidurals before. 以前我也做过脊柱硬脊膜注射
[22:45.18]I know that's the needle. 我知道是那种针
[22:46.85]It's just that somehow it seems so much bigger now that it's going into my spine. 只是当它扎入的是你自己的脊柱时 似乎变大了...
[22:50.86]Little stick. 可能会刺痛一下
[22:51.78]Oh, my god. 哦 天啊
[22:52.71]You sure I can't call someone? 你确定不用帮你打个电话吗?
[22:54.07]One of your friends? 打给你的朋友?
[22:54.86]You're gonna need somebody to hold your hand. 你需要有人握着你的手
[22:57.56]No. 不需要
[22:59.19]Thank you. 谢谢
[23:00.34]Look, you sure? 你确定吗?
[23:06.87]Yeah, well, I can take a lot of pressure, just... 是的 我有很强的承受力 你...
[23:09.97]it's rough as sandpaper. 怎么使劲捏我的手都可以
[23:14.51]a little pressure. 再用些力
[23:19.78]Meredith... Meredith...
[23:21.00]tell me where she is. 告诉我她在哪里
[23:21.98]I can'T. 我不能
[23:22.73]- If she wanted you to know, george - she does. - 如果她想让你知道的话... George - 她当然想
[23:24.15]She just... 她只是...
[23:25.96]we're just having one of our stupid fights. 我们吵过嘴而已
[23:29.02]Do you know how wrong it is if she's really in trouble and I'm not there because we're being idiots? 如果她真有麻烦 而我因一时愚蠢弃之不顾 那简直错误至极
[23:34.56]Come on. 拜托了
[23:36.19]Meredith, please. Meredith 求你了
[23:39.91]She's upstairs in procedure room "A." 她在楼上的1号治疗室
[23:42.17]That's all I know. 我就知道这么多
[23:43.36]Thank you. 谢谢你
[23:49.12]So... 那么...
[23:50.29]dr.Montgomery says you can take your daughter home. Montgomery 医生说 你可以带女儿回家了
[23:52.34]But she wants to talk to her local O.B.-G.Y.N. 但是她要和你们本地的妇产科医生谈谈
[23:54.55]There are some things she wants to go over before we release her. 在我们允许她出院之前 她需要再复查一些...
[23:56.92]I can'T. 我不能
[23:58.83]Okay. 好的
[24:00.04]Well, I can go through all this with your husband if 我还是去跟你丈夫谈吧
[24:01.79]no, you don't understand. 不 你无法理解
[24:04.70]I can't take her home. 我不能带她回家
[24:09.33]That girl is not my daughter. 那不是我女儿
[24:15.17]She does look an awful lot like shannon. 她看上去确实跟Shannon很像
[24:19.46]Sometimes she even sounds like her. 有时声音甚至都像...
[24:23.02]You know, with the surgery and, uh, the loss of memories 经过手术...记忆丧失...
[24:26.56]a mother knows her own child, dr.Karev, and that is not my child. 母亲了解她的孩子 karev医生 那不是我的孩子
[24:31.51]But your husband, he's 但你丈夫 他...
[24:32.45]look, if that's not shannon, we still don't know where our girl is. 如果她不是Shannon 我们就仍不知道女儿在哪里
[24:36.87]Do you understand? 你明白吗?
[24:38.03]He needs it to be her. 他需要那是他的女儿
[24:42.29]how am i supposed to tell him? 我该如何跟他说?
[24:43.73]How do I tell either of them? 我该如何跟他们两个人说?
[24:45.74]Mrs.Waring Waring太太
[24:47.00]dr.Karev... Karev医生
[24:49.98]would you ask my husband to meet me in the lobby? 你能让我丈夫到大厅里见我吗?
[24:53.05]You need to face her. 你需要面对她
[24:53.91]Please... 拜托了...
[24:54.69]tell her I'm sorry. 告诉她 我很抱歉
[25:00.69]things have changed. 情况已经变了
[25:01.91]No, no. 不 不
[25:02.84]Nothing has changed. 一切未变
[25:03.83]I deserve your support, richard. Richard我应该得到你的支持
[25:05.20]Tell me I have it. 告诉我你支持我
[25:05.81]Tell me I didn't move to seattle for nothing. 告诉我搬到到西雅图不是白费力气
[25:07.03]You moved to seattle to start a new life, and you did. 你到西雅图是要开始新的生活 你做到了
[25:11.40]You have a fantastic woman who loves you. 你有个爱你的了不起的女人
[25:13.47]This is not about my personal life. 这跟我的个人生活无关
[25:14.57]This is about my career. 我们说的是我的事业!
[25:15.33]Do you know what being chief will do to your life? 你知道做外科主任会 让你的生活变成怎样吗?
[25:17.05]Why the hell do you think I'm getting a divorce or dyeing my hair? 你知道我为什么离婚? 为什么染发?
[25:22.17]You can't do it all, not if you want to be chief. 你不能面面俱到 作为主任你不可能做到
[25:25.06]You couldn't do it all. 是你不能做到罢了
[25:25.82]And neither can you. 你也不行
[25:26.55]Don't put your mistake on me. 不要把你的错误安到我身上
[25:28.00]Don'T. 不要!
[25:28.59]I am the best candidate for this job. 我是这项工作的最佳人选
[25:29.97]You know it, and I know it, and that is the only factor you need to take into consideration here. 你我都知道 这是你该考虑的唯一因素
[25:33.48]I don't need your protection, richard, and I don't want it. 我不需要你的保护 Richard 我也不想要
[25:35.84]I'm not trying to protect you, derek. 我并没有要保护你 Derek
[25:37.53]I told ellis... 我告诉过Ellis...
[25:43.00]I promised her that I would look after her daughter. 我向她保证会照顾她的女儿
[25:55.80]o'malley, did stevens ask for you here? O'Malley 是Stevens让你来这的吗?
[25:58.18]No! 没有
[25:58.86]No, I did not. 不 我没有
[25:59.93]- Then you need to turn yourself around - you're giving bone marrow? - 那你就该出去 - 你打算捐献骨髓吗?
[26:01.95]This is a private matter. 这是别人的私事
[26:03.08]I'm not leaving. 我不会离开的!
[26:04.65]george. George!
[26:05.26]No. 我不出去!
[26:07.80]Make me. 除非把我打出去
[26:09.09]Hey! 嘿~
[26:10.04]Sorry, I'm starting now. 对不起 我要开始了
[26:11.56]Just let me know when you're gonna do stuff, okay? 你开始的时候 告诉我好吗?
[26:14.35]Hey... 嘿...
[26:15.90]you're okay. 你会没事的
[26:20.13]I got it here. 我接手吧
[26:26.41]Fine. 好
[26:27.23]Stevens, I'm going. Stevens 我要走了
[26:28.27]Unless you need me to call security. 除非你要我叫保安
[26:30.67]I'll manage. 我可以
[26:34.51]Thank you. 谢谢
[26:42.92]You said back off. 是你叫我放手的
[26:43.89]You didn't tell me you were having a hole drilled in your damn hip. 你没告诉我你打算在屁股上打个洞
[26:48.88]For who? 为了谁?
[26:52.89]What's this private matter? 到底是什么"私事"?
[26:56.42]Okay, I'm going in when you're ready. 你准备好我再扎入
[27:00.22]Ready? 准备好了吗?
[27:10.63]hey, callie. 嘿 Callie
[27:11.76]Hey. 嘿
[27:12.67]Hey, so if you could just take these two, then that'll free me up 你来做这两个 让我休息一下
[27:15.53]oh, no, no, no, no. 不 不
[27:16.61]No, I'm not here to work. 不 我来这里不是工作的...
[27:17.72]I'm--I'm--I'm, uh, I'm--I'm sorry. 我...我...对不起
[27:19.44]I haven't slept in like two days, and, uh, I'm actually looking for george. 我两天没睡了 事实上 我在找George
[27:22.04]We're supposed to meet up for coffee. 我们本该一起喝咖啡的
[27:23.44]So... 那么...
[27:24.41]he's, uh, with izzie, I think. 我想他跟Izzie在一起
[27:27.30]So if you're not here to work, I'm just gonna take these back. 如果你不是来工作的 我把这些要回去了
[27:29.79]Thanks. 谢谢
[27:35.34]15-blade. 15号刀
[27:38.24]Suction, please. 抽吸器
[27:41.50]Dr.Burke, you're not using the superior- transseptal approach for the atriotomy, are you? Burke医生 你没采用上房间 隔入路法对吧?
[27:46.32]Is that a problem? 有问题吗?
[27:47.26]Not at all unless your intention is to kill the patient. 如果你想谋杀病人的话就根本不是问题
[27:53.25]Dr.Marlowe, from what I've read Dr.Marlowe 我曾在书上读到...
[27:54.28]yes, well, reading about a procedure is one thing and, uh, performing it is quite another. 学习做手术是一回事 实际做手术又是另外一回事
[27:57.40]It was my mistake. 是我的错
[27:58.27]I should never have allowed you to scrub in. 我不该让你上手术台的
[28:00.42]I think it best from this point on that you simply observe. 现在开始你仅仅观摩好了
[28:10.34]Suction, please. 请抽吸
[28:14.14]Hurry up. 快点
[28:18.91]you should use the wheelchair. 你需要轮椅
[28:20.53]You're gonna be sore. 会酸痛的
[28:21.84]I'm aware. 我知道
[28:23.50]I'm fine now. 我现在很好
[28:24.44]Thank you. 谢谢你
[28:26.69]Uh, you mean pantless but fine? 没穿裤子算是很好?
[28:29.33]crap. 真是胡说
[28:40.45]stand. 站起来
[29:00.86]I got it. 我自己来吧
[29:01.65]Okay. 好的
[29:15.65]Hannah... Hannah...
[29:18.00]an 11-year-old girl. 一个11岁的女孩
[29:19.07]That's the private matter. 这就是那个"私事"
[29:20.06]She's mine. 她是我女儿
[29:23.09]Don'T... 别...
[29:25.75]don't look at me. 别看我
[29:31.86]my mother wanted me to keep her. 我妈妈想让我留下她
[29:36.42]But I knew--even at 16-- I knew that baby deserved better than life... 但我知道 虽然我只有16岁 我就 已经知道那个孩子应该拥有...
[29:42.57]at a chehalis trailer park. 比住在拖车场里更好的生活
[29:46.26]And now she's here and... 现在她在这
[29:50.03]and she might be dying and she doesn't want to meet me. 也许要死去了 却不想见我
[29:57.52]Oh, crap. 哦 该死的!
[30:03.24]I didn't think I really cared until she said no. 在她拒绝见我前 我以为自己不在乎的
[30:09.03]How about that? 真是讽刺啊
[30:21.22]I can say hail marys until... 我可以说"万福玛丽亚" 直到...
[30:24.99]until I turn into mary, but I still miss you. 直到自己也变成了玛丽亚... 但我依然止不住的想你 (此处见Izzie祷告的情节)
[30:29.94]Not the... 并不是...
[30:33.39]the sex. 想念和你的性爱
[30:36.81]It was not tragic, george. 我们之间的事并非什么悲惨的意外 George
[30:40.34]But I'll live without it. 但我没有这段感情也能活
[30:44.57]I won't make it if you can't be my friend. 可是如果我们连朋友都做不了 我会撑不下去的
[30:48.72]If we can'T... 如果我们真的不能...(做朋友)
[30:58.77]what you did today... 你今天所做的事
[31:01.10]you should be proud. 很了不起
[31:06.23]I'll get an orderly to take you downstairs. 我让护工把你送到楼下
[31:08.81]But I have to go. 但我必须走了
[31:14.63]You understand? 你明白吗?
[31:48.10]some surgery. 好一个手术
[31:51.69]- And colin was a compl - brilliant. - Colin... - Colin表现卓越
[31:54.97]He's a gifted surgeon. 他是个天才的外科医生
[32:01.18]Listen, I had a question. 听着 我有个问题
[32:04.07]When you moved the atrium to the vena cava, why did you switch from 3-0 to 5-0 sutures? 当从心房转到腔静脉 为何你从3-0改为5-0缝合?
[32:10.34]You want to use the finest sutures you can for vascular structures. 你要为血管采用最精细的缝合手法
[32:14.27]A delicate tissue demands a delicate touch. 纤弱的组织需要细腻的手法
[32:18.77]Right. 对
[32:20.73]That makes sense. 那很有道理
[32:22.06]Thank you. 谢谢你
[32:23.79]Of course. 没关系
[32:26.62]I'll see you at home? 回家见
[32:27.39]Yeah. 好
[32:38.28]How long have you been standing there? 你在那里站多久了?
[32:39.99]Long enough. 时间够长了
[32:41.06]We've been playing our little game all day long. 你一整天都在玩游戏想唬住我
[32:43.88]But what I just saw... 但我刚才看到的...
[32:46.83]that was real. 是真感情
[32:47.87]The question you asked him about the sutures, that was from my paper, the paper you helped me write. 你问他关于缝合的问题 我的论文中写到过 你还曾经帮过我写
[32:51.71]You already knew the answer. 你已经知道答案了
[32:55.12]The cristina yang I knew... 我认识的那个Cristina Yang
[32:57.85]was concerned with excellence. 只在乎如何做到卓越
[33:01.70]She would never play the part of the helpless girl trying to build up a grown man's ego. 她不该扮演无知的女孩 试图安抚一个大男人的自尊
[33:05.80]What has become of you? 你变成了怎样的人啊?
[33:06.77]I have learned that sometimes you have to think about other people. 我明白了有时你得为他人着想
[33:11.40]You've compromised yourself. 你降低了追求
[33:12.56]No. 没有
[33:15.14]I'm going home. 我要回家了
[33:16.05]You're right. 你是对的
[33:16.98]It's senseless, coming here, chasing after a job that was beneath me just so I could be near a woman who... 来这里没有意义 应聘一份我 看不上的工作只为了接近一个...
[33:24.21]a woman who apparently no longer exists. 一个已经不存在的女人
[33:31.82]Best of luck... 祝婚礼顺利...
[33:33.37]with the wedding.
[33:47.48]No, there they are. 他们在那里
[33:50.10]Come on. 我们走
[33:50.68]I can'T. 我做不到
[33:51.87]I-I can'T. 我做不到
[33:53.25]You look. 你帮我看吧
[33:54.30]Please.You look for me. 拜托 你帮我看
[33:55.44]Okay. 好
[34:00.90]She's getting the infusion. 她正在做移植手术
[34:02.57]You did it. 你做到了
[34:03.77]Is she, um... 她是不是...恩...
[34:06.22]how does she look? 她看起来怎么样?
[34:07.58]You can--you can see for yourself. 你可以...你可以自己来看啊
[34:09.13]It's okay.She can't see us from here. 没事的 她看不到我们
[34:19.37]She's got your eyes... 她的眼睛和你一样
[34:21.66]and your mouth. 还有嘴也是
[34:25.73]that means she probably talks a lot and eats a lot then. 就是说她也许很八卦又很能吃
[34:34.44]If she's in pain, she's not letting on. 她很疼但却又装着没事
[34:38.66]Man, she's tough. 老天 她可真坚强
[35:01.41]That's her, george. 那就是她 George
[35:02.24]That's hannah. 那就是 Hannah
[35:03.37]Yeah. 是啊
[35:07.86]She's beautiful, don't you think? 她很漂亮 你不觉得吗?
[35:09.39]She's really... 她真的...
[35:11.01]beautiful. 很漂亮
[35:12.16]Yeah. 没错
[35:15.35]Yeah, she's a heartbreaker. 她会是个小情圣的
[35:26.82]You need some help with that? 需要帮忙吗?
[35:28.27]I know you didn't just wander in here to help me change pillowcases. 我知道你溜进来不是为了帮我换枕套的
[35:32.82]You warned me she could become a problem. 你曾警告过我她会成为问题的
[35:34.56]Who, meredith? 谁? Meredith?
[35:37.35]You know, you love somebody, you think you can handle it all. 你知道 你爱上一个人 以为自己能处理好的...
[35:39.97]You've done all right. 你们两个发展得还不错啊
[35:41.77]I came out here to be chief, and meredith complicates that. 我来这里就是想当外科主任 而Meredith却把这事复杂化了
[35:47.10]Well, if this turns into an either/or, you pick the person you love, end of story. 如果非要两者选其一 选择你的爱人 想都不用想
[35:53.39]Look, all of this means nothing if you're alone. 听着 如果你是孤独的 富贵权势根本没有任何意义
[36:07.65]oh, crap! 哦 糟糕!
[36:09.62]Our coffee. 我们的咖啡约会
[36:10.59]I'm--I'm sorry. 我...我很抱歉
[36:11.98]I've--I forgot. 我...我忘了
[36:13.04]I got... 我刚才...
[36:14.37]- I got so busy - oh, yeah?With what? - 我刚才很忙 - 哦 是吗? 忙什么呢?
[36:17.42]Oh, j--the clinic, patients and-- well, you know how it is. 哦...门诊...病人.. 还有...你知道能忙成什么样
[36:24.11]Oh, man. 哦 天...
[36:27.73]Yeah, I know how it is, so... 是啊 我知道能忙成什么样
[36:30.23]I'm really tired. 我真的累了
[36:31.00]I'm really, really tired. 我真的...真的累了
[36:32.42]Yeah? 是吗?
[36:32.96]So I'll just-- I'll see you at home. 所以我...我们家里见吧
[36:34.39]Okay. 好吧
[36:34.92]Okay. 好吧
[36:35.58]Okay, okay. 好的 好
[36:41.07]Solitaire. 宝石游戏(一种单人纸牌游戏)
[36:42.50]My dad taught me. 我爸爸教我的
[36:43.48]That sounds so weird. 这句话听起来很奇怪
[36:45.04]"My dad." "我爸爸"
[36:47.25]Good weird, though. 不过怪得蛮温馨的
[36:48.85]So you and the redhead gonna let me go home? 那么...你和那个红头发要放我回家了?
[36:51.13]Or were you too busy making eyes at each other to even ask? 还是你们忙着眉目传情都忘了问了?
[36:55.96]what? 怎么了?
[36:57.62]Ava... Ava...
[36:58.44]no. 不
[36:59.73]It's shannon. 是Shannon
[37:01.43]- Listen - my name is shannon. - 听我说... - 我的名字是Shannon
[37:03.55]Shannon marie. Shannon Marie
[37:07.07]I'm sorry. 我很抱歉
[37:14.15]Those are supposed to be my people. 他们本该是我的亲人的
[37:16.88]I belong with them, alex. 我属于他们 Alex
[37:19.39]I'm supposed to go with them. 我应该跟他们回家的
[37:21.25]Your people, we--we don't even know who they are yet. 你的家人...我们都不知道你的家人是谁
[37:23.14]You don't want to find them. 你不想找到他们
[37:24.87]You want to keep me all to yourself. 你想让我属于你一个人
[37:26.59]Well, here I am, your pathetic captive audience. 好 现在我就在这里啊 你的可悲的被迫听众
[37:30.74]Isn't it sad that I'm the best you can do? 我就是你能找到的最好的? 这难道不可悲吗?
[37:33.88]- Ava - my name is not ava! - Ava - 我不叫Ava
[37:36.14]You made it up! 这是你编的名字!
[37:37.14]It's not me! 这不是我的名字!
[37:38.96]Get out! 滚出去!
[37:40.40]Get out! 滚!
[37:45.25]Some people believe that without history, our lives amount to nothing. 有人相信如果没有过去 我们的人生就失去了意义
[37:51.74]Sloan, you brought me to a bar. Sloan你把我带到酒吧里来了
[37:54.60]You know I don't drink. 你知道我不喝酒的
[37:55.39]Which is perfect. 这样才最好
[37:56.60]Better to keep your mind sharp. 让自己保持清醒
[37:58.34]Let the ladies do the drinking. 而让女士们喝高
[38:01.61]You think if you get me laid, I might make you chief. 你觉得如果让我"性福"了... 我就可能让你当主任?
[38:07.37]At some point, we all have to choose. 我们最终都必须做出选择
[38:09.62]Do we fall back on what we know? 我们是回复到从前的旧我呢...
[38:17.51]I hear dr.Marlowe is going home. 我听说Marlowe医生要回家了
[38:20.28]About time. 他也该走了
[38:21.24]The fingernails, the hand holding, well played. 那么高调的宣布订婚...还有拉我的手... 你表演的很不错嘛
[38:25.06]Now you can get back to being cristina. 现在你可以变回Cristina了
[38:29.42]Or do we step forward to something new? ...还是...向前看找到新的天地
[38:38.98]It's hard not to be haunted by our past. 人很难摆脱过去
[39:00.17]our history is what shapes us, what guides us. 是过去磨练了我们 指引了我们
[39:11.00]seriously? 不是吧?
[39:12.12]okay. 好吧
[39:13.13]That stops right now. 现在就停止抱怨
[39:14.77]It's just, I'm--I'm waiting for derek, and I'm very tired. 只是...我在等Derek... 而且我很累了
[39:17.97]I don't care. 我不管
[39:18.95]Let me in. 让我进去
[39:19.65]Excuse me? 什么?
[39:20.52]It's freezing out here, and I have been working myself up to saying this, 外面很冷而且我要说的话已经酝酿了...
[39:24.43]well, for a while now, so I need you to let me in now, please. 酝酿了好一段时间了 所以我 需要你让我进去 谢谢
[39:36.75]it's my fault your father didn't fight harder for you. 你父亲当初没有更努力争取你是我的错
[39:39.31]I knew about you. 我知道你
[39:40.76]I could've pushed him to be a part of your life. 我应该让他成为你生活的一部分的
[39:42.69]I should've pushed him. 我应该鼓励他那样做的
[39:44.14]You were a child. 你只是个孩子
[39:45.66]We were the adults. 我们才是成年人...
[39:48.38]But we were just married, and it was new and... 但当时我们刚刚结婚 一切都是新的开始 而...
[39:51.41]that's what I cared about. 我当时心思都在那上面
[39:53.43]And I know the groceries and everything are a little much, but that's just what I do. 而且我知道给你买食品杂货什么的 我做的有点太过了 但这就是我的表达方式...
[39:57.83]I mean, quit looking at me like I'm crazy 'cause that's not fair. 我是说...不要像看疯子一样的看我 那不公平
[40:00.71]I'm just trying to find a way to be there for you the only way that I know how, and if you can't accept that, fine. 我只想用自己仅会的方式支持你 渡过难关 而如果你不能接受也没关系
[40:08.73]But just stop being so rude. 但不要那么无礼...
[40:10.78]And I... 而且我...
[40:13.84]okay. 好...
[40:15.88]I'm overstepping again, aren't I? 我又说过头了是不是?
[40:18.54]As mothers go, I've only ever known overbearing, never overprotective. 母亲在我记忆中 从来只有过分专制 而没有过度保护
[40:25.08]This is all new. 你所做的我从未经历过
[40:28.69]It's okay. 感觉不错
[40:29.98]It is? 真的?
[40:30.89]Yes. 真的
[40:31.92]Our history resurfaces time after time after time. 我们的过去一次又一次浮现在眼前
[40:36.68]Not just surgery, but chief of surgery. 不是普通外科医生 而是外科主任
[40:40.32]Really? 真的?
[40:41.31]Oh, well, not for much longer, really. 哦 其实也当不了多长时间了
[40:45.11]I'm gonna go... 我要去...
[40:46.74]over there. 那边待着了...
[40:47.97]Hold down the fort, chief. 坚持住啊 主任大人
[40:54.26]so, um, you come here often? 那么...恩...你经常来这里?
[40:57.20]Oh, sometimes. 有时来吧
[40:58.31]It's on my way home from bio class. 我上完生物课后回家路过这里
[41:02.54]excuse me. 打扰一下
[41:04.35]Is this seat taken? 这个座位有人吗?
[41:05.59]No. 没人
[41:07.37]um, it was, uh, it was nice talking to you. 恩...很高兴跟你聊天
[41:09.94]You, too. 我也是
[41:13.96]the last time I tried to pick up a woman, I had a harvey wallbanger in one hand and an afro pick in the other. 上一次我泡妞 一只手里拿着"哈维撞墙"(一种鸡尾酒) 另一只手里拿着"埃弗罗发剪" (做一种70年代黑人中很流行发型用的专用剪刀)
[41:20.01]Oh, richard. 哦 Richard
[41:21.64]Well, you think about it. 仔细想想...
[41:22.96]I mean, when you're married, you'd like to think you still have game. 我是说 结婚的以后的日子 你总以为自己还是很有魅力的
[41:27.91]Practice on me. 在我身上练习下
[41:29.20]I'm sorry? 什么?
[41:30.69]Mm, mark's right. Mark是对的
[41:31.71]I mean, he's wrong about so many things, but he is right about this. 我是说 他在很多很多事情上都是错的 但在这件事上是对的
[41:35.59]You need to get back out there. 你确实应该"重出江湖"了
[41:36.91]So... 所以...
[41:38.05]practice. 练习下
[41:39.82]Oh, addison, I wouldn't know where to start. 哦 Addison 我都不知道如何开始
[41:41.50]Ask me to dance. 先邀我跳舞吧
[41:44.44]well, there's-- there's no dance floor. 这里...这里连舞池都没有
[41:46.15]So? 那又怎样?
[41:47.34]Ask me anyway. 无论如何还是邀我跳舞
[41:54.82]So we have to remember... ...所以我们必须谨记在心:
[41:57.89]sometimes the most important history is the history we're making today. 有时那最重要的过去 便是今日我们正创造着的"过去"
[42:09.45]greys.anatomy Season 3 Episode 20 外科实习医生格蕾 第三季 第20集
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8672-250098-1.html

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