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[00:00.00]Previously on "grey's anatomy"... "实习医生格蕾"前情提要...
[00:01.60]you and red make a pretty good team. 你和红发女郎合作得很好
[00:03.56]- Don't tell sloan. - Oh,she and sloanaren't happening. - 别告诉Sloan - 哦 她跟Sloan合不来
[00:06.77]- I'm not what you're looking for. - What are you talking about? - 我不是你要找的人 - 你在说什么?
[00:09.37]Once a man-whore,always a man-whore,right? 一朝堕落 永远堕落 不是么?
[00:11.18]I keep telling her there's more to life than surgery and career. 我一直嘱咐她 生活比外科和事业更重要
[00:14.99]Mother. it has to be small. 妈妈 婚礼规模要小
[00:16.54]Make an appointment at city hall,and that'll be that. 在市政厅里举行婚礼 就这样
[00:19.37]I don't know if I wanna keep trying to breathe for you. 我不知道我是否想一直代替你呼吸
[00:22.07]I'll go. 我要走了
[00:22.81]He said he spent the day in the clinic when he spent it doing god knows what with izzie stevens. 他说他整天都在门诊里 其实一直在跟Izzie Stevens鬼混
[00:26.64]You're gonna transfer to mercy west? 你要转到西慈医院?
[00:28.18]I mean,no offense. Today was awesome. It's just you're not my girlfriend. 无意冒犯 今天很性福 但你终究不是我女朋友
[00:31.93]Okay? 好么?
[00:35.70]the dream is this-- 梦想就是这样
[00:37.45]that we'll finally be happy when we reach our goals. 如愿以偿的时候我们会喜出望外
[00:41.11]Find the guy,finish our internship-- 找到男友 渡过实习期
[00:43.59]that's the dream. 这就是梦想
[00:45.19]Then we get there. 梦想实现后
[00:46.70]And if we're human, 只要是个人
[00:48.51]we immediately start dreaming of something else. 就会转去梦想其他的事
[00:51.23]It's 3:00 in the morning. What are you doing up? 凌晨3点 你不睡觉干什么?
[00:53.73]What are you doing up? 你不睡觉干什么?
[00:55.99]- I can't sleep. - What are we watching? - 睡不着 - 我们要看什么?
[00:59.24]- Why can't you sleep? - No reason. - 怎么你也睡不着? - 不知道
[01:02.15]Because if this is the dream... 因为如果就这就梦...
[01:05.89]then we'd like to wake up... 那我们情愿醒着
[01:10.34]now,please. 现在 拜托
[01:14.69]okay. 好的
[01:16.55]Cristina,stop lurking. Cristina 不用偷看了
[01:18.53]Come and say good morning to your guests. 过来跟客人说早安
[01:21.38]Good morning,mother. 早上好 妈妈
[01:23.61]Uh,good morning,missus... 呃 早上好
[01:25.92]mama. 妈妈
[01:27.21]What... 什么
[01:28.90]what's every-- 大家...
[01:30.89]everyone doing here so early? 大家这么早来干什么?
[01:33.16]Early? 早?
[01:34.97]Darling,by the look of the calendar,we should've been here six months ago. 宝贝 按照预定的日子 我们六个月前就该来了
[01:37.63]She doesn't understand what goes into planning a wedding. 她不知道怎么准备婚礼
[01:43.56]Breathe. 深呼吸
[01:45.58]Sip... 吸气...
[01:46.75]and breathe. 呼气
[01:49.31]The police haven't found anything on our jane doe. 警察也没找到关于无名氏的线索
[01:51.59]Well,I believe she calls herself ava now. 她现在管自己叫Ava
[01:53.77]Yes,well,she doesn't seem to be getting her memory back. 看来她的记忆很难恢复
[01:56.78]Well,now that the rest of her medical problems are taken care of,I'll see what I can do. 既然剩下的医疗问题都有着落了 我也看看我能帮上什么忙
[01:59.70]- That'd be great.Thanks. - Has anybody seen addison? - 那太好了 谢谢 - 看见Addison了么?
[02:02.73]- Uh,she's gone. - Gone? - 她走了 - 走了?
[02:04.63]- She took a leave of absence. - Why? - 她去休假了 - 为什么?
[02:06.88]- I mean,did she-- did she tell you why? - What'd you do to her,mark? - 她说原因了么? - 你要干什么 Mark?
[02:08.87]She didn't give a reason. 她没说原因
[02:10.50]Did she tell you where she was going? 她说她要去哪了么?
[02:13.91]all she said was she needed some time, 她只说她需要时间
[02:16.33]"to be happy and free,"if I recall correctly. "想要快乐自在"如果我复述的没错的话
[02:19.32]Excuse me. 失陪了
[03:32.33]I'm sorry.I'm sorry. it's just... 不好意思 不好意思 我只是...
[03:35.24]um... 呃...
[03:37.08]where I come from... 在我们那儿
[03:39.53]elevators tend to be this kind of aphrodisiac. 电梯就像是壮阳药
[03:43.38]you know?People get on 'em,and they just get all horny. 跨入电梯 人就色起来了
[03:47.85]Oh,no! No,no. 哦 不! 不不
[03:49.33]Not that I'm,uh,not that I'm talking about you and I. 不 我不是说你跟我
[03:52.22]No. I'm--I'm just saying,it--it's a relief. 不 我只是说 这就像是种解脱
[03:55.09]You know,to be on a not horny elevator. 坐上一个不好色的电梯
[03:58.90]You know? Just get on... 你知道么? 坐上电梯
[04:01.17]and ride... 起动
[04:02.88]without the sex. 没有性
[04:07.49]right? 对么?
[04:12.63]oh,my god. 我的天啊
[04:14.99]I'm becoming a crazy freak... 我快成疯狂怪人了...
[04:17.81]a crazy,inappropriately chatting freak. 疯狂的嘴拙的怪人
[04:22.50]becoming? 快要变成?
[04:24.57]seems like you're already there. 貌似你已经变成了
[04:34.51]hey. 嘿
[04:35.21]Oh,hi. 哦 嗨
[04:38.29]Hello. 你好
[04:41.95]Someone have bones that need resetting or... 有人需要正骨吗
[04:45.82]bridesmaid. 伴娘
[04:46.91]Excuse me? 什么?
[04:52.25]Bridesmaid. 伴娘
[04:55.37]My mother and... 我妈妈和...
[04:56.92]burke's mother have been talking on the phone, Burke的妈妈电话联系过了
[04:59.27]and now they are here... 她们现在来了
[05:01.51]- with me. - to plan the wedding. - 跟我一起 - 筹备婚礼
[05:04.38]Oh. 哦
[05:05.42]Cristina led us to believe that you were friends. Cristina说你们是朋友
[05:11.98]- okay. I guess. - Good. - 好吧 是吧 - 太好了
[05:14.70]It's settled. 解决了
[05:19.53]uh,whoa. Wait. Um... 哦 等等
[05:21.91]what are you-- are you--are you... 你们在干什么
[05:23.98]you actually asking me to be-- to be one of my bridesmaids? - 你想让我当... - 当伴娘
[05:36.08]- did you get any sleep? - I did,actually, - 你睡觉了么? - 睡了
[05:38.29]after I evicted a raccoon who chewed his way into the luggage compartment. 把在储藏室觅食的浣熊赶走之后
[05:42.45]- The trailer. - Yes. - 拖车里 - 是啊
[05:45.73]So while you were sleeping... 浣熊在你睡觉时候来的
[05:50.76]when I drowned, 当我溺水时
[05:52.61]it was different for you than it was for me. 咱俩的感受是不同的
[05:55.83]Something happened to me. 我经历了一些事
[05:58.42]And I really don't know how to explain it without sounding like... 而我不知道要怎么解释
[06:04.77]I just-- I feel different. 感觉不同
[06:07.13]I wanna be better at everything,and I wanna let you in. 我每件事都想做好 想让你融入
[06:12.85]I swear. 我保证
[06:15.85]Did you practice that? 这段你练习过么?
[06:18.66]with hand gestures,but I dropped those. 准备了手势 但我放弃了
[06:23.61]Just,now is not the time to give up on me,okay? 现在不是离开我的时候 明白么?
[06:26.43]That's what I'm saying. 我就想说这个
[06:28.37]Okay. 好的
[06:29.41]- Okay? - Yep. - 好的? - 是啊
[06:47.24]Oceanside wellness group. 海康医院
[06:50.41]Uh,yes. You're confirmed for tuesday at 4:00. 是的 你要确认周二下午4点的预约
[06:56.77]Oh,no.No,ma'am. No,I'm not a doctor. 哦不 夫人 我不是医生
[07:08.78]yeah,I don't know what you should do about the itchiness "down there. 是的 我不知道如何处理"痒"的问题
[07:12.38]" Okay.Okay. Okay,bye. 好的好的 再见
[07:15.35]Hi. 你好
[07:16.10]I,uh, 我...
[07:17.64]I think I'm in the right place. I'm looking for,uh... 我应该找对地方了 我要找...
[07:20.58]maya,is that you? Maya 是你么?
[07:23.40]Addison! Addison!
[07:24.14]Oh,my god. 哦 我的天
[07:25.70]You got so big. 你长大了
[07:27.40]What are you,like,45 now? 你像多大的 45么?
[07:29.19]Maya,you're gonna be late for sch-- Maya 你上学要迟到了吧
[07:31.80]addison. Addison
[07:33.10]Naomi. Naomi
[07:34.51]Surprise! 给你个惊喜!
[07:36.27]Oh,I got lost like eight times, 我迷路了好多次
[07:38.17]smell like someone who's been driving in car a for two days, 闻上去就像开了一两天的车
[07:41.38]and I think I just had some kind of psychotic break in your elevator,but,um... 而且还在你的电梯里精神错乱了一下 不过...
[07:46.40]surprise! 给你个惊喜!
[07:49.14]maya,go get your backpack. Maya 去拿书包
[07:53.19]so... 那么
[07:55.17]- what do you want,addison? - I miss you. - 什么事 Addison? - 我想你了
[07:57.31]Really? 真的?
[07:58.69]'Cause I haven't heard from you in over a year. 你一年多没跟我联系了
[08:01.08]Unless you count the christmas card,which was nice. 除非算上圣诞卡片 那张还挺漂亮
[08:03.81]I know,I know. I'm sorry about--I'm sorry about that. 我知道 我明白 我很抱歉
[08:05.81]I left you messages on your pager. I e-mailed you. 我给你的寻呼留言 给你发邮件
[08:07.71]I had some really special conversations with your voice mail. 还给你的语音邮箱发了特别对话
[08:09.90]Can we just let this go? I've been having some rough times lately,okay? 我们能翻过这页么? 我最近日子不好过 好么?
[08:12.82]- I got divorced. - So did I. - 我离婚了 - 我也是
[08:16.21]Oh,my god. 哦 我的天
[08:18.28]You and sam? 你和Sam?
[08:19.92]addison. Addison
[08:20.83]- Bye,daddy. - Bye,baby. - 再见 爸爸 - 宝贝 再见
[08:23.70]- Hey. - Hey. - 嘿 - 嘿
[08:25.42]- sam,I'd say good to see you,but... - yeah. - Sam 很高兴见到你 - 是啊
[08:27.52]Your face is everywhere. 你在这里曝光率很高啊
[08:30.06]"body language"? 《肢体语言》
[08:31.81]uh,yeah,I just-- I had a few thoughts,I wrote 'em down,and that'S... 是啊 我有点想法 就把它们写下来了
[08:35.25]and now you're the common man's medical guru. 你现在是普通人的医学领袖了
[08:39.11]Hey,dell,can you push my appointments back an hour? Dell 能不能把我的预约推后一小时?
[08:41.27]- Oh. - I have to rescue cooper. - 哦 - 我要去救Cooper
[08:42.64]This is addison. Addison,this is our shrink. 她是Addison Addison 她是我们的精神科大夫
[08:45.65]Violet. Hi.Bye. 叫我Violet 再见
[08:47.28]- What did cooper do this time? - What does cooper always do? - Cooper这次又怎么了? - Cooper每次都做什么?
[08:49.84]a woman. 女人
[08:51.36]I'm his colleague,not his chauffeur. 我是他同事 不是他司机
[08:53.44]So this is,uh... co-op medicine,huh? 这是合作医院 是么?
[08:56.04]Yeah,doctors working together. 是啊 医生们一起工作
[08:58.29]It's me,naomi, 我 Naomi
[08:59.55]we have a pediatrician,a shrink,an alternative medicine practitioner-- 一个儿科医生 一个精神科医师 一个替代医学医生
[09:03.18]- could--could you excuse us for just a minute? - Sure,I can. - 我跟她谈谈 - 当然可以
[09:06.14]- Good morning,naomi. - Oh,shut up. - 早上好 Naomi - 闭嘴吧
[09:08.00]So you two still work together? 你们还在一起工作?
[09:10.77]hey,pete. 嘿 Pete
[09:12.26]Who is that redhead with your ex-wife? 跟你前妻一起的那个红发女郎是谁?
[09:14.72]She's hot. 她很火辣
[09:16.08]Possibly insane,but hot. 神经有点问题 不过挺漂亮
[09:18.69]Don't even think about it. 别想了
[09:20.67]You work with your ex-husband 你跟你的前夫一起工作
[09:23.07]in a shrine for your ex-husband. 在你前夫的地盘
[09:26.22]It's actually a good book. 那本书不错
[09:28.43]And we're friends. We stayed friends even after we got divorced. 我们现在还是朋友 离婚后也还是朋友
[09:32.24]It's very healthy. We're healthy. 我们关系很健康
[09:35.31]What happened between you and sam? 你和Sam怎么了?
[09:37.52]Addison,you and I were close in med school. It was a long time ago. Addison 你我是医学院的好朋友 很久以前的时候
[09:40.74]Oh,naomi, 哦 Naomi
[09:43.06]come on. 拜托
[09:44.27]You can't stay mad at me forever. 你不能永远埋怨我
[09:46.34]I know you. 我了解你
[09:48.59]- You got fat. - I did not. - 你胖了 - 我没有
[09:50.10]- Your hair looks hideous. - It does not. - 你头发很吓人 - 哪有
[09:51.91]And you're getting really,really ugly. 你现在变得十分十分的丑
[09:55.24]I've missed you,too. 我也很想你
[09:59.38]so... 所以...
[10:00.91]why are you really here? 你来这干什么?
[10:02.46]You're a fertility specialist,one of the best. 你是最优秀的受孕科专家
[10:08.32]- You want to have a baby? - I want to have a baby. - 你想要个孩子? - 是的
[10:16.38]Crey’s Anatomy Season 3 Episode 22 实习医生格蕾 第三季 第22集
[10:21.29]susan grey. Susan Grey
[10:22.43]You sure you're in the right place? 你没走错地方吧?
[10:24.01]I have reflux... 我有反流症
[10:26.18]acid reflux. 胃食管反流症
[10:27.82]And the,uh,hiccups come and go... 犯病的时候
[10:30.29]when it gets really bad. 就经常打嗝
[10:32.40]they've stopped a few times,but lately it's been getting... 好过一阵子 但最近
[10:35.59]worse. 越来越厉害了
[10:36.70]- have you had chlorpromazine?Here you go. - Thank you. - 用过盐酸氯丙嗪吗? - 谢谢
[10:38.98]Um,isn't that the crazy person's drug? 那不是给精神病人用的吗?
[10:41.56]it's used as an anti-psychotic, 确实可以治疗精神病
[10:44.11]but it's helpful with hiccups. 但对抑制打嗝也有帮助
[10:46.86]and if we don't stop these soon,you will be a crazy person. 如打嗝不尽快停止 你会变精神病的
[10:50.33]ah. 啊
[10:51.53]okay. 好了
[10:53.04]Hey,how is meredith doing? Meredith最近怎么样?
[10:54.75]I know they have that big intern exam coming up,and she's been really busy. 她有个挺重要的考试 应该很忙
[10:58.99]I tried to call,but... 我打电话过去 可是...
[11:01.13]uh... 嗯...
[11:03.76]hey,no hiccups. 嘿 不打嗝了
[11:06.72]chlorpromazine. 盐酸氯丙嗪的作用
[11:10.99]You know,I'm not getting any younger,you know?And I always planned to have one, 我不可能再年轻了 其实以前一直打算要一个孩子的
[11:13.51]it's just--well,now clearly,a man is not in the cards for me. 只是想法一直不明朗 而且男人也不想要孩子
[11:16.72]I mean,this is addison post mcdreamy,post mcsteamy. 经过了梦幻先生 好色先生之后
[11:20.61]- You know,I just have to... - mcwhat? - 我必须... - 什么先生?
[11:23.25]Forget it. You know what? Let's never "mc" anything. 管他呢 别再提那些了
[11:25.98]A baby,that is... 孩子
[11:28.60]my answer. 我要孩子
[11:29.76]Find a sperm donor,have a baby. 找个精子捐献者 生个孩子
[11:32.06]My new dream--a baby. 新的梦想 生个孩子
[11:34.30]A baby's not really an answer. It's more of a crying,puking,non-answer. 生孩子可不容易 眼泪 呕吐 都少不了
[11:37.88]- Yeah,but you did it. - Yeah,with a husband. - 是啊 但你挺过来了 - 嗯 可我有丈夫啊
[11:39.66]Yeah,but you did it. You got married,you had a baby. 你挺过来了 结了婚 生了小孩
[11:43.13]You're my example. 你是我的榜样
[11:45.83]Okay,we should check your F.S.H. 好的 先要检查促卵泡激素
[11:47.76]And your estradiol levels,and we should probably do and antral follicle count. 测试雌激素水平以及窦卵泡计数
[11:51.61]Holy crap. 天哪
[11:53.82]I'm gonna have a baby. 我要生小孩了
[11:59.37]ooh. The treadmill,huh? 伤得不轻啊
[12:03.21]Okay,what's going on? 怎么弄的?
[12:05.27]I tried to take it up to ten and do the hilly terrain mode,which you can do, 我调到10档 山地模式
[12:08.32]but only if you're an olympian,so I paused and I went flying off. 难度有点高 一不留神 就摔了出去
[12:10.83]No. I mean,what's going on with you pushing yourself this hard? 我是问你 干嘛这么拼命练习
[12:14.56]This is your fourth sports injury in three months. 3个月里你4次运动受伤
[12:20.94]I am a sexual person. 我有性需求
[12:22.81]I'm a normal sexual person. 正常的性需求
[12:24.65]I like sex. I need sex. 我喜欢性爱 需要性爱
[12:26.78]And he won't do it. He won't have sex with me. 他不肯和我做爱
[12:28.81]He just... won'T. 不肯
[12:30.98]I'm hoping you're talking about your husband. Well,I'm not hoping because of the no sex part-- it's been 18 months. 希望你指的是你先生 如果是你先生 也挺不幸的
[12:34.25]-Vit's been 18 months. - Wow. - 一年半了 - 哇哦
[12:35.49]18 months! 一年半!
[12:37.19]Do you have any idea what that is like? 你能够想象吗?
[12:39.15]My husband won't do it. 我先生就是不肯跟我做
[12:41.68]- So you know what I do? - Uh,you run. - 知道我怎么办吗? - 嗯 跑步
[12:43.29]I run. I run so I won't sleep with someone else. 我拼命跑步 防止红杏出墙
[12:46.42]I run so I have someplace to channel my energies. 跑步释放能量
[12:49.02]I run so I won't pick up a tire iron and beat my husband to death. 否则我都要拿钢管把他打个半死
[12:51.58]I need sex! 我需要性生活!
[12:57.54]- You'd do it with me,right? - Hmm? - 你肯跟我做 是吧? - 嗯?
[13:01.26]I think you need to spend some time with our therapist. 你应该多找找我们的心理医生
[13:08.59]hey! 嘿!
[13:14.54]hey. 嘿
[13:17.16]thanks for the ride. 谢谢你载我
[13:22.77]- hey,have you been crying? - Where's your car? - 你是不是哭了? - 你车呢?
[13:24.45]- Were you crying? - Where's your car? - 是不是哭了? - 车呢?
[13:25.71]- Were you crying? - You wanna walk? - 是不是哭了? - 想下车吗?
[13:28.83]I met a girl at a bar... 我遇见了一位姑娘
[13:32.82]on the internet... 在网上遇见的
[13:34.89]and she borrowed my car. 她借了我的车
[13:38.73]- did you file a police report? She might bring the car back.She was gorgeous and hot and s - - 报警没? - 她可能会把车还我的 她很漂亮
[13:41.95]okay,cooper,cooper,cooper. 你这人啊
[13:43.62]All right,so you meet a strange woman on the internet again. 又一次见女网友
[13:47.19]You bring her back to your apartment to have sex with you again, 又把她带回公寓过夜
[13:50.14]and she steals from you again. 又被人偷了东西
[13:52.27]What does that suggest to you about you? 你自己就不反省一下?
[13:55.93]That I'm an optimist. 我是个乐天派
[13:58.21]That I believe in magic.t there is a soul mate... 我相信感觉 我的心灵伴侣
[14:01.59]out there waiting for me. 等待我去寻找
[14:08.43]oh,violet... 噢 Violet
[14:12.25]allan's not worth it. You deserve better. 不值得为Allan哭 他配不上你
[14:14.80]I know that. I do. 我知道 真的
[14:17.35]I'm not... 我不要...
[14:18.75]I'm not crying about him. I'm not. 我不要为他流泪
[14:21.56]don't look at me. Look over there. 别看我 看别处
[14:32.75]I switched my hours at the clinic so I can go to the bridal shop.Yay! 我换了班 可以去婚礼大采购了 好呀!
[14:35.45]Did she cheer? She just cheered. 她好开心
[14:37.54]- Someone's not being very bride- - I am not a bride.I am a surgeon. - 你怎么都不像结婚的样子 - 我不是新娘 我是外科医生
[14:40.98]Don't tease the caged animal. 别在太岁头上动土
[14:42.99]You're not excited? 你不兴奋吗?
[14:44.79]I'm excited. I love weddings. 我兴奋极了 我喜欢婚礼
[14:46.84]Weddings are all about hope and the future. 婚礼意味着希望和未来
[14:50.04]Okay. I rescheduled an A.C.L. 我重新安排膝关节前交叉韧带手术
[14:51.97]Repair,but I wanna be clear. 但事先说明
[14:54.36]I will not be wearing pink or baby blue. I do not do flowers in my hair. 不穿粉红色 不穿蓝色 头上不戴花
[14:57.47]And I will never be seen with a bow on my ass,okay? 屁股上也不戴蝴蝶结
[14:59.61]See? She's got the right attitude. 看吧 态度正确
[15:01.68]thank you very much. 非常感谢
[15:03.55]Hey. 嘿
[15:04.83]hey. 嘿
[15:06.73]Hi. 嗨
[15:07.51]I--I'm here with susan. She's down in the clinic. 我陪Susan来的 他在门诊
[15:09.96]- The clinic?Is everything okay? - yeah. - 在门诊? 没事吧? - 没事
[15:11.97]Callie's a bridesmaid? Callie当伴娘?
[15:16.54]Yeah.Yeah,ca--yes,of course. Callie's a bridesmaid. 对 当然 Callie当伴娘
[15:19.46]- fun. - yeah. 很好玩的
[15:22.17]Yeah. 是的
[15:25.16]You gotta do it. That kid of yours is gonna need you on your feet. 你必须走走 为了肚子里的孩子
[15:28.27]She's cute,huh? She's a cute shriveled kid. 她很可爱 虽然瘦瘦的
[15:31.46]She's cute.Come on. Let's keep walking. 很可爱 来 多走走
[15:35.61]so... where is she? 她人呢?
[15:38.01]Red--I thought that was on. 红发女 你们俩开始了吧
[15:39.87]- walk. - Gossip. - 走吧 - 小道消息
[15:41.29]Oh,you called it. 你说的对
[15:44.42]She was too serious about the whole thing. 她太认真了
[15:46.72]- And alex is a rolling stone. - I was being thoughtful. - 而你是个浪荡子 - 我是为她着想
[15:49.58]Yeah,right.And dumping red after one night is sensitive? 风流一夜后把人家甩了是为她着想?
[15:53.74]Come on. You need to buff up. 来 你该多锻炼锻炼
[15:55.69]So did she just take off? 她就这样走了?
[15:57.83]What'd you say to her? Did she cry? 你怎么跟她说的? 她哭没?
[16:01.07]ow. 啊
[16:01.86]Idiot. You divorced naomi? 白痴 你和Naomi离婚了?
[16:03.91]Look,just mind your own business,ok--ouch. 与你无关 啊
[16:07.19]Moron.She is my best friend. 笨蛋 她是我最好的朋友
[16:09.82]Stop hitting me on top of my head. 别再打我头
[16:12.09]- Did you cheat?Di- - okay. - 你是不是有外遇了? - 好吧
[16:14.38]two things I learned way back in kindergarten-- 在幼儿园 我学会两件事
[16:16.73]one,keep your hands to yourself, 一 管好自己的手
[16:19.15]two,he who smelt it dealt it. 二 贼喊捉贼
[16:22.50]- That makes no sense. - Yeah.Well... - 什么意思? - 就是这样
[16:25.28]you cheated. 你有了外遇
[16:26.97]You cheated on your husband with his best friend. 你和丈夫最好的朋友好上了
[16:29.50]There.Smelt it,dealt it-- it works. 典型的贼喊捉贼
[16:31.32]You're using fart logic. 狗屁逻辑
[16:33.12]Hey,if you want details,go see naomi. She won't talk about it. - 想知道细节 问Naomi - 她不肯说
[16:35.83]- Well,then you get no details. - I'm on her side.You know that. - 那没办法了 - 我站在她一边 你知道的
[16:38.44]- That's why you get no details. - Oh,details! - 所以你不知道细节 - 快说!
[16:40.65]Woman,be quiet. 别闹
[16:45.05]I've missed you. 挺想念你的
[16:47.18]Yeah. 嗯
[16:50.68]Well,you know,naomi's known you longer, Naomi认识你久些
[16:52.99]so she gets custody of you in the divorce. 离婚后 你归她
[16:58.81]yeah. 嗯
[17:01.43]so,uh,other than project baby,this is strictly a vacation. 我不是来生小孩的 是来度假的
[17:05.33]I am here to read trashy novels and go to the beach. 我来这里 看小说 晒海滩
[17:09.17]Okay,nobody over 30 goes to the beach. 超过30的不能去海滩
[17:11.61]- You should stay here at the practice, - hang on. - 你留在这里工作算了 - 打住
[17:13.87]see how we work. 我们肯定合作愉快
[17:15.81]it's more fun than a stuffy hospital. 比呆在医院好多了
[17:17.99]and we have an empty office. 而且有办公室空着呢
[17:19.62]Nai,are you trying to lure me? Nai 想引诱我啊?
[17:22.77]look,maybe. We do have sunshine and cute boys. 算是吧 不过这里有阳光和帅哥
[17:25.74]Yeah,speaking of which,cute boy behind the desk is tracking you with his eyes. 说到帅哥 桌子后面有一个一直盯着你
[17:30.00]- No,he's not. - Oh,cute boy wants naomi. - 才没有 - 帅哥喜欢Naomi
[17:34.41]okay,maybe you should shut up... and go get some coffee or something... 还是闭嘴吧 去喝点咖啡什么的
[17:38.24]please. 去吧
[17:43.14]- You have to stop that. - Stop what? - 你别再这样了? - 别再怎样?
[17:45.28]You cannot watch me like that. It'S... 别老是这样看着我
[17:48.21]not something you can do. I won't allow it. 这不好 我也不允许
[17:50.67]You can't make rules about my eyes. 我看什么你都要管啊
[17:52.01]- that's enough! - no! - 够了! - 不!
[17:53.62]- Did you hear that? - all of you,just stop it! - 什么事情? - 都给我住手!
[17:58.08]Did you hear that? 什么事情?
[17:59.87]- What was that? - Did I just hear-- 什么?
[18:04.24]- I'm the father of that child! - No,I'm the father! - 我才是孩子的父亲! - 你不是 我才是!
[18:06.22]- If it's anybody's baby,it's mine! - Stop it! - 孩子是我的! - 住手!
[18:08.08]- calm down,everybody!Just-- - hey,hey,hey,hey! - 别激动 各位! - 嘿 嘿!
[18:11.06]A little help here. A little help. 快来帮忙
[18:13.18]- oh,my god,cooper! - cooper! - 我的天 Cooper! - Cooper!
[18:14.70]Oh,Dr.Freedman! Freedman医生!
[18:16.83]- Oh,god! - Oh,that's great. - 天哪! - 噢 棒得很
[18:18.77]- Really great. - You gotta be kidding me. - 棒得很 - 这么夸张
[18:25.30]- you could've called. - Oh,it's such a silly problem. - 怎么不打电话给我? - 这毛病真够傻的
[18:28.64]- Hiccups? - We didn't want to bother you. - 打嗝? - 我们不想给你添麻烦
[18:30.61]well,it's not silly if you can't sleep. 都影响睡眠了 要重视的
[18:32.66]Chlorpromazine is good,but it doesn't always work long-term. 盐酸氯丙嗪效果挺好 只是药效不持久
[18:37.06]we've had some good result with endoscopic gastroplication. 胃镜下黏膜缝合术效果不错
[18:41.27]We put a tube down your throat 把一根管子伸进喉咙
[18:43.27]and sew together the bottom of your esophagus 将食道底部缝合
[18:45.42]to protect it from the acid in your stomach. 以防止胃部酸性液体回流
[18:47.57]It would be an outpatient procedure. 是个门诊手术
[18:49.33]I'm sold. Ready when you are. 好吧 听你们的
[18:52.51]You're sure that that's not-- just think of it like breathing into a very expensive brown paper bag. - 想好了吗? - 就当破财消灾吧
[18:59.05]okay,let me see if I can explain this to everyone. 好的 我来解释一下
[19:02.19]So carol was married to rick. Carol曾和Rick结过婚
[19:05.02]Carol is now married to doug. Carol现在是Doug的妻子
[19:06.79]Keith is lisa's husband. Keith是Lisa的丈夫
[19:08.52]- Uh,I'm rick's husband. - Life partner. - 不 我是Rick的丈夫 - 伴侣
[19:11.21]- You're just mad I left you for a man. - I'm lisa's husband. - 你是气我为了男人离开你 - 我是Lisa的丈夫
[19:13.85]- And lisa is the-- surrogate carrying my child. - surrogate carrying my child. - Lisa是-- - 是我孩子的代孕母亲
[19:17.21]- Our child. - you are not the father!You don't know that,rick! - 我们的孩子 - 孩子不是你的! 你怎么知道 Rick!
[19:20.29]- I am so sick of you! - Hey,hey! - 你让我恶心死了! - 嘿!
[19:22.35]O-okay,okay. 好的
[19:23.66]Let's all try to remember that we are in a place of healing. 请记住这里是医院
[19:26.98]Uh,lisa... Lisa
[19:29.04]h-how are you feeling? 你感觉怎么样?
[19:34.96]guilty. Guilty is how she is feeling. 她感到愧疚
[19:38.82]wh-why is that,lisa? 为什么 Lisa?
[19:40.40]Because the same week that I brought her here to be inseminated, 因为我带她来受孕当天
[19:43.98]she had sex with him... 她和他
[19:46.11]and him... 他
[19:47.58]and him. 还有他上了床
[19:49.62]And we have no idea who the father is. 没人知道孩子是谁的
[19:53.36]yeah,she,um,really gets around. 她是很受欢迎
[19:58.52]Okay,how does this happen? How do you pick a super freak for a surrogate? 怎么会这样的? 怎么选了个怪人来做代孕母亲?
[20:01.87]I-I screened her. There was nothing thereto indicate she was-- 我查过她 没看出来她是个--
[20:04.35]sex crazed? 性爱狂?
[20:05.84]- Insatiable? - Cooper-like? - 欲望强烈? - 像Cooper那样?
[20:07.46]Ooh. Okay. 嗯 好的
[20:08.57]The point is,everybody's flipping out over nothing. 问题是 大家都在白忙活
[20:10.62]Medically,it has to be rick's baby. 医学上来说 应该是Rick的小孩
[20:12.56]We implanted lisa with a fertilized embryo from carol's egg and rick's sperm. 我们把Carol的卵子和Rick的精子 发育而成的受精卵植入Lisa体内
[20:16.78]Then rick implanted some more of his own for good measure. 然后Rick通过别的途径植入了更多精子
[20:19.85]- before he decided he was gay. - I've treated doug. - 在他当同性恋之前 - 我给Doug看过病
[20:22.44]I have him on valerian root for anxiety and stress. 有些焦虑和压力 我给他用过缬草根
[20:25.39]And I knew he was fooling around,but with his new wife's surrogate? 知道他喜欢乱来 没想到搞了代孕母亲
[20:28.88]Can I just,uh... 我想说...
[20:30.92]I think the more pressing issue,uh,here, 我觉得更大的问题是
[20:33.40]is that,uh,lisa's had no prenatal care. Lisa没有接受过产前护理
[20:35.76]- She took off right after her,uh— - sex-a-thon? - 她一完事就离开了 - 滥交?
[20:40.16]Hi.We haven't officially met. 你好 还没自我介绍
[20:41.75]Cooper. Pediatrics. 我叫Cooper 儿科大夫
[20:43.04]Hi.Uh,yeah,she... 你好 她...
[20:44.56]left town,and,uh,she and the baby need a complete workup. 她当时就离开了 她和孩子都需要检查
[20:47.30]Um,who's your usual G.Y.N? 你们这里的妇科大夫是谁?
[20:50.15]Uh,she left the practice rather suddenly. 她前阵子突然离开了
[20:56.42]I didn't do anything. 不怪我
[20:59.90]Well,look,I would be happy to examine her. Trashy novels can wait. 我来给她检查吧 小说可以晚点看
[21:01.55]Have you ever thought of... 你有没有考虑过
[21:03.41]plying your trade in sunnier climes,addison? 到这里阳光明媚的地方来工作?
[21:05.79]"Sunnier climes"? 阳光明媚?
[21:07.58]Now we see why he has to type to pick up women. 怪不得要在网上着女人了
[21:09.84]Hey! 嗨!
[21:10.89]Besides,we have a very strict no consorting rule here now. 我们这里现在严禁同事交往
[21:17.03]I didn't do anything. 又不怪我
[21:23.65]I can't wait to tell meredith her stepmom hiccupped through the whole thing. 我等不及告诉Meredith 她继母至始至终都在打嗝
[21:26.68]She should be here for this. 她该呆在这里
[21:28.20]Susan asked her to be with her father. Susan让她陪着她父亲
[21:30.60]She said he's having a lot of anxiety. 她说他非常不安
[21:35.39]And... 那么
[21:36.77]meredith is supposed to help with that? Meredith又能怎么样呢?
[21:40.81]you know there's nothing to worry about. 没什么好担心的
[21:44.17]what I... 我...
[21:46.75]what I worry about is molly living in a new city alone with a baby most of the day. 我所担心的是 Molly几乎整天 独自带着孩子住在陌生的城市
[21:52.68]That's hard. And lexie,who'S...about to start her residency. 那很困难 还有Lexie 她就要开始住院实习
[21:57.74]She's a really good student,but it's grueling. 她的确是个好学生 但那很折磨人
[21:59.61]I know. 我知道
[22:01.76]You know. Right. 你知道 没错
[22:03.57]And... I worry about you,too. 此外 我也担心你
[22:07.65]How you're getting on,your mom-- none of that was... 你如何应付你妈妈的事 没有一件是...
[22:10.89]simple. 简单的
[22:15.23]Susan's really on you to talk to me,huh? Susan真的指望你能跟我谈谈 哈?
[22:20.86]I got to admit,I'm envious... 我得承认 我很嫉妒
[22:23.28]that she's getting to know you,and I'm not yet. 她渐渐了解你 可我还没
[22:30.25]I think she may be faking these hiccups. 我觉得她打嗝可能是装的
[22:33.29]To get... 为了
[22:34.67]us in the same place? 让我们一处呆着?
[22:40.82]I guess I'm just not very sexual. 我觉得自己只是不太热衷性生活
[22:43.61]He's having an affair. He's not in love with me anymore. 他在搞外遇 他不再爱我了
[22:45.67]That's not true,honey. I love you.I love you so much. 不是这样的 亲爱的 我爱你 非常爱你
[22:48.58]I-I want to do it. 我想做爱
[22:52.98]I just want to want to do it. 我只是希望有想做的感觉
[22:55.60]Okay,paul,I'm gonna give you some homework for next session. 好了 Paul 为了下个阶段 我要给你布置些家庭作业
[22:59.36]Homework? 家庭作业?
[23:00.59]- Have sex with your wife. - Yay! - 与你妻子做爱 - 就是!
[23:02.79]- Well,but- - no matter what. - 可是... - 无论何事
[23:04.48]Whether you're in the mood or not,have sex. 不管你是否有心情 做爱就对了
[23:07.09]Do it in the bed,do it on the kitchen floor. Do you have a pool? 在床上 厨房地板上 家里有泳池吗?
[23:09.50]- Yes. - Okay,do it in the pool. - 有 - 那好 还可以在池里做
[23:11.89]Have sex. No pressure,no judgment,no expectations. 做爱 不要强制 不要抱怨 不要期待
[23:15.45]Have sex. Just...do it. 做爱 做就对了
[23:19.50]- We do need a new G.Y.N. - Right. - 我们确实需要一个新的妇科医生 - 没错
[23:21.55]And addison seems... Addison似乎
[23:26.17]oh.Nuh-unh.No.Absolutely not. 哦 不行 绝对不行
[23:28.60]- What? - Addison is a nice person. - 为什么? - Addison是个好人
[23:31.47]She is a decent person. She is a person. 她是个正派的人 她是人
[23:35.52]- I'm lookin' for a person. - Man,you're just looking. - 我是在找人 - 兄弟 你只是在找
[23:39.27]At least I'm trying. 至少我在尝试
[23:40.93]Dr.Feelgood. Feelgood医生
[23:42.69]- Hey. - I love you. - 嘿 - 我爱你
[23:44.23]Hi. Thank you. 嗨 谢谢
[23:46.14]Okay,dr.Feelgood, this is what I'm saying. 好的 Feelgood医生
[23:49.34]Your career is taking off,girls like that are throwing themselves at you. 你的事业已经起步 那样的女孩拼命讨好你
[23:53.36]- You should be celebrating. - Celebrating? I just got a divorce. - 你该庆祝一下 - 庆祝? 我刚离婚
[23:56.28]You got a little tiny dog,and you cook it chicken,and you talk to it. 你养了只小狗 给它做饭 跟它聊天
[23:59.85]- That's not normal. - Hey,easy.All right? - 这不正常 - 嘿 别急 好吗?
[24:03.23]I'm alone because I choose to be. It's--it's a choice. 独身是我自己的选择
[24:06.45]So you're saying that you're not interested in addison,but I can't have her. 也就是说 你对Addison没有兴趣 可我也不能找上她
[24:10.38]See,addison isn't the type of woman you have. 瞧 Addison不是你的类型
[24:13.10]She's a marriage woman. All right? 她渴望婚姻 明白吗?
[24:15.04]- She's gonna want a commitment,and you- - hey,I do not sleep around. - 她想要承诺 可你- - 嘿 我可没有四处留情
[24:18.14]No. You are a serial monogamist,all right? 对 你不断谨守一夫一妻 行了吧?
[24:20.95]You--you date a girl,you romance a girl,and then when it's time to commit, 你跟一个女孩儿约会 制造浪漫 可是一到承诺的时候
[24:23.92]- you cut and you run. - I do not. - 你就分手 跑路 - 我没有
[24:25.40]Linda,uh,karen,uh,julie. Linda Karen Julie
[24:28.70]Then there was tricia,amy,carrie,the other linda- 然后是 Tricia Amy Carrie 另一个Linda
[24:32.02]- we can't forget- - fine. I won't ask her out. - 我们不能忘记- - 好吧 我不会约她
[24:33.57]Good boy. That's a good boy. 好人 真是好男人
[24:37.59]and the week before I implanted the embryo,you slept with how many,three? 在我植入胚胎的前一周 你跟多少人上了床 三个?
[24:40.78]Three men. 三个男人
[24:42.09]We're almost done here,lisa,and then we'll do the amniocentesis. 这里就要结束了 Lisa 然后我们要做一个羊水诊断
[24:45.29]- You're on carol's side. - I'm carol's doctor. - 你站在Carol一方 - 我是Carol的医生
[24:48.15]You came to us.You applied to be a surrogate. It was your choice. 你来找我们 应征成为代孕者 那是你的选择
[24:51.38]I know.I just-- 我知道 我只是--
[24:53.48]I was about to hand my body over to a baby that's not mine for nine months, 当时我就要把身体 交给一个不属于我的孩子 长达九个月
[24:58.64]which is a big responsibility.That... 责任重大
[25:02.31]hit me-- the responsibility-- and I just... 这份责任刺激了我
[25:07.70]they all wanted me. 他们都想要我
[25:10.08]me. 我
[25:12.11]And f-for once,I just stopped thinking and I just... 然后 我脑子就不转了
[25:18.07]I did something wild. 有了些疯狂的举动
[25:24.63]- dr.Montgomery,is something wrong? - I'm gonna run some more tests. - Montgomery医生 有什么问题吗? - 我要再做些检查
[25:31.13]You promise me you'll take it easy. 向我保证 你会放轻松的
[25:33.02]I have a stack of dvds to watch,and I expect your father to feed me by hand. 我有一堆DVD等着看 还期待你父亲亲手喂我吃饭
[25:42.68]So just call if you have any questions. 那么如果有疑问 给我电话
[25:45.13]It was nice t-talking with you. 很高兴跟你谈谈
[25:49.74]- Bye. - Bye-bye. - 再见 - 再见
[26:06.27]any news about mercy west? 西慈医院有消息吗?
[26:07.77]Uh,there's a spot. 只有一个空缺
[26:09.49]There's a lot of takers,but they said it looks good. 可有很多申请者 但他们说情况不错
[26:12.89]- So after the intern exam- - I'm not an unfaithful guy. - 那么实习考试结束后 - 我不是一个不忠实的男人
[26:15.84]I'm not a cheater. 我不喜欢出轨
[26:19.64]You think it'll happen again if you stay here... 你觉得要是还呆在这里 还会再发生
[26:21.52]- no.I don't know. - With me? - 不 我不知道 - 跟我?
[26:25.18]George. George
[26:27.23]I have to go. 我得走了
[26:32.98]- sam. - Yeah. - Sam - 什么事
[26:34.47]So paul and kathy,I gave them an assignment. I told 'em to do it. Paul和Kathy 我给了他们一个任务 让他们去做
[26:37.93]- He didn't rise to the occasion. - Nothing? - 他临场也没勃起 - 没有?
[26:40.45]- No wood. - Not even a twig. - 没成金箍棒 - 连绣花针都不是
[26:42.87]There's gotta be something physical going on,right? 肯定有些身体问题 对吗?
[26:45.19]Because the only other option-- that he just doesn't love her anymore-- 因为另外一种可能 就是他不爱她了
[26:49.25]- I mean,that's just... - not the only option. - 我的意思是... - 不是唯一的可能
[26:52.97]I mean,did they meet in the drama department in college? 他们是在大学戏剧社遇上的吗?
[26:55.54]Could be a thyroid thing,anemia. Could be a bunch of stuff. 可能是甲状腺问题 贫血症 有很多可能性
[26:58.11]- Have you checked for extreme ugliness? - Okay,not funny. - 回事太丑的问题吗? - 行了 这不好笑
[27:00.07]- Will you get back to me... - yes,I will. - 过会儿来找我 好吗? - 好的
[27:01.30]- With what you find soon? - Okay.Yes. - 带着你发现的问题? - 好的
[27:02.27]And,cooper,you know what? 另外 Cooper 你知道吗?
[27:04.34]- Ugly people have sex,cooper. - Ew. 丑人也需要性生活 Cooper
[27:06.03]- Ugly people are people,too. - Okay. - 丑人也是人 - 好的
[27:17.60]hello? 你好?
[27:21.70]Hello? 你好?
[27:25.05]Hello? 你好?
[27:28.07]Hello? 你好?
[27:35.64]you fill out this E.E.G. Request on ava? Ava的脑电图申请是你填写的?
[27:37.95]Yeah,you asked for it. 是的 是你要求的
[27:38.99]I asked you to run labs on her every other day. What the hell is this? 我让你两天一次帮她检查 这是什么?
[27:41.79]Shepherd's doing a full neuro workup. Just get the hell of my-- Shepherd在做全面的神经检查 别再该死地--
[27:44.51]go ahead. I would love to have an excuse to lay you out. 继续 我很乐意有个理由打你
[27:48.54]I didn't do anything. 我什么都没做
[27:49.89]Whatever you didn't do sent addison running for the hills. 就是你没做 才让Addison匆匆逃走了
[28:03.27]Okay,this guy is 6'2",dark hair,green eyes,totally healthy. 好的 这个人高1.88米 深色头发 绿色眼睛 非常健康
[28:07.97]He plays the violin,and he's a physicist. 会拉小提琴 而且是个物理学家
[28:11.21]That is good sperm. 这是很好的精子
[28:13.12]Geeky,but,uh,good. 有点书呆子 可是不错
[28:15.40]Lisa has extra donors if you want to borrow one. Lisa那还有其他供体 如果你想借的话
[28:18.56]Her tests come in yet? 她的测试有结果了吗?
[28:20.00]No,tomorrow. I don't want to ring any alarm bells till we're sure. 明天 没确定之前 我不想拉响警报
[28:23.84]What about this guy? He's a marine biologist.Good hair. 这人怎样? 海洋生物学家 头发很好
[28:28.55]Are you sure you want to do this,have a baby? 你真的打定主义要生孩子了吗?
[28:32.13]Your life is really gonna change. 那会彻底改变你的生活
[28:34.31]That's why I'm doing this. 所以我想这么做
[28:36.27]I want my life to change. I need... 我想要改变生活 我需要...
[28:39.57]my life to change. 改变生活
[28:41.41]I mean,look,you have maya. You're family. 瞧 你有Maya 有个家
[28:44.98]You did everything the way you were supposed to. You didn't wait. 所有事 你都按部就班地完成了 没有迟疑
[28:50.19]Maybe I should have. 也许我应该...
[28:53.51]Waited. 好好考虑
[28:54.51]What do you mean? 什么意思?
[28:56.18]addison,I did everything exactly the way I was supposed to. Addison 我的一切完全按部就班
[29:00.74]After college,I never dated anybody but sam,because he was the one. 大学毕业后 除了Sam我没跟其他人约会过 因为他就是我的那个人
[29:04.21]I never had sex with anybody but sam because cheating is wrong. 除了他 我没跟别人做过爱 因为背叛是不对的
[29:08.77]I had a baby because... 我有了孩子 因为...
[29:11.27]that's what you do when you get married. 那是结婚后该做的
[29:14.11]I never made a single mistake. I did everything right. 我从没犯过一个错 一切都做的很对
[29:17.87]And then sam comes home and says he wants a divorce. 可是后来 Sam说他想离婚
[29:22.12]So all those photos you're... 所有那些你...
[29:24.51]busy admiring,all they are are reminders of all the stuff I didn't do. 不停欣赏的照片 都在提醒 我没有做过的事情
[29:29.55]I'm 38 years old,and I don't know how to have fun. 我38岁了 可我不知道如何寻找乐趣
[29:32.46]That's not lucky. That's sad.So just... 那不是幸运 那很悲哀 所以...
[29:34.82]shut up about lucky! 别再说幸运了!
[29:42.18]Poor... 可怜
[29:43.79]sad... dried up naomi. 悲哀 被甩的Naomi
[29:47.70]Shut up. 闭嘴
[29:48.89]Poor little,special talented doctor girl. 可怜的 拥有特殊才能的医学女生
[29:53.72]let's make a made-for-tv movie... 我们来拍一部电视电影
[29:56.00]about the poor little,dried up special girl who has no fun. 关于 可怜悲哀 没有乐趣的特殊女孩
[30:01.15]I could put you out. You'd have to sleep in the car. 我能把你赶出去 那你就只能睡在车里了
[30:05.51]I just... 我只是...
[30:07.75]I just wish I'd been a little more like you. 我只是希望 有一点点像你
[30:10.66]What,an adulterous bitch who forgot to have kids? 什么 一个通奸的婊子 忘了要个孩子?
[30:34.86]Violet? Violet?
[30:38.95]- Allan. - Hey! - Allan - 嘿!
[30:40.30]Great to see you. 很高兴见到你
[30:41.46]- How you doing? - I'm great. - 你怎么样? - 我很好
[30:42.84]Really. I'm really wonderful. 真的 我真的好极了
[30:46.68]Well,I saw you and I-- I didn't want to be rude. 我看到你 不想唐突
[30:49.21]So I hope it's okay. 希望这没关系
[30:52.04]you know,it's just... it's really wonderful to see you. 知道吗 见到你真的非常好
[30:55.03]You look,uh... 你看上去
[30:57.70]you look really wonderful. 你看上去真的好极了
[30:59.35]They didn't have the gouda you like,but they had a camembert- 这里没有你喜欢的古达干酪 不过有卡门贝干酪
[31:03.17]- hi. - Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨
[31:05.84]This is violet. 这是Violet
[31:06.94]Violet--oh,violet. Violet 哦 是Violet
[31:09.20]Hi. Nice to meet you. 嗨 很高兴见到你
[31:11.17]I-I'm cami. 我是Cami
[31:13.45]- Okay. - Allan's wife. - 好的 - Allan的妻子
[31:17.28]god,I still can't get used to that word--wife. 上帝 我还是不习惯这个词 妻子
[31:22.54]- yeah. - Wife? - 是啊 - 妻子?
[31:28.98]- How long have you been married? - Newlyweds-- eight weeks. - 你结婚多久了? - 新婚 八周
[31:33.30]Oh. 哦
[31:36.42]Congratulations. 恭喜了
[31:43.82]We'll see you. 以后再见了
[31:46.98]nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你
[32:09.51]hey,addison,uh,latte? Or ac--more of a cappuccino. 嘿 Addison 要拿铁吗? 还是来杯卡布奇诺
[32:13.75]- Lisa's baby has something called placenta accreta. - Is that bad? - Lisa的孩子有些胎盘增生的问题 - 严重吗?
[32:17.54]The placenta abnormally attaches to the uterine wall. 胎盘反常地附着在胎盘壁上
[32:19.97]It makes delivering dangerous for both mom and baby. 在生产中 会同时对母婴造成危险
[32:23.38]- But there was something else. - That's not enough? - 不过还有别的 - 这还不够?
[32:25.63]The baby has some genetic markers that don't match carol,just lisa. 这孩子有些遗传标记 与Carol不符 而是Lisa的
[32:30.80]What? The embryo-- 什么? 胚胎--
[32:32.27]- did not implant. - This is lisa's baby? - 没有植入 - 这是Lisa的孩子?
[32:34.64]Which also means that the paternity is once again up for grabs. 意味着争夺父权会再次发生
[32:39.72]- Good luck. - I'm off to the beach. - 好运 - 我要去海滩了
[32:41.57]Uh,you can't leave. Someone has to tell the patient. 你不能走 得有人告诉病人
[32:45.39]Honestly,I ha--I have... 说实话 我...
[32:48.50]low people skills with anybody over 12. 对12岁以上的人都缺乏交流技巧
[32:50.36]It--it's true. An internet hooker just stole his car-- 是真的 一个网络妓女刚偷了他的车
[32:52.82]violet! Privacy. She was not-- Violet! 隐私 她不是--
[32:55.42]she just...she borrowed my car. 只是借了我的车
[33:01.46]she--she borrowed it. 她借我的
[33:03.41]Borrowed. 借的
[33:09.73]911 turbo,hand-sewn leather seats. 911 Turbo 手工缝制皮椅
[33:16.18]911 turbo with hand-sewn leather seats. 911 Turbo 带有手工缝制皮椅
[33:18.14]Who does that to a 911? 谁会这样对待一辆911?
[33:21.10]A chick. A crazy chick. 一个女人 一个疯女人
[33:24.22]- But she was so hot. - A crazy hot chick. - 可是她那么性感 - 一个性感疯女人
[33:26.25]I loved that car. 我喜欢这辆车
[33:27.86]That was a single man's car. 那是单身男人的车
[33:29.95]That's the point. I mean,I-- I thought maybe I was done being single. 这是重点 还以为我可能要结束单身了
[33:36.42]I thought she was gonna be the mother of my children. 我以为她会是我孩子的母亲
[33:38.33]What was her name again? 她叫什么名字来着?
[33:39.69]Sexyboobs316. 性感乳房316号
[33:45.60]are you... dude,are you crying? 兄弟 你在哭?
[33:49.19]No. 不是
[33:50.49]You better be crying about that car and not over sexyboobs315. 你最好在哭这辆车 而不是那个性感乳房315号
[33:54.30]316. 316. 316号
[33:57.83]I can'T.I-I can'T. I'm gonna hurt him. 不行了 我要打人了
[33:59.43]Let's just say he's crying over the car and the woman. 不如说 他在哭这辆车以及这个女人
[34:04.05]All right? There we go. 好吗? 行了
[34:06.08]Let it out. 哭出来吧
[34:07.91]let it out. 哭出来吧
[34:13.89]Uh,cristina? Cristina?
[34:22.63]That's a pretty one. 那件很漂亮
[34:23.90]Moves very well in it. Looks quite natural. 穿着行动很方便 非常自然
[34:27.23]- You paged? - I need you over here. - 你找我? - 我这儿需要你
[34:30.41]Should I be seeing you in the dress before the wedding? 我该在婚礼前看到你穿着礼服吗?
[34:33.65]You think I'm wearing this? 你以为我穿着这个?
[34:39.44]- well,it is very feminine. - Exactly. - 非常柔美 - 正是
[34:41.65]Do you know your mother booked a chapel that sits 200 people? 知道你母亲预订了200人席位的教堂吗?
[34:45.81]Okay,how did i get bridesmaids,huh? 我怎么会要伴娘 哈?
[34:48.04]freakin' stupid cotton-candy colored bridesmaids? 异常迟钝 棉花糖装扮的伴娘?
[34:51.76]No offense. 不想冒犯
[34:53.42]what happened to our small ceremony? 我们商量的小型仪式呢?
[34:55.41]What happened to you and me at city hall? 不是说好只有我俩在市政厅的吗?
[34:59.21]I didn't--I didn't think you were serious. 我以为你不是认真的
[35:02.71]I am not wearing this. 我不要穿这个
[35:06.17]Oh,I gotta get to the hospital. 哦 我得去医院了
[35:08.53]You know,we should,uh,give 'em some privacy. 知道吗 我们该给他们一些私人空间
[35:11.86]What? 什么?
[35:13.99]Oh! Oh,you want me to go over there with you... 哦! 你想让我跟你一起进去
[35:18.04]- by myself. - Yeah. - 只有我 - 是的
[35:21.61]You want a big wedding? 你想要一个大型婚礼?
[35:23.52]You want the chapel,you want the guests and me in a white dress? 教堂 宾客 还要我穿白色婚纱?
[35:28.55]Well... 这个嘛
[35:30.88]yes. 是的
[35:33.85]I'm a traditional man,cristina. 我是个传统的男人 Cristina
[35:35.40]- Are you kidding me? - No. - 你在开玩笑吗? - 不是
[35:44.21]The saleslady has another batch of dresses for you to see,cristina. 女店员还要给你看另一批礼服
[35:49.05]Oh,thank you... mama. 谢谢 妈妈
[35:57.53]Cristina has certainly made quite an effort. Cristina已经非常努力了
[36:01.14]Tried on,I would say,over a hundred dresses, 试了 我想想 超过一百件礼服
[36:04.47]and that certainly could not have been easy for her. 这对她显然很不容易
[36:07.55]Yeah,mama,I know she seems disinterested in wedding planning. 妈妈 我知道她对打点婚礼没什么兴趣
[36:11.59]But cristina... 但是Cristina
[36:13.22]she's not cold. 她并不冷漠
[36:14.86]- I know she seems cold-- - preston... - 我知道她看上去有点
[36:17.12]if you think cristina is right for you,I trust you. 如果你觉得Cristina适合你 我支持你
[36:23.61]I trust your instincts. 我相信你的直觉
[36:38.07]and the baby-- the,um,the baby isn't even mine? 那个孩子 根本不是我的?
[36:41.51]- Honey,calm down. - Calm down? - 亲爱的 冷静点 - 冷静?
[36:43.44]You mean I can keep this baby if I want to? 如果我想留下孩子 可以随便我吗?
[36:46.61]Uh,legally,yes. 法律上来说没问题
[36:48.88]So who's the father? 那谁是孩子的父亲?
[36:50.39]We won't know the paternity of the baby till after lisa delivers. 在Lisa产后才会知道
[36:53.43]More urgent at the moment is the placenta accreta. 目前最紧要的是胎盘植入
[36:57.07]The fact is,lisa is at risk of having a life-threatening hemorrhage and Lisa的大出血会危及生命
[37:01.53]the baby could deliver preterm. 而且可能导致胎儿早产
[37:03.74]So you're saying they could die? 会有生命危险?
[37:05.64]There is a risk of death,yes. 有这样的可能
[37:08.87]Lisa,I know you're scared. Lisa 我知道你很害怕
[37:11.47]If you do go into preterm labor,you'll have a c-section. 万一早产 我们将安排剖腹产
[37:15.79]And they'll monitor it and control it so that 医生会严密监控
[37:17.97]they have a better chance of saving your uterus and your life. 这样可以更好保证你和胎儿的安全
[37:21.70]And you'll save us,me and the baby? 你会救我和孩子的 对吗?
[37:24.90]Well,I have... 这个 我..
[37:26.41]I have to get back to seattle. I have a practice. 我得回西雅图去了 我要出诊
[37:28.42]But I can refer you to someone local who-- 不过我可以把你交给这里..
[37:30.10]no,I want you.You be there. 不 我只要你
[37:43.38]I thought kathy was coming to the appointment today. 我以为今天是Kathy来
[37:49.45]Just--kathy didn't come home last night. Kathy昨晚没回家
[37:51.56]And,you know,I don't blame her,but it's just... 我不怪她 只是
[37:53.99]what--what if she's with some guy right now? 要是她现在正和男人勾搭在一起怎么办?
[37:56.30]Some guy--some--some guy who can... 那种会...
[37:59.76]- who can bring it? - Okay. - 会勃的男人 - 好了
[38:02.11]Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's okay.All right? 事情还没确定别乱猜 没关系的 好吧?
[38:04.99]There are plenty of medical reasons for low sex drive. All right? 性欲低下有很多原因的
[38:08.84]Sorry. Sorry. 抱歉
[38:10.28]- Honey... - where were you? - 亲爱的 - 你去哪儿了?
[38:13.49]I was out. 我出去了
[38:15.14]All night? 出去了一整晚?
[38:18.43]And I had a chance to cheat,believe me. 我本有机会背叛你的 相信我
[38:21.41]But I passed. Okay? 但是我没有 明白吗?
[38:23.11]I passed up being with someone who actually wants to be with me because I am stuck with you. 我放弃了那个要和我在一起的男人 因为我陷在你这儿了
[38:29.20]you're crying? 你还哭?
[38:30.24]Okay,let's--let's all just calm down here. 好了 大家都冷静点
[38:32.13]All right-- I'll be in the waiting room. 好吧 我去候诊室
[38:34.93]Oh! She's starting to hate me. 她开始讨厌我了
[38:38.95]What am I gonna do if little paul can't perform? 要是小东西还是不能正常工作怎么办?
[38:41.42]Okay. 没关系
[38:42.72]Don't talk about your penis while you hug another man. 你抱着个男人的时候 能不能不要讨论阴茎的问题
[38:47.00]I'm sorry,man. 不好意思 伙计
[38:47.75]- It's okay. - I'm sorry. - 没事了 - 很抱歉
[38:48.69]- Let's draw some blood. - Okay,let's draw some blood. - 抽点血 - 好的 抽血
[38:56.02]What's in L.A.? 洛杉矶那边都有谁?
[38:57.42]What? 什么?
[38:59.30]For addison. 我说Addison呢
[39:01.29]Any idea... 知不知道
[39:02.93]what she might be doing there? 她在那边做什么?
[39:05.56]naomi and sam are down there,I guess. I don't know. Naomi和Sam在那边吧 我也不太清楚
[39:08.88]You all right? 你没事吧?
[39:11.51]We were gonna try. 我们本来在努力的
[39:14.17]We were gonna make a go of it... 我们本来会成功的
[39:16.08]as a couple. 会成为一对儿的
[39:19.36]She bet me I couldn't go 60 days without having sex. 她跟我打赌说我没法禁欲60天
[39:21.86]Oh.Let me guess. You couldn't do it. 让我猜猜 你的确做不到
[39:25.62]No,she couldn'T. 不 是她做不到
[39:30.80]She didn't want to be with me. 她不想跟我在一起
[39:33.18]I thought she did. 我以为她很愿意呢
[39:35.69]I thought she might. 以为她可能吧
[39:38.86]But she didn'T. 可她就是不想
[39:42.54]And I caught her. You know... 被我逮了个正着 你知道的
[39:45.04]sleeping with somebody else? 捉奸在床?
[39:48.34]oh,that must have been so hard for you. 那就太让你难过了
[39:52.14]not that I can't relate. 那样的痛苦是我无法形容的
[39:55.29]So I told her I did it. 所以我告诉她我破戒了
[39:57.28]You told her you did it? 你告诉她你破戒了?
[39:59.04]I told her I lost the bet. I told her I slept with someone. 我告诉她我赌输了 和别人上床了
[40:02.68]I figured if she didn't want to be with me,she shouldn't have to feel guilty about it. 既然她不愿意和我在一起 我这么说她也不会感到愧疚了
[40:06.92]Selfless. 真是无私
[40:09.62]- That'S...out of character. - Yeah. - 不像你啊 - 的确
[40:13.95]Anyway,uh... 随便了
[40:17.87]I was just wondering if you knew what was in L.A. 我只是想问你洛杉矶那边都有谁
[40:20.50]No. 不知道
[40:28.19]okay,now I am going to the beach. 我要去海边了
[40:30.99]Wait,addie. 等等 Addie
[40:32.88]Your test results came back in. 你的化验结果出来了
[40:34.54]Oh,good. Because,um,I picked a donor. 好啊 我选好了捐赠人
[40:38.15]I think I'm gonna go with physicist guy. 我想我得和学物理的家伙一起去了
[40:40.73]Your F.S.H. Level is high. 你的基础卵泡刺激素水平过高
[40:43.95]Well,they're high this month. We can do,uh,ovarian stimulation. 这个月一直都这样 可以用刺激卵巢疗法
[40:47.46]And your antral follicle count is only two. 窦卵泡计数只有2
[40:53.38]That could be due to stress. 应该是压力过大了
[40:54.64]Addison,I'm sorry. Addison 很抱歉
[40:57.15]I did all the tests. 所有的测试都做了
[40:59.81]There's no fertility potential here. 你不能生孩子了
[41:08.18]okay. Uh...
[41:11.32]this is good. This is,um... 很好
[41:14.45]oh,this is just... perfect. 再好不过
[41:17.17]- Addison-- - I have the great guy. - 我嫁了个好男人
[41:19.51]I don't have a baby because I'm focusing on my career. 因为我专心工作就一直没要孩子
[41:22.77]And then I have the other guy. I don't have his baby because he's not the great guy. 之后遇上另外一个男人 我还是没要孩子 因为他不是个好男人
[41:26.69]And now I don't have the great guy or the other guy, 现在谁都不属于我了
[41:29.43]and I'm finally ready to have a baby,and I can'T. 我终于想要个孩子 却再也不行了
[41:32.05]That is so... 这..
[41:35.11]exactly what my life is. 我的生活就这样子阿
[41:39.28]- Addie,there are other options. - Yeah,I know about the options. - Addie 还有别的选择 - 是的 我知道
[41:43.75]I'm so sorry. 我真的很遗憾
[41:45.39]I know how much you wanted this. 我知道你有多想要个孩子
[41:49.64]It's okay. 没事的
[41:52.17]I just,um... 只是我
[41:56.08]I just didn't realize I was out of time,that's all. 我没想到来不及了
[42:02.21]Addie,please stay so we can-- Addie 留下来吧这样我们可以--
[42:04.06]no,it's okay.I'm fine. Thank you... 不用了 没事的 我很好 谢谢
[42:07.01]for telling me.Thank you. I will see you at home. 你告诉我 谢谢 家里面见
[42:20.98]looks like you had a bad day. 看起来你今天不太好过阿
[42:23.88]Okay... 好了
[42:25.92]enough. 够了
[42:28.07]Okay? Not today. 行吗? 今天不是时候
[42:29.77]This is not a good day. All right? 今天糟透了明白吗?
[42:31.60]So why don't you just... 你给我
[42:33.80]shut up? 闭嘴
[42:36.54]Shut up!.... 闭嘴!
[42:49.33]all right,then. 好了
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