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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:52:15
[00:09.00]I just never thought about it. 我从来没想过
[00:11.20]What I would do,you know? 我要怎么办?
[00:12.30]What the dream would be if I couldn't have my dream. 如果不能拥有梦想 那梦想该是什么呢
[00:17.30]Empty office. 空空的办公室
[00:19.80]Okay, what are we doing?I thought we were going to lunch.Why are we still sitting here? 我们要干什么? 现在该去吃午饭 为什么我们还傻等在这
[00:22.20]We're doing what I do when I get depressed.Just wait. 我失落的时候就会这么做 你耐心等等
[00:25.50]-What time do you have? -It's 5 to 1:00. - 你的表几点? - 差5分1点
[00:28.70]You know what? I'm glad I can't have a child. 要知道 不能有孩子我很高兴
[00:31.20]With my luck, I'd probably have a kid with two heads. 这很幸运 也许我孩子会有俩脑袋
[00:33.10]It--it's actually better.I'm grateful. 这样更好 我很感激
[00:35.60]I don't have to think about it.The option is... 我不用思前想后 这件事...
[00:38.90]off the table. 已经不用决择了
[00:41.20]-What time do you have? -5 to 1:00. - 你的表几点? - 差5分1点
[00:42.80]You people are obsessed with time. 你们怎么这么关心时间
[00:49.00]Here he comes. 他来了
[01:01.60]Hi, dell. 嗨 Dell
[01:30.30]Greys Anatomy Season 3 Episode 23 医人当自强 第三季 第23集
[01:44.10]-Have a nice... surf. -I'll see you guys after lunch? - 冲浪...愉快 - 咱们午饭后见?
[01:56.00]oh, my god. 哦 我的天
[01:59.90]-You two should be ashamed of yourselves. -admit it.You feel better. - 你们俩也不害羞 - 招了吧 你看了以后也挺高兴
[02:03.70]And if not, there's another showing in an hour, 如果没效果 1小时后还有一场戏
[02:07.50]and it's wet. 而且是湿着身子
[02:12.10]My brain is bleeding? 我的脑子在流血?
[02:13.70]How could my brain have been bleeding since the accident? 我的脑子怎么可能从事故以后 就一直流血呢?
[02:15.80]Well, it could be from the trauma, 可能是由于外伤
[02:17.00]but it also could be from one of your surgeries. 但也有可能是由于某次手术
[02:19.20]Dr. Shepherd,I've been living in this hospital long enough to know Shepherd医生 我在这间医院住了够久了
[02:22.00]when there's something one of you isn't saying. 一眼就能看出来你还有要说的
[02:25.10]Because of the location of the bleed, 因为出血的位置
[02:27.30]you need to be awake during surgery. 所以手术过程中你要保持清醒
[02:29.00]You'll be sedated, alert,but but it can be a really dangerous process. 你会被麻醉 监视 但手术会非常危险
[02:32.70]There's a lot about the brain we don't know. 人的大脑还有很多尚待研究
[02:34.10]So... I could potentially get my memory back? 那么说...我有可能恢复记忆?
[02:38.60]Mm. It's possible.Amnesia can be a symptom, 有这种可能 健忘可能只是表面症状
[02:40.80]but I think it's a long shot. 不过成功机率不高
[02:42.30]I'll do some brain mapping and see if anything happens,but-- 我会给你做脑电图 看看有没有效果 但...
[02:44.40]but I could.get my memory back? 但我能恢复记忆 对么?
[02:48.50]You're back? What happened? 你又回来了? 怎么了?
[02:50.20]She's got a fever, and I think I hear a small murmur. 她发烧了 而且能听到心脏杂音
[02:53.50]-A heart murmur? -Don't be dramatic. - 心脏杂音? - 不要激动
[02:56.60]-At least it's not the hiccups. -Could be complications from the endoscopy. - 至少现在不打嗝了 - 可能是内窥镜的并发症
[02:59.70]Bacterial endocarditis? 细菌性心内膜炎?
[03:00.90]You'll have to get tests, and if they come back positive, 你还要进行检查 如果结果是阳性的
[03:03.50]you'll be admitted for I.V. Antibiotics. 你就要静脉注射抗生素
[03:05.40]-Which should knock it right out. -See? I told you. - 可以抑制微生物 - 看吧? 我跟你说了
[03:08.00]Don't be dramatic. 不要激动
[03:15.90]Hey, hey. You're supposed to wait for me. 嘿 你应该等我来的
[03:17.90]I'm going crazy just sitting there. 总坐在那 我快疯了
[03:20.60]Hey, look,I'd be freaked out, too, 嗯 如果有人要给我开颅
[03:21.80]if somebody was about to open up my head. 我也会吓坏了
[03:23.50]But dr. Shepherd,he's the best. 但Shepherd医生是最好的
[03:25.30]I can't hold my baby, right? 我不能抱我的孩子 是么?
[03:27.10]She's--she's in that incubator. 她还在婴儿保温舱里
[03:29.80]And so the nurses told me to talk to her. And I try. 护士让我跟她说说话 我想试着去做
[03:33.80]Guess what. Right now, 但你猜怎么样
[03:35.30]I have nothing to say. 我竟然不知道说什么
[03:36.50]You know, I don't even remember what it feels like to be outside, 我都不记得在户外是什么感觉了
[03:40.00]to have the wind in my face or rain or... 清风拂面 或者小雨...
[03:42.30]I know the surgery is dangerous, but... 我知道手术的风险 但...
[03:44.70]I'm not freaked.I can't wait. 我不害怕 我不想等了
[03:47.50]Well, there's no guarantee the surgery's gonna bring back your memory. 不能保证手术就能让你重拾记忆
[03:50.20]But there's a chance. 但至少有希望
[03:52.30]It's better than nothing. 总比没有强
[03:56.30]good news.Uh, paul's lack of sex drive comes from a hormone imbalance. 好消息 Paul的性欲减退是由于荷尔蒙失调
[04:00.90]-So paul still likes sex? -Yeah, well, he's a guy and he's not dead, - 那么Paul仍然喜欢性爱? - 是啊 他是个男的 又没有死
[04:04.20]so I'm guessing yeah.He just--he just can't do anything about it. 所以我猜是的 他也只是无能为力
[04:07.30]-And that's good news? -The bad news is that - 这是好消息? - 坏消息是...
[04:09.00]there could be many causes to this imbalance,some more serious than others. 荷尔蒙失调可能引起更多 更严重的影响
[04:13.60]So final diagnosis and treatment could be a lengthy process. 所以确诊和治疗过程会很漫长
[04:17.10]We're gonna have to run more tests. 我们要做更多的检查
[04:18.50]So it might be a while before paul can help kathy... 所以Paul帮助Kathy缓解之前...
[04:22.20]-take the edge off. -Tell her to try swimming. - 还需要一段时间 - 告诉她 可以去试试游泳
[04:24.10]It's easier on the knees. 那样膝盖更舒服
[04:30.00]so... 嗯...
[04:32.00]-you're the quack. -Uh, I went to med school. - 你是庸医 - 我读过医学院
[04:34.80]I'm also a licensed herbalist,and I spent five years in china learning alternative medicine. 我有草药医生执照 在中国学习过5年的替代疗法
[04:40.20]Like I said... quack. 像我说的...庸医
[04:44.00]Come here. 过来
[04:45.70]Unless you need to go tell someone you saw goody johnson with the devil. 省得你告诉别人你看到了 美女伴恶魔的一幕
[04:50.10]Okay. 好吧
[04:52.70]-Lie down on the table. -Why? - 躺在这 - 为什么?
[04:54.60]I wanna show you that I'm not a quack. 我要让你看看我不是庸医
[05:00.90]I'm not taking my clothes off. 我可不脱衣服
[05:03.00]Did I ask you to take your clothes off? 请问我让你脱衣服了么?
[05:19.00]now... 现在...
[05:24.00]you carry a lot of tension in your shoulders and above your right eye. 你的右肩和右眼过于紧张
[05:27.50]What do you mean? 你什么意思?
[05:29.20]You're blocking some serious emotion. 你封闭了太多的情感
[05:32.10]Hang on. 坚持一下
[05:33.20]What--what are you doing? 你要干什么?
[05:45.50]Stop saying "ow."It doesn't hurt. 不要叫唤了 又不疼
[05:50.80]-Okay, I'm done. -Wait, wait, wait, wait.Where are you going? - 好了 弄好了 - 等一下 等一下 你要去哪?
[05:52.70]-You can't leave me here like this. -Lie there. Don't move. - 你不能把我这样扔在这了 - 躺好了 不要动
[05:55.80]Breathe.You're going to experience a rush of emotion, 呼吸 你要感受情感的迸发
[05:58.70]a release of...psychic pain. 释放...精神的创伤
[06:11.10]Hello? 喂?
[06:13.40]Hello? 喂?
[06:15.90]I don't feel anything... 我什么也没感觉到...
[06:18.50]except stupid for... 除了苯苯地...
[06:20.60]letting a cute hippie boy put needles in my face. 让一个花花公子把针扎我脸上
[06:23.60]Hello! 喂!
[06:26.30]Yeah, pete... 那个Pete...
[06:28.20]I... 我...
[06:30.00]this isn't working.I don't have any... 这个不管用 我没有...
[06:33.30]psychic pain.I... I'm great. 精神创伤 我...我很好
[06:37.40]Barren, but... 不能生育 但...
[06:39.60]fan-freakin'-tastic. 实在太奇怪了
[06:43.20]You can come back now. 你可以回来了
[06:44.40]I am not feeling any,you know, rush of emotion or anything. 我没有感觉到什么情感的迸发
[06:47.90]I don't feel... anything. 我没有...什么感觉
[06:57.50]I don't feel anything at all. 我完全没感觉
[07:04.90]I don't feel anything at all. 我完全没感觉
[07:13.50]I hate L.A. 我恨洛杉矶
[07:17.90]-Hey. -Hey. - 嘿 - 嘿
[07:19.20]I heard susan was back.Is everything okay? 听说Susan回来了 她没事吧?
[07:21.20]Oh, an infection.She'll be fine. 有点感染 会没事的
[07:23.00]Oh, good, 'cause I figured if anything was wrong,you'd tell me. 好的 因为如果有什么事 你可以告诉我
[07:25.20]If it was serious, I would, in a very "letting you in" sort of way. 如果很严重 我会告诉你的 让你充分参与
[07:28.90]-You know, it's weird. -What? - 这很不可思议 - 什么?
[07:30.20]My father--we're almost talking. 我爸爸 我们几乎谈话了
[07:33.90]Really? 真的?
[07:35.80]-How's the trailer? -It's freezing. - 拖车怎么样? - 太冷了
[07:38.40]you want to eat later? 你一会要吃饭么?
[07:40.10]I'll bring something over. 我给你带点来
[07:41.30]-Are you using me for central heating? -Among other things. - 你想拿我当暖气么? - 还有其他原因
[07:43.40]-Okay. -All right. - 好的 - 太好了
[07:49.60]-Lisa? -I think something is wrong. - Lisa? - 我感觉不舒服
[07:51.90]-She's in pain. -Lisa? - 她很痛 - Lisa?
[07:53.80]Addison,something is not right.Oh, my god. Addison 有点问题 哦 我的天啊
[07:56.10]-I think I just wet my pants. -No, your water broke. - 我把裤子弄湿了 - 不 你的羊水破了
[07:58.70]She's in labor,and it's coming fast. 她要分娩了 马上就要生了
[07:59.90]I'll call an ambulance.Uh, go get cooper. 我来叫救护车 帮我接Cooper
[08:01.90]And let the hospital know we're coming and call the chief. 告诉医院我们马上到 并通知主任
[08:04.10]I don't want any problems when I try to scrub in. 我不希望手术前出现什么问题
[08:06.10]Breathe. 呼吸
[08:07.50]-I need to push!-Don't push. - 我快要生了! - 不要在这里生
[08:09.50]Get her into labor and delivery right away.Jim, check her in. 送她进产房 然后马上分娩 Jim 给她挂号
[08:14.60]Lisa! Is she okay? Lisa! 她还好么?
[08:16.70]-Are they okay? -What happened? - 他们还好么? - 怎么了?
[08:18.00]-It's too early. -She's not due for another month. - 时间太早了 - 应该还有一个月啊
[08:19.60]Well, I'm guessing that the stress of you all fighting and crowding her, 我估计是你们给她施加了太多的压力
[08:22.10]declaring yourselves the father didn't help.Move! 总说你自己是爸爸没有用 让开!
[08:34.60]any word on lisa and the baby? 有Lisa和孩子的消息了么?
[08:37.70]we're still waiting. 我们也还在等
[08:40.60]-Therapy sucks. -Said the shrink. - 治疗真讨厌 - 精神科医师这么说
[08:42.60]No, I mean my particular brand of therapy might actually be... 不 我是说我的治疗也许只是...
[08:46.40]full of crap. 一堆废话
[08:48.10]People talking about their problems endlessly, 人们总是在抱怨自己的问题
[08:50.20]telling people to think positively, visualize their destiny. 劝诫人们要积极思考 认清命运
[08:53.90]-It doesn't work? -I think positively. - 这不管用么? - 我思考很积极
[08:55.60]I visualize my destiny. 清楚自己的命运
[08:58.60]And look, just look. 你看看 看看
[09:01.50]-What am I lookin' at? -Me... - 我看什么? - 我...
[09:05.40]my pathetic,miserable existence. 可怜痛苦的存在个体
[09:08.90]he left six months ago.He was a loser! 他六个月前走了 他是个失败者!
[09:13.20]Do you know he peed a little bit every time he coughed? 你知不知道他一咳嗽就会尿出一点?
[09:16.10]Like an incontinent old woman.He smelled like pee. 就像一个失禁的老女人 闻上去就像小便
[09:20.30]and there I was, in the car, crying, 而我在车上 哭泣
[09:22.50]and I'm a serious feminist. 我是绝对的男女平等主义者
[09:25.10]Not to mention,my no-sex couple? 更不必说我的无性爱伴侣
[09:26.80]Turns out it was a hormone thing. It's physical. 结果是荷尔蒙紊乱 器质性的
[09:29.10]In the old days we would've talked and talked and talked as paul got sicker and sicker. 过去我们总是不停的聊 而Paul的病越来越重
[09:34.90]My profession's becoming irrelevant. 我的专业变得很不适用
[09:38.60]maybe it's a good thing. 也许是件好事
[09:40.10]People should just tell the truth to the people in their lives. 人们应该对身边的人讲实话
[09:42.80]They can'T. 他们做不到
[09:43.90]-If they could, we'd all be healthy. -Like me. - 如果可以的话 我们都能健康了 - 就像我
[09:46.50]-You're not healthy.You're in denial. -I am not in denial. - 你不健康 你在逃避 - 我没有逃避
[09:48.60]You're in denial,and you're angry. 你在逃避 而且很生气
[09:51.00]You're the angriest man I know. 你是最易怒的人
[09:52.30]Is that why you won't sleep with me? 这就是你不想跟我上床的原因么?
[09:53.60]You're in denial,you're angry, 你在逃避 而且很生气
[09:55.70]and you use sex as weapon to deflect it. 性爱是你逆转它的武器
[10:00.00]Oh. 哦
[10:01.80]now stimulating area 11. 现在开始刺激11区
[10:04.90]Ava, can you name this object? Ava 这是什么东西?
[10:06.70]-Flowers, pink and blue. -Avoiding area 11. - 花 粉色和蓝色的 - 避开11区
[10:10.00]Moving superiorly.This will be area 12. 向上移动 这是12区
[10:14.90]Una cara con los ojos azules y el pelo rubio. (西班牙语)
[10:20.00]-Was that spanish? -Was it? - 刚才是西班牙语? - 是么?
[10:22.30]Okay, I'm going on to 13. 好的 我继续13区
[10:24.40]Il maison avec des galets rouge. (法语)
[10:28.70]all right.Now you're just showing off. 你就像是在炫耀
[10:30.30]Each language is stored in a different area of the brain. 每种语言记录在大脑的不同区域
[10:32.20]And as I stimulate them...this will be 14. 我每次刺激都有反应...这是14区
[10:34.50]So this isn't from the surgery? She actually speaks spanish and french? 那么说这不是手术的原因? 她本来就会说西班牙语和法语?
[10:37.40]Alex...das ist noch das haus. Alex...(德语)
[10:40.30]-And german? -She's hypoventilating. - 还有德语? - 她肺换气不足
[10:42.20]Let's puther under and work on the bleed. 先放下这个 处理脑出血
[10:43.60]Can't we keep going just a few more minutes? 我们不能再继续几分钟了么?
[10:45.10]Maybe she can get her memory back along with the languages. 也许她能像记起语言一样重拾记忆
[10:47.10]If we don't control this bleed,she'll lose a lot more than her memory.She'll die. 如果我们不控制出血 她失去的就比记忆更多 她会死
[10:53.10]-why is this happening so fast? -Uh, doctors? - 为什么发生的这么快? - 医生?
[10:56.20]Cooper, she's crowning. Cooper 胎头娩出
[10:57.50]All right,just don't push, lisa. 好的 先不要用力 Lisa
[10:58.80]-Oh, push? Okay. -No! No, don't push, lisa. - 用力么? 好的 - 不! 不 不要用力 Lisa
[11:01.70]The cord's wrapped around the baby's neck. 婴儿脐带绕脖
[11:03.20]Oh, I'm sorry!I can't help it! 哦 抱歉! 我控制不了!
[11:05.50]God! Oh! 老天! 哦!
[11:11.50]-I'll hold her.You clamp and cut. -okay. - 我抱着她 你来剪脐带 - 好
[11:12.80]-Is she okay? -Hang 20 of oxytocin. - 她还好吗? - 给她20单位催产素
[11:17.30]8 french suction catheter. 8号吸引导管
[11:20.20]-Why isn't she crying? -Dr. Freedman's gonna be working on her. - 她怎么没哭? - Freedman医生会照顾她
[11:23.10]We need to focus on your right now, lisa. 我们现在得重点照顾你 Lisa
[11:24.90]Fortunately, you're not bleeding that much, 幸运的是你出血不多
[11:26.50]so we should be able to remove the placenta by... 我们可以把胎盘取出 用...
[11:31.60]-by--by what? By what? -put her under, now. - 用 用什么? 用什么? - 按住她
[11:35.20]What's going on? 怎么了?
[11:36.30]Her uterus must have ruptured because of the placenta accreta. 胎盘增大 她的子宫肯定裂开了
[11:38.80]-We have to open her up. -No, no, no, no, no. - 我们得给她开腔了 - 不 不 不
[11:40.50]-The baby's not crying. -B.P.'S 58 over 32. - 孩子没哭呢 - 血压58/32
[11:42.90]-Don't put me under till the baby cries. -We don't have time, lisa. - 孩子没哭前 不要给我麻醉 - 我们没时间了 Lisa
[11:44.90]We have to put you under right now. 我们现在就得麻醉
[11:50.90]-go, addison. -Okay. - 上吧 Addison - 好
[11:52.70]Hang two units of b-positive and make sure we have plenty on standby. 给她输2包B型阳性血 确定血源足够
[11:56.40]She's gonna exsanguinate if we don't move quickly,people.10-blade. 如果我们动作不够快 她就会失血过多 伙计们 10号刀
[12:05.20]Lisa lost a lot of blood, Lisa流了很多血
[12:07.00]we had to put the baby on oxygen, but they are both stable. 我们不得不给孩子输氧 但母子平安
[12:10.70]-Who's the father? -What? - 谁是孩子的父亲? - 什么?
[12:12.90]You said you sent off for the paternity test. 你说你会送去做亲子鉴定
[12:15.00]-Which one of us is the father? -Did lisa say anything, - 我们当中谁是孩子的父亲? - Lisa有说
[12:17.40]her decision about the baby? 要怎么处理孩子了吗?
[12:20.90]Lisa lost a lot of blood, Lisa流了很多血
[12:23.40]we had to put the baby on oxygen, but they are both stable. 我们不得不给孩子输氧 但母子平安
[12:27.30]I say it again 我又说了一遍
[12:28.80]because it seems like you didn't hear me the first time. 因为你们好象没有听明白
[12:31.60]They almost died.Lisa almost died. 她们差点就死了 Lisa差点就死了
[12:34.60]And so I didn't have time,what, with, um, trying to save her life, 所以我没时间 呃 在救她的命的时候
[12:38.90]to pause and check on the paternity test or ask her about the baby's future. 停下来做个亲子鉴定 问问她对孩子有什么打算
[12:43.40]What is wrong with you people? 你们这些家伙是怎么回事?
[12:46.50]-C-can--can we see the baby? -No. - 我们 能 能看看孩子吗? - 不行
[12:49.20]None of you go near lisa or the baby until I say so. 在我允许你们之前 谁也不能接近Lisa或是孩子
[12:51.90]The child is not a possession that you fight over. 那孩子不是可以争夺的所有物
[12:56.70]And by the way,not that you asked, 顺便告诉你们
[12:58.40]it's a girl--6 pounds, 9 ounces. 是个女孩 6磅9盎司(约5斤)
[13:20.30]I don't remember. 我想不起来
[13:22.40]Hey.We got it, the bleed. 嘿 我们找到了 那个出血点
[13:25.10]You're gonna be fine. 你会好起来的
[13:26.80]By the way, uh,you rocked that surgery. You spoke three languages. 顺便告诉你 你震惊了手术室 你能说3种语言
[13:31.50]I don't remember anything. 我什么事也不记得
[13:35.90]The surgery was sup-- 手术应该可以...
[13:39.40]I th--I thought I would... 我以为 我可以...
[13:44.40]what am I gonna do? 我该怎么办?
[13:46.10]What if... what if I never remember anything? 如果...如果我一辈子都记不起来呢?
[13:58.40]You sick, o'malley? 你不舒服吗 O'malley?
[14:01.20]You feel fine.Take an aspirin and get off my clean bed. 你没事 吃颗阿司匹林 从我干净的床上滚下去
[14:06.50]You been married a long time, right? 你结婚很长时间了 对吧?
[14:08.50]-O'malley, I do not have time to answer-- -did you have doubts... - O'malley 我没时间回答... - 你有没有对...
[14:13.20]about your marriage?I don't mean,uh, insecurities. 你的婚姻产生过动摇? 我不是说没有安全感
[14:16.30]I mean really serious doubts. 我是说 严肃认真地动摇过
[14:17.70]Dr. Bailey, I need you to sign this before I can discharge bed ten. Bailey医生 希望你签好这个 我好让10号床的出院
[14:20.50]No. He's supposed to get an I.V. Dose before discharge. 不行 他得打个点滴再出院
[14:23.80]Why don't people listen? 难道你们听不懂吗?
[14:31.30]Someday you'll have to explain to me how antibiotics actually work. 总有一天你得跟我解释一下 抗生素到底是什么东西
[14:34.40]They are miraculous. 它们太神奇了
[14:36.30]Good afternoon.Uh, dr. Bailey asked me to look in. 下午好 Bailey医生让我过来看看
[14:39.40]Everything looks good. 一切看起来都不错
[14:40.60]We are going to take you to radiology to get a central line 我们要带你去放射科做个中心静脉置管
[14:43.80]-to continue your I.V. Antibiotics outpatient. -Okay. - 继续注射静脉抗生素 - 好的
[14:50.30]Hey, will you show your dad the cafeteria? 嘿 能带你爸去逛逛自助餐厅吗?
[14:52.40]-Sure.We're on to you,you know? -What? - 当然 我们都听你的 - 什么?
[15:02.90]Dr. Bailey.I was...looking for some privacy, Bailey医生 我想...找点私人空间
[15:06.30]and, uh, I didn't think anyone would come looking for me down here.I apologize. 还有 我想没人会来这儿找我 抱歉
[15:11.10]No problem.Take your time. 没关系 请自便
[15:13.80]-Uh, dr. Bailey. -Yeah. - 呃 Bailey医生 - 恩
[15:17.00]Um, you've been married a long time now, right? 你结婚很长时间了 对吧?
[15:20.20]Do you think it matters if one person... 你认为其中一个...
[15:24.30]-is--is more ready? -O'malley! - 过于主动会有什么问题吗? - O'malley!
[15:29.50]-Yeah. -Come here. - 我在 - 过来
[15:34.60]-Yes. Hi, dr. Burke. -I want the two of you to talk to each other. - 是 你好 Burke医生 - 我想你们俩可以相互谈谈
[15:38.00]I want you to talk to each other and leave my marriage out of it. 我要你们俩自己谈谈 别把我的婚姻扯进去
[15:40.90]I also want you to leave my clinic out of it. 我还要你们别把我的诊所扯进去
[15:43.10]And by that, I mean get out. 也就是说 现在给我滚
[15:45.10]I need the space,I need the peace, I need the quiet, and I need it now. 我需要空间 我需要平静 我需要安静 我现在就要
[15:48.00]-Sorry. -Yeah, right, sorry. - 抱歉 - 是 没错 抱歉
[15:56.40]cooper, you're blocking the caffeine. Cooper 你挡着我喝咖啡了
[16:00.10]He's blocking the caffeine. 他挡着咖啡机了
[16:02.10]Cooper, if you move,I'll give you a cookie. Cooper 如果你挪开 我就给你块饼干
[16:04.40]hey, did something go wrong with lisa's surgery? 嘿 Lisa的手术出问题了吗?
[16:06.20]No, uh, we handled it.Addison--she is, 没有 我们处理得不错 Addison 她...
[16:08.70]pretty excellent.She's pretty excellent. 很厉害 她非常厉害
[16:14.40]okay, only because you've sighed twice... 好吧 你都叹了两声气了...
[16:17.00]what's the matter, cooper? 到底怎么了 Cooper?
[16:22.50]I don't go to hookers.I don't go to strip clubs. 我一不召妓 二不看脱衣舞
[16:24.90]I meet women on the internet that want to meet me. 我在网上结识愿意见我的女性
[16:28.00]So I like 'em a little younger and a little dirtier. 我希望她们年轻一点 淫荡一点
[16:31.30]Is that wrong? 难道这也错了?
[16:35.60]It's wrong? 错了?
[16:36.90]You need to meet a grown-up. 你得认识一个成年人
[16:38.30]You need to date someone your own age. 你得跟一个差不多年纪的约会
[16:39.40]Someone without a porny internet name and--and perhaps no criminal past. 一个没有色情网名的 没有前科的
[16:43.40]-A nice girl. -A viable girl. - 一个体面的好女孩 - 一个有盼头的女孩
[16:44.90]Someone with whom you can have a relationship. 一个你可以跟她发展发展的
[16:46.60]You're a respected doctor. 你是个受人尊敬的医生
[16:47.80]Go out in the real world,meet a woman your own age and ask her out. 去感受一下真实的世界 见见同年龄的女性 约她们出去
[16:51.70]Be a man, cooper. 做个男子汉 Cooper
[16:54.50]Be a man. 做个男子汉
[17:07.40]there you are. 你在这儿
[17:09.10]I just stopped by to see how lisa and the baby are doing. 我过来看看Lisa和孩子怎么样了
[17:15.80]-you okay? -Yeah. I just--I... - 你还好吧? - 是 我只是 我...
[17:19.70]I had a little too much surgery today.But I'm--I'm good. 我今天做了太多手术 但我很好
[17:25.70]you look good. 你看上去不错
[17:27.90]you look... beautiful. 你...很漂亮
[17:33.00]Sam told me that I had to stay away from you Sam告诉我得离你远点
[17:34.80]-because you're naomi's friend, but-- -stop it. - 因为你是Naomi的朋友 但... - 别说了
[17:36.80]-What? -You're flirting. - 什么? - 你在调情
[17:38.30]-What's wrong with flirting? -What's wrong with it? - 调情错了吗? - 错了吗?
[17:40.50]What's wrong? 错了
[17:42.40]What's wrong is that I don't have time for it. 因为我没精力对付这个
[17:45.10]I am... out of time. 我...没时间
[17:47.10]I missed my chance.And now I have two eggs left. 我错过了机会 现在我只剩下两个卵子了
[17:50.30]I might as well have no eggs left.I am egg-less. 我也可能没卵子了 我没卵子了
[17:54.50]Naomi says that she's dried up? I'm the one who's dried up. Naomi说她干涸了? 我才是干涸的那个
[17:57.10]I'm all barren and dried up. 我不孕又干涸
[17:59.30]And I have clearly been wasting my time on men. 显然我在男人身上浪费时间
[18:01.80]I mean, I might as well take up hobbies, 我是说 也许我可以培养个爱好
[18:04.00]like needlepoint or, um, collecting those little ceramic dolls, you know? 象绣绣花 或收集小陶器娃娃 你懂吗?
[18:08.20]Because that's what dried up women do. They do needlepoint. 因为那才是干涸的女人该做的 她们绣花
[18:11.70]They do not waste their time flirting with men who clearly just want to get laid. 她们才不浪费时间 跟那些到处播种的男人调情
[18:16.30]they do not waste their time... 她们决不能浪费时间...
[18:20.60]telling overly personal... 跟完全陌生的人...
[18:23.80]information about their eggs to total strangers. 说关于她们卵子的隐私
[18:27.10]Oh, my god. I'm sorry. 哦 我的老天 真是抱歉
[18:29.90]What are you doing? 你想干什么?
[18:33.00]I'm gonna kiss you. 我想吻你
[18:34.80]I'm gonna kiss you with tongue. 我想舌吻你
[18:37.80]I'm gonna kiss you so you feel it. 我想吻你 让你感受到
[18:40.80]Okay? 好吗?
[18:44.20]Okay. 好
[19:14.30]Why'd you do that? 你为什么这么做?
[19:16.90]To remind you... 提醒你...
[19:19.00]that you're not dried up. 你没有干涸
[19:24.20]If you need me to remind you again... 如果你想要我再次提醒你...
[19:27.70]let me know. 告诉我
[19:31.20]Okay. 好
[19:42.10]-when did the cramping start? -A little while ago. - 什么时候开始疼的? - 有一会儿了
[19:44.40]-What is it? Is it-- -probably nothing serious. - 是什么? 是... - 也许没什么关系
[19:46.70]It could just be a reaction to the antibiotics. 也许只是对抗生素的排斥
[19:48.60]We may have to switch to another one, but it may mean another night here. 我们可能得换一种 但得再留院观察一个晚上
[19:53.00]It's okay, it's okay. 没关系 没关系
[19:55.20]It's okay. 没关系
[20:03.00]Wait. 等等
[20:05.20]I know--I know that you think we're awful, 我知道 你认为我们是烂人
[20:07.30]and I think that we're awful. 我也认为我们是烂人
[20:09.70]I just, um... 我只是 呃...
[20:12.40]I just wanted a baby so badly. 我只是太想要个孩子了
[20:14.90]I just wanted a baby. 我只想要个孩子
[20:16.40]And I don't care who the father is, I don't care if the baby's mine. 我不在乎谁是孩子他爸 我也不在乎孩子是不是亲生的
[20:19.70]All that matters is the baby. Is--is she gonna be okay? 最主要的是孩子 她会好起来吧?
[20:24.00]Just tell me that she's gonna be okay. 请告诉我她会好起来的
[20:30.60]She's gonna be okay. 她会好起来
[20:35.20]Thank you. 谢谢你
[20:37.00]You're welcome. 不用谢
[20:46.00]-I hear callie's going to be a bridesmaid. -Yeah. - 我听说Callie要做伴娘 - 对
[20:51.90]Would you, um, 你会 呃...
[20:53.10]say that you were the one that needed more urging to get married? 说你是那个比较想结婚的吗?
[20:57.20]Oh, I hadn'T... 哦 我还没...
[20:59.20]really been thinking about it. 真正考虑过这事
[21:00.50]I--it just, uh, seemed like a good idea at the time. 只是在那时这个主意看上去不错
[21:06.40]You and cristina have been together for a while. 你和Cristina谈了好一阵子了
[21:08.40]You got married pretty fast. 你真是闪电结婚
[21:09.40]So in theory it's better to know someone pretty well. 所以理论上说 越了解对方
[21:11.90]-Way better than-- -still, no guarantees. - 就越... - 还是没什么保障
[21:16.20]I-I don'T... 我 我不...
[21:18.90]-believe in divorce. -Neither do I. - 想离婚 - 我也不想
[21:23.80]Is it possible... 你认为...
[21:25.80]do you think,to love two people... 有可能同时爱上...
[21:31.20]at the same time? 两个人吗?
[21:33.80]I, uh... 我 呃...
[21:36.20]I'm still hoping it's possible just to love one person. 我还是希望只能爱一个人
[21:41.70]Hey. 嘿
[21:42.80]So, uh, it's not gonna be too weird, right? 不会太奇怪吧 对吧?
[21:45.10]-Me as a bridesmaid? -No, no, it's fine. - 我做伴娘? - 不不 很好
[21:46.90]-'Cause I can tell cristina-- -I said it's fine. - 也许我可以跟Cristina说 - 我说了很好
[21:48.70]-Really, no worries. -So, um... - 真的 别担心 - 所以 呃...
[21:52.30]did george tell you he's thinking about transferring to mercy west? George告诉你他考虑调到西慈医院了吗?
[21:54.70]Yeah. Sounds like a good idea. 说了 听上去不错
[21:58.80]-So we're fine? -Oh, we are. Fine. - 很好? - 是 很好
[22:03.40]Hey, that last dress was okay, wasn't it? 嘿 最后一条裙子不错 对吧?
[22:06.37]I mean, it was too tight and I couldn't breathe, but... 我是说 它太紧了 我都不能呼吸了 但...
[22:10.15]- A wedding's just one day, right? - Yeah. - 结婚只要一天 对吧? - 对
[22:12.05]- Yeah. - Yeah. - 对 - 对
[22:15.49]Yeah. 对
[22:17.16]Santa Monica 圣莫尼卡
[22:18.80]We got Paul’s M.R.I. back, Paul的核磁共振结果出来了
[22:20.96]and I've consulted with dr. Straley at sloan-kettering. 我去咨询了癌症中心的Straley医生
[22:24.52]We found a tumor on your adrenal gland.All right? 我们在你的肾上腺发现一个肿瘤
[22:27.25]It sits right on top of the kidney, 正好在肾脏上方
[22:28.58]and it's what's been causing your low sex drive. 这正是你性欲冷谈的原因
[22:32.23]So it wasn't me? He's got a condition. 所以不是因为我? 是因为他
[22:35.33]A-a tumor, that's not too... 肿瘤 那不是太...
[22:38.90]You can treat that, right? 你们能治好 对吧?
[22:41.65]These tumors are usually aggressive and found late 这些肿瘤往往是具有侵略性 发现很迟
[22:44.51]because the symptoms are so subtle. 因为症状非常微弱
[22:47.54]what is that mean? 什么意思?
[22:48.91]Treatment is difficult and risky, 治疗很困难 而且很冒险
[22:51.34]but there is hope. 但希望还是有的
[22:54.11]Oh, my god, honey, I can't believe I yelled at you. 哦 老天 亲爱的 我还对你大喊大叫
[22:57.25]I'm so sorry. 真是对不起
[22:59.29]It's all right, honey. It's okay. 没关系 亲爱的 没关系
[23:00.76]No, I'm horrible.I'm so sorry. I love you so much. 不 我太可怕了 我真抱歉 我太爱你了
[23:23.89]Hello? 喂?
[23:27.87]Hello? 喂?
[23:32.06]Are you there... 你在吗...
[23:34.54]Elevator god? 电梯之神?
[23:37.34]It's me, Addison. 是我 Addison
[23:40.21]What? 什么?
[23:41.83]- Hi. - Hi. - 你好 - 你好
[23:44.75]Okay, look, you may be a figment of my imagination, 好吧 也许你只是我的想象
[23:47.70]or maybe I'm going completely insane, 或许我已经精神错乱了
[23:50.60]I don't know.Or maybe... 我不知道 或许...
[23:52.82]This is payback for my crimes on some ginormous karmic level, I don't know. 这是我最大的报应 我不知道
[23:57.20]I just... 我只是...
[23:59.41]I just want to tell you I'm sorry for yelling at you. 我只是想告诉你我很抱歉对你大喊大叫
[24:06.14]Okay? 好吗?
[24:08.85]Okay. 好的
[24:14.63]Well... 那么...
[24:16.57]Bye. 再见
[24:21.98]I am such a screwup... 我搞砸了...
[24:24.90]In my life. 我的人生
[24:26.69]Up until now, I have been really great at one thing. 直到现在 我只擅长一件事
[24:30.78]I am great... 做...
[24:33.66]At being Paul’s wife. Paul的好妻子
[24:35.64]And I thought he didn't want me anymore. 我以为他不要我了
[24:37.32]I thought--I was sure that he was in love with somebody else. 我以为 我确信他爱上别人了
[24:40.70]Of course you were. 你当然会了
[24:42.91]I lied to Paul. 我对Paul撒了谎
[24:46.82]I was with a man that night that I didn't come home. 那天我没回家 是跟一个男人在一起
[24:53.69]I didn't even find him that attractive. 我甚至不觉得他很迷人
[24:55.28]I just told myself that I wasn't gonna settle for being alone, you know? 我只是告诉自己我不想孤孤单单 你知道吗?
[24:59.38]Kathy, you were reacting to what was in front of you. Kathy 你只是对现实做出反应罢了
[25:03.12]There was no way you could know what was really going on. 你不可能知道到底出了什么事
[25:06.05]What do I do now? 我现在该怎么办?
[25:16.24]You do what you're great at. 做你擅长的事
[25:19.39]You love your husband. 爱你的丈夫
[25:28.25]You're gonna have to tell me that a lot, okay? 你要常常提醒我 好吗?
[25:31.75]Okay. 好的
[25:37.76]Hey, everyone else is gone. I was heading out. 嘿 其他人都走了 我也要出去
[25:40.83]Uh, unless-- 呃 除非...
[25:42.36]I was gonna get some food. You want something? 我去找点吃的 你要吗?
[25:45.82]Oh... No.I... 哦...不 我...
[25:48.30]I ate. Thanks for asking. 我吃过了 谢谢
[25:52.71]Another night? 改天吗?
[25:55.76]- Dell, are you-- - asking you out on a date?Yes. - Dell 你在... - 约你出去? 对
[25:57.84]- You can't ask me out. - Yes, I can. - 你不能约我出去 - 不 我可以
[26:00.06]- No, you can't. - I asked. - 不 你不能 - 我已经约了
[26:02.02]You're--you're a fetus. 你还是 还是个孩子
[26:05.07]You could be my fetus. 你都可以做我儿子了
[26:07.11]Coo coo cachoo, Mrs. Robinson. Coo coo cachoo Robinson夫人 (电影<毕业生>中的歌词)
[26:08.94]You can't use "the graduate" as a defense. 你不能拿<毕业生>当借口
[26:11.48]You can't use a movie made before you were born as a defense. 你不能拿你出生前的电影当借口
[26:14.27]Go out with me. 跟我出去约会
[26:16.44]I like you, and you like me. 我喜欢你 你也喜欢我
[26:24.51]- Dell. - Yeah. - Dell - 在
[26:28.91]Never gonna happen. 永远不可能
[26:44.20]I'm starting to think L.A. Is like new york, but with a beach. 我开始把洛杉矶看作纽约 只是多了一个海滩
[26:48.07]Why do you think we moved here? 你想我们为什么搬到这儿?
[26:50.98]Uh, Pete. 呃 Pete
[26:52.93]Uh, isn't it time for you to get some refills? 呃 是不是该你去拿酒了?
[26:55.62]Thanks. Thanks, buddy. 谢谢 谢谢 兄弟
[27:03.18]Okay, pete is my friend, don't get me wrong, but-- 好了 Pete是我朋友 别会错意 但...
[27:06.97]why are you warning me about him? 你为什么要警告我?
[27:08.39]What, is he like a serial killer? Is he a felon? 他看上去象个连环杀手? 还是他是个重罪犯?
[27:10.96]Is he sesecretly my ex-husband's best friend? 还是他是我前夫的"秘密好友"?
[27:14.52]His wife died eight years ago. 他妻子8年前去世了
[27:17.74]- Now I feel shallow. - No, it's just... - 我发现我真肤浅 - 不 只是...
[27:20.81]He can't connect with women. 他没办法跟女性有所发展
[27:22.87]He's a good man, but if you want someone who's gonna be there, 他是个好人 但如果你找个人依靠
[27:26.35]then Pete's not that guy. 那就不会是Pete
[27:30.38]- You ready? - Yeah, good. - 你准备好了? - 对 很好
[27:41.33]This is nice, huh? 很不错 对吧?
[27:44.19]- It is. - Yeah. - 对 - 对
[27:53.90]No, no. Oh, no. 不 不 哦 不
[27:55.63]- What? - That's not nice. - 什么? - 那可不好
[27:57.18]- Oh, you s-- - hold it, hold it, hold on. - 哦 你... - 打住 打住 打住
[27:58.86]You said, "be a man." 你说 "做个男子汉"
[27:59.66]Oh, cooper, I commend you. 哦 Cooper 我欣赏你
[28:01.91]You're making an effort. But I'm--I'm-- 你有了点进步 但我 我...
[28:04.14]but I'm your friend. 但我是你朋友
[28:05.59]You can't be a man with your friend. 你不能对你朋友出手
[28:08.95]- Isn't that settling? - Kinda, yeah. - 不是这样吗? - 是吧 对
[28:15.06]- Yes. - Okay. - 对 - 好
[28:16.69]- Settling. - Great. - 是这样 - 好极了
[28:17.91]- Thank you, yes. - But we're good? - 谢谢 没错 - 我们还是好朋友?
[28:19.30]- We're very good. - Okay. - 我们是好朋友 - 好
[28:23.85]Hey, ex-best friend. 嘿 前好友
[28:25.29]- Hey, ex-husband. - You are drunk. - 嘿 前夫 - 你醉了
[28:27.59]Ten more minutes, and I start dancing, and I require company. 再十分钟 我要跳舞 我要人陪
[28:35.73]I don't think I've ever seen her drunk before. 我想我还没见她喝醉过
[28:39.60]Sam... Sam...
[28:44.56]Did you cheat on her? 你是不是有外遇?
[28:46.71]Over the years, there have been temptations, 几年里 总有些诱惑
[28:50.32]but, no... 但 没有...
[28:52.62]I didn't. 我没有
[28:53.42]Was there a lot of fighting or... 经常吵架 还是...
[28:57.05]Hardly ever. 几乎没有
[29:00.28]Honestly... 老实说...
[29:03.38]It was bad, what I did. 我做了很糟的事
[29:08.12]I have no good reason. 我无从解释
[29:11.72]I woke up one day... 某一天我醒来
[29:14.43]And I couldn't do it anymore. 然后我就再也不能待下去了
[29:17.55]It wasn't even a choice. 甚至都没有犹豫过
[29:21.68]I had a thought... 只是有了个想法...
[29:24.37]Next thing you know... 接着
[29:26.86]I'm burning it all down. 我就把什么都搞砸了
[29:29.63]I left her. 我抛弃了她
[29:33.02]I don't know why. 我不知道为什么
[29:36.63]I don't know why. 我不知道为什么
[29:39.24]- What kind of a person does that? - Hell if I know. - 什么人会那么做? - 你问我我问谁
[29:43.44]And I did it, too. 而且我也那么做过
[29:51.72]So I ran into Allan... At whole foods. 后来我遇到Allan... 在Whole Foods超市
[29:54.77]Wanna hear something funny? 想听笑话吗?
[29:57.22]He said he didn't believe in marriage, that marriage wasn't for him. 他说他不相信婚姻 婚姻就是他的坟墓
[30:00.72]But I guess that was wrong, because it only took him four months. 但我想他错了 因为才过了四个月
[30:05.62]Four months after we broke up, he got married, 我们分手四个月后 他结婚了
[30:08.63]to someone who can't be more than 25 years old. 娶了一个不到25岁的姑娘
[30:11.93]Isn't that funny? 好笑吧?
[30:29.30]It heads off rejection. 这样免得被拒绝
[30:32.39]What? 什么?
[30:34.09]That's why I like the internet. 所以我热爱因特网
[30:36.43]I can't stand the... 我不能忍受...
[30:39.32]It's horrible, being rejected. 被拒绝的话 太可怕了
[30:42.90]It is. 是啊
[30:56.20]Preston, I thought you had a late surgery. Preston 我以为你晚上还要做手术呢
[31:04.21]You know all that... 你知道那些...
[31:06.54]"I trust you" crap? "我相信你"之类的废话吗?
[31:08.36]You've been pulling that on me since I was this high. 从我这么高的时候 你就一直唠叨这些鬼话
[31:10.57]- Preston, language. - No. - Preston 不准说粗话 - 不
[31:13.82]"I trust you" is code for "learn from your mistakes." "我相信你"就代表着 "从你的错误中吸取教训"
[31:18.95]This is not a mistake. 这不是错误
[31:20.14]- I never said it was a mistake. - Cristina never knows - 我也从没说过那是错误 - Cristina永远不知道...
[31:23.81]what's good for her. That's who she is. 什么对她好 她就是这样的人
[31:25.97]- Preston-- - she hates change. - Preston... - 她厌恶改变
[31:28.67]I lead. I have to. 那我就带头 我必须带头
[31:31.02]And then she's grateful. 然后她就很开心
[31:32.20]That's how it was with dating, with moving in. 我们就是这么开始约会 然后同居的
[31:34.95]Then I'm pleased for you. 我为你高兴
[31:37.44]Look, I am going to make her happy, mama. 听着 我想让她快乐 妈妈
[31:40.83]The wedding is a huge step, 结婚是件大事
[31:42.25]and she's being a great sport. You know why? 她已经很努力了 你知道为什么吗?
[31:44.21]Because she will be happy someday. 因为终有一天她会幸福的
[31:48.44]If you are so sure... 如果你这么确信...
[31:51.29]Why are you yelling at me? 为什么还对我大喊大叫?
[32:01.57]What happened? 发生什么事了?
[32:02.88]She's septic. 她有败血症
[32:03.88]The sooner we can get her to an O.R., The sooner we can help her. 越早送她到手术室 越早能救她
[32:05.98]- Let's move.Move. - Richard, what--what happened? - 让开 让开 - Richard 什...什么情况?
[32:07.71]Extremely rare complication. 非常罕见的并发症
[32:08.99]Toxic mega colon with a perforation. 巨结肠中毒 并发穿孔
[32:11.01]Can you get your dad out of this room, please? 让你爸爸出去 好吗?
[32:12.24]This fast? How could-- 这么快? 怎么...
[32:13.74]sometimes it progresses this rapidly. Very rarely, but sometimes. 有时这个过程就是很快 非常罕见 但确实会有
[32:16.98]We booked an O.R. 已经预定手术室了
[32:17.75]You're going into surgery right now? I-I didn't sign a consent form. 你们马上就要动手术吗? 我...我都没签知情同意书
[32:20.87]She needs surgery right now, Thatcher. Not tomorrow, not later today. 她需要立刻手术 Thatcher 等不到明天 也等不到晚些时候
[32:24.44]- Right now. - Thatcher. - 立刻! - Thatcher
[32:25.60]- Honey, listen-- - we need you to stay back, okay? - 亲爱的 听着 - 你得待在这儿 好吗?
[32:36.61]You're gonna be okay. This happens. 你没事的 肯定会没事的
[32:38.44]You're gonna be okay. 你没事的
[32:40.29]We're losing her pulse she's coding. 她快没脉搏了!
[32:42.09]Okay, let's go. Let's move.Move. 好了 我们开始 快点 干活!
[32:51.48]She's okay, huh? 她没事 嗯哈?
[32:53.52]I mean, after all she went through, she still looks pretty awesome. 我是说 她经历了这么多依然很漂亮
[32:57.69]Lisa, we need to know what you want to do with the baby. Lisa 我们要知道你想怎么处理这个孩子
[33:01.37]Carol-- she wants this so bad. Carol 她想得这么急啊
[33:03.64]This is about what you want. 现在决定权在你手上
[33:06.60]We did find out the paternity. 我们确实查清了父子关系
[33:07.97]No, no. I don't wanna know. 不 不 我不想知道
[33:12.40]She's awesome, though. 她这么漂亮
[33:15.77]You don't have to decide right now. 你不需要马上决定
[33:17.66]No. I know what I want to do. 不 我知道我要干嘛
[33:24.73]Lisa gave the baby to carol. Lisa把孩子给了Carol
[33:26.59]On the condition they'd all be part of her life. 条件是他们都要成为孩子生命中的一部分
[33:28.95]So it turns out the baby will have three dads anyway. 所以这个孩子将有三个爸爸
[33:31.52]- And two moms. - Lisa did a good thing. - 和两个妈妈 - Lisa做了件好事
[33:34.50]They look happy. 他们看上去很幸福
[33:37.94]They look like a family. 就像一家人
[34:08.56]- Izzie, look-- - look, I don't want you to go. - Izzie 听着... - 听着 我不要你走
[34:10.65]To mercy west-- I don't want you... 去西慈医院 我不要你走...
[34:13.79]It's not fair. 这不公平
[34:17.96]I know we can't help what happened, and I know that we didn't... 我知道事已至此 我也知道我们没有...
[34:22.34]I stood in that bridal shop with your wife, 我和你老婆站在婚纱店里
[34:24.94]and I smiled and I talked, and I felt like... 我笑着 说着 我觉得...
[34:30.83]It's not fair. 这不公平
[34:32.89]I don't want you to go to mercy west because I'm losing my best friend, 我不要你去西慈医院 因为我最好的朋友要离我而去
[34:35.71]and it's not fair. 这不公平
[34:39.89]It's just not fair. 就是不公平
[35:17.97]We can't. 我们不能
[35:20.29]I know. 我知道
[35:24.11]Hey. I was looking for you. 嗨 我正在找你
[35:26.13]You ready to go? 准备走了吗?
[35:35.01]A lot of folks would kill for what you have, you know? 一大帮人想像你一样呢 你知道吗...
[35:37.74]A clean slate. 有一段清白历史
[35:40.47]So you don't remember? So what? 你想不起来? 那又如何?
[35:44.16]You'll make new memories. 你会有新的回忆
[35:46.37]Oh, wow. Look at that. 哇哦 看那个
[35:49.02]It's so beautiful. 真漂亮
[35:55.60]How can you be so... 你怎么能这么...
[35:58.63]You're so good with me. 对我这么好
[36:01.65]What's wrong with you that you can't be this good with someone you have feelings for? 你为什么在面对对你有好感的人时 不能这么好?
[36:07.11]What happened to you, Alex? 你怎么回事啊 Alex?
[36:17.49]Maybe I don't remember. So what? 也许我想不起来了 那又怎样?
[36:56.92]W-we did everything... We could. 我... 我们竭尽...全力了
[37:13.62]You--you said it was really simple 你... 你说这手术很简单
[37:16.48]and that it was this... 而这就是...
[37:18.40]Small thing. 简单吗?
[37:19.87]- It was. - She had the hiccups. - 以前是的... - 她只是打嗝
[37:25.95]She came here... 她来这儿...
[37:27.82]Because-- because she trusted you. 是因为... 因为她信任你
[37:31.66]I trusted you. 我相信你
[37:35.44]- Meredith, just stop...Okay, just stop. - No, don't.Don't. - Meredith 停下...停下 - 不 别这样
[37:39.50]At some point, maybe we accept that the dream has become a nightmare. 某种程度上 也许我们要接受 美梦会变成噩梦的事实
[37:45.73]She had the hiccups. 她打嗝
[37:50.32]Oh, god. The hiccups. 哦 上帝 打嗝
[38:02.73]They've left. It's just us. 他们都走了 只剩我们了
[38:06.18]Oh, thank god. Ohh. 哦 感谢上帝 哦
[38:19.47]- I got a dress. - Yeah? - 我买了件裙子 - 是吗?
[38:24.40]You happy? 你快乐吗?
[38:27.84]Yeah. Are you...Happy? 是啊 你呢...快乐吗?
[38:33.68]Yeah. 是啊
[38:39.58]We tell ourselves the reality is better. 我们告诉自己现实更好
[38:47.53]Limes! 酸橙来了!
[38:48.95]- Limes. - Limes. 酸橙!
[38:50.16]So what are we drinking to this time? 这次喝酒为了什么?
[38:52.20]Friends. Crappy friends. 朋友 蹩脚的朋友
[38:55.17]Family. Crappy family. 家人 蹩脚的家人
[39:03.06]Again? 再来?
[39:04.65]- Again. - Again. - 再来 - 再来
[39:07.94]Who wants another? 谁想再来一杯?
[39:21.88]We convince ourselves it's better that we never dream at all. 我们说服自己宁愿从来没有过梦
[39:26.76]But the strongest of us, the most determined of us, 但我们最坚强的 最有魄力的...
[39:31.08]we hold on to the dream. 则是抱有梦想
[39:33.13]You're ugly and old. 你真是又丑又老
[39:34.97]I'll miss you, too. 我也会想你的
[39:37.00]Okay. 好吧
[39:42.61]There is an empty office. 那儿有间空的办公室
[39:45.31]Don't tempt me. 别勾引我
[39:46.95]Think about it. 考虑一下啊
[39:50.64]Or we find ourselves faced with a fresh dream we never considered. 或者我们发现自己 面对着一个从未想过的新梦想
[39:57.40]Hold the door. 等一下
[39:59.73]We awake to find ourselves... 我们意识到自己...
[40:02.83]Against all odds... 一反常态地...
[40:06.24]Feeling hopeful. 充满希望
[40:08.58]This is gonna sound... 这好像有点...
[40:11.09]When no one else is around, the elevator kind of, uh... 当身边空无一人 这电梯就有点...
[40:16.85]Talks to me. 像在跟我对话一样
[40:20.60]- Hi, Tilly. - Hey, Pete. - 嗨 Tilly - 嗨 Pete
[40:24.23]That's Tilly. 那是Tilly
[40:25.42]She works security. The camera is right there. 她负责安保 摄像头在那儿
[40:30.07]Oh. 哦
[40:34.97]Hello, Tilly. 你好 Tilly
[40:36.72]Hey, I get my kicks wherever I can. 嗨 我能随时随地满足我的好奇心
[40:41.46]- You goin' home? - Yeah... - 你回家? - 是啊
[40:44.38]Home. 回家
[40:46.13]You get what you came for? 你来干嘛?
[40:48.58]I honestly... 说真的
[40:50.81]Don't know. 我也不知道
[40:54.40]Do you want me to kiss you again? 你想我再吻你一次吗?
[40:58.48]I think... 我想...
[41:00.90]Not. 算了吧
[41:02.43]Because of the elevators where you come from? 是因为你乘坐的电梯吗?
[41:04.04]Those horny, aphrodisiac elevators? 那些淫荡的 催情的电梯?
[41:07.91]Yeah, that, and, um... 哦 那个...嗯...
[41:10.06]I'm not interested, so... 我没兴趣 所以...
[41:12.80]Oh. 哦
[41:25.51]You're interested. 你是有兴趣的
[41:29.70]And if we're lucky, we realize... 如果幸运的话 我们会意识到...
[41:33.32]In the face of everything, in the face of life... 面对人生 面对一切
[41:41.89]The true dream... 那个真实的梦...
[41:45.69]Is being able to dream at all. 正在从容上演
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