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[00:00.09]Previously on "grey's anatomy"... "外科女实习生"前情提要...
[00:02.02]- You're gonna transfer to mercy west? - I have to. - 你要转到西慈医院? - 我别无选择
[00:04.96]Give me my husband back. 把我的丈夫还给我
[00:06.57]- Cxief resident? - The one fifth year resident that rules all residents. - 住院总? - 管所有住院病人
[00:09.74]Your intern exams are in two weeks. 离你们的实习生考试只有两星期了
[00:11.52]You need to spend every available minute studying for them. 你们要争分夺秒 努力学习
[00:14.28]What happened to our small ceremony? 我们商量好的小型仪式呢?
[00:16.27]What happened you and me at city hall? 不是说好了只有我俩在市政厅注册的么?
[00:18.59]There's no guarantee the surgery's gonna bring back your memory. 不能保证手术就能让你重拾记忆
[00:20.92]- Is there a man in my house? - I'm so sorry,richard. - 房子里是不是有别的男人? - 很抱歉 Richard
[00:24.07]And I'm finally ready to have a baby, and I can't. 我终于想要个孩子 却再也不行了
[00:26.43]We're losing her pulse.She's coding! 她快没有脉搏了 她心跳停止了!
[00:28.41]We did everything we could. 我们已经尽力了
[00:40.12]A surgeon's education never ends. 外科医生的教育从没有结尾
[00:43.52]Every patient,every symptom,every operation... 每个病人 每个病例 每个手术...
[00:47.66]Is a test,a chance for us to demonstrate how much we know... 都是测试 也是我们展现自己所学...
[00:52.54]And how much more we have to learn. 和还有多少需要学习的机会
[00:55.38]- How do you treat pancreatic divisum?Izzie? - Oh,cristina. - 如何治疗胰腺分裂? Izzie? - 哦 Cristina
[00:59.38]If you're not gonna let us sleep,you at least have to let me put coffee in my cup. 如果你不想让我们睡觉 至少也要让我倒完这杯咖啡
[01:02.54]- Okay,so go.No one's stopping you. - I'm too tired to go. - 好吧 你去吧 没人拦着你 - 我懒得动了
[01:05.39]Pancreatic divisum. 胰腺分裂
[01:06.39]- Dorsal duct sphincterotomy. - Not your turn,but correct.You do me. - 脊管括约肌切开术 - 没轮到你 不过答对了 你问我
[01:10.52]I can't believe o'malley's missing this. How's he gonna be ready? 不敢相信O'malley错过了这些卡片 他打算怎么准备
[01:12.66]Oh,you're kidding,right? 哦 你不是开玩笑吧?
[01:13.86]- We have callie's cards,but george has- - George has callie. - 我们有Callie的复习卡 但George有... - George有Callie
[01:18.22]What's the most frequent cause of diarrhea in hospitalized patients? 导致住院病人痢疾的通常原因是什么?
[01:21.16]Is she coming to this bachelorette thing tonight? 她还参加单身女子聚会么?
[01:22.78]Rotavirus.Yes.Uh,no!No,no,no.Uh,salmonella. 轮状病毒 呃...不不不 沙门氏菌
[01:25.82]Diarrhea in hospitalized patients. 是住院病人患痢疾
[01:27.93]The most frequent cause of diarrhea in hospitalized patients is C.Diff 住院病人痢疾的通常原因是梭状芽孢杆菌
[01:32.01]Which can lead to toxic megacolon, perforation,sepsis and death. 可以导致中毒性巨结肠症 穿孔 脓血症 甚至死亡
[01:37.52]That's what killed susan. 这就是Susan的死因
[01:43.68]- Is she okay? - Oh,she's fine. - 她还好么? - 哦 她挺好的
[01:45.90]- Dude,she's messed up. - Of course she's messed up. - 伙计 她心情很糟 - 她当然心情很糟
[01:48.43]Susan was basically her surrogate mother. Susan可以算她的继母
[01:50.27]Yeah,her fake mom was better than her real mom. 是啊 她继母比她亲妈都好
[01:52.86]Is she going to the hospital first or the funeral? 她先去医院还是先去葬礼?
[01:54.97]First to the hospital,then to the funeral, then to the test this afternoon. 先去医院 再去葬礼 下午再来考试
[01:59.26]- Has she even studied? - Yeah,she studied.She's fine. - 她复习了么? - 复习了 她挺好的
[02:01.42]She just needs to be left alone,okay? So what's inside the carotid sheath?Izzie? 她只需要单独待会儿 颈动脉鞘内有什么?Izzie?
[02:07.11]The internal carotid artery,the internal jugular vein and the vagus nerve. 颈内动脉 颈内静脉和交感神经
[02:11.06]Ah,that was too easy.Let's find you a hard one. 唉 那个太简单了 等我换个难的
[02:14.57]- Uh,what is this? - Uh,what is what? - 这是什么? - 嗯...什么?
[02:21.30]Oh,yeah.That just came this morning. 哦 今天早上寄来的
[02:22.89]You got... You got a spot at mercy west! Why--why didn't you tell me? 你...你申请了西慈医院的职位! 那你怎么不告诉我?
[02:26.41]Because it's pending the results of the intern exam. 因为还要等实习考试的结果
[02:29.03]Oh,you know what this means,don't you? 你知道这意味着什么 对么?
[02:30.97]- You,you got,you got into mercy west you got into mercy west - I haven't told the chief yet. - 你要进入西慈医院了... - 我还没告诉主任
[02:36.54]You'll tell him today.He'll understand. 你今天告诉他 他会理解的
[02:39.89]It's a smaller program,fewer residents... Fewer distractions,more surgeries. 那是个小医院 医生少... 诱惑少 手术多
[02:45.46]And when I come home and ask you how your day went, 我回来后要告诉我你是怎么过的
[02:49.79]you can actually tell me because I won't already know. 你要说清楚 我可不会未卜先知
[03:13.90]- Hi. - Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨
[03:19.59]Look,I... I know this is a- - an impossible day for you 嗯...今天对你来说太残酷了
[03:25.30]So...I'm just want to say one thing. 所以...我只说一件事
[03:30.42]- I brought a black suit,just in case. - Thank you. - 我买了一件黑礼服 以防万一 - 谢了
[03:35.15]But I think this is something I need to do by myself. 但我想我应该自己来
[03:46.24]If you need me,just... Let me know. 如果需要...尽管告诉我
[03:52.64]- Oh,cristina. - What is M.E.N.Syndrome?" Don't answer that. - 哦 Cristina - 什么是M.E.N.综合症?别告诉我
[03:55.56]The minister needs to see a copy of your vows before the wedding. 牧师在婚礼前需要知道你的誓言
[03:57.93]Multiple endocrine neoplasia.Yes. 多发性内分泌腺瘤综合征 没错
[04:01.05]Look,I know it's test day,and I'm not supposed to be talking about the wedding on test day 我知道今天考试 我不应该在这时说婚礼这事
[04:04.96]- But since tomorrow's our wedding day- - You have five seconds.Go. - 但明天是我们的婚礼... - 给你5秒 开始
[04:09.41]Bill adams can't make it.I have no best man. Bill Adams来不了 我没有伴郎
[04:12.49]Oh,no.Baby,I'm so sorry. 宝贝 真遗憾啊
[04:14.21]- And I need your vows by- - Okay,time's up. - 所以我需要你的誓言... - 够了 时间到
[04:16.91]- Cristina... - Test day. - Cristina... - 今天考试
[04:20.48]- What am I supposed to tell the minister? - Test day. - 我该怎么跟牧师说? - 今天考试
[04:26.45]They paged you guys,too? 他也呼叫你们了?
[04:28.27]- Well,I think they paged all of us. - That can't be good. - 估计他呼叫所有人了 - 也许不是什么好事
[04:30.55]Sure it can.He could be letting us know I won the race for chief. 肯定是好事 他会告诉我们 我赢得了主任的职位
[04:33.84]Not today,he isn't. 今天还不会
[04:34.92]He's making his recommendation to the board tomorrow for chief of surgery and chief resident. 他明天向董事会推荐主任和住院总
[04:39.22]Why were we all paged? 那为什么我们都被呼叫了?
[04:40.46]Oh,because search and rescue found those lost climbers who were up on mount rainier. 因为搜救队发现了来尼尔山失踪的登山者
[04:44.26]- People,the climbers are on their way. - Any specifics? - 伙计们 登山者正在送过来 - 具体情况呢?
[04:46.85]They found only three so far. One's still missing. 目前只找到了三个 有一个还是没找到
[04:48.83]They're reporting severe dehydration with traumatic head and chest injuries. 他们严重脱水并伴有头部外伤和胸腔受伤
[04:53.00]Dr.Bailey,Dr.Torres,you'll be my trauma team. Bailey医生 Torres医生 你们加入外伤组
[04:55.66]- Bad day not to have interns. - What? - 没有实习生真糟糕 - 什么?
[04:58.14]Today's the intern exam. 今天是实习医师的考试
[04:59.17]You'll all have to do your own heavy lifting today. 你们必须做好各自繁重的工作
[05:01.49]And if you see an intern, which you will, 如果你看到实习医生 你肯定能碰到
[05:03.33]because they can't help themselves, turn them away until after the exam. 因为他们控制不住 让他们赶紧回去考试
[05:06.86]The ambulances are five minutes away. It's time to do what we do best,people.Let's roll. 救护车还有五分钟就到 是我们尽力的时候了 开始吧
[05:10.41]- What is a gerota's fascia? - Uh,the fascia surrounding the kidney. - 什么是肾筋膜? - 嗯 缠绕在肾脏上的膜
[05:15.14]- Which is longer,the left or the right renal vein? - That's right.The left one. - 肾脏的左静脉更长还是右静脉更长? - 当然是左静脉
[05:19.73]- Looks and smarts-- not bad. - You think? - 漂亮又聪明 不错 - 你这么认为?
[05:22.43]She's got my dad's nose,though. 可她长了和我父亲一样的鼻子
[05:23.94]Girl's gotta have a big personality to pull off that nose. 女孩子总想摆脱那样的鼻子
[05:27.90]- What? - You--you remember your dad? - 怎么了? - 你...你记得你爸爸了?
[05:32.04]No.I don't--no. 不 我没有 不
[05:34.11]- You just said- - I know,but I... I have no idea where that came from. - 可你刚刚说... - 可我...我不知道那是从哪冒出来的
[05:37.84]That was a memory.That's what it's like sometimes. 那就是记忆 有时会这样的
[05:40.11]It doesn't always come back all at once. It can happen in bits and pieces. 它不会立刻全部恢复 而是片段性恢复的
[05:42.79]- Don't--don't get all- - Dude,your memory's coming back. - 不要 不要一直... - 伙计 你开始恢复记忆了
[05:54.48]- So how you feelin',preston?You ready? - I'm always ready for surgery. - 感觉怎样 Preston?准备好了么? - 我时刻准备着手术
[05:57.58]- I think he's talking about the wedding. - Yeah,tomorrow's the big day. - 他是问你的婚礼吧 - 是啊 明天是大喜之日
[06:00.77]And apart from the fact that cristina hasn't written her vows, 除了Cristina还没有写誓言
[06:03.17]- My best man just canceled,and it's still raining... - He's not ready. - 伴郎来不了了 而且还在下雨... - 他还没准备好
[06:07.13]You're never ready.I certainly wasn't. 你总也准备不好 很遗憾我也这样
[06:10.60]But then... The minute I saw adele coming down that aisle... 但当我看到Adele从走廊下来的时候...
[06:16.98]Well... Have you picked your best man? 你又选伴郎了么?
[06:22.38]- Actually,chief,I- - You can't be his best man. - 实际上 主任... - 你不能当他的伴郎
[06:24.40]- Why not? - Because it's unethical. - 为什么? - 这缺乏职业道德
[06:26.01]It's a conflict of interest. The man wants to be chief of surgery. 因为这违背大众利益 他也竞争主任的职位了
[06:28.14]- Actually,derek- - Not that that's why you're asking. - 实际上 Derek... - 这不是你请主任的原因吧
[06:31.31]- I was... Going to ask you. - Ask me what? - 我...我想请你的 - 请我什么?
[06:39.71]Really?We have been through a lot this year. 真的? 今年我们经历了不少了
[06:42.56]And everybody else turned you down. 别人都拒绝了你
[06:45.16]Oh,what do I have to do? 我要做什么呢?
[06:46.79]Well,traditionally the best man plans the bachelor party. 通常伴郎要筹办单身汉舞会
[06:49.80]- Drinks at joe's after work? - Yeah. - 下班后在Joe那喝一杯怎么样? - 好啊
[06:51.93]I knew you were the man for the job. 就知道你合适干这个
[06:58.48]Dale winick,32,B.P.90 over 50,tachy to 110. Dale winick 32岁 低压50 高压90 心律接近110
[07:02.20]Severe frostbite,but no obvious internal injuries. 严重冻伤 但是没有明显的内伤
[07:04.73]- Got it. - My god. - 知道了 - 天啊
[07:07.64]Yeah,those aren't gloves. 嗯 那不是手套
[07:18.20]Grey's Anatomy Season 03 Episode 24 外科女实习生 第三季 第24集
[07:19.42]Please someone tell me this guy is ok 拜托谁告诉我他没事
[07:21.71]They're right behind you.We'll let you know. 情况就摆在眼前 我们会让你知道的
[07:23.54]Get him a tet-tox and push a gram of cefazolin I.V. 给他接种破伤风疫苗 再注射一克先锋霉素5号
[07:25.64]And let's get some warm,circulating water to start thawing his hands. 先弄些流动的温水给他的手解冻
[07:28.50]I'll get someone on it.Callie. 我会叫人做的 Callie
[07:31.18]We're supposed to be studying. If bailey finds out we're down here-- 我们应该去学习 如果Bailey发现我们站在这...
[07:33.33]we are studying.How do you treat frostbite? 我们就是在学习 怎么治疗那些冻伤?
[07:35.98]Rewarm,avoid early surgery unless there's a deep infection due to autoamputation. 恢复温度 除非天气造成严重感染 否则不要轻易作手术
[07:41.12]See?Studying. 我说吧 这就是学习
[07:44.42]Okay,okay,mr.Meltzer,mr.Meltzer, I'm gonna need you to save your breath,okay? 好吧 好吧 Meltzer先生 我需要你保持呼吸好吗?
[07:49.05]We're gonna give you some pain meds. You have several broken ribs, 我们会给你用些止痛药 你断了几根肋骨
[07:51.77]which are compromising your breathing. You understand? 所以影响了你的呼吸 明白么?
[07:54.31]- Did you see that? - That is freaky. - 看见了么? - 太恐怖了
[07:56.37]I think that was a flail chest. I've never seen one before. 我觉得那是连枷胸 我从来没见过
[07:58.89]Come on.Come on. 过来 过来
[08:01.16]Why,oh,why does today have to be test day? 为什么要今天考试?
[08:03.31]Oh,I know. 我知道
[08:06.67]Look... I bet you if you talk to the chief, he'll let you take the test later 如果你告诉主任 你要参加葬礼什么的
[08:09.95]with the funeral and everything. 他会同意你以后再考
[08:11.96]- I don't need to take the test later. - Okay. - 我不需要推迟考试 - 好的
[08:18.01]- Can I get a little help here? - I can't feel my legs! - 有人能帮忙么? - 我腿没有知觉了!
[08:20.41]Sir,you have a spinal injury. You need to stop fighting me and stay calm,okay? 先生 你的脊椎受伤了 你需要停止反抗 保持冷静 明白么?
[08:23.35]You're only making it worse.Where are we going? 你越弄越糟 我们要去哪?
[08:24.77]- You guys are going to trauma three. - All right.Trauma three. - 要转移到外伤三组 - 是的 外伤三组
[08:29.20]- You okay? - Yeah.I got accepted at mercy west. - 你还好么? - 是的 西慈医院录取我了
[08:36.40]That'S... Are you gonna go? 你...你要走了?
[08:39.21]Well,I kinda have to now,right? 我不得不离开 对么?
[08:42.74]What are you fools doing here? 你们这帮白痴在干什么?
[08:44.94]In a few hours,you people are taking a test that will determine the course of your entire medical careers 几个小时后 你们就要进行决定医学生涯方向的考试了
[08:50.50]because the five interns with the lowest test scores will be cut from the program. 分数最低的五个实习生会出局
[08:54.43]But are you studying for this test?No,you're not. 你们在在为考试准备吗? 没有
[08:57.18]Are you helping out in the E.R.? You are most certainly not! 你们在急诊室帮忙? 也没有
[09:00.59]Are you getting the hell out of here before I throw you out? 在我赶你们之前 还不快滚?
[09:03.49]I think you are. 最好这样
[09:06.24]- Whoa,dr.Shepherd. - Aren't you supposed to be studying? - Shepherd医生 - 你不是该备考么?
[09:08.72]- Yeah,I just have a quick question. - Yeah. - 是的 我有个问题 - 问
[09:10.66]Could the craniotomy you performed on ava--on jane doe-- could-- 你给Ava 那个无名女 做的穿颅手术
[09:13.59]- could that have affected her memory? - Uh,it's doubtful. - 会不会影响她的记忆? - 不好说
[09:15.58]I was mostly working in the speech center of her brain.But you never know. 我主要是对她大脑语言区进行手术 但你不知道
[09:17.79]- Why? - I think she remembered something. - 怎么了? - 她记起一些事
[09:19.52]- Can--can we test her to see if anything's changed? - Yeah,you can run another W.M.S.R. - 能测试看是否有什么影响吗? - 可以 再做一次韦氏记忆量测试
[09:23.24]But we're gonna have to wait and see if she remembers anything else. 但我们还得等等 看她是不是还记得其他事情
[09:25.11]- Good sign,though. - Thanks. - 不过 是好现象 - 谢谢
[09:27.04]- Nice work,dr.Montgomery. - Oh,thanks. - 干得不错 Montgomery医生 - 谢谢
[09:29.16]- I was just directing traffic. - I was being sarcastic. - 我只不过做了点小事 - 你讽刺我
[09:31.56]- Oh,like brain surgery is so impressive. - It is,actually. - 没脑科手术那么厉害 - 事实如此
[09:35.80]- Addison. - Yes?Oh,joe,walter. - Addison - 什么事? Joe Walter
[09:39.09]What are you guys doing here?Everything okay? 你们在这儿干吗? 没事吧?
[09:41.17]Yeah,we came to see you,actually. 没事 我们是来找你的
[09:43.87]- Uhwe need a consult. - Don't tell me you're pregnant. - 我们要咨询点事 - 别告诉我你们怀孕了
[09:46.80]- Uh,no,but-- our birth mom is. - Potential birth mom. - 不是 是代孕母亲 - 可能的代孕母亲
[09:50.45]- She hasn't actually picked us yet. - You're adopting? - 她还没决定让我们领养孩子 - 你们要收养小孩?
[09:53.31]Well,we filed an application, but we never thought we'd get picked. 我们填了份表 没想到被选中了
[09:56.27]You know,bar-owning gays don't get picked very often. 我们这样的同性恋并不容易被选上
[09:59.50]I guess having a baby is easier than we thought. 有个孩子比我们想得容易
[10:02.27]Yes,I guess so. 是啊
[10:04.32]So I was hoping you could take a look at her? 我想请你看一看她
[10:06.77]You know,kicking the tires, checking underneath the hood? 就像看车 踢踢轮胎 看看里面好不好?
[10:09.35]- Car metaphors?No. - I'd be happy to. - 跟验车一样? 不 - 没问题
[10:11.55]Just,uh,give me a call and we'll set up an appointment. 只要给我打个电话约个时间就行
[10:13.94]Well,see,that's the thing. 问题是
[10:15.57]Uh,she lives in portland,and she's only gonna be in seattle for one day,so... 她住在波特兰 只在西雅图待一天 其实...
[10:19.32]She's kind of here now. 她已经来了
[10:21.39]Now,as in... Now. 现在...在医院
[10:32.79]- George,wait.Wait a minute. - Yeah? - George 等等 - 什么事?
[10:36.32]You don't have to do this. You don't have to transfer to mercy west. 你不必这么做 不用转去西慈医院
[10:39.07]- Yeah,I do. - No. - 我得这么做 - 不要
[10:40.61]Just forget about you and me for a second,okay? 把我们的事放一放 好吗?
[10:42.26]What about meredith?What about alex and cristina? Meredith怎么办? Alex和Cristina呢?
[10:45.01]Who's gonna hold us together if you're not here? 你不在 谁来把我们连在一起?
[10:48.01]You're the glue.You're george. 你是我们的粘合剂 你是George
[10:50.29]- I can't stay here.I can't... - No one's making you go. - 我不能再待在这里 不能... - 没人要你走
[10:52.90]Stay here and see you every day... And not... 待在这里 天天见到你...
[10:58.23]I can't keep kissing you in elevators. 在电梯里情不自禁地吻你
[11:02.13]I know.I know that. 我知道
[11:05.75]I'm married.I'm a married man. 我结婚了 是有妇之夫
[11:13.58]- You busy? - Cute.What are you doing here? - 忙么? - 你在干吗?
[11:16.09]- Isn't the exam in like- - yeah,I know,I know. - 不是要考试吗 - 是的 我知道
[11:17.58]- I just want to run a quick neuro-psych test on you. - No.No!Go take your test.I-I have a baby to feed. - 我要给你做个心理测试 - 不 去考试 我要喂小孩
[11:24.76]- What the hell is wrong with you? - Nothing. - 你怎么了? - 没事
[11:26.57]You've been sitting in this bed for weeks wishing you could remember who you were,now suddenly you can. 你一直想记起你是谁 现在突然可以了
[11:29.75]I can't.It was something I said. 我说了我不能
[11:31.81]Well,you remember your father's face. 你记得你父亲的脸
[11:33.48]Why are you acting like it's no big deal, like it happens all the time? 为什么装得没事 好像很正常?
[11:36.10]Alex,come on.I-I--it-- that's not... Alex 拜托 不是...
[11:41.01]Unless it does happen all the time. 除非你真的记起来了
[11:44.50]Tell me the truth.Do you remember? 跟我说实话 你记起来了?
[11:46.87]Do you know who you are? 你知道自己是谁?
[11:51.76]- What is biloma? - Cristina,I really don't have time - 什么是胆汁瘤? - Cristina 我真的没空
[11:56.93]- A biloma is an intperitoneal bile fluid collection. - Excellent. - 胆汁瘤是腹膜胆汁流体聚集而成 - 很好
[12:00.59]- Okay?I'll be fine. - Meredith. - 行了吗? 我没问题的 - Meredith
[12:03.46]- George,I gotta go. - Your dad. - George 我得走了 - 你爸爸
[12:07.64]Hey.I-I-I was just on my way- 我正要去...
[12:09.86]No,I-I came here to tell you you're not wanted. 我来告诉你 你不受欢迎
[12:13.18]I don't want you at any funeral,meredith. 我不希望你参加葬礼 Meredith
[12:14.86]- Thatcher,why don't you come- - She trusted you! - Thatcher 你怎么不来... - 她相信你!
[12:17.29]She came to you for help,and you killed her. 她来找你帮忙 你害了她
[12:20.62]You did.You killed my wife.You took her from me. 是你 你害了我老婆 把她从我身边带走
[12:23.45]Dad! 爸!
[12:24.84]So I don't--I don't want to see you. 我不想看到你
[12:26.77]I don't want to hear from you,and I don't want you anywhere near her funeral. 不想听到你的声音 不要你参加她的葬礼
[12:31.86]- You understand me?Do you understand me? - Dad,dad,come on. - 听懂了吗? 明白? - 爸 爸 走
[12:34.22]This-- lexie's waiting in the car. We have to go,dad.We have to go now. Lexie在车里等着 我们得走了 爸
[12:36.87]She was everything to me,all I had. 她是我的一切 我的全部
[12:46.52]She was all I had. 她是我的全部
[12:49.98]She was all I had. 她是我的全部
[13:04.94]I can sit here all day. 我可以在这里待一天
[13:06.42]I'll miss my test,but I will sit here all day. 我不考试了 就在这里待着
[13:12.01]I don't--I... It happened a few days ago,and I-I just... 我不是... 是几天前的事 我只是...
[13:18.62]- I just woke up,and it was all there again. - And you didn't tell me? - 醒来 就全记起来了 - 你没告诉我?
[13:24.49]Becau-- because there's... There's nothing to tell. 因为... 没什么好说的
[13:30.26]Why don't I believe that? 我不信
[13:33.59]I was a pregnant woman in a lousy marriage to the nicest guy anyone's ever met. 我和最帅的男人有一场糟糕的婚姻 然后我怀孕了
[13:40.30]- End of story. - Who--who is he?What does he do? - 就这样 - 他是谁? 做什么的?
[13:44.50]Wh-where--where did you meet him? 你在哪里遇到他的?
[13:51.38]College. We got married the year after we graduated. 大学 我们毕业后第二年结的婚
[13:54.99]He... I wanted-- I wanted to move to new york, 他... 我想搬到纽约
[13:58.17]and he wanted to live on the side of a mountain and take over his dad's shop. 他想住在山边 继承他爸的店
[14:00.99]And he's a woodworker. He makes beautiful furniture. 他是个木匠 做很漂亮的家具
[14:03.25]It's--it's--it's quiet,and he's quiet and... 生活很平淡 他很平静
[14:08.23]- I was going out of my mind. - So you just... Took off? - 我被逼疯了 - 所以你... 逃了?
[14:12.04]No,I... I need--I need--I need-- I needed to think and to be around other people, 不 我需要思考 要和其他人一起
[14:17.40]so I came to seattle,and I... Thought I'd see the sights,ride the ferry. 所以我来西雅图...观光 坐船 结果...
[14:22.14]- Have you even called him? - No. - 你给他打电话了吗? - 没
[14:23.40]- Why not? - I left him,alex. - 为什么? - 是我离开他的 Alex.
[14:25.21]So?He's your husband.You should call him. You want me to call him? 然后哪? 他是你丈夫 你应该打给他 要我帮你打吗?
[14:29.32]I mean,what's his name?What's your name? 他叫什么? 你叫什么?
[14:33.69]I'm not telling you that. 我不会告诉你的
[14:38.18]- We've got everything taken care of. - You don't have to worry about a thing. - 都准备好了 - 不用担心
[14:40.92]I've got number 2 pencils and bottled water. 准备了二号铅笔 瓶装水
[14:43.07]- Oh,and--and powerbars. - And you know the material. - 还有能量食物 - 资料你都复习了
[14:46.66]You're gonna get a high score-- not as high as mine-- but everything's gonna be fine. 一定会拿个高分 比我低点 一切都会好的
[14:51.20]What are you guys all standing around for? 你们聚在一起干吗?
[14:53.03]Don't we have a test to-- what happened? 不是要考试吗 怎么了?
[14:56.55]You people need to head upstairs. Dr.Grey will join you in a minute. 你们该上楼了 Grey医生马上过去
[15:06.54]You're not to blame for susan grey's death, and you know it,and your father knows it,too. 你不该为Susan Grey的死负责 这点你知道 你父亲也知道
[15:11.47]He's just... Well,he's never been the best communicator, 他只是... 他一直不善于表达
[15:17.36]and he just lost his wife. 而且刚失去了妻子
[15:20.00]- Stop acting like my surrogate father. - Meredith,I'm j-- just - 别装得像我爸爸 - Meredith 我只是...
[15:23.57]because you slept with my mother, that does not make you my father. 你是跟我妈好过 但你不是我爸
[15:32.20]Follow my finger,okay? 看着我的手指 好吗?
[15:36.94]Good. 好
[15:37.98]Let me know if you can feel this,okay? 这样你有感觉吗?
[15:42.62]- Yeah,I'm not enjoying that. - Good.That's a good sign. - 有 不太舒服 - 好 好现象
[15:46.36]It means I'm not paralyzed? 是说我没瘫痪吗?
[15:47.68]Well,the M.R.I.Will show us the full extent of the injuries. 核磁共振结果会显示受伤情况
[15:50.24]But,uh,can we ask you what happened up there? 请问山上发生了什么?
[15:59.38]- It was my fault. - Dale-- it wasn't your fault. - 是我的错 - Dale 不怪你
[16:02.24]60 ways to get up mount rainier, and I had to pick liberty ridg 上雷尼尔山有60条路 我该选更安全的路线
[16:05.14]it wasn't the route.It was the storm. 不是线路的问题 是暴风雪
[16:08.64]On a clear day,you don't think about storms. 大晴天谁会想到有暴风雪
[16:12.06]A minute later,the wind's pasting you to the side of the mountain, 一分钟后 大风把人堵在山边
[16:14.63]and you can't see your hand in front of your face. 手就放在眼前也看不清
[16:16.45]Is that why you fell,because of the storm? 你这么想吗 是因为暴风雪?
[16:20.52]All I know is I felt the rope tug, and... I was in midair. 我只知道我摸到了绳子 还有...我悬在空中
[16:25.12]We all were.We were tied together. 我们都这么觉得 连在一起的
[16:29.37]Must have been a 100-foot drop. 肯定有100尺下落
[16:31.72]And when we came to,lonnie wasn't moving. 等我们赶到 Lonnie动不了了
[16:33.61]Lonnie?He's your friend who's still missing? Lonnie? 他是你们失踪的朋友吗?
[16:35.97]Well,this lonnie,is that why he didn't make it back,because he was hurt? 这是Lonnie没回来的原因吗 他受伤了?
[16:40.88]- Because he was dead. - I'm sorry. - 他死了 - 对不起
[16:45.72]We had to leave him. 我们必须离开他
[16:48.11]We had to get to the other side of the mountain, or we'd be dead,too. 我们得去山的另一边 否则都得死
[16:52.09]- We had no choice. - You always have a choice. - 别无选择 - 你总是有办法
[16:56.31]You never leave a man behind. 从不让人掉队
[17:01.25]Please take your seats,doctors, and put all study materials away. 医生们 请对号入座 把学习资料拿走
[17:06.38]Okay,if you don't know the answer, choose "B." It's always "B." 如果你不知道答案 就选"B" 答案总是"B"
[17:09.18]and write your name in the upper right-hand corner of your answer sheets. 答题卡右上角写上名字
[17:18.66]You may open your test booklets... Now. 现在开始答题
[17:25.95]W-we don't have to be here if you're uncomfortable. 如果你不习惯 我们可以离开
[17:28.55]Oh,no,it's fine.Un-unless you're uncomfortable. 没事 除非你觉得不舒服
[17:31.89]- Actually,uh,I-I- - he's fine. - 其实 我... - 他没事
[17:34.66]So,rina,how are you feeling?Any problems? Rina 你感觉怎么样? 有问题吗?
[17:37.17]Just the fact that I'm huge,and I have,like, the worst heartburn i've ever had in my life. 我的肚子太大 心脏很不舒服
[17:42.14]I can prescribe an antacid for that. 我可以给你开些抗酸剂
[17:44.11]The first thing we're gonna do is take a look at the baby. 我们首先来看看孩子
[17:46.12]This might be a little cold. 可能有点凉
[17:50.59]This baby deserves parents who are gonna make it their whole world,you know? 这孩子应该有疼爱他的父母 明白?
[17:54.17]Y-you know we're gay,right? 你知道我们是同性恋吧?
[17:56.99]I figured,with you both being boys and everything. 我猜到了 你们俩都是男的 还有其他种种
[18:00.72]The other couple I'm considering, they're,like,oh,40. 我考虑的另外一对夫妇 他们大概40左右
[18:05.46]She's been trying to get pregnant for ten years. 女方10年来都在想办法要孩子
[18:08.48]It's so sad. There's the heartbeat. 太伤感了 这儿就是心跳
[18:16.69]There's,like,a person inside of me. 是不是 象有个人住在我身体里
[18:18.94]Actually... There are two people.Twins. 实际上...有两个 是双胞胎
[18:23.60]- Oh,my god. - Oh,my god. - 哦 老天 - 哦 老天
[18:25.81]Oh,my god.I think I'm gonna pass out. 哦 老天 我想我要昏倒了
[18:27.74]Joe?Joe? Joe? Joe?
[18:31.27]Doctors,we are halfway through our allotted time. 医生们 考试时间已过去一半
[18:35.27]You only have 60 minutes left to complete the exam. 你们还有60分钟来完成考试
[19:20.62]Meredith.Meredith! Meredith Meredith!
[19:24.09]She didn't write anything on the test. She didn't answer a single question.She just sat there. 她什么都没答 一个问题都没答 只是坐在那
[19:29.01]Wait,g-george,just-- just give her a second. 等等 George 让-让她自己待会儿
[19:33.57]I've got an extensive antero-lateral flail chest. 我看到一个大范围前外侧连枷胸
[19:36.85]He'll need surgical stabilization. Dr.Torres,if you're available,I would really-- 他需要做外科复位和固定 Torres医生 如果你有空 我很希望--
[19:40.17]she's not.My guy has bone fragments in his spinal cord,internal fixation. 她没空 我这个在脊骨韧带上有骨头碎片 需要内部固定
[19:44.00]Dr.Torres is gonna scrub in with me. Torres医生要跟我一起进手术室
[19:45.75]Uh,we have more than one orthopedic surgeon in this hospital. 呃 我们医院里可不止一位整形外科医生
[19:48.39]And you'll need 'em,because dr.Torres and i are looking at possible multiple amputations. 你们会需要他们的 因为Torres医生 要和我一起看个多段离断再植
[19:52.28]Guys,I can be there for all of you. We just have to figure it out. 伙计们 我都可以帮你们 只要想个办法
[19:54.95]Dr.Burke asked first. Burke医生既然先要求
[19:56.86]- Well,I mean,with all due respect- - okay,you all want torres.Fine. - 我想 为了表示尊重-- - 好了 你们都想要Torres 好吧
[20:00.20]Rock,paper,scissors. 石头 剪刀 布
[20:02.64]- One,two,three. - All rocks.Very typical.Ready? - 1 2 3 - 都是石头 真一致 准备
[20:06.18]And... Rock smashes scissors. 再一次... 石头胜剪刀
[20:10.26]- See you in the O.R. - Best two out of three. - 手术室见 - 三个中最好的两个
[20:11.63]Dr.Burke! Burke医生!
[20:17.34]What? 怎么?
[20:18.65]I just wanted to know how it feels... 我只想知道是什么感觉...
[20:20.80]To not have to spend the next 24 hours wondering if richard picked you to be chief resident. 在接下来的24小时内可以不去想 如果Richard让你当住院总医师
[20:26.03]How's it feel to be the chosen one? 当被选中的那个是什么感觉?
[20:33.95]Feels just fine. 感觉还不错
[20:39.50]Hey.How'd it go? 嘿 考试怎么样?
[20:43.09]- Meredith. - Don't worry.I've got it. - Meredith - 别担心 让我来
[20:50.59]It's not like she actually flunked. She--she just didn't write anything. 她不是考不过 她--她只是交白卷罢了
[20:53.90]It's kinda like she actually flunked. 这就是考不过
[20:56.84]One guy two years ago,he was on call three nights before his test. 两年前有个人 考试前3晚都在值班
[20:59.95]He slept through the whole thing. He had to repeathis intern year. 整个考试他都醒过来 结果只能重新实习
[21:03.24]She can't repeat her intern year. It's pathetic.We have to do something. 她不能重新实习 太悲惨 我们得想想办法
[21:06.02]- Cristina. - What?O-okay,I don't know. - Cristina - 什么? 好吧 我不知道
[21:10.22]I mean,meredith and i don't fail things. This is not in my book. 我是说 Meredith和我的字典里 从没"失败"这两个字
[21:15.16]It's bailey.We gotta go.We gotta go. 是Bailey 我们得走了 走了
[21:17.92]- We can't just leave her here. - You got a better idea? - 我们不能把她留在这儿 - 你有什么好办法?
[21:32.33]Okay,it's,uh,showtime,people. Yang,you're scrubbing in with dr.Burke. 好了 表现时间到了 Yang 你跟Burke医生进手术室
[21:35.67]Karev,you're with dr.Montgomery. Stevens,find dr.Sloan. Karev 你跟Montgomery医生 Stevens 去找Sloan医生
[21:40.88]- You paged me,too. - Mercy west. - 你也呼我了 - 西慈
[21:43.71]Callie told you. Callie告诉你的
[21:44.81]You're in the best surgical program in the country, 你现在是在全国最好的外科团队
[21:48.37]the toughest,most competitive,most respected. 最困难的 最具竞争性的 最受尊敬的
[21:51.79]You want to leave this for mercy west? 你要抛弃这些去西慈?
[21:54.27]- Mercy west- - is not seattle grace. - 西慈 - 那里可不是西雅图仁爱
[21:57.05]Are you trying to... After all the work that we've put into you, 难道你想... 我们让你做了那么多事
[21:59.99]are you trying to throw your career away? 难道你想抛弃你的前途吗?
[22:02.28]I'm trying to... Do what's best for me right now. I've had some personal issues. 我想...做些对我来说最好的事 我有个人原因
[22:06.73]I-I don't know what your personal problems are,and I don't care. 我不知道你的个人问题是什么 我也不关心
[22:09.64]I do care about your career, so let me make myself clear. 我关心的是你的前途 让我把话说清楚
[22:13.55]This is a mistake. 这是个错误决定
[22:23.93]George... George...
[22:42.92]It's like we're on a train that's going 200 miles an hour, and it would just be so nice to get off 就象坐上一列时速200英里的火车 最盼望的就是能下车
[22:48.15]and just... Stand on the platform just for a minute. 然后...站在月台上 只要一分钟
[22:57.87]Looks like I'm off the train. 看来我是下车了
[23:04.39]Our parents died. When a parent dies,it doesn't make any sense. 我们的父母过世了 当父母过世的时候 谁都回不了神
[23:09.74]So you make a lot of really terrible decisions... 所以你会做出很多很糟糕的决定...
[23:16.01]That you're gonna end up having to live with for a long time. 你必须与此相伴很长时间
[23:23.80]You should go.You are still on the train. 你得继续 你还在火车上
[23:37.53]It's okay.You have to go. 没事的 你得继续
[23:42.37]Go.Go.Go,go. 走啊 走啊
[23:59.07]Addison. Addison
[24:01.41]Adele. Adele
[24:03.12]What are you doing here?What happened? 你在这儿干什么? 出什么事了?
[24:05.11]A fender bender.I'm fine.I told the E.R. 一起小事故 我没事
[24:08.15]Resident I'm fine,but... 我告诉急救医生我没事 但是...
[24:10.33]all right,I'm gonna page richard.I'll let him kno you're here. 好吧 我要去呼Richard 我要告诉他你在这儿
[24:12.44]Oh,you will do no such thing,addison. 哦 你别告诉他 Addison
[24:14.61]Richard cannot know I'm here. Richard不能知道我在这儿
[24:16.21]We're separated. 我们分手了
[24:17.49]My life is none of his business. 我的性命不关他的事
[24:20.08]I'm serious. 我是认真的
[24:24.37]Okay. 好吧
[24:26.28]Uh,all right.Well... let's get you checked out. 呃 好吧 那...我们给你做个检查
[24:29.64]Do you have any,um,any pain,any... anything? 你哪里痛还是...其他什么?
[24:34.48]Well... there's one thing I should probably mention. 那个... 还有件事我得告诉你
[24:40.66]I'm pregnant. 我怀孕了
[24:50.30]The baby looks fine on the ultrasound,but you are spotting a little. 孩子超声波还不错 但你有点小麻烦
[24:54.06]It's nothing severe,but I would like to hold you overnight for observation. 不是很严重 我希望你留院观察一下
[24:58.79]Overnight?Oh,no.I'm sorry 留院? 哦 不 我很抱歉
[25:01.07],but-- for just a couple of hours at least.Look,it could be nothing. 那么-- 几个小时吧 看 也许没什么
[25:04.94]But a pregnancy at your age is-- 但你这个年纪怀孕...
[25:07.35]terrifying?Embarrassing? 惊人? 尴尬?
[25:10.30]I was going to say a miracle. 我想说的是 奇迹
[25:12.40]I don't know.I resigned myself to the fact a long time ago 我不知道 很久前我就听天由命
[25:15.18]that I would never have kids,and here I am,52,about to be divorced and pregnant. 以为自己不会有小孩了 但现在 我52岁 即将离婚 而且怀孕了
[25:23.65]May I ask who... the father is? 能告诉我...孩子的父亲是谁吗?
[25:27.33]You may ask. 你可以知道
[25:28.76]Look,all I'm saying is that if richard finds out 瞧 我想说 如果Richard知道
[25:31.64]that you're walking around this hospital carrying another man's baby... 你在他的医院里 怀着别人的孩子...
[25:35.48]richard is not going to find out because neither one of us are going to tell him. Richard不会知道的 因为我们俩谁也不会告诉他
[25:49.44]- Chief. - Addison. - 主任 - Addison
[25:51.40]I just heard the news. 我刚得到消息
[25:53.17]You--you heard? 你知道了?
[25:54.79]who told you?What--what did you hear? 谁告诉你的? 你--你知道什么?
[25:57.59]That joe and walter are adopting. Joe和Walter要收养小孩
[25:59.54]Is the birth mom here?I'd love to put in a good word. 产妇在这儿吗? 我要去慰问一下
[26:01.43]Oh,no,no,no. 不 不 不 不
[26:02.86]Chief,you don't want to go in there. 主任 你不会想进去的
[26:04.60]It's a young girl... in the stirrups,you know,her equipment exposed,right? 是个小姑娘... 躺在椅子上 你知道 门户大开 对吧?
[26:09.90]You don't want to see that. 你不会想看的
[26:12.22]No,I-I don't want to see that. 不 我不想看
[26:25.17]are you going to give me an inspirational speech,too? 你也要给一番鼓舞人心的演说吗?
[26:29.08]No. 不
[26:36.99]George. George
[26:38.07]Oh,I can't talk.I have a patient to prep. 哦 我没工夫 我有个病人要准备手术
[26:39.53]This isn't about you and me.This is about meredith.What are we gonna do? 不是关于你和我 是说Meredith 我们该怎么做?
[26:41.88]- There's nothing to do. - What? - 什么都别做 - 什么?
[26:45.00]I'm not even gonna be here in a week,so... 一个礼拜后我就走了 所以...
[26:46.82]so your transferring to another hospital means we're not gonna be friends anymore? 所以你到别的医院工作 我们就做不成朋友了?
[26:52.38]Why are you doing this,george? 你为什么这么做 George?
[26:55.05]Didn't you hear a word of what bailey said? 你没听到Bailey说的话吗?
[26:56.77]what were we supposed to do,hmm,carry him down the mountain? 我们能怎么做 把他带下山?
[27:00.19]he was our friend,and we left him there. 他是我们的朋友 但我们撇下了他
[27:02.61]If we hadn't,'d be dead,too. 如果我们没有 我们也挂了
[27:04.77]You know that. 你知道的
[27:07.31]Dale was right. Dale说得对
[27:09.98]You don't-- you don't do that. 你不能-- 不能那么做
[27:13.57]You don't climb all the way up there together just to leave a man behind. 不能一起爬上山 下山却少了一个
[27:21.02]I am being stalked by pregnant women. 我和孕妇如影随形
[27:23.36]You're an obstetrician. 你是个产科医生
[27:24.22]And barren.You know,apparently as a healthy, 还是个不孕的 你知道吗
[27:26.80]successful woman in her 30s,I don't deserve to have a baby. 表面上是个健康的30岁成功女性 我不配要个孩子
[27:30.04]Maybe I'd have a fighting chance if were gay or a teenager or a member of the A.A.R.P. 如果我是个同志 或是青少年 或是退休人员 我还有个争取的机会
[27:37.06]Oh,that sucks. 哦 那太糟了
[27:39.12]It really... 那真是...
[27:44.36]no,Oh,no,not you,too. 不 哦 不 你不会也是
[27:47.03]Oh,no,no,I'm not.I'm just-- I'm thinking about it. 哦 不 不 我不是 我只是-- 我正在考虑
[27:49.61]That's all. 就是这样
[27:52.95]Oh,I don't know.I don't even know. 哦 我不知道 我真的不知道
[27:54.94]- It's just that with george going to mercy west next year... - he is? - 明年 我要和George一起去西慈... - 他要去?
[27:59.72]Yeah,they havea spot for him,and we need a fresh start. 是 他们给他留了一个职位 我们要重新开始
[28:02.56]We need to get away from all this crap. 我们要摆脱一切障碍
[28:04.63]It might be a good time. 也许这是个好时机
[28:06.89]It's a great time. 这是个很好的时机
[28:11.04]Don't let me and my fossilized eggs discourage you. 别为我陈腐的卵子苦恼
[28:14.20]Are we gonna be friends still if I get pregnant? 如果我怀孕 我们还是朋友吗?
[28:16.39]Absolutely not. 绝对不是
[28:27.06]- Hi,chief. - O'malley. - Hi 主任 - O'malley
[28:29.90]Finally coming to see me about that letter from mercy west? 终于想到要跟我说西慈那事了?
[28:33.34]No,sir. 不 先生
[28:35.16]I'm here about meredith. 我是为Meredith来的
[28:40.64]I have to say,I don't get it. 我必须得说 我不明白
[28:42.46]Why would anybody waste their time freezing and climbing up the side of a glacier? 怎么会有人浪费时间爬冰川挨冻呢?
[28:47.65]It's a way to test yourself,you know,your strength and endurance. 这是考验自己的方法 你的意志力和忍耐力
[28:51.98]You put yourself through a situation like that,and you know exactly who you are,what you're made of. 让自己经历一下那样的环境 会确切知道自己是谁 有多少能耐
[28:57.60]Have you done it before,dr.Burke? 你以前爬过山吗 Burke医生?
[29:00.08]No.You? 没有 你呢?
[29:01.47]I used to,all the time,in college. 在大学的时候 曾经一直这样
[29:03.34]- Really? - really? - 真的? - 真的吗?
[29:04.68]Yeah,it's,,intense. 是啊 很紧张
[29:07.67]I mean,it's painful and hellish,and you think your lungs are shredding,but, 我想说 那很痛苦 很可怕 会觉得自己的肺都要挤碎了 可是
[29:12.10]man,when you get to the top,there is nothing like it. 天 等到山顶后 没什么能比得上了
[29:15.20]Makes the whole climb worth it. 整个攀爬都是值得的
[29:30.36]how's it going? 怎么样了?
[29:31.22]Worse than I thought.There's nothing here. 比我想的更糟 这边什么都没有
[29:33.34]We're gonna amputate both? 我们要切除两边?
[29:34.64]You can't amputate both of his hands. 我们不能把他双手都切除掉
[29:36.05]I-isn't the left hand less damaged? 左手损坏不是小点吗?
[29:37.49]I don't want to take the man's hands,dr.Stevens. 我不想取走此人的双手 Stevens医生
[29:39.65]Once the infection gets that deep,the only way to save his life is to make the cut. 一旦感染如此严重 要救他就只有切掉
[29:46.55]the patient's laminotomy happens at what level,dr.O'malley? 病人的椎板切开术到哪个阶段了 O'Malley医生?
[29:49.79]The level of maximal neural compressions between the pedicles of the fractured vertebrae. 断裂椎骨的茎突压迫神经程度严重
[29:54.52]Very good. 很好
[29:56.08]You must have aced your exam today. 你今天测试肯定拿A啦
[29:58.37]I don't know about aced. 我不知道行不行
[30:00.03]How did meredith do? Meredith怎么样?
[30:01.92]Yeah,she was kinda... 她有点...
[30:04.61]don't worry,though.I talked to the chief. 不过别担心 我跟主任谈过了
[30:08.02]About what? 谈什么?
[30:09.52]She didn't tell you? 她没告诉你吗?
[30:16.70]All right,here's the thing-- the seattle police department's been on this for weeks. 好吧 这么说-- 西雅图警局已经查了好几周了
[30:20.87]They've been in contact with missing persons from all 50 states,canada,the fbi- 他们联系了全部50个州的失踪人口 还有加拿大 FBI-
[30:25.13]- alex- - you know how many people are trying to find you? - Alex - 知道有多少人想要找你吗?
[30:27.60]- Yeah,yes. - That's right.You do know. - 是的 我知道 - 没错 你确实知道
[30:29.23]You know exactly how many relatives you have. 你清楚自己有多少亲友
[30:31.23]You know if your parents are dead or alive. 你知道自己的父母是否健在
[30:32.74]You know if you've got a sister somewhere who cries every day because she has no idea what happened to you. 你知道自己的妹妹是否在某处 正因为没有你的消息而终日以泪洗面
[30:36.28]- Stop it. - What do you think it's like for your husband? - 别说了 - 你觉得你丈夫会有什么感觉?
[30:38.39]He didn't come looking for me,okay? 他没有来找我 明白吗?
[30:41.84]He obviously doesn't want to find me. 显然 他并不想找到我
[30:44.20]- Besides,it's my life. - No,not just yours. - 此外 这是我的人生 - 不 不光是你的
[30:46.77]What about your daughter? 你的女儿呢?
[30:48.21]I'm sorry,but I'm not gonna lie for you. 抱歉 但是我不会帮你撒谎
[30:49.39]If you're not gonna tell anybody,I will. 如果你不打算告诉别人 我来说
[30:51.04]What are you gonna say? 你能说什么?
[30:52.94]You don't know my real name. 你都不知道我的真名
[30:54.56]You don't know anything about me. 你对我一无所知
[30:56.84]It'll be my word against yours. 我会推翻你说的
[31:00.46]You're right.I have absolutely no idea who you are. 没错 我根本不知道你是谁
[31:13.02]You paged me?Yeah. - 你呼我? - 是
[31:14.32]Uh,I think I figured out a way to help meredith. 我想我有办法帮助Meredith了
[31:16.15]But I've got shepherd's post-op,so... I can't do it without your help. 可是我要帮Shepherd做术后观察 所以... 我需要你的帮助才行
[31:20.53]And I won't leave the program without,uh,knowing that she's still in it. 另外没得知她还在这个计划中之前 我也不会离开
[31:28.64]You're not leaving the program. 你不会离开这个计划
[31:30.95]Listen... we made a mistake. 听着...我们犯了错
[31:33.75]We had sex. 我们做了爱
[31:36.00]But that's all it was. 但只是如此
[31:38.07]I think we both wanted it to mean something because... 我想我们俩都希望 这有意义 因为...
[31:41.84]you didn't want to have to feel like that guy that cheats on his wife, 你不想忍受背叛自己妻子的感觉
[31:44.30]and I di't want to have to feel like that girl who put you in that position in the first place. 我本来也就不想让你成为那样的人
[31:46.94]But the truth is... it didn't mean anything. 但是事实是...那不代表任何事
[31:53.18]I know you think I have feelings for you,but I don'T. 我知道你以为我对你有感觉 但我没有
[31:58.79]So you can stay. 所以你能留下来
[32:00.48]You're not leaving the program. 你不会离开这个计划
[32:35.40]nice work...three surgeries at the same time. 今天干得好啊 Torres 同时做了三个手术
[32:38.65]I performed four osteosyntheses,amputated two hands and stabilized one spine in two hours. 我在两小时内做了四个骨接合术 截去了两只手 固定了一个脊椎
[32:44.73]Impressive. 佩服
[32:46.44]Looks like bailey's not a shoo-in for chief resident after all. 看来Bailey决不会是住院总医师的赢家
[32:53.59]Uh,you're in the running for chief resident,too? 你也竞选住院总医师?
[32:56.90]Yeah. 是啊
[32:59.58]Why wouldn't I be? 为什么不呢?
[33:01.25]No.Uh,it makes sense. 不是 能讲得通
[33:03.42]I just... I hadn't thought about it.That's all. 我只是... 从没想过 就是这样
[33:07.86]I'm good at what I do,bailey. 我对工作很在行 Bailey
[33:09.15]I'm focused,I'm disciplined,I'm--I'm more than qualified to be chief resident. 我专注 训练有素 我的能力远远凌驾于住院总之上
[33:16.63]Look,we all know that you're the chief's favorite,but that doesn't mean I can't take a shot. 听着 我们都知道你是主任的心腹 但那并不代表我没有机会
[33:25.48]Here she is. 她来了
[33:27.93]thank you,stevens.You can go now. 谢谢你 Stevens 你可以出去了
[33:29.93]We'll be waiting right outside. 我们就等在外面
[33:31.34]You don't have to.Shut up. - 你们不必如此 - 闭嘴
[33:40.23]if you called me here to lecture me-- 如果你叫我来说教
[33:42.02]there's a copy of the intern's exam on the table, 桌上是一份实习生考试试卷
[33:45.24]some number 2 pencils,a bottle of water and a sandwich if you get hungry. 几只二号铅笔 一瓶水 如果饿了 还有三明治
[33:50.00]I'll send a proctor in,and I'll come back in a few hours and check on you. 我会叫一个监考进来 几小时后再进来看你
[33:56.68]You are not my father. 你不是我父亲
[34:01.15]I know that. 我知道
[34:24.96]I know. 我知道
[34:50.10]well,at least test day is almost over. 至少测试日快结束了
[34:52.68]Speak for yourself. 说自己吧
[34:54.70]I'm getting married tomorrow. 我明天就要结婚了
[35:10.01]hey.Hey. - 嘿 - 嘿
[35:12.23]This is what you invited me to? 你请我来就为这个?
[35:13.95]This is your big bachelor party? 你的大型婚前派对?
[35:15.80]It was last-minute.I needed some warm bodies. 最后一次了 我需要一些热情的人
[35:17.75]Which would explain why I'm here. 这也就解释了我在这儿的原因
[35:19.94]Why am I the only girl,by the way? 说到这 为什么就我一个女生?
[35:21.83]What am I,the entertainment?I am not stripping. 我干吗 余兴节目? 我可不跳脱衣舞
[35:23.67]That's okay.We've seen it already. 没关系 我们都见过
[35:26.50]- True.I haven'T. - yeah, - 对 - 我没有 - 是啊
[35:28.83]well,why don't I buy you a drink instead? 何不让我帮你买杯酒代替呢?
[35:31.99]First round's on me. 第一轮算我的
[35:33.30]I'll give you a hand with those. 我来帮你拿吧
[35:37.89]Cristina write her vows? Cristina的誓言写好了吗?
[35:39.69]I guess I'll find out tomorrow. 我想明天就能知道了
[35:42.85]How's meredith doing? Meredith怎么样?
[35:44.42]I have no idea. 我毫不知情
[35:47.51]Shouldn't be this difficult,should it? 不该这么困难 对吗?
[35:50.14]Probably not. 可能吧
[35:52.71]Then again... when I see cristina walking down that aisle tomorrow... 可是说回来... 明天看着Cristina走过礼堂通道
[35:57.09]it'll all be worth it? 一切都值得了?
[36:12.70]so how was L.A.? 洛杉矶怎么样?
[36:15.52]L.A.Was... different. 洛杉矶...不一样
[36:22.85]Look,mark... things don't have to be awkward between us. 听着 Mark... 我们之间不必尴尬
[36:30.16]We tried.We tried,and we did our best 我们试过了 试过了 也尽了最大的努力
[36:33.02],and just because we failed as a couple,it doesn't mean-- 就因为我们做不成一对 并不代表--
[36:36.02]- I know. - So we're still friends? - 我懂 - 那我们还是朋友?
[36:43.86]With benefits? 有好处吗?
[36:46.47]Don't push it. 别刺激我
[36:50.65]thanks,joe. 谢了 Joe
[36:53.32]So hey,how'd it go with,uh,rina? 嘿 跟Rina进行得怎么样了?
[36:55.65]Oh,well... walter took her to the bus station, 哦 Walter带她去汽车站了
[36:59.33]and I'm pretty sure he was wishing it was me he was dropping off. 我很肯定 他更希望带着的人是我
[37:01.87]That bad,huh? 那么糟 哈?
[37:03.77]If I can't even make it through an ultrasound without breathing into a paper bag, 如果我连看着超声波时 不靠向纸袋内呼吸都做不到的话
[37:06.79]how am I gonna handle a kid? 要怎么来料理一个孩子?
[37:08.48]Forget about twins. 更别提双胞胎了
[37:10.03]You two are gonna make great parents,okay? 你们俩会成为很棒的家长 知道吗?
[37:13.04]Whenever that happens. 不管何时发生
[37:14.70]You... ever think about having kids? 你...有想要过孩子吗?
[37:18.64]All the time. 一直都想
[37:28.25]Adele? Adele?
[37:31.22]Adele. Adele
[37:36.53]Oh,come on.I know you saw me. 哦 拜托 我知道你看见我了
[37:40.19]Now this is just silly. 这可真傻
[37:42.04]You don't have to hide. 你不用躲起来
[37:45.22]I've moved on. 我已经继续生活了
[37:48.33]I'm dating now. 现在都在约会
[37:51.00]O-okay,I'm not actually dating,but I intend to... at some point. 好吧 不是真正的约会 但是我打算...某些时候
[37:59.58]What the hell am I supposed to do about the stupid vows? 我到底该怎么处理这傻乎乎的誓言?
[38:01.97]You still haven't written anything? 你还什么都没写?
[38:03.44]- Well,it's stupid crap. - No,it isn'T. - 那是蠢话 傻话 - 不是
[38:05.19]Well,what am i supposed to say? 我该说什么?
[38:06.49]I swear to love and cherish you every moment of every day of my life? 我发誓一生一世 每时每刻 爱你 珍惜你?
[38:09.61]I mean,that's not real.I mean,that's not how it works,right? 那不是真的 不是这样的 对吗?
[38:12.01]It does,at first,but then it... it passes. - 是这样 最初 但是后来... - 就过去了
[38:16.06]No,it doesn'T. 不会
[38:17.81]You guys are just used to it.That's all.You already have it. 你们只是习惯了 就是这样 你们已经有了
[38:20.22]You have that thing everybody else wants. 你们拥有别人都渴望的东西
[38:22.60]You can take it for granted. 你们可以觉得理所当然
[38:24.11]But let me tell you,if you didn't,if you couldn't be with the person that you love, 但我告诉你们 如果不能跟爱的人在一起
[38:27.17]I guarantee that hearing him promise to love you and honor you and cherish you, 我保证 听着他说爱你 尊重你 珍惜你
[38:34.84]no matter what,it would be pretty much all you could think about. 不管是什么 那都会是你们想要的全部
[38:43.82]Wait,can you say that again,uh,just slowly? 等等 你能再说一遍吗 慢一点?
[38:51.11]You're talking about denny,right? 你在说Denny 对吗?
[38:53.71]Yeah. 是的
[39:16.88]Hi.Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨
[39:20.51]Can I buy you a drink? 我能请你喝一杯吗?
[39:22.56]You're forward. 你很前卫
[39:26.21]Bad day. 糟糕的一天
[39:27.67]I get to be forward today. 我今天就要前卫
[39:29.38]Yeah,I had a bad day,too. 是啊 我今天也很糟糕
[39:34.21]So what do you say,one drink? 那怎么样 喝一杯?
[39:37.10]Um... I'm with some friends.It's a bachelor party.So I'm gonna... I'm gonna say no. 我跟一些朋友一起来的 婚前派对 所以我得...我得说不了
[39:52.18]That's too bad. 那太糟了
[39:55.54]Yeah... maybe you're right. 是啊... 也许你是对的
[40:28.31]Rebecca pope. Rebecca Pope
[40:35.06]That's my name. 我的名字
[40:42.95]Adele! Adele!
[40:48.48]Adele,come on. Adele 拜托
[40:51.67]Now you've got me in this ladies' room. 现在你逼我进了女洗手间
[40:54.22]The least you could do is an-- 至少你能--
[40:59.23]adele.Oh,my god. Adele 哦 上帝
[41:05.12]What are you doing here? 你们上这儿来干嘛?
[41:05.89]Sweetie,get rina some water. 亲爱的 给Rina来点水
[41:07.17]I thought you guys were going to the bus station. 我以为你们去汽车站了
[41:08.99]We were. 本来是
[41:09.79]It's this heartburn. 是心痛
[41:12.36]It's like it's-- it's ripping through... oh! 就象-- 正撕裂... 哦!
[41:16.18]Call an ambulance. 叫救护车
[41:19.21]Tucker,uh,since he's awake,can you put him on? Tucker 既然他醒了 能让他听电话吗?
[41:25.87]let me call you back. 呆会儿打给你
[41:27.57]Nicole,what have you got? Nicole 什么情况?
[41:28.53]We got the fourth climber.Pressure's 70s,last pulse 135. 我们找到了第四名登山者 血压70/~ 上次测得脉搏135
[41:32.42]Severely hypothermic.Started two large-bore I.V.S. 严重低温 已经开始粗口径静脉输液
[41:35.18]Oh,and,uh,obvious head trauma. 哦 还有明显外伤
[41:39.45]Is that an ax in his head? 他头上的是斧子吗?
[41:44.01]What the hell happened up on that mountain?Let's go. 在山上到底发生了什么? 走吧
[41:48.84]adele.Somebody help me!Please! Adele 来人帮帮我! 快来!
[41:58.33]Somebody help me!Please! 快来人帮帮我! 拜托快来人帮帮我!
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