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商贸英语日常用语 公开简报





[00:01.91]Good afternoon,everyone.
[00:03.89]Thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule.
[00:07.05]I'm delighted to have been asked to speak here today.
[00:09.93]Thank you for giving me this chance to introduce our new product.
[00:13.32]I'm Teddy.I work at ABC Company,as manager of Overseas Distribution.
[00:20.01]I have been involved in this work for ten years.
[00:23.17]I am the project manager for this particular product.
[00:26.57]Our company is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical products in China.
[00:31.79]I would like to ask Mr.Yang to go over the details of the EBP.
[00:36.81]One three-and-a-half-inch floppy disk can hold the contents of these 12 encyclopedia volumes.
[00:43.28]The purpose of this meeting is to familiarize you with our new product,the EBP.
[00:48.69]Now I'd like to explain what the EBP can do and how to use it.
[00:53.50]This is a special type of CD player,with a built-in computer screen and sound capability.
[00:59.85]With the EBP,you can view information on a screen.
[01:04.10]We have received quite a few requests from customers and dealers to make a wider-screen,lighter EBP.
[01:11.29]There is an untapped market for the EBP.
[01:14.61]Our company's market analyst believes there are many potential consumers among men in their thirties and forties.
[01:21.45]Many customers complained about the size of the old model's screen.
[01:25.92]First,with the old model's small screen,the amount of information which appeared at one time was insufficient.
[01:32.94]I'd like to show you our new product.
[01:35.56]Our products are easier to operate than those of our competitors.
[01:39.29]Let me show you how it works.
[01:40.39]让我实际操作给您 看。
[01:41.49]First,insert the floppy disk,then push the button.
[01:45.48]The retail price is $500,and the target announcement date is September 18.
[01:51.62]All of the presentation materials are in the envelope in front of you.
[01:55.49]Would you please look at the graph on page three?
[01:58.60]This graph shows the memory capacity of the new EBP as compared to that of the old model.
[02:04.84]These figures show that this EBP can store much more information than the old model.
[02:10.82]If you don't have any questions,I'll move on to the next segment.
[02:15.00]Do you have any questions about this point?
[02:17.64]That's a good point.
[02:19.08]I'll respond to your comment a little later.
[02:21.64]I'm sorry,but I'm not sure what the answer to your question is.
[02:25.76]I hope I answered your question adequately.
[02:28.43]These were the main points that I wanted to cover today.
[02:31.90]We highly recommend this product for your company.
[02:35.35]After the meeting,please try out the EBP we've placed in the back of the room.
[02:40.13]We're sure you'll be satisfied with this product.
[02:43.13]Thank you for your time and attention.
[02:45.80]skit 1
[02:46.47]SKIT 1
[02:47.13]Yang(Y):I'm delighted that you asked me to speak here today,Ms.Evans.
[02:48.78]Yang (Y):今天我很高兴能受到您的邀请在此讲话,Evans女士。
[02:50.42]Evans(E):Oh,the pleasure is ours,Mr.Yang.When we learned that your company had begun to market a new EBP,we were very eager to hear all about it.
[02:54.88]Evans (E):噢,这是我们的荣幸,杨先生,当我们听到贵公司的新产品电子书已经上市,我们就很想听一听关于此产品的一切。
[02:59.33]Y:Well,I'm not sure I can tell you all about it in half an hour,but...
[03:03.59]E:Don't worry,Mr.Yang."All about it"is just an expression.
[03:07.45]Y:I know-just kidding,Ms.Evans.
[03:09.86]skit 2
[03:10.59]SKIT 2
[03:11.32]E:Hello,everyone.I'm Karla Evans,Managing Director of the Import Division here at Intertech Electronics.I am very pleased to present our speaker,Mr.Tian-ming Yang,
[03:17.20]E:各位,大家好。我是Karla Evans,是这里的 Intertech Electronics公司进口部的常务理事。我很高兴介绍主讲人杨先生给大家认识。
[03:23.08]who is Manager of U.S.Distribution at the Los Angeles branch of ABC Company of Beijing.Today he will tell us about the new model of one of ABC's most innovative products,the EBP.Mr.Yang.
[03:38.57]Y:Thank you .I'm very glad to be here.As Ms.Evans said,the purpose of my presentation today is to familiarze you with the new EBP.As you probably know,EBP stands for Electronic Book Player.
[03:46.27]Y:谢谢,我很高兴能在这儿演讲。正如Evans女士所说,今天我来这儿演讲的目的就是想使大家熟悉新的电子书。我想大家可能已经知道,EBP就是Electronic Book Player 的缩写。
[03:53.98]ABC Company put the original EBP on the market a year ago,but we have since developed an improved model which we believe will be a big seller in both China and the U.S.
[04:04.98]Daniels:Mr.Yang,can you tell us in what ways the new EBP is better than the old model?
[04:08.52]Daniels: 杨先生,您能不能为我们说明一下新型的EBP在哪些方面比旧型的好?
[04:12.06]Y:Certainly.First of all,the old model had a rather small screen,so not much information could appear at one time.So on the new model,we've made the screen much bigger.And-
[04:23.81]Barker:Excuse me,but what are the EBPs mainly used for ?
[04:25.82]Barker: 对不起,请问EBP最主要是做什么用呢?
[04:27.83]Y:Oh,there are many uses,and I'll explain them in detail a little later.First,I'd like to-
[04:34.34]Ravelli:Before you go on,Mr.Yang could you tell us if the original EBP sold well in the U.S.?
[04:37.54]Ravelli: 在这之前,杨先生,您能否告诉我们,最初的EBP在美国是否卖得很好?
[04:40.74]Y:You were right,Ms.Evans.Your colleagues still do want to know all about it.
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