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商贸英语日常用语 交涉





[00:00.00]Let's get down to business,shall we?
[00:02.51]We'd like to discuss the price you quoted.
[00:05.22]We'd like to order 1,500 of your computers.
[00:08.36]We haven't agreed on the price.
[00:10.53]You're offering us the product at $1,600 per unit-is that right?
[00:16.09]If I may,I'd like to tell you what I think about that.
[00:19.59]Our long-term goal is to increase imports.
[00:22.96]What we'd like to do in the immediate future is(to)...
[00:26.62]We'd appreciate it if you could sell it to us for $1,200 per unit.
[00:31.43]The price is much higher than our estimate.
[00:34.35]I'd like to hear your ideas on this matter.
[00:37.20]Why do you think so?
[00:38.77]What if we order 30,000 units?
[00:41.35]I'm sorry,but I'm not sure I understand your point.
[00:44.75]Could you explain that in more detail?
[00:47.31]I see what you mean.
[00:49.21]That's a good idea.
[00:50.94]We accept your proposal,on the condition that you order 20,000 units.
[00:55.93]We're not really satisfied with the amount you've ordered.
[00:59.48]I'm sorry,but I'll have to withdraw our proposal.
[01:03.48]I don't think that's a good idea.
[01:06.14]I think you misunderstood me on this point.
[01:09.12]Mr.Jones,that's still five dollars higher than the price we requested.
[01:13.67]We're not prepared to accept your proposal at this time.
[01:17.40]To be quite honest,we don't believe this product will sell very well in China.
[01:22.55]Can we do it this way?
[01:24.24]I can't make a decision at this time.
[01:26.94]I'll convery your proposal to my boss and see what he says.
[01:30.67]We're in complete agreement.
[01:32.71]We'd like to discuss the details of the contract at our next meeting.
[01:36.99]skit 1
[01:37.80]SKIT 1
[01:38.61]Yang(Y):Let's get down to business,shall we?
[01:40.41]Johnson(J):Okay.Do you like our offer?
[01:42.19]Y:Yes,well,we'd like to discuss the price you quoted.
[01:45.30]J:It's true we haven't agreed on the price,but let's talk units first.
[01:49.82]Y:Okay.We'd like to order 1,500 of your computers.
[01:53.08]J:We can do that at the price I quoted you before.
[01:56.17]Y:You're offering this product at $1,600 per unit,then-is that right?
[02:01.78]Y:That seems high.Could you do it for $1,400?
[02:06.01]J:Well,how about $1,500?
[02:10.82]skit 2
[02:11.72]SKIT 2
[02:12.62]Chen(C):I'd like to hear your ideas on this matter.
[02:15.26]Y:The response time of the computer is slow.
[02:17.64]C:Why do you think so?
[02:19.05]Y:Take a look at this.
[02:20.38]C:I'm sorry,but I'm not sure I understand your point.It seems okay to me.
[02:25.37]Y:But look how if you make a mistake it skips all the way back.
[02:29.26]C:Just use this key,then press"code blue."
[02:31.37]C:只要用这个键,然后按“code blue”。
[02:33.47]Y:I tried that,and it still skips back.
[02:36.37]C:Well,try this shift/reserve function after you press the command key.
[02:40.84]Y:How will that help?Could you explain that in more detail?
[02:43.94]C:I'd be happy to .Here-let's go over here,where there's more room.
[02:48.10]skit 3
[02:48.76]SKIT 3
[02:49.43]Y:Now that we've worked out the bugs,I'd like to talk about the payments.
[02:53.24]Jonhson:We're pretty flexible,within reason.
[02:55.39]Y:I was wondering-could you wait a little longer for our payment?
[02:59.64]J:I'll take your request to my direct superior and see what she says.
[03:03.46]Y:As long as you ask.
[03:05.73]J:I will,but I can't make a decision this time.
[03:08.94]Y:That's fine.I understand completely.
[03:11.19]J:The price is agreed on at $1,500 per computer,right?
[03:15.97]Y:Yes,that's what we agreed on.
[03:17.72]J:And Mr.Chen has helped you work out the bugs?
[03:20.41]Y:Yes,he's been most helpful.
[03:22.55]J:Well,I'll get back to you tomorrow with our answer on the financing.
[03:25.74]Y:And you'll send the contracts over first thing after you call.
[03:28.64]J:Yes,ready for your signature.
[03:30.44]Y:Again,thank you.
[03:32.01]J:No-thank you,sir,for doing business with X-Man Compuware.
[03:34.15]J:不,我才应该谢谢您跟 X-Man Compuware 做生意,先生。
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