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商贸英语日常用语 聚会





[00:00.00]Good evening.It was very kind of you to invite us .
[00:03.53]This is a nice room.
[00:05.33]This is for you.I hope you like it.
[00:08.02]Thank you for your kindness.
[00:09.95]I hope you enjoy the party.
[00:11.86]Mind if I sit here?Do you enjoy this kind of party?
[00:15.86]Good evening,Mr.Johnson.How have you been?
[00:18.94]Mr.Brown,this is Mr.Tian-ming Yang.We work together.
[00:23.38]Could you introduce me to Miss White?
[00:25.91]Nice to meet you.I've heard about you from Mr.Smith.
[00:29.60]Mind if I join in?
[00:31.66]This is delicious.
[00:33.46]How do you make this?
[00:35.11]What would you like to drink?
[00:36.96]Oh,by the way,Mr.Edwards has changed jobs.
[00:40.75]It's been nice talking with you.I enjoyed it.
[00:43.81]Oh,it's getting late.
[00:46.13]I'd better be going.I have to get up at five tomorrow morning.
[00:50.36]I enjoyed the party very much.Thank you for everything.
[00:54.15]Good night.
[00:55.43]Don:Welcome!Glad you could make it!
[00:57.73]Tian-ming:Thank you for asking us.Uh,Don,this is my wife,Randa.
[01:02.28]Randa:Nice to meet you.
[01:03.97]Don:Nice to meet you,too.I've heard a lot about you.Oh,and this is my wife,Beth.
[01:10.40]Beth:I'm so happy to meet you both.Here-let me take your coats.Just make yourself at home.
[01:16.64]T&R:Thank you.
[01:18.13]R:This is a lovely house.Did you decorate it yourself,Mrs.Palmer?
[01:22.83]B:Oh,please call me Beth.Yes,I did the decorating...if you can call it that.Actually,I just tried to make it as simple and uncluttered as possible.I don't like a lot of frills.
[01:34.67]R:Oh,I'm the same!That's why I think it's so beautiful.In Beijing,simplicity is considered the height of elegance.
[01:43.42]B:Randa,I'm so glad you come.Now what would you like to drink?
[01:48.72]R:Oh-may I have a glass of-
[01:51.60]B:Let me guess-white wine.
[01:54.99]skit 2
[01:56.14]SKIT 2
[01:57.29]T:Uh,mind if I join in?
[01:59.09]Ralph:Tian-ming!How are you?
[02:01.03]T:Fine,thank you.It's a nice party,isn't it?
[02:03.87]R:Don and Beth have outdone themselvs this time.Oh,let me introduce you-Tian-ming Yang,this is Nancy Warren.Tian-ming is the new manager of U.S.Distribution at ABC.
[02:09.85]R:这一次Don跟Beth费了很大的心思,对了,让我为你介绍杨天明,这一位是Nancy Warren,天明是ABC公司在美国销售部的新任经理。
[02:15.84]N:Oh,really?When did you start there,Tian-ming?
[02:18.97]T:I transferred from the Beijing office two months ago.Are you familiar with ABC?
[02:23.96]N:As a matter of fact,I used to work there-in U.S.Distribution.
[02:28.06]T:No kidding!And when did you leave?
[02:30.67]N:About six months ago.I decided to try and do what I've always wanted to do ,and become a professional artist.
[02:38.01]T:That's quite a change!How is your new career going?
[02:41.59]N:Oh,not too bad.
[02:43.34]R:Nancy's being modest.She's got an exhibit on now at a well-known gallery downtown.
[02:49.40]Randa:How wonderful!...Oh,uh,do you mind if I join in?
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