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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:55:55
[00:00.01]Previously on "grey's anatomy"... 前情提要
[00:02.46]this is the best breakup ever. 这是最好的一次分手
[00:03.86]She's doing mcdreamy. 她又和美梦先生睡了
[00:05.20]Norman is an intern. Norman是个实习生
[00:06.45]I'm your sister. 我是你妹妹
[00:07.34]You're not a girl I ever wanted to have to know 我从来没想要认识你
[00:09.41]because our dad chose you. 因为我们的父亲选择了你
[00:10.81]My niece's cancer's come back. 我侄女癌症又复发了
[00:12.54]She's 17 years old and she's gonna die. 她才17岁 而她就要死了
[00:18.41]Alex,I'm sorry. I can'T. Alex 对不起 我不能...
[00:20.19]I slept with izzie. 我和Izzie上床了
[00:25.94]in life,only one thing is certain... 在人的一生中 只有一件事是确定的...
[00:28.91]apart from death and taxes... 除了死亡和纳税...
[00:31.42]no matter how hard you try, 不管你有多努力
[00:33.52]no matter how good your intentions, 不管你想法多美好
[00:35.80]you are going to make mistakes. 你注定会犯错误
[00:37.95]callie. Callie
[00:39.53]You're going to hurt people. 你注定会伤害到别人
[00:41.45]You're going to get hurt. 你注定会受伤害
[00:43.09]And if you ever want to recover... 如果你想修复...
[00:45.20]you haven't said anything in... 你一言不发...
[00:47.72]in... 已经...
[00:54.03]just say something. 你就说句话吧
[00:57.76]Please. 求你了
[00:59.80]Anything. 随便什么
[01:01.39]There's really only one thing you can say. 你也只能说这么一句
[01:05.91]I forgive you. 我原谅你
[01:09.00]What? 什么
[01:11.87]You made a mistake. 你犯了错误
[01:17.74]But we took vows... till death do us part... so... 但我们发过誓... 直到死亡分开我们...所以...
[01:23.10]I forgive you. 我原谅你
[01:30.73]Izzie,why aren't you picking up your phone? Izzie 为什么不接电话
[01:32.16]You need to pick up your phone. 快接电话呀
[01:33.39]I just talked to callie and... 我刚和Callie谈过...
[01:35.31]george. George
[01:36.14]I gotta find izzie. 我要去找Izzie
[01:37.13]- We have rounds in five minutes. - Right after I find izzie. - 五分钟后我们要巡房 - 等我找到Izzie再说
[01:42.67]You wanna go away with me this weekend? 这个周末想跟我出去吗
[01:44.12]Why would I want to go away with you? 为什么我要跟你出去?
[01:45.58]Because of this. 因为这个
[01:47.81]We didn't go away when we were a couple. 我们拍拖时都没怎么离开过
[01:49.93]Now we're not a couple,and not couples have no reason to go away together. 现在我们不是情侣 就更没有理由这样做
[01:52.82]Meredith,you're not paying attention. Meredith 你没搞明白
[01:53.95]I'm talking about 48 uninterrupted hours of this. 我是说48小时不间断的这个
[01:59.73]Where would we go? 我们去哪里?
[02:00.61]Wine country. 葡萄酒之乡
[02:01.77]Wine country sounds like a couples' place. 葡萄酒之乡听上去 应该是情侣去的地方
[02:03.51]Well,there's wine,there's country,and you wouldn't see any of it. 那儿有酒 有乡村 但是你什么也看不到
[02:06.39]We'd be in bed all weekend. 整个周末我们会呆在床上
[02:08.66]Oh,a weekend of sex. 整个周末的性
[02:10.72]Now you're paying attention. 现在你明白了
[02:13.23]well,I would have to get someone to cover for me. 我得找个人替我的班
[02:15.15]Okay,so you're in? 好的 那你答应?
[02:16.87]48 uninterrupted hours of this. 48小时不间断
[02:20.47]I'm in. 我答应
[02:23.99]Oh,great. 好极了
[02:25.77]I'm stuck in the pit protecting smackheads and gangbangers with my idiot interns, 我要保护急诊室的吸毒犯和黑帮 不被笨实习荼毒
[02:29.59]and you're getting mcdreamied in the elevator? 而你和美梦先生 却在电梯里卿卿我我
[02:31.40]Really,smackheads and gangbangers at seattle grace,huh? 西雅图仁爱有吸毒犯和黑帮?
[02:34.33]My point is,I hate interns. 我是说 我讨厌实习生
[02:35.98]Well,lexie's not that bad,is she? Lexie可没有那么差劲 对吧
[02:37.66]Oh,are we not hating her anymore? 我们不需要再讨厌她了吗
[02:39.39]Oh,no. We still hate the idea of her. 我们还是讨厌她的想法
[02:41.45]We just realized we don't have a reason to hate the actual person. 只是没什么理由讨厌她本人
[02:44.49]She's an intern. 她是个实习生
[02:45.66]That's reason enough. 光这点就够了
[02:47.26]I think you may be the new nazi. 我想你会变成一个新"纳粹"的
[02:49.61]Damn right. 说得很对
[02:50.66]I don't see any charts. 我怎么没看见病历
[02:56.65]Will you work for me on saturday? 星期六可以替我的班吗
[02:58.23]What's in it for me? 给我什么好处
[02:59.34]What do you want? 你要什么好处
[03:00.03]- Take norman off my hands today. - Who? - 今天帮我带Norman - 谁?
[03:01.95]The world's oldest intern. 世界上最老的实习生
[03:03.69]I've got mynterns in the pit,and he's only gonna slow me down. 我要带实习生去急诊室 他会拖慢我的进度
[03:05.89]Ageist. 年龄歧视
[03:06.62]Deal? 答应否?
[03:08.01]Fine. 好吧
[03:11.15]Rounds. 巡房
[03:11.85]Still can't find izzie. 还是找不到Izzie
[03:12.70]I'm gonna have to put you in the clinic if you miss rounds. 你不来巡房 我就把你塞到门诊去
[03:15.02]Oh,the clinic! 门诊!
[03:18.32]Uh,ms.Sayles,hi.I'm dr.Bailey. Sayles小姐 我是Bailey医生
[03:20.42]Oh,you are? 你是?
[03:21.45]Uh,the boyfriend who warned her not to read on the stairmaster. 提醒她别在踏步机上看书的男朋友
[03:26.62]That's how I did this. 我就是这样
[03:27.60]I fell off last night. 昨晚摔了下来
[03:29.55]I took a ton of ibuprofen,but when I woke up this morning,it was huge and hideous. 我吃了很多布洛芬 今天早上醒来就肿成这样了
[03:33.95]How much ibuprofen did you take? 你吃了多少布洛芬
[03:35.67]I usually take some every day anyway,because of the gym, 我平时每天也吃一点 因为减肥的缘故
[03:38.62]so I doubled the dose,but it did nothing for me. 所以我就加倍了剂量 但不起作用
[03:41.08]Okay,let's get some x-rays and then... 好吧 照X光 然后...
[03:42.80]actually,can I justst get ahot of cortisone or something? 我能不能打针可的松 或者别的什么
[03:45.50]I'm supposed to meet my trainer anoon. 我中午要见我教练
[03:47.26]Uh,ms.Sayles,I can't treat you until I find out what's wrong with you. Sayles女士 知道你问题所在之前 我不会给你治疗
[03:54.13]Have you seen dr.Stevens? 你见到Stevens医生了吗
[03:55.48]Check the pit. 看看急诊室
[03:57.20]Right. 好的
[03:59.84]What time do you think we'll be done? 什么时候可以搞定?
[04:01.65]Just so I can tell my trainer. 我好告诉我教练一声
[04:06.73]lexie! Sorry. Lexie 对不起
[04:08.01]- Uh,have you seen dr.Stevens? - No. - 你见过Stevens医生吗 - 没
[04:09.86]- Have you seen dr.Yang? - No. - 你见过Yang医生吗 - 没
[04:11.24]She told me to meet her here in the pit,and she's not here. 她叫我在急诊室等她 但她不在
[04:13.14]I don't want to give that woman any more reasons to hate me. 我不想让那女人更讨厌我
[04:14.92]- Good for you. - I'm prepared. - 很好 - 我做好准备了
[04:16.20]I'm gonna answer every question correctly. 我要答对每一道题
[04:17.39]And I'm not gonna take any more of her crap. 我不要再听她骂人
[04:18.98]Three! 3号
[04:19.63]Incoming,let's move. 有伤者 快来
[04:21.92]He got hit during a scrimmage. 他在抢球时被打到了
[04:23.33]Are you the coach? 你是教练吗
[04:24.08]He's my dad. 他是我爸爸
[04:25.01]And his coach. 以及教练
[04:26.12]He was charging the receiver after the kickoff. 他在开球后负责接球
[04:27.87]He got blocked,had his head down,couldn't see the other guy coming. 他被挡住了 头朝下 看不到别人正冲过来
[04:30.70]I had my head down because the guy blocking me was hoing it down. 我头朝下是因为 被那个拦截我的人按住了
[04:33.80]You could've gotten past that guy. 你本来可以过他的
[04:35.05]I need you to leave the room. 你得离开这个房间
[04:37.34]Okay,let's cut him out of his equipment. I need the saw. 让我们把他从护具里弄出来 我要把锯子
[04:39.10]Dr.GreyI need you to help me stabilize his neck and his head,please. Grey医生 请你帮我稳住他的脖子和头
[04:42.27]It's very important,adam,that you not move your head. 这很重要 Adam 你的头不能动
[04:44.63]I need you to keep perfectly still. 我要你好好地保持别动
[04:46.03]Don't move. 别动
[04:46.92]Relax. 放松
[04:54.03]- O'malley,what's the hur? - Sorry,I can't talk,chief. - O'Malley 什么事那么急 - 不好意思 我来不及说了 主任
[04:59.37]O'malley? O'Malley
[05:00.90]I... 我...
[05:04.99]sorry,I... 对不起 我...
[05:06.55]I just gotta find izzie. 我要找到Izzie
[05:08.44]She's at the third floor nurses' station. 她在三楼的护士站
[05:10.50]Oh. Thanks. 哦 谢谢
[05:12.47]Oh,and...and when you find her, 你...你找到她时
[05:13.88]tell her dr.Torres is looking or her. 告诉她Torres医生在找她
[05:21.91]now I know charting doesn't seem as exciting as surgery, 我知道填病历没有手术好玩
[05:25.41]but it is every bit as important. 但同样重要
[05:27.10]Believe me when I tell you,people,penmanship saves lives. 相信我说的 写字一样能救人
[05:30.63]Pick up your phone. 接电话啊
[05:31.89]What kind of doctor doesn't pick up their phone? 什么样的医生才不接电话啊
[05:33.72]Is that a 7 or is that a 9? 这是7还是9?
[05:35.24]If I have to ask myself that question in the middle of an emergency,your patient is dead. 如果紧急事故中还要想 那病人就死了
[05:38.94]You killed him with your handwriting. 是你的笔迹谋杀他
[05:42.88]Think about that. 好好想想
[05:45.16]Callie. Callie
[05:46.78]Hey. 嘿
[05:48.34]Hi. 嗨
[05:49.07]We have to talk. 我们要谈谈
[05:50.64]Okay. Um,about? 好啊 什么事
[05:53.71]George told me. George告诉我了
[05:56.37]- He told you? - Everything. - 他告诉你了? - 所有的事
[05:59.10]Cafeteria,noon,you and me. 自助餐厅 中午见 就你和我
[06:02.75]Be there. 准时
[06:08.07]Dude,is she gonna kick her ass? 她是不是准备找她单挑?
[06:18.70]医人当自强 第四季 第4集
[06:19.79]She forgave you? 她原谅了你?
[06:20.75]She said I had a rough year, 她说我这一年不好过
[06:22.96]that people make mistakes,and that... 是人都会犯错...
[06:26.01]- that I made a mistake. - Oh,so now I'm a mistake? - 我犯了个错 - 我就是那个错误
[06:29.34]back off! 退后!
[06:30.39]No,she said that. I didn't say that. 不 她说的 我没有那样说
[06:31.61]What did you say? 那你说了什么
[06:32.52]Um,I didn't expect her to forgive me. 我没想过她会原谅我
[06:35.36]I expected... 我以为会是...
[06:36.65]rage,uh,bloodshed. 暴怒 和血腥的场面
[06:38.63]No,she's saving all her rage and bloodshed for me. 不 暴怒和血腥是为我准备的
[06:40.91]- She's gonna kill me in the cafeteria at lunch. - No,she wouldn'T. - 她中午会在自助餐厅杀了我 - 不 她不会的
[06:42.94]She breaks bones for a living,george. 她以断人骨头为生 George
[06:44.68]She's crazy. 她是个疯子
[06:45.36]No,she's not crazy. 不 她不是
[06:46.24]Well,she is if she thinks I'm not gonna put up a fight. 如果她以为我不会反抗的话 她肯定疯了
[06:50.54]I can't believe that kid's dad. 那个老爸难以置信
[06:52.99]I mean,his son is paralyzed,and the guy's still riding him. 我是说 他都瘫了 那家伙还在训他
[06:55.66]Focus more on the medicine,three,and less on the tragedy. 集中注意于医学 3号 少管悲剧
[06:58.31]Three? 3号?
[06:59.21]Is that a nickname? 是个昵称吗?
[07:00.37]You could say that. 你可以这么理解
[07:03.08]So how would you proceed,dr.Grey? 那你准备怎么做 Grey医生
[07:05.61]Oh,um...you won't be able to operate unless you realign his spine,would you? 在重新调整他的脊椎前 做不了手术 对吗?
[07:10.58]And how would you do that? 那你准备怎么做?
[07:12.85]Traction halo? 做牵引?
[07:14.29]Very impressive,dr.Grey. 说得很好 Grey医生
[07:15.83]Your intern year's off to a good start. 你的实习生涯将有个好的开端
[07:18.31]How's it going? 怎么样了
[07:19.27]How are you and meredith? 你和Meredith
[07:20.53]It's weird,the whole family thing. 家家有本难念的经
[07:23.05]And plus,I think she might still hate me. 还有 我想她还是恨我
[07:25.10]She doesn't hate you. 她没有恨你
[07:26.93]Really? Did she say that? 真的吗 她这么说的吗?
[07:27.80]You know,why don't you go see if mrs.Cooley's dressings need changing? 你应该去看看 Cooley太太的敷料是否该换了
[07:30.14]Yang,why don't you go see if mrs.Cooley's dressing needs changing? Yang 你怎么不去看看?
[07:34.35]Certainly. 当然
[07:38.24]Dr.Sloan,dr.Norman shales. Sloan医生 这是Norman Shales医生
[07:41.04]Oh,dr.Shales,call me mark. Shales医生 叫我Mark
[07:43.15]Thank you. 谢谢
[07:44.28]I thought you were on my service. 我以为你是来帮我的
[07:45.61]I am. 是的
[07:46.18]He's my intern. 他是我的实习生
[07:47.54]I know,right? 我了解的
[07:48.34]It's like,"seriously,you're an intern?" 就像 "真的吗 你是实习生?"
[07:50.55]But it's seriously true. 是真的
[07:52.29]Seriously. 真的
[07:53.54]glad to have you aboar norman. 欢迎加入 Norman
[07:56.84]So is he the one you call,uh... 他就是被你叫做...
[07:58.77]mcdreamy or,mc,uh,sleazy,or mc,uh,wait a minute,what is it? 美梦先生 还是 脏脏先生 到底是什么先生
[08:03.19]- Norman,we have labs to deliver. - Yeah. - Norman 我们要去送化验单 - 好的
[08:05.38]Labs and discharges. 化验单和出院通知
[08:07.25]Uh,this one's being discharged to hospice? 这个人要被送到收容所?
[08:09.58]When there's nothi else we can do. 当我们无能为力的时候
[08:11.27]So we have to tell someone they're dying? 我们要告诉他们死期不远了?
[08:12.76]Don't worry. I'll teach you the protocol. 别担心 我教你怎么做
[08:15.13]Mcsteamy! 性感先生
[08:16.33]He's the one you girls call mcsteamy. 他就是你们说的性感先生
[08:19.76]you paged me,dr.Bailey? 你找我 Bailey医生?
[08:21.59]Oh,I didn't know you were... 我不知道你也...
[08:23.39]I'm in the clinic. Or I was... 我今天在门诊...
[08:25.00]what have you got? 什么情况?
[08:26.43]ruthie sayles. Ruthie Sayles
[08:27.31]Says she twisted her ankle falling off the stairmaster. 在踏步机上扭到了脚踝
[08:30.32]She didn't twist it. She crushed it. 这不是扭伤 骨头都被压碎了
[08:31.57]We should book an O.R.Right away. 马上去预定一间手术室
[08:33.50]Dr.Torres,you don't think we should run a few tests first? Torres医生 你不觉得 我们还要做其他检查吗
[08:36.72]Find out why ruthie's bones are so fragile in the first place? 查查为什么Ruthie的骨头如此脆弱?
[08:38.84]She's osteoporotic. 她是骨质疏松
[08:40.12]I see it in older women all the time. 上了年纪的女人都这样
[08:41.52]Now you're seeing it in a 28 year old. 你看到的这例只有28岁
[08:44.31]Oh,right. 哦 对
[08:46.49]Call me when you get the test results. 有了检查结果再通知我
[08:50.82]I can't talk about it with you. 我不能告诉你
[08:53.67]- Well,is she all right? - Yeah. - 她没事吗? - 嗯
[08:57.22]So when giving a patient the bad news, 当你要通知病人坏消息的时候
[08:58.84]you want to be polite and detached,but not cold. 你要彬彬有礼且不带感情 但是不要太冷酷
[09:01.72]How can you be detached but not cold? 你怎么能不带感情又不冷酷
[09:03.34]You show that you care without actually allowing yourself to care, 要表现你的关心 但又不能让自己去关心
[09:06.41]because if you get too emotional,then they get scared, 如果你太情绪化 他们就会很恐慌
[09:09.34]and then they get emotional,and that's bad. 然后他们变得情绪化 事情就糟糕了
[09:11.51]Seriously? 真的?
[09:12.14]Stop with the seriously. 别再说"真的"了
[09:13.88]Uh,I'm sorry. 抱歉
[09:14.89]I know it must be hard being older than most of us, 我知道比我们都年长肯定不容易
[09:17.38]but I think you're gonna go a lot further 但我觉得你还可以走很远
[09:19.47]if you just let everything else go and focus on the medicine. 你得心无旁骛地集中在医学上
[09:22.43]- Hey,are you aware that mcdreamy and the other grey are bonding? - Bonding? - 你知道另一个Grey和美梦先生言谈甚欢? - 言谈甚欢?
[09:26.05]Over their mutual meredith greyness. 他们唯一的交集就是你
[09:27.49]What do you mean? They're talking about me? 什么意思? 他们在说我?
[09:28.65]- What are they saying? - Oh,I don't know. - 他们说了什么? - 我不知道
[09:29.88]He's making me deal with his patients while they focus on what's really important...you. 他差使我来应付病人 然后他们就在那专心致志的讨论你
[09:34.69]Cristina! Cristina!
[09:38.33]What was I saying? 我刚刚说到哪了
[09:39.24]You were saying how important it was to focus on the medicine. 你说集中精力在医学上是很重要的
[09:42.12]Just give me the chart. 把病历给我
[09:43.67]First we're going to apply halo,which uses weights and traction to pull your spine back into place. 我们会使用重量的牵引 将你的脊椎回复原位
[09:48.70]Traction? 牵引?
[09:49.83]Like at the gym. 就像健身那种
[09:50.90]We stretch your upper body using weights until the tension pops the spine into position. 我们利用重量来牵引你的上身 直到脊椎回到原位
[09:54.55]Except unlike at the gym, 这一点都不像健身
[09:56.24]dr.Shepherd needs to attach the traction device directly to your head Shepherd医生会在你的头部 安装牵引装置
[10:00.01]by screwing two bolts into your skull. 通过两根螺丝固定到头骨
[10:02.38]That sounds painful. 听起来很痛
[10:03.73]Painful is if he doesn't fix your spine. 痛的是如果治不好你的脊椎
[10:05.59]Painful is you never walk again. 然后一辈子无法行走
[10:09.60]okay. 好的
[10:10.47]We gonna do this thing or what? 我们到底要不要做?
[10:17.86]I told you not to get too emotional. 我告诉过你不要太情绪化
[10:19.74]I couldn't help it. 我控制不来
[10:21.76]What now? 现在怎么办
[10:26.23]go apologize one last time. 最后一次 再去道歉
[10:33.44]once again,ma'am,we are very,very sorry... 女士 再一次 我们非常 非常抱歉
[10:37.33]very sorry. 非常抱歉
[10:45.63]and now? 现在呢?
[10:46.36]Now we slowly and respectfully back out of the room. 现在我们慢慢地 恭敬地退出房间
[10:55.11]alex,I need a favor. Alex 帮个忙
[10:56.92]I don't have time for favors. 没时间帮忙
[10:58.38]I'm working here. 我在忙呢
[10:59.27]Well,what are you doing at lunch? 你午餐的时候要干什么
[11:01.05]According to my interns,I'm watching torres kick your ass all up and down the cafeteria. 根据实习生来报 我要欣赏Torres 在餐厅和你单挑
[11:05.54]How do they know? 他们怎么知道的
[11:06.45]So it's true. 这么说是真的
[11:07.41]What'd you do to her? 你对她做什么了?
[11:08.79]Nothing. 没什么
[11:09.54]Dude. 老兄
[11:10.43]we need a little help here! 这里需要帮助
[11:14.95]Oh,thank god. Somebody I know. 感谢上帝 我认识你们
[11:16.20]Will somebody please make sure they page my husband? 你们谁去看看我老公什么时候来?
[11:20.55]Who is she? 她是谁?
[11:21.26]It's the chief's niece. 主任的侄女
[11:21.84]camille travis,18,I tried intubating 3 times. Camille Travis 18岁 试图插管3次
[11:24.14]There's some kind of obstruction. 有什么东西堵住了
[11:24.99]My baby can't breathe. 我的宝贝不能呼吸了
[11:26.18]Sats staying down. They're at 82%. 血氧浓度持续下降 只有82%了
[11:27.55]She needs a surgical airway. 需要手术导管
[11:28.56]Somebody get me a crike tray. 给我拿个托盘
[11:29.66]How many emergency crikes have you done? 你做了多少例紧急开孔?
[11:30.87]Including this one? One. 包括这个? 一例
[11:32.43]Dude,it's the chief's niece. 伙计 这是主任的侄女
[11:33.81]pulse is getting weaker. 脉搏越来越弱
[11:34.89]So we better not screw this up. 我们最好别搞砸了
[11:36.17]what are you doing? 你在干什么
[11:37.13]trying to help her breathe. 帮她呼吸
[11:41.26]she just slit her throat! 她割开了她的喉咙
[11:42.84]Suction. I need suction. 抽吸 给我抽吸器
[11:44.41]- Get the retractors in. - There's so much blood. - 用牵引器 - 血太多了
[11:45.70]You didn hit an artery,did you? 你没有割到动脉 对吧
[11:46.82]No,not on purpose. 没有 不是故意的
[11:47.95]- Oh,god. - Oh,god. - 老天 - 老天
[11:49.10]Get the tube. 管子拿来
[11:51.59]oh,god. 老天
[11:53.93]sats are going up. 血氧浓度 回升了
[11:55.01]Oh,we did it. 成功了
[11:56.31]Oh,richard! Richard
[12:01.76]What the hell are you doing to my niece? 你对我侄女干什么
[12:07.41]one thing this childdid not need was another surgery. 这个孩子不需要再来一次手术
[12:10.74]She wasn't breathing,chief. 她当时不能呼吸了
[12:11.96]we didn't know what else to do. 我们别无选择
[12:15.12]You did the right thing. 你做的对
[12:16.55]But camille was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 14. 但是Camille在14岁的时候 就被诊断出癌症
[12:20.30]She's had both ovaries removed,a hysterectomy and now this... 她的卵巢和子宫全部被摘除 现在又...
[12:23.16]there it is,the mass. 在这里 那一团
[12:24.49]no wonder she couldn't breathe. 怪不得她不能呼吸
[12:26.27]I can take it out. 我可以摘除它
[12:27.61]But we won't know how many more there are until we do further studies. 直到进一步检查 谁也不知道究竟有多少
[12:33.10]I'm so sorry,chief. 我很遗憾 主任
[12:37.27]She beat it twice before. 她挺过来了两次
[12:40.10]She'll beat it again. 她会挺过去的
[12:45.21]I just had to tell a 48-year-old woman that she's gonna die. 我刚刚告诉一个48岁的女人 她快死了
[12:48.36]Yeah? I wish I could tell a 24-year-old woman she's gonna die. 我倒是想去告诉一个24岁的女人 她快死了
[12:55.39]I have gone out of my way to be nice to her, 我史无前例的对她友善
[12:57.95]and this is what she does,talks about me behind my back? 她所干的就是在背后说我?
[13:00.13]When were you nice to her? 你什么时候对她友善?
[13:01.02]I was nice... 我对她很友善
[13:02.25]once. 一次
[13:04.25]My point is... 重点是
[13:05.63]hey,meredith. 嘿 Meredith
[13:06.45]Hey,norman. 嘿 Norman
[13:07.01]'Sup,lexie? 你好啊 Lexie
[13:09.85]come on,norman. 过来 Norman
[13:13.50]Um...dr.Shepherd asked that we meet in adam's room in ten minutes. Shepherd医生让我们十分钟后 在Adam的房间见
[13:18.91]You could at least acknowledge that you heard me. 你至少可以说声你听见了
[13:21.33]You're using the grey sister angle to get in good with the attendings. 你想用Grey妹妹的身份讨好主治医生?
[13:24.94]I get that. 我知道了
[13:25.89]But you're here on my license. 但你是在我手下做事
[13:27.39]So if you do anything,like kill someone,it's on me. 所以不管你做了什么 比方说杀了人 那是算在我头上
[13:30.30]So for the rest of the day,you're gonna hug the wall. 往后的时间 你给我贴墙站着
[13:32.55]You're not gonna say anything,you're not gonna do anything. 不要多嘴 不要多事
[13:34.81]You're an intern. 你是实习生
[13:36.05]Are welear... 清楚了吗
[13:37.58]three? 3号
[13:40.66]Lexie. Lexie
[13:42.36]What? 什么?
[13:43.00]It's lexie,or grey. 我叫Lexie 或者Grey
[13:45.43]It's not three. 我不叫3号
[13:47.21]I have a name. 我有名字的
[13:51.75]your blood tests show low electrolyte levels, 血液检查显示你是低电解质
[13:53.60]low calcium and low vitamin D. 缺钙 缺维生素D
[13:55.40]Have you been dieting? 你在节食吗?
[13:57.05]She just lost 40 pounds. 她减掉了40磅
[13:58.96]Will told me if I ever got back down to a size 4,we'd move in together. Will说如果我能瘦到穿4号衣 我们就搬到一起
[14:03.05]How romantic. 多浪漫啊
[14:04.06]We both just needed motivation. 我们都需要动力
[14:05.97]I told him I wouldn't live with a smoker,so he quit smoking. 我告诉他我不会和烟鬼住在一起 所以他就戒烟了
[14:09.24]The problem is,even if dr.Torres is able to repair your fracture, 问题是 即使Torres医生治好你的骨折
[14:13.00]it won't do any good unless you're eating more and working out less. 也不会有任何帮助 除非你增加食量 减小运动量
[14:16.62]Am I right,dr.Torres? 对吗 Torres医生?
[14:18.87]Dr.Tor... Torrres医...
[14:20.24]hey,are you all right? 你还好吧?
[14:21.27]Uh,uh,.Bailey's right. Bailey医生说得对
[14:23.49]So what,you're saying that you won't operate unless she puts on a bunch of weight? 你是说除非她再长个几斤肉 否则你不会做手术?
[14:26.65]No,but,um... 不是 但...
[14:27.22]then why are we still talking about this? 那我们在说什么?
[14:29.35]We came here to get her leg fixed. 我们到这里来就为了治她的腿
[14:31.06]So fix her leg. 把腿治好
[14:35.30]Okay. 好的
[14:37.34]How'd that discharge- to-hospice patient go? 那个出院的病人情况怎样?
[14:40.39]Not great. 不太好
[14:42.01]There was crying and tears and... 哭天喊地 泪流满面还有...
[14:44.61]more tears. 更多的眼泪
[14:45.57]Tears? 眼泪?
[14:46.73]Really? 真的?
[14:47.99]Such a tough old birD. 他可是个硬汉
[14:49.28]I thought he'd take it like a man. 我以为他能像个男人一样接受
[14:52.20]"He'd take it like a man"? 他能像个男人一样接受?
[14:54.75]What,I'm sexist now? 怎么 我性别歧视了?
[14:56.96]No,"he" as in "him"? 他是他?
[14:58.83]Joel hanson in 2212. Joel Hanson 2212房
[15:00.57]Not gretchen bitzer in 2213? 不是2213的Gretchen Bitzer?
[15:02.83]Oh,dear. 老天
[15:03.86]I thought that "2" was a "3." 我以为那个"2"是"3"
[15:05.52]Dr.Grey,did you and your intern tell a woman Grey医生 你和你的实习生告诉
[15:07.97]who came in to have her moles removed that she was dying? 一个来祛痣的女人说她快死了?
[15:11.06]Oh,dear. 老天
[15:12.39]I mean,crap. 我是说 糟糕
[15:13.35]Oh,crap. 糟糕
[15:17.23]You hear that? 你听见了吗
[15:18.68]Like a weight room. 就像举重室
[15:19.98]There's nothing to be scared of. 没什么好怕的
[15:21.48]He's been weight training since he was 8 years old. 他从8岁开始就进行举重训练了
[15:23.69]what did I say about you and the wall? 我不是让你贴着墙的吗
[15:27.08]Dr.Yang,this is still a teaching hospital,isn't it? Yang医生 这里还是一所教学医院吧?
[15:29.46]yes,sir. 是的 先生
[15:30.19]You need to get a little closer if you want to learn something today,dr.Grey. 如果你今天想学点东西 就必需凑近些 Grey医生
[15:34.27]Okay,adam,I'm going to attach the tongs now. 好了 Adam 我要给你戴上夹具
[15:36.56]I need you to stay perfectly still during this procedure. 我要你全程都纹丝不动地躺好
[15:39.43]Let the weights do all the work. 只让重力作用于你
[15:41.09]Okay,you're gonna feel a little pressure, 你会感到有一些压力
[15:42.10]but with the meds we've given you,you shouldn't feel any pain. 由于麻药的作用 你不会感到疼痛
[15:45.74]All right. 好的
[15:48.29]Here we go. 开始了
[15:54.52]Can you imagine being 14 years old and having some doctor tell you you've got cancer? 一个才14岁的孩子得了癌症 你能想象到么?
[15:59.33]What do you do with that? 应该怎么做?
[16:00.52]Well,you fighT. Camille's a fighter. 应该跟命运搏斗 Camille是个斗士
[16:02.56]You two have that in common. 你们俩彼此彼此
[16:04.80]So what's it gonna be, 结果会如何呢
[16:06.02]stevens gets her bones broken or torres gets taken to the trailer park? Stevens被揍的粉身碎骨 还是Torres被带到停车场?
[16:09.26]Neither. It's not happening. 两者皆非 不会那样的
[16:11.00]But if it does,will you pull her off me? 如果那样了 你会把她拉开么?
[16:12.90]You gonna tell me what you did to her? 你怎么惹到她了
[16:14.39]You have to promise not to say anything to anybody. 你要保证不告诉别人
[16:17.15]Swear. 发誓
[16:17.84]I swear. 我发誓
[16:19.25]Jeez. 天呀
[16:21.90]I slept with georgE. 我跟George睡过了
[16:24.20]I know. 我知道
[16:25.36]I'm a terrible person. 我是个糟糕的人
[16:26.29]Which is why I'm gonna let herget one good punch in. 所以我能容忍她狠狠打我一拳
[16:29.16]Maybe two. 也许两拳
[16:30.05]I deserve it. 我自作自受
[16:31.62]No,one. Then you pull her off me. 不 一拳 然后你就把她拉开
[16:33.35]You slept with o'malley? 你跟O'Malley上床了?
[16:34.64]Alex,you just said you wouldn't say anything. Alex 你说过你不妄加评论的
[16:36.73]I won't,believe me. 我不会的 你放心吧
[16:38.68]This... 这个...
[16:40.44]I'm embarrassed for you. 我都替你尴尬
[16:42.78]you had one job... one job... read the charts. 你就有一项工作...就一项 照着病历念就行了
[16:45.38]You want to yell at me some more? 你还要对我多吼几下么?
[16:46.90]You can,because I am an intern and according to dr.Bailey,yelling is how we learn. 你可以的 因为我是实习生 Bailey医生说多被吼几次才能成长
[16:50.60]Well,I'm not a very good yeller. 我可不擅长对你吼
[16:51.69]Oh,I'm sure it just takes practice. 多练习几次就擅长了
[16:53.34]Perhaps ms.Bitzer will show us how it's done. 也许Bitzer小姐能给你练习的机会
[16:55.64]Just let me do all the talking. 这次我自己来说吧
[16:57.40]Ms.Bitzer... Bitzer小姐...
[16:59.10]gretchen. Gretchen
[16:59.75]She left about an hour ago. 她一小时前就走了
[17:01.00]She's gone? 她走了?
[17:01.80]Left the hospital? 出院了?
[17:04.38]Feel like yelling now? 现在想吼么?
[17:08.43]Yo C.T.Results showed that not only is the cancer back, CT显示不仅仅有癌细胞
[17:12.55]it's spread to your chest,lungs and throat. 而且扩散到了胸腔 肺和咽喉
[17:15.41]We have options,though. 不过我们还有办法
[17:16.75]We can operate. 可以手术
[17:18.12]We can be even more aggressive with the chemo and radiation than the last time. 可以进行比上次更积极的化疗和放疗
[17:22.49]I just want to go home. 我只想回家
[17:26.42]We could try to treat you at home,but,camille,you... 我们可以尝试在家治疗 不过Camille...
[17:28.47]no,you don't understand. 不 你没听明白
[17:31.53]I don't want any treatment. 我想放弃治疗
[17:33.88]what? 什么?
[17:34.57]camille,don't say that. Camille 别这么说
[17:35.98]I've tried,mama. 我努力过了 妈妈
[17:37.02]It not working. 但是没用
[17:38.99]I can't do it anymore. 我再也做不来了
[17:40.47]You can d you will. 你可以的 一定能好的
[17:42.69]You have no choice. 你别无选择
[17:44.20]I'm 18 now,aunt adele. 我18岁了 Adele阿姨
[17:45.86]I do have a choice. 可以自己选择了
[17:47.16]You may be 18,baby girl, 也许你满18岁了 好孩子
[17:49.20]but you are clearly not capable of making life-and-death decisions for yourself right now. 但你现在还没有能力作生死抉择
[17:55.16]Tell her,richard. 你跟她说 Richard
[17:56.29]- Camille... - no,you tell her. - Camille... - 不 你告诉她
[17:57.83]Tell her how the radiation almost killed me last time, 告诉她上次的放疗几乎让我死去活来
[18:01.71]how I got hepatitis and my kidneys shut down and my skin was so raw I couldn'te touched. 让我患上了肝炎 肾脏衰竭 浑身掉皮 疼得不敢去碰
[18:08.30]- Camille... - I'm dying. - Camille... - 我要死了
[18:10.95]We all know that. 咱们都心知肚明
[18:13.08]I don't want to spend what little time I have left in this hospital. 我不想把最后这段 短暂的时光花在医院里
[18:17.18]I want to spend time with my friends. 我想与我的朋友团聚
[18:20.26]I want to sleep in my own bed,and I want to be home. 我想睡在自己的床上 我想回家
[18:25.60]So please don't be my doctor right now. 求求你 现在别做我的医生
[18:30.23]Be my uncle who loves me. 做回爱我的叔叔
[18:34.14]Let me go home. 让我回家吧
[18:40.61]try not to move your head,adam. 尽量不要动你的头 Adam
[18:42.38]I'm...I'm trying,but... 我...我已经在努力了 但是...
[18:45.45]I don't know how much longer I can take this. 我不知道我还能承受多少
[18:48.02]You'll take as much as they give you,son. 多少你都能承受 孩子
[18:49.51]Okay,now come on! You can do this. 加油! 你可以做到
[18:51.03]It's just another few pounds. 再加几磅力
[18:52.59]- Dr.Yang,maybe we should... - no one asked you. - Yang医生 也许我们可以... - 我没问你
[18:54.98]I-I can'T. 我受不了了
[18:56.36]Please take it off. 拿下来吧
[18:57.19]No,no. Can't quit. 不不 不能放弃
[18:58.14]Push through it. 坚持到底
[18:59.25]Okay,just one more plate. 好的 最后一块砝码
[19:00.47]Adam,you're strong. You can handle this. Adam 你很坚强 你能应付的
[19:02.64]Want to be a quitter,do you? Huh,do you? 你也不想做个懦夫吧? 对吧?
[19:04.30]Okay,you know what? That's it. That's it. 行了 好了 好了
[19:05.64]That's 20 pounds. 20磅了
[19:07.64]There,you did it. Right? 你做到了 不是么?
[19:09.23]Told you you could do it. 我就说你能成功吧
[19:10.08]Somebody get him out. Please. Somebody get him out. 谁把他轰出去 拜托了 把他轰出去
[19:13.63]Adam,I'm just trying to help out. Adam 我只是想帮你
[19:14.74]Please get out! Get out! 你快出去! 出去!
[19:16.05]- Get out! Get out! - Adam,adam,calm down. - 出去! 出去! - Adam 冷静一下
[19:17.89]Try not to upset him. 你别烦他了
[19:18.89]- Adam. adam,calm down. - Get...get... - Adam 冷静一下 - 出去...出...
[19:20.55]Adam,it's o... it's okay. Adam 没关系的
[19:21.46]What are you doing? Don't touch him. 你干什么呢? 别碰他
[19:23.17]The slightest movement could... 轻微的移动都会...
[19:25.45]put his hand down,gently. 把他的手放下 轻轻的
[19:29.13]I'm so sorry. I forgot. 万分抱歉 我忘记了
[19:29.92]Now step away from the patient and leave the room. 离病人远点 离开这间屋子
[19:32.70]Get out right now or I will throw you out. 赶紧出去 别等我把你扔出去
[19:37.59]Dr.Grey,take over for dr.Yang. Grey医生 你接替Yang医生
[19:39.54]Dr.Yang,a word. Yang医生 我有话对你说
[19:45.27]You are a resident now. 你现在是住院医生了
[19:47.38]Your job is to teach interns,not abuse them. 你的职责是教实习生 不是对他们颐指气使
[19:49.56]I wasn'T. She grabbed his... 我没有 她碰了他的...
[19:50.81]until you learn to be less competitive and less selfish, 除非你不再这么争强好胜和自私
[19:52.59]you will not assist on my surgeries. 否则你都不能协助我的手术了
[19:54.21]You will observe them. 你只能观摩
[19:55.33]- But she... - you can go. - 但她... - 你可以走了
[19:58.94]Arlene,she's just tired. Arlene 她太累了
[20:00.95]She doesn't know what she's saying. 她不知道自己说了什么
[20:02.99]But she's right. 她说的是对的
[20:04.61]She's not gonna get any better. 她的病不会有所好转
[20:06.97]We don't know that,arlene. 谁都不知道 Arlene
[20:08.30]There's always a chance. 机会永远存在
[20:09.23]Not if she doesn't get treatment. 放弃治疗就没有机会了
[20:10.95]You've got to talk to her,richard. 你要开导她 Richard
[20:12.26]You've... you have to convince her. 你要说服她
[20:15.09]She loves yoU. 她喜欢你
[20:15.90]She trusts you. 信任你
[20:17.24]And she's the closest thing we have to a child of our own. 她跟我们自己的孩子没有区别
[20:20.37]Richard,I'm begging you. Richard 我求你了
[20:22.26]Please. 求求你
[20:23.75]Save our baby girl. 救救我们的好孩子
[20:30.46]Again,ms.Bitzer,it's very important that you call us back. 再说一边 是Bitzer小姐 这件事很重要 我等你们电话
[20:34.69]You idiots still can't find her? 你们这些笨蛋还找不到她?
[20:36.30]I called her home,her cell,her next of kin. 我往她家 手机 亲戚都打了电话
[20:38.31]I don't care if you have to call every bitzer on the planet. 你给世上所有姓Bitzer的人打了电话 我也不在乎
[20:41.42]Find her! 找到她!
[20:43.74]I am really so very sorry about this. 我很抱歉
[20:46.22]It's not entirely your fault,norman. 不全是你的错 Norman
[20:47.80]You're just an intern. 你只是一个实习生
[20:48.70]I should've double-checked the charts. 我应该仔细看病历的
[20:50.43]I was distracted by things I shouldn't be distracted by. 我被杂事搞得心烦意乱
[20:54.42]For what it's worth,lexie grey is a good girl. 无论怎样 Lexie Grey是个好女孩
[20:57.91]She's very sweet. 她很可爱
[20:59.25]I don't think she would say anything untoward... 我觉得她不会说不中听的话...
[21:01.95]or uncool. 或者激动的话
[21:07.04]I have bitzers to call. 我还有很多电话要打
[21:10.34]But,you know,you could take the... 不过 你可以带上...
[21:12.54]norman? Norman?
[21:14.08]Norman? Norman?
[21:17.48]I'm not a bad resident,am I? 我是个称职的住院医生 对么?
[21:19.02]Don't ask me. I lost a patient today. 别问我 我今天丢了个病人
[21:20.98]Oh,you killed someone? 你病人死了?
[21:22.30]Lost. Literally can't find. 丢失 是找不到的意思
[21:25.08]Shepherd says I'm selfish and competitive. Shepherd说我自私 争强好胜
[21:27.99]What the hell is wrong with that? 自私要强怎么了?
[21:29.31]I kick ass. I'm an excellent resident. 我很了不起 我是最好的住院医生
[21:30.99]I'm not. 我不是
[21:31.73]In addition to losing my patient,I also lost my intern. 我不仅丢了病人 还丢了实习生
[21:34.76]Turned around,he was gone. Awol. 一扭脸的工夫他就走了 擅离职守
[21:36.32]See,what...what is wrong with these interns? 什么...这帮实习生怎么了?
[21:38.67]We weren't like this. 我们以前不这样
[21:39.48]We were great interns. 我们以前是最好的实习生
[21:40.78]I was great. 我是最好的
[21:42.70]You were...you were good. 你...你一般般吧
[21:44.95]- You guys seen callie? - No. - 你们看见Callie了么? - 没有
[21:46.65]Is it time for herto grind your bones into dust? 她要碾碎你骨头的时候到了?
[21:49.16]You don't think I can take her? 你以为我赢不了她?
[21:50.61]- Are you guys really doing this? - You heard? - 你们俩要对决啊? - 你也听说了?
[21:52.64]The whole hospital heard. 这个医院都听说了
[21:53.72]Yeah,well,that explainsthe line at the salad bar. 难怪沙拉柜台那边聚了这么多人
[21:55.50]Well,what are you fighting about? 你们为什么决斗?
[21:56.68]Believe me,you don't want to know. 相信我 你不想知道答案
[21:58.08]Alex. Alex
[21:58.69]I'm just saying,whatever it is,it's not worth it. 我说说而已 别管那是什么 总之不值得决斗
[22:01.82]Actually,it is. 实际上值得
[22:02.76]Some things are worth fighting for. 这样东西值得我们决斗
[22:11.08]O'malley. O'Malley
[22:11.96]Picking up repeat labs for ruthie sayles. 来取Ruthie Sayles的复检化验单
[22:13.71]So who's your money on,o'malley?Guess you gotta back the wife,huh? O'Malley 你赌谁能赢? 估计你会支持你老婆吧?
[22:16.18]What?What are you talking about? 什么? 你在说什么?
[22:17.97]The fight downstairs.Torres vs.Stevens. 楼下的决斗啊 Torres对Stevens
[22:20.22]What are they fighting about anyway? 她们为什么决斗啊?
[22:21.40]Oh,maile,that's just a rumor. 哦 Maile 那只是个谣言
[22:23.35]It's not happening. 不会发生的
[22:24.66]Callie is way too mature for that. Callie已经很成熟了
[22:26.22]That's not what my buddy in the cafeteria just said. 自助餐厅的人可不这么说
[22:32.50]- o'malley,your labs! - Gotta go!I'll be right back! - O'Malley 你的化验单! - 先走一步! 马上回来!
[22:35.85]I'm just saying,I learned how to fight in a trailer park.Okay? 我在拖车公园学过格斗 知道么?
[22:38.43]Where'd she learn to fight,boarding school?Not quite the same thing. 她在哪学过 寄宿学校? 这可不能相提并论
[22:55.89]I'm a street fighter. 我是街头霸王
[22:57.87]I've got some badass in me. 我可是有绝招的
[22:59.05]I could take a girl down. 我能放倒一个女生
[23:02.43]izzie. Izzie
[23:10.11]punch with your left.Protect your face with your right. 左手出拳 右手防护你的脸
[23:12.45]No,your hands... protect your surgeon hands. 不...外科医生应该重点保护手
[23:13.93]Your face can heal. 脸上受伤还能治
[23:20.44]Here we go. 要开始了
[23:24.27]stevens. Stevens
[23:26.67]Let's do this. 来单挑吧
[23:29.29]Let's go. 走
[23:31.17]Let's go. 走
[23:32.39]- Go where? - You know,go. - 去哪? - 你知道 走吧
[23:38.06]I wanted to talk. 我想谈谈
[23:42.32]you want to talk.You don't want to kick my ass? 你想谈谈 你不想和我单挑?
[23:46.00]You thought I was gonna fight you?You... 你以为我要跟你打架?
[23:48.75]that's cr... 真疯...
[24:11.41]excuse me. 借过
[24:17.16]that's a forfeit.Torres forfeits. 她弃权了 Torres弃权了
[24:19.60]Oh,my god. 天
[24:21.13]You were very ghetto fabulous. 你还真是在贫民窟长大的
[24:24.29]Oh,my god. 天
[24:28.60]What happened?Was there a fight? 怎么回事? 有人打架?
[24:30.04]no. 没有
[24:30.89]Guess they realized they were fighting over nothing. 估计她们发现打架没有意义
[24:43.45]Hey,what do you think's a better weekend getaway,napa or sonoma? 你觉得周末出去旅行怎么样? Napa或者Sonoma?
[24:46.52]I hope you don't mind if I kill your girlfriend. 要是我杀了你女朋友 希望你别介意
[24:48.89]Well,first of all,she's not my girlfriend. 首先 她不是我女朋友
[24:50.81]Second of all,I do mind. 其次 我会介意
[24:52.58]Interns should be seen and not heard. 实习生应该少说话 多干事
[24:54.20]They shouldn't talk to patients. 他们不能跟病人聊天
[24:55.48]That's how they learn. 那是他们学习的方式
[24:56.74]Which means I have to teach, 也就是说 我要教学
[24:58.72]and then I have to deal with their problems when they screw up. 他们搞砸时 我得处理他们的问题
[25:01.02]Meredith rarely screws up,and she's not an intern. Meredith很少搞砸 而且她不是实习生
[25:03.26]So napa or sonoma,what do you think? Napa或者Sonoma 你觉得怎么样?
[25:05.05]- Sonoma. - Mm. - Sonoma - 嗯
[25:06.89]Smaller hotels,fewer tourists. 酒店小点 人也少点
[25:09.11]And meredith... Meredith
[25:11.38]she's still an intern.Don't kid yourself. 她还是个实习 别自欺欺人了
[25:13.39]She's green,she's a baby,and the only difference between her 她还是个新手 是个孩子 她和她的跟屁虫老家伙
[25:15.86]and that old guy she's got trailing her is 之间唯一的差别在于
[25:16.91]that you're not sleeping with the old guy. 你没和那老家伙睡过
[25:21.80]Sorry I'm late. 对不起 迟到了
[25:22.93]Well,I was just explaining the surgery. 我在解释手术
[25:25.56]Since your bones have splintered, 因为你骨折了
[25:27.42]dr.Torres will place metal plates and screws to hold the ankle together. Torres医生要用金属片固定你的脚踝
[25:32.00]How long will the recovery time be? 恢复要多久?
[25:33.40]It's hard to say. 很难说
[25:34.53]You'll be in a cast 8 to 12 weeks. 用石膏固定8到12周
[25:37.97]Three months? 3个月?
[25:39.35]Right,dr.Torres? 对 Torres医生?
[25:40.66]Longer if she doesn't eat. 她不吃东西的话 时间还会更长
[25:42.19]She eats. 她吃
[25:44.12]Not enough to keep her bones from snapping, 吃的还不够让脚踝恢复原样
[25:45.81]but you don't seem too concerned about that. 但你并不担心啊
[25:47.06]- What is your problem,lady? - I don't have paroblem. - 你有什么问题 女士? - 我没问题
[25:49.14]- I'm not the one who has to live with you. - You know what? - 我不是和你一起生活的人 - 知道么?
[25:50.99]- Thiis... you have a problem... - ruthie! - 是你有问题 - Rutie
[25:54.32]in her go ahead. 往这里吐 继续吐
[25:55.96]In here. 吐在这里面
[26:00.78]I thought ruthie wasn't going into surgery till tomorrow. 我以为Ruthie要等明天才能做手术
[26:03.02]That's before she started vomiting blood. 在她开始吐血之前是
[26:05.34]She's got a bleeding duodenal ulcer. 她十二指肠溃疡出血
[26:07.02]How did we not see this? 我们怎么开始没发现?
[26:08.29]She came in with a broken ankle. 她因为脚踝骨折进的医院
[26:09.81]Her malnutrition and the amount of ibuprofen she's been taking, 她营养不良并且大量服用布洛芬
[26:14.03]she's lucky to be alive. 她该庆幸自己还活着
[26:15.63]why did she do this to herself? 她干嘛这样?
[26:17.14]'Cause people are stupid and just want to be loved. 人都是傻子 总想得到爱
[26:19.71]That's the only reason anybody does anything. 只有这个原因 人才不顾一切付出
[26:24.39]asystole. 心跳停止
[26:25.96]OK,Start C.P.R. 开始心肺复苏
[26:30.03]you think he'll walk again? 你觉得他还能走路?
[26:31.59]It's not impossible. 不是不可能
[26:33.82]Mm.We have a bleeder. 是个易出血的人
[26:35.77]I need you to cauterize the vein,dr.Grey. 我要你烧灼下血管 Grey医生
[26:38.78]Oh,okay. 好
[26:39.97]I... 我
[26:42.58]I,um... 我
[26:43.85]I-I can't find it. 我找不到血管
[26:44.95]I-I-I can't see where it starts.Um... 我看不到从哪开始
[26:49.05]it's coming too quickly. 太快了
[26:50.82]Stop.Suction around it. 停 把周围的血吸干净
[26:52.90]You have to see where the bleed is coming from first. 你先要找到血从哪里来
[26:54.68]Follow the flow to the source.Good. 根据流动的痕迹找到源头 很好
[26:57.16]Okay,now bovie it. 好 用电烧灼器烧
[26:59.49]Got it. 好了
[27:00.98]Good job. 做得好
[27:02.63]Dr.Yang,if you don't mind stepping in? Yang医生 你来接手吧
[27:09.48]Dr.Grey. Grey医生
[27:10.79]Norman,where haveou been? Norman 你去哪了?
[27:12.55]- I was... - norman,do you think you can just cut out on me - 我 - Norman 你觉得关键时刻
[27:14.35]in the middle of a crisis? 丢下我一人 合适吗?
[27:15.60]- I-I went... - where,norman? - 我去 - 去哪里了 Norman?
[27:16.83]Where did you go that was important enough to just disappear in the middle of a shift? 这对解释你在换班中途消失很重要
[27:21.53]- Ms.Bitzer's apartment. - You went to ms.Bitzer's apartment. - Bitzer女士的公寓 - 你去了Bitzer女士那里
[27:24.53]I told her she had a bill outstanding. 我告诉她 她还没付钱
[27:26.21]- She's right behind me. - Oh. - 她就在我后面 - 哦
[27:27.94]Oh,but if I may say so,your yelling has improved remarkably. 如果我这么说 你肯定会提高嗓门 大喊大叫
[27:31.58]Thank you. 谢谢
[27:33.16]I-I'm sorry I missed your calls. 抱歉 没听到你叫我
[27:34.97]I didn't mean to cut out on my bill. 我没想不付钱就走
[27:36.43]It's just,I got a lot of living to do and not a lot of time to do it in. 我有好多事情要做 但又没那么多时间
[27:40.04]- Actually... - I quit my job,dumped my loser boyfriend, - 其实 - 我辞了职 甩了我的衰人男友
[27:43.24]told my boss where he could shove it, 告诉老板他应该少管哪些闲事
[27:45.02]and bought a one-way ticket to iceland, 买了张去冰岛的单程票
[27:47.11]where the sun never sets,which is fine by me. 那的太阳永不落 正是我想要的
[27:49.40]I'll sleep when I'm dead,right? 我死的时候会睡着 对吧?
[27:51.32]You're,uh,not going to die,ms. Bitzer. 你不会死 Bitzer女士
[27:55.41]- I'm not? - There was a mix-up with your labs. - 我不会? - 你的化验结果弄错了
[27:58.86]You're going to live,hopefully a very long,healthy life. 你还会活着 而且健康长寿
[28:06.08]I quit my job. 我辞职了
[28:09.12]I broke up with my boyfriend. 我跟我男朋友分手了
[28:12.77]I gave up my apartment. 房子我都不要了
[28:16.77]you know how hard it is to find an apartment... 你知道找个房子有多难
[28:19.87]with parking? 带车库的那种
[28:35.12]I thought you quit smoking. 我以为你戒烟了
[28:37.26]Wasn't that the deal? 不是说好了吗?
[28:38.52]Ruthie loses 40 pounds,you quit smoking? Ruthie减掉40磅 你戒烟
[28:40.60]My girlfriend's in emergency surgery. 我女朋友在外科急救室
[28:42.33]I think she'll forgive me for smoking. 我想她会原谅我抽烟
[28:44.19]No,no,she won't,because she's dead. 不 她不会 因为她死了
[28:49.92]Ruthie's dead. Ruthie死了
[28:52.55]Dr.Bailey tried to stop the bleeding, Bailey医生试图止住她的血
[28:54.42]but because she was starving herself and over training, 但因为她绝食加上过度运动
[28:58.67]her heart couldn't take the strain. 她的心脏承受不了
[29:00.66]You think this is my fault? 你觉得是我的错?
[29:02.37]She wanted to lose the weight. 她想减肥
[29:04.07]I just wanted herto be healthy. 我想让她健康
[29:05.54]She was healthy 20 pounds ago. 她减掉20磅之前就是健康的
[29:07.09]You just wanted her to be hot, 你想让她身材好
[29:08.52]- especially if you we gonna move in with her,right? - No,that... - 特别是你想跟她住在一起 是吗? - 不
[29:11.84]- I loved her. - You didn't love her. - 我爱她 - 你不爱她
[29:14.47]You just didn't want to be alone or maybe 你只是不想一个人 或者也许
[29:16.87]maybe she was good for your ego or... 也许她能满足你的虚荣心
[29:18.74]or maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life, 也许她让你对你悲惨的生活感觉好点
[29:20.96]but you didn't love her because you don't destroy the person that you love! 但你不爱她 因为你决不会毁掉你爱的人
[29:24.29]- Callie! - Get her away from me,man. - Callie - 把她带走
[29:25.24]- Get her away from me. - You gonna hit me?You gonna hit me? - 把她带走 - 你要打我? 你要打我?
[29:27.47]Give me any excuse to kick somebody's ass today 给我个借口 让我今天找个人狠狠揍一顿
[29:29.97]- because I am dying to! - Don't touch me! - 我受不了了 - 别碰我
[29:30.70]dr.Torres! Torres医生
[29:33.20]Uh,sir,we are so sorry for your loss. 先生 你失去女朋友 我们深感抱歉
[29:36.57]- O'malley,please take... - sir,why don't you come with me? - O'Malley 带他去... - 先生 跟我来吧
[29:40.20]Come on. 来吧
[29:45.96]Okay,I'm gonna ask you one last time,are you all right? 我问你最后一次 你没事吗?
[29:55.17]I'm fine.It's nothing. 我很好 没事
[29:57.23]Really? 真的?
[29:58.60]'Cause nothing almost cost you your career just now. 这个"没事" 差点毁了你的事业
[30:18.93]The mass we removed from your throat was so big you couldn't breathe. 我们从你嗓子里取出的东西很大 让你无法呼吸
[30:25.55]Camille... Camille
[30:27.78]what took you so long to come in? 你怎么这么晚才来医院?
[30:35.10]I knew the cancer wasn't gone. 我知道癌症没好
[30:38.50]It's never been gone. 从来都没好
[30:40.15]It's never gonna be gone. 也不会好
[30:43.40]And... 而且
[30:44.48]don't tell my mom,but the truth is... 别告诉我妈妈 但事实是
[30:49.03]I was hoping it would kill me before I had to come back here. 我希望回到这之前就死掉
[30:54.28]I'm just so tired,uncle richard. 我太累了 Richard叔叔
[30:58.51]I am so,so tired. 我真的 真的很累
[31:13.96]Camille... Camile
[31:16.74]what I have here is a plan to keep you alive. 我有份计划 帮你继续活下去
[31:21.01]It involves 12 oncologists,8 new drugs, 有12位肿瘤学家 8种新药
[31:25.45]six experimental treatments from three different continents. 来自3个州的6种实验性疗法
[31:28.41]I have no idea if it'll work. 我不知道会不会起作用
[31:31.72]But as your uncle... 但作为你的叔叔
[31:34.83]I'm begging you to take it. 我求你 接受治疗
[31:38.80]Because I know for a fact the world... 因为我知道 世界上
[31:42.85]my world... 我的世界
[31:45.50]is a better place with you in it. 有了你才会更好
[31:49.94]However...as your doctor, 但是 作为你的医生
[31:54.69]I promise to do whatever you want. 我保证会听从你的意愿
[31:59.62]I just want to go home. 我只想回家
[32:04.29]Then let's get you home. 那我们就带你回家
[32:18.86]Callie. Callie
[32:19.70]Callie,wait.Please,wait. Callie 等等 求你了 等等
[32:21.13]Please. 求你了
[32:25.61]I'm sorry... 我道歉
[32:27.64]about the cafeteria. 餐厅里的事 不好意思
[32:30.33]I didn't know that you wanted to talk to me. 我不知道你想跟我谈谈
[32:31.93]I thought you wanted to kill me. 我以为你要杀了我
[32:39.14]I'm sorry about everything. 我为所有事道歉
[32:41.30]With george,I... George的事 我
[32:44.92]I'm really sorry. 真的对不起
[32:47.39]I feel terrible. 我感觉很糟
[32:57.88]You feel terrible? 你感觉很糟?
[33:01.36]You took advantage.He was your best friend.I tried to trust you... 他是你的好朋友 你利用这个机会 我试着相信你
[33:05.17]so much,I had convinced myself that it was all in my head,that I was crazy. 我努力说服自己 是我自己瞎想 我自己抽风
[33:08.67]But I wasn't,was I? 但我没疯 不是吗?
[33:10.89]And then you pull that thing in the cafeteria today? 然后你今天在餐厅做那样的事
[33:12.68]It's not bad enough that you humiliate me by getting in bed with my husband. 我没那么坏吧? 你非用跟我丈夫上床的手段来羞辱我?
[33:15.48]You have to humiliate me at work,too. 你还在工作上羞辱我
[33:19.75]George might be the one that broke his vows,but you... George违背了他的誓言 但你
[33:23.07]we're women,izzie.You did this to another woman. 我们是女人 Izzie 你这样对待其他女人
[33:27.01]You... 你
[33:28.41]took something from me. 从我这抢走了东西
[33:29.90]You stole something from me like a petty little thief. 你像小偷那样从我这偷走东西
[33:32.59]You are the one who should be humiliated. 你才是该被羞辱的人
[33:35.28]You are the one who should be ashamed. 你才是该感到惭愧的人
[33:37.19]You are the one who should... 你才是...
[33:44.28]don't you dare come to me for forgiveness,you traitorous bitch. 你还敢向我祈求原谅 你个背信弃义的贱人
[33:59.33]What,I'm invisible now? 怎么? 我现在透明了?
[34:02.81]What do you want? 你想怎样?
[34:04.60]So you hate me now,too. 你现在也恨我
[34:06.19]Well,join the club. 好吧 你也跟她一伙了
[34:08.57]You and o'malley? 你和O'Malley
[34:10.86]- O'malley! - What? - O'Malley - 怎样?
[34:12.42]What is it that I did that is so horrifying? 我那么做很让人讨厌吗?
[34:17.18]I fell in love,alex. 我爱上他了 Alex
[34:18.96]- He's married. - Yeah,so? - 他有老婆 - 对 那怎么样?
[34:21.46]You're carrying a big ol' torch for ava 你和那个Ava爱得轰轰烈烈
[34:23.76]or jane doe or whatever it is that you call her,and she's married. 那个无名氏 随便你叫她什么 她也有老公
[34:26.87]So what gives you the right to judge what I do? 你有什么资格批判我?
[34:29.26]Why do you even care? 你为什么这么在意?
[34:32.45]you told me you weren't ready yet... 你告诉我 你还没准备好...
[34:35.29]after denny...to be with anyone. Denny走后... 没准备好和任何人重新开始
[34:37.42]And then o'malley?O'malley. 那O'Malley呢? O'Malley啊
[34:41.97]And then you tell me like I'm one of your chick friends. 然后你告诉我这些 好像把我当闺中密友一样
[34:44.54]Come on. 省省吧
[34:52.18]Ms.Bitzer,I just wanted to apologize one more time. Bitzer女士 我想再次跟你道歉
[34:55.05]Oh,and I just wanted to say thank you,dr.Grey. 我想和你说声谢谢 Grey医生
[34:59.04]And,you,too,dr.Shales.Bless you. 也谢谢你 Shales医生 愿主保佑你们
[35:02.90]Bye-bye. 再见
[35:04.37]- She's not going to sue? - Nope. - 她不告我们了? - 不告了
[35:06.64]Our lawyer talked her into settling. 律师说服她和解了
[35:08.13]Seattle grace just bought that woman four bedrooms 西雅图仁爱刚为她住的4天院
[35:11.24]and three and a half baths in reykjav鞬. 使用的3次半浴室买了单
[35:13.42]- I'm so sorry. - Well,don't tell me. - 真对不起 - 别对我说
[35:14.94]Tell the chief.I'm writing you both up. 和主任说去 我会写报告说明你俩的情况
[35:16.62]It wasn't norman's fault.He's my responsibility. 不是Norman的错 他的责任由我来承担
[35:19.24]I'm the resident.I'm the only one you should write up. 我是住院医生 你只要写报告说我不对就行了
[35:21.61]That's very noble of you,dr.Grey. 你真高尚 Grey医生
[35:23.91]Stupid... 真傻...
[35:26.02]but noble. 不过挺高尚
[35:28.44]Oh. 哦
[35:32.01]For the record,dr.Grey,I don't think you're stupid at all. 说真的 Grey医生 我觉得你一点都不傻
[35:35.11]I find you... 我发现你...
[35:37.12]quite smart. 很聪明
[35:48.10]What did you say to camille? 你和Camille说过什么?
[35:51.30]Adele... I've already lost one baby. Adele...我已经失去了一个孩子
[35:54.29]And now I have to lose camille? 我现在要失去Camille吗?
[35:57.48]I am not going to use camille to try and make up for the fact that I never gave you children. 我不是要利用Camille试着弥补 和你没小孩的遗憾
[36:02.64]I never asked you to. 我从没要你弥补
[36:04.39]I asked you to talk to her,to convince her to... 我要你和她谈谈 说服她...
[36:07.71]I can't do that... 我做不到...
[36:11.01]I can't do that,adele. 我做不到 Adele
[36:12.85]I can give her all the options in the world, 我可以给她很多选择
[36:15.95]but I cannot make her do what I want her to do. 但我没法让她做她想做的事
[36:20.25]I'm her doctor. 我是她的医生
[36:22.75]I thought being a doctor was about saving lives. 我一直以为做医生是救死扶伤的
[36:26.86]After all these years of choosing your job over your family, 这么多年 你忙于工作 忽略了家庭
[36:31.28]the one time I ask you to do your job to save this family... 这一次我要你认真工作 救活家人...
[36:39.61]adele,I'm sorry. Adele 对不起
[36:43.47]I'm truly,truly sorry,but... 我真的 真的 很遗憾 但...
[36:47.35]so am I,richard. 我也很遗憾 Richard
[37:14.26]callie... Callie...
[37:16.34]you can'T... 你不能...
[37:18.63]just forgive me. 就这么原谅我
[37:22.27]What I did to you... 我对你做的这些...
[37:25.86]I-is unforgivable. 是不可原谅的
[37:28.54]That's how it works.That's what "I forgive you" means. 就是这样 "我原谅你"就这个意思
[37:32.18]No,see,I... 不 听我说 我...
[37:33.78]I think it means you don't forgive me.I... 那表示你不原谅我 我...
[37:36.63]you don't know how to talk to me right noW. 你现在不知道怎么和我说话
[37:38.11]I mean,look,you don't...you can't even look at me. 你都...甚至都不看我一眼
[37:41.41]You're so angry that... 你很生气...
[37:43.66]I think the only way you can deal with me is to say you forgive me and... 你对我 唯一能做的 就是说你原谅我...
[37:48.31]what,we pretend it didn't happen? 然后呢 装作什么都没发生过?
[37:55.05]I... 我...
[37:57.52]it happened. 事情确实发生了
[37:58.84]And you don't forgive me. 你不原谅我
[38:05.08]You're right. 没错
[38:07.89]I don'T. 我不原谅你
[38:21.66]- So I got alex to cover for me. - Oh. - 我让Alex代班了 - 哦
[38:24.41]- So I can leave right after I round on my patients. - Yeah. - 我巡视完病人就能走了 - 好啊
[38:26.91]- 48 uninterrupted hours... - yeah,yeah.Um... - 48小时无打扰时间... - 是啊 是啊...
[38:30.47]you know what?Maybe this is not a good weekend. 也许这并不是个适合度假的周末
[38:33.04]What did lexie say about me? Lexie说我什么了?
[38:35.44]She didn't say anything.I did all the talking. 她什么也没说 是我一直说
[38:38.46]Look,don't blame her. 别怪她
[38:39.62]So what,you're friends with my sister now? 怎么 你现在是我妹妹的朋友了?
[38:42.21]I mean,you talk to the other grey about me? 你和我妹妹说到我?
[38:44.73]Mm-hmm. 嗯
[38:47.28]You know what I talked about with the other grey? 知道我和你妹妹说什么吗?
[38:52.88]All the things this grey won't let me say. 说你不让我说的
[38:56.71]You can say anything to me. 你可以对我说任何话
[39:01.68]I want to marry you. 我想娶你
[39:06.02]I want to have kids with you. 想和你有孩子
[39:08.09]I want to build us a house. 想为我们建座房子
[39:10.88]I want to settle down and grow old with you. 想安顿下来 伴你终老
[39:15.66]I want to die when I'm 110 years old in your arms. 我想110岁的时候 在你臂弯里死去
[39:20.92]I don't want 48 uninterrupted hours. 我不想只要48小时无打扰时间
[39:25.76]I want a lifetime. 我想要一辈子
[39:30.84]Mm-hmm. 嗯
[39:34.23]Do you see what happens? 明白发生什么了吗?
[39:37.69]I say things like that, 我说这些
[39:39.45]and you fight the urge to run in the opposite direction. 你就极力向相反的方向跑开
[39:42.59]It's okay. 没事
[39:44.31]I understand. 我明白
[39:45.54]I didn't,but now I do.I do.. 我之前不明白 但是现在懂了
[39:49.21]You're just getting started 你才刚刚开始
[39:51.14]And I've been doing this for a long time. 我这样已经很长时间了
[39:53.91]Deep down... 在心理上...
[39:57.59]you're still an intern. 你还只是个实习生
[40:00.14]And you're not ready. 你还没准备好
[40:02.42]I'm not ready right now. 我只是现在没准备好
[40:05.47]But things could stay the way they are... 世事依旧...
[40:07.46]And I can get ready.I'll get ready. 我能准备好 会准备好的
[40:09.36]Things can stay the way they are. 世事依旧
[40:12.06]We can still meet in the elevator or the on call room. 我们仍在电梯里或待命室里约会
[40:15.99]And maybe you'll be ready. 也许你会准备好
[40:18.35]And I'll wait. 我会等你
[40:21.17]I'll wait until you're ready. 会等到你准备好
[40:24.45]Okay,then. 好吧 那么
[40:26.43]Yeah,but what if... 是的 但万一...
[40:28.12]what if while I'm waiting I meet someone 万一在等待的过程中 我遇到别人
[40:30.62]who is ready to give me what I want from you? 她能给我 我想从你那里得到的?
[40:34.18]What if you do? 你会怎么办?
[40:40.04]I don't know. 我不知道
[40:50.62]Forgive and forget. 原谅和遗忘
[40:54.86]That's what they say. 正如我们说的那样
[41:01.13]I just wanted to say,um,thank you for... 我只想说 谢谢你...
[41:04.59]saving my ass today in surgery. 今天手术中帮了我
[41:06.88]Well,that's my job,three. 这是我的工作 3号
[41:09.44]Now where are adam's post-op labs? Adam的术后化验报告呢?
[41:11.59]It's good advice,but it's not very practical. 是个好建议 但并不实际
[41:15.12]I'll get them,dr.Yang. 我去拿 Yang医生
[41:26.50]when someone hurts us... 有人伤了我们...
[41:28.73]we want to hurt them back. 我们想反击
[41:32.80]Come in. 请进
[41:43.14]Keep it down,will you? 别哭了 好吗?
[41:45.68]When someone wrongs us,we want to be right. 有人误解我们 我们想澄清
[41:50.46]Without forgiveness,old scores are never settled... 不原谅 过去无法清零...
[41:55.48]old wounds never heal. 旧伤口无法痊愈
[41:59.90]And the most we can hope for 我们最多希望
[42:01.97]is that one day 有一天
[42:03.52]we'll be lucky enough to forget. 我们够幸运 可以忘掉
[42:08.14]Proudly Presents 医人当自强 第四季 第4集 -=结束=-
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8674-250213-1.html

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