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[00:00.25]Previously on "grey's anatomy"... 医人当自强 前情提要...
[00:02.18]there's nothing sexual between you and georgie? 你和Gerogie没有发生过关系?
[00:03.92]Mom! 妈!
[00:04.83]Don't you dare come to me for forgiveness,you traitorous bitch. 别想让我原谅你 你这个叛徒 婊子
[00:07.18]Our marriage is falling apart. 我们的婚姻已经破裂了
[00:08.38]You're never here. 你没有为这个家做过任何事
[00:09.45]dr.Hahn-- I have a thing for her. Hahn医生 我对她有好感
[00:11.23]it's gonna end badly. 结局可能不会很好
[00:12.54]You know what?Cardio is my thing. 心外科是我的天下
[00:13.84]You are flirting with cardio. 你却跟它“调情”
[00:15.68]I am married to cardio. 我已经跟它“结婚”了
[00:17.51]Yeah,but what if,while I'm waiting, 没错 但是如果 当我在等待的时候
[00:18.97]I meet someone who is ready to give me what I want from you? 我遇到了像你一样的人?
[00:21.33]Are we friends yet? 我们还是朋友吗?
[00:22.52]-I'm sorry? -Are we friends? -你说什么? -我们是朋友吗?
[00:23.54]I don't want you to date other people. 我不想让你跟其他人约会
[00:25.06]I don't want you to date anybody but me. 我不想让你跟除我之外的人约会
[00:29.22]in the beginning,god created the heaven and the earth. 起初 上帝创造了天地
[00:32.31]At least,that's what they say. 起码 他们是这么说的
[00:34.03]He created the birds of the air and the beasts of the field, 上帝创造了在天空中飞翔的鸟 在地上跑的野兽
[00:36.92]and he looked at his creation and he saw that it was good. 上帝看着自己创造的东西 他看着是好的
[00:40.73]And then god created man,and it's been downhill ever since. 然后神创造了男人(人类) 但从那之后整个世界就每况愈下
[00:45.00]The woman loves me. 那个女人她爱我
[00:46.53]Erica hahn? Erica Hahn?
[00:47.66]I'm telling you. 听我说
[00:48.59]We went out last night,had a couple drinks. 昨天晚上我们一起出去喝了几杯
[00:50.95]You and erica? 你和Erica?
[00:51.95]Just me and hahn. 只有我和Hahn
[00:53.50]And callie. 还有Callie
[00:55.09]oh,all right.So it wasn't a date. 哦 是啊 所以那不算是约会
[00:56.78]xxxxxxx 告诉我 我们这是要去哪儿
[00:58.73]Why does it always have to be about the destination? 目的地就那么重要吗?
[01:01.21]Why can't it be about the journey? 不能就关注旅行的过程吗
[01:02.59]'Cause I'm wearing $300 shoes. 因为我穿的是花300美金买的鞋
[01:04.84]Meredith told me she doesn't want me seeing other people. Meredith跟我说 她不想让我跟其他人约会
[01:07.40]She found out about you and rose? 她发现你和Rose的事了?
[01:08.81]No.There's nothing to find out.It was just a kiss. 不是 也没有什么要发现的 只不过是个吻而已
[01:10.87]Yeah,but you're not the kind of guy who makes out with nurses in scrub rooms. 是啊 但你不是那种在手术室外 跟护士们乱来的人啊
[01:14.46]Not that there's anything wrong with that. 当然 那样乱来没什么错
[01:16.07]What do you think? 那你是怎么认为的?
[01:17.08]I think it was more than just a kiss. 我的意思是那不止是个吻
[01:18.30]No,no,no,no,the view. 不 不 看景色
[01:20.79]Well,what am I looking at? 哦 我看到的是什么?
[01:23.09]The view from my new house. 从我的新家看到的景色
[01:30.56]the story goes on to say that god created man in his own image, 故事继续说道 上帝照着自己的形象造人
[01:34.51]but there's not much proof of that. 但是没有多少证据能够证明
[01:36.45]After all,god made the sun and the moon and the stars,and all man makes is trouble... 别忘了 上帝创造了日月星辰 而男人只是制造麻烦...
[01:40.80]it's a classic victorian design with an open floor plan. 这是一个经典的维多利亚设计
[01:44.68]What are you doing? 你在做什么?
[01:45.84]I'm making an omelet. 我在煎蛋
[01:47.47]What do you think of the house? 你觉得这房子怎么样?
[01:49.73]The house.I think the house is great. 这个房子嘛 我觉得这房子挺好的
[01:52.34]Well,if you don't like,you know,you can tell me.It's your house,too. 如果你不喜欢的话就告诉我 这也是你的房子啊
[01:57.18]Damn. 该死
[01:59.11]so why are you cooking again? 你为什么又做饭了?
[02:01.55]Lexie,uh,was having a bad night,. 呃 Lexie昨晚过得很糟糕
[02:03.94]and I thought I would do something semi-sisterly 所以我觉得应该尽下半个姐姐的责任
[02:06.99]Really? 真的吗?
[02:08.69]Really. 真的
[02:13.51]are you getting up? 你起床了吗?
[02:14.79]No. 不
[02:16.03]Maybe. 差不多
[02:18.22]I don't know. 我不知道
[02:21.80]What's thasmell? 什么味道啊?
[02:23.09]Someone's cooking. 有人在煮饭
[02:24.04]That's not cooking. 那不是煮饭的味道
[02:25.12]That... 那是...
[02:26.26]that's not cooking. 反正不是煮饭的味道
[02:27.34]You're gonna be late.You know that,right? 你要迟到了 你知道吧?
[02:28.80]I hate work. 我讨厌工作
[02:30.13]Since when? -Since I hate it. 从什么时候开始的? 从我讨厌的时候开始
[02:32.26]I hate cristina.I hate hahn.I hate it. 我讨厌Cristina 我讨厌Hahn 我讨厌
[02:36.41]Oh,what is that smell? 哦 那是什么味道?
[02:39.52]That smells like sulfur. 好像硫磺的味道
[02:41.39]breakfast. 早饭
[02:42.37]Oh,it's breakfast. 哦 是早饭
[02:45.76]no! 不!
[02:47.92]Don't go.Don't go. -I have to go. 不要去 不要去 我必须得去
[02:49.49]She made breakfast.I'm going. 她做早餐了 我去了
[02:51.22]Now stop.off. 停下来
[03:00.08]Where's your girlfriend? 你女朋友呢?
[03:01.49]Back with her husband,I'm guessing. 跟她老公回去了 我猜的
[03:03.08]And I don't have a girlfriend. 而且我没有女朋友
[03:04.42]Or a conscience,apparently. 显然是良心发现了
[03:05.87]Yeah,but you knew that going in. 呃 但是已经过去了
[03:08.07]I'm not saying we have to build it now,but we have to plan it now. 我没说一定要现在建 但必须现在计划
[03:10.56]Dude,what the hell is that? 老兄 那到底是什么啊?
[03:12.33]Meredith cooked. Meredith煮饭了
[03:13.48]She wanted to do something ce for lexie. 她想给Lexie做点什么
[03:14.95]You cooked for me? 你是为我做的?
[03:15.92]It's no big deal. 没什么大不了的
[03:16.87]Just eggs and avocado and whatever cheese that was in the fridge. 只是些蛋 鳄梨和一些冰箱里的奶酪
[03:21.83]Oh,I love,um,avocados. 哦 我喜欢 呃 鳄梨
[03:25.48]Is it okay? 好吃吗?
[03:34.40]Okay,honey. 呃 亲爱的
[03:36.29]Okay. 好了
[03:37.45]This little man has been fed and changed. 这个小家伙吃饱了 尿布也换了
[03:41.65]There we go. 好了
[03:42.75]Oh,I put the ilding manager's number on my desk. 我把房屋管理员的号码放在我的桌子上
[03:46.26]Do not believe him when he tells you that he can fix the sink. 如果他说能修下水管的话 别相信他
[03:50.48]Remind him he is the one that broke it when he tried to fix the pipes. 提醒他 就是他把水管修坏的
[04:00.59]Miranda. Miranda
[04:02.58]Oh,oh,you're talking to me now? 哦 哦 你现在肯跟我讲话了?
[04:03.97]Now that I'm my way out the door? 在我要出门的时候?
[04:05.38]-You're always on your way out the door. -Tucker-- -你总是要出门 -Tucker--
[04:06.84]no,are you interested in being a part of this family or not?Because-- 不 你还想成为这个家庭的一分子吗?
[04:08.89]okay,I can't do this,uh,now. 现在没空争论这个
[04:11.31]I-I don't have time. 我没时间
[04:17.08]oh,dr.Toes. 哦 Torres医生
[04:18.66]Dr.Hahn,anyone who can outdrink me and still kick my ass at the dartboard gets to call me callie. 比我酒量大 飞镖比我准的人 都可以叫我Callie
[04:23.96]Last night was actually fun,wasn't it? 昨天晚上挺有意思的 是吧
[04:27.58]And I'm not a group person. 我不是个爱凑热闹的人
[04:29.43]Mm,me neither. 我也不是
[04:30.44]I think it's because i generally don't like people. 想那是因为我不太合群
[04:33.46]Me neither. 我也是
[04:37.68]morning,ladies. 早上好 女士们
[04:39.59]Case in point. 来得正好
[04:46.65]what's so funny? 有什么好笑的?
[04:47.88]And when man finds himself in trouble,which is most of the time, 当男人发现他有麻烦的时候 大多数的时候都是
[04:51.19]he turns to something bigger than himself-- 他会求助于比他强大的东西--
[04:53.57]to love or fate or religion-- to make sense of it all. 去爱 信仰--去弄明白
[04:56.97]Sweet tart? 甜果馅饼?
[04:58.22]Do you ever eat anything that even remotely resembles real food? 你能不吃垃圾食品吗
[05:01.05]You'll have to take me to dinner to find out. 你得带我去吃晚饭才能知道
[05:03.17]I can't do that. 我不能那么做
[05:05.11]That,uh,kiss was... 那个 呃 吻是...
[05:07.67]unexpected. 意料之外的
[05:09.40]I like kissing you. 我喜欢跟你接吻
[05:10.68]I enjoyed kissing you,but,uh,I'm seeing somebody. 享受吻你的感觉 但是 呃 我在跟别人约会
[05:13.45]Meredith grey. Meredith Grey
[05:15.04]Everybody knows about you and meredith grey. 每个人都知道你和Meredith Grey的事
[05:17.68]I have to see it through.I'm sorry. 我要爽约了 抱歉
[05:20.14]Don't be. 不需要
[05:21.21]It was just a kiss. 只是个吻而已
[05:22.74]See you in surgery,dr.Shepherd. 手术室见 Shepherd医生
[05:24.78]But for a surgeon,the only thing that makes any kind of sense is... 但是对外科医生来说 唯一一件需要弄懂的事就是...
[05:30.13]medicine. 药物
[05:31.55]Yes. 没错
[05:33.94]Oh,I--back off. 哦 你放弃吧
[05:35.33]Elizabeth archer is my patient. Elizabeth Archer是我的病人
[05:37.03]Technically,she's hahn's patient,but whatever. 确切地说 她是Hahn的病人 但是无所谓了
[05:40.00]Um,I'm scrubbing in on a major coronary artery dissection with hahn, 我要参加hahn主刀的主冠状动脉剥术
[05:43.98]and what,you're not gonna fight me for it? 什么? 你不跟我争这个了?
[05:45.49]I'm not doing the cardio thing anymore. 我不再做心外手术了
[05:47.39]I am over it. 我放弃了
[05:48.80]You're over it? 你放弃了?
[05:51.88]Uh,why?What do you have? 呃 为什么?你拿的什么?
[05:53.94]Nothing.I'm charting. 没什么 我在分病历
[05:55.44]Stevens,elizabeth's archer's chart. 给我Elizabeth Archer的病历
[05:57.22]Yang has it.You two have fun. 在Yang那里 你们俩玩得开心点
[05:59.41]She's not a cardiothoracic surgeon,but I could've told you that. 她不是个心胸外科医生 但我可能那么跟你讲过
[06:02.28]I am the rock star. 我就是那个明星
[06:05.93]Karev,are you a rock star? Karev 你是个明星吗?
[06:07.61]Always. 一直都是
[06:08.64]You're with me today. 那你今天跟我
[06:10.00]Congratulations.Your life just got more interesting. 祝贺你 你的生活变得更有意思了
[06:15.08]Karev doesn't know anything about elizabeth archer. Karev不了解Elizabeth Archer任何事
[06:17.35]You can read,can't you,dr.Karev? 你识字吧 Karev医生?
[06:19.07]Uh,yes. 呃 是的
[06:20.70]Elizabeth archer,49,came into the E.R.Yesterday complaining of severe,persistent-- Elizabeth archer 49岁-- 昨天被送到急诊室 一直在不断地喊疼
[06:23.60]an urgent cardiac cath demonstrated dissection of the proximal two-thirds of the L.A.D. 紧急心导管插入术表明 冠状动脉左前降支近端三分之二剥离
[06:27.41]She was admitted last night for observation. 她昨晚被允许留院观察
[06:29.02]While I admire your preparation,dr.Yang, 我很欣赏你做的准备工作 Yang医生
[06:31.21]there is one thing about the patient you failed to notice. 但是有一件事你没有注意到
[06:36.23]She's gone. 她不见了
[06:42.01]Callie. Callie
[06:43.70]Mrs.O'malley,hi. O'malley夫人 你好
[06:47.78]How have you been? 你还好吗?
[06:48.97]Well,I've been worried is how I've been. 我一直都担心呢
[06:50.98]I--I've called,and I left messages. 我打过电话了 我留过言了
[06:52.90]I know how busy u two are,but you can't pick up the phone once in a while? 我知道你们两个都很忙 但就不能偶尔接个电话吗?
[06:56.04]I...I-- never mind. 我...我--我 别介意
[06:58.00]Water under the bridge. 都已经过去了
[06:59.36]I was in the neighborhood,and I hope you don't mind, 我在附近 希望你不要介意
[07:01.14]but I just couldn't wait to show you some of the outfits I've been making. 但我等不及让你看看我做的衣服了
[07:04.91]Out-outfits? 衣服?
[07:06.03]Now don't get mad,but georgie told me you were trying,so... 不要生气啊 Georgie告诉我 你们在努力造人...
[07:10.67]what do you think? 你觉得怎么样?
[07:13.12]It's yellow. 是黄色的
[07:15.18]I see that. 我看到了
[07:17.64]Dr.Bailey. Bailey医生
[07:18.61]Whatever it is,I don't have time. 不管什么事 我没时间
[07:21.17]Um,I think I need some epinephrine. 呃 我需要些肾上腺素
[07:25.32]tucker,now's not a good time for--epinephrine? Tucker 现在不方便说 -肾上腺素?
[07:28.48]Uh,the cart's around the corneR.Can you give her the... 呃 在角落那个小推车上 你能把那个... 给她吗?
[07:31.35]Thank you. 谢谢你
[07:32.47]No,I told you,I put it on my desk. 不 我告诉过你 我放在桌子上了
[07:35.84]uh,I have to call you back. 呃 我一会儿给你打过去
[07:40.72]you're gonna have to step back from the patient,ma'am. 请你不要动那个病人 女士
[07:45.36]ma'am? 女士?
[07:46.64]Just one second. 等一下
[07:47.95]Ms.Archer?Uh,what is she doing here? Archer女士? 她在这儿做什么?
[07:49.58]I have no idea.Who is she? 不知道 她是谁?
[07:51.08]She's hahn's patient.Ms.Archer,uh,you need to get back to your bed. 她是Hahn的病人 Archer女士 呃 你得回到自己的床上
[07:58.23]there. 看吧
[08:01.85]What'd you do to him?He was in v-tach and now... 你对他做什么了? 之前还是室性心动过速 现在...
[08:04.20]I-I healed him. 我-我把他治好了
[08:06.26]I'm a healer. 我是个治疗师
[08:15.05]医人当自强 第四季 11集
[08:17.87]You're a faith healer? 你是个信仰治疗师?
[08:19.40]I'm a healer,and I have faith,but I'm not sure the two are reted. 我是个治疗师 我有信仰 但我不确定这两者有何关系
[08:22.75]ms.Archer,you collapsed. Archer太太 您刚才晕厥了
[08:24.29]You could go into cardiac arrest at any moment. 您的心脏随时都可能停止跳动
[08:26.48]So I'm less interested in what you do for a living than I am with getting you into-- 比起关注您以何为生 我更关注把您送进(手术室)
[08:30.51]well,wait.I want to know what she did to mr.Greenwald. 等等 我想知道她对Greenwald 先生做了什么
[08:32.64]I mean,he's been in and out of v-tach all day,and now he's stable. 我是说 他整天心动过速 现在却稳定了下来
[08:36.39]Maybe because of the amiodarone he got two hours ago. 也许是两小时前注射的胺碘酮 起了作用
[08:39.55]Really? 真的?
[08:40.66]Does amiodarone usually take two hours to kick in? 胺碘酮不会两小时才起效吧?
[08:43.10]Ms.Archer,you have a coronary artery dissection. Archer女士 您有冠状动脉剥离
[08:46.82]Dr.Karev and I need to get you into surgery as soon as possible. Karev医师和我要尽快给您动手术
[08:50.96]I appreciate that,dr.Hahn, 很感激 Hahn医生
[08:52.50]but I am not going into surgery until we've exhausted all the other possibilities. 在有任何其他方式治愈的可能的情况下 我是不会考虑做手术的
[08:56.30]Ms.Arc.her,if you don't have the surgery soon, Archer女士 如果您不马上动手术
[08:59.67]I can guarantee you that the blood supply to your heart will be cut off, 我保证您的心脏供血会被切断
[09:03.16]and I'll have to open you up anyway. 到时我还是得给你开膛
[09:05.13]All I'm asking for is that you give me some time and talk me through the surgery 我只是想要你们给我些许时间 谈谈
[09:09.12]that you'd like to perform so that I may visualize it while I do what I do. 你们要做的手术是怎样的 在用我的方法治疗自己的时候让我有个底
[09:13.63]And if it doesn't work,then you can slice me open,okay? 如果我的方法不起作用 就让你们给我开膛 好吗?
[09:19.26]Dr.Karev can work with you doing whatever it is that you do. 在你做你的治疗时 Karev医师会和你在一起
[09:23.94]I'll check in soon. 我马上要去做手术了
[09:26.19]Call me when she codes. 她该发急救信号的时候通知我
[09:33.04]Hey,what are you looking for? 嘿 你在找什么?
[09:34.38]Epinephrine.I need epinephrine. 肾上腺素 我要肾上腺素
[09:36.16]Why? 为什么?
[09:38.37]Oh,what happened to you? 额 你怎么搞的?
[09:40.03]I'm an adult child of an alcoholic is what happened to me. 我是一个酒鬼初长成的闺女 就是这样
[09:42.01]I have boundary issues. 我爱憎分明
[09:43.19]So when meredith made me eggs this morning,I couldn't not eat them. 早上Meredith给我做了鸡蛋 我不得不吃
[09:45.57]I had to pretend I wasn't allergic to eggs. 我要假装我对鸡蛋不过敏
[09:47.94]And now I have a rash covering my entire body. 现在我全身都起了疹子
[09:49.94]Give me your arm. 胳膊伸过来
[09:51.03]I'm codependent,my throat is closing up--. 我老依赖别人 喘不过气了
[09:54.77]and now my arm hurts 现在我的胳膊好疼
[09:56.87]thanks. 谢谢
[09:58.49]You're welcome. 不客气
[09:59.37]And thank you for leing me crash on your couch last night. 谢谢你昨晚让我醉倒在你的沙发上
[10:01.62]You didn't tell your mom that we broke up? 你没告诉你妈我们分手了?
[10:03.48]What? 什么?
[10:04.17]Your mom is making us baby clothes 你妈妈在帮我们做婴儿装
[10:05.85]because she thinks we're still trying to get pregnant because she thinks we're still married 因为她认为我们还没离婚 还在试着怀孩子
[10:08.86]because she thinks you're still the kind of person who would never cheat on his wife- 因为她还认为你是那种永不出轨的男人
[10:11.65]- hand -stitched unisex baby clothes. 手织的男女孩通用的婴儿装
[10:13.90]They're yellow and green and go up to toddler sizes. 黄的 绿的 直到会走路时的衣服 都做好了
[10:17.83]And she's waiting for you in the lobby. 她在候诊室等你
[10:23.77]So you never really told me what you thought of the house. 你谈都没谈你对房子的看法
[10:25.90]I have a house. 我有房子
[10:27.21]Well,that's your house.I'm talking about our house. 你的房子是你的 我谈的是我们的房子
[10:29.22]Between yesterday and today u had plans drawn up? 一夜之间你就把什么都计划好了?
[10:31.74]No,I've had the plans for months. 不 我想了几个月了
[10:33.00]Between yesterday and today,i decided to share them with you. 这一夜之间 我只决定告诉你我的计划
[10:35.46]Why? 为什么?
[10:38.24]so nothing's really changed,has it? 那么什么都没变 是吗?
[10:39.84]Everything's the same as it was. 什么都和原来一样
[10:41.61]No,it's just--it's really a lot,and it's fast. 不不 这事情真的太大了 发生的太快
[10:46.12]Right.Well,I'm just trying to take a step forward. 好的 我只是想有进一步的发展
[10:47.93]Okay,well,there are about 100 steps between where we are right now 我们现在的情况离
[10:51.44]and building our dream house. 共建我们的梦幻爱巢还得进100步
[10:52.89]And they'll be fun steps and sexy steps, 有一步的快乐 有一步步的欢爱
[10:55.72]and we'll try not to fall down them together.Okay? 我们不要一蹴而就 好么?
[11:00.14]Okay. 好的
[11:04.40]dr.Bailey. Bailey医生
[11:05.59]Uh,s--chief. 嗯 主任
[11:06.87]Yeah,rumor has it dr.Hahn has a patient who's wandering the halls? 听说Hahn医生有个病人老在医院里游荡?
[11:10.53]Oh,she's back in her bed,sir. 她已经回床了 先生
[11:11.98]And laying hands on other patients? 还把手放在其他病人身上?
[11:14.35]It was just one patient. 就一个
[11:15.92]And healing them? 还治愈了他们?
[11:17.55]For which there is a perfectly reasonable medical explanation. 这会有很合理的医学解释的
[11:20.54]of course there is, 当然
[11:21.46]but I can't have a hospital full of sick people thinking there's a miracle woman on the cardiac ward. 我不能让这医院的病人相信 这里有一个心脏医疗区有奇人
[11:26.28]Creates panic and hysteria,and frankly,it's bad for business. 造成恐慌和歇斯底里 坦白地说 医院的生意很受影响
[11:29.78]Are you gonna answer that? 你不接吗?
[11:30.91]No,sir,I'm not. 不 我不接
[11:32.00]Are you gonna make sure this woman keeps her hands to herself? 你能让这女人不乱摸别人么?
[11:33.72]Ye sir,I am. 我可以
[11:35.02]Thank you,dr.Bailey. 谢谢Bailey医师
[11:42.96]dr.Sloan,why are you endangering the life of my patient? Sloan医生 你为什么使我的病人 处于死亡的危险中?
[11:47.43]Because your patient had her hands all over one of my patients. 因为她把手放在我的病人身上了
[11:50.37]She had a staph infection.I was trying to heal her. 她有葡萄球菌感染 我想治好她
[11:52.60]Don't worry your pretty little head about it,sloan.Karev. 你个帅仔可以不用管了 Karev
[11:55.70]Have you noticed that even when you're insulting me,you manage to tell me how pretty I am? 你注意到了吗当你侮辱我的时候 你还是能告诉我我长得很漂亮的
[11:59.31]It wasn't meant as a compliment. 我根本不是想赞美你的
[12:00.89]Is this like a gender reversal thing with you, 你是不是有点性别错乱
[12:02.88]where you're the big man on campus 认为你是学校里的大男子汉
[12:05.32]and I'm the hot blond whose ponytail you can't stop pulling? 我是那个你禁不住去揪马尾辫的 那个火辣的金发女郎?
[12:07.95]Why don't you get that I just don't like you, 你为什么就不明白我就是不喜欢你
[12:10.50]that I think you are a crass, 认为你是个又傻
[12:12.55]predatory ape of man who just happens to be a decent surgeon? 又贪掠食的猿人男 而又是个好医生
[12:16.65]You want to heal someone? 你想治愈别人?
[12:17.85]Heal her. 治治她吧
[12:19.45]This is really toxic in here.Could somebody take me back to my room? 这里瘴气很重 能扶我回房么?
[12:22.52]'Cause my healing team should be arriving soon. 因为我的医疗队就要来了
[12:24.41]I'll take you. 我来吧
[12:25.87]mrs.O'malley. O'malley夫人
[12:27.30]There she is. 她来了
[12:28.90]Come here. 快过来
[12:29.88]What are you doing here?Does george know you're here? 你在这干嘛?George知道你来了吗?
[12:32.13]Callie said she'd find him for me. Callie她去帮我叫他
[12:34.21]How are you,dear? 你还好吧 宝贝?
[12:35.52]You okay? 还好吧?
[12:36.58]-You talked to callie? -Poor thing. - 您跟Callie谈过了? - 真可怜
[12:38.32]It's gotta be hard for her,you know? 这让她很不好过 你知道么?
[12:39.96]I mean,you try and you try,but we're all human. 我是说 你一遍又一遍的尝试 但我们都只是人罢了
[12:43.35]Nobody's perfect. 没有人是完美的
[12:44.58]And in the end,it's nobody's fault. 最终 谁也不能怪
[12:46.49]I'm so happy to hear you say that. 真高兴您能这么说
[12:48.43]I have just felt so terrible about it. 我对此真的很过意不去
[12:51.11]Oh,I know.Me,toO. 我知道 我也是
[12:52.48]You know,we just... 你知道 我们只是...
[12:54.41]we didn't mean for it to happen. 并不是故意的
[12:55.91]I know how that sounds,but it's true. 我知道听起来很假 但是真的
[12:57.95]We were... 我们...
[12:59.42]we were drunk,and it only happened the one time. 我们都喝醉了 只做了一次
[13:01.83]And I know that doesn't ma it right. 我知道这样不对
[13:03.30]But you have to believe me,it was never my intention to break up george's marriage. 但你得相信我 我不是故意要 破坏George的婚姻的
[13:06.87]I-I mean,I didn't even know that I was in love with him. 我是说 那时我还不知道 我爱上了他
[13:08.52]And george was so distraught about it. George对此很心烦意乱
[13:10.23]I mean,I think that's why he failed the intern test. 我想这大概是他没通过 实习医师考试的原因
[13:12.20]He wh-what?He failed? 他 怎么了?没通过?
[13:14.23]Oh,no.He didn't tell you that part? 哦 不 他没告诉您这个?
[13:15.87]He didn't tell me any part. 他什么都没告诉我
[13:18.93]But you said you-- you talked to callie. 但您 您说您和Callie 谈过了
[13:20.59]About baby clothes. 谈了婴儿装的事情
[13:22.30]I thought she was having trouble getting pregnant. 我想她怀孕有困难
[13:24.11]I made baby clothes. 我做了婴儿装
[13:25.81]Oh,no. 哦 不
[13:28.71]Mom. 妈妈
[13:32.47]What? 什么?
[13:33.25]I'm sorry. 真抱歉
[13:34.72]I'm so sorry.I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry. 真抱歉 真抱歉 真抱歉
[13:40.27]hey,I-I know I said I'd call you right back... 嘿 我知道我说过我马上给你打电话的...
[13:42.78]tucker,wait,I can't do this right now.I'm being paged to the E.R. Tucker 别说了现在不行 我被呼到急诊室去了
[13:46.45]What do you mean,you're the one paging me? 什么 是你呼的?
[13:48.21]I-I told you never to page me at the hospital unless... 我告诉过你千万不要在医院呼我 除非...
[14:03.17]there was an accident. 发生了意外
[14:07.62]Xxall four limbs are moving. 四肢都可以移动
[14:09.83]Pupils are responsive and dilating. 瞳孔易感且扩大
[14:12.08]There's no neurological damage. 没有神经上的创伤
[14:13.46]Let's get him on a monitor and where's the x-ray for the auma series? 把他放在监视器下面 让x光进行一下全套创伤检查?
[14:16.53]Order a left forearm with the x-rays. 准备照左前臂X光
[14:18.15]There's bruising and swelling here. 这里淤血肿胀了
[14:19.45]Mama's right here.Little man.I'm right here. 妈妈就在这里 小男子汉 我就在这里
[14:21.51]he was under a bookshelf? 他被压在一个书架下面?
[14:22.92]The whole thing must have fallen over on top of him. 整个书架几乎都压在他身上
[14:24.92]And all those medical books-- he probably tried to climb up and pulled it over. 那些都是医书 他可能想爬上去 拿一本看看
[14:28.28]I heard him screaming,and then I found him. 我听见他的惨叫 然后发现了他
[14:29.89]Tucker,I'm trying to hear.Stop talking. Tucker 我要听清楚这个 别讲了
[14:31.79]Miranda,let me do that. Miranda 我来吧
[14:33.40]No,no,I got it.I got it. 不不 我能行 我能行
[14:34.54]Miranda. -What? Miranda 什么?
[14:35.96]I-I... 我我我...
[14:37.24]this is why we put the baby gate in the living room. 这就是我们把婴儿出入的门 放在起居室里的原因
[14:40.58]The gate was open. 门是开的
[14:41.69]You left the gate open? 你没关门?
[14:42.81]No,I didn'T. 我关了
[14:43.72]What are you trying to say,I left the gate open? 那你是什么意思 我没关门?
[14:45.28]Accidents happen. 意外总会发生的
[14:46.29]Not if you take the time to bolt the bookshelves to the wall. 如果你有时间把书柜栓在墙上
[14:49.08]I can't baby-proof every inch of that apartment and watch him at the same time. 我不能在每寸地上都考虑到宝宝 而同时又要照看他
[14:52.09]Well,you weren't watching him,otherwise we wouldn't be here right now. 你显然没有照看他 要不然他现在就不会在这里了
[14:54.76]Okay,he's got decreased breath sounds on the left side,and his abdomen's rigid. 左边有呼吸减少音 腹部僵硬
[14:58.53]What does all this mean? 什么意思?
[14:59.69]It means there may be some internal injuries. 意思是可能有内伤
[15:01.37]What kind of injuries? 什么样的伤害?
[15:02.29]Tucker,we don't have time for questions. Tucker我们没时间回答问题了
[15:03.58]He needs a full trauma workup. 他需要做全身创口清理
[15:05.01]Clear a C.T.And get me an ultrasound machine. 联系一个 CT 还有超声波机
[15:08.89]this is not okay,georgie.This is not okay. 这不妥 Georgie 这不妥
[15:12.03]I-I-- you're planning to what? 你准备怎么办?
[15:13.60]You're planning to marry izzie now?You're planning an annulment? 你准备现在娶Izzie?你准备协议离婚?
[15:15.76]Okay,this-- this is not about izzie. 这和Izzie没关系
[15:17.24]What the hell is it about?Because thissn't okay. 那和什么有关?因为这很不妥
[15:19.35]This isn't okay with me.I raised you better than this. 这对我来说很不妥 我本把你教养成了一个比现在好的多的人
[15:21.83]This is about the fact that I never should've gotten married in the first place. 这是因为我一开始就不该结婚
[15:24.30]But you did.You got married.You didn't invite me. 但是你结了 你结婚了 你没请我
[15:27.02]You didn't let me plan a wedding,and I accepted that. 你没让我筹办婚礼 这些我都接受
[15:29.33]I accepted it because you were happy,and that's all that mattered, 我接受是因为你那时很幸福 这个最重要
[15:31.66]but this--I won't accept this.I don't accept this. 但这个 我不能接受这个 我不能接受
[15:33.54]Mom. -We're catholic. -妈妈 -我们是天主教徒
[15:35.10]We don't believe in divorce.And we certainly don't believe in adultery. 我们不相信离婚 更不相信偷情
[15:39.04]I'm sorry. 很抱歉
[15:39.89]Well,don't be sorry to me.Be sorry to father mike. 别跟我说抱歉 跟Mike 神父说
[15:42.43]You call him,he'll hear your confession and he'll get you and callie into counseling. 你约他 跟他忏悔 他会让你和Callie去参加婚姻指导的
[15:46.65]It's too late for that. -It is not too late. 太晚了 -不晚
[15:50.30]You made a vow to callie and a vow to god. 你向Callie宣过誓 你向主宣过誓
[15:55.14]you just don't walk away from that. 我不能就这样拂袖而去
[15:56.72]This is your soul we're talking about. 我在说你的魂灵
[15:58.76]I have to go. 我得走了
[15:59.76]No,you will not. 不 你不能走
[16:00.81]You will not walk away from me,george o'malley. 你不能就这样在我眼前走掉 George O'malley
[16:02.61]It's dr.Bailey. 是Bailey医生
[16:04.10]I have to go. 我非去不可
[16:12.63]what happened? 怎么了?
[16:13.74]He got crushed under a bookshelf. -Multiple rib fractures. 他被压在书架下了 -多处肋骨骨折
[16:15.98]Might have dropped a lung. 可能插入肺部
[16:17.12]They're worried there may be damage to the heart. 他们担心任何对心脏的伤害
[16:19.48]Okay,yang and stevens,get him to radiology for a head,chest and abdominal C.T. Yang 和 Stevens 带他去做头胸 放射 腹部的CT
[16:24.05]O'malley,tell the lab to move fast. O'malley 让化验室动作快点
[16:25.83]Karev,clear out.We'll keep you posted. Karev 你先离开 有事再叫你
[16:29.05]I want you to stay with dr.Bailey. 我想让你陪着Beiley医生
[16:30.60]She's pretty worked up,and I want to make sure that doesn't get in the way of the baby's care. 她现在情绪很激动 别让这个妨碍了孩子的治疗
[16:34.14]I don't need a babysitter. 我不要保姆
[16:35.43]I know you don'T. 我知道
[16:37.03]you stay with her. 陪着她
[16:44.64]I'm sorry about that. 抱歉
[16:45.99]Uh,there was an emergency. 外边有个突发情况
[16:47.30]Dr.Karev,this is don and mai. Karev医生 这是Don和Mai
[16:49.54]Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你们
[16:50.64]He's a skeptic.He shouldn't be here. 他在怀疑我们 他不该出现在这
[16:51.93]Is dr.Hahn coming? Hahn医生来了吗?
[16:53.10]Dr.Hahn's been called into an emergency surgery,so she asked me to talk you through the procedure. Hahn医生正在处理急诊 她让我来跟你说说手术的事
[16:57.31]Is she gonna be long? 她要做很久吗?
[16:58.51]Well,I'm hoping she's done before your heart blows,but I can't makeany promises. 希望她能在你心脏暴掉之前做完 但我无法确保
[17:02.29]I told you he shouldn't be here. 我说了 他不该在这
[17:04.29]I need someone who knows what they're doing to talk me through the surgery. 我需要懂行的人告诉我手术的事情
[17:07.32]This... 这个
[17:08.54]this,it's--it's crap. 这都是什么啊
[17:10.48]You're stalling.You're--you're scared. 你在拖时间 你害怕了
[17:11.95]Of course I'm scared. 我当然害怕了
[17:13.36]Surgery is... 外科手术太..
[17:14.85]it's barbaric. 太野蛮了
[17:16.09]You tear flesh and spill blood. 你们撕开肉皮 血肉模糊
[17:18.79]I-I work with light.I work with energy. 我都是用光明和能量搞定一切的
[17:21.42]I visualize healing. 我通过意念来治病
[17:23.17]And if there's even the slightest chance that what I do works,isn't that preferable? 哪怕只有一线机会 如果我可以成功 这难道不好吗?
[17:26.74]I don't believe in what you do. 我可不信你做的事
[17:28.21]Well,I'm not asking you to. 我没让你相信
[17:29.77]I'm asking you to help me to do it. 我只是想让你帮我
[17:34.43]Can you imagine how horrible this is for her? 你能想象这对她来说有多糟糕吗?
[17:36.89]This is why people should not have kids. 所以我说不能要小孩的
[17:39.16]What is the matter with you?That's bailey's baby in there. 你怎么回事? 那可是Beiley的亲生骨肉
[17:41.37]No,see,no.It's a trauma case. 不 这只是一起外伤案例
[17:43.16]If we are gonna be at all effective in saving that kid's life, 如果我们要尽全力挽救孩子的生命
[17:46.09]it can't be bailey's baby.He's a blunt trauma case. 我们就不能想着它是Bailey的孩子 他应该只是个严重的外伤案例
[17:50.32]you and hahn are exactly alike.The two of you deserve each other. 你和Hahn还真像 天造地设的一对
[17:53.31]Thank you. 谢谢
[17:54.34]I thought you loved cardio. -Oh,no,no,no,no. - 我还以为你喜欢Cardio - 不不不
[17:56.34]She's pretending not to anymore. 她假装再也不喜欢了
[17:58.58]Can't take the pressure,huh,iz? 受不了那压力了吧 Iz?
[18:00.56]You're right,cristina. 你说得对 Cristina
[18:01.87]In the contest to see who can be the best robot,you win. 如果要比谁最冷血 那么你赢了
[18:15.86]tell me again how this happened. 再告诉我一遍事情是怎么发生的
[18:18.19]You didn't understand me the first time? 我刚说的 你还没明白?
[18:19.67]Just--just tell me again. 再告诉我一遍
[18:20.81]Somebody left the baby gatopen. 有人打开了婴儿门
[18:22.42]Somebody. 有人?
[18:23.63]And you... 你..
[18:25.50]you're--you're saying you think I did this? 你是在说 我打开的?
[18:27.72]I'm saying that you were in such a hurry to get out the house this morning, 我是说今早你急匆匆地离开家
[18:32.23]that you were in such a hurry to--to get to work and get away from me-- 你急匆匆地想去上班 离开我
[18:36.04]oh,tucker,this doesn't have anything to do with-- Tucker 这跟你一点关系都没有
[18:38.39]why do you think he even went into that room,huh? 那你觉得他为什么会进那间屋子?
[18:40.47]You the only one ever goes in there. 只有你进去过
[18:42.40]He went looking for his mama. 他进去找妈妈
[18:45.69]He went looking for his mama and wound up in the hospital. 他进去找他妈妈 然后受伤进了医院
[18:54.56]Guess you made a bad choice,huh,tucker? 现在是不是觉得你点背了 Tucker
[18:57.79]You picked a bad wife, 找了个差劲的老婆
[19:00.28]she made a bad mother,she made you stay home, 她还是个不称职的妈妈 她让你呆在家里
[19:03.97]raise your son,and then she almost killed him. 让你养活你的儿子 然后她差点弄死他
[19:07.75]Poor you,huh? 你太可怜了 是吧?
[19:17.75]I heard about dr.Bailey's son.How bad is it? 我听说了Bailey医生的儿子 情况有多糟?
[19:19.88]Well, we're still waiting on his studies. 我们还在等结果
[19:22.52]Derek? Derek?
[19:24.78]Remember before when I was unbelievably cool and let you off e hook for making out with me? 还记得刚才咱们说假装什么都没有时 我很冷静吗?
[19:28.85]- Well, now I'm angry. - Why? - 我现在生气了 - 为什么?
[19:30.61]Because you're not making eye contact with me. 因为你根本不看我
[19:32.54]Because we are standing here talking about bailey's baby, and you won't look at me. 因为我们站在这 谈论Beiley医生的儿子 你却看都不看我
[19:38.67]- Sorry. - Better. - 抱歉 - 好多了
[19:40.31]Now it was one kiss, okay? 只不过是一个吻
[19:43.45]It was a good kiss, maybe even a great one, but are we going to let one maybe-great kiss 那是个不错的吻 也许是个非常棒的吻 但我们不能让一个可能很棒的吻
[19:48.18]get in the way of what, up until now, has been a really great professional relationship 妨碍了我们之间的工作关系
[19:50.87]even though you didn't know my name until recently? 况且不久前你都不知道我叫什么
[19:53.33]No, we are not. 我们不能这样
[19:55.30]So... 所以
[19:56.90]friends? 还是朋友?
[19:59.48]Friends. 朋友
[20:01.03]Good. 很好
[20:05.61]Bailey wants to know if tuck's films are ready. Bailey想知道Tuck的片子出来没有
[20:08.44]What...is that?What's that shadow?Where's his heart? 怎么回事? 阴影是什么? 心脏呢?
[20:12.22]- You can't see it because- - his stomach's in his chest. - 看不见 因为 - 他的胃在他的胸腔
[20:14.30]There's visceral herniation, a positive collar sign. 有疝气 衣领征
[20:17.09]which indicates a diaphragmatic hernia. 就是说是膈疝
[20:19.97]It's a ruptured diaphragm, which is the least of his problems, 隔膜破裂是最好的情况
[20:24.43]'cause the force of the trauma injured his thoracic aorta. 因为外伤的力量损伤了胸部主动脉
[20:28.67]You see this, in the chest cavity next to the stomach? 看见这个了吗?胸腔里紧挨着胃的?
[20:31.45]That's colon. 是结肠
[20:33.13]And around the colon is fluid, which could mean the colon is ruptured 结肠周围是液体 说明结肠可能已经破了
[20:37.50]and there's fecal matter floating around that could infect the aortic repair, 排泄物在周围流动 会感染到主动脉的修复
[20:42.15]and that complication can be fatal. 那个并发症是致命的
[20:49.23]What are y'all standing around for? 你们都站在这干什么?
[20:50.89]Uh, page hahn and the chief.Book an O.R. 呼叫Hahn和主任 订手术室
[20:57.93]Okay, they repaired the hole in the diaphragm, 他们刚搞定隔膜的漏洞
[21:00.12]and dr.Hahn is just about to inspect the mediastinum. Hahn医生正在检查纵隔
[21:02.45]Okay, is she gonna repair with sutures or prosthetic graft? 她要缝合还是要修复植皮?
[21:05.21]- Don't know. - Don't know? - 不知道 - 不知道?
[21:06.78]She didn't say. 她没说
[21:10.67]Dr.Bailey. Bailey医生
[21:12.26]Dr.Bailey, are you kidding? Bailey医生 你别闹了
[21:14.15]I need to be with my son. 我要和我儿子在一起
[21:15.86]- Miranda- - I have no intention of getting in the way. - Miranda - 我不会碍你们的事
[21:18.00]I just--I can't stand out there.I can'T. 我就是 不能站在外面 我做不到
[21:20.65]I need to be with my son. 我要跟我儿子在一起
[21:22.39]And what we need, dr.Bailey, is to not have our patient's mother Bailey医生 我们不能让病人的母亲
[21:26.37]watching us perform his surgery. 看着我们做手术
[21:28.75]Dr.Grey, please escort dr.Bailey back outside. Grey医生 把Bailey医生送出去
[21:31.52]No.There will be no escorting of ... 不 不能把Bailey医生
[21:33.04]Bailey anywhere, dr.Grey. 送到任何地方 Grey医生
[21:36.10]You can proceed. 你继续
[21:37.39]I will not proceed until you leave this O.R. 你离开手术室我才继续
[21:39.95]Now do you want me to stand here talking to you, 你现在想让我站在这跟你说话
[21:42.34]or do you want me to try and save your baby's life? 还是让我尽力留住你儿子的命?
[21:50.06]Miranda. Miranda
[21:51.84]I just want to hold my son's hand. 我就想握着他的手
[21:53.39]I just want to hold his hand.Please. 我就想握着他的手 求你了
[21:55.70]I'll--I'll hold his hand. 我来握着
[21:58.58]Dr.Grey can hold this retractor, right? Grey医生来拿着这个牵引器
[22:01.52]Yes. 好
[22:02.66]I'll hold tuck's hand, dr.Bailey, if it's-- if it's okay with you. 我握着Tuck的手 Bailey医生 这样行吧
[22:06.43]I'll hold-- I'll hold his hand. 我握着他的手
[22:20.82]okay, everybody, let's get back to work. 大家 继续工作
[22:37.08]Mrs.O'malley.What are you-- O'malley女士 你在..
[22:39.12]I-I couldn't leave. 我不能离开
[22:41.47]When harold was here, when he was sick, dr.Bailey took such good d care of him. Harold在这的时候 他生病的时候 Bailey医生把他照顾得很好
[22:46.38]I couldn't leave knowing her son was in trouble, knowing both our sons are in trouble. 我不能离开 因为我知道他儿子有麻烦了 而且我的儿子也不大顺利
[22:53.23]Mrs.O'malley, I just-- O'malley女士 我只是
[22:56.40]I know you think m old-fashioned, and maybe I am. 我知道你觉得我是个老古董 也许我真是
[23:00.34]But it doesn't matter what I think. 但这跟我的想法没关系
[23:02.72]In god's eyes, marriage is forever. 上帝眼中 婚姻是永久的
[23:05.85]Well, if it's any consolation, 不知道这样能不能让你感觉好点
[23:07.59]george and I got married on the vegas strip at a 24-hour church of elvis. George和我是去的拉斯维加斯 在一个24小时教堂里结的婚
[23:12.32]I'm not sure god was even there. 搞不好上帝没在那
[23:14.62]He's everywhere. 他无处不在
[23:19.16]I used to believe in god... 我以前也相信上帝
[23:22.57]and marriage...and heaven and hell. 和婚姻 还有天堂 地狱
[23:27.06]But you don't anymore? 你现在不信了?
[23:34.14]I believe in love... 我相信爱
[23:38.40]and second chances... 给彼此一个机会
[23:41.16]and that even though george wasn't the one for me, 尽管George不是我能依赖的人
[23:44.22]it was okay that I believed that he was because... 我也曾经相信过他是 因为
[23:48.34]well, for a little while, at least... 至少有一段时间
[23:51.23]I got to be an o'malley. 我也是O'malley家的一员
[23:57.85]And I really loved being an o'malley. 我真的很喜欢作为O'malley的一员
[24:08.17]He's back. 他回来了
[24:09.65]I'm sorry to interrupt, but your, 抱歉打扰你们 但你的..
[24:11.47]uh, most recent echo shows the dissection is extending. 最新的心脏回音表明裂口正在扩大
[24:14.68]You need to let me prep you for surgery. 你需要让我为你准备手术
[24:16.63]Oh, no.No, not yet.We haven't finished our work. 不 现在还不行 我们还没完事
[24:20.60]You're gonna die. 你要死了
[24:21.81]Do you know how mai knew you were back, even with her eyes closed? 你认为Mai是怎么知道你过来的 她连眼睛都没睁开
[24:25.10]Uh, she heard me? 她听见了?
[24:26.34]She felt you. 她感觉到的
[24:27.74]It's like a--like a pull, like a darkness. 像拉了她一下 像一种黑暗在靠近
[24:30.54]Right, right.I'm--I'm the angel of death.Got it. 好吧 好吧 我是死亡天使 我知道了
[24:32.93]No.You're not the angel of death, dr.Karev. 不 你不是死亡天使 Karev医生
[24:36.79]You're--you're actually a very sweet boy. 你其实是个很讨人喜欢的男孩
[24:39.29]He's got a beautiful heart, wouldn't you say, mai? 他心地善良 对吧 Mai?
[24:41.48]I would, but his gut and his throat... 对 但他的五脏六腑和他的喉咙
[24:43.38]they're blocked. 被封死了
[24:44.18]Second chakra's worse. 第二个脉轮更糟糕 (第二个脉轮为生殖轮)
[24:46.56]Seriously?You're talking about chakra? 不会吧? 你们在说脉轮?
[24:48.68]We're talking about how you've got a darkness at your throat chakra, 我们是指 你用来说话的喉轮 是怎么变得一片漆黑
[24:51.52]where your voice should be because whater happened to you was so, 因为在你身上发生的事情都很..
[24:55.19]so ugly and went on for so long that you don't talk about it. 不堪 导致很长一段时间 你绝口不提
[25:00.18]You were hurt so badly that sometimes you want to hurt other people just to 你被伤得很深 所以你有时也想伤害其他人
[25:04.27]- - just to spread it around. 就是为了让它蔓延
[25:07.22]You were a good boy, dr.Karev, a good, sweet boy, but you're not a very good man. 你是个好男孩 Karev医生 一个很招人喜欢的男孩 但你不是个好男人
[25:15.54]What happened to you? 发生过什么?
[25:19.59]Your artery is shredding. 你的动脉快要坚持不住了
[25:21.45]You need surgery. 你需要手术
[25:23.04]I'm not a very good man, but I do tell the truth. 我不是个好人 但我说实话
[25:25.61]And the truth is, if you don't get this surgery fast, you're gonna die. 实话就是 如果你不尽快进行手术 你就会死掉
[25:39.03]...I left it on the desk. 我把这个放在桌子上
[25:40.94]I was in a hurry, so I looked at the clock and I walked out of the door. 我当时很着急 我看了看表 然后出来了
[25:44.38]- I...the gate. - Miranda, this isn't helpg. - 门... - Miranda 这不管用
[25:47.97]The gate was open.Did I close the gate? 门是开着的 我关门了吗?
[25:51.36]Okay, look, I walked out of the bedroom into the office, and I wrote a note 好了 我从卧室出来 去了办公室 我写了条子
[25:54.57]-- this isn't-- this isn't helping. 这样没用
[25:56.30]- I can't remember. - Stop this.This is not helping. - 我记不得了 - 别这样 这样不管用
[25:58.53]I can't remember if I closed that gate. 我记不起来我是不是关门了
[26:00.31]That's my baby, that's my baby, and I can't remember if closed the gate. 那是我的孩子 是我的孩子 我却想不起来是否关门了
[26:02.02]-It doesn't matter.It does not matter. - It does matter! - 没关系 没关系 - 有关系
[26:04.47]It matters because I'm his mother, and I can't have done this to him. 有很大关系 因为我是他妈妈 我不能这么对他
[26:06.77]I can't have hurt him this badly. 我不能让他伤得这么重
[26:08.81]- You didn't do this. - Things just happen. 不是你做的 事情就那么发生了
[26:10.40]No, they don't just happen. 不 他们不该那么发生
[26:11.76]Things don't just happen. 事情不该就那么发生
[26:13.51]People make decisions. 我们自己做决定
[26:15.44]People prioritize. 自己选择事情的优先权
[26:17.03]Okay, the world just doesn't happen! 世界不该就这么着的
[26:19.22]Okay, it's not on god. 跟上帝没关系
[26:20.70]It'sn me or it's on tucker! 是我的事 是Tucker的事
[26:22.81]Stop it!Stop.Stop. 停 别说了 别说了
[26:23.92]- It's on me! - No, stop it. - 是我 - 不 停下
[26:27.04]just...just stop it. 先停下
[26:31.90]you're a good mother. 你是个好妈妈
[26:33.98]Tucker is a good father. Tucker是个好爸爸
[26:36.33]You love your baby. 你们爱你们的孩子
[26:37.92]People make mistakes. 人人都会犯错
[26:41.55]You didn't do this to your son, and neither did your husband. 不是你害你儿子这样的 也不是你丈夫的错
[26:52.74]he wants to build us a house, with kids' bedrooms and french doors, 他想给建一个我们俩的房子 有婴儿房和法式的门
[26:57.69]and that scares me to death. 搞得我很紧张
[26:59.31]Why?Just 'cause of the rose thing? 为什么? 是因为Rose吗?
[27:02.79]Well, that shouldn't scare you.It was just one kiss. 应该对你不造成影响啊 不过是一个吻而已
[27:05.75]One kiss? 一个吻?
[27:07.10]Yeah, I w--I wasn't eavesdropping. 是啊 我--我不是故意要偷听的
[27:08.73]It wasn't like they were being secretive about it. 他们也没有偷偷摸摸的
[27:10.34]It was just something that happened. 只不过就这么发生了
[27:12.20]Now that you guys are back together, it's not happening anymore, so... 既然你们现在又在一起了 而且他俩也没有什么 那就...
[27:15.82]derek kissed rose? Derek吻了Rose?
[27:17.13]Yeah, but you knew tha. 是啊 你知道的
[27:21.74]that I'm an idiot. 你知道我真是个白痴
[27:30.95]Okay, the stomach's repaired. Ok 胃修复了
[27:32.27]There's no splenic laceration. 没有脾脏撕裂
[27:34.21]Now all I have to do is get the chest tube in, and we're done. 现在我只要把胸管插进去就完工了
[27:39.39]That's good, tuck. 干得不错 Tuck
[27:40.76]That means you're in better shape than we thought. 说明你的构造比我们想象得要好
[27:42.23]That means you're almost outta here. 说明你就要出这手术室了
[27:44.81]Dr.Yang, would you like to do the honors? Yang医生 你要不要过来帮一下?
[27:49.19]I can trade places with you if you'd like. 你愿意的话我可以跟你换位置
[27:53.37]Uh, no.I'm okay.I'm okay here. 哦 不 我很好 我在这儿很好
[28:02.20]Both of which we repaired, so the surgery was a success. 我们都做了修复 所以说手术很成功
[28:04.84]However, there is a lot of fluid in the chest cavity, so at this point, 但是他胸部还有很多积水 所以
[28:09.19]we have no way of knowing whether he'll be able to breathe on his own anytime soon. 我们不知道他什么时候才能自主呼吸
[28:13.09]I know that. 我知道
[28:14.26]You don't think I know that? 你以为我不知道?
[28:15.78]Uh, we'll be moving him to the pediatric I.C.U. 呃 我们会把他带到婴儿重症监护
[28:19.10]We'll be watching him closely. 我们会密切关注他的
[28:20.73]Can I see my son now? 我现在可以看他了吗?
[28:22.10]Absolutely. 当然可以
[28:31.14]Uh, you're new here. 呃 你是新来的
[28:32.84]You don't know me. 你不了解我
[28:34.04]And if what you did today ends up saving my son's life, I'll thank you for it. 如果你今天所做的救了我儿子的话 我会很感激你的
[28:37.90]But if I never have to look at you again after that, that'll be all right with me. 不过真希望谢过之后都不用再见到你
[28:55.45]We never baptized him. 我们从来都没给他洗礼
[28:57.69]We kept putting it off, thinking we were gonna find time, and--and now... 我们一直在延后 觉得我们会有时间 然后 然后现在...
[29:03.02]we will find the time. 我们会找时间
[29:07.85]When this is over and tuck is fine... 等这一切都结束了 Tuck好了以后...
[29:12.00]you and i are gonna find time, and we are gonna baptize our baby. 我们就找时间 给我们的孩子洗礼
[29:46.86]How's tuck? Tuck怎么样了?
[29:50.26]Oh, he's still not breathing on his own. 他还不能自主呼吸
[29:52.46]You know, I wish I could help, but I can't think of anything I can do. 我希望我能帮到忙 可是我想不到我能做些什么
[29:57.07]Cristina always knows what to do. Cristina总是知道该怎么做
[29:59.59]What's your deal with her?With yang? 你跟她之间到底怎么了? 你跟Yang?
[30:02.73]Nothing.There's no deal.I don'T... 没什么 没什么事情 我不...
[30:04.98]I'm crippled with envy. 我被嫉妒冲昏头了
[30:06.37]Of yang? 嫉妒Yang?
[30:08.07]'Cause she's better at cardio than you? 因为她在心血管方面比你强?
[30:10.23]She's not better than me. 她不是比我强
[30:12.76]She just... 她只是...
[30:15.37]she knows what she wants. 她知道她要什么
[30:17.59]She has this faith in her skill, in herself, in her future in cardio. 她对心血管科的信仰 表现在她的技巧里 她的身体里 还有她的未来里
[30:23.68]It's an unwavering faith. 这是她不会动摇的信仰
[30:26.37]She knows who she is, and I want that. 她知道自己是谁 我也好想像她一样
[30:29.66]I was chasing cardio because I want what she has. 我主攻心血管只是因为她想要
[30:33.36]She's a robot. 她太冷血了
[30:34.57]Not the robot part. 我不是说她冷血那方面
[30:36.00]The--the faith part. 我是说她的信仰
[30:39.17]I want that. 我也想像她一样有信仰
[31:00.91]There's probably a thousand scientific reasons 也许有成千上万个科学的理由可以解释
[31:04.24]why mr.Greenwald's heart rate just suddenly stabilized. 为什么Greenwald先生的心脏 为什么就那么突然稳定了
[31:08.52]Without question. 那是毫无疑问的
[31:09.92]And why mrs.Mccaffrey's staph infection just suddenly disappeared. 还有为什么Mccaffrey夫人的 葡萄状球菌感染突然就消失了
[31:15.75]Sloan's patient?She's fine? Sloan的病人对吧? 她还好吧?
[31:19.39]I mean, don't get me wrong, I have faith.I do. 我是说 不要误解我 我有信仰
[31:26.43]But faith isn't medicine. 可是信仰不是解药
[31:29.79]Faith...can't heal you. 信仰...不能治愈你
[31:34.92]Well, that may be so. 嗯 也许的确如此
[31:37.68]But then again... 但话说回来...
[31:40.33]it can't hurt. 相信一次也无妨
[31:48.21]- hey. - hey! - 嘿 - 嘿!
[31:49.84]How's tuck? Tuck怎么样?
[31:50.99]He's intubated, and, uh, we won't know anything for a few hours. 他插管了 然后 呃 现在的情况还不清楚
[31:54.87]How are you holding up? 你怎么样?
[31:56.80]Who's rose? Rose是谁?
[32:01.87]rose is a circulating nurse. Rose是个负责循环的护士
[32:04.33]I kissed her once.I'm sure you know that. 我吻了她一次 我想你知道
[32:06.17]That's why you're asking me. 所以你才问我
[32:07.32]-When? - When? - 什么时候? - 什么时候?
[32:08.91]- When did you kiss her? - Yesterday.Now are we gonna talk-- - 你什么时候吻她的? - 昨天 现在我们是不是要谈--
[32:11.20]so yesterday you were making out with scrub nurses, 所以说昨天你还在跟一个护士鬼混
[32:13.61]and today you're building our dream house. 今天你就在建造你的梦想之屋了
[32:15.83]Yesterday we were dating other people. 昨天我们在和不同的人约会
[32:17.39]-That's not the point. - That is the point. - 那不是重点 - 那就是重点
[32:20.64]I told you I wanted to marry you... 我告诉过你我想要和你结婚...
[32:23.33]that I wanted to build a house and a life with you, and you weren't ready. 告诉过你我想要建造一个房子 然后和你一起生活 但你没准备好
[32:25.94]And rose is? 那Rose就准备好了?
[32:27.98]You don't want to build a life wh me. 你不想和我一起建造一个生活
[32:29.58]You want someone. 你只是想要一个人
[32:30.83]You want someone who wants the same things that you want. 想要一个和你想要的东西一样的人
[32:35.66]I knew the minute I showed you those plans that you'd find some reason to walk away. 我就知道说出我的计划之后的 下一秒你就会找借口逃脱
[32:39.25]So what, you called my bluff? 那又怎么样 你觉得我是在虚张声势?
[32:40.43]I did because I can't do this anymore. 是的 只是我不能再这样下去了
[32:42.77]I can't do the fighting, the back and forth.I can'T. 我不想再吵下去了 分分合合的 我不想这样下去了
[32:45.03]Are we together or are we not? 我们到底是在一起还是不在一起?
[32:46.35]We were together. 我们曾经在一起过
[32:47.32]I was in love with you. 我曾经深爱着你
[32:48.76]You didn't tell me you were married. 可是你没有告诉我你结婚了
[32:50.43]Okay, so now we're gonna have that fight again. 好了又要说那事了
[32:52.05]You didn't tell me about your nurse. 你还没有告诉我你跟护士的事
[32:53.68]You want to know why I'm not ready to build a house with you? 你想知道为什么 我不能和你一起建一座房子吗?
[32:56.18]This is why.Because i cannot trust you. 这就是为什么 我不信任你
[32:58.60]You can't trust anybody. 你谁都不信任
[33:03.06]And no matter what I do... 而且不管我做什么...
[33:06.16]you're always gonna look for reasons not to trust me. 你始终都会找到不信任我的理由
[33:09.53]I can't do it anymore. 我再也受不了了
[33:12.63]I c-- I can'T. 我不--我受不了了
[33:15.80]Well, neither can I. 我也受不了了
[33:50.09]I need you to hold hands. 我要你们把手握起来
[33:55.76]Why? 为什么?
[33:57.44]Because the energy in here, it'S...it's not heang. 因为这里的能量 还...还不够
[34:02.05]So I need you to hold hands and focus all of your love on this child. 所以我要你们把手握起来 把你们所有的爱都集中到这个孩子身上
[34:09.61]For a few minutes, I want you to try to forgive each other. 在这几分钟内 我希望你们原谅对方
[34:16.22]Can you try to do that? 你们可以试试吗?
[35:27.37]it's not for you. 不是给你的
[35:28.51]It's for little tuck. 是给小Tuck的
[35:31.69]Is he better? 他有没有好一点?
[35:32.89]We don't know yet. 我们还不知道
[35:34.97]I know I haven't called you in a while 我知道我有段时间没有打你电话了
[35:37.13]and that there's a lot that I haven't told you, and I know I messed up. 有很多事我也没有告诉你 我知道我搞砸了
[35:41.89]But I didn't want to cause you any more pain, 但是我不想给你增加更多的痛苦了
[35:44.70]and I didn't want to disappoint you. 我也不想让你失望
[35:46.19]You disappointed yourself, georgie. 是你自己让自己失望了 Georgie
[35:47.80]You should be disappointed in yourself. 你应该对自己感到失望
[35:51.36]I am. 我是对自己感到失望
[35:54.34]I don't even recognize myself anymore. 我都快认不出我自己来了
[35:58.31]This isn't the guy that I wanted to be. 我以前不想变成这样的人
[36:02.90]Who do you want to be? 那你想变成怎么样的认?
[36:06.22]The guy bailey named her baby after. Bailey用来给他儿子起名的那个人
[36:10.50]I want to be that guy again. 我想变回那个人
[36:14.05]You won't go to counseling? 你不去见婚姻顾问?
[36:19.58]That's just gonna hurt everyone more. 那只会再次伤害到彼此
[36:25.49]I miss your dad. 我想你爸爸了
[36:28.40]Me, too. 我也想
[36:30.63]Move back home.I'll take care of you. 搬回家住吧 我想照顾你
[36:35.47]Well, I think it's time that I start-- start taking care of myself. 嗯 我想是时候--是时候我自己照顾自己了
[37:09.58]hey, uh, it-- it doesn't help me to have you all clustered here, watching. 嘿 呃--你们都杵在这儿看
[37:13.66]It just doesn't help me. 一点忙都帮不上
[37:15.22]I appreciate that you're, uh, that you care, that you're concerned, 你们的好意我心领了 我很感谢你们
[37:17.76]but I don't need to be watched. 但是我不需要你们看着我
[37:20.15]Miranda, he's choking. Miranda 他快窒息了
[37:21.44]He's chok-- 他--
[37:25.49]Oh, thank goD. 哦 天哪
[37:27.63]What are you-- what are you talking about? 你在-- 你在说什么?
[37:29.14]no, it's good.It's good. 不 这是好事 这是好事
[37:29.85]He's fighting the tube.It means he can breathe on his own. 说明他在排斥管子 他已经能自主呼吸了
[37:39.96]I need your help. 我要你帮忙
[37:52.87]hahn said you'd have a heart attack this afternoon, and, uh, you didn'T. Hahn说你今天下午会心脏病发 可是 呃 你没有
[37:56.16]So you think there might be something to this healing thing after all? 所以你相信了毕竟还是有一种治愈之力的?
[37:58.81]No, but, uh, I'm gonna help you anyway. 不 但是 呃 我还是打算帮你
[38:01.01]Or, uh, she is. 或者说 她可以帮你
[38:02.60]Uh, this is dr.Steven 呃 这是Stevens医生
[38:04.09]-hello. -Hi. - 你好 - 嗨
[38:06.61]I'm sorry.I'm--I'm not sure what I'm doing here. 对不起 我--其实我也不知道我来这儿干嘛
[38:10.77]Oh, you're gonna talk her through a coronary artery dissection repair. 哦 你得来说服她接受 冠状动脉切开修复的手术
[38:14.13]She's an expert? 她是专家?
[38:15.54]No, no, no.She's a second-year resident like me. 不 不 不 她和我一样 也是第二年的住院医师
[38:17.77]But she's been focused on, uh, cardiothoracics for a while, 不过她主攻心血管有段时间了
[38:20.23]and she's seen the procedure done. 而且她也旁观过手术的过程
[38:21.86]Well, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but-- 额 很感谢你想要做的 但是--
[38:24.28]uh, she's, uh, she's like a bright yellow, right? 呃 她 呃 她是明黄色的对吧?
[38:27.23]What? 什么?
[38:28.82]What I'm saying is she's an optimist. 我是说她是个乐观主义者
[38:30.94]She's the opposite of me. 她和我完全相反
[38:32.50]She's exactly the kind of person you want helping you, right? 她就是你们想要来帮助你们的人不是吗?
[38:35.29]she brightens you, that's for sure. 她照亮你了 那倒是肯定的
[38:37.03]Shut up. 闭嘴
[38:38.32]What are we talking about? 我们在说什么啊?
[38:39.87]Just talk her through the surgery before she croaks, all right? 在她翘辫子之前说服她接受手术好不?
[38:42.63]Can you do that? 你做得到吗?
[38:44.33]Um, you want me to talk you through it? 嗯 你想要我来跟你解说吗?
[38:46.98]Uh, in as much detail as possible, yes. 呃 越详细越好
[38:50.11]Okay, uh... 好吧 呃..
[38:52.38]yang's got nothing on you. Yang一点也比不上你
[38:57.18]okay, there are four chambers in your heart, OK 你的心脏有四个腔室
[39:01.11]and ere are three major coronary arteries that supply blood and oxygen... 有三条主动脉输送血液和氧气...
[39:05.04]as doctors, we know more about the human body now than at any other point in our hisry. 作为医生 我们对人体所了解的 比历史上任何时候都要多
[39:10.88]They extubated him. 他们给他拔管了
[39:12.89]His blood pressure's up, too. 血压也升高了
[39:14.25]Good. 不错
[39:16.26]Did you know that his middle name is george? 你知道他的中间名是George吗?
[39:18.60]- Tuck's? - After me. - Tuck的中间名? - 是跟我取的
[39:22.36]I thought dr.Bailey didn't like interns. 我以为Bailey医生不喜欢实习生的
[39:24.48]Oh, no. 哦 是啊
[39:26.56]Yeah, she doesn'T. 她不喜欢
[39:29.02]D-- did you find an apartment yet? 你-- 你有没有找到公寓?
[39:31.90]Because I was thinking of... 因为我在想...
[39:33.98]I was thinking maybe I'm gonna get one, and... 也许我去找一套公寓 然后...
[39:36.33]but the miracle of life itself-- why people live and die, 但是生命本身这个奇迹--为什么人有生死
[39:40.49]why they hurt or get hurt-- is still a mystery. 为什么人们互相伤害--仍旧是个迷
[39:44.36]Here's the thing... 听好了...
[39:47.87]-you're too pretty. - Oh, come on. - 你非常帅 - 哦 得了吧
[39:49.61]No, so pretty, in fact, that if we didn't work together, 不 是很帅 事实上 如果不是同事的话
[39:54.47]we would probably be... 我们也许可能...
[39:58.38]but the point is we do work together. 但重点是 我们是同事
[40:01.40]And in order for me to do my job, 而且为了让我做好这份工作
[40:04.05]I need to leave who I am outside the doors of this hospital.So... 我不能把个人情感带进这个医院 所以...
[40:13.04]oh, hey.You ready? 哦 嘿 你准备好了吗?
[40:14.76]I am. 好了
[40:16.20]Where you guys going?You going to joe's? 你们去哪儿? Joe的酒吧?
[40:18.06]I'll come meet you. 过会儿就去找你们
[40:18.91]Good night, dr.Sloan. 晚安 Sloan医生
[40:21.75]We want to know the ason, the secret, the answer at the back of the book... 我们想要知道原因 秘密还有书本的答案...
[40:26.74]do you want to go to dinner with me tonight? 你今晚愿意和我共进晚餐吗?
[40:31.31]I thought you weren't free. 我以为你没空
[40:32.79]Turns out I am. 现在有空了
[40:34.53]And I'd like to go out with you tonight. 而我今晚想和你出去约会
[40:36.95]Do you want to go out with me? 你愿意吗?
[40:39.36]That'd be nice. 不错啊
[40:40.64]Because the thought of our being all alone down here is just too much for us to bear. 因为我们实在是忍受不了孤独
[40:47.60]How's he doing? 他怎么样了?
[40:49.15]He's gonna be just fine. 他会好起来的
[40:53.62]Where's your husband? 你丈夫呢?
[40:56.04]Uh, he went home to get some sleep... 呃 他回家睡会儿...
[41:00.38]and to pack his things 'cause he's getting himself a hotel room tonight. 然后收拾下东西 因为他今晚要去酒店住
[41:07.03]I'm sorry. 我很遗憾
[41:09.53]For some reason, life just seems to make a lot more sense when you're looking at a baby. 不知道为什么 当你看着孩子的时候 生命就一下子便得有意义很多
[41:16.37]But at the end of the day... 但是当一天结束的时候...
[41:19.10]the fact that we show up for each other, in spite of our differences, 不管我们的信仰是什么 除开我们各自的不同
[41:25.64]no matter what we believe, is reason enough... 我们陪伴在彼此的身边 这已经足够作为理由...
[41:30.40]to keep believing. 让我们坚持信仰
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