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[00:00.00]美剧MP3+LRC 12.09.01 10:57:14
[00:04.75]great surgeons aren't made, they're born. 好医生不是后天养成的 是天生的
[00:07.47]It takes gestation,incubation, sacrifice... a lot of sacrifice. 需要孕育 生育 还要牺牲 很多牺牲
[00:13.60]But after all the blood and guts and gooey stuff is washed away, 等到最后 所有的血 肠 粘稠物被收拾干净时
[00:16.85]that surgeon you become? 你就成为了一名外科医生
[00:18.45]Totally worth it. 这物超所值
[00:19.72]welcome back. 欢迎回归
[00:21.81]Uh,I am not back. 我不是回归
[00:24.16]I am here for a surgery. 我来参加一个手术
[00:26.56]I know. 我知道
[00:27.78]Uh,chart,labs,uh,security key card and key to the doctors' lounge. 病历 实验室 门禁卡 还有医生休息室的钥匙
[00:32.99]Oh,look. 看看
[00:34.59]Theysed my old picture. 这是我以前的照片
[00:36.58]it's like I never left. 好像我都没离开过
[00:37.69]Addie,you're back. Addie 欢迎回归
[00:39.51]I am not back. 我不是回归
[00:40.72]Oh,you're back. 你是回归了
[00:41.99]You're gonna smell the stink and sweat of surgery,and you're gonna be back. 你要忍受手术室里的恶臭 就证明你回归了
[00:46.24]See?Nothing ever changes around here. 看 一切还是老样子
[00:48.53]Things change. 很多事情都变了
[00:49.95]Welcome back. 欢迎回归
[00:50.81]I am not back! 我不是回归
[00:53.72]well,I just had no idea that sunrise yoga would be so intense. 我都不知道清晨瑜伽这么大强度
[00:57.37]Told ya. 早就告诉过你
[00:58.27]dr. Hahn,I have the 3-d,uh,ultrasounds and the fetal M.R.I.S for today's patient. Hahn医生 我为今天的病人 做了3D超声波和胎儿的核磁共振
[01:02.99]Have you decided who's gonna scrub in? 你决定让谁参加手术了吗
[01:05.69]Because I diagnosed the mother when she came into the clinic,so... 这位母亲一进院就是我检查的 所以
[01:06.85]films. 把片子给我
[01:17.22]my first day. 我的第一天
[01:18.13]My clinical trial. 我的临床试验
[01:19.09]My baby,all grown up. 我的孩子 都长大了
[01:20.59]You know,nobody cares about your clinical trial or your sick,sick, 没人会在意你的临床试验
[01:23.38]terminal patients,who'd probably rather be left for dead. 和快要玩完的临终病人 你最好让他赶紧撒手人寰吧
[01:25.51]- You're just jealous. - Well,yeah. - 你在妒忌 - 对
[01:27.06]Anyone can come up with a clinical trial. 别人能参加临床试验
[01:28.94]I could come up with a clinical trial. 我也能
[01:30.36]jealous. 妒忌
[01:30.97]Not that it would matter,' cause hahn wouldn't sign off on it. 并不是说有什么关系 Hahn就不正式答应我
[01:33.40]You know she won't even talk to me? 你知道吗 她根本就不理我
[01:34.84]She always enjoyed talking to me. 她挺喜欢跟我说话的
[01:36.43]Really,about what? 真的 都说什么?
[01:37.31]Her hopes,her dreams,then we would braid each other's hair. 她的愿望啊 梦想啊 然后我们还给彼此编辫子
[01:40.28]Well,at least I'm not living in the clinic. 至少我不住在门诊里
[01:41.96]Hey,I like the clinic. 我喜欢门诊
[01:42.98]The clinic is my happy place. 在门诊里能让我很高兴
[01:44.14]Will you use your sparkle pager to get me in on hahn's surgery today? 能用你的炫呼机 把我弄进Hahn的手术室里吗
[01:47.44]Oh,cristina,I can't even think about the sparkle pager Cristina 我都没想起来炫呼机呢
[01:49.52]because my clinical trial starts today. 因为我今天要开始临床试验啦
[01:51.40]Sparkle pager stealer! 偷炫呼机的
[01:52.55]Thank you. 谢谢
[01:53.53]Okay,the both of you need to just take a moment and dig down deep, 你们俩得花点时间 好好想想
[01:57.19]and you'll discover when you do you're truly happy for me 然后你们就能发现 你们是真心为我高兴
[01:59.42]hthat I have found my@ath to medical history. 我已经找到了通向医学历史的道路
[02:03.33]I'm not happy for me. 我一点都不为她感到高兴
[02:04.30]Oh,me neither. 我也是
[02:05.40]His karnofsky score is still 80,and his C.B.C. 他的Karnofsky评分还是80
[02:07.90]And liver enzymes are good. 全血球指数和肝酵素指数很好
[02:09.46]Well,that's better than expected. 比预期的更好
[02:10.54]I know. 我知道
[02:11.11]Better doesn't mean good. 更好不代表没问题
[02:13.10]I don't want you getting emotionally involved with these patients. 我不想你把个人感情加到病人身上
[02:14.38]I don't want you getting your hopes up. 我不想让你觉得很有希望
[02:15.77]My hopes are not up. 我没觉得很有希望
[02:17.23]All right,then,dr. Grey,let's do this. 好吧 Grey医生 我们准备开始吧
[02:19.70]Okay. Good. - 好吧 - 很好
[02:20.76]Chart please. 给我病历
[02:29.07]Come here,you. 嘿 过来吧
[02:32.91]it's,uh... 真是
[02:34.47]wow,it's great to see you guys. 很高兴见到你们
[02:36.12]How's L.A.? 洛杉矶怎么样
[02:36.79]Oh,it's great.It's fun. 很棒 很有意思
[02:38.27]You know,it's the sun and,uh,surfing. 阳光 冲浪
[02:40.93]- It's... - you surf? - 还有 - 你冲浪?
[02:43.08]No,I-I don't surf,but... 不 我不冲浪 但
[02:45.18]So anyway,hey,look,I hugged you there. 我跟你拥抱了
[02:46.78]Did you see that I hugged you? 你看我都跟你拥抱了
[02:48.00]You stole my husband from me,I hugged you. 你把我老公抢走 我却拥抱了你
[02:49.50]I...I've grown. 我已经成熟了
[02:51.40]I have,and,uh,I can be happy for the happy couple,right? 我能为幸福的情侣感到高兴
[02:56.25]I'm all L.A. 我完全被洛杉矶改变了
[02:57.14]And,like... whew...one with myself. 我忠于自己
[02:58.98]So I feel really... 我觉得真的是
[03:01.53]yeah. 就是
[03:04.23]- Okay. - Yeah. - 好吧 - 恩
[03:04.89]Well,I'm gonna go save a life now. 我现在要去治病救人了
[03:06.43]Okay. 好
[03:07.78]Really,great... great to see you,really. 很高兴见到你们 真的
[03:10.41]Cheers.Happy couple? - 回见 - 幸福的情侣?
[03:12.63]See you after rounds.. 病房巡视后再见
[03:17.83]There she is. 她来了
[03:19.78]Just coming in to check on my patient's skin flap. 就是进来看看我病人的皮瓣
[03:22.86]Well,amazing,right? 很神奇吧
[03:24.65]I pulled a couple of stem cells from the baby in utero, 孩子还在子宫里 我从那里取了一些干细胞
[03:27.28]six weeks later,I have grown skin,like god. 六周后 我就能制造出皮肤了 像上帝一样
[03:31.54]Nice. 很好
[03:32.67]What do you say we lock that door and tear one off for old time's sake? 你觉得我们关上门激情一下怎么样?
[03:35.93]This place is exactly the same. 这地方真的还是老样子
[03:37.86]You are exactly the same. 你还是老样子
[03:40.53]Except now I grow skin for babies... 除了现在我要为婴儿造皮肤
[03:42.88]like god.Come on.I'm horny. 像上帝一样 拜托了 我很饥渴
[03:45.24]The nurses have shut me down. 所有的护士都不理我
[03:48.27]Thanks for my skin flap. 谢谢你帮我做皮瓣
[03:50.60]That a euphemism? 那是委婉的客套话吗
[03:51.92]Nope. 不是
[03:54.32]I am so coding. 我要不行了
[03:55.89]Coding hard. 要死了
[03:56.89]What is that? 说什么呢
[03:57.46]Is that complaining? 抱怨吗
[03:58.26]'Cause if you're gonna complain, just do it to my face. 如果你们要抱怨 就直接冲我来
[04:00.11]Fine.There's nothing to do down here. 好吧 这没什么事做
[04:01.87]Can we please go to the pit or sothing? 我们能去观摩室或者干点别的吗
[04:04.28]you're down here to learn patient care bedside manner 你们来这是要学习 病人护理和病床礼仪
[04:07.75]and a whole host of things you cannot learn in the pit, 还有很多东西 是你们在观摩室里学不到的
[04:10.34]so suck it up. 接受现实吧
[04:13.95]dr. Stevens. 我是Stevens医生
[04:14.88]What seems to be your problem today? 你今天怎么不舒服了
[04:16.22]We,um... 我们
[04:17.67]my wife thinks she may be pregnant. 我妻子觉得她可能怀孕了
[04:19.72]Okay,uh,we'll get you a test... 好吧 我们会给你做测试
[04:23.99]Excuse me,won't you? 等我一下好吧
[04:27.02]What is wrong with you people? 你们怎么回事
[04:28.67]And what is that smell? 什么味啊
[04:29.64]Is that... 那是
[04:31.97]is that scotch? 是酒吗
[04:32.99]It's seeping out of leo's pores. 从Leo的毛孔里散发出来的
[04:34.56]You're hungover? 你喝了一夜酒?
[04:35.78]You're all hungover? 你们都喝了一宿?
[04:36.93]Don't blame us.Blame o'malley. 别怪我们 都是O'Malley
[04:38.44]George? George?
[04:39.09]He and lexie grey had a party. 他和Lexie Grey办的聚会
[04:40.40]George had a party? George办聚会?
[04:45.03]Okay,people,you're about to experience medical history, 好了 大家 你们将要体验医学历史
[04:48.09]medical greatness,medical majesty. 医学的伟大 医学的崇高
[04:50.20]You're about to experience the beginning of something extraordinary. 你们将要开始体会到不同寻常的事情
[04:53.89]Take in the moment. 好好感受每一刻
[04:57.59]Okay,dr. Grey,did you warn the interns on what to expect? Grey医生 你让实习们做好心里准备了吗
[05:00.42]I told them to expect greatness. 我告诉他们要做好准备经历伟大的事情
[05:01.86]Yes,in addition to all the greatness, 除了所有的伟大之处
[05:04.13]the patient may be inappropriately emotional, 病人的情绪可能不好
[05:06.17]which means he's aggressive,uh,abusive. 也就是说他言语激进 会触犯到你们
[05:08.52]Don't take it personally,okay? 别往心里去
[05:09.59]Don't engage. 别发生矛盾
[05:10.19]Just realize it's the tumor talking,okay? 就当是肿瘤在作怪 好吧
[05:13.62]mr. Robinson,mrs.Robinson, Robinson先生 Robinson太太
[05:15.42]dr. Grey and I want to say once again how grateful we are 我和Grey医生想再次声明 我们很高兴
[05:17.62]that you've decided to participate in our clinical trial. 你们决定参加我们的临床试验
[05:19.76]I know it's a very hard decision to make. 我知道这个决定很难
[05:21.67]But it is a chance,right? 但也是个机会 对吧
[05:23.22]It's,like,our only chance? 是我们唯一的机会
[05:26.03]well,if the surgery doesn't kill me,the tumor will. 手术失败是死 肿瘤发作也是死
[05:28.72]What have I got to lose,right? 我有什么损失呢
[05:30.78]well,as we discussed,the treatment has never been tested on humans before. 我们讨论过 在人类身上做实验 这是史无前例的
[05:34.49]We're going to inject a live vus into the tumor. 我们将向肿瘤里注射病毒
[05:36.94]And since we can't we take the tumor out, our hope is to reduce thtumor from within. 因为我们无法将肿瘤取出 只能希望把肿瘤在内部减小
[05:40.35]dr. O'malley. O'Malley医生
[05:41.40]Over the past month,mr. Robinson has experienced worsening vision loss 过去一个月 Robinson先生视力严重下降
[05:44.94]and increasingly severe headaches. 头痛症状愈加明显
[05:46.57]That in c... yes? 在...怎么?
[05:50.02]Nice,huh? 漂亮吧
[05:51.52]First thing I noticed about her...hell of an ass. 我注意到她的第一件事就是 她是个骚货
[05:53.60]You like a nice piece of ass,kid? 你喜欢漂亮的骚货
[05:54.77]Admittedly,she could do with a little more on top. 我承认 她可能会做的更好呢
[05:56.60]He's also started picking out new husbands for me. 他开始为我找新的老公了
[05:58.98]Was anyone talking to you?! 谁跟你说话了?
[06:03.85]It's the tumor talking. 是肿瘤在作怪
[06:06.64]Yeah,it's just the tumor talking. 对 只是肿瘤在说话
[06:12.17]So you single or what? 你现在单身吗
[06:16.46]dr. Montgomery. Montgomery医生
[06:18.03]dr. Karev. Karev医生
[06:22.84]- We're hugging? - Yep. - 我们在拥抱? - 对
[06:24.27]I hug now. 我现在喜欢拥抱
[06:25.86]It's what I do,so... 我就是这样
[06:27.36]so you're my guy,huh? 你来帮我是吗
[06:28.73]You think I'd let anyone else in on a case like this? 你觉得我会把这种病例让给别人吗
[06:33.68]Uh,I'll catch up with you in a second. 我一会去找你
[06:35.86]Okay. 好
[06:42.39]you,uh,you don't own a phone? 你没有电话吗
[06:44.94]I needed to see you I-in person. 我要和你单独见面
[06:48.35]I have a really huge case today. 我今天有个大病例
[06:50.12]I wish I could hang out,I really do, 我也希望能陪你 真的
[06:51.56]- but I... - I'm pregnant. - 但我 - 我怀孕了
[06:56.25]didn't mean to blurt it. 我不想这么直接
[06:57.38]I'm sorry I blurted it,but I c... you never have time to talk, 抱歉 我一下子说出来 你从来都没时间谈谈
[07:00.76]so I-I kinda had no choice but to blurt. 所以我也没办法 只能直接告诉你
[07:04.08]Are you keeping it or are you having an abortion? 你还怀着呢 还是已经做了?
[07:09.52]I have a really big case. 我真的有个重要的病人
[07:18.14]Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 13 外科实习生格蕾/医人当自强 第四季 第13集
[07:21.80]Ectopia cordis... 心脏异位
[07:23.20]the baby's heart is growing outside of its body in utero. 孩子心脏长在了身体外面
[07:26.09]Less than 200 cases have ever been reported. 有不到200个这样的案例
[07:28.37]Only a handful have survived. 只有一些人活下来了
[07:30.83]I was on one of these cases ten years ago. 我10年前经手过这样的病例
[07:31.80]The baby squeezed its own heart in utero and died. 婴儿在子宫里把心脏捏碎了 然后死了
[07:34.78]He squeezed his own heart with his tiny,little hands? 他把心脏捏碎了 用他的小手?
[07:37.67]Richard,you said there's a possibility of a diaphragmatic hernia? Richard 你说有可能是膈疝?
[07:40.54]Yeah. 对
[07:45.58]You and I have got a lot of work to do on this little guy. 你和我有很多事情要干啊
[07:48.74]You up for it? 你参加?
[07:49.80]Always. 缺不了我
[07:50.53]What about my work? 我的工作呢
[07:51.66]I grew an amazing flap of the baby's own skin. 我培植了婴儿皮肤的皮瓣
[07:53.93]Pretend all you want, but I know you're impressed. 你们都在装呢 但我知道你们吓一跳吧
[08:00.55]you are going to... 你要
[08:02.68]what's up,dr.o'malley? 怎么样 O'Malley医生
[08:03.97]You. 你
[08:05.03]o'malley's in the house. O'Malley来了
[08:08.27]Hey,you paged me? 你呼我了?
[08:11.32]O'malley,'sup,party dude? O'Malley 聚会狂人啊
[08:15.29]Want to know what I did last night,george? 想知道我昨天晚上干什么了吗 George
[08:16.95]I googled recipes. 我上网查处方
[08:17.97]I spent the night with a search engine. 整晚都跟搜索引擎在一起
[08:19.95]Oh,but that was just... it was so spontaneous.I... 但是 只是自发的而已
[08:24.52]think you'd want to hang out with interns. 我觉得你可能不喜欢跟实习们鬼混
[08:26.89]- Code. - Code. - 要死了 - 不行了
[08:28.77]what is that? 那是什么
[08:29.41]Oh,it's just something we came... well,he came up with. 就是我们 其实是他自己造的
[08:32.62]He coded. 他心脏停了
[08:34.89]- you coded. - You coded. - 你不行了 - 你玩完了
[08:37.01]It was really funny after seven or eight shots. 喝下七八杯酒以后真的很有意思
[08:39.20]you coded. 你不行了
[08:40.73]Um,so we're all set for tonight. 我们今晚定好了吧
[08:42.26]Tonight? 今晚?
[08:43.13]What's tonight? 今晚怎么了
[08:46.06]the interns,we're... we're just having a little darts tournament thing at joe'S. 实习们 我们今晚 在Joe的酒吧有飞镖比赛
[08:50.85]Oh,my god.I love darts. 天 我爱飞镖
[08:52.24]Oh,do you wanna... do you wanna come? 你想 想来吗
[08:53.63]Yeah,absolutely.Yay. 当然 好的
[08:59.45]ya so coded. 这就真完蛋了
[09:03.94]You know,I thought,I don't know, that it would be weird coming back, 不知道怎么回事 我觉得回来很奇怪
[09:07.09]but I gotta say,I find it strangely comforting that everything is the same here. 这里还是老样子 让我觉得既陌生又舒服
[09:14.88]Okay,in L.A.,People say things,but in seattle, 在洛杉矶 人们都有话直说 但在西雅图
[09:18.75]there's this strange culture of wordlessness wherein I am supposed to suss 大家有事都憋在心里
[09:22.70]what one is feeling by the slight raise of an eyebrow or the beginnings of a frown. 别人眉毛一挑或者皱眉的时候 我得挖空心思去琢磨
[09:29.20]There any chance you want to tell me what's going on with you,miranda? 你能不能告诉我你最近怎么样 Miranda
[09:33.39]Just... 只是
[09:34.37]just a lot has changed since you left. 你走了以后 很多事情都变了
[09:37.33]- Just a lot. - Oh,come on. - 很多 - 快点
[09:38.18]Name one thing that has changed in this hospital. 说说这医院里什么变了
[09:41.08]The clinic is actually making money. 门诊开始赚钱
[09:43.38]The chief's wife left him. 头的妻子离开了他
[09:45.33]Derek and meredith broke up and I... Derek和Meredith分手了 我呢
[09:48.64]J... derek and meredith broke up? Derek和Meredith分手了?
[09:52.05]Uh,like I said,a lot of things have changed. 我说了 很多事情都变了
[09:57.49]Nikki jones,25-year-old female, 35 weeks pregnant. Nikki Jones 25岁 女性 怀孕35周
[10:00.48]Six weeks ago,she was diagnosed with ectopia cordis. 6周前 发现婴儿心脏异位
[10:03.52]which,as you know,means that your baby's heart 也就是说 你孩子的心脏
[10:06.00]is currently growing on the outside of his body. 现在长在了身体外面
[10:08.83]Which doesn't get any less bizarre the more times I hear it. 这是我听说过最奇怪的事
[10:11.82]Not bizarre,baby. 不是奇怪 宝贝
[10:13.32]Just unique. 只是独一无二
[10:15.16]Our son is one of a kind... wearing his heart on his sleeve. 我儿子独一无二 在袖口上套了个心脏
[10:19.68]This surgery is going to take place in two O.R.S. 手术将在两个手术室进行
[10:23.24]It'll...it will work like a dance. 像个集体舞会
[10:24.94]dr. Karev and i will begin with the delivery. Karev医生和我负责分娩
[10:26.64]And I'll stay behind to close your incision,nikki. 我负责缝合 Nikki
[10:29.06]While I bring your baby to O.R.Two. 然后我会把孩子送到2号手术室
[10:30.55]Where I'll work on your baby's heart. 我在那做婴儿心脏手术
[10:32.48]And I'll attend to your baby's intestinal problem. 同时我负责婴儿的肠道问题
[10:36.04]What intestinal problem? 什么肠道问题?
[10:37.64]We've detected there might be a slight defect on your baby's diaphragm. 检查显示 婴儿的横隔膜可能有轻微缺陷
[10:41.78]We just want to be prepared for every contingency. 我们要准备所有可能性
[10:45.39]I just wish I could keep him inside me,keep him protected. 我想把他留在肚子里 保护他
[10:49.11]he's protected no matter what, by us,by our love. 无论如何 父爱和母爱都会庇佑他
[10:56.75]Something about that guy makes me just want to punch him out. 听他说话 我就想打他一顿
[10:59.21]And yet you didn't, for which I amrateful,karev. 你没出手 我要感谢你 Karev
[11:04.03]hippies... 嬉皮士...
[11:05.22]annoying,huh? 真讨厌 是吧?
[11:07.61]Go away. 离我远点
[11:12.72]How great is she? 她人好吧?
[11:13.77]She's great. 好极了
[11:14.54]Did I tell you? 我告诉你了吧?
[11:15.27]You told me. 没错
[11:16.20]Did she tell you? 她告诉你了么?
[11:17.21]Tell me what? 告诉我什么?
[11:18.05]Anything,everything. 所有的事
[11:19.39]does she know you're divorced? 她知道你离婚了吗?
[11:22.20]- You're divorced? - Yeah. - 你离婚了? - 是啊
[11:23.40]Which,as it turns out... 结果呢...
[11:25.11]was the best thing that could've happened,really. 好的不能再好了 真的
[11:28.01]no kidding? 开玩笑吧?
[11:29.19]- Are you headed... - yeah. - 你带路... - 嗯
[11:30.09]- All right,I'll walk with you. - Okay. - 好啊 那我跟着你 - 好的
[11:34.84]All right,well,you know... 好的 你知道...
[11:37.96]so it seems like there's been a lot of change,even since the last checkup. 自从上次检查后 好像又恶化了
[11:41.76]His behavior's been getting more erratic? 他的举止更古怪了吧?
[11:43.87]That's a nice way of putting it. 可以这么婉转的说
[11:45.70]Well,you've been incredibly strong,jennifer. 你真的很坚强 Jennifer
[11:47.35]This is... 这种情况...
[11:48.63]you've been incrediblytrong. 你真的很坚强
[11:52.77]you know,if you really want to help, 如果你真想帮忙
[11:54.05]dr. Grey,you could bring some single men by. Grey医生 你就找个单身的男人来
[11:57.57]Phillip... Phillip...
[11:58.90]please stop. 别说了
[12:00.49]Jennifer,we're in a hospital full of eligible doctors, Jennifer 我们在医院 这里都是训练有素的医生
[12:03.48]and you're a waitress with no prospects 而你是个无能的女招待
[12:05.48]who needs to learn how to use her ass to catch a new guy before I bite the dust! 我死之前 你要学会扭扭屁股 勾引男人!
[12:13.09]It's just the tumor talking. 这是脑瘤在说话
[12:16.22]It's just the tumor talking. 只是脑瘤在说话
[12:17.89]It is.It's just the tumor talking. 没错 只是脑瘤在说话
[12:25.88]and he's laughing again,because the idea of me with another man is just hilarious. 他又笑了 因为觉得刚才的念头很可笑
[12:31.70]No,no,it's not. 不 不 不是
[12:32.85]I-I just can't see. 是我看不见
[12:34.43]What?What can't you see? 什么? 看不见什么了?
[12:35.59]I-I...anything. 什么...都看不见了
[12:39.13]I'm blind. 我瞎了
[12:50.72]No response to light. 对光线没有反应
[12:53.11]If I remember correctly,you're a good-looking guy,right? 如果我没记错 你是个帅哥 对吧?
[12:58.51]You know,just 'cause I'm blind doesn't mean you can ignore me,you sick,twisted bastard! 别看我瞎了 你们这些混蛋也不能无视我
[13:02.98]Playing games with people's lives, slicing open people's brains... 玩弄别人的性命 给病人开颅...
[13:08.46]mr. Robinson,I'M... Robinson先生 我...
[13:11.07]I'm sorry,but I believe it's possible the tumor is infiltrating the optic nerve. 很遗憾 脑瘤可能扩散到视神经了
[13:15.79]We should consider moving the surgery, maybe even doing it today. 手术应该提前 也许改在今天
[13:23.39]what about you,dr. Grey? 你怎么看 Grey医生?
[13:25.92]You're a sexy little thing. 你是个性感小医生
[13:27.78]You think,uh,dr. Shepherd here is attractive enough for my wife? 你觉得我妻子会喜欢Shepherd么?
[13:40.73]jennifer... Jennifer...
[13:41.62]this isn't easy,I know. 你也不容易 我知道
[13:43.63]My husband is probably gonna die today. 我的丈夫今天可能会死
[13:46.49]We're moving up the surgery,and he might die, 手术日程提前 他可能会死
[13:49.32]and all he can do is try to fix me up with other men. 他就一心想撮合我跟别人
[13:52.55]And I know,I know it's the tumor talking,but if he dies, 我知道是因为脑瘤 但如果他死了
[13:56.55]my last memory is going to be of him calling me a piece of ass. 那我最后的记忆 就是他在骂我
[14:05.09]I'm not involved and my hopes are not up. 我没陷进来 也没抱希望
[14:10.52]I'm having trouble finding a heartbeat on an ultrasound. 我用超声机检测不到心跳
[14:13.32]That's what happens,dr. Guzman, when you've had scotch for dinner. 谁让你昨晚喝了威士忌 Guzman医生
[14:16.40]It's hard to follow the basics. 喝了酒就很难按部就班的工作
[14:21.61]Oh,rebecc hi. 哦 Rebecca 你好
[14:23.88]Um,I really didn't want an ultrasound. 我不想做超声检测
[14:25.80]I just wanted to get something for the morning sickness. 我只想解决孕妇晨吐
[14:29.42]It's really bad. 很难受
[14:31.16]So y're pregnant? 你怀孕了?
[14:32.27]Yeah. 是啊
[14:33.13]Just like five weeks or so. 怀孕5周多了
[14:34.88]Uh,yeah,an ultrasound can be pretty hard to read this early on, 怀孕这么短时间 很难进行超声检测
[14:37.51]so let's just take a blood sample, 所以做个血检
[14:39.24]and,uh,make sure everything's on track. 保证一切正常
[14:41.17]Okay. 好的
[14:42.48]dr. Stevens... Stevens医生...
[14:43.51]do you know when dr. Karev will be out of surgery? Karev医生几点下手术台?
[14:46.01]I just wanted to say hi. 我想跟他打个招呼
[14:47.46]Um,I,uh,I-I don't know that he's gone in yet. 我...不知道...他去手术了
[14:52.18]You broke up with meredith grey? 你跟Meredith Grey分手了?
[14:55.77]Well,we're doing a clinical trial together if that makes you feel better. 我们还在做临床试验 你满意了吧
[14:58.47]Derek,I hugged her... hugged her... and you're not even together with her anymore? Derek 我拥抱她了 抱她了 你却跟她分手了?
[15:02.04]What the hell happened? 到底怎么了?
[15:05.06]Okay,fine. 好吧 算了
[15:06.08]Tell me about the clinical trial. 给我讲讲临床试验吧
[15:07.80]Well,if it doesn't go well, I'm killing people f sport. 如果不顺利 我就随随便便害死了病人
[15:11.91]When I walk into an O.R.,I'm an expert. 如果是做手术 我就是个专家
[15:13.84]I can stop a bleed,I can remove a clot. 我可以止住出血 取出血块
[15:15.57]I'm the expert. 我绝对内行
[15:16.61]But in a clinical triaL... 但做临床试验...
[15:19.10]I'm experimenting, just groping around in the dark, 就是实验性的 在黑暗中摸索
[15:23.06]hoping to do the right thing. 希望自己不会做错
[15:25.26]She wants greatness from me. 她希望我能创造奇迹
[15:28.01]She's expecting greatness. 她期望奇迹
[15:29.80]Okay,seriously,derek,what are you doing? 说真的 Derek 你在干什么?
[15:34.81]I'm seeing somebody else. 我在跟别人约会
[15:38.05]She's lovely. 她很可爱
[15:40.53]She's really lovely. 真的很可爱
[15:44.71]Hey. 嘿
[15:45.79]- You came. - Yeah. - 你来了 - 是啊
[15:46.78]Y-you have to stop paging me. 你别总呼我
[15:48.11]I can't deal with this right now. 我现在没空管你
[15:49.44]All right? 明白么?
[15:50.01]I have a really big case today 今天有个大手术 我分身乏术
[15:50.89]- and I just can't deal with... - I am just as scared . 我跟你一样恐惧困惑...
[15:52.69]- and confused about this as you are - I'm not scared. 我不恐惧
[15:54.22]I'm just... 只是...
[15:55.90]look,y-you don't want me,okay? 听着 你不需要我 明白么?
[15:58.51]This...this is not a thing you want me for. 你不需要我这样做
[16:00.70]I won't be good at it. 我不精于此道
[16:01.72]I...I'm...I'm not father material. 我不是当爸爸的材料
[16:04.02]I mean... 我是说...
[16:05.20]you have a husband. 你有丈夫
[16:06.17]He doesn't have to know that it's mine,okay? 可以不告诉他 是我的孩子 好么?
[16:07.51]No.No,it's not okay. 不不 一点都不好
[16:09.63]Alex,I'm just asking you to get over yourself for one minute Alex 我只希望你别这么自以为是
[16:14.27]and talk to me so we can figure this thing out... 跟我聊聊 一起解决这个问题...
[16:17.22]together. 我们一起解决
[16:20.06]I have to go. 我得走了
[16:26.97]I'm gonna be making the incision from here to here, 我会从这里切到这里
[16:29.76]- and... - excuse me. - 而且 - 请问
[16:31.11]What you said before about further complications... 之前你说的术后并发症...
[16:33.47]no,we can't think like that. 不 我们不能想那个
[16:35.45]There's nothing else wrong with him. 他没有其他病
[16:37.25]Our intention is to have a healthy baby. 我们想要的是一个健康的宝宝
[16:39.35]He'll be strong and happy anhealthy. 他会壮壮的 而且健康快乐
[16:41.92]Don't you understand what we're trying to tell you? 你难道不懂我们说什么吗?
[16:44.48]I mean,chances are your baby's gonna need a hell of a lot more than just heart surgery. 有可能你们的孩子要承受的 比区区一个心脏手术要多得多
[16:48.14]dr. Karev. Karev医生
[16:49.14]Chances are he won'T. 也可能不会
[16:50.41]You can't cross your fingers or close your eyes and hope this will all go awaY. 你不能闭眼祈祷他自己就好起来了
[16:53.31]dr. Karev. Karev医生
[16:56.08]He's not prepared. 他没准备好为人父
[16:57.22]I was trying to prepare him. 我只是帮他准备
[16:58.74]They're having a baby,and that baby is gonna be all screwed up 他们就要有个孩子了 而只因他们还没准备好为人父母
[17:01.62]because he's coming into a world where his parents are unprepared. 这孩子就会小命不保
[17:04.89]They want to talk about loving each other, 他们以为相爱就可以了
[17:06.49]as if... as if that has anything to do 好像... 好像相爱
[17:08.96]with having the ability to raise a baby... a sick baby. 跟有能力养孩子...还是个病孩子 有什么关系一样
[17:12.52]He's not prepared. 他还懵懵懂懂的
[17:13.28]I was trying to prepare him. 我就让他看清真相
[17:14.70]Karev,right now you're feeling all your feelings right out in the open. 现在你完全把个人感情 带进工作中了
[17:19.71]Do me a favor and stuff them back in. 帮个忙 收敛一下
[17:27.80]Interesting advice. 不错的建议
[17:29.07]Don't start with me. 不要惹我
[17:35.30]she's no longer allowed in my apartment, 她不准再出现在我家里
[17:37.39]so no more tea parties or wine parties or whatever you two have. 因此再没有茶话会 红酒会 或你们俩的其他活动
[17:40.21]What?What are you talking about? 什么? 你说什么?
[17:41.36]She's completely unfair and she refuses to teache. 她毫不讲公平公正 拒绝指导我
[17:44.11]Okay,I got in at mass gen, I got in at johns hopkins. 我本可以去麻省总医院 我本可以去约翰霍普金斯医院
[17:46.60]I could have gone anywhere, and she won't teach me! 没我进不了的医院 而她却不愿教我!
[17:49.12]All right,look,erica... she's a really good listener. 听着 Erica是个很好的听众
[17:51.58]She's...she comes off harsh at first... 刚开始她有些严厉
[17:54.24]But she's got a really good heart. 但她真的是心地善良
[17:56.33]So just tell her how you feel,okay? 去告诉她你的感受 好吗?
[18:01.85]tell her how I feel? 告诉她我的感受?
[18:03.59]Well,I don't speak girl. 我可不会像女孩儿一样 婆婆妈妈的
[18:08.49]Sorry about that. 抱歉
[18:09.67]Did I mention I live with yang now? 我说过我现在和Yang住一起了吗?
[18:14.82]What?Why are you looking at me like that? 怎么了? 干嘛那么看着我?
[18:16.91]Callie... Callie...
[18:18.41]Are you speaking the... 你现在开始
[18:19.94]vagina monologues now? 搞拉字至上了?
[18:23.72]What? 什么?
[18:25.12]I'm all for it,okay? 我完全赞成 好吗?
[18:26.13]I think it's fantastic. 我觉得那样棒极了
[18:27.27]Erica... I mean,she seems great. Erica... 她很棒
[18:28.77]I really do like her,actually. 我真的很喜欢她
[18:30.19]I do,and...but are you? 真的...但你真喜欢她吗?
[18:31.97]you want to know if erica and i are a-a-a couple? 你是想问我和Erica是不是拉拉?
[18:35.97]Because I defended her to yang? 就因为我在yang面前帮她说话了?
[18:38.42]Because you seem like a couple, a really happy couple. 因为你们看起来像一对儿 非常幸福的一对儿
[18:42.92]okay,that'S... 真是...
[18:44.89]that's...that's just... 真是...简直是...
[18:46.50]that's...that's insane is...is...is what it is. 疯了
[18:49.44]I'm...I-I-I like penis. 我喜欢"箫"
[18:51.57]I mean,I'a huge,huge fan of penis. 我绝对 绝对喜欢长"箫"
[18:55.13]Hilarious. 太搞笑了
[18:56.13]You've been living in los angeles way too long. 你一直住在洛杉矶 脱离群众了
[18:58.15]way too long. 太脱离群众了
[19:00.85]Hilari... 太搞了...
[19:03.31]george. George
[19:04.78]George. George
[19:05.82]George. George
[19:07.70]Hey,listen. 听着
[19:10.02]I am just the messenger, 我只是传话的
[19:11.45]but you should know that people are prepared to drop out of the tournament tonight. 但你要知道大伙儿有准备 要退出今晚的比赛了
[19:14.37]Nobody wants to get drunk and play darts with their boss. 没人愿意跟上司喝得烂醉 还玩飞镖
[19:17.80]You want me to take back the invitation? 你要我收回邀请?
[19:19.17]I'm just the messenger. 我只是个传话的
[19:26.29]Y... what's that about? 说什么呢?
[19:27.21]More special plans with your special friends? 和'战友'们有更多特别安排?
[19:30.68]I would like us to talk today. 今天我们大家该谈谈
[19:32.19]I would like us to talk because... 我们该谈谈 因为
[19:35.38]I care and I,uh,want to know things 我在乎你们 而且我想知道一些事
[19:39.10]and I-I-I have 15 minutes to hear about your feelings. 我有15分钟来倾听你们的感受
[19:42.43]So... 来吧
[19:43.44]alex... Alex...
[19:44.52]alex,you look thoughtful. Alex 你好像若有所思啊
[19:46.33]I'm verynterested to hear... I mean,uh,what are your thoughts? 我很感兴趣... 你有什么想法?
[19:52.27]no. 没有
[19:53.11]Uh,izzie,uh,your thoughts,your feelings? Izzie 你有什么想法 或者心里话?
[19:55.67]Honestly? 实话实说?
[19:57.30]I'm a little worried about my friend alex here 我有点担心我的朋友Alex
[19:59.19]because his jane doe girlfriend keeps showing up like something out of "fatal attraction. 他的无名氏女朋友老是出现 就像某种'致命诱惑'
[20:02.85]"Her name is rebecca pope, and she's not my girlfriend. 她叫Rebecca Pope 她也不是我女朋友
[20:05.34]Really?You guys haven'T... 真的? 你们最近...
[20:07.40]had sex... 完全没有...
[20:08.74]at all recently? 做过?
[20:10.94]She's married,okay? 她都结婚了 好吧?
[20:11.81]She has a husband. 是有夫之妇
[20:12.59]Well,does it hurt that y... she's married? 她结婚了 你难过吗?
[20:14.88]I mean,does that hurt your... your heart? 我是说 伤你的心了吗?
[20:16.97]What's the matter with you? 你什么毛病?
[20:18.11]I'm tryingo talk girl. 我试着像女孩一样说话
[20:19.74]Well...ya coded. "你该死了"
[20:22.32]right? 对吧?
[20:26.94]what?It's a new slang. 怎么了? 是新词
[20:27.97]Everybody's saying it. 人人都说呢
[20:29.19]the way you just said that, that was you coding. 应该是"你不行了"
[20:36.07]whatever. 随便
[20:37.31]Unlike meredith with her trials and petri dishes, 我没有Meredith的临床试验
[20:40.16]and cristina,who has to practice talking like a human being... 不像Cristina 要练习像正常人一样说话...
[20:43.06]I actually care abt patient care. 我只在乎病患护理
[20:46.44]I need the sparkle pager. 我要用炫呼机
[20:47.36]She's not giving you the sparkle pager. 她不会给你的
[20:48.75]Well,you know what?I can't talk girl. 算了 我学不来
[20:50.72]And I shouldn't have to talk girl 'cause I diagnosed the patient. 而且我不该学女孩子说话 因为我治病救人
[20:53.59]I need the pager. 我要这个
[20:54.53]you can't have the sparkle pager. 你不能
[20:55.92]No,give it to me. 不行 快给我
[20:56.82]Give it to me. 给我
[20:59.85]anyone,uh,anyone ever think you two were a-a couple? 有没有人觉得你们俩是一对儿?
[21:03.55]No,because we screw boys like whores on tequila. 没有 因为我们看男人就像干柴看烈火
[21:05.92]And then we either try to marry them or drown ourselves. 之后我们不是要把自己嫁掉 就是把自己淹死
[21:11.31]well,um,make hahn let me scrub in, or i'm making you move out. 你要么说服Hahn让我进手术室 要么就搬出去
[21:15.78]- What?You... - desperate times. - 什么? 你... - 兔子急了咬人
[21:19.91]I'm sorry that took so long. 抱歉久等了
[21:22.40]Congratulations. 祝贺你们
[21:23.24]You're pregnant. 你怀孕了
[21:25.68]You're sure? 你确定?
[21:26.78]It's a big day for pregnant ladies. 对怀孕的女人来说 这是个大日子
[21:27.92]Pregnant ladies everywhere I turn. 我到哪儿 哪儿就有孕妇
[21:29.31]It's weird. 太奇怪了
[21:29.87]So I'm only supposed to give you a couple of these, 我只需要给你一些这个
[21:31.59]but this is,like,a month's supply of prenatal vitamins... 但这些产前维他命只够一个月的量
[21:33.63]- samples,they're free. - No,I... - 试用装 免费 - 不 我...
[21:35.93]we need to schedule an abortion. 我们要安排堕胎
[21:41.47]O-okay. 好的
[21:42.68]uh,I'm sorry.I... 很遗憾...
[21:45.47]I'm sorry.I'm so sorry. 对不起 我真的很抱歉
[21:49.56]I-I don't mean to intrude,but... 我不想插手你们的家务事 但是...
[21:53.06]you might want to sit with this for a few days before you make your decision. 也许你需要几天好好想想再做决定
[21:56.53]There's no decision to make. 没什么好决定的
[22:00.18]I'm H.I.V. 我有艾滋病
[22:01.04]Positive,and the condom broke. 当时避孕套破了
[22:05.08]Oh,I-I got tested already, and,um,I will again s... 我已经做了检查
[22:08.83]in,um,six months,but,uh,so far I'm fine. 半年后还要检查一次 但目前我没事
[22:12.82]So... 求你了 我只是...
[22:13.74]please I just...I-I...
[22:15.55]I want to get this over with. 想快点结束
[22:17.57]Is there any chance that we can take care of it today? 有没有可能 我们今天就能把孩子拿掉?
[22:22.30]Yeah. 可以
[22:23.00]Let me,uh... 让我...
[22:24.02]let me see what I can set up. 让我安排安排
[22:36.00]- Here. - All righT. - 好了 - 好
[22:37.46]- Torres. - Hey. - Torres - 嗨
[22:39.18]Uh,do me a... do me a...do me a favor and,uh,put yang on your surgery. 帮我...帮我个忙 让Yang跟你进手术室
[22:43.46]Only if you buy drinks at joe's tonight. 除非今晚喝酒你请客
[22:46.44]Done. 说定了
[23:02.81]dr. Montgomery,will you do me a favor? Montgomery医生 能帮我个忙吗?
[23:05.21]Can you talk to my patient? 能跟我的病人谈谈吗?
[23:06.31]I don't work here anymore,stevens. 我都不在这儿工作了 Stevens
[23:07.91]She's pregnant and H.I.V. 她怀孕了 但是有艾滋病
[23:09.21]Positive,and she thinks she has to terminate the pregnancy. 她决定要终止妊娠
[23:11.37]She doesn'T. 她没必要这样
[23:12.11]I know,but she doesn't, and it's not my area of expertise. 我知道 但她不知道啊 而且妇科我不擅长
[23:14.86]I don't work here anymore,stevens. 我不在这儿工作了 Stevens
[23:17.52]If I worked here,I would be performing surgery after surgery after surgery. 要是我在这儿工作 手术永远没完没了
[23:20.90]I might even be back with,uh,my husband,who is apparently on the market, 我还极有可能跟我的前夫破镜重圆 很显然他单身了
[23:24.39]and I'm not saying that I want to get back with my husband. 我不是说想跟我前夫复合
[23:28.22]It's just that things were simpler with him than the messy, 只是对他来说 比起现在的混乱 过去那种生活要简单得多
[23:30.50]messy single life I am currently living, which was not my point,by the way. 好比我现在过的混乱的单身生活 当然这不是我想说的
[23:35.52]My point was... 我想说的是...
[23:37.27]that I no longer work here, 我不在这儿工作了
[23:38.55]which means you need to pull your face out of the potato chip trough 这意味着你不能躲在薯片后面
[23:42.17]and go tend to your patients yourself. 独自面对你的病人
[23:44.19]- I know,but... - you're a fighter,stevens. - 我明白 但是... - 你是位战士 Stevens
[23:46.08]What happened? 你这是怎么了?
[23:47.42]I lost a lot of fights. 我输了很多仗
[23:48.57]Well,time to get backP. 那么正该重振旗鼓了
[23:51.54]Go. 去吧
[23:53.82]Be the change you want to see in the world. 欲变世界 先变其身
[23:59.50]Did you just quote gandhi to me? 这话是甘地说的吗?
[24:01.94]It's,uh,time to take her to the O.R. I'm not an idiot. - 该送她去手术室了 - 我不是傻子
[24:07.81]We heard you. 我们听见你说的了
[24:09.96]It could be bad, 手术可能失败
[24:11.79]and there's always a whole lot of bad to focus on if you want to. 事事总有消极的一面
[24:16.98]But there's hope,too,right? 但也仍然有希望 不是吗?
[24:19.89]There's always hope,too. 希望总是有的
[24:26.79]Jennifer? Jennifer?
[24:27.92]No,it's dr. Shepherd. 不 我是Shepherd医生
[24:30.30]I hate this... 我讨厌这样
[24:32.41]not being able to see. 看不见东西
[24:34.33]I just want to see jennifer. 我只想见到Jennifer
[24:36.60]Phillip,this is an extremely risky operation. Phillip这手术有极大的危险性
[24:40.40]You still may have a few weeks to live. 你也许仍可以活几周
[24:41.70]You could spend that time with jennifer. 就能跟Jennifer多待几周
[24:45.43]You don't have to do this surgery today. 你不是非得今天做手术
[24:50.48]I'm trying to fix jennifer up. 我想安顿好Jennifer
[24:53.03]I don't want to leave her alone. 我不想留下她一个人孤零零的
[24:55.63]It's the one thing about all this I really can't stand. 这是我唯一放不下的事
[24:59.92]I just want her to be all right when I'm gone. 我只想在我死后她能好好活下去
[25:03.96]You need to tell her that. 你该告诉她
[25:05.80]Before you go into surgery, 在手术之前告诉她
[25:08.38]you need to remember this conversation, 你要记住我们说的话
[25:11.05]and you need to tell her that. 要告诉她
[25:19.93]I only have five minutes because we moved a surgery up. 我只有5分钟 因为一个手术提前了
[25:22.50]But I did want tcome here and say that obviously,he doesn't know me at all. 但我想来说的是 很显然 他一点都不了解我
[25:26.66]I'm not the one who's emotionally involved. 我没把私人感情带到工作中
[25:28.74]He's the one who's emotionally involved. 他才是
[25:30.81]He""?" 他?
[25:31.85]Derek...told me not to get my hopes up. Derek...他告诉我不要有期望
[25:34.73]Anybody who knows me knows I'm not a hopeful person to begin with. 认识我的人都知道 刚开始 我不是个对感情充满希望的人
[25:38.68]Right. 好的
[25:39.35]I came up with this clinical trial. 我想出的这个临床试验
[25:40.95]It's my baby. 这是我的成果
[25:42.01]Does he honestly think that I've just walked into 他真以为我没想过
[25:44.28]this thi with no understanding of how hard it will be? 其困难程度就接手这手术了?
[25:46.83]Seriously. 开玩笑
[25:47.75]No wonder we didn't work out. 难怪我们合不来
[25:49.33]Because he told you not to get your hopes up. 因为他告诉你不要抱有希望
[25:51.70]Exactly. 没错
[25:52.78]I gotta go. 我得走了
[25:53.49]Surgery's about to start. 手术就要开始了
[25:54.84]The surgery with no hope? 没有希望的手术?
[25:57.14]Shut up. 闭嘴
[26:01.02]so who's the new mystery woman that derek's dating? Derek新的神秘约会对象是谁?
[26:05.12]Who's the unlucky mcrebound? 谁是可怜的梦幻二手货?
[26:11.08]what? 怎么?
[26:11.92]Oh,is the... the whole "mc" thing over now? 梦幻称呼不流行了?
[26:14.06]I mean,surely things haven't changed that much around here. 事情好象没起那么大变化
[26:16.38]Addison,the woman standing immediately to your right, Addison 你右手边的那个
[26:19.70]the one handing you the surgical instruments... 给你手术器材的就是
[26:27.81]Six dates,heavy petting, lots of tongue...good guy. 约会六次 激情爱抚 数不清的舌吻 他是个不错的家伙
[26:30.72]Scalpel? 手术刀
[26:36.85]we can have the baby? 我们能留下这孩子
[26:38.48]You're saying we can have the baby... a healthy baby. 你是说我们能要 一个健康的宝宝
[26:41.39]With the proper prenatal treatment, 经过适当的产前治疗
[26:43.33]the risks to your baby are substantially reduced. 婴儿面临的危险已经基本解除
[26:46.16]I haven't found you an O.B. 我还没有咨询过妇产医生
[26:47.65]Yet,and I think the process might prove really difficult... 但是治疗过程肯定很危险
[26:49.45]it doesn't matter. 没关系
[26:50.28]We'll figure it out. 我们会想办法
[26:50.90]We can figure anything out. 解决所有问题
[26:52.19]Uh,I can't believe this. 我简直不敢相信
[26:54.66]- Thank you. - No. - 谢谢你 - 不
[26:56.34]No. 不
[26:57.29]Do not thank her. 不要感谢她
[26:59.45]I asked you to do one thing. 我只求你做一件事
[27:01.34]I-I asked you to schedule an abortion. 我求你安排我堕胎
[27:03.88]- Sarah... - no. - Sarah... - 不
[27:05.20]She just walks in here and gets your hopes up,and that's not okay. 她只是走进来给你希望 这样是没有用的
[27:09.27]I was diagnosed at 19,and I have learned how to deal with it. 我19岁就被确诊了 我知道应该怎么处置
[27:13.14]But I will not put that onto a baby. 但我不会这么对我的孩子
[27:15.98]I cannot bring a baby into this world who could possibly have this disease. 我不能让孩子冒着染病 的风险来到这世上
[27:21.03]I won'T.Now... 我不会这么干的
[27:22.97]could you please just schedule the abortion? 你能不能安排堕胎手术
[27:26.78]And do me a favor. 再帮个忙
[27:28.18]Don't come back. 不要再出现了
[27:29.41]I'd like a different doctor. 我想换个医生
[27:51.77]whats up? 怎么了
[27:53.78]remember what we talked about? 还记得我们聊过什么?
[27:57.18]jennifer. Jennifer
[27:58.75]Jenn? Jenn?
[28:00.56]Jennifer! Jennifer!
[28:06.95]I-I don't want to leave you alone. 我不想你孤单一人
[28:09.01]I-I want you to meet someone. 我想你再恋爱
[28:11.10]I want you to promise me you'll try. 我要你向我保证你会的
[28:14.54]'Cause...I can't...I can't do this thinking I'm leaving you alone. 因为我无法忍受 留下你孤单一人的情景
[28:19.16]Okay? 好吗
[28:23.37]Okay. 好的
[28:25.66]Okay. 好的
[28:27.71]Maybe I'll make it. 也许我能挺过这一关
[28:30.17]I-I hope I'll make it. 希望我能
[28:59.37]just a little bit further. 再深入一点
[29:01.24]Good.Keep him flat. 很好 让他保持平躺
[29:13.02]The placenta looks good. 胎盘看起来没问题
[29:14.46]- You okay to close,dr. Bailey? - Yes. - Bailey准备好缝合了吗 - 好了
[29:17.85]Membrane's intact. 宫膜完好
[29:20.01]Oh,no. 不好
[29:21.06]She's hemorrhaging. 产妇大出血
[29:23.06]Oh,no. 不好
[29:23.64]This blood is coming a little bit too fast. 她失血的速度太快
[29:25.60]hey,I need another set of hands over here. 快来个人帮忙
[29:28.86]******* 产妇子宫没有收缩 糟了
[29:46.10]Where's montgomery? Montgomery呢
[29:47.33]The mom is in distress. 母亲有危险
[29:48.50]They're still trying to close. 正试图缝合
[29:49.52]Okay,get the baby to hahn. 把婴儿送到Hahn那
[29:50.47]Addie knows what she's doing. Addie知道她在哪儿
[29:54.90]I think I've been hiding in the clinic. 我一直在门诊躲避
[29:56.64]Yeah?Okay. 是吗 好吧
[29:57.56]- Listen,izzie... - I lost the contest. - 听着 Izzie - 我没能说服他们
[29:59.69]I couldn't hack cardio. 我干不来心外科
[30:00.72]I performed C.P.R.On a deer. 我给一只鹿做心肺复苏
[30:02.60]Izzie... Izzie
[30:03.26]I think I've been hiding. 我一再逃避
[30:04.45]I... you can't come play darts with us tonight. 今晚你不能来玩飞镖了
[30:05.98]What? 什么
[30:06.61]I-I shouldn't have to say this. 我没必要解释
[30:07.68]You should get this. 你该明白
[30:08.53]Get what? 明白什么
[30:09.35]You're...you're not an intern anymore. 你不再是实习医生了
[30:11.62]And,you know,I'm not a resident. 而且我也不是住院医生
[30:13.35]And that sucks,but I'm trying to make the best of it. 我知道很糟但我正在努力
[30:16.55]I'm trying to,you know,I'm trying to stop complaining and embrace what I have. 我正在努力不再抱怨 接受现实
[30:20.36]And what I have is new friends who don't want to get drunk 现实是我的新朋友不想醉醺醺
[30:23.37]and play darts with their boss. 和老板玩飞镖
[30:24.97]I'm their boss. 我不是他们的老板
[30:25.83]Yes.Yeah. 是啊
[30:27.18]You're their boss. 你是老板
[30:28.81]You're in charge,and you should get that. 你发号施令 你应该明白
[30:32.53]I gotta do something. 我还有事
[30:37.94]Get in here. 进来
[30:40.64]I thought I made myself clear. 我想我已经说明白了
[30:42.27]You did.Iidn'T. 的确 不过 我没说明白
[30:43.93]Get in here. 进来
[30:47.84]Listen and learn. 认真听 好好学
[30:48.81]I knew it. 我知道
[30:49.68]You disapprove. 你不赞成
[30:50.96]You're here to push some kind of agenda,right? 你又来兜售你的建议了 是吧
[30:53.28]No.No. 不
[30:55.90]Listen... 听着
[30:56.99]if you want to have an abortion because you want to have an abortion, 如果你想堕胎而去堕胎
[30:59.03]then that's between you and whatever god you believe in. 那么不干我鸟事
[31:01.90]But if you want to have an abortion because you think 但是如果你堕胎是因为
[31:03.57]that's what medicine is telling you to do, 你觉得药物无法治愈
[31:05.61]then that's between you and me. 那我就得说两句了
[31:07.50]I was ineffectual. 我没说动你
[31:09.84]I was unclear. 我没说明白
[31:10.74]I've been on my heels a little bit lately, 最近我有点忙
[31:13.29]and I was unclear,so just listen,okay? 思路有点不清晰 好好听着
[31:16.75]I wasn't telling you there is some chance your baby might not be born sick. 我不是说婴儿生出来 可能有缺陷
[31:20.23]I was telling you there is a 98% chance your baby 我是说婴儿有98%的可能
[31:24.36]could be born perfectly healthy... 是完全健康的
[31:26.13]a 98% chance. 98%的可能
[31:27.90]There's a higher chance of your baby being born with down syndrome 婴儿出生得汤氏综合症的可能性
[31:30.57]than there is of you passing H.I.V. On to your child. 比你的孩子携带艾滋病毒 的机会还大
[31:33.51]I don'T... 我不
[31:34.76]I just... I-I can't... 我只是 我不能
[31:36.57]I know you gave up on having children a long time ago, 我知道你很久前 就放弃要孩子了
[31:39.40]and I understand that it's difficult to readjust your thinking so quickly, 我明白让你马上转变观念 是很困难的
[31:43.20]but,sarah,if you take your meds responsibly, sarah 如果你正常用药
[31:46.62]there's no reason why you can't have a beautiful,healthy baby. 那么你没有理由 拒绝一个美丽健康的婴儿
[31:51.17]This is your chance... 这是你的机会
[31:52.74]if you want it. 希望你抓住它
[31:54.38]This is your chance to be a mom. 这是你做母亲的机会
[31:59.74]A 98% chance? 98%的可能?
[32:01.91]A 98% chance. 98%的可能
[32:15.31]Thank you. 谢谢你
[32:22.04]We are on the clock here,dr. Karev. 我们赶时间的 Karev医生
[32:24.53]We need montgomery now. 我们现在就需要Montgomery
[32:25.53]And she's coming. 她正赶来
[32:26.23]She'll be here. 马上就来
[32:27.01]Heart rate's down to the 60s.He's bradychardic. 心律降到60 他的心肺正衰竭
[32:29.35]Damn it.We could lose him. 妈的 我们不能失去它
[32:30.46]Tell me what to do. 告诉我怎么办
[32:34.16]massage the heart. 按摩心脏
[32:39.40]gently. 温柔点
[32:47.25]I can feel it getting stronger. 我觉得心跳变强了
[32:50.87]Heart rate's back up to the 140s. 心律恢复到140
[32:52.54]I pushed 60cc of bolused N.S.**** 团注生理盐水60cc
[32:54.61]Good job,karev. 做得好
[32:59.90]You can step back now. 你可以退下了
[33:07.69]And now... 现在
[33:09.45]all right,the moment of truth. 是时候实话实说了
[33:13.47]Injecting the virus into the tumor. 给肿瘤注射病毒
[33:17.61]All right,we're doing this one stage repair to prevent infection. 完成一期修复防止感染
[33:20.75]Ready for the skin graft. 准备植皮
[33:27.42]complete heart block. 心脏传导阻滞
[33:28.94]The injection went into the intra-arterial. 注射物进入动脉
[33:30.74]Okay,push one of atropine. 注射一单位阿托品
[33:34.86]Not responding. 没反应
[33:35.77]Push another one. 再注射一单位
[33:36.56]Oh,come on. 加油
[33:38.88]need another set of hands over here. 需要帮忙
[33:42.70]okay,there we go. 好了 动手
[33:44.06]Okay,it's controlled right? 控制住了 是吧
[33:45.85]Yeah,it's controlled. 控制住了
[33:46.92]I got it.I got it.Go. 我来处理了 你走吧
[33:52.06]look at that... 看看
[33:53.87]beating inside his chest for the very first time. 胸腔内的处女搏动
[33:57.21]And god admired his amazing skin flap... 上帝也会惊羡他的皮瓣
[34:00.66]and he saw that it was good. 他看到的绝对完美
[34:03.20]How is he? 他怎么样
[34:04.02]I was able to reduce the heart almost all the way into the pericardial space. 心脏基本已经缩小到心包内
[34:08.72]no intestines in there, no diaphragmatic hernia? 没有心漏 没有膈疝
[34:11.26]no anything. 什么都没有
[34:12.39]His heart's in.It's beating. 心脏归位 开始搏动
[34:26.19]patient number one... treatment failed. 一号病人 手术失败
[34:28.17]Call it,dr. Grey. 宣布死亡吧 Grey医生
[34:30.10]Time of death...1933. 死亡时间19:33
[34:42.18]The parents were right. 父母是对的
[34:43.18]The baby... no further complications. 婴儿没有出现术后综合征
[34:45.65]Good,good,and mom's okay,too. 很好 母亲也安然无恙 今天不错
[34:51.97]You seem sad... 你看起来很忧伤
[34:54.07]miranda. Miranda
[35:03.82]we're not gonna do this. 我们不能这样
[35:06.09]I can't share. 我不能分享
[35:07.87]I can't catch up with you. 我不能告诉你近况
[35:09.54]I can't talk. 我没法交谈
[35:11.28]'Cause if I did,if I told you tucker moved out, 因为如果我告诉你Tucker搬出去了
[35:17.43]if I told you I haven't slept alone in 12 years, 如果我告诉你 12年来没有独眠
[35:23.64]if I told you that my heart hurt so much sometimes, 如果我告诉你 我心伤之深
[35:29.00]I want to rip it from my chest with my own little hands... 都想亲手挖它出来
[35:34.52]I would fall apart. 我会彻底垮掉
[35:36.56]And I don't have time to fall apart. 但我没有时间垮掉
[35:39.41]And not that I'm not happy to see you...I am... 并不是我不想见到你 不 真不想
[35:41.72]but I wish that you would go home 但我希望你能回家去
[35:45.47]so thehoice to talk and fall apart would go away. 不要给我倾诉和垮掉的机会
[36:16.93]i got my hopes up. 我重新振作了
[36:19.26]Yeah,me,too. 我也是
[36:21.53]- dr. Shepherd. - Yes. - Shepherd医生 - 嗯
[36:26.41]It was a pleasure working with you today. 很高兴今天与你共事
[36:34.69]dr. Grey. Grey医生
[36:45.84]I do miss some of this. 我很怀念这里
[36:47.64]I could put the paperwork through tonight. 我今晚就可以把文件准备好
[36:50.00]You could start work tomorrow. 你明天就可以开工
[36:57.58]I...needed to come back... 我需要回来看看
[37:02.27]to see that it was right to leave. 证明离开是正确的选择
[37:04.90]You need to fill my position. 你得填补我的空缺
[37:10.11]I was gandhi,dr. Montgomery. 我就是圣雄甘地 Montgomery医生
[37:11.81]I was so freakin' gandhi, I kicked gandhi's ass. 我简直就是圣雄甘地 我比甘地还强
[37:17.87]it's an L.A.Thing. 是洛杉矶习惯
[37:29.20]Aren't you gonna be late for your party? 聚会不是要迟到了吗
[37:31.97]I'm gonna blow 'em off. 我放了他们鸽子
[37:33.98]I'd rather hang out with you anyway. 我更想和你在一起
[37:37.14]George,I get it. George 我理解
[37:38.69]I don't have to like it,but I get it. 我不需要喜欢 但我理解
[37:40.35]So go. 走吧
[37:42.10]Go "code" or whatever. 去"抢救"吧
[37:45.09]you know,whenever anyone,uh, says something really funny, 要是有人说话风趣幽默
[37:48.78]and I'm laughing,I always look around to see if, 让我发笑 我总是第一时间
[37:51.53]uh,you think it's funny,too. 观察你的反应
[37:52.97]Even...even when you're not there, I still look around. 即使你不在 我也寻找你的身影
[38:00.10]Go. 走
[38:39.23]I bet you wish you'd taken the stairs right about now. 我想 你肯定很想走楼梯
[38:45.29]giving birth may be all intense and magical and stuff, 生产可能是很不可思议的过程
[38:48.27]but the act itself? 但过程本身
[38:49.74]It's not exactly pleasant. 却并不使人愉悦
[38:52.85]but it's also a beginning... 但的确是美妙人生的开始
[38:54.64]of something incredible..
[38:56.38]I am.I am very,very funny. 我很风趣幽默
[38:58.44]You wouldn't believe what she... you wouldn't believe what she... 你不会相信...
[39:00.10]wait,wait,wait. 等等
[39:00.87]Hang on,hang on... 等等
[39:01.62]that was some really funny... 她多么幽默
[39:03.38]You've got a hair 你的润唇膏
[39:05.16]that's caught... 有条...头发
[39:07.27]caught in your lip gloss.
[39:08.94]Something new... 全新的体验
[39:10.90]sorry. 抱歉
[39:11.57]You were saying? 你说什么
[39:12.43]No,really,I'm just very funny. 不 我只是很搞笑
[39:13.94]Funny,hmm? 搞笑?
[39:14.61]Yes,it turns out I am. 我是的
[39:15.99]- Apparently. - Yep. - 很明显 - 对
[39:17.27]Any of you ladies want to dance? 有人想跳舞吗?
[39:19.73]For the thousandth time,the answer is no,mark. 说了几百次了 不
[39:23.19]- Beat it,sloan. - I'll dance with you. - 没门 Sloan - 我陪你跳
[39:24.84]Something unpredictable... 意料之外
[39:29.80]dr. Montgomery. Montgomery医生
[39:30.62]dr. Hahn. Hahn医生
[39:31.58]Yang. Yang
[39:34.73]Yang? Yang?
[39:35.94]Okay,is it... is it 'cause I'm asian? 因为我是亚裔?
[39:37.93]Is that your problem? 你不喜欢亚裔?
[39:39.06]You don't like asian people? 这是你的偏见?
[39:40.37]Excuse me? 什么?
[39:41.31]Why won't you teach me? 你为什么不教我?
[39:45.20]You're not without skill, you're not without talent... 你并不缺技巧 也天才横溢
[39:49.14]so stop seeking my approval. 你不需要我的承认
[39:52.08]I am not gonna tell you what a good little girl you are. 我也不打算说一些溢美之词
[39:54.91]It's not my job,and frankly, it doesn't make you any better at yours. 我无需如此 这也不会让你更好
[40:05.45]Jeez. 天
[40:07.42]Little hard on her,don't you think? 话好像太重了
[40:10.69]I think she reminds me of me. 她确实很像我
[40:13.22]Something true... 真实的感受
[40:19.34]she's pretty,huh? 她很可爱吧
[40:21.68]She's betiful. 很漂亮
[40:24.26]Something worth loving... 值得被爱
[40:33.14]wanna get outta here? 要出去吗
[40:35.00]Like you wouldn't believe. 想得要命
[40:46.66]Something worth missing... 值得让人怀念
[40:50.58]dr. Stevens,labs for rebecca pope. Stevens医生 Rebecca Pope的结果
[40:53.33]Thanks very much. 谢谢
[40:56.59]No,this... 这...
[40:58.10]this can't be right. 不对
[40:58.71]Are you sure this is right? 你肯定没搞错?
[41:00.24]hey,you leaving already? 你要走了吗
[41:02.18]I have a plane to catch. 我要赶飞机
[41:09.34]I walk on the beach now,I buy aromatherapy candles,I'm very zen... 我在海滩散步 我买了很多香薰蜡烛 我很平和
[41:14.11]but I...want to kick your ass so badly right now,it is killing me. 但我对你很生气 这让我很难熬
[41:19.53]Excuse me? 什么?
[41:20.55]I'm talking about derek... 我在说Derek
[41:22.33]derek christopher shepherd. Derek Christopher Shepherd
[41:26.30]Are you letting him get away? 你打算放手了吗
[41:28.99]Because I swear to god,meredith, 我想说 Meredith
[41:30.73]if you let him ride off into the sunset with that doe-eyed little thing... 如果你让他带着可怜的眼神 凄凉的走在日落下...
[41:43.92]of course I'm sure. 我肯定
[41:45.16]So my patient is not pregnant? 我的病人没怀孕?
[41:46.82]Apparently not. 没有
[41:59.86]Something that will change your life... 有些事会改变人生
[42:07.73]forever. 永远
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