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Westminster Abbey to Open More Space to Visitors

Westminster Abbey is one of the most famous tourist sites in Britain’s capital, London. Now, officials have decided to open another area of the building to help teach its history.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries are about 16 meters above the floor of the church, which is used for coronations, marriage ceremonies and funerals of Britain’s royal family. The abbey also holds the remains of many famous Britons.

More than 300 objects will be put on display in the newly opened area. They will be grouped by four guiding ideas - “Building Westminster Abbey,” “Worship and Daily Life,” “Westminster Abbey and the Monarchy” and “The Abbey and National Memory.”

Westminster Abbey official Vanessa Simeoni told the Reuters news agency, “It’s the first time that we’ve ever, in the history of the abbey, had the public up here.”

She added that many of the objects have never been displayed to the public before. Among them will be Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage document.

Visitors will be able to look down into the abbey from the Galleries. They can also look outside at the nearby Houses of Parliament.

The opening of the new area is next Monday, June 11.

I’m Caty Weaver.


Words in This Story

tourist – n. a person who travels to a place for pleasure​

church – n. a building that is used for Christian religious services​

coronation – n. a ceremony in which a crown is placed on the head of a new king or queen​

royal - adj. of or relating to a king or queen​

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