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工商管理英语Chapter 6 市场调查





[00:00.00]detail n. vt.

[00:00.73]细节 详述

[00:01.46]avenue n.


[00:02.82]personal a.


[00:04.36]independent a.


[00:05.83]somewhere adv.


[00:07.21]abroad adv.


[00:08.80]actually adv.


[00:10.00]A:Right,I'd just like to check some details first.


[00:13.48]It's Mr.And Mrs.J.Reynolds,isn't it?




[00:17.42]A:The address is 21 Pine Avenue?




[00:21.29]A:Your telephone number is 56822,is that right?


[00:25.47]B:No,it's 56882.


[00:28.89]A:Thanks.Now I hope you don't mind if I ask you some personal questions?


[00:33.12]B:No,go ahead.


[00:34.69]A:First,do you own this house?


[00:37.12]B:Yes,we do.


[00:38.79]A:How many people live in it?


[00:40.49]B:Well there's myself,my husband and two sons.


[00:44.62]A:So four of you.


[00:46.65]Where does your husband work?


[00:48.48]B:He works at Courtaulds.


[00:50.31]A:And do you work?


[00:51.85]B:No,I'm at home.


[00:53.47]A:Right,your sons are at school then?


[00:55.98]B:Yes,that's right.


[00:58.12]A:Do they go to the local school?


[01:00.63]B:No,they both go into town to the Independent Boys School.


[01:04.39]A:Now,both you and your husband have a car?


[01:07.34]B:Yes,we do.


[01:08.81]A:Roughly how many miles do you do a year?


[01:12.46]B:Well,about 5,000.


[01:14.45]A:Your husband's car is a company car,is that right?




[01:18.73]A:How many holidays a year do you take?


[01:21.16]B:Normally two.


[01:22.73]A:In this country or abroad?


[01:24.95]B:Usually a summer holiday abroad and a week somewhere in England in autumn.


[01:31.27]A:Somewhere by the sea?


[01:33.05]B:No,we normally go to Scotland walking.


[01:36.31]A:Right,just a couple more questions;then I'm finished.


[01:39.45]Do you mind telling me how much you normally spend on your summer holiday?


[01:44.39]B:Well I suppose about 1,000.


[01:48.30]A:And this year you plan to go abroad?


[01:51.05]B:Yes,Greece actually.


[01:53.53]A:Well,thank you very much,Mrs.Reynolds.


[01:57.58]You've been very helpful.


[01:59.25]B:You're welcome.


[02:00.61]marketing research


[02:02.36]exploratory research


[02:05.02]descriptive research


[02:06.88]causal research


[02:08.55]primary data


[02:10.30]secondary data


[02:12.13]observation methods






[02:16.72]A marketing manager often commits marketing research,to formal studies of specific problems and opportunities.


[02:25.42]Information is a critical ingredient in formulating and implementing a successful marketing strategy.


[02:35.35]Marketing research is the systematic design,collection,analysis,and reporting of date and findings relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company.


[02:51.68]Companies normally budgets marketing research at 1% to 2% of company sales.


[02:57.87]50% to 80% of this money is spent directly by the marketing research department.


[03:04.61]The remainder is spent buying the service of outside marketing research firms.


[03:10.54]There are two ways to conduct marketing research;one is to design and implement a study with in_house staff,the other is to use an outside firm specializing in marketing research.


[03:26.03]Marketing research firms fall into three categories:


[03:30.26]syndicated_service research firms,customer marketing research firms,special_line marketing research firms.


[03:39.61]Designing a research plan calls for decision on the data sources,research approaches,research instrument,sampling plan,and contact method.


[03:53.56]Researchers usually start their investigation by examining secondary data to see whether their problem can be partly or wholly solved without collecting costly primary data.


[04:06.86]Primary data can be collected in four ways;observation,focus groups,surveys and experiment.


[04:16.05]While observation and focus groups are best suited for exploratory research,surveys are best suited for descriptive research and experiment for causal research.


[04:28.38]The advantage of observation methods is that there is no reporting bias and potential bias caused by the interviewer,and the interviewing process is eliminated or reduced.


[04:41.10]Experimental research is the most scientific,valid research.


[04:45.68]Marketing researchers have a choice of two main research instruments in collecting primary data:


[04:52.34]questionnaire and mechanical devices.


[04:54.95]Survey research involves interviewing a target group,for example,potential customers to obtain the desired information.


[05:03.67]Normally a questionnaire is essential to ensure a successful survey.


[05:09.84]In preparing a questionnaire,the professional marketing researcher carefully chooses the questions and their form,wording,and sequence.


[05:21.54]A good questionnaire has three main characteristics:it is simple;it is easy for the respondent to answer and for the interviewer to record;it keeps the interview to the point and obtains desired information.


[05:39.02]Close_ended questions pre_specify all the possible answers,and respondents make a choice among them.


[05:47.51]Open_ended questions allow respondents to answer in their own words.


[05:51.87]Sampling is the selection of a subset or group from a population that is representative of the entire population.


[06:00.02]Large samples give more reliable results than small samples.


[06:04.88]However,samples less than 1% of a population can often provide good reliability,give a credible sampling procedure.


[06:14.75]Mail questionnaires require simple and clearly worded questions,and the response rate is usually low and/or slow.


[06:23.56]Telephone interviewing is the best method of gathering information quickly,but the drawback is that the interviews have to be short and not too personal.


[06:36.46]Telephone interviewing is the best method of gathering information quickly,but the drawback is that the interviews have to be short and not too personal.


[06:46.94]telephone interview


[06:48.74]Personal interviewing is the most expensive method and requires more administrative planning and supervision.


[06:56.39]It is also subject to interviewer bias or distortion.


[07:00.78]We can pinpoint seven characteristics of good marketing research:Scientific method,research creativity,multiple methods,


[07:12.54]interdependence of models and data,value and cost of information,healthy skepticism,ethical marketing.


[07:21.89]One important qualification about comparability in multi_country survey work is that comparability does not necessarily result from sameness of method.


[07:33.77]Comparability of data depends upon eigher knowing that methods will produce identical measurements or knowing how to correct any biases that may exist.


[07:44.69]The two basic sampling methods in use today are probabilistic and non_probabilistic sampling.


[07:51.95]Prominent among the various techniques that can help to extrapolate past date into future trends are the following:time series,least squares method,exponential smoothing,regression and correlation.


[08:08.83]The general rule is the more developed the country,the greater the information available.


[08:14.63]In less developed countries statistical and research services are relatively primitive.


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