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听电影学英语 蒙娜丽莎的微笑04

所属教程:听电影学英语 蒙娜丽莎的微笑





[00:07.71]Come on, ladies. There's no wrong answer. 好吧, 女士们. 既然没人反对.

[00:12.51]There's also no textbook telling you what to think. 课本外的知识亦能有助于你们的思考.

[00:17.01]It's not that easy, is it? 不容易接受, 是吗?

[00:20.18]All right. No. It's not good. 哦不. 它很糟糕.

[00:22.69]In fact, I wouldn't even call it art. It's grotesque. 实际上, 我甚至不愿称它为艺术. 如此怪诞丑陋.

[00:25.69]Is there a rule against grotesque art? 有法则规定怪诞丑陋的便不是艺术了?

[00:27.76]I think there's something aggressive about it... 我觉得这里面富于侵略性...

[00:31.96]-...and erotic. -To you, everything is erotic. -...和色情. -对你们来说, 任何事情都是色情的.

[00:35.30]-Everything is erotic. -Girls. -任何事物都与色情有关. -女孩们.

[00:37.87]-Aren't there standards? -Of course. -难道存在标准吗? -当然.

[00:40.27]Otherwise a tacky velvet painting could be equated to a Rembrandt. 否则,艳俗的天鹅绒画亦可 等同于伦伯朗的杰作.

[00:43.81]My Uncle Ferdie has two tacky velvet paintings. He loves those clowns. 我的叔叔费迪就有两张俗气的天鹅绒画. 他爱死它们了.

[00:48.18]There are standards, technique, composition, color, even subject. 艺术是有标准的,需要技巧的, 讲究构图,色彩,以及主题.

[00:54.08]So if you're suggesting that rotted side of meat is art... 因此如果你告诉我们这块腐烂的肉 也算艺术的话...

[00:57.25]...much less good art, then what are we going to learn? ...更别提还是艺术杰作, 那么究竟我们要学什么?

[01:01.59]Just that. 就是这个.

[01:03.33]You have outlined our new syllabus, Betty. Thank you. 贝蒂,感谢你为我们概述了新的教学大纲,

[01:07.06]What is art? What makes it good or bad? 什么是艺术? 怎样区分孰优孰劣?

[01:10.13]And who decides? 由谁来判定?

[01:13.07]Next slide, please. 请翻下一张.

[01:16.57]Twenty-five years ago someone thought this was brilliant. 25年前有人认为这张画精彩绝伦.

[01:19.81]-I can see that. -Who? -看得出来. -这人是谁?

[01:22.25]My mother. I painted it for her birthday. 我的母亲. 是我为她生日所画.

[01:25.95]Next slide. This is my mom. 下一张. 这是我的母亲.

[01:30.75]-ls it art? -It's a snapshot. -这也是艺术? -一张快照而已.

[01:34.22]If I told you Ansel Adams had taken it, would that make a difference? 如果我告诉你们这是安塞姆 亚当拍摄的呢, 这是否具有决定性意义呢?

[01:39.23]-Art isn't art until someone says it is. -It's art! -是否可称为艺术需由某些人来决定. -这就是艺术!

[01:44.90]-The right people. -Who are they? -需经权威人士认可. -他们是谁?

[01:47.84]Betty Warren! 贝蒂 沃伦!

[01:49.37]-We're lucky we have one right here. -Screw you. -多么荣幸我们中间就有一位. -去你的.

[01:54.75]Could you go back to the Soutine, please? 请回到苏蒂恩的作品?

[01:59.45]Just look at it again. Look beyond the paint. 再看一遍. 透过画面去看.

[02:03.65]Let us try to open our minds to a new idea. 让我们的心灵为新的思想打开一扇门.

[02:11.46]All right, back to chapter three. Has anyone read it? 好, 回到第三章. 有人读过么?

[02:17.80]Okay. 好的.

[02:22.24]"When your courses are set, and a dream boat you've met... "当你的航程已然开启,梦中情人翩然而至...

[02:25.34]...have a real cigarette. Have a Camel." ...点上一根香烟,骆驼牌的."

[02:27.54]I've got my courses, I've got my Camel cigarette. Where is my dream boat? 我已经启程, 也点上了骆驼香烟. 我的梦中情人在哪里?

[02:31.75]-Giselle, where is my dream boat? -Betty's cousin isn't good enough? -杰斯丽, 我的梦中情人在哪里? -贝蒂表兄如何?

[02:35.45]-I haven't met him. -Don't encourage her. -我不认识他. -别逗她了.

[02:37.65]He's only escorting Connie as a favor. 他只是出于友好才陪伴康尼的.

[02:40.39]Why are you like this? 你怎能这样说?

[02:42.99]I didn't mean that. 我不是那个意思.

[02:45.26]I'm just under so much pressure with the wedding. 我对于婚礼感到太紧张了.

[02:48.10]Do you realize November 2 is three weeks from now? 你是否意识到从现在算起 距离11月2日只有三周时间了?

[02:51.24]-Oh, honey. -Don't have it. -哦, 宝贝儿. -别嫁了.

[02:53.34]-Don't come. -Here. Here. -算了吧. -这儿. 这儿.

[02:55.14]I'm working on table seating now, so I can just erase your name. 我现在就坐在桌前, 把你的姓名从名单上涂掉.

[02:58.51]-Can I see it? -No. -我可以看吗? -不行.

[02:59.94]Let me look. I can't look for a second? 让我看看吧. 我就瞥一眼不行吗?

[03:02.15]-You want to see where Bill is sitting. -No. That is over. Right? -你想知道比尔坐的位置吧. -不. 他们已经结束了。

[03:05.72]Right? Giselle, right? 对不对? 杰斯丽, 对不?

[03:10.39]Damn it. 去你的.

[03:17.96]-Do I look a little bit like her? -Like who? -是不是看上去有些像她? -象谁?

[03:21.93]-Katherine Watson. -You mean, "crap is art"? -凯瑟琳 沃森. -你是说, "垃圾是艺术的"?

[03:26.14]-I think she's fabulous. -Well, no man wanted her. -我觉得她真愚蠢. -可不, 没有男人娶她.

[03:31.81]-She isn't dead. -She's at least 30. -她并不老. -她至少三十了.

[03:34.14]-Oh, no. No. -I guess she never wanted children. -哦, 不行. 别看. -我猜她不想要孩子.

[03:37.38]For your information... 根据你的情报...

[03:39.48]...Katherine Watson had to take this job to escape from California. ...凯瑟琳 沃森 来这儿当老师 是为了逃离加利福尼亚.

[03:46.22]Please. 快说吧.

[03:47.66]She had a torrid affair with a Hollywood movie star. 她与一位好莱坞明星发生过骇人听闻的风流韵事.

[03:51.73]-She came here to get away. -That's ridiculous. -她 来这儿是为了逃开. -太荒唐了.

[03:56.23]-Who was it? -I don't know. -他是谁? -我不知道.

[03:59.44]Who was it, Giselle? Don't be a pimple! Tell me! 他是谁, 杰斯丽? 别卖关子了! 告诉我!

[04:02.21]-It's ridiculous. -Tell me. No, it's not. You know. -真是荒唐. -告诉我. 不,你知道什么.

[04:05.08]-You know something. Tell me. -It's William Holden. -你一定知道点儿什么. 告诉我. -威廉 荷顿.

[04:10.18]-Fantastic! -I know. -不可思议! -可不.

[04:12.08]Who is it? 是谁?

[04:14.62]William Holden. 威廉 荷顿.

[04:25.63]I know. I know. I'm late. I'm-- Abject pleading, apologies, forgiveness. 我错了,我错了. 我迟到了. 我太糟了 我道歉,我忏悔,我请求原谅.

[04:30.10]Is she giving you any trouble? 她给你带来麻烦了吧?

[04:31.80]If these girls can't get back on time, know what I say? Lock them out. 如果这些姑娘不能准时回校, 知道我会说什么? 把她们关在外面.

[04:36.24]Come on. Out! I'm going to lock the door. Out! 快点. 走吧! 我要锁门了. 走吧!

[04:41.48]Bedtime, ladies. Bedtime. Let's go. Bedtime. 就寝了, 女士们. 该就寝了. 我们回去吧.

[04:47.35]-Hey, Betty. -Quiet time, ladies. -嗨, 贝蒂. -女士们,请安静.

[04:49.65]Women like Katherine Watson don't get married... 象凯瑟琳 沃森这样的女人不结婚...

[04:52.26]-...because they choose not to. -No woman chooses to live... -...是因为她们不愿意结. -没有女人会自愿选择独身...

[04:55.46]...without a home, unless she's sleeping with her ltalian professor. ...除非她和意大利教授睡觉.

[04:59.06]-You are so critical. -I am not. -你太刻薄了. -我没有.

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