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听电影学英语 蒙娜丽莎的微笑06

所属教程:听电影学英语 蒙娜丽莎的微笑





[00:02.73]...or what did Mrs. Warren call it? "Liberal." ...或者就如沃伦小姐 所言? "慷慨的."

[00:06.94]Scout's honor. 我发誓.

[00:10.24]I spent the better part of Friday afternoon convincing the alumnae... 我用了周五下午大部分光阴 来说服校董会...

[00:13.84]...that your record was impeccable... ...你的记录是清白的...

[00:15.91]...that you would no longer provide contraceptive devices... ...你不会再提供避孕套...

[00:20.32]...and you'd make a public statement to that effect. ...并会对此后果发表公开声明.

[00:23.15]I'm not willing to make a public statement. 我不要做公开声明.

[00:25.46]It doesn't matter, Amanda. 没关系的, 阿曼达.

[00:30.26]They're letting you go. 他们要你离开.

[00:35.60]It's out of my hands. 我无能为力了.

[00:41.10]And this champagne cup is in the wrong place. 香槟酒杯放错地方了.

[00:43.57]And up and down. And up and-- 起立,坐下. 起立--

[00:47.41]Katherine. Good evening, Miss Watson. 凯瑟琳. 晚上好, 沃森小姐.

[00:50.11]-Good evening, Miss Watson. -Join us. -晚上好,沃森小姐. -和我们一起吧.

[00:56.39]No. 哦,不了.

[00:57.89]-Good night, Miss Watson. -Good night, Miss Watson. -晚安, 沃森小姐. -晚安, 沃森小姐.

[01:00.59]And down. Very nice. Very nice. 坐下. 很好. 非常好.

[01:18.81]Hey. 嗨.

[01:22.08]Heard about Amanda. I'm sorry. 听说阿曼达的事了. 我真难过.

[01:25.65]She seemed all right about it. I wouldn't be. 她却好像无所谓似的. 我可做不到.

[01:28.89]They don't give you too many chances around here. 他们不会给你什么机会的.

[01:31.49]Oh, that depends how much they hate you to begin with. 哦,那首先取决于他们有多恨你.

[01:36.36]Can I buy you a drink? Or are you here for dinner? 我能请你喝一杯吗? 或者你是来进晚餐的?

[01:39.03]How long do the marriage lectures take? 婚礼课程要持续多长时间?

[01:41.60]Get this woman a booth. 给这位女士来个单间吧

[01:58.45]Your husband is at a crossroads in his career. 试想你的丈夫正处于事业的关键时刻.

[02:02.55]He's competing for promotion against two rivals, Smith and Jones. 他正在为了升迁而和另两个同事竞争, 史密斯和琼斯.

[02:09.93]To get the edge, you have wisely decided to invite the boss... 为了胜过他们, 你十分明智的 邀请他的上司...

[02:14.73]...and his wife to a 7:00 dinner. ...携夫人七点钟来进晚餐.

[02:17.93]You've carefully planned your meal... 你小心翼翼的准备好食物...

[02:20.84]...set your table and arranged for a babysitter. ...摆好餐桌,安排好保姆.

[02:24.31]-Oh, we have babies! -Yes, and I have twins! -哦,我们还有宝宝呐! -可不,我有一对双胞胎!

[02:29.31]Then, surprise. It's 6:1 5... 结果,令人惊讶的是. 6:15的时候...

[02:32.25]...and your husband's called to say that Smith, Jones and their wives... ...你的丈夫致电通知你, 由于他的上司的要求...

[02:36.95]...have been invited at the boss's request. ...史密斯和琼斯亦将携夫人出席晚餐.

[02:44.29]Ever the Wellesley girl... 韦尔斯利学院的姑娘们...

[02:46.03]...you keep your cool and understand... ...你们要保持冷静并且想到...

[02:48.73]...that the boss is probably testing you as much as your husband. What next? ...也许他的上司正通过测试你来 考验你的丈夫. 接下来该怎么办?

[02:53.37]-Yes? -File for divorce? -你说? -申请离婚?

[02:58.84]That's very funny. 非常有趣.

[03:01.44]But the thing is, it's not a joke. 但问题是, 这可不是玩笑.

[03:05.01]A few years from now your sole responsibility... 几年后你们唯一的职责便是...

[03:07.75]...will be taking care of your husband and children. ...照顾你们的丈夫和孩子.

[03:14.26]You may all be here... 可能在这里你们...

[03:17.36]...for an easy A... ...只是为了取得A...

[03:19.60]...but the grade that matters the most is the one he gives you, not me. ...但是真正至关重要的分数是 由他给你打的,而不是我.

[03:25.40]-You'll need to-- -Whatever you do... -你们应该-- -不管你做什么...

[03:28.67]...don't put the boss's wife next to your husband. ...都别让上司的老婆靠近你的丈夫.

[03:31.27]-Why not? -She's screwing him. -为什么不? -她会抢走他的.

[03:36.31]Is that where you learned to speak ltalian? In ltaly? 你在哪里学的意大利文? 意大利么?

[03:39.92]Yeah. 是的.

[03:44.12]-Have you got a boyfriend? -Yes. -你有男友了? -是的.

[03:49.59]You know, if you were mine, I'd never let you go. 如果你是我的女友, 我可不会让你离开.

[03:52.20]I wouldn't have asked your permission. 我毋需征求你的同意.

[03:56.63]Yeah, they say you're progressive. 他们说你很激进.

[03:59.30]A forward thinker. 前卫的思想家.

[04:02.01]-Are you? -There are a lot of labels here... -你是吗? -这个地方很喜欢加标签么...

[04:05.18]...I've noticed. ...我注意到了.

[04:06.81]Right family, right school, right art, right way of thinking. 优秀家庭, 优秀学校, 好的艺术, 正确的思维方式.

[04:13.12]Well, saves the effort on thinking for yourself. 好了,为了你自己好, 别耗费力气去思考了吧.

[04:16.82]How do you expect to ever make a difference if everything is a joke? 如果所有的都是玩笑,你怎能 还期待自己会有所作为?

[04:21.22]Oh, Katherine Watson comes to Wellesley to set us all free? Come on. 噢, 凯瑟琳 沃森跑到 韦尔斯利学院来解放我们了?

[04:27.60]-Thank you for the drink. -No, no. Wait. I was teasing. -谢谢你请我喝酒. -别,等一下. 我是开玩笑的.

[04:32.67]They have their own way of doing things here. 在这里他们有自己的行事方式.

[04:35.41]You've just gotta find a way to work with them. We all had to. 你就应该找出办法来与他们共事. 我们必须如此.

[04:51.29]I'm sorry. 我感到很难过.

[04:55.23]Five years ago, they'd have slapped my wrist. 五年前,他们就该申斥我的.

[04:58.56]But now there's a committee for the protection of everything. 但是现在冒出来个维护一切委员会.

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